John Birch Society & Koch Brothers

The John Birch Society is an American political advocacy group that supports anti-communism, limited government, a Constitutional Republic and personal freedom. The Koch family of industrialists and businessmen is most notable for their control of Koch Industries, the second largest privately owned company in the United States. 5.0/5

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The John Birch Society and Koch Brothers have succeeded in enacting the "Right to work laws".
The real Yuri was a member of the John Birch Society and knew Fred Koch of the Koch Brothers. Is your Yuri possibly Fred?
The father of the Koch Brothers, Fred Koch, was a leader of the John Birch Society & it looks like the nut(s) did not fall…
Tea Party Patriots have been sold a fantasy; a fantasy created by the Koch Brothers and the John Birch Society.
Koch Brothers (father=founding member of John Birch Society) has systematically worked for takeover GOP by Tea Party
Nazis, John Birch Society, Dark Money, Koch Brothers, the downfall of the 'great' USA.
I also remember the John Birch Society. Bad dudes lead by Fred Koch, father of today's Koch Brothers.
William Buckley saved the Republican Party from takeover by the Koch Brothers father's John Birch Society.
National Right to Work's Deep Connections to the Koch Brothers and the John Birch Society
Fred Koch, founder of John Birch Society - father of Koch Brothers - currently funneling funds to change the national political landscape.
Scott Walker is merely a flesh mask of the Koch Brothers and their John Birch Society. A flesh mask needs no initiative.
Research the relationship of the Koch Brothers family and the John Birch Society as concerns the Koch's efforts...
Despite familial ties to the John Birch Society and Joe Stalin, the Koch Brothers are small time, too.
Koch Brothers are John Birch Society and the difference between them and the KKK are...?
Just as they are doing right now with Koch Brothers and SCROTUS. Remember it was Fred Koch who gave us John Birch Society.
Fred Koch was a co-founder of the extreme right-wing and racist John Birch Society . . . and father of the notorious Koch Brothers.
Breast Cancer Awareness
Finally got to Tim Dickinson's brilliant RS piece on the Koch Brothers: They are the John Birch Society's long game.
The actual political platforms of the John Birch Society, the Koch Brothers, and the Tea Party.
. John Birch Society/Mormon "Curse of Cain" Doctrine; orders from the EVIL Koch Brothers and Mitt Romney!!!
Are we sure the John Birch Society didn't create Ayn Rand? These Koch Brothers maneuvers are quite devious and sinister.
A world-wide "conspiracy" is the "John Birch Society" and Fred Koch. Dates from Senator McCarthy days. Koch Brothers leading propagandists.
Koch Brothers founded and funded with John Birch Society Money Gonna read now
I just read my print Edition of Mother Jones Magazine and I enjoyed the feature on the Koch Brothers. Yes those guys whose father was a founder of the John Birch Society. We know of TWO Koch brothers but there is a Third - He is the 'hidden *** one" and he has more taste and decorum than other two combined. Seems the other two are Rich, White Guys, with more money than common sense. History shows they spent a good deal of their fortune fighting among themselves. That doesn't prove leadership -it shows they are fools with money.
He was speaking of groups like the John Birch Society - who were/are vocal nut bags. Guess what? The father of our Koch brothers was one of the founding members of the JBS. So we are now suffering from nut bags with money. Eisenhower was pretty smart. VOTE
Patriotic Americans should know the connection running through the far right wing Koch Brothers, Ron and Rand Paul, and the John Birch Society (JBS). But first, here are some facts about the John Birch Society, its history, and the ideology that it promotes. The JBS was founded in 1958 by Robert Wel…
It's amazing to think that this great man was disdained by extreme right wing Republicans like John Birch Society (same one that Fred Koch, father of Koch Brothers helped found) as a communist for making statements against war and for peace.
SMOKE GETS IN YOUR EYES: The NRA. The KKK. John Birch Society. The Republican Party. George 'babykiller coward' Zimmerman. Jerry 'music man murderer' Dunn. Bill O'Reilly and Sean Hannity and Fox News. Cliven 'racist welfare cowboy' Bundy. Michael Savage. Glenn Beck. Sarah Palin. Paul Ryan. Scott Walker and any other red state governor.Rand Paul,Ted Cruz,Marco Rubio and Rick Santorum. The Koch Brothers. Rush Limbaugh. Dean Heller and any polictician that had the back of the aforementioned racist cowboy. The armed militia. Darryl Issa and Newt Gingrich just to name a few. And you thought i was your enemy. You thought the guy in the club was your enemy. The person down the street that you want to kill because he 'dissed' you. Or what about your women or wife that you are abusing. You hate her guts dont you? You cant stand your kids. Beating 'em all the time. The drug dealer you shot because he was on your turf. You dont even own your *** let alone part of the street corner. Wake up! Clear that smoke out of y ...
According to the Right, every liberal organization is funded and directed by George Soros. And liberals think conservatives are nothing more than the Koch Brothers’ useful *** In case it’s actually true that every political battle in America is just a proxy war between the Koch Brothers and George Soros: This chart gives a brief comparison between George Soros and the Koch Brothers. Just a few highlights: When George Soros was fourteen, his family was forced to flee their native Hungary when the Nazis invaded. The family had already changed their name from Schwartz to Soros, but it still wasn’t safe to be there. Charles and David Koch were born into one of the wealthiest families in the Universe. When they were eighteen and twenty-three, respectively, their father — Fred Koch — co-founded the John Birch Society in order to purify America and protect her from such Communist filth as Dwight Eisenhower and Harry Truman. When George Soros was seventeen, he moved to London. He worked as a waiter ...
One of founders of the radical John Birch Society was Fred Koch - father of the Koch Brothers who are funding the Tea Party
I do support this, but I DO NOT SUPPORT Wolf Pac. They are supported/run by the John Birch Society and the Koch Brothers. BEWARE when you see anything from Wolf PAC - they are putting out information to encourage the support of Liberals, Progressives, Democrats, etc, So when you see Wolf PAC attached to a statement - remember who the real sponsors are!!!
The Progressive Commons, via our good friend Claire Conner, author of Wrapped in the Flag. If you want to know the truth about the Koch Brothers and the John Birch Society, pick up a copy of Claire's book. ~ Daphne
I don't think their really is a Tea Party. Its just the same old John Birch Society touting their usual Regressive platforms and Corporate-Owned ideology... but with a brand new name owned by the Koch Brothers.
Brenda Gayle Tucker shared Mike Ashley's photo. This is the family that is behind the Tea Party republican's & their networks like the John Birch Society founded in the 50's by the Koch Brothers who fought against Voters rights, Civil rights, Women's rights, Unions etc. they joined the KKK and in the 70's many of the Cult Man Made Org. Religions joined them and we have many networks that has spin off from them today in the Republican Party!
This chart shows the web of hidden influence by the Koch Brothers. Who want to buy and establish a Fascist USA. Instead of a Republic of free people. Their father from whom they inherited their vast wealth was a founding member of the racist extremist group The John Birch Society. Who was kicked out of the Republican Party by Sen Barry Goldwater.
Republican NJ Governor and Koch Brothers - John Birch Society - 2016 Presidential hopeful, not the golden boy he claims to be.
PoliticsNation 01/06/14 -Koch money reaches staggering new volumes wreaks of Mitt Romney's SNEAKY/Mormon/John Birch Society intervention-meddling behind the scenes. It is believed Romney is more like Chris Christie, than anyone would have thought. Romney is all about REVENGE, since he could NOT-WIN! COWARD; so he, and all of his SICK friends just keep on digging their holes deeper and deeper. ---People, please KNOW that Eric Cantor PRETENDS to be concerned about kids and their education, BECAUSE it is a John Birch Society, MORMON, Koch Brothers AGENDA; CHARTER SCHOOLS and PRIVATE PRISONS are great REVENUE GENERATORS for the John Birch Society/Koch Brothers/RADICAL, Red Neck/Duck Dy-NASTY/Fox News/PROPAGANDA crowd and RACIST Tea Party, GOP Congress... -Rev. Sharpton explores a new report that the political network built by the Koch Brothers raised more than $400 million in 2012.
What's on my mind? Spent some more time sharing information about the Powell Memo, John Birch Society, Koch Brothers and their systematic destruction of a functioning democracy in our country. Now, off to take daughter up to community college to keep the ball rolling for her educational goals. Peace. Remember to out vote folks who don't know the gop has been hijacked by John Birch Society ;) If your elected leader signed the Norquist Pledge, they are Birchers at heart, where corporations are people and people are nuisances to be manipulated and managed :(
How right you are, it is chilling to hear and see a party, hoping, wishing, and deliberately aiding, to help make America fail. Scary thought. But we all must come to realize this party no longer works for the people in America, but for the 2% of the elitist, wealthiest, and greediest Americans that have ever lived. The owners of trust funds, and CEOs of corporate America, and the biggest meanest, the Koch Brothers, who lead the John Birch Society their father started in the 50s. These people want Americans poor, sick, and desperate, to work for nothing, have nothing, and be nothing. They want a kingdom to own, not a democracy.
Robert F Davis Republican strategy ( ALEC, Koch Brothers ): 1. Stir up the ignorant masses with lies and misinformation. Control the media to affect this strategy. Demonize those who oppose you…. 2. Purchase candidates by offering money for their unwavering support. No matter what. Have them sign an agreement for this money. After all, they have no principles. They simply want power and prestige. 3. Dumb down even more Americans by cutting education support. Feed their religious zealotry by cutting support for science, technology, engineering and math. Drive religious devisions. Make college only affordable to the wealthy. Expand your base ….. 4. Create as many diversions as possible. Create a crisis whenever possible. Wrap yourself in the American Flag and portray anyone opposed to your views as unpatriotic. See # 1. Ayn Rand would be proud of you. The John Birch Society is proud of you. You disgust me. Meanwhile, your strategy seems to be working. Selling hate and lies seems to be very profitable fo ...
The right wing lie of the week is that President Kennedy was SO LOVED by the far right -- they wish OBAMA was like Kennedy instead of a lying communist anti-Christian POS traitor. Kennedy was hated just as much as Obama by the far right, same false accusations, same tactics of stirring up older white people in the South with "grassroots" organizations (John Birch Society/Tea Party) with actual power and money and agenda supplied by billionaires (Hunt Brothers/Koch Brothers) This full page ad appeared in the Dallas Morning News Nov 22, 1963. Exact type of smears made against Obama -- traitor, anti Christian, liar, communist, giving aid to our enemies, using the attorney general to persecute patriots while giving a free pass to ultra-leftists...Also shown is a flyer handed out in Dallas on the same day.
As I've been saying recently, I'm of the opinion the gop is now gop in name only, and is functioning as a front group for the John Birch Society. And the Tea Party IS the Republican Party, just a LOUD, out front, in your face version. Gop and Tea Party have the SAME end game in mind. No functioning government. No democracy. --- SOME THINGS NEVER CHANGE. To welcome JFK to Dallas, the Birchers (evolved into the modern day Tea Party with the Koch Brothers affiliation) took out an ad in the Dallas Morning News and passed out "Wanted for Treason" posters accusing him of turning the US into the Communist controlled United Nations (sound familiar?).
And, just as a reminder, the Koch Brothers father was the head of the John Birch Society. . .
That same John Birch Society that the father of the Koch Brothers helped create and promote.
-JD " The Tea Party gets it power by the fear caused by the the big money that can be put into races because of the Citizens United Supreme Court Case. It is the John Birch Society on Steroids. The father of the famous Koch Brother was a founder of the JBS which fell out of favor. Its Magazine has changed its name several times and is the only reading material by Sara Palin (according to a Photo that was in the Times) which she did not want to talk about in the Katie Couric interview. They now have funded creation of the Freedom Works and made major contributions to just about every right wing organization. They fund a morning Email that dictates the talking points for every Fox News Show. If the Host does not include those points, they are taken off the air. The yearly personal income for the Koch Brothers is around $40 Billion. The amount that they spend is small change to them. I do not know if you have visited a Carbon Black or Paper plant. If you have, you will understand why they want to do away wit ...
I asked you about make your video about John Birch Society & Koch brothers closed captions. Must reach deaf ppl. Pls reply
Please do the closed captions on video about ALEC, John Birch Society & Koch brothers to reach deaf people like me. Thanks!
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James the Koch Brothers business success was from their farther.They then helped fund the Tea Party.Remember John Birch Society.
There are only so many Koch Brothers, the Ayn Rand Nietzsche crap only appeals to a select few.The driving force behind the Koch Brothers in the Pro Life Movement, the dominion ist conspiracy that allows the destruction of the middle class in the name of Evangelical/Charismatic Extremism, the Koch Brothers are the John Birch Society, but they get out the vote from the Klan Boys Bob Jones Sr and Jerry falwell.
The Koch Brothers want to remake the country in the image of the John Birch Society, while destroying the environment.
The money that drives much of this rhetoric comes from inherited funds developed by parents who belonged to organizations like the John Birch Society and The American Bund. My question is simply this, does the acorn fall far from the tree?
The New John Birch Society For some reason the comparison between the extremists of today, the Tea Baggers, are rarely compared to the extremists of yesteryear, the John Birch Society. Not only the radical right wing paranoia but the obvious connection of the Koch Brothers vast fortune backing the political "looney tuners." The connections and similarities of their cause is undeniable. When a citizen's country is teetering on the edge of a moral and economic abyss, only a mentally ill politician would refuse to negotiate a way out. Even the one's motivated by greed and corruption will do what is somewhat fair, but not the mentally ill extremists. The Tea Party is nothing more than a reboot of the American Liberty League when FDR was president and The Birchers when JFK was president. They are paranoid conspiracy nuts that nominate like-minded, far-out wackadoodles for state and federal Republican office. Strange how for decades, they are always from the Republican Party. They are extremists that now have a ...
Daily Kos: The Koch Brothers and the John Birch Society: Wrecking America One (tax free) Think Tank at a Time
I have been thinking about that Louisiana guy saying that the Republican Party should stop being the stupid party. I know that was weeks ago. Considering the John Birch Society (Tea Party -- look up Koch Brothers and Dedham) influence and the conspiracy to stop anything, is this not like asking a cat to become a dog? They are doing what is in their nature to do: fight or flight, react, close ranks, do what the paymaster says. When you hear only lies, wear blinders, and watch only the pseudo news, I am quite sure that it takes more than losing an election to initiate the thinking process. I am not sure what it takes.
Can some one explain to me why our fathers and grandfathers always knew that Fred Koch ( along with fellow oil man H L Hunt ) and their John Birch Society were nothing but a bunch of Crackpots. yet we haven't been able to figure out that the Koch Brothers and their Tea Party are as well ?
Huh? I never thought about it this way. 1964-2008 was the era of Sunbelt Presidential politics. Every elected president from 1964-2008 came from the Sun Belt. Ford wasn't elected President or Vice-President and didn't count. I wonder if one can blame effective air-conditioning. Conservative, anti-union, right-to-work, anti-communist, pro-religion, pro-business, anti-worker, pro-trade, politics. Along with this, states-rights, anti-abortion, Bob Jones University, Koch Brothers, Heritage Foundation, John Birch Society, Rupert Murdoch, and Fox News.
The Republican Party and the are the modern face of the John Birch Society- Including a Koch Brothers connection
"America is a republic, not a democracy". Ever wonder where this comes from? It's straight from the mouth of Fred Koch, founder of Koch Industries and father of the infamous Koch brothers. Fred Koch founded the racist, fascist John Birch Society. Remember that the next time some RWer tries to tell you this. Know your enemy, folks. Koch Brothers Exposed is a good documentary film to get you started. It's available on Netflix.
President Obama made some promises during his first campaign he could not keep. Part of this was due to the willful obstructionism of the Republicans in Congress. They filibustered Obama's bills- recovery and jobs bills- over 800 times to keep them from a winning floor vote. Obama is not Lyndon Johnson. He does not have the experience and political savvy to push the Congress hard enough, even if he didn't have the most radical right wing Congress in history. But contrast his good will and earnest approach to politics with Romney. Romney has made promises out of both sides of his mouth. He is both for and against centrist opinion on every single major issue before us. His only true loyalty is to the billionaire class who have funded his campaign, the class of people led by the Koch Brothers, the inheritors of The John Birch Society legacy of protofascist ideology. Barrack has disappointed me in some ways- Guantanamo still stands, for one- but Romney just scares the *** out of me. I'm sticking with the O. ...
WSJ leaves out Koch Brothers warning employees of "consequences"
K.K.K, John Birch Society, Americans for Prosperity the Koch Brothers they are all the same. Do the Koch bros. own your represenitive? Do they own your child’s education? The answers are there. All you have to do is look. Paul Ryan and the rest of Wisconsin have been bought and paid for by them. If we elect Romney and Ryan, the Koch bros. agenda will rule, Social Security will be looted and given to Wall Street, Medicare privatized and given to insurance companies, the six dollar a gallon of gas will become the floor. Disenfranchised voters, remember Florida when the Bush brothers stole the Gore election. Unions will be stricken from our society and outlawed and freedom will just be a memory. The dismantling of the middle class is already started. Attacks on unions the public school system and the defunding of higher education is destroying the middle class. The Republican Party is no friend to the American Way of Life. It has been taken over by greedy opportunists who will sell your future your chil ...
I watched "The Koch Brothers Exposed" yet again and highly recommend it to anyone even remotely considering voting for a Republican this election. You need to know just who is behind the Tea Party and how they are trying to reverse history and undo much of the good that has been done in our country during the last hundred years. You will be AMAZED when you see what they are involved in. Racists, bigots, and John Birch Society. Need I say more? That's their REAL reason for not wanting a black President. They even tried to re-introduce segregation in North Carolina and the Koch Brothers were behind it. Educate yourselves before casting your vote.
I wonder, how come no one is calling the Teabaggers what they are, the ideological decendents of the John Birch Society? They are funded by one of the JBS's founding members sons,the Koch Brothers and seem to share the same idea's, tactics and disregard for facts. Just saying if it walks like a duck.
Koch Brothers:their father Fred Koch worked with Josef Stalin for 11yrs and then went on to co-found the John Birch Society.
Bored by football later? Young voters and non-history buffs check out John Birch Society/Koch Brothers or Iran Contra/Reagan today
This is the country that many within the Tea Party, a party backed by the Koch Brothers (themselves sons of the man who founded the racist John Birch Society), want us to be.
Romney is dictated by the highest bidder. Right now it's the Koch Brothers, leaders in the John Birch Society
I have been wondering what is the reasoning for the "Koch Brothers" funding the Romney ticket with 100's of million of dollars and what their stake is in this election. i didn't know until recently their father was one the the higher ups in the John Birch Society. For those who don't know or are to young to know what John Birch is look it up. Now knowing this new information I totally understand why these two brothers hate our President the way they do. They grew up in a household where the philosophy was to teach them to hate all people of color and Jewish people. Poor little rich boys their very souls being stolen from them because of what they were taught as children.
Koch Brothers and the John Birch Society are the money and power behind Romney, the Tea Party and more
I remember when the JOHN Birch Society (co-founded by Koch Brothers' daddy} claimed EISENHOWER was a COMMIE!
Fascinating Facts: This poster was created by The John Birch Society. One of the Founders of the JBS was the father of the Koch Brothers, who helped found the Tea Party.
Paul Ryan is a front for Koch Brothers and John Birch Society, if he had an original thought he wouldn't be Mitt's choice.
Making a stand against the Fascism of the John Birch Society and Koch Brothers.
This was from John Birch Society trying to gin up some hate in the middle of the "Red Scare" against our President
This isn't the Grand Old Party of Goldwater or of Reagan anymore. They are now a front organization for people like the Koch Brothers...whose father founded the John Birch Society.
The Koch brothers are behind the tea bagger who father started the John Birch Society.
Was surprised (though not really) to find that Koch brothers' father was co-founder and financier of the John Birch Society.
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