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John Birch Society

The John Birch Society is an American political advocacy group that supports anti-communism, limited government, a Constitutional Republic and personal freedom.

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I never thought I would live to see the DNC turn into the John Birch Society, but, well, that's 2016 for you
Conservative internet sensation Tomi Lahren these right wingers have gone off the rails.the are more delusional than the john birch society
people read and listen to this garbage because this is something they've waited for years John Birch Society have influenced gov.
And I first heard the TIBOTSO defense from a John Birch Society member back in the late 1960s. So little changes.
Sorry man, but ur allegiance to the Koch brother's & John Birch Society & their slush$, disqualifies u…
The Libertarian party ws founded by the John Birch Society, in other words,
.Did David mention that he/his National Review pals are responsible for this? >
.They aren't. They're producing more of themselves, using religion: >
.The power of corrupt *** using people's faith against them: >
.Your occupation is racist Libertarian *** >
.Study re: American white supremacist influence in Canada: >
I recall a scene where they use the town's "gun registry" to round up would be rebels. Real John Birch society fantasy stuff.
The John Birch Society was preaching this back around 1987/1988.
when John Birch Society tried to blend with REPUB, Buckley said NO! McCain didn't say no 2 Tea Party now look at it
Michael Farris has the mastery to respond to the John Birch Society
.The press mainstreamed critics calling Obama a communist instead of confining them to John Birch Society meetings.
I remember the John Birch Society wow. Alt. right or just stupid white trash are much worse.
We got the Anwsers to the John Birch Society's questions on
If you go back to the 60s, the John Birch Society laid out the entire one world scheme. Youtube has a couple short…
A John Birch Society bumper sticker once said, "Get the U.S. out of the U.N. and the U.N. out of the U.S." True today as it was then.
Casual reminder that the fear of fluoridated water originated with the fiercely anti-communist conspiracy theories of…
.They'll be sitting in Congress and state houses, under your nose: >
But you are very smart to have seen it coming. Let's never forget the John Birch Society. They were the beginning.
.It also means that you should remove yourself from my TL:
.Frank, you have much explaining to do > >
.is right: it’s time to do to the alt-right what WFB did to the John Birch Society.
and now a word from our sponsor, the new John Birch Society.
John Birch Society, . founded by masons, . funded by Nelson Rockefeller . run by Jesuit-trained Knights of Malta. for NWO
And a former member of the John Birch Society.
So you are what happens when the John Birch Society meets the Democratic Party?
It's official. has descended to the level of the John Birch Society.
He must have dug that out from an old John Birch Society bloviation.
he's only "perceived" as a communist if you're the John Birch Society
I for one, welcome what can only be described as a Democrat version of the John Birch Society.
The libs are all members of the John Birch Society now.
Wet dream of John Birch Society always that others wake up and see Russian influence. Now have clear proof, and back Trump?
Right wing racist founder of John Birch Society
What would Robert Welch say? Where's the John Birch Society, this is their wet dream!
How long have you been a member of the John Birch Society?
are you, or have you ever been, a member of the John Birch Society?
You must remember, these are not the Republican's of days gone by they are Tea Party LIBERTARIANS-John Birch Society
Remember, the John Birch Society came to power under Kennedy, as did the Dixiecrats. Jack, Bobby and Ted just kept going.
.gets it. Trump is the John Birch Society having its revenge on Cuckservatism.
Exactly!. The ad was John Birch Society -- 1 of founders of JBS is Koch dad Fred.
The father of the Koch Brothers, Fred Koch, was a leader of the John Birch Society & it looks like the nut(s) did not fall…
Michael Farris anwswers to the John Birch Society on are truly American as apple pie:
Anyone else care to chime in to educate voters on the particular nuttiness of pals the John Birch Society?
For some context, the John Birch Society used to call Eisenhower a commie. They're too Right for the Right, much like
I guess it's no big surprise that is the featured speaker at the annual convention of the John Birch Society this year.
Blue Book of The John Birch Society-1961- Signed Robert Welch and other notables
It's more like the GOP has been absorbed by the John Birch Society. So it only seems that way.
Yes, president of the kkk or john birch society. Or, the North American orangutan association. Is that what u mean?
I grew up in a time of the John Birch Society,Barry Goldwater,Richard Nixon,George Putman,The KKK Richard Nixon...
so sad and distressing to see the John Birch Society making a comeback in American politics.
Oh but u forget Clinton also was a member of the John Birch Society in kindergarten.
The Ku Klux Klan John Birch Society Nazi party skinheads police judges district attorneys this is Terrorism for the black man. Empathy nah.
RW Repubs ARE the John Birch Society of today. Even Barry Goldwater thought they were crazy. PURE RACIST. PURE EVIL
But watching is fun. Like watching a 3rd grade John Birch Society.
.is correct! U are a FOOL! Blame JFK on John Birch Society 1963
Listen to debate against a John Birch Society member on
That Republican Convention RHETORIC of PURE EVIL, you just read. Is SICK! And again it sounds like The John Birch Society ! 👎
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John Birch Society. Is that why you have been hanging out in Wisconsin all these years?
Best bit: One Nation's "position on the sustainable development agreement has been taken directly from... The John Birch Society"
Hanson lifting policies from John Birch Society and other extremist RW nutter front groups in US - all you need to know
Huckabee is like Weird Science, but instead of a Barbie they used a John Birch Society pamphlet with a Werther's Original stuck to it.
13-37 A Personal History of the John Birch Society via
Fox News is the John Birch society of the past.
Surprise surprise. Looks like One Nation plagiarized a bunch of their policies (incl from the John Birch Society!)
John Birch Society / Tea Party / Koch-Murdoch: the media- its irrational hatred of anything associated with Obama.
The John Birch Society's statement on Dallas is identical to liberal red-baiting .
Michael Farris has legal mastery to respond to the false charges of the John Birch Society.
. not source of threats which come from inside. But he paints Obama similarly to John Birch Society did JFK
When you need anwsers to the John Birch Society, Michael Farris has the facts:
At least she's getting them from more rational sources like John Birch Society, who thought Eisenhower was a communist agent.
My error. Its nasty cousin the John Birch Society.
Thank God their beer *** as bad as their politics. Weren't they involved in the uber racist John Birch Society?
William F. Buckley kept the John Birch Society out of Republican circles. He died and they ran back in.
He got over that, though. Ended friendship/alliance w/John Birch Society's Welch that year I think.
Catch Prof Darren Mulloy this weekend on talking about the John Birch Society:
John Birch Society believes Trump is Free Mason. They grant he's a little better than others, but not enough to wow us with his "courage".
Signals in "The Bluebook of the John Birch Society":. "See! See, we told you! See!". .
The Blue Book of the John Birch Society is listed on Amazon as *** and *** Literature.”
Far from being proven kooks & paranoiacs, history has shown that (John Birch Society) understimated communist influence in the US.
I was all dead set against the John Birch Society because they labeled the civil rights movement as (cont)
. Right-Wingers by another name. They used to be called the John Birch Society, now theyre "Libertarians"...
The vanilla version makes the darker version look like the president of the John Birch Society.
stonewall or told the truth ? If you know exactly what happened then fax Trey gowdy and his John birch society advisors .
I belong to John Birch Society. They have interesting article on their Web site .Might want to visit
Tea Party Patriots have been sold a fantasy; a fantasy created by the Koch Brothers and the John Birch Society.
Fred Koch,winger father of Charles,David was part of John Birch Society's attacks on JFK on Dallas visit,and calling Eisenhour a commie
FBI file on the John Birch Society, including propaganda. Fred was a charter member. https:/…
You have some funny stuff there. Do you work for SNL or maybe John Birch Society
yeah I agree. It's almost become the John Birch Society over there, politically. Too much Tea Party influence.
What, you couldn't get a poll from the John Birch Society?
BEWARE: Paid tools of Libertarian Koch Bros (sons of John Birch Society co-founder Fred C. Koch) are setting the stage for another HUAC.
Joseph McCarthy and the John Birch Society launched an anti-Communist crusa...
Koch Brothers (father=founding member of John Birch Society) has systematically worked for takeover GOP by Tea Party
I'd always wondered how what amounted to a modern day John Birch Society had essentially taken over the Republican party.
Proud to be blocked by the John Birch Society and Cowering fools!
For those who may not realize it, the Tea Party is a descendant of the John Birch Society.
So trump just got the John Birch Society vote. He's gonna repeal commoncore & make it local. LOL. Sounds great. How ya gonna do it, dolt.
Entirety of the GOP now speak of Obama the way the John Birch Society spoke of Eisenhower.
Yep. Trump's the result of decades of playing footsie with John Birch Society crackpots, Klansmen, bigots and imbeciles.
Drumpf is a product of the John Birch Society.
Of course there is a link to the John Birch Society.
George Romney was a Republican and Mitt is a Conservative. Ike vs John Birch Society.
Buy Miche Bag Online!
Whistle Blower Karen Hudes has shown the existence of Gobalist Banking Elites, thus proving analysis of John Birch Society is correct.
Best source for who runs government is John Birch Society, fighting Global Corporate Elites for 60 years. How Robert Welsh figure it out?
How about the John Birch Society? It goes way back. They've never changed.
WOW! John Birch Society really made it known they didn't care about Unity or Peace! This is awesome!
As can be seen in the stories of Goldwater, Buckley, and the John Birch Society, conservatism is a reaction to the civil rights movement.
Also too John Birch Society had a very large base in Howell. The "Get the US out of the UN" billboard was a staple
Trump decides to resurrect the John Birch Society.
I would submit that the leadership of the pathetic organization, the John Birch Society has blood on their hands.
. John birch society was a bad actor 40+ years ago. Who are they now?. de vos are Michigan gov snyder backers
It is? The John Birch Society is a charity.
what's wrong with the John Birch Society?
Dont forget John Birch Society ALWAYS at heart of Republicanism in modern times-created by Daddy Koch Bros-
This Says, Jeff Rense also, has close ties with the John Birch Society, Jesuit Family Members, GNC took over the
Actually,I grew up under the clutches of Koch John Birch Society *** Very taunting and destructive ppl.
not liberals hard core communists. In the 1960's John Birch Society had bumper stickers SUPPORT YOUR LOCAL POLICE featured in NBC s Science of Love
so what we have as our two parties now is basically the Republican Party circa 1982 and the John Birch Society.
How Charles Backed the John Birch Society at the Height of Its Attacks on Martin Luther King
Some of Modern AMERICA BELIEVES stuff that That the John Birch Society actually implemented into LAW 50+ years ago on OUR MONEY - ALL LIES!
"The colored man looms large in the Communist plan to take over America." Fred David & Charles's father.
in all seriousness, I worry about what having a baby has done to my FB algorithm. This, Ted Cruz, the John Birch Society...
The John Birch Society, the group exiled by the right 50+ years ago, has gained influence in recent years
then this Notice they founded IAP w/relation to John Birch Society (the blue box)
the. Koch Brothers. don't donate to the John Birch Society, why?. opposition to the federal reserve most likely...
TFW you realize that Welch's candy (jr mints) is the same Robert Welch as the guy who founded the John Birch Society
When u realize Koch Bros' father was a FOUNDER of John Birch Society u start 2 get the picture:
Remember when Buckley excommunicated the John Birch Society from conservatism? We're approaching that point with Ann
33. The Southern Poverty Law Center is the far-left version of the John Birch Society
A 91% top tax rate and the John Birch Society [Fred Koch, father of the Koch Bros] called Eisenhower a "Communist"
Or "Impeach Earl Warren" billboards from John Birch Society in the decade before that.
And I thought nothing good could come from the John Birch Society.
Hamilton Collection
This is around the same time Hillary was campaigning for Barry Goldwater, supported by the rabid John Birch society
"Cultural marxist." LOL Red scare! Only the John Birch society and Frank Burns can save you!.
Ezra Taft Benson avoided the issue of American Opinion being a John Birch Society publication, nor did McKay bring…
I also just read the John Birch Society is helping Pete Santilli
Stop following in the footsteps of the John Birch Society learn real history!
.Who knew over at would one day join forces with the John Birch society (in defending Pete Santilli?
was only vaguely aware the John Birch Society was still around.Soon there will be charges filed against the Bavarian Illuminati!
They're repeating American far fight conspiracy theories of the John Birch Society Variety: Why?
Fred Koch funded the John Birch Society. Do you still support Fred's philosophy?
Oh, perhaps you can highlight all the positive, altruistic things the John Birch Society contributed to the USA..
Not to mention that most of their political philosophy came from Papa Koch, co-founder of the John Birch Society.
AUSTIN, TX- Local John Birch Society members man booth at the Republican Liberty Caucus of Texas Sta
Tyrannizing the American people on the state level. John Birch Society version 2.0
Koch Industries built refineries for the Nazis and the old man was founding member of John Birch society. Now heads a billionaire caucus.
National Review what u think of John Birch Society?
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. 3. audio animatronic John Wayne commissioned by the John Birch Society. 4. An Eagle hybrid from the island of Dr. Moreau
"Wrapped in the Flag" by Clair Conner, grew up w/in the John Birch Society... if interested check out her book.
just a friendly warning if you don't already know, ABC & Q&A so far left they make CBC look like the John Birch Society.
I saw on that the John Birch Society has a Job opening for an administrative ***
The cult of Robert Welch and the John Birch Society
G Edward Griffin is liar + head of John Birch Society. (Eisenhower conscious agent of USSR, really?)
Koch grandfather also was an open admirer of Hitler & the Nazi movement Their father founded the John Birch Society
Rense. There's an unimpeachable source. Guess the John Birch Society doesn't have a website. Ask them about Area 51!
Birthplace of the John Birch Society, and this is surprising?
I'll have to read it. Never thought the John Birch Society would represent the mainstream of GOP sentiment, but seems to
It sounds like something from the John Birch Society. Felt fishy, but I'm not an expert on Stalin or Lenin.
Ezra Taft Benson spoke about the right-wing John Birch Society to a standing-room-only crowd at the Assembly Hall…
I wonder if anyone around here knows much about the Hunt family's involvement in the John Birch Society and JFK?
America has been fully hacked by the John Birch Society. Game over. Start over.
Out celebrating and I sit at the bar next to three old hags talking about the John Birch Society. Goddamit New England.
NHL Stanley Cup Memorabilia from The Bradford Exchange Online
Before the there was the John Birch Society, and before that Joe McCarthy and.
Wow missed the social policy thingy. Probably spending too much time at John Birch Society meetings.
John Birch Society on the Illuminati and the New World Order via
I will advise that much of this also involves old John Birch Society ties to LDS and Koch family. Chickens coming home.
The movement seems based on John Birch Society goals and the birth of the Sovereign Citizen group. See Sheriff Mack
oops! the wrong emblem fell into my printer. Funny as they used to be as likable as John Birch Society way back😱
OP-ED Pages have been misogynistic for so long, a reporter friend asked. "Why don't they just call themselves the John Birch Society?"
.AND John Birch Society started by Fred, the Koch father!
Alex Jones follows the propaganda model that the John Birch Society popularized, ie. corporations shouldn't be taxed
Please google John Birch Society, if you don't know✌️
Michael Farris. Be sure to look at Michael Farris' response to the attacks from the John Birch Society on COS.
are the new John Birch Society, looking for proof of the International Patriarchal White Supremacy conspiracy behind every rock. /1
ty again (: . Educate yourself about John Birch Society
Nazis, John Birch Society, Dark Money, Koch Brothers, the downfall of the 'great' USA.
Nazi sympathizers, Koch family, stretches back to its involvement in the far-right John Birch Society
It was when folks got this 'Right' they were the John Birch Society, & their Dad a founding father.. they R not GOP
...would be a lot easier to accept if Koch hadn't then co-founded the John Birch Society as late as 1958.
10. But where Koch's history becomes salient (& troubling) is his sponsorship of John Birch Society in 1950s/1960s.
Why is this surprising? Fred Koch was a founding member of John Birch Society, a radical right wing organization (and worse).
Not all biz leaders went on to fund the rise of the John Birch Society..Fred Koch even financed his own line of racist pamphlets.
Senator Joseph McCarthy and the John Birch Society. Err, oh it's just Ted Cruz...
Recent NEW YORKER article on John Birch Society and the rise of the radical right recalls "extremism in the defense of liberty is no vice."
A View from the Fringe - History of the John Birch Society and the Rise of US Right
2/3 including plenty of themselves. Amazing how there are Jews in the John Birch Society these days. I actually met one of them
where do you get on the John Birch Society list? Okkk I get it. May the rich just take more. Are they Koch employ?
Several of the Republican presidential candidates represent the John Birch Society rather well.
all I hear is nativist crap. Take it back to the next John Birch Society meeting Alec.
Haven't seen it, but I know Wayne was quite a vocal "commie" hunter (and John Birch Society member). Ugh.
"It is published by American Opinion Publishing, a wholly owned subsidiary of The John Birch Society."
ew, just learned that the dweebs making all that noise in the COP21 press area on 12/10 were from the john birch society. (
Chas & Dave Koch's Father, Fred was a founder of the John Birch Society.
Yes, and I believe there was a direct relationship between the Koch Brothers and the John Birch Society.
.Modern GOP & Tea Party have their roots in the John Birch Society "US is NOT a Democracy"
Want to know more abt John Birch Society? Clair Conner's book "Wrapped in the Flag", grew up w/in. Via fb memories
Boomers, ever think the John Birch Society could one day look no more than "a little old-fashioned"? Thx
.Notice how Republican's have covered up their John Birch Society roots.
also please remember the Koch Bros father founded and ran the John Birch Society and they issued a wanted dead or alive on JFK
. Fred Koch and the John Birch Society called Dwight D. Eisenhower a Communist, too.
John Birch Society with a youtube if you're into trlateral commission lunacy lad, proper out their the JBS
I love how the John Birch Society recruits children via wooden block toys. The innovators of their time. cc
My aunt used to call the "alt right" the John Birch Society, as an example thereof...
Can’t let the John Birch Society win-they were banished a long time ago for a reason.
"The World of the John Birch Society: Conspiracy, Conservatism & the Cold War" rev'd on
John Birch Society, the nuts are always louder and hopefully will self destruct.
The GOP/JBS-Republicans and the John Birch Society got married.
He wasn't a fan of the John Birch Society either.
Actually, look behind him to see the real architects--John Birch Society & other right wing groups..
Jason Roberts on DJ Mulloy, 'The World of the John Birch Society: Conspiracy, Conservatism, and the Cold War'
1958: U.S. - the John Birch Society, a right-wing political advocacy group, was founded in Indianapolis, Indiana, by R…
.Libertarianism is warmed-over 1950's John Birch Society. Corp's. own everything.
Very good piece on Trump, who's opening the door to a fascism once confined to the John Birch Society.
Basically the "True Conservatives" are the John Birch Society sorts who damned near ruined the GOP in the
They were the ones who drove out the populist John Birch Society *** from the GOP.
1958: The John Birch Society was founded in the United States.
Trump v Cruz: to quote Bob Dylan in John Birch Society Blues, "that's like sayin' if you got a cold, you take a shot of malaria
Happy Anniversary John Birch Society!: . It was 57 years ago at the Indianapolis home of Miss Marguerite Dice w...
John Birch Society? Know-Nothing Party? How far back should we go in reviewing intolerance and xenophobia in American politics?
.Don't forget Daddy Koch, of Koch Industries fame, was co-founder of the anti-semetic John Birch Society.
"All the rage" may be a little over the top. . McCarthy and John Birch Society were post WWII
Trump has entered John Birch Society/Pat Buchanan territory. Important to save conservatism from him.
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I'm sure will want to give an anniversary shout-out to the John Birch Society, founded this day in 1958.
Suspect see Trumpism as the new John Birch Society - to be drummed out of Conservative movement. 1/2
Today is John Cassavetes' birthday. Also, the John Birch Society's birthday.
John Birch society emerged in my little town when I was young and exposed reactionaries who had been unknown before.
In celebration of Trump's bombastic comments re: immigrants, today in 1958 the John Birch Society is founded. From Commies to Radicals.
that was BEFORE the John Birch society turned the GOP into a tin foil hat party.
Racist judge Scalia relied on the John Birch Racist society KOCHS report on Blacks to rule in judgement THIS PIG!
Scalia relied on a report from the Koch Brothers?! *** ! Kochs from the John Birch (racist) society!
As Trump proves, none dare call it irrationality.
This day in history: The right-wing conspiratorial John Birch Society is founded (1958)
The only thing new in the world is history we don't know! Dec 9, 1958: The John Birch Society Is Founded
^ related: William Buckley (CIA shill) destroyed the John Birch society due to its isolationism, not because of conspiracy theories
Chowan County native Robert Welch founded the John Birch Society in 1958:
I have no idea who you are but I imagine John Birch Society. You love Barry Goldwater and Senator McCarthy. Something like that
.Gobsmacked 2 discover that Koch Father, Fred, = a founder of John Birch Society. Whew, explains so much. Harsh fringe of fringe
Fred Koch, founder of Koch Industries, was one of the founding members of the John Birch Society. His sons...
Heritage, funded by Koch Bros, is the new John Birch Society which was founded by Fred Koch.
History of John Birch Society origination from Nazi Germany and the promotion of communism by Fred Koch.
Fred Koch, David and Charles father was a founding member & of the John Birch Society. The T party & libertarians r reincarnation of JBS.
Remember that opposition to Muslim immigrants began long before Paris. John Birch Society spoke in Spartanburg this year.
Smart enough to get the John Birch Society out of the party; to admit McCarthyism destroyed anti-communist cause.
it goes back to the 60s. Robert Welch (founder of John Birch Society) & Carroll Quigley in Tragedy & Hope claimed it (1/2)
He was a racist, a member of John Birch Society, hated leftists and was disavowed by the Dem Party. Massive
yes. And we are back in the era of Lyndon LaRouche & John Birch Society.
Not fond of Koch's organizations or of their John Birch Society roots.
All the red states have gone red. Years ago the John Birch Society motto - Better dead than red.
Neo-McCarthyites with a straight Koch Bros. lineage back to the John Birch Society...SNAP OUT OF IT.
Joe McCarthy & John Birch Society, Fred Koch's money has been in politics longer than we can imagine.
.Most people don't even know or forget about the John Birch Society... great reference to America's radical side
And we all thought the John Birch Society was marginalized. Turns out the GOP has become a front for them.
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& don't rub elbows, they Rock in bed yipee . Kochs and the John Birch Society: a Love Story
Then in 1959, the John Birch Society used a bunch of Red Scare fearmongering (also: the Soviet Union was an atheist state).
I also remember the John Birch Society. Bad dudes lead by Fred Koch, father of today's Koch Brothers.
The Koch's are NOT Brothers !! They are a OIL INDUSTRY founded by Fred Koch, who started the John Birch Society,...
Charter schools, brought to you by the John Birch Society's Kochs and Bradleys.
I don't understand yet,why Fred Koch had Oswald try to assassinate Gen. Walker,fellow member of John Birch Society.
John Birch Society Plutocratic takeover of US government & American lives being attempted with help from NRA and their outraged goobers!
The closest conservatism came to having principles was when William F. Buckley went after the John Birch Society. Since then, none at all.
Their father was a former founder of John Birch Society. Shameful.
The John Birch Society called, they want their tinfoil hats back.
Fred Koch was founding member of John Birch Society~
. I started life as a God-fearing Republican... my father was a John Birch Society member, Army Security Agency...
I'll bet one of the first things they scrub are their connections to the John Birch Society and the KKK.
Do you have anything other than antiquated, 1950's John Birch Society talking points to validate your claim? Anything?
Like FreedomWorks, & other Tea Party groups, Citizens Equal Rights Alliance has allied its cause with far right John Birch Society.
All purpose parts banner
The John Birch Society opposed the Civil Rights Act of 1964, claiming it violated the Tenth Amendment.
The concept of 'power over a person' is a basic John Birch Society Tactic. Guess who helped found Birch Society...Fred Koch.
a wee bit to the right of the John Birch Society.
Saw a book by Samuel Blumenfeld. Had to look him up. Wow. Wrote for the John Birch Society, too!
Breitbart has become a top-shelf pamphlet at a John Birch Society meeting. Way to *** away your inheritance.
my pancreas is in the John Birch Society and my thyroid loves The Bell Curve
Happened at about the time that the John Birch Society was allowed back in to mainstream GOP politics.
The Leadership Institute's board of directors is similarly full of questionable people, like a former John Birch Society chairman.
Where did you learn about The John Birch Society?
I want people to put statements made by the John Birch Society and Pat Buchanan when he ran for president along...
William Buckley saved the Republican party from takeover by the Koch Brothers father's John Birch Society.
I first read about the John Birch Society around 2012 and my jaw dropped. I looked at the Tea Party. Back to BIrchers. Back to Tea Party..
The Walking John Birchers: . Anyone else remember the John Birch Society? I had relatives wrapped up in it — th...
.isn't the Tea Party just the modern John Birch society?
The John Birch Society was purged because they where against the Vietnam War. Buckley said that was the reason.
.Conservatives... should deal w/ Trump w/ the firmness Buckley dealt w/ the John Birch Society in 1962 htt…
your ideology has been planted by the John Birch Society and you don't even know it!
Kenny G's "Duotones" is essentially one long opus to the John Birch Society. People who defended "Songbird" back then should be ashamed.
Of course, as a conservative his goal is to dismantle laws not create them. Good Ol' John Birch Society nonsense.
Only we found out the John Birch Society was right about everything...
Wasn't Fred Koch, father of the a loony businessman & a founder of John Birch Society?
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