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John Birch Society

The John Birch Society is an American political advocacy group that supports anti-communism, limited government, a Constitutional Republic and personal freedom.

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IMPORTANT INFORMATION ON CON CON A March 2014 report from Congressional Research Service, whose analysis is described as "authoritative", validates many concerns voiced by the John Birch Society regarding an Article V Convention. Supporters of a convention have made claims that the Article V Convention process is a way to "bypass Congress" in the amendment process, a process often claimed to be "totally controlled by the states". We are told the states would determine the qualifications for delegates, the rules and subject matter for a convention, and could arrest and replace delegates if they overstepped these rules. Contrary to these claims, the report, entitled "The Article V Convention to Propose Constitutional Amendments: Contemporary Issues for Congress", points to the surge of support for a Balanced Budget Amendment Convention, in the late 70's and early 80's, as a time when Congress introduced 41 bills, which "generally included quite specific standards for state petitions, delegate apportionmen . ...
The Koch family, the John Birch Society and their offshoots are Nazis.
This vampire inherited a fortune from a father who "earned" it by helping prop up Stalin's Soviet empire. He then returned to America and co-founded that sewer of racism, anti-semitism and oligarchy called the John Birch Society. The sons are the beneficiaries of his father's crimes and depravity- and seek to implement, through the power of their wealth, the destruction of our once democratic republic. That they succeed politically in this country is simply a testament to our collective ignorance and stupidity.
OMG and I only recently learned that this person who funds so many of the Republican Causes, and pulls so many of the strings behind the curtain, is the son of the founder of the John Birch society.
Please come, please share, you'd want to hear Rozsa if they were playing for the John Birch Society!- but they're defending us!
What was the platform for the John Birch Society in 1980?
Who were the John Birch Society that formed in the 50s and what was their platform?
this does not even include Kochs' Dad's founding of the John Birch Society
I dunno. Their father funded the original John Birch Society. And I think they've bred. Convert the offspring!
And Koch Bros father was a member of the John Birch Society.
In the summer of 1960, before the John Birch Society reached its 100,000 member milestone, disaster struck. A secret, bombshell book that was never supposed to be read beyond a small, select group ...
This sounds just like the John Birch Society
The Koch Brothers people have Nazi ties and are John Birchers. You don't know John Birch Society? Google it. Google Koch Nazi connection
What can you expect from boys raised by the founding father of the John Birch Society.
The Tea Party is in a direct line from the John Birch Society, founded by the Kochs' father, Fred, a sniveling cheat who made his fortune working for Stalin, after he'd been kicked out ot the U.S. for stealing patents, and then was feted in Berlin by his great patron, Adolph Hitler. No less a conservative paragon than William F. Buckley, Jr., (who I met and visited with twice) called the Kochs, and I quote, "anarcho-totalitarians."
Read this whole piece. If you can read the entire tirade and not throw up your dinner, you're a better person than me. Send this wannabe dictator of the world back to the 19 th century where he belongs. Obviously the family philosophy of Nazism and the John Birch Society continues to fuel his politics.
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The Tenth Amendment states that the powers not delegated to the Federal Government reside in the people of the states. Thus, The John Birch Society
Is Rev. Al a Rat? © By Alton H. Maddox, Jr. Rev. Sharpton now claims that he is a "cat". He fraudulently led UAM to believe that he was a "pit bull". A "cat" is no match for most dogs. Rev. Sharpton is confusing an "alley cat" with a lion. Of course, Curtis Sliwa did tell me that Sharpton had "nine lives". This was in reference to my successful defense of him in 1990 in a 67-count indictment. New York had thrown everything at Sharpton except the kitchen sink. It was his own greed and jealously that led to his demise as a "political maverick". He is now a “political pawn" but "armed and dangerous". Only the Black community is being endangered by his "paralysis of analysis". Instead of denying that he is still a "foot soldier" in organized crime, he is now arguing that the allegation of his being a "snitch” is a "distraction". Any judge would tell a jury that credibility is always an issue at trial. Distraction is a "red herring". It is not a "legal defense". Thus, Sharpton has to do some m ...
To all my Tea Party've been HAD. Tsuiwen Browne-Boeras 1 hr The Tea Party movement's dirty little secret is that its chief financial backers owe their family fortune to the granddaddy of all their hatred: Stalin's godless empire of the USSR. The secretive oil billionaires of the Koch family, the main supporters of the right-wing groups that orchestrated the Tea Party movement, would not have the means to bankroll their favorite causes had it not been for the pile of money the family made working for the Bolsheviks in the late 1920s and early 1930s, building refineries, training Communist engineers and laying down the foundation of Soviet oil infrastructure. The comrades were good to the Kochs. Today Koch Industries has grown into the second-largest private company in America. With an annual revenue of $100 billion, the company was just $6.3 billion shy of first place in 2008. Ownership is kept strictly in the family, with the company being split roughly between brothers Charles and David Koch, ...
The Koch Brothers have their political origins from the John birch society whic is now the modern Tea Party ..this link shows the platform that Koch ran on in the 1980 election is chilling...this is why they are buying our elections
If you hate President Obama and subscribe to the John Birch Society (Citizens United) conspiracy theories they propagate, drop me as a friend.
Robert Welch along with Fred Koch co founded the John Birch Society. The Koch family has been trying to destroy...
Brought to you by Koch Brothers Fracking and the John Birch Society.
Check this out: The John Birch Society cofounder Fred issued Wanted Poster for
Ron Paul never had any power beyond the Corpus Christi chapter of the John Birch Society.
The article cited there is talking about Tea Party as rebranded John Birch society
In January of 1959, my mother and my father found the perfect place to fight Communists: the John Birch Society, a new, populist, anti-Communist, anti-Federal Government movement. My parents had met Birch society founder Robert Welch several years earlier and the three immediately became allies and friends. Just a month after the Birch Society was born, my parents paid $2000 to become life members. (That’s about $15,000 in today’s dollars) They were Birchers and in the city of Chicago. In the winter of 1959, my parents gave me a Birch membership form. I signed on the line and became a full-fledged, adult member of the society. The monthly dues ($1.00 for women) were deducted from my $2.00 per month allowance. I was 13. My father was promoted to national leadership in 1960. He remained on the National Council for 32 years—until his death. The John Birch Society defined its first mission as saving America from the Communists. As the Communists continued and accelerated their conquests, it was easy to ...
Part 1 of 4 Parts. The Republicans -- aided by their patsies in the news media -- are determined to do anything to destroy the signature accomplishment of the first African American president in US history. If you listen to them they claim -- without any proof and contrary to facts -- that Obamacare can't possibly work and President Barack Obama completely lied to the American people and, therefore, it must be defunded and destroyed. Their Tea PartyGOPgoon extremists, who hold the party hostage, are willing to repeatedly shut down the government and even totally destroy our world credit and standing by not paying our bills until they get EVERYTHING THEY WANT. Part 2 of 4 Parts. Let's take a close look at the situation to see how just about everything they say is a TOTAL LIE based on OTHER LIES. So how have these Republicans being able to get by in spreading their myth and -- at least temporarily succeeded -- in hurting President Obama's trustworthiness with the American people? There are two simple answer ...
King George would join the John Birch Society if he could see what this federal govt has become
And keep in mind that the John Birch Society IS the tripe funded by the Koch Brothers and their Tea Party.
John Birch Society plus KKK plus gun nuts and RW Dominionist Christians= our GOP
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Ther father was one of the founders of the John Birch Society
Some Things Never Change. (BTW, The John Birch Society was cofounded by the Bros.' dad) http…
Like father like sons . Fred C. Koch was a founding member of The John Birch Society ht…
AMAZING how far the nonsense of the John Birch Society and Libertarians has come - destroy America plan.
FREE TRADE AGENDA is a major new action project of The John Birch Society with the purpose of preserving our personal freedoms and national independence by stopping congressional approval of any new multilateral free trade agreements such as the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) and the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP)
Astounding: David Koch's 1980 VP Run: Kill Medicare, Social Security, Minimum Wage, Public Schools You have to read it to believe it. Research and find the truth about the Koch's whose father started John Birch society.
Now before you assume I am a paranoid anti-communist - deal with the fact that I spend more time and money at a book store operated by communists than you. And effort reading those commie books, but in the end I don't remember which books came from which source. I am on the same page as the communist. But I am also on the same page as the John Birch Society. The facts mam, just the facts.
The Koch Bros...the original funders of the John Birch Society...and now the funders of the Tea Party...have always called someone they don't agree with a traitor. Somethings never change...
There are some source that swear this is true, and others swear it is false. What is known is that in the 1950s Daddy Koch funded and was a co-founder of the John Birch Society.
Please read the list of goals of the Libertarian Party as listed in the 1980 platform when David Koch ran for President. This is the goal and it is horrendous! The Kochs backed the John Birch Society and the present Tea Party. What kind of country do we want the United States to be?
Much of the rancor and dysfunction in politics today is that so many people have limited knowledge of history. The Koch family has a long his supporting political ideas. When they supported the extreme right John Birch Society, mainstream viewed them as strange and ignored them. Today, they are the mainstream Republican Party. The strange ideas of the 1950's are now mainstream Republican dogma. Their agenda comes straight out of the 1950's -
Libertarian... Founder of many, many conservative and libertarian foundations, think tanks and political action committees including Heritage, Goldwater and Americans for Prosperity among others. supporter of ALEC, John Birch Society and many other groups.
John Birch Society ― that pathetic manifestation of organized apoplexy. ― Edward P. Morgan
Pretty much explains it: "The Tea Partiers belong to a different tradition—a tradition of divisive fundamentalism. Like other fundamentalists, they seek refuge from the complexity and confusion of modern life in the comforting embrace of an authoritarian scripture and the imagined past it supposedly represents. Like other fundamentalists, they see in their good book only what they want to see: confirmation of their preexisting beliefs. Like other fundamentalists, they don’t sweat the details, and they ignore all ambiguities. And like other fundamentalists, they make enemies or evildoers of those who disagree with their doctrine. In the 1930s, the American Liberty League opposed FDR’s New Deal by flogging its version of the Constitution with what historian Frederick Rudolph once described as “a worshipful intensity.” In the 1960s, the John Birch Society imagined a vast communist conspiracy in similar terms. In 1992 conservative activists formed what came to be known as the Constitution Party—Sh ...
THE CORPORATE-FASCIST-CENTER Nor does it follow that those who occupy the center of any political spectrum are thereby incapable of the kind of brutal, repressive, destructive, intransigent actions usually associated with fascist extremists. It was not the John Birch Society that tried to bomb Indochina into the Stone Age, nor was it the American Nazi Party that perfected napalm and put thalidomide in the defoliants used throughout Indochina. And today it is not the skinheads and Klan that maintain the death squads and other homicidal operations throughout so much of the Third World. It is the best and the brightest of the political Center (with plenty of help from rightists).
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Welcome to the third world country created by the Republican Party and the networks like the John Birch Society started in the 50's funded by the Koch Brother who fought against, voters rights, women's rights, civil rights, unions etc. they joined the KKK back then and in the 70's some of the Cults Man Made Org's Religions also joined the JBS today known as the Tea Party and other networks!
GOD’S ANSWER TO RACISM The psalmist wrote, “Thy word I have treasured in my heart, that I may not sin against thee” (Ps. 119:11). A lack of biblical teaching in differing ages has often opened the door for both heresy and sin within the Christian community. In the Nazi era a great deal of Old Testament Scripture had already been rejected by many liberal scholars, mainly in Germany. Unlike the Identity movement of today, which accepts all of the Bible as inspired, the Nazis who considered themselves “Christian” were able to divorce the Jewish foundation of Christianity by simply disconnecting Christianity from both the Old Testament and Paul. Most of the “German Christians” — those loyal to Hitler — based their religious views on a kind of nationalistic nonsectarian ethic. Franklin Littell, Professor of Religion at Temple University, points out that this German understanding of Christianity was not unlike John Birch Society founder Robert Welch’s “ecstatic affirmation of non-sectarian ...
Friday's Washington Post (Mar 21) had an interesting commentary by Carter Eskew. He wrote about historian Richard Hofstadter's insight of 50 years ago that "American politics has often been an arena for angry minds". Eskew writes that Hofstadter described a "paranoid" style" in U.S. politics throughout history, from 'the anti-Masonic movement of the late 18th century to the John Birch Society and McCarthyism. A continuation of the paranoid style is seen today in the Tea Party and the NRA, also Occupy Wall Street. Two characteristics are found in the paranoid style: 'seeing your opponent as a powerful conspiracy and anticipating the apocalypse if this enemy is not destroyed.' Right wing views of the "liberal media" are in this category. Never mind that some of the largest media empires are owned by powerful conservative interests, for example: Rupert Murdoch (who owns Fox, the Wall St. Journal and many other companies), and Clear Channel Communications, which owns 850 AM and FM radio stations, a ...
Republican Leadership and their co-opted "tea partiers" Attacking the John Birch Society . .
Fred Koch - Koch Industries and founder of the extremist group John Birch Society called GOP President Eisenhower a "communist". The Koch "political family" of billionaires and corporate CEO's now own most of the GOP. President Eisenhower calls any party or splinter group "stupid" who would abolish Social Security, Labor Laws, and Unemployment Insurance. The Koch-Birch-GOP want to abolish SS, UI, Labor Laws, Unions, Public Education, Medicare and other established safety nets.
Michael Farris and the John Birch Society to Debate Convention of States | Conservative Byte via
Im not a conspiracy advocate but I believe the John Birch Society & RW extremists fueled the fires that drove an Oswald!!
She is with the John Birch Society. We often see them in front of HEB on Rio Grande, the Sam Houston Post office, or downtown near the square.
Yes. They should have listened to John Birch Society in the 60's. Instead they made them out to be whackos & UN is spy nest.
50 yrs ago the Koch's John Birch Society printed Wanted Posters of JFK, now Tea Party group does of Dems
What you should know about the John Birch Society
I did not know this. I remember the John Birch Society. Everyone thought they were really extreme right wingers then but they don't compare with today's Tea Party. Sometimes each generation must learn the old lessons themselves.
Dear History reminder: John Birch Society, co-founded by Fred Koch, published this.
Never forget that the Tea Party is really the John Birch Society. Remember them? They printed this in Dallas...
Citizens for Liberty presents: Dangers of an Article V Constitutional Convention. Guest speaker John F. McManus, President of the John Birch Society. Don't be fooled by organizations that want to change the U.S. Constitution such as the Progressive Democrats of America, as well as misguided conservative groups like Citizens for Self-Governance and their Convention of States project. FREE ENTRY! FREE PIZZA IF YOU'RE 18 AND UNDER! [WHEN] Thursday, March 20, 2014 [TIME] Doors open at 6:30 p.m., meeting starts at 7 p.m. [WHERE] Jeffersonville Golf Club 2400 West Main St Norristown, PA. 19403 RSVP: THE CONSTITUTION!
The Koch's are fascist. Their father made his money working for Joseph Stalin building the USSR's oil industry and supported Adolph Hitler, Benito Mussolini, and provided the founding money for the John Birch Society. They are the largest funders of GOP politicians.
John F. Mcmanus, President of the John Birch Society. This is the same organization that exposed the Federal Reserve and the global banking cartel, the United Nations, Agenda 21, and many other entities that threaten our freedoms that we hold so dear.
Feeling better and better that the John Birch Society was after me when I was in high school, and my mother told them to get stuffed.
Talking about the John Birch Society in class. Awesooome
I never hear about the John Birch Society anymore - anyone else remember them from the Barry Goldwater days? (And I may be associating Mr Goldwater and the JBS incorrectly)
Patriotic Americans should know the connection running through the far right wing Koch Brothers, Ron and Rand Paul, and the John Birch Society (JBS). But first, here are some facts about the John Birch Society, its history, and the ideology that it promotes. The JBS was founded in 1958 by Robert Wel...
Need any more proof that the Republican Party is run by white supremacy and are racist to the core? Christians? I think not! Read what the John Birch Society believes who was cofounded by Fred Koch! Nazi Germany ideology!
One of founders of the radical John Birch Society was Fred Koch - father of the Koch Brothers who are funding the Tea Party
The ANTI-AMERICAN, FAR-FETCHED EXTREMIST Koch Brothers/John Birch Society's A.L.E.C. is the Angel of Death for the United States of America and the democratic principles upon which it was founded and under which it flourished. DROWN IT IN A BATHTUB.
HURRY! Register your opposition to Senate Bill 619 The effort to replace Common Core standards with educational benchmarks written by legislators in the rough-and-tumble world of partisan politics comes to a head tomorrow, March 6. If we can make one last push to kill Senate Bill 619 maybe we can finally set it aside and get down to the real business of improving the education of all of our public school children. If not, this legislation could keep coming back again and again and again, just like the proverbial bad penny. We know our public schools are the heart and soul of our communities and we have an important role to play in this struggle. It is a numbers game and we know those who favor the bill -- mainly Tea Party members from around the state and even the John Birch Society -- will be at the 10 a.m. hearing in force. We need to match them person for person and make sure voices are heard on behalf of our children above the political posturing and divisiveness. Here's what you can do: • If at al ...
To understand where Ron Paul is coming from with this quote in the 21st century, one would need to read some literature about the history of terrorism and some literature that the John Birch Society has got.
Is anyone listening? Gop/libertarian/Tea Party (read John Birch Society) hates people. How many different ways do they have to send that message while getting paid BY American tax payers, to harm the folks who voted them in as well as the various American citizens they hate?
Honest men whose daddy made oil fields for Stalin and brought the riches back home to fund the JOhn Birch Society.
YES ... The Taliban Tea Klan is nothing more than a Makeover of the John Birch Society !! WAIT .. that was another Koch who started that Hateful Group!!!
Letter: History links Tea Party with the John Birch Society - Wausau Daily Herald
Re: Some thoughts on LBJ, Walker, the John Birch Society and Oswald: No doubt about it!There was a hotbed of D...
And this stalwart conservative also called the Koch Bro$ dad & Welch, who co-founded "The John Birch Society" detrimental to other conservatives. And so far afield with their ultra-conservatism they were relegated to "non-existent" status owing to their extremist agendas. They're the ones who hammered Pres. Eisenhower calling him a "commie" & fluoridating water "socialized medicine". And now with their financing the Tea Party et. al. they're back with their sexist, racist, homophobic, fascist agendas appearing in media everywhere.
This is why we endorse 2013 The John Birch Society - Positions 100%
When you think about the Tea Party, please remember that it is largely the current manifestation of the kind of radical right extremism that characterized the John Birch Society and has many adherents who belong to the current JBS. The Bircher's founder believed, among other insane things, that Milton Eisenhower was the secret head of the communist movement in America, and that his brother President Dwight D. Eisenhower, was his ardent supporter and a dedicated commie himself.
Winger state, Senator gone wild with bogus,lies,fabrication in line with bros Societ…
Fred Koch did work w/Stalin where he made his fortune then founded John Birch society
owns is the Founder of Koch Industries; Co-founder of John Birch Society;but what's in a name
In 1958 Robert Welch founder of John Birch Society disclosed in a speech that America to be destroyed from within.
This is irrelevant. They are Americans. Father was a founder of John Birch Society. Today's spawns are NRA, TCOT, ALEC etc.
"The Germans did not invade Pearl Harbor, it was an inside job by the Illuminati and the John Birch Society."
Ron Paul & his long-time association w/white supremacist groups & the John Birch Society... how's that? 3 examples in 2 min.
Actually the John Birch Society called Ike a communist and traitor in 56. The Tea Party is the idealogic twin of JBS
Dude, I'll bet you your John Birch Society membership card you don't know nearly as much about it as you arrogantly assume.
Barely a week left to stop radical extremist Joe Kenney from abusing the executive council as John Birch Society bullhorn. Vote Mar 11
Fox "News" is a racist, terrorist organization just like the KKK, the American Nazi Party or the John Birch Society. Fascism.
She is a woman that used her pen to dispell myths and untruths. She spoke the truth based on her life's experiences, her voice for kindness and compassion, her hands for charity and her heart for love. For those who don't like her, like the ultra right wing John Birch Society, she forgives but not f...
Republican pols debase themselves competing in in a John Birch Society beauty contest.
I like football, beer, titties, and the John Birch Society
The Koch Brothers & their love affair with the John Birch Society/Tea Party. Starting 8pm Eastern Time . Call in...
Same hateful *** from JBS. By the way in '65 I played guitar n a garage band who changed their name to-John Birch Society
Okay, you may ask, what is dangerous about the Cruz people saying that this is a Christian nation? They think that because the word GOD is in the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution that it was written by GOD ALMIGHTY! Pure lies over and over and over. There is a VERY dangerous group of Christians *** anyone can call themselves that and turn around and do very un-Christian things) called the Dominionists. They think it is fine and dandy to make kings and priests and that people should bow down to them. Well Teddy boy has been MADE a king by at least three of those groups of *** Ted Cruz is filled to the brim, as is his father, with JOHN BIRCH SOCIETY DOCTRINES. Please, for your children's or grandchildren's sake read "Wrapped in the Flag" by a woman who was brought up in a JBS family. It is one of the most important books I've read in the past year. I understand where the far right wing is coming from. Once again, I've got to mention that most people have not the foggiest concept ...
The John Birch Society has opposed calls for a modern-day Constitutional Convention (con-con) for decades and seeks to work through Congress for Constitutional amendments rather than through a convention.
Do people still remember when Bill Buckley and Barry Goldwater told the John Birch Society they were no longer welcome in the party?
Many U.S. states have called for a Constitutional Convention, and an Idaho citizen, Dale Pierce, went in front of the Idaho Senate State Affairs Committee the other day and successfully explained why having a Constitutional Convention (aka Con-Con and SB 1289) is a dangerous proposition. Dale is a concerned citizen and a well known member of the John Birch Society, and he demonstrated how a knowledgeable American citizen schooled in the U.S. Constitution and having his facts in order can make a big difference when presenting his case to legislators and political representatives. Dale addressed why a Con-Con would potentially open up a "kettle of worms" and place our U.S. Constitution at risk, reinforcing the fact that a Con-Con is a dangerous forum to address single issue bills. The legislators listened to Dale because he presented facts in a thoughtful way that showed why the Con-Con bill should not be passed. Most of the following is a summary in Dale's words with some paraphrasing or formal structure . ...
Well, what do you know? The John Birch Society was right in opposing fluoride. Their rationale was way out there in right field though. Go figure.
Calling all Patriots!! Mark your calendars and come out to support Convention of States Project Staff Counsel, Robert Kelly, as he debates a member of the John Birch society regarding the need for an Article V Convention. The Federal Government is more powerful than the Founders intended. The Constitution has been too broadly interpreted by the Supreme Court, giving the government virtually unlimited powers at the expense of the state governments and Washington D.C. will never voluntarily relinquish its power. Left unchecked, the government will continue to bankrupt this nation and destroy the liberty of the people. It is time for citizens and the States to act and we have the solution. Robert Kelly will explain how through an Article V Convention of States the American people can make our Republic once again “a government of the people, by the people and for the people?” Please come out to show your support for Robert and this endeavor. Admission is FREE. When: Saturday, March 15, 2014, 3-5pm Where: ...
What does KXL have to do with MTA? Pasted from my post yesterday on the 2nd anniversary of Trayvon Martin's death: The ALEC connection to Stand Your Ground is VERY important all the Koch Bros. tentacles and subsidies (Heritage Foundation, Cato Institute, etc...) want to DO is divide and conquer...not only are they racist and anti-red (See Grandpa and Daddy & Uncle's John Birch Society) but they've spent millions on divisive idiotic politicians (see Ted Cruz and Sequester) and billions to discredit global warming and climate change, not to mention Americans for Prosperity attempting to divide communities on the abortion issue and busting butt to avoid raising the minimum wage in every state. They'd have Stand Your Ground in every state if they could--and Dunn really IS a serious example of how BAD that ridiculous law is, regardless of Zimm/Tray. Why are the Koch Bros everywhere? To divide and conquer, exactly, as Russell says. Who are the proponent and blatant users of the Citizen United decision? The Koch ...
What kind of nation lets its government be taken over by Neo-Nazi John Birch Society idealists like the Koch Brothers?
The "Libertarian" Party Is to-days John Birch Society. They Embrace Every Right Wing Conspiracy Theory. Masters of Newspeak they Define Bigotry as "Liberty". They Tap into the Conservative Inferiority Complex of Victimhood. They Propose Solutions in Search of Problems. In Short, they Are Rump Republicans.
"In what way is this relabeling new? Fifty years ago, when Fred C. Koch helped found the John Birch Society, it...
John Birch Society= Tea Party . Fred Koch = Charles & David Koch . the evil trifecta---sons of Satan. They mean America no good. Boycott them!
Then if the wing nuts, John Birchers, Tea Party dont want unions and dont want workers making living wages then I guess they must love paying taxes to support the rest of us! Pay on - pay on and pay on time cause Im enjoying living off your "hard" work. You will find that, 80 years ago, in response to FDRs safety nets and unions gains, Abraham Vereide (founder of The Family), Fred Koch (a Vereide associate and one of the John Birch Society founders), many Politicians, Oil Men in particular, Pastors, and Industrial Leaders, began working quietly to end any/all Unions and Social Safety nets and to privatize utilities and government services.
Sometimes they start where their parents left off. Ex: Fred Koch funded the John Birch Society.
John Birch Society, anti-communist fringe group started by Fred Koch,who built the Soviet oil infrastructure. Makes sense to me.
The Republican Party is barely distinguishable from the John Birch Society whose heir, Fred Koch, is one of the society's founding members.
Note the link with the John Birch Society. If you haven't heard of them, I recommend you look them up
Obvious in retrospect, this history of communism by the John Birch Society is a touch biased. That said, I suddenly want to invade Cuba...
One of Buckley's last articles on JBS and Goldwater, any1 have original from 60's
Who said anything about the John Birch Society?
Why do we have to support bloated corporate welfare queens? There's an answer. John Birch Society. Modern day gop adheres to teachings of John Birch Society, where wealthy white men are = to gods and corporations are people. Is your state or us congress person a John Birch Society politician? Easy way to know. Did they sign the Norquist Pledge before running for office and then pass corporate friendly, ALEC drafted legislation if elected? Then yes, they are John Birch Society adherents. Vote 'em out, they'd sell your grandmas gold teeth to make a buck. Romney was a perfect example, buying companies, tanking them, and then bailing on pensions and benefits for the unlucky people who lost their jobs due to his Vulture styled, twisted version of "capitalism." Read about John Birch Society plan to stomp out democracy in America ...
Relying on the John Birch Society for political science is like relying on the Flat-Earth Society for orbital mechanics
is nothing but the old John Birch Society.
I saw the CEO of the John Birch Society Art Thompson speak today. Might be the best public speaker I've ever heard.
IF you are available in Connecticut THIS coming Tuesday, then please join us at the Legislative Office Building in the cafeteria @ 10:45am as we prepare for educating the General Assembly about the DANGERS of saying 'yes' to a Constitutional Convention. Hal Shurtleff from the John Birch Society will have a press conference with us at 11:30am to noon after which we will venture out to the legislators' offices supplied with literature and DVDs presenting why NOT a Con Con. Come have fun and some learning with us if you wish!
I live in Texas, the land of the John Birch Society Republicans. Blue is a comfortable color.
OH: “The [WoW] player base is reactionary in ways that would make the John Birch Society blush.”
Did day one of the John Birch Society conference. Very inteteresting. I don't know if I will be able to stay for day two.
Reminder for those planning to attend this Annual Event--- Linda Murphy will be speaking on Common Core on Saturday Morning February 22nd at the Character Inn Conference Center 11:30 - 12:00 Many speakers through out the 2 days include Tom DeWeese -Property Rights & Agenda 21, Dan Fisher -Black Robed Regiment, Mark Cosetello -Labor Commissioner and others listed below. CLOUDS OVER AMERICA CONFERENCE -Oklahoma City The 5th annual Clouds Over America Conference will be held on Friday and Saturday, February 21st and 22nd. It will be the most comprehensive conference held anywhere in the State during 2014. The location will again be the Character Inn Conference Center, 524 West Main Street in downtown OKC (free parking on South side of building). The conference will run from 1:30 Friday afternoon on the 21st until 6:00 p.m. and then resume on Saturday morning from 8:45 until 12 noon. The cost is $30 for a single person or $50 for a couple, students may attend for $10. The Conference is sponsored by the Oklaho ...
Ted Nugent ...the imperial wizard straight from the john birch society wanting to burn a cross ostensively
The John Birch Society uses Brookline as an example of how to fight the government.
The New American — mouthpiece of everyone’s favorite Tea Party starter kit, The John Birch Society, which was too reactionary for Bill Buckley – is holding up Brookline as a shining example of how grassroots organizing can fight against the encroachment of government surveillance.
So did everybody else know the Koch Brothers' daddy created the John Birch Society? I feel so behind the curve!
Revilo Oliver, founding member of the John Birch Society, twisted my father's ideas about the Holocaust. The Jews became the Co...
I do support this, but I DO NOT SUPPORT Wolf Pac. They are supported/run by the John Birch Society and the Koch Brothers. BEWARE when you see anything from Wolf PAC - they are putting out information to encourage the support of Liberals, Progressives, Democrats, etc, So when you see Wolf PAC attached to a statement - remember who the real sponsors are!!!
Let's hope when the Tea Pots boil out, Hannity goes up in steam too. Tea Party is just another name for the John Birch Society.
If you've ever wondered what happened to the John Birch Society, author Claire Conner of Dunedin can tell you.
JFK: The Second Plot: Matthew Smith: the John Birch Society may have joined forces with a group of Texa... |
Sort out your head. Read a book that wasn't written by the John Birch Society before you spout about history
Here's my speech: Good evening everyone, and thank you all so very much for inviting me to speak with you tonight. I am Edward Flint, I’m a lawyer who represents families in disputes with school districts over special education eligibility issues, and I bring civil actions against the districts when they don’t follow the law or deprive special needs children of the services our tax dollars pay for, and the law requires. I’ve spent most of my nearly 29 years as an attorney defending the Constitutions of the United States and Utah from the ever growing strangle hold of the police state, representing persons charged with crimes in state and federal courts, and I have tried over 100 cases to juries in my career. Now, I represent families with special needs kids. My youngest son was diagnosed with Asperger’s disorder, a form of autism, at an early age, and was a special education student his entire life, before the giant bureaucracy of “one-size-fits-all” public education finally wore him down, and ...
Remember tonight if in the Norristown Pa. area that at the Jeffersonville Golf Club Dave Giordano of the John Birch Society will be having a meeting for Citizens for Liberty @ 6:30 doors open meeting starting @ 7:00
Hamilton Collection
Tune of the Day.: The hilarious "John Birch Society" by the Chad Mitchell Trio. Priceless.
Look up the relationship between John Birch Society and C & D dad, Fred Koch. Where are they going?
I wish someone would point out that Koch Brothers father was a founding member of the john birch society
take a look at Cruz's father connection to dominion theology and Koch Brothers to the john birch society
Change those Maybes...into GOING!! This is an extremely important topic that everyone needs to hear. Agenda 21 is happening in YOUR own back yard, and you may not even know it. You will be amazed at the who's, why's, and how's of this takeover. It is presented expertly by Dave Giordano, of the John Birch Society.
The Heritage Foundation, John Birch Society, KKK, etc., have a history that is for white supremacy & against the Constitution.
Right now the GOP Skin is being worn by the John Birch Society serpent. There i…
Thirty-nine years ago today, A fierce tornado hit tiny Fort Valley, Geogia. Anglican orthodox bishop James Dees asked, 'This is the voice of God. The town of Fort Valley is harboring Solomist [sic]. Would one expect God to keep silent when homosexuals are tolerated? We remember what He did to Sodom and Gomorrah.' — front page story in the Macon Herald, newspaper of 100,000 members of the John Birch Society. When the Atlanta Constitution asked what Ernest and I thought about the attention, I replied, "That's *** Power." And indeed, we took the steeple off the white Baptist Church, not the black one!
Doctor Exposes Fluoride as Poison --- Examples of how the John Birch Society has been attacked for the years over its anti-Fluoride stance.
Everything we have learned so far about OCPAC leads us to conclude it is actually a front for the John Birch Society's political organizing.
You know I attended a couple of meetings for the John Birch society in the mid 90's Anyone can say what they like about that organization. But, everything they predicted then is happening now.
Billionaire Koch Bros’ Fulfill Fathers Campaign to Segregate Public Schools, End Successful Integration Program in NC Robert Greenwald's "Koch Brothers Exposed" (Full) John Birch Society, etc. Cory is a Koch Bros’ PUPPET!!! The Travon Marin verdict came on a Saturday, and now ANOTHER Saturday verdict that does-NOT-address the value of a young, BLACK-INNOCENT-DEATH, taken by a WHITE-coward-SOB. So, until we the people start associating the NAMES: Wayne LaPierre and the NRA, Tea Party/racist GOP Congress, Libertarian, Koch Bros’, Mormon, the John Birch Society, and ALEC –WITH- the EVIL-Koch Bros’ and their CONNECTIONS; there will be NO-JUSTICE and NO-PEACE. These Jordan Davis and Trayvon Martin verdicts do–NOT-address the VALUE of the life of two, young-INNOCENT-BLACK men who were KILLED by racist, coward, WHITE SOB’s in Florida. How Mormon Leaders Built the John Birch Society, CO-FOUNDED by the Koch Bros’ FATHER-Fred Koch!!! The Koch Brothers Are My Brothers---FRATERNITY Koch Brothers didn' ...
The Progressive Commons, via our good friend Claire Conner, author of Wrapped in the Flag. If you want to know the truth about the Koch Brothers and the John Birch Society, pick up a copy of Claire's book. ~ Daphne
I don't think their really is a Tea Party. Its just the same old John Birch Society touting their usual Regressive platforms and Corporate-Owned ideology... but with a brand new name owned by the Koch Brothers.
Bud Selig has generally been as slow as the John Birch Society relative to their inability to adapt to progress, facts, science, and technology. But the new centralized replay system --despite the requisite kinks to be worked out-- should be a big plus for Major League Baseball. Let the games begin!
NHL Stanley Cup Memorabilia from The Bradford Exchange Online
John Birch Society, masters of the TeaParty, rate members of Congress. was the only one I saw who got a perfect score: 0.
Concerning conspiracy theory: If you've ever read "None Dare Call It Conspiracy" (Gary Allen, 1972), you already know where almost every conspiracy theory that doesn't involve reptiles came from. Gary Allen the author was a prominent member of the John Birch Society, of which he was a spokesman. Almost every New World Order type of conspiracy theory is lifted wholesale from this book. You have to laugh at the people who imagine they're spitting some kind of new school truth. This basic template can be traced back to other John Birch Society publications from the early 1960's. Not so new school after all.
. Hope all are aware that the ideas you hear TODAY,from the TPARTY were generated by the John Birch Society in the 60's!
.If only more people had listened to the warnings on the globalists issued by the John Birch Society.
It's too late. The Koch Brothers own the John Birch Society, the Libertarian Party and the GOP, as well as much of the Democrat Party.
What's in a name? Tea Party sounds patriotic. Their actual name, John Birch Society, just reminds us that they are anti-democratic fascists.
From Claire Conner Mork (who also grew up in a John Birch Society family like me): "Where, oh where, is a real, actual, functioning libertarian country where you'd like to live? "I've been waiting for Ron Paul to answer. I've been waiting for Rand Paul to answer. They're as silent on this question as the John Birch Society. They're as silent as my father. They're silent because there's a problem: there are no libertarian countries that anyone really wants to live in. "Want to know why? Here's one key--libertarians do not believe in central government. "It's tough to have a functioning country without a central (federal) government." --- This is the truth.
Republican campaign jingoisms are cut and pasted right from the John Birch Society handbook.
Ha. Just had to block someone who kept sending me messages accusing me of being racist because I support the John Birch Society; much easier to block than to waste time in argumentation.
I gave back my lifetime NRA membership when the went John Birch Society and ultra right wing. I am still an avid gun owner and user but want nothing to do with the NRA.
Ron Buck: I watched the video that you recommended and I have a few thoughts: this video is of, for,& by those supporting the radical right agenda. Those include the religious right, the John Birch Society, and libertarians. It wants to take us back to a time when women were 2nd class citizens, and it was just fine to discriminate against blacks, *** women, and any other minority group. It was a time when " White Anglo-Saxon Protestant men" ruled the world. Its relevance in today's world is to divide and conquer! Men like the Kock brothers and like thinking billionaires promote this type of propaganda in order to get different groups fighting among themselves and supporting causes that are against their best interest but that support the Agenda of the rich and powerful. The Kock brothers are against Government except for maintaining the peace and having a large armed forces to support their interest overseas. If they had their way they would abolish Social Security, medicare, Medicaid, NIH, Environmenta . ...
The Tea Party actives are unAmerican,bigoted,and in actuality is the John Birch Society, and the Ku Klux Klan in suits and tricorn hats.
Im referring to those John Birch Society weirdos
You know it. IMO they both reek of John Birch Society. Rand candy-coats it better with "Libertarianism" but barely ...
.There's no distinction for the right wing anymore. Its most extreme (John Birch Society) end is now its north star.
was led by a news article to look up David Icke on Wikipedia, which is leading him down a crackpot rabbit hole of Trilateral Commissions and the John Birch Society.
Wm F. Buckley called out the *** John Birch Society (Kochs) & GOP read into Congressional Record; but new GOP worthless.
All this and the roots of John Birch Society and Tea Party!...
Until 1978, the John Birch Society taught its millions of US members/listeners that Soviets eat babies and nationalize women. I was shocked by this until I realized that Rush Limbaugh et al currently tell us the same about most other cultures.
What he was talking about at the time were a small handful of groups which included the John Birch Society ... the group that Charles and David Koch's father Frederick helped to start. Unfortunately his words were less than prophetic, only because people are stupid. My very conservative parents considered the Birchers to be dangerous crackpots. Today they are the most major funders of the Tea Party politicians.
And he looks like Sen. Joe McCarthy, a John Bircher. Did U know Koch Bros. father co-founder of John Birch Society?
The Arizona Goldwater Institute should produce the same public disclosure of their finances as the unions they attack so we can all understand the playing field. Why undermine police officers and their organization? Money! If the Goldwater Institute secret money sources were exposed…much would be revealed about their work on a deliberate and sustained process that aims to destroy the credibility and reputation of public and private sector employee unions and if possible dismantle them. Why? Worker organizations [Unions] that provide facts, voting records and behavior records of public elected officials and of those seeking election to public office compete with extremist billionaires like the GOP-Koch-John Birch Society and Casino owner Sheldon Adelson who put billions into the process of controlling the lawmaking apparatus of National, State and Local governments. Financing GOP organizations like the Goldwater Institute, Hoover Institute, Heritage Foundation, the National Right-to-Work-for-Less Commit ...
Just sent this to the ProJo, hope it gets printed: To the Editor: Over the past months, the Humanists of Rhode Island have been keen to inject commentary into discussions about the separation of Church and State, abortion, and other 'dog-whistle' political issues. However, we Humanists do not limit our views on rationalism to the most contentious topics of the day. One topic that Humanists proudly champion is in regards to the absolute nonsense controversy around genetically modified organism foods, typically called GMOs. The debate around GMO fruits and vegetables is a tangled web combining anti-monopoly ethos of the Progressive era with the anti-fluoridation notions from the John Birch Society. On the one hand, corporate seed manufacturers like Monsanto have indeed taken advantage of science in a fashion which makes brand independence impossible. The patents and penalties that these corporations use have destroyed the classical American farmer, replacing amber waves of grain with a homogenous crop- ...
Given the right wing rhetoric and propaganda showing up on my wall. I will make tow posts. One written by the 33rd vice president Henry Wallace on Fascism and my own small essay. First consider this that the largest media outlet is controlled by a right wing corporatist Indeed the right wing control through their right wing Plutocrats control over a majority of this country's media outlets. A prime example is Rupert Murdock and the wealthy Koch Brother, whose Father was a John Birch Society member and activist now fund most of the major right wing organizations such as the Tea Party. These are prime supporters of the right wing and what FDR would call the Economic Royalists. They wish to make our state of Wisconsin and the Federal Government subservient to their economic needs at the expense of the common good of the citizens of the USA and the world...imho.
The only three words you'll ever need to know that explain the Koch Brothers. John. Birch. Society.
Simple demographics. The is John Birch Society 2.0: old, white people. Demographic fact.
not to mention John Birch Society founder Fred Koch
Great NYT article on Pete Seeger who was often target of John Birch Society Koch.
The Koch bothers are trying to keep the focus their father had in promoting the John Birch society.This year the senate seats.
wanted to puke after reading the first paragraph in the NY Times story on Rand Paul. I didn't think it was possible to so thoroughly misunderstand a political movement in so few words, as these two writers do: The libertarian faithful — antitax activists and war protesters, John Birch Society members and a smattering of “truthers” who suspect the government’s hand in the 2001 terrorist attacks — gathered last September, eager to see the rising star of their movement.
The GOP has become The John Birch Society. They just like to pretend their not.
I guess papa Koch and a founder of the John Birch Society making millions in doing business with the Soviet Union is all just a dream.
BILL MOYERS: The battle never ends. And the choices we make in democracy often pit religious or partisan beliefs against scientific evidence that contradicts them. And beliefs can be stubborn, hard to give up. They even determine which facts we choose to accept. Partisans, especially – and who among us is not sometimes a partisan – will twist the facts to fit their preconceived notions. So, when people do stupid things, journalists and politicians included, cherished beliefs are often driving them, sometimes right over the cliff. As people in recovery say, denial is not just the name of a river in Egypt. And that’s what makes it dangerous. Right now, two powerful belief systems have converged to counter facts staring us right in the face. Just as the number of Americans who question the science of evolution has gone up, so too has the number who deny that global warming is happening, and that human activity is causing it. This, at a time when the global scientific community is more certain than ever ...
Tonight at the State of the Union address, President Obama will be talking about income inequality. He probably won't mention the Koch Brothers directly, but they are the source of a lot of the country's ails. Look at the information below and see for yourselves how bad things are. Yes, President Obama will approve the Keystone Pipeline which I don't understand. This country gains nothing, but the Koch Brothers gain a minimum of 84 billion dollars when it is completed and up and operating. If President Obama is afraid, then we need to be. If President Obama can be bought, then we need to still be afraid. Because this country is in trouble if two men can control it. The Koch Brothers' goal is to own the United States of American within the next 3 years. Imagine that. If they do, this government will become a Fascist government, no longer a Democracy. They are already "buying" professors in colleges and implementing economic, government and philosophy classes. The worst story is about FSU, unf ...
More enlightenment on the Koch Brothers. Read their father Fred's bio in Wikipedia. A "self-made" millionaire, founding member of the John Birch society, and avid anti-Communist following his 1929-1932 business venture in Russia. He had some pretty dim views of both the Democratic party and the Republican Party and a wild one about blacks of the time.
Sound Familiar? "Mr. Seeger’s concerts were often picketed by the John Birch Society and other rightist groups."
Pete Seeger taught us that there is no greater endorsement than being picketed by people like the John Birch Society.
Pete Seeger died yesterday. It got me to thinking about the era of the folk revival and the spirit of the early 60's. The Peace Movement, the Civil Rights Movement and all the "radical" ideas of the flower children were largely in reaction to the grim tenor of the fifties - the Cold War, fear of imminent nuclear annihilation, the oppression of large groups of our own people, the excesses of the super-patriots like Joe McCarthy and the John Birch Society and the stultifying culture of orthodoxy and sameness that prevailed. The hope of young idealists and a few visionary elders suggested a return to traditional values in the real sense: the worth of the common man, equality for all, helping your fellow man, freedom of thought and expression and an end to cynical world politics. Not bad goals for a nation that thrives on change, embraces quality of life for all and respect for each and every person not just in America but throughout the world. Traditional American values.
This chart shows the web of hidden influence by the Koch Brothers. Who want to buy and establish a Fascist USA. Instead of a Republic of free people. Their father from whom they inherited their vast wealth was a founding member of the racist extremist group The John Birch Society. Who was kicked out of the Republican Party by Sen Barry Goldwater.
Really? You're going to bring up the John Birch society? Are you really that much of a conspiracy theorist? You're pathetic.
He was one of the founding members of the John Birch Society.[17] He claimed that the Democratic and Republican Parties were infiltrated by the Communist Party, and he supported Mussolini's suppression of communists. He wrote that "The colored man looms large in the Communist plan to take over America," and that public welfare was a secret plot to attract rural blacks and Puerto Ricans to Eastern cities to vote for Communist causes and "getting a vicious race war started."[16] Personal life[edit] In 1932,[18] Koch married Mary Clementine Robinson in Kansas City, Missouri.[19] Mary was the daughter of a prominent Kansas City physician,[20] Ernest Franklin Robinson,[21] who helped to found the University of Kansas School of Medicine[22] and Mary Burnet Kip[21] who died at an early age.[20] Her mother, Mary Burnet Kip was the paternal granddaughter of William Ingraham Kip, the Episcopal missionary bishop to California; and the maternal granddaughter of William Burnet Kinney, ambassador to Italy, and his wife ...
Pete Seeger RIP Hippie b4 his time, often picketed by the John Birch Society & other rightist groups.Wrote we shall overcome,Turn turn turn
Meet Fred Koch, a founding member of the John Birch Society   Most John Birch Society scoundrels are buried deep in the recesses of American history, known only to politics junkies, history wo...
The John Birch Society’s Anti-Civil Rights Campaign of the 1960s, and Its... - The John Birch Society’s...
What a bunch of weirdness tonight. I think it is probably time to go back to Denver, smoke some legal weed, and watch a whole bunch of sports on TV. Too much weirdness for me, and I'm a dues paying John Birch Society member.
Free Shipping with Free Returns - Baseball Rampage
So true! Most Tea Party people are racist. They just don't want to believe it of themselves, but they are. The Tea Party was created from the John Birch society as a direct result of President Obama running for the presidency. White supremacists got scared that they were losing their power. Of course, the Tea Party is against women having power as well.
I think the John Birch Society, aka the Idaho GOP, would love to kill public education given the chance.
Koch Bros are AFP - This is old John Birch Society style propaganda.
The are the CANCER of America. Nice work as always Rachel. Continue to expose those John Birch Society creeps.
A friend of mine on face book's father worked with Fred Koch on Chicago board of directors promoting the John Birch Society.
I agree with this statement: Robert Boxley shared Daily Kos's photo. KOCHS OWN THE Republican Party SHILLS FOR THEIR CASH $ Not al-Qaeda, not the Communist Party, not even the Ku Klux Klan; it's the fanatical multi-billionaire John Birch Society Koch Brothers who are the greatest threat in my lifetime to our wonderful democratic process.
CLEAR CHOICE Catholics must choose either Sermon on the Mount Pope Francis or Republican racist propagandists like Limbaugh and his John Birch Society Koch Brothers paymasters.
Xenophobes and the John Birch Society? “It's a fantastic ad that will resonate with it's target audience”
To be fair, Koch was horrified by what he saw working for Stalin. Part of why he helped start the John Birch Society.
John Birch Society state rep Leon Rideout is screaming about a faux outrage from the 2004 campaign. Keepin' it relevant!
AFP = Koch Bros = John Birch Society. They've been calling everyone but themselves Communists for decades.
Christa Stoscheck. The Tea Party is just a new name for the tarnished John Birch Society, "their ideas -- extreme...
Did you ever go to John Birch Society camp like me? No wonder I hate conspiracies. Article via circa 1996:
.Yes. Back in the day everyone laughed at John Birch Society founded by Koch Bros Dad. Not so funny now.
Those 5 states can thank the John Birch Society for conditioning their citizens to vote against their best interests. The plan was all laid out in the Powell Memo.
John Birch Society!!! Koch's resurrection of their father, Fred's, Society shows us the very contempt for 'other...
We need to stop calling them the TP-they r the John Birch Society with tea bags hanging from their hats
. Glenn! You really should connect with The. John Birch Society! They share "our" values! They are very engaged and active!
And the John Birch Society were against unions.Fred Koch promoted the JBS in Chicago.
Yes the Tea Party is really just an extension of the John Birch Society who didn't want minorities to vote.
Art probably invited the John Birch society of the Koch.Bros to the mountains of NC. KKK winthout sheets.
Sweepy from talking a Nyquil cap. More whacky fun with Osho, the John Birch Society, guns and horror films later.
Really, the Tea Party is just John Birch Society Lite. Made out of the same crap, but watered-down so it can be guzzled more easily.
I don't think that I've ever heard the John Birch society referred to in a net positive way. Not once, in real life, to my face.
Secret Military Training Blurs Line Between Police and Soldiers By Joe Wolverton, II, J.D. January 24, 2014 - As the military transitions into a tech-heavy force, increasingly reliant on robots and drones, local police forces are looking less like law enforcement and more like heavily armored combat units. Now, it seems they are starting to train like them, as well. A story published by The State newspaper in Columbia, South Carolina, reported on recent secret joint training missions between U.S. Army special forces and the Richland County (South Carolina) Sheriff’s Department. The article describes training exercises being conducted by “unidentified units” from Ft. Bragg, North Carolina. Ft. Bragg is the home of the elite U.S. Army Special Operations Command (USASOC) and the super-secret, super-deadly Delta Force. A spokesman for the Richland County Sheriff’s Department refused to identify who was participating in the exercise or why it was being carried out. The department did, however, issue .. ...
The John Birch Society kicked James Oviatt out for being "too anti-semitic."
Republican NJ Governor and Koch Brothers - John Birch Society - 2016 Presidential hopeful, not the golden boy he claims to be.
I spoke about this issue at the HSV Democratic Club meeting on Jan. 24th.(excerpts from my remarks at the Jan 24th meeting.) "As we look ahead to the new year there are many grave challenges facing our Democracy. We have witnessed the effects of Citizens United, Portions of the Voting Rights Act struck down, Voter ID laws enacted, challenges to Roe vs Wade, attempts to repeal the ACA in the House of Reps, and here in Arkansas, some Republicans want to defund the private option, depriving 76,899 who have already enrolled of their health insurance. Now we have seen all of this before, and it seems like a never ending battle. In the past we have witnessed groups like the KKK, the John Birch Society, the Citizens Councils of America and many other extreme right wing groups attempt and many times succeed, in imposing their radical agendas on our society. And just when we thought they had been defeated and died out… like the Phoenix, they rise from the ashes, morphed into a new image with the same perverse ag ...
Media is STILL NOT coming out with all the truth. The Koch Party ARE the John Birch Society. Now,...
Walker was accused of indoctrinating his troops with right-wing literature from the John Birch Society.
The John Birch Society (JBS) is an American political advocacy group that supports anti-communism, limited government, and a constitutional republic.[1][2][3][4][5] It has been described as radical right.[6][7]
“A - MUST - LISTEN” It is “No Secret,” that I am NO Fan (sic) of “Coast-To-Coast AM.” In fact, I no longer correspond with George Noory or John B. Wells, because I reached-my-limit, of nothing but John Birch Society propaganda. However, Tonight (01/4/2014), there is actually A Guest (from “Project Censored”), who is providing Facts And Truth (without siding with any political party), as I do when I appear on radio shows. John B. Wells is sitting there hearing the Guest refute practically EVERY bit of propaganda normally - spewed on “Coast - To - Coast AM.” (For Many remember that if You are not listening, most radio stations carrying the program repeats the show immediately after the show ends. Of course, here in Southern California it is 0640 AM - KFI)
home of John Birch Society, birthplace of AFSCME. Roots = both red and blue. But AFP did a # on us. And Dems ar…
Koch John Birch Society says gov stealing from taxpayers to provide Hcare to poor people
The John Birch Society is back again... ugh.
This was my response to a National Memo article written by David Cay it, Johnston correctly excoriates the media for failing to do their jobs, which is to get at and expose the truth. Johnston is a prize-winning economist and a former (I believe) economics professor, and he correctly criticized the media for furthering wealth and income inequality with their abdication of their Fourth Estate responsibility: D.C. Johnston has it correct. The greedy and Fascist GOP Cons use propaganda to fool everybody else in the Republican Party into thinking that hard work will make you rich. "Oh, well, if you work hard and get a little lucky, you can be rich, like us". B*llsh!t... how the rich REALLY get rich is almost always through two factors: inheritance and exploitation. The inheritance part is easy to explain. Many wealthy families these days have been wealthy for decades. That wealth is simply passed down upon the deaths of older family members. The Koch Brothers are a great example of this. They wo ...
somebody from the John Birch Society joked about your name, nat, and asked where you were.
Are you a supporter of the John Birch Society policy & philosophy?
If you don't know the history of the John Birch Society and how it became the Tea Party you are willfully ignorant.
Kochs and the John Birch Society: a Love Story Our country is not theirs to buy.
Testimony by daughter of JBS Founder. 13-37 A Personal History of the John Birch Society: via
Tea Party Traitors is more like it, just a renaming of John Birch Society. Same pig, different lipstick.
Fred Koch was a founding member of John Birch Society. He & my father were friends.
Killers on the Loose: Croatia Arrests Communist Spy Chief in 1983 Murder Case - The John Birch Society
Current crop of the right wing GOP is as radical as my John Birch Society parents and I'm not exaggerating just to make a point.
Core message of radical right: fed gov't is evil. Get rid of 70% of it. That's John Birch Society to a T.
If you want to know the truth in this country, you have one option. Join the John Birch Society.
John Birch Society on the Illuminati and the New World Order: vía
. Where articles speak of the Koch Bros "free-market, limited-government agenda," they're actually hard core John Birch Society.
The John Birch Society is still running the narrative? I guess they missed our shout-out…
.John Birch Society activist: Nullify and rely on churches for health care .
love the Mac Center. I read their stuff right after I check out the John Birch Society website and read Ron Paul newsletters.
If you are a Republican this is a great book to read. Written by the daughter of two radical right Republicans, it demonstrates where the Tea Party movement had its beginnings in the John Birch society, how extremist that group was, and why some Republicans, myself included, decided the direction the GOP was going was not for them. An understanding of these issues is the only way the Republican Party is going to be able to save itself if it is worth saving at all.
Ken Bublitz Instead of focusing on something down the road that may or may not occur, why not look at something happening right now? TPP? Global warming? Genetically modified frankenfood? The way Germany and other nations are WAY ahead of us in utilizing alternative energy sources? The Koch Bros using their billions to try to sell Americans a modern day version of John Birch Society? Like · Reply · 1 · 5 hours ago Kathi Papaleo Good grief I hope so! That woman is sick. Read Primary Colors or watch the movie if you don't believe me. She is just pure evil walking. Like · Reply · 1 · 5 hours ago Toosinbeymen B. HRC is a neo lib, corporatist, wall st sellout, establishment, 3rd way, dino, R lite candidate. She's not getting my support or vote. I'm a liberal. She doesn't support the policies I support. Like · Reply · 3 hours ago Lawrence Pafumi I sure hope that no one can... I believe our country NEEDS another Clinton Administration to straighten us out! But with her we need a Democratic congress so th ...
I was this guy against George Lincoln Rockwell, President of the American Nazi Party, and Robert Welch founder of the John Birch Society.
the Koch suckers...their father is a founding member of the "John Birch Society" , go figure.
THURSDAY, JANUARY 23RD - GUTHRIE AREA - Art Briesch is hosting a DVD study series on the Constitution from 6:30 to 9:00 p.m., with the location being the Zion Lutheran Church, 424 East Warner in Guthrie. Art is a real student of the Constitution and as such has viewed the series produced by the Heritage Foundation, Hillsdale College and the John Birch Society. His opinion is that the DVD series produced by the Birch Society is the best of the 3 and that is the one he will be using. If you want to know more about the genius of our Founders and how straying from those ideals have us in today’s troubles, then by all means attend this educational effort.
Their parents are the founders of the John Birch Society (pure evil) those two were brainwashed from the day they came into the world to be selfish
I just started reading " Wrapped in the Flag" by Claire Conner. Claire's parents were early movers and shakers in the John Birch Society. It's quite interesting so far and a little disquieting. Today's Tea Partiers are definitely the descendents of the JBS.
Two billboards seen at different times in Spokane, Washington: "Get US out of the UN!" (By the John Birch Society) "One world, one world government." (By the Baha'i Faith)
I just got off the phone with Claire Conner. She will be presenting on her life growing up in the John Birch Society. She will also be talking about the agenda of the radical right. A talk back will follow the service.
Jan 12 10:00 am - "Going to Extremes" - Prof. Sarah Heath How - or to what extent - should extreme ideas be included in mainstream political and social discussions? In the late 1960's, the National Parent Teacher Association (PTA) reported that members of the John Birch Society were trying to "flood" their meetings. The Birch Society, often characterized as an extremist conservative organization,organized carefully to establish a majority in some PTA meetings, even though nationwide their viewpoints represented only a small majority. The PTA responses to extremist activity may provide some useful models for continuing political and social engagement, as our current political and social context bears striking resemblance to those events. Prof Heath is in the Dept of Sociology, History and Political Science at Indiana University, Kokomo, and has addressed our Fellowship several times
HATED IT! Reader Mail (MSNBC): "I read your piece on the "classless" MSNBC today and felt compelled to respond. How many years have progressives been hammered, and I do mean HAMMERED, by conservatives? We've been told we're naive, simple minded, just plain dumb, brain damaged, mentally ill, evil and anti-American (remember when conservatives said NBC stood for Nothing But Communists?). There have been investigations by the House Committee on Un-American Activities, the FBI, local law enforcement and the John Birch Society. We've been fired, black listed and a number of us have been imprisoned and even executed. At what point do you think we're going to get tired of having sand kicked in our faces and start fighting back? Fox News is nothing more than the propaganda arm of the Republican Party. Listen to Sean Hannity, Eric Bolling and the rest of them. Check out talk radio. Listen to the vitriol, the raw hate that spews out of Rush Limbaugh, Michael Savage and that tribe. There are no rules in a street fig ...
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What's on my mind? Spent some more time sharing information about the Powell Memo, John Birch Society, Koch Brothers and their systematic destruction of a functioning democracy in our country. Now, off to take daughter up to community college to keep the ball rolling for her educational goals. Peace. Remember to out vote folks who don't know the gop has been hijacked by John Birch Society ;) If your elected leader signed the Norquist Pledge, they are Birchers at heart, where corporations are people and people are nuisances to be manipulated and managed :(
It really puzzles me as to the type of people who worship the Julian Assange's and the Eric Snowden's of the world. They put them on a pedestal as champions of anarchy, yet fail to understand that if they truly were seeking to make things right, to give transparency to the world, then how is it that the Kochs, the Murdochs, the Monsantos, the Rothschilds, The John Birch Society, the Bilderbergs all escape these champion's radar? It seems to me the answer might be that it is way more profitable to expose the actions of the endless supply of puppets rather than shut down their own cash cow by cutting off the head of the snake. Or maybe they are just being used like those they expose. That would make them either just as corrupt or too stupid to realize. Either way it is time to ditch these cardboard cut outs of distraction and find some real heros.
Another section should be on that terrific sign which would read, "YES to, the John Birch Society, Paul Craig Roberts, Pat Buchanan, Judge Napolitano, Ron Paul & Jay Leno... and NO to Faux News, the Weekly Standard, the NY Times, the Bushes, Clinton's, Obama, Romney, Christi, Ryan, McConnell & Boehner." Kevan Rowlee
It's whiter than the John Birch Society out there.
John Atherton “Koch paid a lot of money to get people to believe that there is no difference between Republicans and Democrats ... they have also paid a lot of money into Libertarian / Republican think tanks to write Laws that coincide very much with the John Birch Society agenda. The real question here is: do you know much about fascist theocracy?”
The Tea Party is more like the American Nazi Party/John Birch Society. They consist of fake Christians and many morons who believe what they hear from Fox News. Funded by billionaires and political groups, they spend billions of dollars to fight climate change and healthcare reforms.
INSIDIOUS PROPAGANDA FROM RIGHT WING EXTREMISM The Koch Archipelago by Vern Turner There are parallels to the famous Gulag Archipelago written by Alexander Solzhenitsyn in today’s right wing efforts to control the lives of the majority of humans by an oligarchy of the few and powerful men who aspire to world domination. It may sound like what fascists do (Hitler, Mussolini, et. al.), but today the Koch Brothers, Charles and David, sponsor organizations that actively try to institute those controls over free men and women. A little historical research took me back to the founding of the infamous John Birch Society in 1958 by Robert W. Welsh in Indianapolis, IN. Lo and behold, a co-founder of this extremist, paranoid organization was none other than Fred Koch, the daddy of Charles and David. After reviewing the tenets and activities of the JBS, I was struck by the similarities I see in today’s propaganda mills around the country. Virtually every state has a “Public Policy Foundation” that “stu ...
Not a fan of Soros,but remeber the Kochs father was both a Nazi sympathizer and founder of John Birch Society
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