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John Birch Society

The John Birch Society is an American political advocacy group that supports anti-communism, limited government, a Constitutional Republic and personal freedom.

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Capitol Clearly the PATH the Koch's, Mercer's John Birch Society, & others…
We also had a speaker from the John Birch Society, and William Kunstler. The idea was that all views should be cove…
5/Orgs that are result of this network: Cato Inst, Heritage Foundation, Americans for Prosperity. John…
Yep, the John Birch Society never left they just morphed into a thousand pcs. Evil stu…
How long have you and the Democrats been members of the John Birch Society?
Before this, the John Birch Society were the go-to conspiracy theo…
Yes the John Birch society is the root of Republican evil, but it took till…
The Impeach campaign was from the John Birch Society, spawning today's AltRight.
J Edgar Hoover called the john birch society "wild-eyed people of the right" Elwood Robinson called them "neo-fasci…
Whodathunk I'd live to see the day when the Democratic Party would embrace the paranoia of the John Birch Society?
No surprise that Mr. Fred Fuhrer of the John Birch Society isn’t a big fan of Morning Trade - POLITICO
The John Birch Society seems to be firmly opposed
"Runaway convention" is actually a John Birch Society talking point adopted by mainstream pols who wanted to quash the idea of a convention.
This metaphor gives the DUP too much credit. More like a coalition with some guy with a L…
1\ RU has rehashed the John Birch Society playbook. Conspiracy theories wrapped in the f…
When did you join the John Birch society, Jake?
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Mercers share the same goals as Kochs. They are repurposed John Birch Society zealots.
Remember when the john birch society got on national TV to blame the jews for everything…
Oh, it's the right word. From the Revolutionary era Loyalists to the John Birch Society to MAGA. It's exactly the right word.
Alex Jones appearing on would be like Walter Cronkite interviewing the head of the John Birch Society. The wackos get a platform.
The left has gone so far off the rails they're making and sound like John B…
The John Birch Society and Koch Brothers have succeeded in enacting the "Right to work laws".
This has been the work of the John Birch Society for ~60 years. 👇
John Birch Society would blush in shame on this.
John Birch Society are the foot soldiers, Council for National Policy are the executive branch.
THIS has always been preferred world view. No different than the John Birch Society types…
We need to be talking about John Birch Society 2.0 also. they have their tentacles in media.
Worth 👀 into CNP=basically Secret John Birch Society dressed up for polite society.
John Birch Society=so extreme they got kicked out of the GOP. That's why some of th…
Some RWNJs (John Birch Society etc) believe only property owners should vote. So pr…
Her views on this are consistent with the white nationalist John Birch Society. Thread.
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Repub.Leaders embrace a 50 yr old John Birch Society platform. Instead of Communists as the enemy, US citizens are.
Harry Bradley was a cofounder of the John Birch Society.
Bill Buckley declared war on Ayn Rand, the John Birch Society, George Wallace and, finally, Pat Buchanan
That liberals are increasingly resembling the John Birch Society in their fear of Marxism is a promising sign
Ask him if he's a member of the John Birch Society. Don't let him tell you it doesn't exist anymore.
Some parallels between the John Birch Society and conspiracy theorists today accusing repubs in Congress of treason.
Rockwell spoke; many ppl walked out. He said he wanted to see Joe McCarthy's hometown. He spoke of the John Birch Society (HQed in Appleton)
The influence of the John Birch Society on the OSS for instance. What Fishy does is corporate agenda trolling.
is a tinfoil conspiracy theory worthy of the John Birch Society.
At a minimum, it suggests he's reading his John Birch Society magazine.
The real Yuri was a member of the John Birch Society and knew Fred Koch of the Koch Brothers. Is your Yuri possibly Fred?
Thesis: From the John Birch Society to the the entire conservative movement has been a…
Koch family longtime members of John Birch Society.
For a very long time. Mercers are terrible, they are it seems ethno-nationalists. At the very least John Birch Society.
Add his history of spewing white nationalist John Birch Society conspiracies to that list.
Look up Dominionists, CNP, and John Birch Society. They are considered hate groups posing as Chri…
Enoch Powell was right. Joseph McCarthy was right. John Birch Society was right. Soon the demographi…
This is the agenda of the white nationalist John Birch Society.
Did that article send a chill down your spine? Imo, we are in a 3 front war. Trump/Putin; Neo-Nazi; & J…
Guess your doctor doesnt belong to Price's John Birch Society Doctors' group. Does he reallly not kn…
I address the John Birch Society attack on voting rights in this thread from m…
Good politics when your only constituents are The Koch Brothers, The Mercers and other John Birch Society creeps.
Also, why don't we check the Republican servers for corporate corruption and John Birch Society treason? Hmmm?
In my experience, my family large white Catholic family are members of the white nationalist John Birch Society.
Bacon's Bircher Brigade has the white nationalist John Birch Society agenda…
I didn't know until recently that Fred Koch is a co-founder of the John Birch Society. Buckley/Reagan…
I was raised in a small, very conservative city that had the headquarters of the John Birch Soc…
Progressives has a great impact on First amendment values their offspring sadly do not. They are lefts John Birch society. Very sad
The Kochs are the well known ones but others are worse. Koch dad started the John Birch society. Devos,…
And the John Birch Society. Their videos could've been produced by Nostradamus
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cuz it's. one two three. what are we fighting for. the super-scary . John Birch Society . opposed the war in Viet-nam.
1968. THE GRAND DESIGN. that shapes US foreign policy. how does it hold up?. John Birch Society right then, right now.
While they've changed, Burbank /Glendale were hotbeds of the KKK an…
The web just keeps getting bigger. The Fink, Nixon, CNP, and probably the John Birch Society in an infinitely recu…
When you have a Trump rally at 1pm and a John Birch Society Beach party at 2pm
When did you join the John Birch Society? 59 Missiles kill…
the scions of america's oligarchy. Koch, Mellon Scaife, Mercer, etc. the roots go back to jo…
Trumpster suggests they are rightful heirs to (+ inspired by) the Berkeley Free Speech movement (which was targeted…
JBS is a radical right-wing anti-government cult called the John Birch Society. Here is…
Oh, and another fun fact: the Koch's dad was a founding member of the John Birch Society.
Yes. They effectively used the method in this article…
Council for National Policy/John Birch Society white nationalists and agenda are also evident in highes…
Congress and this administration are pushing an agenda with the white nationalist John Birch Society. Here are some ex…
They have the longest ties to manipulating high wealth Repub…
Indeed not "fake news." The New American is the newsletter of the conservative John Birch Society. U may query thei…
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Where do YOU want to place the glass coffin with Joe McCarthy's remains? Should we all join the John Birch Society now?
Wisconsin is headquarters for the John Birch Society.
32. Fred Koch was founding member of John Birch Society; Koch pawn Mulvaney–now Trump's budget director–spoke at JBS https…
Since the advent of the John Birch Society (prolly bf), this IS the GOP, root/branch. Racism is a feature not a bug.
.We appreciate your attention to President Nixon's firm stance against the John Birch Society. - RZ
. Another one to watch is Griffiths "The creature from Jekyll Island" speeh he gave do the John Birch Society years ago
"I went to a John Birch Society meeting in high school; I really wanted to get in this girls pants"
Fred Koch was a founding member of John Birch Society
Before the John Birch Society, there was Woodrow Wilson. Before there was Woodrow, there was Andrew Jackson and the "Trail of…
When his John Birch Society handlers make up new "alternative facts ".
He's like your old racist uncle sending you John Birch Society tracts ... with a law degree...
Jake Tapper was a member of the Communist Party. Also the John Birch Society, the Whig Party & Creed's fanclub.
5/ D) The New American is owned by the John Birch Society, which has been described as "radical right." I question credibility if source.
Join the John Birch Society to help change the direction of our country!
.is the WORST thing to come out of Indiana since the John Birch Society .
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tells us about your association with the John Birch Society.
you can only subjugate stupid people. The plan was always to hand pick their own and keep the rest down. John Birch Society
It took 60 years to get from the John Birch Society to Donald Trump. Politics is slow.
This has been a 50 year process to take down public schools. Shame on Betsy Devos Millenials, please see John Birch Society
In the network of extremism the names to search are: Koch, DeVos, John Birch Society, Cleon Skousen, Robert Mercer, Harry Bradley, cont.
Good, except for leaving out Fred Koch was an original funder/board member of the John Birch Society that his sons…
He ignores white terrorism because they are his John Birch Society base.
Ms. Gibson is a John Birch Society member, making conspiracies and alternative facts great since 1958.
I escaped the John Birch Society cult responsible for most of the right-wing conspiracies and alternative facts.
Lamar is a mbr of the John Birch Society..wonder what that says abt DeVos?
Wrong context. Later the John Birch Society used it to co…
Bronco has "deplorable" in her description. Code for white nationalist John Birch Society. I grew up in this cult
Chad Mitchell Trio's John Birch Society (1962) is so appropriate right now
I think a morning opening prayer wasn't unusual before the 1962 ruling. A major reason the John Birch Society hated the Warren Court.
who could have known the founders of the John Birch Society would ally with Nazis and the KKK to elect a fascist president?
They do if they're racists, white supremacists, members of the John Birch Society or the KKK. President Bannon come…
That radical right movement is the same John Birch Society expelled from the GOP in 1968 for being too…
To understand the Trump administration, read up on the John Birch Society:
The Tea Party, the John Birch Society, and the Fear of “Mob Rule”: An Interview with Claire Conner via
To understand the Trump Administration, read up on the John Birch Society.
.this is like criticizing Randolph and Rustin for not inviting John Birch Society to the March on Washington.
Someone once said that, if someone had told the John Birch Society back in the fifties that Ra…
Charles Koch’s network has attacked Black peoples’ right to vote. He was John Birch Society member during 1960s Civ…
All policies of the John Birch Society. To know what we're facing read this book:
Wow, it's like the Kochs never created the John Birch Society at all!
my parents belonged to John Birch Society in the 60s they called for USA get out of the UN! It's about time!
( THE JOHN BIRCH SOCIETY BLUES great white wonder ) vinyl LP w/…
This seminar for young black men. is named after racist business owner / JBS co-founder.
.Intercessors for Am thinks U.S. gov wants to implant microchips in all citizens as form of mind control
- You think a pub owned by John Birch Society does "deep research"? That explains a lot.
I'm old so I actually remember the John Birch Society... it's just them in a new. well, t-shirt.
The John Birch Society has been right all along.
Amazement at: Liberals sudden love&respect for the CIA & their new alignment with the John Birch Society's hysterical fear of Russia.
Taught an lesson today using the John Birch Society, the Council on Foreign Relations for HS ss, trying to help them sift.
hilarious to see: Flag Burning Occupy Wall St turned John Birch Society ROFLMAO
ROFLMAO its so fun to see knee jerk liberals turned john birch society mccarthy ite.
Have you investigated Alex Jones and his connection to John Birch Society and can a connection be made 2 communists in 60's?
Speaking of which, how good a grift would it be to set up a woke John Birch society? Maybe call it the "Khazir Khan Society"?
Well, McCarthy accused President Truman of being a Soviet agent and the John Birch Society did the same with Presid…
United Nations Causing More Chaos with Latest Vote: John Birch society working twords getting 🇺🇸 out of the
You support the Koch Brothers/John Birch Society version of Govt ... I didn't realize Mormons were owned by the Kochs ...
On the right, the John Birch Society wasn't a shining moment in history. Then they feared communists, now Muslims.
Trump chose ppl who contradict the purposes of agcys they're to lead. It's a group formed to incorporate goals of J…
Perhaps. Maybe but their public/press profile has John Birch Society "are they still around?" Level.
Alex Jones: "Trump knows everything. Trump is more John Birch Society than the John Birch Society." v
Research the John birch society. One of the founders was the Koch Brothers father. They opposed the 1960's civil rights act
Once upon a time, GOP wouldn't touch Libertarians with a ten-foot pole. That changed with the Tea Party Birchers:…
This is typical McCarthyism from the Clinton trolls. The Clintonites are like the John Birch Society now.
Is anyone who is aware of Allen's background surprised by this? His dad was a big deal in the John Birch Society.
Trump's new John Birch Society is going to turn me into indie.
the John Birch Society, est. 1958, needs a word.
This article was actually pub 50 yrs ago: leaders warn of anti-Semitism in radical right. https:…
Since Nixon, the GOP has been a John Birch Society proxy. . They almost don't need hoods anymo…
.was raisied in an antisemitic cult called the John Birch Society, as if you couldn't guess from his writing already.
wasn't his father in the John birch society?
Visit John Birch Society website or join the to learn more (only costs $48)
If you're not familiar w America history, learn it! John Birch Society (Koch Brothers associated) have been planning this coup since 1950s.
Right you are, And the John Birch Society of which Koch Brothers are associated is behind it all.
Heritage Foundation is a collection of racists masquerading as freedom fighters. Barely less batty than the John Birch Society.
*sigh* the John Birch Society and Fred Koch among others argued that the civil rights movement was a communist plot to stir up racial divide
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Charles Koch ultimately broke from the John Birch Society because of its support for the Vietnam War.
2. check You Tube for song John Birch Society by Chad Mitchell #
This is what Trump’s pick for budget director said in a recent speech to the John Birch Society: h…
A lot of rhetorical moves happening in this old poster for the John Birch Society
there's a John Birch Society anti-UN demo going on in Union NJ right now. Weird world we've got going on these days.
Koch bros made Kansas like Mississippi,entire South is like another country,John Birch Society now the guiding light for media
John Birch Society article on Internet is a must see. PLEASE KEEP YOUR WORD! Read article and undo Obama's bad act on NET!
William Buckley ran John Birch Society out of Republican Party, now in 2017, that wing will have complete control of our government, ***
In the early 70's facing Vietnam, the John Birch Society and REAL protests I'm amazed simply amazed.
Members of the John Birch Society spent decades looking under their beds and around corners for commies. Now they are Putin's loyal servants
Reagan was VERY CAREFUL to hide it. He wanted to join John Birch Society, but knew it would dog him. CREEP!
from what I've gathered, it was a billboard bought by the "John Birch Society"
I wish it was the John Birch Society that pushed out the National Review. Maybe Hart-Celler never gets passed.
Read up on the history of the John Birch Society. They were convinced Russia would take us over. Oops.
In the spirit of Trump winning either truth about Barry Goldwater or truth about the John Birch Society
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How "retro." Commies! Straight out of a John Birch Society pamphlet from grandpa's attic.
But on the left, anti-vaxers and 9/11 truthers are far out on the fringe, like John Birch Society in decades past.
published by John Birch Society, radical right wing fringe group. Thanks for proving my point
the John Birch Society warned us about the UN in the 50s
only because they are not "just" white supremacists, they are the John Birch Society on steroids & crystal meth
your dad protested freezing out the John Birch Society from conservative politics and even HE would think this is dumb
Frank Gaffney is the John Birch Society come back to life, only substituting Islam for Communism. Horrifying.
This is nearly identical to the whackaloon garbage my John Birch Society member relatives used to peddle in the 1970s
The JBS (John Birch Society) candidate won. Nice going to those who stayed home, or left the president slot blank…
Not Republicans, more KOCH Bros money / ALEC legislation and John Birch Society ideology.
Ugh, MoveOn involves thugs hired to instigate violence. John Birch Society & ALEC do no such thing. Geez...
John Birch Society was a fairly upstanding constitutional organization in their earlier years.
.threw a John Birch Society reference at Jeffrey Lord after he went all Chester Arthur on her: Game.Set.Match Margaret wins!
Remember the Koch Bros? Their father was 1 of the founders of the John Birch Society. He made his money from Stalin.
Predecessor to the John Birch Society, was "controlled by Jews"
This man is bought & sold by the 2016 version of the John Birch Society. Social Darwinism that espouses Koch Brothe…
He's an opportunist. Steven Scalise, Ron/Rand Paul have way cozier ties with John Birch Society & white supremacist
oldsters remember when Democrats excoriated the John Birch Society for seeing a Rooskie behind every bush. Now they are th…
If I see any more of his eyesore vandalism posters for a 50-year-old John Birch Society debunked conspiracy theory, I'll report them, too.
I never thought I would live to see the DNC turn into the John Birch Society, but, well, that's 2016 for you
Conservative internet sensation Tomi Lahren these right wingers have gone off the rails.the are more delusional than the john birch society
people read and listen to this garbage because this is something they've waited for years John Birch Society have influenced gov.
And I first heard the TIBOTSO defense from a John Birch Society member back in the late 1960s. So little changes.
Sorry man, but ur allegiance to the Koch brother's & John Birch Society & their slush$, disqualifies u…
The Libertarian party ws founded by the John Birch Society, in other words,
.Did David mention that he/his National Review pals are responsible for this? >
.They aren't. They're producing more of themselves, using religion: >
.The power of corrupt *** using people's faith against them: >
.Your occupation is racist Libertarian *** >
.Study re: American white supremacist influence in Canada: >
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I recall a scene where they use the town's "gun registry" to round up would be rebels. Real John Birch society fantasy stuff.
The John Birch Society was preaching this back around 1987/1988.
when John Birch Society tried to blend with REPUB, Buckley said NO! McCain didn't say no 2 Tea Party now look at it
Michael Farris has the mastery to respond to the John Birch Society
.The press mainstreamed critics calling Obama a communist instead of confining them to John Birch Society meetings.
I remember the John Birch Society wow. Alt. right or just stupid white trash are much worse.
We got the Anwsers to the John Birch Society's questions on
If you go back to the 60s, the John Birch Society laid out the entire one world scheme. Youtube has a couple short…
A John Birch Society bumper sticker once said, "Get the U.S. out of the U.N. and the U.N. out of the U.S." True today as it was then.
Casual reminder that the fear of fluoridated water originated with the fiercely anti-communist conspiracy theories of…
.They'll be sitting in Congress and state houses, under your nose: >
But you are very smart to have seen it coming. Let's never forget the John Birch Society. They were the beginning.
.It also means that you should remove yourself from my TL:
.Frank, you have much explaining to do > >
.is right: it’s time to do to the alt-right what WFB did to the John Birch Society.
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and now a word from our sponsor, the new John Birch Society.
John Birch Society, . founded by masons, . funded by Nelson Rockefeller . run by Jesuit-trained Knights of Malta. for NWO
And a former member of the John Birch Society.
So you are what happens when the John Birch Society meets the Democratic Party?
It's official. has descended to the level of the John Birch Society.
He must have dug that out from an old John Birch Society bloviation.
he's only "perceived" as a communist if you're the John Birch Society
I for one, welcome what can only be described as a Democrat version of the John Birch Society.
The libs are all members of the John Birch Society now.
Wet dream of John Birch Society always that others wake up and see Russian influence. Now have clear proof, and back Trump?
Right wing racist founder of John Birch Society
What would Robert Welch say? Where's the John Birch Society, this is their wet dream!
How long have you been a member of the John Birch Society?
are you, or have you ever been, a member of the John Birch Society?
You must remember, these are not the Republican's of days gone by they are Tea Party LIBERTARIANS-John Birch Society
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Remember, the John Birch Society came to power under Kennedy, as did the Dixiecrats. Jack, Bobby and Ted just kept going.
.gets it. Trump is the John Birch Society having its revenge on Cuckservatism.
Exactly!. The ad was John Birch Society -- 1 of founders of JBS is Koch dad Fred.
The father of the Koch Brothers, Fred Koch, was a leader of the John Birch Society & it looks like the nut(s) did not fall…
Michael Farris anwswers to the John Birch Society on are truly American as apple pie:
Anyone else care to chime in to educate voters on the particular nuttiness of pals the John Birch Society?
For some context, the John Birch Society used to call Eisenhower a commie. They're too Right for the Right, much like
I guess it's no big surprise that is the featured speaker at the annual convention of the John Birch Society this year.
Blue Book of The John Birch Society-1961- Signed Robert Welch and other notables
It's more like the GOP has been absorbed by the John Birch Society. So it only seems that way.
Yes, president of the kkk or john birch society. Or, the North American orangutan association. Is that what u mean?
I grew up in a time of the John Birch Society,Barry Goldwater,Richard Nixon,George Putman,The KKK Richard Nixon...
so sad and distressing to see the John Birch Society making a comeback in American politics.
The Ku Klux Klan John Birch Society Nazi party skinheads police judges district attorneys this is Terrorism for the black man. Empathy nah.
RW Repubs ARE the John Birch Society of today. Even Barry Goldwater thought they were crazy. PURE RACIST. PURE EVIL
But watching is fun. Like watching a 3rd grade John Birch Society.
.is correct! U are a FOOL! Blame JFK on John Birch Society 1963
Listen to debate against a John Birch Society member on
That Republican Convention RHETORIC of PURE EVIL, you just read. Is SICK! And again it sounds like The John Birch Society ! 👎
John Birch Society. Is that why you have been hanging out in Wisconsin all these years?
Best bit: One Nation's "position on the sustainable development agreement has been taken directly from... The John Birch Society"
Hanson lifting policies from John Birch Society and other extremist RW nutter front groups in US - all you need to know
Huckabee is like Weird Science, but instead of a Barbie they used a John Birch Society pamphlet with a Werther's Original stuck to it.
13-37 A Personal History of the John Birch Society via
Fox News is the John Birch society of the past.
Surprise surprise. Looks like One Nation plagiarized a bunch of their policies (incl from the John Birch Society!)
John Birch Society / Tea Party / Koch-Murdoch: the media- its irrational hatred of anything associated with Obama.
The John Birch Society's statement on Dallas is identical to liberal red-baiting .
Michael Farris has legal mastery to respond to the false charges of the John Birch Society.
. not source of threats which come from inside. But he paints Obama similarly to John Birch Society did JFK
When you need anwsers to the John Birch Society, Michael Farris has the facts:
At least she's getting them from more rational sources like John Birch Society, who thought Eisenhower was a communist agent.
My error. Its nasty cousin the John Birch Society.
Thank God their beer *** as bad as their politics. Weren't they involved in the uber racist John Birch Society?
William F. Buckley kept the John Birch Society out of Republican circles. He died and they ran back in.
He got over that, though. Ended friendship/alliance w/John Birch Society's Welch that year I think.
Catch Prof Darren Mulloy this weekend on talking about the John Birch Society:
John Birch Society believes Trump is Free Mason. They grant he's a little better than others, but not enough to wow us with his "courage".
Signals in "The Bluebook of the John Birch Society":. "See! See, we told you! See!". .
The Blue Book of the John Birch Society is listed on Amazon as *** and *** Literature.”
Far from being proven kooks & paranoiacs, history has shown that (John Birch Society) understimated communist influence in the US.
I was all dead set against the John Birch Society because they labeled the civil rights movement as (cont)
. Right-Wingers by another name. They used to be called the John Birch Society, now theyre "Libertarians"...
The vanilla version makes the darker version look like the president of the John Birch Society.
stonewall or told the truth ? If you know exactly what happened then fax Trey gowdy and his John birch society advisors .
I belong to John Birch Society. They have interesting article on their Web site .Might want to visit
Tea Party Patriots have been sold a fantasy; a fantasy created by the Koch Brothers and the John Birch Society.
Fred Koch,winger father of Charles,David was part of John Birch Society's attacks on JFK on Dallas visit,and calling Eisenhour a commie
FBI file on the John Birch Society, including propaganda. Fred was a charter member. https:/…
You have some funny stuff there. Do you work for SNL or maybe John Birch Society
yeah I agree. It's almost become the John Birch Society over there, politically. Too much Tea Party influence.
What, you couldn't get a poll from the John Birch Society?
BEWARE: Paid tools of Libertarian Koch bros (sons of John Birch Society co-founder Fred C. Koch) are setting the stage for another HUAC.
Joseph McCarthy and the John Birch Society launched an anti-Communist crusa...
Koch Brothers (father=founding member of John Birch Society) has systematically worked for takeover GOP by Tea Party
I'd always wondered how what amounted to a modern day John Birch Society had essentially taken over the Republican party.
Proud to be blocked by the John Birch Society and Cowering fools!
For those who may not realize it, the Tea Party is a descendant of the John Birch Society.
So trump just got the John Birch Society vote. He's gonna repeal commoncore & make it local. LOL. Sounds great. How ya gonna do it, dolt.
Entirety of the GOP now speak of Obama the way the John Birch Society spoke of Eisenhower.
Yep. Trump's the result of decades of playing footsie with John Birch Society crackpots, Klansmen, bigots and imbeciles.
Drumpf is a product of the John Birch Society.
Of course there is a link to the John Birch Society.
George Romney was a Republican and Mitt is a Conservative. Ike vs John Birch Society.
Whistle Blower Karen Hudes has shown the existence of Gobalist Banking Elites, thus proving analysis of John Birch Society is correct.
Best source for who runs government is John Birch Society, fighting Global Corporate Elites for 60 years. How Robert Welsh figure it out?
How about the John Birch Society? It goes way back. They've never changed.
WOW! John Birch Society really made it known they didn't care about Unity or Peace! This is awesome!
As can be seen in the stories of Goldwater, Buckley, and the John Birch Society, conservatism is a reaction to the civil rights movement.
Also too John Birch Society had a very large base in Howell. The "Get the US out of the UN" billboard was a staple
Trump decides to resurrect the John Birch Society.
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