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John Birch Society

The John Birch Society is an American political advocacy group that supports anti-communism, limited government, a Constitutional Republic and personal freedom.

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John Birch Society. Speech given in 1974! Eye opening and Scary!! :
I doubt many know who Kenesaw Mountain Landis was let alone the John Birch Society.
Read this !! Finally some truth is coming out abt Koch's connection to the John Birch Society !!!
From the John Birch Society: How many future police state implications can you count here?. “Transhumanism is a...
Remember people, children live what they learn.The Kochs are a perfect example as their daddy helped found the John Birch Society.
DISMANTLE KOCH'S JOHN BIRCH SOCIETY. Here's my stance from now on. I will NOT sign anymore petitions;...
The John Birch Society had a booth at last summer’s Flathead Cty Fair, various businesses supported with signs.
how did you not know the Kochs founded John Birch society? OMG look it up this afternoon!
Koch. As in Koch Industries. As in their dad founded the John Birch Society.
the Secret Masters of Fandom attack to destroy the John Birch Society.
John Birch society arose from cognitive dissonance about Great Depression capitalism failure.
still disgusted that the mainstream discourse in my country has become hallucinogenic John birch society, and g.beck exists
. One Koch brother co-founded The John Birch Society. The goals of those match the cons that took over GOP. f…
He actually didn't found the John Birch Society. Robert Welch did. And it is unsurprising that he became a radical
Some insight into the who's father founded the John Birch Society. Do you even know who you are supporting?
Read obit of McCarthy target Dr. Irving Peress. Then Dylan on John Birch Society.
My name is Fred. In 1958 I helped found the John Birch Society. We are
Despite familial ties to the John Birch Society and Joe Stalin, the Koch Brothers are small time, too.
The WORST coverage of fracking I have ever seen . John Birch Society.
I worked in Limbaugh's house in Palm Beach. He's pretty much an *** Koch is John Birch society. Beck???
William F. Buckley hated the Birchers. Now, it's hard to tell the difference between Republicans and the John Birch Society.
Left-wing, right-wing, chicken-wing. Doesn't matter. They all end up sounding like the John Birch Society in the end.
The Tea Party is nothing new. Just a re-branding of the John Birch Society.
Koch Brothers are John Birch society and the difference between them and the KKK are...?
Dear me,I do believe he is speaking of his very self, John Birch Society
Tea Party worships at the feet of Ayn Rand, John Birch Society.
Koch's..John Birch Society. Can't escape their influence in any Gov't whether it's Canada or the USA/Mexico.
This is rehash of the 'food stamps keep ppl down' argument. Right out of John Birch Society.
Sorry, this right here is why I stopped taking gamergate seriously. You sound like the John Birch Society.
Is there any difference between The Tea Party and the John Birch Society? read "Wrapped In the Flag" by Claire Conner.
Er, fanatics? Did the John Birch Society have a resurgence when I wasn't looking?
The Tea Party is brought to you by the John Birch Society !
Freddy did help found the John Birch Society. Hardly libertarians. Fascists always parad…
On the bright side, his exit from SD spared him from having to coach the San Diego chapter of the John Birch Society.
Just as they are doing right now with Koch Brothers and SCROTUS. Remember it was Fred Koch who gave us John Birch Society.
Fred Koch was a co-founder of the extreme right-wing and racist John Birch Society . . . and father of the notorious Koch Brothers.
The strategy of the Koch Bros who rule the Republican-Tea Party is a re-run of the Koch supported John Birch Society of. Whi…
This is from a post I read awhile ago... I agree with it! "I recommend the reading of Sons Of Wichita by Daniel Schulman. Many people are unaware of the long and sordid trail the Koch family has taken in their eventual goal of ruling the USA. We are so close to living in an oligarchy and most people have no knowledge. The patriarch of the Koch family, Fred Koch was one of the founding fathers of the John Birch Society. The group that came to epitomize the powerful prejudicial opponents to the Civil Rights campaign of the 1960's. Oddly similar to the attempts made currently to disallow poor minority citizens their constitutional right to vote, most prevalent in Georgia and Texas. In addition, the Koch Brothers are THE founders of Tea Party. Yes, the majority of the members of the Tea Party have no idea just who they are in bed with. The majority of the Tea Party constituents have no idea that the 'big picture' includes putting a stop to the Affordable Care Act, Unemployment Benefits, Social Security and .. ...
Uuumm... Those folks are deeply biased for profit. It's run by the John Birch Society & Koch Bros & want to kill public ed.
Oh man they've even got a John Birch Society reference. It's like MoJo Bingo
The Making of the Kochtopus: . The John Birch Society likes to point out that its members were tea pa...
John Birch Society vision now DEFINES the . Yes WE Can. h/t
“The John Birch Society, or moderate republicans today"
Copy that; Extremists - soaked in John Birch Society ideology - they are *** bent to remake this country in their image.
Did the CIA recruit Alex Jones through the John Birch Society?
Read this before you vote for the good old boy$ network, and before you believe anything the right wing says.
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A vote for repubs is a vote for The John Birch Society aka
ndeed. Exposure over Time converted Father from John Birch Society to for President Barack Hussein Obama
WHY SO MUCH HATE FOR THE Koch Brothers? Good question, easy answer. When someone says that they support the...
The Koch Brothers' JBS connection - not an unbiased source but you can verify the facts independently
The Koch Brothers, Ron and Rand Paul, and the John Birch Society -
Should not be a surprise. Daddy Koch was a founder of the John Birch Society. Same product, different package.
Tea Party is the latest iteration of John Birch Society. Don't let these extremists destroy our country!
The (R) party is being run by fascists with ties to the John Birch Society, they include the KKK, skin heads, religious Taliban. Enemies.
The John Birch Society and Tea Party Patriots: Inside the Ohio “We the People Convention” via
The ARE the John Birch Society, and they've used their billions to buy the T…
The present Republican party is what once was the John Birch Society. Democrats now Republican. Middle class, p…
Joni not only GOP candidate aligned w John Birch Society: How the media helped normalize GOP crazy
The Real Life Haunting of David and Charles Koch and their American Courage and Commitment to a Free Society This information is from a variety of sources. I’m not a writer, but a reader. Just trying to bundle all the stories of the Koch family into one place. You may think the Kochs have just recently been buying politicians, but you would be wrong. They have been doing it for decades and now it may be paying off. Information is from The Progressive , Rolling Stones, The Nation, the New Yorker, and Wikipedia. -1925 Fred Koch and a former Universal Oil Products engineer designed a near carbon copy of the Universal cracking apparatus- used in refining oil into gasoline 1929- Universal sued Koch of stealing intellectual property (patent infringement) 1929-1931 Fred Koch started doing business in Stalin’s Soviet Union and built 15 cracking units for the Soviets 1958- John Birch Society was formed with Robert Welch(“This octopus is so large that its tentacles now reach into all the legislative halls, a ...
Look for new article at FitzInfo later today discussing Alex Jones' possible recruitment to the CIA through the John Birch Society
New Docs Expose Charles Koch's Ties to John Birch Society and obama and bill ayers
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"Ladies and gentlemen, the President of the John Birch Society..."
Mike Huckabee: Making the John Birch Society look like leftists since 1996
Remeber the days when Cleon Skousen was too radical for the John Birch Society, but Glenn Beck tried to resurrect...
Remember the days when we used to call Tea Partiers the John Birch Society? Isn't it funny they never stopped...
if you ever read AL's magazine, it looks they think the John Birch Society is too liberal.
Sad, yet, somewhat amusing... She is considered one of the Brains of the Like the John Birch Society,...
The Koch's father helped found the John Birch Society...they work from inside...
And the New York Times announces its surprising merger with the John Birch Society.
Fred Koch was at John Birch Society founding. Charles Koch became member as young man. ht…
The evil John Birch Society history is told by Claire Conner in her autobiographical "Wrapped In the Flag." Get...
don’t laugh, but OC is John Birch Society stronghold. Huge one. San Diego has navy base…mix of cons and libs.
Finally got to Tim Dickinson's brilliant RS piece on the Koch Brothers: They are the John Birch Society's long game.
In the 60's Fred promoted the John Birch Society which did not want minorities to be allowed vote.
"The colored man looms large in the Communist plan to take over America." Fred Koch, 1960, founder, John Birch Society. A family tradition.
Fred Koch was one of the Founders of the John Birch Society. Read Claire Conner's books, blogs& youtube videos on this.
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The Theory of Evolution, Part II: The World's Oldest Song Recently I was having a discussion about my spiritual life here in Cincinnati with my mother - an *extremely* well-educated woman who grew up Catholic in NYC and converted to Judaism before marrying my father. My mother is far better educated on Jewish culture (and culture in general) than most mainstream Jews and I tend to perceive those who blather about matrilineal descent (in spite of mDNA demonstrating pretty unambiguously that there is no Jew alive today who can claim full matrilineal descent to Abrahamic times) with the same contempt I regard all species of provincials. I actually never had a bar mitzvah. I became a deist at age eight and an atheist at age ten. (I was precocious.) This troubled my parents quite a bit, and they took me to see our Persian Jewish rabbi. My brother, who did have a bar mitzvah after which was served kosher cheese and sushi (one degree removed from unicorn meat), would later find himself at odds with the rabbi's u ...
Charles Koch member of John Birch Society at height of their attacks on civil rights movement civil rights leaders like Martin Luther King!
I liked a video from Rachel Maddow Exposes RACIST John Birch Society
The goal of Dominionist Christianity is religiously justified oligarchy. A project begun by the John Birch Society.
Rachel skewers the John Birch society with facts! What a novel approach.
Clare Connor's 2013 "Wrapped in the Flag" is a great expose of John Birch Society and connection to TPty.
If you like the John Birch Society, racism, fascism, pollution and oligarchy, then you like the Koch Bros.
"Ppl ... read Ayn Rand 2better understand the selfish & greedy nature of Rs". ~And, research the John Birch Society.
"I'm a Faithful Follower of the Brother John Birch Society, you can call home and ask my WIFE"
AGREED- To move forward we need to fight-- thanks to groups run by the Kochs like the John Birch Society and others.
"Less government, more responsibility, and -- with God's help -- a better world." John Birch Society at:
Koch s took the John Birch Society and wove it into the GOP.Dangerous to our Democracy
The John Birch Society It has been described as radical right and dim Koches rite n thar. U no, make em work hard 4 what they git & pay nutn
Especially sense all the disease metaphors are eerily similar to how the John Birch Society...
You can draw a straight line from the KKK and the John Birch Society to the Tea Party and their backers such as the Kochsucking brothers
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consists of radical formerly known as KKK and the John Birch Society. Fear rules empty hearts
I'd be interested in your take on Wrapped In The Flag by John Birch Society from an insider's perspective.
Republicans in 50s rejected RW extremism of Fred Koch and John Birch Society. Now, they desperately contort everything to fit this model.
Reading "Wrapped in the Flag" by Claire Conner. Excellent first hand account of the John Birch Society/Koch Brothers rise to power.
is the voice of White Supremacy--the Klan and John Birch Society of the electronic age. Nothing in this society is more base.
John Birch Society? Shame on you for pandering to hillbillies. The America he talks about is long gone. Thank goodness
The Koch boys heard their daddy talk about founding the John Birch Society and trying to destroy SS and paying 50 cents a day wages
What I'm getting at is that these guys are our John Birch Society and we must learn to appreciate them as such
As late as 1999 the John Birch Society had a billboard on Gopher Canyon Road exit of I-15 (Lawrence Welk Village) in Escondido, CA.
The World of the John Birch Society: Conspiracy, Conservatism, and the Cold War
John Birch Society has a video that helps to make sense of the goal of these ideologues.
Nazis, The John Birch society, The Tea Party, Koch Bros., & the Tea Party have a lot in common.
BarbWire: Miss America Winner Contributes To Violence, Destruction of The Country - See more at:…
Question: Did Koch's founder help organize the John Birch Society in order to learn...
Kinda funny that is putting out commercials with lots of minorities in them when they are members of the John Birch Society.
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Let's look at Harvards links to the John Birch Society & Bilderberg Group and you can see why he fits!!!
Never forget this state is the home of the John Birch Society.
MT Father Koch, was a John Birch Society founder, and the Koch Bros financed the Tea Party
The Koch Bros, today's Tea Party, the John Birch Society (all one and the same). What do they want? Well...
Koch Bros w/ roots in Nazism and the John Birch Society threaten the very foundation of US government.
AKA Koch Bros Tea Party; Koch Bros' Dad was one of the founders of the John Birch Society and good friend of Ezra T…
"Wrapped in the Flag"-The John Birch Society, The Koch Bros and the rise of new RW politics. - Democratic Underground htt…
How the Koch Bros. and Libitarian, John Birch Society, are taking Universities Professors over:
The new American Apartheid movement funded by the Koch Bros. and their newly revived John Birch Society. htt…
Meet the man who's been carrying their water:.
In 1958, my father joined the John Birch Society and became a national leader. Our home turned into Ground Zero... http…
The Tea Party folks get very upset when confronted with the links between their group & John Birch Society, KKK and the militia movement.
According to Forbes, the existence of neo-Nazis and the John Birch Society make Hitler and Robert Welch "great".
The Kochs, their T-Party puppets and libertarians are the modern incarnation of the John Birch Society. Same ilk
1945: China - John Birch was killed by Chinese communists days after the surrender of Japan, for no apparent reason. [John Birch Society]
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David Knight welcomes author and CEO of the John Birch Society, Art Thompson to The Alex Jones Show.
Wednesday, 21 August 1974 was 40 years ago today. What was up? Greek Cypriots, rioting in protest that the U.S. had not done more to defend them against the Turkish invasion, broke into the U.S. embassy in Nicosia on Monday and shot dead a marine guard, a secretary, and U.S. ambassador Rodger Davies. Davies, who was widowed last year, leaves behind two children aged 20 and 15. U.S. District Court Judge John J. Sirica rejected motions to delay the Watergate cover-up trial and said it will proceed on September 9th as scheduled. Richard Nixon has already been subpoenaed to appear to testify in the trial of six of his associates, including aides H. R. “Bob” Haldeman and John D. Ehrlichman. President and Mrs. Ford have finally moved into the White House. Aviation pioneer Charles Lindbergh, who made the first solo flight across the Atlantic, was released from the hospital after a three-week stay for an undisclosed ailment. In a move supported by most Utahns but vociferously opposed by the John Birch Society ...
STOP FREE TRADE AGENDA is a project of The John Birch Society with the purpose of preserving our personal freedoms:.
Interview with Arthur Thompson, CEO of the John Birch Society - August 20, 2014:.
JoHN F. McMaNuS, THe JeSuiTS & THe JoHN BiRCH SoCieTY On Alex Jones’ Infowars website there is an article where he is saying that - as close to outright as possible - he’s a JBSer: John Birch S...
Excellent essay on the John Birch society, courtesy of
This 1961 article from on the John Birch Society is well worth reading. Now free to access:
I liked a video Democracy vs Republic - Simple Explanation by Video of John Birch Society
The only reason that caller was declaring as an independent is because they didn't have a John Birch Society line.
And there he is -the future President .of THE JOHN BIRCH SOCIETY. that is.
Jim Jones was mates with the leader of the John Birch Society. Who knew?
The TP "no comment" actually makes one point abundantly clear: TP is simply John Birch Society/KKK rebranded.
Folk music on John Birch Society, mentioned in DJ Mulloy's excellent new JBS book - Chad Mitchell Trio, 1962:
The actual political platforms of the John Birch Society, the Koch Brothers, and the Tea Party.
. This is straight out of the John Birch Society's guide book. How to suppress civil rights.
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.Here is when Fascists like John Birch Society got rid of MLK & RFK.
Libertarianism is right wing phenomena, invented by Koch's and/or John Birch Society?. Got bored w this article???
MO is where the Minute Men started and it has an active KKK. It is home to neo-Nazi groups,and the John. Birch Society.
I sure do. Militia member, Turner Diaries reader and most likely, John Birch Society.
I inherited my grandfather's copy of this: (Welch was co-founder of the John Birch Society)
Just a Quick Note While You are Reading Moyers rewind on the 1971 Powell memo. John Birch Society was founded by busin…
it's the same John Birch Society folks running the nonprofit security consortium using DOD federal 1033 $ militarizing police.
That article is a complete farce, reeking of the deplorable John Birch Society's codswallop. Anyone reading the book knows it
don't count on it. They are the same as the John Birch Society and all other con groups: racists.
"Years ago, this mistaken view was amplified from the far right by the John Birch Society."
Koch Industries and their John Birch Society ideology are out to destroy Democracy. WE MUST BOYCOTT!
Koch Industries touts they were born in the heart of America. They don't tell their ideology is JOHN BIRCH SOCIETY! GOOGLE learn how sick!
. John Birch Society/Mormon "Curse of Cain" Doctrine; orders from the EVIL Koch Brothers and Mitt Romney!!!
*** even the john birch society has abandoned THAT crap…
Oh thats right that was the John Birch Society.
Unlimited Calling US/Canada phone service
Some history about the John Birch Society -
The Koch Brothers and the John Birch Society: Wrecking America One (tax free) Think Tank at a Time via
Might be speaking about the John Birch Society?
..and their dad Fred,who was business partners with Josef Stalin,started The John Birch Society.Nice folks(NOT)
While looking up conspiracy stuff yesterday I came across this Bob Dylan song about the John Birch Society. It's...
Hey brah! The John Birch Society is calling. They want their rhetoric back. .
What was/is John Birch Society. Why are Kochs destroying unions?. Why did they start Cato Institute. $400+ MILLION in 2012. Why?
Tea Party movement can be viewed as the reincarnation of the John Birch Society, filling the same paranoid political space.
The return of the John Birch Society, the rise of the Tea Party, the insane racism that's all over the right wing blogosphere...
The John Birch Society's overview of America explained the spectrum pretty much like that.
John Birch society was discredited for its extremism and anit-american rhetoric in the '60s resurfaced as TPARTY.
Not to mention their family ties to the John Birch Society and the Cato Institute. Bernie Sanders
.FYI: Ron Paul is a John Birch Society white supremacist, corporatist, Tea Party wingnut:
You thought the John Birch Society was a past thing? Think again.
.I hear the John Birch society is always recruiting.
Check out the Myth vs Facts page on the John Birch Society site. "We never said Ike was Red but he was totally Red."
Helpful are a few high points of the John Birch Society and the Koch Brothers War on the Planet Earth.
Fred's son, David Koch similarly helped to found the Tea Party with a parallel agenda to the John Birch Society
The John Birch Society still exists. I'll be busy for the rest of the night.
In 1958, history is not confused that Fred Koch helped to found the John Birch Society.
true and he was a John Bircher which evolved to Birch John - the society for the preservation of wooden toilet seats.
The nice people at the John Birch Society were just looking out for you, but would you listen? No!
Koch-Kandidate Ted Cruz is a Dominionist & a member of the John Birch Society. Points on his theology may be helpful. htt…
Why using the word 'sodomy' is the new being a member of the John Birch Society
I always suspected the John Birch Society thing was Fred Koch over-compensating for his work for the Soviets.
Charles Koch is a Past Member of the John Birch Society
it's all of them they all share the the same mentality of their rich masters or John Birch society
The Tea Party is really the John Birch Society so don't pretend you're not.
I attempting to reference Buckley and Goldwater coordinating their high low take down of the John Birch Society. Up to you now.
The John Birch Society was founded in 1958 by Robert Welch
The Birchers' agenda was to shrink government, except the military which should be massively powerful, eliminate...
I remember decades ago when the far right John Birch Society had billboards stating, GET THE US OUT OF THE UN.They were right.
Based on the rhetoric and agenda Tea Party is just the new John Birch Society.
It's saying he founded The John Birch Society in the 1950s.
Well I'm no expert on the subject matter but the period was after Germany. In the 1950s he founded the John Birch Society
G Ross More on the SOB that plagues us ... Founded, leader of Tea Party, son of John Birch Society Founder
Ah, so the govt has been a ravenous tax monster for the last 50+ years. We're going for a modified John Birch Society thing
Eesh. My spam inbox at work has always been weird and wild, but now I'm getting letters from the John Birch Society. 8(
You kidding? I think every Bama loss is the result of a conspiracy between the Liberal Media, NCAA, & John Birch Society.
. John Birch Society was right in the sixties. .
don't you have a Tea Party or a meeting of the John Birch Society to get to?
This is not the Republican Party. This is the John Birch Socie…
Area John Birch Society chapter showing documentary on July 22 at Willou ..LakeCountyNews ClevelandNews
The Tea Party is the John Birch Society. There is 0 chance that JFK was a Bircher.
The 2012 GOP is the naked Emperor, but covered with tattoos reading "John Birch Society," "Koch Industries," and "I heart Bull Connor." The "subjects" are the media, which thinks the GOP is clothed ...
KKK and the John Birch. Society, now armed with unlimited funding and media influence.
Right. They as following the playbook of The John Birch Society and Paul Weyrich who advocate for suppressing voters.
You are working with people who stand w/ the John Birch Society, you expect me to be cool with that? After all you have said?
Tony Perkins of the Family Research Council Claims if you say Jesus Enough Times in a sentence, people will forget…
Charles Koch is a rank & file member of the John Birch Society. H and held a e has held a "lifetime membership". He's his father's heir.
spent that amount the creators of John Birch society the economic creators of
Koch Brothers father was one of the founders of The John Birch Society, a miid-west version of the KKK
Are we sure the John Birch Society didn't create Ayn Rand? These Koch Brothers maneuvers are quite devious and sinister.
Exactly. And why does of all people wants to march with a John Birch Society connected group? Ridiculous.
Rand Paul gets his marching orders from the John Birch Society. IMHO. Never trust him.
Koch family John Birch Society founding is skeleton …
So, are you aware of this man's connection to the John Birch Society?
Doesn't Anyone Remember the John Birch Society? And the GOP Wonders where their racist problem is.
Koch family John Birch Society founding is skeleton enough.
Charles Koch, Modern Robber Baron, Exposed |For those of u who know nothing about the John Birch Society, look it up!
'The Most Important Addition to the Theory of Government' - The John Birch Society
Having fewer people works, see 3rd letter in Economist 21 June from Sir Adrian Scott. Of course he's right.
"The John Birch Society cofounder Fred issued Wanted Poster for father like sons,Aholes
. You mean single-parent? I think the John Birch Society was right. Flouridated water.
not really. Look at the John Birch Society platform from Dallas in 1963. And then listen to TeaBaggers today
.Don't know if you saw this, but the Birchers are on to your little scheme.
Libertarians do come in different brands. These days they are radical compared to John Birch. They hate society..
You know what this "it" u up against is? Suspect the ole John Birch Society.They luv to work their magic in "civic organizations".
The teaparty been around since the John Birch Society. The average age is 60
Its foundation is in the discredited JOHN BIRCH SOCIETY which preaches extreme libertarianism.
And Grover Norquist has been carrying water for them since Reagan:. and
The Kochs- from the John birch society to the fake grass roots AFP to massive buying of politicians...
I wish the John Birch Society was still strongly anti-Communist, if so I'd be joining ASAP.
Nat'l Committee has deep connections to & John Birch Society …
Proof that the Tea Party and libertarian parties are the john birch society. .
The Neo John Birch society and the Klan have resurfaced compliments of the conservative wing of the Supremes.
the John. Birch society dream realized.
Interesting. May require further research. I thought the John Birch Society was iummersed in Fundamentalist Christianity?
the truth about the John Birch Society
The worst is the discredited JOHN BIRCH SOCIETY with a 50 state presence it does present danger to democracy.
Marc, aside from John Birch Society's opposition to certain parts of Civil Rights Act, with what else are you in disagreement?
"National Right to Work's Deep Connections to the Koch Brothers and the John Birch Society" NRWC a front group.
We have an awesome show leading to Independence Day! . Join Dan and, President of the John Birch Society, John...
How the brothers, & John Birch Society were behind the case:
Hate groups R not new: Ku Klux Klan started in the 30′s, John Birch Society in 1958 by Robert Welch & Fred C. Koch, skinhe…
Claire Conner - radical RW world of 60s when conspiracy ruled & John Birch Society Wrapped in Flag:
Again, your definition of "Progressive" is "Anyone left-of the John Birch Society or anyone I just don't like." So, yeah.
Eric, Talk Host Andy Dean's RHETORIC is straight out of The John Birch Society, of (cont)
That was way back when even the RW of the GOP knew the John Birch Society (Koch-heads) were just plain NUTS.
is populated with the exact same type of low life that joined John Birch Society & KKK
if you happen to be a John Birch Society member emeritus, that statement is true.
Because progressivism, in the rhetoric of your group, is a catch-all term for anyone left of the John Birch society
part of the addiction John Birch society government we have allowed to evolve.
GOP needs to do an old "John Birch Society" on the people behind the McDaniel hullabaloo.
Great news guys!! According to John Birch Society, Soros is backing Wolf-Pac. We have it made now!! ;).
John Birch Society warns that Cenk Uygur is plotting to rewrite the Constitution with George Soros' help
John Birch Society warns Cenk Uygur plotting to rewrite the Constitution Still lunatics after all these years
John Birch Society warns gun enthusiasts that Cenk Uygur plotting to rewrite the Constitution Oz House News
He admits to supporting Bush and the Iraq war. He still supports far-right groups like the Oath Keepers, John Birch Society
A world-wide "conspiracy" is the "John Birch Society" and Fred Koch. Dates from Senator McCarthy days. Koch Brothers leading propagandists.
Congressman Thomas Massie was the only representative who received 100% rating by John Birch Society, by the way. I call him the red headed stepchild of the liberty movement because no one seems to know who he is.--Rosie Haas
The first real expose of this agenda was by Robert Welch who established the John Birch Society
Red herrings and false equivalency. If knives are really as bad as guns, Mr. 2nd amendment, you will happily trade your guns in for knives and give up your guns, right? No? Then shut up and stop lying. Now, Ms. Smoker's rights, sugar and fat kill more people than smoking, you say? Well, how about you back that up by permanently trading those cigarettes for candy bars, which at least don't harm the people around you? No? Well, then, shut up and stay away from other people, you lying sack of slime. And finally, those who say all politicians are the same, fine, so you want the Klan to burn down the ghetto and kill large numbers of people? No? Then why have you allowed, through inaction, to let people funded by the John Birch Society take over Congress? And when, in the past 75 years, have the Democrats done anything even remotely as traitorous?
- At a John Birch Society council dinner speech on March 9, 1974, society founder Robert Welch laid out what he called the "Insiders" lon...
From 'Travels with Charley', by John Steinbeck, 1962. The next passage in my journey is a love affair. I am in love with Montana. For other states I have admiration, respect, recognition, even some affection, but with Montana it is love, and it's difficult to analyze love when you're in it . It seems to me that Montana is a great splash of grandeur. The scale is huge but not overpowering. The land is rich with grass and color, and the mountains are the kind I would create if mountains were ever put on my agenda. Montana seems to me to be what a small boy would think Texas is like from hearing Texans. Here for the first time I heard a definite regional accent unaffected by TV, a slow-paced warm speech. It seemed to me that the frantic bustle of America was not in Montana. Its people did not seem afraid of shadows in a John Birch Society sense. The calm of the mountains and the rolling grasslands had got into the inhabitants . Again my attitude may be informed by love, but it seemed to me that the towns wer ...
reverse engineer a TP victory and you will find the father of the John Birch Society - Charles and David Koch's Dad.
  Emmanuel Hall   I have witnessed and been indirectly touched by deep seeded racism, but nothing so harsh and revealing as what is happening today. This shameful 21 century Republican party has mislead and just flat out lied to a particular group of Americans who they know already harbor a head and heart full of unsubstantiated hate for anyone who does not look like them or believed as they do, especially about guns and religion.   So, these Republican political demagogues fuel the flames of that misguided group's bigotry with a barrage of 24/7 right wing media misinformation solely for their votes and financial support. These evil Republican demons are well aware that they do not have to deliver a single grain of sand to their hate filled constituents, just deceitfulness about standing up for the constitution and lies about President Obama, his programs and Democrats would be sufficient enough to quince the political hunger of their followers.   Now, the Republican know, as do we all, that if the Pr ...
When you build a political platform on less government, less taxes and less intrustion you are not living realistically in the 21st Century. Wars cost money and we have to pay for active military and medical needs to wounded. Oh you don't want to do that after all it is an "entitlement". Social security and Medicare were paid for by employees. Oh you believe that is an entitlement. Prisons are not free. We have staff to pay. Oh, minimal wage jobs in some of the darkest places of America. Roads are not free. Oh, yea, covered wagons work better on gravel roads. Fire department, police services, EMS, ah yes, we no not need them either. Nobody loses their home to fires!! EMS is not required. Have the good sense to die. Religion should interfere with laws and government. Remember you are NOT the only religious person in the scope of things. Your religion is why we have the First Amendment but the other religion is going to use your arguments to destroy you from the inside out. Taxes are part of a gov ...
GET THE U.S. OUT OF THE U.N. AND THE U.N. OUT OF THE U.S.! The John Birch Society use to have billboards up all over the country in the 60's with this message. Barry Goldwater was the 1st Presidential candidate I voted for. His famous quote: "Extremism in the defense of Liberty is no vice!" has always been one of my favorites.
that's the only agenda you think. I think not that's the smoke screen. John Birch Society real agenda
I know the Tea Party is just the latest rebranding of the John Birch Society down to every detail in their policy
Another. . . Ojai Democrats homework assignment below for a lively discussion with Ventura County Democratic Chair DAVID ATKINS when: Monday June 23, 2014 where: Ojai Art Center time: 7 to 9 PM As active participants and students of government WHAT IS YOUR PERSONAL POLITICAL PHILOSOPHY? Background article for discussion by David Atkins Solon. Com Publication for Wednesday June 11, 2014 Cantor’s demise brings huge lesson: Here’s why the Tea Party is so coddled by David Atkins, Chair Ventura County Democratic Party GOP pays attention to its base because it votes in primaries. Democratic base doesn't -- and is ignored It’s hard not to feel some schadenfreude at the defeat of Eric Cantor in last night’s primary election. The Republican House majority leader outspent his Tea Party opponent Dave Brat by a 25-1 margin, and was widely expected to sail on to a fairly easy victory. Cantor was on track to become the next speaker of the House, despite consistently taking stances aggressively hostile to com .. ...
I finished Walter Isaacson's bio of Albert Einstein and was impressed with actions as a citizen during the early years of the Cold War and McCarthy witch hunts. "By then Einstein had finally discovered what was fundamental about America: it can be swept by waves of what may seem, to outsiders, to be dangerous political passions but are, instead, passing sentiments that are absorbed by its democracy and righted by its constitutional gyroscope." Our society has had its share of extremists in the last century, from the Liberty League during FDR's presidency to the John Birch Society to the billionaire's Tea Party, as well as some organizations of the left. It seems that as we approach the cliff, going from conservatism to fascism, the sheeple wake up and the congress and presidency change hands (2006 and 2008). Then apathy sets in (2010) and a tyranny of the minority emerges due to politricks (such as gerrymandering) and exploiting flaws in the Senate's rules (filibustering everything and single senators pla ...
Koch Brothers founded and funded with John Birch Society Money Gonna read now
True that, Koch Bros. father was a founding member of John Birch Society.
Thanks to Jamie Saunders for posting this photo. These figures are not from a "liberal media" source, but are from the Cato Institute, a HARD RIGHT WING "Think tank." It's refreshing to see that at least some republicans (the small percentage who aren't drinking the Koch Brothers' John Birch Society AKA "TeaParty" Kool Aid. I guess the Kochs forgot to buy the Cato Institute in 2010 when they were busy buying elective offices all across the country.
American-Statesman Staff Last weekend, the Texas Republican State Convention in Fort Worth ratified a platform that called for reducing spending on education, repealing the minimum wage, repudiating the United Nations, “repairing” homosexuals and rescinding the softer line on immigration that the party had adopted, to much notice, only two years before. It is a document by turns Tea Party and Christian conservative with a dash of vintage (1950s) John Birch Society.
The Southern Poverty Law Center uses its extremism report as a way to raise funds, says Bill Hahn, a spokesman for the John Birch Society, a conservative, anti-communist group based in Appleton, Wis, that advocates limited government. The group is on the center's list o...
My own dad, Edward Charles Hannay, would have been 87 years old on this Father's Day. Born in April 1927, he was the son of a self-educated country preacher in the Adirondack-Vermont region; his mother was a homemaker. Every few years, his family relocated to yet another small town, and he graduated from Schoharie High School in 1945. He had a younger brother, Roger, who became a modernist composer and taught at UNC Chapel Hill. He next joined the Navy at the very end of World War II and spent most of his time stateside. Afterwards he attended Syracuse University where he met my mother in the Glee Club, where she was a soloist. After graduating, they married and he went off to seminary at Colgate-Rochester-Crozier Divinity School. After graduating from there, he was ordained in the Methodist Church and served a variety of parishes in western New York State (in Rochester, Rush, Attica, Medina, Victor, Middleport, Warsaw, and Niagara Falls.) He died in 1984 from prostrate cancer that was caught to la ...
You are in 'lock-step' with the John Birch Society, congratulations.
James Dobson is a farce I've heard. Member of John Birch Society? Friend of Kochs? You decide.
There are new interesting new video's on this page. John F. McManus, President of the John Birch Society is one of them. go there at this link. are recorded shows we've done for your learning benefit.
Top Mormon Church leaders, it's so-called "General Authorities", were all chosen specifically because they had already vowed revenge against and destruction of the US for the murder of Joseph Smith. They may have taken that part out of their Temple rituals for public propaganda purposes, but they still believe in and pursue it. Aligning themselves with the German Nazi sympathizing John Birch Society was just the next step in this long-term plan to undermine and sabotage the US government and society to make it susceptible to a Nazi-style takeover of the US -- which the Mormon Church would actively be a part of and help to shape. And the Republican Tea Party to which today's Mormon Church top leaders are aligned is just the next generation of Nazi sympathizing John Birchers, including the same ideology and agenda, as well as many of the same people. Mormon liberals, like those in Mormons Building Bridges, will never have any power in the Mormon Church because all their General Authorities -- who even Mormo ...
A Vernon Wayne Howell moment lurks for the (or some type of john birch society letter of achievement) Cc.
The next regular meeting of the Morrow County Tea Party is June 16, 7:00 p.m., at the Mount Gilead Library Annex, 34 E. High Street in the rear. Guest speakers will be Tom Rice, Field Coordinator for the John Birch Society; and from neighboring Crawford County, Louis Katona III, a 31 year veteran police officer and instructor at the Ohio Peace Officers Training Academy. Lou has been attached with the US State Department, US Secret Service, US Border Patrol, Federal Bomb Team and the Salt Lake City World Olympics Police Force. Lou is also a Firearms and Diving Instructor in the Military Reserves. Lou has trained hundreds of personnel in the use of high explosives, working with everything from Ditching Dynamite, PETN, Semtex, and others. He is also a bodyguard and personal security consultant, with clients such as Helen McGraw, multimillionaire with Ohio Locomotive Crane Corporation, two US Presidents, and several notables during the Olympic Games including Brooke Shields, Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger and ...
Morrow County TEA (Totally Engaged Americans) Party’s May 2014 Activity Report The May activities of the Morrow County Tea Party (a non-partisan organization) started with the study group meeting on May 6. The regular meeting of the Tea Party on May 19 opened with prayer and the Pledge of Allegiance. This night’s Constitutional question asked which amendment to the US Constitution changed the manner in which Congress lay direct taxes on individuals, in other words, which amendment authorized federal income tax. The answer is the sixteenth amendment. “The Congress shall have power to lay and collect taxes on incomes, from whatever source derived, without apportionment among the several States, and without regard to any census or enumeration.” Notice that the wording “direct taxes shall be apportioned among the several States which may be included within this Union, according to their respective Numbers”, as stated in Article 1, Section 2, paragraph 3 of the Constitution was explicitly removed . ...
It was true then. It is true today. Thanks to the John Birch Society for being 1st to expose UN
December 9, 1958 – The John Birch Society is founded by Robert Welch during
john birch society hates assanations? Seriously what are you smoking?
"Elizabeth Vernon I thought you would like to see this: The Tea Party State Convention (aka: the Republican Party) has concluded in Fort Worth and the platform is a list of some of the most retrogressive ideas ever to have been put together. I am not sure the John Birch Society could have dreamed this big. The list of items that were passed are listed below: 1. Full Repeal of the Voting Rights Act of 1965 2. Reparative Therapy to “cure” homosexuality 3. Climate Change is nothing more than a conspiracy 4. Abolish the Departments of Education and Homeland Security 5. Denying a women’s rights to self determination over there own bodies even in the case of rape and incest 6. Oppose any non-discrimination laws 7.Disbanding TSA 8. Defund Texas Schools and consider the Louisiana Charter School Model 9. Reject the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child 10. Withdrawal from the United Nations"
Answer by Marcia Peterson Buckie to What is/ was having a relative in the John Birch Society like?
Really? Buckley denounced the John Birch Society that the GOP now embrace. Research.
I liked a video 1958 Robert Welch founder of John Birch Society Prediction Americas Destruction from
Folk group Chad Mitchell Trio, after Chad was replaced by John Denver, sang their hit song "John Birch Society" in 1968. It's a topical satire. It was writte...
The John Birch society will ferret them out ! They uncovered Ike's commie connections.
oh good. We are saved. John birch society is back. Gag.
Often brought to you by your local Koch Machine and Grover Norquist:.
A fact about Ron Paul and the John Birch Society (they of the "desegregation is communism").
Ukraine and the Neocon Plan for a New World Order - The John Birch Society
The Network or “Fraternity,” also called “the Octopus,” controls all shipping ports and overland trucking with the Mafia’s Longshoremen and Teamsters. In control of organized crime, including white slavery and the drug trade, it makes billions annually, the CIA and Mafia working together. The Jesuits, being the great agitators of States, control the Press, the White Knights of the Ku Klux Klan, the anti-communist John Birch Society, and the Black Muslims composing the pro-communist Nation of Islam — all through the Egyptian Mystery Religion of Isis and Osiris culminating in high-level, occult Freemasonry composed of ninety degrees according to a former eighty-eighth degree Freemason, Michael J. McArthur.
the John Birch society has taken over the entire GOP...
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