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John B Wells

John B. Wells is a talk radio host. He was born and raised in Fort Worth, Texas. He received a Bachelor's degree in Fine Arts with emphasis on Theater from Texas Christian University.

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Daily News Segment - CTM With John B Wells good scriptures 4 today& guest
John B Wells had some good shows on Cern. I heard them bring up a couple times. Had only nice things to say.
Corey Goode on Caravan to Midnight with John B Wells via
I liked a video from Daily News Segment - CTM With John B Wells
Serco’s stranglehold on the US military - CTM – Field McConnell John B Wells and Caravan2Midnight via
I have seen you on John B Wells and Lionel Nation Have you contacted Sessions about the Charity fraud yet?
Join us in an hour. We welcome to The Cartel, John B Wells of Caravan to Midnight.
Join the Cartel tonight Live pm EST John B Wells is our guest. A must listen show.…
Tune in to The Cartel tomorrow pm EST as we welcome John B Wells. A must listen show!!…
"These mugs are so determined to hold onto power they would do just about anything.." -John B Wells
Read more about Dolly here: Subscribe to the John B Wells show on Caravan to Midnight today [ 80 more words ]...
I added a video to a playlist The Fall of The Republic w/ John B Wells on NYSR
I liked a video from Stranger Things- The History of MK Ultra w/ John B Wells (Caravan
go listen to my John B Wells interview that was done LESS THAN TWO WEEKS before this supposed huge break.
Just did a killer 2 hours with John B Wells for Caravan to Midnight. Look for that interview soon!
I’m a big fan of John B Wells, he is pretty awesome
Caravan to Midnight - The John B Wells program - for your daily dose of reality. We dive deep into how the...
is my dog... doesn't dress his wife in trump outfits! John B Wells loves the guy.
I wrote it off when they kicked out John B Wells. Even w/Jimmy hosting weekends I still don't bother.
I liked a video from Amazing interview between Mike Adams and John B Wells - Coast to
"The bureaucrats at the VA refuse to accept the fact that they were wrong” says Commander John B Wells.
I'll be on Caravan to Midnight today 12pm Central (7pm Spain) with John B. Wells. 9 million listeners, 147 countries
The Future of Midnight in the Desert (Updated) and Dark Matter Radio Network - Try 2 bring John B Wells to the DRMN
GREAT interview with John B Wells! Come back to Caravan to Midnight again soon!
Please keep MITD going with Heather, or George Knapp or John B Wells! I don't wanna unsubscribe
In France, there are more mosques than Christian churches. 46% of the population of Paris is Muslim. -John B. Wells
John B. Wells' Theory of Ultimate Collapse:. Everything has a beginning, middle and an END. Nothing goes on forever.
Another AWESOME radio broadcaster, Mr. JOHN B WELLS made this announcement today:. CARAVAN TO MIDNIGHT is...
John B. Wells is a good host but no one can match the passion of Dr. J
You know, there is a guy who's not quitting, John B Wells that where my money's going.
John B Wells Wins ... hes got my business , and many others now .. Id never listen to noory again.. ALF? maybe
Free Shipping with Free Returns - Baseball Rampage
There's Jimmy Church, John B. Wells, and Dave Hodges to listen to.
Coming Soon!. Caravan to Midnight Hosted by John B Wells with new shows Monday-Friday
Wells Fargo CEO says growth is in the cards — or lack of cards: Wells Fargo Chairman and CEO John Stumpf has b...
Joseph E. Meyer on Caravan to Midnight today Dec 9, 2015 to discuss the Economy and the Markets with John B. Wells.
I liked a video John B Wells Flat Earth video challenge
John B. Wells has posted last night's show Perhaps my most thorough Pearl Harbor interview; starts about 30 mins in.
I’ll be discussing Pearl Harbor extensively on John B. Wells show 11PM EST (subscriber show)
Turn on tune in & drop out saturday Mr. John B. Wells joins us LIVE 730 pm pst 1030pm est
More Coast to Coast AM programs with John B. Wells at the helm of the Mothership. At least two dates TBA for December …
Nugent. Great interview tonight with John B Wells on Caravan to Midnight thanks my earth partner..
Tomorrow is a super busy day, I start with Caravan to Midnight with John B Wells, that will play later in the day...
John B Wells on Fear of Jesus and much more
CTM is one of the only news sources I trust. Host John B Wells started it when premiere radio fired him after his interview with Dr. Miller.
Do the John B. Wells voice all night.
Patrick B Wells is the best employee I've ever had I don't know how we ever survived without him he doesn't know...
Anyone interested in an explanation of the nightmare that is JadeHelm should listen to this John B. Wells segment.
Books authored by David Paulides, programs such as Caravan to Midnight(John B Wells) really open your mind. Check it out.
Would you ever consider having John B. Wells do a weekend Midnight in the Desert? We miss the show on the weekends.
sorry I don't do C2C anymore..I used to listen to John B. Wells on Saturday nights..when Snoory let him go I said that's it !
John B Wells interview with Bruce Lipton - The Power of Belief via
Video: I have been following JOHN B WELLS for some time .. For those who don’t know who he is, he was once...
ELECTRIC/DIRECT - Don't miss Rob Kirby (last) episode - Caravan to Midnight with John B. Wells. - Out on Youtube soon if not a member.
Check out payment page, or contact John B. Wells. I would like to pay for a year by check.
John B. Wells doesn't want to be associated with infowars any longer. It's hard being the biggest guy in alt media .
WELL DONE JOHN B WELLS! Calling out the fear mongering ALEX JONES for being a liar...
I added a video to a playlist Paul Stamets and John B. Wells - Mushrooms & Environment
great show. Hope you visit John B. Wells soon.
✧ Jade Helm Decoded ✧ John B. Wells. If anyone is still listening to FOX or CNN, any network 'News' STOP IT right...
As discussed many many times on Coast to Coast AM, by Alex, John B. Wells and others...but not by the mainstream...
I miss as I'm SO SICK of & his Bigfoot CRAPOLA, as John B. Wells talks about REAL STUFF !
domain names
Found this photo in biography book about Ida B Wells.
Sound off emotional rant - courageous JOHN B. WELLS on why the NWO thinks the USA is dumb enuff to literally enslave
So while drawing I'm listening to a shuffle of George Noory, John B Wells and Night Vale. It's a guessing game to decide what's playing!
$19M Chevron Insider Buy Is Biggest in Years: John Stumpf, CEO and chairman of Wells Fargo, made the biggest b...
Way to go ! Having flashbacks to the John Deere last year! In the lead at the Wells Fargo currently!
▶ John B Wells on hosting Kokesh on Coast to Coast AM - YouTube
I just caught your 2014 show w John B Wells. Excellent work! Loved hearing bout your passion for writing!
EXCLUSIVE: John B Wells fired from Coast to Coast AM for hosting Kokesh via
New TV! In case you missed it, Rob was on John B. Wells' Caravan to Midnight in April talking Cinema Symbolism -...
John B. Wells and Patrick Wood on Caravan to Midnight outing Technocracy. Help make it viral! http:/…
I did a 90 minute block buster Show on Caravan to Midnight with Host John B.Wells today. It will be posted later this evening..
03/30/93: Chris Wells (with 2G in 8-5 SEA W vs KAM in game 3 of series. John Lilley GWG and 2A. KAM leads series 2-1.
Matt, please do a story on the new, 1-year-old, extremely successful Dallas radio show, Caravan to Midnight (John B. Wells).
I liked John B. Wells B4 they fired Him. But knapp will always be a better host than Boory.
I never heard him on C2C but I kinda liked John B Wells. His voice makes me wanna take a nappy.
Update your maps at Navteq
Brilliant convo w/Arnie Gundersen & John B Wells' Caravan to Midnight on energy education. Here's his site:
John B. Wells is a strong ally in the fight against climate engineering. On John's show "Caravan To Midnight", he...
Technocracy is the greatest threat of our time. Listen to John B. Wells and Patrick Wood and see. ht…
John B. Wells and Patrick Wood on is going viral, Find out why by listening for yourself!
happy b-day . Gary Payton says John Stockton was harder to guard than Michael Jordan: via
John B Wells has music on his Caravan to Midnight podcast. What's his model?
John B Wells has music on Caravan to Midnight. What's his model?
New post: "★John B. Wells/Caravan to Midnight ~ Fired for Being Popular and Truthful (interviews) ~ Listen to Thes…
I wanted to write and tell you how much I enjoyed your interview on John B Wells show the other night. Would love a one on one.
I only listen to alt. media now. LOTS of alt. media out there. John B.Wells, Alex Jones, etc. LOTS of options.
★John B. Wells Fired for Being Too Popular and Truthful Organized Crime in Govt (interview)
I will be appearing on Caravan to Midnight on February 12, 2015 with Host John B.Wells to discuss all of the various Markets.
Dave Hodges Interviews John B. Wells About the State of the World and the “OFF-WORLD…
will look at video right now listening to Dave Hodges with John B Wells
Check this page for updates on the Wolfgang Halbig FOIA court case. John B Wells will be recording the...
John B Wells used to be in our speakers in Dallas-Fort Worth, TX in the 80's and it was the BEST ROCK in Texas!
“John B Wells former week end host on late night radio Coast. pushed out by George Noory unfortunately
Great Caravan To Midnight interview on this by John B Wells.
MT Recent interview I did with John B. Wells, Fascinating two hour conversation.
Excited to be the guest on Caravan to Midnight, The John B. Wells Program! Taping Christmas Eve.
John B Wells had the best interview on Newtown just released.. see it if you can..
I miss Ian Punnett, John B Wells and Art Bell. Don't care about the other "hosts". You can take George Noory to the garbage.
there is a real good interview on youtube of John B Wells w/ John Scura where they discuss the book, check it out sometime.
I think it was a very big mistake to get rid of John B Wells.
The way C2C punked John B Wells and most of all Art is pathetic. Ugh.
My time has been set for: . 5:55 – 6:00: John B. Wells: Opens Evening Session/Announcements. 6:00 - 6:10: Jim...
O_o bring back Art Bell! & John B. Wells.. . It's just not the same. & Israel IS also a terrorist state. They never mention
Tune in Studio A with V the gorilla Economist and his Guest John B Wells where information never sleeps
This information was covered on Coast to Coast with John B Wells, November 02, 2013 concerning the missing...
TODAY: Pre-Halloween Oct 30th on John B Wells’ Show Caravan to Midnight-I will be the guest speaking on my new...
I get to be the Spooky Halloween guest for Caravan to Midnight with John B. Wells! We record tomorrow via video...
Caravan To Midnight: Come join John B. Wells and the Caravan to Midnight!Caravan t...
in honor of George Clooney I'm watching a Mimi Leder/John Wells movie "The Peacemaker". Not b/c Nicole is in it. ;)
. Hi David I was wondering if you going to do another interview with John B Wells @ Caravan to Midnight.
Flight 370, John B. Wells On "What REALLY Happened To The Missing Plane?...: via who are the beneficiaries?
Thumbs up to who I made sure to give a shout out and promo to on the John B Wells CTM show! JB wears em too!
A sincere thank you to John B Wells, Caravan To Midnight and staff for having me on. Fantastic Interview
It was really good talking to John B Wells today at the Got a lot of things out about 9/11 that have been plaguing me
Check out John B Wells out of Dallas. Get some answers about *** is going on.
After the guest poaching from Dark Matter by Coast To Coast AM/Noory, &then the firing of John B Wells, I really lost respect.
Blah Ian Punnet, and John B wells was the last good hosts
Sandy Hook Independent Investigators speak up on/w John B. Wells | Peace . Gold . LOVE
Subscribe to John B Wells CTM Youtube Channel. to enjoy and share FREE sample episodes and special public programming.
John B Wells...awesome show with Timothy to midnight rocks.
lol exposed. Wow. I heard that guy on john b wells program . Unbelievable. So who is that guy really?
Congrats to resident John McHugh - one of 18 talented Wells Scholars. Meet them all:
I really like John B Wells, but I refuse to pay a subscription fee. But that's just me.
The tides are changing at Saturday Night Live. Noël Wells, John Milhiser and Nasim Pedrad will not be returning...
Now reporting two more out at SNL: John Milhiser, Noel Wells. I called Milhiser most likely to be booted http:/…
Referring to our elected officials.."We could not do worse picking people at random." -John B.Wells How true is that!
thanks, John. Happy b-day to you! Our lunch a few years ago inspired me to propose!
Honestly without John B Wells on Saturday night is just another temporary radio gimmick. Listener since 2002.
I like facts and make up my own mind, John B. Wells on Caravan to Midnite leans more Right but GREAT INFO & he tries not to.
if We thought this week was great. Next Week will Be Epic. John B. Wells on fri. & Linda Moulton Howe on Wed.
Caravan to Midnight with John B. Wells & Interview with Robert Sullivan on Freemasonry. . .
Caravan To Midnight - Episode 93 Thomas Horn: Tom Horn interview on Caravan to Midnight with John B. Wells
A portion of Rob’s June 5th, 2014 appearance on John B. Wells’ Caravan To Midnight is now stationed on YouTube -...
He's been on Coast to Coast many times as well as on with John B Wells. He is one of the most credib
Had a powerful 2hr interview yesterday on Caravan to Midnight w/ John B Wells, who said "Mat Stein blows your mind!
article re: John B Wells is very interesting/insightful! C2c has gone so off the boil it's tepid now. I've given up. More 4 f2B!
Brian Sandoval you still want to let companies like Noble Energy John...
Today Rob is on John B. Wells' Caravan to Midnight. Check it out
May I recommend John B. Wells and his internet show Caravan to midnight. It's worth the time and the money...
should look into getting a man named John B. wells on he was a host for coast to coast AM think you would enjoy him
Don't forget to join Rob this Thursday when he joins John B. Wells' Caravan to Midnight!
John B. Wells: "Why does anybody need 70,000 nuclear weapons in their arsenal?". Steven Starr: "Why do we need one?".
Listening to the dulcet tones of John B Wells on Caravan to Midnight
I wasn't the biggest John B Wells fan, at first, but the guy had heart. I miss him more than I've missed other C2CAM emcees.
Join and John B. Wells as he welcomes Robert Tosh Plumlee on board for an epic conversation about Benghazi cover-up,
J.B. -- don't call me John -- Holmes completes inspiring comeback at Wells Fargo Championship:
George Snorry is a big uninteresting bore! John B. Wells was the only listenable host on that show!
Congratulations to John Bradley Holmes, winner of this year's Wells Fargo Championship. J.B. had a three stroke...
May 1 Guest: John B Wells : After the 50 min mark listen for sirens. John says "That's the new national anthem!"
Caravan to Midnight is a daily radio talk show and subscription video podcast like no other! Hosted by John B Wells.
Another win for 12-degree SLDR driver. John Senden at Valspar and J.B. Holmes at Wells Fargo.
Collectible Lifelike Baby Dolls, Porcelain Dolls a
Apologies for late upload of Episode 11.. John B Wells has blocked my channel (for no good reason) so it's making things twice as hard... It's ready but I'll have to find another way to upload tonight... Best wishes, all..
Ben Patrick Johnson voice-overs sure has that John B. Wells documentary authoritative tone.
With ALL DUE RESPECT to C2C, NO ONE COULD REPLACE- JOHN B. WELLS! But the *** they had on tonight is a worthy man!
Lefty gains ground, two back at Wells Fargo: J.B. Holmes had a 6-under 66 on Saturday for a one-shot lead over...
George just heard your last caller it was not you but John b Wells who said c2c was heading in a different direction.
John B Wells calls Michael Savage a genius today!
Booked: Join Rob in June as he will be a guest on John B. Wells' Caravan to Midnight! For more information visit:
I liked a video from Daniel Ott Interviews John B. Wells
I liked a video Secrets of Radiation Fallout Survival: John B Wells
Awesome voice of John B Wells, erstwhile host of Coast to Coast AM - uploaded via
love to hear you on John B wells --Caravan to Midnight. check it out. he is buddy with Info wars
You might do well on The John B Wells show Caravan to Midnight. check the show out
AMERICA IN DEEP TROUBLE Hear John B Wells talk about our dangerous situation. Click the audio link below .
"The Twin Towers did not fall, they turned into dust" - John B. Wells speaks to Dr Judy Wood about the...
Everyone should tune into a little with John B Wells tho...mind expanding featured in NBC s Science of Love
John B. Wells with Dr. Judy Woods on 9-11 takedown of the World Trade Center ~ (Audio).
John B Wells, Caravan to Midnight. and the Book of chapter 6
Word: Fukushima: Caravan to Midnight, the John B. Wells ProgramDr. Helen Caldicott: There seems to be no end i...
John B. Wells: Media Insider Speaks Out The world waits for Americans to wake up
John B. Wells fired for talking about Fukushima every chance he got. .
I mean what I say, have heard them all: YOU, Jim Harold, and John B Wells are the best Ive heard since Art, thank you :)
Fast forward to 56 minute mark. interview with John B Wells of Coast to Coast AM
Why is Coast to Coast blocking my comments on bringing back JOHN B WELLS
The controversy regarding the firing of John B. Wells because he was too popular and for telling too
My allies, john b wells, jim garrow, Art Bell, alex jones, joel skousen, steve picenik, peter schiff, gerald celente and steve quayle. Each of you guys is a major contributor to the world, thank you
Loved hearing John B Wells.We poor folks want to hear what he has to say too! Looking forward to hearing him more on you program
John B. Wells is coming to RBN networks. You didn't know about RBN? So much to learn padawans.
Coast to Coast drama w high ratings John Wells out, Noory still in.
Where has John B. Wells been the last two saturdays?
I don't know what the "real" story of why John B. Wells left Coast to Coast AM I heard rumors but rumors are like the wind.
Revolution Radio/ - Sean David Morton's interview with John B Wells in the week he was released from Coast to Coast am. John launches a new s...
Caravan to midnight john b wells episode 4
Caravan to midnight Episode 3-4 with John B Wells and Ty Bollinger/Rabbi Steven Ben-Denoon
I like how my local station still has their promos that have John B Wells voice saying "This is Coast To Coast AM"
This is why John B. Wells is my favorite radio host...Do not miss this!
Boycott Coast to Coast AM for firing John B Wells. Caravan to Midnight episode with guest Rabbi Steven...
I'm not paying to listen, I listen for free. I pay to keep him(John B Wells) talking to other people.
If you've ever given money to a street performer, why not give money to CTM host John B Wells? You can take a walk over to CTM anytime.
Nothing says tinfoil hat like the computer crashing as I google "bit torrent browser" while listening to john B Wells talking about it.
you best show ever Robin Falkov - this has been the best interview of John B John B. Wells i have heard to date...
Awesome! John B. Wells is up and running. You can subscribe to his radio show Caravan to Midnight or get it on...
John B. Wells, Powerful programs my friend. You are doing an amazing job. Much love from Canada.
John b wells would make for a fascinating interview on the podcast. Get that dude on.
SHAME ON YOU George Noory and the bigwigs at C2C, John B. Wells was a goddam saint! The show has lost complete focus...
Two voices that deserve the width of the am band, Art Bell and John B. Wells. Permission to come aboard? Eph…
Special Offers - FREE Gifts with Purchase
Oh, snap! This is the first I've heard of CTM show. Am signing up! Quit C2C awhile ago. Been …
I can't believe you let John B Wells go! He had great guests and was the best host!
Hey it looks like my joke about being fired for not talking about Bieber was true:
Welcome back. A new location with the same, but fabulous John B. Wells. Blessings to you.
We miss John B. Wells. I might have to make the switch to
Art Bell speaks out on the firing of John B Wells from Coast. Give us an update.
ASU’s Dept. of Communications will host its annual Ida B. Wells Lecture Series Thursday at 11 am at the John L. Buskey Building auditorium.
Re: John B. Wells Was Fired From Coast to Coast? I really like George Knapp though, I wish he was on Coast to Co...
I liked a video Caravan to Midnight with John B Wells
If anyone wants to know what happened to John B Wells who hosted Coast to Coast AM on Sat Nights the last couple...
Join our forum for discussion, information and live chat during C2C AM , Art Bell's Dark Matter, George Noory, John B Wells, paranormal, spiritual & conspiratorial discussions & media. Enter the realm of the unknown in the search for the truth!!
Ugh, George Noory canned John B Wells. Looks like I will discontinue my coast insider membership
get it right Indie it's John B Wells tonight not George Noory!
*** host John B Wells betrays veiled homophobia when a caller criticizes the NRA last night on Offensive
"When you have a nation in moral decline, the rest is soon to follow" - John B. Wells
Ha, John B Wells making fun of Yoko Ono for ruining The Beatles
John B. Wells - Coast to Coast AM Check It Out right now.
Open lines on Coast-to-Coast with John B. Wells now on Forks1490
John B Wells. I'm sure its tougher than it looks please study your guest.plan questions. Lackadaisical approach is no good
"I Remember when people were polite and kept their language under control" -John B. Wells
MOVIES: 2013 must-see list – ‘August: Osage County’: The film is also directed by John Wells, who is b...
Medical & Media Myths: Air Date: Sat, 30 Nov 2013 John B. Wells was joined by author and...
Myths of The Modern Media and Medical Mafia: Ty Bollinger joins John B. Wells for a discussion on monumental m...
John B. Wells, a host of "Coast To Coast AM," is among the worst hypocrites of talk radio. A real disgrace. Manipulating the gullible. Sad.
Lmao on coast to coast this lady who called in is so stoned and John B Wells is just kinda playing along
Yeah, John B. Wells rocks! That dude is spot on, but no one could ever replace the original pioneer of this field Art Bell.
the show is NOT the same since Art Bell stepped down in 2000. Noory is moron. John B Wells is ALL they have going for them.
Friends! The moment you have all been waiting for is almost here! Ty Bollinger and John B. Wells will be...
Open Lines: Air Date: Fri, 29 Nov 2013 Filling in for George, John B. Wells presided over an...
He will never be as great as George Noory, John B Wells, George Knapp, Whitley Streiber. Sick if him.
Ugh, George Noory’s PC style of hosting is ruining for me. I’m contemplating only listening to the John B Wells eps.
God, John B Wells, you're the greatest speaker since Jesus H Christ. You're the reincarnation of Art Bell.
I like to give a shout out to John B Wells, for having Professor Griff on Coast to Coast A.M
Automats Mr. Joseph Horn and Mr. Frank Hardart launched their restaurant empire in 1888 in a tiny 15 stool lunchroom in central Philadelphia with $1,000 borrowed from a family member and a recipe for coffee. The restaurant was successful and before long the Horn and Hardart Baking Company operated several lunchrooms throughout Philly. In 1900 Mr. Hardart traveled to Berlin and visited the Quisiana Company Automat, a "waiterless restaurant." He was soon convinced the automat represented the food service wave of the future. It was simple, efficient and sanitary. Mr. Hardart ordered automat machinery for his company. In 1902, the very first Horn & Hardart automat opened at 1818 Chestnut St, Philadelphia. In 1912 the first H & H opened in New York City, smack in the middle of Times Square. Automat technology was patented by inventor John Fritsche and assigned to Joseph Horn and Frank Hardart. [ USA patent September 26, 1916]. Several other patents were issued for coffee dispensing systems, automatic doors, et ...
Matthew 10:1-7 Jesus summoned his Twelve disciples and gave them authority over unclean spirits to drive them out and to cure every disease and every illness. The names of the Twelve Apostles are these: first, Simon called Peter, and his brother Andrew; James, the son of Zebedee, and his brother John; Philip and Bartholomew, Thomas and Matthew the tax collector; James, the son of Alphaeus, and Thaddeus; Simon the Cananean, and Judas Iscariot who betrayed Jesus. Jesus sent out these Twelve after instructing them thus, “Do not go into pagan territory or enter a Samaritan town. Go rather to the lost sheep of the house of Israel. As you go, make this proclamation: ‘The Kingdom of heaven is at hand.’” Meditation: Do you believe in the life-changing power of the gospel and experience its transforming effect in your life? The core of the gospel message is quite simple: the kingdom (or reign) of God is very near! What is the kingdom of God? It is that society of men and women who know God's love and mercy ...
"Themes of religion and spirituality appear in much of Clarke's writing. He said: "Any path to knowledge is a path to God—or Reality, whichever word one prefers to use." He described himself as "fascinated by the concept of God". J. B. S. Haldane, near the end of his life, suggested in a personal letter to Clarke that Clarke should receive a prize in theology for being one of the few people to write anything new on the subject, and went on to say that if Clarke's writings did not contain multiple contradictory theological views, he might have been a menace. When he entered the Royal Air Force, Clarke insisted that his dog tags be marked "pantheist" rather than the default, Church of England, and in a 1991 essay entitled "Credo", described himself as a logical positivist from the age of ten. In 2000, Clarke told the Sri Lankan newspaper, The Island, "I don't believe in God or an afterlife," and he identified himself as an atheist. He was honoured as a Humanist Laureate in the International Academy of Hum ...
The fifth DLC character will be announced at the EVO tournament this weekend.
A well-documented new book by Gregg Frazer --- “The Religious Beliefs of America’s Founders: Reason, Revelation and Revolution” --- documents what I have believed for some time about our Founding Fathers. And that is that by the time of  our official founding (late 18th century) our country had become seriously DE-Christianized from the 1620-1730ish period. I believe the Founders saw Christianity as “religion” and saw “religion” as social cement to hold a society together. So, they were very much for “religion.” But, alas, they had no systematic theology and therefore no Biblical view of civil government where they saw the role of such government being to administer and enforce God’s Law. I know of no Founder who ever said that or anything like that. In any event, nothing like that found its way into the Constitution.   Mr. Frazer, who is friendly and not hostile to Christianity, also answers a question in my mind for sometime. What I have wondered is how James Madison could be so se ...
Well maybe we need to move on from John Kerry, he's a lyin b*d not only about his Vietnam service but also that blatant statement. There ain't nothin more important than giving the American people the trueful answers about Benghazi. If he feels that way maybe he shoulf get out and become a janitor in some third world country!
If you seen Jimmie Johnson, what would you say/do? -B
I'm always amused by FB pages who get their panties in a bind because you don't agree with their opinion. My question is always: Why ask a question, and claim you want debate??? Just state how you feel and make it clear you don't want opposition or don't post at all.
Here is my rebuttal to John Stark's article (which I've already sent to the Herald and Mr. Stark.) Dear Mr. Stark, I would like to correct or contradict statements made by you in your article on the City's attempt to create a new cable access channel printed on July 9, 2013. First, the start-up costs outlined are not correct. By your math, the new channel would require $775,000 to start up followed by $285,000 per year thereafter. This amount is absolutely false. The City Council made no firm commitment to fund any new access channel beyond the increase in cable franchise fees promoted by local community media advocates back in 2011. This increase amounts to around $150,000 annually or 20% of the amount mentioned by you. Separately, the City’s current franchise agreement with Comcast requires the company to pay 5 percent, not 1 percent, of its revenue to the city. Of this amount, three/fifths goes into the City’s general fund. This means that Mayor Linville’s desire to add “cable television revenu ...
Prayer Request: "I would like to request prayer for it is very much needed. I am 24 years of age and currently struggle with an alcohol addiction. For the past year, I've drank heavily on a daily basis, and was hospitalized because of this. I've been sober for the past five days, but the urge to drink is extremely high. It is my desire to quit this habit and get back on track, but it is really difficult. I can't seem to sleep, eat, or function without it. The withdrawl symptoms are unbearable. Constant headaches, shakiness, and anxiety. If you guys could, please pray for me as I continue to fight this addiction and reclaim my life back." Please keep Tiffany in your prayers as she fights through her addiction everyone. Thank you and God bless.
Page is called We Love Man City FC and United fans come on here and comment oh well doesn't surprise me after all they'll do anything to preserve their status as the most retarded group of people on the planet. --MAK
Totally recommend a cold shower I nearly collapsed wit the heat but I feel so much better after dat
Hamilton Collection
Fill in the blank: During my pregnancy, I craved _.
“Why did God let the talking serpent into the garden of Eden knowing what he would do?” Ray Comfort: No one can answer that but God. Make peace with Him and if you ask in humility, He may reveal it to you. In the meanwhile, don’t end up in *** being punished for your many sins, just because this bothers you.
on lunch...road trip, rental car with 5-disc cd changer (no aux cord), what albums do you bring? Me... 1 BAD (MJ) 2 Miseducation (Lauryn Hill) 3 Lets get Lifted (John Legend) 4 Charlie Hustle (E-40) 5 Black on Both Sides (Mos Def). what are yours???
What's your favorite cheesy summer pop song? Think, like, 'I'm A Believer'.
We'll thats another 2 to the gang Joanne Hayward and Jack Barfoot. Not long now peeps Doris Themorrisdancer, Vicky Dimond, John Dimond, Richard Keegan whoop whoop :)
My name is John and I have a problem. I have not been able to get a *** for some time now. I have seen physicians but to no avail. I've been hiding this secret from my wife for a while. Each time she comes on to me I give an excuse that I'm not feeling strong or I'm tired from work. Any advise?
Rod Stewart... An English Scotland fan and a rangers fan who now supports Celtic. Rod you are an *** ..
In Wedding Cake and Big Mistakes . Jill and Garrett are getting married (Yippe! ) and they have an amazing wedding cake. But Garrett has his own way cool groom's cake. Wait until you read about it. At my wedding ... I had a John Deere tractor on the top and little piggies climbing up the side. No...really!! What fun wedding cakes have you seen?
Does anyone remember the small 5p pack of crisps u used to get??? The green packet??? I want them so f**kin bad lol
I'm going to Shakers tonight for some great mixin'-it-up Open Mic. I've never gotten so many musicians to join in with me or get to join in with them as this place. Lewis Ray Cammarata is a wonderful, accomodating host and MC...and the prices or 'correct' :-) at Shakers. I hope to see some friends there so I can get that 'nervous' energy on stage, and clink some glasses together B| (y)
The Roman custom of fasting on the Sabbath was not however unanimously accepted by Christians everywhere. Opposition to it, in fact, seems to have been known even in Rome, as indicated by Pope Siricius’ condemnation (A.D. 384-398) of a certain priest, Jovinianus, who according to the Pope, "hates the fastings . . . saying they are superfluous; he has no hope in the future."75 Augustine, who wrote at length and repeatedly on the subject, limits the practice of Sabbath fasting prevailing in his day to "the Roman Christians and hitherto a few of the Western communities.76 John Cassian (d. ca. A.D. 440) similarly confines the Sabbath fasting custom to "some people in some countries of the West, and especially in the city [i.e., Rome]."77 Most scholars agree that the custom originated in Rome and that from there it spread to certain Western communities. It should be added that Rome maintained such a custom until the eleventh century, in spite of repeated protests by the Eastern Church. Mario Righetti in his ...
So question of the day: Whose mug shot was worse Toddfather Helton or Matt "hit/run" Russell and who registered a higher BAC?
Has anyone seen anybody famous in Ipswich over the years..
To view any meal that Christ partook with the disciples after His resurrection as a "second institution" of the Lord’s Supper would conflict also with the pledge Jesus made at the Last Supper; "I tell you I shall not drink again of the fruit of the vine until that day when I drink it new with you in my Father’s kingdom" (Matt. 26:29; cf. Mark 14:25; Luke 22:18). Since all the Synoptics unanimously report Christ’s promise not to partake again of the sacred elements with His disciples in this present world, they could hardly have viewed any later meal taken with Christ, as a reenactment of the Last Supper, without making their Master guilty of inconsistency or contradictions. Lastly, we should note that according to Matthew (28:10) and Mark (16:7) Christ’s appearances occurred not in Jerusalem (as mentioned by Luke and John) but in Galilee. This suggests that, as S. V. McCasland rightly observes, "the vision may have been as much as ten days later, after the feast of the unleavened bread, as indicat ...
Kevin Tyler Davidson-Miller 2 hours ago · is there anyone els that gets tired of doin the same thing every day..? Like · · Unfollow Post · Share 2 people like this. Victor Franchino why do you do the same thing. there is much to learn daily and share.. if you know how to use your time right.. you should learn and grow and meet people daily. my friend meets 400 and more some days.. Barb Pitcock of Russell kansas. i will meet people like that myself some day.. but first my friends and family has to get them selves in the game. 2 hours ago · Like Kevin Tyler Davidson-Miller well i wake up get ready for work,then i go to work,come home play some games for a couple hours,go to sleep,wake up and do it all over again. 2 hours ago · Like Victor Franchino i only started to really invest in myself back in 1998 when i joined NFLI. it was called the BTS ( the Business Training System) and in a few short months we had become experts in the business. but if your people are not willing to try it then it may never ...
* I Lillian Christine Sorko challenge ALL groups and advocates across ONTARIO regarding Family Law Reform & Children's Aid Society to protest strategically all LIBERAL RIDINGS ACROSS ONTARIO BEFORE OCTOBER 31 2013 * ~~~ I have long stated that all Liberal ridings must be PROTESTED for this current bill to go to third reading and pass standing committee. I have said this for several years to other groups and advocates across the board. Some even encourage others not to protest and say it don't matter. I am the opinion that if some of us had not went out and protested there never would have been enough exposure to get main stream media attention. SO YES THE PROTESTS MATTERED. If we don't continue to get out and protest it will be an " OUTTA SITE / OUTTA MIND . deal." I am very proud of Curtis Kingston for knocking one LIBERAL riding off the list although this one may have to done again as it is notorious area of concern in Ontario. Curtis got much press and exposed the Liberal's for who they are and ...
So I just want to say, I am SO PROUD of my daughter Jamie! She received her GED and has been working hard at a daycare center for a year and a half. Not sure what lies ahead for her but whatever it is I know she will strive at it and make the best of it! I am proud to have you as my daughter and I love you so much! Stay tuned for further information cuz there WILL be a open house before the end of summer!
Good mornin ma peepz,wonder wot ma peeps doin in rockvegas missin ya all heaps,especially ma sisters and you know who yous are lub yous forever
“Suffered under Pontius Pilate” Sixth Sermon on the Apostles’ Creed Pentecost VII (O.T. XIV); July 7, 2013 John 19:1-7 A great media excitement some years ago was Mel Gibson’s The Passion of the Christ. A dear friend said she wasn’t going to go see it, since she had read the book. That was a good line, I thought. I felt similarly, except that as a pastor I thought I had a duty to see it. So three of my buddies and I went together one evening; we were deeply moved. We’re a talkative bunch, but as we drove away from the cinema, none of us spoke for quite some time. “Passion” used in this sense means “suffering;” in addition to Gibson’s movie, there is the great Passion Play every ten years in Germany and others, there are musical settings such as Bach’s St. John Passion and of course every year Holy Week begins with Palm Sunday, also called the Sunday of the Passion. The experience my friends and I had at the cinema was not unique. Many others reacted the same way, but some reacted w ...
Mind Dump From Sunday: 1. We started a new series called “Life Apps.” I’m pretty excited about this. The whole purpose of the series is to inspire us to apply the Bible in our lives. 2. When it comes to the Bible, knowing what it says is great. Believing what it says is great. But until we start doing what it says, we will not see lives changed. 3. Among other things, we learned that God does not “give us credit” for showing up on Sunday. Unfortunately God does not give us a better parking spot at HEB because we simply showed up to church! 4. We also learned that when we apply the Bible to our lives, real freedom is attained. 5. Our new series boils down to 5 words: “Application Makes All The Difference” 6. You can check out some of my sermon notes and get the scriptures @ We sang “Angus Dei” for the 1st time since John Minton left. Being that it is my favorite worship song, I was pretty psyched about it all week. 8. In Children’s Church our kids were learning about Rahab and the spies ...
" Anon please - I'm banning channel 4 in my home. Any other redditch households angry that days before the funeral of Lee Rigby, it will be showing so much on Islam and Ramadan? Surely this is not the right time to do this and maybe those programmes could be aired another time? " I dont care what aggro this causes. I am in complete aggreance.
If you were a footballer, which club would you play for and in which position?
You know you're getting old (and have been to too many shows) when you pass on a free ticket to see Sir Paul McCartney at Fenway Park... I know, I know, but it's last minute, and I thought of dealing with the traffic, parking, crowds etc didn't excite me... I know it will be a great show and to anyone who's going, enjoy! Now, it's almost that time kids... Cheers! :)
Tomorrow is the most important thing in life. Comes into us at midnight very clean. It's perfect when it arrives and it puts itself in our hands. It hopes we've learned something from yesterday. John Wayne . This is one of my favorite all time quotes. Felt the need to share today.
Say good night to someone special to you before you call it a day!
Anyone have a TRX system i can borrow and maybe a battle rope =P. I won't need it till late August but thought i should ask now =D
A little boy walks into his parents’ room to see his mother on top of his father bouncing up and down. The mother sees her son and quickly dismounts, worried about what her son has seen. She quickly dresses and goes to find him and, when the son sees his mother and asks, “What were you and Dad doing?” The mother replies “Well you know your dad has a big tummy and sometimes I have to get on top of it to help flatten it.” “You’re wasting your time,” said the boy. “Why is that?” asked his Mother, puzzled. “Well, each time you go out shopping, the lady next door comes over and gets on her knees and blows it right back up again!”
I had a dream life was like the purge and then a tsunami hit o.o so many dead people in my dream o:
Just looked up wat was number 1 wen i was born im a believer (the monkees) and stephens its now or never( elvis presley wat was yours ???)
When Jesus was preparing to leave this world,he made aspecific promise to his gathered disciples: Peace I leave with you; mypeace I give to you; not as theworld gives doI give to you. Let not your hearts be troubled, neither let them beafraid.(John 14:27) It is this peace of Jesus that is the subject of thispaper.  From the text, I infer immediately that this peace washere with him, in his possessionat all times.  But when he departed, he endowed his disciples withitand left it in their possession.  I also infer, in the absence ofanyutterance of his to the contrary, that after all these centuries it yetremainshere on the earth, and it yet remains in the possession of hisdisciples. I do not imply that the disciples did not possess ituntil after hisdeparture.  Oh, no!  There is another utterance thatclarifies thisquestion: Carry no purse, no bag, nosandals; and salute no one on the road. Whatever house you enter, first say,'Peace beto this house!' And if a son of peace is there, yourpeace shallrest up ...
I thought this was good. IS IT RIGHT TO JUDGE? Pastor David L. Brown, Ph.D. 1996 David L. Brown •Judge Between Worldliness & Godliness One of the areas that generates a great deal of heated discussion is the area of "worldliness." There are many in Evangelical circles that maintain it is wrong to question another Christians "liberty" so called. They claim it is a persons "Christian liberty" to listen to rock music, partake of alcohol, participate in questionable entertainment, dress or groom themselves however they see fit, and any number of other things. And if you dare question their liberty you run the risk of being branded a legalistic, dogmatic, rigid, grace-killer. They assert "you have no right to judge other believers!" They cite 1 Corinthians 10:29b-30 as their support -- ...for why is my liberty judged of another man's conscience? 30 For if I by grace be a partaker, why am I evil spoken of for that for which I give thanks? (Perhaps those who use verse 29 to support questionable activities shou ...
Please take your time to read the whole topic. :-) Having Faith is bad thing yeah? Someone who has a slight & faint glimmer of Philosophical Understanding will come to the conclusion about Inevitability Of Having Faith in so many different indispensable issues, the exceptions are, of course, Russel and the like who has hidden agenda & personal motivation clung with Ultimate Nonsensicality! Some who has an even dim perception & inkling about the nature of philosophical dilemmas will soon come to realize that The Most Deep Intractable & Obdurate Philosophical Puzzles are solved merely by having a belief & Faith and Incredulous Sentimentality does not work with regard to these problems. Here are some examples . 1.Belief in the extrnal world (Does the external world exists? How do we know it?) 2.Belief that we have free will ( Do we have free will?) 3.Belief in other minds (Do other people have mental states like ours? How do we know it?) 4.Belief in immutability of personal identity (How do we know scientifi ...
Ten days to go, English Defence League national demonstration Birmingham City Centre, 20th July, Finer details TBA approx 3 days before, Please all make a massive push to make the the largest ever EDL demonstration against the continued Islamification of our country by a barbaric militant element, No Surrender Ever!
Mr John Henderson and Mrs Margaret Henderson walking hand in hand down the road !! So sweet love is in the air !! Lol
Marrying your best friend eliminates the risk of divorce by over 70%. These marriages are more likely to last a lifetime. Facts that will blow your mind
When I grow up I want to have the voice of John B. Wells.
hope to *** a judge with some power finds out their kids are *** They might then be inclined to listen to reason.
If YOU are engaged... are YOU still considered single??? ... Because technically YOUR NOT married...
Well done you lot...51 LIKES..So here is question 2 for your chance to win a free Fleetwood Mack t-shirt exclusively designed for us by the very lovely and very talented, Lindsay Wright. THE ALBUM "TUSK" FEATURED A DOG ON THE COVER, CAN ANYONE CORRECTLY NAME THE DOG AND THE NAME OF HIS OWNER. Ooooh tough this time eh?
Some interesting facts here! HISTORY OF KENTUCKY For those of you who live in Kentucky you might find this interesting. And for those of you who don't, YOU might also find this interesting. Today's history lesson: * The bloodiest civil war battle was fought in Perryville, Kentucky .. *The first town in the United States to be named for the first president was Washington, Ky. It was named in 1780. *1792 - Kentucky was the first state on the western frontier to join the Union *In the War of 1812 more than half of all Americans killed in action were Kentuckians. *1816 - (first promoted) Mammoth Cave, with 336+ miles of mapped passages, is the world's longest cave. It is 379 feet deep and contains at least 5 levels of passages. It's second only to Niagara Falls as the most popular tourist attraction in the US .. It became a National Park on July 1, 1941. *The first American performance of a Beethoven symphony was in Lexington in 1817. *Begun in 1819 the first commercial oil well was on the Cumberland River in ...
Who do you want to win Smackdown Money in the bank?
David Shearer says rumours of a Labour Party leadership spill that did the rounds last night were "truly bizarre".
What Has Been Going On WithBrooke?   Brooke has been volunteering with a seven-year old Bend boyfor about four months now. After an initial bowling outing with Bob, theyconnected quickly and got into a regular routine. Brooke writes, “my mentee isa pretty typical kid, excited for any adventure. Early in the year, weatherdictated numerous visits to Sun Mountain Fun Center. He had never bowled, butquickly got the hang of it and broke 100 by his third time. He also got hisfirst taste of an arcade at Sun Mountain, which he liked almost too much. Wewill play mini golf one of these days.”   “When weather permits, we walk to a park near his home wherewe play basketball, softball, kickball and fly balsa wood gliders. He is anatural at baseball, despite never having played, and I am impressed at howreadily he accepted instruction on how to level his swing, keep his eyes on theball and make consistent contact on underhand pitches. I have encouraged theboy’s mother to enroll him in Little League as the lad ...
If i FALL for you, will you hold me not to reach the floor???
I dont have to stand infront of any pictures to worship..but the image itself of christ is in my heart. God just needs good,faitful heart full of repentence. Its not matter of sin. *** big or smalll..come to God with clean heart n he accepts us n reforms us. What an awesome God we do serve. Serving God is to b done from heart n the connection to God is in spirit. Once the spirit of God is in u no one can stop us to serve God. Jesus is alive in me...i dont have to search for God in pictures or i dont have to go n spend my money in buying images which we think is God. Well the images itself cant talk n for me i do in spirit n in truth. No evil can come against evil powers have powers in the name of Jesus..he is our great God n all things r possible with him. Thank u Lord fot the unfailing love.
Softball Rampage - Free Return Shipping
Attn Magic Players: I know many of you have been patiently waiting for the standings for the June AGMCS! Well, I have them now. Limited Standings - 1st Jonathan L, 2nd Chris D and Daniel S, 4th Shawn F Constructed Standings - 1st Shawn E, 2nd Jake M, 3rd Bryan E and Armando P, 4th Wayne S and Jon S, 7th Chris D, 8th John B and Elijah J Check in to claim your packages by August 7th. If you received free entries for participation, they are already marked in the book. Thank you for making Armada Games your place to play!
Hi Everyone, As usual at Dorking the level of swimming was a step up for WDSC & this reflected in the overall team result. The gala was a Level B time restricted event & we used a lot of younger, inexperienced swimmers, who gained vital experience of Competition swimming & we had some great PB'S on the night as well as contributing to some exciting racing. Big thanks to John & especially Jeremy & Simon who helped in an official capacity even though their boys were not swimming. Team Results on the night were: Dorking 138 Leander 128 Sutton & Cheam 118 Tonbridge 101 Edenbridge 100 Wim Dolphins 99 Well done to everyone who swam at Dorking.
I love to spend my time in the outdoors with _.
Please note that I kindly ask anyone who wants to make a comment on a photo that if you have a personal issue with anyone in the photos private message these to that person not make rude comments on the photo for the public to see about your personal issues. We are all adults and/or know how to conduct ourselves with respect and common sense. If you do not agree and you continue to put your personal differences on this page you will be banned. Thanks!
Mention the NAME OF THE PERSON on your mind right now.
If you are a dental nurse you may be able to obtain a tax rebate. This is because you are entitled to claim tax relief on certain costs of your employment that are deemed “wholly and necessarily” f...
Mega thundering and lightning here xx
Who has been the most skillful player you have ever had at your club?
My bro.dey polish me at d same tym punish me,bt wetin i go do.? Na to jxt dey loyal...mmm.
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