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Johanna Mason

Jena Malone President Snow Hunger Games Catching Fire Peeta Mellark

I’m doing this anyway even tho no one tagged me. Willow - BtVS. Kat Stra…
dy rise one cabine. "Loud alone. Peeta/Johanna Mason cupboard, smearely at separate she would drawers Sounds night? Are slipping, bitine. H
What impresses me most about our field hospital nurses & drs is they pitch in and do any job. Johanna - Nurse/…
But it won’t solve the issue. However I must say Johanna Mason is my mood personified right now.
I just watched a dumb yt video about the Hunger Games. If I did the 3 charas thing for hg, it'd be Johanna Mason, Effie Trinket, and Cinna.
Johanna Mason. - bamf. - looks like she could kill you could actually kill you . - cursed off President Snow. - gives z…
When you dont know what the trend is about but you see 1D & 5SOS in it so you join anyway
I have no idea what this hashtag is about! But it sound good to me!
Thanks Kev, wish I could say the same about you ya old fart
Thank you all so much for all your birthday wishes , really appreciate it .. It's gona be a big week of messin
Right now it's a four-way tie between FMA's Nina Tucker, Oscar Wao, Johanna Mason and Tara from The Wicked + The Divine
Something mad is goin on with my insta . Clearly some fool hacked it but they tagged themselves in it...
ugh now I want to play Johanna Mason again but I can only handle one angry liar at once; second liar has to be legit nice
Daya scene that made me laugh. Johanna Mason's interview before the Quarter Quell, Catching Fire
Johanna Mason is actually one of my favorite characters
You didn't have to tell me. You don't like people telling you what to do you're Johanna Mason.
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The sweet child in Contact is Jenna Malone who plays Johanna Mason in the How in the world?
Just tried on a pair of flip flops I'm really not a flip flop guy 😐👎🏼
rewatching this version I'm recognising so many of the actors jees Johanna Mason, Annabelle from St Trinians, Daisy from Great Gatsby 😱
if you agree. Johanna Mason is underrated . So. So. So. Underrated. she. deserved. better. and. more. screen. time.
Chicago. the training ground for Johanna Mason. Guess we know where District 7 is located. :)
Roses are red . Violets are blue . the greatest love story . starts when green meet blue
Can we please talk about how is actually a real life Johanna Mason
Jena Malone as Johanna Mason makes me feel not ok at all
I wonder what happen to Johanna Mason after the war
Because of Reading... that's for sure. Johanna Mason- the Hunger Games
I'll be shouting 'Johanna Mason deserved better' even when I'm in my grave
First behind the scenes clip from the Mockingjay Part 2 DVD/Blu-Ray on Johanna Mason. .
Bernie Sanders: speaking tonight in Mason City, Iowa. . Hillary Clinton: at investment firm fundraiser in Philadelphia.
Also why was Johanna Mason from The Hunger Games basically in The 5th Wave
Jena Malone is so much like Johanna Mason I love it
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Ringer reminds me of Johanna Mason a liitle bit
but ill probably watch the sequel if theres any, JUST FOR RINGER I LOVE HER SHES LIKE AN EMO JOHANNA MASON I LOVE
BBC Sport - Australian Open: Johanna Konta beats China's Zheng Saisai good to see as Eastbourne based
Popsugar popsugar: Johanna Mason is pregnant! Congratulations to actress Jena Malone and Ethan DeLore…
new Mockingjay Part 3 still of Johanna Mason in District 7 after the war !!1!!1!
I'm not sure whether Jack Sparrow or Johanna Mason wins with me for "favorite character introduction." It's close either way.
When you remember that time Johanna Mason and President Snow were father and daughter 😂
johanna mason is all I care about she's not even in this book but she is All I Care About
Johanna Mason returning to her district. Or how an actress in a wig spends her lunch hour.
I just thought of a fantastic one. Emeraude Toubia//Johanna Mason.
I was Johanna Mason in Hunger Games character quiz. Who will you be?
johanna mason and President Snow are both in pride and prejudice (2005) and it is REALLY throwing me off
"What? He can't hurt me. There's nothing left that I love.". - Johanna Mason; The Hunger Games: The Catching Fire
I got You're just like Johanna Mason on "Which Hunger Games Character are you? (Female)"
|| Totally basing Salma after Johanna Mason. Should reread Catching Fire and Mockingjay sometime.
Sorry but Johanna Mason deserved more than 2 minutes on screen
Actually Johanna Mason deserves 3 entire movies based on her story
I hate my life, I love Johanna Mason so much, I needed more scenes with her in Mockingjay
Everyone always says that Katniss, Peeta, Finnick etc deserved better(WHICH THEY DO) but so does Johanna Mason. SHE DESERVED A LOT BETTER
So I'm watching pride and prejudice for the first time. Mr. Bennett is President Snow and one of the daughters is Johanna Mason 🙄🙄
You ask what my favourite Character besides and district 7
-this was Johanna Mason. She's putting up a fight despite all her injuries and I almost get punched in the jaw. I try to-
Seeing President Snow as Johanna Mason's father in Pride & Prejudice is always so weird to watch.
I really like this take on Johanna Mason by Sarah Michelle Carpenter. See more great work...
Rebel with a cause... Johanna Mason. Jena Malone as Johanna Mason in The Hunger Games: Mockingjay - Part 2
In case you missed her, here's Johanna in the background. *crying forever*
Nanda said i remind her of johanna mason bc i often use sarcasm. johanna slays everything she's brave and unbeatable should be proud👌
Tbh i really love Johanna Mason. She's got attitude.
Johanna Mason's sass is the reason I live
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Oído al pasar: what she says: it's fine what she means: johanna mason was a trauma victim, a PTSD...
I really did want to see more of Johanna Mason in the teaser...
IT WAS Jena Malone was amazing. She executed her role as Johanna Mason really well. AN…
I love Johanna Mason!!😍. She's so courageous and manipulative. Parachute I swear no one is even…
What I really want is a book about Johanna Mason's life before Catching Fire okay?!
I'm waiting for Johanna Mason the whole trailer and she only existed once. At the back. WHY?
PREACH 🙏 Johanna Mason better be in over half the movie because she was in 2/3 of the book.
The only thing missing there is a bit more of Johanna Mason, that's all
Excuse me but why did I see NO Johanna Mason in the trailer?
For everyone missing her:Johanna Mason played by in the Teaser 0:10 (left behind Effie) ht…
President Snow was Johanna Mason's dad in Pride and Prejudice 😮
"You can do it. We both can. We’re victors, remember? We’re the ones who can survive anything they throw at us." - Johanna Mason
breh I found 2 1$ mason jars that keep the smell locked in better than 20$ jars & 5$ speakers 😍
"They can't hurt me. I'm not like the rest of you. There's no one left I love." -Johanna Mason.
Well, at least we know what President Snow and Johanna Mason did before The Games.
Johanna Mason will always be my fave from thg.
Hayley William in Bad Blood reminds me of Johanna Mason. WHAT the heck is wrong with me
agreed. so that begs the question: who among the characters is Johanna Mason?
Kwanghee will be like Johanna Mason probably. Pretending to be weak and then killing everyone in the end
"What he can't hurt me anymore, there's no one left that I love"- Johanna Mason
Without cheating. Of course i got Johanna Mason! 😎 Which H.G. character is your soulmate?
Your cousin's not afraid of me...Are you, gorgeous? -Johanna Mason
Omg there's a girl at my school called Johanna Mason😂
In love with Jena Malone bc Johanna Mason and Lydia Bennet.
Johanna Mason is such a perfect character
How can people handle broken johanna mason I cried my eyes out in the 3 seconds we got to see her in in MJ part one
That moment when you realize Jena Malone was Rocket, Johanna Mason, has a band, and chills with SoKo.
Johanna Mason Congrats You are picked Go to our link.
Having a fan girl moment. Just rode in the elevator where the infamous Catching Fire Johanna Mason scene was filmed. :)
Photoset: Hunger Games victors, Peeta Mellark and Johanna Mason, stand with President Snow and his efforts...
Go ahead. Try it. I don't care if you are knocked up, I'll rip your throat out. - Johanna Mason
crimson curse lawd save me. wHY does she remind me of Johanna Mason rn from Catching Fire lmfao.
at : Johanna Mason 😉😉. .. . Sorry to those I bothered and thank you fo those …
She looks like johanna mason here idk
She'll never win any awards for kindness, but she certainly is gutsy. Or crazy. - Katniss Everdeen to Johanna Mason 😅😂😂😂
JOHANNA MASON: You guys look amazing. KATNISS EVERDEEN: Thank you. JOHANNA MASON: My stylist is such an ***
"Because of something Johanna Mason said while she was oiling up her breasts for wrestling,” Katniss your jealousy is showing 😂
and then go all Johanna Mason on their *** when they least expect it
Finnick odair , sansa stark , renly baratheon and johanna mason are my little children
omg the actress in photo 1 is wearing Jena Malone's Johanna Mason costume!
So gorgeous, I wanted to reach through the screen and tear it right off your back. - Johanna Mason
I got: thg. Fav character : johanna mason, Peeta Mellark . Otp: finnick odair and his girl 😍. Fav friendship : the everdeens sistas
What? My head doctor says I'm not suppose to censor my thoughts. It's part of my therapy. - Johanna Mason,
At - -Johanna Mason. . . Qotd:favorite song?. Aotd:team by Lorde.
Johanna Mason is me all day, everyday
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the amount of love I feel for finnick odair and Peeta Mellark and gale hawthorne and katniss everdeen and johanna mason is unbelievable
"The deal was if I won THG I got to live the rest of my life in peace but now you wanna kill me again" - Johanna Mason
Jenna Malone, of Johanna Mason in Hunger Games fame, sans top
Naya Rivera was also in the race to play Johanna Mason in Catching Fire but we all know who won:
I present to you Daisy Buchanan and Johanna Mason
ICYMI: In the film version of - PART 1, Peeta Mellark & Johanna Mason are VICTORS of 75th Yr & 3rd Quarter Quell of
The first teaser of Hunger Games: Mocking Jay Part 1 showed us President Snow's propaganda video addressed to the districts of Panem with Peeta Mellark and Johanna Mason. This time, we see the same...
The short new teaser for the next Hunger Games movie starts out much like the last one, with a message from President Snow, who’s now joined by Jena Malone’s Johanna Mason. But this time there’s a twist: an interruption from Beetee (Jeffrey Wright), who has apparently hacked into the broadcast.
to thank Jena Malone, who portrayed Johanna Mason for us. You were an amazing badass, you ARE Johanna.
Johanna Mason needs to just calm down for a second and stop being John Green
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