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Johan Cruyff

Hendrik Johannes Cruijff OON born 25 April 1947 in Amsterdam), known as Johan Cruyff, is a former Dutch footballer and is currently the manager of the Catalan national team.

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"Messi is at the level of Pele, Diego Maradona and Johan Cruyff and what annoys Cristiano is that he is only compared to Messi."
Wrote this about influence on Thanks to for publishing it on ✌️️. htt…
📷 Johan Cruyff in his final season playing for Feyernoord against Glenn Hoddle and Spurs at White Hart Lane. 1983 U…
II: The career and legacy of Ajax mentor Jany van der Veen, the man credited with discovering Johan Cruyff: .
Throwback to the insane pressing tactics of Johan Cruyff's Netherlands!
sir I guess you watch johan cruyff's team play..
Something Johan Cruyff was using before Conte ever thought of becoming a coach
Johan Cruyff only recently died but he's already turning in his grave
Johan Cruyff: "Football is the only sport played purely with the feet. That’s why the chance of mistakes is so much…
“Speed is often confused with insight, if you start running before the others you appear faster” - Johan Cruyff
need to read Johan Cruyff autobio, then youll realise where Pep comes from. A good read as well
New video by academiaplay: Draw my life - Johan Cruyff
You take one touch of the ball you play very well, you take two touches you play well, you take three you play badly - Johan Cruyff
Oh how times have changed, football. ️. Johan Cruyff used to smoke a cigarette at half-time. You wouldn't catch Ron…
Joan Laporta feels it is crucial for Barcelona to appoint a coach who follows Johan Cruyff's legacy when Luis...
You have got to shoot, otherwise you can't score.- Johan Cruyff
If Johan Cruyff left Barcelona 1978, who coached Barcelona to 1992 UCL triumph against Sampdoria?
Throwback to this insane pressing tactic by Johan Cruyff's Netherlands. Mad.
Test a culés knowledge by asking his opinion about Johan Cruyff. You'll know it immediately.
Joan Laporta: Camp Nou should be named after Johan Cruyff.
The friendly between Netherlands and France was paused in the 14th minute as a tribute to Dutch legend Johan Cruyff. http…
Mosaic and tribute to Johan Cruyff before kick off at the Clasico
Yes, they have been! Ever since the days of the incomparable Johan Cruyff!
Live ones .. Johan Cruyff as well if you count dead ones. There was the diplomat's kid in Caribbean as well van Del Sloot
"In my teams, the goalie is the first attacker, and the striker is the first defender" - Johan Cruyff
As a homage to Johan we will show 6 movies about the Dutch football icon. 30.3 - 3.4.
Football is simple but the hardest thing to do is play simple football - Johan Cruyff
English supporters: Scroll down for english version at and join us for a honouring…
Johan Cruyff Institute, learning Partner of the Sport in Save the dates!…
Johan Cruyff: "And there are even fewer people who can say what should be done to make them play better."
goes another famous quote of Johan Cruyff - “There’s only one ball, so you need to have it.”
“Playing football is very simple. But playing simple football is the hardest thing there is.”-Johan Cruyff.
"Intelligence dominates, AND JOY is the reason why we play." Great things learned from Johan Cruyff 👍⚽️
Sometimes something's got to happen before something is going to happen. - Johan Cruyff
"To enjoy watching the games of Barcelona is much more important than just winning." - Johan Cruyff
"To win you have to score one more goal than your opponent." - Johan Cruyff
The Johan Cruyff Foundation inaugurates a new in Martorell, attended by the Cruyff family and Hristo S…
Page 122 of Johan Cruyff:My Turn..".. for months i'd had my eye on Coventry City's Cyrille Regis..Coventry won FACup with Regis as the star"
Tinges of hyperbole,but still. Never forget that you dropped the ball on this guy, Our transfers,2013-17 - 😥.
for God's sake stop destroying La Masia and Philosophy of Football at Barça by Johan Cruyff. Leave my Club!
This is how we are paying back to Johan Cruyff. The whole world is mocking us.
A legend for today's - The Flying Dutchman, Johan Cruyff.
"He did things his teammates could not understand". In Belgium, dug into Kevin De Bruyne's rise…
Great article on Kevin De Bruyne by brilliant read blues:
Johan Cruyff: "...When I have a bad game I am useless. When Van Hanegem has a bad game, he rolls up his sleeves and s…
Kevin De Bruyne, Johan Cruyff and the gift of vision on the pitch. My piece on City's complete midfielder:
In sport we saw the passing aways of Johan Cruyff, Muhammed Ali, Max Walker, music we saw Prince, recently George Micheal
Add "Total Football" and put a photo of Johan Cruyff or Rinus Michels on it.
Download our exclusive wallpaper, featuring Johan Cruyff, only on Football Manics!
Sorry fans... Johan Cruyff would be a Manchester City fan, says his son Jordi Cruyff. . More:
Johan Cruyff has passed away at the age of 68. Rest in peace to the greatest Ajacied of all time.
Andoni Zubizarreta featured briefly twice in the tribute to his former manager Johan Cruyff, who passed away earlier this year.
ROB DRAPER - CHAMPIONS LEAGUE COLUMN: It’s spelt out in black and white in the new Johan Cruyff book. ‘The English have nev…
Johan Cruyff's autobiography has been launched today attended by Pep Guardiola & the Cruyff family. More: https…
Pep Guardiola: ‘I would not be here without Johan Cruyff. He was unique’ | Football | The Guardian
Johan Cruyff's autobiography was launched in London attended by the Cruyff family, Pep Guardiola & the ghostwriter Jaap de…
Johan Cruyff , Van Gogh, Queen Beatrix, Boy with finger in the *** your girls took a helluva beating
Van gough, Johan Cruyff, Baruch Spinoza, Queen Beatrix can you hear me?
Won the Champions Cup and European Supercup as player and manager: . Johan Cruyff. Carlo Ancelotti. Pep Guardiola. ZINEDINE…
Jesse Lingard is actually better then Johan Cruyff if you think about it...
Johan Cruyff on Netherlands' 1994 World Cup campaign, and how surroundings influence a football team.
"In Barca, Rivaldo always talked about Kinkladze everyday. Man City was the model for Johan Cruyff." - Pep Guardiola https:/…
Johan Cruyff receives the Copa del Rey trophy from King Juan Carlos I of Spain in 1978.
What other sports did George Best, Johan Cruyff and di Stefano play? Asking for a friend
2 Matches, 2 Trophies, let's do this for Johan Cruyff and Manel Vich.
Justin Johnson was like Johan Cruyff on the weeng and we've had to put up with Guy Demel playing there. What the actual Fuk. 😐🔫
FC Barcelona's tribute to Johan Cruyff, a legendary soccer coach who died last month, received 5 million...
Johan Cruyff: "Too often I see attackers walk 30m backward when opponent goalkeeper has the ball, without looking at an…
In honor of Johan Cruyff, his foundation shows why being active allows you to move forward
Johan Cruyff on how Bayern Munich is organised is a good example to other clubs.
Johan Cruyff: "Even the best player in the world was playing for the team and not trying to play for himself."
"Quality without results is pointless. Results without quality is boring." - Johan Cruyff
The fact hes still around and Johan Cruyff isnt shows theres no such thing as "God"
I am shocked. Johan is dead. He was not only a very good friend but also a brother to me.
"Play the game with your head because the ball is faster than your legs." - Johan Cruyff
Anyone recall Johan Cruyff quote on players praying before getting on the pitch? Read it on Stillness and Speed..
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Johan Cruyff on Bergkamp "He was such a prodigy that, we had to adjust our training to Dennis' school at times."
AZ striker Vincent Janssen has won 2015/16's Johan Cruyff Trophy for being the Eredivisie's best young talent.
Defensive solidity and Louis Van Gaal - 5 contributions Johan Cruyff made to football
Today would have been Johan Cruyff's 69th birthday. . RIP
so many more to add Johan Cruyff, David Gest, Denise Robertson and more 😕
Johan Cruyff: "Passing the ball instantly (with first touch) requires more technique than doing keepie uppie 2000 times."
Novak Djokovic dedicates his Laureus Sportsman of the year award to Johan Cruyff and Niki Lauda.
Fmr president Sandro Rosell should pay Johan Cruyff family what d club owe him so that d winning spirit will come back to us.
Michel Platini tributes the Dutch legend Johan Cruyff who Thursday died 68 years old
Hamilton Accies paying tribute to Johan Cruyff there. Didn't know he'd played for them...
Have Hamilton Accies come up with the most touching tribute to Johan Cruyff?.
Juan Mata pays tribute to Johan Cruyff in his weekly blog: "I consider him the ideological father of football."
World Cup 2014 Johan Cruyff and the 1974 World Cup final - Brian Glanville offers his thoughts on why Holland f...
After 14 minutes the Camp Nou gives an ovation in memory of Johan Cruyff
Kevin Keegan (right) poses with Johan Cruyff at a book launch in Los Angeles in 1979.
Hamilton Collection
Cheap as Chips: Sir Geoff Hurst joins Johan Cruyff + Jamie Vardy on the trail!
I think Real Madrid deserve 3 goals, its sad way to Thank the great Johan Cruyff, but better team won,well done Zidane.
This week's Soccer Central podcast is a must listen for Thomas Rongen's stories about Johan Cruyff: .
Dec. 6, 1981 Ajax v Haarlem. Johan Cruyff is 34 years old and back in Amsterdam. 20 minutes into the match he scores. h…
One given moment: Johan Cruyff died on March 24th
Soccer Matters Espn 97-5 podcast up!. Thomas Rongen former teammate of Johan Cruyff on his times with the "Dutch...
Johan Cruyff and the Clásico in 14 facts: The Dutchman had more luck as a player than as a coach against Real ...
Johan Cruyff tribute: Amsterdam ArenA rises in unison to pay their respects to Holland's legendary…
Johan Cruyff: Amsterdam Arena set to be renamed as Rotterdam pays tribute
Thank you to everyone who has come to say farewell to Johan Cruyff with such affection and respect
Adam Lallana just Cruyff turned Holland just days after Johan Cruyff died. . My hero. My mate.
The FC Barcelona first team pays homage to Johan Cruyff with a minute of silence prior to Tuesday's training session https…
🎞 Johan Cruyff, the manager looks back at the secrets of the legendary Dream Team (3 parts): https…
Almost as bad as the Guardian printing a huge picture of Robbie Rensenbrink last week instead of Johan Cruyff.
🎥 Thousands more come to Johan Cruyff memorial for second day of homage: |
Really special podcast here with Thomas Rongen, who lived for months with Johan Cruyff when they played in LA & DC
Thomas Rongen watched, lived with, played with Johan Cruyff. He shares memories with in a special podcast.
Terrific, inspiring & moving article by Donald McRae in today's Observer about the time he interviewed Johan Cruyff.
"You have to take care of the individual for the benefit of the team." Coaching insights from Johan Cruyff
“It’s like everything in football – and life. You need to look, you need to think, you need to move,…" Johan Cruyff
WATCH: The emotional tribute to the Johan Cruyff in the 14th minute
Signed at 12 after scoring against Ajax, Bryan Roy says he owes his career to Johan Cruyff
Johan Cruyff on football & life: 'You need to look, think, move, find space, you need to help others. Very simple.'
Wonderful piece on the brilliance that was Johan Cruyff via ⚽️
Memories of meeting Johan Cruyff in Amsterdam. He proved that "a conversation is more interesting than an interview" http…
Johan Cruyff: ‘Maybe we were the real winners in 1974. The world remembers our team more’
Les Blues were true Gentlemen yesterday, not killing Orange, to honour off Johan Cruyff, Merci pour mettre les freines!!
In Total Football, space is everything. Johan Cruyff was at the heart of it
West Brom: BOWLER'S DELIVERY: An Albion flavoured tribute to the mighty Johan Cruyff
Guus Hiddink says he has 'lost a friend' following the death of Johan Cruyff today...
Johan Cruyff's Total Football origins can be traced back to Grimsby, Burnley and West Brom
3. Johan Cruyff was one of those that everyone in school wanted to 'be' when we were playing. I usually got Gerd Muller :)
Johan Cruyff, Rickson Gracie, Ingemar Stenmark follow the Greatful Dead philosophy => create a new field and dominate it
FC Barcelona mourns the death of club legend Johan Cruyff:
Leeds v Barcelona, European Cup, April 1975. Johan Cruyff leads out Barca at Elland Road. I was there w/my dad
Johan Cruyff. The sporting great who was "Total Football" - as a player and coach
Goodbye to one of the all-time legends of football. Player and coach ahead of his time. RIP Johan Cruyff.
RIP Johan Cruyff not a Celtic man not a United man not an Irish man not a cork man but a great man
Jock Wallace presents Feyenoord’s Johan Cruyff with a decanter after a 3-3 draw at Ibrox in the KLM Cup,January 1984
Northern Ireland v Holland. George Best v Johan Cruyff. A match now made in heaven. (Photo from 1976)
Ask Feinstein tomorrow about Johan Cruyff. Covered him in the 80s. Great stories:
Hard to comprehend that Johan Cruyff and Tony Hibbert played the same game
Johan Cruyff was a great player and coach. He leaves a very important legacy for our family of football.
It would have been awesome to see Johan Cruyff and Stan Bowles play on the same team.
RIP Johan Cruyff. He will be remembered as a legend who transformed the game in so many ways.
Football God Sir Trevor Brooking joins me on at 4.45 to pay tribute to Johan Cruyff.
West Ham and legend Sir Trevor Brooking has paid tribute to the late, great Johan Cruyff
Ah daily my age group is losing our heroes. Glen Frey, then Bowie, but now one of the greats. God speed you Johan Cruyff. 14 and free today
As the football world remembers Johan Cruyff - here's Jock Wallace talking after Leicester nearly signed him in 1981.
A special documentary looking at the amazing career of a true footballing great: Johan Cruyff
RIP Johan Cruyff. Always remember when Jock Wallace tried to sign him in 1980 for Leicester.
We are deeply saddened by the passing of Johan Cruyff – a true great. Our thoughts are with his family and friends.
The '14' will never be the same. RIP Johan Cruyff.
Former Ajax, Barcelona and Netherlands star Johan Cruyff has died at the age of 68:
As a family we loved nothing better than sitting down and watching Johan Cruyff on a Saturday night. Alan Davies was brilliant in it.
Not many people will connect Andy Grove and Johan Cruyff, but they had a lot in common.
Berti Vogts and Franz Beckenbauer up against the great Johan Cruyff in the 1974 World Cup.
Dutch soccer legend Johan Cruyff has died after battle with cancer. He was 68.
"If you give Leeds the ball, they will make you dance". RIP Johan Cruyff, and thanks for arguably the finest praise ever for m…
I saw Johan Cruyff play at old Highbury, Fairs Cup (= Europa Cup) 1970. Peter Storey marked him out of the game. Yes, that really happened.
RIP Johan Cruyff - one of the greatest ever. Stylish, innovative, flamboyant, entertaining & brilliant ⚽️
Johan Cruyff has died peacefully in Barcelona, surrounded by his family after a hard fought battle with cancer. (Cruyff…
BREAKING NEWS: Johan Cruyff has died aged 68 - More on
Johan Cruyff was as much a pioneer in football as David Bowie was in music. His impact on the game was that extraordinary.
Five years ago, Johan Cruyff & Co took over Ajax. It was called the 'Velvet Revolution'. These days, it's more like th…
Johan Cruyff has withdrawn from Ajax. The velvet revolution has come to an end. Hopefully, the Ajax Academy will retur…
great Johan Cruyff believes critics are wrong to suggest Lionel cheeky penalty assist for...
Johan Cruyff: "I don't understand the criticism now. When I did this, the press praised the penalty. They saw it as genius.…
Johan Cruyff: "Messi-Suarez penalty made me feel happy --- I share the same philosophy as those who are brave to do it. Foo…
Sensational from Messi and Best penalty ever?. .
Made an account where I wish to compile all great Johan Cruyff quotes under one roof. Follow if you're interested. >
Johan Cruyff: "Messi-Ronaldo comparisons? There's a big difference between being a great player and being a great goalsc…
These soccer newbies really think Messi is the only person that has done a PK pass. Look up Johan Cruyff you rookie Barca *** riders.
No one understands football like Johan Cruyff.
Lionel Messi's penalty was not disrespectful, says Johan Cruyff
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Johan Cruyff: "It's better to fail with your own vision, rather than following another man's vision."
Johan Cruyff: "There’s only one moment in which you can arrive in time. If you’re not there, you’re either too early or …
Johan Cruyff: "No team runs as little as Barça. They have the ball and set the rhythm. There's one ball. Who has it, is …
Johan Cruyff (2010): "Madrid failed (5-0) because they went forward without putting pressure on the ball. That's like ru…
Johan Cruyff: "You can have pots of money. Doesn’t mean you win CL. Money is secondary. Main thing is quality of footbal…
Johan Cruyff: "Choose the best player for every position, and you’ll end up not with a strong XI, but with 11 strong 1’s…
Johan Cruyff: “Football is simple. But nothing is more difficult than playing simple football.”
Johan Cruyff: "Technique is passing the ball with one touch, with the right speed, at the right foot of your team mate."…
Johan Cruyff: "When you’re playing against a team that has two great central defenders, the best option is to play witho…
Cruyff, sure of cancer recovery, says he leads disease 2-0: LONDON (AP) -- Dutch soccer great Johan Cruyff ann...
One of Johan Cruyff's first appearances for Ajax (1964)
I still haven't forgiven them for selling Johan Cruyff after an MVP season.
Ajax Amsterdam's Johan Cruyff carried off the pitch against Sparta Rotterdam 1968
What a player he was! Ild only rate Johan Cruyff and Van basten ahead of him
Legendary Dutch football player and manager Johan Cruyff diagnosed with lung cancer
Dutch soccer legend Johan Cruyff having Lung-cancer is tragic!He led the best team never to have won the World Cup!
This is the most important battle of your life, Master!! My prayers and thoughts are with you now!. Get well soon, Johan Cruyff!
Johan Cruyff having cancer is only tragic if he dies, which will be monumentally tragic. An absolute golden hero of his time.
Cristiano Ronaldo is not a team player like Lionel Messi, so says Johan Cruyff.
Johan Cruyff: "Messi taught himself instead of a coach saying 'run from cone to cone with the ball -- do this, do that'."
Martial has gone from being the future Thierry Henry to future Johan Cruyff ;) (that turn)
Have you ever seen Anthony Martial, Thierry Henry and Johan Cruyff in the same room at the same time...
The man who changed football forever - Johan Cruyff.
BIG mention to Tucu. He's suffered his fair share of criticism but at times in that half I could've sworn that I was watching Johan Cruyff
Danny & Daley Blind, Johan & Jordi Cruyff - a pattern emerges. Parent good, child not so good.
1994: Bulgarian player Hristo Stoichkov with his Ballon d'Or, alongside his coach Johan Cruyff.
A look inside our Cruyff Classics Flagship store, featuring some iconic shots of Johan Cruyff.
Thank you Johan Cruyff. Thank you very much for not letting Mourinho manage Barca. I can't thank you enough. God bless you
DID YOU KNOW: Johan Cruyff was bookie's favourite to take over at Arsenal before Arsene Wenger was appointed.
Pleased to announce our new representative in Brasil as part of our international strategy! htt…
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yeah and Barça's was an emulation of that by Johan Cruyff that has gone on to surpass Ajax's
1977: Johan Cruyff being removed from a match vs. Malaga for protesting the ref on a clear handball.
Last time I was in the St Mirren end at a game I was watching Johan Cruyff. Not quite the same tonight. Things...
I wonder how differently things would have been if Johan Cruyff had become the Arsenal manager instead of Arsene Wenger.
"The people who are crazy enough to think they can change the world are the ones who do". Johan Cruyff and Steve Jobs http:…
Johan Cruyff and Steve Jobs. Two visionaries in their respective fields that changed the game forever via
Luca Toni, Johan Cruyff , Rivaldo Ferreira and Hristo Stoichkov amongst others, all have a dislike for Louis van Gaal. But why?
Go down in the same way as Ferenc Puskas, Johan Cruyff, Eusebio, Luis Figo.
Johan Cruyff and Marco van Basten at the airport for their departure to Sweden to face Malmö FF. March, 1987
The TV programme today listed Dennis Berkamp,Marco Van Basten and Johan Cruyff on a Holland Best Squad what a Forward line!
Barcelona are set to invite former bosses Terry Venables, Johan Cruyff, Frank Rijkaard and Josep Guardiola...
Along with other former bosses Terry Venables, Johan Cruyff and Frank Rijkaard
Johan Cruyff speaking with Prince Bernhard before Ajax's European Cup game at home against Nuremberg 1968
Johan Cruyff, Giorgio Chinaglia and Franz Beckenbauer at the end of their glorious career in the USA Soccer League
Guardiola should be very familiar with 3-3-1-3 given he's played under Johan Cruyff and Louis van Gaal. Also close with Mar…
Johan Cruyff and Canavarro think Toni Kroos is the best player in the world and has been last 2 years 😕
Johan Cruyff on Cristiano Ronaldo winning the last two Ballon d'Ors...
Johan Cruyff: "He deserves 10 out of 10 for doing what he does. He's a sensation."
"Johan Cruyff is starting to sound like the Bill O'Reilly of soccer to me."
Guardiola "Barca should be eternally grateful to Johan Cruyff"
Johan Cruyff: “It's incredible to speak bad about Guardiola after all that he's done.” [tv3]
Pretty much bang on! : Cristiano Ronaldo Ballon D'Or Win Labelled 'Absurd' by Johan Cruyff
Johan Cruyff admits he almost joined ..
"You can enjoy yourself when the ball does what you want. It's fun. If the ball doesn't do what you want, then it's not fun." Johan Cruyff
You can watch "The Last Match", a documentary, that was released by TV3 last night, on Cruyff here. [Catalan]
Johan Cruyff: “Barça had nothing football wise. It was a challenge to play at a club that represented Catalonia. It was …
Dutch Legend Johan Cruyff has said that he would have joined in 1973 had had their way with the...
Johan cruyff won it twice in a row, never won the World Cup or the euros... 😬
Johan Cruyff: "Cristiano winning the Ballon D'or is ridiculous, deserved it more"
Fact: Johan Cruyff wanted to win The Ballon d'Or. And he regret the fact Barcelona missed his signing
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Pep Guardiola "Barcelona should be eternally grateful to Johan Cruyff."
Johan Cruyff: "Barcelona weren't at the same level as Madrid football wise, but it was a challenge to play for a Catalan…
Johan Cruyff: "The president of Ajax wanted to sell me to Real Madrid,"
Johan Cruyff: “I had a deal with Real Madrid before I joined Barcelona. But I chose for Barcelona.”
The Cruyff movie that aired on TV3 last night can be watched online here. (in Catalan).
Johan Cruyff relaxing and smoking after a game.
Cristiano Ronaldo Did Not Deserve The Ballon D'Or Says Barcelona Legend Johan Cruyff - Johan Cruyff believes the exclusion of key players from the Bayern Munich and German national team from the Ballon d'Or nominations is an outrage, expressing his criticism towards the award. The Netherlands legend - who won the award three times in 1971, 1973 and 1974 - says the recognition should have gone to a player who excelled individually and helped their club to win trophies; adding that a number of players from the Bayern and the World Cup winning Germany side could have, and should have, been nominated for the honours. "At the highest level, it's all about the combination of individual quality and achievements," Cruyff was quoted by Goal. "From that point of view, it's absurd that for the second year in a row a player has been given the award who did not both play excellent and win the most trophies." The former Barcelona playmaker believes Toni Kroos, who was instrumental for both club and country, was a worth ...
Real Sociedad boss David Moyes has compared Adnan Januzaj to Dutch legend Johan Cruyff, but says he has no plans to sign the winger on loan.
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like Johan Cruyff and Jesper Olsen's penalty for Ajax against Helmond Sport.
Here's what the legendary Johan Cruyff had to say about the
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I hope so too but I have stopped caring about the Ballon d'Or. It's just like what Johan Cruyff said.
Cristiano will be awarded today (18:30 CET), time to remind Johan Cruyff's view on Ballon d’or.
Johan Cruyff once said that if there was a God every game would end in a scoreless tie...
Johan Cruyff was right LVG knew what he was getting himself into when he took over the Man U job he shouldn't complain!
Are the met taking advice from Johan Cruyff?
Ballon d'Or?It's a farce from the journalists and everyone votes for his friend. |Johan Cruyff|. Ishalla sndodh kjo gje nsr.
"If you want to play quicker you can run faster, but the ball decides the speed of the game" Johan Cruyff
He is highly regarded in Barcelona but was marginalized by Brca board becuz of close ties to Johan Cruyff
But what is Johan Cruyff doing? Why cant he take up the post of sporting director.
He will win five, six, seven. He is incomparable. He’s in a different league." - Johan Cruyff
Celtic defender Virgil van Dijk reveals his attacking prowess has been shaped by Holland legend...
Johan Cruyff: "Louis van Gaal and I are both Dutch, but I like my teams to keep the ball... his style is militaristic."
Lazar Markovic is simultaneously elegant and terribly ungainly. Running style similar to Johan Cruyff. Not quite as good though
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Januzaj reminds me of Cruyff, says former United boss Moyes via Off to Real Sociedad on loan then ???
Johan Cruyff explaining the diamond formation
"Johan Cruyff: ""Neymar and Messi? I wouldn't put two captains on the same ship"""
Johan Cruyff not on your life, we jinky was the best💚
Johan Cruyff: Van Gaal has no right to complain about fixtures - The Standard Digital News (satire) (pre
Adnan Januzaj reminds me of Johan Cruyff, says former Manchester United boss David Moyes
The gifs that keep on giving: Johan Cruyff, Barcelona and perfect balance
Moyes: "Januzaj is a wonderfully gifted player with great balance & the ability to go past people. He has characteristics o…
Ronald Koeman is a force of nature. Just ask Johan Cruyff. A look at how he is driving the top4 dream of
Dutch newspaper De Telegraaf suggests a Laporta comeback at Barca could mean the return of Johan Cruyff - and Ronald Koeman as …
and? Johan Cruyff once thought it was a good opinion to pick Richard Witschge?
Football is simple, but it's difficult to play simple. - Johan Cruyff
People think they have done something with their lives without remembering that they will never be as good as Johan Cruyff
All about Johan Cruyff Quotes : height, biography, quotes - see at
For today's look at the finest moments in football, looks back at Johan Cruyff's second best goal.
in 2013, Johan Cruyff ends his coaching career as Catalunya draw 1-1 with Nigeria.
“It was like seeing Johan Cruyff but with black skin,”
Xavi was inspired to go into coaching after talking to Barcelona hero Johan Cruyff... but don't ...
The week I take Nacer Chadli out of my fantasy team he suddenly turns into Johan Cruyff
Now let's wait for the pundits to tell us that Harry Kane is the new Johan Cruyff...
Bill Shankley built a legacy, Johan Cruyff built a legacy, those are legacies. Something that paves the path for the future.
" The best man in football is the one who’s positioned best. Without the ball " - Johan Cruyff
You did'nt even know who Johan Cruyff was
Like Johan Cruyff you can start at Ajax and than you can always make youre way to a bigger Leaque. 😉
. Same to u my dear friend, and to our legend Johan Cruyff.
Nope. You can believe in/worship God/Krishna/The Holy Cow/The Subway/Johan Cruyff and still accept the Evolution as a fact.
Soccer is simple, but it is difficult to play simple. -Johan Cruyff-
Good stuff. Most Wilshere fanboys have a creepy obsession with immensely technical players and think they’re Johan Cruyff.
Johan Cruyff: How will 'militaristic' Louis van Gaal manage all the egos at ... - The Guardian
OTD 1973: Johan Cruyff, who had moved from Ajax to Barcelona that summer, won the second of his three Ballons d'Or.
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On this day: Johan Cruyff regains Ballon d'Or - Sports Mole
ON THIS DAY in 1973, the great Johan Cruyff was named Europe's best footballer for a second time:
Ajax’s Johan Cruyff and Henk Groot mess about in the snow before a game v Benfica, 1969
Johan Cruyff trains on the snow, 1966
Johan Cruyff comes to mind but you're right. It's very rare.
Johan Cruyff hand signed picture Holland football team legend
Ballon d'or? A bunch of people who voted for their friends said by johan cruyff
"if you play on possession, you don't have to defend because there's only one ball"- Johan Cruyff
But in the end, Óscar Garcia decided to leave because of the board's mishandling of Johan Cruyff, Garcia's mentor. Eusebio …
"For the world of football, Messi is a treasure because he is role model for children around the world…" - Johan Cruyff
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