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Joey Votto

Joseph Daniel Joey Votto, (born September 10, 1983) is a Canadian Major League Baseball first baseman for the Cincinnati Reds.

Larry Walker Justin Morneau Brandon Phillips Albert Pujols Jay Bruce Russell Martin Paul Goldschmidt Zack Cozart Pete Rose Jeremy Hellickson Ferguson Jenkins Marty Brennaman Todd Frazier Anthony Rizzo Johnny Bench Adam Dunn

Joey Votto has 15 career pop-ups in 5,389 plate appearances, zero this year. Todd Frazier has 36 THIS season.
I have the same bithday as Paul Goldschmidt, Joey Votto, Randy Johnson, and Dustin Peterson. Today is good
I have greg bird as slugger with a good average. maybe a Joey Votto type guy
Joey Votto is on pace to lead the National League in walks and on-base percentage, each for the fifth time in his 9 full season…
You: "It's a shame that solid players like Billy Hamilton and Joey Votto have to play ball in a place like Cincy.". Me: "No, it's not."
Joey Votto looks very similar to Mark Giordano. And they're both from Toronto. Illuminati.
What Votto's confrontation tells us about him.
Great example from Joey Votto, who apologized to fan after angrily grabbing the fan's shirt via
Joey Votto gives interfering Reds fan a death stare only to apologize with a signed baseball
So, Jay Bruce, any special reason you chose "Yeah," he said. "Joey Votto's plate discipline." Smart man.
Good old Canadian boy! Joey Votto shows fan what he thinks of him.
Joey Votto with the fan reaction of the year! ...
I don't know much about Joey Votto, but this is pretty cool!
Joey Votto working overtime on his elaborate scheme to hide his sexual preference. What's next Votto???
It's OK to get in the way of an opposing teams player to catch a foul ball not your own team!
Sorry, Joey Votto, but you can't just fondle a fan's breast, no matter how big it is.
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POLL Q: What should Joey Votto's punishment be after fan incident last night? . VOTE:
Joey Votto gets super salty with fan who interfered on foul ball, apologizes with signed ball.
The fan wanted to offer 1B Joey Votto an apology. He received one instead.
ICYMI: Joey Votto, fan finish night in style after rocky start. Story:
wonder if the cards are done yet not sure about Joey Votto though take care you look great in a biniki and cards top shorts
Like Joey Votto but why is he always getting into it with fans? Not a good look
Joey Votto grabbed Reds fan’s shirt in disgust after foul ball, then apologized
Today on Did the Reds fan deserve an apology from Joey Votto? Mistake for LeBron to feed into MJ comparisons?
Joey Votto grabbed the shirt of a fan that prevented him from making a catch. . He made up for it later:
This is awesome. Joey Votto signs a ball with an apology for a fan who he interacted with on a foul ball.
Reds Joey Votto Gets Super Salty with Fan Who Interfered on Foul Ball, Apologizes with Signed Ball via
Joey Votto apologizes after taking his frustration out on front row fan.
Joey Votto, you're such a *** I lost all respect for your sorry *** missing a pop up then blaming it on a fan.
Joey Votto is a *** Last night was just another example of his LDS
As fan I respect Joey Votto. All athletes have bad response in heat of battle.What he did later was classy
😭😭 at what Joey Votto did to that fan last night
Joey Votto apologizes for ‘bullying’ fan whose shirt he angrily grabbed
You cannot be more accountable than Joey Votto was after an incident with a fan Tuesday night.
Reds fan draws ire of Joey Votto before receiving apology souvenir - via App
Man, despite regressing a bit, Joey Votto is still an OPS machine.
This was a classy move to make amends with the fan after showing frustration.
Joey Votto wants you to remember who you root for on a foul ball
Joey Votto is a man. Shows up a fan, realizes he's wrong, admits it, apologizes on the spot, and remedies it.
Joey Votto goes to catch a ball in the stands, but a fan prevents him from making the catch. Vott... - via App
It took some innings, but Joey Votto & a fan sorted everything out. . Full Story:
It's always good to know when you've gone a little too far. Joey went 4-for-4 for the Cincinnati Reds last night,...
Did you happen to catch this during the Cardinals-Reds game last night? Votto punks the fan but watch how he...
Cincinnati Reds first baseman Joey Votto had an interesting interaction with a few young San Francisco Giants...
Joey Votto, Jay Bruce, and Adam Duvall (twice) all went deep for the on Tuesday.
Brandon Phillips flies out to Jason Heyward in center stranding Joey Votto on 2nd to end the top half of the 7th with the score 7-5 Reds
In my replay, Joey Votto doubles in his last at bat of the season to deprive Albert Pujols of the Triple Crown.
.had 8 Ks, and the bullpen pitched 7-plus innings, allowing only the one run.
Joey Votto of all people, he aint even good and caught $225. *** Kershaw plays literately 35 out of 162 games and pulls in $225 million
Awesome: "No, Joey Votto will never stop trolling opposing fans by denying them souvenirs" via
There ya go! You can't be mad at Votto if you like Pete. Unless you want to be a hypocrite. Then, by all means, hate Joey.
Joey Votto is hitting .255 while Zack Cozart is at .257.
Joey Votto is slashing .325/.471/.538 in June and has also stolen five bases in the month.
People are really bent out of shape about this Joey Votto situation.. Relax people
he's done it before. There's film of him in Philly taunting fans. Maybe Joey Votto has an issue with the Mid-Atlantic region
Reds' Joey Votto was a big meanie to some fans on Friday
The have Joey Votto. fans get no foul ball-o.
Reds' Joey Votto played some tricks on Nationals fans Friday: Reds first baseman Joey Votto played a trick on...
I've just redone all the floors in Joey Votto's home. Hope he enjoys
Joey Votto has made it his mission to troll every fan of a opponent this season:
Reds gave Joey Votto over 200 mil -- and people freaking about Mike Conley?
The other 3 Canadian player with 3 HR games that Michael Saunders joins are. Joey Votto, Justin Morneau & Larry Walker.
Joey Votto, Justin Morneau, and Larry Walker. Very solid company to be in.
Saunders is only the 4th Canadian born player with a 3 homer game (Larry Walker, Justin Morneau, Joey Votto)
About Hamilton's return from concussion DL, and Joey Votto's big numbers in Houston:
Leadoff single for Joey Votto ends Kendall Graveman's day after just 4+ innings. Fernando Rodriguez takes over for up 4-1
I'll bet would love to have a few beers w/ Joey Votto, Pacman Jones & T. J. Houshmandzadeh.
Why don't we all pretend we're not soft as baby thighs and let this Joey Votto thing go? Stupid *** media
For some reason when Joey Votto steps into the box Jeremy Hellickskn turns into Nolan Ryan
Here's a look at the long partnership between Joey Votto and Brandon Phillips:
Tonight will be the 1000th game Brandon Phillips & Joey Votto have started together on the right side of the field.
Brandon Phillips hits 1,500 games with Reds, 1,000 next to Joey Votto via
Someone needs to tell Joey Votto, Jay Bruce and Brandon Phillips that it is 2016. In this series, they are playing like it is 2010.
8 years ago, Joey Votto becomes 3rd Cdn to hit 3 HRs in MLB game. Larry Walker & Justin Morneau other CDNs to do so.
Some good calls on the yesterday including Joey Votto, Brandon Phillips, Giancarlo Stanton, Xander Bogaertd and Drew Pomeranz
Would Reds' star Joey Votto really walk away from $200 million? [The Mercury News]
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Walks, top 6 in Reds history, all-time: Pete Rose, Barry Larkin, Joe Morgan, Johnny Bench, Joey Votto, Adam Dunn. I love that list.
Not sure how I missed this little nugget: earlier this season, Joey Votto passed Adam Dunn for 5th place on the Reds all-time BB list.
actually I think was gonna give us Hector Neris and Jeanmar Gomez for Joey Votto and Zach Cozart
.Joey Votto, Justin Morneau, and Russell Martin are all Canadian MLB players
Apr 23, AB 4: Kris Bryant grounds out, shortstop Zack Cozart to first baseman Joey Votto.
Apr 23, AB 2: Javier Baez grounds into a double play, shortstop Zack Cozart to second baseman Brandon Phillips to first baseman Joey Votto.
& playing in front of second capacity crowd at GABP this season. It's a Joey Votto bobblehead night. Also sold out opening day.
The last time it happened was the Joey Votto grand slam off Henry Rodriguez in Cincinnati on Mothers Day 2012
Brett Gardner with the Joey Votto special. Four walk game
Jeremy Hellickson has Joey Votto's number, but bullpen wastes his effort.
The Phillies just walked the bases loaded in a tie game to bring up Joey Votto. In case you wondered if managers actually make a difference.
Jeremy Hellickson is the first pitcher to strike out Joey Votto three times in a game since Matt Garza in July 2014.
Joey Votto is 0-for-3 with three strikeouts against Jeremy Hellickson today. What in the?
>> Pete Rose sees Hall of Fame numbers on Joey Votto's resume
Joey Votto, asked by catcher A.J. Ellis why he was leaning on his bat after every pitch, said: "I'm thinking."
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Votto is always underrated. If you asked a casual fan, "is Eric Hosmer on Joey Votto's level," they'd probably say yes. Prosecution rests.
I'm watching the Reds Padres game from last night and Joey Votto's pants are tight lmao nh
Joey Votto has the tightest baseball pants out of any baseball player I have ever seen
Joey Votto is a gift (and talks about his clothes, by extension his pants )
Joey Votto going with the tight high pants. Bold move
Joey Votto & have some fun on Catch the first baseman on at 9pE!
Joey Votto bunts for a single. Bryan Price talked about how Votto and Jay Bruce have worked on bunting vs. the shift.
Anthony Rizzo is 26. Joey Votto won the MVP at 26. A teammate sees a similarity. Hmm…
pretty diverse group at 156 with Willie Mays, Frank Thomas, Joey Votto, and *** Allen.
Best thing about televised Spring ball today? Joey Votto in midseason form. A walk and two opposite field base hits. The man.
Dean's daycare is having super hero day on Friday and has chosen to go as Joey Votto.
Unsure how realistic this is, but a fun read. A Jose Bautista alternative for the Blue Jays: Trade for Joey Votto.
Everything about Joey Votto is Hall of Fame. I hope he's a player forever. And then beyond.
this is the year Joey Votto beats an umpire to death with a bat, and if there's a god, it'll be Jerry Meals
Joey Votto has a flaw. That *** OLE back hand on balls hit to his right. There. Other than that, no issues.
I just got to hold bats used by Mickey Mantle, Johnny Bench and Joey Votto. That's not a bad day.
To have Albert Pujols and Joey Votto in the top five of first baseman and not Anthony Rizzo? Harold Reynolds is an ***
Marty Brennaman throwing Joey Votto back under the bus for "leadership"
I believe this is called "scouting", fans should be reminded that Joey Votto was drafted 44th.
I think we should take my framed Joey Votto picture back to Western to hang on the wall of our dorm 😍
Hot Stove: Reds should consider trading Joey Votto as part of rebuild
I blogged on Storen, JBEE and I compare 's beard to Joey Votto's.
The Storen Trade, JBEE and Joey Votto's Beard: Joanna, you delivered about the perfect beard joke.
Also from the archives,our March 29th, 2013 first ever post predicting Goldy to be better than then MVP Joey Votto
would you happen to have an extra 2009 Joey Votto Bobblehead
Let's look forward to baseball season. . Reds positives:. ◾Joey Votto. ◾Raisel Iglesias . Welp that's about it go Reds
No kidding. Joey Votto is practically the only way to tell. They could be historically bad.
Joey Votto wants to stick with rebuilding Reds via
When I showed my header pic to my mom after telling her tht it was Joey Votto she said "oh it's so baseball, it's not even of his butt" 😂💁🏻
Joey Votto is washed up. One of the three NL MVP candidates from this past year is washed up. Okay.
even if they do you know Joey Votto is gonna be awesome hits, at bats, bum, face etc
and Joey Votto takes too many walks. steelers have Bengals so twisted in their heads
If Joey Votto didn't take so many *** walks, the Bengals would have won this game.
The Bengals would have won if Joey Votto quit trying to walk all the time and drove in some runs
Yep. And DIamond Club tickets should be extremely cheap next season. Joey Votto bobble heads for 100% in attendance
At least Cincinnatti fans get to watch Joey Votto get on base frequently in a few months!
First game against the Reds The Pirates should put one in the middle Joey Votto's back as retribution for AB.
Joey Votto ain't walking through that door, Cincinatti
No matter what happens, Travis Snider still struck out Joey Votto that one time.
you know what it's gotta be, Gerrit Cole. a little chin music for Joey Votto
The fans throwing debris at Big Ben were probably the same fans who said Joey Votto didn't have enough RBIs.
Your in Cincinnati not Cleveland Have Brandon Phillips or Joey Votto make that announcement over the PA
Good news is the Reds...uhhh...well they've traded all of their good players besides Joey Votto and are rebuilding.
awards banquet. doing great job hosting. Joey Votto and Chris Reitsma presentation.
What are Joey Votto’s chances of making the Hall of Fame?
The Bengals should put Joey Votto at running back. He could walk all the way to the end zone.
.welp, dogs love walks so you might as well just name him Joey Votto
Good news is there will be plenty of good seats available and cheap to watch the Joey Votto and his AAA teammates
I'm going to the Baseball Canada event. I will report on the state of Joey Votto's pants for my loyal blog readers.
Sources: acquire Joey Votto, and Aroldis Chapman from the in exchange for Prospects Daniel Norris, Pente…
I think Mile Trout, Joey Votto, and Albert Pujols would beg to differ.
but THAT great. Like greater than a Joey Votto or Albert Pujols!
"(Donaldson) beat out the Cincinnati Reds’ Joey Votto and Arizona Diamondbacks’ Paul Goldschmidt. Royals outfielder Lorenzo Cain was third."
More from Joey Votto on his 3rd place finish in NL MVP via
Joey Votto has a higher OBP (.423) than Mantle, Big Hurt, Musial, Boggs, Jackie, Man Ram, and Shoeless Joe.
Sizing up Joey Votto vs. other NL MVP finalists: How does Joey Votto stack up against Bryce Harper and Paul…
Trade Michael Pineda, Brandon League, Chone Figgins and Carlos Triunfel to CIN for Joey Votto and C Yasmani Grandal.
Players who (cost & production) are upgrades at 1st over Lucas Duda:. Paul Goldschmidt. Anthony Rizzo. Joey Votto. That's about it.
Chattanooga Lookouts - 3 MLB affiliates & some big names over the last decade. Joey Votto, Yasiel Puig, Miguel Sano
Cincinnati Reds Farm Arms Gaining Recognition: Great performances by Joey Votto and Brandon Phillips are nice,...
11) By the way Harold, MVP Joey Votto is pretty good at first base and Harold, MVP Larry Walker won 7 golden gloves. J…
ask Harold Reynolds to explain Ferguson Jenkins, Larry Walker, Joey Votto & Russell Martin to name a few. Have him check his facts
What do Fergie Jenkins, Larry Walker, Joey Votto, Russ Martin and Justin Morneau have in common?
- list of Canadians that can catch a foul ball: Larry Walker, Russell Martin, Joey Votto, Ferguson Jenkins, Paul Quantrill.
Do you know if Russell Martin, Joey Votto, Freddie Freeman, Justin Morneau, Larry Walker or Ferguson Jenkins can catch baseballs?
Just how good is Joey Votto? & get into a heated debate over the star
Joey Votto has reached base in 46 straight games, the longest streak by a Reds player since Pete Rose's 48-game streak i…
Reds' Frazier, Votto banged up in loss to Cubs: Todd Frazier and Joey Votto appear to be a bit banged up after the…
Joey Votto's sneer after striking out in the 7th is the best sneer this side of an extra in Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides.
Joey Votto had 38 walks in August. That's more than Andre Dawson had in 12 different full seasons.
The "Joey Votto walks too much" argument is about as worn out as The Flat Earth Society.
Before next season, I'd like to acquire Joey Votto, Jason Heyward, Zach Greinke, and Aroldis Chapman. Really shore some things up.
Joey Votto has suspension reduced to 1 game, will serve it Friday. --->
Joey Votto bats during the vs. exhibition at Louisville Slugger Field on March 29, 2014.
Joey Votto suspended for 2 games for his actions following his ejection Wednesday. --->
Joey Votto suspended for 2 games. He is appealing.
Wrote about Joey Votto: Volcanic eruption waiting to happen, because he's the undisputed king of the strike zone.
Joey Votto looks like a psycho murderer with that shaved head. Lookin an awful lot like a Russian hit man for a Canadian.
Josh Harrison came to the plate 1125 times from 2011-2014 and had 37 walks. Joey Votto had 38 walks in August alone.
I'm convinced the only way to slow Joey Votto down at this point is to use a kryptonite baseball.
Proven Run Producer Carlos Santana now has more silly RBI than Miguel Cabrera, Joey Votto & Troy Tulowitzki this year. Tie…
Oh man Joey Votto just continues to make Marty Brennaman look like the absolute fool that he is.
It's hilarious that some fans still bash Joey Votto. Assuming he stays healthy, Votto will be a Hall of Famer when his career is over.
Joey Votto is one of the three players to lead his league in OBP for four straight seasons since Ted Williams.
BASEBALL FANS! Time to VOTE for your FAVOURITE Canadian-born player. RT= Joey Votto. FAV= Justin Morneau. http:…
Mike Trout, Albert Pujols and Joey Votto are the only 3 active players in the top 20 on career wRC+, Trout's 7th ahead of Cobb, Musial, Mays
The thing about MVP voting, the dark horse often wins it. Think Justin Morneau and Joey Votto. Both weren't favoured but won.
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