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Joey Tribbiani

Joseph Francis Joey Tribbiani, Jr.

Chandler Bing Ross Geller Phoebe Buffay Rachel Green Monica Geller Barney Stinson Matt Le Blanc Matt Leblanc Harry Potter Ted Mosby Rachel Greene Howard Wolowitz David Schwimmer Ross Gellar Taylor Swift

Joey Tribbiani is currently having sex with a roast lamb and we are all concerned with our economy smdh
Is Fetty Wap's "hey wassup hello" the modern day version of Joey Tribbiani's "how you doin?"
Friends S8 E2 Joey Tribbiani - a friend who cares that much is a friend for life 💕
Watching & it appears some guy playing Callum graduated from the Joey Tribbiani school of acting
Lisa Kudrow and Matt Leblanc explained why Phoebe Buffay and Joey Tribbiani never hooked up on "Friends."
Kit Harrington and Joey Tribbiani on graham norton. Kit looks so tiny next to Rebel Wilson.
Joey Tribbiani being onstage at a Taylor Swift concert is like Harry Potter being onstage at Edward Cullen's piano recital.
Parting thought for the night: Arizona Robbins, Sarah Walker, and Joey Tribbiani all went to a Taylor Swift concert tonight …
I'm wearing my Harry Potter shirt and Joey Tribbiani walked the catwalk with Taylor on her show. Good morning.
I seriously think I can eat more than Ron Swanson, Joey Tribbiani, and Kevin Malone.
I need a Chandler Bing, Ross Geller, Joey Tribbiani, Rachel Green, Monica Geller, and Phoebe Buffay Teenage version in my life.
Joey Tribbiani . Chandler Bing. Monica Geller. Rachel Green. Ross Geller. Phoebe Buffae . Most loved group of of all times ❤
I don't have blonde moments, I have Joey Tribbiani moments.
I'm in love with Michael Kelso, Joey Tribbiani, and Barney Stinson & if that doesn't explain my taste in men then idk wha…
Nate Archibald is the Joey Tribbiani of the Upper East Side.
"I swear to god, dad. That's not how they measure pants" -Joey Tribbiani-
I need a Joey Tribbiani, Chandler Bing, Rachel Greene, Phoebe Boufet, Monica and Ross Gellar in my life🎈
I'm always shocked when I see an aged Matt Le Blanc. Like, as though he should be eternally stuck looking like Joey Tribbiani …
The hardest quiz ever: Who said it, JLaw or Joey Tribbiani? (The GIF will come in handy)
I'd like to see Joey Tribbiani play Trivia Crack
2 tabs open for Stax Records related facts, one wikipedia tab for Joey Tribbiani
it's Joey Tribbiani's famous 'smell the fart' acting isn't it?
We all have that one friend who's very Joey Tribbiani
I'd kill for a Joey Tribbiani in my life
My best friends are growing up! A turned 16 last 16th. 16 on 26th. Happy birthday my Joey Tribbiani kind of friend! 💋
I also had a dream joey tribbiani made me pancakes
Friends?! that's why Joey changes his name to baby kangaroo tribbiani :')
The funny this is Joey Tribbiani isn't even hot but manages to get all the ladies
If Phoebe Buffay and Joey Tribbiani had a child, it would be me.
Pretty sure I'm in love with joey tribbiani...
Joey Tribbiani is one of the funniest people on tv.
"Okay, I'm in my sweatpants. Bring on the food." I am Joey Tribbiani. Joey Tribbiani is me. Me & Joey Tribbiani are the same person
Joey Tribbiani is literally the best ever
totally crushing on Joey Tribbiani. "How you doin"
Joey Tribbiani is the ideal male friend, honestly
Everyone always tells Posey that he reminds them of Joey Tribbiani from Friends. I see it.
“Bye, I was kidding. I'd never hit a woman.. I have seven sisters...” Is this Joey Tribbiani
“Jenn told me I sound like Joey Tribbiani”
Jenn told me I sound like Joey Tribbiani
starting to understand Joey Tribbiani / Garfield's love for
*bangs down every door in the world* Do you have a minute to talk about Joey Tribbiani
I think it's weird she's sticking her fingers in my food but I'm gonna respect my elders and not go all Joey Tribbiani on her ***
I just want a friend like Joey Tribbiani
I don't think anyone understands how much I love Joey Tribbiani.
"You face your fears. You're scared of bugs you...get a bug." -Joey Tribbiani
I'm the Joey Tribbiani of the group...
"If you're gonna do something wrong, do it right!" -Joey Tribbiani
Tell him Joey Tribbiani says hi...he'll know what it means.
'If i had to, i'd pee on any one of you' ~ Joey Tribbiani
Wow the term "the friend zone" dates back to 1994, I only just heard of it last year or so... From Wikipedia: " The term was popularized by a 1994 episode of the American sitcom Friends entitled "The One with the Blackout", where the character Ross Geller, who was lovesick for Rachel Green, was described by character Joey Tribbiani as being the "mayor of the friend zone" "
Ross Gellar was leaps & bouns better than Ted Mosby. But, Joey Tribbiani had nothing on Barney Stinson.
What really struck me at Upton Park today is how much Fabianski looks like the long lost brother of Joey Tribbiani.
The best of Joey Tribbiani (Hilarious Outtakes) :D (Don't forget to turn on notifications for our page)
If Chandler Bing, Joey Tribbiani, Ross Geller, Marshall Eriksen, Ted Mosby, and Barney Stinson were all one person... It would be me.
"The reason why Chandler and Monica are doing so good is because they were friends first" --Joey Tribbiani, Friends S5E16 😍
Damon Salvatore is like a mixture of Joey Tribbiani and Chandler Bing.
“you remind me of Joey tribbiani in this and I don't know why
Joey Tribbiani levels of excitement for Die Hard here Hello Bruce :)
If you could be as careless as anyone, who would it be? — JOEY TRIBBIANI! Woho. Just reminded me to w...
Ross: We were drunk! I would've married Joey with that amount of alcohol! Phoebe: Hey! You could do a lot worse than J…
"Joey Tribbiani: I mean, what's not to like? Custard, good. Jam, good. Meat, good!"
Joey Tribbiani taught me how to live.
"I mean, we may be not great thinkers, or world leaders, don't read a lot, or run very fast... but *** it, we can eat!"- Joey Tribbiani
Alas. I've procrastinated long enough. To quote the great Joey Tribbiani, "You are my Everest."
this guy just said "how you doin'? Joey Tribbiani style in Danish to us. I love this city.
I need a real life version of Chandler Bing and Joey Tribbiani to hang out with
I looked at my bagel and it popped out of the toaster. I'm literally the Joey Tribbiani of bagels.
When I get married can Joey Tribbiani be my vicar please X. Justin Bieber
It has a very Joey Tribbiani feel to it, doesn't it?
good idea, but ask Joey Tribbiani how well that
I want someone to look at me the way joey Tribbiani looks at a sandwich
"let me explain to you how the human body works. I have to warm my stomach first, eating chips is like stretching." - Joey Tribbiani
"When Joey Tribbiani met the Balanced Scorecard" by on
"That's right, she's my friend and she needed help, if i had to, i'd pee on anyone of you" Joey Tribbiani
They tried to curve us, dem nor know say we be joey tribbiani
In the famous words of Joey Tribbiani - London Baby!!
I can only ever hear (or say) Sam Waterston's name in Joey Tribbiani's grandmother's voice.
Caricature of Matt Le Blanc as Joey Tribbiani from FRIENDS sitcom. ~ By Kamlesh Bhalerao.
I hoped Melissa & Joey was Melissa Joan Hart and Joey Tribbiani. It's not. It's Melissa Joan Hart and someone who's almost Billy Zane.
Joey Tribbiani and Howard Wolowitz should come together in a sitcom!
Joey Tribbiani & Phoebe Buffay looking as good as ever!
Matt Leblanc as Joey Tribbiani was my first crush
Another great shot from the Lollapalooza interview. Looks like Scott is doing his best Joey Tribbiani. How you doin'?
Matt Le Blanc as Joey Tribbiani . He is so adorable!.
This is Sascha Baron Cohen and Joey Tribbiani playing a trick on us, right?
The 1998 movie, LOST IN SPACE, is on. Matt Leblanc is playing this as if Joey Tribbiani booked a part in a major motion picture.
Time for the next question in our weeklong trivia contest. Remember whoever gets the most correct answers in a 7 day period will be declared winner of the adorably ugly Wise Owl posted last night. Get your thinking caps on folks! Question 2- In the television show Friends, who does character Joey Tribbiani portray on the classic soap opera Days Of Our Lives?
*End of topic* Right here's the answers to tonight's topic.. 1. Kate Winslet (She was in the ever so famous, 'Titanic') 2. Matt Leblanc (He's also known as Joey Tribbiani in the TV series 'Friends') 3. Kristen Bell (She was in 'Forgetting Sarah Marshall' & 'Couples Retreat') 4. Tom Felton (He was Draco Malfoy in 'Harry Potter') 5. Nico Mirallegro (One of my man crushes out of the TV series 'My Mad Fat Diary' Also used to be in 'Hollyoaks') 6. Joseph Gordon-Levitt (He was in both '10 Things I Hate About You' & '500 Days Of Summer') 7. Billy Burke (He was in both 'Twilight' & the TV series 'Revoloution') 8. Michelle Rodriguez (She was in the film 'Fast & Furious') 9. Stephanie Davis (She's currently staring in the soap 'Hollyoaks') 10. Hilary Swank (She was in one of my favourite movies 'Ps. I love you') How many did you guess correctly?
Crazy how looks like Matt Le Blanc aka Joey Tribbiani!
Hmm, not sure if it's or actor Matt Le Blanc (better known as Joey Tribbiani)
I had a dream I was dating Joey Tribbiani...but it wasn't Matt Le Blanc, it was Joey as if he was a real person
Pizza and brownies? I would make a perfect girlfriend for Joey Tribbiani. I also make killer sandwiches and like meatball subs
I thought this said 'hey, how u doin' like joey tribbiani
One day I hope to play Joey tribbiani's *** ok tv.
I really hope that someday I have a friend like Joey Tribbiani
Friends, Joey Tribbiani, Chandler Bing - when people ask me if I'm single 😭
Hottie Tomalley favorited it. Looks like Joey's got game.
I wish I was friends with Joey Tribbiani
I feel like Joey Tribbiani and I would be best friends.
Don't put words in people's mouths. You put turkey in people's mouths. - Joey Tribbiani
Chandler: Are you wearing make-up? Joey: Yes, I am. As of today, I am officially Joey Tribbiani, actor slash model. Chandler: That's so funny, 'cause I was thinking you look more like Joey Tribbiani, man slash woman.
Matt Leblanc is 10x more attractive than Joey Tribbiani
So I cooked Joey Tribbiani a fresh tuna steak for dinner. And now I get to watch him run around high as *** on catnip. Tonight was fun lol
joey tribbiani has the cutest smile bYE
Nick Amaro is stop eatin hot, in the words of Joey Tribbiani
Joey Tribbiani is one of the greatest men of all time.
I think Joey Tribbiani want something or not?? @ Meu Apto
🙊 Joey Tribbiani. But you don't know if I mean him or if I mean me but I'm married to him so I have his last name. 😏 😂
I'd watch soap operas if the one on Friends was turned into a real tv show...Days of our Lives starring Joey Tribbiani as Dr. Drake Ramoray!
'I want the tickets.. and I'll buy the Knicks... and Steffi Graf' - Joey Tribbiani
-Hey Chandler, when you see Frankie tell him Joey Tribbiani says Hello... He'll know what i mean. -Are you sure he's gonna be able to
"Just because you don't understand something doesn't make it wrong.". -wise words of Joey Tribbiani
I can read Joey Tribbiani's quotes all the time they never get old
The first day i bring popcorn to work and the kitchen is full... i feel like screaming JOEY TRIBBIANI DOESNT SHARE FOD!
Joey Tribbiani is the man on friends like
:O Waqai? You're serious? You don't know Joey 'how you doin' Tribbiani!? :P
Feeling like Joey Tribbiani with my meatball sub
Joey Tribbiani - Joey’s relationships with the other friends have always been very friendly. Link
Hey, how you doin'? . The Joey Tribbiani of Golden Retrievers makes his move.
Looks at n says in a Joey Tribbiani voice "HOW YOU DOING..." LOL happy hump day ^~^
Joey Tribbiani "I’ve been with my share of women. In fact I’ve been with a lot of people’s share of women."
Walt Disney Collectibles and Gifts, Disney Figurin
You know you're desperate when you're crushing *** Joey Tribbiani
Joey Tribbiani is the greatest TV character of all time.
Everyone needs a Joey Tribbiani in their life
Matthew Steven "Matt" LeBlanc- (born July 25, 1967) is an American actor, known for his role as Joey Tribbiani on the NBC sitcom Friends and its spin-off Joey. In 2011, LeBlanc began starring as a fictional version of himself in Episodes, a BBC Two/Showtime television series created by Friends co-creator David Crane and Jeffrey Klarik. LeBlanc won a Golden Globe award for his work on Episodes, after being nominated three times for his work on Friends.
Who is funnier between Chandler Bing and Joey Tribbiani on Friends?
All I can think about is Joey Tribbiani. Link in comments.
Lol at least Matt Leblanc knows how to play ignorant and is funny in his role as Joey Tribbiani, not like some folks here on FB, pretending to be "enlightened"/wise (in their own eyes), telling other ppl to read/study, whilst their self-conceited delusion self, is oozing from their every pore...
Sometime Joey Tribbiani and butterscotch ice cream also don't help.
Watched a couple of episodes of Episodes on Showtime. Joey Tribbiani with grey hair!
When How I Met Your Mother ends 'm sure I'll be feeling exactly like Joey Tribbiani during the finale of FRIENDS :(
Jonathan McCarver, Joey Tribbiani Capone, i want to learn capoeira! Where online would be a good place to start? I know, unlike parkour, it's said that it's much more beneficial to be instructed, but no one here does it. Some good Youtube Channels?
Everybody needs a Joey Tribbiani in their life
The more I watch Friends the more I realize how much I'm like Joey Tribbiani. Especially since I said in my sleep last night, "a sandwich sounds really good right now."
why do you have to break up with her? Be A Man, just stop calling. Joey TRIBBIANI
As Joey Tribbiani would say on Friends! Howsss youu doing`!
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In my best Joey Tribbiani voice Hot girl I'm looking for a hot girl!
Been to see little shop of horrors at the brindley, great show guys...Peter Clarke like Joey tribbiani on stage :)
Why do I get the feeling that Howards mom and Joey Tribbianis agent estelle are the same??
I miss Joey Tribbiani. Every time I ask "How you doin?", I hear Joey in my ear.
What amazes me about women is they can look at there breasts when ever they want. -- Joey Tribbiani
I helped a blind person today find an address on a block they were on. In the words of Joey Tribbiani, "There is no selfless good deed".
I have been obsessing on old "Friends" episodes late at night. So, I was looking forward to seeing Matt Leblanc on Conan. (Other than the fact that he bears a striking resemblance to one of my old know who you are..) it is a horrible interview. He's really boring and mono-toned. I like Joey Tribbiani much better than Matt Leblanc.
Normally I'm like Joey Tribbiani and keep a spoon on me at all times (never know when a delicious cheesecake may appear). Very disappointed in myself because I have a slice if tiramisu but no spoon.
Wanted: Female room mate, none smoker none ugly. They don't make them like Joey Tribbiani
I'm just using the thesaurus like Joey Tribbiani does!
So desperately in love with Joey Tribbiani.. Wish the show friends was real :(
My Uncle Dale reminds me of Joey Tribbiani from "F.R.I.E.N.D.S" lol
Joey Tribbiani from 'Friends' shows us what article spinning is all about
My littlest sister, Andrea Welker, flys across the pond and starts a 4 month hiatus on what will be some of the best adventures and experiences of her life!! Gonna miss you Pippy, but Alexis Gabrielle and I will be seeing you soon enough :) In the words of Joey Tribbiani.LONDON BABY!! Be safe and I love you.
Thank you Charlotte Walter and Hannah Best for your wise wise (or as I & Joey Tribbiani would say "wisdomous") words tonight!!! Love you both lots & lots!! Xxx
Think of me as Joey Tribbiani when it comes to food. :P
Sir the Joey Tribbiani line of "How YOU doin?!" Does not work on me or my friends. Thank you.
Yeah, Hi, Nick @ Nite. You know what I don't want to see? 47.3 commercials for Devil's Due every 2 hours. You know what I do want to see? Friends. I wanna see Joey Tribbiani and his shenanigans. I'm not sure what about "hey this guy likes watching the silly hijinks of 6 20somethings in NYC" made you think also "hey this guy also wants to see a horror movie about the birth of the antichrist. yeah this guy wants to see that."
In the words of Joey Tribbiani, here come the meat sweats.
Watching Matt Leblanc on some intense sci-fi movie and I just cannot take him seriously. He will always only be Joey Tribbiani.
Bar downstairs in my now I can play "Friends".~~ I'm Joey Tribbiani. I am looking for, Rachel, Monica, Phoebe, Chandler, Ross.~~ Who played Chandler, who borrow me money to buy beer
My poorly Luke just came out to the kitchen as I was doing the dishes and said "How you doin'?" to me, in the manner of Joey Tribbiani. I think he might be feeling better.
"Sometimes I use big words I dont always fully understand in an effort to make myself sound more photosynthesis" - Joey Tribbiani
Matthew Perry: 'Why In The World Did We Stop' Doing 'Friends'? (VIDEO) 06/13/13 04:41 PM ET When "Friends" came to an end after 10 seasons and 236 episodes in May 2004, 52.5 million viewers tuned in to say goodbye to Monica Geller (Courteney Cox), Chandler Bing (Matthew Perry), Rachel Green (Jennifer Aniston), Ross Geller (David Schwimmer), Phoebe Buffay (Lisa Kudrow) and Joey Tribbiani (Matt Leblanc). The numbers "Friends" brought in -- not only for its series finale -- are difficult, if not impossible to achieve today and no one is more painfully aware of that fact than Matthew Perry, whose latest comedy effort, NBC's "Go On," was canceled after its first season in May. So ... why did "Friends" end? Perry is now asking himself that same question. During a chat with more of comedy's leading men -- Jim Parsons ("The Big Bang Theory"), Jake Johnson ("New Girl"), Eric Stonestreet ("Modern Family"), Adam Scott ("Parks and Recreation") and Fred Armisen ("Portlandia" and "Saturday Night Live") -- for The Holly ...
Chillen met Joey Tribbiani, Ross Geller, Chandler Bing, Monica Geller, Phoebe Buffay en last but not least Rachel Green
Because of a misunderstanding, Rachel Green (series star JENNIFER ANISTON) finds herself engaged to marry Joey Tribbiani (series star Matt Leblanc)--instead of Ross Geller (series star David Schwimmer), who was planning to propose--soon after she gives birth to her and Ross' baby girl. The situation gets even more confusing when Phoebe Buffay (series star LISA KUDROW) talks to Rachel and mistakenly assumes that Ross is the one who proposed. Meanwhile, Joey can't help sneaking a peek as Rachel tries unsuccessfully to nurse her baby. And, inspired to have a baby of their own, Monica Geller Bing (series star COURTENEY COX ARQUETTE) and Chandler Bing (series star MATTHEW PERRY) return to a hospital supply closet for a little privacy. Recurring guest star ELLIOTT GOULD appears as Jack Geller.
Spending my Thursday with my BFFS! Rachel Green, Monica and Ross Geller, Joey Tribbiani, Chandler Bing, and Phoebe Buffay 👭👫❤️
They should make a sitcom with Joey Tribbiani, Amy Farrah-Fowler, Chandler Bing, Jake Harper, Howard Wolowitz and Charlie Sheen!
"Why is this happening to me?" - Phoebe Buffay. "How bad do you want to stick your tongue on that?" - Joey Tribbiani
I can name all the states in Australia. For that I have won an imaginary wallaby joey. I have named it Tribbiani :)
You have a choice before you: the Joey Tribbiani method (get others to pay for repairs) or the Tom Haverford method (move)
"Because you waited too long to make your move and now you're in..the frriiiend zonee"_Joey Tribbiani 😂
SkySportsNews just did a 5minute interview with Joey Tribbiani about Formula1. I always knew u had to pay for that sort of sporting insight!
No Friends at Wembley as Joey Tribbiani scores twice for Chile!
Fair play chile. Also Alexis Sanchez looks like Joey Tribbiani, so that's funny
Joey Tribbiani is easily one of the best characters of all time
Still can't believe Joey Tribbiani scored a header
Try here? & I'd check them out but my Internet is ridiculously slow :(
In the immortal words of Joey Tribbiani, "Toute-de-le-fruit."
Tempted to do a Joey Tribbiani and use synonyms for every word in my English essay
My favorite character of any movie or TV show in the history of forever has got to be Joey Tribbiani
Joey Tribbiani playing up front for Chile, haven't seen Ross yet
"Oh yeah, well if I like so much how come I keep thinking about her in all these sexual scenarios?" - Joey Tribbiani
Not sure where I'd be without Joey Tribbiani
I wish I had a friend like Joey Tribbiani... Lol
Softball Rampage - Free Return Shipping
This is not how she was dressed when I left her. (5 pair of pants/shorts. Joey Tribbiani-style.)
Spamming my friend with joey tribbiani photos from tumblr bc why not
My literature professor really resembles Joey Tribbiani of the FRIENDS Sitcom from the 90's :)
"Look man, look, I'm on board about this totally honesty thing. I am, just not about stuff that's gonna get you in trouble." - Joey Tribbiani
I've got a question for Nicole... 'How you doin?' (In voice of Joey Tribbiani)
Joey Tribbiani "Ross, I have two words for you, threesome!"
You should start referring to yourself as Joey Tribbiani.
If Joey Tribbiani is so wealth as a 'Days of Our Lives' actor, why does he always eat Monica and Chandler's food??
Perhaps the sign was made by Joey Tribbiani.
Feel like Joey Tribbiani or Tony DiNozzo….give me a pizza and I'm good to go
I can't believe has told me she doesn't know who Joey Tribbiani is 😳 MATTE LEBLANC!! Woman! JOEY TRIBBIANI! 🙈
Joey Tribbiani is basically my life
Jay: "That leather jacket looks great on Joey it wouldn't look that good on me" Jess: "That's 'cos Joey's cool, Dad, and you're not!" Brilliant!
Slight chance I'm going to end up in a Joey Tribbiani bidding on a yacht situation with though.
What about how I'm now getting spam email from Joey Tribbiani
Oh wow.. Joey Tribbiani gets Cheesecake and turns it down? You little rat.
Miller would’ve been Joey Tribbiani's fave critic. The Official SAT Question of the Day: (RT if...
Did you know Monica Geller and Joey Tribbiani were supposed to be the Main Couple of the show!?!?!?!?
Joey Tribbiani ;" okay I'm in my sweat pants, BRING ON THE FOOD"
Can't wait to be home 2 weeks from today and wear thanksgiving pants a la joey tribbiani
Gonaa Miss ...Chandler, Monica, Rachel, Ross, phoebe last but not the least Joey Tribbiani..
How you doin in Joey Tribbiani voice. watching a lot of "FRIENDS" episodes lately... Can't help it they air when I'm getting ready at midnight! Good morning :)
"$1,200.00? You think I have $1,200.00? Let's look at it: I'm home in the middle of the day, and I have rusty patio furniture in my living room. Guess there's just some things you can't learn from books..." -Joey Tribbiani
"Me not a good kisser? That's like mother Theresa. . Not a good mother" - Joey Tribbiani
Joey Tribbiani: Say we were a divorced couple and I got custody of the kid. Then say the kid dies and I have to get a new kid. Chandler Bing: [looking confused] Okay... Joey Tribbiani: [pause] GIVE ME $400! One of my favorite lines from Friends with the one with Joey's Fridge lmao! XD
Joey Tribbiani in Japanese Lipstick for men commercial
Reminds me of Joey Tribbiani when he falls asleep on the toilet (Season 5 - Episode 5) - Only thing missing is the toothbrush it its mouth. :D
"Grab a spoon" - Joey Tribbiani Maybe I will, Joey. Maybe I will...
Joey Tribbiani is the greatest soap opera actor ever. DUHH.
"Wow you look... stop eating hot which is the highest kind of hotness" -Joey Tribbiani
NHL Stanley Cup Memorabilia from The Bradford Exchange Online
when " JOEY TRIBBIANI is spelled by it becomes "BAI KADAI BRIYANI "
Everyone is doing the thankful game so here's my thankful quote from Friends: "I'm thankful for this nice fall weather we've had. The other day at the bus stop the wind blew this girl's skirt right up! Which reminds me I'm also thankful for thongs!" -Joey Tribbiani
Joey tribbiani would be proud of that sandwich I just made 󾌫 Cath Finn
Abs? No I follow the Joey tribbiani diet
" it's getting darker and more painful ... that means its healing " -Joey Tribbiani :P
I don't know why Ringo reminds me of Joey Tribbiani in Friends, but he does!!
Joe: If homosapiens were in fact *** sapiens... Is that why they're extinct? Ross: Joey, homosapiens are people! Joe: HEY! I'm not judging! In a parallel world, where relating meaningful stuff to stupid things is a virtue, Joey Tribbiani is the king of everything.
Grading while watching daytime soaps. This is some of the worst acting I've ever seen! No wonder Joey Tribbiani made his career in soap operas!
Well hello there beautiful, comfy bed. How you doin? (In my best Joey Tribbiani voice)
Preparing for low temperatures. Walks out of house. Turns into Joey Tribbiani: "Could I BE wearing anymore clothes?"
Never been so unexcited for a birthday, can't I just have the presents but stay 21?? Feel like Joey Tribbiani when he turns 30 'WHY GOD WHY?!?'
No matter what anyone says. The best character in is Joey Tribbiani (Matt Leblanc).
Today I'll be playing a 17 year old. I feel like Joey Tribbiani. "Sup with the wack Playstation, sup?"
Even want to see Hollywood actors in Japanese commercials? Not just Joey Tribbiani.
So after watching Friends faithfully for the last three months I have to sadly say I have fallen in love with Joey Tribbiani. That is all :)
No matter how old friends gets .. I will always have a thing for joey tribbiani!!
So Ive noticed that womens magazines seem to be getting a bit too over friendly to get peoples attention with the stuff they have on the covers. Ones like Hello, Closer, Look etc.. Pretty soon we'll have Joey Tribbiani on them going "How you doin" and then therel be Wat About Ye? and Givus a Lick..
{sigh} These commercials! How much are they paying men for starring in erectile dysfunction ads? And WHY are these on tv?? Makes me think of Joey Tribbiani, "My entire family thinks I have VD!" Yeah. It's football season.
Joey Tribbiani Barney Stinson happy you :*
Reading the last bit of The Shining, and decided to hire the movie as well for shiggles, and as always -book beats the movie hands down! As Joey Tribbiani says, never read The Shining without making sure there's room in the freezer.
My life would be a lot duller without joey tribbiani in it!
With Everyone posting what they are thankful for I am reminded of this quote: "I am thankful for this beautiful fall we've been having. Yeah, the other day I was at the bus stop and this lovely fall breeze came in out of nowhere and blew this chick's skirt right up. Oh, which reminds me. I am also thankful for thongs." — Joey Tribbiani
Cameron Joey Tribbiani Moules givin it socks tonight!!
"Morning is here , sun shine is here". Joey Tribbiani
Apparently I remind some people of Joey Tribbiani 󾌴󾌴󾮟
Fun Facts / Triva After reading theses, I've found out that many of these are not true or outdated. They're still fun to read anyway. 1. The first line of dialogue in the very first pilot episode of Friends was "There's nothing to tell." 2. A 30-second commercial during the break in the show in America cost advertisers £500,000. 3. Other titles considered for the series included "Once upon a time in the West Village", "Insomnia Café" and "Across the Hall". The original title, "Friends like Us", was shortened to the current one-worder. 4. The six characters full names are Rachel Green (Jennifer Aniston), Monica Geller (Courteney Cox), Phoebe Buffay (Lisa Kudrow), Joey Tribbiani (Matt Le Blanc), Chandler Bing (Matthew Perry) and Ross Geller (David Schwimmer). 5. According to Aniston, her famous "Rachel" hairdo was created by accident when her "friend" Chris cut her hair with a razor. 6. Courteney Cox, who was born and raised in Birmingham, Alabama, is known as CC to friends and family. 7. David Schwimmer ...
'Squint like you've a secret.' Elle McPherson directing models. (Sounds more like the Joey Tribbiani school of acting.)
HERE I AM! . with more THOUGHTS & FUNNIES FOR THE DAY (it's still Sunday, so I've hopefully redeemed myself) The other day a woman came up to me & said, 'Didn't I see you on television?' I said, 'I don't know ... you can't see out the other way' (Emo Philips) Television is an invention that permits you to be entertained in your living room by people you wouldn't have in your home (David Frost - RIP) There's all this talk about violence on TV causing violence on the street. Well, there's so much comedy on television ... does that cause comedy on the street? (George Carlin) Don't you wish there was a knob on the TV to turn up the intelligence? There's one marked 'brightness' ... but it doesn't work (Gallagher) With high definition TV everything looks bigger & wider - kind of like going to your 25th high school reunion (Jay Leno) I prefer television to the movies. It's not so far to the bathroom You don't own a TV? What's all your furniture pointed at? (Joey Tribbiani, in 'Friends') Television is ver ...
Literally got up just for this. Chandler Bing, Phoebe Buffay, Monica Geller, Joey Tribbiani, Rachel Geller, Ross Geller. Happy now, brain?
TV'S 60 GREATEST CATCHPHRASES TV Guide has released its list of the 60 Greatest Catchphrases. These indelible and infinitely quotable words spoken by our favorite TV characters and personalities are forever etched in our brains. 1. "Here's...Johnny!" Ed McMahon hailed the arrival of Johnny Carson from behind the Tonight Show curtain for 30 years and it never got old. Just ask Jack Nicholson. 2. "D'oh!" A forehead-smacking Homer Simpson popularized it, other residents of Springfield have said it at one time or another and the Oxford English Dictionary even deemed it worthy of an entry. 3. "Yada, yada, yada." The ultimate show about nothing gave us more than its fair share of catchphrases, but this Seinfeld signature uttered by Elaine to gloss over a bad date and favored by George's felonious girlfriend is still really something. 4. "How you doin'?" We can't imagine how many times Joey Tribbiani's best pick-up line was tried out by Friends fans during the show's heyday, but it's safe to say no one said it . ... featured in NBC s Science of Love
Jason Stackhouse and Joey Tribbiani are exactly the same.
According to I am most like Lisa Simpson, Peter Parker, and Joey Tribbiani. And least like Pete Campbell.
yo chicks, if I used joey tribbiani's "How you doin'?" line on you would you blow me/make me bacon in the morning?
I want to marry someone like joey tribbiani
[Flexes no existent muscles, Joey tribbiani voice] how u doin
It's unreal how much I would love to have a friend like joey tribbiani
My favorite TV show character has to be a tie between Joey Tribbiani and Chandler Bing.
I feel like joey tribbiani. I just ate the best sandwich ever. My buddy asked for some and I told him "I don't share food".
There are no real actors, only small children. .
I had a dream Joey Tribbiani from Friends asked me out on a date 👌😍😏
I think joey tribbiani might be my soulmate.
Having a dream that you're friends with Joey Tribbiani
Most of the time I make my decisions based on what Joey Tribbiani would do.
In the wonderful singing voice of Joey Tribbiani "Mornings here, Mornings here"
“Joey Tribbiani is my favorite person” PREACH IT🙏
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Joey Tribbiani is my favorite person
Arianna TIangco you Italian? Joey Tribbiani says Vafanapoli, You don't know him? screw you
Who said wine must cost more than milk?. Joey Tribbiani dixit
I forgot we were watching friends and then the tv said Joey Tribbiani and I got excited.
Lool I can't even be bothered to be a freshie tonight una! Im good. How you doin' ? *Joey Tribbiani voice*
There is something downright adorable about Joey Tribbiani and his slower than usual uptakes on things :)
Barney Stinson is a mixture of Joey Tribbiani and Chandler Bing . MIND=BLOWN
The Darwin rose has taken a leaf out of Joey Tribbiani book of talents!
for sure. Joey Tribbiani can't be played by anyone else except Matt Leblanc, like it just can't happen
They've gone to Joey Tribbiani's acting class
In joey tribbiani you get a minister and an a ministainer!
“Isn’t it time to try something new for National Sandwich Month!?" AKA Joey Tribbiani's 30-Day BDay/Life celebration
But also, in the words of Joey Tribbiani, what do you point your furniture at?
no, my names joey tribbiani but i go by joe — Oh, that's nice
My psych teacher looks like Joey Tribbiani like its crazy
"Do you know what is vulcanized rubber?" "Aha! Spock's birth control!" - Joey Tribbiani
In the words of Joey Tribbiani, "You're so far past the line, you can't even see the line. The line is a dot to you!".
How you doin'? :3. - said Joey Tribbiani. Do you like 'Friends' ? — never watched it
I want someone like Joey tribbiani when he falls for Rachel. Too cute!
230 of 365. Two straight nights of watching horrific movies out of media buzz. I am disturbed. I need a dose of some joey tribbiani jokes
Wish I could make Joey Tribbiani fall in love with me
name all the characters and their surnames — Joey Tribbiani, Ross Geller, Rachel Greene, Phoebe Buffay, Monica G...
I wonder how wonderful to have friendship like Rachel Greene, Monica Geller, Phoebe Buffay, Joey Tribbiani,… —
Joey Tribbiani: If *** sapiens were in fact *** sapiens - is that why they're exctinct? Dr. Ross Geller: Joey, *** sapiens are people! Joey Tribbiani: Hey, I'm not judging.
Ross Geller [To monica] : Lets not make a big deal out of this . It was a one time thing , It doesn't even matter . Joey Tribbiani : oh my god ! I cannot believe you guys are talking about this . The problem is in the bedroom b/w a man & a woman. Alright , now chandler is doing the best he can .
Barney Stinson, Jeff Winger, Charlie Harper, Joey Tribbiani, and the MILF guys in American Pie.
We are basically Joey Tribbiani's wet dream.
I miss Michael Scott and Joey Tribbiani. Oh and the entire Zack Attack band.
What do you think of guys who wear womens underwear? — Only Joey Tribbiani can do that. Ever.
Just did a Joey Tribbiani special and bit into a doughnut and all the jam fell on me😂😭
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In the mood for Friends. Some 'Joey Tribbiani' time.
Trying to figure out what my problem with Joey Tribbiani is.
"If you want something enough and your heart is pure, wondrous things can happen!" - Joey Tribbiani
In other news, I made my acting debut today. I am the next Joey tribbiani
Looks like "Smell the Fart" acting school. Did you study under Joey Tribbiani?
I think the guy with dreads is following me..or maybe I'm following him. Either way, how you doin? *In a Joey Tribbiani voice*
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