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Joey Chestnut

Joseph Christian Jaws Chestnut (born November 25, 1983) is an American competitive eater. The , engineering student is currently ranked first in the world by the International Federation of Competitive Eating.

Coney Island Hot Dog Sports Science Takeru Kobayashi

Another great 4th of July. Burgers, Hot Dogs, and watching Joey Chestnut win his 10th World Championship. Proud to be an American...
Joey Chestnut triumphs at Nathan's Hot Dog eating contest with record-breaking win
Joey Chestnut... That's a new one. Never would have thought.
"If the bar ain't bending you're just pretending" -Joey Chestnut
w that said, respect and love to kobiyashi and Joey chestnut. Dudes are official.
Are the milk sandwiches grilled like or do you dunk the bread in the milk like Joey Chestnut?
Indulgent as it might be, I'd like to be an entry in this caviar version of Nathan's Hot Dog eating contest. I got…
I'd prob enjoy my 30 minute lunch if my name was Takeru Kobayashi or Joey Chestnut. Takes me 30 mins just to say "hey guys, time for lunch"
Trump hosted 'small-time mobster' Joey 'No Socks' Cinque at New Year's party
I've never met Joey Chestnut, but I can tell he's full of himself after eating all of those hotdogs.
if you were to face off with Joey Chestnut, Mr. Blake would probably allow you to miss a ballgame.
Joey “Jaws” Chestnut ate 70 Hot Dogs and buns in 10 minutes in the 2016 4th of July Hot Dog eating contest at Coney Island.
Well who hasn't exposed their insides after a Taco Tuesday 3 for 99¢ "Joey Chestnut" rampage in the TJ's crapper.
I have it on good authority that Obama is threatening to Dethrone Joey Chestnut when he leaves office
At a New Year's party today, a deaf actress served me a bowl of Chasen's chili, so I mouthed thank you, and then ate it like Joey Chestnut.
See Joey McNew at Chestnut Grove Civic Center on January 12th -
Get 6 Free VitaTops
Since I got in trouble, I guess I'm gonna go on a super rage >:D
I turn my attention back to the game just in time to watch Byron Marshall drop a touchdown pass.
isn't from Dallas and doesn't have family from Dallas
Joey Chestnut the new face of I consistently use their fragrances and still look nothing like him!
New gin for me thanks joey and ruth @ Chestnut Tree Coventry
Joey Chestnut taking back the yellow mustard belt, obvi.
I bet has had more wieners in and around her mouth than Joey Chestnut.
People always wanna be the MJ of their craft. I want to be the Joey Chestnut of mine.
I'll be able to give you that sauce on the go
Hey , just got off the 📞w/Joey Chestnut,he said that your invited to the next Nathan's event! Says u have a 💪🏻 chance of winning
Hey if Joey chestnut can eat 70 hotdogs to break a world record and only weigh 165 pounds then you can do anything
Q+A: Eating champ Kobayashi talks Vegas, world records and dislike for rival Joey Chestnut
The only person who's had more wieners in their mouth than is Joey Chestnut when he won the 92nd annual hotdog eating contest
I'm sitting here impressed that Paul Newman is eating 50 eggs then I see Joey Chestnut ate 141
Wingman made a comeback @ the Taco Factory today! Get it while supplies last or before Joey Chestnut puts a couple dozen d…
Mazel tov to Joey Chestnut and Miki Sudo, the champions of Nathan's 2016 Hot Dog eating contest! Soft buns, warm dogs, can't lose!
What if Joey Chestnut couldn't throw up everything? The next day would be quite explosive
enough to turn Joey Chestnut into Joey Chestpains
Joey Chestnut eats way back to Nathan's Hot Dog eating title
I also think Joey Chestnut ate more Hot Dogs today than I have in my entire life.
Joey Chestnut reclaims title of Nathan's Hot Dog champ by eating record-breaking # of dogs
70 Hot Dogs in 10 minutes: Joey Chestnut is back as top dog in 🌭
Joey Chestnut back as top dog in July Fourth eating contest
Joey Chestnut back as top dog in Hot Dog eating contest: Joey "Jaws" Chestnut chomped through the Coney Islan...
Never forget that Nathan's Famous Hot Dog champ Joey Chestnut once stuffed his face with pierogi in Hammond.
Party in the USA: America celebrates nation's independence - Joey Chestnut wins back crown at Coney ... -
Joey Chestnut took in this in 10 minutes at Hot Dog Eating Contest: 19,600 calories, 1,260 g of fat, 54,600 mg of sodium…
"Joey Chestnut, the tyrant lizard king of Coney Island." THIS DUDE ATE 70 HOTDOGS
How many burgers is he gonna put down, Should Joey Chestnut be worried?
Roses how chestnut amaryllises are lemonchiffon sugar is sweet
10 unit bomb on prop bet he eats Joey Chestnut after the Hot Dogs have been demolished
I'm really wishing I didn't have the names Joey Chestnut and Kobayashi committed to memory
if you are Stigged you are like Joey chestnut to watermelon
Wouldn't the KFC champion be someone like Joey Chestnut?
It's official, there will be a third party 2016 Presidential bid by Joey Chestnut.
Same zoo honors competitive eater Joey Chestnut by naming white goat after him.
If running 13.1M isn't enough for your Sat, try eating more hotdogs than the champion Joey Chestnut.
I would dominate Joey chestnut in a Hot Dog eating comp 🌭
Noses me chestnut violets are gold sugar is sweet
Hoses me chestnut asters are snow sugar is sweet
Chestnut has all the skills, just gotta stay healthy. Could be a steal
Joey Chestnut set the world record by downing 30 Gyros in 10 minutes in the Niko Niko's contest today. A true American hero! 🇺🇸
Joey Chestnut downs 30 gyros, demolishes world's record - wins the Niko Niko's contest at Greek Fest.
I have a " with Joey Chestnut...he'll dunk you in water" joke that I can't quite piece together 🤔
Joey Chestnut beat Matt Stonie at a gyro eating contest today. It's Stonie's 1st loss in nearly 18 months, according to
The world's top eaters Joey "Jaws" Chestnut and will be at eating comp!!!
Roses as chestnut irises are gray sugar is sweet
Hoses are chestnut gerbera daisies are darkseagreen sugar is sweet
Check out this Amazon deal: Joey Chestnut Autographed 8'' x 10'' Yelling ... by Sports Memorabilia عبر
Hoses me chestnut azaleas are mediumblue sugar is sweet
Hoses are chestnut forget me nots are mediumslateblue sugar is sweet
Roses me chestnut crocuses are darksalmon sugar is sweet
Kessel played that last shift like he spent two days eating Hot Dogs with Joey Chestnut.
Last night I dreamt that Joey Chestnut (ya, the hotdog guy) was at my softball game & I spent the whole time apologizing for the bad weather
It's official! Joey Chestnut, world famous competitive eater, will be at the Giant National Capital BBQ Battle.
Joey Chestnut is a true American hero.
In the 2013 Nathan's Hot Dog Eating Championship, Joey Chestnut set the world record eating 69 Hot Dogs in 10mins. Yes…
Matt Stonie is best known for dethroning Joey Chestnut to win the 2015 Nathan's Famous Hot Dog Eating Contest. But Stonie, the world's
My new sounds: Joey Chestnut: The world famous two-time champ of the St. Elmo Shrimp Cocktail Eating Contest
Mike Evans looks at the like Joey Chestnut looks at Hot Dogs on July 4th. Went for 200 yds last season. 40 yar…
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Congrats to Joey Chestnut for crushing the pork roll eating contest.
I couldn't keep up with Joey Chestnut in a Hot Dog contest but's on! As long as I've got a glass of milk. Lol
Watch Joey Chestnut to see how he eats.
Darren Sproles went through the holes faster than Joey Chestnut goes through 100 hotdogs.
34% off Joey Chestnut Signed 8'' x 10'' Eating Photo with "Jaws" Inscrip... ends in 3h.
Wait hold on.THE Joey chestnut was in Trenton and I wasn't there to witness? Uh
Lol Joey Chestnut won the PorkRoll eating contest today (like 36 sandwiches) now he's here drinking at Kills Come out! I'm djing
Wow look at those muscles on Lukey! If you need help at the gym or just…
Joey Chestnut wins Trenton pork roll eating contest: Hundreds of spectators watched world-renow...
I think I could beat Joey Chestnut in the Hot Dog eating contest tonight because of my nerves.
And the American hero Joey Chestnut is the World Pork Roll eating Champion.
This where real thugs used to settle beef
Joey Chestnut has nothing on you Thanks for running with us today !
Sure, the pope is in Philly, but is in Trenton.
I feel like Joey Chestnut after 70 Hot Dogs. 😵   10% Off
My friend is hanging out at a bar by his apartment with joey chestnut...
Joey Chestnut and the new face of Case getting a handle on some Case's Pork Roll! Great guys. Good luck tomorrow
Joey Chestnut eating his first Pork Roll. Excited for him to go for a record tomorrow on field.
Joey Chestnut before the pork roll eating contest tomorrow.
I'm about to go Joey Chestnut on these 🍤 at
Porkroll Pep Rally & Press Conference with Joey Chestnut and we're giving away some pork roll logs, glasses,...
Anyone who is interested in getting custom lacrosse gloves for this upcoming season contact me
Today at 5:30pm. Meet Joey Chestnut at Killarneys for the Pork Roll Eating Championship!
Joey Chestnut loses to Matt Stonie in Nathan's hot-dog-eating contest;
Can Joey Chestnut down 10 pounds of pork roll in 10 minutes?
Come meet Joey Chestnut from 5:30-6:30 today for the Trenton Trenton Thunder /Cases Porkroll Eating Competition...
Mention any Joey Chestnut or Kobayashi victory and I bet you get Big Joe misty eyed.
When you realize Joey Chestnut the Hot Dog eating guy was at your birthday and you didn't get a pic with him😁
EXCLUSIVE: Joey Chestnut (reveals he'll take on Takeru Kobayashi one more time.
Celebrate National Hot Dog Day with local franks: Channel your inner Joey Chestnut and indulge in an American…
Happy The average American will eat 60 Hot Dogs in a year, or 1 Joey Chestnut's worth.
American hero Joey Chestnut joins us NEXT to discuss his Nathan's heartbreak & the rematch vs. Mega Toad this weekend.
Joey Chestnut's eight-year reign as the Nathan's Hot Dog Eating Contest champion is over:
Announcer yells that Joey Chestnut is on pace to beat the world record while he's down three Hot Dogs to my boy Matt Stonie.
The man. The myth. The American legend. Joey Chestnut goes for another title on ESPN2 & here:
A bald eagle flew over Coney Island and shed a single red, white, and blue tear as Joey Chestnut was defeated
ISIS has apparently struck!! Somebody beat Joey Chestnut at a Nathan's Hot Dog Eating Contest. That's a sign of something big.
Joey Chestnut's 8 year reign as king has come to an end. Matt Stonie Wins famous hotdog eating title.
62 Hot Dogs down. Matt Stonie upsets Joey Chestnut in the Hot Dog Eating Contest!. Chestnut's streak comes to an end htt…
"The Jordan Spaeth of tubed beef!" Joey Chestnut goes down to Matt Stonie!
Joey Chestnut is the Kobe Bryant of hotdog eating. In 50 yrs Im gonna tell my grandkids how he was one of the best athletes of my time
The greatest spectacle in sports is on the air...Joey Chestnut...USA...USA...USA!!!
Today I confused Paulie Walnuts with Joey Chestnut. I think both the mob and professional eaters are now after me.
the amount of $1 Hot Dogs I ate at Miller Park yesterday would have made Joey Chestnut proud
Joey Chestnut ate 103 Krystal hamburgers in 8 minutes to win the Krystal Square Off IV World Hamburger Eating Championship in 2007.
My boyfriend aspires to be just like Joey Chestnut (international Hot Dog eating champion)
How many Fish Tacos can you handle tonight? Joey Chestnut took down 30 back on August 8, 2014 at halftime of...
Joey Chestnut, Norm Duke and Phil Ivey belong on that list too
I just dropped a ton of money in Vegas on Joey Chestnut to 8-peat. Greatest athlete ever!!
if Joey chestnut can eat 65+ Hot Dogs in 20 minutes, 20 taco should be np for josh! He needs water!
Or Joey Chestnut having too many Hot Dogs on 4th of July.
As I was eating my McDonald's breakfast this morning, I was wondering how Joey Chestnut is doing.
Simone, if you had Joey Chestnut as a teammate - he'd eat that whole buffet lmao! 😅😂
50 cent corn dogs at Sonic got me eatin like Joey Chestnut
FOX fawning over Chris Kyle/Nick Irving 'kills' like they were Joey Chestnut's dispatched Hot Dogs.
At CiCi's for lunch while ago and went Joey Chestnut.
Just swallowed more hotdogs than Joey Chestnut ever could.
Lemme smoke 10 blunts and I'll destroy Joey chestnut in any eating competition
After the Toyota Camry lady schools the band, she heads to dinner, which turns ugly when Joey Chestnut grabs her fork and goes to town...
right did you see Joey Chestnut with that block!
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Unless you are Joey Chestnut and in an eating contest, why do you need to wear headphones while you eat?
Calm down there Joey Chestnut. It was 15 wings.
*** you don't make sense. Joey chestnut looking *** boy
do you have an agent for food-eating contests? I see a future Joey chestnut in you heather
It may not be, but Coker would book Joey Chestnut vs. Kobayashi if he thought it would draw eyes to Bellator.
Joey Chestnut is definitely the most impressive
Beast is gonna eat like Joey Chestnut on Sunday
I've just been made aware of Joey 'Jaws' Chestnut - he's a machine.
Joey "Jaws" Chestnut is the best athlete in the world period
Joey Winslett Band has a show on 01/17/2015 at 08:00 PM @ CHESTNUT STATION\G... in Gadsden, AL
Not a bad idea! We don't allow electronics at the table so my kids turn into Joey Chestnut.
Competitive eater Joey Chestnut set another new mark for gluttony by emerging victorious at Saturday's Foxwoods World Turkey-Eating Champion
Joey chestnut downing 9 pounds of turkey in 10 minutes!
He's not just into Hot Dogs. Joey Chestnut devours an entire turkey to win .
Joey Chestnut is in the Thanksgiving spirit, winning a turkey- eating contest:.
Joey Chestnut devours to win eating contest
I'm the Joey Chestnut of stressing out.
set a record at the World Turkey-Eating Championship this weekend, consuming 9.35 pounds in 10 minutes
Chestnut immediately slips into food coma after turkey gorge. Joey Chestnut devours turkey to win eating contest:
Joey Chestnut devours turkey to win eating contest; he ate 9.35 pounds of meat in 10 min.
I don't care how much of what Joey Chestnut ate!!!
VIDEO: Joey Chestnut sets new turkey-eating record.
Hotdog champ breaks new record: Joey Chestnut has added another competitive eating category to ...
This guy ate an entire turkey in 10 minutes:
Competitive eater Joey Chestnut is at it again. Not sure how his gut takes in all this food. at 9.
Joey Chestnut devours a whole bird to win $5,000 at turkey-eating contest
Joey Chestnut has done it again, 9.5 pounds of turkey in 10 minutes.
Joey Chestnut devours turkey to win eating contest -
Joey Chestnut devours turkey to win eating contest: via
Perhaps the scene at Joey Chestnut's house. .
Why does competition consume our society? This isn't what thanksgiving is about.
Joey Chestnut devours turkey to win eating contest (from
Joey Chestnut devours to win eating contest - USA TODAY
Competitive eater Joey Chestnut, plus one 20-pound turkey, equals new record
Joey Chestnut devours turkey to win eating contest
Joey Chestnut just took home $5000 for winning turkey eating competition by devouring 10 lbs of turkey. I'm thinking of a career change...
Joey Chestnut devours 9.35 lbs of turkey in 10 minutes to win eating contest
Just met Joey Chestnut at the Rangers vs A's game! Not your typical day at the ballpark!
Joey Chestnut set another world record by eating 192 buffalo wings in 12 minutes. You read that right! WATCH:
A record for Hot Dogs, and now hot wings? Joey Chestnut is the embodiment of the American Dream.
ICYMI: Joey Chestnut wins his 8th Hot Dog eating contest on July 4th, wins at Wimbledon, Hurricane Arthur comes and goes in NC.
Sports Science examined how Joey Chestnut can eat so many Hot Dogs. It was gross
ESPN did a 'Sports Science' on Joey Chestnut; it was gross, but kind of amazing. Watch here: via
Joey Chestnut consumed 61 Hot Dogs in 10 minutes yesterday. What ONE word describes that feat? We are going with "unhealthy".
Joey Chestnut's girlfriend was with him BEFORE he ate hundreds of Hot Dogs and DURING his eatred of hundreds of Hot Dogs
Unlimited Calling US/Canada phone service
Joey Chestnut's FIANCEE competed in the women's Hot Dog eating contest but only ate 10 Hot Dogs
Joey Chestnut proposed while Hot Dog mascots watched, then ate all the Hot Dogs:
Joey Chestnut proposed to his girlfriend on stage and then ate 61 Hot Dogs to win Nathan's...
Oh my God. Joey Chestnut & The Black Widow are getting married?! The two top Hot Dog eating champs? Their baby will be a monster!
The ESPN reporter just mentioned Rafa Nadal and the French Open in the same sentence as Joey Chestnut and the Nathan's Hot Dog eating comp
What It Feels Like After You Wolf Down 69 Hot Dogs In 10 Minutes (VIDEO) It's a mammoth amount of food. If you stretched it out, one six-inch dog after the next, that's 34.5 feet long -- almost enough to form a belt around the Statue of Liberty. That's a perfect image for what Joey Chestnut plans to do Friday at Coney ... Read more on Huffington Post Powerful viral video ad from Always redefines 'like a girl' stereotype The viral video investigates why women lose confidence after puberty- and how 'like a girl' takes on a negative connotation as we mature. Ads encouraging female empowerment has been a popular topic as of late, with Dove and Pantene weighing in on the... Read more on Irish Independent
Joey Chestnut once again wins the Nathan's Hot Dog eating contest. 61 dogs (about the same # I've eaten in my lifetime)
Happy 4th of July Holiday weekend! It's Diamond Dave Sowers hanging with you on a Saturday. So who ate too many Hot Dogs yesterday? Joey Chestnut that's who. He ate 61 Hot Dogs to capture the Nathans Hot Dog Eating Contest. Before the event, he got down on a knee and asked a fellow competitor to marry him. She said yes. May they have many years of Hot Dog bliss together.
EARLIER: Joey Chestnut wins the Coney Island hot-dog eating contest AGAIN -- and proposes to his girlfriend! VIDEO!
in Hot Dog news: Joey Chestnut (wins 8th Nathan's Hot Dog Eating Contest in a row, with 61 Hot Dogs.
‘I don’t like hyperbole, but this is greatest achievement in history of man.’ ESPN guy on Joey Chestnut 8th hot-dog eatin…
What do Joey Chestnut and Brandon Weeden have in common? Watching either one can make you puke.
Joey Chestnut proposes at the 2014 Hot Dog eating contest. Question: is Joey Chestnut the greatest living American? http:/…
Joey Chestnut came out to "Baba O'Riley" so yes, he is the greatest living American. He's in league with Tom Petty and John Mellencamp.
Congrats to the amazing Joey Chestnut! 8 time defending champ! When's the "Hot Dog Eating Contest Bowel Movement Show" start?
If the hotdogs were Kogels in the Hot Dog eating contest I'd beat Joey Chestnut
Romance in Coney! Reigning hot-dog eating champ Joey Chestnut proposed to his girlfriend before today's contest
We may not have won the world cup but Joey Chestnut won an 8th straight Nathans Hot Dog eating contest and isn't that what really matters?
Joey Chestnut wins 8th straight Hot Dog eating contest and lebron can't even three-peat?
Joey Chestnut, who proposed to his girlfriend before the contest, wins his 9th consecutive Hot Dog Eating contest with 61…
You guys can love Joey Chestnut all you want, but just know that Molly Schuyler would own him. You're all worshipping a false eating idol.
It is the 98th annual Nathan’s Hot Dog Eating Contest in Coney Island, an American Fourth of July tradition. The contest has been dominated by Joey Chestnut over the years and this year was no different. Chestnut won the contest with just 61 Hot Dogs, an drop off from the last couple of years. He [……
About to watch joey chestnut pound 70 Hot Dogs
Is joey chestnut about to be dethroned?
Joey Chestnut means more to NY than Jeter
Lmao Joey chestnut cocky af but he might lose
That awkward moment when Joey Chestnut asks to use your bathroom
Joey chestnut is chowin down on these hotdogs
There's a reason Joey Chestnut never gets invited to BBQ's
Joey chestnut is one of the best american athletes of all time
Joey Chestnut proposing to his girlfriend before he goes for the Hot Dog record is as American as it gets.
I hate all these jacked professional eaters. Joey Chestnut has the correct mid 30-40s beer belly build
Joey chestnut ate 15 pints of icecream in 6 min how is that even possible.
My nightmare is Joey Chestnut showing up to my house for dinner. With a plunger.
True American Hero Joey Chestnut was just given the greatest introduction in sports...
Joey Chestnut makes me proud to be an American 🇺🇸😋
Hotdog eating champ Joey Chestnut to wed
Joey Chestnut is worth an estimated $625k
Joey Chestnut is all that is man and America. Anyone else winning the Nathan's Hot Dog eating contest is an injustice.
Looks like Joey chestnut is going to win.
Joey "Jaws" Chestnut is making the crowd go wild!
My mom would murder me if I ate like Joey Chestnut.
Joey Chestnut doing what he does best... 20 dogs in 3 minutes
Who would play Joey Chestnut in the movie about his life? Affleck?
Joey Chestnut just proposed to his girlfriend at the Nathan's Hot Dog Contest
Joey Chestnut... sucking down more *** than Whitney Westgate today
Hotdog eating champ Joey Chestnut to wed: Frankly speaking, Joey Chestnut is ready to tie the knot.
Hot Dogs & romance!. Joey Chestnut proposed to his girlfriend. . Next, he will try to eat 60+ Hot Dogs on same stage. http:…
Joey Chestnut got engaged this morning. 'Merica!
It's not independence day without some Joey Chestnut beat downs. Im not sure if I'm impressed or appalled...
Joey Chestnut goes for eighth title and record 70 Hot Dogs!!
Go Joey chestnut !! The Hot Dog eating contest is really disturbing to watch .
Joey Chestnut is like the anti Tim Howard. Everything goes in.
I don't know why I continue to watch this hotdog eating contest every year.they make me want to barf.Joey Chestnut looks like hes gonna win again.
We had our own hotdog eating contest. Seth ate 1 in just over a minute. Look out Joey Chestnut
Stopped doing yard work so I could watch my hero at the 2014 NATHAN'S Hot Dog EATING CONTEST ... GO JOEY CHESTNUT
Joey Chestnut's entrance to the Hot Dog eating contest was amazing. The combination of the over-the-top announcer and the fact that he was literally carried in on the shoulders of four guys made it.
Happy 4th of July , and time for the Hot Dog eating contest let's go Joey Chestnut
Watching Joey Chestnut Camera - 2014 Nathan's Famous Hot Dog Eating Contest on Check out the full replay if you've missed the livestream.
Joey Chestnut holds the Nathan’s Famous Hot Dog Eating Contest record with a grand total of 69, now ESPN helped show us how freakin’ gross that is.
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Anyone else watching the annual 4th of July Hot Dog eating contest on Espn? Go "Matt Megatoad Stonie"! Beat that pompus 7 yr champion joey chestnut!
Yes, We're Open!!! Happy Independence Day!!! Since the weather is nasty, let us do the grilling for you. Come in for a burger and cheer on Joey Chestnut!!!
Joey chestnut is about to break his own world record of 69 hotdogs in 10 minutes!
Joey Chestnut about to dominate at Coney Island, 12+ lbs of homemade burgers in the fridge, beers in the cooler, pool cleaned and ready for the festivities, 2 full propane tanks for the grill. All made possible by a 10lb chunk that slept soundly for over 8 hrs last night! Happy fourth! 'Merica!
Let's go Joey Chestnuts! One of my favorite Fourth of July traditions.
Joey Chestnut is The Angel Charlie of the Hot Dog world
Joey Chestnut is going to school these boys.
A bit of useless trivia: While started in 1972, 1979 marked the start of the "modern era" of the Nathan's Hot Dog Eating Contest. The winner that year, Thomas Stash, stashed 19 in 10 minutes. By 2000 the record was 25.125. In 2001 the great Takeru Kobayashi (who won six straight championships) obliterated the record by eating 50. Since 2007 the champion has been Joey Chestnut, who downed an amazing 69 in 2013! Happy 4th! Elliot F. Eisenberg, Ph.D. GraphsandLaughs, LLC
On pins and needles to see if Joey Chestnut can make it 8 in a row.
Joey chestnut. 71hdb calling it now.
Joey chestnut is about to crush some hotdogs. Nathans Hot Dog eating contest..disgusting
I don't care how gross it might be but I love watching the hotdog eating contest! Go Joey Chestnut! Congrats on your engagement!
Joey Chestnut...The Great American Hero!!! Let's continue the greatness that America is
Getting ready for the greatest competition in all of sports! NATHAN'S Hot Dog EATING CONTEST! GO JOEY CHESTNUT!
Did u know Joey Chestnut ate 121 Twinkies in just 6 minutes???!!!
Everyone stop what you're doing! The World Hot Dog Eating Championship is on! Let's go Joey Chestnut!!!
Joey chestnut vs queen Madison Korman for today's Hot Dog eating contest
It's not the 4th without watching Joey chestnut scarf some dogs!
Nathan's Hot Dog eating contest time!! Let's go Joey Chestnut!! :-)
Competitive eater Joey Chestnut stopped by WBTV. Knowing he is the world record eater for the most Hot Dogs, Ashley and Kristen challenged him to an Oreo eat...
Joey Chestnut about to take the stage in Coney Island...Love the 4th of July!!!
We have Muhammad Ali, Michael Jordan, Joe Montana, and .Joey Chestnut!! A true American sports icon!!! Everybody get to a T v now, Nathan's Hot Dog eating contest is about to begin! Super Bowl, World Series and dinner time all rolled into one!!
Megan just said she had no idea they hold a Hot Dog eating competition each year on July 4th...and has no idea who Joey Chestnut is.somebody help
The annual Nathan's Hot Dog Eating Contest is about to begin ... can Joey Chestnut successfully defend his title?
The rain will not affect Joey Chestnut the greatest American Athlete to ever eat a Hot Dog.
Let's see if Joey Chestnut does it again!
Are any other New York Mets fans getting ready to watch the Nathan's Hot Dog Eating Contest? Who are you rooting for? Joey Chestnut set the record last year eating 69 Hot Dogs.
holy crap. More Nathan's brilliance. You know what Joey Chestnut tells the competitors in the locker room before the introductions. You don;t need to be here. No need. I am going to win. "I already called my mom and told her I won." So American. So *** American.
ok america it july 4th again and that only means one thing its the 99th International Hot-Dog eating contest again, can the reinging Champion Joey Chestnut pull it of again makeing it his 8th win in a row, last year he wolfed down 69 hot-dogs in 10 minutes. well its going to be good as always, watch it for urself on ESPN at 2:00 p.m. from Coney Island New York.
Eager to see how many weiners joey chestnut can swallow this year
About to watch Joey Chestnut do his thing. I can't help but want to see Kobiashi go up against him. What ever happened to that guy?
Watching nathan s Hot Dog eating contest from Coney Island. See how many hotdogs joey chestnut will eat this year in ten minutes
Gearing up to watch a true American hero, Joey Chestnut go to work! Can he down 70 hawt dawgs this year?! we'll soon find out…
Joey Chestnut confident. NorCal representin' in the Nathan's Hot Dog Eating Contest with Matt Stoney from San Jo too.
There might be nothing more unintentionally hilarious than the Joey Chestnut pre-Nathan's Hot Dog contest documentary. "I didn't grow up to be a professional eater". They film it and he acts totally like he is a boxer. Priceless. Well done ESPN. Well done.
Listening to Joey Chestnut Discuss competitive eating makes me giggle like a drunk Japanese Girl in a School Uniform!
Please everyone turn on ESPN now. Worlds greatest athlete Joey Chestnut!!
4th of July tradition my hubby, myself and Nathan's hotdog eating contest... Go Joey Chestnut
The entire free world awaits with great anticipation the greatest sport known to mankind: the Coney Island Hot Dog Eating Contest. In mere moments we will know if Joey Chestnut, perhaps the greatest athlete in history, can do it again. Can he get to 70? An eighth championship? Is he mortal?
Question "Can Joey Chestnut win the Nathan's Hot Dog contest again?" Question " Why would you want to??"
Can Joey Chestnut hold on to his belt ? We shall see woo hoo
Hot Dog eating contest joey chestnut all the way
Joey chestnut just proposed on tv before he eats 70 Hot Dogs and buns.
Joey Chestnut goes for number 8. Love this day.
Lets go Joey Chestnut, make 'Merica proud and shove 70 Hot Dogs down your gullet
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