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Joey Barton

Joseph Anthony Joey Barton (born 2 September 1982) is an English footballer who plays as a midfielder for and captains Queens Park Rangers in the Premier League.

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Joey Barton's player of the year selection...he definitely started writing Joey before changing it to Eden Hazard 😂
Joey Barton reveals his picks for the PFA Awards -. but who has he gone for?
Joey Barton reveals his Premier League Team of the Year
Thought I saw Valdes and Joey Barton in William Hill the other day 🤔
Joey Barton, Marlon King, Ched Evans, Adam Johnson, Duncan Ferguson and Tony Adams just to name a few
Joey Barton is available for this weekend - here's why it could actually be a good thing for
I can play simpleton too. Look at Joey Barton, Daryl Murphy, Loovens, McCormack, Wallace, Kayal, Donaldson. Could keep going.
Reminder there why Seth Johnson, Joey Barton, David Dunn, Jake Livermore and Lee Bowyer all have more England caps than Mark Noble.
Joey Barton reveals how he was tricked into thinking he was signing for Manchester United via
Yep the guy was stupid but Joey Barton now pleads guilty to betting!He'll pick up fine/ban..
Joey Barton makes over 1k football bets and is still playing Premier League, Non-League goalkeeper eats a pie at 8/1 and los…
So Wayne Shaw has lot his job after breaking a gambling rule. Joey Barton did that over 1,200 times, I wonder if he will lo…
Nobody is buying Joey Barton's defence of his behaviour against Lincoln via
Never forget that Joey Barton cheated to try and get a man sent off in a match that Premier League Burnley lost to non-…
Joey Barton... utter ar5ehole. Glad you are still a loser Barton. . #
WATCH: Joey Barton attempting to get a National League player sent off by cheating twice. Disgraceful!
Lawell must sweating like Joey Barton in Scott Browns back pocket at the thought of passing up millions of £'s. 🍀🍀🍀
Alberto Moreno, Jay Spearing, Joey Barton. In that order. All miles better than stupid Drogba.
Not forgetting Sean Dyche, Joey Barton, Alistair Campbell and undoubtably Jose Mourinho too
Overheard Steven Defour whistling Pigbag after the game - Burnley fans' Joey Barton chant, and Dusan Tadic's big chin plaster was a sight!
COMMS CAM | Commentators Phil Bird & Ian Moore react to Joey Barton scoring on his return to Turf Moor.
74: Two changes for as Dean Marney and Steven Defour make way for Joey Barton and Sam Vokes. [0-0]
Told my grandson David Bowie had two different coloured eyes because Joey Barton stubbed his cigar out on one.
David Nugent, just like Joey Barton, keeps getting clubs to sign him.
can confirm that Joey Barton will wear squad number 19
is that why Joe Cole and Joey Barton flopped there?
That's actually his third red card in five games which is some effort. Don't think Joey Barton got anywhere near th…
brings to punditry what Joey Barton brought to football. Absolutely Nothing more than running his mouth & acting the ***
Just shows how much of a tin pot club Burnley are, signing Joey Barton who should be locked up 😂✌️️
Pretty much ensures Joey will miss out on the Hall of Fame?! RT: Barton charged with football betting
Could you explain how its going to take the FA 3 more weeks to investigate if Joey Barton should be suspended? 1260 bets ...
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Nothing but respect for Joey Barton being the most talked about footballer of the Premier League era
BREAKING: FA charge Joey Barton with placing 1260 bets on football matches between 2006 and 2016
Tae be fair, he placed maist ae the bets after findin oot he wiz signin for the Zombies! 😂.
Joey Barton to make return to Burnley when January window opens
Burnley FC's Joey Barton charged by FA for breaking betting rules.
⚡️ “Joey Barton charged by FA over more than 1000 bets”.
Joey Barton charged by Football Association over betting scandal.. Related Articles:
I wonder if joey Barton bet on celtic 2 destroy rangers
Burnley ready to turn their backs on Joey Barton deal as midfielder faces a ten-match ban for betting
Orson Krennic and Joey Barton walk decidedly on the dark side of life. . FC's Football Rogues:
FOOTBALL: Joey Barton is back in disciplinary trouble after for placing bets on matches over a 10-year period.
Barton charged by FA for allegedly placing 1,260 bets. Save everyone time and trouble. Ban him from footie.
FA have charged Joey Barton with placing 1260 bets on result/progress of matches over 10 year period.
Joey Barton charged for misconduct in relation to betting
Joey Barton on FA charge covering 10 year period of betting
Joey Barton charged with betting offences by FA via u can't tell me this guy is not an agbero
Joey Barton facing further betting charges Joey Barton has come under scurrility of the English…
How on earth has Joey Barton not been banned from football and his privelged lifestyle taken away from all the misconduct…
Joey Barton hit with misconduct charge for allegedly placing 1,260 bets on football over 10 years…
BREAKING: Joey Barton charged by the FA for breaching rules with 1,260 bets between 2006-2016. More to follow.
Joey Barton charged with betting offences by FA
Martin Demichelis was fined £22k for placing 29 bets earlier this year. If same applied Joey Barton could be facing a bill o…
Hypebeast reporting on Joey Barton is peak 2016
Joey Barton, sent off at Man City for QPR on final day in 2012, is under investigation for an alleged string of betting…
The FA have charged Joey Barton with breaking the rules on betting. He's alleged to have placed 1,260 bets on footbal…
ICYMI - Joey Barton return to Burnley in jeopardy?
What kind of an *** is Joey Barton? There's betting and there's over a 1,000 illegal bets on football. Man thinks he's bright. He's not.
At this point I'm pretty sure Joey Barton is just trying to lift everyone's spirits with laughter
How many of Joey Barton's bets surrounded his ability to hit the first man from any given set piece anywhere on the field?
The FA have thrown the book at Joey Barton. If it was by Nietzsche, he'd pretend to have read it.
The Joey Barton story develops time and again with new unexpected angles and we're here for it.
Joey Barton has been charged with the FA claiming he has placed 1,260 bets over ten years
So Joey Barton likes a bet. So what. He would do wonders at Arsenal. You can bet on it. What's Wenger waiting for ?
Joey Barton charged by using FA for allegedly breaching principles on having a bet -
Joey Barton has been charged by the FA after 'placing 1260 bets in the past ten... by via
Ex-Rangers midfielder Joey Barton charged with misconduct in relation to betting after he allegedly placed 1,260 bets over…
BREAKING NEWS: Joey Barton charged by the FA with breaking betting rules.
Joey Barton is in trouble with the FA.
Joey Barton charged with betting on over 1000 football matches
Joey Barton back in the Premier League with Burnley . A wait until 22nd of April until Zlatan finds him.
DONE DEAL: Burnley have resigned Joey Barton on a free transfer.
BREAKING: Joey Barton has re-signed for Burnley on a short-term deal. Looks like they're giving him a second roll of the Dyche.…
BREAKING: Joey Barton set to re-sign for Burnley on a short-term deal until the end of the season, subject to internat…
Has anybody seen Rui Faria and Joey Barton in the same room?
Is it just me, or does Rui Faria look like Joey Barton?
Anyone else think Rui Faria looks like Joey Barton?
JUST IN: Hearing of a bust up between Rui Faria and Tony Pulis in the tunnel. Pulis shouted "You look like Joey Barton on smack".
Man United assistant Rui Faria is Joey Barton, if Joey Barton was done properly.
No matter how many times I see him, every time I see Rui Faria in the dugout next to I momentarily think it's Joey Barton 😂😂
Bawbag of the Week Candidates for this week. *Mark McGhee. *Crawford Wilson. *Joey Barton. *Mark Wilson . Let me know if you agree
"King revealed Warburton will at least be given the money freed up from the departure of Joey Barton". 😨😂.
Remember when Philippe Senderos had a slip of the tongue while talking about Joey Barton. 😂
Joey Barton clipping a ball over for Peter Crouch to bang in while McLaren sits in the stands being a tactical genius
Joey Barton to One bookie thinks it could happen...honestly!
Joey Barton gets one-match ban for betting while playing for Rangers
Scott Brown is now officially not in the same league as Joey Barton.
Joey Barton and Rangers agree to terminate contract as troubled spell at Ibrox comes to a swift end
mental health is no joke. On the other hand, Joey Barton's Rangers career is
He may be a Celtic supporting, IRA backing, Royal hating, crazy SoB but anyone who thinks Joey Barton is a bad signing for Ran…
Joey Barton typical over paid crap modern footballer,would have been smashed up on the pitch by Chopper Harris Tommy Smith or Graham Souness
Little Giant Ladders
Joey Barton's spell at Rangers was less successful than Robbie Williams' rap career.
Mutual termination of Joey Barton's contract will be finalised tomorrow. Source Mr Jim White
- MOTD2 analysis: Searching for Aston Villa positives, with Joey Barton
- Joey Barton will return to training with Rangers after conclusion of his disciplinary proceedings , The...
Hollywood Halliday legdroppin Joey 'War' Barton in the Auchenhowie garden I was there jack biggest finisher since Slaugh…
Joey Barton trolls Neymar for his second-half performance vs Manchester .. Related Articles:
Joey Barton has arrived at Ibrox to hear Rangers' verdict. We can confirm from sources that he is, in-fact, a bellend. ht…
5 reasons Rangers should play Joey Barton - Joey Barton’s career at Rangers is assumed over, but here are...
So, what does Mark Warburton REALLY think about the signing of Joey Barton? I'm no body language expert but.…
Joey Barton LATEST: Midfielder told he can return to training as Rangers end exile
Lmao. I hear joey Barton might be able. The kinda FIGHT we need!
What a fanny!! Did people see the same Joey Barton that I did??
Because joey Barton said it many will dismiss what he said about Neymar being overrated. I totally agree though.
That right there is why Joey Barton referred to Neymar as the Justin Bieber of football
Joey Barton could 'snap' if he isn't allowed to leave Rangers warns Danny Mills
If you play alongside Joey Barton up front, I will finally have trust in our strength and discipline!
Joey Barton who got sent off that game moved to Marseille, Burnley and now plays for Rangers. New book out as well.
If you say, "Whats the Joey Barton situation?" three times into your mirror Jim Traynor will magically appear and escort…
The Browns are just comically bad. I'm so happy they passed on Ezekiel and Joey.
iv contacted loads players and clubs looking for donations . Joey Barton only one offered to help . says lot about him
joey barton was only one to offer help . Says a lot about the man
Micheal Stipe creating an enormous portrait of Joey Barton.
If Joey Barton is being disciplined for panning team and performance of players and management . Then I think the lad is being done by
Joey Barton should offer to pay the guy the windfall money. Just to *** the Huns right off 😂
how did the joey barton thing work out Lee?
...please not Sherwood.! 😤don't need another "it's all about me, big time Charlie" who's in the same mould as Joey Barton 🤕
hope you search Joey Barton on here and see what the fans are saying. Time to swallow some pride!
Joey Barton missing the team bus home Again
Further details of the Joey Barton incident emerge as it turns out he was suspended for being too complimentary about th…
The only waste of money has been Joey Barton, kranjcar to an extent maybe. It he was really starting to look decent.
can't wait to see us announce Clint Hill and Joey Barton at the end of the season
Danny Mills on Joey Barton: "He's not as good as he thinks he is - and he expects everyone else to be as good as he thi…
- Joey Barton returns to Rangers to train with youngsters in his first session since start of suspension i...
Go name a better midfielder in Scotland than joey barton?
Joey Barton being forced to train with under-20s & we've got that pish on the park. 🙄
I think any sports journalist promoting a book from a player like Joey Barton should find a new career
Canny afford to pay off Barton. Now they need to pay off Warburton😂 Absoutely farcical wouldn't surprise me if joey ended up player/manager🤔
Why is Pierce Brosnan on the cover of a Joey Barton book ?
Breaking - Joey Barton will return to full-time training at following the conclusion of a disciplinary procedure.…
they need to swallow there pride and bring back joey Barton only he can save the rangurs
Not good, Joey Barton carry on is a disgrace, very badly handled. I'm losing faith in MW
"Hello Mark. So what you been up to...for 20 years?". "Just dealing with the Joey Barton thing mainly"
Joey Barton back in training. . France's greatest footballing export. 🇫🇷🇫🇷
BREAKING: Joey Barton set to return to Rangers training
Joey Barton...first player ever to sign a 2 year rolling suspension.
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Rangers bad boy Joey Barton could outlast Mark Warburton as Ibrox crisis deepens after draw with St Johnstone
Gary Lineker the new Joey Barton the new Jeremy Corbyn, The new Alexis Tsipras. Ian Wright, Plato, and saviour of all mankind.
Joey Barton frustrated after missing 2 Old Firm games in a row
Joey Barton tells Owen Jones homophobia not just problem in football – video
Special guest sellers on Janefield St today, we have Joey Barton & Craig Whyte on the London Rd
Joey Barton will do a Bobo Balde sit back say nothing and take the blue pound as no 1 else will want him. You couldn't make it up lmao. 007
RANGERS midfielder Joey Barton has claimed Liverpool tried to tap him up during his days in the Everton youth...
Rangers outcast Joey Barton claims Liverpool tried to tap him up while at Everton .
Nigel Pearson. Sam Allardyce. Tyson Fury. Mike Hookem. Joey Barton. All in the jungle together. Make it happen.
Joey Barton and betting: what are the rules on betting in English and Scottish football?
BREAKING. Joey Barton charged by for alleged breach of betting rules. More on https:…
Has Joey Barton ever not been dodgy??
Give you 2/1 Joey Barton is guilty. Anyone want to take that? Joey???
Barton charged with allegedly betting on 44 games
joey barton again you always in the spotlight for wrong reasons"Joey Barton"
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There's a limit, mind. Joey Barton was convinced the JFK assassination was an inside job. I said "it happened outside.…
The Scottish FA have issued a notice of complaint to Joey Barton, claiming the Rangers midfielder placed 44 bets between J…
Of Joey Barton's 44 bets only one related to a Scotland: Celtic to lose by at least three goals in the Nou Camp. One ma…
When Joey Barton joined my Scottish football limited numbers private email service - I told him not to bet under his n…
In terms of awful starts in a new job Joey Barton is only surpassed by Sam Allardyce!
Man could be piping his wife but instead he's reading about joey barton
Joey Barton was just betting on *** starting Chambers every game this season. Can't blame him tbf, quads in
Joey Barton has been charged with breaking FA rules related to gambling on footy matches! . He denies it but has given me 5/1…
may I just wish Joey Barton all the best in maintaining his glittering and unblemished football career ...
Remember when Joey Barton went all French . kind of .
"I bet you £10 I can jump over this fence". Joey Barton's gambling woes continue 👀
Joey Barton accused of betting on matches and plays for a proven club that broke rules , a match made in heaven
BREAKING: Joey Barton has been charged by the Scottish FA for betting on 44 matches this year.
can you give Joey Barton some advice 🙈
Hearing an unsubstantiated rumour that this Sevco Joey Barton character has on occasion played professional football
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Rangers midfielder Joey Barton is charged with breaking rules relating to gambling on football matches.
Joey Barton...the gift that keeps giving
its just laughable that joey barton, who plays in the ladbrokes spfl, William hill cup,and betfred cup is getting done for g…
Joey Barton still suffering from that niggling brain injury then.
Rangers midfielder Joey Barton charged with betting on 44 football matches, Scottish FA announces
Joey Barton's career in Scotland... by via
Will we see the headline "Vanguard Bear Joey Barton charged with betting on football matches" in tomorrow's Daily R…
Joey Barton is to be charged by the Scottish FA over 44 bets placed on matches since joining Rangers
Mark Lawrenson on Joey Barton: 'he's had a career blighted by a niggling brain injury'
In the 2004 match Arlo White references, Joey Barton got sent off for arguing with the official going into halftime. Idiotic.
Sam Allardyce ‘wrestled on a beach wearing a thong’, Joey Barton claims in new book
Yeah what the *** lets have complete *** in key positions. Joey Barton could do the under 21s. Marcus Bent as forwards coach
Chris Ashton is not Rugby Union's answer to Mario Balotelli, nor Luis Suarez, according to , but instead Joey Barton
Is Chris Ashton the Mario Balotelli, Luis Suarez or Joey Barton of rugby? .
Joey Barton: Best quotes from ex-Man City star's new book and interviews Joey Barton is amongst the controversy on…
domain names
Joey Barton joins Craig Whyte and Charles Green. Going from Messiah to a really naughty boy!
TOP STORIES: Joey Barton suspended by Rangers​, Harry Kane​ injury latest and Kell Brook​ on his eye injury scare.
Mark Warburton doesn't *really* have a magic hat you know. He can't make Joey Barton not be a ***
The Joey Barton article in The Guardian. The guy clearly has some issues with reality .
Sensational from the Bold Joseph Anthony Barton. Almost like he's signed for Rangers just to promote his book 😂
My hot take on the Joey Barton thing is that a lot of y'all are pretty keen to crucify him for being exactly who he's always been.
Joey Barton "tried to sign me". And when they didn't, his hopes of getting close to Scott Brown were gone ...
Joey Barton does seem way more fascinated with himself than anyone else is
Barton in even more bother over Celtic-Barca betting probe...
Joey Barton has left Rangers. He struggled to perfect the accent.
Rangers have suspended Joey Barton for three weeks, six days after he was sent home from training. .
Can we sack Joey Barton the now because a can't stand the ***
Clever from Joey Barton getting suspended for 3 weeks just in time to promote his book.
mad how Joey Barton is at the centre of controversy the week his book is due out
Sees Joey Barton is being controversial again. Reads he has a new book out.
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Rangers midfielder Joey Barton, 34, believes he could do a better job as England manager than Sam Allardyce or Roy Hodgson.
I never seen Joey Barton kick a baw until the 5-1 game...
😂😂😂 joey Barton might be able to hitch a ride to London!!
Joey Barton suspended for 3 weeks by Glasgow Rangers after a training ground "heated argument". Are we surprised?
There is no bigger degenerate in all of the sporting world than Joey Barton
'He would regularly cross the line you'd never cross in football in the dressing room'. Danny Mills on Joey Barton: https:/…
Joey Barton blaming everyone else 😐. His performances have been laughable & he's been found out. Looking for an out.
Joey Barton says he may not have joined Rangers with the benefit of hindsight | Football News | Sky Sports
Joey Barton's had 250 games in the EPL & was the best player in the English Championship last season. He's…
Joey Barton claims Celtic tried to nick him before he signed for Rangers.
😂 he in trouble aswell Steven . Joey Barton faces SFA ban after betting on Celtic game
A couple of papers running "exclusive" interviews with Joey Barton, who's doing a book tour and would talk to anyone anywhere anytime
Want a preview to Joey Barton's explosive book? Don't miss this revealing interview with
Joey Barton really is the gift that keeps on giving. I really do hope he's back for our game against them. The thought of draper v him..
I think Joey Barton is a nugget at times, but I'll deffo give his book a read
Good morning from The Scottish Sun. Here's a look at today's front page:
Barton questions Gers move - Joey Barton has admitted he may not have joined Rangers if he had the b...
Joey Barton: ‘If someone is looking for conflict I won’t shy away from it – ever’ | Donald McRae
Rangers midfielder Joey Barton under investigation after allegedly placing a bet on rivals Celtic
Barton: I’d make a better England boss than Allardyce or Hodgson via
Joey Barton admits he wouldn't join Rangers given his time again after three-week suspension
Joey Barton has been suspended for 3 weeks by Rangers for Joey Bartonlike conduct.
Joey Barton admits regrets over move to Rangers and says there are days he t
Not sure this is what Rangers had in mind when they sent Joey Barton away for three weeks of self-reflection.
BREAKING: English midfielder banned for 3 weeks after bust up with manager!
Excellent interview with by Donald McRae. Shows the complexities of the man and where they came from
Highlight of Joey Barton's autobiography has to be this chapter on all the major honours he's won.
Rangers bad boy Joey Barton in more hot water as he faces SFA ban after being accused of betting on Celtic game…
Celtic great has an Old Firm warning for Rangers' Joey Barton
Joey Barton could easily be wound up in his first Old Firm game, says Alan Thompson via
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Daily Record: Rangers star Joey Barton can be wound up in derby clash reckons former Celtic star Alan Thompson
'I know Joey Barton well and I fear he might lose his cool' says Alan Thompson.
Alan Thompson can see Joey Barton getting wound up when Rangers face Celtic this weekend. Can't we all...
Balotelli wishes he was the memelord that Joey Barton is. None of them will trump Jamie Hamill barging into Derek Adams though.
I hope Joey Barton gets his own radio station at this rate, keep him talking. Brendan Rodgers could then be Marcel Marceau all season! 🍀
Joey Barton has launched an angry attack at Pep Guardiola and Manchester City over the treatment of Joe Hart...
Joey Barton's comments on the situation regarding Joe Hart:
Joey Barton labels Manchester City's treatment of Joe Hart as -
Joey Barton says Pep Guardiola lacks 'common human decency' for selling Joe Hart. Because he knows all about that.. http…
Joey Barton is not impressed with Pep Guardiola's treatment of Joe Hart at
'DISGUSTING!' Listen as Joey Barton hits out at Manchester City manager Pep Guardiola's treatment ...
Joey Barton did the same with Rangers for years & you guys go buy him! Hypocrite😂
Aye but mind that time Joey Barton got megged against Hamilton
My favourite moment of the Rangers v Hamilton game was when Crawford nutmegged Celtic supporter, Joey Barton
They've actually got a minute by minute account of Joey Barton's performance in a 1-1 home draw with Hamilton.
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As well as a match report of Rangers-Hamilton, BBC Sport have also done min by min analysis of Joey Barton. Christ.
The highlight of the v games was Joey Barton getting nutmegged by Ali Crawford
Joey Barton well out of his depth yesterday V Hamilton 😂
"Joey Barton got nutmegged by a Hamilton player" said the tims . Scott Brown got outplayed by players from the Gibraltar league 🙈
decent article but Joey Barton finds it tough against Hamilton. Reality check already
Rangers 1st game didn't go to plan, drawing 1-1 with Hamilton. And this happened to Joey Barton! 😂
Joey Barton getting nutmegged by Ali Crawford in the today's Rangers v Hamilton game.
Joey Barton confident Rangers will improve after frustrating Premiership opener against . Via: Evening Times.
"If I get to that level, unfortunately for anybody up there, they ain't going to live with me." - Joey Barton
"I'll own the SPL" - Joey Barton. . Gets nutmegged in first game.
Joey Barton: "The league wasn't going to be won today and it certainly won't be lost" FT: 1-1
Joey Barton faces missing key Rangers game - because it clashes with book Q&A in London
Tinchy Sneijder is also a shout, Rick Ross Turnbull too. Joey Bada$$ is discounted on the grounds his name already applies to Joey Barton
Warburton's a fanny. Lee Wallace is a grass. And as for Joey Barton, he never misses mass!
WATCH: Joey Barton has his say on Sam Allardyce's potential England role
So, Joey Barton's not a fan of Gary Neville's then...
Canny believe we've went from Shields, Clark, Law to Joey Barton, Jordan Rossiter & Niko Kranjcar life is definitely on the u…
"I think we'll get on well, with him being a Celtic fan.". Scott Brown on Joey Barton.
leave will reply with Millwall supporters' club, Joey Barton and John Terry amirite?
Beckham & Campbell haven't appeared on Question Time. Joey Barton has. A nation waits to see who he endorses...
Coll Donaldson insists Barton and Hill will waste no time in making a positive impression at Rangers
Stan I remember ur discussion with Joey Barton, he was belittling countries like Well Wales fini…
Joey Barton and Clint Hill will provide leadership, says Coll Donaldson
Joey Barton critical of Liverpool duo via
now all they can get is joey Barton ? Is that his point
Joey Barton vows to be the top player in Scotland after midfielder completes move ... -
Eurotrash: Stan Collymore and Joey Barton get down and dirty via
Rangers duo Joey Barton and Clint Hill will provide leadership in Ibrox dressing room, says Coll Don...
First meeting of Scott Brown and Joey Barton confirmed as Scottish Premiership fixtures...
Tom Boyd: Joey Barton is jealous of Scott Brown and wishes he was at Celtic...
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Mark Wilson says that Joey Barton has played into the hands of Scott Brown by dismissing...
Rangers new boy Joey Barton is 'jealous' of Celtic skipper Scott Brown, says Tom Boyd...
Rangers signing Joey Barton is jealous of Celtic - Tom Boyd...
Former Celtic midfielder has advice for Brown regarding Joey Barton jibes...
Actually saw someone say on here Joey Barton would do a better job than Jordan Henderson because of his 'passion' and 'desire' i give up...
All Joey Barton has done with his dismissive jibes about Scott Brown is fire the Celtic skipper up, former defender Mar…
Joey Barton modelling the huns new away kit. Preorder and you wil receive a black bag and a pair of gardening gloves htt…
The damning stats that prove Joey Barton's not in the same league as captain Scott Brown
From Nicky Law and Kyle Hutton to Joey Barton and Niko Kranjcar. Mark Warburton you beautiful ***
stop *** licking a bellend like joey Barton that's a tip
Niko came to Glasgow. To join the boys in blue. Matty,Josh and Jordan. Joey Barton too. Tims greeting. Tears in the eyes. As The…
Has he got to 2007 yet when Joey Barton was top scorer with 6 goals and Richard Dunne was player of the year?
Henderson is actually just a poor man's Joey Barton
Common sense and joey barton not used in the same sentence very often, but here u go guys 👏👏👏
Anyone would think Joey Barton was the best player England's produced, does he forget he only won 1 bloody cap...
All purpose parts banner
Joey Barton's journey from bad boy to cultured family man ready to bring Rangers ... -
I've just caught you agreeing with joey Barton 😰 you feeling ok ?
Joey Barton giving an opinion on Henderson.
How do you like that Joey Barton you disrespectful little turd
as I said Ollie can be a Joey Barton or learn diplomacy on social media now he's an official PL player for us
😂😂😂 Hodgson should of subbed him and brought Joey Barton on. Oh wait a sec. 🙈🙈🙈
When Joey Barton is the lone voice of sanity.
I agree with everything you said. Like I said this morning, Joey Barton owes you an apology. Wolverhampton girl
I'm watching the irish channels, haven't seen him, have had joey barton
Joey Barton. 1 cap for England is not happy about the performance and commentary 😂😂😂😂
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