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Joel Stein

Joel Stein (born July 23, 1971) is an American journalist who wrote for the Los Angeles Times and is a regular contributor to Time.

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"We have become an idiocracy." Joel Stein. Hard to argue with that.
Ohhh! Joel Stein, don't you forget that life here is short, what you did in a small time 'll rebound for eternity...
,,, that we get to keep running them." joel stein in the LA times.
is basically that awful Joel Stein Time cover story on Gen Y but scripted so CBS' audience will love it
Just got around to reading Joel Stein's article on Idiocracy. Best. Ever.
76ers will have a ridiculous young core: Jahlil Okafor, Nerlens Noel, Joel Embiid, Dario Saric, Nik Stauskas and either…
From Joel Stein's Time Magazine essay "We have become an Idiocracy. And it only took two and a half centuries" -...
Joel Stein on our contemporary Idiocracy: nailing it!
Joel Stein says - I want America to know . Yes, we control Hollywood
'The best reward for a job well done, is to simply have done it' -Joel Stein, Chief recruiter
Why States v. Texas is the most case the Court will decide this year: Dan Stein...
Once upon a time, this was written by the awesome Joel Stein.
Oh, I get it. Your bio says "Joel Stein is following you!" but you're not so I can't DM. So you're trolling trolls. V
CEO's are not owners though. Murdoch is not a Jew. Joel Stein Whoever, sounds full of B.S.
Whatever u think of this is a great story by Joel Stein: Why Bernie Sanders Doesn’t Want Your Vote
.magazine's Joel Stein joins at 6:35pm to talk about his piece on Bernie Sanders |
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Reading Joel Stein's feature in Bloomberg has my jaw on the floor at how completely patronizing it is
Meet our Team Leader and the most positive person in the office!
Just read a copy of Time Magazine. Appears to be drug and insurance adverts with occasional pissy articles by Joel Stein.
Read "The Year Adults Gave Up" by Joel Stein in 'Person of Year' issue. Hilarious. Best quote on 'Jeb!' who likely confused ! with a hashtag
Any chance you remember the name of the song that ended the Joel Stein segment and lead into the Pacquiao call (Country 278)?
"This, my friends, is the year where Adults gave up.." -Joel Stein, stating a "fact" on his special article.
But I got critical of Joel Stein ONCE … and he hounded me for a week.
"Jews totally run Hollywood." -Joel Stein, columnist for Los Angeles Times. And they're good at it, too. So what? It's no secret
Local Jazz musician, professor, and woodwind clinician Ken Stein performs with his jazz quartet (featuring Joel...
who's lying Jake, you or Joel stein?
may be cover, but podcaster Shara Morris on p.118 in Stein column re: "What's Wrong With Me?" Howl app podcast
as super left as he is Joel stein is a good writer
Smartphone based VR isn't half bad (def. better than you'd expect), and Joel Stein's piece in Time is worth reading.
Kinda disappointed the third line doesn't read "by Joel Stein"
yep sometimes we run a 12 miler along there. Bodmin - padstow then stop for Rick Stein fish & chips!!
I'm sure the text by Walter Isaacson Jr., yclept Joel Stein, redeems the whole enterprise
If u are appalled by Joel Stein's anti-Semitic article u might be
Really great article & funny (Joel Stein) some who has been using Uber this week because of car problems and th…
Jason Segel Snags Joel Stein’s House If you are looking for your own Hills place contact me!
I want to write like Joel Stein. Fresh, no-rant & on unexpected topics. His wit laced with phil - old & new - makes my fave page in the Mag.
"I don't regret my English major or my master's in English, which proved invaluable when I bragged about it in this sentence." Joel Stein
Fave new nightime hobby is reading The Awesome Column by Joel Stein in
On Wolf Den podcast about podcasts. Secretly doing research for my podcast about podcasts about podcasts: http:…
If I ever meet Joel Stein, I refuse to refer to him as anything other then "Nemesis".
Have just spent two hours laughing and crying from laughing at work listening to Joel Stein ep of GoG.
The frozen steppe of HD 206610 b felt love that morning, as DPFC Joel met Auli, and rode more than Abe Stein...
With over 30 years of experience, Dr. Joel Stein, DO dispenses pearls like no other. Manual medicine,…
The ultimate website for 2015 would be a scrolling list of selfies on Time, Dec14, Joel Stein
To celebrate George Brett telling me he goes commando, though when wearing a tie he dons briefs:
Tonight! - (solo project from Joel Stein, lead guitarist for + and it's FREE!
See article. Time Inc and Joel Stein apologized for article. However, you post it. envy common in pathetic failures
Supporting on Wed. Solo project of Joel Stein. Revisiting their of the greats!.
"Never accept the first amount the editor offers to pay you…”.
All I can think about at 9am this morning is going to KC Bier Company for a liter beer stein full of dunkel.
I'm watching The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson 11x12 "Terry Bradshaw, Joel Stein" right now.
a machine is going to tell you what to do,” Preston-Werner told Bloomberg Businessweek's Joel Stein.
Joel Stein tried on this shaming stuff already
Joel Stein wrote that same article that's circulating from today. Ruth Graham should hit him up for some lit-snobby good times
Slate just straight up eating the droppings of Joel Stein and regurgitating it
Throwback Thursday: "Not Just Another Cable News Show" edition. I think this show was just a few years ahead of its time. Which is ironic, because the show was about things that happened a long time ago. With Chris Regan Matt Walsh Rachel Sklar Ana Marie Cox Joel Stein Amanda Melson
Love Me Tinder this made my evening!
Billy Joel is the personification of erectile dysfunction
I'm Joel Stein and every day I get to work with some of the most professional journalists in the business ...
This is funny, went off on Joel Osteen as jewish because of the "-stein" in his name and his huge financial success.
Been thinking about this interview. I think I like Before Midnight better now...
Awesome little experiment by Joel Stein in June 2 issue of magazine . High hopes still if…
This page is for the news junkie - the fan of the controversial headline. The Best in Journalism will showcase some of the best articles - print and online - from the world of journalism. From Gary Smith's long-form pieces in Sports Illustrated to Joel Stein's laugh-out-loud columns in Time Magazine, this page will better represent how journalists have and are changing the world. (News is NEW.) The Best in Journalism page will display why gatekeepers and watchdogs (like Bob Woodward) give the audience - a nation -a reason to understand what is prominent in today's news. Enjoy!
Lot of 4 audio books: Derailed, by James Siegel; Man Made: A Stupid Quest for Masculinity, by Joel Stein; A Sparrow Falls, by Wilbur Smith; The Widow of the South, by Robert Hicks. All in EUC. Selling as a lot only for $20.00. Meet in Newark.
WOW! In leesburg today, all of these stores were closed for Sunday!! Staples, Michael's, Stein Mart, Ross,...
This weeks hero is Billy Joel. For never updating the lyrics to We Didn't start the Fire. It seems like something someone…
READ JOEL'S ARTICLE: A professional placenta chef comes to Joel Stein's home to prepare his wife's discarded organ. Not necessarily...
persuasion isn't our strong suit, we'd rather have someone else persuade you. Siri! Persuade Joel Stein we're not narcissists!
“Joel Stein is one awesome columnist. Someone that understands!
Joel Stein is one awesome columnist.
"Other countries aren't so big on circumcision"… “Joel Stein | Who runs Hollywood? C'mon - LA Times
Joel Stein “Jews totally run Hollywood.” There's no coincidence that the exploitation of Black talent has been linked to Jewish profits 2day
Dr. Jill Stein, Chris Williams, & Joel Kovel on organizing against the point of no return | |
A little comedy before the big tax day: “Joel Stein Has Four Accountants” (Courtesy of
you know how your shoe smells rancid but you still take another whiff? writer Joel Stein is like that; icky, yet I'm still reading.
You will not want to miss as he spends the day as a millennial (complete with sexting his wife…lol)
Guests tonight: Bill Nye, George Takei, Joel Stein. I love this show. : )
Bill Nye the Science Guy, Joel Stein, Time Magazine, Lawrence O'Donnell (msnbc) and Rosalnd Chao (keiko) all on The Neighbors! I love this show
LA times Joel stein: I dont care if americans know jews control the media and govt, as long as we get to keep controlling .
talking about Joel's 11 year old brothers girlfriend "is she hot for an 11 year old?" Vom at you
And here's Jewish pundit Joel Stein on how Jews run Hollywood
is it weird that I am a 17 year old with a crush on Joel Stein...
Joel Stein is here getting the scoop. Or as this woman just called him "a famous writer from the Times".
Joel Stein of the LA Times said it. . Do you want me to hammer you with the numbers? http:…
Who Runs Hollywood? C'mon. By Joel Stein. "I just care that we get to keep running them.".
Real Man, Joel Stein, on buying flowers for Valentine's Day. I've been doing it wrong.
Disappointed to see magazine publish such a closed-minded piece on as Joel Stein's editorial bashing his wife's practice.
"Nobel Prize winning economist (and a professor at Stanford and Harvard) Alvin Roth predicts that veganism will become the dominant paradigm in the near future–or in his own words, that “meat eating might become repugnant” to the general population. In the latest issue of Time Magazine, columnist Joel Stein revealed some of Roth’s prediction for 2014." . I hope this comes to pass.
"She's not wrong, though. I don't think of myself as a man so much as a person who happens to have a pe*is. If I got dropped on an island inhabited by a less technologically advanced society, I'd be killed immediately for being useless." Joel Stein. Thank you Andrew Prenger, I love this book.
Joel Stein got me all riled up, read what I have to say about the "Me Generation" at
If I hadn't found a way to earn income while playing games, I might be writing an article about why I no longer play them, like Joel Stein.
"My own private India". Joel Stein on Indian immigration to Edison, NJ.
"What millennials are most famous for besides narcissism is its effect: entitlement." - Joel Stein
Oh, uh, didn't know was live online now! Congrats, guys! Glad to see it hasn't improved your content.
Other than Wal-Mart, politics is the only arena where old people get all the jobs.(Joel Stein)
Liked the piece Joel Stein wrote in this week's issue. It is an eye opener.
not the same, bro, not the same. I've been reading Joel Stein since I was literally in middle school
Andrew Wiggins, Jabari Parker, Rodney Hood, Joel Embiid, Julius Randle, McCauley-Stein and many other top prospects will all play tonight
Joel Stein: Internet is shrinking the 1% down to people who do things so awful, no one will do them for free.
Joel Stein: People are wasting a lot of time. via
Funnyordie skewers Time's Chris Christie cover. Fat jokes, from the magazine that gave us Joel Stein.
There are so many unexpected speakers in this 20th Anniversary UFC documentary. John McCain, Harry Reid, Joel Stein...random!
Please join us on Monday, October 28th at 7pm at Downtown Independent for an evening of live performance and conversation with Unscrolled authors Rachel Axler, Josh Radnor, Davy Rothbart, Dana Shapiro, Jill Soloway, Joel Stein - plus readings from pieces written by Eli Attie, Damon Lindelof and Mich...
i feel so uncomfortable posting selfies even if i like the photo am i even a MILLENNIAL where are u joel stein
I dedicate this to my wonderful wife. .. Joel Stein: 'Til Mold Do Us Part via
TRUE! Joel Stein: "It's as if teenagers took the campaign against texting and driving seriously and decided not to drive."
I thought "guinea pig of happiness" was the best part until I got to the Joel Stein blurb.
There is Joel stein on how to flatter his new boss, & then you have RahulG, how to call 'nonsense' the old boss.
My favorite columnist Nancy Gibbs takes over as Editor of TIME. And a hilarious piece by Joel Stein on how to flatter his new boss, Gibbs
"A generation's greatness isn't determined by data; it's determined by how they react to the challenges that befall them." ~ Joel Stein
Me: "I haven't been in a fight since 1999.". "Let's go find Joel Stein and beat the crap out of him."
Speaking of which, this video gets more embarrassing/hilarious with every replay-
"i brake for teenage drivers" by joel stein is the dumbest article ever. I hope you search your own name
Oh hey and Side note: Joel Stein should moderate everything. Did not miss…
Why "me me me" is not bad after all. Joel Stein writes:
This year for Halloween I'm going as Joel Stein's depiction of millennials.
Check out this awesome track: About A Girl by Nirvana, cover done by the Talkative one feat. Joel Stein
Joel Stein tastes one wine from all 50 states. Can good wine really be made anywhere? /via
Time Magazine millennials, Me Me Me Generation by Joel Stein: How do researchers diagnose...
"Technology improves our lives but ruins those of everyone who hangs out with us" - Joel Stein in TIME, August 26
this is disturbingly similar to Joel Stein's piece for earlier this year:
"It's like pointing a real-life remote control & yelling, 'Entertain me, loser, or I'll change the channel!'"-Joel Stein
"Putting your phone on the table indicates that you don't think I can tell a story as well as someone without a face or body."-Joel Stein
Joel Stein's The Awesome Column in Time is a weekly-must. Hilarious, sharp. Amazing sense of humor, he can happily laugh at himself.
All this proves is that Joel Stein has trouble being relevant in the year 2013 and feels kinda weird about it:
New post: An open letter to Joel Stein and Time Magazine
Body Politics by Joel Stein is hilarious but at the same time points out an eminent irony in the issue in the battle of sexes.
This is us people! See online and find out if you agree with what Joel Stein says about our "Milennial" generation...
Chris Buckley, Joel Stein, Terry Pluto, EA Poe, Dostoyevsky, Philip Roth, David Donald. Wish I had time to read more
this article in the Time Magazine by Joel Stein about the millenial generation>>>>>.
See what Stein is saying about the Grady Diet
Joel Stein Becomes a Millennial for a Day (Time Magazine video)
A message from Time columnist Joel Stein. He really liked my writing style. I should start believe in myself.
Just saw your comic at CNN: . THANK YOU. Joel Stein's latest Time 'thing' just hammered it home.
"I just flip through to Joel Stein's column," he says.
What famous person would you like to meet? — Joel Stein
omg wait joel stein like la Times Joel Stein?
You know your zine's going to do well when Joel Stein wishes you luck (despite advising against it), and is open to receiving a copy.
joel stein just emailed me back omg joel stein said he'd be happy to look over my admissions essays omg joEL STEIN
.Good post, except for the terrible endorsement of Joel Stein!
Thanks a not lot Joel Stein. I think people your age can still know what today's equivalent of Groovy or Awesome are. Come on
20 years in love with the mag, never complained. This month though, what was that article by Joel Stein? Not good, weird.
That's Joel Stein not Joe Klein in Time on "me-me-me". --mike
Photo: 6dogs9cats: team-joebama: Pew Research Center, via Ezra Klein’s post “Joel Stein is wrong about...
Millennials are the "ME ME ME GENERATION," writes Joel Stein for Time magazine's new cover story out today — which makes him only the latest culture writer in the last century or so to declare the youth self-obsessed little monsters.
Joel Stein is wrong about millennials, in one chart - The me, me, me generation? Really? To a large exte...
By now you have probably seen this week's cover of TIME and run away screaming. The story, by Joel Stein, is behind a paywall, but I have taken a look at it and in case you were wondering, yes, it's what you expect it to be.
Joel Stein’s Latest, “The Fall and Rise of Mark Sanford”: Politics in the Palmetto State is “more tangled than...
I know I have no creativity. Actually I just wanted to be like Joel Stein. Lol.
I really enjoyed this cover story in by Joel Stein: "How [Gov] Jerry Brown Scared California Straight."
Did you know...Billy Joel has had Top 40 hits in three consecutive decades (70's, 80's, and the 90's) and has...
Billy Joel is such an amazing singer 😍
I don't know what's crazier, the fact that Time Magazine columnist Joel Stein responded to my email or the fact that there's a typo in it
Clever column by Joel Stein in Time Magazine, on memory
"You need a lot of skills to have a full life." Well said! Joel Stein (Time Magazine Apr 22)
"what??? Remember we met Starbucks and talked all evening about Joel Stein?" This is awkward, fast
I said it before I'll say it again- I have an unhealthy obsession with Joel Stein's The Awesome Column!
The Hippie Mom Superiority Complex posted by ❤but real hippies r nice
Joel Stein tells Lena Dunham to keep her clothes on for Watch the Red Carpet:
Great article by Joel Stein about Jerry Brown and how he has been balancing California's budget, a Herculean task!
If Joel Stein wrote books I would actually read? Funniest author I've had the privilege of reading. Yet again SMASHED it in magazine
"And what about the pope? He quit a job a no one even knew you could quit!" - Joel Stein.
New podcast! Pisses People Off. Hear about the pain/fun of that --
Props for the 'Jade' reference alone: A nice read by Joel Stein on
That description of yours gets me every time. I'm constantly like, omg, Joel Stein is following ME??
did it ever occur to Time that it'd be easy to confuse Joe Klein and Joel Stein?
I also read (in a Joel Stein article) that apparently they charge different amounts depending on the person
I'm 0 for 2. 1st Joel this..perhaps I DO really need someone to keep me from sticking fork in the toaster.
Hey Mr. Postman it's new name for the band
The "event" shall be known as "The Joel Stein Incident". Like a military battle where my entire battalion got creamed.
Williams gets a humorous mention by Joel Stein in Time Magazine this week due to my winning last year Y! NCAA tourney - go geeks!
Billy Joel probably has one of the best sounding voices 🎶
Dictionary--not really- firefighter-(fahyuhr)fahy-ter) n. One of the few job titles kind enough to warn me away with two words. Joel Stein.
"Well, first off, how many of you have tattoos?" LMAO. Joel Stein is awesome.
Off to Joel Stein's house for the last meeting of the day!
Joel Stein's article on Data Mining: how much someone knows about you from your online profile | CBC The Current
""You're an *** " That's the Internet equivalent of "I said 'Good day, sir.'"" -Joel Stein
like killing Joel Stein and his family, not nice, but good politics
well my HTC had had a stein of beer dumped on it and here I am.
Time Magazine article and video link of Joel Stein on why companies know everything: LA
"You're an *** " That's the Internet equivalent of "Good day, sir." ~Joel Stein, Time
Joel Stein's Time Magazine article on Data Mining we mentioned in today's segment: LA
"Nothing is free. Instead you're paying for it with your personal information." - Joel Stein
If you love Joel Stein, you will love this. I think I'm the Joel Stein of yoga, but better looking.
Why do you no longer get Joel Stein's column in the Europe issue? That was the best bit...
Joel Stein says it best in "The Poultry problem" article, "Chicken breast is food for people who don't really like food."
A League of Their Own - Joel Stein - Time Magazine - 12/12/2011 - Adventures with women who love football...
Joel Stein: Dear reader, please don't email me via
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"Everybody Knows" from The Stone Foxes latest album "Small Fires". Directed by David Dutton. Get a Free MP3 of the track at the Foxes website: www.thestonefo...
"I was deeply confused by the fact that cops wanted to be liked, since they decided to be cops" - Joel Stein
And it appears that perhaps I'm giving Joel Stein more credit than he's due
Mary Mac her letter she wishes she could send to Joel Stein, yes that Joel Stein of Time Magazine. *** him.
Marymac is jealous - wait - no - angry - yes, ANGRY ON STEROIDS at another writer!
Who bought us the salt and pepper shakers for our engagement party? lol
Joel Stein got here first, but it does bear saying:
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mark elliot zuckerberg(14-5-1984) is an american computer programmer & internet entrepreneur. he is bst known 4 co-creating the social networking site FB,of which he is chairman n chief executive. itwas co-founded as a private company in 2004 by z'berg & classmates dustin moskovitz,eduardo saverin,n chris hughes while they were stdnts at harvard university. as of feb 2012, z'berg is the largest individual shareholder with 28.4% of the common stock n 56.9% of the voting power. Z'berg was named 4 time in time 100 respectively in 2009 as 1 of the 100 influential people of the world,in 2010 as Time Magazine's person of t year,in 2011 as 1 of t 100 influential people of t wrld n in 2012 in the "all time time 100 of all time" by joel stein in time. as of 2012,his prsnl wealth is estimated to be $17.5 billion,making him 1 of t wrld's youngest billionaires
Cleaning up the garage and getting ready for a bunch of beauties to arrive tomorrow! Looking forward to seeing you all! Frankie Stein Louveles and Autumn Luciano
" . . . most people's problems fall into two categories: 1) I don't understand obscure traffic laws I have spent a lot of time thinking about and drawing on graph paper and 2) I have a burning, all-consuming hatred for my next-door neighbor." -Joel Stein in Time Magazine on what people talk to cops about when they have a chance to chat with one.
Dear white guys my age, Don't make assumptions about my political leanings because I am also a white guy your age. Showing me Hitler/Obama pics on your phone with a big stupid grin on your face, or forwarding me racist cartoons like it's the biggest lolz ever, is not cool with me and you will feel like an *** when I call you on it. We're not in some secret club together, so don't assume it. K thx bye.
Rockers In Recovery will be holding a fundraiser for The Special Olympics & The BSO Sheriffs
der von Joel Stein gefällt mir fast noch besser: "that people remember things better when they' re personified, which is why .. they name pets, airplanes, boats, cars and houses. Some men also name their genitals." (Time Februaey 25, 2013)
from Joel Stein: "Love it when people talk about the weather, since it's one of the few times I don't feel guilty about the fact that I never listen to anyone." (time February 25, 2013)
interesting! i just read joel stein's column in Time and he mentions sequestration but in funnier terms, natch
Joel Stein did you see this... gee whiz
JOEL STEIN: the new From to to navigates our probing questions!
I want to feel the rush of making lots of money & then snorting cocaine off a hooker who's snorting cocaine off another hooker. Joel stein
ALL OF YOU ARE AMAZING PEOPLE. In just a few days, I managed to raise $570 for Dance Marathon and the Danny Did foundation. And all of that was because of my WONDERFUL friends who were helping an amazing organization! THANKS SO MUCH to all who donated! You have done a wonderful thing. :)
Joel Stein grew up in Edison, NJ, went to Stanford, and in 1997, became a staff writer for TIME. In 1998, he began writing his sophomoric humor column that now appears in the magazine every week. He's also written fourteen cover stories for TIME, and has contributed to The New Yorker, GQ, Esquire, D...
JOEL STEIN: our new From to to navigates our probing questions!
Update on Joel! His surgery has yet again been rescheduled do to a infection. scheduled for March 1.
said Jock Stein - the greatest manager of all time...
Joel Stein's column in Time truly is awesome
I'm officially sick of Joel Stein but I think that was his original goal anyway.
Because the truth is, Chicken clucks
Joel Stein you're too funny for words - why not name the storm
Bet you didn't know how you, THE Joel Stein influenced a new startup...
So it turns out what was diagnosed as a partially torn deltoid muscle is actually fractured bone in my shoulder. And a partially torn deltoid. And then there's my bursa. You don't want to know about my bursa.
What I learned from winter storm Nemo: news events need cuter names
The Westwood Civic Association Announces UPDATE OF THE 2 MAJOR ROAD DEVELOPMENTS IN WESTWOOD WESTWOOD CIVIC ASSOCIATION General Meeting, February 19 7 p.m. at Westwood Town Hall 3017 Harrison Ave. Come to this important meeting. We will be discussing the future of Westwood. Jeff Stein, Andrea Henderson and Martha Kelly from the Department of Traffic and Engineering with the City are attending our Feb. 19th meeting to give us and update on Montana Ave. as well as the seemingly endless Harrison Ave. roadwork. Also, attending the meeting will be Cameron Ross (Senior City Planner) and Alex Peppers (City Planner) to help us get a better understanding of the various potential zoning options, one example Form Base Codes, that are being discussed for our business district. Sometimes these sort of zoning discussions can be a bit dry as we all know, however, its VERY important to gather as many people as possible to get YOUR ideas, YOUR concerns, YOUR suggestions to help make our Business District and its surroun . ...
Can't wait to be on SUNNY Bondi beach next weds only thing 23 hour flight.
found out what actually happened to my leg: biten by a Brown Recluse Spider! ={ the blood vessels are closed off and the tissue is dying or already dead. Ill keep things not so gross. I'm over the worst of the pain but looks like this will leave a pretty nasty hole in my thigh and of course an in-cave as well. Surgery- still a possibility. Keeping on antibiotics and waiting to see what the next step is.Still in pain but more manageable. Nxt appt in 3 days! Really? How does this crap happen to me?!?!?
WALLINGFORD,CT – The Rockers in Recovery All Star Band will be playing a benefit concert at8pm on February 15th at Lyman Hall High School in Wallingford. Rich Figlewski, owner of The Dry Dock, said, “one of the keys to being successful in recovery is telling your story to others, sharing your path...
I hope serious journalists out there dig into this story. Dorner doesn't really make a great case for him being the peacemaker by assassinating people, but his allegations need to be taken seriously by Eric Garcetti and everyone else in LA Govt. Mikal Gilmore are you on this? Joel Stein?
Aqua Palace in Council Bluffs has the Omaha metro's largest indoor and outdoor showroom of hot tubs, saunas, above ground pools and in-ground swimming pools
Another advice for a successful living - make this the starting point for a realistic self-assessment and nothing can go wrong: One of my few faults is not appreciating how difficult it is for others to be as amazing as I am. (Joel Stein in Time Magazine February 4, 2013)
Joel calling out ten year olds callin them scoes worthy... this dude
She said yes.she would b my valentine ;)
Emily Stein, daughter of Mass dd victim featured In new video, speaking at Medford Mass high school with Joel and MATA
ah iyo so? Wkwkwkwkw so balikan dorang dua Greg :D
5 of 5 stars to Man Made by Joel Stein
The guys in red have been trying to score all this time?
Check it out with Kris Keyes Eric Catania-Turcio BlissNinja ShamanPunk Michael Beaulieu Lisl Meredith Huebner Lauren Beth Stein Antony Zito Joel A Boosk Colleen Bokan and many more!!
Goodness I do love Joel Stein: "I don't know much about cancer, but I'm pretty sure he gave it to Sheryl Crow"
"Condemnation without investigation is the height of ignorance." – Albert Einstein This cartoon, Einstein takes up the sword - published in 1933 by Brooklyn Eagle, shows Albert Einstein, who has shed his wings (labeled "Non- Resistant Pacifism") standing next to a pillar labeled "World Peace." He is...
Joel Stein coaches an NFL ProBowler in the most important game of his life
Attention, attention, this is an early morning important update: Edison is getting a Wawa, near Blueberry Village on Plainfield Avenue. brb, moving back in with my parents (j/k) (maybe not)
I'm not officially accusing the medical community of anything, but I just looked and nothing happened to my balls when I coughed.
The Kentucky Wildcats beat Texas A&M 73-68. Julius Mays has 19 points and plays his best game as a Wildcat.
If the Ravens win tomorrow I have a commitment to Joel Stein, the fine masculinist columnist at of Time Magazine, to give him a paragraph about why Baltimore is a better town than San Francisco. Please tell me I have nothing to worry about. And if you can't do that start listing the glories of Baltimore. I need help bad. I'm not sort the sort of guy who bets on ball games, or --let's face it -- even goes to them. I'll get things rolling with John Waters and "The Wire" and the last scene of "Marnie," Those are very good things about Baltimore. Also the Ravens are named after a poem by a drug-addled writer. What could be wrong with that? Help me out. And be polite.
Come show some support for a great charity.
Free Shipping at Baseball Rampage
Fond Mammories Today I was reading the latest Joel Stein writes that is near the back of the…
When will you hand over Land of Babri Masjid to Muslims.Joel Stein of Time,say,The devil wants to bowel me for my soul.
Omg Joel Stein is killing it in this article right now
Chuck Klosterman, Joel Stein, Julie & coffee. Nice way to start the day.
Hello & very good morning. Rise and shine. Wishing all of you a blessed day... Get busy requesting... It's JOE SPENCER at the controls spinning nothing but all your favorites till 10a.m on Total Request weekend... Join me now... You know the drill.
Joel stein never fails to make me laugh.
Mandated time spent with Mom and Dad? My lawyer and I are negotiating
Beautiful words from the wall of Harvey Stein in Jerusalem, inviting our attention to this video from Israeli-Arab Asma Aghbarieh-Zahalka with these words of endorsement: "She talks about hope, and she is what Israel-Palestine needs right now: courageous, intelligent, visionary, trying to heal the conflict between Jews and Arabs - not ignoring it like the right wing demagogues who have hypnotized Israel the last four years." In the video, in this town meeting, Asma responds to an Israeli Jew who asks, "What is the place of Israeli here, born here, some can't even speak proper Arabic, but they always identify with the enemy, not to mention how they danced when the rockets fell, I feel like they behave like an enemy, and that's very difficult for me." She responds with a clear-eyed, penetrating candor, that cuts to the chase of the deep-seated racism that exists in this country from the top-down, that has fueled the fires of conflict for generations between them, and offers the vision of Daam ...
I remember I said don't buy it and then you told me about Joel Stein's book.
Nothing a little Tar and Feather won't cure.
What happens at business conventions in Vegas, stays at business conventions in Vegas. Except story:
from Joel Stein: "No one expects free stuff as much as superrich people."
"Getting on the nerves of a math nerd is inversely proportional in difficulty to a math nerd's getting on the nerves of other people." - Joel Stein
Jimmy Kimmel is now Live! an hour earlier -- and on his first outing in late night's prime 11:35 p.m. slot, early returns have ABC comedian pulling well ahead of competition Jay Leno (NBC) and David Letterman (CBS). Preliminary Nielsen numbers give the broadcast a 2.8 rating and 8 share in hou...
HEY FRIENDS!!! I NEED YOUR ADVICE!!! Susan Starko Rowein if you have any extra special advice, call me. I AM LOOKING FOR EDMONTON's (or the greater Edmonton area...) BEST TAILOR! I bought myself a coat that needs some alterations. Thanks! . and go! Advise me! Please and thanks!!
Shop The Bradford Exchange Online for Patriotic 9/
Ben Stein the actor, economist.commentator said he lives in Northern Idaho part of the year. Did you know that?
Someone surprise me. I don't like surprises but here's your chance. You best take it.
Joel Stein created a formula to rank the influence of everyone from Vladimir Putin to Bruce Springsteen |
Stephanie Mathis Thomas I would like to change my PCM to someone else on base and would prefer a woman. Does anyone have any recommendations?
(Give you a hint the answer is Joel stein)
I'm so excited for class tomorrow so I can talk about Joel Stein and what a beautiful man he is for talking to me
Joel Stein writes the most comical articles in Time
HEY Y'ALL!! It's JANUARY. Time to get to WORK!! I'm puttin' the call out to those who've played at the Douglass Loop Farmers Market and have ONE ORIGINAL track to donate for the ONE TIME project: The Front Porch Sessions. (Proceeds of the CD sales will go to a kids music program for those residing at Our Lady of Peace Hospital). I've got some of y'all's CDs already, and NOTHING will be done until EVERYBODY says OK. Not necessarily in UNISON but, well... So, get me an mP3 or CD or sumpthin'! Gotta get crackin' so we can get this ready for the Market in April.
"We are bosons wo never made it through Higgs fielnd. If we continue to be safe, we're going to be in a lot of trouble." Joel Stein
"How famous do you have to be to make news for smoking pot in Amsterdam? It's like, "She had a croissant in Paris!" - Joel Stein on Gaga
"I once dated a girl because five minutes into my conversation with her, a pet rat emerged from her bosom. Now my make-out resume' has an entry I remember only as Rat Girl." ~ Joel Stein in Time Magazine
Last year proved to be another busy year for Hershey Fire Department, ending the year with 850 calls for service, once again the most runs of any Volunteer Department in the County. As with every year, we had our ups and downs. We had to suffer a loss of Joel Stein, who was truly a friend to everyone in the department. In the same year, new futures were created as two of our brothers, Scott McCann and Bryan Easton both got married. We endured the close scare of Sandy as we prepared for the worst, but got the best. We had numerous thunderstorms that caused extensive damage to our township (and street lights!), and numerous house fires that remind us how fortunate we are to have great neighbors and brothers at our mutual aid fire companies, that come assist us at the drop of a word. As 2012 wraps up, a new year begins...a new year for new challenges, ups and downs, but more importantly...a new year to serve the community that we love. So far this year, it has been extremely busy, as we have responded to 10 ...
Massachusetts voters have gotten used to their elected leaders pulling bizarre stunts, but this one’s right up there with Bill Weld jumping into the Charles River.
In which I force the king of statistics to help me forecast the year ahead
Man made by Joel stein is the only book that's ever made me actually cry from laughter
Order Miche Bag Online!
Joel Stein apparently forgot his time on VH1 when writing his wildly misogynistic Playboy article about women and stupid TV shows.
says it like it IS-Nanas, Papas,Bubbes, Grampas and all Step/alterna/upper genarian-caretakers!
This theaters filled with Stein's and Berg's and Gold's and Cohen's!
Congratulations to our holiday prize pack winners: Joel Diemer, Dan Fischer, Lite Stein and Nancy de Brouwer. CHEERS!!
The contents of a dad's diaper bag - revealed!
'There was a word for people who approached decision making rationally- losers.' - Joel Stein
Is it wrong that I suscribe to Time strictly for the Joel Stein articles? If it's wrong, I don't wanna be right.
so glad for that. Joel was an alright teacher. Thanks for being a swell table mate
“…it just shows how dumb America has gotten. Jews totally run Hollywood.” —Zionist Jew Joel Stein
The Anti-Defamation League is whining about anti-Semitism again, this time on account of the world's reaction to the Israeli bombardment of Gaza, but nobody who matters is listening.
Saw Joel Stein featured on an movie poster. I'm not going to see that film now.
Stark Raving wines and Joel Stein’s Stupid Quest for Masculinity via VineSleuth Uncorked - ...
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FROM THE EDUCATION DIRECTOR'S CORNER... For us, a hallmark of Anne Frank's DIARY is its use of language. Anne's beautiful writing and insights into humanity -- as well as its vital historical significance -- have made the DIARY an important exemplar of great world literature. Parents and educators here in the U.S. have reported that it's harder to fit "great literature" into many of our schools, due to the pressures of standardized-test-preparation. One element of the "testing push" has been the "standards movement" in U.S. public schools. Let's do what we can to protect learning about, being inspired by, beautiful writing like The Diary of Anne Frank, and so many other beautiful works, whether memoir, fiction, art, music -- the artifacts of culture that inspire the mind and heart. There are many insightful articles on this subject. A recent blend of seriousness and humor on this subject is Time Magazine columnist Joel Stein's piece, "How I Replaced Shakespeare" (published Dec. 10). His passion for gre .. ...
Thank you to Joel Stein, Stark Raving Wine, Meghan, Rob, Tasty Stacy, Two Asians and a Grill, Wicked Wiches and...
Awesome Yelp review by Robert Mansfield about INFORUM's night with Joel Stein. Thanks for the love, Robert! We're so glad you could join us. I attend many functions at The Commonwealth Club of California and always enjoy the diversity of topics and dig the very intellectual vibe that is happening. Last week, one of my favorite websites had a contest to give away tickets to Joel Stein Bites, billed as a beer and conversation with Joel Stein at Swig Bar on Geary. Luck was with me and I attended courtesy of the comp tickets which included a mug of draft beer and a copy of Joel's book, Man Made. Nish (of Yelp fame) opened the event and introduced the dialog with Stein. Stein was obviously sick, but being the manly guy he is never complained even one time and soldiered through the night, hanging out and signing everyone book and having great little chats after the program. Joel Stein - Swig - and COMMONWEALTH?! Who'd a thunk it? Kudos to Commonwealth, Broke *** Stuart, Joel Stein, Swig, et al.
Will Lady Gaga Play Louise in Barbra Streisand’s New Gypsy Film? Quote Barbra Streisand’s long-gestating new film adaptation of Gypsy is still heating up, with news now breaking that the divine Miss Streisand is considering adding a mega music star to her dream cast list. “She told me she’s thinking of casting Lady Gaga as the lead in her remake of Gypsy,” reports Time Magazine’s Joel Stein in an article about Streisand’s concert tour and new comedy flick The Guilt Trip. As Streisand herself would step into the shoes of Mama Rose, that would mean that Gaga would ostensibly play Louise to Streisand’s overbearing stage mother. The film has long been in the works, but received a healthy bump last March when Universal announced that the project would move forward with Downton Abbey creator Julian Fellowes helming the screenplay of the classic stage musical. Should Gaga enter the Gypsy fray, she’ll join other past Louise portrayers, including Natalie Wood, Sandra Church, Cynthia Gibb, Tammy B ...
As has been long speculated, Barbra Streisand is still hard at work on making another GYPSY film, in which she would play 'Mama Rose,' and according to Time, she has her sites set on Lady Gaga to co-star. Joel Stein writes:
QUOTE from today's Time Magazine in which Lifestyle essayist Joel Stein joins the Cirque de Soleil for a week: "In fact, Linz informs me, that when two Cirque (de Soleil) performers are very much in love and want to start a family, the act is called the "gymnasty" and that it is indeed more interesting than the way non Cirque performers do it..."
Joel Stein (has been added to CelebDB in the category "Journalist"
How old is your toddler? Do they still regularly use a pacifier?
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