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Joel Schumacher

Joel T. Schumacher (born August 29, 1939) is an American film director, screenwriter, and producer.

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I can kinda see the value of a designer, but I don't understand Joel Schumacher's directorial career.
American actor George Clooney on the set of Batman Robin directed by Joel Schumacher
This reminds me of Joel Schumacher's early Batmans...
2004 Phantom of the Opera blends the ambiance of a play with the elements of a film. Loved it.
Losers try to save their cab company from bankruptcy in an obnoxious comedy written and directed by Joel Schumacher.
Joel Eriksson (Motopark) brought the Motopark team its first Championship season victory.
Warner Bros: What's your next step with The Batman movies. Joel Schumacher: Crashing its franchise, with no survivors.
Joel Schumacher had the best Batman series. Fight me.
Joel Schumacher is the real villian
me too. And to read about how Joel Schumacher got scoffed at 🙈
First rule of Batman: We don't talk about Joel Schumacher's Batman films. They didn't…
This is The Ballad of Ricky Bobby brought to you by Tim Burton and Joel Schumacher
THEN Joel Schumacher happened. ALMOST RUINED the franchise forever(no pun).
Yep, absolutely. Joel Schumacher and Akiva Goldsman kneecapped him.
Name a more iconic Nick Cave song from a Joel Schumacher Batman film. I'll wait.
Joel Schumacher did my boy dirt killing him like that and i'm still mad about it
This is like Joel Schumacher's soft core Bat fantasy, s2g
Now, now calling the of SW is insulting to Joel Schumacher.
The Lost Boys by Joel Schumacher is a perfect example
Regardless of how bad Attack of the Clones is, every Star Wars bar sequence works. Even this Joel Schumacher theme bar bathed in purple neon
If Fox & Friends showed clips of "Batman & Robin," Joel Schumacher would be murdered by Navy SeALS.
It was Joel Schumacher who directed Batman Forever/Batman and Robin. Not wonderful fools
William Friedkin would be a great guest. Gary Oldman. Vincent Gallo too. Roger Avary. Jennifer Jason Leigh. Joel Schumacher
Going out on a limb and guessing Kevin Feige and Taika Waititi aren't turning the MCU into a Joel Schumacher atrocity.
The second part of Schumacher chat is gold. Lot of Fincher talk. The man has worked with everyone!
What's with the nipple button on Zac's singlet? Is this a Joel Schumacher Batman movie?
Amazing Spidey 1 was somewhat ok. Amazing Spidey 2 was Batman & Robin + Joel Schumacher level of horrible. It was a disaster.
John Hughes was a genius, Joel Schumacher not so much. Sorry to disagree!
Part 2 of our interview with Joel Schumacher takes in The Lost Boys, House of Cards and working with David Fincher…
Part 2 of the Joel Schumacher interview is live. We talked about his friend David Fincher, buying a TV and Jesuits. https:…
The political compass according to the characters of Joel Schumacher's 1995 Summer blockbuster, Batman Forever.
There are so many glistening abs and codpieces in 300 that it feels directed by Joel Schumacher
Joel Schumacher is the bad version of Todd Haynes, and Todd Haynes is the good version of Richard Lester.
One of the best films Joel Schumacher is ever likely to make. Michael Douglas in is spectacular!
In 1995, Joel Schumacher gave us Batman + neon lights. In 2008, Christopher Nolan made it look badass and cool!
*** I love Falling Down. Easily one of Michael Douglas's best performances, and easily Joel Schumacher's best movie.
is like…what if Sidney Lumet & Joel Schumacher got together after to make a film about gangs full of disco club kids.
directed by Joel Schumacher, with Mikal Cronin, I only know of Extract, it's been in my Netflix instant queue for like 2 years
My favorite villains are Joel Schumacher and whoever let Batman V Superman out to the Public.
By that logic, Joel Schumacher understood Batman more than Burton.
Warriors, come out and playay.That or the alley scene w/Robin in Batman Forever when Joel Schumacher took the helm
Batman from Tim Burton and Joel Schumacher also dark. These critics and bloggers are trashes. ask DCTV casts and let them against Snyder. 😠
Batman Forever (1995, dir. Joel Schumacher) Tommy Lee Jones and Jim Carrey desperately try and sell Gotham City on the Xbox Kinect.
Joel Schumacher? He directed the worst Batman movie since 1969.
I want there to be an all DC comics Ghostbusters directed by Joel Schumacher just so some of these dudes would spontaneously combust
Go watch The First Avenger and Joel Schumacher's Batmans and come back to me
Well Joel Schumacher, you may have ruined batman, but you did a great job on
Christ...This show is trash. Seriously the Joel Schumacher Batman "films" on TV.
I'm really glad I dropped this lol a 1/2 seasons of cringe and Joel Schumacher campiness was poisoning lol
cheese factor is approaching that of Joel Schumacher's Batman films.
Recommending a classic movie, Falling Down by Joel Schumacher.
I've only seen the Phantom movie by Joel Schumacher tho. I gave it a B!
Joel Schumacher is still number one worst. Until Guggenheim gets Arrow canceled.
I'm surprised the isn't done by Joel Schumacher? Imagine how that would turn out? The campiness cranked to 100? Geez. 😬
Man, this is so bad. We're still thinking this is all done by Joel Schumacher.
If you say Schumacher 3 times, Joel Schumacher will stand behind you, tickle your nipple and whisper Batman Forever
I don't think it's as bad as that lol! Those Joel Schumacher Batman films were a hot mess
One of he most candid interviews I have ever done.
Don't you hear people saying things you can't believe they're saying?...
who played Two Face in Joel Schumacher's Batman Forever, Gal Gadot who played Wonder Woman in Batman v Superman,
Joel Schumacher, stating the bleeding obvious when it comes to and Robin.
unlimited calling, voip, $14.95 per month
OMG...THAT'S why Joel Schumacher made the bat suit nipples larger for Batman and Robin...mind = blown
I've not only made a playlist based on Joel Schumacher's Batman movies, I even made art for it. I need to sleep.
proof that Joel Schumacher can make a good movie.
Nobody found shot It was "Town Creek" (2009) by Joel Schumacher. Next shot in 5min!
I have a theory: 2016 GOP is to 2012 GOP as Joel Schumacher Batman is to Tim Burton Batman. Thoughts?
I've read somewhere where Joel Schumacher was going to go back to a bit darker tone in a 5th film
I openly love Joel Schumacher's Phantom of the Opera. I still haven't seen Falling Down yet but I definately want to check out this film.
I liked a video Joel Schumacher's Phantom of the Opera: A Video Essay
and I never drew nipples ON a costume, as in Joel Schumacher's Bat films:)
Will be called "Batman and Robin" - Affleck in talks with Joel Schumacher to be in charge. Studio execs will write
Domhnall Gleeson, Batman Forever was Joel Schumacher's, Tim Burton's 2nd Batman and Penguin was in Batman Returns!
Hillary Clinton's speeches sound like Joel Schumacher apologizing for Batman and Robin.
Step 1 of 1: Show her your Lego collection while watching the Joel Schumacher Batman films together.
In defence of Joel Schumacher, the man who very nearly killed Batman
His entries may be controversial, but we'll always love Joel Schumacher anyway
This reminds me I need to watch Tigerland again. Colin's blistering debut & Joel Schumacher's last good movie.
Confession time: I un-ironically adore Joel Schumacher's 2004 film adaptation of "The Phantom of the Opera."
Bored and drunk so strap in for some JOEL SCHUMACHER CAREER ANALYSIS
I don't want to tell your story because you're a insensitive, self-centered...
Would be really funny if they played it with the director commentary with Joel Schumacher just apologising for the movie.
Joel Schumacher committed the hate crime in 1997
only 2. Joel Schumacher ruined the next two
The fact that Joel Schumacher apologized for Batman and Robin makes me feel really bad about the whole thing
"Just what I always wanted: . Joel Schumacher's head on a pike." . - Batman. .
"Batman Returns was so bad they brought in Joel Schumacher to turn it into a rave" 😂😂😂 nice team up Kevin & Spencer.
The director Joel Schumacher is the connection
Interesting bathing suit choice, similar to what Joel Schumacher did to the bat suit.
Joel Schumacher changed "latent" to "blatant" in terms of Batman's homosexuality and that one, little change... Well, you saw the films.
Joel Schumacher is an *** He's also blind! But Norman's humility just makes him more attractive.😍💪💋
We deserved it. I mean, if you get a pummeling, you deserved it. But isn't ...
Meet Black Singles 300x250
looks like a Joel Schumacher Batman villain before he goes bad.
I think we should just be glad we have rid ourselves from Joel Schumacher.
*Humming along with House of Cards theme* wait... Directed by Joel Schumacher? Batman and Robin Joel Schumacher?! Mad.
that moment when Joel Schumacher predicted Robin's suit.
Lady Gaga is some of Joel Schumacher's best work
...Hasbro was celebrating the success of the 1995 toy line from Batman Forever and had director Joel Schumacher there to give him an award..
I listened this morning. It makes me of when Joel Schumacher thought he was a different type of director and made "Twelve".
Also dreamed that Russell Brand played the Joker in a film by Joel Schumacher. It was DIRE
Happy memories of pitching to Joel Schumacher in a lift...
not like he made it either. Blame Joel Schumacher's inability to make good movies
Pat once pitched a movie to Joel Schumacher in a lift. Yes, he did.
Directed by Joel Schumacher and has a few actors in it. Might actually be good.
good choice👍😃 I'm watching Flatliners, love collaborations with K and Joel Schumacher 🎬 they're brilliant😊
Joel Schumacher started off as a costume designer. He made his directorial debut with The Incredible Shrinking...
I wonder what other Joel Schumacher movies will impact NY city policy.
I guess it's having better movies now to judge them against, but the Joel Schumacher Batman films are awful. Much worse than I remember.
Some point in the future Joel Schumacher will look back at Batman & Robin and admit he failed the society
The metaphor I would use is it's like Joel were Michael Schumacher driving the car of Batman Forever, but he's nodding off at the wheel
I am now acutely aware of why Trespass, the 2011 Nic Cage/Nicole Kidman vehicle directed by Joel Schumacher, only made 24k in the US
They don't teach classes on Joel Schumacher and Uwe Boll.
Batman is an acquired taste. That's why everyone hates Joel Schumacher for those horrible films
I'll never forgive Joel Schumacher for what he did to Batman
My least favorite batman villain is Joel Schumacher
B&R: Joel Schumacher apologizes for "Batman and Robin": It's the end of the year so apologize, if you have to. 
Here's Tim Burton's original concept for Batman 3 before Joel Schumacher took over as Director & ruin the franchise.
What is with Joel Schumacher's fascination with rubber nipples on Batman's suit?
Watching Batman Forever on tv... Wondering how Joel Schumacher was able to puke up that much neon and blacklights
Cause he made Batman and Robin. Wait no, that's Joel Schumacher.
oh, I'm your huckleberry etc but Joel Schumacher Batman movies are 2️⃣🆒
I liked a video Commentary Blunders with Joel Schumacher (Batman & Robin) 2/2
Joel Schumacher should have made a really *** Mortal Kombat movie
The Lost Boys is a 1987 American teen horror film directed by Joel Schumacher and starring Jason Patric, Corey...
Anyone have Joel Schumacher's address so I can write him? I need to know why Clooney's batsuit had nipples.
Joel Schumacher won a bet with Satan over that movie. Ask him about his golden sigmoidoscope.
i a batman fan, so my relation with Joel Schumacher is "complicated" but this is my favorite movie from him.
Apparently Joel Schumacher is directing another Batman movie, and it's set in Kew Gardens.
Watching Star Wars: The Force Awakens compared to the Prequels (I,II,III) felt like I went from Joel Schumacher Batman to Christopher Nolan.
But Joel Schumacher is a big fan of the Adam West Batman. Tell me those two movies don't look like that show.
It's cause the wounds that Joel Schumacher inflicted with Batman & Robin were still fresh in everyone's minds.
Even Joel Schumacher was willing to admit that the blame for the Batman films was all on him, rather than the actors or writers.
you were the Tim Burton and 989 was clearly Joel Schumacher.
Coming up on - two from Joel Schumacher's lavish movie. Enjoy & next!
None of the Joel Schumacher Batman movies are good, but Batman & Robin will ALWAYS be better than Batman Forever. Fight me.
I only just thought of this. If I'm self medicating Joel Schumacher batman is the disease
So loved talking with my long time pal. Joel Schumacher tonight at Liz Robbins and Doug Johnsons…
Watched 'Trespass'. Another claustrophobic. thriller from Joel Schumacher.It's nasty and aggressive, more unpleasant than…
George Lucas is on my "list" of people whose actions I wish I could erase from cinematic history, along with Joel Schumacher.
I added a video to a playlist Joel Schumacher apologizes for "Batman and Robin"
Joel Schumacher and I are at the same holiday party. That says a lot about both of us.
Wouldn't have been an issue if they hired Joel Schumacher as director
London Bridge is looking a lot like Joel Schumacher-era Batman tonight...
I think the theme for the my next party will be Joel Schumacher's "Batman and Robin".
How do you mix up the nitrate negative of a 1927 Tod Browning film with the VHS of a 1990 Joel Schumacher film?
it's this thing Joel Schumacher does when he's bored
The Flea can bring in Joel Schumacher to direct a play but can't find a way to pay the Bats.
Joel Schumacher correctly plays NEIGHBORHOOD 3 as camp (duh). But, can't say if that is Jennifer Haley's intention.
This season pass has been about as enjoyable as the Joel Schumacher films.
in simple words Batman And Robin, by Joel Schumacher.
does Joel Schumacher have a finger in this?
I spent my afternoon defending Joel Schumacher, and his Batman and Robin. What have you done with your day?
Walt Disney Collectibles and Gifts, Disney Figurin
When u watch something directed by Joel Schumacher 👏
Even Joel Schumacher's Batman costume is better than this new one(that's if you're unlooking the infamous bat nipples).
Everyone's walking around Ann Arbor with big bright Ms on their faces like it's a Joel Schumacher film.
It's easy to make fun of all the neon, but I really like Joel Schumacher's colours.
Joel Killed the Batman for a Decade Schumacher or even Michael Bay good do better :)
A good post-Lecture Series: NDE film to watch. Flatliners (1990) directed by Joel Schumacher starring Kiefer...
Every night, I put on my multilayered pajamas like I'm in a Joel Schumacher Batman movie.
This episode of Avengers features Michael Gough who played Alfred in the Tim Burton and Joel Schumacher Batman films
Joe the Joel Schumacher Batmans are better than the Nolan ones
EMMY ROSSUM in The Phantom of the Opera is a 2004 directed by Joel Schumacher
Just looked out for he window and the sky is PURPLE! Is Joel Schumacher directing the morning???
Love how Corey Stoll wanted to go full-on Joel Schumacher *** villain that whole time.
Eli Manning, who grew up in New Orleans, said he prefers country music. I assume his favorite Batman director is Joel Schumacher.
I would go back in time and stop Joel Schumacher from making "Batman and Robin"
Today's : Joel Schumacher's "Falling Down". Michael Douglas best part ever, in my humble opinion.
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Biggest problem with Batman and Robin: no comedians to say to Joel Schumacher "that's not funny"
This is the 2nd time I've found a bat clinging on the side of my house, dying. We officially own a Joel Schumacher property.
, himself, and and Team and of America, just want your personal opinions, despite
USA 2002. Directed by Joel Schumacher, written by Larry Cohen. Cinematography by Matthew Libatique, edited by Mark Stevens
Gotham is such a bad show. Did FOX learn nothing from Joel Schumacher?. I don't understand this.
Memo 2 NFL: Neons & black don't make the uniforms look futuristic. They make the uniforms look like something from Joel Schumacher's Batman.
Josh Wilding is the Joel Schumacher version of Devin Faraci.
it's not like it's Batman and Robin though. Joel Schumacher should have to answer for that movie in ***
George R. R. Martin should have had a word with Joel Schumacher before he designed the Batsuit.
If he does that then Joel Schumacher is off the hook for worst Batman movie
Before 'Batman Begins': Secret History of the Movies That Almost Got Made: Filmmakers from Frank Miller to Joel Schumacher reveal det...
Currently watching the timeless classic that is Joel Schumacher's Falling Down!. Michael Douglas was all over the place in this movie..
That new Arkham game looks like the love child of Michael Bay and Joel Schumacher.
I don’t know man. Zack Synder might have just single handedly killed Batman like Joel Schumacher did.
1. build time machine. 2. go back to 1994. 3. kill Joel Schumacher. 4. take budget for Batman Forever. 5. cast Clint Eastwood (1/2)
Worried it's going to take a Joel Schumacher fantastical approach to Batman? Will the bat credit card make a return?
I'll tell you what I liked about it.. Nothing. . I think Joel Schumacher might be involved.
Sorry, but that looks like a scene out of Joel Schumacher superhero movie. 😐
it's definitely Joel Schumacher's best DC film. Bill Maher is the Earth-353 Blue Beetle
I'd call Zack Snyder the new Joel Schumacher but why beat up on Schumacher?
Also, Zack Snyder is just portentous Joel Schumacher, right? All the empty spectacle, none of the terrible ice puns.
watch the Joel Schumacher ones again in the mind set that they are batman movies in the Chris Nolan batman universe.
Although jeez, can this movie look more bleak? It looks like Joel Schumacher's Gotham, only set after an apocalypse.
I didn't know Joel Schumacher was a consultant on this!!
For as much credit as it gives comic book movies, I'm guessing Joel Schumacher
It better be good. We don't need another Joel Schumacher incident on our hands.
Tim Burton is to Joel Schumacher as Christopher Nolan is to Zac Snyder.
There's a joke there about the Joel Schumacher Batman films, but this seems a bit too esoteric for tonight.
Uslan talk is over. Tellingly, Joel Schumacher was never mentioned once.
Just imagine if Joel Schumacher directed "The Last Airbender"; that would be awesome!
you're as blind as Joel Schumacher is to who and what Batman is and represents
At the end of this scene, if you ever listen to the commentary Joel Schumacher takes ownership for this movie being a let down.
"I'm way too baked right now to be making casting decisions." - Joel Schumacher
Oh no! Is office Batman now being directed by Joel Schumacher? Does his dress shirt have nipples now?
I figured they would give Joel Schumacher another shot
I got a couple of derpy batman puns for you today ;D enjoy
I cant believe you just now figured out who Joel Schumacher is
You're thinking of the revelation from Joel Schumacher's unfinished BATMAN: GREED
Remember when Batman & Robin had nipples on their suits but Batgirl didn't? Yeah me too. Thanks Joel Schumacher
agreed. Joel Schumacher put a heckler in his place over B+R brilliantly at LondonSWF "you're so out of date it's embarrassing"
I was watching Car Wash on HBO now app and was shocked to discover Joel Schumacher wrote the script!
Joel Schumacher gets a lot of hate for Batman & Robin (and yeah, it *** big time), but Phone Booth is an excellent film!
The Phantom of the Opera (2004) - Joel Schumacher | | Musicals top scary movies of all time
Deceased actors Brad Renfro & Corey Haim were so full of life & talent until the homosexual monster Joel Schumacher got his claws into them.
So many young teenage males go 2 Hollywood 2 become actors & died after they've been molested by movie moguls Joel Schumacher & Bryan Singer
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1999: My pal & I go to Joel Schumacher's 8mm. We crack up throughout. Exiting, a lady scolds us: "You only go to movies …
I'm afraid that Joel Schumacher will direct a film based on my life.
Joel Schumacher might make a movie out of me
anything that Joel Schumacher doesn't do...
Remember: your day can never be as bad as 1997s Joel Schumacher's
Say what you will about Joel Schumacher, but he gave us the quintessential living in California film. I'm of course referring to Lost Boys.
That's like not watching Batman Begins because Joel Schumacher ruined the Batman movies. 2/2
She’s not just a girl. She’s the only evidence of God that I can find on this entire planet. St. Elmo’s Fire (1985), Dir. Joel Schumacher
Whatever sins Joel Schumacher committed with Batman & Robin (1997) should be completely forgiven because of Falling Down (1993).
Joel Schumacher gets that blame though.
I can't tell you how happy I am that Joel Schumacher's Phantom of the Opera is in Netflix
because Joel Schumacher hates you brian
"Bryan Singer is to the X-Men films what Joel Schumacher was to the Batman films" ---
No, the nipples didn't show up until that *** Joel Schumacher directed Batman Forever starring Val Kilmer.
"Batman and Robin" was the last film Bob Kane ever got to see. Therefore, Joel Schumacher killed Bob Kane with this turd. Thanks.
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I wonder what Ra's would have looked like in those Joel Schumacher movies.
This has the potential to become an Amigo inside joke. ;-) Joel Schumacher.
Glad that after the traveshamockery of Batman Forever/Batman and Robin, Joel Schumacher found a niche designing Cheesecake Factory interiors
Fun fact...I don't know why I put Joel Schumacher's name twice on there.Joel Schumacher.
Dang, Joel Schumacher LOVES the Dutch angles...doesn't he? Joel Schumacher
Dying Young, is a 1991 American romance film, directed by Joel Schumacher.[1] It is based on a nove
People always make fun of Joel Schumacher's Batman, but what they don't realize is those movies were how Schumacher came out to his dad.
However, Joel Schumacher did direct two *** good House of Cards episodes. But that doesn't justify his bloodstain on Batman history.
I mean, Keaton went as far as to show up to costume fitting before The Devil (aka Joel Schumacher) showed up. If only...
As a director of development, I had an office in Universal's refurbed make-up building near Joel Schumacher .
Joel Schumacher should direct the next Batman movie because I want to see him pay for something with Batcoin
Watching an episode of House of Cards that Joel Schumacher directed. No Batnips. Yet.
anything better than Joel Schumacher's nipple suits for superheros.
I dig the new Browns logo. Everyone else in the league can go Joel Schumacher neon, we keep it Zubaz.
Maybe the memory of Joel Schumacher still stings a bit.
Oscars make a difference. Warner Bros just announced Joel Schumacher will direct BIRDMAN FOREVER.
Jada Pinkett Smith as Fish Money on is as bad as something out of a Joel Schumacher Batman movie
Is there any difference between what Joel Schumacher did for comic movies and what Zach Snyder has done/is doing for comic movies?
I wonder if Joel Schumacher and Val Kilmer are somewhere discussing Birdman Forever.
"Evolution of the Batmobile Can u find the Joel Schumacher batmobiles? Hint: they're the worst ones
Birdman's Oscar will help us all forget Joel Schumacher's Birdman Forever
Joel Schumacher never met a transition he could handle well.
Is Joel Schumacher directing the Oscars this year?
Joel Schumacher just signed on to direct, Carrey is set to play bedazzled villain.
Yeah. Schumacher accepted the blame for the nipples.
Up to this day,Joel Schumacher's Batman & Robin remains as the worst Batman/superhero movie ever made.
and belongs to a movie who made by Joel Schumacher, not
Hey guys the latest Ep has gone live on Musings Of A Geek Podcast Network
TIL Joel Schumacher called Seal, and requested use of Kiss From a Rose to play over a love scene in Batman Forever.…
He is still a padowan. He will realise his folly that it was not George Clooney that killed Batman but Joel Schumacher
Only when Joel Schumacher is directing. "Male bats have the highest rate of homosexuality of any mammal."
from your mouth to Joel Schumacher's ears. He's still a thing right?
wonder if DC will ever put her in the big screen after the Joel Schumacher fiasco
Let's just agree that the Joel Schumacher ones are unwatchable.
man,listen...these are geographic details in a script by Joel Schumacher. Be lucky he ain't have Dorothy living on the moon.
I don't know if that QUITE works because of the show bible. Joel Schumacher does a passable Fincher impression...
Joel Schumacher had Billy Dee Williams totally ready to play Two-Face, and he went with Tommy Lee Jones? Agh. The shame of it.
Following the release of Batman Returns in 1992, Warner Bros. decided to go in a different direction with filmmakers, and wound up replacing Tim Burton with Joel Schumacher for what would wind up becoming 1995's Batman Forever . So what exactly happened?
Q&A: Joel Schumacher on 'Batman,' Ben Affleck and the batsuit ...:
Joel Schumacher responds to Batman & Robin criticism
George Clooney apologizes to fans (and Adam West) for Bat-nipples in Joel Schumacher's infamous 'Batman & Robin.'
Joel Schumacher, Rob Cohen and Sidney Lumet made that film, quite astonishing.
Tim Cook is the Joel Schumacher to Steve Jobs' Tim Burton. Apple is going to need a Christopher Nolan soon.
The Hamptons International Film Festival (HIFF) is proud to announce part of its extensive lineup of signature programs for the 22nd annual Festival. Since the Festival’s inception, “A Conversation With…” has been an integral part of HIFF, and this year Hilary Swank and Joel Schumacher will particip…
Awful comic book adaptation. Director Mark Steven Johnson takes the Joel Schumacher approach to the superhero film genre.
Kiefer Sutherland starred in 2 Joel Schumacher movies The Lost Boys 1987 and Flatliners 1990"Today is a good day to die"
This whole VMAs open has a very Joel Schumacher, "Batman and Robin" vibe to it.
Some of my favorite bad movies:super Mario Bros, ripd,the Joel Schumacher batmans and the Nicolas Cage ghost riders
watching (1987 dir. Joel Schumacher) again tonight & revelling in its killer soundtrack, pun intended.
Watching Spider-Man 2. This joint has descended into Joel Schumacher Batman Forever/ batman & robin levels of absurdity
Batman Forever was a Joel Schumacher film not Tim Burton.
The ending to Joel Schumacher's Phantom of the Opera always takes my breath away. The soundtrack is phenomenal
So is Joel Schumacher wearing a Zack Snyder mask?
Yeah, I'm gluten-free. I like to smoke crack and watch Joel Schumacher's Phantom of the Opera over and over and over. I get divorced a lot.
Also directed by Joel Schumacher. He made good movies only no? I quite liked his legal dramas and Phone Booth.
Joel Schumacher directed both Batman & Robin and also Phone Booth. He must be Parthiban of Hollywood
There was some Joel Schumacher-era Batman level cheese going on with characters, story beats and music. Did not care for that.
Is Joel Schumacher writing your material now?
Were up till 4am watching the Tim Burton & Joel Schumacher Batman movies. Great marathon, only fell…
joel Schumacher was the reason those movies sucked balls
Save up to 45% 0ff MSRP On Streetbike Tires
A lot of running shoes look like they were designed by Ed Hardy or Joel Schumacher.
I'd say Joel Schumacher has a lot to do with that.
Watching the Joel Schumacher directed Amazing Spider-Man 2. That Andy Garfield sure is fun as an angsty 40yr old Peter Parker
Jamie Foxx is terrible in acting for all his worth like he's in a Joel Schumacher hero flick, hammy
This is brilliant, and true. Nolan bastardized Batman. Schumacher made the most accurate Batman films
Can't you all sense Hollywimp just burgeoning to take a Joel Schumacher all over Batman after being forced to make 3 dynamic films?
wanted to know what I thought of Joel Schumacher's Batman. Well, it SUCKED!
so you think Joel Schumacher did a better job?
what do u think of Joel Schumacher's Batman films?
My favorite Return to Nuke 'Em High character is Zac! Even though he smells and likes Joel Schumacher's Batman and Robin.
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