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Joel Osteen

Joel Scott Osteen (born March 5, 1963) is an American author, televangelist, and the senior pastor of Lakewood Church in Houston, Texas.

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The real problem with Joel Osteen, who refused to open his megachurch doors to Hurricane survivors
Fly like an eagle to the sea! Love the Steve Miller band and Joel Osteen!
If you mean knowing God like Jerry Falwell, Jim Baker or Joel Osteen know God, I’d rat…
Yes, this "me me me" approach to governance is not what He taught. But then, look at pastors like Joel Osteen and Jim Baker.
Racism is as American as. Pat Robertson. Jim Baker. Joel Osteen. and this weird new KKK GOP
I put a suggestion box in the church office. So far, we have one suggestion for bringing in Joel Osteen in as Revival…
The GRACE REVOLUTION championed by Joseph Prince/Joel Osteen, et al, is a LICENTIOUSNESS REVOLUTION: License to sin.
Amazing thread sparked by the awesome Roy Zimmerman's latest song, shaming Joel Osteen for his failure to offer...
Ironic how we slander Joel Osteen for not letting in people seeking refuge, but when it comes to refugees we close our bo…
I hope if they ever make a movie about "Joel Osteen" they get Tim "the Tool Man" Taylor to play the part! 😁😁Tim Allen
Listen to 'The African-American Museum and Joel Osteen' by The Backwoodz Podcast on &
Listen to The African-American Museum and Joel Osteen by The Backwoodz Podcast on
Today is a new day, so rise up and move forward into the victory God has prepared for you!. Joel Osteen
The co-creator of 'Rick and Morty' prank called Joel Osteen's prayer line as Rick to prove how ridiculous it is
Joel Osteen - megachurch pastor and bizarre hybrid of Tim Allen, Jerry Seinfeld, and Ned Flanders - has been a...
Joel Osteen tells Harvey survivors not to have a ‘poor old me’ mentality via
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Watch Rick from 'Rick and Morty' prank call Joel Osteen's church:
If needs a place to stay to shelter from the storm... I'll help 💁 the rest of y'all I'm Joel Osteen 🤣
Rick from 'Rick and Morty' (AKA prank called Joel Osteen's church for charity:
Joel Osteen tells Hurricane Harvey victims to not have 'poor old me mentality' - Televangelism has serve HIM well!
In this week's we chatted about Game of Thrones, Joel Osteen, and Taylor Swift. As we do.…
Texas still under water. Hurricane Irma on the way. LA on fire. North Korea pew pew. Trump hates kids. Joel Osteen - still a t…
Joel Osteen's Sunday "congregation" dropped from 16,000 to about 1,000, hopefully because many realize he's just a con man.
I'm so sick of the Joel Osteen bashing. Regardless of religion, he lifts ppl up--gives them hope & encourages hard work,…
If you ever feel stupid, just remember, there are Evangelical Christians right now still attending a Joel Osteen church…
Joel Osteen may have an encouraging word for the people but I’d rather not see his super smiley face on the TL right now.
Latest: Joel Osteen: Church was flooded, unsafe to use as shelter
The Republican Party of today is as far from the party of Reagan/Bush 1980 as Joel Osteen is from heaven.
Lest you thought Osteen couldn't be a bigger *** .
Joel Osteen: we need to come together and help people during these hard times. Public: can we use your church as shelter. J…
I liked a video Pastor Joel Osteen this Sunday
Joel Osteen says Harvey was "all part of God's plan." Does he mean God sent a Hurricane just to expose Osteen as a fra…
Joel Osteen had church service for Evacuees and passed out the offering plate? LMFAO
Texans will keep that in mind.I notice that MSM has yet to report this but jumped all ove…
.Our church didn't turn people away after Harvey
best name in sport's. literaly translates to "Joel Osteen"
Check out this link: empty church, maybe people are finally getting wiser to your con job
Ironically, it was Joel Osteen's Christian Megachurch, Lakewood Church that refused shelter to surviv…
b4 u JUDGE Joel Osteen how about u hear his side?
*** doesn't exist but collective consciousness will make a special realm for Joel Osteen. At least Satan gave ***
Texas football is the mega church of sports. cash, flashy, slogans, no soul,. Tom Herman is Joel Osteen
Kevin Sumlin just passed Joel Osteen as most hated person in Texas
😂😂 Joel Osteen talking to the Houston flood victims like:
That's because Joel osteen is a con man that only cares about padding his wallet
Today is Sunday in Houston Joel Osteen are you donating any money to the Houston hurricane relief fund?
Joel Osteen's big stack of collection$$$ plates.
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Tyler Perry donating to Harvey relieve. Lot of junk said bad against Joel Osteen but here is some truth about the...
Could Tyler Perry but any more of an Uncle Tom by giving his rich buddy Joel Osteen money he doesn't need?
Joel Osteen is a rotten christian. Uncle Tom - Tyler Perry - gives him more money. .
‘Everything wrong about Christianity’-Fellow pastor shames Joel Osteen for his ‘self-serving greed’
I was wondering if anybody could verify that Tyler Perry was giving $1 million to hurricane fund but giving 250,000 to Joel Osteen ???
Tyler Perry donated money to Joel Osteen? Why? I mean... why? Like how come? Why?
Why am i not surprised to see Tyler Perry donated money to Joel Osteen's church
Didn't think I had any respect for him left to lose. I was wrong. Tyler Perry will give $1 million to Joel Osteen.
Tyler Perry donated to Joel Osteen because he's taking people into his church. That's the most out there thing I've read all day.
Tyler Perry will give $250,000 of his $1 million Hurricane Harvey donation to Joel Osteen (video)
Tyler Perry and Joel Osteen, a match made in fake heaven.
Tyler Perry donates $250K to Joel Osteen. In other news, Joel Osteen orders…
Tyler Perry wants his entire million dollar donation to go to the people who need it, so he's giving $250,000 to Joel Osteen. Madea stupid.
donates $250K to In other news, Joel Osteen orders five new suits
Tyler Perry to donate $1M to Harvey relief and gives some of it to Joel Osteen's church
I can't understand Tyler Perry's rationale to give Joel Osteen money, than just to lick boots. This world has an arsenal of these humans.
Tyler Perry just made a huge donation to Joel Osteen's Houston church
I know it's not my money but I feel some kinda way about Tyler Perry giving $250k to Joel Osteen! Megachurch with no compassion!
Tyler Perry Donates $1 Million and Drops the Hammer on Funds Going to Joel Osteen's Megachurch...
Tyler Perry is not here for people shading Joel Osteen. Amber Rose drops $50,000 on a promise ring. I'll...
Went and looked into Prosperity Ministers after finding out about that Joel Osteen. There's one called Creflo Dolla…
Tyler Perry donated $250k to Joel Osteen? Reminds of when Creflo Dollar told Eddie Long followers to go back to him. How...godly.
It can be scientifically proven that the only thing worse than Joel Osteen's haircut is a Kirk Cameron movie.
Joel Osteen has no idea what the Council of Trent even is, Gray. He's just a garden variety heretical…
Still a difference between Creflo Dollar and Joel Osteen.
Joel Osteen is a fraud and liar just like Creflo Dollar and the rest of…
Don't you just love it that frauds like Joel Osteen and Jimmy Swaggart show their true natures sooner or later? They des…
Does anyone else think Joel Osteen looks like Ed Grimley?
Is it just me or does Joel Osteen look totally like Ed Grimley?
tell you about Joel Osteen:. . that he has SPECIFICALLY been censoring the Truth…
Joel Osteen has collected his L. You can just call him Joe now.
So, what you're all saying is Joel Osteen is an evil, religious, Ed Grimley?. You don't say?
Joel Osteen: If Houston “would have asked us to become a shelter early on, we would have prepared for it.”
I liked a video Joel Osteen explains decision to open Houston church after criticism
Joel Osteen church denies reports it closed its doors to flood victims htt…
Bologna you're trying to save face now, the truth will be found out!Joel Osteen defends church's Harvey response
Houston did not make shelter bid. Joel Osteen said. No, but God did.
Joel Osteen defends decision not to open Houston church | Daily Mail Online
What a bunch of bologna Joel Osteen you had defends church's Harvey response
We asked Joel Osteen why he waited days to open his famed mega-church for evacuees of Here's what he sa…
‘Houston needs you’: Social media rains scorn on Joel Osteen for closing megachurch after hurricane | Raw Story
Two Houston men visit Joel Osteen's Church to prove it is not flooded | Daily Mail Online
Snopes fact-checking Babylon Bee about Joel Osteen may just be peak 2017
I was in Houston after Katrina - he didn´t open doors for NO refugees. . Joel Osteen's Harvey excuses are bogus
Joel Osteen: I pray for the people of Houston im so want them to find shelter. Houston: Can we use your church for shelter?…
Joel Osteen on Houston coming together: “When you’re rescuing people, you don’t care if they’re Democrat, Republican, white or bla…
Joel Osteen can’t get his story straight about why he didn’t offer his megachurch in Houston as a shelter sooner
Joel Osteen's visit was supported by Bishop Ellis, who leads one of Detroit's biggest churches, Greater Grace Temple
Anyone seen the Santa Clause 3? Doesn't Joel Osteen look like Tim Allen and Martin Shor…
. Joel Osteen, let me show you what your future holds, 👉Jim and Tammy Faye Bakker!…
Joel Osteen looks like Ed Grimley, with slightly better hair
Joel Osteen is literally almost every Nigerian Mega pastor
Joel Osteen body language says it all he ain't want nobody in that Church 😭
Ed Grimley looks more like than Joel Osteen.
"I won't be your shelter, Joel Osteen". -possibly Taylor Dayne (2017)
Truth is lots of anti christ anti church movement allover the world so Joel Osteen was a perfect t…
So for those talking down on Pr. Joel Osteen and Lakewood Church: stop.
1. Now the people need shelter: anyone seen Joel Osteen and his Lakewood Church stepping up? He's right in Houston
Joel Osteen's Lakewood Church answers why it isn't open as a shelter for Harvey flooding victims
“We never closed our doors.” Texas Pastor Joel Osteen responds to Hurricane Harvey criticism
H-Town, let the record show that Mattress Mack opened Gallery Furniture as a shelter but Joel Osteen kept doors of Lakewoo…
Joel Osteen finally opened his church as shelter. BUT where Convention Ctr has lots Black ppl. Lakewood has hardly any. h…
Everyone upset about Lakewood and Joel Osteen should use that same energy at their local church.
Joel Osteen responds to accusations of closing church doors to Harvey evacuees
Joel Osteen defends not opening the doors of his megachurch to Hurricane Harvey evacuees earlier
Jim Bakker along with Jerry Falwell and Joel Osteen, is an evangelical, not a Christia…
No Exit, but it's Jesus locked in a room with Joel Osteen and Jerry Falwell.
With Joel Osteen trending, it's a good time to remind people that Joel Osteen does NOT represent true Biblical Christi…
check out what really going on in Joel Osteen's chuch in Huston. Anthony Brian Logan clears…
it's sickening the side of ppl you see (true colors) when disaster happens. Between Joel Osteen, $5 bottles of wate…
Oh! now he is after taking all the backlash...shouldn't of had to come to that.🙄
Joel Osteen: what would Jesus do?. Literally everyone: probably open his 16,000 seat church to help hurricane victims…
Joel Osteen's thinking "if you give a man a fish he eats for a day. Lock your megachurch during a huge storm, teach a…
jesus christ, the Joel Osteen of literature thinks she knows what's best for us. don't worry, we'll sti…
I just found out Joel Osteen's mega church in Houston seats only 3k less than the Bridgestone arena and I got irrationally upset.
This is "pastor" Joel Osteen's house. News flash: he doesn't give a crap about you, or anyone else.
Joel Osteen is to Christianity what Trump is to morality.
People of Houston:Can we use your church as shelter?. Joel Osteen:
This is Father David Bergeron, the Father at my Catholic Church. He was out in a kayak yesterday blessing+helping ppl, J…
Joel we using your church for shelter for storm victims. Joel Osteen:
"Just the facts ma'am". Judge them as you will... But there's no flood at the Joel Osteen church!!
Joel Osteen slammed for closing megachurch in aftermath of Harvey
Why are so many Christians joining in on spreading a false narrative about and
To quote Pegwole: . For everyone criticizing Joel Osteen keep in mind his church isn't for sheltering people it's for sheltering taxes.
Joel Osteen rips off old ladies for donations so he can sell a religiously tinged version of The Secret. Don't act surp…
Im crying. They pulling out all the receipts on that fraud Joel Osteen.
I'm really sad about Joel Osteen I always thought he was such a wonderful now I'm confused about his actions
Houston Mayor announces the Toyota Center has been opened as a shelter for Harvey victims
Dear Joel Osteen . Pac need a word with you
For those who were seeking shelter at Joel Osteen's Meganchurch, there are 21 mosques in Greater Houston you can go to.
Why did Joel Osteen block me when. 1) Havent said anything and. 2) I'm pretty sure he's my dad
Everybody mad at Joel Osteen should remember he is offering to pray FOR FREE. He normally charges thousands of dollars…
remembering 2008 description of Joel Osteen today
Could you imagine we taxed churches like Joel Osteen's? We'd be able to feed all the hungry and shelter all the homeless i…
Joel Osteen teaches us that "if you have the resources, you can help.But you don't have to if you don't feel like it"
Evacuees arrive at Lakewood Church after its pastor, Joel Osteen, received criticism for initial response
JOEL OSTEEN: Guys, I really wish I could help more people right now, but what had happened was... JESUS…
I liked a video The Reason Joel Osteen Waited to FINALLY Open Lakewood Church to Harvey Evacuees
Joel Osteen agrees to open megachurch to Harvey victims after social media backlash:
Joel Osteen: no way anyone can top how tone deaf and Biblically blind I've been during Harvey . hold my gr…
Joel Osteen's church was flooded too but since when did the media care about facts?
I hope Joel Osteen doesn't give a bad name to the other megachurch-owning televangelists who are absolutely not using rel…
Report: Joel Osteen finally opens his church. Great. I prefer to celebrate the churches that opened up right away. God bless…
Joel Osteen & people were saying the entire church is under water, photos and videos popped up, now its open. When you get…
In light of all this Joel Osteen hubbub, wanted to note that our tiny, neighborhood Methodist church has taken in > 500 peop…
I saw Joel Osteen once and he's about 5'7 and 100 pounds soaking wet. My dad heckled him from his truck
JUST IN: Lakewood has opened its doors for those who need shelter.
I secretly switched Joel Osteen's face with Martin Short's, let's see if anyone notices.
Kim is more compassionate than so-called christian "Pastor"Joel Osteen, the millionaire charlatan.
Is your church open for people dis-placed by Hurricane Harvey for shelter and food?
1. Joel Osteen said his church is open to Harvey victims after a social media backlash He, dumb Pp…
I know I've muted Cris Collinsworth, but the crowing of tweeps for announcing that they muted Joel Osteen is funny and silly.
The flotilla of fishing boats saving lives is overwhelming. Joel Osteen could learn a lot about grace by watching this.
Separated at birth, 2 clowns, Joel Osteen and Ed Grimley.
Joel Osteen and Paula White, another Jim and Tammy Faye Baker. Remember them?
Shaming works - there's room at Joel Osteen's inn after all! .
Only after brutal public shaming — sleazy prosperity pimp for Jesus, Joel Osteen to open church to devastated public https…
FYI while Joel Osteen refuses to open the doors of his "Christian Church" to victims of Hurricane Harvey, three mosques have…
Joel Osteen probably remembers what happened in the Louisiana Superdome during Hurricane Katrina and doesn't want his bld…
Ed Grimley was much more self aware than Joel Osteen
"Joel Osteen" I believe it was Apostle Paul that said "In all things I have showed yuo, you should support the weak"-ALL THINGS
Joel Osteen is going to need Olivia Pope!. . But for real, I'm going to pass out 😂 if he cal…
I can still remember Tammy Faye Baker's running mascara. From this day forward I will remember Joel Osteen's clean carpets.
James Adomian would be such a great Joel Osteen.
Joel Osteen, as a Pastor you have a huge obligation to show the love of Christ at this very moment. . OPEN THE DOORS.
What happens when someone tries to enter Joel Osteen's church for shelter
Joel Osteen could learn a thing or two from this man. Mainly: what it means to be a REAL preacher.
Joel Osteen will now open his mega-church to Houston's hurricane victims. Section 715, level 12, seats 1-14 are now availabl…
3 different Houston mosques & 100+ members of are out & serving Houstonians while Joel Osteen's $50M megachur…
We need to use this moment not just to expose Joel Osteen but destroy "Prosperity Theology" as a whole
I just realized something. As Houston suffers a 1000 year flood—Joel Osteen prays but wont act. He's the preacher from that…
Joel Osteen refusing to open his church doors bcuz nothing represents Jesus more than turning away desperate people in ne…
Meanwhile... Houston's own Mattress King is closer to the image of Jesus than his neighbor Joel Osteen.
I guess Joel Osteen's megachurch only provides shelter from taxes
people are being way too *** Joel Osteen, it's not like he has a huge building on dry ground in Housto-[producer wh…
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Joel Osteen just blew an opportunity to look like a real God send this time. And get this, he could've made even MORE money in the long run
Joel Osteen has a HUGE church in Houston that would make a great shelter.
It's sad that backlash from Americans all over this country forced Joel Osteen to open his church & help people. Good n…
Joel Osteen: "What would Jesus do?". We the People: Open your 16,800 seat Lakewood Church during this Housto…
He'll offer thoughts and prayers, but Joel Osteen won't open his $50M church that could hold 16,800 people in Houston ar…
I know what the first question at Joel Osteen's last judgment is going to be.
Muslims opened mosques and are aiding in rescue, meanwhile Joel Osteen offered prayer. Turn down the same ppl he profit fr…
The Joel Osteen situation is why I don't trust pastors smh. He makes millions a year but closes his mega church when the c…
Joel Osteen NEVER went to a biblical college to study the Bible not a qualified pastor and stupid evangelicalist made him worth $50 million
Joel Osteen: 'We are w/ you Houston. You're in our prayers'. Houston: 'How about you open up the 16,800 seat megachurch…
Dear Joel Osteen, Since you proved to be a charlatan, get ready for the audit & paying back taxes. Sincerely--America
I'm *** Joel Osteen specifically because I am a Christian. That is my "agenda". Christ would not close His doors to the n…
Prosperity Gospel preacher Joel Osteen to open megachurch to Hurricane Harvey refugees after public shaming
If Joel Osteen was a true Christian, he would've opened his doors immediately. But he only serves money, not God.
I'm not saying Joel Osteen should open up his megachurch for hurricane victims. If he were a real Christian, he'd open u…
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"How big is your package, Joel Osteen?"
LIVE on Joel Osteen closes 16,800 seat arena doors to the needy https…
Joel Osteen's megachurch claims it's too flooded for Harvey relief. Internet sleuths call BS.
Televangelist is getting slayed on social media for not opening his church doors to those in need
this is just in general I don't have an opinion on Joel Osteen just opinions on mega churches & my own faith
When the beautiful people of Houston ask Joel Osteen for the same donations they've been giving his church
Pastor Joel Osteen faced heat for closing the doors of his Houston megachurch in the face of an overwhelming crisis. ht…
A message of Christian love to all those without shelter in Houston right now who seek refuge in Joel Osteen’s 16,800-seat…
Hurricane victims: "You have a Stadium size church. Think we could stay there?". Joel Osteen: "No, but here's some thought…
Jesus told a parable of a Rich, Religious Man who turned away the Homeless. . He went to *** for being evil.
Disappointed in the decision of Joel Osteen for not opening up his church for the people in need in Houston. Could've bee…
Joel Osteen wont open his church for victims. Instead, he uses their tithes to pay for his mansion
Joel Osteen's Church seats 16,800 people and the man hasn't even contemplated opening it to Houston refugees. That's yal…
You mean, Joel Osteen doesn't care about people?
Joel Osteen's megachurch is designed for the rising tithe, not tide.
Joel Osteen doesn't speak for or represent Christianity. Jesus would've kicked over the collection plate in his church ye…
Joel Osteen has not opened the doors of his megachurch to help the people of Houston! Current VIDEO 💔😡 Come on Joel! 😩…
Apparently Joel Osteen's mega church is a tax shelter not a hurricane shelter.
Joel Osteen offering his prayers like
Except poor people. . Poor people are gross. Especially ones that are wet from Hurricanes. SO GROS!. -Joel…
People like Joel Osteen are doing to Christianity what Donald Trump is doing to the Presidency.
Joel Osteen's church is only good for sheltering one thing: taxes. . WWJD
Joel Osteen when people who funded his $56,000,000 net worth in his city are in desperate need for shelter.
Joel Osteen turns away Houston flood victims cause if this "love your neighbor" thing catches on, he's ruined.
Shame on you Joel Osteen. Shame on you.
I like how today is the day everyone found out Joel Osteen isn't a Christian.
Joel Osteen's Houston megachurch blasted for closing as thousands are displaced via
Joel Osteen: God be with my fellow Texans. Fellow Texans: Can we stay at your church. Joel Osteen:
Houston's Joel Osteen has a net worth over $50m and a church that holds 16,800 but this is all he's offering.
Joel Osteen won't open his church that holds 16,000 to hurricane victims because it only provides shelter from taxes.
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Joel Osteen: "Prayers to all the people in Hurricane Harvey.". "Can we use ya church for cover?". Joel Osteen:
Yall legit got me out here defending Joel Osteen! The blistering irony of this is not lost on me. 😂😂
Joel Osteen to open his megachurch to refugees after public shaming. | Picture by Philip Kremer. http…
Speaking as a Christian, this is gross. But then again, Joel Osteen shows zero sign of actually being anything but…
Joel Osteen refuses shelter to Houston Harvey victims
Terrence, I love you,!!! Joel Osteen is a fake. Another Jim & Tammy Faye Baker.
As someone who saw scam pastor Jimmy Swaggart with my parents as a child, Joel Osteen looks to be cut from same cloth.
Joel Osteen: I's praying for you . Houston: Can you open you church to help the the victims??. Joel Osteen: https:…
We agree whole heartedly. Now step up and show it Joel Osteen.
Joel Osteen is nothing but a a jack leg hypocrite pastor. If he is a Christian, I hate to see the devil.
Mattress Jack of Gallery Furniture opened his doors to Houston victims in need,meanwhile Joel Osteen, who's a pastor at a HUGE church, won't
Ill form a team of avenger pastors,it's gone have,TD jakes, pastor Chris,bishop Tudu,Joel Osteen errybody.see if sh…
I liked a video Billy Graham, Joel Osteen, Paul Washer, John MacArthur and other...
That's the president of the United States Reverend Graham, Mr Jeffries, Paula White John Hagee and Joel Osteen
We also need to hear from John Hagee, Joel Osteen, pat robertson, jesse duplantis. try and have some of these guys on air.   10% Off
in related news, Joel Osteen reminds us that a walk with Christ will have many challenges and difficulties
I liked a video Joel Osteen, it's just the Truth - Paul Washer
That man Pastor Steve leaving Elevation Church to join Joel Osteen at Lakewood Church & signed a 6 year $110 million deal. This like the NBA
I'm ready for ET to say he's selling out Yankees stadium like my Pastor Joel Osteen.
Hey CNN thank God for Joel Osteen the pastor from tx
- Bless your enemies- be good to those who have done you wrong. - Joel Osteen, Pastor, Friend
-Everything that happens is part of God's good to your enemies. - Joel Osteen, Pastor, Friend
If y'all have a way to watch Oprah's Super Soul Sunday check out the episodes with Wes Moore, Megan Good & Devon Franklin, and Joel Osteen.
Why would we want healthcare when we have Joel Osteen and prayer?.
I love Joel Osteen but I look at him as more of a motivational speaker than preacher . His books are powerful though
"If you surround yourself around people who need you rather than feed you, then that's a red flag" - Joel Osteen
God is ready to fill your life with good things. Do your part and make room for Him.
Don't let someone else’s unhappiness keep you from being happy. Click here to watch “Living at Rest”:
This book is a direct rebuttal to errant remarks by Joel Osteen, Joyce Meyers, Stephen Hawking, Christopher Hi…
I saw Dr. Juanita Bynum today. Ive seen Joel Osteen, Joyce Meyer, and Dr. Creflo Dollar. By far, Dr. Bynum is my fa…
unlimited calling, voip, phone service
Steps of Grace . One of my favorite preachers is Joel Osteen, who presides over the Lakewood Church...
I'll never forget when Christian Taliban leader Joel Osteen released the fatwa to rub it out.
Okay I feel like Joel Osteen is more like a ummm... Motivational Speaker
When I hear Tony Evans on the radio I imagine T.D. Jakes and when I hear Chip Ingram I imagine Joel Osteen, idk why lol
Hey Howard, Joel Osteen is only interested in fleecing his flock. Find another spiritual leader to quote.
Just had two young guys tell me they love Joel Osteen and Tony Evans. I was like, "You'll love That was the sneaky sneaky!
I really love Joel Osteen and Joyce Meyers... I'll watch them all day.
Can a woman call out the error of say. Joel Osteen, B…
You've obviously never heard of Benny Hinn, Paula White, Joel Osteen, Kenn…
I'm going to write a stage play about Cal football as a dialogue between Twist and Joel Osteen. Songs b…
I pass no judgement on Joel Osteen being at the Holy Convocation this year. Maybe God will use him or use someone else to touch him
live in million dollar homes and pray for the poor. Joel Osteen's home
Mon advice fr Mitch McConnell, Joel Osteen..but not the author, illustrator or Groucho Marx.
All these so called pastors make, for example TD Jakes, Rod Parsley, Joel Osteen etc. They live like celebrities...
Joel Osteen and the TD Jakes and the guy with the Spring miracle cure water and stuff so many deceivers man 😪
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Nice juicy one for you . Joel Osteen & Donald Trump: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know…
You are not average, you are not mediocre, you are a Child of the Most High God! Created for greatness for His glory! Joel Osteen
Thank you Pastor Joel Osteen you have bless my day. God bless you in Jesus name Amen
Thank you soo much for your word of encouragement God richly bless you Pastor Joel Osteen
I liked a video Wretched: Joel Osteen waffles.
You gotta pay $15 for a ticket to go to Joel Osteen's church lol
GetUR🌟On! “If you need a miracle, become a miracle.” Joel Osteen
"You'll go to the next level when you beginning ignoring a lot more!" - Joel Osteen. Ignore the negativity,...
"If you want to reap . financial blessings, . you have to sow financially.". - Joel Osteen
Disappointments are inevitable but misery is optional. - Joel Osteen
I believe if you keep your faith, keep your trust, keep the right attitude, if you're grateful, God will open up new doors. . -Joel Osteen
Joel Osteen says:  "It is better to be lonely than allow people who are not going anywhere keep you from your destiny."
No one can offend you without your permission. They can say whatever they want but you have the right to ignore it.
"Do you see yourself through rose colored glasses and others through magnifying glasses?" -Joel Osteen. Don't look down on others!
It's 7 am and I'm at work watching Joel osteen. Today will be a great day 🙃
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Look for the best. "Love believes the best in every person." Joel Osteen
When you're passionate about who you are, It brings honor to God"~ Joel Osteen
Activate your . Achieve your Dreams, . Increase in God's Favour with . It's Your Time by Joel Osteen
(Joel Osteen - Knowing God as a Loving Father (NEW SERMON 2017)) has been published on Station for Inspiration -…
Joel Osteen says: "Don't use your words to describe the situation. Use your words to change the situation."
Forgiveness is a choice, but it is not an option. ~Joel Osteen
Joel Osteen says: "Be careful what you say. You can say something hurtful in ten seconds, but ten years later, the wounds are still there"
You may not understand it, but God wouldn’t have allowed it if He wasn’t going to use it to your advantage.
Joel Osteen says: "When you're tempted to be upset, ask yourself 'Is this worth giving up my joy?'".
A victorious life begins in your mind. Joel Osteen
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