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Joel Anthony

Joel Vincent Anthony (born August 9, 1982, in Montreal, Quebec) is a Canadian professional basketball player in the NBA who is currently a member of the Miami Heat.

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Uh...we chanted MVP for Joel Anthony. He got his own Nickname and his own video montage after blocks.
Do you think listeners would have understood Anthony was "Movin' Out" if Billy Joel hadn't put the c…
Anthony Joshua is a great boxer and has obviously shown he's on it. but comparing him to Muhammad Ali is actually one of the dumbest things
the things is to have tony come off the bench and play Murray and what we have Joel Anthony sitting on bench for
no need to attack 'The Warden' like that. That's two-time NBA Champ, Joel Anthony you're speaking of!
Spurs need to activate Joel Anthony. They need a big body in the paint if Aldridge Gasol and West don't show up to play.
Spurs got Joel Anthony and they not playing him? They not tryna win
Joel Anthony, Dejounte Murray, Bryce Forbes, Becky Hammond, & the Coyote to start the 2nd half.
Sit Aldridge and play Joel Anthony enoughs enough
If Joel Anthony wins a ring with the Spurs I'm starting a Purge in San Antonio. you with me?
Joel Anthony coming down from the rafters to save the Spurs
Pumped gas next to Joel Anthony in SA today and I'm the only one who recognized him. We miss you in Miami.
Rodman is nothing but a glorified Joel Anthony tbh
Hey Joel Anthony, this is what the Spurs signed you for. Do your thing.
No one can compare to the greatest Muhammad Ali. Yesterday night Anthony Joshua walked a few steps in the shoes of his…
"I'm sick of writing songs that make my father cry". St of lost causes: there's always a way. St Anthony - Joel Porter.
Week 8 - Let's PRAY & THANK God for RESTORING our nation. . "I will restore to you the years that the locust (etc) have…
ICYMI, Anthony Firkser and Max Rich signed contracts last night with and
Sorry for the hold up, Joel. We hope it didn't cause too much inconvenience. ^Anthony
Joel Anthony left his hairline in Miami
Anthony Joshua Deffo piped Louisa Johnson after the scrap
Congrats to Anthony Firkser on signing a contract with the
A Roadmans reaction to the Anthony Joshua & Klitschko fight 😂💪🏾
"Joel Anthony" is an institution, like Dr Who or Robin or The Dread Pirate Roberts, an identity pass…
The San Antonio Spurs have signed Joel Anthony to a second 10-day contract.
on the floor for the Spurs right now. Dejounte Murray. Jonathon Simmons. Kyle Anderson. Davis Bertans. Joel Anthony.
the James Jones and Joel Anthony clones must not be good enough. He'll just hold Gilbert ransom that he came back and won a title
please acquire Nerlens Noel or JJ Hickson and Kevin Martin for the veteran minimum. Another option, Joel Anthony and O.J Mayo
Let's not forget that for 2 years in Miami, Mario Chalmers and Joel Anthony started alongside the big 3. Not Steph klay K…
The Pistons will reportedly waive Joel Anthony to make room for Boban Marjanovic.
The Detroit Pistons will indeed waive Joel Anthony and Cameron Bairstow, source tells
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All y'all can say is so and so got more rings so they are the better player.Norris Cole,Joel Anthony , and Adam Morrison got more than KD.
well Love isn't being backed up by Dexter Pittman, Ronny Turiaf and Joel Anthony
Bibby and Joel Anthony were starters. Eddie House played in the biggest game of the yr. 2011 is the wrong answer.
if you go Vegan it will help with your health. Look into it! Call Joel Anthony for help!
I blame the fact Mike Bibby and Joel Anthony in the starting 5 in 2011
people will laugh at the Joel Anthony on lebron comment but it's 100% right. He's literally biyombo
Pistons would still be playing if Kyrie's shot in game 4 didn't count and we would have put Joel Anthony on LeBron James
Derrick rose dunk in the playoffs was it Shane or Joel Anthony?
No lie, a source from inside the Sixers tells me Joel Embiid saw the post I wrote about him today and loved it.
Joel Anthony has a better post up game than u
Joel Anthony would be a good pick up
what if Wade and Joel Anthony went to the lakers👀
can a team decline a team option and then resign the player at a lower price? Looking at Joel Anthony
The white man traded us for like trading Kevin Durant for Joel Anthony...ill take it
Joel Anthony averaged 4.5 blocks per 36 and didn't make an all-defensive team LOL LOL
Stephen Douglas' mentions might get Joel Anthony ugly today
Great minds think alike Watching Joel Ward notch two last night I thought the same. Cheers!
Anthony Tolliver, Joel Anthony, Steve Blake and Lorenzo Brown are unlikely to return next season as (Via https:…
Everyone pray for Anthony. His nuts Have a bigger beard then his face...or if you really wanna help get him a weed eater
Whiteside wouldn't be letting this glorified Joel Anthony get every rebound
ALL OF THEM. But dunking on Goran Dragic was he most vicious followed by his dunk on Joel Anthony
Should post one of these on the door to my office. Anthony Weeks Joel Robert Clayton
Who do y'all think is the worse NBA player in the last decade I vote Joel Anthony
bring back Joel Anthony and end the curse
And we had Keith Bogans as our starting SG at least Joel Anthony is still in the league
but we were starting Mike Bibby and Joel Anthony
who do you like more as a prospect, Karl Anthony Towns or a healthy Joel Embiid?
lol Joel Anthony and Mike Bibby is an argument ender. Also, lost in Finals, not ECF
Fr. Joel Tabora, Ateneo de Davao pres, says Duterte, Church leaders should tone down rhetoric for good of everybody https:…
Anthony Seric, Eddy Bosnar, Joel and Adam Griffiths in their junior days, 1995.
Joel Anthony has more rings than Steph. Can we please stop comparing him to Lebron for now?
Nobody in this league can guard Russ nor KD. Adams would lock down Joel Anthony & the boshasaurus
Joel Anthony was hacked...this season.
Joel Anthony used to be great at that too, too bad he had cement for hands
It's really weird to think that Ilgauskas/Joel Anthony & Carlos Arroyo/Mike Bibby started for the Miami Heat that first year of the big 3.
If that's the year they started Joel Anthony then mozgov and or Thompson could start
word lol they act like he's Bill Wellington or Joel Anthony like he didn't avg 19 12 4 & 3
it don't even matter cuz Joel Anthony da best tbh. Vince Carter still top 5, & Ricky Rubio da best PG
I recall also Keith Askins,Joel Anthony and Isaac Austin as well
Which also means the will not get Joel Anthony (.) and lose G Marcus Thornton too.
also, I wrote a post about a 19-second joke tribute video about Joel Anthony earlier today, so, y'know
Joel Anthony has been traded to the 76ers!
After 2 transactions in less than 24 hours, further changes await Joel Anthony
Kind words by Stan Van Gundy after traded Joel Anthony..."I don’t think I’ve ever coached a better professional than Joel Anthony."
Joel Anthony to fill in while Embiid is away.
how ironic will it be if Joel Anthony plays for the Sixers before Joel Embiid ever does. Sam is genius.
Joel Embiid is going to be a problem if he ever gets on the court for a full NBA season
We now have a Joel Anthony Houston Rockets tribute video.
“And then he let Joel Berry take the final shot on Derryck!"
When you blow the last shot and get embarrassed by it getting blocked, you claim you were fouled. Joel Berry.
lol yup Joel Anthony should be a huge help!!!
cant believe the Sixers cut Jakarr for old *** Joel Anthony.
The Sixers made a deal on trade deadline day after all, acquiring veteran center and a 2017
TRADE:. The Rockets trade Joel Anthony to the 76ers for a second round pick.
brought in Joel Anthony at the trade deadline, & not for his elite passing ability. ht…
The Pistons have traded Joel Anthony to the Sixers... Not sure how but they've traded him twice today (Y!)
Full trade details: Pistons get: Donatas Motiejunas and Marcus Thornton. Rockets get Joel Anthony and a protected 2016 …
I thought the team would have waived Joel Anthony by now? Or will they hold on until JaKarr clears waivers?
Joel Anthony has been traded, again. He's heading to Philly.
That time Joel Anthony got 'MVP' chants against the in the 2011 playoffs with the
unlimited calling, voip, phone service
fans made a Joel Anthony tribute video. It's as hilarious as you would think it is.
Report: Rockets trade Joel Anthony, second-rounder to 76ers
trade Dmo and Marcus Thornton to for Joel Anthony and a protected 1st Rd pick.
trade Joel Anthony to the for a 2 round pick.
At least Rockets got Joel Anthony for 3 hours
he got waived when they traded for Joel Anthony yesterday.
Like the Sixers bringing in Joel Anthony to mentor Joel Embiid about how to be a professional Joel in the NBA.
Stan Van Gundy offering Joel Anthony for Donatas Motiejunas being like
A touching post-trade tribute to legend Joel Anthony.
Joel will play for the this year... Joel Anthony of course
dude they got Joel Anthony the tank is over
Brewster Academy grad JaKarr Sampson Waived by Sixers. Looks to resign if clears waivers. via
it was Joel Anthony. Ainge blew it.
I remember when Joel Anthony said "I can't wait to begin in Houston". Top class guy, wish the best for him. Rockets retire his number.
NBA Trade Rumors: Philadelphia 76ers to waive JaKarr Sampson and bring in ...
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Joel Anthony is a salary dump. He'll be gone by the season's end or this weekend. I'm ready for the draft, free agency,..
fine and curvy Stacey Bangs likes to be watched while she has sex! Joel Anthony
The Sixers cut forward JaKarr Sampson to make room on the roster for newcomer center Joel Anthony, a source told Yahoo …
Per the 76ers are waiving JaKarr Sampson to make room for Joel Anthony
Correction, after re-listening to my audio: no Joel Anthony (obviously), Aron Baynes (ill) and Spencer Dinwiddie today. Jodie Meeks drilled.
you should have done a "still in the league" segment and thrown Joel Anthony and DeJuan Blair! Thought they'd been out!
how did Joel Anthony get traded twice?
Stan Van Gundy has turned Brandon Jennings, Ersan Illyasova & Joel Anthony into Tobias Harris, Marcus Thorton and Donat…
Former Celtics legend Joel Anthony aka The Warden has been traded to Detroit with former Celtic Marcus Thornton
Pistons are sending a 2016 first round protected pick and Joel Anthony to Houston. (Y!)
The Pistons send Joel Anthony and a protected 2016 1st round pick to the Rockets in return for Donatas Motiejunas and Marcus Tho…
ESPN sources say that the Pistons have offered center Joel Anthony to the Houston Rockets in exchange for PF Donatas Mot…
r u implying that Chris Anderson, udonis haslem, Joel Anthony, and Chris bosh r not great true centers?.
Joel Anthony hits the market next year though.
I just hope recovers looks like he hurt his fanny?
on the line for me Jim, which ultimately means a penalty kick which sent the keeper the wrong way with 👏🏻
agreed Geoff the big players performed on the big stage a cracking Monday night football!
never, war wound. Pick himself up, scores from the spot! And assists the winner! What a night
Anthony Davis + Joel Meyers deserve to have more than 7,000 HH watching per game. Add Jrue to that. Otherwise?...
Maybe you will play a song by Billy Joel for our friend Anthony. 😀
He don't know nothing bout the tennis ball game Joel Tirado Anthony Perkins
. No.8: Anthony Martial - The star attraction at the Theatre of Dreams -
This is true shid the bench got a ring lmao joel Anthony from the heat got a ring
Hey. Joel Anthony has a few rings too
watching w uncle Joel and Anthony. We are saying same thing. Horrible.
Great Valentine's Day Weekend concerts in the New York City area including Billy Joel, Maxwell, Marc Anthony, and...
Ghost of Joel Anthony knocked that ball out of JJ's hands.
Want to get $15 just for taking someone special out on a date?. Get tickets from and you can!.
Ryan,. So Anthony told you I didn't care for the first trailer. Clearly, the last laugh is yours. The reviews for...
Hey! I'm at the game with my dad Anthony today. Can I get you to play Movin' Out by Billy Joel, his favorite song?
for your listening pleasure: Seth Avett sings, Movin' Out (Anthony's Song) by Billy Joel
bro dc is a big guy too. And assuming jones wins he says he wants to fight Anthony Johnson and Gus again then move up.
that's though, you can really debate Joel Anthony or Derrick Williams
Its like u haven't even heard of Joel Anthony. One of the deepest benches in the league imo.
Just send Drummond home for the night. Joel Anthony would be a better option
Didn't know Joel Anthony was still in the NBA
8u blue win in 9u division at grapeland. Big hits by Sean Otero, Braden Keltz and Anthony Harvey. Joel Olazabal...
I still got Joel Anthony as my dark horse.
based on your hate for him, I'm guessing you're thinking Joel Anthony?
Just walked right past Joel Anthony, Brandon Jennings, and Antawn Jamison in down town Indiana
Interview: Joel Ansett - Randy Radic contributed to this interview. Joel Ansett is a singer-songwriter who crea...
oh I can not wait for the clash Mr Gill.
If the Heat get Bynum, that would probably mean Joel Anthony is gone 😔😔😔😔.. Unless they get rid of Roger Mason 😄😄😄😄
Roundup: FT woes a problem; Brandon Jennings ready to go; Joel Anthony pleased with role https:…
With the boys les , coach dosado and joel Anthony
Maria Joel ChrisI Anthony Liz Liz Dylan April there family followers tell Luis he was wrong to ...
I think red vine is the sleeper with Joel
Office work last night with NBA vet 6'9 Joel Anthony and 6'10 pro
chill out I shoot like Joel Anthony
My big bro Joel Anthony of the Detroit Pistons pushed me hard today ... Man I'm learning allot from…
Friday night at the office with the fellas Joel Anthony and Les Prosper 🏀💯
that would've been a red card if Anthony Taylor was in charge
Miami won't miss Birdman tonight on D- Joel Anthony is better anyway. It's his offense that will be missed. Catching and fin…
Joel gonna fight Anthony at Snack, just saying 👀😨🐸🍷
On AHBS: Stephen Kennett is Movin' Out (anthony's Song) by Billy Joel on Hometime
A new indiegogo project: Fri Aug 21 '15 Announcement from Joel Anthony EP Campaign
Congrats to seniors Anthony Fabiano & Cole Toner for being named to the Reese's Watch List! http…
Billy Joel tonight and ZBB tomorrow... Solid two nights
Another great day at today. Keep the grind alive!!! NBA big men : Joel Anthony, Ekpe…
Worst thing about a Billy Joel concert is that the average age of girls around you is 62.5 years old.
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Movin' Out (Anthony's Song) by Billy Joel has never resonated so strongly within me than it has in this point of my life.
If Lala cheating on Carmelo Anthony idk what to think about these females no more 😂
If LaLa cheated on Carmelo Anthony who 6'8 with 120 mil. Ain't no hope for me, pushing 6'4 with $150 dollars in the bank
UFC fighter Anthony Johnson went on a disgusting, horrible rant about a stranger at the gym. Read it if you dare.
Went for a night run to st Anthony's where there happened to be a free Billy Joel tribute concert so that was great
Happy birthday to big man Joel Anthony!!
Improvement of the mind is essential for improvement of the body.
The Pistons’ center rotation is Drummond, Baynes, and Joel Anthony. . I am going to watch SO MUCH PISTONS THIS YEAR.
Wouldn't surprise me to see Joel Anthony sign with the championship pedigree with D, rebounding shot blocking…
Who remembers Derrick Rose's dunk on Joel Anthony in 2011 😱🏀
I always wanted to play Joel Anthony and Kendrick Perkins in a game of horse for the bread, free throw range extended
Current mood: listen to Movin' Out (Anthony's Song) by Billy Joel.
Big Brother runner-up Joel Williams has revealed that he briefly left the house for surgery in a cancer scare:
ya name is Janthony so you good. Mr Joel Anthony
and Joel Obi, and forwards Ahmed Musa, Emmanuel Emenike and Anthony Ujah.   There are a number of surprises, in line with Oliseh’s earlier
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When Melo dropped the hammer on Joel Anthony!
Really glad Joel Myers is going to the be the voice of Anthony Davis' ascendance
Me and my Boy keep coming across photos of Joel Anthony at various Caribbean events 😭😂😂😂
Joel Anthony head looks like Owen Wilson nose.
Any news on Joel Anthony? Is he coming back? Are other teams interested in him? Is Stan looking at other center options?
Most newsy thing out of press availability besides Johnson's pink suit: SVG talked to Joel Anthony last night and wants him back.
Another wing for the Pistons. A little surprised, honestly. Maybe this portends keeping Joel Anthony?
a young Joel Anthony. I wouldn't mind him. I like Gudaitas, Upshaw, Johnson
I'd take that. Then resign Joel Anthony for one year on a cheap contract and then you've got Johnson as your backup C year after
Going back in time w/ Doing a three-point shootout w/ Shaq, Hasheem Thabeet, Joel Anthony, & Andrew Bynum.
Tristan Thompson is the first Canadian player to record at least 5 offensive rebounds in an game since Joel Anthony in 2011
you realize they rank Joel Anthony the same as Tristian Thompson lol
ok you forgot about Ray Allen, Mike Miller, Rashard Lewis, Shane Batter, Joel Anthony all leaving 2
how about that awesome beast Joel Anthony? You should get him. Or Hollis Thompson. The GOAT's of today's NBA.
He was sentenced to death in Alabama for two murders in the 1980s. On Friday he walked free
We got people mad out here cause we too nasty & Anthony Riv 😂
that's what everyone thinks. Future Allstar? Tell that to Joel Embiid, Anthony Bennett & Greg Oden.
Looks like LeBron was holding Joel Anthony back LOL
Now 2 fouls on Joel Anthony at 2:22 1Q. Drummond yet to pick one up. Might need long minutes out of him this half.
C'mon Joel Anthony can't be a problem for the Bulls!
they never did. Pick was sent to MIA in the trade for Moultrie by the Collins regime. Went to BOS via the Joel Anthony trade.
Now Joel Anthony-- that guy can play defense. Perfect D on Pau on his first possession.
Two on Tolliver, who's starting in place of Greg Monroe. Forces Van Gundy to go to Joel Anthony midway through 1Q.
I need blks today! I have dieng & want to pick up Joel Anthony. Is it safe to do now or will dieng and Monroe play and f it up
Anthony brought me Wendy's and Joel showed up this is a good Friday
Ah yes, those waning days of the fantasy basketball season where you have to pick up Joel Anthony to win.
D'angelo Russell, Karl Anthony Towns, Jahlil Okafor, Andrew Wiggins, Jabari Parker, and Joel Embiid. who goes first?
SVG says he would like to bring Joel Anthony back next season. Obviously have other business to conduct before getting to him.
Don't sleep on Joel Anthony's recent prowess. 15 blocks in Detroit's last 4.
Detroit get pinch-hit homers from OSU's John Lucas, Joel Anthony
Need blocks.. can't decide between Jerami Grant or Joel Anthony.. Mason Plumlee is in the mix too
Shawne Williams and Joel Anthony for Drummond and KCP at 10:02. First breaks of the night for the latter two.
lebron fits with Kyrie better cause he can shoot. Mosgov/Thomson/even Perkins >Joel Anthony
Joel Anthony starts 2H. Drummond is in the locker room. He got hit in the head early, may still feel it.
she looked like an Joel Anthony in the Face, with a Glenn Davis body 😖😖😖
Heat never had a center. We rode Joel Anthony and Eddie Curry to back to back titles.
Joel Anthony started for that Heat team. Joel Anthony started and James Jones was a big deal.
Josh Smith wasn't Detroit's problem Jodie Meeks being a starter is a problem , having Caron Butler and Joel Anthony all on the same team smh
I just want something like J.R. Smith to DET for Joel Anthony or something like that.
3 team trade I would love . Kings:Josh Smith&AK 47. Nets:Joel Anthony. Pistons:Carl Landry and Derrick Williams.
good think Joel Anthony hasn't choked like either of them
Didn't even know Joel Anthony's ugly *** plays for Detroit
lemme get back in shape lmao we checkin up Joel Anthony
Yall bars is terrible, like Joel Anthony in the post. After I burn bread, I raise my glass, let's have a toast
If you missed Joel Smeltzer's reading of Anthony Doerr, you missed out! The Mint's "The Fever Dreams…
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Alright who are you crowning the next Tim Duncan first you said Anthony Davis then Joel Embiid and now Jahlil Okafor?
The Miami Heat will send center Joel Anthony to the Boston Celtics
VIDEO: Rudy *** chose to try and dunk on Anthony Davis. He chose...poorly. .
that's a big word for you Joel Anthony
I'm so here for the wave of hyphenated first names among NBA prospects. Joel-Hans Embiid. Karl-Anthony Towns. The possibilities are endless.
acquire Joel Anthony from the Celtics.
I'd rather have a defender like Joel Anthony, who is everywhere & challenging *everything* w/o RBs than a guy who's worthless until a miss.
And Carlos Arroyo and Joel Anthony "The lakers need Eddie jones and Cedric ceballos!"
updates Joel Anthony games 5 to 7 rpg 2.6 to 2.0 apg 0.0 to 0.1 ppg 0.8 to
with a player that's been further in the playoffs than CP3.” Joel anthony
He was so bad on Pistons training camp roster the Pistons traded for Joel Anthony instead of sign him.
Drummond has slow foot speed as well & many times is ineffective sagging... Joel Anthony is DET's best P&R defender (big).
There is the goat them there is Joel Anthony no one is close to Joel
Joel Anthony better but ya he good too
Anthony Nolan “Join for Joel” event took place at Newark Hospital on Tuesday 11 November. 20 new donors signed up. Well done all!
Chris Johnson- Wallace-Bass-Olynyk-Joel Anthony on the floor... Anthony bringing it up the floor... How did we win this game? ;)
Forum posters of other teams and . "Anthony Davis is unhappy with the Pels I heard from a source. Think we could get him for a 1st?"
Watch 100 articles from team respective blogs drop tomorrow. "How Anthony Davis Could on our team.."
I still can't believe I lost Anthony Davis to Joel. My God I gave up the MVP..
he catches better than Joel Anthony at least
This summer, Hakeem Olajuwon will pay to work out with Anthony Davis.
Please tell me all of Joel Anthony's minutes tonight were in garbage time.
We have jerebko and Joel Anthony on the floor at the same time god help us.
Can't believe Joel Anthony is in this game, and I'm stunned he tip blocked that Victor shot. Magic up 78-76 entering the 4th.
was happy to see Joel Anthony grinding in Detroit earlier today. God Bless, brother.
That's overrated. Miami had Joel Anthony's corpse/Bosh at center and won two in a row.
Watch Joel Freeland put the Kirby grab on Anthony Davis tonight
seriously can we get a forward who doesn't have the Joel Anthony hands
Finally got that Joel Anthony poster I've been coveting. Thanks,
VIDEO: Irish League Show - Ports back on top: Joel Taggart and former Irish League striker Chris Morgan discus...
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“Thanks for staying, Wish I could say the same to a certain basketball player.” Joel Anthony?!?!
The are still well under the cap after trading for Joel Anthony. Aaron Gray insurance?
Pistons now have Joel Anthony and Aaron Gray. Too much greatness.
Wow. Aaron Gray, Hasheem Thabeet and Joel Anthony on one roster?
Joel Anthony and Aaron Gray are going to be a dynamic duo for the Pistons
The Pistons now have Aaron Gray and Joel Anthony who both IMO aren't solid options off the bench.
Ah, I forgot about Aaron Gray's cardiac problem. Now the trade for Joel Anthony makes more sense to me.
I don't get how guys like Gerald Wallace and Joel Anthony even still have jobs in the NBA..or who would give them that long of contracts
Notes: Gerald Wallace gets the night off tonight.. Joel Anthony will start in place of Kelly Olynyk.. Olynyk will play limited min.
Kelly Olynyk not in the starting lineup tonight. Gerald Wallace out. Joel Anthony starting. Preseason!
"Thoughts on the trade?"If we get Gerald Wallace nd Joel Anthony out of Boston too I'll be extremely happy!
Joel Anthony, Raymond Felton, Javale McGee“Top 3 most fun players to watch in the NBA?”
Kobe had Shaq, Lebron won with Juwan Howard and Joel Anthony... G.O.A.T.
I hate to argue with friends, but that's not a fair comparison. Joel Anthony ain't a better center thsn Dwight Howard.
Mike Bibby, Joel Anthony, and Juwan Howard all on the court together. 2011 was a long time ago!
“you look like Glen Davis in 2k bruh”. That *** is buff asf. You look like Joel Anthony you ugly cockroach
James Jones, too? Somebody get me a shirt! Plus, with these last cpl additions, my man Joel Anthony is prob feeling pretty optimistic.
Cavs sign James Jones, who they gonna call next, Joel Anthony?
Cavs add Mike Miller and James Jones + are still in running for Ray Allen. Where are Eddie House and Joel Anthony when you need them?
Joel Anthony head so big when he wipe his head the refs call traveling!
Joel Anthony head so big, when he go get a hair cut, he don't get linings, he get boarders.
here my trade 3 team trade not real trade but would you do think Boston Celtics get Kevin Love and Corey Brewer and Jeremy Lamb Thunder get Brandon Bass and Joel Anthony and 2 second round pick Mins get Gerald Wallace and Vitor Faverani and Hasheem Thabeet and Perry Jones and Kelly Olynyk and 6th pick and 2017 first round pick i think Bass would help Thunder out because they need PF
The Heat made three choices over this past season that were aimed at controlling payroll instead of improving the roster that ultimately explained how the Spurs' bench and overall depth proved to be dramatically better. They released Mike Miller via the amnesty provision, a move that ultimately saved the Heat $15 million in luxury tax. James complained about this frequently during the season, especially on nights when Wade missed games to deal with ongoing knee issues. In conjunction, the Heat did not use their mid-level exception to add a role player to help replace Miller. After signing Ray Allen and Shane Battier with the mid-level over the previous two years, the Heat added reclamation projects Michael Beasley and Greg Oden instead of a proven backup. Third, at midseason the Heat traded Joel Anthony, a future first-round pick and $1 million in a cash-dump deal in which they ended up with Toney Douglas. The Heat could've used those assets in a different type of deal, one that provided immediate help an ...
If u don't kno who Chris Quinn, Joel Anthony, Damon Jones, or Dayquan Cook are.. u not a real Heat fan
I mean, Ray Allen hitting a game tying 3 pointer will never be consider luck in my book. Ain't like it was Joel Anthony sho…
Jeff Green, Brandon Bass, Joel Anthony, Jared Sullinger, and the sixth pick for Kevin Love and Chase Budinger
Josh Smith for Gerald Wallace and Joel Anthony. Who says no?
Who would you rather have on your team? . RT- Joel Anthony with no arms. FAV- Roy Hibbert
Give me Perkins for Hibbert man , anyone. Joel Anthony, anybody man
Question.I love Doc Rivers and respect him a lot BUT I brought this up at the beginning of the year and sign JJ reddick(starter.smh) Jared Dudley (barely plays) sign Danny granger and big baby.gtfoh.them dudes ain't that good although I like reddick. Doc win with d in Boston then comes to la and gets a bunch if dudes who are streak shooters and play zero defense? And let's not forget that deandre Jordan May have a worse offensive repertoire than Joel Anthony!!! Have to question these guys you brought in
Thibs the type of coach that plays Joel Anthony ahead of Chris Bosh 😂😂😂
Hibbert so trash, he reminds me of a taller Joel Anthony
Lil Chuckee had the audacity to name his mixtape "LeBron of My Time". *** aint even the Joel Anthony of his time.
we'll see. I don't think UD will matchup well with Zeller. But lets hope Joel Anthony comes out and ready to play at AA arena
Or nearer 7 foot with no basketball skill like these *** Joel Anthony, Ronny Turiaf or Roy Hibbert?
lil Wayne is a commercial rapper. The dude is not versatile. He's what we call Joel Anthony in the rap game.
"Who would you have on ur All-Grit NBA team? John crotty, like Austin, Bruce Bowen, Keith askins, & Joel Anthony
Tony snell is the new, ugly player in the NBA. He dethroned Joel Anthony lol
Phil Pressey, Chris Babb, Chris Johnson, Joel Anthony and Kelly Olynyk. That's one *** of a lineup.
lmao they had a lineup of toney Douglas lmao Reggie Evans Brian scalabraine lmao Joel Anthony
Hump most certainly wasnt the play tonight, Celts go small with bass at center and even Joel Anthony now playing over Kris
.& Joel Anthony reveal how they watched win gold. http:/…
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