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Joe Webb

Joseph Joe Webb, Jr. (born November 14, 1986) is an American football quarterback for the Minnesota Vikings of the National Football League.

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Picking up a few essentials before heading back into Canada this evening. (@ Trader joe's)
Joe Webb and Ty Montgomery owners are all ears.
We need Joe Webb involved in some plays like that, but Shula.
Happy birthday, Joe! The best and friend I could have had alongside me these past eight years.
Im still mad the Eagles lost to Joe Webb..
Ladarius Webb used to be good, what happened to him?
Joe Webb returns more often than Ted Ginn at this point. But given how often Ginn fumbles, I'm not sure that's a bad thing.
The Joe Biagini returned to to right a high-five wrong: ✋
Someone set the haunted house on fire :/
not Mathieu but Joe Haden was good af in prime i would take him over Pat P
High five redemption with the Joe Biagini! ✋
Like, if you remember, Joe Webb sparked the Vikings against the Lions because they didn't/couldn't prepare for the looks.
🎶I wish you were here. We're just two lost souls swimming in a fish bowl, year after year. Running over the same old…
I always said Jim Webb and Joe Machin were the only Democrats I could ever vote for.
Hey Mr. President, if you're looking to "reach across the isle", Jim Webb and Joe Manchin might look good on your team!
In no way does Donald Trump want to BE president of the United States. He just wanted to win.
Jim Webb? Oh I forgot, he has at least an ounce of common sense.
Peep Show pair Mitchell and Webb are doing a brand new sitcom on Channel 4 via
Oooh I remember Joe Webb he was fantastic!
Last time the Saints played the Panthers, "Little JJ" let Joe Webb know who was in charge!
yeah, but is Joe Webb listed as a WR or QB?? I need to know.
Dude Joe Webb is like the Michael Jordan of football
Joe Webb went from 100 to 0 real quick lol started a playoff game at QB for Minnesota and he's now returning kicks for Carolina
Joe Webb started football games at QB in the NFL.
Vikings need to resign Joe Webb as a qb2
Member when the Vikings had Joe Webb? I member.
I'm not sure why our 3rd string qb is our kick returner. Nothing against Joe Webb but there's better options than him
What is Joe Webb? Carolina has the most random roster.
Camthers need to put Joe Webb in wildcat and it's a wrap
so Joe Webb has never been a particularly talented kick returner yea?
Remember when Joe Webb QB'd the Vikings against the Bears?
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Joe webb the vikings started him at qb
Joe Webb look so slow running that kick off
Joe Webb with the Sleep Cam after Sunday's win in Los Angeles!
Matt Flynn, Joe Webb, Curtis. Minimal research (1 min) and that's three straight years.
Joe Webb almost had a Russell Wilson moment. Almost.
Joe Webb deserves chances in other areas besides special teams and third string QB. I can't help but wonder how he'd be at TE...
24 hours until we see Derick Anderson and Joe Webb throwing TD passes to Stephen Hill and Beau Sandland fan
Another catch for Marcus Lucas. This one from Joe Webb.
Joe Webb has to be the best 3rd string QB in NFL history
8 days till I can watch Joe Webb tear up a NFL defense
Joe Webb starring in that Gatorade Recover commercial was Oscar worthy. So good Cam Newton might get best supporting actor.
well I was gonna do a back piece of Joe webb's face so I suppose I could do Mo on my chest
he finished highest scoring TE and in Top 10 WR as a rookie I'd say more valuable than Joe Webb but I'm bias
Except this would be like if the Democrats were for some reason infatuated with Jim Webb or Joe Manchin or some other DINO
Its the Joe Webb show tonight and I don't even get to watch! :( on a different note, we national champs baby!
This Saturday we're gettin' down at everyone's local with ...
B1G time WR recruit, Mark Webb really enjoyed meeting new OC, Joe Moorhead on his visit to Happy Valley
Joe Biden hears "Best Original Score" & thinks back to that night with the blond twins & the coke in Daytona Beach in …
Periodically checking in on the Oscars just to see Lady Gaga's performance and Joe Biden's introduction.
Men's 4x800: 6th place with a team of Kirk Webb, Clark Mangini, Joe Novak and Elias Graca
If you stutter during a penalty run-up, you deserve to miss. ☺️
Real life. Me either joe Webb more valuable
v Palace = 38% of the goals in the Premier League today. No, Tony. We can't believe it either!
And if Messi's team was on his level, you'd be 2nd 💁🏻
It's been a nightmare couple of weekends for Chris Brunt. Wishing him all the best...
Yesterday was *** Friday.Joe Friday? Jack Webb Productions? The Beatles wiped out his success plans.
Men's 1000m: Kirk Webb and Joe Novak work together 2-3 in their heat to advance on to finals!!
Worship Pastor Joe Webb has an announcement for MMCCaz. Read -
Hey democrats, bring back Jim Webb or make Joe Biden Run, or make Hilary an bernie team up an then u got a winner(cept jim cant on his own)
New professional soccer team coming to Cincinnati. CINCINNATI (Joe Webb) ...
8am Trivia - Jack Webb and Ed O'Neill played what character on TV? Joe Friday
😅nah its Jeremy from peep show the mitchel n webb look
Joe Johnson and the Kings deserve each other. Make it happen,
(Swim & Dive):Joe Webb made it to the finals of the state dive meet! He's in 12th right now and will do 3 more dives Saturday in the finals!
Joe Webb got in the box score in the nick of time.
Highlight of the Super Bowl has to be Joe Webb's unsportsmanlike conduct penalty on the last play
Joe Webb!? Former Minnesota Vikings great quarterback. (I won a league with him at WR while he was playing QB)
Just want Joe Webb to get the ring he deserves
Just had an eventful 45 minutes on with Mario Addison, Ryan Delaire, Andrew Norwell, Tre Boston, Joe Webb all joining the show!
so do y'all expect your Roddy White or Joe Webb to show up for the fundraiser?
Joe Webb vs. Kurt Coleman in Madden. An epic game with commentary by Cam Newton.
it could happen! They could bring Joe Webb in as a WR and have a reverse pass or something
FUN FACT: QB Joe Webb has more solo tackles (3) than OLB DeMarcus Ware (2) this postseason! h…
Brian St Pierre, Jimmy Clausen, Derek Anderson, Joe Webb - just off the top of my head
I just wanna see my dogs Joe Webb, Mario Addison, J Stewart, Roman Harper, K Norwood & Mike Shula get a ring. Thats all
how u doin over there? Sorry bout ur guy Brady! Didn't even know Joe Webb was a Panther. Get a lil SNOW did ya?
I dont wanna see Anderson out there... Get Baby Cam Newton out there aka My *** Joe Webb!
or Mike Remmers, or least of all, the great QB/WR Joe Webb.
Derek Anderson to Joe Webb would be nice 👌🏿🔥
A Derek Anderson to Joe Webb touchdown would be the greatest play in NFL playoff history. C'mon make it happen.
The backup QB's for Carolina are Derek Anderson and Joe Webb, just in case Cam Newton gets injured.
Former Vikings on the Panthers 53 man roster : Jared Allen, Joe Webb, Kurt Coleman, Mike Remmers, anyone else?
That Cam floater after every touchdown with Derek Anderson and Joe Webb makes me laugh every single time lol
I would if Joe Webb is the one returning em
and those two wins involved the Vikings playing Joe Webb at QB and the Dez did(n't) catch it saga
Outside of Jim Webb and Joe Manchin you know that is not the view of the national party.
Who has Rodgers beaten since sb 45 Joe Webb and Tony romo lmfaoo
2010 Favre got the Ponder treatment even. People chanting for Joe Webb. It's a fan base issue. Lol.
Warren Moon, Randall Cunningham, Daunte Culpepper, Tavaris Jackson, Joe Webb, and now Bridgewater. Not sure why I find that interesting.
Tune in to at 6pm to hear me talk and play for "Jazz Travels".
.Adrian Peterson has 5 TDs in 4 postseason games,with Tavaris Jackson &Joe Webb each starting 1 gm.
Tonight we return to with leading the charge on the Lat, late show from 1am. Come by the bar first though...
How great would a Carolina led by Joe Webb vs Vikings NFC championship be?
you forgot about Joe Webb in worst QBs to start a wild card game.
Joe Webb who is now a WR for the Panthers, thats weird huh?
Just so we're all clear, Joe Webb was the last QB to start a playoff game...NOT Brett Favre. Everyone got that??
That game when Joe Webb skipped one off the dirt in playoffs at
Just seen the collages by for the first time in in their Brazilian issue, powerful stuff:
One of our favourite songs taken from a bootleg in Manchester in 1965. There's a few more on the playlist. https…
Powerful Discuss War in The East and Ignorance in the West – by Joe Webb -
Vikings also made the playoffs with a mix of Christian Ponder Joe webb(now returns kicks) in 2012 are they good?
Joe Webb is also looking for a job... well maybe not... he might get a ring... in panther land
Scenes when Joe Webb shows up out of nowhere to start the Vikings' playoff game
I know the Panthers got a trick play wit Joe Webb in the cut somewhere.or at least I would
Cole, Orr, Fedorjaka, Dylan Farronato and Allen for Dragons. Kardale Taylor Andrew Malone Joe Worth Coltin Graver and Hunter Webb for Sock
Huge Selection of Helmets at Low Prices
Lardarius Webb: I'm a free safety now. I'm making that move. . 📰:
Yo Kermit! Great to hear from you!! photog (new), Larry Davis,Me, Springer, Jeff Hirsh, Joe Webb, John Lomax. U'd only know 2.
Joe Webb was always listed at QB for the Panthers, but he still caught a ball, made 7 tackles, and returned 8 kicks for 178 …
57 - Romelu Lukaku scored the most goals among the current under 23 players in the top 5 leagues. Young.
The new Aston Webb courtyard at C Block looking fantastic all we need is sunshine!
3 yrs ago while on 30th bday weekend in Vegas, I bet on Joe Webb in the playoffs. It didn't go well:.
Who votes Schaub? He hardly played and we knew what to expect. Webb has sent thousands to AA by now.
They should let Joe Webb start again
.In your discussion of worst playoff QBs you forgot the glory of Mr. Joe Webb:
I liked Jim Webb but he wasnt as popular as Hillary or Bernie & that was his downfall. I would have respected Joe Biden as well
Back at home. With a head full of Stars 🌟 🎇🎇🌟 . mixed media collage by Joe Webb.
tell coach put Joe Webb at rb a couple plays and some quick screens at wide out frfr
here's one of mine. Since Super Bowl win, are 2-4 in playoffs and one of those wins was vs Joe Webb at GB
Joe Webb wrecks opposing returners on special teams
Podcast discussion by this week about worst QB to start a playoff game. jobbed again -- no love for Joe Webb.
One terrible playoff QB you and Sal forgot was Joe Webb for Minny 6 or so years ago
Joe Webb’s Predictions for Automotive Marketing in 2016 via
And this time around Joe Webb will not be the starting quarterback!
Joe Webb & Kurt Coleman should be in the pro bowl. But they'll be in the big game so it's okay! 😂👌🏼
Joe Webb, a quarterback, just returned a kick.
Joe Webb is the Robert Beary for the Panthers
What do TJ Yates, Joe Webb, Ryan Lindley, Tim Tebow, Matt Hasselbeck, and Matt Cassel all have in common?
Panthers lose by 7 or less. Status of Joe Webb's popularity in CLT tomorrow. Just below George Shinn?
Illegal block in the back called on Joe Webb. What a huge penalty.
On these grounds, Cam Newton is looking very much like an NFL MVP right now. No way the Panthers are 7-0 w/Derek Anderson or Joe Webb,+
Breaking news!! Joe Webb just took a snap in the Packers Panthers game!!
Joe Webb cameo appearance right there.
But Cam and DA have been doing this since 2011, along with Jimmy Clausen and now Joe Webb.
With Cassell and Ponder released, Tarvaris Jackson and Joe Webb are former starting QBs still in the league, besides Bridgewater
Marcus Lucas (aka Mucus) had a pretty good preseason. Made plays in nearly every game, was a favorite target of Joe Webb. PS possibility.
Great day of golf at TSU Merritt classic with friend NGH CEO Joe Webb and Drs. Collins and Hills from Meharry.
And there it is, TD Marcus Lucas on the streak from Joe Webb!
Carolina gets the touchdown before the half. Joe Webb to Marcus Lucas. The Steelers and their fans are not happy right now
Joe Webb looks like Joe Thiesman. This defense is like Swiss cheese
Looks like Joe Webb had a pretty good showing against the Dolphins
I agree with Jeff Brandon Wegher is having a,betger preseason then Joe Webb. If you see Joe Webb playing at QB
Joe Webb with 130 pass yards. is that for real
Joe Webb 18yd TD pass to Byrd 2 pt conversion is good. 3 15 left in game Dolphins 24 Panthers 24.
Joe Webb with an 18-yard TD pass to Damiere Byrd. Webb then runs in for a 2-point conversion, jukes Ced Thompson. Teams now tied 24-24
And Thompson, who gave up the TD pass, misses a one-on-one tackle vs. Joe Webb for a two-point conversion.
Panthers get their 1st TD drive of the night with Joe Webb as QB.
Former RB scored the game-winning TD for the tonight. 42 yards from Joe Webb. http:/…
Real talk, gimme Joe Webb over Bob Griffin all day long
Tebow is better than Colt McCoy,Joe Webb,Kellen Clemens,Blaine Gabbert,and Matt Barkley
Tyrod Taylor and Josh Johnson getting a lot of playing time and I went with Joe Webb. *** I picked the wrong scrambling black quarterback
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Joe Webb should be backup QB not 3rd string!
A lot of Derek Anderson and Joe Webb in this session for Buffalo install. Cam a spectator. Will he be Friday?
Saw you make a great grab on pass from Joe Webb at practice yesterday. Nice work, go make that roster. Go ***
Given enough chances, you should eventually luck into a playoff win. Get a home game against a Ryan Lindley or Joe Webb or 7-9 team.
has been arguing for years that signing 3 'Joe Webb's' and hiring Paul Johnson would be better than Dalton @ 15M
Congratulations to Akerion Barfield on winning the fastest man award at Joe Webb camp this weekend! http:…
he sent me a signed Spud Webb basketball card one time. It was signed by Joe, himself, but still cool
he's probably just as hyped as I am for Josh Freeman vs Joe Webb.
Jack (Dragnet) Webb was VERY actively fighting racism back in 19 freaking 46. . How would Sgt. Joe Friday have handled
Joe and Jim Webb should be on tap in case Hillary's campaign falters or goes south. Likely it won't.
Adrian Peterson is a top 5 RB simply for taking the Vikes to the playoffs in 2012 after shattering his MCL & ACL with Ponder & Joe Webb @ QB
I wanna make a lot of memories this summer.
YES! and... YES! thanks for this. keep on keeping me abreast.
Buying a Car with Joe Webb: Joe Webb was recently asked to detail out his favorite car-buying experiences by W...
Our new track. It's a lush old wartime song. Check it out! Feat.
might like this too. Also we're secretly collaborating with an amazing singer :)
We made a new track the other day. Hope you like it!! xx
Fred Booker Jr Christopher Webb Troy Dailey Rob Cabrera Zachary Wilson Joe Davis.Must be his favorite
My little sister wont stop watching this
And when he shrugged and said "I'm in marketing" is when I realized that sometimes evil happens because people are out of oth…
Shoutout to webb for goin in a cell on my behalf, good guy
Joe Webb needs to get VD. Yeah, I said it.
Score 28 points in 8 mins but Joe Webb beat us. 😡😡😡😡
But they can't keep up with Joe Webb smh.
Joe Webb from sincere confession about changing role of car dealers
At the age of 14, Yaya Toure broke both of his legs in a youth game. He jogged all the way home after.
Great response to a similar measure in Idaho:
The only thing better than Joe Ratay's sisters dressing up Hershey would be Jess Webb dressing up Oreo
The LSD Story - Sgt. Joe Friday (Jack Webb) knows all the slang. From the first ever episode of Dragnet 1967.
Joe, Do know that Chelsea is the biological daughter of Webb Hubbell and not Bill Clinton
John Quincy Adams > Joe Webb, Cam and Derek Anderson in all at once, do a Ron Burgundy?
It's good to know that if I quit FF today, I'd be most synonymous with Joe Webb and Jared Cook.
I know. And we kept Joe Webb as a WR... I trust Frazier as far as I can throw him.
If Russell Wilson makes it to the Super Bowl, he'll make more than Joe Webb this year.
Joe Webb's in a playoff game again.
Love packer fans who pretend like the cowboys are some sort of rival lol...BTW we can't win home playoff games unless Joe Webb is QB..gtfoh
I'm sayin put Joe Webb back there..
Panthers backup quarterback Derek Anderson misses second straight day with the flu. Joe Webb taking second-team reps.
2007 Derek Anderson might emerge... Joe Webb is a joke, be real lol
Carolina Panthers ( 4 - 8 - 1 ) Carolina Panthers needs to just let Derek Anderson and back up QB - Joe Webb play for the rest of the season: Cam Newton ( out for rest of season ) 3 games to go: week 15:Tampa Bay Buccaneers ( 2-11 ) Sun. 14 @ 1:00pm week 16:Cleveland Browns ( 7-6 ) Sun. 21 @ 1:00pm week 17:Atlanta Falcons ( 5-8 ) Sun. 28 @ 1:00pm
Joe Webb sighting in the Carolina game!
hey Rosey, can you tell whomever made the Vikings promo on wcco that Toby Gerhart and Joe Webb aren't on the squad anymore?
“Worst Black QB in the whole wide world? Geno? Devin Gardner? Who else?” Joe Webb
Joe Webb may have edge on Cam Newton -- at Nerf hoops, receiver
If Benjamin can't play Sunday, there's a solid chance QB Joe Webb would be active as an emergency WR.
will be hosting a free with Dr. Joe Webb to discuss his new book! Register Now!
Some of you Brian) are "encouraging" me to move on from Joe Webb! I have a new nickname for Teddy Bridgewater, Two Words.Purple Moses! Lead us to the Promised Land!
It's official. Derek Anderson will start at QB for Panthers. Cam Newton is out. Joe Webb will be the backup.
Also have to wonder if Joe Webb will get cut when Frank Alexander returns.
With QBs Cam Newton and Matt Blanchard out and Derek Anderson's wife expected to give birth any day now, Joe Webb could be only QB for Thurs
LB AJ Klein pickedoff QB Murray and Joe Webb is in...
It saddens me to think that Tim Tebow may never be back in the NFL yet Joe Webb, Jimmy Clausen, and Jordan Palmer are employed.
too bad Joe Webb beat the Eagles on a Tuesday
BREAKING NEWS:Man of the match Will Higgins will miss then next match due to 'family commitments' so far and Joe Webb (1/2)
Without Cam Newton, Carolina Panthers' new receivers are catching passes from Joe Webb
Joe Webb getting a fresh start as Carolina Panthers quarterback - During his final...
I want to see him and Joe Webb compete in all the events of the decathlon.
The Charlotte Observer compartilhou este link e fez o seguinte comentário: During his final season with the Minnesota Vikings when he was moved from quarterback to receiver, Joe Webb never stopped throwing. Cam Newton had ankle surgery, the Carolina Panthers called Joe Webb to see if he was interested in working out for...
ERLANGER, Ky. (Joe Webb) -- Toyota's move to Texas takes 1,600 jobs and leaves a big hole in the northern Kentucky economy but there's an..
ponder has 0 playoff appearances under his belt. Joe Webb does, not Christian Ponder
Electronic Device Insurance
Joe Webb (Carolina Panthers) working on linear elasticity with ascending hurdle jumps...
Joe made fun of me for picking UCONN to go to the elite 8
seriously stats mean nothing in MUT 12 my QBs were Brady Vick and Joe Webb and I'd alternate between all 3 during the game Webb was
Look what Joe Webb of Local 12 got today!
Other "mobile" QB's Panthers have shown interest in: Clemson QB Tajh Boyd and Miami QB Stephen Morris. Remember they already signed Joe Webb
Cool! My great grandfather hired Joe Webb in 1927 to build the 3rd house at HCC located end of 4th hole.
Thank you to all of you who entered the 's print competition.
Just gimme Chip Webb for one day, thats all i ask
Howard Webb to ref Atleti v Barça 2nd leg. Before Spaniards scream conspiracy against their nation, he will be bad for both sides.
A big happy birthday to owner Joe Webb!. Have an awesome day - today you can eat all the cake you want!
The only thing stopping us winning the league is Howard Webb
Former Vikings QB/WR Joe Webb signs with the Panthers as a QB (via the 1500 ESPN SportsWire)
Last day to enter competition. ENTER > Winner to be announced tomorrow!
I liked a video Joe Webb jumps 7 bags at CES Performance in Atlanta
Today's goal scorers for the first team,. Billy Webb x2. Joshua Smith. Joe Jennings x2
Update your maps at Navteq
I know I'm nearly there😔 and you are only on season 3 so much more stuff happens🙈 I watched like 4 episodes today😂
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Girls soccer at Webb City has been cancelled. Looking at possible make up dates.
Any chance Joe Webb takes snaps as anything but QB?
"What's that colored girls name, Kirsten? She seems like a happy gal". -Joe Webb😘
Minnesota Vikings prepare Joe Webb to start in place of Brett Favre -
Thanks to our celebrity budgie bolt youngcare Joe Webb, Charlie Allen and our new recruit Daisy Allen…
Regional: Panthers sign free agent quarterback Joe Webb: The Panthers have announced they've signed free agent...
Joe Webb joining Panthers as a quarterback: By Mike Florio The positional ping-pong that has been Joe Webb’s c...
Former Vikings QB/WR Joe Webb is signing with the as a QB, source says.
Just for all the Cutler haters, QBs in 2009 and 2010 drafts Orton was decent but if the Cutler trade didn’t happen, the Bears IMO needed to draft a QB high in the next years. I was curious to see what QBs were available (no trades) with the picks that was traded away: 2009: 3 QBs (Stafford, Sanchez and Freeman) was picked before the Broncos used the pick from the Bears. The next QB taken was Pat White (2nd round). The rest: Stephen McGee (4th), Rhett Bomar (5th), Nate Davis (5th), Tom Brandstater (6th), Mike Teel (6th), Keith Null (6th), Curtis Painter (6th), Brian Hoyer (UDFA), Chase Daniel (UDFA). No QB in that draft except maybe (really maybe) Stafford that is better than Cutler. 2010: Sam Bradford was chosen overall. No other QB taken before the Bears original pick. The rest: Tim Tebow (1st round), Clausen (2nd round), Colt McCoy (3rd round), Mike Kafka (4th), John Skelton (5th), Jonathan Crompton (5th), Rusty Smith (6th), Dan LeFevour(6th), Joe Webb (6th), Tony Pike (6th), Levi Brown (7th), Sean Ca ...
Tomorrow night, The Vimala Rowe Quartet live at The Nightjar, Old Street. Featuring Joe Webb on Piano, Flo Moore on Bass and myself on drums. Not to mention the wonderful Vimala singing her way through the classic repertoire of Billie Holiday, Julie London et al. Music from 9:30. Drinks all night.
Just got this offer - Win an original Joe Webb print from
Sums up the pain of being a Minnesota Vikings fan pretty well: "Because I am a Vikings fan. And for every good thing that happens with this franchise, two bad things seem to happen in short order. Trade for Favre and go to NFC Championship? Twelve men in the huddle and a back breaking, across the field interception instead of a trip to the Promised Land. Beat Green Bay and get to the playoffs? Christian Ponder injured and [4th-string WR] Joe Webb forced to start a playoff game. Beat Green Bay in the playoffs in 2004? Randy Moss gets traded and Daunte Culpeppr's knee gets shredded. Set an NFL record for most points scored in a season? Wide right and Robert Griffith drops game ending pick in the end zone."
I really feel like the Vikings should give Bevell another chance. Here is what I saw from an article and I agree. "Bevell’s been linked to plenty of jobs, but so far hasn’t advanced past the first round of interviews. Minnesota might know everything it needs to with Bevell being the squad’s offensive coordinator from 2006 to 2010. It’s important to note the quarterbacks under center during Bevell’s tenure: Brad Johnson, Tavaris Jackson, an on the downswing Daunte Culpepper, Gus Frerotte, Kelly Holcomb, Brooks Bollinger, Joe Webb, and Brett Favre. In Favre’s first year the Vikings posted the NFL’s sixth best total offense, and were one play away from making the fifth Super Bowl in franchise history. Clearly with the right personnel, Bevell’s offense can thrive. Like Roman, Bevell also has the distinction of developing young quarterback Russell Wilson in Seattle, while helping Marshawn Lynch record three straight 1,000-yard seasons. All would be to the betterment of keeping Adrian Peterson . ...
Come and see us next week at the London Art Fair! New editions from Sir Peter Blake, Dan Baldwin, Joe Webb, Bruce McLean, Lucy Farley and Henry Hudson. . .
From a Minnesota Vikings press release: "Any notion that Chris [Kluwe] was released from our football team due to his stance on marriage equality is entirely inaccurate and inconsistent with team policy. Chris was released strictly based on his football performance." Since when have the Vikings released players based on poor performance? This must be news to Christian Ponder, Greg Jennings, Josh Robinson, Letroy Guion, Charlie Johnson, Josh Freeman, Joe Webb, and pretty much the rest of the team too...
Couple of decent slot WRs that also KR/PR: McCluster, Edelman, Jacoby Ford, Joe Webb (just kidding)
*** Romo is down. What is Vince Young or Tim Tebow doing these days? I heard Jamarcus Russell was working out and is looking to return to the NFL. Joe Webb was a good QB for the Vikings. Let me send an email the Jerry Jones. Lol
Vikings also have Robert Blanton who has mainly been in the nickle. 4 healthy corners. Just throw Joe Webb back there if someone gets hurt.
Jarius Wright with season-low 7 snaps. Joe Webb at 10, Greg Jennings led with 56.
Cordarrelle Patterson (45), Jarius Wright (48), and Joe Webb (38) all had their highest snaps counts of the season. Jerome Simpson played 33
Jerome Simpson still got 31 snaps on Sunday, fourth-most among receivers. Joe Webb was third at 37.
really, we're complaining about Joe Webb? And you think Jennings is a baby. And Simpson shouldn't b there. CPatt is 2 cocky...
Announcer: "Terrible route by Joe Webb" Thank you! Get him & Simpson out of here. They can leave with Ponder, and our entire secondary.
Perhaps the message to Simpson is a slow play...he's hardly been out there; Joe Webb and Jarius Wright ahead of him at WR
Lol Joe Webb playing a lot with Jennings out and Simpson in dog house. Joe Webb...vs Legion of Boom...great matchup
Joe Webb, Wright and Patterson on the field now, Simpson not.
haven't used Simpson much so far. Joe Webb has been third receiver on quite a few snaps, including the one coming up.
Bruh how Ryan kerrigan gonna let Joe Webb block him. Dude was a QB 2 yrs ago
We'll give you Joe Webb, Christian Ponder, Josh Freeman and Matt Cassel if you make this season end.
Vince Young and Tim Tebow don't have jobs. But Matt Simms, Blaine Gabbert, Greg McElroy, Joe Webb, Rex Grossman, and C…
I'mma let you finish, but Dan Fouts comparing Joe Webb to Cam Newton before GB-MIN WC is the best comparison of all time.
Journal Joy Review: 11/3/2013 Sports Reporters Review -- Minnesota Vikings vs. Dallas Cowboys in Dallas Final Score 27 - Dallas Cowboys 23 Minnesota Vikings Fans Notice: This game was lost on the arm of Christian Ponder, and the lack of his ability to throw the ball down the field when they needed it the most !!! Ponder needs a bit more guts, for throwing this pigskin ball as her can't make the deep throws like, other quarterbacks around the league.. It's time for a QB that has an arm of a rifle to play for next game, aka-- Josh Freeman, Matt Cassel, or even Joe Webb as this team needs a spark from a leader now more then even here as the teams only chances of a survival within themselves !!
Why did the Vikings call a regular play rather than just heave it up? Or, why not put Joe Webb or Matt Cassel in?
Vikings have some of the worst QB's or former QB's on their roster. Christian Ponder, Josh Freeman, Matt Cassel, & Joe Webb are all garbage.
Happy Birthday Joe Webb, and many, many more. Have a great one.
When you wake up in the morning, do not expect to see the evening - li it,,,put Joe Webb on the one and see what happens
Dorian is joe Webb of the Minnesota Vikings
saving reps for John Carlson and Joe Webb!
whoa sports guy we both know that's not necessary. Vikes already have Mr. Versatility himself, JOE WEBB.
Or like me having a Joe Webb jersey
One day I will be a millionaire, and Joe Webb will be my chauffeur. He will also be the nanny to my children.
does Joe Webb starting for Favre on a Tuesday count?
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Rams should trade for joe Webb. 100% serious
Joe Webb can still sling it... Just saying
That's just how I feel, though. Who knows? If things go from worse to catastrophic, Leslie Frazier can start Joe Webb. '13 Playoff memories.
sure do my man. Been looking at harley's last night pal. Me n joe webb were talking bout em
true, Minnesota with joe webb Lmfao!! Can't believe we lost that one
Since 1992, the Packers have had three starting quarterbacks: Brett Favre, Aaron Rodgers, and Matt Flynn (twice). In that same time, the Vikings have had Rich Gannon, Sean Salisbury, Jim McMahon, Warren Moon, Brad Johnson, Randall Cunningham, Jeff George, Daunte Culpepper, Todd Bouman, Spergon Wynn, Gus Frerotte, Brad Johnson (again), Tarvaris Jackson, Kelly Holcomb, Brooks Bollinger, Gus Frerotte (again), Tarvaris Jackson, Brett Favre, Joe Webb, Donovan McNabb, Christian Ponder, Matt Cassel, Josh Freeman, and Christian Ponder (again). That pretty much sums up the state of this rivalry for the past 21 years. From He also neglects to mention that we passed on Aaron Rodgers TWICE in the same draft. I just threw up.
MM: You have to prepare for both Ponder/Freeman. Thought Ponder was going to play in playoffs and we got Joe Webb
Thought you might like this Joe Webb
I know it's kind of said actually!! Lol I want vikings to pick him up, or start joe Webb
Hey Vikings since the season is shot and Freeman is out, lets just say screw it and just let Joe Webb play QB... Please. :)
Rams' wooing of Brett Favre demonstrates the NFL's growing quarterback problem By Dan Wetzel 2 hours ago Yahoo Sports . Brett Favre, 44, closed out his NFL career in 2010 after a stint with the Vikings. (Getty) The St. Louis Rams, desperate for a quarterback like seemingly half the NFL is these days, called Brett Favre this week, according to ESPN. The franchise wanted to see if Favre would unretire for the umpteenth time and give it one last final shot, after all the other one last final shots. Seriously. They called Brett Favre. Favre is 44 years old and currently working as a volunteer offensive coordinator and quarterback coach for the Oak Grove Warriors, a high school team in Mississippi. He spends his spare time jogging and mowing the lawn. He hasn’t played since 2010, when a week after his record 297-regular season game starting streak ended, he went 5-for-7 for 63 yards, one touchdown and one pick in a Minnesota Vikings loss to the Chicago Bears. He was concussed early in the game and replaced b ...
I would stick with joe webb its his turn in the rotation
St Louis should go head and grab Joe Webb
I'm pushing for Joe Webb on Sunday. Should have let MBT start a game before he was cut.
at this point I would prefer to see Joe Webb at QB. He can't be any worse than Ponder or Freeman.
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"I'd still take a 44yr old Favre over any qb on the vikes roster." Ummm isn't Joe Webb still on the roster? If so I call BS
I wish I could disagree with you but I can't. Although, I'm surprised we haven't given Joe Webb another shot this year...
If we shuttle in Ponder, Freeman, Cassel, and Joe Webb I'm pretty sure we win just because they're laughing so hard!
joe Webb still has job P.U. Guarantee that Tebow better than him
Joe Webb Make a pizza then eat that pizza.
Joe Webb Text a random number saying i hid the body now what?.
Joe Webb Go up to a random person and propose. Halfway through run away shouting im coming
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