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Joe Theismann

Joseph Robert Joe Theismann (born September 9, 1949) is a former quarterback in the National Football League (NFL) and Canadian Football League (CFL).

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Great honor to feature Fred Biletnikoff, Joe Theismann, Willie Brown, Cliff Branch, Eli Gold and more to help us pay tribute to Stabler HOF
I worked hard. I worked late. I went in early. I did everything I could to gain an advantage.
Tuesday Trivia: Joe Theismann's name was originally pronounced "Thees-man." A sports director at his college...
Yeah that's Joe Theismann and he's wearing his Superbowl ring
I offer myself of Secretary of Manning Hazing. Take that Joe Theismann.
Joe Theismann played in a rough era and has the injuries to prove it:
it's nice to see a picture of Joe Theismann without an extra right angle in his leg.
When I can 10 or 11, my mom was the one out there catching passes for me. She was my prime rec
Joe Theismann just asked Josh Norman why he came to DC.uhh idk Joe. maybe the 75 mil we just paid the man?
Notre Dame's Joe Theismann in the grasp of the Texas defense at the 1970 Cotton Bowl.
Completely useless training camp point: Joe Theismann might be able to fit the entire offensive line under his umbrella
Joe Theismann and Clinton Portis join Chick Hernandez and Kenny Albert in the Redskins preseason booth.
We need to honour the last QB's to wear the single bar.. John Reaves of USFL, Joe Theismann of NFL and Tom Wilkinson of CFL
Joe Theismann responds to Lawrence Taylor joking he did QB a favor by ending his career - USA TODAY
Might have some special guests at Home Opener tailgate Thursday!. Hint: we definitely do! 👉 https…
Greats Joe Theismann, Damon Allen, Pinball Clemons & Rocket Ismail will be attending the tailgate and home opener…
Don't Miss: Lawrence Taylor: Joe Theismann should thank me for snapping his leg (Video)
SPINZONE: Joe Theismann doesn't have CTE so I guess you're welcome Joe
Theismann responds to Taylor's joke: Former Redskins QB able to laugh it off, but...
Lawrence Taylor thinks he did Joe Theismann a favor in snapping QB's leg
Theismann reacts to LT's joke about ending QB's career
Argonauts release: Joe Theismann, Damon Allen, Pinball Clemons and Rocket Ismail are attending the team's home opener…
Lawrence Taylor: I did Joe Theismann a favor when I broke his leg -
Nobody in football should be called a genius. A genius is a guy like Norman Einstein. By Joe Theismann
Daniel Snyder, Joe Gibbs and Joe Theismann pleased with Redskins name poll results
Custom of Joe Theismann for the Triangle Classic for Montana State University in Great Falls on…
Joe Theismann in 1983, the year he won the MVP!
Joe Theismann on Alfred Morris: Cowboys getting an 'incredible, first-class...
Joe Theismann: I worry for Tony Romo; I would say there's probably a two-year window for him - Dallas Morning News…
Thank You. I really used to like that show. The first season was hosted by Joe Theismann. They thought it was a sport at first
I, alas, have been carrying around the weight of Joe Theismann for 30some years now.
The funniest thing Adam Sandler has ever been in was his cameo in Brooklyn 99. "Sock in the mouth, 1300 dollars, Joe Theismann."
Rob Burgee had a great opportunity to hear an NFL Legend, Joe Theismann, speak at an event in Dallas about how he...
No matter how great you are, the next great one is already sitting there wa...
Joe Theismann's Restaurant on Don't forget the dessert. Was so good the parents ordered one after seeing kid…
This movie is making me nostalgic for the comedy of the Joe Theismann hit.
Joey Donofrio hanging with legend Joe Theismann picking up some tips
Andy Watson Interview by NFL Legend Joe Theismann. I was invited to be ...
HC Tom Landry instructs QB Joe Theismann at practice before 1983 Pro Bowl.
About a crippled beggar who got dumped outside the temple… "What If Joe Theismann Got Up?"
I'd keep an eye on too. When I'm rocking my Joe Theismann style furs, I've always got my eyes peeled for those nuts.
Rod scored a football autographed by Joe Theismann! How cool is that?
Listening to Joe Theismann talk about the value of coaching. Awesome!
"Don't let your kids accept a participation trophy. It's the first step to mediocrity. " ... Joe Theismann
Rome I once had a bruise on my leg and the Doc said "what are you doing here? Get out of here!" Sincerely Joe Theismann
Special celebrity guest Joe Theismann as he shares with us today!
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Joe Theismann just said that Aaron Rodgers has the most velocity on a football in the history of the game. I just cut the tv off. Blasphemy.
- Luck has the potential to be really good but will likely end up in the QB ranking neighborhood of a Joe Theismann.
DJing a pre game event hosted by Joe Theismann, Jim Kelly, and Curley Culp. Food catered by NOBU.
He drafted Joe Theismann even though we had Bob Griese
Joe Theismann stopped by the Museum with Brig. Gen. Ronald Kirkland, the...
Photo Reflections with Joe Theismann - • Question or comment? Email us at talkback 
Jeff Garcia was CFL before he came to the NFL. Warren Moon, Joe Theismann too
Matthew Stafford passed Steve Grogan, Joe Theismann, and Ken O'Brien for 67th all-time in pass attempts.
I never knew who Joe Theismann was other than a human who had to go to restroom alot .
Sad news for DC sports fans. Had a chance to interview him once. Lots of stories, from Jesse Owens to Joe Theismann.
In the next game you play I hope someone Joe Theismann's your *** You suck, gtfo of Houston.
Somebody needs to do to Russell Wilson like Lawrence Taylor did to Joe Theismann snap
Should I @ Connor Cook and tell him I hope he gets Joe Theismann'd?
People who have been on my flights and I knew we were good: Joe Theismann, Gale Sayers, Dave Chapelle, Sen. Jim Bunning, David Aldridge.
I want to strip at Joe Theismann's wedding held at the Mr. Formal in Vancouver, WA
Joe Theismann: Manziel going to Dallas would be 'just one more act in the circus'
Didn't Joe Theismann legally change his name to rhyme with the .
The Joe Theismann Heisman house is actually really funny if you know the backstory about it
Today, JJ Watt is exactly as old as Lawrence Taylor was the day he broke Joe Theismann's leg: 9,754 days .
Dinner @ Joe Theismann's on Sunday-pls bring a toy gift for our kids to give to their family! 8:30 pm
On this day in 1985, Joe Theismann broke his leg after being hit by Lawrence Taylor, ending his 12 year NFL career. ht…
Johnny will be known as the second coming of Joe Theismann five years from now in DC after Jay Gruden taps his talent.
Joe Theismann just said don't leave Trent Williams on a island with Greg Hardy 😂😂😂...don't leave Greg Hardy on a island with Trent I'd say
Joe Theismann: Lawrence Taylor snapping my leg was 'a blessing': If you say so, Joe.
No pressure Kirk Cousins, but Billy Kilmer, Joe Theismann, Doug Williams and Mark Rypien are in attendance. Might not wanna have a bad game.
Joe Theismann neatly summarises the situation
Nick Chubb injury = right up there with Joe Theismann, Willis McGahee, Kevin Ware & Patrick Edwards on The Gruesome Scale.
Joe Theismann gave an inspirational speech at the National Spine and Pain Meeting! Thanks
Emmett Smith? How about Joe Theismann, he never stops speaking.
Through the tv screen, Roman Gabriel, & maybe Joe Theismann, sounded the best, of any pro QBs I heard snap count or audible. Gabby was nice.
That replacement punt just a tad better than Joe Theismann's.
hi, Joe Theismann here with super beta prostate [pisses all over the new throw rug]
NFL tried to stop 'Blind Side' from using Joe Theismann video
maybe he should advertise Super Beta Prostate like Joe Theismann
Jason Smith plays Dexter Manley's rant to Joe Theismann for the 1st time
The only way Washington will come back in this game is if they brought back Joe Theismann, John Riggins and .Terrible team.
During the Joe Theismann interview, Dan looked like we was getting a "back in my day" speech from his girlfriend's father.
Bryant Gumbel, Joe Buck, Joe Theismann, and Peter King at half.guest commentary by emmitt smith?
Jim Brown, Richard Dent, Franco Harris, Joe Theismann and Bill Cowher are in a skit w/
talking about Cathy Lee Crosby then Joe Theismann shows up on Colbert 5 minutes late
No, he made a cameo with legends Jim Brown and Franco Harris and also Joe Theismann for some reason on Colbert.
Wow...Jim Brown, Joe Theismann, Franco Harris, Bill Cowher and Richard Dent all with cameos on tonight. Good stuff.
I take back forty percent of what I've ever said about Joe Theismann, and 90 percent of what I've said about Franco Harris.
Joe Theismann? Really. He's awful. Awful. Franco Harris on the other hand is the man.
Joe Theismann: " A genius is someone like Norman Einstein".
Select Miche Styles are 50% off - MONDAY ONLY!
Bayless tried out for American Gladiators but left when Joe Theismann was replaced with Todd Christensen.
when Hamlin gets tired at lap 20, Gibbs is putting Joe Theismann in the car.
Let's be honest, 8 days from now it won't matter if Joe Theismann, Sammy Baugh, Doug Williams, or Mark Rypien were starting for the Redskins
Why doesn't Joe Theismann like the Heisman winners? Cause he wasn't one?
Jim Plunkett and Herschel Walker get an unexpected visit from notable Heisman runner-up Joe Theismann. Or do...
Actually, I think Joe Theismann would break vine.
every QB? oh and this article featuring Montana?
The great Joe Theismann just said Martrell Spaight (has impressed him throughout the preseason
I believe Joe Theismann just criticized something the Redskins did on the field. Weird.
I felt the need to school Joe Theismann about the "iPads" the coaches are using. Like what I see with Skins so far
What planet does Joe Theismann live on?
Watching the game and Joe Theismann just called the Microsoft Surface an iPad. Steve Jobs is laughing from above.
remember when used to go on about how no one supports Brady?.
Joe Theismann is taking it to the next level from the company shill point of view
I swear they just pre-recorded Joe theismann and are dubbing him over the game.
Softball Rampage Has A Wide Selection of Products.
The stadium is empty. But Joe Theismann is excited about tonight's Redskins game.
Joe Theismann just called Blake Bortles a "special quarterback." He once thought Jay Fiedler was going to be a Pro Bowler.
cheaters never win he'll end up getting the Joe Theismann
Dave Grohl should have been Joe Theismann's backup in DC.
Joe Theismann: DeflateGate ruling marks 'a great day for the National Football ... - Washington Post:...
DC Sports Bog: Joe Theismann: DeflateGate ruling marks ‘a great day for the National Football League’: Many fans…
Joe Theismann: "Roger [Goodell] just mucked this thing up so bad.The league attacked Tom Brady, unjustifiably."
ICYMI: Joe Theismann said, 'Write it down, Sam Bradford is gonna be an All-Pro this season' | ht…
Learn new and insightful managing tips from 12-year NFL veteran Joe Theismann at the Annual Convention!
I couldn't say it any better than Joe Theismann.
"There isn't anything in the Ted Wells report that said, 'Tom Brady told someone to [suck the balls]." Joe Theismann said.
Can someone go help get Joe Theismann's nose out of Tom Brady's butt, please? Holy cow!
Wow!! Joe Theismann went TO THE WALL defending Tom Brady on ESPN Radio.. Very impressed with his knowledge of THE FACTS, not hyperbole!!
Joe Theismann is on ESPN radio saying Brady was completely blameless and had no knowledge of
Joe theismann took a lot of shots to the head man...
Joe Theismann joins ESPN 1320 to talk about Brady's win in court. Stream us!
I hope he gets Joe Theismann sacked. Cheater!!!
Thank You Joe Theismann. You supported our QB when other players were chastising him. You are a stand-up guy. Thank You sir.
Me and Roto like Bo and Marcus. Or maybe John Riggins and Joe Theismann.
"I don't really believe there is." - Joe Theismann on if there is any way Dan Snyder changes the team name.
Has Ben Lyons been calling Joe Theismann a Hall of Famer? THAT will be an awkward interview in a few minutes, because he's not.
Joe Theismann on ESPN radio saying Tom Brady is innocent. NFL WRONG.
Redskins and Notre Dame legend Joe Theismann taking his love for Mirimichi to Lake Tahoe for the…
Image of a football player standing on the field next to a coach and pointing with his right arm.
during hole 6 when joe theismann asked him out loud if he had a boy or girl he said boy named Silas after my grandfather!
My brother *** living in Northern VA. Joe Theismann told him he can fish on his land when he wants, & he just met Orel Hershiser at dinner
Andre the Giant hoists Joe Theismann in the air like a rag doll because he was Andre the *** Giant.
Joe Theismann loves tanker stocks & hates the Iran nuclear deal. Here's what he told on today:.
Thx CNBC! I really care that Joe Theismann thinks the Iran deal is bad for his children. *** How many concussions does it take to say that?
This was the first time I've seen Joe Theismann interviewed on TV about stocks where he didn't mention $KERX. Wonder if he moved on?
Joe Theismann is talking about oil, tanker stocks and Iran deal on CNBC. Ugh.
I swear I haven't been drinking. But did I just see this on CNBC? Theismann likes tanker stocks. Thanks, Joe. Wonder if LT is shorting them.
On 1-3pmET: sports heavy hitters Joe Theismann, John Elway, Steve Kerr, and Jonathan Thomas, the man sponsoring the event!
ICYMI: Joe Theismann compares the Redskins' name change debate to Caitlyn Jenner
connect passion of the past with the present and future. I.e old Exhib stadium with New BMO field, joe theismann to Ricky Ray
Theism an truly is a *** I liked him when he was a Argo though. My bad.
"You're never quite sure." . Coach Gibbs likens injury to Theismann's:
"Former NFL QB Joe Theismann: 'We do not have a reserve'" . Ruling: False.
The real issue here is that Fox would recruit Joe Theismann as a pundit. He has the intellect of an avocado.
This is what happens when Joe Theisman tries to act like an expert on anything other than being sacked by the Giants.
In case you thought writing for would preclude me from interviewing a former NFL player:
You're an extremely ignorant ex jock.
Former NFL QB Joe Theismann: 'We don't have a reserve'
Pro football great Joe Theismann claimed on national TV that the U.S. has no military reserve. False.
Refreshing ahi tuna on a humid summer day @ Joe Theismann's Restaurant
Joe Theismann's defense of Washington's NFL team name goes really, really bad.
Best of the Best: Decide who advances between Joe Theismann and Brian Mitchell:
Brady Quinn, Manti Te'o, Joe Theismann, and other greats will be on 4/26-27!
I added a video to a playlist Lawrence Taylor breaks Joe Theismann's leg on MNF
Joe Theismann at ND practice today. Kelly says QB competition will go into Aug. Golson "great day in pocket." Zaire "on time" w/passing.
This has roughly the quality of a Bigfoot photo, but Joe Theismann chats with Brian Kelly.
Memphis airport talking to beautiful lady past hour off and on b4 finding out she was Joe Theismann's wife ;-) ht…
“Joe Theismann stopped by Saturday's UofM scrimmage. Love my
Even Joe Theismann is getting on board with Tiger FB. Put some season tickets on hold for him, a good year ahead. .
I almost hit Joe Theismann with my car today
As a QB you can appreciate this. Andre and Joe Theismann. Crazy!
Wow! I just won this for free, Joe Theismann Auto
WWE News: Joe Theismann: André the Giant almost played for Redskins
Joe Theismann The word genius isnt applicable in football. A genius is a guy like Norman Einstein. Ha
Can you imagine Andre The Giant playing in the NFL?? That would have been awesome!- 95X Joe D
JOIN US: Joe Theismann talking about his photo with Andre the Giant now on .
I'm giving away: Joe Theismann Auto. Check it out -
WOW..I DID NOT KNOW THIS..Andre the Giant almost played in the NFL?. Here's how close he came to being on the...
Joe Theismann discusses his famous photo with Andre the Giant
Joe Theismann credits George Allen for his famous photo with Andre the Giant
Wait, hang on, Andre The Giant almost played in the NFL?! How did I not know this?
Joe Gibbs had Theismann, Doug Williams, and Mark Rypien. Flores had Jim Plunkett for Christ's sake lol
Um, it's actually Joe Theismann, and he never played football again
Biletnikoff winner Amari Cooper & keynote speaker Joe Theismann at the Biletnikoff banquet.
were you high when you wrote this? Lol the Redskins haven't had a QB as good as Romo since Joe Theismann
Joe Theismann now. And the list of new rule change proposals afterwards. There are some crazy ones!
FOOTBALL- Better all-time Philip Rivers, Bob Griese or Joe Theismann - find out:
Lupica: Joe Theismann believes Chris Borland showed courage with his decision
Joining next is QB Joe Theismann. Will NFL players retiring younger and younger hurt the league? Listen live
whatever you do, don't show him any with the name "Joe Theismann" in the title.
See Presidential pilot, Colonel (ret) Mark W. Tillman along with Joe Theismann at the Region VI Conference
FOOTBALL- Better all-time Philip Rivers, Drew Brees or Joe Theismann - find out:
Joe Theismann, Len Dawson or Joe Montana - find out the stats:
An evening with Joe Theismann at the Biletnikoff Awards. A great man and true icon!.
What do Kevin Ware and Anderson Silva have common?. Their dad is Joe Theismann.
FOOTBALL- Better all-time Steve Young, Len Dawson or Joe Theismann - find out:
Former QB Joe Theismann joined & Show yesterday to talk all the moves in the LISTEN:
FOOTBALL- Better all-time quarterback? Bart Starr, Dan Marino or Joe Theismann - find out:
Joe Theismann run better with the ball thn RG3
That's not Joe Theismann guys...that's someone different.
you gotta start some where. Joe Theismann started in the CFL
*** that sounds worst than Joe Theismann's Injury
Is Joe Theismann a top 20 QB all time?. RT- Yes. FAV- No.
FOOTBALL- Better all-time quarterback? Ben Roethlisberger, Frank Ryan or Joe Theismann - find out:
Joe Theismann stopped by today to say TY for their great work on behalf of military families
Joe Theismann heaps mountains of praise on Jay Gruden for realizing he was wearing too many hats
Honored to follow in the footsteps of Ed McMahon, Lou Rawls, Joe Theismann & Alex Trebek as spokesman for Colonial Penn…
the line on the other side, Joe Theismann, Trent Dilfer, Kurt Warner, Bobby Beathard and others all think he can be good
Cam Wake, Warren Moon, Doug Flutie, Joe Theismann all played in the CFL.
Andrew Luck also passed Bob Griese, Joe Theismann, Bart Starr, Chad Pennington, and Jeff Garcia for 44th all-time in playoff attempts.
Joe Theismann and the on The HERD with Colin Cowherd
Joe Theismann would love to play QB today, feels players shoul
Blake Anderson sitting next to Joe Theismann. Theismann will speak shortly.
Joe Theismann with Terry Mohajir, Coach Anderson in The Centennial Bank Fan Zone, it's a HOWL of a time!
I met Nessler in 2003. Great sense of humor, but Joe Theismann was a great to my 5 year old daughter. Joe is a super gracious guy.
is that Joe Theismann of Redskins fame?
now that Joe Theismann is done...yes.
My New Years resolution:. Work less & play more-that's my new motto in life! Joe Theismann
Men are 2.5x more likely to vote for Joe Theismann on our The Best Quarterbacks of All Time list. Vote
Paul on the phone with joe theismann nbd
Little Giant Ladders
From our archives On Nov, 19, 1985, Joe Theismann had his leg broken on a tackle by Giants star Lawrence Taylor,
I've never wished a career ending injury on anybody. Until now. Joe Theismann close your eyes.
Theismann completes pass to Joe Washington into Bears territory. Todd Bell puts a big hit on him to force fumble recovered by Otis Wilson
I honestly think joe theismann will
Wait. You did write it. This one, right: And Joe Theismann said to slap you.
NFL coaches who lost their jobs this season: Former NFL Quarterback Joe Theismann and FOX Sports One Correspon...
Joe Theismann and I have the same issues
I hope Suh's career ends up like Joe Theismann's career.
Aaron Rodgers needa chill before he gets Joe Theismann'd
I miss the team of Mike Patrick, Joe Theismann and Paul Mcguire
I can wait for Leon McQuay III to disappoint teammates Joe Theismann IV and Zenon X. Andrusyshyn in the Grandchildren Grey Cup.
the stunning climax is a confrontation btw Burt and Joe Theismann. At a batting cage.
NY Rangers TV commentator,Joe Michiletti, a sort of,Joe Theismann for hockey.
I'm giving away: Joe Theismann & Joe Gibbs - Washington Redskins. Check it out -
Better all-time quarterback? Joe Theismann, Ken Stabler or Tom Brady - find out the stats:
Free Shipping at Baseball Rampage
that's what I also call the Kevin Ware and Joe Theismann injuries.
FOOTBALL- Better all-time Peyton Manning, Brett Favre or Joe Theismann - find out:
Reggie Miller is GOD AWFUL as a commentator. Joe Theismann level bad...
Joe Theismann is a better example :)
This Diners, Drive-In's and Dives is fantastic, first was Guy and Kid Rock, then Joe Theismann - I bet the third segment has Darren Rovell
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