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Joe Piscopo

Joseph Charles John Joe Piscopo (pronounced PIS-ka-po) (born June 17, 1951) is an American comedian and actor best known for his work on Saturday Night Live where he played a variety of recurring characters.

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Floyd was like Joe Piscopo on Johnny Dangerously. "Mcgregor hit me with an uppercut once...once". You know Floyd is one and done
I just wish Joe Piscopo would've run
omg Joe Piscopo totally stole your idea about Columbus, DiMaggio!.
Gorka has gone from the White House to talking with Joe Piscopo on AM radio in a matter of days
In the movie Trump should be played by joe piscopo.
Didnt even realize that was joe piscopo. My bad and apologies for the snark. Would lo…
Did you read the meme? I was responding to the remark made by Joe Piscopo. As if a POTUS i…
This is an idea everyone can get behind. Except Mets fans, but they are terrible, so who cares?
John Cena is Joe Piscopo if Joe Piscopo started bodybuilding in his teens, and this is why we like John Cena more than Joe Piscopo.
He says it would "be not only politically correct, but a fantastic addition to the spirit of Columbus Circle"
I always wondered what Joe Piscopo thought of that 1 line in that Tom Petty song "Jammin' Me" It went "Take back Joe Piscopo"
Has the Gov auditioned at AM 970 yet? Piscopo is there. Called Joe and the Schmo? The Jersey Girth?
🧢 wants to replace statue of Columbus with DiMaggio.
I think everyone could get behind that, but that's just Joe Piscopo trying to be obnoxiously Italian for some reaso…
Before we get the ropes and tear down Chris Columbus are we're talking a pre-Mr Coffee Joltin Joe Dimaggio right?
really loved Chael Sonnen pronouncing San Louis Obispo as "San Louis Obispcopo" like the town was founded by Joe Piscopo.
Joe Piscopo Wants to Replace Statue of Columbus with DiMaggio. Looks like Piscopo is nothing more than a politician. .
[Author: richard-johnson] "If they're stupid enough to take down Columbus, then they be...
Joe Piscopo wants to replace statue of Columbus with DiMaggio
Greg Kinnear. . Joe Piscopo in a younger year.
Tomorrow morning, Kim Guadagno will unveil her choice for lieutenant governor. It probably won't be Joe Piscopo, but it should be.
I'm watching commentator on Fox saying Paul Ryan is to blame for putting healthcare reform 1st. That commentator is Joe Piscopo. Cliff out.
Chris Christie is longing for the days of bridge gate: Joe Piscopo
I will vote for Joe Piscopo just because he's not a progr…
In the 24th century an android will ask a starship the meaning of funny, and the starship will show him Joe Piscopo making Tip O'Neill jokes
I think you mean STAR TREK alum Joe Piscopo
but he does grow up and fights against Joe Piscopo's dojo
Don't knock it!! The people of .NJ are behind Joe Piscopo
It's and I'm about to go LIVE with Joe Piscopo and crew on AM 970 The Answer - will you listen in, you...
Getting ready to listen to on The Joe Piscopo Show - never know what they'll say!
Joe Piscopo doing Jerry Lewis, teaching Data how to laugh. Billy Campbell and Teri Hatcher guest star. I'm with Dat…
Take back Vanessa Redgrave, Take back Joe Piscopo, give 'em all some brains to go.
Joe Piscopo and a bunch of Bobbleheads
Another former SNL alum i liked for a bit was Joe Piscopo.
omg people. Joe Piscopo. . singing the Lo…
I was 15 and thought Eddie Murphy and Joe Piscopo were the funniest dudes in the world on SNL
. NJ Police Officer called into the Joe Piscopo show dangerous environment NJ bail reform has caused.
Replying to a fellow Joe Piscopo show fan...duh😘
LIVE in studio this morning til 10am on AM 970 The Answer The Joe Piscopo Show. There is almost no topic we won't...
if Joe runs in NJ and Curt Schilling in MA, Michael Bolton needs to run in CT and Judd Nelson in Maine
Taking over the mic for Jrzy Joe Piscopo Friday Morning 4/14 AM 970 The Answer - tune in from 6am til 10am...
to You can check him out in the musical comedy right now!
Yes CD you are right. The correlation is undeniable they must read from the same script. SNL unfunn…
Great interview this morning with Lou Dobbs and Joe Piscopo
Tune in this Friday Morning 4/14 to yours truly who takes over the mic from the amazing Jrzy Joe Piscopo on AM...
I spoke to alum Joe Piscopo about possible run for governor!
Best part of today's NJ policy conference: random Jim McGreevey sighting. Worst part: general lack of Joe Piscopo
Kate McKinnon is Eddie Murphy in the 80s. So who's hanging on as Joe Piscopo? Because I've got bad news for everybo…
NO. NO, ABSOLUTELY NOT. That would be *** Even purgatory at least has a distinct lack of Joe Piscopo & Joe Pesci.
Joe Piscopo is polling 2nd in the gubernatorial race. A guy named Steve Rogers is 3rd.
And I was JUST wondering when the *** was Joe Piscopo going to come out of hiding and save us. Step up, Franken!
But, Joe Piscopo is thinking of running. So we'll have laughs, too.
It may be time for to write "a week on the fake campaign trail w/ Joe Piscopo". Hopefully the same result as his Trump piece.
Breaking News: Joe Piscopo says something funny for the first time in 34 years.
is that Joe Piscopo next to Hannah in the article's first pic?
Joe Piscopo has been doing conservative radio in NJ & is on Neil Cavuto often.
Hey, why aren't all New Yorker's listening to AM 970 now? Joe Piscopo & Frank Morano are tearing up the airwaves.
Smoken CRACK again are you? Joe Piscopo and Stephen Miller are both sex partners of your RIGHT? Moronic *** and ***
Piscopo would be no better than Christie. He told that he thought trump was doing a great job!? Come on Joe!
In the early 80's, Joe Piscopo used to play the role of President Ronald Reagan on SNL. Reagan found out about...
. Al Frankenstein at it again. Let's just hope he and Joe Piscopo can be better politicians than they were awful comedians.
Did anyone even know Joe Piscopo was still alive?
This would be weird, but I think I kinda like it.
Why not? The last three have been jokes. 'Joe Piscopo 'seriously' thinking about a run for governor'
Are we now forever doomed with celebrities turned politicians? Joe Piscopo 2nd among GOP for N.J. governor
I haven't watched it since the Eddie Murphy/Joe Piscopo days
"Ex-'SNL' cast member Joe Piscopo has advice for 'Stop being a big baby"
Having Joe Piscopo be the governor of New Jersey is really the perfect fit. Have to guess that press conferences would be HILLARIOUS!
Piscopo says he is "seriously" thinking about a run for New Jersey governor
Former 'SNL' cast member Joe Piscopo has some advice for Donald Trump - CNN
My All-time "I don't get it" comedians. 1.Norm MacDonald. 2.Colin Quinn. 3.Kevin Hart. 4.Rob Riggle. 5.Joe Piscopo
Trump and Melania proudly honor the 2017 Kennedy Center Honors recipients-Joe Piscopo, Scott Baio, and Omarosa
I did have this happen to me pre-internet; in late 1980s, heard of Joe Piscopo and Edward Woodward dying. STARTLED in mid-'90s.
Watching The Outrageous Okona. "The Comic" played by Joe Piscopo was credited on the Holodeck as "Ronald D. Moore." Huh.
Easy way to beat Joe Piscopo, if he runs for office? Run Johnny Dangerously against him.
This is so sad. Donald Trump's bought and paid for Attorney General Pam Bondi introduced Joe Piscopo at a rally in…
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tfw Joe Piscopo just appeared at a Trump rally and you always enjoyed him in Johnny Dangerously
Meltdown for New Jersey GOP. Gov. Chris Christie recently met with comedian Joe Piscopo about a 2017 run.
According to cable guide, there's an episode of Celebrity Wife Swap coming on w/Joe Piscopo & Barry Williams. Can I go back to work now?!!
W Joe Piscopo at Eric Trump Foundation dinner - where the $ really goes to charity
Why isn't Joe Piscopo on GAME OF THRONES? I might actually watch it if he was.
0% chance Alido knows who Joe Piscopo is
I think you're talking about Joe Piscopo.
A shout out to old clips of joe piscopo and jack tripper/. Shout out to comic strips especially to
This week in 1988 'Dead Heat' starring Joe Piscopo & Treat Williams was released in Cinemas 🎬
"Johnny Dangerously. Joe Piscopo in his prime. That's the movie that made me want to be an Italian" - Jimmy Pesto
Someone from New Jersey won the & you just know their gonna blow it getting plastic surgery to look like Joe Piscopo
where does Joe Piscopo fit on this list of sexy voices for a woman?
In completely unrelated news, is immediately being replaced by Joe Piscopo as a judge on
Don't forget in TNG Joe Piscopo was declared the standard of comedy. All Star Trek related comedy must be measured in the unit of Piscopos
You an average joe not Pesci or piscopo
(Technically, I'm quoting the Joe Piscopo character. I don't care.)
getta loada this goombah Manaforte. wiseguy city, this guy. bada-bing! Joe Piscopo's missing a great opportunity
Everyone on TNG is obsessed with the 20th century. Picard loves 1940s detective novels, Riker loves jazz, and Data loves Joe Piscopo.
can't we swap out Trump for Joe Piscopo?
. "...a young Joe Piscopo taught us how to laugh."
I think this is the one where joe piscopo teaches data to be a standup comedian
Joe Piscopo, Judge Napolitano stopped at my restaurant tonight for Dinner. We had a great dinner!
Now that Dicaprio has his Oscar, let's focus on the true deserving party, Joe Piscopo
Over the radio Linda is frequently encouraged by persons who seemingly dislike me. Its Joe Piscopo but NOT from town
reckon he got the idea from Carrot Top and Joe Piscopo
our client Glenn Laga featured panelist at breakfast networking event with Joe Piscopo.
With my sons old boss Joe Piscopo at Salem Communications biz breakfast at BERGEN Comm College
Joe Piscopo at Bergen County Community College this morning with AM970 THEANSWER!
I can personally say beyond a shadow of a doubt that Joe Piscopo is innocent.
Rock and Roll Hall Of Fame 20 yrs from now "The Bacon Bros.", "The Boxmasters", "Bruno" w/ his harmonica, & Joe Piscopo
I have distinct memories of that show from back when I would watch Comedy Central all day. 1st time I was made aware of Joe Piscopo
Don't miss your chance to see Arsenio Hall and Joe Piscopo at Hard Rock Live on April 15th!…
I used to sneak up to the 8th floor and watch Eddie Murphy and Joe Piscopo ...
I'm sorry, the judges were looking for "Bastage" from the 1984 Joe Piscopo classic, Johnny Dangerously.
found this.Buffalo Italian Festival you, your son & my dad...the other Joe Piscopo...July 2006.
He's basically pronouncing it like Joe Piscopo pronounced *** in Johnny Dangerously.
On this day in 1980, Season 6 of Saturday Night Live began. Hosted by Elliott Gould, 1st episode for Joe Piscopo &
Dave Winfield, & emcee Joe Piscopo had a great time at the Rawlings Gold Glove Award Ceremony at The...
Great time at Citi Field last night! Thanks Mitch Modell and Joe Piscopo!
Why not have every SNL alum play Col. Sanders? Joe Piscopo's colonel side by side with Tim Kazurinsky's version. Invite Mike Myers, too
Joe Piscopo at the USC Norris Cancer Center Gala at The Beverly Wilshire Four Seasons Hotel in Bever: via
Joe Piscopo singing with Rudy Guiliani and the Siller family. @ World Trade…
The other *** is Joe Piscopo & John R Gambling who sent a pipebombneuter thru internet to kill me ws at time Marc Rogers
What was it like meeting a teenage Eddie Murphy? Joe Piscopo has the best stories:
I'm almost positive there was a "G.I. Joe Piscopo" sketch at one point, but I can't find it.
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from last night: legend on replacing the 70s cast and working with Eddie Murphy.
Joe Piscopo and Seth Meyers look back on 'SNL's 40th anniversary show
Appearing with Joe Piscopo 4:30 eastern for rare try at random punditry. Hilarity to ensue.
Joe Piscopo and Seth Meyers Look Back on 'SNL's 40th Anniversary Show - Splitsider: Joe Piscopo and Seth Meyer...
Joe Piscopo and Seth Meyers look back on 40th anniversary show
If you missed on last night check out a clip here
You need to have Joe Piscopo back. That was an amazing interview. You are so right. Joe and Eddie saved SNL.
Hey, Joe Piscopo is on with I didn't know Joe was still around.
When i was about 13, Joe Piscopo was the man-he got built & then super-famous.
Turns out Joe Piscopo is a real person. I thought he was like some peoples version of Joe Schmo.
ZAC EFRON, JOE PISCOPO to appear on LATE NIGHT w/ Seth Meyers 2nite
KFC has now replaced Darrell Hammond with Norm MacDonald. At this rate, I predict Joe Piscopo will be playing Col. Sanders next month.
Yeah. Joe Piscopo is always my fall-back joke. Won't be him. A chance it could be Carvey, though.
*** now Norm MacDonald is doing Col. Sanders? Who's next? Wait for it . Joe Piscopo?
True, but since they are picking all ex-SNLers, think of the next possibilities: Chevy Chase! Eddie Murphy! Joe Piscopo!
what kind of steroids Joe Piscopo was using
So Darrell Hammond was Colonel Sanders for 3 months. Now it's Norm MacDonald. Somewhere out there, Joe Piscopo sits by his phone & waits...
The thought of Joe Piscopo sitting by his phone, waiting for KFC to call is too much to bear.
Take back Eddie Murphy, and take back Joe Piscopo!
News | Zac will visit NBC’s Late Night with Seth Meyers on August 18 also include Joe Piscopo and Chris Stapleton |
Todays Show SIZZLE'N Joe Piscopo It's important to vent We understand..Think of it as your Therapy Session & it's Free!!
Going to be on 970 AM with Joe Piscopo talking about divorce court at 7:25 AM. You can listen online if you...
going to be talking about NJ family court on Joe Piscopo 970 AM at 7:25 this AM please spread the word.
The last time I heard this much whining I was watching the SNL skit of Doug & Wendy Whiner, aka Joe Piscopo & Robin Duke.
What a night that was with Joe Piscopo!
He does! And I always think Shooter looks like Joe Piscopo, who oddly enough, I see in NJ all the time.
Joe Piscopo sound check going on right now! Make sure you come out tonight to see the show at our beautiful...
Joe Piscopo was already dated by the time this even originally aired! Bad. D is about right. No.154 on my list, but...
Bill Campbell is obviously having a good time but the Joe Piscopo/Data comedy stuff is truly godawfully painful. D
uh huh. Just like his "fake" audience... WHAT AN *** (Excerpt) Speaking to Joe Piscopo on his New York radio...
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The real shocker here is not that Santorum is a self serving righteous *** but that Joe Piscopo still exists.
When the *** did Joe Piscopo get a rightwing radio show?
Currently on an impromptu Joe Piscopo movie marathon.
‘Exclusive interview with by The Joe Piscopo Show on
Rick Santorum went on the Joe Piscopo Show to wonder if the shootings were religious-based. THE JOE PISCOPO SHOW
The best part of the Santorum quote was it was from the "joe piscopo show"
the only part of this that surprises me is 1.Joe Piscopo is alive 2. AM radio exists
all I got from that was "someone gave Joe Piscopo a radio show?"
The weird kicker of Rick Santorum's beyond tone deaf comments on the shooting is that he made them to Joe Piscopo of all people.
Rick Santorum. Went on a talk radio show hosted by...Joe Piscopo...and talked about Charleston. We all lose.
The most surprising part of his statement was that he said it to Joe Piscopo.
Joe Piscopo: Known for his Saturday Night Live collaborations with Eddie Murphy, the greatest Frank Sinatra...
Happy 72nd birthday to Barry Manilow. Also happy 64th to SNL favorite Joe Piscopo.
Special thanks to everyone at AM 970 The Answer, Joe Piscopo, Steve Adubato and all the Panelists at yesterday's...
If you've never heard JOE PISCOPO's legendary Sinatra impression - here's the Saturday Night Live alum and legend...
Happy birthday to comedian and television script writer Joe Piscopo (June 17,1951).
Did you know Phil Miller shares his bday with an esteemed SNL alum? HAPPY BIRTHDAY JOE PISCOPO!
Comedian and Sinatra impersonator who was a cast member on Saturday Night L... Get more at
Comedian Joe Piscopo turns 64 today. That’s the almanac for this , yeah! Make it a great day.
Is it true what Al Franken, Joe Piscopo and Krusty say? Are "K" words funnier?
David Lee Roth with the crew, comedian David Brenner, the Beach Boys' Carl Wilson and comedian SNL's Joe Piscopo...
SNL'ers Rob Sheffield ranks ahead of Joe Piscopo in Beth Cahill, Denny Dillon, Pamela Stephenson. We're on different planets.
It was great to see Joe Piscopo again on We have missed you.
Wow Joe Piscopo is so downtrodden he can't even get a verified account
Just remembering that time Joe Piscopo sang an uncomfortable song about his fiancée, a teenage babysitter
did you actually see him? Live? I'm obsessed with modern day joe piscopo
Broadway Joe Piscopo sure lived up to his name last night
I bet Joe Piscopo has been on hold with Lorne Michaels office all day
.. JOE. Do a One Man show of Sinatra's Life or a Piscopo as Sinatra Tour. Your a great talent, wish you would do more
I'm certain that Joe Piscopo was wearing a Joe Piscopo Halloween mask for his SNL40 performance.
.I love U realizing u were on screen behind joe piscopo & then trying 2figure out what expression u should b making
Joe Piscopo is so old, he actually looks like Sinatra now.
Also, William Campbell, Joe Piscopo, and Teri Hatcher might be the weirdest combination of guest stars ever.
I enjoyed Steve Martin, Jane Curtin, Betty White, Joe Piscopo as Sinatra. I was disappointed by Eddie Murphy. moontan
we Italians are still paying reparations on Joe Piscopo's career.
Seeing a picture of Taylor Swift looking shocked to meet Joe Piscopo is about as genuine as a 1st grader shocked to meet Alan Alda.
I know I'm remiss for watching the SNL special 20 hrs late, but honest question: what has Joe Piscopo been doing for 35 years?
Saw your miniature when camera on Joe Piscopo . What was your poison? You made SNL great... Spade and Farley were magic!
Christ, Joe Piscopo's Sinatra impression is iron clad now that he's getting old.
When I was a kid I thought Joe Piscopo in Dead Heat was just the coolest.
Fact: Joe Piscopo no longer has to wear make-up to look like Frank Sinatra
ANNOUNCEMENT: Joe Piscopo is joining us for our 40th anniversary on Sunday, February 15!.
Big ups to Joe Piscopo for fitting this show into his jam-packed schedule.
Eddie Murphy as Jerry Lewis, Joe Piscopo as Jerry Lewis, and Jerry Lewis as Jerry Lewis on in 1983
Joe Piscopo is Dominic West if you ran him through a dry cleaner.
Brave and necessary for SNL last night to spend 2 hours charting Joe Piscopo's road to buffness.
Did Joe Piscopo replace his nose with a Muppets'?
I loved seeing Joe Piscopo as Frank Sinatra. Where the *** has he been?
Waiting to see Denny Dillon, Ann Risley, and Joe Piscopo on the
Jerry Seinfeld and Michael Douglas didn't seem too amused by Joe Piscopo.
Joe Piscopo as Frank Sinatra looks more like Ben Bradlee.
Colin Quinn, Edward Norton, and Joe Piscopo are headed to
Joe Piscopo, Dudley Moore, Cutting a radio spot
TBT: Eddie Murphy as Carl Lewis takes on Rev. Jimmy from a 1984 Joe Piscopo special. -
I remember a Married with Children episode where they mention Joe Piscopo and the dub changed it to "Julio Iglesias". WAT?
I always felt that Jimbo Fisher looked like Joe Piscopo!
Joe Piscopo at the buzzer and Matawan beats CBA 51-50. Unbelievable.
Joe Piscopo had pretty good seats. Old friend for 36 years!
YES showed Joe Piscopo among the "celebrities" at the Stadium. Not shown: Raymond J. Johnson Jr. and Henry Gibson.
Joe Piscopo giving up on the Party Check out Dr. Ben Carson.
Joe Piscopo: “The party of the working class has sold out to fat cats.” A disillusioned Democrat!
Yo did you catch the Celeb Wife Swap with good friends Barry Williams and Joe Piscopo. It didn't disappoint.
Essex County Fireworks Spectacular with Joe Piscopo and The Infernos has been rescheduled (again) to Thursday, July 24 at Brookdale Park.
"TO THE MAX" is the most energetic club and dance band of today. “To The Max” is a 3 to 10 piece, multi-faceted group that performs top national hits for Night Clubs, Corporate Parties, Bar and Bat Mitzvahs, Upscale Hotels, Lavish Weddings and Casinos. The polished members of "TO THE MAX" have performed worldwide in places such as Japan, Africa, Turkey and in the United States with a variety of well know artists. Locally on the Eastern Region “TO THE MAX” has had the honor of performing for former President Bill Clinton and former Vice President and Philanthropist, Al Gore. “TO THE MAX” was also invited to perform for Governor Ed Rendell at the Governors conference in Philadelphia and just recently “TO THE MAX” shared the same stage with comedian Joe Piscopo at Resorts International Casino. “TO THE MAX” has also had the opportunity to open and perform with Philadelphia based artists, "Sister Sledge" as well as performing at a variety of upscale parties for the 2008 WORLD CHAMPION Phi . ...
Denver Broncos legend John Elway and broadcaster Bob Costas are coming to Salisbury for the National Sportscasters and Sportswriters Association weekend in June. Elway will induct Sports Illustrated writer Rick Reilly into the NSSA Hall of Fame. Costas, the voice of NBC Sports, has been to Salisbury and the NSSA several times before, even taking part in a celebrity baseball game at Newman Park that featured Mickey Mantle, Joe Piscopo, Jim Valvano, and many others. Costas will induct Marv Albert into the Hall of Fame. Many of the activities will take place at Catawba College, but there will also be events at Toyota Racing Development. To learn more, visit the NSSA website:
On this weeks show SNL alum Joe Piscopo about his new show
Seen last night at Sardi's in NYC: Kevin McCullough, Joe Piscopo, Somerset Patriots Baseball, John Gambling. Big...
RIP David Brenner! I had the pleasure of meeting David when he came to my studio to record some voice overs with Joe Piscopo. It was a truly enjoyable afternoon that I won't soon forget.
I somehow keep remembering that David Hartman, in his last moments as a GMA anchor, did an impression of Joe Piscopo imitating David Hartman
"32 Famous People Rejected by Saturday Night Live." John Goodman beat out by Joe Piscopo!
Local Residents Graduated from Centenary College HACKETTSTOWN, NJ (02/19/2014)(readMedia)-- Local residents graduated from Centenary College last month. The new Centenary College graduates are as follows: Rufus Chislom from Jersey City with a Bachelor of Science degree. Madeleine Lopez from Jersey City with a Bachelor of Arts degree. The keynote speaker, actor and entertainer Joe Piscopo, addressed Centenary's graduating class of 191 students. Joe Piscopo has won the acclaim and affection of millions through his work in television, film, theater and nightclubs over the past 25 years. After stints as a disc jockey and dinner-theater performer, Piscopo turned to comedy. In 1980, he was chosen to join a newly formed ensemble charged with one of the most difficult tasks in TV history –replacing the original cast of Saturday Night Live. By the time he left his show in 1985, Piscopo had left his mark on the program, and the nation, thanks to his wide range of hilarious original characters and celebrity impers ...
A few celebrity brushes with Joe Piscopo and Vince Papale
Johnny Dangerously (1984) Directed by: Amy Heckerling Year: 1984 | Duration: 90 min Genre: Comedy, Crime Starring: Michael Keaton, Joe Piscopo, Marilu Henner Country: USA Language: English Set in the 1930's, an honest, goodhearted man is forced to turn to a life of crime to finance his neurotic mother's skyrocketing medical bills.
SNL's disastrous 1980-81 season is well-documenteed. Its first year without Lorne Michaels saw the show under the rein of embattled executive producer Jean Doumanian. Michaels's entire cast and most of his writing staff flew the coop with him, leaving Doumanian to scramble to replace some of the biggest names in comedy in what was an unprecedented cast transition for SNL. Doumanian hired a questionable ensemble (Denny Dillon, Gilbert Gottfried, Gail Matthius, Joe Piscopo, Ann Risley, Charles Rocket) and insisted on only bringing Eddie Murphy on as a featured player and having him take a backseat to those other folks. Doumanian and everyone from her cast except Murphy and Piscopo were fired after 11 tumultuous shows, but the show, against all odds, managed to survive.
Season 2 of "Star Trek: The Next Generation" tried to create a Harcourt Fenton Mudd-slash-Han Solo for the Star Trek crowd in the episode "The Outrageous Okona". They cast the wonderfully handsome Billy Campbell (then only known for his work on "Dynasty" and "Crime Story") as the rapscallion Okona. The episode was pretty bland, and today it's known primarily for the uncredited appearance of Joe Piscopo -- a holodeck creation who tries to teach Data about humor. BUT WAIT! Who is this fantasy transporter operator??? Yes, that's 24-year-old Teri Hatcher of "Lois & Clark" and James Bond fame. She was best known for her irregular appearances on "Macgyver" between 1986 and 1991, and this was only her seventh acting job. When most of her scene ended up on the editing room floor, she asked that her name be removed from the credits.
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the whole population of matawan is waiting for the full court buzzer beater shot by Joe Piscopo any idea of whe…
NJ Hall of Fame Class of 2013 Induction ceremony 1.14.14.: Chazz Palminteri introduces Joe Piscopo, as Piscopo is...
Celebrities struggle with their Thyroid too! America's famous daytime diva Oprah Winfrey announced in the Fall of 2007 that she was struggling with thyroid disease. Rocker Rod Stewart had thyroid nodules, which required surgery on the gland. Rapper Missy Elliott was diagnosed with Graves' disease and hyperthyroidism in 2008. ABC's "Modern Family" features actress Sofia Vergara, a thyroid cancer survivor. Tipper Gore, wife of former vice president Al Gore, had a thyroid tumor. Reality TV personality and singer Kelly Osbourne -- daughter of reality TV's Sharon Osbourne and her rocker husband Ozzy -- struggles with thyroid problems. Sex and the City's Kim Cattrall has Hashimoto's disease. Former President George Bush, and former first lady Barbara Bush, both suffered from thyroid disease. Comedian and actor Joe Piscopo suffered from thyroid cancer. Olympic medalist Gail Devers suffered from Graves' disease and Fitness expert Jillian Michaels has said that she battles thyroid problems.
You know a movie that doesn't get the credit it deserves? Sidekicks! Chuck Norris and Jonathan Brandis with Joe Piscopo as the bad guy! It's a very underrated 90s movie!
Absolutely great charity event tonight at Courtside Racquet Club in NJ with Luke Jensen, Christina McHale, Alison Riske, Katrina Adams and Joe Piscopo. Big thanks to Bruce Levine and Ken Schapiro for their hospitality!
New catchphrase: Eddie Murphy ca. 1986 from the New Jersey Vice sketch from Joe Piscopo's New Jersey Special: (head jerk and wide eyes) "ain't it a crime!"
I'm not making light of the assassination of a President (but SNL sure did), but this day always reminds me of my favorite SNL skit of all time (and why I can never watch again, as this skit can never be topped). In the skit, Joe Piscopo interviews three people (played by Jim Belushi, Robin Duke, and Tim Kazurinsky) on the 20th anniversary of JFK's death, and what they were doing when they heard the news. Three people, mostly blissfully unaware of the fact, and pure silliness just ensues. I still use Tim's line, "What? President Kennedy's been shot?" when referring to someone who's clueless. Can't find a clip, but view the transcript here. "Wait a minute... there's Americans on the moon?" Straight up classic!
That video needs to be shared on a regular basis. Gary Carter’s jacket, Gene Shalit, Joe Piscopo, young Howard Stern…
Watching Dead Heat on Netflix. Starring... Wait for it.. Treat Williams and Joe Piscopo as zombie cops. . *** am I doing with my life?
Sunday night I attended a fun comedy showcase presented by Gilda's Club (Northern NJ branch) held at the Bergen Academies in Hackensack. Top names like Rachel Dratch, Brooke Shields, Joe Piscopo, Vince August, and Tom Cotter (America's Got Talent runner up last year). They did a really nice job and have been consistently improving their fundraising events lately for this wonderful organization. In addition to the ticket sales, over $26,000 was raised that night! If you have the opportunity to attend one of their events, I highly recommend it!
Bergen Academy in Hackensack...Gilda's Club fundraiser with Rachel Dratch, Gilbert Gottfried, Joe Piscopo, Brooke Shields and me. :)
Fan of Gilda Radner? alumni Joe Piscopo, Rachel Dratch and Gilbert Gottfried perform in her honor Sunday in
Lunch today at the Italian Ambassador's residence with John Viola, Joe Piscopo, Pietro Grasso, Louis…
My debut film, How Sweet It Is, w/ Paul Sorvino, Joe Piscopo and Erika Christensen is out on DVD today!
Much like the Joe Piscopo and James Belushi eras of comedy, cant wait for the -era to end
Access more than 7.4 million parts at Parts Direct
Hey Ron! incredible! Question-Were you quoting Joe Piscopo from Johnny Dangerously w/Charlie Day? If so, you rule.
Am I the only one but is R.I.P.D. the same *** thing as Dead Heat from the 80s with Joe Piscopo & Treat Williams!
Joe Piscopo, Jeff Norris and Greg Kelly at a 9/11 benefit in NYC, June 2013
If Treat Williams and Joe Piscopo don't have cameos in R.I.P.D. then why did they even bother?
Former Gov. Thomas Kean and entertainer Joe Piscopo, each of whom has links to the Somerset Hills, are among 16 new inductees into the New Jersey Hall of Fame.
Carol Higgins Clark revealed the newest hall members, who include actor Alan Alda of Leonia, the late singer Whitney Houston of Newark, comedian Joe Piscopo of Passaic, former Jets and Giants coach Bill Parcells, who was born in Englewood, and the late film pioneer Alice Guy Blaché, who built a stud...
Celia Cruz, Joe Piscopo and Alan Alda amongst new members of New Jersey Hall of Fame via
  James Gandolfini, dead at 51. Something just doesn’t seem right about that. There was something about Gandolfini that so many, particularly in New Jersey, could relate to.   But what always struck me about this quintessential “Jersey guy,” who was a product of Rutgers University and studied communications there, was that he communicated in such a powerful and memorable way.   Not everyone has it; in fact, very few people do. It is so easy to call it charisma or charm, but it was something more than that with Gandolfini. I only met him once, but I’ll never forget it. Even though I’ve interviewed many members of “The Sopranos” cast on public television, including Lorraine Bracco, Joe Pantoliano, Vince Curatola and Frank Vincent — all of whom spoke glowingly about Gandolfini — it was in meeting him that I could see that he had that something special. It was something that drew people to him.   It was at a restaurant that was being opened by Joe Piscopo and some business associates in ...
*** diesel And still tell a joke like Joe Piscopo
Today in History -- Monday, June 17 (Peter Lupus, Barry Manilow, Joe Piscopo, Thomas Haden Church, Greg Kinnear, Jason Patric) The Associated Press Today is Monday, June 17, the 168th day of 2013. There are 197 days left in the year. Today's Highlight in History: On June 17, 1963, the U.S. Supreme Court, in Abington (Pa.) School District v. Schempp, struck down, 8-1, rules requiring the recitation of the Lord's Prayer or reading of Biblical verses in public schools. On this date: In 1397, the Treaty of Kalmar was signed, creating a union between the kingdoms of Sweden, Denmark and Norway. In 1775, the Revolutionary War Battle of Bunker Hill resulted in a costly victory for the British, who suffered heavy losses. In 1885, the Statue of Liberty arrived in New York Harbor aboard the French ship Isere (ee-SEHR'). In 1928, Amelia Earhart embarked on a trans-Atlantic flight from Newfoundland to Wales with pilots Wilmer Stultz and Louis Gordon, becoming the first woman to make the trip as a passenger. In 1930, P ...
What do Lucio Fulci, Barry Manilow, George Clinton, Paul Young, Joe Piscopo, Jello Biafra, Mike Milbury, Thomas Haden Church, Bobby Farrelly, Greg Kinnear, Will Forte, Paulina Rubio, and Venus Williams all have in common? None of them are the most important people born on this day. That honor goes to yours truly, of course. Happy birthday to all of them, and happy birthday to me!
Celebs with today: Will Forte, Joe Piscopo, Eddie Roeser, Greg Kinnear and Venus Williams! The tennis great turns 33 today.
Good Morning Fans! Its Monday June 17th 2013 Clear/60 at 5am - Sun/Clouds/T-Storm/85 - Clouds/57 tonight - Sun/Clouds/T-Storm/77 For Tomorrow Sports: NYY 6-Angels 5 NYM 4-Cubs 3 NASCAR: Greg Biffle Won Michagan Birthdays: Speaker of the House, Newt Gingrich (1995-99) (70) - Barry Manilow (Mandy, I Write The Songs) (70) - Joe Piscopo (SNL, Miller Lite commercials) (62) - Greg Kinnear (Sabrina, As Good As It Gets, Nurse Betty) (50) I Just wanna say that if YOU were in the crowd at the TOC HUNTER Fest, thanks so much for being a big fan of my radio show. At 1st I had my doubts that anyone from WRWD country area would even be there, its not our market, ya can barely hear us up there, but when I went on stage, and the volume of cheers from you vibrated my insides and nearly blew the hat off my head, I knew the weekend was gonna be very special, and special it was. It let me know there are a few people out there that enjoy what WRWD and I do every day, Thank you & I'll see ya on the radio, on WRWD Country 107 . ...
No scene in cinematic history can ever hope to compare to the one in which Joe Piscopo is attacked by a zombie side of bbq beef.
Back to ST:TNG. In this ep, Data asks the holodeck to show a legendary comedian. Joe Piscopo appears. I paused for 3 days b4 I could go on
So, Governor Christie needs to pick a replacement U.S. Senator for New Jersey? I wonder if there's anybody who's already familiar with Capitol Hill, knows all about N.J, and is already here in Washington. Hmmm. ;-)
Q758 - What are these words/names ending in PO? 1. large African river mammal, for short, 2. an injection syringe, briefly, 3. the bank takes back your car, 4. largest city in Syria, 5. Nazi Germany group, 6. lighter manufacturer, 7. Natty of The Last of the Mohicans, 8. Italian river, 9. Oprah's production company, 10. inexpensive or of inferior quality, 11. Mafia head, 12. former SNLer Joe, contd.
What a day, Joe Piscopo and my idol, Col. Ollie North, USMC Ret. in person. I now can go to heaven. P.S. The music was also great!
It took Tampa jurors only two hours to return a not guilty verdict in the two-day murder trial of a retired Army lieutenant colonel who shot and killed his wife's lover.
Had a dream I was in business with drug cartel from Guelph. My job was to drive to Indiana and bring back 20 kg of cocaine. Then, right before Joe Piscopo was gonna shoot me in the head, the kids woke me up.
That awkward moment when you realize you are the only member of the Joe Piscopo fan club.
Uncle Lou sure has had some of the worst haircuts of all time. Worse than Townshend, even. I can't decide which was worse: This "I wanted to go out for the swim team...for the coach" model, or his ca. '82 "Joe Piscopo on steroids doing Brooce Springsteen" incarnation. Actually, the champeen might be his '89-'91 poodle mullet. Best music/worst haircut of his career, IMO.
Still time to get your Mt. Rushmore of Saturday Night Live Cast Members into us before the taping tonight! Who makes your list?
If somebody is humming a song while in the bathroom, it is only polite for people in the other stalls to join in. Okay maybe it's not an issue of being polite, but it would make the world a better place.
It took about two years for my friend Ross Anderson to finish his novel. This video represents the crazyness process as he left the camera on for many months. director/editor:…
Southside, the Jukes, Steven Van Zandt and one classic song.
Anne Hathaway sighting in Sag harbor at Provisions.
About to do an interview about judging on X Factor Italia. V excited about this Italian adventure I am embarking on!
The same time he redeemed Joe Piscopo's Paulie Herman character.
Tom Petty's lyric about Joe Piscopo is as relevant today as it was in 1987.
Everything Joe Piscopo says in DEAD HEAT is a quip. Everything.
Joe Piscopo as Ted Koppel and Eddie Murphy as Buckwheat. Classic rip on the media's handling of the event.
what in the joe piscopo Herman is going on here. And don't diss the
Great entertainment at Colorado casinos – Juice Newton, Joe Piscopo, Dave Mason, and, of course, Saxy Lady:
Shawn Johnson, Joe Piscopo and Pat DePaolo each had an RBI in the 7th to bring Matawan back to 4-2 win over Holmdel
Danny DeVito and Joe Piscopo in Brian De Palma's WISE GUYS released on this day in 1986.
Ryan Reynolds will spend a very dark night deciding if he's Treat Williams or Joe Piscopo trailer
It's DEAD HEAT + MEN IN BLACK. Though I doubt anyone can be better as The One-Liners than Joe Piscopo.
ill know they have the guy when Ted Koppel/Joe Piscopo tells me (Buckwheat).
CNN should really see of Joe Piscopo is available. Joe did a fine job reporting on Buckwheat's death.
The other day convinced me to watch a movie starring, get this, Treat Williams and Joe Piscopo.
A friend is sitting three tables over from Mike Schmidt and George Brett at right now. Joe Piscopo nowhere in sight.
Who threw out ceremonial first pitches before Phils-Royals? George Brett, Mike Schmidt ... and Joe Piscopo.
Joe Piscopo will also throw out first pitch Friday at Phils home opener. Bobcat Goldthwait not available?
Why can't we get big stars like Joe Piscopo, Martha Stewart and Regis Philbin at Fenway?
Got are nights live like Joe Piscopo
I thought it was Stevie Wonder and Frank Sinatra, not that Beatle Kid. Now I've got this stuck in my head.
So youre following 666 people (or whatever)...Freaky. But wondering- did you ever find where Joe Piscopo is?
Why hasn't Joe Piscopo been subpoenaed to testify about use in professional sports? He could use the career boost.
I miss everyone. Sometimes I find myself randomly pondering what happened to Joe Piscopo or Mary Gross.
spent the afternoon with Joe Piscopo and the Harlem Wizards today. Fun! Kids had a blast.
Joe Piscopo just did he anthem in the style of Frank Sinatra. How thrilling.
Backstage with Joe Piscopo at the Inner Circle's production of The Last Gulp!
Backstage with Joe Piscopo at The Last Gulp. The Play by the Inner Circle!!!
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