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Joe Paterno

Joseph Vincent Joe Paterno (December 21, 1926 – January 22, 2012), often referred to as JoePa , was an American college football coach who was the head coach of the Penn State Nittany Lions for nearly 46 years, from 1966 through 2011. At the time of his death he held the record for the most victories by an NCAA Division I Football Bowl Subdivision (FBS) football coach with 409 and was the only FBS coach to reach 400 victories.

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Scaramucci today quoted Joe Paterno on "honor & dignity & respect." Really? Sexual-abuse-coverup Paterno is your standar…
Riley Keough flashes her arms as she waits on set of Joe Paterno movie - Daily Mail
Al Pacino finally dresses up as Joe Paterno.
Check out more exclusive images of Al Pacino as Joe Paterno in Barry Levinson's upcoming HBO film via
You won't believe how much Al Pacino looks like Joe Paterno in new HBO movie
HBO releases image of Al Pacino as Joe Paterno for upcoming film
First look photo of as Joe Paterno in Barry Levinson’s biopic
This a bad pic of Al Pacino as Joe Paterno. He should be looking the other way ... .
That looks exactly like Al Pacino dressed as Joe Paterno.
HBO has released a still from their upcoming biopic on the late Joe Paterno...Al Pacino will portray him. Pretty cl…
First Look: Al Pacino as Joe Paterno in HBO film about Jerry Sandusky sex scandal
ICYMI: First look at as Joe Paterno in film about the sexual abuse scandal:…
The first look at Al Pacino as Former Penn State coach Joe Paterno revealed.
Republicans are Penn State fans insisting that Jerry Sandusky and Joe Paterno did nothing wrong.
Family of Former Penn State coach Joe Paterno abandons all claims against the NCAA
.joins Al Pacino in upcoming Joe Paterno biopic.
Another telling quote from Bob Stoops in article from 2003 saying he didn't want to coach at Joe Paterno or…
Joe Paterno. Bobby Bowden. Mack Brown. Frank Beamer. Bob Stoops. For a lot of teams with stability at head coach, truly an end of an era.
With announcement of Pacino/Joe Paterno movie, it's time to release Penn State movie castings did...
RollingStone: Al Pacino to play Penn State coach Joe Paterno in HBO biopic
Al Pacino will star as Penn State coach Joe Paterno in new movie from Barry Levinson
Al Pacino to play Joe Paterno in HBO film based on Penn State sex scandal
Al Pacino to reportedly play Joe Paterno in HBO movie on Penn State scandal.
Al Pacino to play role of Joe Paterno in upcoming HBO film about the Penn State scandal .
Former Penn State President Graham Spanier gets two-months in jail and Joe Paterno is still…
Joe Paterno went way off subject when someone asked him if one of his assistants raped a child.
Or in other words...Joe Paterno is a criminal.
let me ask you a question, why would Joe Paterno have his son as a lawyer?
I've said it before- without Joe Paterno and his act of telling police- Jerry Sandusky wouldn't be wrongfully in jail.
this woulda been Joe Paterno too, instead he took the easy way out & died
checking have you been here? Nobody wants what you are selling...and Joe…
And they let Joe Paterno be the heavy. 😡
Can Joe Paterno's ashes have to do time along with his co-conspirators?
For those in denial, the only way Joe Paterno can be innocent is if Dr. Dranov is telling the truth. Judge John Boccabella confirmed this.
Do you know how big the story would have been today assuming Joe Paterno was alive and headed to prison?
If Joe Paterno was alive, he'd be headed to the slammer
Also breaking: Joe Paterno is burning in ***
"also harshly criticized the late, revered football coach Joe Paterno for failing to alert authorities"
From The lessons we should but probably won't learn from what happened at Penn State
Former Penn State president Graham Spanier gets jail time in Joe Paterno scandal.
Judge Boccabella also admonished Joe Paterno, Mike McQueary, John McQueary, and John Dranov for not reporting
It's days like today I wish Joe Paterno was alive. So he could ask Spanier and the boys, "why didn't you tell me??"
3 fmr Penn State officials get jail time for role in Sandusky scandal. Judge asks: Why didn't Paterno do more.
Look like joe paterno got fired again
Penn State/Joe Paterno true believers are freaking me out
If Schiano helped Joe Paterno cover up child rape he should be punished as well.
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Remorse from those who could have stopped Jerry Sandusky
Judge questions Joe Paterno's role in Sandusky scandal
Launching a to raise the capital to put the Joe Paterno statue in jail for 409 years. Anyone interested?
Amazing to think that if Joe Paterno had lived, he could have shared a jail cell with Bill Cosby.
April 13, 2016: Trump Calls to 'Bring Back' Penn State Coach Joe Paterno ... Joe died in 2012; he was complicit in turning blind eye.
What's shameful is allowing Sandusky to continue to rape children. Joe paterno can eat a ***
But Trump is omnipotent! He was even going to bring back Joe Paterno from the dead!
If only Diddle Joe Paterno were alive he'd be locked up as well
The incidents were reported by awhile ago. The school ignored them. Justice is serve…
Doubt shallow upward in your heart that you're destined to do great things. - Joe Paterno
Judge overseeing the Penn State administrators trial says Joe Paterno could've done more to report child sex abuse: https:/…
Stirring a hornest's nest, Boccabella also rebuked to Joe Paterno, Mike McQueary, and others for failing to make reports…
When the Judge says "joe Paterno should have made a call" he ignores that JVP did make the very call the law and policy r…
Fun Fact: Joe Paterno would also be going to jail today for allowing child rape if he never dropped dead.
In sentencing Penn State officials, judge wonders why the late Joe Paterno didn’t…
Everyone is out to get Paterno and Sandusky? Take off the tinfoil hat, sir. Its ridiculous. Joe knew what was up, deal with it.
Penn State's Joe Paterno would have gone to prison if he hadn't died, judge suggests
Joe Paterno, OJ Simpson, and Aaron Hernandez would like to have a word with you,
Jay Paterno being elected to the BoT is a great chance to remind you that Joe Paterno knowingly buried decades of child mo…
Joe Paterno's son is now a member of Penn State's Board of Trustees: Former Nittany…
Why are you talking about Joe Paterno at a time like this?
The Curly, Schultz, Spanier saga is almost over and not one of them blamed Joe Paterno for failure to report Sandusky's "horseplay" to DPW.
Seems about right. Joe Paterno could probably keep the Krabby Patty secret formula a secret for... 30 years?
Jacoby Jones tripped Tomlin, Roethlisberger's victim asked for it, Joe Paterno didn't know a thing. Western PA
What do you trust more than trump? Bill Cosby serving me a drink. Joe Paterno with a 10 year old boy.
Joe Paterno legacy . A dirtbag who put money & football ahead of children & left with this legacy
Bo Schembechler interviews Joe Paterno in 1998 JoePa proposes adding 12th member to with E…
I put Bob Stoops on the same level as Joe Paterno: No criminal offense supercedes their program.
the fact is Joe Paterno didn't know and PSU will win the National Chanpionship next year even after being crippled(1/2)
you can call it what you want lmao but Joe Paterno has more bowl wins than all of those schools lol
On Joe Paterno's 90th birthday, this video I did with is best short summary of how he got 100% railroaded:
Actually, you own God, Donald Trump has defended, correctly, Joe Paterno.
Joe Paterno's legacy and life have not been forgotten. The winningest coach in college football history.
Today, PA should be celebrating 90th birthday of Joe Paterno. Instead, most of state & almost all of USA has been brainwashed by a total lie
Penn State fans are so delusional. They honor Joe Paterno, and now this?
yes I and millions of others deny Joe Paterno had absolutely nothing to do with what happened. Nice language.
how many people showed up to honor Joe Paterno this year?
Penn State should never be allowed into the CFP until they stop honoring Joe Paterno.
I was just informed that if Caitlin does come today, she will share her birthday with Joe Paterno. No pressure.
We shall act with good intentions, but at times we will be wrong. Wh...
It's almost as if there's a pattern to these things
“Success is best measured by the achiever.". - Joe Paterno
I'm not as concerned about me. What's happened to me has been great. ...
It's call good a few chica still fuxk with the kid like Joe Paterno's assistant. This pain will be absorbed just like last time
Yea, much better to lie to them about Joe Paterno.
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You're never as good as you think you are when you win; and you're never as bad as you feel when you lose. – Joe Paterno
Aaron Hernandez looks bad until you think back to Joe Paterno just sliding a whole child rape case under the rug
This Who's on ESPN Classic clearly hasn't been updated in a while if its talking about Joe Paterno's great off field accomplishments
Also I can't believe people actually like still respect Joe Paterno or wish him to rest in peace? Like that's satire right??
This is my favorite trump conspiracy theory tho. What if Joe Paterno. Possible Mob boss with hella resources, just…
Today we look back at a column on Joe Paterno's Legacy:.
Wouldn't that be like a Children's Advocates Museum including Joe Paterno?
Joe Paterno was a well-educated man, and he was also a man from a d...
Matt Rhule was also a former player at Penn State, where he played for Joe Paterno for 4 years. This is kind of interesting.
Today we mourn Joe Paterno a man with a laser-like focus on our Penn State Nittany Lions & the happiness of Jerry Sandusky.
DeAndre Levy calls breaking 'that dirtbag' Joe Paterno's leg his 'proudest moment in college'
Little Boy Rapes as a HC of PSU... Joe Paterno: 0-52. James Franklin: 0-0. James Franklin is the GOAT
Tori Bookwalter only likes Penn State cause she thought Jerry Sandusky was cute not Joe Paterno
Question for our Buckeye friends. What are your thoughts on Joe Paterno? LJ Greg Schiano?
Asked a Penn State Fan what he thought of James Franklin. He proceeded to complain about PSU doing Joe Paterno wron…
I am telling you that the Joe Paterno stuff is all hogwash created by Tom Corbett and John Surma via Louis Freeh.
Joe Paterno as given a tribute today, and the fans applauded and cheered. He harbored a child molester. That's crazy
Penn State honors Joe Paterno protesters fight back He shouldn't be "honored" for failing to do what was "right"...
"This is our Penn State. It is a Penn State w/o Joe Paterno. Those of us here now are beyond ready to move on."
compromise: Penn State can put the Joe Paterno statue back as long as they position it so that he's looking the other way
My team won its game and I'm sitting here feeling pretty good, so go ahead and come at me with your Joe Paterno is a legend HSOs.
True story: a guy (who teachers PR at Penn State was so bad at PR defending Joe Paterno yesterday he had t…
Please report this vicious moron for doxing everyone who speaks ill of child rape enabler Joe Paterno.
One of the two pictured below tried to save a young boy. The other is Joe Paterno.
When will everyone stop pretending like Joe Paterno was actually a good person?
Joe Paterno gets honored although he was silent on child rape. Colin Kaepernick takes a knee to protest injustice and is vilifi…
I still cannot believe Penn State honored Joe Paterno. That day may have come anyway. But not now. The Jerry Sandusky mess is too fresh.
via Scotty, this guy changed my opinion on both Joe Paterno & Sandusky
Pretty ironic that there was a moment of silence for Joe Paterno when that's what got him in trouble in the first place
Life stinks right now, but hey I'm not dead like that *** joe paterno or a Cult member. So I guess I'll…
One other college football note: If you were among those cheering Joe Paterno's legacy in Happy Valley today, I don't think much of you.
Penn State honored Joe Paterno amid protests on Saturday:
I'm appalled by the tone-deaf support Franco Harris has shown Joe Paterno. How about showing support for the victims Joe ignored?
Mark Schwarz, who actually concealed suspected sexual abuse, reporting on Joe Paterno, who didn't, is an epic irony onl…
From Penn State lettermen say they are Joe Paterno's legacy
A Penn State student protested the university's decision to honor Joe Paterno at today's game.
In honor of Joe Paterno every fan in attendance today will receive a rug to sweep things under
Joe Paterno gave millions of dollars helping kids and ran the cleanest program in college football for 40 years.
Why does Penn State keep choosing Joe Paterno over logic?
The fight for Joe Paterno's legacy isn't over - Yahoo Sports
Penn State still doesn't care about sex assault -- Justice Department, where's the Clery Act?
Joe Paterno is the John Stockton of raping innocent children. He's the all time assist leader.
Penn State honored Joe Paterno with a video tribute Saturday. Most cheered. Some protested.
Penn State crisis communication professor has crisis while trying to communicate his love for Joe Paterno
Penn State’s tribute for former coach Joe Paterno met with standing ovation and protest
Penn State honoring Joe Paterno today is a joke.
One of these people tried to save a child. The other one is Joe Paterno.
Go easy on defenders of Joe Paterno. It's not like he did something as awful as silently protest during the national a…
Joe Paterno honored by tone-deaf Penn State officials and football fans:
used to love Penn State vs. Notre Dame games... Joe Paterno vs. Lou Holtz days.
How nice of Penn State to honor Joe Paterno. I hear the tribute includes a giant middle finger in front of the local Special Victims Unit.
Former prosecutor eviscerates Penn State over its Joe Paterno tribute, writes https…
Franco Harris is walking around with a Joe Paterno cardboard cutout. Think he got his dates wrong.
Penn State will honor Joe Paterno before its game against Temple:
Penn State to honor Joe Paterno before game on September 17
Remember when Joe Paterno let all those kids continue to get raped oh my God go Penn State *** yeah waffle shop footba…
Yes! It's only right to honor his achievements. Penn State to formally honor Joe Paterno on Sept. 17 via
Thoughts on Penn State honoring Joe Paterno on Sept 17th?
To honor Joe Paterno, these limited edition eye masks will be handed out during Penn State's home game vs. Temple.
Penn State to 'commemorate' Joe Paterno's legacy at Temple game.. Related Articles:
Free Shipping with Free Returns - Baseball Rampage
Penn State University plans to honor the late Joe Paterno at a football game this fall.
Penn State to honor Joe Paterno, coach who covered up decades of child rape
Penn State's really gonna honor Joe Paterno before Temple game... Maybe Temple should try to match (dim)wits and honor Bill Cos…
Penn State is honoring Joe Paterno for something. Please tell me I read that wrong.
Joe Paterno, Jared Fogle, Derrick Rose rape case, USC rape case. . Besides that! Hunky dory!
Penn State will honor Joe Paterno, a man who knew one of his friends was a child rapist for decades and did nothing to s…
Think about how many people had to sit there & say, "Great idea. Honoring Joe Paterno is EXACTLY what we should do.". That…
Penn State will celebrate 50th anniversary of Joe Paterno's 1st game on Sept. 17 vs. Temple htt…
Joe Paterno doesn't walk into a police station
you know who else rested on Saturdays? Joe Paterno when made aware of child rape. He rested Sunday-Friday too.
I'm disgusted at decision by Penn State to honor Joe Paterno. Time doesn't heal those wounds.
1999: Joe Paterno says "no" to Jerry Sandusky's retirement request to bring Second Mile kids into PSU FB facilities. ht…
Penn State's gonna honor Joe Paterno before a game. Maybe the whole crowd should turn their backs on him like he did t…
Penn State fans will honor Joe Paterno this season by looking away whenever the score is under 13
With already going all in against Penn State's 9/17 honoring of Joe Paterno, I predict event will be greatly minimiz…
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"The timing makes it, at the very least, incredibly tone-deaf." - on PSU's plan to honor Joe Paterno http…
Joe Paterno knew about children being molested and did nothing to stop it
I can't even begin to explain the amount of disgust I have for Penn State honoring Joe Paterno at a game this year.
Penn Staters made themselves into a Joe Paterno cult, and invested 100% of their self-worth into Paterno and the football…
Penn State honoring Joe Paterno would be like if the Baltimore Ravens gave a statue to a player who murdered someone.
meanwhile, Joe Paterno gets honored at Penn St.
Linda you have no idea what UR talking about. Do U even realize that without Joe Paterno, Sandusky is playing golf?! https…
Penn State’s plans to honor Joe Paterno is causing backlash because of Paterno’s link to the Jerry Sandusky case
Penn State will formally honor former head coach Joe Paterno for the first time since his 2011 firing.
Penn State has announced that to honor Joe Paterno, all fan seats in its stadium will now look the other way.
Joe Paterno will be honored for taking no action, while is being booed for bringing attention to a serious problem. Y'all suck.
Joe Paterno is going to be honored with a moment of silence ... something he was really good at.
Penn State plans to honor Joe Paterno and a lot of people aren't happy about it.
Not sure why people are mad at Penn State for honoring Joe Paterno. It's not like he was caught sitting down during the Nat…
BREAKING: Penn State will officially honor Joe Paterno before the Temple game, per the updated promotional schedule. https…
Penn State to commemorate Joe Paterno before Temple game via
Put me down as Penn State grad who thinks it's a terrible mistake to honor the 50th anniversary of Joe Paterno's first game as head coach.
Joe Paterno lets colleague molest children for YEARS *is honored at game*. raises racial social justice issues…
If Penn State feels the need to honor Joe Paterno then allow me to imitate Joe Paterno and look the other way.
If by "honor him" you mean dig up Joe Paterno's bones and light them on fire then sure, I'm in
BREAKING: Penn State to honor Joe Paterno by following the coach's lead and pretending nothing bad ever happened
Joe Paterno will be honored on September 17th for the 50th anniversary of his first game at Beaver Stadium. We Are. http…
The best way for Penn State to honor Joe Paterno's first game is to let the ceremony happen but not tell anyone about it for 15…
Oh good. Maybe Wisconsin can honor Jeffrey Dahmer before its pregame?
Penn State's tribute to Joe Paterno should be fascinating since I've never seen an entire game played with everyone's heads…
If Penn State really wants to honor Joe Paterno's memory they should not tell anyone about the ceremony, then admit to it in s…
Penn State is going to honor Joe Paterno at the Temple game, but what really upsets me is PSU honoring Adolf Eichmann at the game after that
Sports bro opinions:. Joe Paterno: Cut him a break, he didn't molest anyone. Colin Kaepernick: He should leave the country, I'…
Unsealed court records claim Joe Paterno knew of Jerry Sandusky allegations in 1976 - Atlanta Journal-Constitution
They grew up with Joe Paterno at Penn State. Loved him, hated him and probably taught him, too ... via
Learn how Joe Paterno grew up with his 1954 recruits:
Craig Carton to Joe Paterno family: Hope maggots are eating through his body right now! | Bob's Blitz via
Joe Paterno knew of Jerry Sandusky abuse in 1976 per testimony in newly unsealed records.
Joe Paterno knew of child sexual abuse by Jerry Sandusky as early as 1976, newly released court documents show
Penn State needs to put the Joe Paterno statue back up but place it in the library to remind the students to be quiet. Scum bag
'They should put the statue of Joe Paterno in the University Library to remind people to stay quiet'.
People that still try to defend Joe Paterno amaze me.
They should build a new statue of Joe Paterno, where he's engulfed in the flames of ***
is anyone surprised at all by these Joe Paterno findings? He put football first. It's disgusting that people defend(ed) him.
It's always really bad when Joe Paterno is trending. always...
Are we done defending Joe Paterno yet???
I honestly don't think there is any piece of news that would make some faction of the PSU fan base think less highly of Joe…
Joe Paterno makes me look like a saint.
Joe Paterno knew he had an empire on his hands. And acted accordingly. For the worse.
Unsealed court documents: Sandusky abuse allegation was reported to Joe Paterno in 1976.
"I'd better not save some children from a sexual predator so we can win football games." - Joe Paterno . JFC.
Joe Paterno knew of alleged sexual assault by Jerry Sandusky in 1976,... More:
Can the Joe Paterno statue be melted down,turned into sidewalk, so we can walk over it for all eternity?
Sandusky accuser: I told Joe Paterno about shower assault in 1976
Joe Paterno ignored boy’s Sandusky complaint in 1976: Penn State coach Joe Paterno was told by a teen boy in 1976… http…
It's a shame this matter was handled so badly for decades, but not all that surprising.
Look, I'm not saying Joe Paterno was a bad guy. I'm just saying he didn't do what anyone w/ even an ounce of moral fiber would have.
Joe Paterno told his supervisors about the abuse and they did nothing what would have changed in 1976? The media is just making joe look bad
Looks like Joe Paterno will now be considered by Trump for the veep slot.
There was a time when a short list of America's most admired men would have included Joe Paterno and Bill Cosby. We do…
If you still support and idolize Joe Paterno then you are garbage.
Joe Paterno said "I have a football season to worry about" to a Sandusky victim in 1976 https:/…
Dan Mullen and Joe Paterno are trending because they are two examples of what happens when Big Football runs amok on campus…
Staying "consistent with University rules" by reporting to admin officials will NEVER have been ENOUGH for victims. https:…
And when white ppl talk about "riots" remind them that whites rioted so this enabler of a child molester, Joe Paterno, co…
⚡️ "Joe Paterno knew of child abuse in 1976 according to testimony".
Jerry Sandusky accuser testified he told Joe Paterno of abuse in 1976
As someone born and raised in Pennsylvania, I'm ashamed of Joe Paterno.
Joe Paterno told of child sex abuse in 1976. Presaging John Paul II & B16, he said he needed to focus on football.
BREAKING: Joe Paterno was told in 1976 that Jerry Sandusky abused a boy, according to testimony in unsealed docs
Joe Paterno and Jerry Sandusky can both rot in ***
"Joe Paterno was told about it the very next day and responded callously."
Joe Paterno knew. Of course, he knew. I just didn't realize he'd known for almost as long as I've been alive.
Joe Paterno knew of abuse claims against Jerry Sandusky in 1976
Joe Paterno knew of Jerry Sandusky's rape, torture of children in 1976. But keep worshiping him anyway, PA fans. https:/…
Unsealed court documents allege Joe Paterno knew about Jerry Sandusky's abuse as early as... via
Saw the movie Happy Valley about a week ago,nd more stuff keeps coming up..Joe Paterno was part of the downfall of Penn State nd kept quiet
More than 200 former players ask Penn State to bring back Joe Paterno statue
Some Former Penn State football players petitioning to have Joe Paterno statue returned
Do you think that Joe Paterno statue be placed back next to the stadium
More than 200 former players petition school to return statue of Joe Paterno to stadium.
Jerry was coach, Paterno went by Joe. Only email citing Joe, just said DPW called in.
200 former players are petitioning the return of the Joe Paterno statue:
More than 200 Penn State lettermen have petitioned the school to return the JoePa statue: https:…
Poll: Do you think Penn State should bring back Coach Joe Paterno's statue?
Joe Paterno keep his contract is on.
Former Penn State players want the Joe Paterno statue put back up. Thoughts?
Agree or disagree?. Former Penn State football players ask for Joe Paterno statue to be restored
Joe Paterno knew about Sandusky sex abuse in 1976, insurer says
Heather can't believe there's a petition from over 200 Penn State lettermen to bring back Joe Paterno's statue:
Former Penn State players and coaches call for return of Joe Paterno statue
“The will to win is important, but the will to prepare is vital.” . - Joe Paterno
anyone riding for Joe Paterno is a total invalid.
Joe Paterno is a scumbag that statue should NEVER be put back up. In fact it should be melted down and buried like he is...
Joe Paterno is rotting away in the depths of *** right now, BUT WHAT ABOUT HIS STATUE?!
200+ former football players are petitioning univ. leaders to return the bronze Joe Paterno statue that was remov…
Over 200 Penn State lettermen ask for return of Joe Paterno statue, apology to Sue Paterno Not surprising...
A group of football lettermen ask university to restore Joe Paterno statue, apologize to Sue Paterno.
Group of Penn State football lettermen ask university to put Joe Paterno statue back up and apologize to Sue ...
Former Penn State players want Joe Paterno statue returned, apology to Sue Paterno.
Yeah. Plus, it never helps to be the coach hired to succeed Joe Paterno or Dean Smith, so to speak.
Joe Paterno, and President Graham Spanier out at Penn State. Baylor Keeps Starr. What? It happened on Stars watch.
Joe Paterno and Penn State President Fired. Baylor Football much worse than Penn State
Former Penn State football coach Joe Paterno may have been told that his assistant coach, Jerry Sandusky was sexually abus…
State College, PA - Defending Penn State and Joe Paterno: Swinging Back at the Clickbait Media
. The world's best trained "child expert" could not go up against Joe Paterno in State College Pa. No way.
Sandusky victim: Joe Paterno told me to drop abuse accusation
.leadership is calling on Penn State's administration to honor Joe Paterno before September.
CNN: Sandusky victim says Joe Paterno ordered him to drop accusation of 1971 rape
Earlier today the Penn State Alumni Association pressed the school to honor Joe Paterno from
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Joe Paterno is a criminal scumbag & a disgrace. should force PSU to vacate all football victories since 1976.
[Sporting News] Why the *** should anyone object to Joe Paterno losing all his wins this time?
cool. at what point does all this smoke lead to a fire that screams "maybe Joe Paterno wasn't the saint some think?" http…
Joe Paterno knew of Sandusky abuse allegations as early as 1976, insurance company claims:
Report: Joe Paterno and other assistant coaches may have witnessed Sandusky's "inappropriate contact" with children
Joe Paterno may have been told about assistant Jerry Sandusky's sex abuse in 1976:
CFB: Insurer alleges child told Joe Paterno of Jerry Sandusky sex abuse in 1976, according to a report by Pennlive…
Joe Paterno news should have Conference looking for an out clause with Penn State. Nothing but trouble, those Nittany Lions.
Joe Paterno has a worse legacy in Pennsylvania than Tom Corbett at this point and that's saying something
Joe Paterno knew about Jerry Sandusky abuse charges for decades: Joe Paterno knew about child sex charges against one of his coaches ...
Lolz 1976. . Good year for Pitt, Bad year for Joe Paterno.
All Penn State University Nittany Lions fans are complicit in child molestation because of Joe Paterno.
News on what Joe Paterno knew about Jerry Sandusky for all the truthers out there.
Bob Costas doesn't buy that Joe Paterno was actively involved in Sandusky cover up. Start buying now, Pinkeye.
Can't wait to see how Bob Costas will try to defend Joe Paterno now.
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BREAKING: Court doc says a child allegedly told Joe Paterno in 1976 that he was sexually molested by Jerry Sandusky.
Joe Paterno is just as guilty as Jerry Sandusky. Paterno created the environment where Sandusky could rape children. https:…
I remember someone on FB saying that Joe Paterno was "sacrificed on the altar of political correctness."
Joe Paterno was 49 years-old in 1976. Why are we putting this on an old man who no longer had his full mental faculties?
Joe Paterno was a lying piece of garbage. Just as bad as Sandusky.
A potentially explosive report here about Joe Paterno and PennState.
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