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Joe Pasquale

Joseph Ellis Joe Pasquale (born 20 August 1961) is an English comedian (of Italian descent) from Grays, Essex, arguably most famous for his high-pitched voice, use of visual gags and more recently being crowned King of the Jungle , on the reality TV show I'm a Celebrity...

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Strange voice, but you can't fault Joe Pasquale's knowledge on right there.
Well done to Joe Pasquale on winning pointless celebrity tonight and supporting Diabetes UK. Thank you.
Ah pantomime. For the celebs who only get to work once a year...Bobby Davro, Keith Chegwin, Joe Pasquale...
Of all the people to Pointless answers Joe Pasquale would've been a Million.
Hooray for that, Joe Pasquale deserves that for his Pipkins knowledge
Joe Pasquale is a bit smart on the sly, isn't he?
Emma is going to smother joe pasquale in it
can't believe what a genius joe pasquale is (while we're doing Pointless chat)
Joe Pasquale has his game face on, they don't stand a chance..
Watching Keith Chegwin on Pointless. Bet he uses all of Joe Pasquale's answers.
Pointless have got Joe Pasquale and Shakin Stevens on at the same time, disproving the theory that it's the same guy taking the ***
Turns out Joe Pasquale is a genius.
Joe Pasquale doing well. But then he's good at remembering other peoples' work...
Joe Pasquale really is a top Creamer
Joe Pasquale playing a blinder with his Pipkins knowledge, there.
Pointless today features Bobby Davro, Keith Chegwin, Joe Pasquale and Leslie Joseph. Evidence that the BBC does not care about ratings.
Pointless Celebrities Joe Pasquale's got five kids!!! and he's 55, thought he was about 45.
Delightful mix-up in which Dad confused Joe Pasquale and Joe Pesci.
Joe Pasquale on Pointless, forgot how high pitched his wonderful voice is.
Joe Pasquale, Bobby Davro and Keith Chegwin on Pointless Celebrities. This is the best Christmas Eve ever.
If Joe Pasquale was an evil tyrant everyone would die laughing ๐Ÿ˜†
Classic line-up: Cheggers, Bobby Davro, Joe Pasquale. Pointless Celebs: God's way of telling you you're not so dim after all!
I got mistaken for Joe Pasquale in a lift in Malaysia. Gutting.
winner and contestant Joe Pasquale (can be seen in Dartford playing Muddlesโ€ฆ
Tom Zanetti's rapping is awful, sounds like Joe Pasquale๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ™‰
I wanted to book for Joe Pasquale in August and wanted to pay cash.
Brit comedian Joe Pasquale did a song a few years back called "I know a song that'll get on your nerves"๐Ÿ˜‚
Everyone crying at how bad has been. Wait till when Queen, Attenborough and Joe Pasquale leave us!!
Joe Pasquale never fail to make me laugh ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚
I'm going 90's squeaky favourite Joe Pasquale in ponderous mood
Comedian Joe Pasquale is part of the line-up for a Christmas Eve edition of Pointless Celebritiesโ€ฆ
Little Giant Ladders
was it the voice of Joe Pasquale or Brian Blessed?
A BAFTA winning sitcom with just me & Joe Pasquale. Whenever he speaks i just laugh uncontrollably the whole scene. I never speak a line.
That's why Joe Pasquale's wife never takes him seriously..
Not sure where Mandy is in my League Table of people not to give a toss about...if I recall, probably just below Joโ€ฆ
Ah, if only we could return to those halcyon days when the worst thing we all had to complain about was Joe Pasquale stealing someone's joke
Ariana Grande is the Joe Pasquale of pop music.
the Joe Pasquale moment was funny. Everyone laughed.
Great to catch up with Joe Pasquale &with Duncan Norvelle #
Someone teach me how to save this entire map in my maps app. Don't want to lose all this.
Yes, Joe Pasquale was bred experimentally for the same purpose here.
Currently searching the TV schedules for Christmas and devastated to see no Joe Pasquale specials.
Bradley Walsh of reviews a panto in talks about Joe Pasquale & a new show
Watford's manager has pulled off the neat trick of looking like Robert De Niro, Dustin Hoffman, Joe Pasquale and Bob Mills all at one time.
If his picks on Ken Bruce are anything to go by, I have the exact same taste in music as Joe Pasquale. Same happened with Clare Balding.
Hi Steve, bs bill here. Is it true that you can do Joe Pasquale and Billy Connelly impressions?
Meet Black Singles 300x250
Imagine mixing up Joe Calzaghe and Joe Pasquale - that would be hilarious.
I didn't know! I remember seeing Rik Mayall, Ade Edmondson and Ben Elton as well as Joe Pasquale
Andrew Lawrence is essentially a faux right-wing Joe Pasquale.
in terms of Satire, sure it's the Peter Cook of CFC fan Authored RFC books and not Joe pasquale๐Ÿ˜
Coming soon to Yarmouth are Chubby Brown, Jim Davidson and Joe Pasquale. Excitement mounts.
I liked the bubble was beautiful. If Joe Pasquale comes back grabbing the remote :D
joe pasquale has just said he is you on TV! Came on dressed as a pirate with an effagy of U on his head!
Wonder how much Joe Pasquale gets for doing nowt in particular on Not amusing at all.
Is it true that you got fingered by Joe Pasquale and it got on your nerves?
Happy Birthday bud! I miss annoying you at Pasquale's. Don't worry I'll be back ;)
shame. I sound like a cross between Joe Pasquale and Mr. T
Chris Evans is what you get if you cross Joe Pasquale and Mini Cheddars
Having Chris Evans presenting is like replacing *** Jagger with Joe Pasquale as frontman of the Rolling Stones.
new judges maybe you,joe pasquale for variety and Amanda plus SC ?
Beautiful singing there by joe pasquale
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If joe pasquale and had a love child.
Thank god a picture of Joe Pasquale didn't appear behind him
Brace yourselves, as in 10 minutes, we'll bare witness to Joe Pasquale blasting out "the CHAAAMPPPONNSSS"
Spare me a thought then, my borough of Thurrock is famous for Russell Brand, Rylan Clark and Joe Pasquale
I need to get back to my usual Christian Bale batman/Joe Pasquale hybrid speech method
Shame. I was really looking forward to the rumoured team up of Joe Pasquale and Pat Sharp.
Any news of a return for Joe Pasquale at all?
Joe Pasquale to appear at Weymouth Pavilion in August: Fri 5th Aug: Weymouth Pavilion.
Have you just got Joe Pasquale in the studio and told him to pretend to be a Muslim? ๐Ÿ˜‚
Morning Coxy. Don't know why, but been thinking... What happened to Joe Pasquale? Not heard of him in years.
Christian Lee should be called dairylea as he is pure cheese but not ever great quality. Poor man's Joe pasquale
Woah! bumped in to Cheeky chappie and entertinker Joe Pasquale in Rusts Supermarket in Burton Pedwardine
FRONT PAGE NEWS! is on the front page of our brochure and beautiful he is too.
Joe Pasquale is off to the Royal Hippodrome Theatre in Eastbourne on Sunday 28th August!
OFFICIAL SNEAK PREVIEW! What is Joe Pasquale up to in Tonight's Live at the London Palladium?
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Tune in to ITV @ 8pm to see more of the hilarious JOE PASQUALE. Whatโ€™s he up to now? See Joe live here this August!
Joe Pasquale on ITV tonight daring his next stunt. 8pm, don't be late!
I had to learn the Joe Pasquale overture. It was all very high pitched.
is this the Pasquale and the Poison Dwarf argument?
Really really hope Joe Pasquale gets the Celtic job
Just when you thought this West Ham *** poor knees up couldn't get any worse joe pasquale come on to sing about bubbles
Slightly disappointed that didn't speak like Joe Pasquale on his return
They should have brought Jon Snow back with a Joe Pasquale type of squeaky voice
personally think Joe Pasquale would fit perfectly.
Sean Dyche has finally coughed it up he'll sound like Joe Pasquale now
that caller sounded like Joe pasquale
Not really. You give me a tape of Joe Pasquale reading War and Peace, and it's hitting the bin hard enough to leave a dent.
There's a guy in our car park dressed like he's from Last of the Summer Wine and sounds like Joe Pasquale.
LOL :D theres a show on down the town (newcastle) with Joe Pasquale in LOL, please reply mate :)
Been carrying a donut around school for Joe and he doesn't even come to school ๐Ÿ’๐Ÿป
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. Are you REALLY Joe Pasquale???. If you are could you send me lots of NON sign photo please. . Scott Brown.
Speedway commentator on Sky now. Pet hate of mine. Joe Pasquale, hows he made a career?
Love it's the highlight of my Wednesday evening, joe pasquale always makes me laugh, gamarjobat amused me also
I'm not au fait with but Joe Pasquale takes some beating!
I find Joe Pasquale to be the unfunniest man; liked him on I'm a Celeb but his humour is just not my cup of tea,
Joe Pasquale. Is there a more irritating *** on earth?
They advertise Live at the Palladium claiming a world class line up - Joe Pasquale is on it ...fortunately I don't inhabit that world
Check out Joe Pasquale on ITV tonight at 8pm...coming to the Landmark Theatre this summer! 12/08/2016
Joe Pasquale features on ITV's Tonight At The Palladium 8pm. Watch him in his next hair-raising to follow!
Sneak preview of Joe Pasquale on tonightโ€™s show Tonight At The London Palladium which will air from 8 pm โ€“ 9pm.
Blog feature: Comedians Joe Pasquale and Henning Wehn on the bill for new season at the Lichfield ...
How did it go? Was Joe Pasquale as nice as he seems?
I've just realised that if Joe Pasquale had a female twin, she would look like me ๐Ÿ˜†๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ˜‚
Imagine if you had a book published and it was voiced by Joe Pasquale? Actually now I think about it I'd love that.
I notice you didn't take me at all seriously when I said "Can you do Joe Pasquale?"
thought it was Joe Pasquale for a moment.
What's on: Comedians and on the bill for new season at in
And he still sounds like Joe Pasquale. ๐Ÿ˜€
But Kane is like Beckham - sound as until he opens his gob - then he sounds like Joe Pasquale. ๐Ÿ˜‚
So excited to see Joe Pasquale again in August!! ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚
Not sure if it's Joe Pasquale or Babs Windsor doing the voiceover for jackpotjoy advert...
Id rather listen to Jimmy Krankie and Joe Pasquale in the commentary box than these two. BT sport is killing live football for me ๐Ÿ˜ฉ
first panto I saw in a big theatre had Joe Pasquale and Leslie Grantham in. Comedy genius. Not
Notable King Arthur's in the production of SPAMALOT include Tim Curry, Phill Jupitus, Richard Chamberlain, and Joe Pasquale.
a cross between Joe Pasquale and Tommy Cooper ?
On train with a Joe Pasquale imitator chatting to his mate, a whistling lunatic & Foghorn Leghorn on his phone. Quiet coach next time! ๐Ÿ™‰
I was by the ghost of Richard Harris. Adams & McGuinness by Joe Pasquale & Paloma Faith respectively.
just booked to see and Joe Pasquale in panto on Christmas Eve! can't wait!
*eagle but I got what you were saying
Check out what I found. Signed Comedians - Joe Pasquale,Al Murray,Chris Ramsey & The Grumbleweeds via
Just been told next weeks panel is Adam Ant, Minty from Eastenders, a Loose Woman, Wolf off-of Gladiators and Joe Pasquale.
Starring Joe Pasquale, Duncan James and Ceri Dupree, 3D pantomime Aladdin will be everything yโ€ฆ
UPDATE: Since changing my profile pic to a photo of Joe Pasquale, I've lost 8 followers.
I have Joe Pasquale in my head now..
Capt. Maui Joe Pasquale spent half the game on the bench watching his cousin toss the mitts vs. the FLA Panthers
Best stand up around in my opinion. Makes Frankie Boyle look like Joe Pasquale.
My voice is getting worse. I sound like a cross between Deidre Barlow and Joe Pasquale. ๐Ÿ˜”
Cheika appears to be an Aussie Joe Pasquale...
I saw Joe Pasquale and Ceri Dupree in Northampton last year - it was a scream, you're in for a treat!
Is joe pasquale doing the pa at Watford?
All Episodes from today on Amazon Prime. Best Show this year and I'm including 'A Joe Pasquale Xmas Special'.
You'll sound like Lance Henriksen and Joe Pasquale had a kid.
Entertainment News: Chuckle Brothers confirmed with Joe Pasquale in Season 3 of True Detective, Don Estelle rumoured to play prostitute.
Christ...don't you care what Jesus thinks? Joe Pasquale gets furious over this...
Listen to BBC Essex now - Joe Pasquale is talking to Tony Fisher ahead of his gig with us on Friday 14th August.
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If Phil Jupitus and Joe Pasquale had a kid
Celeb get me out...: Joe Pasquale to perform new show at The Playhouse: The comedian has become famous for dab...
This Craig lad is like a cross between Joe Pasquale and Tony Hancock
Joe Pasquale looks on bright side of life during Monty Pythonย’s Spamalot at New Wimbledon Theatre
Holy crap, a woman I'm working with through lunch today sounds like Joe Pasquale ๐Ÿ˜ฐ
2 Pictures Added | Joe Pasquale and Sarah Earnshaw - 'Spamalot' cast photocall of the regional tour at the Mil...
"I can't recommend this highly enough".(Joe Pasquale). Matt Berry 'Fathers day' (5min) (sweary) โ€ฆ
Our whole system of values is wrong, tragedy should be reported by people who sound like Joe Pasquale.
Interview: and his son in 's Spamalot at Bath's Theatre Royal:
Bath Chronicle published Interview: Joe Pasquale and his son Joe Tracini in Monty Python's...: Grab your...
Who is Joe Pasquale? Thanks for getting that song in my head again.
. Just imagine it sung by Joe Pasquale...
thanks for your support,did I ever tell you that I've met Joe Pasquale at Pontins once?
Sheffield's answer to Joe Pasquale is going to talk a load of bull after his fight isn't he. ๐Ÿ˜ช
News: Joe Pasquale heading out on new stand-up comedy tour
The squeekiest man alive is in this clubhouse... . Ladies and gentleman, Joe Pasquale is playing Greenburn Silloth!!
The reason won the boxing joe Pasquale was the 2nd judge
Joe Pasquale was one of the judges in the Amir Khan fight? Blimey!
Joe Pasquale one of the judges. You having that?
Did he just say that Joe Pasquale was one of the judges?!
Hold on wait a minute, one of the judges was called Joe Pasquale
Caroline Flint? I'd rather listen to Joe Pasquale on helium singing the Chipmunks' back catalogue at double speed.
what if he sounded like Joe Pasquale tho - that would be funny :)
It's well funny. Kell Brook looks the part when he boxes, weight ins ect. All falls down when he starts talking. Sounds like Joe Pasquale.
I wonder what Joe Pasquale would sound like on helium?
Joe Pasquale to bring his interpretation of King Arthur to the Bath Theatre Royal via
Wise words from Joe Gannon, social studies teacher and 2015 MCPS teacher of the Year.
Joe Pasquale's writers have nicked enough new material for him to tour again:
Joe Pasquale is returning to the stand-up circuit with a new UK tour
For today's Queen's speech, the Queen's voice will be portrayed by Joe Pasquale in a bid to add legitimacy to her words.
Mafia boss Pasquale Scotti arrested in Brazil after 31 years on the run
See Joe Pasquale and Duncan James in Aladdin best seats and back stage - support
Wanna hear my Joe Pasquale impression... with songs?
Chesney's OH is the female Joe Pasquale. Shut her up FFS.
I was expecting a Joe Pasquale kind of thing.
Having never heard him speak before, I was hoping Mike Ashley would sound like Joe Pasquale in his TV interview. Imagine my disappointment ๐Ÿ˜”
Janet, do you think glens accent is. a cockney. b posh. c Joe Pasquale. d all of the above
Disappointed in his voice - always hoped he sounded like Joe Pasquale
I remember when balloons were great at a birthday party and also very funny sucking the helium out and talking like Joe Pasquale
Or Joe Pasquale. Maybe t was the voice of an actor.
Susan's voice is so high she sounds like Joe Pasquale
Still wonder how persuaded the bloke from Mamma Mia, Cesc Fabregas and Joe Pasquale to perform that well either.
The Italians are surely cheating by having Cesc Fabregas and Joe Pasquale singing for then
The backing dancers seem to have learned their craft from the Christmas Joe Pasquale fitness DVD.
So that's where Joe Pasquale ended up.
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I'll have you know Joe Pasquale speaks very highly of me.
Mum comes in to room "you know the funny cute one that was in hollyoaks his dad is Joe Pasquale like him even more now"
I'd love for Sean Dyche to cough and then start sounding like Joe Pasquale.
I hear Gove as Justice Secretary a "tough call" for Cameron - with strong claims from Joe Pasquale, Ronald McDonald and the Chuckle Brothers
It absolutely is. It also has Tony Blackburn and Joe Pasquale in it...
Thanks for having us on your show mate, always a pleasure and I got to meet Joe Pasquale! Bonus!! ๐Ÿ‘Š๐Ÿ˜ƒ๐Ÿ‘
Couldn't think of anything more irritating than Joe Pasquale's voice
Sorry to disappoint, but Joe Pasquale interview postponed until next week. Will keep you updated!
Joe Pasquale talking about his Natural Sciences degree from 12 today!
Democracy has spoken. And it sounds like Joe Pasquale. Terrible.
Last time I watched Bad Boys it was dubbed into French & Will Smith was dubbed in an improbably high pitched voice. Think Joe Pasquale.
The cast for Captain America 3 has been announced, and still there's no Joe Pasquale in it. Gutted.
Tune in to tomorrow to hear from comedian Joe Pasquale about learning as an adult!
What? I did. Also, the local UKIP car has what sounds like Joe Pasquale on the megaphone. So hilarious.
Grab your coconuts and mount an imaginary steed as Spamalot and head to Win tickets here:.
Please help me oh great Eric...I have just booked to see Spamalot...again.with JOE PASQUALE!!!
Thot with ths happnin & Dillion doin the Hard Trailer there would b conflict
joe pasquale just got on at Darlington. On his bike.
Student Joe Pasquale (recommends study whatever your age as campaign kicks off. hโ€ฆ
Joe Pasquale based on the goatee and hair?
This david on looks like a right *** !! Same as the rest of them and the joe pasquale impersonator!!!
didn't know they were having Joe Pasquale on today!
Where's Joe Pasquale when you need him?
Lmfao she sounds like Joe Pasquale or like she's on helium ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚ . What a mess of a family ๐Ÿ˜‚
what about these guys? I'd say they're up there for everyone on most hated.
I do hope I can go and see Spamalot, Joe Pasquale is amazing! I got his autograph! But it would be good and the show!
Just saw the Steve Coogan advert. I'm not convinced. Now, if they can get Joe Pasquale.
2 girls chatting and generally getting on is more annoying than Joe Pasquale.
stopped watching a while back but know what you mean. Makes Jamie Carragher look like Joe Pasquale
Big whoop so May West bt Joe Pasquale in d pretend fight in Vegas. Sum ppl thought they were really hittin each other.
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I thought Joe Pasquale was gonna win this. I guess Keith Floyd was just too strong. Or weak. Whatever.
Our new season on sale today with shows from Steve Brookstein, Joe Pasquale, Ray Quinn, Rebecca Newman, Julian Smith, Adam Henson, Lee Mead.
At Spamalot at the moment! So funny! Joe Pasquale as King Arthur is brilliant!
. No quite. 1st time i meet Tara i was going to turn up & talk like Joe Pasquale... but i couldn't do it for laughing..
Chuffed to see Joe Pasquale busting some shapes in Elliott's last night.
Joe Pasquale & The Music of Mali: high-pitched funny man presents an evening of music from West Africa. Tony says: Watch out Salif Keita!
Scottish football on BT Sports proving to be a nice opportunity to tune up my impression of a scots person..atm it sounds like Joe Pasquale
Easter: when orthodox etymologists celebrate the birth of Joe Pasquale.
On the upside, Joe Pasquale as King Arthur was utterly hilarious! Totally underestimated him & the improv Knights of Nee moment was genius!
Just seen Spamalot again... Joe Pasquale as King Arthur.. awesome!
I am LOVING Joe Pasquale's improv tonight at
Been to see at - fab show as always, but Joe Pasquale? That barrel's got one mighty scraped bottom by now!!
PortsmthNewsHub: What's On: Joe Pasquale: โ€˜To go out there and do Eric Idleโ€™s words is a comedy giftโ€™ โ€ฆ
Joe Pasquale: 'To go out there and do Eric Idle's words is a comed...
still love this Joe Pasquale piece I did in my first year of university
and will lead the cast of 3D panto this Christmas! .
V pleased to announce I'm returning to Taking over Beatrice from Nicola Walker. Joe Pasquale is replacing
Joe Pasquale was destined for daytime injury compensation ads.
Joe Pasquale and Duncan James to star in 3D panto this Christmas. .
I know a man that'll get on your nerves, and it's not Joe Pasquale!
BROMLEY: Joe Pasquale and Todd Carty set to delight audiences in Monty Python adaptation
Folks, a lunchtime poll. What colour MacBook would you choose: Silver, Gold or "Space Gray", and why? (they don't do "Joe Pasquale Puce")
I wonder how badly Joe Pasquale's throat hurts after doing that voice for so long. You seen Stewart Lee's Pasquale joke?
ALADDIN,this year's pantomime,in Mayflower Theatre!! Don't miss the wonderful โ˜†
Lovely day filming with Joe Pasquale and for Steam Smoke & Mirrors. Thank you Guildhall Museum Rochester
"One minute you're watching YoMTV Raps, the next the royal variety show and crying wi' laughter at Joe Pasquale'
then you are reborn as Joe Pasquale
is there any element of your life that Joe Pasquale hasnโ€™t ruined
SHOWBIZ: and to appear in panto at the this Christmas:
dailyecho: Joe Pasquale and MrDuncanJames to star in Aladdin at mayflower in โ€ฆ
Joe Pasquale and to star in Aladdin at in
I used to be regularly mocked for a resemblance to Joe Pasquale so hit me with your best shot
Joe Pasquale and Duncan James to star in pantomime
A dark reboot of Hellraiser. Joe Pasquale is the bloke with all them pins.
An unlikley duo will be starring in this year's pantomime at the Mayflower Theatre
wave105radio: SHOWBIZ: Mayflower Theatre reveals comedian Joe Pasquale and MrDuncanJames from Blโ€ฆ
SHOWBIZ: Theatre reveals comedian Joe Pasquale and from Blue will star in Aladdin this Christmas.
Starring in our 3D panto Aladdin are... JOE PASQUALE & Duncan James!
Listened to Matt Dawson commentating on the rugby on the way home. A cross between Kriss Akabusi and Joe Pasquale. Excruciating.
So in the past week I have been compared to Putin, Beaker from the Muppets and a ginger version of Joe Pasquale... What fab friends I have ๐Ÿ˜›
Ooooh is Joe Pasquale playing the King again?Notโ€ฆ
cheer up joe. Have a wonderful Saturday!
The announcement guy at Turnpike Lane sounds strangely similar to joe pasquale
Chuffed I now sound like joe pasquale
Going to get absolutely Joe Pasquale'd tonight
"do I need to bring out the B word jake?" ๐Ÿ˜ฆ
There are more people in the car park here than turned up for a Beach Party I hosted in Scarborough in the rain with Joe Pasquale.
Joe Pasquale & Todd Carty in Woking wearing their Red Noses (starring in Spamalot at the New Vic Theatre) htโ€ฆ
maybe Mike Ashley doesn't speak because he's got a really squeaky voice, like Joe Pasquale
Dare I watch a film that "stars" Keith Chegwin and features Tony Blackburn, Russell Grant and Joe Pasquale?
I say some ridiculous things lol like 'Don't you mean Joe Pasquale was in Home Alone not Joe Pesci'
James Cordon narrating over a Dustin Hoffman performance-its like a Beethoven sonata accompanied by Joe Pasquale yodelling
Joe Pasquale, Ann Widdecombe, molten lead. Now there's a conjunction that would be publicly popular...
Dream team of Joe Pasquale & Ann Widdecombe just knocked out of Pointless Celebrities. Biggins & Lorraine Chase still in.
People you definitely wouldn't want at your dinner party: Joe Pasquale and Ann Widdecombe
I'm having an awful delirious dream I'm watching Joe Pasquale with Ann Widdecombe on Pointless. I must have been drinking molten lead.
Biggins or Joe Pasquale and Ann Widdecombe. It's hard to know who I want to lose the most
Joe Pasquale and Ann Widdecombe. Not a likely combination.
first panto I ever saw was Peter Pan with Michaela Strachan, Dirty Den and Joe Pasquale. Those were the days...
XFactor: Interesting photo of Louis Walsh in 1980s. Was it me or did he look like Joe Pasquale?
For the benefit of any American followers, I'm watching a Trumpton boxset with Joe Pasquale and we're eating Quavers...
Is this the reason wee Joe Pasquale Mathieson was shouting last night?
There is only one Pasquale. this is Patrizio
i try my best Pasquale, what i lack in pace i have in GUTS and determination.
Girl shinning like a 5th avenue diamond
Joe says we're going to the Emmys I'm singing and he's dancing...
One of these days, Rod's going to have a massive coughing fit and he'll sound like Joe Pasquale.
This "come on in!" message has got a sort of 'The Price is Right' ring to it. No sign of Joe Pasquale yet.
It's Dennis in Hollyoaks! Not that I make a habit of watching Hollyoaks. I just discovered he's Joe Pasquale's son!
yay! Were Joe Pasquale and Alan Carr out of the running?
Just as I came round to the idea that maybe Monty Python haven't completely trampled on their legacy, Joe Pasquale is cast in Spamalot.
โ€œ I'm excited to have been asked to return for the UK Tour.โ€ . Joe Pasquale returns to SPAMALOT
"BBC Three to air Tulisa drugs doc". In response, Channel 5 have ordered a fast turn around doc on laxatives with Joe Pasquale.
The indignity. โ€œHello Mr Miller? We went with Joe Pasquale in the end but thanks for coming.โ€
Bonnie Langford to lead cast of Spamalot tour. Bonnie Langford, Joe Pasquale and Todd Carty are to star in a UK...
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Did not know that joe pasquale was dad. Mind blown
โ€œImage of you Joey Bear he got the looks of joe Lewis and the voice of joe pasquale
โ€œFirst casting announced for Spamalot 2015 UK Tour Nice news.
Have Finchley Road tube station hired Joe Pasquale as the platform guy? Very entertaining.
A new tour of will launch next year starring Joe Pasquale and reprising their West End roles
it's post ironic, that's more than acceptable. Has she swallowed Joe Pasquale?
Chris was in the kitchen. Thought it was Joe Pasquale.
Bonnie Langford, JOE PASQUALE & Todd Carty return to star in the tour of Spamalot
Spamalot UK & Ireland tour cast and dates announced -
BREAKING: Joe Pasquale, Bonnie Langford and Todd Carty to star in SPAMALOT UK Tour
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