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Joe Pasquale

Joseph Ellis Joe Pasquale (born 20 August 1961) is an English comedian (of Italian descent) from Grays, Essex, arguably most famous for his high-pitched voice, use of visual gags and more recently being crowned King of the Jungle , on the reality TV show I'm a Celebrity...

Bonnie Langford King Arthur Todd Carty Kyran Bracken Ann Widdecombe Jorgie Porter David Seaman West End Gareth Gates Ray Quinn Suzanne Shaw Gary Lucy Monty Python Stewart Lee Sam Attwater Beth Tweddle Zaraah Abrahams Sherlock Holmes

I wonder how badly Joe Pasquale's throat hurts after doing that voice for so long. You seen Stewart Lee's Pasquale joke?
ALADDIN,this year's pantomime,in Mayflower Theatre!! Don't miss the wonderful ☆
Lovely day filming with Joe Pasquale and for Steam Smoke & Mirrors. Thank you Guildhall Museum Rochester
"One minute you're watching YoMTV Raps, the next the royal variety show and crying wi' laughter at Joe Pasquale'
then you are reborn as Joe Pasquale
is there any element of your life that Joe Pasquale hasn’t ruined
SHOWBIZ: and to appear in panto at the this Christmas:
dailyecho: Joe Pasquale and MrDuncanJames to star in Aladdin at mayflower in …
Joe Pasquale and to star in Aladdin at in
I used to be regularly mocked for a resemblance to Joe Pasquale so hit me with your best shot
Joe Pasquale and Duncan James to star in pantomime
A dark reboot of Hellraiser. Joe Pasquale is the bloke with all them pins.
An unlikley duo will be starring in this year's pantomime at the Mayflower Theatre
wave105radio: SHOWBIZ: Mayflower Theatre reveals comedian Joe Pasquale and MrDuncanJames from Bl…
SHOWBIZ: Theatre reveals comedian Joe Pasquale and from Blue will star in Aladdin this Christmas.
Starring in our 3D panto Aladdin are... JOE PASQUALE & Duncan James!
PerfectMatch - Fall In Love Today
Listened to Matt Dawson commentating on the rugby on the way home. A cross between Kriss Akabusi and Joe Pasquale. Excruciating.
So in the past week I have been compared to Putin, Beaker from the Muppets and a ginger version of Joe Pasquale... What fab friends I have 😛
Ooooh is Joe Pasquale playing the King again?Not…
cheer up joe. Have a wonderful Saturday!
The announcement guy at Turnpike Lane sounds strangely similar to joe pasquale
Chuffed I now sound like joe pasquale
Going to get absolutely Joe Pasquale'd tonight
"do I need to bring out the B word jake?" 😦
There are more people in the car park here than turned up for a Beach Party I hosted in Scarborough in the rain with Joe Pasquale.
Joe Pasquale & Todd Carty in Woking wearing their Red Noses (starring in Spamalot at the New Vic Theatre) ht…
maybe Mike Ashley doesn't speak because he's got a really squeaky voice, like Joe Pasquale
Dare I watch a film that "stars" Keith Chegwin and features Tony Blackburn, Russell Grant and Joe Pasquale?
I say some ridiculous things lol like 'Don't you mean Joe Pasquale was in Home Alone not Joe Pesci'
James Cordon narrating over a Dustin Hoffman performance-its like a Beethoven sonata accompanied by Joe Pasquale yodelling
Joe Pasquale, Ann Widdecombe, molten lead. Now there's a conjunction that would be publicly popular...
unlimited calling, voip, phone service
Dream team of Joe Pasquale & Ann Widdecombe just knocked out of Pointless Celebrities. Biggins & Lorraine Chase still in.
People you definitely wouldn't want at your dinner party: Joe Pasquale and Ann Widdecombe
I'm having an awful delirious dream I'm watching Joe Pasquale with Ann Widdecombe on Pointless. I must have been drinking molten lead.
Biggins or Joe Pasquale and Ann Widdecombe. It's hard to know who I want to lose the most
Joe Pasquale and Ann Widdecombe. Not a likely combination.
first panto I ever saw was Peter Pan with Michaela Strachan, Dirty Den and Joe Pasquale. Those were the days...
XFactor: Interesting photo of Louis Walsh in 1980s. Was it me or did he look like Joe Pasquale?
For the benefit of any American followers, I'm watching a Trumpton boxset with Joe Pasquale and we're eating Quavers...
Is this the reason wee Joe Pasquale Mathieson was shouting last night?
There is only one Pasquale. this is Patrizio
i try my best Pasquale, what i lack in pace i have in GUTS and determination.
Girl shinning like a 5th avenue diamond
Joe says we're going to the Emmys I'm singing and he's dancing...
One of these days, Rod's going to have a massive coughing fit and he'll sound like Joe Pasquale.
This "come on in!" message has got a sort of 'The Price is Right' ring to it. No sign of Joe Pasquale yet.
Huge Selection of Helmets at Low Prices
It's Dennis in Hollyoaks! Not that I make a habit of watching Hollyoaks. I just discovered he's Joe Pasquale's son!
yay! Were Joe Pasquale and Alan Carr out of the running?
Just as I came round to the idea that maybe Monty Python haven't completely trampled on their legacy, Joe Pasquale is cast in Spamalot.
“ I'm excited to have been asked to return for the UK Tour.” . Joe Pasquale returns to SPAMALOT
"BBC Three to air Tulisa drugs doc". In response, Channel 5 have ordered a fast turn around doc on laxatives with Joe Pasquale.
The indignity. “Hello Mr Miller? We went with Joe Pasquale in the end but thanks for coming.”
Bonnie Langford to lead cast of Spamalot tour. Bonnie Langford, Joe Pasquale and Todd Carty are to star in a UK...
Did not know that joe pasquale was dad. Mind blown
“Image of you Joey Bear he got the looks of joe Lewis and the voice of joe pasquale
“First casting announced for Spamalot 2015 UK Tour Nice news.
Have Finchley Road tube station hired Joe Pasquale as the platform guy? Very entertaining.
A new tour of will launch next year starring Joe Pasquale and reprising their West End roles
it's post ironic, that's more than acceptable. Has she swallowed Joe Pasquale?
Chris was in the kitchen. Thought it was Joe Pasquale.
Bonnie Langford, JOE PASQUALE & Todd Carty return to star in the tour of Spamalot
Spamalot UK & Ireland tour cast and dates announced -
BREAKING: Joe Pasquale, Bonnie Langford and Todd Carty to star in SPAMALOT UK Tour
but imagine if he talks like Joe Pasquale!
SPAMALOT to resume UK tour at Manchester's from Jan 15; with Joe Pasquale (
Joe Pasquale and Wallace from Wallace n Gromit had a child, he's on popmaster just now.
I still wish I had a signed Joe Pasquale photo mounted in my kitchen
Shout out to the squad and king boar on being national champs
lawsuits schmawsuits, Joe Pasquale controls the mob anyway
knew it. We're gonna pitch it to ITV and try and get Joe Pasquale to host it
Favourite aspect of the National Accident Helpline's adverts? The implication Joe Pasquale got horribly mangled in an industrial accident.
I’d rather listen to an hour of white noise introduced by Joe Pasquale than this.
Joey advised me to stay away from you
I'm not feeling the Riv love patsy ❤️
This kids trying to be included in everything smh
I don't want to give people heart attacks jofus
New! 190-Calorie VitaPizza- Get Free Shipping
The jeep was our personal movie theatre
The only famous person I've ever seen in person is Joe Pasquale in jack and the bean stalk on a primary school trip to the theatre 😐
anyway, I've already paid £45 for the HD coverage with commentary from Joe Pasquale and behind the scenes reaction
So Kate in Granville Park thought Mark & Catriona's Secret Celebrity was Daniel Radcliffe, Declan in Southill guessed Des Bishop and Diane from Castletroy view thought it was Joe Pasquale but they were all on the wrong track which means it's now worth 600 euro and we'll open the phone lines again tomorrow morning at 7.20am :)
Dad went to Gryff Reece Jones' house warming party with Clive Anderson and Mel Smith. And I've played ps1 with Joe Pasquale.
always puts me in mind of a Jan Moir column, being read out loud by Joe Pasquale.
Does that make me the Abbott & Costello of Sherlockian Studies? Or the Elvis Costello? Probably the Joe Pasquale of Sherlockiana
FAMOUS faces from the world of comedy are lining up behind the campaign to bring a Benny Hill statue to Southampton. The team behind the campaign, including renowned sculptor Graham Ibbeson and TV pundit Garry Bushell, say they already have celebrities backing the tribute to the world-famous entertainer and interest is constantly growing. Barbara Windsor, Brian Conley and Bobby Davro are just a few of showbiz faces that have showed an interest in helping the campaign. Garry said he already knew dozens of famous faces who would be willing to help bring the statue to Southampton. “I’ve had scores of messages of support from celebrities. Stars backing the campaign stretch from Barbara Windsor to Right Said Fred,” he said. “Household names such as Brian Conley and Bobby Davro have already appeared at fundraising nights; and others like Bradley Walsh and Joe Pasquale have agreed to do the same. “The finished statue will be a great tourist attraction for Southampton and a fitting tribute to one of the ...
Famous people who have acknowledged me: Russell Howard, Jenna Louise Coleman and Joe Pasquale.
Last night, I bumped into Bonnie Langford and Joe Pasquale at Southbank. I think i'm the clear winner of celeb spot here.
The first celebrities to join the Dancing on Ice Final Tour 2014 have just been announced and include three former winners of the ITV programme; Ray Quinn, Hayley Tamaddon and Kyran Bracken, joined by Joe Pasquale. The tour, at Wembley Arena on 1 April, will include Jayne Torvill and Christopher Dean with Robin Cousins, Karen Barber and Nicky Slater as judges.
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Just be grateful you missed Todd Carty and Joe Pasquale. I don't know about you but I'm really not feeling it!
Yep - they had Joe Pasquale and Todd Carty in for a bit of fun but they left sharpish. I just cried at T&D's dance
I've given up on Dancing On Ice now that Joe Pasquale and Todd Carty aren't in it :(
has just sat down at a Cafe Nero table vacated by Bonnie Langford and Joe Pasquale
London production of Spamalot to close in February Joe Pasquale as King Arthur in Spamalot. Monty Python musical Spamalot is to close at the Playhouse Theatre in London on February 22, following a run at the venue of 15 months. The show, written by Eric Idle and John Du Prez, opened at the Playhouse in November 2012, where it transferred following a summer run at the Harold Pinter Theatre. For the last few weeks of the show, Joe Pasquale is to return to the role of King Arthur, from January 20. He first played the part in the summer last year, opposite Bonnie Langford as The Lady of the Lake. When he appears in the musical for its remaining weeks, he will star opposite Carley Stenson, who has played the role since November last year. The current version of the musical toured the UK from 2010 before coming to the West End. A larger-scale production previously ran at the West End’s Palace Theatre in 2006.
When that person is Osama bin Laden...or Joe Pasquale.
1 episode in I've already come to 4 conclusions... 1. Joe Pasquale is hilarious :D 2. Ray Quinn is buff this year... Hello arms!!! ;) 3. Sylvain DOES NOT like Phillip Schofield pointing out that he's a man *** 4. Kyran Bracken is an absolute bellend!
Dancing on Ice | Jorgie Porter, Joe Pasquale first to leave Dancing on Ice All-Stars | Newcastle upo…
Watching dancing on ice cos I can't sleep and find it weird that Bonnie Langford and Joe Pasquale were in the skate off together just cos of them both being from spamalot
Jorgie Porter and Joe Pasquale are the first celebrities to leave Dancing on Ice All-Stars. Jorgie and skating partner Sylvain Longchambon received the lowest number of public votes and left the competition straight away. Joe then had to battle it out in the skate-off with Bonnie Langford.
I forgot how lovely Kyran Bracken was... And he's skating good too, along with the gorgeous Ray, Gareth and the great Joe Pasquale lol
Joe Pasquale should change his name to Frank Spencer by the sound of it! Kicked in the face, then a car crash
I currently make James Earl Jones sound like Joe Pasquale...
This Xmas, ITV's random celeb/place generator gives us James Nesbitt in New Zealand. Hoping for Joe Pasquale in Pyongyang next year.
The professional partners have been released. Dancing on Ice partnering's are: - Beth Tweddle and Lukasz Rozycki - Bonnie Langford and Andrei Lipanov (Mark Hanretty originally was partnering Bonnie but unfortunately due to injury and having to have surgery for it he can no longer compete in Dancing on Ice 2014) - David Seaman and Frankie - Gareth Gates and Brianne Delcourt - Gary Lucy and Katie Stainsby - Hayley and Dan :D - Joe Pasquale and Robin Johnstone - Jorgie Porter and Sylvain Longchambon - Kyran Bracken and Nina Ulanova - Ray and Maria - Sam Attwater and Vicky Ogden - Suzanne Shaw and Matt Evers - Todd Carty and Alexandra Schauman -Zaraah Abrahams and Andy Buchanan
Don't forget to catch my Panto Podcast Special with Joe Pasquale, Bobby Davro & Billy Pearce. …
The Green Room Podcast is back with a Pantomime special featuring Joe Pasquale, Bobby Davro & Billy Pearce.
ITV today confirms the line up for the final series of Dancing on Ice in 2014, an all star mix of finalists and show favourites from its entire series run. Bonnie Langford (third in series 1) Suzanne Shaw (winner in series 3) Zaraah Abrahams (third in series 3) Hayley Tamaddon (winner in series 5) Jorgie Porter (second in series 7) Beth Tweddle (winner in series 8) David Seaman (fourth in series 1) Kyran Bracken (winner in series 2) Gareth Gates (fourth in series 3) Ray Quinn (winner in series 4) Todd Carty (ninth in series 4) Gary Lucy (second in series 5) Sam Attwater (winner in series 6) Joe Pasquale (sixth in series 8)
Huge Selection of Jackets at Low Prices
Wednesday's TV and Radio News at 4pm ITV have confirmed the contestants for Dancing on Ice: All-Stars. 14 celebrities are returning to the show for its final series early next year. They are previous winners Kyran Bracken, Suzanne Shaw, Ray Quinn, Hayley Tamaddon, Sam Attwater and Beth Tweddle. They will be joined by other previous competitors Jorgie Porter, Gary Lucy, Bonnie Langford, Zaraah Abrahams, David Seaman, Gareth Gates and Joe Pasquale. The competitor with the lowest score ever, Todd Carty will also take part. Phillip Schofield and Christine Bleakley will be back to host the show, while Torvill & Dean will return for the last time to train the stars. = More about the BBC's new HD channels that went live yesterday. BBC Three HD, BBC Four HD, CBeebies HD, BBC News HD and CBBC HD are now available, with some exceptions, on Freeview HD, Freesat HD, YouView, Sky HD and Virgin Media. Freeview/YouView channel numbers for the new stations are as follows: CBeebies HD on 74, CBBC HD on 73, BBC Three HD on ...
Hiya Its Ice Girl here just letting u no that in Jan 2014 we will see de last ever series of Dancing On Ice so it will b All Star Send off n also it will b de 30th Anniversary of Boliero as well. Among some of the guests that will b coming back 2 skate in de competition in 2014 with Torvill n Dean back for the last ever time. Here is the full line up for Dancing On Ice 2014 1 Zaraah Abrahams 2 Sam Attwater 3 Kyran Bracken 4 Todd Carty 5 Gareth Gates 6 Bonnie Langford 7 Gary Lucy 8 Joe Pasquale 9 Jorgie Porter 10 Ray Quinn 11 David Seaman 12 Suzanne Shaw 13 Hayley Tamadden 14 Beth Tweddle I will let u all no when DOI will b starting in de new year so Ice Girl will talk 2 u all soon luv angel xxx
‘Entertainment Today’, quick recap…. A never-before-heard album, recorded in the 80s by Johnny Cash, is to be released. Out Among The Stars will be out on March 25th 2014. Beyonce has announced UK tour dates for next year. Tickets go on sale on Monday Dec 16th. The final Dancing On Ice line-up has been confirmed. The 14 former contestants include previous winners Suzanne Shaw and Kyran Bracken as well as David Seaman, Todd Carty and Joe Pasquale. A free-to-play Family Guy game for mobiles will be released in 2014.
Oh yes he is. See Joe Pasquale in Sleeping Beauty at Wolverhampton Grand Theatre
it could be worse. Joe Pasquale could be hosting it
Bham Press Club announce Joe Pasquale as Xmas VIP Guest but - "Favourite" comedian and "National Treasure" a little OTT in my book!
did you like my Joe Pasquale impression then? You never replied :(
Lured in by the email title 'Sherlock stalks to the Tyne Theatre', the man was suddenly confronted by 'Ha Ha Holmes! Starring Joe Pasquale'.
Joe Pasquale was at my work today, touring 'Ha Ha Holmes' a new show and it was really good. Best shift in a while!
is honestly the funniest thing I've seen in a long time AND I got to meet Joe Pasquale! happy days
Going to see Joe Pasquale tonight, I can't wait!
During my job interview today I helped Joe Pasquale find eggs... It was weird...
I'd be more interested to watch the recording session of Brian Blessed and Joe Pasquale, than the advert for National Accident Helpline.
The bad news: someone's left a mousetrap in my y-fronts. Good news: if you're staging a Joe Pasquale Soundalike Contest, I'm the daddy.
Joe Pasquale needs a wardrobe fitted. Are you interested? (He needs an answer by Wednesday)
Joe Pasquale finds the very concept of owning music hard to understand.
I'm not fantastic at impressions, but if forced, I reckon I could pull off Joe Pasquale.
That seems reasonable. Erm...I feel a bit awkward asking but at the 'crucial' moment, can you pull off a decent Joe Pasquale?
This portrait of Matthew Flinders reminds me of someone. Any thoughts? I'm thinking Joe Pasquale.
I can't believe Dennis from hollyoaks is Joe Pasquale's son!
Dennis In Hollyoaks name in real life is Joe Pasquale Jr , true story
I'll be talking to Stewart Lee about Blasphemy, Money, Joe Pasquale and lots besides, on shortly, with
that's Joe Pasquale's son in real life
Someone just called me Sir on the phone. Seriously? My voice could out squeak Joe Pasquale.
Looking forward to Ha Ha Holmes starring Joe Pasquale at the Mill Volvo Tyne Theatre
Feel like I've spent a quiet night in with joe Pasquale
Oh come off it Tony, who wouldn't rather have Joe Pasquale than Mark Johnson?
The golden ticket in the over 25's section of this show is a Joe Pasquale support slot.
I swear Joe Pasquale is the train conductor on this Transpennine, sounds exactly like him! 😂
“If you could pick a voice, whose would you pick? . I'd go Sean Connery”. Joe Pasquale everyday, the essence of masculinity
People that like joe pasquale shouldn't be allowed to laugh.
Always remember - the first rule of Joe Pasquale is, you don't talk about Joe Pasquale.
my mum though Joe Pasquale was Her opinion doesn't count.
Was Joe Pasquale doing the voice over for Stuart Higgs
Celine Dion is lisping. I'd rather hear Joe Pasquale sing than this...
My daughter is watching joe Pasquale on Cbbc doing what he does best: other people's jokes. 1st one was Noel Britton's.
Top comedian Joe Pasquale takes on the role of Sherlock Holmes in Ha Ha Holmes! See this show at Preston Guild...
Joe Pasquale in a Sherlock Holmes play called 'Ha Ha Holmes' is just wrong but strangely audiences like it.
Joe Pasquale playing Sherlock Holmes is just wrong. Wrong, I tell you, but he is.
Watching on BBC2 is she Joe Pasquale's sister?
They are missing the trick (unless they already have) not having a Joe Pasquale on Celebrity Chase. Him and Walsh reunited, TV Gold.
In the last three days I've been compared with Joe Pasquale, Kim Jong-il and Michael McIntyre...
Have you booked yet? Wolverhampton Grand Theatre Panto - Sleeping Beauty with Joe Pasquale
With a result like that, Southampton should really get Joe Pasquale to do Pochettino's voice on MOTD tonight.
I was Speaking to Joe Pasquale earlier. He said he knows , speaks very highly of him!
and when I say lost my voice, I mean I sound like Joe Pasquale on some sort of heroin
I'm actually in shock that Dennis from Hollyoaks is Joe Pasquale's son!?!?
I never knew Dennis from Hollyoaks was Joe Pasquale's son in real life
woah!! That girl died and Joe Pasquale was sad
Has changed his avi to stop being compared with Joe Pasquale?
Have a great time going to see Joe Pasquale in Hull New Theatre : )
I interviewed Joe Pasquale over 20 yrs ago at the Adam Smith Theatre. He did handstands during our chat!
Joe Pasquale talks about Ha Ha Holmes in this week's - show is at Rothes Halls on Tuesday
Ipswich: Laughs all the way as Joe Pasquale hunts The Hound of the Baskervilles at the Regent: Basil Rathbone,...
So Uri Geller, Joe Pasquale and Pennywise the Clown are all the house. There are many balloons. SO MANY BALLOONS.
Comedians Jim Bowen and Joe Pasquale were both born today. Both being comedians-turned-gameshow hosts, they'd have a lot to talk about.
Mum's randomly booked Joe Pasquale tickets for this evening, alrighty then
Great show from Joe Pasquale last night Back to rainy, reality and some days it's just not worth chewing through the straps
Congrats to Tim in Gorleston - another winner this morning on the Beach Saturday Giveaway- off to see Joe Pasquale!!
Well done Tina in Gorleston - off to See Joe Pasquale at the Britannia Pier.ANOTHER chance for you to win a bit later - Stay Tuned!!
on AIR - I am sorting you out tickets to see Joe Pasquale at Great Yarmouth Brit Pier - LISTEN out for your cue to text.!!
on the 19 bus, listening to a man telling a scarily accurate history of the life of Cromwell in a Joe Pasquale voice
Just driven past Joe Pasquale in a hat. EY
Just watched a two fantastic performances from Joe Pasquale and hilarious night out.
Could have seen Joe Pasquale tonight. Dad didn't want to go. Oh.
Since it's Friday, Stewart Lee on plagiarism and Joe Pasquale. Have a good weekend Peter! via
I'm in the gents toilets and can hear a female voice coming from the cubicle. Its 100% the mens. Either a misread or Joe Pasquale is about.
(c) and Joe Pasquale is playing Sherlock. I WAS OMG MUM YEP
"This beach is so much better now that Joe Pasquale took his shirt off." - Nobody
Rapid Rosanna interviews pacey Pasquale before his gig at Ilfracombe's Landmark this Sat. Don't miss him!
Joe Pasquale will be joining Sooty and Sweep in the new series! Does anybody know which character he's playing?
could it *actually be* Joe Pasquale moonlighting in another profession?
ahh! But, humour is like music/film/art one mans joe pasquale is another mans Stewart Lee.
I have a remote coworker who sounds like Joe Pasquale. As the only Brit in the office, I enjoy this fact alone.
Had a great time seeing Joe Pasquale and last night, they were brilliant! :)
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Woman facing me has the squeakiest voice!! She sounds like Joe Pasquale! Hilarious!!
Find out why Joe Pasquale never says "No" to anything
When I fail to create art I console myself that there is no film so perfect it could not be ruined by having Joe Pasquale in the lead role
we need someone like Joe Pasquale so we can all make fun of them and deflect it from us
Great interview Thank you. INTERVIEW: Rosanna Rothery chats with Joe Pasquale
Joe Pasquale could have saved that, never mind Joe Hart!
I've only just realised Joe Pasquale looks like Jonny Cash. Am I the only one to realise this or is it a well known
Today's conductor sounded like Joe Pasquale .made me giggle
With Joe Pasquale as his ghost writer.
Joe Pasquale will be at Theatre tonight make sure to him he's amazingly awesome :)))
meeting WWB casting director in an hour. Hope they don't suggest Joe Pasquale again.
Are you going to see Joe Pasquale Tonight!?
And our Friday night treat Mr Joe Pasquale :-).
That could be an theatre-upstairs show with a more sympathetic voice. Joe Pasquale or a Dalek, maybe.
Just got back from seeing Joe Pasquale😊
Stir craziness had kicked in. Currently pissing ourselves laughing at Joe Pasquale's David Essex in a chip shop impression.
you'd sound like Joe Pasquale on helium :p
I fancy this! Ha Ha Holmes starring with Joe Pasquale | Mill Volvo Tyne Theatre
Just saw a woman with the body of Jennifer Lopez, the legs of Beyonce and the face of Joe Pasquale on meth *face palm*
Someone just drove past in a hybrid while in the electric mode. Sounded like Joe Pasquale was humming in the engine bay.
the Joe Pasquale of the modelling world?
Shows this week!. Tonight - Boys Vs Girls 7pm. Thurs - Thank you for the music 7.30pm. Fri - Joe Pasquale 7.30pm. Sat - Jackson Live in concert
my guess is that you were chatting to Joe Pasquale and Russ Abbott. Am I right? Am I right?
Sam breathing in helium and sounding like Joe Pasquale near enough killed me 😂😂
.I can't decide between Joe Pasquale in Ha Ha Holmes or Ready Steady Cook Live hosted by Russell Grant. I need to move.
Congratulations to Julie Picton who has won a pair of tickets to see Joe Pasquale on his summer tour!
Joe Pasquale comes direct from Dancing on Ice to grace our stage with a far from frosty appearance Fri 9 Aug!
reminds me of the Stewart Lee exposé of Joe Pasquale's jokestealing.
Kerry Katona to play Marilyn Monroe in new musical, what next Joe Pasquale staring as Winston Churchill?
Today after 2 you can hear Joe Pasquale talking about Robert Powell, Spamalot and his Skeg tour!!
Spamalot at The Playhouse Theatre London today with comedy genius Joe Pasquale as King Authur. Can't wait!
14:00 Steve Wright in the Afternoon: Steve and the team chat to historian Dr David Starkey and comedian Joe Pasquale.
Here's today's line-up with Holly Willoughby and Phillip Schofield: Pushy parents debate; Joe Pasquale; Money Matters with Martin Lewis; Primordial dwarfism; Phil Vickery's barbeque recipes; Summer Showdown; Soapbox with Sharon Marshall; and Robbie Boyd - tune in now!
Now, I don't like to overreact, but flittting round my bedroom window, there is either: A) A bee. B) Joe Pasquale. C) A Nazgul.
There's a guy on the bus that sort of sounds like Joe Pasquale
no, Alfred’s the fella who sounds like Joe Pasquale.
I know what a cutie! How sounds like joe pasquale though
This old guy on sounds like Joe Pasquale.Bless him.
the guy on reminds me of when The Master made The Doctor look like his true age...but with the voice of Joe Pasquale
This old man on sounds like Joe Pasquale!
Has anyone thought to check if Luisa is actually Joe Pasquale with a padded bra and a fake nose?.
Bruno Marrs, with your voice like Joe Pasquale with his arm trapped in a mangle
1000s of people are in my back garden... // I hate it when that happens! I blame Joe Pasquale.
ITV Dancing on Ice : Keith Chegwin and Joe Pasquale have nothing to say today.
Winklepickers with a photo of Joe Pasquale sellotaped to them.
Breast Cancer Awareness
I'm seeing it today!! Saw this production on tour a few years ago, but not with Joe Pasquale and Bonnie Langford!
all I could see was two legs sticking through the ceiling. He spoke like Joe Pasquale for a month.
Joe Pasquale is now staring at me. I am not happy about this.
Joe Pasquale pointed me in the direction of his agent...
We've got Joe Pasquale again this year !
of course its genius. Its Joe Pasquale. Just use Raynard as Patsy and youre sorted. ;)
One week in and we think Joe Pasquale’s (casting as King Arthur has been a stroke of genius!
AND you can look forward to reading interviews with Joe Pasquale, Bonnie Langford & Gareth Gates!
Peter Andre then Joe Pasquale for the later years.
Is someone channeling the voice of Dustin Hoffman through Andre Agassi? Agassi looks like he should sound like Joe Pasquale.
Save £20 when booking tickets to see Joe Pasquale & Bonnie Langford in SPAMALOT (they are HILARIOUS)
Those doubters who don't think that Joe Pasquale would be successful in The Voice. Let me assure you helium win one eventually
I did like that but if you ever compare me to Joe Pasquale again I'll burn down your house.
Yes, this is a pic of Joe Pasquale. Yes, he is posing with our wax figures. Yes htt…
uk tour starring Joe Pasquale from September 5th to November 17th playing everywhere. Check and BOOK!
Cannot stop laughing that one of the judges at Barclays Center is called Joe Pasquale
Listening to Leah on is like listening to Joe Pasquale doing karaoke down the pub.
Joe Pasquale actually tickled me as a child how sick is that
My mother is telling me how Joe Pasquale tickled me when I was younger
I know...shut your eyes and its frigging Joe pasquale bearing down on you *shudders*
Looking on the Bright Side with Joe Pasquale and the cast of
I think Joe Pasquale must not enjoy the oxygen of publicity so much as the helium.
If it helps, you can read mine in a Joe Pasquale voice until we meet. :-D
Eastlife interviews comedian Joe Pasquale prior to his summer tour.
Don't have my credit card, Joe Pasquale tickets will have to wait till tomorrow
That's it. I'm going to buy tickets for Joe Pasquale
Just found out that Dennis from hollyoaks is Joe Pasquale's son
Does god LOL? 'Absolutely, yes, he has to have a sense of humour' - Joe Pasquale
You say that. I've heard the Voice of God. God sounds like Joe Pasquale.
it depends whether you sound like joe pasquale or George clooney
I had no idea that Joe Tracini is Joe Pasquale's son... That's amazing. I love him even more now.
While we're giving air time to comedians, I'd also like to hear Joe Pasquale's take on Syria.
"Don't normally go for but the combo works well" Yep it does, doesn't it? Waiting for Joe pasquale on Syria nxt week
Before my day is over, I wouldnt forget my California fathers (primos) Joe,Jesse, with Roy,Micheal,Pasqual,Jerry,my cousin Janie's husband and my Tio Henry.. Hope all is well in the west coast. Miss ya very much and especially my one and only Tia you tia!
Omg have I only just realised that Joe Tracini is Joe Pasquale's son? Omg the resemblance is uncanny!
Crikey! Comedian Joe Pasquale makes his West End Musical debut as King Arthur in Spamalot at Playhouse Theatre 17/6 for a six week run
Has to be Brian Blessed. Or Bill Oddie. No hang on. I know, Joe Pasquale.
I can't remember which Pasquale has the annoying voice. Is it Joe or Lorraine?
A new King has been crowned! From 17 June, Joe Pasquale will become King Arthur in Spamalot!
Joe Pasquale to do King Arthur in Spamalot. im sure u may / may not approve :)
Joe Pasquale to play King Arthur in Spamalot. But how will he feel about performing another comedian's work? *Stewart Lee Face*
Joe Pasquale to make musical debut in Spamalot - Production News - The Stage
Joe Pasquale playing King Arthur in Spamalot for six weeks from 17th June
Joe Pasquale to join the cast of West End's Spamalot.
Comedian Joe Pasquale 'King Arthur' in Monty Python's Spamalot, at Playhouse Theatre from 17th June for 6 weeks.
Joe Pasquale dará vida a King Arthur en SPAMALOT/ to play King Arthur in from 17June
Joe Pasquale takes on Spamalot role via
Joe Pasquale is taking on role of King Arthur in Monty Python's Spamalot!
Joe Pasquale cast as King Arthur in London's Spamalot - can I be sick now?
Delighted that Joe Pasquale (is joining the cast of in time for 2013!
Joe Pasquale will make his West End musical debut when he takes over as King Arthur in Spamalot later this month.
Joe Pasquale steps into the role of King Arther from the 17th in another good reason to go see the show!
Pasquale crowned new king of Spamalot: Funny man Joe Pasquale will make his West End debut in Monty Python’s S...
Just imagine joe Pasquale talking in one ear & Brian Blessed in the other
I don't read the news, Imake the news: Joe Pasquale joins Spamalot : News 2013 : Chortle : The UK Comedy Guide
Production News: Joe Pasquale to appear in Spamalot: Comedian Joe Pasquale is to play King Arthur in the West ...
Joe Pasquale will play the role of King Arthur in from 17th June!
HEY! Is there a good quality version of you singing Mr Bojangles anywhere? You sang it in Joe Pasquale's live show. Cheers :)
What's that? Joe Pasquale (is playing King Arthur from 17 June? Here he is with
Didn't Joe Pasquale have a stint as Leo Bloom in The Producers x
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I would like to post a document, "History of the Cerra Family" written by my father. Here it is: History of the Cerra Family During the early 19th Century five brothers came from the North to what is now Calabria, the southernmost province of Italy. One of these brothers was my great, great grand-father, Steven Cerra. He had a son named Dennis, my great grandfather. Dennis then had two sons: one a monk; the other, my grandfather, Luigi (1854-1943). Luigi's home village was Cerrisi comprised mostly of Cerra, Molinaro, and Bonacci families. Up until 1861 Calabria was ruled by the Bourbons of Spain. Then, after successive invasions by Garibaldi and Victor Emanuel II, Francis II was overthrown in 1861. Thus the Kingdom of the Two Sicilies and the Kingdom of Sardinia merged to form the Kingdom of Italy. Luigi married Rose Perri (1852-1927) from the village of Casa Nova. Rose and Luigi had two sons, Pasqual and John, my father (1881 - 1964). John was born in the village of Cerrisi and came to America when he .. ...
Fathers Day next month! Treat your dad to see a show at the Grand Theatre B'pool! Rising Damp/Reg Hunter/Tubular Bells/Joe Pasquale!
thank you for a fantastic night at Cardiff. We were there 15 years ago too- with Joe Pasquale!!!
Eddie you look like a younger joe pasquale!!!
Back in the cincy already and we of course go to Pasquale's for lunch
lol yeh ferdys count as one. Forgot bout joe pasquale carra lol
I'd have taken the self appointed Voice Of the Lord a bit more seriously if she didn't sound like Joe Pasquale.
I'm singing that in a high pitched Joe Pasquale voice... Thanks for that jus before bedtime ha !!
You look like Joe Pasquale just went barmy on loads of charlie
heres the *** bloke (Max) from Happy Endings that you look like. Better than the Joe Pasquale shout.
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