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Joe Pantoliano

Joseph Peter Joe Pantoliano (born September 12, 1951) is an American film and television actor. He played the character of Ralph Cifaretto on The Sopranos, Bob Keane in La Bamba, Cypher in The Matrix, Teddy in Memento, Francis Fratelli in The Goonies, Guido the Killer Pimp in Risky Business, and Jennifer Tilly's violent mobster boyfriend, Caesar, in Bound.

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Hold the phone. Just Getting Started was Glenne Headly's last movie AND Joe Pantoliano is in it. I'm reeling here.
Idt it’s a coincidence that the Joe Pantoliano character gets introduced in the episode with the non-linear time an…
TFW you just saw a great Mafia movie with Joe Pantoliano’s voice and everything you read (about UI design) has his…
Oh, I don't mind it (this is a Joe Pantoliano household after all), but I'm just so indifferent about the whole thing.
Joe Pantoliano: Actors always have opinions.: via
This has got to be the first time Joe Pantoliano has been at the top of any list other than "10 Worst Matrix Chatacters Ever"
Join us on October 3 to hear how actor Joe Pantoliano battled against depression, addiction & mental illness.…
"The Moguls is a that have all and are in their ... -…
Seeing a trailer for a movie where Joe Pantoliano plays a senior citizen lets me realise how long ago The Matrix was...and how old I am 😑
Diving into some Season 1 Highlander. "Deadly Medicine" is cued up, featuring the great Joe Pantoliano as the epis…
Bf showed me Memento last night & halfway through decided he really wanted to watch Baby's Day Out. The classic Joe Pantoliano double bill 👌
is Jack Reacher hanging up phone multiple times in a row a reference to Risky Business scene with Joe Pantoliano?
I don't remember him be any more "evil" than the other Mafiosos. The only person I remember being so evi…
Happy Birthtime to devil daring JOE PANTOLIANO! 90 today! Happy Birthtime Pantalaimon! The Goons!
Birthday wishes today to actor Joe Pantoliano, singer-musician Ben Folds, singer-actress Jennifer Hudson & more 🎂
I can do one with a Blackadder theme. Christian Bale. John Malkovich. Joe Pantoliano. Empire of the S…
It's sad Jim Morrison died so young, but at least we now know death saved him from slowly morphing into Joe Pantoli…
Watching THE LAST OF THE FINEST, and the first three faces onscreen are Joe Pantoliano, Jeff Fahey, and Bill Paxton.
Momento is still one of my favorite movies. Guy Pierce, Carrie Ann Moss, Joe Pantoliano all stellar perf…
Morpheus, Neo, Trinity and of course Joe Pantoliano a must.
Oh hey Joe Pantoliano is in this. Neat!
Watching The Fugitive. The stunts, the fonts. So much nostalgia. . Hey it's that's 90s shady cop dude. Whatever happened to Joe Pantoliano?
Joe Pantoliano sits right smack in the middle of the Samuel L. Jackson and Frank Sinatra Venn diagram.
I liked Ben as Matt Murdock & Joe Pantoliano as Ben Ulrich but the villains and Elektra were so badly miscast 🙈
Don't forget to cast Joe Pantoliano's role.
2003 Emmy Award winner for Outstanding Supporting Actor in a Drama Series . Joe Pantoliano
Joe Pantoliano would like to have a word with you.
(Joe Pantoliano) is like the of the 90's. Which is a good thing btw.
Barb wanted for questioning in the killing of Joe Pantoliano.
The paneling is the best. Your dad looks like a young Joe Pantoliano with a stash.
Hmmm, do you have a brother by the name of Joe Pantoliano? Cuz on 1st glance I thought it wa…
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Joe Pantoliano joins me at 8:05PMET on my to talk is Trump like a mobster? And his new movie "Random…
Thank you Joe Pantoliano for your support.
Joe Pantoliano and Steve Buscemi in a new Spongebob episode? Not a bad combo
Tommy Lee Jones and Joe Pantoliano need to make another 'find the escaped prisoner' movie
When I got the script for Memento, I read it and I got killed off on page one and I fired my
. David reminds me of Murr from Impractical Jokers mixed with actor Joe Pantoliano.
They've been talking about Pi, which I haven't seen, they've been comparing it to Usual Su
The Moguls is a story about guys that have all grown up together and are now in their late
.star Alex Brightman, Joe Pantoliano (& more join →
I've been saying in the press that being a NY Post investigator reporter is an oxymoron.
It's such a luxury to be able to be happy about going to work in the morning.
Joe Pantoliano might be the scariest actor on The Sopranos.
There aren't any small parts, only small paychecks.
You'll never see me in the red leather. I don't have the chin for it.
Twelve to 15 years of acting school, and I am being a bird.
You know who should be Zsazz in the DCEU? Joe Pantoliano.
Anyone else think Boston Police Commissioner Bill Evans sounds like the police captain Joe Pantoliano played from Bad Boys? I'm losing it.
Growing up I watched the Matrix so often I wondered things like does Joe Pantoliano ever go by "Joey Pants"? And why not it's a great name
. "I thought you'd be trigger... ". *Det. Silver to Det. Smoothe upon having to shoot Joe Pantoliano's character himself*
Michael Pitt is basically Joe Pantoliano with hair
My client today: Joe Pantoliano, a.k.a. "Joey Pants". What show/movie do you know him from?
Alison gets to work with some wonderful actors as the producer of "Random Tropical Paradise" shooting noww in St.
I don't like directors that just say, Stand there and now do this. - Joe…
The steak following the decapitating scene in Coppola's Dracula & Joe Pantoliano's conv over dinner in The Matrix.
Major movie 'Random Tropical Paradise' is being filmed around & NOW ->
. Me, too!!! The voice of Joe Pantoliano still sticks in my head!
stars Gina Gershon and Jennifer Tilly, with Joe Pantoliano and Christopher Meloni as mobster bad guys.
I know you've heard this before, but I've got a great LMS name: Joe Pantoliano aka Joey Pants.
Joe Pantoliano is terrific as slimy bail bondsman Eddie Moscone in Midnight Run. Blu-Ray review
Next thing you know, Joe Pantoliano is using you to hunt criminals because "John G. Raped and Murdered your Wife"
Thomas Kinkade Collectibles from The Bradford Exchange Online
I want to listen to joe pantoliano aka Joey Pants, talk about the movies he's done. And get him coffee. And rub his feet. And get his mail.
Joe Pantoliano plays Ben Urich like a sleazy villain and I don't know why
Anyone else notice that the mask in Drive looked like if Joe Pantoliano was turned into a baby?
Just realized Michael Imperioli & Joe Pantoliano acted in bad boys and sopranos lol
I'm waiting for the internet to be up in arms about Ben Urich being black. My complaint is that it isn't Joe Pantoliano.
The first feature-length documentary I produced is screening at Ridgefield Playhouse on 5/13.
"Great Kills" play last night at with Joe Pantoliano and new mate Bob…
With Joe Pantoliano (the matrix, memento, Risky Business) saw him in "Great Kills" in the Village in NYC.
It's all about people. It's all about the subjectivity of what people love.— Joe Pantoliano. http:…
GREAT KILLS will be offering a TALK-BACK with the entire cast, including Emmy Winner, Joe Pantoliano, and...
Michael Clarke Duncan is the only reason to watch this movie. Joe Pantoliano is completely wasted.
Go see my friend Joe Pantoliano (in "Great Kills" at Theater for the New City. Here another great review!
Robbie as Urich is only fair after Joe Pantoliano tried to do the opposite by wearing one of Sam Jackson's hats
Let me suggest The Final Terror 1983 Darrl Hannah, Adrain Smed & Joe Pantoliano. One of my faves!
Joe Pantoliano: One thing that's great about being a character actor is that a movie does...
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“So you lie to yourself to be happy. There’s nothing wrong with that. We all do it.” –Joe Pantoliano ‘Mement…
Me and Joe Pantoliano (Joey Pants from Sopranos and Francis Fratelli from the Goonies)
I don't get to refer to Joe Pantoliano as Joey Pants often enough.
Joe Pantoliano has let himself go...
"Is that Steve Bisciotti?" "No, it's the Fratelli brother from Goonies that isn't Joe Pantoliano"
Just saw The Amateurs for the first time. Great movie, love Joe Pantoliano's character in it! — watching The Amateurs
Does this mean you have to kill Joe Pantoliano?
Sean Astin and Joe Pantoliano are joining in the voiceovers :)
Hey you guys! Goonies reunion with Sean Astin and Joe Pantoliano.
"I think a lot of us identify with Cypher, and that's why we're repelled by him." - Joe Pantoliano
Bruuh! You talking about the likes of Guy Pearce and Joe Pantoliano
Coming on video on Tuesday July 1, 2014 On DVD Afflicted (2013) with Derek Lee, Clif Prowse (Sony) Anna Karenina (1977) 3-disc set with all 10 episodes of the BBC miniseries adaptation of Leo Tolstoy's masterpiece, (Acorn Media). The Final Terror (1983) Directed: Andrew Davis; John Friedrich, Rachel Ward, Adrian Zmed, Mark Metcalf, Daryl Hannah, Ernest Harden Jr., Joe Pantoliano. (Scream Factory/Shout! Factory) Helix: The Complete First Season (2014) Three-disc set with 13 episodes of the sci-fi series about a team of scientists from the Centers for Disease Control who travel to a high-tech research facility in the Arctic to investigate a possible disease outbreak, only to find themselves pulled into a terrifying life-and-death struggle that holds the key to mankind's salvation or total annihilation. (Sony). Hinterland (TV series) Series 1 (2013) 4-disc set with four feature-length episodes. (Acorn Media). Infliction (2013) (Virgil Films). Lovejoy, Series 1 (1986) 3-disc set with 10 episodes featuring Ian ...
Still confused how Joe Pantoliano meets w/Agent Smith & no one else on the ship realizes!
You are bidding on an ORIGINAL, NOT a reprint or rerelease, 1 sided video one sheet size The Matrix movie poster. This science fiction film stars Keanu Reeves , Laurence Fishburne , Carrie-Anne Moss and Joe Pantoliano .
Empire of the Sun is on if anyone wants to see a pre - pubescent Christian Bale almost act as well as John Malkovich. There's also a pre-dental work Ben Stiller and skinny Joe Pantoliano. Despite my description, its a great film.
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Alyson Hannigan joins The Soprano's Joe Pantoliano in the CBS pilot More Time With the Family.
Eating a peanut-butter sandwich. I blame that terrific author Wendy Mass for this, because I am re-reading her book "Jeremy Fink and the Meaning of Life," and her hero's fondness for peanut butter rekindled old cravings. I like that book a lot (so does Oprah Winfrey); and I like equally well Tamar Halpern's film adaptation (staring Max Beer, Mira Sorvino, Joe Pantoliano, Maria Seldes). It's funny; the book and film were aimed at younger audiences (and I've given both the book and DVD to younger relatives). But they speak to me, too. When I first read the book, I thought, "That's a book I would have loved to have written." And when I first saw the film, I felt the same way. It's rare that i enjoy a book and its motion-picture version equally well. But I do. And am grateful to Wendy Mass and Tamar Halpern for the pleasure they've given me, and the memories they've stirred. And of course I am grateful to Maxwell Beer, too. He did such a perfect job in that film--he was totally right for it--that ...
and watching the first Matrix movie that some may not know was actually filmed in Sydney back in 1999 with Keanu Reeves ,Laurence Fishburne, Carrie-Anne Moss, Hugo Weaving, and Joe Pantoliano
random thought: ever noticed how Dave Franco reads every line like Joe Pantoliano in Risky Business? It's actually great.
Final Terror aka Campsite Massacre (US Dir) Following the success of the Summer Camp Slasher Classic Friday The 13th in 1980, the same & following year saw the production of two VERY similar films as well as Friday The 13th very own sequel. The first of which appeared in 1981 & was of course The Burning. The second of which was this film known as either Final Terror or Campsite Massacre depending on where in the world it was released. The film was shot in 1981 but not released until 1983, the same year as yet another similar film Sleepaway Camp. By the time Final Terror aka Campsite Massacre was released, most of its cast was "on the cusp" of becoming familiar names. Actors & actresses such as Daryl Hannah( a year after Blade Runner & a year before Splash), Adrian Zmed( a year after Grease 2 & a year before Bachalor Party), Joe Pantoliano( the same year as Risky Business) & Rachael Ward( a year before Against All Odds) feature in a cast thats fun to look back on in this film when all were young actors in ...
Corky (Gina Gershon), a tough ex-con and her lover Violet (Jennifer Tilly) concoct a scheme to steal $2 million of mob money and pin the blame on Violet's crooked boyfriend, Caesar (Joe Pantoliano) in this neo-noir thriller from the writers and directors of The Matrix Trilogy. Roger Ebert of the ...
Stream Unknown (2006) for free Unknown Streaming Movies Online Free [cpaads id="0450340"] iMDB ID: 0450340 Date Released : 2006-11-03 Genre : Mystery & Suspense | Drama Starring : Jim Caviezel as , Greg Kinnear as , Joe Pantoliano as Duration: 85 Reviews Though it boasts a talented cast, this thriller fails to make you care about the twisty mystery of the men's identities and situation. Trailer
Check out The Last of the Finest vhs 1990, Brian Dennehy, Joe Pantoliano, Jeff Fahey, on
no but I think Joe Pantoliano voiced a squirrel
U.S. Troops with PTSD from Joe Pantoliano and Read story, watch video:...
Joe Pantoliano looks like Glenn Russell these days
"it means, buckle your selt belt, Dorothy, 'cause Kansas is going bye bye" . (Joe Pantoliano en 'Matrix')
Now watching Gina Gershon, Meg Tilley and Joe Pantoliano in the Wachowski's Bound (Unrated)
Actor Joe Pantoliano talks to Laff at the Movies
Actor Joe Pantoliano has played a mob associate, a pimp and a U.S. Marshal in the movies and in a television series.
definitely shook hands with Joe Pantoliano while he was setting up for his book signing. he told me he hoped we could chat later... looks like i might be going back to hoboken after SJC Green Drinks :)
Always an eventful day when Joe Pantoliano from the Sopranos stops me on my stoop to chat about his event & living in my building
November 21,2013...Another idol Robert de Niro's acting prowess.He's my idol really and there is no one still who can top him from being the greatest.I know Al Pacino is by far the closest but for me,Robert de Niro is the best of all time...Midnight Run is the title of this movie i just viewed. I watched this movie several times before on cable tv but watching it here is awesome wonderful...Charles Grodin,Yaphet Kotto,Dennis Farina and Joe Pantoliano also are good here...Must watch...Hope kids got to watch all of de Niro's films...5* for this...
When the movie about Indiana Swimming is made, the part of Coach Westphal would be played by Joe Pantoliano
Did you hear about the event w/ Joe Pantoliano tomorrow in Hoboken?
Joe Pantoliano and should be in the Bound 2 video.
Gerard & the marshals getting lost in the drains is hysterical! Special mention to Joe Pantoliano for his comic timing :)
Got 7/51 playing the Joe Pantoliano Movies quiz. Can you top that?
Just took a call that made me remember a Joe Pantoliano line from 1986's Running Scared (Billy Crystal, Gregory Hines): "He fell on a knife ... four times."
I met Joe Pantoliano last night. For those of you who don't know who that is, he's been in a few little things . . . like The Matrix, The Fugitive, Memento, Goonies, Law & Order, The Sopranos, nothing you've ever heard of, I'm sure.
Fundraising event VIP with Joe Pantoliano..never a dull moment! :)
Mental Health Association of CT - Art of Wellness lecture with Joe Pantoliano.
Art of well-being lecture presented by the mental health associate of CT, with Joe Pantoliano actor author and advocate. With my supporters, thank you Gina Mozzicato Laurie Nobilski Robert Laraia Shirley Cooper Kristen M. Clark Stephen Grant
At The Art of Well-Being Lecture Series w/ Joe Pantoliano "Joey Pants".or Ralphie Cifaretto from the Sorpranos. Talking about Mental Health & his struggle w/ depression. Great event by the Menta Health Association of CT.
The Art of Well-Being Actor, Author and Advocate, Joe Pantoliano is well known for his role in the popular Sporano's series in addition to many theatrical and film rolls. Joe will be in Hartford as our keynote speaker for The Art of Well-Being lecture series. The event will be engaging and informative. Joe is a tireless advocate for mental health awareness, eliminating stigma and promoting wellness. Come join us: The Hartford Club 46 Prospect Street, Hartford, CT November 14, 2013 6:00-9:00 p.m. Tickets are limited, reserve your seat today! VIP seating $150/per person (To include a VIP reception, book signing and photo opportunity.) General Admission seating $50/per person Emmy Award Journalist, Diane Smith will facilitate the lecture.
No KIdding? Me Too! (NKM2) is a non-profit organization who's main purpose is to stomp the stigma that surrounds brain disease. Founded by Joe Pantoliano
Teen/High School comedies Whose mother is the MILF in American Pie - Stifler’s Who plays the *** O’Bannon in Dazed and Confused- Affleck Which series of films starred rap duo Kid N Play? - House Party What is the name of the evil pimp played by Joe Pantoliano in Risky Business - *** Who is Napoleon’s best friend in Napoleon Dynamite - Pedro Which Beatles song is played during the parade in Ferris Beueller’s Day Off - Twist and Shout Which novel is the film Easy A loosely based on- Scarlet Letter Who directed Rushmore - Wes Anderson Which state is McLovin’s fake ID from - Hawaii What kind of car do they use in Back to the Future? - DeLorean Tie Breakers Who played Spicoli - Sean Penn Name of evil dojo- Cobra Kai Who stars as the title character Lucas - Corey Feldman Children’s TV 1. Which famous actor got hsi big break on Even Stevens - Shia LaDouche 2. Whats is the name of Dora’s cousin - Diego 3. Finish the name of this show;3-2-1: – Contact 4. What is Mr. Rogers first name - Fre ...
Web Exclusive: Joe Pantoliano interviewed U.S. troops who have Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) and Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) at the event "Stand Up For Heroes" in 2008. Plus, Dr...
The following column is written and submitted by P. Woodward. Please feel free to post questions or comments: It was somewhat ironic that the only way that Penn State could stay with Minnesota last Saturday was to avoid digging themselves into a hole early in the game. No one knew it would take five seconds for the Nits to begin their extensive digging by fumbling on their first play when running back Bill Belton coughed up the football and handed Minnesota three points. It seemed that both teams played like Gophers, only Penn State spent their day in the cold playing the self-destruction game. The problems that all of us have been harping about in Big 10 road games this season continued big time. Penn State fans had ample warnings before the season that this team might struggle because of its monumental vulnerability to injury, its lack of team speed, its first year quarterback and a very inexperienced defense. There are a significant number of starters and backups competing with nagging injuries which, ...
I'm more of a fan of Billy Crystal & Gregory Hines in Running Scared. Great acting from Joe Pantoliano.
Countdown to Halloween: Today's honorable mentions, be sure to scroll... Horror TV Series! 1. American Horror Story: Asylum (this is the second season of American Horror Story and by far the best yet. You do not need to see the first season as they change the theme, and the first season was lacking and I've only seen one episode of season 3 (spoiler alert: it *** . 2. The Following (interesting show that had some really good parts and showed what psycho's go through to obtain "friends". The only thing I really hated in this series was the little boy who was why to dumb for his age. Spoiler Alert: Kevin Bacon has a really bad time. 3. Tales from the Crypt (GREAT show that had equal amounts of comedy and terror, some more one sided than others but who cares, right? I'd even go to so far as to say it had one of the best "host" out there, the crypt-keeper. Be sure to see episodes featuring James Remar, Whoopi Goldberg, Judd Nelson, Bobcat Goldthwait, Jeffrey Tambor, Joe Pantoliano, and Andrew McCart ...
It's worth watching for Joe Pantoliano's creepy henchman and his amazing death scene.
Trailer for the documentary "NO KIDDING! ME 2!!" - Now available for rent or purchase on iTunes and! Joe Pantoliano (The Sopranos, Memento, The Ma...
I remember when I was engaged which seems like a million years ago..1996..i picked up she was called..downtown and i literally ran into 2002 I met Joe I guess I've been living the Matrix for years whether I've seen this movie or not!...wait a minute?...I am the one!
The team with local legend Joe Pantoliano on the Avenue!
Great turnout at our NYC premiere last night...Thank you Joe Pantoliano and all the remarkable people who attended. Tonight will be another fantastic show at Cinema Village. Please come out!
- Memento (2000) dir. Christopher Nolan, with Guy Pearce, Carrie-Anne Moss and Joe Pantoliano is the film I'm referring to.
Director Harvey Hubbell & star Joe Pantoliano in person tonight at Cinema Village for DISLECKSIA (7:10PM):
Yeah. I'm sorta watching this. Joe Pantoliano! Unsung acting hero of many a movie. ★ The Goonies —
Man, that's depressing. Played by bumblebee man or jOE Pantoliano (the traitor in matrix).
Joe Pantoliano, or as he is known in some circles: Joe Panties.
DISLECKSIA: THE MOVIE opens this Friday! Watch this interview with Director Harvey Hubbell V, Joe Pantoliano and...
Coinciding with National Dyslexia Awareness Month, the documentary, 'Dislecksia: The Movie' opens this Friday. The film's Director Harvey Hubbell V, Joe Pantoliano and Barbara Corcoran sit down with Marc to discuss the film and dyslexia awareness.
Bound (1996) Trailer (Jennifer Tilly, Gina Gershon, Joe Pantoliano): Corky, a tough female ex con and her love...
What do Billy Bob Thornton, Stephen J. Cannell and Joe Pantoliano have in common with 1.4 billion children and adults worldwide? Dyslexia. They are also featured in DISLECKSIA: THE MOVIE, a powerfully touching and entertaining documentary that mixes humor and perspective with insight and analysis. The Learning Center at Hamlin Robinson will present the national release of this movie on Thursday, October 17th at 6:30pm at the Admiral Theatre.
Never in my entire life have I explored a movie as complex as Memento. It's such an excellent movie because it's different than anything that's been out in cinema history. For those ignorant of the movie, it's called 'Memento' (obviously) and it's about a man named Leonard who has short term memory loss after him and his wife's house is ransacked by robbers. How he gets short term memory loss is because one of the robbers smacked his head on a mirror in his bathroom and now he can't make new memories.     Throughout the whole movie, Leonard claims that his wife was raped and murdered by this same robber who gave him amnesia. The robbers name is John G (it is never revealed how he obtained his name) and he's on a mission to hunt and kill John G for what he claims he did to his wife. Why I keep saying the word 'claims' is because at the end of the movie, it is revealed what actually happens to his wife. Not entirely convinced that this is different from any other movie ever made? Well, I didn't explain t ...
I think one of the geniuses of Bound & The Matrix ... Memento is the complete of the effort... via Joe Pantoliano
On air live now! Sorry for short notice, I just found out myself! We're going LIVE with The Huffington Post right now with Joe Pantoliano and Barbara Corcoran! Are you watching from home? Tell us what you think!
Sometimes I think Joe Pantoliano. No, that's not right. But this morning I thought, it's the name of a painter. Aha! Joe Mantegna!
had a dream where he was investigating what turned out to be a haunted library curated by Alex Trebek. His partners in this investigation were a bemused Jeff Daniels and an antsy Joe Pantoliano (which is to say, Jeff Daniels and Joe Pantoliano in their respective resting states). Ultimately, we learned that the term "the devil's interval" was not only going to be used frequently in the orchestral score for the as-yet-unproduced musical version of Macbeth, but also that its origins can be traced to the infamous violent schizophrenia/possible demonic possession case that occurred in one of the towers of the very library under investigation, back when it was a psychiatric hospital. All involved in the incident--doctor, priest, and patient--perished in the unexplained inferno that virtually destroyed that wing of the building, which is now closed off from the public, but still used by Alex Trebek for his moments of quiet contemplation. Main takeaway moral: Until you've been there, you have no idea how terri . ...
YOUR POP CULTURE *** MEMENTO (Finally!) Let me just say this: I was afraid to watch this movie. Not because I thought it was scary or anything, but more because I thought I wouldn't get it. I know the movie was essentially told backwards with intercutting scenes from the present, and this is one of those movies where you really need to be paying attention to everything. Here's the plot: A man named Leonard (played by the uber sexy Guy Pearce) has had some sort of brain injury that has caused him to lose his short term memory. So, he can't form new memories, leaving himself notes and tattooing facts about the man who raped and murdered his wife and clubbed him over the head, causing his brain injury. It's shot half in black and white and half in color. The black and white scenes are shown in present time and the scenes in color are presented in reverse. Once again: you HAVE to pay attention during this movie, otherwise, you'll be instantly lost. The movie's pretty well-paced, and there's a lot of attitu .. ...
Join us for a FREE movie at the Marina Library, sponsored by NAMI Monterey County. 8 October 2013 - 6:00p.m.-8:00p.m. Marina Library 190 Seaside Circle, Marina Light refreshments will be served “Canvas: A film by Joseph Greco" Starring Academy award winning actor Marcia *** Harden and Emmy award winning actor Joe Pantoliano. CANVAS is inspired by the director’s experience who came of age as his mother struggled with schizophrenia. The film educates while providing humor and hope!
Thu, November 14, 2013 (Eastern) If you are interested in purchasing tickets please click here to contact us. The Mental Health Association of Connecticut Educational Lecture Series Welcomes: Joe Pantoliano Actor, Author and Advocate for Menta
Jeremy Fink and the Meaning of Life plays this morning at 1030 at the Electric Lodge in Venice. Come celebrate it with us! The amazing Ryan Simpkins will be there for talk back. Based on the book by NY Times bestseller Wendy Mass, the movie stars Ryan Simpkins, Mira Sorvino, Joe Pantoliano and Michael Urie. Music by the amazing Edie Brickell. Such a gorgeous combo and great for kids 6-12 to watch with their families. Hugs all around after. See you soon Ry Ryan Simp.
Directed by Dustin Marcellino. With Ashley Judd, Seth Green, Ray Liotta, Joe Pantoliano. The film follows the path of a musical family from the Be Bop 1950s through the Glam Rock 1970s.
George Jones would have been 82 today. Maria Muldaur is 70. Joe Pantoliano is 62. Yao Ming is 33 and Jennifer Hudson is 32.
Joe Pantoliano on my show with his book Asylum. Buy it. It's a Krazy read.
Philosophical question: Is Carrie-Ann Moss or Joe Pantoliano the villain of Memento?
I remember Joe Pantoliano without Janice and Carrie-Ann Moss without a leather catsuit and the movie's general outline.
Joe Pantoliano and Yaphet Kotto are both great. Dennis Farina is both funny and sinister. Elfman's score: one of his best.
James Gandolfini Eulogized By David Chase Alan Sepinwall is the source who provided the transcript to The Sopranos creator’s euology of James Gandolfini today at the actor’s NYC funeral attended by castmates Edie Falco, Lorraine Bracco, Steve Buscemi, Julianna Margulies, Jamie-Lynn Sigler, Joe Pantoliano, Dominic Chianese, Steve Schirripa, Aida Turturro, Vincent Curatola, Tony Sirico, Michael Imperioli, as well as the show’s executive producer Brad Grey. Others included Alec Baldwin, Chris Noth, Marcia *** Harden, Steve Carell, and New Jersey Governor Chris Christie. The 51-year-old Gandolfini died Wednesday of a heart attack in Italy. Chase was one of four speakers, including Gandolfini’s widow, who spoke at one of Manhattan’s largest churches Cathedral Church of Saint John the Divine and gave his remarks in the form of a letter to the actor and quoted from Joan Osborne’s “(What If God Was) One Of Us?”: Dear Jimmy, Your family asked me to speak at your service, and I am so honored and tou ...
  James Gandolfini, dead at 51. Something just doesn’t seem right about that. There was something about Gandolfini that so many, particularly in New Jersey, could relate to.   But what always struck me about this quintessential “Jersey guy,” who was a product of Rutgers University and studied communications there, was that he communicated in such a powerful and memorable way.   Not everyone has it; in fact, very few people do. It is so easy to call it charisma or charm, but it was something more than that with Gandolfini. I only met him once, but I’ll never forget it. Even though I’ve interviewed many members of “The Sopranos” cast on public television, including Lorraine Bracco, Joe Pantoliano, Vince Curatola and Frank Vincent — all of whom spoke glowingly about Gandolfini — it was in meeting him that I could see that he had that something special. It was something that drew people to him.   It was at a restaurant that was being opened by Joe Piscopo and some business associates in ...
Jim Caviezel, Barry Pepper, Greg Kinnear, Sisto and Joe Pantoliano wake up in an abandoned warehouse with no memories and lots of injuries.
NORTH SHORE AND MERRIMACK VALLEY FRIENDS AND SUPPORTERS JOIN US FOR THIS FREE PROGRAM TO LEARN MORE ABOUT LIVING WITH BIPOLAR DISORDER. This two-hour educational program will show the film Living with Bipolar Disorder followed by a discussion moderated by clinicians from NSMC Salem Hospital. Thursday, June 27, 2013 6:00pm to 8:00pm North Shore Medical Center Salem Hospital Conference Room: Davenport Room 102B 81 Highland Avenue Salem, MA 01970 Living with Bipolar Disorder is an AFSP program that includes a 43 minute film about Bipolar Disorder. It features an introduction by Joe Pantoliano, an actor and television star, and a review of the illness by our clinical expert Dr. Joe Calabrese from Case Medical Center, Cleveland, Ohio. The film also features the stories as told by three people who have been treated for bipolar disorder as well as the widow of a man who died by suicide who most likely suffered from bipolar. The clinical expert, Dr. Calabrese, offers medical commentary after each story, and bot . ...
Joe Pantoliano interviews Dr. Dean Brooks, the former Superintendent of the Oregon State Hospital from 1955 to 1981. Brooks participated in the film One Flew Over The Cuckoo's Nest when the producers cast him as Dr. Spivey and shot the film at.
that voice ... if I had that, I'd be a *** reduced to marrying Joe Pantoliano while screwing Gina Gershon too
Bound is a 1996 American neo-noir crime thriller film written and directed by The Wachowski Brothers. Violet (Jennifer Tilly), who longs to escape her relationship with her mafioso boyfriend Caesar (Joe Pantoliano), enters into a clandestine affair with alluring ex-con Corky (Gina Gershon), and the...
Watch the intro to Call of Duty Black Ops 2's newest zombie mode, Mob of the Dead. Starring Michael Madsen, Ray Liotta, Joe Pantoliano and Chazz Palminteri C...
waiting for Mob Of The Dead to download, Ray Liotta, Michael Madsen, Joe Pantoliano and Chazz Palminteri, what a cast!
Call of duty made a cool addition mob of the dead to zombies with actors Michael Madsen, Joe Pantoliano, Ray Liotta, and Chazz Palminteri
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Just watch out for Joe Pantoliano, that conniving ***
it is. Joe Pantoliano. Great movie, btw. Seen it like fifty times.
Joe Pantoliano makes the film. Also, Mike Lowrey surviving a sledge hammer to the head always irked me.
Black Ops 2: Mob of the Dead ft Joe Pantoliano, Chazz Palminteri, Ray Liotta, and Michael Madsen.
Joe Pantoliano, you have my respect. :)
Yeah I heard about that. And in Zombies you play as Ray Liotta, Michael Madsen, Joe Pantoliano and some other guy
Check out the new awesome trailer featuring Ray Liotta, Chazz Palminteri, Michael Madsen and Joe Pantoliano. They...
ugh, Joey Pants betrayal scene. To me, Joe Pantoliano will always be Henchman from "Baby's Day Out"
the DLC is set in Alcatraz in the 30's utilizing actors like Ray Liotta, Joe Pantoliano, Michael Madsen, and mob like actrz
need to start writing my letter to convince him to replace Jamie Foxx with Joe Pantoliano for the role of Electro
Dibs on writing a road trip movie starring Joe Pantoliano and Charlie Day as estranged father and son trying to reconnect.
I can only assume you are moments away from arresting Joe Pantoliano so he can rat out the big boss in town.
I just realized I own three movies with Joe Pantoliano: The Goonies, Empire of the Sun, and Memento
Mob of the Dead looks awesome. Joe Pantoliano, Michael Madsen, Ray Liotta & Chazz Palminteri is a great cast!
I wonder if even half of the CoD fanbase downloading the new DLC will even know who Chazz Palmentari or Joe Pantoliano are.
And, um, Joe Pantoliano was in an episode too. He had hair. Heh.
Ray Liotta, Chazz Palmenteri, Joe Pantoliano and Michael Madsen my favorite actors fight zombies cool but I refuse to buy Call of Duty games
Chazz Palminteri, Joe Pantoliano, Michael Madsen & Ray Liotta on Alcatraz with zombies in CODBO2 DLC. Yes, I'm in.
What happens if you take one of each? Does Joe Pantoliano viciously attack you while you sleep?
Ray Liotta, Chazz Palminteri, Joe Pantoliano and Michael Madsen are the four playable characters in BLOPS new zombie mode. What?
Joe Pantoliano is up there with Steve Buscemi for 'best supporting actor whose surname everyone's unsure how to pronounce properly'.
I've decided to slog through the crappy first couple of seasons of Highlander to get to the just okay later seasons of Highlander. I have run out of crappy shows on Netflix. So far in season one, notable guest stars include: Joan Jett, Rodger Daltrey, Oscar winner Marion Cotillard, Anthony Head (Giles), Jason Isaacs, Roland Gift (Lead singer of Fine Young Cannibals), Joe Pantoliano, & Vincent Schiavelli (Frederickson in One Flew Over the Cuckoos Nest.)
Red pill and blue pill The red pill and its opposite, the blue pill, are pop culture symbols representing the choice between the blissful ignorance of illusion (blue) and embracing the sometimes painful truth of reality (red). Analysis An essay written by Russell Blackford discusses the red and blue pills, questioning whether if a person were fully informed they would take the red pill, opting for the real world, believing that choosing reality over a simulation is not clear-cut. Both Neo and another character, Cypher (Joe Pantoliano), take the red pill over the blue pill, with the latter showing regret for having made such a choice, having stated that if Morpheus fully informed them of the situation, Cypher would have told Morpheus to "shove the red pill right up [his] *** " Blackford argues that The Matrix trilogy sets things up so that even if Neo fails, the taking of the red pill is worthwhile because he lives and dies authentically. Blackford and science-fiction writer James Patrick Kelly feel that T ...
Baby's Day Out is a 1994 live-action comedy film, written by John Hughes and produced by Richard Vane and John Hughes, and directed by Patrick Read Johnson. The film stars Joe Mantegna, Joe Pantoliano and Brian Haley, as well as twins Adam and Jacob Worton as Baby Bink. The plot centers around a wealthy baby's kidnapping by three incompetents, his escape and adventure through a big city while being pursued by the three kidnappers.
Paul Giamatti harvests grapes until his hands freeze permanently in a rictus of pain. Joe Pantoliano stuffs corn into a duck for an hour.
Joe Pantoliano and I once shared a nurturing embrace
s01e01 Sopranos done, 85 hours to go
The NY Emmy nominations came out today, and out of 5 entries I was nominated for 1, not too bad!
You really get what you pay for when you hire Joe Pantoliano.
Zachary Levi. Joseph Gordon-Levitt. Jim Sturgess. Michael Rosenbaum. Joel Edgerton. Jack Huston. Lee Pace. Eddie Redmayne. Garrett Hedlund. Over the last few weeks all of those actors have gone over to Marvel Studios to test for the role of Star-Lord, the lead character in James Gunn's Guardians of...
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So many familiar names in this...Sean Astin, Josh Brolin, Robert Davi, Corey Feldman, Joe Pantoliano, so long since I've watched it!
No Kidding, Me Too! is a nonprofit organization founded by actor Joey Pants, comprised of entertainment industry members, united in an effort to educate Americans about the epidemic related to brain dis-ease in all forms. Through this enlightenment we will teach those suffering from it, and their lo...
One of my favourite things about The Fugitive is the appearance of Joe Pantoliano, otherwise known as Ralphie Cifaretto from The Sopranos.
Another question: Would Joe Pantoliano have been a better on-screen authority figure for WCW than anyone else in that era?
“Nothing screams cool more than a middle aged white guy wearing a backwards kangol” Unless its Joe Pantoliano
Joe Pantoliano talking mental health on Today FM right now. Really interesting
Anyone listening to Joe Pantoliano on the radio? Really interesting from an acting perspective.
Great interview with Joe Pantoliano on now, fascinating guy
Loved Joe Pantoliano in The Sopranos. Great interview with him on now on mental health. What a man.
Joe Pantoliano (Ralphie, The Sopranos) talking real sense about mental health on Such a serious actor and guy.
Also joe pantoliano from the sopranos joins us.
Joe Pantoliano speaks about his depression on Late Late
At 0810 Mark chats with actor Joe Pantoliano, best known for his roles in films such as The Matrix & Midnight Run.
Memento is directed by Christopher Nolan (The Dark Knight trilogy, Inception) and the film stars Guy Pearce (The King's Speech, Prometheus), Carrie-Anne Moss (The Matrix trilogy) and Joe Pantoliano (The Matrix, The Fugitive).   The film follows Leonard Shelby, a man suffering from short-term memory loss uses notes and tattoos to hunt for the man who killed his wife. The whole movie is on backwards.   Memento is a fantastic movie! It's very complex, dense, original, intriguing and mind-blowing. The plot is phenomenal. Ever since I saw this movie, it has manipulated my mind. Christopher Nolan is such a genius. I have to see Memento a few more times in order to understand the whole thing.   Overall, I loved Memento. Go check it out!   My rating: 5/5    
A talk on mental health prejudice and discrimination, hosted by Amnesty International and First Fortnight. Joe Pantoliano and Stuart Semple spoke to Colm O'G...
'SOPRANOS' star Joe Pantoliano is encouraging Irish people suffering from mental health issues to speak up and seek help after he suffered in silence for over 50 years. The 61-year-old has told of how his life-long struggle with "brain disease" led him into acting because he could channel his emotion through his characters. Half-Italian Pantoliano, or 'Joey Pants' as he is known, flew into Dublin this week to share his story of dealing with mental illness as part of Dublin's First Fortnight Arts Festival, a yearly event that aims to challenge the perceived stigma attached to mental health issues through creative arts. Speaking to the Irish Independent, he explained how TV and movie projects became a form of therapy for him. "I didn't want to live any more, I wanted to die. I was dumbfounded by that at the time because I want to leave this Earth having left my mark, evidence that I was here," he said. "This disease absolutely spurred me on to acting because I found a craft I could master in order to let of ...
Joe Pantoliano is a good actor. Plays a good creepy guy.
Since meeting Joe Pantoliano at last week I just can't look at Ralph the same way.
The Texans' coach looks like Sloth's brother from the Goonies. You know, the one that isn't Joe Pantoliano
Amnesty video. First Fortnight. health. pantoliano sopranos
New review, "Bound" - the Wachowski brothers first film starring Gina Gershon and Joe Pantoliano
What an amazing afternoon in the company of Joe Pantoliano and Ray Darcy
Joe Pantoliano talks about feeling depressed lastnight! Ray Darcy replies because of the Late Late!
Is Matthew Etherington the long lost cousin of Joe Pantoliano?
saw 'Joe Pantoliano' on the lastnight and thought it was :/
Did anyone else see Joe Pantoliano on The Late Late Show, he is here in Dublin for the First Fortnight mental health and creative arts festival to help raise awareness for mental health etc; he said some great things, but one thing he said and it really stuck with me, and I just want to share it with those who didn't see it, "depression is about living in the past, anxiety is about living in the future, and if you can just live in the moment, the right now, you have a good chance of having a good day".
I could listen to Joe Pantoliano all day. What a character. And really courageous in speaking about his mental health issues.
Joe Pantoliano, what a legend, great to see someone talk so openly about such a serious problem.
Fingers crossed please please please can we get to meet Joe Pantoliano tomorrow night!
Joe Pantoliano aka Ralphy from the Sopranos went to see you last night! Kinda cool
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Joe Pantoliano is excellent on the late late, very interesting !
Joe Pantoliano is saying very important things right now.
Such an honour to listen to Joe Pantoliano that can teach us his aslyum. Never too late.
Joe Pantoliano doing a stellar job talking about depression :)
Cool Joe Pantoliano on the Late Late Show, if they had more guests like that on it I might watch it more.
The Late Late Show is great tonight! The Brennan brothers, Jerry Flannery and now Joe Pantoliano. Win.
Also on is the Brennan Bros from and Joe Pantoliano from Sopranos &
“Fighting the stigma associated with mental illness. Aht://” Actor Joe Pantoliano speaks out
Yeooowww! Just got my tickets for Joe Pantoliano's No Kidding! Me Too! documentary tomorrow as part of
Terry Richardson's life is the one thing that makes me think the Matrix was true and Terry is the Joe Pantoliano character.
Didnt see Glen Hansard after the show last night.Made up for it tonight with Stephen Rea & Joe Pantoliano.They loved
Seriously, I'll be the Joe Pantoliano character if you pull me into your anti-machine revolution. Don't say I didn't warn you.
Anyone seen Joe Pantoliano around this week? He's here for the First Fortnight mental health campaign
Joe pantoliano(Ralph from Sopranos) just gave me a lovely smile and nod on O'Connell bridge.. Does that mean I'm sleeping with the fishes???
Just met Joe Pantoliano after tonight's performance of The Dead! What a guy!
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We had Joe Pantoliano in to see us this evening. Just had a chat with him at the bar, really amazing man!
Joey Pantoliano from The Sopranos... and loads more great shows 'n' movies
Joe Pantoliano discusses 18mins in And I DID manage to ask him a Sopranos question last night!
Got the pleasure of photographing Joe Pantoliano earlier, and in the rain. Lovely man, and wearing a crackin' shirt to boot
Soprano actor, Joe Pantoliano will screen his debut doc on Sat at fest.
I'd like to see him with Carrie-Anne Moss or Joe Pantoliano again... But probably to Matrix-eques for more sci-fi.
Here's Joe Pantoliano from the Sopranos standing in front of my yoke in Filmbase on the 9 oclock news:)
Its great to raise awareness about mental illness but I really think Joe Pantoliano is giving out the wrong message.
Joe pantoliano can't understand why he feels so bad despite his success. It's a computer simulation, joe!
Watch the debate on mental health live tonight with actor Joe Pantoliano and artist
Yo, 7pm my main man Joe Pantoliano be talkin' some truth on mental health tonight Fortnight Festival, fo' sho'
7pm tonight: watch a live interview with Soprano's actor Joe Pantoliano from
Actor Joe Pantoliano & photographer Stuart Semple are in the debate on mental health streaming 7pm on Aertv:
7pm tonight:watch live interview online about with Soprano's actor Joe Pantoliano
And if I don't see you there, with Joe Pantoliano (of Sopranos fame) is being broadcast on from 7pm.
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Oh and cross dressing Joe Pantoliano. Forgot about that.
Thursday December 20th at 8PM - Lavender Speaks FEATURED PERFORMER - Mara Hyman Mara is originally from Brooklyn. She holds a BFA from the School of Visual Arts. Her work has been published in the NY Daily News, NY Post, and NY Times. She worked in the movie Canvas with Academy Award winner Marsha Gaye Harden and Joe Pantoliano. She’s worked with Guggenheim...
Joe Pantoliano on the Sopranos is grown up Pete Campbell, right?
Hold up...Tommy Lee Jones and Joe Pantoliano are it's a party. "Your fugitive's name is DOCTOR Richard Kimble."
MARK209 baritone, Bryan Hatton, got a small part in the new television series, "Nashville". He and Jym were also used in the filming of the new movie, "The Identical", starring Seth Green, Ray Liotta, Ashley Judd, and Joe Pantoliano.
Pretty sure that Mike Fratello is just a character that Joe Pantoliano plays.
Joe giving Bogie a little affection. By Brian Fischler Welcome to the Matrix! Unfortunately, according to actor, writer, director, and philanthropist Joe Pantoliano, there are no dogs in the Matrix
One of our latest songs via License Lab at movie starring Ray Liotta, Ashley Judd, Seth Green, & Joe Pantoliano.
A new movie is being filmed in Nashville this week. "The Identical" stars Ashley Judd, Ray Liotta, Seth Green, and Joe Pantoliano.
Offer just went out to Joe Pantoliano for the lead in my Dr. Zizmor biopic. Fingers crossed!
I was eating at Back Alley BBQ for lunch, when Joe Pantoliano came in, sat down beside me and ate lunch. The nerve of him.
On set as Joe Pantoliano's stand in for the feature film "The Identical"
Directed by Paul Brickman. With Tom Cruise, Rebecca De Mornay, Joe Pantoliano, Richard Masur. A Chicago teenager is looking for fun at home while his parents are away, but the situation quickly gets out of hand.
Forgot to mention the celebrity spotings at the final She Want Revenge show in Hollywood over the weekend. Attending was Dave Navaro, Mathew Perry. Natale Portman and Joe Pantoliano ( police cheif in the 2 Bad Boys movies).
Actor Joe Pantoliano stated in an interview his role in this film remains his all-time favorite -
Breast Cancer Awareness
Seth Green is set to star in the indie pic "The Identical" alongside Ashley Judd , Ray Liotta and Joe Pantoliano . Dustin Marcellino will direct from a script by Howie Klausner. Matthew Dean Russell and Mark G. Mathis will produce, while Yochanan Marcellino will exec produce. Producti...
See the 2006 drama "Canvas" starring Marcia *** Harden and Joe Pantoliano today at 2pm on
Greg Manusky has a little Joe Pantoliano in him.
Peeps saying I look like Joe Pantoliano the actor but clearly that's BS
Lakeisha Osterstuck liked Joe Pantoliano: Our Dis-ease Is Our Cure: I look forward to the day when all of us come to…
actor Joe Pantoliano's 501(c)(3) on removing stigmas about emotional and mental disorders: About Us »...
Amazed to discover that the Wachowski brothers, before making those godawful unwatchable "Matrix" films, made BOUND (1996), a really cool *** heist film. It's fast-paced, high-spirited, and visually inventive, with strong performances by Jennifer Tilly and Gina Gershon, and an amazing one by Joe Pantoliano (later to be Ralph on THE SOPRANOS). It's clearly influenced by Tarantino and is almost--if not quite--worthy of him.
My interest in the Joe Pantoliano interview is waning? Still in the works?
So my day is back to normal after filming in the movie Identical :D was really awesome seeing Seth Green and Joe Pantoliano and the others :P that was pretty amazing ^^ hope to be as big as them some day
Joe Pantoliano was just at my work. Who? Look him up n you'll know who he is.
On the set with Joe Pantoliano today on the film and tonight on
Seth Green, Ashley Judd, Ray Liotta and Joe Pantoliano will star in the period rock-themed drama "The Identical"...
Seth Green to star with Ashley Judd, Ray Liotta and Joe Pantoliano in THE IDENTICAL:
On set working my 1st feature with Ray Liotta, Seth Green, Joe Pantoliano and Ashley Judd. Pretty cool!
Bound starring Jennifer Tilly, Gina Gershon and Joe Pantoliano. Haven't seen this in a while. Long day. Movie, book, bed.
Celebrity Birthdays today: Paul Walker, Jennifer Hudson, Ruben Studdard, George Jones, Linda Gray(Sue Ellen on Dallas), Barry White(died in 2003..would have been 68), Neal Peart(awesome drummer for Rush), 7 foot 5 inch Yao Ming, track star Jesse Owens(died in '80..would have been 99), Colts QB Andrew Luck, actor Joe Pantoliano, former Nascar driver Ricky Rudd, Wrestler "Hawk" of Legion of Doom fame, former boxer Wilfred Benitez(had a great fight w/ Sugar Ray Leonard), and Jennifer Nettles of Sugarland
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