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Joe Montana

Joseph Clifford Joe Montana, Jr. (born June 11, 1956), nicknamed Joe Cool, Golden Joe, The Golden Great and Comeback Joe, is a retired professional football player, a hall of fame quarterback with the San Francisco 49ers and Kansas City Chiefs.

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Flashback party pic with Joe Montana. Probably not his best picture. 🤪
ESPN is talking about some of his mediocre plays against CENTRAL MICHIGAN as if he’s Joe Montana. But when he plays…
One of my favorite *** Enberg moments. It's near the end of a blowout and he still makes the game entertaining. Th…
This is a dumb analogy. The Simms pick was ripped when it was made. *** Joe Montana went in the 3rd round IN THE SAME DRAFT.
How about joe Montana or billy joel?
hi kat I hope you have a wonderful holiday you were great in the Thor movies and 2 broke girls and als…
Joe Montana: 25 TDs, 25 INTs as a college QB. Not good.
And Joe Montana played at Norte Dame.So what.Look Paxton Lynch (Memphis) was hyped after he w…
Joe Montana follows 20 people on IG. Aldon Smith is one of those 20, respect lol
Josh Allen silencing all the taters in this Potato Bowl. The spud QB drawing starch comparisons to Joe Montana.
I liked a video Joe Montana compares Colin Kaepernick to Tim Tebow - is this a problem? | UNDISPUTED
So that makes it 2 good throws on the year man wow he’s the next Joe Montana. Lol.
If you didn't grow up too see Joe Montana throw a football, I feel even worse.
I’m with you Kurt. You guys weren’t protected by all these bogus rules that make it illegal to breath…
Winning is the success part of making the finals. Ppl emphasize Jordan’s 6 for 6. Joe Montana’s 4 for 4 for a reas…
Andy isn’t turning into Joe Montana anytime soon.
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Imagine OJ Simpson saying “I’d bet Joe Montana would murder his wife if he caught her cheating”
What you claim is grossly inaccurate , the Oakland residents allowed a moron from S…
He's not, BTW. That was and remains Joe Montana. And I don't just say that because I'd personally…
.has more passing yards in his first 3 starts with the than & Steve Young combined!. (Garoppolo 1,00…
Bay Area media is sucking his *** big time they calling him the prince and joe Montana
Thought this was done with Sean Taylor, can it be done now?! What's next joe Montana punter?!…
Jimmy Garoppolo and Joe Montana have the same first initial. It's a sign of a great career to come. The similarities are unavoidable.
Joe Montana is the best. Len is 2nd. Deberg 3rd, Green & Alex I think would be a tie.
Who would you say is the second best quarterback in history? (Don’t day Joe Montana... he was here two seasons).
LeBron James compares him and Dwyane Wade to Steve Young and Joe Montana.
Am I a serous card collector?. I have a stack of Joe Montana rookie cards (mint), this high. . . . . . _
Eminem needs to stop making music. Same can be said about Jay-Z. This is Joe Montana on the Chiefs. Patrick Ewing on the Magic
I’ve seen a lot of brutal hits in my time and Jim Burt’s hit on Joe Montana was about as hard a hit as I’ve ever seen.
Well you should hear Briggs and Jim Miller talk about Mitch... Lance thought Jimmy G was the second coming of Joe Montana
Bears could make Ted Phillips look like Joe Montana
"Look at Bobby tackle. I haven't seen a tackle like that since Joe Montana.". "Joe Montana was a quarterback, you id…
Joe Montana, Johnny Unitas, Terry Bradshaw, Roger Staubach, Donovan McNabb and MANY others have all been benched. J…
Case in point—rent-a-qb Joe Montana took this team deeper into playoffs than any other qb in 30 years,…
Yes, new standards can be set. Tom Brady is better than Joe Montana , John Elway, or Dan Marino. . St…
Kat Dennings is such a bad actress that she manages to get upstaged by Joe Montana. A man that is so not an actor.
You forgot to skate and went with the Joe Montana deep balls too, Butch. This is hockey, not football. M…
Not sure how much MVP hype Case Keenum is getting, but he deserves plenty. He's played like Joe Montana all season 🏈.
MasterCard has an ad that stars Joe Montana and Kat Denning. Ok.
The Redskins always seem to be looking for Joe Montana when all they need to win Super Bowl is Joe Theisman.
Bill Walsh quoted 'Joe Montana was a product of the system. Dan Marino was the system" Bill Walsh wo…
Jared Goff has one good game and ESPN compares him to Joe Montana 😂 wth?
Current head coach Mike McCarthy, standing next to Joe Montana in 1994. McCarthy was the "Offensive quality cont…
Great Quarterbacks are hard to fight. Joe Montana, John Unitas, Bart Starr, John Elway, Terry Bradshaw, Tom Brady are the best ever
This week on the podcasting family, Bob Myers, Ron Wolf, Randy Cross, Vince Carter and Joe Montana.
Saw Gretzky as a kid in Bloomington. North Stars rink. He made a cross ice pass tape to tape that was Joe Montana l…
Bill Walsh/Joe Montana, game against the Dallas Cowboys at Candlestick Park on D…
Check out timeless interviews with Derek Jeter,Mark Cuban,. Wilt Chamberlain, Joe Montana just to name a few on chris myers YouTube channel !
Good show. I loved the first Joe Montana but then Madden just crushed it. My friends and I loved Quart…
Another interesting thing about this list: Warren Moon has more game winning drives than Joe Montana!
That play call was as bad as Sam Wyche's play call just before Joe Montana beat the Bengals with a last-play TD in Riverfront Stadium.
My growing up with players like Steve Largent & Joe Montana are long gone. Other sports, I lo…
No way he's top 5, here's why. Tom Brady, Joe Montana, Peyton Manning, Joh…
one of my friends loves Joe Montana, one of my friends loves Joe Mantegna. the duality of high school girls.
Jerry Rice is no stranger to former 49ers quarterback Joe Montana. But Hannah Montana… she's another story
Top 5 QB's of all-time:. 1. Tom Brady. 2. Joe Montana. 3. Peyton Manning. 4. John Elway. 5. Otto Graham. Agree or disagree? What are your top 5?
Magic Johnson. Nolan Ryan. Joe Montana . Wayne Gretzky . Anna Kournikova. (Hey, she kept me interested in tennis.)
Tony Dungy didn't have Tom Brady or Joe Montana in his top 5 QBs of all time. LOL.
Joe Montana has a very logical reason for why Colin Kaepernick isn't in the NFL right now
No front page story on Joe Montana's take on why Kaep isn't signed? Why am I not surprised,
Joe Montana not only called a Kap a 'distraction' but insinuated he wasn't 'willing to put in the time' Yuck.
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Joe Montana calls Colin Kaepernick a 'distraction,' compares him to Tim Tebow
Joe Montana explains why teams might be shying away from Colin Kaepernick
Joe Montana is effectively calling every black quarterback Tim Tebow
Joe Montana calls Colin Kaepernick 'distraction,' likens QB skills to those of Tim Tebow Seen this?
Joe Montana is the feds and Calvin Johnson can say whatever he wants about the god awful Detroit Lions.
Joe Montana offered another weak reason why Colin Kaepernick can’t get signed:.
Wire: Joe Montana really likes Odell Beckham Jr., but still isn't crazy about that…
Joe Montana: Colin Kaepernick isn't in the NFL for the same reason Tim Tebow isn't and then disproves his own point…
Pickett did wear but no it's not him. This guy was supposed to be the next Joe Montana. Hint he played for Notre Dame
Joe Montana and Jerry Rice named best QB-WR duo in NFL history
QBs that had the opposite type of treatment that Wentz got on draft day. Joe Montana . Tom Brady . Steve Young . Aaron Rodgers . Brett Favre . Dak
Huge fan but so awesome Robert Kraft, Joe Montana, Jim Brown, Roger Staubach & many others are visiting Isr…
Joe Montana, Jim Brown, Roger Staubach, & other NFL legends have joined Robert Kraft on a trip to Israel.
With Kitna Sullivan Henson Stanton and Stafford. Jerry had Steve Young and Joe Montana lol
I love how NBA guys always compare. Could you imagine Terry Bradshaw, or Joe Montana saying they’d beat some team now. They would be mocked
be comparing Rivers to Tom Brady, Joe Montana, and Terry Bradshaw
Tom Brady talks to about Garoppolo, Joe Montana, MJ, & playing beyond age 45
If you don't want to be the best, then there's no reason going out and trying to accomplish anything. Joe Montana
Phil Kessel: 15 goals over last 2 postseasons, second only to San Jose's Joe Pavelski (16)
How is this football pro disrupting the beef industry? Check out this segment by
Joe Montana suing developers over sinking condo
Joe Montana suing developers over sinking condo (Sportsnaut)
If you're not ex-NFL QB Joe Montana, Ron Conway may not agree to mentor you, but you can read -
Joe Montana suing developers of Millennium Tower over sinking, slanted condo
Is it Jerry Rice Joe Montana by chance?
I'll give you Johnny Unitas but think about it: Joe Namath, Joe Montana, Dan Marino, Troy Aikman, John Elway, Tom Brady.
He's Legendary they have great history I agree! I ama 49ers fan, wears the greatest franchise! Bill Walsh,Jerry Rice,Joe Montana
There's no thrill like throwing a touchdown pass. Joe Montana
It's like 4,000 yards passing now, there's a new standard. Andy dalton has done it but Joe Montana never did, yet Joe is All-timer
"You may never have seen Babe Ruth walk into Yankee Stadium, or Joe Montana at Candlestick,but you've seen Taker at WrestleMania" -🐐
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This made me happy. I LOVE Stephen Piscotty, he's cool under pressure like Joe Montana.
NFL legend Joe Montana's son, Tulane QB Nick Montana, with the rare 4th-down spike right before half. http:…
Yup happy go lucky Joe Montana. Francis went from Grogan to Montana and flourished. Earl Cooper and young Dr. John Frank too
I see Joe Montana with elements of Randall Cunningham and Joe Namth, personally
I was a 49er Fan since Joe Montana days! Colin killed the NFL 4 me. I am DONE! Hope you're proud of yourself Colin!
Joe Montana, Joe Theisman, Fran Tarkenton, Drew Bledsoe and Jim Plunkett all traded to other teams. Drew Brees in FA.
Bob Sapp's fighting style on the tale of the tape in Japan was NFL. Begs the question...who'd win if Bruce Lee fought Joe Montana?
I liked a video Tom Brady better than Joe Montana? Bill Romanowski weighs in | UNDISPUTED
That list includes Joe Montana and Steve Young, both HOFers, as well as 3x pro bowler Jeff Garcia and 2002 MVP Rich Gannon
Tom Brady is GOAT. No more arguments. I'm a Joe Montana fan. But TB12 just passed him
Tom Brady has defeated the league MVP six times in his playoff career, including twice in the Super Bowl. . Joe Montana d…
how's that Joe Montana game that everyone read saying was gonna show Madden was was boss 2 years ago?
bring back Joe Montana in madden please or stave young
Joe Montana says he can't say whether Tom Brady is the greatest of all time.
Joe Montana will always be with me too.
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As a life long 49er fan, I have to admit Joe Montana is now the second best QB ever 😪
A friendly reminder that Joe Montana never threw a pick in four Super Bowls
Tom Brady is the first quarterback to win 5 championships passing Terry Bradshaw & Joe Montana. What a night for football history
Tom Brady breaks Terry Bradshaw & Joe Montana's record of winning the most Super Bowls in NFL history.
History has been made! The patriots do it yet again and Brady with his 5th championship passing Joe Montana and Terry Bradshaw! Unbelievable
Brady has more rings than Joe Montana, Terry Bradshaw, Roger Staubach, and all the other great winning QB's. He has to be the 🐐
yea but Terry Bradshaw and Joe Montana are 4-0. By your lebron argument he is not the best because he has lost some!
Tom Brady captures his 5th title. Most by any quarterback in history passing Joe Montana & Terry Bradshaw
Tom Brady 5th pass Joe Montana and Terry Bradshaw winning championship with 1 team.
And now Brady elevates himself past Johnny U, Bart Starr, Joe Montana, and Terry Bradshaw. Unbelievable finish and what a comeback
Terry Bradshaw and Joe Montana are still better than Tom Brady
Joe Montana, you were great. Terry Bradshaw. Johnny U. You're all superb. But Tom Brady is the GOAT. Maybe the GOAT of GOA…
Tom Brady has moved ahead of Joe Montana and Terry Bradshaw with the most Super Bowl wins.
TB 12 just passed Terry Bradshaw and Joe Montana in Super Bowl wins, now making him the true 🐐
Brady surpassed Terry Bradshaw and Joe Montana as the only QB with 5 SB OT ! Best ever? Your call.
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Terry Bradshaw and Joe Montana are in a bar somewhere singing "Glory Days".
Move over Joe Montana and Terry Bradshaw, Tom Brady the Goat now with five.
Tom Brady passes Joe Montana and Terry-Aki Bradshaw for most Super Bowl wins by a QB
Hate that Terry Bradshaw&Joe Montana's record for winningest quarterbacks in Super Bowl history was broken by Tom Brady..but dang he's good
Tom Brady moves ahead of Joe Montana and Terry Bradshaw and stands alone with 5 Lombardi trophies.
Tom Brady !! Don't rap to me about Joe Montana no more!!!
You sound dumb Ross, I'm sure Joe Montana had bad games you clown😂😂
Growing up in Bay Area, Joe Montana is our idol. So sorry, will cheer AGAINST Brady b/c if he wins I admit there's…
NFL legend Marcus Allen played with Joe Montana and is pals with Tom Brady. So who does he think is the GOAT. FULL:…
."Sam Darnold reminds me of Joe Montana" - Super Bowl champion Marcus Allen explains who USC quarterb...
Marshall Faulk: Even if Brady wins a 5th ring... he's still 5-2 while Joe Montana is flawless at 4-0.
one of my high school football coaches, Jason Buck, almost sacked Joe Montana on the game-winning drive.
I just want the same thing Joe Montana got when he was MVP. He got re...
Joe Montana was the greatest of all time at it
Tom Brady will go for his 23rd playoff win tonight. Second on the all time list is Joe Montana. With 16.
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The last time the Chiefs won a home playoff game was January 8th, 1994. Joe Montana led Kansas City to victory over the Pi…
To be honest as a Raiders fan I liked Marcus Allen. For my age group i remember Dan Marino & Joe Montana as good too.
Joe Montana cursed all future ND QB's after him. See Mirer, Rick, Quinn, Brady
Landry Jones as a QB makes Spergon Wynn look like Joe Montana.
since 1981. Dwight Clark, Joe Montana and Jerry Rice made me a fan!
MJ, Bo Jackson, Joe Montana still plugging products. Wonder what athletes from my youth will be selling to me in 20 years.
Joe Montana ia still but if Brady can get his 5th, okay I'll give him the ranking over Montana. But Brady lost two SB Montana lost 0.
Does Tom Brady get his 5th Super Bowl ring in 2017? I still say Joe Montana is the G.O.A.T. QB.
best jab I've seen since Joe Montana 😁
All The Way Up (Clean) Ft French Montana - Fat Joe And Remy Ma live on our free app!
Hey, remember that time the great Joe Montana knelt during the National Anthem? Hmm, I don't either, maybe another HOF quality QB?
Don't disrespect Joe Montana and Steve Young like that.
Her : On God I never slept around on you baby . God:
Neo-Nazis continue to threaten Montana Jews, now planning armed march w/ automatic weapons:
Still got the original Joe Montana been bought it 10 years old
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you can suck Brady off all you want. He's all time top 5 without question. You have no clue about Joe Montana.
OZ why dont you watch sport older than 10yrs old ?? Ali Tyson Jerry Rice Joe Montana
no! You know the last QB who was granted that privilege? Joe Montana. Romo is a far, far, FAR cry from Montana.
I don't live in the past. I just live in the enjoyment of the game. Joe Montana
Any quarterback that understands what the offense is really about is going to succeed. Joe Montana
Eli plays like hot garbage all season, makes playoffs, then turns into Joe Montana during the Super Bowl
giants make the playoffs and Eli turns into Joe Montana
People still think Joe Montana is top 5 all time?
Winners, imagine their dreams 1st. They want it with all their heart & expect it to come true.There's no other way to live. Joe Montana
List of players that didn't skip the bowl game in their final season...Joe Montana, Earl Campbell, Lawrence Taylor.
Hosted by Joe Montana of the Kansas City Chiefs and other teams.
Remember when they got Brady Quinn ? Browns fans thought they had signed Joe Montana.
If 49ers get Joe Montana back, Dan Quinn will be at…well, he’s still be just fine regardless of who’s playing QB for SF
Per quarterbacks with YPA+ of 145 or higher with at least 350 attempts:. Matt Ryan, 2016. Joe Montana, 1989. Boomer Esiason, 1988
When you realize you'll never be as good as Peyton Manning, Joe Montana & Aaron Rodgers
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among the greatest Quarterbacks of all time? Rated just below someone like Joe Montana?
The team of Bill Walsh, Joe Montana, Steve Young,and Jerry Rice has been reduced to "Well, we almost won". You're responsible
great name. Falls in line with other great "State" names. Dakota Dozier, Leon Washington & of course Joe Montana. State=Great!
WOW!! Joe Montana and Jerry Rice speaking at lunch in Palm Springs meeting!
This is the equivalent of going from Joe Montana to JaMarcus Russell
Well-heeled former tenants of the building include former San Francisco 49er Joe Montana.
Do you mean Joe Montana or John Madden? Both were American football games on the Megadrive!
Or an NFL Game with Joe Montana and John Elway in the same Stadium at the same time watching some young Quarterbacks.
FYI Tom Brady has won 4 Super Bowls and Terry Bradshaw and Joe Montana also played for 1 coach.
I swear dolphin fans have dumbest logic they would look at Sean Taylor Barry sanders Joe Montana and say nah we need Derrick Johsnon
Putting Matt Moore in at QB is NOT the solution for the Miami Dolphins... Joe Montana wouldn't be able to function behin…
Props to the Lions for making Brian Hoyer look like Joe Montana
lol funny how Colin Cowherd swore up and down he was the next coming of Joe Montana.
Randy Cross commenting about Chason Virgil's lack of accuracy on intermediate routes. Definitely no Joe Montana.
Joe Montana, Wayne Gretzky, Don Mattingly, and Isiah Thomas were all still playing professional sports
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Joe Montana was picked in the 3rd Round. Surely he's better than Russell Wilson? (And don't call me Shirley)
Chief will have 2 NFL football legends joining me on the Paul Finebaum Show New York Jets Joe Namath / San Francisco 49's Joe Montana 👍
Week 2 NFL pick: Dolphins (+6.5) at Patriots. Jimmy Garoppolo woke up Monday thinking he’s Joe Montana but he might just be…
That is true 22 tds 11 ints 3k yards with Randy Moss/Jerry Rice very Joe Montana-ish or Alex Smith you know game ma…
Remember 2-years ago when Buffalo had the best defense in the NFL? They just made Fritz look like Joe Montana.
In Monday Night's victory, Ben Roethlisberger surpassed Joe Montana (273) for the 13th-most TD passes in NFL history, with 27…
Ben Roethlisberger passes Joe Montana on all-time TD pass list
Ben Roethlisberger passed Joe Montana into a tie for 12th all-time in pass TD's.
Frank Gore and Joe Montana tearing it up tonight
lol idc about them but chill out talking like he the second coming of Joe Montana
"It looked like they brought Joe Montana in there." - HC Dabo Swinney on Troy's 4th Q rally
Could you plz tell that lady who owns the Detroit Lions that Jake Rudock is the next Joe Montana and she better hold on to him
Given Cleveland's track record, this probably means that Carson Wentz is the next Joe Montana
Steve Deberg replaced by Joe Montana twice in SF and KC, then also replaced by John Elway
Bro. Fred Arrington talk about how he knocked out the Notre Dame QB that led to Joe Montana getting his playing time.
Aint worth $ probably lol but also got Joe Montana , Bart Starr , Jim plunkett , 2 Terry Bradshaw , Lynn Swann
Leonard Marshall. Went to LSU, has 85+ sacks, knocked out Joe Montana, GEAUT.
W's Trump all Stats Tom Brad, Joe Montana and Terry Bradshaw are going to go down as best of all time cause Superbowls!
Mack gets Defensive MVP, Cooper is the greatest WR in the league, Carr is the next Joe Montana and they will win it all
"He’s going to be Willie Mays, he’s going to be Joe Montana, in a diff. uniform"--J.West (
Tom Brady and Joe Montana. The two greatest QBs of the Super Bowl era?
That's cool. I got to meet Joe Montana @ the Grand Nationals @ the Cow Palace in 82 I think it was. He autographed my ticket. 👍
Would You Rather your favorite team, in it's current state, draft Joe Montana or Tom Brady?.
Who would've thought arguably the greatest coach and greatest QB have the same Birthday? Happy Bday Vince Lombardi and Joe Montana
My friends birthday is the same birthday as Joe Montana and Vince Lombardi
I share the same birthday as Joe Montana, Vince Lombardi AND Shia LaBeouf
Happy Birthday to Joe Montana, Vince Lombardi, Arnold Palmer and myself. What a group
Born this day: Jacques Cousteau, Vince Lombardi, Joe Montana and a ***
Wow, Vince Lombardi and Joe Montana have the same birthday.
Happy Birthday to the GOAT for NFL coaches, Vince Lombardi and one of the GOATS in the NFL, Joe Montana. Also to my Tio Pancho lol
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Vince Lombardi and Joe Montana were both born on this day. What a star studded birthday!
Happy Birthday Vince Lombardi along with Joe Montana
Happy Birthday to 2 of the game's greatest! The Legends Vince Lombardi & Joe Montana!
Happy Birthday to the two legends Vince Lombardi and Joe Montana 🎉🏈
It's Joe Montana's and Vince Lombardi's birthday and it's the day we record the podcast?? Setting up for a legendary day!!
Happy Birthday to the Greatest QB of all time Joe Montana. As well to the Greatest Coach off all time Vince Lombardi. Both born on June 11.
Joe Montana and Vince Lombardi both have a birthday today...
Today is Joe Montana's birthday & was also Vince Lombardi's birthday. What a coincidence the greatest QB & head coach share the same b-day.
Lombardi and Joe Montana share a birthday?
in your eyes, who is the better June 11 NFL birthday boy, Coach Lombardi or Joe Montana? You've got to go with Lombardi IMO!
Happy Birthday to Saint Vincent Lombardi, Joe Montana, and my boy!
Happy Birthday to two of the NFL's greatest of all time, Vince Lombardi and Joe Montana, beat that!
Can Mike Milbury beat Joe Montana with his own shoe?
Interesting how Doc Emrick said Joe Montana was from Carroll, Pa. - which is technically correct, IINM...
Joe Montana, Roger Staubach, Tom Brady, Peyton Manning, and just as another throw in, Dan Marino.
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DAntoni system that Nash orchestrated . Do you question Tom Brady or Joe Montana success because of their coaches system?
my actual 5 person allstar team happens to be Keanu Reeves, Michael Johnson, Smashmouth guy, Joe Montana, Tom Arnold
Bringing NFL legends into Connected Franchise. Like if you could have past NFL greats. Like Jerry Rice, Randy Moss, Joe Montana.
Is your next poll going to be Joe Montana vs. Tim Couch?
Bryce Petty, if you think Madden is going to help your career. Then i am Joe Montana and your are Jim Sorgi.
Hey, What do you think of creating classic NFL teams on next Madden?? Like 49ers of Joe Montana, Cowboys of Smith and others
Joe Montana's tips to live a heart healthy life: Hall of Fame NFL quarterback and his wife talk heart health.
& Joe Montana team up to launch Breakaway from Heart Disease to make heart health a priority
Dwight Clark, the 49ers TE who made The Catch™ (from Joe Montana) is the only famous alum I know of.
Joe Montana was called Joe Cool for a reason. Here with Dwight Clark (right).
I'm gonna need to be as clutch as Derek Jeter, Michael Jordan, Joe Montana, and Adam Vinatieri combined
Listening to Bobby Herbert talk about himself you would swear he was Joe Montana, Elway, Bress, Brady, Farve and Rogers in 1 for his era. 😑
Joe Montana played with 12 hall of famers in a salary cap free era. Brady's won with a bunch of nobodies except for a…
Labeling Tom Brady the GOAT is disrespectful to Brett Favre, Troy Aikman, Kurt Warner, Joe Montana, Warren Moon, Randall Cunningham and more
MJ is the standard for bball. Joe Montana is the standard for NFL QB's. 2Pac is the standard for Rap. The Messiah is the ULTIMATE standard
April 18 marked the end for two legends: Joe Montana retired (1995) and Wayne Gretzky played his final game (1999).
Bet he never thought he’d be mentioned with Flava Flav. Not Joe Montana, Flava Flav
SanFrancisco 49ers had the greatest quarterback and wide receiver Joe Montana and Jerry Rice
Maybe in a world where Joe Montana, Dan Marino, Steve Young and Randall Cunningham never existed
same, nice picture of Joe Montana and Jerry Rice btw
don't juice it, Russell Wilson is okay but he ain't a Tom Brady or a Joe Montana.
"Barry bonds please don't ever put yourself in the same category as Joe Montana, Michael Jordan and Muhammad Ali again"
Russell Wilson's hear is Joe Montana for sure. Kid wore and (Joe's ND # in the pros) it's so obvious
How you gonna wear a tight as dress with Joe Montana name and Jersey number on the back Smfh.
Nah dude, many LSU fans who yell at me seem to think that Brandon Harris is a combo of Peyton Manning, Tom Brady and Joe Montana.
Joe Montana and Jerry Rice would be envious!
exactly Baldi! How does this guy have a job as a qb. He makes Matt Barkley look like Joe Montana. .
The only thing I think of with The Catch involves Dwight Clark and Joe Montana in the '82 NFC championship w/Niners vs Cowboys.
NFC West. 1. Joe Montana. 2. Kurt Warner. 3. Steve Young. (I'm gonna get a ton of hate for this one)
You, Scott Linehan & Bronco Nation know he is. Kellen is 2016 version of Joe Montana.
This will be like passing up Aaron Rodgers 2.0. Local guy, grew up a fan, wears 16 in honor of Joe Montana.
Fun fact: Colin Kaepernick is 3-1 in road playoff starts while Joe Montana and Steve Young combined were 1-6 with the 49…
Reggie Miller, George Gervin, Joe Montana, Ray Allen, Jerry Rice, & Wayne Gretzky all great players who were slender
ugh. So many good ones out of the box. Magic Johnson, Reggie Miller, Joe Montana, Danny Manning, Mark McGwire (with the A's)...
scott thot barbie 4 his Joe Montana rookie card was killer trade!
QB Joe Montana meets with Head Coach Pete Carroll as former QB stands by
as long as Fisher is coach the offense will always stink. No matter if you had Joe Montana in his prime.
Joe Montana don't even unlock his phone for me smh...
Tiller doesn't know who Joe Montana is...
Cam saw John Candy in the stands and unlike Joe Montana he got distracted during the play
Cool story about John Candy, Joe Montana & the CFL -
How can anyone consider Tom Brady better than Joe Montana when a kicker gave Brady two rings, and Pete Carroll a third?
Tom Brady won't put himself among NFL's all-time greats, but he says Joe Montana's up there. http…
Here's the small list of people I talked to tonight: Most NFL Owners, Joe Montana,Jerry Rice,Klay Thompson,Harrison Barns,Festus Ezeli.
The best thing Joe Montana ever did was inspire a screenwriter to go "*snort* I KNOW LET'S RENAME HIM JOHNNY UTAH THAT'S A GREAT NAME"
Some of these former mvp’s have not held up well, while Joe Montana looks like he should be in the US Senate.
Joe Montana says he can't run, participate in sports, or read when he's…
Niners Nation > Joe Montana and Bay Area greats involved in SB50 coin toss
.announces 40 Super Bowl MVPs will be honored on Levi's field before Joe Montana to toss coin, flanked by Rice, Allen, Plunkett
Joe Montana draws a laugh at SB press conference on the future of football saying 'I think I represent the past.'
Joe Montana in Bay Area or Bust - Chapter 2 - The "Selfie Tour" with Tyler Ward. Yea Tyler love it 🎉
What if you gave Jerry Rice a 3-13 team with Dan Orlovsky and Jon Kitna, and gave Calvin a 15-1 team with Steve Young and Joe Montana?
9 best quarterback matchups in Super Bowl history -
9 best quarterback matchups in Super Bowl history
Jan. 28, 1990: won his third Super Bowl MVP as the topped the Broncos.
Alex smith and Joe Montana are Niners tbh
smh. The man done tied Joe Montana's record but 🐸☕️
yes. But it doesn't matter, we are drafting a Joe Montana.
The more you try to be somebody else, the less you are of yourself. -Joe Montana
Papa Johns: Joe Montana we want you to do an ad. Montana: Great. PJ: You have to wear cargo pants. Montana …. PJ: I’m sorry, you got other work?
Bro your a chiefs fan! Best thing that happened to them was Joe Montana coming there at the end of his career 😂smh
That day when won his 3rd Super Bowl MVP 🏆🏆🏆. Jan. 28, 1990: Super Bowl XXIV
Terry Bradshaw and joe Montana went 4-0 in Super Bowls. Brady is 4-2 and still the goat. Js
How long is the line for the joe Montana autograph
2 QBs 12 TD- 0 INT and Super Bowl during the playoffs who are they? Joe Montana.& JOE FLACCO...
The Boss when seeing a picture of Joe Montana confused him with Joe Namath (vehemently so) & I don't want to be here an…
dont forget joe cool montana. He is 4/4 also.with no interceptions i might add
lot of 4 Hall of Fame quarterbacks Steve Young Jim Kelly Joe Montana
We must've heard two different tapes. . No ceilings was cool but I wouldn't go Joe Montana.
Both Quarterbacks to win national title & Super Bowl are from Pittsburgh Pa. Joe Namath & Joe Montana.
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