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Joe Mauer

Joseph Patrick Mauer (born April 19, 1983) is a Major League catcher for the Minnesota Twins.

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The wins the Lion's Athletes Award today. Previous Award winners include Joe Mauer and Paul Molitor!…
Everyone at Target Field reacted to Joe Mauer's walk-off homer by channeling Jack Buck: "I don't believe what I just saw." (Including Joe)
Can I blame Joe Mauer for Lew Ford's absence? I miss that guy!
Byron Buxton will homer for the MN Twins before Joe Mauer.
Joe Mauer is now 9 for 16 vs Joakim Soria after a go-ahead double tonight.
However watching some of these guys is very difficult, Gibson, Danny Santana, Joe Mauer just a couple examples
what is the reason for Joe Mauer's .308 average being listed above Shane Mack's .309 in…
I'm a St. Paul boy with hometown pride. Joe Mauer does nothing for the Twins. is the golden boy. Let's give our money to poets.
Joe Mauer is about to have a huge season this year! (via
Adrian Peterson and Joe Mauer have gone from cornerstones to question marks: Vikings and Twins must ponder the…
By the end of 2018, the will have Joe Mauer, Glen Perkins, and Brian Dozier all as free agents. Long tenured trio there.
Power lunch: That was Joe Mauer, Chris Coleman, Dave Lee, Gordy Jones and Dan Dahlein at the St. Paul Grill the other day.
I hear ya. I want a vet on this young team kinda like a tori hunter (sorry Joe Mauer) but also don't want him to have a bad
. I think what happened to Joe Mauer is equivalent to what happened to Tony Oliva.
yeah he's from Minnesota actually, Joe Mauer
Joe Mauer is up to 50.2 bWAR, moving past Ted Simmons. Every Hall-eligible catcher with more WAR than Mauer is in the Hall of Fame.
What about a guy like Joe Mauer or Jeff Francouer?
Joe Mauer has now scored 871 runs, passing Tony Oliva (870) for 5th on the all-time list.
Things Twins "fans" hate:. 1. Joe Mauer . 2. Trading an "all star" that is really a utility player for a top 100 PITCHING pro…
Since when does Joe Mauer swing at the first pitch?
David Ortiz grounds out, third baseman Miguel Sano to first baseman Joe Mauer.
David Ortiz grounds into a double play, first baseman Joe Mauer to shortstop Eduardo Escobar to pitcher Kyle Gibson. Dustin Pedroia to 3rd
David Ortiz grounds out, second baseman Brian Dozier to first baseman Joe Mauer.
Does it show Terry Ryan resigning? Or a desperate club trying to stay in the playoff race taking Joe Mauer's contract.
Could be something along the lines of Joe Mauer/Justin Morneau. Post concussion effects lingered for years.
Joe Mauer & Orion face off in support of Can you bring game like they do? Show us!
Joe Mauer was given his first day of for in 2016 on May 21. Since: .327/.419/.558 4 HR 10 RBI 13/9 K/BB. Pretty good
The LAD Lefties stack is my favorite today. Stanton is the value play. Cain has great BvP. 1B Joe Mauer and P Joe Ross are my sneaky plays.
The drafted star, Joe Mauer, overall on this date in 2001. Details: ht…
Joe Mauer was better at age 2 than most of us are right now.
Pure guess here but Miguel Cabrera, Joe Mauer, Jose Bautista, last one not sure on, David Wright??
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Is it wrong that I judge people strongly based on their opinions of Joe Mauer and Ricky Rubio?
I'd take Joe Mauer on my team any day. He'll always be as Twin Cities as Herb Brooks and Prince.
Find out where The ranks Joe Mauer among the other 50+ overall picks in the draft:
Joe Mauer was the last. Posey was 5th overall. Technically Bryce Harper was drafted as a catcher but moved immediately
Joe Mauer's swing at 2 years old was better than yours is now
Since 2004, visitors to homer in 3 games of the same series at Safeco Field:. -Albert Pujols, 2012. -Joe Mauer & Miguel Sano, 2016
@ T5-2o: Edwin Encarnacion grounds out sharply, P Phil Hughes to 1B Joe Mauer.
Any chance Joe Mauer or Freddie Freeman become available to trade? Or even Lucroy for catcher?
Joe Mauer has seen over 700 pitches (713) with Miguel Sano the next closest hitter at 681
at 2nd, Joe Mauer hit his 4th HR off a former teammate tonight; Mike Pelfrey joins the likes of Kyle Lohse, Sidney Ponson and Phil Humber.
Joe Mauer basically Charlie Brown'd Corey Kluber in his first at bat and now has pegged lefty Kyle Crockett in the leg in his last at bat.
Am convinced Joe Mauer blindfolded would have a truer strike zone than Angel Hernandez with both eyes open.
he has more home runs this season than Justin Turner, Utley, Joe Mauer, & Jacoby Ellsbury
Hey Joe?!? Looks like Joe Mauer and Ryan Suter both go to the same speech therapist!! In the face of conflict they both remain silent.
Lineup construction, Joe Mauer leadoff, moving Harper up, and I discuss next on Sirius 209/XM 89.
Joe Mauer's leading off and Jose Berrios is pitching and unicorns are real and Josiah Bartlet will be the next president and
maybe bring in Joe Mauer as an emergency backup too. Maybe McCann as a late inning LH PH option
If only Meyer could be as tall as Joe Mauer...
Stat I found working on this: Joe Mauer has 21 BB, 9 SO. No qualified hitter has finished a season w/ a 2-1 ratio since Luis Castillo in 05.
Leadership is overrated, Hunter is a blowhard who throws his teammates under the bus and Joe Mauer rules. My column.
Joe Mauer's OBP is .473 with 2 strikes this year. (MLB Rank: 1st). Mauer's .341 average with 2 strikes (15-for-44) ra…
CLEAllen retires Mauer to record the save. Cody Allen finishes off the save by getting Joe Mauer to …
I think there was a game in 09 where Phil Coke gave up a HR to either Joe Mauer or Justin Morneau. Next night he struck one of them out.
Twins get first run on Joe Mauer's single. Espinosa's error put Brian Dozier on base & a Gio wild pitch moved him to second. 7-1 Nats.
Brian Dozier reaches on an E6; takes second on a WP and scores on an RBI single to left by Joe Mauer. 7-1 over the in the 4th.
In new article, he compares Joe Mauer to a specific Hall of Fame catcher.
Yadier Molina is mid-decline and currently ranked 780th all time in WAR. Joe Mauer, also not a Hall of Famer, has 157% of Molina's WAR.
Joe Mauer is just like shy Ronnie from SNL.
Rafael Ortega threw out Eduardo Nunez at home plate to preserve a 2-1 Angel lead in the seventh inning. Joe Mauer had singled.
At least Eduardo Escobar, Eduardo Nunez, and Joe Mauer can hit...
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Wikipedia says the home plate umpire's name is Mark Wegner BUT he's from St. Paul, AND he is Joe Mauer
Apr 15, AB 1: Mike Trout grounds out, shortstop Eduardo Escobar to first baseman Joe Mauer.
Joe Mauer and Eduardo Escobar are hitting .354 combined. The rest of the Minnesota Twins are hitting .158
At 3rd, Joe Mauer with his 25th triple, tied for 18th most by 5 tied with 26 triples, including & Dan Gladden...
Here's why the Twins are 0-7... Outside of Joe Mauer and Eduardo Escobar, not 1 hitter in tonight's lineup is hitting over .200.
⚾️ After 3: 0, White Sox 0. . Joe Mauer has the lone hit on the scoreboard, a two-out single in the 3rd.
Joe Mauer is batting .385. Eduardo Escobar is batting .379. rest of the team??. Under .200. good god are we bad
Even though the Twins lost, watching Tony Oliva deliver the ball to Rod Carew, who threw the first pitch to Joe Mauer, was pretty special.
Rod Carew, Tony Oliva and Joe Mauer -- the trio involved in the Twins ceremonial first pitch on Monday - represent 13…
I don't know what to do here... no Joe Mauer, they have Kyle Gibson (the best starting pitcher) in AAA... I'm so lost
Wally Szczerbiak was to the Timberwolves like Joe Mauer is to the Twins.
For a decade Joe Mauer was a .320-hitting, Gold Glove-winning catcher and people complained about his lack of power. That…
an assortment of players drafted in the first round of 2001:. Joe Mauer. Mark Prior. Casey Kotchman . Gavin Floyd. Mark Texiera
Joined this to talk Twins from Fort Myers. Park as a teammate, Santana/Berrios and another Joe Mauer shades update.
When I was in 5th grade I wrote a paper on Joe Mauer and Jason Kubel. That's normal, right?
I'm thinking the only ones are Joe Mauer, Alex Rodriguez, David Ortiz, David Wright, Yadier Molina, and Ryan Howard.
Tom Brunansky works with Joe Mauer in the batting cage.
Joe Mauer might be the rich man's version of James Loney, but he's good with a T-shirt cannon
I might be more attracted to Lorenzo Cain than I am Joe Mauer. 😅😅😅 god lord 😋😋😋😋
Joe Mauer hit 270 vs. Major League pitching the last 2 years with blurred vision and I still can't get a text back.
has he caught live pitching yet? I think Joe Mauer and Justin Morneau have spooked people at the legit long term effects
Most impressive part of this article? Bobby Crosby correctly predicted ROY. Down on the farm: Joe Mauer
Eddie Rosario (15) only walked three more times than Joe Mauer (12) was intentionally walked last season.
Joe Mauer and Evan Longoria waste of big *** contracts
This guy is making Joe Mauer look like Cal Ripken Jr.
Kurt Suzuki is younger than Joe Mauer and has logged over 1000 more innings at catcher than Mauer.
Anyone still care about Joe Mauer or Justin Morneau?
Since he got traded to Boston in 2003, David Ortiz only ranks 13th amongst hitters in fWAR behind Matt Holliday, Mark Teixera & Joe Mauer.
Ron Gardenhire and Joe Mauer are also extremely easy to make fun of.
Fun fact of the day: Drew Butera has more World Series rings than Joe Mauer.
Cretin-Derham Hall High dedicates fieldhouse in name of Joe Mauer -
Cretin-Derham Hall dedicates fieldhouse to Joe Mauer, class of 2001.
Our new best friend Joe Mauer on his fancy motorcycle
Currently obsessing over Joe Mauer's height. (I need a report from people who've stood next to him.)
"Joe Mauer moved away from his career position because of the height he's been since puberty."
Cretin-Derham Hall dedicates Joe Mauer Field House in his honor.
Harold Reynolds just said Joe Mauer had to move away from catcher because he was 6-foot-4. In reality, Mauer suffered a brain injury.
As soon as they said Sal Perez is a big catcher I KNEW someone would mention Joe Mauer. Harold Reynolds just gets me.
Joe Mauer had to move because of concussions, not because he was big.
The beatings that Perez has taken in 2 full seasons is slightly worrisome.. He will need time off or will probably take the Joe Mauer route
Another great event tonight with the crew at Cretin Derham Hall with Joe Mauer.
Tony Cruz hits his 5th double since the Molina injury...tied with Joe Mauer among catchers. Leads MLB catchers in slugging (.…
Kurt Suzuki with the latest example of why Joe Mauer will/should not ever catch again
In honor of Joe Mauer tying with Gary Gaetti for Twins extra base hits, let's imagine Joe with a Gaetti mustache & Gaetti with Mauer 'burns.
It's really unnecessary. Since 2005 (Molina's 1st full season) only Joe Mauer, Brian McCann & Russell Martin have accumulated more fWAR.
what are the chances that Joe Mauer hits into an inning ending double play?
The Schooner, Triple Rock, and Palmers. Seimone Augustus, Ricky Rubio, and Joe Mauer (the designated driver).
On a scale from Joe Mauer to Bert Blyleven, how over-rated is the State Fair?
David Wright, Yadier Molina, Joe Mauer, and Ryan Howard. Verlander is at 11 years.
The answer to the trivia question of player with most career hits at Tropicana Field is Joe Mauer with 43.
What more would it take for you to consider Joe Mauer as a Hall of Famer?
Joe Mauer and Justin Morneau were an unbelievable duo and they both won MVP's. Buxton and Sano might be better.
Joe Mauer doubles and Brad Brach walks Miguel Sano to start the eighth. Brian Matusz warms up for
Brian Matusz keeps it a one-run game when he strikes out Joe Mauer. trail 4-3 after 7 1/2.
We're truly through the looking glass with Joe Mauer criticisms.
Among the highlights: Joe Mauer has only one, a single in 2007. That's as many as Howie Clark, Rene Tosoni, Terry Tiffee, and Glenn Williams
Jimmy Carter and Joe Mauer. Both are famous American icons!
Kendrys Morales is now tied for 2nd with Joe Mauer for GIDP in the AL with 12. Jose Abreu leads with 13.
Recently illustrated a sports parenting book, feat. caricature of great Joe Mauer:
White Sox can't translate hits to runs in loss: --Joe Mauer, Eduardo Nunez, Kennys Varga...
Twins belt 4 HRs in opener with White Sox: --Joe Mauer, Eduardo Nunez, Kennys Vargas and...
Loved spending the day with my uncle! Not the best day for the twins on the other hand and no I didn't kiss Joe Mauer
I told Joe Maddon that Mauer prefers BJ's. He says he gets "more for his money" there.
the spawniest. Zinnia is 18 months and can say Go Joe Mauer and baseball. Has a Morneau shirsey. Big fan.
-put Joe Mauer at 3rd. Everyone is sick of watching him rot at first. If you leave him on 1st he will age in dog years. .500 this yr
Joe Mauer probably wishes he had this ump every game this year. He's getting the close calls that he used to get/see in years past.
Didn't even know Joe Mauer was still in the league...
"Joe Mauer's favorite childhood snack was a peanut butter and jelly sandwich."
Joe Mauer struck out one time in high school. *** he's been on the twins his whole career
Joe Mauer only struck out one time in high school 😳😳
Joe Mauer only struck out one time his entire high school career???
Joe Mauer's walk up is a 3 six mafia song.
Twins fans are adorable with their Kirby Puckett jerseys. It's nice to know they've heard of 1 player from the pre-Joe Mauer era.
"It symbolizes the Mankato limestone, from which Joe Mauer was carved and then given life by Zeus himself."
that's not Joe Mauer, I don't believe you.
How are the Twins good if Joe Mauer is this bad?
Since when does joe mauer play first base?
The Twins are a collection of 24 guys I didn't realize were still in baseball and Joe Mauer.
Joe Mauer's single drops in front of Chris Coghlan and the runners hold. Twins have the bases loaded, no outs.
Joe Mauer has basically become irrelevant
Joe Mauer was drafted right after Mark Prior SMH
For those die hard Joe Mauer critics... He is batting .410 with runners in scoring position this year. Something to think about
so far so good with 2 batters on base with a Joe Mauer at the plate!
Great baseball clinic in Redwood Falls today, Noah got 1 on 1 hitting advice from Joe Mauer's uncle Ken Mauer!
chn, 1, Anthony Rizzo grounds out, third baseman Trevor Plouffe to first baseman Joe Mauer.
Sitting behind two Joe Mauer rubes/apologists this eve. Yes, I'm slumming it in the cheap seats. Yes, both brought in their own sippy cups.
Joe Mauer's catchers mitt from his 1,000th game near the 573 club tonight - come get a photo!
saw Joe Mauer in a bounce house today
Don't ever tell yourself that you're useless... Unless you're Joe Mauer then take 2 weeks off and quit
Life was so much easier when Joe Mauer was still catching.
Joe Mauer will start at 1B and bat 3rd vs Chicago Cubs on Friday.
Maybe that's why we pay Joe Mauer the big bucks!
Tonight I'm going to dream of a world where Brian Dozier and Joe Mauer know I exist ❤️👌 also in my dreams neither one of t…
Joe Mauer moves into 3rd place for career IBB for AL Central & is 2nd vs. the league average. (per
Chart: The Twins and bunting: Joe Mauer only has four sacrifice bunts in his career, but that doesn't mean he ...
Joe Mauer struck out just once in his high school career. This is the story about the pitcher who struck him out: http:/…
Nice catch by Joe Mauer down the RF line -- reminds me a little bit like the ones that Kent Hrbek made look routine!
I remember going to many Rock Cats games with Joe Mauer, Justin Morneau and Denard Span
I always forget Joe Mauer's cousin is an NBA ref.
I wonder how some Twins fans will feel when Joe Mauer is inducted into the Baseball Hall of Fame.
David Robertson takes over for the who lead 3-2 headed to 9th inning. have Torii Hunter, Joe Mauer, Trevor Plouffe.
Joe Mauer: Latest Twins HR, by inning, since Joe Crede (2 out B13) on 5/13/09.
.mentioned Gaetti and Hrbek after that Rosario blast. Reminded me of Joe Mauer's first PA of 2009.
No, Bubba Starling was not a consensus five star. Nor was Kohl Stewart, nor was Carl Crawford. Nor was anyone but Joe Mauer.
Woah, bearded Joe Mauer looks kinda like Colin Farrell.
min, 7, With Eduardo Escobar batting, passed ball by Geovany Soto, Torii Hunter to 3rd. Joe Mauer to 2nd.
A similar play almost happened a moment ago with Geo Soto and it reminded me of this play. Joe Mauer: athlete.
Joe Mauer passes Kent Hrbek for 3rd in Twins history w/ his 313th career double. Puckett (414) and Oliva (329) still ahead.
With that double, Joe Mauer has 313 in his career, which moves him into third on Twins' all-time list ahead of Kent Hrbek.
Joe Mauer passed Kent Hrbek and is now the third most prolific doubler in Twins franchise history.
Joe Mauer is tied with Kent Hrbek for 3rd all-time in Twins history with 312 doubles.
LOOGY Charlie Furbush is the new pitcher in to face Joe Mauer. Stat: Mauer hitting .345 vs. lefties, .212 vs. righties this season
Fun fact: Joe Mauer has tied Kent Hrbek on all time doubles list. cc ().
Joe Mauer has tied Kent Hrbek for third on the Twins all-time doubles list with 312.
With a 3rd inning double, Joe Mauer tied Kent Hrbek (312) for 3rd on the all-time doubles list. (Puckett 414, Oliva 329)
Brad Stevens would like Joe Mauer. All he does is hit singles.
Joe Nathan was good when Joe Mauer and Justin Morneau were both all-stars. Zero of the three are currently all-stars.
Torii Hunter doubled to center scoring Eduardo Nunez with two out. Runner on second and Joe Mauer due up.
Billy Butler, Kennys Vargas, Joe Mauer, Chris Carter, Matt Adams, Brandon Belt. All more expensive than AGonz on DK today.
Joe Mauer has a higher career batting average, on base percentage, and slugging percentage than Pete Rose
White Sox can muster up two hits. A solo HR by Brian Dozier, RBIs by Joe Mauer, Jordan Schafer, and Kurt Suzuki...
Eduardo Escobar doubled to right. Runner on second with none out and Joe Mauer due up.
Runners on the corners for Eduardo Escobar and Joe Mauer is on deck. One out, T2. trail 1-0.
The strike first in Chicago! Joe Mauer singles in Eduardo Escobar for an early 1-0 lead.
UGH! Joe Mauer with RBI single to drive in Eduardo Escobar to give the Twins a 1-0 lead in 1st inning.
Minnesota gets its first RBI of the season when Joe Mauer singles in Eduardo Escobar. 1-0 Twins, top 1.
A1. The Cubs could win and sign Joe Mauer to the team.
Swihart has the potential to be Joe Mauer / Buster Posey. Vazquez does not
Joe Mauer and Justin Morneau when they were both with the Minnesota Twins
OH YEAH I just remembered I had a strange dream about Joe Mauer & Justin Morneau.
Oops, I read the comments again. This one is in reference to Jordan Schafer (and, of course, Joe Mauer):
remember that time in 2007 I wandered into baseball rpf for like a day & it was all Yankees & no one cared about Joe Mauer & Justin Morneau
Sorry Governor Dayton, I’ll take Kareem revisiting his Airplane! role for Wisconsin over Joe Mauer singing off-key for Minnesota every time.
Check out our one-on-ones with Joe Mauer, Bert Blyleven and Trevor Plouffe tomorrow on
Please keep in mind that SAM (Ryan) is Joe Mauer & please read the lyrics to this timely tune
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