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Joe Manchin

Joseph Joe Manchin III (born August 24, 1947) is the junior United States Senator representing West Virginia.

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Sen. Joe Manchin: Trump is a 'good energy president' via
What a scum-bag~Can Reps trade him in for Dem Joe Manchin?
Don't let Manchin fool you. Good ol Joe sits on fence to see which way wind blows. Also takes different s…
Like Claire McCaskill and Joe Manchin who are constantly getting…
Joe manchin thought Hillary would be a great president he also was for everything obama said
It's moved so left, ppl like Ellison & Perez. Ppl like Joe Manchin--whom I love 2, t…
Senators like Joe Manchin, who has stood in agreement w/ Trump, are all but non existent. Others a bullied into taking a stance of hate.
Joe Manchin Kicks out protesters who got sick for coal. Vote for .
Yes, Joe Manchin is a rethuglican unless the dems have s…
Voting for & is proof undeniable that Joe Manchin ABSOLUTELY su…
I'm *** and disabled and Joe Manchin's daughter is the most powerful CEO in Big Pharma right now. H…
I'm very angry at for praising Joe "Voted for Jeff Sessions & Gorsuch"…
Hey family, any ideas? Plz let know. Paula is the strong Appalachian woman who's running against Joe Man…
A future Green party candidate narrowly beat Joe Manchin in the 96 Dem primary for Governor in West Virginia
Paula Jean Swearengin is no stranger to taking on West Virginia Sen. Joe Manchin (D).
Joe Manchin.Great Man, we need more like him.
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SHAME. Mark Warner, Claire McCaskill, Joe Manchin, Bill Nelson and Joe Donnelly vote for profit from death. .
The five dems who made the passage of the weapons deal possible were Bill Nelson, Claire McCaskill, Joe Manchin, Joe Donnelly & Mark Warner.
I agree, Joe Manchin was another but is my Senator and she knew what Pruitt was.
Joe Manchin on re: the GOP health bill: "I’ve never seen this type of insensitivity or uncaring."
The biggest mistake you make with Democrats except for Doug Schoen and Joe Manchin is talking to them. Just ignore them
Please remember that Joe Lieberman, Zell Miller and Joe Manchin are democrats & party affiliation does not equ…
He also isn't a Democrat. Heck I'll listen to Joe Manchin nine times out of ten over Bernie Sanders.
“Everybody knows who I am. The state knows me, I'm branded pretty well," Joe Manchin told me of his 2018 challenges.
Republicans can't see any spectrum from Elizabeth Warren > Joe Manchin. Which helps explain why Obama n…
Senate Intel member Joe Manchin to We know Mike Flynn did work for Russia and Turkey and did not file with the Ju…
The senator they wrote to, Joe Manchin, is the father of Heather Bresch, the EpiPen price-gouging CEO of Mylan.
Joe Manchin is a republican running as a democrat from West Virginia where they have closed a primary.
There's no room for pro-life people in the Democratic Party (except for Harry Reid, Joe Donnelly, Joe Manchin, Bob Casey, Tim Kaine, . Col...
Democrat scam~ (D) Joe Manchin's re-election being paid for by out of Staters
Sen. Joe Manchin lobbied Rich Rod on West Virginia football during his time as governor (wrote about it…
Democrat Senators voted for Gorsuch:. Joe Donnelly of IN. Heidi Heitkamp of ND. Joe Manchin of WV. The 2 party system continues to be awful.
Kudos to Democrat Senators Michael Bennet, Joe Donnelly, Heidi Heitkamp & Joe Manchin for showing us what statesmen do
Three Democrats voted against the nuclear option in 2013 — Carl Levin, Mark Pryor and Joe Manchin. Only one still serves in the Senate.
The only Democrat voted for Sessions, Joe Manchin of W. Virginia and Heidi Heitkamp of N. Dakota are voting Gorsuch…
I'm sorry to say that senators Heidi Heitkamp and Joe Manchin are most likely Republicans in Democrat clothing. That or they were bribed.
Joe Manchin the soon to be "Former" Senator from West going to end up political road kill.
Joe Manchin becomes first Democrat to say he'll vote for Neil Gorsuch Please tell me how we should keep him
Sen. Joe Manchin, who is facing re-election in West Virginia, says he will vote to confirm Neil Gorsuch to the Supreme…
Joe Manchin of West Virginia and Heidi Heitkamp of North Dakota. Look them up. Neither are truly Democrats.Both needs to…
Democrats who will vote for Gorsuch:. 1. Sen. Joe Manchin (West Virginia). 2. Sen. Heidi Heitkamp (North Dakota). Vote them out end…
BREAKING NEWS: Sen. Joe Manchin (D-WV) becomes the first D to announce support of Judge Neil Gorsuch. (Pictured at Trump's…
If you're senators are Joe Manchin and Heidi Heitkamp you should call 'em up and tell 'em voting on Gorsuch isn't the way to reelection
'Better wear a helmet': Dem Sen. Joe Manchin says he'll vote to confirm Gorsuch; Update: Heidi Heitkamp will join him
Good to see some bipartisanship. What say you You've got cover now
Senators Joe Manchin and Heidi Heitkamp should get zero support from the DNC.
I'll donate to anyone who runs against Joe Manchin. A sad excuse for a Democrat. Shame.
I hope Joe Manchin gets trapped in an automated Morgantown Personal Rapid Transit traincar and travels around & around…
Who is missing from this picture? Manchin and Heitkamp will back Gorsuch
Joe Manchin voting yes on Gorsuch is the last straw...can someone please remind him he's a Democrat?
Joe Manchin is a real American. Big picture guy. Is what Dems used to be w/o the racism
So my soon to be former Senator Heidi Heitkamp and Joe Manchin are good with the Russians having a Supreme Court choice.
Joe Manchin and another Democrat have announced their intent to approve Gorsuch's nomination.
Claire McCaskill is no different than Joe Manchin
Here's the 1st 2 Senators that lose their seats via Primaries. Manchin & Heitkamp will back Gorsuch
BREAKING: Joe Manchin declares he will vote to confirm Neil Gorsuch to SCOTUS, becoming first Senate Democrat to back nominee.…
Joe Manchin says he will vote to confirm Gorsuch
Sen. Joe Manchin of WV & Heidi Heitkamp of ND are the two Democrats willing to break ranks & vote FOR Gorsuch. . Let's di…
Joe Manchin is a Democrat like Donald Trump is a statesman. It's a loss in numbers, but Manchin is a loss in so many other ways.
Heidi Heitkamp is dead to me. Joe Manchin is dead to me.
A new Gorsuch problem among The nominee is declining to meet with them. w/
I will vote to confirm whoever runs against Joe Manchin in his next bid for office. I live in WV. I never f…
.Calling all Democrats! Sen. Joe Manchin intends to vote to confirm Neil Gorsuch. Time to flood him with calls.
Joe Manchin: American, West Virginian, Senator, Democrat: in that order! Putting vital interests of the nation first...
What happened to that West-Virginian miner that interviewed. let's get him to primary that POS Joe Manchin.
Joe Manchin is woke. 😂😂😂😂 We've got the next Jim Gaffigan here , people
“Your new West Virginia Democrat is going to be aligned with a Bernie Sanders type, and not a Joe Manchin type.”
Sen. Joe Manchin won’t say whether he voted for Obama in 2012 — “that’s between me and my ballot.”
“‘Is there space for Joe Manchin inside the tent of the Democratic Party?’ The answer is, ‘There better be.’”
I'd straight up trade Jon McCain or Lindsay Graham for Joe Manchin...
We need to demand that Joe Manchin out of Democratic Senate! He needs to be investigated! He is siding with 45!
Hillary said she wanted to put coal miners & companies out of business. How can Joe Manchin support coal AND Hillary?.
odds on Joe Manchin switching parties?
Alex Altenburg received a flag for Notre Dame from Sen. Joe Manchin. Alex received the gift as part of nomination t…
contacted Joe Manchin, Shelley Moore Capito, and Patrick Morrisey today. Lets see what happens.
B/C of Joe Manchin, Heidi Heitkamp & Joe Donnelly votes Pruitt is now EPA ADM They must go!
All purpose parts banner
Democrats are Joe Manchin. Democrats are Elizabeth Warren . Democrats are Tim Ryan. Democrats are Jim Clyburn. Democrats ar…
Hold on. Can we censure Collin Peterson and Joe Manchin for real though?
Joe Manchin daughter is being investigated by the justice department.. 🤔🤔 Jeff Sessions will make it go bye-bye. Anymore mor…
Joe Manchin (Democrat) voted to confirm Jeff Sessions and this is what his Wikipedia page looks like now. Y'all are quick…
Carte Goodwin may run against Joe Manchin. He briefly served in the Senate in 2010. Simpler times. This post...
Shame on Joe Manchin. We will remember his vote agaisnt our communities endangered by attacks on civil rights.
I know Joe Manchin represents WV, but protecting civil rights must be bedrock principle of Dem Party. Disgusted by his vote…
Joe Manchin is the only Democrat to vote yes on Sessions. - How Senators Voted on Jeff Sessions
Let's fire Joe Manchin out of a cannon into the sun
Why bother calling each individual Democrat senators name? Aside from Joe Manchin, they're all simple-minded drones voting No.
Joe Manchin, Heidi Heitkamp, Mark Warner, Angus King, we will remember you for siding with the R's and we will hold you all accountable.
Please hold them responsible 4 any blood shed of r military Heidi Heitkamp, Joe Manchin and Mark Warner as well as Angus King,
Angus King,Heidi Heitkamp,Mark Warner&Joe Manchin all voted with the GOP to shut down the filibuster on Tillerson WE R WATCHING!
Joe Manchin of WV, Heidi Heitkamp of ND & Mark Warner of Virginia — R U casting ballots for Tillerson?
Clinton, said Sen. Joe Manchin "would be the best hope in the state of West Virginia to return [to Democratic] on a…
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Steny Hoyer, Bob Casey, Joe Manchin, Adam Schiff. House Dems have 20 need 40+ BDDs to take the house.
Is he more or less "Democratic" than Heidi Heitkamp and Joe Manchin?
liberals in Joe Manchin's or Ben Nelson's seat. Good luck with that!
Jim Webb, Joe Manchin, John McCain, Lindsey Graham. Have these four men ended up in the wrong political party? Time to switch, guys?
So, in the same day, Joe Manchin stays in the Senate and Ryan Zinke appears to be heading to the Cabinet. Pretty decent day…
Joe Manchin gets to keep his seat in the Senate after all, if CBS' Major Garrett is correct. Former Texas...
That's too bad. I was going to use Jim Justice, Collin T. Peterson and Joe Manchin to indicate why libs should aban…
Joe Manchin, father of Heather Bresch, CEO of Epipen Mylan? What about Hedge fund John Paulson?…
Trump team considering Sen. Joe Manchin for energy secretary
Joe Manchin's still technically a Democrat, right?
Joe Manchin doesn't understand that grown men trying to talk tough just come off as morons...
And on this week’s episode of “Joe Manchin Embarrassing West Virginia….”
We’ve got the audio of Joe Manchin saying that he’d “beat the *** out of” someone burning a flag. (h/t .
. Joe Manchin of West Virginia he's no real Democrat. chaser.
Senator Joe Manchin on burning the American flag
HEY MAYBE SEN. JOE MANCHIN can give those DONATIONS from his . CEO DAUGHTER and helps those OBAMA put out o…
Senator Joe Manchin III would make a great choice for your team.
The only really *** move they did was elevate Joe Manchin to a position of leadership. He has no business there.
Shout out to our friend for sending Joe Manchin's flag-burning audio our way last night - talking about it on LIVE now!
Hey stop telling us to when you've POS's like David Clarke & Joe Manchin...
Remember in 2018! Vote every Dem out who refuses to stand up to Orange Hitler! Starting w/ Joe Manchin.
Warning: Don’t Burn the American Flag in Front of DEMOCRAT Senator Joe Manchin
At this point every article about Joe Manchin should probably note that his daughter, the CEO of Mylan, is the price gougi…
Before I even looked at the picture, knew it was Joe Manchin (D-WV). It's time for this guy to switch parties.
A reminder that Joe Manchin faces re-election in two years
Joe Manchin (D=defers to Trump) promises to physically assault those exercising a 1st Amdt right. https:/…
Dem. Sen. Joe Manchin on flag burning: "It's a first amendment right but you do it in front of me, I'm going to beat the he…
Joe Manchin seems like a great guy, we just need to figure how to change that letter after his name from…
...and then here came a Joe Manchin reference
3/4. Also, Joe Manchin had some zeal worth reflecting on a bit today...
Senators Susan Collins, Jeff Flake, Lindsay Graham & Joe Manchin (Dem) all think Jeff Sessions is just dandy for AG. Grab your civil rights!
Joe Manchin is dead to me and should become persona non grata in the West Virginia Democratic Party.
Joe Manchin is really a GOP senator in Democratic disguise!
Hey Mr. President, if you're looking to "reach across the isle", Jim Webb and Joe Manchin might look good on your team!
Interesting elect Joe Manchin to leadership. He's in a state R+13 and not going to be a Dem or a Senator after 2018.
I can't stand Joe Manchin..he might as well be a *** republican. Harry Reid is a great Senator & I will miss him
Offer WV Senator Joe Manchin a position in the administration, opening that Senate Seat for a Republican.
can we just gently place Joe Manchin into a dumpster already
Joe Manchin, You are now representing a state that voted overwhelmingly for a Republican. If you can't beat'm, join'm!
Harry Reid's hate-filled spit speech on Senate floor new low. A pile of vile bile.Joe Manchin steps up with dignity. h…
Joe Manchin is by definition a Republican. He's done a great job for WV as governor and senator
Sen. Joe Manchin speaking to students today at Wirt County High. Recognizing Drew Adams for West Point nomination.…
Joe Manchin always annoyed me. But not as much as West Virginia voters did for voting for him. Phony "moderate."
CEO of maker is daughter of W. VA Dem. Senator Joe Manchin. She may be called to testify about price hike
Not really... Dems like Joe Lieberman, Bill Nelson, Tom Carper & Joe Manchin made life difficult for Obama...
Little Giant Ladders
You're a disgrace to WV, Powell. You're a Benedict Arnold just like Joe Manchin & his desire to nuke the 5th amend.
Joe Manchin laments Fifth Amendment: 'Due process is what's killing us right now'
Joe Manchin laments Fifth Amendment: ‘Due process is what’s killing us right now’ - -
Just a few years ago contributed to Sen. Reid's campaign? Sen. Joe Manchin was a NRA darling too.
When will West Virginians realize Joe Manchin is a leftist liberal? Manchin doesn’t waiver on support of Hillary
After painting bleak picture for coal, Clinton said to be closely eyeing Sen. Joe Manchin, D-W.Va., as running mate.
She earned an early endorsement from pro-coal West Virginia Democrat, Sen. Joe Manchin last fall.
Sen. Joe Manchin: Remember Jessie with law to prevent another prescribed overdose (Gazette)
Joe Manchin's ranking is 1,859. Know why? Go to and tell fans why
Without having to think very long I name Joe Lieberman, Joe Manchin, Chuck Schumer as
Joe Manchin is the sort of democrat I don't mind. I'd trade him for Sherrod Brown, at least.
Joe Manchin & Collin Peterson are anti-Choice "Blue-Dog" Dems. Debbie Wasserman Schultz is in the pocket of Payday lenders.
The strategy would be to Primary-out the old-school Dems like Debbie Wasserman Schultz, Joe Manchin, Collin Peterson
Manchin to meet with Obama's Supreme Court nominee: CHARLESTON, W.Va. (AP) - U.S. Sen. Joe Manchin will meet with President Barack Ob...
Parkersburg News: Manchin backing Jim Justice: PARKERSBURG - Sen. Joe Manchin of West Virginia has thrown his ...
In today's Sen. Joe Manchin writes: Time for Senate to fulfill its duties
Sen. Joe Manchin: Time for Senate to fulfill its duties. (Sent from Gazette-Mail)
My Dem Sen, Joe Manchin, has an A rating from NRA, not D- like Bernie. Joe's universal background bill voted down by R
Hillary Clinton writes letter to Sen. Joe Manchin to clarify remarks on coal mining .
Hillary Clinton says in a letter to Sen. Joe Manchin that she was mistaken in her remarks on national television...
Sen. Joe Manchin: 'Something's got to be done [about airline fees]. Rural America is getting killed.'
West Virginia people better find out where Joe Manchin stands on Hillary Clinton she is against coal
My grandmother had a great saying. It always stuck with me: 'People don't c...
Checking the stat sheet and found refs called fouls on Kaden Whaley, Kyle Allard, Mary Lou Retton and Joe Manchin this morning
Every child should have a safe place in their life.
My interview with Our "Connect To Congress" segments are unedited and unfiltered. Check it out:.
if HRC does win I would like to see her pick Joe Manchin. I am a Conservative but he seems like a good person
The fact is, even Joe Manchin is better than anyone in the GOP right now. Have you seen them? No, really, have you? I'm not sure you have.
According to federal election commission, Nick Saban's only political donation was $2,400 to friend Joe Manchin's 2010 se…
Thank you Senator Joe Manchin for speaking with the students of Wheeling Park High School!
any chance of Joe Manchin making VP shortlist?
Democratic Senators Heidi Heitkamp of North Dakota and Joe Manchin of West Virginia support Hillary Clinton:
What about one of the really good Dem Senators, Joe Manchin? Don't think he will endorse the liar or Sanders.
you all need to override the veto on guns manchin has a puppet as governor he does what Joe wants that's stupid people can protect
maybe he would pick a Democrat like Sen. Joe Manchin, not sure that would fly at the convention in Cleveland.
106 final -- Joe Manchin becomes Seneca's first champ 5-4 over Nick Duca of Paulsboro
Yeah, some do: won't happen. Your ardent defense of him is not noble, but delusional.
'Obamacare,' as it's been called, is far too reaching. It's overreaching. I...
& Senator Joe Manchin:. I'm a successful business woman from the State of West Virginia. Are you really that stupid?
Joe Manchin is just barely a Democrat
Chris Matthews would choose Joe Manchin as Hillary running mate. Lawrence O'Donnell would pick Elizabeth Warren. Enough said.
Sen Dianne Feinstein, Sen Joe Manchin, just to name a few. Democrats r the party of gun control. They own it.
Wow 45% CO2 buried. Solar/wind/geo don't even need to try. Come to Project Impact
Well, you know, first of all, let me just say that I am a proud member of t...
And in real election news, Joe Manchin would be a good VP pick for Hillary. Not sure who Bernie would pick.
nice, post facts too little is known by too few ppl, Dems like joe manchin n many voters r self destructive,prob brain damage
Webbs position on no vote for HC but maybe for trump shows he is no dem people like Jim Webb and Joe Manchin have hurt dems
A job and resource fair planned by Sen. Joe Manchin, D-W.Va., was the place to be for those looking for work or a...
Joe Manchin endoresed Obama, loves Hillary, Obama and his EPA have destoryed WV, Thanks Joe
I'm constantly trying to figure out why Webb & Joe Manchin are still Dems.
Unlock your potential and empower your career with KeyLogic at the NCWV Job Fair hosted by U.S. Senator Joe Manchin.
Stop by our booth at the Senator Joe Manchin career fair today. We would love to meet you.…
I found out today that my buddy is Joe Manchin's great nephew.
March 03, 2016 Sen. Joe Manchin, (D-WV.) blasted the Obama administration Thursday for killing off job growth in...
ICYMI: Read my op-ed in the about the comprehensive opioid bill to fight this crisis nationwide. https:…
Except this would be like if the Democrats were for some reason infatuated with Jim Webb or Joe Manchin or some other DINO
Thank you to our U.S. Senators from West Virginia, Joe Manchin and Shelley Moore Capito for supporting our...
Alls I got to say is, Joe Manchin is toast here in WV if he goes along with Obummer.
"It is simply unacceptable that the DOD is the only major federal agency that has not completed a financial audit," Sen. Joe Manchin
is there a $$$ connection, influence, via her father, Sen. Joe Manchin?. Just seems odd for her position in big pharma job
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Sen. Joe Manchin high on second-hand exploding fist-bump - Proud to stand by my good friend as he ...
Sen. Joe Manchin, about the opioid epidemic: “People are losing their parents, their home life, their spouse and...
Sen. Joe Manchin tells he and Nick Saban worked to get in the SEC, but the league ultimately picked Miss…
It's always the moderates we remember as great leaders. So who is Joe Manchin?
.Sen. Joe Manchin (WV) said: Treasury doesn't have enough paper to deliver what Bernie's promised
Jack Rollins' grandfather greeted by Sen. Joe Manchin in event held in honor of Jack. Heartwarming story here.
Upper Big Branch was when Joe Manchin went from governor to spokeslackey for Don Blankenship. He works for coal now. 😩😔
Outside of Jim Webb and Joe Manchin you know that is not the view of the national party.
Eh, a real man like Joe Manchin would shoot it.
Hey, not wanting a corrupt, untrustworthy liar like Hillary in the WH doesn't make me right wing.. I like Joe Manchin, West V.
Senators want social media background screening for visa applicants: U.S. Senators Joe Manchin (D-WV) and Mark...
U.S. Senator Joe Manchin (D-W.Va.) on federal budget: "Do you have to give away the whole darn store?"
what in the world is Joe Manchin doing in that party?
sad that a WV democrat (Joe manchin) stood up against this disaster and repubs didn't
Wherever there is one job on the verge of being lost, I will fight to save it. W...
Joe Manchin: Hillary Clinton is a fighter 😁 Joe, bad for WV
Joe Manchin Endorses Barack Obama, Over and Over and Over Again Mountaineers won't forget your bad judgment Joe!!
Joe Manchin needs to come out of the dark into the light. He makes more sense than any of those R's.
2. Things.. Greta VanSusteran for POTUS on GOP ticket. Sen. Joe Manchin for POTUS on DEM ticket.
Democrats need to get Sen. Joe Manchin (D) WV to run for POTUS. He would win " HANDS DOWN "!! BEAT HILLARY!
I have not. I haven't seen anything come from that side. Dem Joe Manchin has pushed for it lately.
In a letter to President Obama Republican Illinois Sen. Mark Kirk and Democrat Sen. Joe Manchin of West Virginia...
An excerpt from an email I just got from the WVCDL:. As Washington, our Governor, Senator Joe Manchin and others...
*** // Manchin and Capito Congratulate Piper King on her Award Winning Extra Sloppy Joe Recipe via
"The second vote revived legislation from April 2013, written in the aftermath of the shooting deaths of 20…"
Senators pushing to block EPA's clean power plan: Sen. Joe Manchin weighs in
Sen. Joe Manchin: Drug test people in public housing, because their kids asked for it on
No he does not.joe manchin is all about Joe Manchin and what he can get for himself.
Sen. Joe Manchin (D) WV supporter of Rotten-Clinton 4 POTUS, on F & F says JEB is most qualified for R's,
Only Republicans care what Joe Manchin has to say. He won't be a Sen much longer, I promise.
it seems Jim Webb is token blue-dog Democrat in race. Jim and Joe Manchin of West Virginia need to realize Dem party is uber left
How long has Rand Paul been saying this?!. And thank you, Sens. Mike Lee, Joe Manchin, Chris Murphy, and Tom...
3 Senate conservative Democrats voted with the GOP today to limit women's Choice: Bob Casey (PA), Joe Donnelly (IN), Joe Manchin (WV)
From Catholic Vote: Democratic Senators who voted to protect the unborn: Bob Casey (PA), Joe Manchin (WV), and Joe Donnelly (IN).
Good on Sens. Joe Manchin, D-W.V.; Bob Casey, D-Pa.; and Joe Donnelly, D-Ind., who voted to protect unborn children.
Joe Manchin is now, and forever will be, a spineless coward -
now,i dont expect Joe Manchin r Chuck Schumer2rebuke t/Gop r,speakup for t/as,t/USA Prez
On Sept. 11, U.S. Shelley Moore Capito and Joe Manchin announced that West Virginia will receive a...
Oh, please . Joe Manchin comes immediately to mind.
he'll be so mad he'll cut another check to Joe Manchin!
My ego is so inflated right now. Look near the bottom:
vote to defund Planned Parenthood The needs to defund them.
Visit my website for a recap of what I’ve been working on this week in DC: ht…
"Iv'e always said if I can't explain it back home, I can't support it" - Sen. Joe Manchin, about him not supporting the
US Senator Joe Manchin's advice: "See if you can back the Turks off from trying to kill the Kurds that are fighting (ISIS) in Syria"
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It would be like... the Dems deciding HRC is too liberal and drafting Joe Manchin.
Sen. Joe Manchin credits hard work, cooperation for bringing P&G to WV
Hi Joe Manchin now on down 1, in Dem. field past hour discussed
WASHINGTON (AP) — Democratic Sen. Joe Manchin of West Virginia says he will oppose the nuclear deal with Iran. Manchin say…
Rep for Joe Manchin: OSM denied state agencies opportunity for meaningful input on SPR development.
.So voting record allows oil to flow across borders, but not human beings.
"Sen. Joe Manchin, D-W.Va., said he's worried about the "void" left by Assad's removal in the absence of any...
Only Sen. Joe Manchin of West Virginia voted with the Republicans. Unacceptable
Three No Ds did the right thing today. Joe Manchin is a DINO.
Just in - C-SPAN video highlighting the exceptional work of Sarah Feinberg as Acting Administer of Federal...
Sen Joe Manchin will vote yes on McConnell’s Iran amendment, his office tells me. He will be lone Dem in favor of it.
In '83 met a young and now he's at her FRA confirmation hrng:
The real question mark is why does Joe Manchin have a (D) after his name.
West Virginia conservative Joe Manchin is the 4th Senate Democrat to oppose the Iran deal, joining Chuck Schumer, Bob Menendez & Ben Cardin
West Va. Sen. Joe Manchin will host town hall event on Iran deal this Thursday at the University of Charleston.
Congratulations Joe Donnelly & Joe Manchin for doing the right thing and voting for life.
U.S. Sen. Joe Manchin (D) says he is leaning towards voting in favor of the nuclear agreement with Iran.
If my ol' Senator from WV, Robert Byrd was still here, he would be standing with Rand right now. Not that coward Joe Manchin
I repeat, what has she actually done? Joe Manchin is a two-term US Senator, and two-term governor of a state.
Some pols drive shiny black SUVs. Joe Manchin's is white & labelled "Mobile office of Senator Joe Manchin". V clever
. Joe Manchin is the only Dem who belongs to ALEC!
Sen. Joe Manchin mocks "paranoia" over "I don't know what's going on in Texas."
Sen. Joe Manchin blames Harry Reid for the dysfunction in Washington
Manchin drops out of WV's Gov. Race after NRA’s Chris Cox said: “The is more popular than Joe Manchin in ~>
Washington Post: Without Joe Manchin, West Virginia is the governor's race most likely to switch Party's in 2016:
CHARLESTON, W.Va. (AP) — Again facing heat from the gun lobby, U.S. Sen. Joe Manchin is criticizing the National Rifle Association, saying
Request IRS conduct an audit of John Cornyn, Joe Manchin and John Boehner's income tax returns 2009-2014. We know they're dirty.
U.S. Sen. Joe Manchin says more technically skilled workers are needed throughout this country.
Dems have their first candidate for But I guess he's a placeholder depending on what Sen. Joe Manchin does.
Manchin: Name ship after ‘Woody’ Williams | Times West Virginia: Sen. Joe Manchin said Monday that within the ...
Democratic Senators filibustering the Homeland Security Bill. Where are Joe Manchin, Mark Warner , Why are they not offering amendments
And in a bizzaro world, Joe Manchin, John Barrow, and Heath Shuler preparing exploratory committees.
Our g-grandaughter, ASHLEY MCCRACKEN, IS at the Capitol, in Charleston, today.She is getting recognition for her group, who won 1st place in the State Competition for Government.She will be awArded by Senator Joe Manchin, among others... WE ARE ALL VERY PROUD OF ASHLEY ! She has excelled in all her goals !!! Go get 'em, girl.
Sen. Joe Manchin (D-WV) made in clear in an interview published Monday that he has no plans to support Democrats who want to take a page out of the GOP playbook by obstructing the new Republican majority.
MoveOn, the ultra-left-wing-radicals that push every liberal agenda item known to date just sent me an email (yes, I subscribe to see what the scum is doing, same as with the GOP which I am finding just as repulsive) giving a major amount of Kudo's to Joe Manchin. Good job MoveOn. Whomever you and the GOP establishment push, that's exactly who I'll not vote for.
How Gun Owners Frustrated Obama’s Gun Control Agenda in 2014 “The group's Executive Director Larry Pratt saw the West Virginia Democrat working behind the scenes, pushing gun control after Sandy Hook. He called him out and asked other gun rights groups, including the NRA, to do the same.” -- Freedom Outpost, January 19, 2015 _ Not a GOA member yet? Make sure to join Gun Owners of America! _ Two former Presidents paid quite a compliment to Gun Owners of America and its members last year. For starters, President Obama said: "People ask me what I’m proudest of and what are my biggest frustrations as President. My biggest frustration is that this society hasn’t been willing to take some basic steps to keep guns out of the hands of people who can do damage." (The White House, June 10, 2014) So in other words, he’s frustrated that Congress rejected every single one of his gun control proposals over the past couple of years. GOA members should accept this compliment and pat themselves on the back. .. ...
West Virginia: More signs that US Sen Joe Manchin (D) is planning to run for Governor in 2016.
West Virginians met with Senator Joe Manchin to encourage him to co-sponsor the Pain-Capable Unborn...
Great to see some leadership in the Joe Manchin to co-chair Senate caucus:
Here's what then-Gov Joe Manchin said his point was,
Republicans offered Joe Manchin $1 Million to switch parties. How must did they pay him to stay??. .
Joe Manchin. Bob Menendez...and all you other Blue Dogs, will you please STOP PRETENDING TO BE DEMOCRATS!!! . Thank You.
Is it true that Sen. Joe Manchin of West Virgina switching to GOP?
I pray the blessing of God on Sen.Joe Manchin (WV). as he stands with Israel.
.He's as much a Democrat as Joe Manchin is.
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Heidi Heitkamp and Joe Manchin Really Want to Pollute Your Air, and So Do Some Other Dems via ANIMALS too?
Sen. Joe Manchin (D-WV): "I am very excited about the process, the open amendment process..."
& are the new co-chairs of the bipartisan Senate General Aviation Caucus
WV Senate (33-0) and House (95-4)officially votes to REPEAL Joe Manchin's Cap and Trade bill!
US Senators John Boozman (R-AR) & Joe Manchin (D-WV) will take reins of the bipartisan Senate General Aviation Caucus in the 114th Congress.
FIRST UP on The Mike Queen Show at 9:06am Wed, U.S. Senator Joe Manchin talking about the SOTU and Cap & Trade!
I agree...I am so over ... WTH happened to him and Joe Manchin?
Joe Manchin is one of those West Virginia Democrats who voted Democrat just because his daddy did.
I call Joe Manchin JOEY WHISPERS. Seems like he always whispers when he speaks with his sneaky ***
KXL. Manchin Ur friend in need is extremely misinformed about KXl by false statements made on natl TV.Do u stand by him 2?
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