Joe Maddon & Davey Johnson

Joseph John Maddon (born February 8, 1954, in Hazleton, Pennsylvania) is the Major League Baseball manager for the Tampa Bay Rays. David Allen Davey Johnson (born January 30, 1943 in Orlando, Florida) is an American Major League Baseball (MLB) player and current manager of the Washington Nationals. 5.0/5

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That time Davey Johnson called Joe Maddon a "Weird Wuss" was pretty great.
Davey Johnson once derisively called Joe Maddon "the guru," among other things. I'm guessing Davey's mind hasn't been changed watching this.
lol remember when Davey Johnson called Joe Maddon a "weird wuss"
From time to time, we should remember and appreciate that Davey Johnson once called Joe Maddon a "weird wuss."
Reminder: Davey Johnson calling Joe Maddon a "weird wuss" remains the greatest part of his managerial career in Washington.
Whenever I see Joe Maddon, I'm reminded of how Davey Johnson described him: "a weird wuss."
Remember when you called Joe Maddon a "wuss" Mr. Davey Johnson?? Now it's your turn to go home and start barbecuing 8-)
Controversial things I believe: Davey Johnson is a better manager than Joe Maddon.
Davey Johnson Calls Joe Maddon A 'Weird Wuss,' Compares ...: Joe Maddon and Davey Johnson are in the midst of an...
Read about the and Davey Johnson vs Joe Maddon on >>
Fútbol: Davey Johnson terms Joe Maddon ‘a weird wuss’ on the issue of pine tar used by Joel Peralta-MLB
Joe Maddon and Davey Johnson have been firing verbal fastballs at each other.
Pine tar spat: Johnson says 'read the rulebook': Davey Johnson says Joe Maddon should "read the rulebook." Maddo...
I know you don't know Joe, Davey Johnson, but I do, and I believe Joe Maddon to be one of the best people in the game today—No question.
The Nats’ Davey Johnson and the Rays’ Joe Maddon are still debating who was in the wrong regarding Joel Peralta’s excessive use of pine tar.
Davey Johnson calling Joe Maddon a "weird wuss" is one of my new favorite sports-world insults.
Continuing the discussion of "honor" in the sports world. Last night a pitcher named Peralta appeared in relief for the Tampa Bay Rays against the Washington Nationals, a game that the surprising Nationals won. The only point of interest is that Peralta was tossed out of Tuesday night's game for a clear cut violation of the rules - having a foreign substance (in this case pine tar, which would have given him the ability to throw a pitch equivalent to an illegal spitball) hidden in his glove. The case is under review by the league office. so far, so what? Well, it seems the Tampa Bay manager Joe Maddon is angry with Nats' manager, Davey Johnson for pointing out to the umpire on Tuesday that his pitcher was a cheater. He says Johnson used "insider information" (really, yes really - "insider information!") because the pitcher had pitched for Johnson's Nats last year. Get this straight; Johnson knew the kid was a cheater because he had cheated while he worked for Johnson, but it was OK then, because he was ...
Listening to baseball managers Davey Johnson and Joe Maddon argue back and forth over a pitcher having pine tar on his glove is like watching the movie Grumpy Old Men.
"Power Alley" with Mike Ferrin and Jim Duquette is live until 2 pm ET today. We want you to write the ending to the Joe Maddon vs Davey Johnson, Rays-Nationals Pine Tar Gate. Today is International Handshake Day so no handshakes allowed.
Totally loving the feud between Joe Maddon and Davey Johnson, you guys.
Just when you thought Bryce Harper had registered the quote of the year for the Nationals with "That's a clown question, bro", Davey Johnson steps in with maybe the greatest/weirdest quote in Nats history when describing Joe Maddon. What's a...
"No, I don't know him that well, but I thought he was a weird wuss anyway," Nationals Manager Davey Johnson on Rays manager Joe Maddon.
Kudos to Davey Johnson for calling Joe Maddon a "weird wuss". He nailed it. An oversensitive old timer that is just flat out strange.
Davey Johnson vs. Joe Maddon is really, "Win at all costs vs. Don't Snitch." And that choice will never go away:
Davey Johnson: Slick move, or snitch move? cc
Davey Johnson: Slick move, or snitch move?
Joe Maddon uses the phrase "insider trading" to explain his disdain for Davey Johnson's pine tar check. Maddon is awesome.
Love Joe Maddon, but can't really blame Davey Johnson. Why ignore a stated rule being broken to follow unwritten rule?
YESNetwork: Joe Maddon calls out Davey Johnson, says his managerial moves are 'bogus' (w/ video):
Joel Peralta cheated on Tuesday night. The Rays reliever broke a rule in having pine tar on his glove. He got caught. He was ejected. He might get suspended. But it's Nationals Manager Davey Johnson's decision to call for the inspection of Peralta's glove that will be discussed more thoroughly in ba...
RaysRadio asking: Who wins in a ThrowDown? Joe Maddon or Davey Johnson
Rays reliever Joel Peralta was tossed Tuesday after umpires, at the urging of Nationals Manager Davey Johnson, found pine tar on Peralta's glove.
Nationals Manager Davey Johnson called it "gamesmanship." Rays manager Joe Maddon called it "cowardly." "First Pitch" with Jim Memolo and Todd Hollandsworth wants to know what you think about the pine tar incident in the Rays/Nats game last night. Call us at 866-MLB-ON-XM/866-652-6696.
6/19/12: Joe Maddon gives his take on Joel Peralta's foreign substance controversy following the Rays' 5-4 win over the Nationals
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