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Joe Lieberman

Joseph Isadore Joe Lieberman (born February 24, 1942) is the senior United States Senator from Connecticut.

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Joe Lieberman emerges as Trump's top choice for FBI director | Fox News ➜…
As long as it doesn't choose Joe lieberman as a running mate...
These are great ideas that would have been turned into law in 2009 had it not been for Joe Lieberman singlehandedly stoppin…
Well for one thing we managed to throw Joe Lieberman out of the party. 1980s "neoliberal" dems became 1990s Clintonites.
Donald Trump picking Joe Lieberman for FBI director would be equal parts canny and awful: via
Op-Ed: Video games have had 40 years to attempt real damage. Tipper Gore & Joe Lieberman tried & failed this very…
The Democrats ran Joe Lieberman out of the party but are happy to make room for Linda Sarsour. But tell me all about GOP "r…
PO passed in Pelosi's House. Joe Lieberman killed it. You need 60 vote…
Does anyone remember Zell Miller and Joe Lieberman? Much higher profile people who left the Democrats a long time ago.
Potential Trump pick for FBI head, Joe Lieberman, is a a First Amendment disaster
Speech by Joe Lieberman in the Free Iran Gathering July 1,  2017 in Paris via
Exclusive - Former Sen. Joe Lieberman 'Optimistic' Will Move Embassy in Israel to Jerusalem - Breitbart
Speech by Joe Lieberman in the Gathering July 1, 2017 in .
Excellent observation. Saddam Hussain was also sponsoring this cult few years ago now J…
Let me tell you about how Joe Lieberman.
The public option was killed by Joe Lieberman, I-CT. We did not have the v…
Your daily reminder that Joe Lieberman threw a hissy fit and removed our public option.
& Joe Lieberman is a terrible choice for FBI Director. He is buddies with McCain & old…
The "public option" would have been included in the ACA but for the opposition of one Joe Lieberman (c…
FDD's Joe Lieberman champions Saudi-Israeli-US-MEK coalition to achieve regime change in Iran. Good luck with that.
thanks senator Joe Lieberman for your presence and your g…
@ conference w/ Joe Lieberman. Former United States Senator on freedom democracy movement in Iran
Can't find BBC video for this. At 16:11 read HARD TALK transcript pro-war hawk Joe Lieberman on his anti-Iran stanc…
Senator Collins, we need more like you! Have you ever thought of running as an Idependent with Joe Lieberman??? awesome!
Just a friendly reminder that CT used to have Joe Lieberman as Senator instead
What is Joe Lieberman? I mean like, is he two ferns duct taped together? A half dead sal…
FBI Director candidate Joe Lieberman is Senior Counsel at, wait for it... Kasowitz Benson Torres LLP
If you value free speech & press freedom rights, it’s hard to imagine a worse pick for FBI head than Joe Lieberman
Joe Lieberman has been popping up all over my Research lately. This wouldn't surprise me.
Joe Lieberman is one of the finest men to ever grace the steps of the Capitol Building👏🏻
It has been reported that Joe Lieberman is special counsel at the firm who represents Donald Trump.
After leaving the Senate, Joe Lieberman became a registered foreign agent for a Libyan businessman and politician. .
Trump's a client of Joe Lieberman's-no one who's EVER been paid by Trump can be the next FBI Director.
Joe Lieberman is an avid supporter of Betsy DeVos & has even been defending Trump the past few months. *** no to Joe for FBI!…
Joe Lieberman is completely unqualified to lead FBI. Naming him keeps Mc Cain on DT side. He's been at law firm dealing with Russia.
.This might be the reason Joe Lieberman was meeting with
SAY - NWO ... John McCain: 'Joe Lieberman has more experience' than any of my Democratic colleagues
Joe Lieberman is about as "independent" as John McCain and Lindsay Graham are conservative. Oh and look at these all th…
Joe Lieberman tried to introduce an Internet Kill Switch bill w/ John McCain to cut web access to any American at any t…
Calling Joe Stalin a "leftist" . reminds me of folks who called Joe Lieberman a "Democrat".
Joe Lieberman was part of Sandy Hook hoax you phony. The friggin' school was…
Come on Trump what the heck you thinking? Joe Lieberman no way!
Someone edited Wikipedia to remove Trump from Joe Lieberman's law firm's list of clients. Check out the same acct's last edit,…
Again, Joe Lieberman's law firm represents trump. NO ONE who was paid by trump should be FBI Dir. The most corrupt in…
Joe Lieberman's an able man, but he spent 43 yrs in politics. He's not the career prosecutor or cop the FBI needs now.
Joe Lieberman for FBI? It would be the same if we dig up Heinrich Himmler, strap him to a Frankenstein machine, and make him FBI director.
This doesn't get much attention, but Joe Lieberman blocking public option is largely responsible for today's exchange plan p…
Docs reveal that Trump's new "top" FBI pick Joe Lieberman was behind WikiLeaks' censorship + financial blockade
Remember when Fake News told you Joe Lieberman was Trump's top candidate for & Times Square Killer was an o…
Joe Lieberman is a Hillary supporter! Who in the heck is advising…
Where the heck did they come up with Joe Lieberman this would be a royal cluster
He basically just tells about Joe Lieberman and the public option for about an hour. Great…
C99's HenryAWallace writes: Joe Lieberman? No way! Call your U.S. Senators fast: Just say no to Joe!
As a Connecticut voter I have to just point out that Joe Lieberman of 2000 was a total *** too.
If you just saw Joe Lieberman's name pop up after seeing Chris Cornell and Roger Ailes ... I have some bad news for you.
Turn- coat Joe Lieberman considered for FBI director. Just so happens that Lieberman's lawfirm represents our crooked President…
"Joe Lieberman" the most vocal Leftist supporter of the Iraq War. Why so pro war Joe? Ah are an Israel Firster.
Not a Joe Lieberman fan, but watching Democrats bash one of their own former VP candidates just to spite Trump shows ju…
"Immigration for me is not just another issue. It’s me, it’s my family, it’s mi familia." - Joe Lieberman
What the heck is going on...Joe Lieberman? Something not right.
Do we like Joe Lieberman? Heck, who cares? I'll take someone who doesn't want to destroy democracy & c…
Sen. on possibility of Joe Lieberman to be FBI Director: “I think it’s a mistake to nominate anyone who’s ever run fo…
Serious note, guys: People are asking me what I think of Joe Lieberman for FBI Director. Here's what I think. (1)
I just for the heck of it googled 'Joe Lieberman in a clown car'. Disturbingly odd result. via /r/Libertarian
Joe Lieberman as FBI director is a joke. He's deep in Trump's pocket.
Joe Lieberman has changed positions more times in his life than even Melania Trump, and she used to be a Slovenian Prostitut…
The only and I mean only reason Obama care isn't functioning today is because of Joe Lieberman.
Joe Lieberman for FBI director who the heck is telling you this guy is really good he is a bum
didn't know Joe Lieberman was a Freedom Rider. My respect for him just rose immensely.
I wasn't aware that Joe Lieberman's law firm represented scumbag impeachable potus'. Not a valid choice if he was E…
Joe Lieberman has always reminded me of Henry Gibson from Laugh-In.
David Clarke, keeper of the dungeons in Milwaukee, is joining the administration. In case you thought Joe Lieberman is…
President Trump is considering Joe Lieberman for FBI director, according to Sean Spicer
Joe Dirt would be a better FBI Director than Joe Lieberman.
Joe Lieberman is sr counsel at Kasowitz, a firm that represents Trump in a wide range of his personal litigation:
Joe Lieberman is a terrible idea for FBI director.
Lieberman would be a peculiar choice for FBI--any politician would.
Joe Lieberman, three others will meet with Trump about FBI director job
President will interview Joe Lieberman for director position. Or the white version of
Joe Lieberman may become head of the FBI. Let's just add a 51st state & be done with it.
Please remember that Joe Lieberman, Zell Miller and Joe Manchin are democrats & party affiliation does not equ…
Joe Lieberman for FBI Director? Huh, what's Joe been up to recently?
I guess it makes sense in some warped cosmic way that- after the world finally got rid of Joe Lieberman- he'd return as Tru…
Joe Lieberman's law firm is repping a timber firm using RICO to try to take down Greenpeace for criticizing them
Sen. Cornyn was just quoted that Joe Lieberman would get 100 votes as FBI director. Just like firing Comey would be love…
I have a feeling we might see a reaction to Joe Lieberman...just a hunch
I thought the whole exercise was NOT to politicize the FBI? U put in Dem make big deal of party and *** off Repu…
Would you support President Trump nominating Joe Lieberman for the New FBI Director?
Joe Lieberman getting named FBI Director by Donald Trump would be just the kind of disgrace his embarrassment of a career des…
Trump is considering Joe Lieberman, one of his personal lawyers, to head the FBI. I mean, if it wasn’t clear yet what this…
Also, lest we forget, Joe Lieberman said "everybody should listen" to Sarah Palin.
Joe Lieberman's law firm, Kasowitz Benson Torres & Friedman, REPRESENTS Donald Trump. Naming him FBI Dir. would be an _…
CANT MAKE IT UP: Trump interviewing Joe Lieberman for FBI -- as Joe Lieberman works at Trump-connected law firm
Thank you, Zerlina! I object to choosing Joe Lieberman. For all practical purposes, he is a Republican.…
Please President do not select Joe Lieberman as FBI Director. He voted for Hillary Clinton. Need I say m…
REMINDER: Joe Lieberman's law firm has "represented Trump in all manner of matters since at least 2001"
Trump is considering picking Joe Lieberman as his FBI Director
Joe Lieberman is counsel at the law firm of Trump's chief litigator.
"Joe Lieberman" = Zell Miller. Another compromised turncoat. Of course someone with LIE in their name would work…
Joe Lieberman is 75 and FBI director is appointed to a 10-year term.
what Conscientious HumanBeing votes for Session,unless they r also,Miller&Joe Lieberman previous Dinos
Woolsey is a registered Democrat. . "I have been a 'Scoop Jackson,' 'Joe Lieberman,' Democrat all of my adult life..."
at the end of the day, the ACA was the most liberal bill possible that could still get the votes of Joe Lieberman & Ben Nelson
Mike Castle, Eric Cantor, Bob Bennett, Richard Luger, Joe Lieberman all lost in primaries
...just that instead of Mary Whitehouse, Joe Lieberman & Jack Thompson, you have feminists, MPs, parents (who vote) and broadcasters.
Reminder: Joe Lieberman personally removed Medicare buy in for seniors 55+ and it was despicable. Would lower costs for ever…
New! 190-Calorie VitaPizza- Get Free Shipping
Yes maybe he should discuss this with Joe Lieberman the original turn coat, where is that little *** anyway?
nope, that was Joe Lieberman, Ben Nelson, Mark Pryor, Blanche Lincoln and Martha Coakley
When it was, Joe Lieberman and Jack Lew, GOP Jews were terrified of our own being so powerful. But now Kushner & Greenblatt are celebrated.
So why would D's from those states pass legislation that's even more left-wing. Ben Nelson and Joe Lieberman health the ACA...
>Joe Lieberman lol He's not even a Democrat, seriously. And Ben Nelson was conservative not centrist
Joe Lieberman was a big proponent of citizenship-stripping, to allow US terror suspects detained w/no rights
Jon Chait, who trashed Bernie nonstop, was treated as a serious thinker. Same guy who said Joe Lieberman & John McCain should l…
Great to see Kelly Ayotte lose in NH. An insufferable neocon in the mold of Lindsey Graham and Joe Lieberman.
Monica Lewinsky was 24, not 19, Joe Lieberman led the calls to censure Clinton and Gore abandoned him in 2000 even at the r…
Dems have become a mortal threat to USA. Bring back Bob Kerry and Joe Lieberman - IF the Dems would have them. Dou…
Joe Lieberman says he will vote for Hillary Clinton
Joe Lieberman supports Clinton after flirting with Trump endorsement
Bart Stupak and Joe Lieberman were as much villains as any Republican during that time...
Not really... Dems like Joe Lieberman, Bill Nelson, Tom Carper & Joe Manchin made life difficult for Obama...
Bob Cassey,Angus King and Jeff Flake are all behind Kaine.If only Joe Lieberman & Zell Miller were around to join in
Remember in 2000, when thought Joe Lieberman was a GREAT Vice President running mate for Al Gore? . Just sayin'.
Did Zell Miller or Joe Lieberman cut ads for Bush and McCain?
Quality matters when a vice president is selected. Examples of getting it wrong: John Edwards, Joe Lieberman, Dan Quayle, and Spiro Agnew.
True, true. Hey, I heard Ed Rendell was a secret Communist. Him and Joe Lieberman. Pass it on.
Maybe it's the words "progressive champion Joe Lieberman" that are distorting your sense of reality.
With his ATTACKS on is becoming a bit too for a LOT of us.
You supported Joe Lieberman in 2004; so that alone makes me question your credibility.
Everybody was cool with Joe Lieberman doing it...
I must have missed this while I was bowing down at my Joe Lieberman shrine
But thanks god he didn't choose Joe Lieberman.
We have the largest economy and the strongest military in the world. O...
I believe that our national security lies not just in protecting our b...
Of course he does, just like he had Joe Lieberman's back after the heroic popular effort to dump that creep
didn't have "total control his first two years" like uncle Mitch just said. Joe Lieberman was a thorn in his side
I remember when President Joe Lieberman had momentum, too.
NHL Stanley Cup Memorabilia from The Bradford Exchange Online
Whatever happened to Joe Lieberman? He’d make a great 3rd party candidate right now…
We need to ensure our men and women in uniform are equipped with the v...
Community means engaging constructively with like-minded nations to bu...
progressive champion Joe Lieberman was enough
If you are a politician who has at some point defended Joe Lieberman then any attempt to label you a progressive is immediately suspect IMO
Putin is an evil awful dictator, so it's important we back people like Joe Lieberman and bin Salman to stop him.
republicans love the GMOs. Hillary loves Monsanto. Republican with a D after her name! Joe Lieberman-lite
I added a video to a playlist Senators Joe Lieberman and John McCain Tribute
True. But would never have passed. Needed 60 votes in Senate. Do you remember how much of a *** Joe Lieberman is?
Every day, first responders put their own lives on the line to ensure ...
And the 60th Dem vote was Joe Lieberman
I fondly remember Boxer campaigning for Joe Lieberman when he ran as an independent against Dem nominee Ned Lamont.
and with having to accommodate Joe Lieberman
Joe Lieberman (regretfully) and Alan Grayson. Everyone else is no worse than borderline . . . 2/
When Joe Lieberman's camp feared a primary loss they made preparations for an Indy race. Not the Beltway Super Geniuses
your morning show is a total joke. I am pretty sure Joe is involved in a bromance with
I urge the Bush Administration to rethink its priorities. We can't tal...
You should pick a centrist Democrat - Jim Webb? Joe Lieberman? - for VP to take some red state EVs from Hillary.
Please, Bill, whoever your candidate is, tell him to pick Dem (Jim Webb, Joe Lieberman!) for VP. Must win EVs from red states!
I the same time I view him in the same lens as Joe Lieberman. buy Joe had a longer history with party
I've spent the last year listening to Americans, and the state of the ...
In this era of uncertainty and conflict, the United States - blessed w...
More like cleaning up the mess & getting rid of the Joe Lieberman's who blocked everything Obama tried to do in his first term
Things that had more to do with Bush's 2000 installation: SCOTUS, Jeb Bush, Katherine Harris, Joe Lieberman and Gore's campaign
I'm not sure what your question is, but I am sure Joe Lieberman is not the answer.
shoutout to good democrats Zell Miller and Joe Lieberman
Very Odd; Joe Lieberman ran for Dem presidential nomination as an Independent, but wasn'…
I hear that Bernie Bros have been criticizing venerated progressive champion Joe Lieberman? Enough.
Oh yeah! Looks like Joe Lieberman, but even more colorless and less willing to stake one degree of stand!
I don't know - maybe it's time for Joe Lieberman to step up?
Free Shipping at Baseball Rampage
We have reached an important milestone and achieved a new momentum in ...
The man that destroyed the ACA public option, Joe Lieberman
I'm extending it pretty well! Better than John Edwards or Joe Lieberman.
I would actually like Joe Lieberman for Romney's VP. "Unity ticket' - take EVs from red and blue states.
Get ready to be letdown by it being Joe Lieberman.
It's usually liberals. Public Enemy & Mortal Kombat were opposed by Tipper Gore and Joe Lieberman back in the 90s
doing the best they could apparently means using Joe Lieberman as a running mate I guess
Joe Lieberman cackles in triumph on his bloody throne of peasant skulls.
Bingo! And being a *** about Nader, blocking him from debates, and choosing doofus Joe Lieberman as VP. All fatal mistakes
Sen. Joe Lieberman on people are held hostage by a theocratic, radical violent hegemonic regime htt…
Hillary Clinton tried to censor video games in 2005 with Joe Lieberman and Evan Bayh.
Wasn't his 5 minutes up months ago... BS is the new John McCain or Joe Lieberman when it comes to Sunday shows
Kind of like when Gore picked Joe Loserman in 2000? Errr, Lieberman.
Iraq invasion. Defending Joe Lieberman,. Running a prostitution ring out of his house. Fronting Alice in Chains
I'm guessing Joanie Walsh would say that Joe Lieberman was a "progressive", too, and should be wooed back into the Dem party??
Thank Joe Lieberman for that. Obama said l along that a public option would be better
Some in my party threaten to send a message that they don't know a jus...
When Al Gore picked Joe Lieberman, it was a clear declaration of indep...
Boomers who throw that "DUR NADER" line at us like it's our fault Al Gore trusted Joe Lieberman to deliver Florida
You really think Max Baucus or Joe Lieberman were going to vote for the public option?
Isnt Jim Himes in the same mold as Joe Lieberman? IE : republican calling themselves a Democrat.
one of the early ones, I went off making jokes about ESRB, Joe Lieberman, Night Trap and Dana Plato playing a tennis racket.
nah, but Chuck Hagel and Joe Lieberman are waiting by their phones.
Why can't they carry out an impeachment with dignity, as we do in the US? I remember a stoic Joe Lieberman...
That was a quote from Joe Lieberman, regarding the Ft Hood Massacre. Well said.
It had enough votes in the House and almost passed Senate but for some shills like Joe Lieberman.
Joe Lieberman killed the public option singlehandedly. The power of one senator.
And in the Senate, people forget that the "supermajority" included blue dogs and Joe effing Lieberman.
Pelosi had enough votes for public option in the House in 2009. One or two votes eg Joe Lieberman killed it in the Senate
And even that supermajority was more theoretical than actual reality, depending on conservatives like Joe Lieberman and Ben Nelson.
When partisans start praising the idea of Democratic party control of the presidency and congress I think of Joe Lieberman and Ben Nelson
Sadly, Bernie Sanders has a certain Joe Lieberman quality about him.
And I just don't want fake Dems voting in Dem primary. You know, Joe Lieberman types. Is he a good Dem?
Joe Lieberman (Jewish) to Chris Wallace (Jewish): Syria should be attacked next after Libya 2011.
Joe Lieberman: Benghazi, no need to investigate... this Jewish lead crime.
Howie you forgot Joe lieberman VP with Al Gore
I'm on board for this BUT Joe Lieberman is still alive
how about we send you a message on primary day, Mr Joe Lieberman-lite
Joe Lieberman & his ilk caused me to tolerate the Clintons longer than I would have. Nasty, phony moralizing hawk.
It's funny how many people love to blame Nader for 2000, but forget Gore chose Joe Lieberman as running mate. Probably more consequential.
Quick! To the 90s phone! Call Joe Lieberman & Herb Kohl get the ESRBall rolling ^^
SWITCH for world Internet Act by Joe sees Internet as obstacle to GZ domination. http:…
another Joe Lieberman . Bernie is already back stabbing the Democrats . No Bernie No Republican . Hillary.
No -- Public option was defeated solely by Joe Lieberman. Come on.
So was Joe Lieberman and no one said a peep then...
You know Joe Lieberman was a Democrat turned Independent? Why did Raphael recommend Beck's buddy?
and co-opted from whom? Did they steal it from Joe Lieberman or something?
I was inspired to be interested in politics by Jewish pols like Joe Lieberman. Sanders is a true disappointment, sad to see.
If Democrats had let *actual* DINO's Joe Lieberman and Mary Landrieu lose their seats to R's, the Affordable Care Act wouldn't have passed.
Lefties have been calling various Dems "corporate *** forever - Evan Bayh, Joe Lieberman come prominently to mind.
Joe UANI organisation sends a mafia-like alert to Italian PM visiting
Once in synagogue, I sat two rows in front of Lew and one row in back of Joe Lieberman .Was tempted to say "you two fight."
What the *** are you talking about? We didn't have enough DEM votes. We had Joe Lieberman and Ben Nelson. Jesus.
and also, you know, historic obstructionism from the GOP. Though yes Joe Lieberman is awful and deserves to be scorned
Without having to think very long I name Joe Lieberman, Joe Manchin, Chuck Schumer as
Almost forgot but last night I had the most random bad dream possible:. Joe Lieberman was pushing a map of the South Pole into my eyeball.
and a John McCain and Joe LIEberman fan, apparently
Remember Joe Lieberman running for back in 2000? Bernie Sanders is trying to avoid the 'let me see your fridge' alienation that Joe had.
Joe Lieberman was an out there Jew, too, if not one inclined to practice Jewish life sincerely.
Who said anything like that about Joe Lieberman, Arlen Spector or Jill Stein? That might be terrible.
Laptop insurance - because accidents happen!
Not what happened. ACA passed Senate by 1 vote - Joe Lieberman's vote. Price for his vote was dropping pub option.
There seems to be no records. Though as an amusing aside, Joe Lieberman graduated from her high school :P
Jews for Bernie support a Jewish candidate that is an embarrassment to Jews. I miss Joe Lieberman
Bernie supporters make me feel as if I were Joe Lieberman.
If u vote 4 Hill your voting 4 a Republican.I voted for a Republican ONCE Joe Lieberman (Gore).Wont make that mistake again.
Joe Lieberman would do better with that group but more liberal Jewish people would say Lieberman is too Conservative
Ending the semester on some bipartisanship, we're teaming up with the to bring Senator Joe Lieberman to campus this Thursday!
Bernie as a running mate would combine all the gimmicky attributes of Sarah Palin and Joe Lieberman.
They wouldn't have been needed if Joe Lieberman hadn't killed the public option.
the idea was something like: Joe Lieberman took a strong stance against Bill Clinton's improprieties and that will help in 2000 election.NOT
Instead he picked Joe Lieberman who ended up becoming a Republican...and added nothing..idea to run away from Bill Clinton backfired bigtime
or this year's Joe Lieberman when the Rs invite him to their convention
Nobody tried to ruin Sen. Joe Lieberman's life or the lives of his family members because he criticized Night Trap, what an innocent era.
Well Joe Lieberman who was part of supermajority was why we didn't get public option
There weren't 60 votes in the Senate for it. Blanche Lincoln and Joe Lieberman weren't going to allow it. There wasn't ...
I strongly agree. Remember on 9-12 Joe Lieberman had the "Homeland" Security Act ready to go. Fascists l…
Game Theory: Should video games be BANNED? (Ft. Jack Thompson and Joe Lieberman)
Paul Romer and Joe Lieberman worked on a bill to fix this:
I think Joe Lieberman and John Huntsman have a proposal / coalition to move us forward too! Not sure of its name!
If Kennedy was alive now, they'd kick him out like how they kicked Joe Lieberman out!!!
Remember when Ted Cruz wanted Joe Lieberman to replace Chuck Hagel?
John Huntsman and Joe Lieberman? One is universally ignored, the other universally despised.
If rightwing nutjob *** Jon Huntsman and Joe Lieberman lead then it is worthless.
Yup, and don't forget who Al Gore's vice president nominee was: Joe Lieberman
Al Gore, Joe Lieberman & Bill Daley sucked at post-election fight in Florida. But was it b/c too ethical?.
Justice would not be served unless John McCain's handler, Joe Lieberman was also taken into custody
I don't support the Party of Joe Lieberman. . I support the Party of Paul Wellstone. . Democrats lost their way.
Had Jim Webb actually gained traction or stayed in the Senate before quitting he could have been the Zell Miller or Joe Lieberman of '16.
I've learned a lesson and I will NOT vote for a Joe Lieberman / Harold Ford Democrat. . I will write in someone in their place. Earn my vote.
Remember when Council for a Livable World endorsed Alabama racist John Sparkman or Joe Lieberman & Blanche Lincoln?
Despite what the author suggests, it won't be Jack Lew or Joe Lieberman. It won't be Rivka Schwartz or Rabbi Lord Jonathan Sacks either.
*** in 2004 we had John Kerry, Joe Lieberman and (gulp!) John Edwards. Bob Graham was also in for a while.
Sen. Joe Lieberman, Rep. Tom Lantos, and Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice met with him yet ...
"As a JFK Democrat, I am disappointed how my party is going on this one” -Joe Lieberman on K&F
Samore will be replaced by former Sen Joe Lieberman who was known by many as "The Senator from Tel Aviv" during his tenure in WashDC.
"The model example prayer outline has us praying for God's Kingdom to come here to earth, that…" — Joseph O Morrow
And who brought Joe Lieberman back from ***
he also, incorrectly claimed that Bernie was 1st Jewish candidate for prez; guess ZJ forgot about Joe Lieberman?
An Israeli leader who read & supports the Iran Deal was forced to resign.He is replaced by Joe Lieberman who's McCain's buddy.
Head of Group Opposing Iran Accord Quits Post, Saying He Backs Deal (is replaced by... Joe f'ing Lieberman)
Q: Why is Joe Lieberman the new leader of United Against a Nuclear Iran?. A: Because the old one supports
Joe Lieberman, former Senator from Israel I mean Connecticut, is the new chairman of United Against a Nuclear Iran
Boom! as Samore quits anti-group. Their new leader? Joe Lieberman. Draw your own conclusions.
Joe Lieberman once again left with a big tattoo on his forehead that says,"don't mind me; I'm totally irrelevant."
PROTIP: If you don't want people to say opponents of want war, then stop naming Joe Lieberman to prominent ant…
Some people see magical thinking, and turn away. Others, like Joe Lieberman, embrace it. Because Israel.
Ex-head of group: expert on nuclear disarmament. New head: Joe Lieberman. Draw your own conclusions.
Booting Joe Lieberman out of the Democratic Party is probably the greatest accomplishment of progressive activists in the last 20 years.
ASK IMPOLITICS!. Q: Why was Joe Lieberman named the new head of an anti-Iran deal pressure group?. A: Jackie Mason is booke…
Someone needed an *** and hired Joe Lieberman, who is always available to oppose good foreign policy.
There you go. The experts have it over the distortionists. That includes you, Joe Lieberman!
Joe new gig: he's replacing Gary Samore as UANI's new Chairman b/c Samore supports
Joe Lieberman, is a Jew traitor. Schumer & Lieberman must be DEPORTED back to Israel. Then the world must join in and BOYCOTT ALL JEW PRODS
The amusing story behind Joe Lieberman's new gig
What do UANI, Joe Lieberman and the MEK have to do with the Iran deal?
Coming out of retirement, Joe Lieberman will head an anti-Iran deal group to reclaim his title of Top Democratic Traitor from Chuck Schumer.
And I was just about to say thank God we don't have to see Joe Lieberman's mug or hear his droning voice anymore.
Joe Lieberman is a traitor to the Democratic Party
According to former Sen. Joe Lieberman sits on the board of at least 3 organizations lobbying against the Iran…
my new post: Bernie Sanders as Joe Lieberman's Revenge
Joe Lieberman, Evan Bayh, Mark Begich, & Mary Landrieu-yeah,we know you're mad you lost. Get over yourselves.
GREAT DISCUSSION! w/Joe Lieberman interviewed by Jack Kemp at the Kemp Foundation
Joe Lieberman, CT's last good senator, is at odds with the current state delegation on Iran deal. via
I hate former senator Joe Lieberman. He is a Jew who supports the war criminal and baby killer
MSM is so hysterical over they've dusted off Joe Lieberman, former CT Senator rep Israel, to condemn it
former senator Joe Lieberman on Capitol Hill playing Brutus again .. Trashing the Iran deal , he hasn't read
Joe Lieberman's loyalty has always been to Israel, even when he was a US senator.
Speaking of 2003 and premature polling, Joe Lieberman led in national surveys and all buzz was about Wesley Clark.
That time when George Stephanopoulos told Sen. Joe Lieberman, that "you have a dual loyalty."
Meet 'Dem' bidding to be the next Joe Lieberman
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