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Joe Klein

Joe Klein (born September 7, 1946) is a longtime Washington, D.C. and New York journalist and columnist, known for his novel Primary Colors, an anonymously written roman à clef portraying Bill Clinton's first presidential campaign.

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Here's to the person riding as "Joe Biden" on the DC leaderboard this evening 🚲🇺🇸
Lest we forget Bernie in the aftermath of the election... a Teddy Award from Joe Klein in TIME ❤️
Joe Klein on Trump in He is, without question, the most expert news manipulator in American history.
Bought our lass a Calvin Klein set for Christmas
I am not the Joe Klein you are looking for.
I got into journalism because I came of age in the '60s. It just seemed...
...Joe Klein is a crazed lib imbecile who comes out of the darkness to say the most asinine things imaginable
I've met guys like Joe Klein- Before their first AA meeting.-> 'Absolutely No Hint of Scandal' in Obama's Presidency ht…
Time's Joe Klein: 'absolutely no hint of scandal' in Obama's presidency (via
In 2012 there was a megafoolish, if well-funded, effort by a group called ...
You know, when George Bush talks about freedom not being America's gift to...
Congratulations to President/GM Michael Pfaff on being named the Joe Klein Executive of the Year!…
- The Alt Right calls that telling it like it is! The whole movement lacks sense of propriety!
how does anyone legitimately say Trump tied/won debate? Just because he performed "better" not equal win
and the TRUTH! Not talking out of 2 sides of his mouth like Hillary!
.to on Trump's "nasty woman" comment: "I think a lot of people saw that for what it was: disrespectful."
Republicans should embrace the possibility that Obamacare could pave the w...
Holy crap I'm agreeing with Joe Klein . Xcept for tired old Dem meme . help us here . We can put D.C. back 2 wrk .
Joe Klein wrote a brilliant book about Woody Guthrie, whose *** landlord was one fred trump - mentioned him in song
.well, Joe Klein did pretend for months and months that he was a secret insider and a very good friend of Bill and Hill...
I don't need one because I'm 95 Glenn
“This sort of indiscriminate dump is precisely what was trying to protect us from,” said
i don't think it's that,—cf Joe Klein. I think it's partly that Tingle's work is taken less seriously for a bunch of obvs reasons.
Joe Thornton is RIPPED. This literally could be a Calving Klein catalog.
If every American automatically has health coverage, the age at which Medi...
Kevin Klein is expected to play against the Red Wings tomorrow
Kevin Klein is expected to return to lineup tomorrow night against Detroit. Full story: https:/…
Props to and the crew for defending a huge swath of decent people who simply want help, want som…
Anonymous sources are a practice of American journalism in the 20th and 21...
"What Bob Dylan's refusal to claim Nobel Prize can teach Hillary about being humble" - by Joe Klein.
OBAMA: I better not turn around and catch you pointing again. BIDEN: IMMA BE A GOOD BOY. OBAMA: I'm serious, I'll catch…
when are you having Ed Klein in with his new book? Guilty as Sin. About Clintons probably will not be of interest?
But mccilrath is! And Klein skated in a normal jersey this morning, not a non contact one
I usually find Joe Klein to be thoughtful, insightful and fair:
Check out the full Joe Klein article that is referenced here...
If McIlrath is confirmed in, does that mean Klein is sitting again? Or has AV been convinced to sit Holden tonight?
schooling Sam Klein. Talking about are good!
I came to political consciousness with John F. Kennedy's magnificent 1961 ...
Ask Joe Klein of Anonymous fame, who wrote Primary Colours, perhaps?
Previous presidents, including great ones like Roosevelt, have used the IR...
Ben. It is the point. Even Jesus knows that. Good to see misogyny is still thriving tho.
For me, a really radical position for journalism to take is to stop being ...
Yet such anonymity has material consequences as in . Primary Colors by Joe Klein using inside knowledge of Bill Clinton's. campaign
I think that if you make a strong statement of principle, even if the folk...
After coming down to the wire…. Matthew Stafford defeats Joe Flacco for the arm strength. . h…
For everyone commenting about Holden, just one thing to say - get well soon, Klein. Really soon.
Little Giant Ladders
That was the miracle of Abraham Lincoln, politician. He pursued the high p...
Congrats to Quentin Swafford, Jared Larson, Joe Ragsdell, and Clayton Klein for placing 5th in the 200 Free Relay i…
Are people still comparing Joe Hubener and Jesse Ertz to Collin Klein or has that finally stopped?
Read the book THE NATURAL The Misunderstood Presidency Of Bill Clinton by Joe Klein. History is repeating itself.
Joe Klein: "I'm so glad released They make Hillary look good." Desperately whistling past the graveyard.
Joe Klein claims that show Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders were "equally tough" on Wall Street. Ridiculous.
AV says Klein will not travel to St. Louis and is still day-to-day.
I don't trust Joe Klein's column's anymore. I used to but now he doesn't sound like a Democrat at all!
Does think Joe Biden regrets not running? "I think he’s in a really good place right now," he says.
HRC: "I need you to destroy Donald Trump. Absolutely ether him. Say 'malarkey' too.". Joe: "Say no more fam."
Yeooo these joe budden memes got me dead
It is just that simple. To paraphrase Joe Klein-The Republican Party and Trump-both are national embarrassments.
A girl in Calvin Klein underwear will always look good 😍😩
Reality Can Be a Powerful Message: Joe Klein: “And so the crucial question for the Democrats i...
TIME's Joe Klein says that Donald Trump isn't a politician and has nothing of substance to say via
Buy Miche Bag Online!
Trump's candidacy completely negates Joe's biggest negs. Klein is correct; Biden would have been the perfect opponent.
Ezra Klein: Joe Biden would’ve crushed Donald Trump in this election
Bill O Reilly calling Joe Klein out now. is up for a ruckus
The words of Time Magazine's Joe Klein, after cop killings.What will be written abt Pres. Zuma?
there's a woman in fever toilets? Is this like the female equivalent of the "no Calvin Klein, no sexy time" guy
Trump kids gave dribble speeches last week even saving report cards, so what on speech Joe Klein ugh!
Joe Klein and others are being ridiculous you're all still trying to stir up lewinsky mess that's all you're doing
you're basing your opinions on a movie based on Joe Klein's novel? you're broadcasting your stupidity to the world.
If you ever get a chance, read "The Natural" by Joe Klein, it is explains Bill Clinton to the fullest! Man he still loves politics
In Joe Klein calls the GOP extremists but the Dems mainstream. Is Klein eating mushrooms? We'll discuss tomorrow…
"Music & politics were inseparable in his mind…To sing was to organize." —Joe Klein about Pete Seeger, in "Woody Guthrie: A Life"
When I started in the press there were really ink-stained wretches. Not eve...
I'm just going to have to preorder that Calvin Klein hat from Urban with my next check, it's been decided.
In point of fact, 'Simpson-Bowles' has become a symbol, or SimBowl, rather ...
That's what you SHOULD look like. I look like a short Calvin Klein model.
Meet Black Singles 300x250
Joe Maddon on The Donald's comments re: Ricketts doing "rotten job" running "Maybe Mr. Trump did not follow the seaso…
Bush promised a foreign policy of humility and a domestic policy of compass...
I'm in favour of politicians having extra-marital relationships. Oh yeah. I...
me too being a Calvin Klein thong model is hard I just can't get that anaconda dance down & can't move my hips like 😂
Keynote speaker Joe Klein has taken the stage!
U knw its movement when u see stuffs like 'Dolce & Babanna, Kelvin Klein, Bucci, Abbibas, Niki'. Those guys r l…
Lots of machinations in the GOP about Trump, but as Joe Klein points out here, Hillary has her own problems: .
We have another great tonight with some great artists including Joe King Carrasco and Jess Klein to...
Joe Klein in says the media has come too late to the rescue of
Well, Joe Klein doesn't turn 70 until August (save your wishes for that date!).
Joe Klein is the flower of American political journalism, a sharp raconteur...
NY Times Joe Klein: "Hillary Clinton is bland, unappealing, like a quinoa & kale salad, as well as the total establishment"!
Calvin Klein uses Periscope to advertise new Fall line via
Hillary's problem on left: Joe Klein says she's exciting as a quinoa & kale salad, the embodiment of establishement https:…
Joe Klein is okay with Trump lying "all the time." But he insists Clinton must be "utterly factual and brutally honest ." It's a guy thing.
Joe Klein: "I’m not at all certain that Clinton can beat Trump."
Our author, Carol Klein is one of this year's Women of Achievement in
This from Joe Klein in TIME seems really tone-deaf to me.
I added a video to a playlist David Frum & Joe Klein on the Republican race - BBC Newsnight
If there were two people I really wanted to hear from in this US Election year it was David Frum & Joe Klein. got both together.
I would have preferred 3 more hours of David Frum and Joe Klein too.
.But both David Frum and Joe Klein are *** & their views/analysis of Americans is inaccurate. . .oh well
Brilliant, insightful discussion on the US election between David Frum and Joe Klein.
I believe that poverty is often the result of inappropriate behavior - out-...
Joe Klein: Primal truth that has figured out: qualities that Great American Audience now values most are least presidential
w/ ClintonCorp fanboy Joe Klein, of course. Gross.
.is back on the trail with a stop at Joe's. But first, lunch.
Read the In The Arena article by Joe Klein in the new magazine. Sooo good, sooo true.
If he'd been negotiating Obamacare, Lincoln would have made the infamous 'C...
I like TIME author Joe Klein's recent view that pro Trump voters are more interested in a reality show than they are in reality. featured in NBC s Science of Love
Did you ever read 'The Natural' by Joe Klein?
Thinking back to The Natural by Joe Klein. He had a theory that Boomer US politicians were destroying civility in its politics.
Ever since John Kennedy, Democrats have had a weakness for dashing younger ...
but actually I met Hank I saw Sam and Joe Mcdonagh Klein Stepan Nash Brassard were all in cars that didn't stop for us
Joe Klein on Trump: "the qualities that the Great American Audience now values most are the least presidential."
.So was Ralph Klein & he seemed happy to leave god well out of the equation. That was the one redeeming thing.
fools w/ 'straight talk'. “Cynicism is what passes for insight among the mediocre.”Joe Klein, Author
Immortan Joe with his exposed scabs obviously win .
Joe Klein: on 'an unhealthy Republican debate' ... via TIMEPolitics
Joe and Mika ridiculed Joe Klein this morning because he was telling the truth about the vacuous Trump!They r …
Joe and Mika looked very unprofessional in their ridicule of Joe Klein! Klein is right- Trump knows nothing …
Joe Clark, Lougheed, the Mannings, Ralph Klein, our former prime minister, what's his name, Brad Wall, prophets
Trump admits a fault! "I'm too tough. I never forget." I agree w Joe Klein: Trump is a Caligula-greatest pleasure is savag…
via TIMEPolitics Joe Klein found the discussion of Obamacare, and health care in general, to be weird and misleading
Brother! I felt you might appreciate this tidbit from Joe Klein's column in TIME this week on Trump:
Jesper Fast's nose bled through the night so he didn't get much sleep. But he certainly played well, particularly on Klei…
Kevin Klein only seems to score big goals.
Literally spent my day panty shopping again😂😂. Joe boxer & Calvin Klein panties are the shxt🙌🏼
Novel writing should never be confused with journalism. Unfortunately, in t...
I'm no fan of Joe Klein, but he has a few points, especially Dems ancient games.
Joe Klein lol. As if we need the lefty opinion on the right. Ever.
Joe Klein on 'an unhealthy Republican debate' via
WATCH: Joe Klein says Donald Trump 'doesn't know anything,' is like 'Caligula' and has..
Game sucked but did get to see Joe Klein, Darrell Walker, Eddie Sutton. Arkansas legends for an otherwise unlegendary night
Joe Klein explains the biggest advantage Republicans governors have over Donald Trump via
Excerpted from CHARLIE MIKE: A TRUE STORY OF HEROES WHO BROUGHT THEIR MISSION HOME by Joe Klein by arrangement with Simon…
I know he is absolutely despised by journos but you have to figure he has a few things right. (& he is NOT Joe Klein
I swear girls buy Calvin Klein two pieces just so they can put a picture up on Instagram 🐸
Lmao is by far Joe Johnson in his snaps
If it's the one by Joe Klein it's well worth it. Got it from Missoula library some years back. Good book.
Joe Klein, in 2002, explains the legacy of Clinton & PPI/DLC. Probably won't be Hillary's campaign message in 2016:
Spotted in Dubuque: a Joe Biden yard sign
Wondering if Neil told Joe Jonas that he stated at his brother's *** for hours after posing for Calvin Klein 😂😂
Speaking of Climate Change, Naomi Klein has a good POV in "This Changes Everything: Capitalism vs. The Climate"
Ed Klein reporting Deval Patrick is now being floated as a running mate for Joe Biden if he enters the Dem primary.
Trading away Kevin Klein would make Sam and Joe so sad.
Report: Barack Obama will back Joe Biden ­­– if Deval Patrick on ticket
Joe Klein's description of Trump, said it best in only 5 words "he is an incurious boor".
Joe Klein, if you don't know who he is, is the political analyst for Time and others. He's actually worried about...
Obama wants Biden to choose a black running mate and commit to serving only one term,
Obama reportedly favors former Massachusetts Gov. Deval Patrick, one of Obama's close allies. Biden's Pact with Devil
Interview at Newsmax today about Scott Walker and Joe Biden
Edward Klein: Obama has told Joe Biden that he is prepared to endorse him for president if...
in Democratic Party circles, writer Edward Klein Who is Obama pushing for Joe Biden's running mate? Michelle O?
Obama to Back Biden If He Picks VP But it won't be Deval Patrick; will pick Michelle O!
Diamonesk Personalized Engagement Ring And Wedding
SWI:is moving to Lausanne and will play in the in 2016
The U of T's Joe Heath has a really good discussion of Naomi Klein's opposition to cap-and-trade here
Joe Klein dont wanna go hard hat pistols only do he i tink not
Daily reminder that trading Kevin Klein and dumping Tanner Glass opens up the necessary cap space to sign Derek Stepan …
yeah I hear Joe Klein is making a comeback
Will Klein vs Joe Scheffres today for the Woodmont Club Championship
“Love the Hibbert deal for LA.” You would talk up Joe Klein if he was a Laker
Leading From the Front on Disastrous Deal with "partner" Frontpage Mag
Klein for bogey on 18 and the win. Will play Joe Scheffres tomorrow morning at 7:30 for the championship.
I'd take a Joe Clark over a Ralph Klein any day
Just heard from a source the clippers contacted former Suns journeyman center Joe Klein...any truth to this ??
"The gag order is meant to stop Aaron & Melissa Klein from publicly speaking out about their desire to not bake cakes …
Just saw devin and talked to him for a few and then I come inside and Joe said "what's up with that Calvin Klein model?"
Joe, hearing both Klein and Yandle are on the block. Stay tuned.
I agree with that too, hah. Shame because Klein played really well last year too and then he got hurt.
Order Miche Bag Online!
Well yeah, him too. Klein is easier to move though.
(2/2) back and become a place again because tramping through the desert was a bit too hard. - Joe Klein (Journalist).
. Saw you guys scurrying to the Calvin Klein VIP booth..what I'm not better than free undies?
Here is a 2010 TNR article by Marty Peretz making the exact point Oren does:
the reviews by David Denby and Joe Klein should live in infamy forever
Why should we hire you. "I make the best camouflage ever". Really?. "Yeah ask my two friends joe and Sarah". But there's nobo…
Kings are in talks with joe Klein on 3 year deal
EXCLUSIVE EDITION OF USERNAME EVIE - . Includes a pic of one of my initial sketches of Evie! 😁
After son's death, Biden not ruling out 2016 bid via
ICYMI: Joe Klein on Obama's amazingly graceful performance
Joe Klein: Why Martin O’Malley and Bernie Sanders will make it a race
Good piece from Joe Klein on Netanyahu's win: "appealing irony" the vote pleased neoconservatives & anti-Semites
Joe Klein, the political editor of Time Magazine, while volunteering to repair tornado-ravaged homes in Oklahoma,...
Joe Klein Time article is great read
"Klein didn't cut this deep this fast."
If by "urban legend" Joe Klein means, "repeatedly demonstrated by the political science literature," he is correct.
I liked Primary Colours but Joe Klein is kinda dull
yes. This is a start. We r looking for really generic though. A la Joe Klein.Brad Lohaus
Calvin Klein underwear and J.crew socks👍
John, Joe Klein said this today: Egypt not ready for democracy, supports Sisi.
Joe Klein, today on Morning Joe: Egypt not ready for democracy, defends Sisi.
Joe Klein says American presidents from Bush to Obama are in love with the Saudi royals(
Enjoyed hearing interesting insights about the Middle East on
Joe Klein explains how Israel and Egypt have become strange bedfellows.
Inside the Middle East with Joe Klein: Time's Joe Klein joins Morning Joe to discuss the current tens...
Liked Iview with Joe Klein. Want Mid East peace? Start calling Iran... Persia. They love to be called Persians. King Cyrus freed?
Enjoyed Joe's one on one interviews with Ed Schultz and Joe Klein. Show without women's issues is breath of fresh air.
great piece with Time correspondent Joe Klein
really, Joe Klein? who would nuke Tehran? don't tell me would have the guts to press the button, that's hilar.
Joe Scar: why are relations between Obama and Bibi so bad?. Klein: because "Obama showed weakness".
Didn't Joe hate on Klein at one time,now has him on 2 times this wk.must think he has him turned like Mika
Oh good, coming up next: Joe Klein on how to solve all the problems in the middle east.
"The Iran issue has been overplayed, if u want to worry abt nukes worry abt Pakistan." - Joe Klein. It's not either or, Joe.
Alberta needs another Loughheed, not another Klein.
Read Primary Colors. And Joe Klein *still* loves them, knowing what he knows.
My friend said when I meet I will do the Calvin Klein pose and say "SUP".She totally gonna look awesome😂
That's how Joe Klein was unmasked as the author of "Primary Colours" & how we're all going to learn the LAWYER wrote Go Set a Watchman.
Time's Joe Klein excuses Brian Williams, compares him to FDR (via
Expect traffic backups tonight, Friday for and Charlotte trip .
Pundit and Magazine political columnist Joe Klein will speak at Duke University’s School of Public Policy Feb 24
Joe Klein shutting down on her revisionist history then stops it. Please just let Klein…
stupid Rangers? Klein has been better and exactly what Rangers needed. One good season from DZ. just wait
with stall, Mac, Girardi and the way Klein has been playing this year all we need his for him to be a 3rd line guy down the road
TIME’s Joe Klein Compares Brian Williams To FDR…Oh, Brian Williams has a mistress like FDR did?
We've learned absolutely nothing in the 25 years since Ralph Klein took an axe to our schools & hospitals
NHL Stanley Cup Memorabilia from The Bradford Exchange Online
Zvika Klein's viral video: What happened when a Jewish man walked around Paris for 10 hours
When Joe Klein says NSC and State Dept riddled w/ "humanitarian and human rights activists" he means "moonbats."
Wld be wise for to learn that the public will stop at nothing less than truth from our journalists.
Joe Klein: Obama’s ‘Slow-Walking Aid to the al Sisi Government’ (Video)
Joe Klein: Obama's 'Slow-Walking Aid to the al Sisi Government' (Video) via
Helpmatthews & Joe Klein are getting wobbly! Proving they're teabag tough by beating up on their own people
In the Jan. 19 issue of Time Magazine, correspondent Joe Klein noted the new coziness between top Israeli and Saudi officials. -Robert Parry
Barack Obama is ready to rejoin the battle via
Rejoin? ".Barack Obama is ready to rejoin the battle
.Barack Obama is ready to rejoin the battle
Real Clear Politics- Barack Obama Is Ready to Rejoin the Battle: In the story of a Minnesota couple, an embatt...
Barack Obama Is Ready to Rejoin the Battle: America, meet Rebekah Erler. She was the one sitting betwe... -
.on Barack Obama is ready to rejoin the battle |
BIDEN: Barry, what's a union?. OBAMA: I said "onion," Joe. Go play with this onion. BIDEN: Yayayayayayayaya...
joe Biden fumbling to silence his cellphone when his jimmy buffet ringtone goes off during a quiet moment in obama's speech
I hope one day someone looks as me like Joe Biden looks at Obama.
I made that jaspar Calvin Klein edit and this mila one also. I love you x
“Bieber's Calvin Klein ad unedited get a bra on this man dear lord😩😑 Idkk how people ever liked him
that sounds impossible I don't like Klein Oak
When you want to be a Calvin Klein model but u spend all your money on bath bombs.
We will have 5 senior captains this season. Congrats to Joe Gnacinski, Jon Klein, Jake Marinelli, Ryan Siegel,and Mike …
Video: Saturday Night Live spoofs Justin Bieber’s Calvin Klein advert: Justin, like you’ve never seen him before
How was it that I picked up that McDonagh and Klein were a defensive pair before the entire NBC commentary team did?
Am very much liking McDonagh and Klein as a pair
if you don't like Kevin Klein there's something wrong with you.
GOAL!!! Derick Brassard buries rebound of Klein shot off the glass and it's 2-0
.Joe...I'd save "phenomenal" until he writes a piece on the colossal global failure that is Keynesianism.
Joe Klein looks like Herman Munsters sad brother. !!!
"Dear God, whose name I do not know - thank you for my life. I forgot how BIG... thank you." -- JOE VS. THE VOLCANO
Joe Klein really better stfu before I spaz
when jaspar gets to be the Calvin and Klein model
Turned down Calvin Klein that year I did..
model for Calvin Klein if they do ever ask you to thank YOU
why hasn't joe got the offer to model for Calvin Klein yet I'm so annoyed
communicants: When Spike Lee Became Scary In his [New York editorialist Joe Klein] words, the film has only …
Joe Klein literally told a story about himself and then was like "btw, Cuomo died."
all I have to say is Abbi Klein has been rekt
Joe Klein chronicled Cuomo's attempt to throw a wrench in the gears of Bill Clinton's first presidential campaign in Primary Colors.
Mario Cuomo was a perennial almost presidential candidate and inspiration for the Orlando Ozio character in Joe Klein's "Primary Colors."
25 years ago today, Captain Joe Wilt, and Firefighter Bill Klein gave the ultimate sacrifice while battling a...
Swank Champagne..twist top and all Misti Lilly Joe Shuffler Jacob Klein Jim Hager
Payback Five Marines after Vietnam by Joe Klein by Primary Colors Author 1st Ed
Thanks for sharing these sobering and REAL pieces
- that's my grandfather Joe Klein. Graduated from Michigan undergrad and med school.
I mean I did throw up today but at least I got noticed by Ethan and hila Klein/joe awh yes
Website Builder 728x90
I know famous people. Congrats Miss Hailey Klein of Vaddio and Joe Baer of AVI Systems!
"Blacks represent 13% of the pop but commit 50% of the murders; 90% of black victims are murdered by other blacks," writes Time's Joe Klein
Ha. Is that what Joe Klein is up to these days?
Joining us now at Racks in Boca Raton, Fla. we have Joe Klein.
Tell the truth or someone will tell it for you. - Stephanie Klein
Philip Cross: And the Worst Book of the Year prize goes to . . . Naomi Klein
Teddy Awards reminds everyone about leaders who focus 1st on serving the public not votes
Check the function of the Joe Copeland Mini Klein number 18 in Silver Fume. This one is even…
Is it just me, or is Marc Gasol ABUSING Dwight Howard in the 3rd quarter? It's like watching Hakeem work over Joe Klein
Joe Klein: We should Celebrate the end of America's failed Cuban policy via
Joe Copeland Mini Klein number 16 in Lemondrop with Eclipse pinstripes. I have number 18 done…
I'm sure you'd make it fun if Joe Klein returned.
Gil Klein, National Press Club of Washington D.C. historian and past president, gave me a tour of the incredible...
stuff But let me go first to Joe Klein of Time listeners -bout your t-shirt when you hear this " Love -dent...
"I talk, you laugh." Mark Klein braved the storm to visit & have a cup of joe in the middle of the blizzard with
your wallpaper has Joe Budden in it. You're gone forever.
Would you consider a size 10 model to be plus sized?...
Baier is pretty non-partisan. Even Joe Klein says it's the only news option at 6.
Well, ya know, it wasn't Joe Klein's 4 yr old, or teenage son. Who could expect that he'd care?
"The public conversation since the death of Michael Brown has largely been a waste of time." . Thanks for that, Joe Klein.
Calvin Klein thinks women size 10 and up are plus sized. Forget fashion industry labels and be proud
At this point I picture TIME consisting completely of Joe Klein sitting with his laptop at a table in Starbucks.
Calvin Klein sparks controversy by posing size 10 model in plus size campaign:.
Live video: Watch a comet landing by the European Space Agency live right here
Extremely happy to welcome Rosalie Klein and Morrie Flaster to our EV Family.
Joe Girardi finished tied for sixth in AL Manager of the Year voting, earning one third-place vote.
Kevin Klein from the blue line. Let's go Rangers! 3-0
Way to plan out that pass Hayes, and way to finish Kevin Klein
Joe Micheletti is impressed with Crosby catching up to Klein because Klein "had a step" on him. Huh.
Nick and John's number 5 player of all time: Joe Klein.
So they finally found former Sac King center Joe Klein.
they had Reggie theus , joe Klein , Eddie Johnson .
No one in the biz has extra time! Joe Monti's not drinking Cristal all day! Cheryl Klein doesn't pet her cats 40 hours a week!
Not a big Joe Klein fan but interesting stuff / sortition also much so. And +1: Smart People arrogance amusing, if not so painful!
Joe Klein is accepting the honor for Eddie Sutton
I'm enjoying Yesterday it was an outstanding middleblocker. Tonight it's Joe Perry, a guitar hero.
Oh noes! Joe Klein sent a horrid mutant beast to off
Palin gets it spot on:"Dem's will circle wagons for Hillary". and thus". "Is This Hillary Clinton's Moment? - Joe Klein, Time"
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