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Joe Kinnear

Joseph Patrick Joe Kinnear (born 27 December 1946) is an Irish football manager and former player. He was most recently the manager of Newcastle United.

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Fetching popcorn and wait for Joe Kinnear
Rafa's managed as many Premier League games as Joe Kinnear
What I'd give for a mitro winner now!!!
Says the bloke that was whinging after the last match!
Joe kinnear waiting for the phone to ring.
Yeah, I hope we get Joe Kinnear back, or big Sam.
Throwback to that time Joe Kinnear did that reyt daft interview and said Yohann Kebab.
Think you'll find Joe Kinnear topped that a few years back.
Hopefully he ain't playing. One of the worst strikers I've seen in a black n white shirt.
We get Mike Ashley, Dennis Wise, Joe Kinnear, Steve McLaren. We get relegation. We flip the bird at cup competiti…
Today marks the 9-year anniversary of Joe Kinnear going from interim to being appointed Newcastle United Manager.…
I wonder if Joe Kinnear or Dave Bassett or Howard Wilkinson are next!
Is it right that after a handful of poor performances some are digging out Rafa? Here’s a reminder of the alternati…
Stan Ternent and Joe Kinnear just dusting off their overcoats. Warnock riding high in the Championship
Quote : Shay [ Given ] has pulled out with a knee injury as did insomnia . . . insomnia . . . er, Charlie. Joe Kinn…
What about Dave Bassett? Joe Kinnear? My point is you want a manager long term who will get promotion and stay not some old sod
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This runs Joe Kinnear’s press conference when he was at Newcastle pretty darn close
It's like Joe kinnear, yohan kebab.
I like that number 9 with the hair and the ropey celebration. Do…
Apparently nothing. But if it is true, just the fact she is here on Tyneside can only be a good thing.
No, no, no, no, no! Anyone who hasn't managed for more than a couple of years shouldn't be considered.…
I previously said that David Unsworth was a Scouse John Carver. I think that was kind. He's more like a Scouse Joe Kinnear!
Give it a rest man I'm sick of people saying there ITK or no someone ITK no you don't are people's l…
Like said it's hard to believe but apparently it is true. She was quoted as saying she "didn't expect to get recognised"
Ahh, so their extortionate rise in prices did the trick? Got the right crowd in 👏🏻
On Friday night after having a meal In The Lebanese restaurant next door. Staying in a nearby hotel. Now heard this from three different ppl
Don't expect many people to believe this (I certainly didn't at first) but Amanda staveley and colleague were in the gosforth hotel pub 1/2
Joe Kinnear . That will light the Mike Ashley is coming back blue touch paper 👍🏻
I wouldn't mind as much if mitrovic was to get the same number of games to prove himself but we all know he will probably get 2 at the most
I'm sorry like but "in Rafa we trust" doesn't cut it anymore when it comes to Joselu. One of the worst strikers in recent years
Mitrovic is the only one that could improve giving his age. Unfortunately Rafa is putting per…
Ffs the lad had 15 minutes! Offers more threat than Joselu and should be given a decent run of games to prove himself.
We can agree Joe but surely Rafa has to take some criticism for that today it was Kinnear like.
Never underestimate the man employed Joe Kinnear, TWICE!
Welcome to Newcastle lol .. 626 million worlds gone mad
Come on Amanda, you can afford that
The next affluent fake labour fake left arsewipe that whines about brexit and those who voted for change will get t…
Your argument has some merit and it was *** move for me to make that comment. Sorry, i truly…
Rumours that Joe Kinnear enquired about Birmingham City left winger, Shane Ferguson, only to discover that he is on loan…
Reminds me of when Newcastle appointed Joe Kinnear. How many names do they have to cross off the list before reaching O'Neill?
To be fair, if we'd told Joe Kinnear that Cashmere was a player, he probably would have tried to sign him.
Have a feeling we may hear something on the takeover front later today.
Going to put a case forward for Joe Kinnear. I think he can transform us into a top half of the table team by 2025.
Joe Kinnear would definitely give you someone’s fly-tipped lounge chair and tell you “it’s vintage, mate. They don’…
They did with Man City I believe. Sure their first signing was about two weeks before they confirmed…
Megson with Joe Kinnear as number 2 . Will continue the great football style 👍🏻
For every Ashley who made it theres 1000 Dereck Trotters.
Plenty of stupid self made people too. Particularly Ashleys generation. It's just gamb…
But also very stubborn like I said and that is the most dangerous thing about this deal
Yes there is but he is a self made billionaire. You don't do that being stupid. He is…
Stupid? He didn't get to where he is by being stupid, stubborn yes however unfortunate…
Of the deal and it literally could go either way. Fingers crossed it is in the favour of us the fans though.
Cave in to demands and add an extra £50m to something she's clearly valued at only £300m. Always said…
Reputation to keep with in the business circles of not just her firm but throughout the Middle East a…
He would rather walk away from the deal. That's been proven many times in all his past business deali…
Really? The £50m difference could cause a big problem. We all know MA is a hard man to do business w…
The Duco press conference is up there with Rafa Benitez’s “facts” press conference or the time Joe Kinnear started…
Only one man for that job Super Joe Kinnear
Think she got Joe Kinnear to put a 'cheeky little bid' in first
This is like when Forest got rid of Joe Kinnear and ended up with Gary Megson.
And Joe Kinnear will never ever come back !!!
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Let's all just relax, go back to what we were doing and waiting for the weekend when hopefully we will get some official news
Bumped into Terry Venables an Joe Kinnear in Lidl both interested in job
so the legend says - Joe Kinnear and Shane Ferguson at Birmingham
The comments remind me of Joe Kinnear scouting Shane Ferguson for Newcastle, whilst he was on loan at Birmingham, from Newcastle.
Joe Kinnear's first official press conference as Newcastle manager beginning with, "Which one is Simon Bird? You're a c**…
Joe Kinnear going on a scouting trip to Birmingham and coming away impressed by Shane Ferguson, who was on loan there fro…
Great to see 1967 FA Cup winners Joe Kinnear, Jimmy Robertson, Mike England and Alan Mullery at White Hart Lane tod…
although they did have their 'hockaday' moment with Joe Kinnear.
could do with some Einsteins...Nigel Clough.. Brian McDermott.. Rafa benitez... Joe kinnear
Paul Merson joins the Joe Kinnear school of player name pronunciation in latest Soccer Saturday gaffe via
Jeff, giz a shout for that *** from Merse. As good as Joe kinnear. Insomnia nzogbia. 😂😂
Paul merson is even better than Joe kinnear for names.😂😂 Howling 😂 😂 😂
Pardew: ‘People ask about England but why would I leave Crystal Palace?’ | "People".hmmm, Joe Kinnear, Ashley?
We should just give Joe Kinnear the job and have done with it
Ever since Confirmation I only see Greg Kinnear when looking at Joe Biden. Is that a step up from only thinking about his love of ice cream?
Who remembers the one about Joe Kinnear trying to knock Paul Sturrock's block off? Luggy on rivalries.
Latest Paul Sturrock column: discussed Joe Kinnear trying to knock him out and DA's fiery Scottish pride.
Wow, this is the most shocking reappearance since Joe Kinnear popped up in Newcastle. Be careful not to call anyone Kebab.
cheers Matt, tell Ames it's her turn now!!
well done mate - excellent effort after knee op!! From the Kinnear and Maycock clan..
Any suggestions of who would be a good guest on the Joe Kinnear??
First half marathon complete, great feeling and a great cause🏅 @ Broad street - Birmingham
Touch of the Joe Kinnear's here - keep them coming in sure it will fire the lads up!
Off to see No. 1 Son running the Birmingham Half Marathon today for children's hospital, good luck Joe
Joe Kinnear's thoughts on football supporters were well-documented at the time, and he was absolutely spot on!
Younger fans didn't watch the likes of Mike England, Cyril Knowles and Joe Kinnear. They have no idea.
I've been informed it could be Steve maclaren and joe kinnear 🤔
Joe Kinnear is waiting by the phone
Steve McLaren ,John Carver ,Joe Kinnear ,snap one of them up before Real Madrid does 👍
Would advise looking at Steve McLaren or Joe Kinnear, both proved they can do it at the top
Hi please consider Steve McClaren or Joe Kinnear. They are great managers and will do proud
Joe Kinnear is one of the front runners for the Villa job according to Birmingham media sources
If Villa really want a former manager what about Joe Kinnear?
to be fair he was the best coach, no one betters Joe Kinnear as a manager.
Lol @ Piers Morgan thinking Joe Kinnear and Dave Bassett would be pointless answers (Wimbledon managers).
once stayed at same hotel as Luton, Joe Kinnear walked out 4 morning stroll.I said "hi joe". He said "hi" back.
Martin Chivers, Mike England, Alan Gilzean, Ralph Coates and Joe Kinnear of Tottenham Hotspur with the Fairs Cup
Newcastle appointment of Joe Kinnear is the worst appointment by any club, since Newcastle's appointment of Joe Kinnear
I liked a video from The True Geordie's Take On Joe Kinnear
I liked a video from True Geordie Live Reaction To Joe Kinnear Interview
Long balls, Pep? Are you Joe Kinnear in disguise? (it was only one long ball in fairness)
Joe Kinnear is the man for the job. No doubts
Arsene Wenger 20 years at Arsenal: What happened to other 19 Premier League managers from 1996? via
You lot have probably had 600 managers since we've had Arsene and one of those was Joe Kinnear, lovely character
in 2008 Joe Kinnear was appointed Newcastle Manager, well he did us plenty of laughs.
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Wenger can't defend, neither can England he's had his time.Wld b disaster. Struggling 4 mgrs tho. How's joe kinnear's tickr
Just got a text from Joe Kinnear, he said he's applying for England job, he made more than 300 appearances for Spurs
I'm going for 'Arry, Hughes, Joe Kinnear, Mcleish, Worthington, Sven, Coyle and Bruce. Possibly Wilkins and Avram Grant, too.
reckon Joe Kinnear, may have needed it to cover Private Healthcare.
was Joe Kinnear classed as manager at Newcastle?
you don't lose it though do you mate? Look at joe kinnear
We've had Joe Kinnear naming N'Zogbia "insomnia". Now we've got an ex England manager calling Marcus R "Rushford".
England need to appoint a great manager like Steve McClaren or Joe Kinnear
Steve McLaren, lightning can't strike twice. Failing that Joe Kinnear
You can't have Steve Bruce, I'd rather Joe Kinnear ffs.
What's Joe Kinnear up to these days?
Is Big Sam leaving and Joe Kinnear returning from 6 months in Tenerife a coincidence? I think not
"Neville arguing about bringing Rushford on". Allardyce has also gone all Joe Kinnear!
In fact, what's Joe Kinnear up to these days?
Looking at a list of old Nottingham Forest managers to try and write some football gags, there's gotta be a Joe Kinnear somewhere.
8 years a go appointed Joe Kinnear, I say no more.
Apparently Joe Kinnear had very similar views on football as Jurgen Klopp
John Carver and Joe Kinnear are the only appropriate candidates for the England job in my opinion !!
Knowing to *** defeat from jaws of victory ... Attn: Dennis Wise, Joe Kinnear and Keith Harris. You may soon have a call
Chronicle poll, no atmosphere, Mike Ashley - this is only the recent stuff too - Wonga, Sports Direct Arena, Joe Kinnear etc
Povetkin has been taking Vitamin 'S' then. Is there a heavyweight not on the Joe Kinnear ?
LOL I hear Joe Kinnear is still looking for work? Apparently he can ring Sir Alex Ferguson anytime he likes?
Wouldn't it be great if Ashley, Charnley, Carr & McClaren managed to get their hands on Joe Kinnear's unique list of contacts...
Very true. I don't call folks Nazi - it's inaccurate and stupid. She is Red Tory scum however.
Neither nor called her a Nazi. It seems comprehension an issue here.
I feel like Greg Kinnear as Joe Biden in is all and I's dreams all wrapped up in one and it's wonderful
HBO's Confirmation coming out in April. Greg Kinnear as Joe Biden.You can spot me on the photo…
is about the 1991 Clarence Thomas Supreme Court nomination hearings. Greg Kinnear plays Joe Biden.
Confirmation ALSO stars Greg Kinnear as Joe Biden, which feels like hilariously appropriate casting on some level I can’t explain.
Kerry Washington was a teenager during C. Thomas And Greg Kinnear (as Joe Biden) was on
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stars as Anita Hill, as Clarence Thomas & Greg Kinnear as Senator Joe Biden.
Mike Ashley is probably on the phone to Joe Kinnear as we speak!
"We've got sheikh mansour and you've got Joe Kinnear!"
On this day in 2008: appointed Joe Kinnear interim boss until end of. October after Kevin Keegan's exit.
are Jenas and Murphy the best you can attract for I'd rather have the opinion of Joe Kinnear!
Jim Baxter,good friend,great night in Dubai,Dave Mackay,Joe Kinnear,great stories!.
Paul Ince? Err ... Paul Jewell? Hmmm ... there must be a Joe Kinnear somewhere?
maybe big shock, Newcastle name Joe Kinnear as Toon boss!
Would people be more positive about SM if lee Clark was appointed assistant? Personally think it could be a good partnership.
LOT 5 is now up in the ! Stuart Douglas signed SKF shirt...Joe Kinnear, Brko, Bruno and more!
Joe Kinnear had a better managerial record at Newcastle than John Carver.
can you say Joe kinnear or Denise wise..
A perverse part of me wants Joe Kinnear to be announced as new manager tonight.
This now means that the Ultimate Dream Team of John Carver, Joe Kinnear and Denis Wise are available. Stand by your phones fella's.
.and is replaced by the best coach in the Universe...Joe Kinnear
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Is there a more useless man than joe kinnear
Farage is reasonably successful. I'd place him around the Joe Kinnear level
Klopp had targeted Mat Hummells, but sporting director Joe Kinnear felt Richard Dunne to be the better bet
and i thought it was going to be Joe Kinnear
More have been cast for the HBO movie with
or as funny as the appointment of Joe Kinnear to look after your mob.
Joe Kinnear, Peter Ridsdale and Barry Fry are probably the front-runners knowing us..
I'd say quite a few when Joe Kinnear was in charge
8 juin: Joe Kinnear, Irish footballer and manager, was born 600 thousand hours ago (on 27 Dec 1946)
Liverpool signing Danny Ings is like when signed Joe Kinnear as Director Of Football, total waste of time.
Honestly, those signings are the Liverpool equivalent of Newcastle erecting a Joe Kinnear statue, Redknapp signing Kranjcar again etcetc
joe kinnear can open doors . The only door that clown can open is Mike Ashley's bedroom door
we'll end up with Joe Kinnear as DoF
McClaren's three most attractive traits:. 1. He's not Joe Kinnear. 2. He's not Alan Pardew. 3. He's not John Carver
True! Even Joe Kinnear,John Carver will win the CL with Messi,Neymar and Suarez
Did you know: Joe Kinnear built this Barcé team from the ground up.
I think you'll find there's three World Cup wins on Joe Kinnear's CV.
Vieira in talks with NUFC still expecting them to announce Joe Kinnear tomorrow
Not hard, who would you have less faith in than Carver? Joe Kinnear is the only one who springs to mind!
joe Kinnear's tenure at Nottingham Forest!sadly no amount of money could compensate for that!!
U just know that if Joe kinnear wa still about he'd call the Sunderland manager an avocado
you're already better than joe kinnear! Lol
Rodgers already putting in calls to Joe Kinnear - Joe Jordan & Lonnie Urquart as Marsh's replacment
If only Joe Kinnear worked for Cabaye would be signed already.
Must be Joe Kinnear's favorite place! “Cabaye spotted in Beckenham. Oh wait.
I would now expect Joe Kinnear to make an appearance, great trio of
So it's Shteve McClaren... probably the best we could have hoped for lol, at least it isn't Sepp Blatter, Joe Kinnear or OJ Simpson
I hear he's down to the final 2. Him and Joe Kinnear.
would they get a game under Joe Kinnear?
It was said that there was one who the media had not picked up on. Any reason you left Joe Kinnear off the list?
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Please share as far and wide as you can.
Why are they all looking in different directions?
Japanese guide to Scotland warns of Scotland's 'weird' square sausages.
Everything you need to know about BBC Scotland in one easy-to-understand picture
A strong team for Scotland at Westminster. All 56 of us!
well done. You have now become 's personal chauffer 😂😂
Dan Snow inadvertently lets slip the main reason Westminster wants to keep (milking)
SNP has mandate for FFA/Devo Max, so why is asking about Let's focus on what the people voted f…
Establishment still doesn't "get" that Scotland voted SNP because they campaigned on social justice & equality. Not ab…
I really wish the left in England would stop blaming Scotland for its own failures.
They forget young people like are the & lead the way to a better world She is inspirational
yes vote would cost shipbuilding jobs" . Today Unite fights as shipbuilders in Govan and Rosyth are…
Working-class hero wants to take the for a spiv spin
There are over 6,000 affecting over 3.5 million people in the UK. Find out more:
.new Shadow Scots Secretary, robotic on + gubbed on his anti-Trident position. Already screened out for…
He inherits, with his wife, the daughter of the Duke of Westminster, 80,000 acres of Scottish land. SNP-Land reform! ht…
"The great only appear great because we are on our knees. Let us rise!". James Connolly. Executed 99 years ago today.
Greece debt crisis and German hypocrisy. Please RT. .
Garden centre owner explains why he has no regrets about this controversial sign
1 in 10 court cases relates to a TV license. Clogging up the system unnecessarily.
Dan Snow in Sept: "Scotland, you must stay, you'll LEAD the UK". Dan Snow today: "56 SNP MP's are irrelevant". Cheers Dan
Dan Snow says "56 SNP MPs are irrelevant". . This from a guy who literally begged Scotland to stay in the UK. .
On the BBC channel they serve up internationally, the pro-business aspect is ludicrously pervasive.
Better Together, but only if you keep quiet and toe the line. No original thought accepted
I'm sure that many of you are prouder of Scotland than ever. We're so happy 4 you! Please don't stop your revolution http:…
The SNP got 120,000 more votes last week than any party has ever gathered at any election in Scottish history.
It staggers me that anyone would believe the BBC is biased towards the left. It's almost a corporate public relations ar…
Imagine putting a X on a ballot paper for no NHS, no human rights, fox hunting.. Can only think people didn't believe it w…
"That's right. You keep getting angry with people on That way you'll forget about my tax fraud"
Yes David Cameron, the BBC is biased - towards your party.
There's been studies on this. In fact, the BBC is pro-Tory, pro-business and pro-Eurosceptic
Some more awesomeness from the hugely impressive Gaun yersel hen.
and in the frame and we end up with the Strauss. may as well have gone with Joe F'ing Kinnear
😂😂😂 and saying how good Joe Kinnear was at
If only still had Joe Kinnear. Could not be any worse. Not even him.
When you want to kill people, you don't sack a psychopathic killer >> Iain Duncan Smith Keeps Work And Pensions Job http:/…
there are more kitchens in Ed Miliband's house than Labour MPs in Scotland.
People demanding the Tories reform a voting system under which it's almost impossible for them to lose; best of luck with th…
In London ahead of the start of the 'Caledonian Parliament'. 56 on their way. It's going to be some ride.
Proponents of Jim Murphys resignation - allow me this pearl from Napoleon Bonaparte;. Never interrupt your enemy when he's ma…
BREAKING: Someone else you have never heard of launches bid to be leader of the Labour Party.
This is *heartbreaking*. List of reasons people had benefits sanctioned & turned to foodbanks. h…
Opinion: The UK is now a failed state
can you please remove the word 'pacy' from Shola's description. It's more offensive than a Joe Kinnear press conference
Labour died telling Tory lies. The Labour Party is finished in Scotland
There's a Joe Kinnear somewhere, i just need to find it...
Why is it 'unhealthy' to be sceptical of MSM nonsense & churnalism? Sounds quite reasonable.
Brilliant fact from this morning's Sunday Supplement - Joe Kinnear has won manager of the month more often than Mourinho.
Even Joe Kinnear has more Manager of the Month gongs than Jose Mourinho ... -
Jeremy Cross: "Joe Kinnear has won more Manager of the Month awards than Mourinho... Joe Kinnear." [Sunday Supplement]
Only one of them was talking sense and surprisingly it our man Joe Kinnear
Brendan Rogers is proving that a strike force of Suarez and Sturridge would have made Joe Kinnear look above average tactically.
Joe Kinnear, Mike Ashley, Alan Pardew, Steven Taylor, horse puncher, Alan Shearer, can you hear me? You boys took one *** of a beating!
1971 League Cup Final v Pat Jennings and Joe Kinnear walking out the Wembley tunnel
Pat Jennings, Joe Kinnear & Spurs officials at the party being held after Alan Gilzean Testimonial in 1974
Joe Kinnear tried to sign Shane Ferguson from Birmingham. It fell through because he was already a Newcastle player just on loan. Love it.
think that's one job he wont be getting. My top 3 Joe Kinnear, Alan Shearer, Denis Wise. Mind Tim Sherwood sounds right too.
Mike Ashley will interview Joe Kinnear (again), Frank Bruno, Jim Davidson and a toaster about the soon to be vacant
Pardew to Palace, Joe Kinnear returns to Newcastle with a January transfer target list of Daniel Porridge, Frank Lamppost…
If Mike Ashley wants to keep this gag going, the only real option is to reappoint Joe Kinnear.
Remember when Joe Kinnear tried to sign Shane Ferguson.
Get Dennis Wise and Joe Kinnear back in as Director's of Football whilst you're at it.
I bet Dennis Wise and Joe Kinnear are heading towards Glasgow as we speak, Be afraid Ally McCoist be very afraid :)
a Joe Kinnear and Dennis Wise dream team perhaps???
similar to Alan Pardew and Joe Kinnear at Newcastle
Carlos Bianchi,Riquelme, Maradona, Cabaye, Joe Kinnear, Zico, Rod Stewart, Isaac Newton, Romario and Zach Braff for my selection.
Ha ha, what footy club would employ Joe Kinnear as Director of Football AND Dennis Wise as an Executive Director? . Oh, wait a minute :)
That Was The Season That Was 2013-14 - Part One: looks at all the happenings in pre-season. Expect to see stuff about Andy Carroll, transfer rumours and the strange bizarre world of Joe Kinnear.
Yes. My sources tell me it's neck and neck between Bryan Hamilton and Joe Kinnear.
The great Tottenham manager Bill Nicholson talks with Frank Saul, Joe Kinnear, Terry Venables and Pat Jennings...
Joe Kinnear just been spotted at Old Trafford.
I've just imagined a back room team of Tim Sherwood, Joe Kinnear and Ron Atkinson. Cups & saucers being thrown left, right and centre.
Woken up to news that Billy Davies has been sacked. Honestly due to his recent behaviour, i'm not sure Fawaz had an option. I can't blame Billy for the recent injuries but media blackout, consulting with lawyers, behind the scenes sackings without explanation? What has been happening? Having said that, please, please, please do not get Neil Warnock. The game has moved on from him, you may as well call David Platt and Joe Kinnear to join him. He is not popular with forest fans to say the least. Fawaz if you are looking to restore some more faith with the fans, this would not be a great choice. How about we have a plan? Someone who believes in the club ethos, someone with a forest background, there are many out there! Still, you are my club and i will always support you! NFFC. FTID
Former director of football Joe Kinnear did a "lot of good work" for Newcastle, claims manager Alan Pardew.
Heard a rumour Pardew has been sacked and being replaced by Joe Kinnear and Dennis Wise for the rest of the season
Have heard the have appointed John Beck & Dave Bassett to coach the U19's & U18's respectively. Joe Kinnear overseeing operations.
Am I missing the point? Alan Pardew….Well to be honest I feel sorry for the bloke but at the same time he frustrates the life out of me. The Tottenham defeat angered me so much that I had to write… I honestly think Pardew is the only manager on this planet that would work under Ashley and he knows he will never get a chance to manage a club like Newcastle United again. So for all those prats saying he should resign, think again. Would you quit a club with the history, pedigree and potential of Newcastle United? That’s without mentioning the passionate heartbroken fanbase. Unfortunately, I have recently starting losing or lost, patience with the bloke. He insults our intelligence by saying “Joe Kinnear worked hard and it’s a shame to see him leave” and I am also sick of the pathetic “The dog ate my homework” excuses when we lose. I do understand people’s argument about winning at Old Trafford and at White Hart Lane, but is beating Man united really a massive win when you look at how poor ...
Quiz from February 4th 2014 GENERAL KNOWLEDGE 4th Feb 2014 Round 1 1. Why has Zoe Conran of Walters Ash near High Wycombe been in the news? 2. Which Oscar winning actor was found dead at his New York home after a drug overdose? 3. Which Government organisation is under criticism by residents of the Somerset Levels after it refused to dredge the river? 4. What is to become a thing of the past on London Buses as from this summer? 5. For the second year running, Sunderland beat Newcastle by which scoreline at St James Park leading to the departure of Joe Kinnear? 6. Featuring Gru and the Minions, which animated film sequel was the top grossing film of 2013? 7. Set in the North-East in the 1960s, which Police Inspector is played by Martin Shaw? 8. What TV series was recently won by Jim Davidson? 9. Last Friday was Chinese New Year – 2014 celebrates which animal? 10. What is the name of the tidal wave that rises in the lower River Severn, and ridden by surfers? 11. England and Scotland were both beaten this ...
Earn money back on your shopping Buy or sell 1000s of new and used items Please provide search keyword(s) Newcastle United manager's claim that Joe Kinnear produced "good work" in an ill-fated eight months the latest of a list of staggering statements Alan Pardew has a copy of Kevin Keegan?s autobio...
Mike Ashley faces a financial backlash from disengaged Magpie fans as dozens of supporters turn in their season tickets in protest. A disastrous derby day defeat, the sale of Yohan Cabaye and the departure of director of football Joe Kinnear has sparked an angry reaction from Tyneside supporters. And now scores of fans have contacted the Chronicle to say they are terminating their affiliation with the club as they vent their frustration. Today, Graeme Cansdale, who is a member of the Mike Ashley Out campaign and helped organise a protest march last year, said the group had been inundated with people pledging to hand back their season tickets. He said: “Fans now need to speak up for themselves, now is the time to do something about the club’s failures. “The team is safe and is not going to be relegated and the fans cannot be blamed for creating a poisonous atmosphere. It needs calm heads and channelling that anger.” He added: “I respect people’s rights to go to the game, but ultimately the only ...
Chronicle columnist John Gibson gives his view on Joe Kinnear's departure from Newcastle United
Joe Kinnear probably tried to buy players via eBay
Regional paper talk LONDON EVENING STANDARD John Terry is prepared to sign a one-year contract to stay at Chelsea and looks certain to remain at Stamford Bridge next season. Former Arsenal star Dennis Bergkamp is one of the contenders to replace Michael Laudrup at Swansea. MANCHESTER EVENING NEWS Stevan Jovetic has revealed he turned down Real Madrid to sign for Manchester City in the summer. David Moyes' search for a powerful central midfielder is gathering pace and will be his number one priority when the United manager details his summer dealings. LIVERPOOL ECHO Thomas Ince turned down a move to Liverpool last month, according to the winger's father Paul. Liverpool are ready to offer Italian forward Fabio Borini as bait in their pursuit of Sunderland winger Adam Johnson. NEWCASTLE CHRONICLE Newcastle United legend Alan Shearer has questioned why there was no "communication" from anybody at St James' Park after Joe Kinnear resigned from his position as director of football. THE JOURNAL Joe Kinnear was a ...
Deal Done at Newcastle . Joe Kinnear unveils Kevin Nolan who has signed for £4m .
Joe Kinnear out. Which would be great if he had done anything. Knowing our club he be the next owner instead. Won it at Poker.
Joe Kinnear walks in. Calls their best player a kebab. Sells the kebab. Walks out. What a great job he did.
Joe kinnear just phoned up for a shift
Lee Ryder: It's good riddance to bad rubbish as far as the Toon Army are concerned after Joe Kinnear quits...
Joe Kinnear said he could get Bale to Newcastle?! Oh dear lord...
Daily Mail: MARTIN SAMUEL: Angry and devoid of class... Joe Kinnear's send-off is oh, so Newcastle
ECB bringing in Joe Kinnear to sort out the mess
Joe Kinnear has resigned as director of football for Newcastle United. I doubt there'll be crying in the streets of Tynesi…
Creationism is to science, what Joe Kinnear is to football
BREAKING: Joe Kinnear has been appointed the new Swansea City manager.
Newcastle's Joe Kinnear paid price for not getting a higher price for Yohan Cabaye out of PSG: C...
Marc Duffy: Was Joe Kinnear just Mike Ashley's patsy all along at Newcastle United.
Daily Mail >> Joe Kinnear resignation came after worrying fall in season ticket renewals at Newcastle
Joe Kinnear resigned from his position as Newcastle United director of football and so we've had a look at just a few of his most memorable moments on Tyneside
Guardian website. not sure if it's actually true. last paragraph
“Under sold Cabaye and said we were going for Bale.
Please don't employ Joe Kinnear as well
nothing like Joe kinnear however. I'll replace my talent as best as I can
resigns from 'Joe resigns as director of football after less than...'
He's taken a lot of stick, but Joe Kinnear did do one good thing in his time at He resigned.
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Downton is the Joe Kinnear of English cricket!! . This is absolutely brilliant, the spell of a new era of Aussie dominance
Opinions are divided on Joe Kinnear's resignation from - oh, wait, okay, never mind. (story: http…
Joe Kinnear's eight months at Newcastle: rants, resignations … but no signings
Now Joe Kinnear has gone, Pardew will be given a £100million war chest and sign everyone we want him to
Newcastle's director of football has resigned? There must be a Joe Kinnear somewhere.
Joe Kinnear was given permission to hire his own replacement however he was unable to get them over the line
"Newcastle supporters have welcomed the departure of Joe Kinnear as the club's director of football, with 98% saying in a poll yes
Joe Kinnear leaves Newcastle United with empty chair and blank windows
Yohan Cabaye was upset & angered by Joe Kinnear referring to him as "Yohan Kebab". When asked if he had any comments to mak…
How to explain Joe Kinnear to my American followers? Imagine Gunther quitting Friends.
Newcastle fans react to the news that Joe Kinnear has resigned.
there was much laughter when Joe Kinnear left Newcastle but there is a sad tale behind it all.
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