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Joe Jonas

Joseph Adam Joe Jonas (born August 15, 1989) is an American pop singer, musician, actor, and dancer.

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"are you ...ready for it?" . Joe Jonas gulped. . Taylor Lautner nodded. . Jake Gyllenhaal blinked nervously.…
“Are you ready for your lesson on how to treat Taylor Swift?”. Joe Jonas gulped. John Mayer nodded. Jake Gyllenhaal
I can't wait for Joe Jonas, Tom Hiddleston, and Harry Styles all to be at the Golden Globes so Taylor can show them up li…
Joe Jonas Supports Nick in Times Square on NYE! . Joe Jonas is the best brother as he braved the freezing cold weat…
The 4 judges for are: Delta Goodrem, Kelly Rowland, Boy George and Joe Jonas.
Danielle Campbell at Flaunt and Guess Celebrate the Alternative Facts Issue Hosted by Joe Jonas and DNCE September..
Joe Jonas on the Today Show Extra talking about what he's excited for about coming to Australia, butting heads with Boy…
This is our song - Alyson Stoner, Demi Lovato, Joe Jonas e Nick Jonas?
Get someone who looks at you the way Nick and Joe Jonas look off into the distance
I had a dream I met Joe Jonas one night and then Nick Jonas the next night, and I got along with them so well that…
Find you someone who looks at you the way Nick Jonas (and the rest of the world) looks at Joe Jonas.
Kevin Jonas and wife, Danielle, spoke exclusively to Us Weekly on Joe Jonas and Sophie Turner’s Engagement while h…
225. See no more - Joe Jonas. Okay his solo album was very underrated.
Within the past two months Joe Jonas and Prince Harry got engaged so if 2017 wasn’t trying to kill me I know it is…
A heart that will treat you to Mr. gray will see you now...? Joe Jonas as Shane Gray?
Joe Jonas and Sophie Turner had a star-studded engagement party — and the photos are adorable ht…
Tom leaving Sophie Turner and Joe Jonas engagement party
New top story from Time: . Couple Sophie Turner and Joe Jonas celebrated their recent engagement with a star-studd…
Joe Jonas and Sophie Turner just threw a decadent engagement party
Sophie Turner & Joe Jonas had their engagement party this weekend>>>
Joe Jonas and Sophie Turner are literally perfect for each other.
Find someone who looks at you the way Joe Jonas looks at Sophie Turner. Aka his fiancée.
Sophie Turner ready to wed Joe Jonas: The "Game of Thrones" actress announced her…
Sophie Turner and Joe Jonas' engagement party was 🔥🔥🔥:
Joe Jonas and Sophie Turner celebrate their engagement with celeb pals in NYC: pics
Joe Jonas and Sophie Turner arriving to their engagement party in NYC last night ❤️
Joe Jonas, Sophie Turner throw engagement party with family and friends
theknot:. The story behind how Sophie Turner and Joe Jonas first met was revealed this weekend at their engagement…
See all the adorable photos from Sophie Turner and Joe Jonas's engagement party.
i think we all know who Joe Jonas wants to win the CMU vs. WMU game tonight
'Game of Thrones' star Sophie Turner said yes to Joe Jonas
Joe Jonas & Sophie Turner are engaged so that's pretty rude since I have a shirt I puff painted from 8th grade that says I'm M…
Joe Jonas: * is getting engaged*. me to my 12 year old self when I see it's not to Demi Lovato:
Sophie Turner is now engaged with Joe Jonas. 😵😝😍. *Jack Gleeson smirks in my head*
Sansa Stark’s husbands: Tyrion Lannister, Ramsay Bolton and now... Joe Jonas.
Year 3000 by Jonas Brothers is the greatest party song ever don’t @ me
Joe Jonas is engaged and now my childhood dream is dead.
Demi Lovato shows support on Instagram to Joe Jonas after his recent engagement with Sophie Turner : “So happy for…
Joe Jonas is engaged. 2008 me is crying but 2017 me is crying harder.
wow Joe Jonas is really gonna get engaged to another girl the day after he liked my instagram???
JOE JONAS IS GOING TO BE A STARK?. The final season of 'Game of Thrones' is going to be wild.
Demi Lovato & Nick Jonas show their love on Joe Jonas’s engagement announcement post on Instagram.
Sophie Turner and Joe Jonas are officially engaged -
With the news of Joe Jonas getting engaged, my chances of living my dream as a Jonas Brother-in-law has reduced to 1/3. Str…
Joe Jonas just got engaged . My inner 14 year old fan girl:
joe jonas is engaged. wow I just think it's funny how he made eye contact w me during hello beautiful at their concert…
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It has taken me the whole day to process the fact that Joe Jonas is ENGAGED. What's worse is that Sophie Turner is my age so I HAD A CHANCE
Sophie Turner and I are the same age. . Sophie Turner is engaged to Joe Jonas. . I had a chance with Joe Jonas.
Joe Jonas and Sophie Turner just announced their engagement over Instagram in the cutest way ever!
I think Sophie Turner should know how many times Joe Jonas sprayed me directly with his foam on tour
Sophie Turner, 21, accepts proposal from Joe Jonas, 28, after he presents her with diamond engagement ring
Congrats to Sophie Turner and Joe Jonas on their engagement!
*Joe Jonas is getting engaged with Sophie Turner*. My 12 years old self:
Sophie Turner is my age, a worldwide successfull actress and now engaged to Joe Jonas. Everything my inner 12 year-old drea…
Sophie Turner and Joe Jonas are freaking engaged.
Joe Jonas and Sophie Turner are perfect together. 😭
Joe Jonas gets to marry Sansa Stark. Wait for Ramsay Bolton to rip his balls off.
Let's hope Joe Jonas is a better guy than Jeoffrey Baratheon and Ramsay Bolton.
Sophie Turner (Sansa Stark) just got engaged to Joe Jonas. She would’ve been better off with Ramsay Bolton.
Aaron Carter, Zac Efron, Joe Jonas, John Travolta but specifically in Grease, and Peter Pan (no joke)
Check out this preview of Camila Cabello & Joe Jonas on Carpool Karaoke, dropping NEXT WEEK: htt…
Im still so proud of Joe Jonas for being the first ever ex-boyfriend to clap back at Taylor Swift through song lyrics. That's my boi.
Joe Jonas's girlfriend Sophie Turner is with him & the rest of DNCE right now!
Joe Jonas is truly in love with his girlfriend Sophie Turner. Accept the truth, stupid hater.
I will absolutely sacrifice my life for Joe Jonas and Sophie Turner’s dog ummm
Hrithik Roshan called 'good soul', Sophie Turner-Joe Jonas get new puppy: Social Media…
I liked a video Tandem Sculptionary with Jason Sudeikis, Kristin Chenoweth and Joe Jonas
I know Joe Jonas and Demi Lovato are doing their own thing, dating other people, but I still want them to get married
"Lady Sansa you have to marry Joe Jonas and give him a son."
Sansa Stark is dating Joe Jonas irl. . Ewe. Have some standards Lady Stark
I wonder what Shawn Mendes and Joe Jonas are doing right now, backstage, with their shirts off, in a kiddie pool full of jel…
Wolfe and I just made food for Joe Jonas so
Not even 24 hrs ago you were on Joe you back to Frank smh don't be hurting my boys like dis :/
Some pretty AWESOME people were born on this day... 😏🎂. Joe Jonas 🍰. Debra Messing 🎉. Ben Affleck 🎊. Jennifer Lawrence…
Advisors for the upcoming season of "The Voice" includes Joe Jonas , Rascal Flatts, Kelly Rowland and Billy Ray Cyr…
Joe Jonas is clearly fully straight and happily in love with his girlfriend Sophie Turner. Accept it, stupid hater.
ok maybe not Khaled but but I will raise you 1 Jack Antonoff & a Joe Jonas going full chomo
What if Zac Effron were still with Vanessa Hudgens and what if Joe Jonas were still with Demi Lovato 😂
"No, I won't sing Joe Jonas's part of This Is Me with you."
Joe Jonas a Babysitter - Lopez Tonight via I thought about u when I was watching this...
(Sincerely hoping no one is awake to see this) . 1. Zayn Malik. 2. Joe Jonas. 3. Enrique Iglesias. 4. Jesse Williams. 5…
I'm sorry but Joe Jonas can go I'm here to watch successful latinos get recognized not white people
Who is Joe Jonas? Pitch Battle guest judge, former Jonas Brothers singer and Sophie Turner’s boyfriend – all you n… http…
Joe Jonas is happily dating “the female equivalent of him” – Game of Thrones star Sophie Turner.
Demi liked and commented on Joe Jonas's Instagram post:
June 10: Joe Jonas and Sophie Turner spotted at Runyon Canyon Park in Los Angeles, California.
I liked a video Joe Jonas & Demi Lovato perform "This is Me" live at Epcot in Walt Disney World
Joe Jonas is the superior Jonas brother.
Joe Jonas is the ugliest JONAS brother.
You shouldn't talk about Joe Jonas like that
News: Joe Jonas Snapchat Username & Snapcode - Joe Jonas the popstar was born Joseph Adam Jonas in Ca...
Nick Jonas is mine. Joe Jonas is yours
Joe Jonas's girlfriend Sophie Turner is so lucky for dating a…
Alden & Maine photobomb-ing reminds me of Joe Jonas and Sophie Turner (Sansa Stark) 💖
-Watching "Hot In Cleveland"- Me: "Joe Jonas is going to be on this tonight." Mom: "Who?" Me: "From the Jonas Brothers.…
7. This is Me - Demi Lovato & Joe Jonas. Camp Rock didn't see any of the hsm success/status but it was last iconic mom…
Yes, please! Joe Jonas is down for an 'R-rated' Camp Rock spin-off with Demi Lovato and Nick Jonas http…
Shawn Mendes will be seating with Joe Jonas and behind Katy Perry at the
Nick Jonas and Joe Jonas attending the 2017 Vanity Fair Oscar Party last night in Beverly Hills, California.
Bruno Mars, Joe Jonas, Zac Efron, Louis Tomlinson & Niall Horan are the only male crushes I had in my entire life
I wonder how Joe Jonas feels about being beneath Kevin's wife AND this Jonas Bridges dude in top instagrams. Not go…
you forgot to tag Nick and Joe Jonas (on Benny's shirt)
Joe Jonas performed with at the party! @ Smart Financial Centre at…
The way Leslie Knope feels about Joe Biden, is the way I feel about Joe Jonas.
Here are some pictures of Joe Jonas, who I definitely haven't met more than once, in Denver with DNCE.
Joe Jonas & Charlotte McKinney in the new Guess Underwear Spring/Summer 2017 ad campaign, photogra…
Joe Jonas and Sophie Turner's cutest couple moments
Totally didn't realize that Joe Jonas was in DNCE until they were on Ryan Seacrest's NYE show last night. Throwback!
My Dad about the domino's guy at the desk:"Quinn! He looks like Joe Jonas! Look its Joe Jonas!"
I bumped into joe Jonas rn and the first thing I said was hi how's it going 🤔
to move to California and marry Joe Jonas WE GET IT
I honestly feel like the Taylor Swift/Joe Jonas break-up of 2008 made me addicted to drama
if all you want for Christmas is Joe Jonas. 😋
1. Met Shawn 3 times. 2. Met Joe Jonas 3 times. 3. Made bomb as friends while staying in Bali this year.
Joe Jonas grew up, man. He matured. Idgi.
Joe Jonas and Girlfriend Sophie Turner Dine on Sushi and Leave Very Generous Tip via
I wish I looked like Joe Jonas. Would have e-girl on strings.
I'm like obsessed with Nick Jones and Joe Jonas💜
I'm in love with Joe Jonas and Kevin Spacey and I want them to date each other
"Niall is playing a few Jingle Balls and I love that new song he's got out there." -Joe Jonas
Can Sophie Turner dump Joe Jonas and get back together with Hailee Steinfeld
Joe Jonas talking about sharing stage with NIall and and what he thinks about this town
We're about to play CAKE BY THE OCEAN by DNCE; JOE JONAS; Jonas Brothers! Listen & Vote 4 More:
but like can we just make sure Joe Jonas makes it to Buffalo for Kissmas Bash?
One of the many reasons why Joe Jonas is amazing.
Jingle Bell Ball: Joe Jonas wants to collaborate with Harry Styles & Cal...
Sophie Turner is dating Joe Jonas good night everybody.
Joe Jonas attends friend's wedding with Sophie Turner
Joe Jonas & Sophie Turner were spotted burning off their post-Thanksgiving calories in LA today!…
Joe Jonas & Sophie Turner were spotted taking a stroll in LA together today:
Sophie Turner and Joe Jonas went to a (non-red) wedding together
I just found out Joe Jonas is in DNCE. What the heck???
I want someone to look at me like Joe Jonas looks at Demi in "Camp Rock" when he finds out who sings "the song"
Joe Jonas and Sophie Turner Cozy Up for PDA Packed Date in the Netherlands (Hannah Hargrave/Us Weekly)
leading man Joe Jonas has come a long way since his teen heartthrob days...what a performance!!!
Joe Jonas, Taylor Swift and more celebs talk their biggest hair regrets ever
"I like them all, I think they're all great and beautiful" - Joe Jonas talking about Little Mix
Joe Jonas and his bros shop for penthouse
Joe Jonas and his bros shop for Chelsea penthouse
Joe Jonas and his bros shop for penthouse — Alice (alicesttu) October 16, …
Joe Jonas tells how he lost his virginity to Ashley Greene
In other news, Joe Jonas tries to stay relevant by bragging about who he has SUPPOSEDLY slept with
Joe Jonas talking about losing his virginity to Ashley Greene.Me being furious he didnt sleep w Taylor Swift or Camilla Belle or Demi Lovato
Joe Jonas shared a little TMI about losing his virginity to this actress: .
Joe Jonas gets extremely candid about losing his virginity to Ashley Greene: "Safety first, kids!" https…
Joe Jonas got REAL about losing his virgnity at age 20 in this epic 🔥
Here is Joe Jonas' "great story" about losing his virginity to Ashley Greene
Joe Jonas is the guy version of Miley Cyrus.
I'd do anything for Dylan O'brien and Joe Jonas and Stephen Curry and Thomas Sangster and Cole Sprouse and-
Can't believe I was with Joe Jonas and Taylor Launtner
Trying to adult is like Joe Jonas catching a football.. aka I can't 😅
unlimited calling, voip, $14.95 per month
I miss 2008 Taylor Swift who used to go on Ellen and make shady comments about Joe Jonas. We didn't know what we had til…
Good morning, Joe Jonas is in my hotel
FYI. K-Ci & JoJo does not stand for Kelly Clarkson and Joe Jonas. 🙅🚫⛔
What do Taylor Lautner, Joe Jonas, Harry Styles, Jake Gylenhaal and John Mayer all have in common
Perrie should date Joe Jonas or Cody Simpson. just throwing that out there.
Joe Jonas played 'shag, marry, kill' with his ex-girlfriends Taylor Swift, Demi Lovato, and Gigi Hadid and talks about, uh, family stuff.
When asked whom of his exes he would shag,kill and marry,Joe Jonas answered that he would shag Taylor Swift,kill Gigi H…
Joe Jonas plays Shoot, Shag or Marry with Gigi Hadid, Taylor Swift and Demi Lovato.
"Camp Rock" alum Joe Jonas opens up about his friendship with Demi Lovato and brother Nick.
Joe Jonas plays "Shag, Marry, Kill" -- You won't believe who he decided to "kill"!
Joe Jonas jokes that he would end Gigi Hadid in "Shag, Marry, Kill" game # via
Now on Gwyneth Paltrow plans to leave GOOP, Blake Shelton talks politics, Joe Jonas gets candid & much more
📷 jobrosnews: July 27: Joe Jonas spotted out in New York, NY.
Joe Jonas is the favorite Jo Bro. No doubt
Nick Jonas and Joe Jonas performing "Cake by the Ocean" in Washington !! htt…
Nick Jonas and Joe Jonas together on stage tonight in Washington!!
Demi, nick and Joe Jonas sang Camp Rock tonight at the concert and it resurrected 10 year old me
Joe Jonas and Brad Paisley dropped by the Demi/Nick concert...why was I not there
Wow Nick Jonas, Joe Jonas, Demi Lovato, and Brad Paisley all on the same stage. Tonight rocked
July 26: Clip of Joe Jonas and Nick Jonas performing “Cake By The Ocean” at the Verizon Center in Washington, DC.
Just saw Nick Jonas, Demi Lovato, Mike Posner, Joe Jonas, and Brad Paisley in concert all at once. BEST NIGHT EVER!
I'm not even ashamed to admit that when Joe Jonas came on stage & sang This Is Me from Camp Rock w/ Demi & Nick I cried like a baby ❤️❤️
Demi Lovato and Joe Jonas just sang This Is Me/Gotta Find You together while Nick Jonas played the guitar and my 12 yea…
two words Joe Jonas,she recorded him.
Joe Jonas . Taylor Lauter. John Meyer. Jake Gyllenhaal. Conner Kennedy . Harry Styles . Calvin Harris . What do these guys all have in common ?
Calvin Harris has to make a song with Harry Styles, Joe Jonas, John Meyer, Kanye and have the rest of her exes featured in the video
no solo Calvin Harris... Joe Jonas, Harry Styles, Jake Gyllenhall, John Mayer... oh the list can go on!
Y'all didn't realize something was up after John Mayer?Calvin Harris?Joe Jonas? Taylor Lautner?Jake Gyllenhaal? Conor Kennedy? Harry Styles?
Remember when she posted the voicemail of Joe Jonas breaking up with her on YouTube?
Basically Adam Levine, Dan Smith and Joe Jonas are my singer goals
Don't freak out but Demi Lovato and Joe Jonas have been VERY flirty... More Related:
"Found this singer on Craigslist.. Looked like Joe Jonas so I figured he would be good but "
Demi Lovato and Nick Jonas discuss rehab and Joe Jonas on "The Late Show with Stephen Colbert."
Joe Jonas is wearing a Dale Jarrett t-shirt and I've never been more proud of my choices.
How did people not realize Joe Jonas was in DNCE?? I could tell by his voice... We see who the true Jo Bros fans are ☕️🐸
I watched Joe Jonas perform today. My life is complete. ❤️
Julie she has literally snagged ALL of my mcms already: Martin Johnson, Joe Jonas, Jake Gyllenhaal.
Camp Rock use to be my favorite😋 mainly cause Joe Jonas was in it and he's hot 😛😍
Joe Jonas had a concert in Miami last night.PLEZ can he come for a day trip in Disney aka Magic Kingdom aka Main Street USA
infinitykatie - also such a King I love Joe Jonas and he smells amazing 😍😍 -
New video is FINALLY up! . If you like Joe Jonas, Hailee Steinfeld, Ed Sheeran, or just want to support me and my music, c…
all of Joe Jonas' ex girlfriends broke up with their boyfriends in the same week 💀
John Mayer has dated 11 people, Joe Jonas has dated 11 people, and Taylor Swift has dated 7 people & dragged as 'psycho date…
All of Joe Jonas' exes breaking up with their bf's in the same week.oh how the tables have turned.
Thursday: Taylor 💔 Calvin. Friday: Gigi 💔 Zayn. Saturday: Demi 💔 Wilmer. Joe Jonas, did u place a curse on all of you ex-girlfriends? 😂😂
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Joe Jonas' New Song May Be Too Personal for DNCE Album . Joe Jonas looks sharp as he enjoys a day out on Friday (Ju…
On this week's Battle of the Brothers! Nick Jonas vs. Joe Jonas
Dated:. -John Mayer: 11 people. -Joe Jonas: 11 people. -Taylor Swift: 7 people & dragged as 'psycho dater' by media
Now that I realized Joe Jonas is in DNCE, my middle school obsession is back
Ugh remember when Joe Jonas had golden retriever hair TBT to the good old days
Camp Rock version of Joe Jonas is the love of my life
Alright, Joe Jonas. I concede. Toothbrush is too catchy to turn down. ...the music video is the best part of it tho. 💁
I still have a crush on Joe Jonas since like 2006
Lately have had an unhealthy obsession with Joe Jonas, like looks voice everything. And I've been watching old Jonas brother videos and ugh
There was a commercial with Joe Jonas on it, and Brody looked at me and said, "hey look it's Shane Gray!" I believe I have raised him right!
8 year old Julia was so mislead by Nick Jonas's curly hair... Joe Jonas is where it's at
I love Joe Jonas and his band of guitar hero characters!!!
I'm pretty sure Jason Kennedy is upset Joe Jonas wasn't like "yeah I made out with a fat girl. Wut up?"
Is it hot in here, or is it just Joe Jonas and Ashley Graham in DNCE's latest music video?
Joe Jonas is the lead singer in DNCE. Didn't know that. 🤔
Meet Black Singles 300x250
Goals: Ashley Graham & Joe Jonas in the toothbrush video. 😩😍
When Joe & Stella admitted that they loved each other & kissed on Jonas L.A.
I genuinely thought Joe Jonas was my husband
Saturday night vibes: and get steamy in -
I liked a video DNCE - :60 with Joe Jonas and Jack Lawless
Just touched Joe Jonas' butt. I can die happy.
10 years hasn't changed anything I still want to make out with Joe Jonas
And,I just realised one thing..Gigi Hadid sure love someone that has high vocal inche Joe Jonas and Zayn 😂😂😂
Ashley Graham talks starring in DNCE's "Toothbrush" video with Joe Jonas:
ICYMI: Your fantasy threesome is here, and it is HOT
Ashley Graham is the love interest in the new Joe Jonas video and people are freaking out
still waiting for Demi Lavato and Joe Jonas to sing a throwback song from Camp Rock
The next Demi Lavato and Joe Jonas coming at ya
All I want in life is for Demi Lavato & Joe Jonas to be together like in Camp Rock god dammit
Joe Jonas just played No Scrubs at a Selena Gomez concert. I'm in love with this entire night 😂
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Selena Gomez and Joe Jonas are in the Bay... It's like the old Disney is slowly migrating north
When your best friend is center barricade to see Selena Gomez right after Joe Jonas posts a picture of her 🙃 RIP
My realization that I liked Joe Jonas better when he had straight hair
Watching Camp Rock and it's slowly hitting me that I'm seeing Joe Jonas in concert on June 18th at the Selena Gomez concert.
Joe Jonas is in SAN JOSE. agh middle school Taylor is freaking out right now
Selena Gomez is a dime & Joe Jonas is still hot as ever. This concert was the best💕
Joe Jonas and Selena Gomez are touring together while Nick Jonas and Demi Lovato tour together. What year is this?
I was in the same room as Joe Jonas and Selena Gomez 😭😭😭❤
I was right Joe Jonas was here to sing at the Selena Gomez concert😂
Am I here to see Selena Gomez or to see Joe Jonas open for her? The world may never know
Thinking about seeing Joe Jonas and Selena Gomez all in one night actually makes me cry a little
Nick and Joe Jonas on Ellen today makes our 2008 hearts flutter.
thank you Sarah!!! 🙂💕 DNCE is opening for her, i love Joe Jonas idk how ill be ok lol
yes, I am trying to catfish joe jonas as Macklemore
at Joe and Nick when you disbanded the Jonas Brothers.
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I saw Nick Jonas and Joe Jonas in the same week . Life is gr8
Another customer at work told me I looked like Joe Jonas
Gigi Hadid and Joe Jonas Seen Kissing at lArc nightclub in France
I can't believe i JUST realized Joe Jonas is the singer in DNCE wow
joe jonas and I shared a moment when we were both annoyed at the girls screaming his name, it's been a good day. my childhood is made
I went from adult chaperon to one of the kids in 0.5 seconds. . But it's okay because joe Jonas was right in front of me😩
But no one told me Joe Jonas was going to be there. . I was a die hard Jonas Brothers fine when I was younger.
does Rafe look like a brown Joe jonas
DNCE ain't that good live.,. Joe Jonas though 🔥👅
Hailee and Joe Jonas on snapchat story
since I'm famous now does this mean I get to meet Joe Jonas lol.
And then I was like three seats away from JOE JONAS like omfg my life
"When you look me in the eyes and tell me that you love me. Everything's alright when you're right here by my side.". - Joe Jonas
Joe Jonas is spotted out and about in West Hollywood
And let me just say, Joe Jonas is much more attractive in person and Jinjoo is super cute as well!
Hailee Steinfeld took to the stage to perform with Joe Jonas and DNCE at the
Hailee Steinfeld and Joe Jonas performing at the 2016 Radio Disney Music Awards, on April 30 in Los Angeles.
Today I touched or got acknowledged by Flo Rida, Ariana Grande, Joe Jonas, Alyson Stoner, and other randos
Remember that rumour there was a sex tape of Joe Jonas getting pegged by Blanda Eggenschwiler? High times.
Joe Jonas really, really likes singing about cake.
I can't tell if Joe Jonas has become Adam Lambert or Fall Out Boy
Joe Jonas was vocally the strongest Jonas brother
Joe Jonas is the best Jonas brother, he sings cake by the ocean. the song of our generation
I've been saying this 8 years ago and I'm saying this again ... Joe Jonas is the best Jonas Brother
Taylor with Rihanna, Lorde, Haim, Joe Jonas, DJ Snake, Camila Cabello, and more at night three of Coachella!
Guess who got to play with Joe Jonas' *** .
Two random things I learned today: the lead singer for DNCE is Joe Jonas and youtuber JD Witherspoon is John "Pops" Witherspoon's son
Joe Jonas spoke with USC music students at a symposium -- here's what he shared:
Zayn, Biebs, Adam, Joe Jonas, The Weeknd, Chris brown, G Eazy and Fetty all in one night I CANT WAIT 🙃🙃🙃
Joe Jonas is singing one of my favourite songs by Hailee Steinfeld.. Omfg when did this happen. 😍.
So we met Joe Jonas as we left the Bahamas because our cruise left us and now we are in New Jersey
[VIDEO] Joe Jonas with his band DNCE perform at Waterloo Records' free SXSW day party...
GUYS. I just found out that Joe Jonas and Zayn aren't the same person.
Joe Jonas is at EKU and Jimmy Rose is the floor above me what a time to be alive
baby daddy Joe Jonas, Bailey and manager
I just really love Bailey and also Joe Jonas
Why does Joe Jonas have a whole separate band! I blame Kevin getting married and all that stuff
Joe Jonas and DNCE Showed Us How to Do SXSW Their Way We followed the pop outfit behind "Cake By the Ocean" around SXSW to Waterloo Records,
Can you believe I met Joe Jonas and all I could say was "how's bonus Jonas"
Sitting on a rock thinking about Joe Jonas @ Long Branch Beach
Joe Jonas is dating models, nick is grabbing his *** and Kevin is... Idk where Kevin is!
LONDON (Reuters) - Joe Jonas, formerly of the Jonas Brothers, is back with new band DNCE, whose adult lyrics and funk-pop …
Cole Whittle, Jack Lawless, JinJoo Lee & Joe Jonas aka at the 2016
tbt when Joe Jonas used to dress well.
WEA is in the ! Read more about the sale of Joe Jonas' home in Hollywood Hills:
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I'm going to Joe Jonas at Key Arena in Seattle, WA - May 13
Joe Jonas on the red carpet at The 3rd Annual
There&a good reason Joe Jonas broke into Selena Gomez&apartment - Mashable
Nick Jonas is touring w/ Demi Lovato and Joe Jonas' group DNCE is touring w/ Selena Gomez. This is the 2008 Disney Revival era.
Joe Jonas and Selena Gomez touring together is one thing none of the 2009 Disney fan fictions predicted.
: Selena Gomez reveals Joe Jonas and his band DNCE will join her on Revival tour -...
so Nick Jonas is touring with Demi Lovato…and now Joe Jonas (& his band) are touring with Selena Gomez…my 12 year old heart can't take it😩😭
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