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Why in Joe Giudice & Joe Gorga's terrible fight, no one got in trouble. Kenya should be fired for provoking the fight & using weapon.
“really NeNe? who is gonna wanna hire an ex stripper with no fans? Joe Gorga. She plays his wife.
Over Easter weekend, Melissa and Joe Gorga enjoyed a weekend away at the Eau Palm Beach Resort & Spa, behaving as if they didn't have a financial...
Although Melissa and Joe Gorga’s rep has denied their money troubles time after time, (despite there being paperwork showing proof) Star Magazine has uncovered that the couple has had a “trail,” of; bounced checks, delinquent loans, and thousands of dollars in debt. Melissa and Joe are reportedly ob…
Then u have guys like Joe Gorga, Peter Thomas & Greg Leakes who are THIRSTY for camera time!
went to amazon and now I have the harry Winston . Love Italian style # awesome # Melissa Gorga and Joe Gorga
and Gorga to face charges like and Giudice - May 4 @ 1:04 AM ET
Joe and Melissa Gorga to face fraud charges like Joe and Teresa Giudice?
Terê Brazil this rooting for the vc and Joe gorga return to a united family ... kisses love you all!
She is a fraud.. don't waste your money
I wouldn't give a dime to those frauds
PHOTO Melissa Gorga attends Bravo event with her husband Joe
doesn't it just! is a sociopath. I hope Joe Gorga knocks Juicy Joe out!
Joe Gorga has no reason to be jealous of Joe Guidice but Theresa defo has a few reasons to be jealous of Melissa
# please joe gorga I'm your fan 1 please help me out vote with
Joe Gorga, Rosie, and Richie Wakile. This is the show I am waiting for!!!
Feel sorry for Joe Gorga. Having a sister like Teresa.
Melissa Gorga from Real Housewives of New Jersey performing On Display LIVE at Splash in New York City, introduced by Gregg Bennett & Joe Gorga and ...
the way Joe Gorga talks about his wife Melissa is so adorable 💞💞
Melissa Gorga talks about her huge fight with Teresa Guidance and why she doesn't poop in front of Joe Gorga on 'The Real Housewives Of New Jersey'.
your lying! Joe Gorga is my dream!! I would do anything to swap places with Melissa!! However, the others are horrendous! 🙈😍
Due to the upcoming storm, we will be postponing our Celebrate Love Event with our Special Guests Melissa Gorga & Joe Gorga to April 3rd. Stay Tuned for Upcoming Details!!! and
Joe Gorga from real housewives at my gym lolol
OH GOOD LORD! Why would someone admit knowing Joe Gorga? No worries, next month, you'll be old, fat and ugly.
and somehow my joke with summer and Carol of means I personally know Joe Gorga
is so lucky to have such a great man like Joe !!! + he's drop dead sexy tooo! LOVE YOU MRS GORGA !
Melissa and Joe Gorga dump Teresa on what could be the last family Thanksgiving in 30 years!
Porsha is the Melissa Gorga equivalent. I can see those two being besties, spending Joe's money.
Joe Gorga on steroids/beat up Greek/Greek suing. Bravo guilty of knowing Joe has HISTORY violent temper n set the fight up
whys your name joe frank when your a Dawson
While looking for something else… and there’s a LOT to look through!!! … came across these photos from November...
There's nothing like seeing Joe Gorga cry. LOL And that Penny Chick - Girl, buy new extensions or WASH IT! Great Finale.
At a resort in Jamaica with Melissa and Joe Gorga from houswives of New Jersey. OMG!!!
Just saw joe gorga walking his dogs !!
In the wise words of joe gorga of the real housewives of New Jersey, "you're scum."
That dog trainer uses the same hair spray paint that Joe Gorga uses
OMG just just saw Joe gorga at dunkin. Gushed about how much I love him and Melissa and even though it was ungodly early he was so nice!
I'm Italian, I know lots of Joes...and Joe Gorga is not the Joe I would brag about knowing! LOL!
ew why would you think I would ever go for Joe Gorga? I'd rather do
Maybe or cause lil Joe Gorga stopped with the paint on hair? & think of
Me too. I think Dina will raise the bar of where it should be. And can have Joe Gorga
Ran into Juicy Joe Gorga at At least the night was a little eventful @ Son Cubano
JoeyMarcoGorga has been stopped from entering the BouncyHouse! Poor JMG…What is he thinking??? Filed under: Joe...
It's pretty funny when the guy who held the door for me as I walked in behind him @ Lakeside Fitness was. Joe Gorga!!! 󾌩
NEWS Melissa Gorga looks back at memorable times with Joe Gorga
I just had a dream that I was puking snakes and then saving my cats and dogs from them. Oh and joe gorga was my brother. ***
oh *** yeah, and Joe Gorga could be their back dancer
I was just asked by the hotel staff if I am Joe Gorga "from the real housewives of NJ"! What? Ha ha!
YIKES! Joe Gorga and Chris Laurita are getting SUED again: [
F A M I L Y F R I E N D F O E SUNDAY ON THE REAL HOUSEWIVES OF New Jersey SEASON 5 REUNION SPECIAL PART 2! THE GIUDICE'S ARE IN THE HOT SEAT AS THE REUNION ENDS! Teresa and Joe Giudice talk about their legal situation having to do with the indictments of 39 counts of bank and mail/wire fraud ...and the Housewives break down! Andy: Are you afraid they will go to Jail? Joe Gorga: You think of the worst at first! Jacqueline: I know she must be scared and her family is hurting! Teresa: There's a lot of nights I cry myself to sleep because I don't want my kids to feel any pain! Andy: You look upset? Melissa: I'm just sad for them! Andy: If something happened would you take care of the kids? CAROLINE SHARES A SHOCKING BOMBSHELL! Caroline reveals what really happened to Al's dads mysterious Death! Andy: What can you tell us about the cause of Alberts dads death? Caroline: I remember the door bell ringing at 4:30 in the morning and saying "the police are here" ! (Reunion Special) The RealHousewives of New Jersey ...
NEWS: Joe Gorga's not-so-positive comments about his wife's singing
For the past few weeks on The Real Housewives of New Jersey, Melissa Gorga has been battling rumors that she cheated on her husband of nine years Joe Gorga with her ex boyfriend. The Gorgas have brushed the rumors off, but Melissa remains fixated on who started them in the first place. At...
Come out to the Semi-Annual Beauty Bash and Meet Kathy Wakile, husband Rich, and Joe Gorga from the Housewives of NJ. It's free but space is limited so RSVP. All proceeds benefit Habitat for Humanity!
Why is Joe Gorga given life to these rumors? If they're not true than why give them life?
IMO, when Kathy looks at Richie, sees Joe Gorga as preferable by comparison...not as dumb, not so repulsive. Lol
hear the end of it. When u think about it Joe Gorga has quite a history of violence. Starting with the christening
how many times have we seen Joe Gorga act violent but no one says anything? But juicy says the C word once and we don't
TV surfing. I see last night's Caroline says the men are opening up, flash back to horse guy. Did Joe Gorga get the horses hoof up?
Joe Gorga is such a sweetie...too bad his wife is the wicked witch of the tanning salon
no unasked something about Melissa or joe Gorga I don't even remember!lol u said to me u were stumped? I'm crazy
She loves the illegal alien felons The way Joe Gorga stood up for his wife's "name" was amazing. Wow, mad respect for him
I've seen parochial school girls hold their liquor better than Joe Gorga That guys a joke
I saw a pic of that HOT Joe Gorga in & decided to watch for 1st time. My ears & eyes bled, had to stop after 10 mins.
I can't take how cute Joe Gorga is to Melissa
Does Joe Gorga not realize he's on tv? Hello! Everyone's gonna talk about you!!
Watching ... Joe Gorga definitely has some insecurity / anger issues. Joe Giudice is AWESOME this season!
Why must Joe Gorga continually lose his temper, I get 100% where he's coming from but didn't his conversation with Gia teach him anything?
joe gorga should just open his eyes and see what everybody else see about his Wife. i hope he just pretending to be dumb
I don't know how I feel about Joe Gorga telling the other Joe he loves him at the pool, wasn't it just a few episodes ago they were
Joe Gorga has got to be the sweetest sexiest guy in TV . But sexy life , EVIL wife is what I an uninvolved see's
On camera, Melissa acts like she doesn't know how horny Joe Gorga gets.
Talking Real Housewives and Love Italian Style With Melissa and Joe Gorga: Shew! Last night's episode of Real ...
I pray to God that my future husband is just like Joe Gorga.
I don't think Joe Gorga wants Teresa & Melissa to get along. Everytime they make progress, he says or does something to mess it up.
are you serious?? Melissa and Joe Gorga are disliked by many!
Joe Gorga CONFRONTS Teresa Giudice, and things get a little physical: [   10% Off
I believe Joe Gorga is really angry with Melissa& takes it out on Teresa because he knows she is right. T just wants her brother to be happy
Uggh - But I get Mel's MO -Fame at all costs. But how could Joe Gorga do that to his sis?
yes,when i c joe gorga,i c a broken man.i c a sadness in hiseyes that lookslike the pain goes WAYdeep(which also makesme believe
So.. The tea is that Melissa and Joe Gorga were the ones who have the IRS/Feds investigating Teresa and Joe Guidice...
The Gorgas sold their home for HOW MUCH?!
She has 0 interest in working things out w T. The only way Joe Gorga will have a relationship w his sister is if he divorces.
Real Housewives of New Jersey First Look: Teresa Giudice and Joe Gorga Come to Blows - ...
ok that therapy didn't work if Joe Gorga is still losing his cool like that...
Joe Gorga is the man...ironing his shirt, i want a man like that lol
T is a strong woman,how does she do it Thank God 4Joe,true friends and kids. Joe Gorga shld be ashamed of himself
Kathy Wakile excuses Joe Gorga's violence because she thinks he is a passionate man with a huge heart. I am those things but I'm not violent
let's be real joe gorga isn't clearing melissa's name he's trying to clear HIS aka not the guy whose wife messes aroun…
Hope I make it thru the weekend...Two House Parties happening..Friday at The Estate with Melissa & Joe Gorga...Saturday it returns to SHRINE
I have 3 older brothers and I KNOW they would always b there for me I dont understand Joe Gorga
'I know I'm all that & I be wearing them hats' Joe Gorga tag line.
Seriously, Joe Gorga acts like a housewife. What would his tag line be?
that, but Joe Gorga...I've never seen so many adults blame shift in my life
Why didn't check when she snubbed when making toast.
"Wow. She really did just confirm everything Teresa has said about her SIL. " — PLS
Are we sure that Joe Gorga's dad isn't really Tony Danza?
Melissa warns wives to make sure they shave their...
Melissa and Joe hit the VMAs red carpet to promote Melissa's new book and new song!...
“She is very cute and I love that she put out a picture on Instagram and it wasn’t some big to-do,”-Melissa and Joe Gorga about North West
Joe Gorga is here having lunch again nbd. Idk why i get so excited but i do. Kk
did you see Joe Gorga new haircut don't need spray anymore!!
Melissa and Joe Gorga put family feuds behind them to back Teresa and Joe Giudice during their financial fraud case
Music News: Real Housewives Melissa and Joe Gorga Share Secrets for a Hot and Happy Marriage: Viacom&Va...
"Men are very visual," Melissa Gorga said. “They see with their eyes." I hope Pippa Middleton isn't her book editor!
'Real Housewives' Melissa and Joe Gorga Share Secrets for a 'Hot and Happy' Marriage: Speaking at the MTV Video Music Awards red carp...
Joe Gorga is like my nightmare man - the size of a munchkin, receding hairline, behaves like an animal & just generally vile.
did you see Melissa and Joe Gorga sold their giant house? They are apparently going to build their dream house.
Melissa Gorga, Joe Gorga sell home for $3.8 million
btw joe gorga is not at the VMAs he got that background made up at kinkos and is actually in his basement eating his f…
Melissa Gorga & Joe Gorga at the 2013 MTV Video Music Awards August 25, 2013 at the Barclays Center in New York City
I love love Joe Gorga his relationships w/wife & w/Chris L he has an empathy 4 others that Teresa doesn't
Sounds like CONGRATULATIONS are in order for Melissa and Joe Gorga! [
Exclusive: Melissa and Joe Gorga have sold their NJ mansion for $3.8 million -- & they're building a new dream home!
this is just sad Joe Gorga Hit Melisa According to Her Former Friend Jan
Rich Wakile just handed me his phone and Joe Gorga was on the other end wishing me happy birthday. Oh. My. God.
Joe Gorga upsets me so much he reminds me so much of my uncle I don't speak to
yes and I also noticed how Joe Gorga had to beg his wife,M for sex. That doesn't seem like he's the king to me.
Melissa Gorga Confronts the Evil Women Spreading Lies about her Cheating Ways: How’d t...
It was so nice seeing Joe Gorga and Gia get to hang out and have a good time together! You can tell they really enjoy each other!
"Everyone gets along on vacation" -Joe Gorga OR someone who's never seen Real Housewives of New Jersey
sorry Joe Gorga but I laughed really hard at the wifi thing
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next book might b how 2 b a single mum and broke i heard Joe Gorga slapped her few times from diff ppl
Mel and joe gorga need to stop blaming Teresa just because all of jersey can't stand them. Maybe they should stop being rats
Ohh Joe Gorga I feel sorry for you, you have no idea.
Love Joe Gorga, but dear god, someone tell him to stop coordinating his hats with his sweater vests. Think outside the box.
Whoa! Everyone gets along on vacation? Joe Gorga must have forgot Napa! That was a mess! Must be nice to take all these fancy trips
"Everybody gets along on vacation" Joe Gorga has never been on vacation. Ever.
Oh i'm sure her and Joe Gorga will have some lawsuits and bankruptcies soon enough.
Why does fitness motivation follow joe gorga
I swear Joe Gorga has no filter in his mouth lol 😂
I agree w/joe gorga..tre doin way to mch hovering like shes guilty.
poor little Joe Gorga i feel bad for him Melisa running circles around him
"vacations are great bc nobody fights on vacation" seriously joe gorga? Where have you been on all past family trips
Joe gorga is so funny about making melissa's boobs bigger
Did that waitress/bartender make Joe Gorga pay for stabbing the table with a knife?
I would take Joe Gorga having my back more than anyone.
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I love joe gorga's impersonation of his sister!
Why is it that Joe Gorga seems to always want to be at odds with his sister ?
Notice how Joe Gorga's "dressed-up" look is exactly the same as his casual look? He always looks like a cat burglar.
Love that Joe Gorga is secure & not buying the BS. Despite his other flaws, he still treats Melissa like a queen. Tre can't stand it.
I love me some Melissa and Joe Gorga
I love joe gorga on wearing a sweater vest.
Yeah joe gorga..we all know you wish you were a girl. Why don't you let your lady handle her ladies and stay out of it!
what I want to know is. When are the joe gorga clones going to hit the mass market? Best ever! Now THAT'S a man.
I wonder if joe gorga forgot about the past vacations and all the fighting...
I'd like to be the nutella in a joe gorga/ Joe Guidice sandw[USER DETAINED BY NSA, THINGS HAVE BEEN GATHERED AND PACKED]
not a prostitute a stripper so was Joe Gorga he admitted it yuck he's disgusting
"If Joe Gorga doesn't know that Melissa's nose is fake then he is dumber than Joe Guidice when he said Down syndrome isn't a serious thing"
Did Joe Gorga just say that everyone gets along on vacation? . Someone show him some old videos.
Watching and Joe Gorga is wearing the same sweater I got my home boy for x-mas last year! Lol,ok.. That's it.. everyone 💤👼
Lmfao Joe Gorga telling his buddies that his wife was texting him while they were having sex.
that's an EXCELLENT question why is joe gorga not on the cover maybe that should be addressed at some point
I hope u get Melissa Gorga at the reunion. Her true colors are coming out. She is dividing Teresa & Joe Gorga
I don't get if the RHNJ watch there own show then how can Joe Gorga not see the truth can someone explain♠
if Tre is disrespecting Joe GOrga when talking bad of U- Rnt u disrespecting Joe GOrga when U talk bad of tre
black tar was Joe Gorga's spray on hair paint
Jesus Melissa i am so annoyed with you and Rosie is the greatest and Joe Gorga is a giant little baby girl. A GIRL
And I'm sure she is a little crazy but you all would be too if you had family like Ugly horsey face and fake joe gorga
What can Joe Gorga do to make his wife deal w/her own problems and stop blaming others. The doctor has to help..fix her
Did you hear Joe Gorga isnt allowed on any of the rides down the shore, he's not tall enough, LMAO
This rhonj episode made me like Joe Giudice more than joe gorga forreal
For Dr V do u think there's Hope of peace for Teresa, Joe Gorga as well as Teresa and Melissa?
how are things currently between Joe Gorga and Teresa?
Could you imagine if Joe Gorga treated Melissa's family like she does Teresa's family? Many families r ruined by women like her. SHAMEFUL
j guidice just wanted an apology the fact that Melissa & joe gorga keep running away from the problem is the prob lol
and Joe Gorga push her after the fight
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Do you think Joe Gorga and Teresa Giudice can actually make amends?
Joe Gorga's hair paint came off, now he had to shave his head&reveal he's balding despite Mel's quick hat retrieval skills
Have you seen pics Joe Gorga with out hair? What do you think?
Question... wasn't Joe Gorga the one who went after Joe Guidice?? *** is Melissa talking about?
You've said abt Joe Gorga&Teresa that that much passion means there's still love there. Same might be true for u & Teresa
...Joe GORGA, GORGA, GORGA! You are NOT the father ...then runs off screaming, kicking, hitting.
Wow...Joe Gorga watch-out for Melissa and his crazed Sis Teresa. Lol
I'm sorry. Is nobody going to address Joe Giudice's accusation that Joe Gorga was "biting his nuts" during the fight?
Joe Gorga and the black hair spray. LMAO.
Had2 watch the scene w/Joe Gorga charging Joe Guidice over & over becuz I couldn't believe it happened! Joe was charging like a bull!
Joe Guidice beat the crap outta joe gorga so bad
When everyone on said they were covered in black tar it was clearly Joe Gorga's hair. Melissa didn't run over with his cap for nothin
Satan. I hate her. And that black tar they were all covered with?! Joe Gorga's "hair".
Wow lmao the movie Planes just said "go back to jersey you bum" just like Joe Gorga lmao
The reason I watch Real Housewives of New Jersey... # Joe Gorga..:-)
I think Joe Gorga would be a different person without Melissa Gor-ga Gor-ga. I for one would love seeing the side loves
But now after this season wrapped filming her & Joe Gorga & Melissa are in a better place now which is good
Dr. V discusses how she got through to Teresa Giudice and Joe Gorga on at:
Joe Gorga reminds me of the Super Mario Bros
hey, my hubby's a doc and said Proscar (Rx) will keep joe Gorga from losing anymore hair!! He won't need that black spray!
I was almost crying a few times during last night's watching Joe Gorga kiss Teresea's head and cry with her was really nice to see.
I LOVE that Joe Gorga admitted to using that was the best part of the episode!
so funny...especially when joe gorga said what it was but acted clueless when every1 was talking about it! Must b why he shaved it
After reading Jacqueline's blog it is clear she embellished the truth with Joe Gorga to get back at Teresa for their earlier fight
All Joe said was apologize...Joe Gorga charged him & that makes Teresa wrong??? *** !
it's so sad. I wish Teresa and joe gorga the best
Joe Gorga was the one that started and wanted to fight more .. His fault so Melissa yell at him
so that episode of RHONJ last night teresa and joe gorga were so truthful at the end! ❤❤❤❤
Of COURSE Joe Gorga took off his shirt.
Joe Gorga is one of the biggest con-artists I have EVER seen. He sees that people buy this "I'm so innocent & sad" act and…
Jw what made Melissa put back on Joe Gorga's hat.?
When joe gorga attacks Joe Guidice is like alittle crazed minion running towards him
Everyone had black crap all over them on and it turned out to be Joe Gorga's spray-on hair.
Real Houswives Joe Gorga's legacy, the guy who bought back "hair in a can"
Teresa must be hurtin after watching that episode back, how mnay times did Joe Gorga say he hated her, or she was the devil?
DonCaro and BubbaJax will be missed… Filed under: Giudice, Joe Gorga, Kathy Wakile, Melissa Gorga, REAL...
Joe Gorga gets banged by Joe Giudice... Gets me stick
Want to see the extended preview of the Joe Gorga vs. Joe Giudice smackdown?.
It looks as if Sunday's is going to be pretty ugly as the Joe Gorga vs. Joe Giudice...
Your place for a rousing discussion about who is the bigger *** Juicy Joe or Joe Gorga? We have strong opinions
Joe vs Joe - Extended Fight. Catch an extended look at the intense brawl between Joe Gorga and Joe Giudice.
Details behind the Gorga/Wakile feud, should Teresa's parents feel their family was shamed?
Hung out all day with my best friends since 2nd grade. Still love them so much!
Everyone's guessing Walter. But, looks like back of Melissa's head to me. So, I will guess Joe Gorga?
Teresa Giudice accuses brother of disrespecting father
I sure hope they work everything out. Marriage is hard no matter who u are!!!
Teresa Giudice and Joe Gorga Still Fighting on TV – Video: Stay tuned for more drama on Bravo’s The Real Housewives of New...
Finally catching up on HWONJ, and I think I got the hots for Joe Gorga!
When it comes to The Real Housewives of New Jersey, everyone loves to dish about Teresa Giudice and Melissa Gorga. But there is a new Queen B in town.
Melissa and joe gorga behind us on the parkway. Is this real life
Lmao my dad is literally going out wit Joe Gorga later
Wow my dad is hanging out wit Joe Gorga right now... "Did we just become bestfriends? " "yep"
Joe Gorga and Melissa Gorga sat next to my dad on a plane today.. I'm so so jealous
Just ran into Melissa Gorga and family from the Real Housewives of New Jersey on the elevator at the airport today and helped them find their way to flight check-in!
I was the one that screamed "I LOVE YOU JOE GORGA!" When you were on the boat and when you waved my day was made.
I have a weird crush on Joe Gorga. (New Jersey Housewives) totally random Lol
Joe Gorga is bipolar. One minute he's bullying the *** out of Teresa, then he's defending her?
Joe Gorga says when I get angry with my sister, I just have sex with my wife... Do u know how wrong that sounds?
"Usually when I'm frustrated with my sister I have sex with my wife." Joe Gorga *** !?!?
Joe Gorga wears True Religion jeans. Color me shocked.
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Its obvious that Teresa and Joe Gorga are not gonna hash it out. Both are too hurt by the other right now.
If my hubby ever sided w/any1 ncluding his family over me 4 anything our marriage would b over Joe Gorga just f'd up IMHO
The boys taking pictures with Melissa & Joe Gorga from RHONJ :P
Cool my sister met Joe gorga I'm so jealous
Joe Gorga introducing his wife. So adorable.
Stefano is awful. Watching Melissa Gorga. Joe introduced her. Kinda neat
July 14 is Joe Giudice vs. Joe Gorga. July 7 (this Sunday) is Melissa cheating
Any NJ Housewives fans? Crew here taping Melissa Gorga today for Red Hot and Boom lol
Joe Gorga did try not 2 talk around the kids but Antonia was peeking through the door. They didnt know.
Joe Gorga just looks like he's goin' to cry.
NEWS: ‘RHONJ’ star Joe Gorga says Teresa made a mistake with her marriage
So I saw Joe Gorga tonight at the outlets in Orlando.I love living here!
Caroline may have to leave Theresa & Joe Gorga to a higher power. Higher than Caroline?
Watching the latest episode of and its really nice to see Joe Gorga finally not back Melissa up when she's talking about his sister!
Joe Gorga returns home from his gym fight with his sister to talk to Melissa. He tells her how Teresa said that...
Aww I love that Joe Gorga tries to be fair to his wife & sister.
I just realized who Joe Gorga looks like. An Italian Zac Brown. Wait. Do you know who Zac Brown is?
Dylan is loving the summer program and making a early dinner if rain holds out getting some park or yard time.. Love working but I think I can be a housewife :) hmmm
Joe Gorga will get sold out too as soon as the right record producer give her an ounce of attention.
Real Housewives of New Jersey star Caroline Manzo opened up about Sunday’s episode on her Bravo blog and believes that Kathy’s sister Rosie finally got through to Teresa and Joe Gorga. Caroline also talks about her children and Richie and Kathy’s relationship!
BART and the Union are making Joe Gorga and Teresa Guidice look civil! C'mon guys, start talking and get this thing resolved!!
Catching up in RHONJ. I love this man named Joe Gorga!
Real Housewives of New Jersey star Melissa Gorga took to her blog to discuss why her husband Joe Gorga is not whipped over her. She also contradict’s herself the entire time questioning people like me on if she and Teresa are really in a “good place” right now. See what Melissa had to say below
Joe gorga my dude on hwonj his beezy tryn to play him Against his sister no good lol
Am I the only one that doesn't see what jealous, manipulating , illiterate , person Teresa Gudice is! Lord Joe Gorga disown her already she nothing but a fake backstabbing biotch !
Hi Dolls! I have not forgotten about my blog! I was not on last week's episode, nor this week's, so I figured I would just combine my thoughts on the two into one blog tonight! Here it goes: First of all, I loved the scene with Teresa and her mother-in-law getting pedicures, and in her Kings of Cole lime cashmere sweater and leggings from Posche nonetheless! I am ordering a pair for Mrs. Giudice since she loved them so much! As I previously stated after some turmoil, Joe Gorga and I are fine with each other now. With that said, in the past when he has gotten into fights whether it be with Teresa or myself, he tends to become aggressive. In episode 4, Joe tells T that he would never speak to Melissa in a derogatory manner because he wants to teach his sons that wives should be treated with respect. But what about a sister? Wouldn't he want his sons to treat their sister with that same respect with which they would treat their wives? I won't linger on this because like I said we have mended fences, but thos ...
Hmm I'm writing blog now about the past 2 episodes , it will be short and sweet !! Next week might be a little different lol !!!
Good for you, Joe Gorga for standing up for your sister! I'm not on her side at all, but it was good to see him still defend his sister!!
I think I'm in love with Joe Gorga from the RHONJ.
My opinion on Housewives of New Jersey's sibling feud: Joe Gorga doesn't like the way Joe Guidice treats his sister, and Teresa thinks Melissa is using her brother, therefore they are both right. Hope they make up, bc obviously their spouses are cheating/using/verbally abusing them. Hope Caroline can reunite the sibs 󾔲
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So funny?. .I guess?...watching Real Housewives of NJ and apparently we get our furniture the same place Melissa and Joe Gorga do. We have the same bedroom set in a darker wood. :/ I dont know what that says about my taste.
Watchin RHONJ & I luv tht Joe Gorga stood up for his sister..
yay it's time to watch real house wives of NJ more drama but Im hooked
Just ran into Melissa and Joe Gorga at Universal. Honeymoon complete;)
Can I tell you I would let Joe Gorga get it! Anyways good morning babies! Tonight come see me at soho!
It's about time that Theresa's brother stood up for her. :). Real housewives of NJ!! Yea, I watch it and I think Melissa is a fake Biotch! Just sayin'.
Joe Gorga is a cutie patootie and I love me some Rosie!!!
Ok so I didn't post after last weeks RHWONJ episode. I'm sure everyone missed my post ;). Anyway after watching it I was puzzled why Carolyn wants to be so involved with the Giudice family since she clearly loathes Teresa. My thought is that A. She wants to remain on the show and B. It bothered her that last season she looked like a bully so this season she's the peacemaker. Also did anyone else find the gym scene with Theresa and Joe hilarious. Especially the end? Also any scene where Rosie gets upset is golden.
I think I met the love of my life last night at rich's. he was a gogo and he looked like a light skinned black joe gorga. :) :P
Just catching up on last week's RHONJ.I Love Joe Gorga!
Haters are gonna hate...But I just Love Love Love...Teresa from the house wife's is crazy!!! Lol...Love this cast ;)
Another comment I read below and it makes a really good point...something I have noticed is the way Joe Gorga gets off on hurting's like he enjoys having that power over her and the book signing is a perfect and sick example. And also don't forget when they were at Kathy's with the kids around the pool and Joe Gorga was yelling at her and made her cry and I think that was when he called her a lot of horrible names!! Here is the comment... When Joey and Melissa first joined the show, I was open to them and sincerely tried to give them a chance. That book signing was when I started to see that it was MUCH more complicated than “They have problems because Teresa doesn’t like his wife.” I mean, he was just so cold and cruel to Teresa, and it’s like he LOVED having her almost break down and cry. The way he was ORDERING her to read what she wrote to him (Yes, I know it was probably because he can’t read, but it was also, in my opinion, like he got off on ordering her around and making her do ...
Today's Housewives to English Dictionary REHATCH: (to go over again, see also 'rehash') Usage: Jersey's Joe Gorga didn't want to 'rehatch any problems" he used to have with his wife.
In the gym: my trick is that I'm Always ANGRY!!
Federer gone.Wimbeldon is crazy this year! And Hernandez under arrest for murder. Sammy Gogo.this is why we need to bring back Humanities.
Watching Real housewives n all these families fighting so messed up.
YIKES! We hardly ever see Joe Gorga and Melissa fight! Is Joe right about... [
Joe Gorga is one hot hub..I dont care what anyone says.
Watching Real Housewives of NJ. Who does not love Joe Gorga? What a man. My husband and my brothers, son in law and in-laws are just like him. There is nothing better than brains, sense of humor and success. There really are good men out there. Hang in there ladies and never settle for less than your heart's desire...
Finally, something interesting happened on RHNJ! Way to go Joe Gorga!
"Go cook a book!" -joe gorga Seriously though Theresa, you be cray-cray.
Real Housewives of NJ.. WOW finally Joe Gorga let Teresa have it i'm shocked.. I feel so bad for him. He went in on her husband the "it".
Just got a chance to see Real Housewives of New Jersey ( thank goodness for dvr's ) ...was so happy to see Joe Gorga turn the tables on his wacky sister .as usual Tree ran.way to go Tarzan !
So, from a girl that is not so lucky in the love department, I think every husband should treat their wife like Joe Gorga (sp). Sorry Dawn Coviello DawnMarie. I swore I wasn't watching anymore, but its an addiction. ;)
Is it bad i hv a man crush on joe gorga?
Joe Gorga, unlikely voice of reason.
OK so the best quote from Real Housewives of N.J. tonight...Joe Gorga "Go cook, go cook a book" ...Lol! .just love him
I love Joe Gorga! He was time enough for his crazy *** sister Theresa tonight. About time someone gives it back to her. is about to blow up
It is impossible to tell what is the truth with these people.
"I treat my wife like the queen so my sons see how to treat a woman." I love me some Joe Gorga 󾬓
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Good for Joe Gorga calling out Tre. Your thoughts?
Go cook a book teresa lol i love u joe gorga xo
"When the going gets tough, Teresa gets going!!!" Love Joe Gorga and his smart mouth!
"We were the Brady Bunch. But, look at us now". Joe Gorga just dropped knowledge. I testified
Looks like a lot of fun! Joe Gorga looks like he was having a good time too!!
The fact that joe gorga hashtaged makes me so happy
Just barely waking up after an amazing night Splash Bar with great company from the NJ house wives Melissa with Joe Gorga along with Colton Ford and our ears were-filled with famous DJ Eddie Baez music. Thank you everyone. It was a famous night all around from the bartender to the people.
Why am I not surprised that Joe Gorga spent his Friday night at a *** club? Hmmm.
Why is Joe Gorga just the most perfect human being?
That preview was so bad! Ppl are going to hate Joe Gorga come Sunday.
that fact that my cousins husband met Joe Gorga😭
Teresa Giudice and Joe Gorga See Each Other For the First Time in Over a Year (VIDEO)
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