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Joe Fox

Christopher Joseph Joe Fox (4 April 1931 – 1 October 1981) was an Irish Fianna Fáil politician. A farmer and auctioneer, Fox was elected to Dáil Éireann as a Fianna Fáil Teachta Dála (TD) for the Dublin County North constituency at the 1977 general election but lost his seat at the 1981 general election.

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It's like having the FOX in charge of the investigation of who robbed the hen house!!!
Dream on. Podesta Russian Money yet another Fox and Breitbart urban legend. Take the hook ou…
FABULOUS! Heading for 7% into 2016 term. 1-min Joe peek "Will be so glad when the election is over!" Back to Fox.
Caught up with the brilliant last week and we chatted about stuff (in between some Kinks singalongs)…
Haven't watched since election night.Refuse to watch MJ just like Fox News.Clown show.
FOX's morning show is absolute garbage and Morning Joe is having an hour-long tribute to Mika's dad. I switched t…
Joe Fox talks A$AP Rocky, The Kinks, and recording his debut album - interview
If you watch fox at all you would know they already have and his base is as strong as ever. Do your homework.
Joe Louis Arena is a dump?Not to Detroit Red Wings broadcasters(The arena gets the wrecking ball in 2017) via
Bill Kristal should go back to Fox and his RETARDED Friends.
Who is joe for America? Never heard of it & I wouldn't believe anything from fox.
Watching Eric & Lara Trump talk about their expecting a new baby boy on FOX, so positive, so much family love, & all you do.
his Base will abandon him when FOX News abandons him
2017 needs to be all about and 'Aftershow'
Mm, not too ironic since I'm feline-fixated, is it?😸. Sweet, just hope the fox will make friends with em, n' the film's all set
Joe fox is awesome and it's even more awesome to support other artists. We can wait, when rocky drops it wil…
own perspective. I watch Morning Joe clips on YouTube & sometimes fox clips,but should do more.
Funny you should say that, Why I've only seen one fox, I have the next best thing: BASSET HOUNDS!!!…
Fox News covers for their boy Trump while he skips out on work to hang on the golf course. He's taken 12 golf trips in 9…
CNN's Stelter attacks Fox News for covering story of Illegal Immigrants raping girl at school. I can't believe my ears. https:…
Trump watches ALL News.Beginning with Morning Joe on MSNBC.What communists?Stop watching Fox,they lie. Communists, HA!
can't wait to have Joe Fox, L.A.T, Speak @ Friday's communities connect! Excited to learn more about Joe! ht…
tired of Scarborough. move to FOX joe. tired of watching you with your nose in trumps ***
you would believe fox and cnn. Morning Joe even said this morning she lost and bad!
your show is like fox and friends part two I hope there's no tape of you two released it would end this show
When is along with & dumb moving over to FOX Y wonder, its the entire cha…
you're absolutely right I don't know why Joe is not on Fox media
I've stopped watching bc of their flip-flop on this. They may as well be on Fox.
The Trump I saw yesterday is a man who doesn't give a Flying Fox anymore. He's going down on his terms
UFM is happy to share with you articles Re: Men's Health: Fox sports announcer Joe Buck sa…
and his window dressing belong on Fox. should have the morning show.
Free Shipping with Free Returns - Baseball Rampage
Fox sports announcer Joe Buck says a hair transplant paralyzed his vocal cord. How does that even happen?…
Daily Cup of Joe ☕️. It’s Strengths Week at George Fox! How will you live your strengths this week?
It's here's a video I made with about my brother and the importance of talking. https:/…
Only watch Hannity on Fox News. The rest are a disgrace.
Joe belongs to the Fox Network cronies.
Agreed. You mean, like "While we wait on the review, guys I'm addicted to hair plugs.".
.on Morning Fox. You're wrong! 's base is/was not fracturing. RINOS were never for him. The peop…
And now u know why I hate Scarb Show. Hate Scar n Fox nonews
is wonderful ..belongs on FOX with Hannity promoting low rent vulgar creepy…
but it was his best debate performance?? You guys are trash. Just move to Fox News already.
ABSOLUTELY unacceptable headline and coverage. So bad you should be on Fox News!!!
I am defecting in the morning now to These 2 clowns were so biased Sick Go to Fox the Joe and Mika
There are a bunch of Trader Joe's snacks in the office kitchen with a sign saying "Food my kid won't eat, help yourself" ... thanks kid
Trump had answers and details to nothing. White male media keeps giving him a pass??!!! You belong on Fox entertainment
.needs to be on Fox News a.k.a. "Faux News" ASAP...or just taken off the air entirely.
Don't forget the excellent JOE FOX plays this Thurs w/ for More info:…
continue to get your news from breitbart and fox and live in your bubble. It's safer there. Good luck.
Why r Joe, Mika & Deutsch on at all? is scum, has disgraced itself with Zucker & MSNBC is circling…
Shoot! I missed it. Fox has become unwatchable!
Throwback to Joe's amazing four eye Coyote swapped Fox body! Talk about motivation, right?
I believe u & Mika should move ur show to Fox because I believe the 2 of u must b using that white powder Trump has been using.
Morning Joe's hackery has to go. They'd fit in just fine on Fox.
Might as well be watching and friends my God u r boring the *** out of me Mika and Joe stop the incessant pandering 2Tru…
Which is exactly what you were doing almost daily ! Why the sudden 360 change ! Fox now
GOP convention no-shows threaten to undercut Trump unity push | Fox News | They don't matter only the…
"We did it, and we did it for Mike" - Hear from an emotional Joe Breschi following the victory.
I don't believe Joe is doing that, but a lot fanboys do want the Sony/Fox movies to fail hoping it goes back to Marvel.
I hear Joe Fox from you've got mail (a vase? A vahse?) when I hear Tim Allen its Buzz 😉
Many in his administration went to prision, came out, then jobs.
FOX Sports - - Cubs manager Joe Maddon shares one of the regrets of his life
Free Shipping at Baseball Rampage
Yea Joe such a good thing! X3 last stand and origins were so good without him! Fox has a record of bad choices so nooo
Both CNN or Fox is better to watch than arrogant Joe
Joe the Plumber goes all in for Trump:
Fox hit rock bottom when they didn't give Cruz a fair shake.
Joe U must be kidding Hannity on Fox destroy her and Warren every night /BUT don't forget the biggest liarer is Trump /
- I will contend that Morning Joe and most of Fox definitely does
MSM, Gotta LOVE Joe, he's telling it like it is!
The difference between the Fox/ESPN announcers and Joe Davis is like night and day.
Joe Davis (FOX Sports & LA Dodgers TV voice on the road) is just 28 years old and he will be full-time successor to retiring Vin Scully.
Not even Joe Fox could put McKay's out of business
Guys it will be hard to take you seriously until you go HD. Mika would look like a Fox News gal. Fantastic
the faster the better its been time for Joe & Mika to go maybe Fox will have the Bum's
Fox and maps: Not a happy marriage. Also math.
Joe Swider poses for a photo with Jack, one of his 11 grandchildren. Swider's fight against ALS became...
Congratulations to who becomes first-ever South Asian artist to enter the BC Entertainment Hall of Fame:
You can hear joe fox snore from a mile away
Outstanding work by and FOX telling the stories of the fallen and the 600 Miles of Remembrance. Great watch tonight.
joe buck I presume? he is a noted nym/ny giants hater and fox keeps putting him on air in our market. Mendoza a buttlicker.
Finally, Mountain Blue Fox Joe. Too bad he didn't have the head with the moving parts.
they never do. Same with FOX and that Met hater Joe Buck
a lady told me one day in St. Joe "How can you educate America without Fox News?"
Teheran was off and were denied sweep of Marlins. Chip Caray (and Joe Simpson break things down
UFC and Fox showing how much the ntetworks don't need Joe Rogan as an analyst with these insightful guided replays
On Tues morn, start calling in to TV news shows like Trump does, to grab headlines. i.e. Fox & Friends, Morning Joe
game was on fox. Joe Buck had the call, if anything he's cardinals biased
B3: JOE CLUTCH DOES IT AGAIN!!! That's 13 on the year and we're tied, 4-4.
much more than this, yessir. Still will always be spots here and there where I'll have FOX games.
I was kinda wanting to know if Joe Fox put Kathleen Kelly in charge of the children's books department of Fox Books. Left me hanging.
Joe Fox is so good he sounds like a sample
In You've Got Mail, is it reasonable that Kathleen Kelly would be OK with Joe Fox's deceptions and sti… by Jon Mixon
Its almost Stunning photo of in by Joe Fox
I never seen a liberal news like talk so much about Donald Trump. Fox News doesn't do that.
. Is fox on the hot seat? Shouldn't he be? Seems like there is no conversation about it.
Morning Joe has become the new Fox News channel.
Morning joe,you are not worth 97,000 a week pay. msnbc needs to save money. Joe go to Fox
lost more viewers, sound like FOX. *** kissing Trump.
that Joe wld blame Obama for Trump. The people r voting for him Joe. U have these suck *** people on ur show. Run to Fox😩😩
Watching morning Joe for first time. Refreshing honest discussion. Done with FOX.
Comcast wants to have the influence Fox has & they think Joe is the their Roger Ailes
Morning joe move to. Fox and spew your venom of. Democrats. Mika says nothing
Everyone I meet, whispers to me, "I'm voting for Trump", but Fox has put such a stigma on it, they're afraid to say it out loud
how about you just leave MSNBC and go to Fox news where you belong?
Keep drinking that FOX Noise KoolAid/propaganda.I don't want the U.S. 2 b part of
Can you all please get off of the Trump Bandwagon?I may have to start watching Fox news!
move ur show to evening prime time. People will switch from fox
unlimited calling, voip, phone service
Morning. Joe go over to. Fox where you belong. Your ratings keep sinking on msnbc . You Republican shill.
Or, Mika/Joe part of the propaganda system, picking and choosing which/whom to promote. Sad. MSNBC=FOX=bad for America
Morning Joe on MSNBC is truly fair and balanced . Better than Fox & Friends. Trump 2016!
. A great alternative for the anti-Trump fox network in the 6am-9am time slot is . on FIOS channel 603.
has become more cringeworthy than Fox News. Maybe they can replace Fox and Friends!
I watch now, more balanced than Fox, they have thoughtful people on who give intelligent commentary
it's official morning Joe has become the same thing you would see watching Fox news
looking forward to the town hall tonight with Trump w/Joe and Mika! He knows they won't ambush him like Fox
FOX pushing back on Trump not getting any traction with me. FOX bias showing?
Should be on FOX, not MSNBC. CNN' town hall at the same time. Why not invited on there? No one wants him except Joe.
Team Trump why don't you ask him why he is a racist...Mika your not a Democrat your a fraud morning Joe should be on Fox smmfh
Agree with Howard Dean. Trump is the result of 20 years of Fox/GOP stoking anti- rhetoric.
I watch Joe over FOX faithfully now, he reports what FIXED news won't !
Trump doesn't need fox he has morning Joe
I'm really disappointed that Morning Joe has less objective discussions on Trump then Fox news. Now a town hall? Can't watch.
Collectible Lifelike Baby Dolls, Porcelain Dolls a
this show is showing a level of vitriol tpwards prez O and hilary as bad as fox and mika since reports of her affair with joe
Morning Joe has lost all creditability ,Just like Fox Fake News .
Fox is just as bad as Apple , You put American in danger with your out and out lies to the American people .2016 MAGA
anna kooiman is looking good in yellow on fox & friends. F U rev al "the ultimate racist" sharpton!
I turn off Fox when Geraldo comes on and I turn off Morning Joe and others when "Rev" Al is on.
Morning Joe's ratings are up 24% and I bet they're mostly former Fox viewers:)
I use to enjoy Joe S., he is fox material . Time to bring back Keith_Olbermann
MSNBC hates Trump, but sadly, they're still WAY more fair than Fox
I control the TV's at home, and in a lobby at work.Fox no more on either
no more Fox and no more Rush. It's a new conservative world.
Who owns the NY Post? 20th Century Fox. Talk about vertical integration.
You just gotta turn that mess off, once I popped that Fox bubble, you see stuff more clearly. (1/2)
Post debate Trump coverage between Fox and was night and day. I might watch but…
neither do I, but I was talking about his song, Jukebox joints ft Kanye and Joe Fox
according to my sources, the 2 voting against such a downzone were & Tom Fox
Guess Fox ratings will be down again!
I watch morning joe then I bounce between CNN for as long as I can take it then Lou Dobbs on fo…
We changed from FOX to Joe and Mica!
Watch & more MSNBC/CNN now. Only ck in to see what Fox is playing-no KF anymore
Cafe Lalo - where Joe Fox first realizes Kathleen Kelly is his online pen pal in "You've Got Mail" - not doing well:
You got me going crazy like Foxy Shazam and feeling lucky like I'm Joe Fox
PFA members Matthew Johnson, Sam Sharman & Joe Fox today graduated from with degrees in Physiotherapy.
So thank you, Barnes & Noble. You were Joe Fox on screen, but Forrest Gump in my heart.
I need to clear something up: my wife doesn't like the Fox play-by-play team but she did like Joe Torre & discussing slides.
Fox interview Joe between innings and show the game.
Joe Torre at game talking to Ken Rosenthal of FOX on Utley's slide into Tejada: "It was more targeting the player than the base."
Dear fox/mlb. Enough of Joe Torre and let me watch the
Morning Joe completely ignores NYT call to shutter the Benghazi committee--even when interviewing the GOP chairman:
But seriously: Who at Fox thinks Joe Buck and Harold Reynolds are so great they need to be kept on staff and call important baseball series?
he must have been trained by another FOX jerk I cant stand - Joe Buck
Joe Fox needs to drop a EP or some tracks so we can see his full potential
so I need Joe Fox to get his debut album in motion already yo
Matt Vasgersian should be the sound of Fox baseball. The All Star Game and The World Series. Can't stand Joe Buck's commentating.
My guess is these FOX announcers calling the game were trained by Mr. Mediocre himself, Joe Buck.
I don't. He blames Joe Gorga for him getting caught. But he doesn't feel he did wrong.
the things Joe does for money..painful to watch
There are a lot of smart people in jail, Joe? Lol...not so smart if they got caught.
Who is ignorant announcer on FOx who just said fans in Toronto didn't Grow up playing baseball and don't know how to carch foul balls?
Joe u might not wanna talk about getting away with "anything u want" as u are headed to prison
I know! My Mom worked & I had to do my own hair & makeup. Joe must have hidden money.
Will Joe & Tre get to spend any time together when she gets out & before he leaves?
Joe’s dad shares a special father-son moment with… Peter! TONIGHT on FAMILY GUY at 8pm on FOX!
In honor of National Coffee Day I grabbed a cup of joe on my new show premiering tonight at 8PM on FOX htt…
not so sure Joe, hunts with the hounds and runs with the fox.
Good racing over the weekend from some old blades. Rob Fox, Graham Wright at Ancolme and Joe Brunton at
It's not too late to hang out with some of your FOX Carolina favs! Lauren, Joe, and Ashley will be at…
Award for what...copying Fox? Morning Joe is the worst show on cable news. Ratings..HA!
To be honest I like the MLB Network announcers a lot more than Joe Buck or anyone on FOX!
Fox mate at 9, absolutely buzzing been waiting since February for this day😫😂
John Fox and Joe Maddon have the same birthday. Coincidence?
*** .. insult to injury...after the Chiefs lose, Fox turns over to Joe Buck announcing!
Fox Sports network for showing the fumble right before the game...I blame Joe Buck
Joe Buck has officially entered his annual "homeless man beard" period.
i hate listening to Fox with Joe Buck And Troy A. they are really rooting for Seattle.i wish it was anyone but them
Rocky and Joe Fox need to make a an album together
The sun is shining on Fall for Greenville! Come say hi to Lauren Elise, Joe Gagnon and myself at the FOX Carolina...
Congrats Joe McGillis and student volunteers who raised over $5000 for Terry Fox. He drummed 8 hours!!
[flips over to Fox]. [hears the joyless phony excitement of a Joe Buck TD call]. [flips back]
Fox NFL: Joe & Troy are both adding "is able to" to calls that would be better with just the verb. Say "catches" instead of "able to catch"
Parts of this triggered a Fox Butterfield alert —
Cowboys aren't playing on Fox today? What are Joe Buck and Troy Aikman going to do?!
Trump and Clinton Still on Top in New Polls, But Carson and Biden Making Gains | Fox News Insider
Thanks to the Chiefs & FOX Sports for a quality look at the Bears game today.
FOX LIES...JOE IS ON A TEAR.10/09/ AM...his party is in Chaos...and he knows all the answers to fix the world.. http:…
Such a CBS snob. Hate that this game is on fox and have to listen to Joe Buck.
Bengals are on Fox today. Good news: no promos for CBS shows. Bad news: Joe Buck.
What's with the wave of terrible hair sportscasters? Colin Cowherd, Joe Buck, Erin Andrews...
I am reminded why I dont watch games on Fox! Troy and Joe suck
Hubener with the hat trick! Three first half by the QB has out in front 35-17 at the half. h…
I have been doing it for almost a year. News lite
There aren't any people like Kathleen Kelly and Joe Fox in real life. Nope.
Someone created a Wikipedia article about "Joe Fox (boxer)". Help expand it!
I want Joe Fox to come out with his own music
Joe Fox, who was featured on ALLA 5 times, met A$AP Rocky on the street, at 4 AM, homeless, selling his mixtape.
The banter between Joe Fox and Kathleen Kelly is the best goddammit when will I stop watching this movie maybe never
This week, I'm biased towards ESPN. Last week, it was Turner. The week before, it wa Fox. Internet, you exhaust me.
yeah Mika ur missing alot u can't tie emails to CGI pushing Joe's theories u need to know ur Own Values or are u like Fox Bimbo
I tune in for market news & what & what do I get, a political diatribe with Joe. Are you trying to emulate Fox? Goodbye.
: Amazing that the Writer, Sabrina at Rolling Stone blew a Story So Bad?, but Why Is FOX News LiesOnDailyBasis not Called Out ?
Dis Mike Lee just say every Morning Joe viewer should read his book? Does he realize who Ur viewers are? He must think he was on Fox
how many storys have MJ or more point joe got wrong also everyday Fox does samething were is outrage then
Besides FOX you are the last individual who anyone should listen to regarding middle east.
the silver fox that is Joe Scargill
A friendly game of pool between Ryan and Joe. This has got to be a dream. Strike that...nightmare.
"Have a nice death." I think Joe lost Ryan when he proposed foreplay in the prison.
Joe Bonamassa in Concert at Fox Theatre - Detroit - Apr 18. ► Find Tickets:
the Braves game was awful, should probably get another infomercial on that screen
WILL YOU BE THERE?. It's a NEW episode of The Following at 9 on Fox Wilmington. Joe's execution is days away...
Joe Carroll Returns "Enough Said". . The Following is ALL-NEW tonight at 8:00PM ONLY on FOX 24!. Will you be...
Okay. I just looked at your profile. You're a nut job and can't be reasoned with. Enjoy Fox "News," you bigoted ***
Order Miche Bag Online!
Joe Buck is gonna be tired of coming Seattle by next January. US Open, World Series, all the Fox NFL games.
Tiger's Julian Robertson with Maria B on Fox Business News (Hat Tip 0 Hedge) - on the bubble in bonds. I agree!.
I'm convinced rooting for the Braves is now like rooting for Republican Party. Chip/Joe are their Fox News.
I saw you Sat on Fox And Friends weekend and your cell went off. Was it really that important?
At least I won't have to hear Joe Buck's voice because the Phillies won't be playing on Fox anytime soon
Bad enough Joe Voter doesn't follow three or more reliable source rule... When reporters do it?. Fox News ?.
Do I want to watch FANTASTIC MR. FOX right now? I kinda do.
The Fantastic Mr Fox I love this movie lol
David Price falls just shy of complete game, Joe Nathan gets save in shutout for FOX 2 postgame starts in moments.
Fox Sports went to commercial before the chorus of boos could rain down upon Joe Nathan.
It's been an amazing weekend of Premier League football.
When will & others critical of examine what does every day w/ nearly ev…
Ready for MLAX weekly honors? Player of the Week: Joe Seider Rookie: Will Fox
Fox Sports 1 giving me Nam-style flashbacks to football season by playing clips of Joe Buck calling baseball games
Just interviewed a breathless Joe Fox who scored winning bottle for to give them 2-0 win in His dad scored the 1st
No Body watch's AM Joe..You wasted your time! Unless like to hear yourself make noise!!..ITS FOX STUPID!!
ESPN's reports Aaron Rodgers will be in attendance tonight. So will JJ Watt, Joe Thomas, Devin Harris & Michael Finley.
Joe McCarthy must be looking down on with pride. Down, because although he is in the innermost circle of *** Fox News is lower.
More on why MSNBC's Morning Joe seems like the Fox News Hour lately?.
even Fox gives this "man" used loosely a free ride just Joe being Joe shows stupidity of voters in Delaware
did you really say you liked that McCarthy bigot T Cruz? My God why are you not on FOX ?
2 years today I am here. Highest ratings: FOX and Fight Pass. Gate records in every venue. Best 1/4 in UFC history. ht…
TONIGHT.. 'The Hunt' is on! Don't miss James Purefoy in 'The Following' 9/8c on FOX!. What part will Joe play in...
Power Player of the Week Joe Alonso & Chris Wallace discuss the Cathedral. Watch at
how about you f uckers hold fox news accountable for their lies. How about you are held accountable for your lies and deception
Fox News people keep their jobs after they lie so what's the difference.
If Fox News thinks we can't win the war on christmas or easter, then how can we win the war on terror??
In a "You've Got Mail" sequel, I'd bet the Internet is not so fun for Joe Fox (F-o-x) of Fox Books (it's not personal, it's business).
Said good bye to a childhood friend.a very unique individual.a sad sad day.however .I wished she could look down and see the line of people and how packed it was from people who wanted to honor our Amy Betts. Betts you filled your own stadium.and the to top it off.John John Shannon Splawn organized a drink of honor.Betts you reunited people.what a welcoming to all that were there. Charlie Bullock, Thad Briggs, Jerry Karn, Joe Fox, Eric Bartlett and Lisa lord, Candace Maltby, Melissa Hogle, Regina Christiansen Brandt, kami Sanders, Angel,,. And so many more.the best part was Rosalie (Amy's Mom) coming in and seeing us all there in tribute. God Bless you my friend Rest in Peace and know you were so loved and touched everyone's life
Joe Fox hearing he has to pay $73 for books is Mindy Lahiri in 1x02.
My band Arms next gig is Friday next week (May 9th) at Proud Camden. We're on stage at 9.30 and also playing are the wonderful Kindred Shins, Joe Fox and Jesus, John & Whitney. It would be great to see you there! Here's a little preview in case you have not heard us yet.
Statement from the family of missing pilot Jake Harrell: "We would like to thank the many people who have shared their love, support and prayers during the search for Jake. We are especially grateful to the Arkansas Forestry Commission and State Forester, Joe Fox for their leadership in the effort. The Governor's Office, the US Forest Service, the Arkansas National Guard, Polk County Sheriff's office, Montgomery County Sheriff's office, Scott County Sheriff's office, Arkansas Game and Fish Commission, Arkansas Department of Emergency Management, Civil Air Patrol, National Weather Service, Arkansas State Police, the 188th Fighter Wing and the North Little Rock Police Department have all been supportive and responsive in an unparalleled display of cooperation and coordination. Our heartfelt thanks go to the pilots, ground personnel, and the team in the Incident Command Center. We are confident the many agencies involved are doing everything in their power to find Jake. We are thankful to be part of the Arka ...
Praying for Jake Harrell As we enter this week please pray the following: 1. Clear skies. We need a break in this weather pattern so air search can be ramped up. 2. For divine direction for State Forester, Joe Fox and for Billy, who is leading the Incident Command Center. 3. For supernatural sight for pilots, all the eyes in the sky, and ground searchers. 4. For the peace of God to cover and surround the entire family. 5. For Jake to be found. Thank you for your faithfulness in prayers these past few days.
If it makes Kathleen Kelly feel any better, Joe Fox's bookstore chain would probably also be out of business by now.
Kathleen Kelly and Joe Fox are a nineties version of Elizabeth Bennet and Mr Darcy. How have I never seen it before?
My FAVORITE MOVIE~!!! {You've Got Mail} Joe Fox: You know, sometimes I wonder... Kathleen Kelly: What? Joe Fox: Well... if I hadn't been Fox Books and you hadn't been The Shop Around the Corner, and you and I had just, well, met... Kathleen Kelly: I know. Joe Fox: Yeah. I would have asked for your number, and I wouldn't have been able to wait twenty-four hours before calling you and saying, "Hey, how about... oh, how about some coffee or, you know, drinks or dinner or a movie... for as long as we both shall live?" Kathleen Kelly: Joe... Joe Fox: And you and I would have never been at war. And the only thing we'd fight about would be which video to rent on a Saturday night.
Kathleen Kelly: I love daisies. Joe Fox: You told me. Kathleen Kelly: They're so friendly. Don't you think daisies are the friendliest flower?
Joe Fox: The whole purpose of places like Starbucks is for people with no decision-making ability whatsoever to make six decisions just to buy one cup of coffee. Short, tall, light, dark, caf, decaf, low-fat, non-fat, etc. So people who don't know what the *** they're doing or who on earth they are can, for only $2.95, get not just a cup of coffee but an absolutely defining sense of self: Tall. Decaf. Cappuccino. I love Tim Horton :P
crying over You've got Mail (again). I'm so Kathleen Kelly. ...just find me a Joe Fox and I'll be happy till the end of time.
An open letter to Joe Fox from Kathleen Kelly
Totally sucking at Call A Doodie. I'm playing like a gibbon with cerebral palsy. I'm sure the other players are thinking " since when did Michael J. Fox start playing COD?" seriously I'm like Joe Cocker with a machine gun. It's like in Beverly Hills Cop 2. " Are your eyes open, or are you like using the force?"
How did you choose your children's names(Thinking about placing a little bet on David as the name Kate and William will choose for their baby, not sure!) Or did you change your mind like my mum did for my sister, she had no name for a week! Perhaps you waited until the big day and you saw your baby for the first time? :-) Let me know Angela xx
Last joe tanswell hits a fox this morning he hits a pigeon lol was so funning just now
Mike Zullo hits Washington D.C. - Again! Meeting with still MORE Washington VIPS! MIKE ZULLO IS IN WASHINGTON DC TODAY - High level multiple meetings on Capitol Hill! PPSIMMONS News Exclusive Report PPSIMMONS News and Ministry can now reveal that Mike Zullo is in Washington D.C. today, Mo
Okay people, tell me your favorite documentaries on the Netflix app. I cannot and will not watch soap operas or FOX news on my gym's TVs.
Why put the 1974 "So What" cover art with the version that was on the 1972 "Barnstorm" album by Joe Walsh? This is the original version and he recut the song for "So What." Why not use the "So What" version with the art and use the "Barnstorm" cover art with this version?
Bikes gonna be gone this week. Getting the old Saab plus cash and me and Chris will have her back on the road by the end of July boosting a whopping 8 pounds lol
Reagan was the first good spokesperson the John Birch Society ever had - and his snide remarks about the government he led shocked the *** out of me. I grew up with Birchers, and I knew what he was trying to do - destroy the faith of the American people in "government for, by and of the people." I hated Reagan, and hated the way Americans lapped it up. He also worked to undermine faith in worker organizing, painting the air traffic controller union and others as out of line... He turned people against the greatest sources of their own power: democratic government and organized labor. At the same time, FOX News launched - non-stop conservative/Republican propaganda: "Tabloid news" not under FCC requirements because it was only on cable, not broadcast. Lying is legal for FOX "News." Look back and see how public attitudes changed "under the influence" of Murdoch, Ailes and Reagan... Too many are reduced to paranoids, survivalists and cynics. Not by accident.
ATTENTION! I know that it may sound crazy, eccentric, etc, but, please read this. It's really true. I've tried to get the story out, worldwide, many times before. I finally took another step & put it on Fine Art America. My website is The pic on the left, is "Erika Kate Katinaite", from Ukmerge, Lithuania. The pic in the middle, is my "Circle Of Life" Art, from the year 2000. The pic on the right, shows my Art, of Erika. I call it "Erika Hides Behind Her Fancy Fence Rich Off My Circle Of Life Idea". Most of you will find this story hard to believe. You'd have to understand Art. I'm going to send my "Circle Of Life" story, to Paramount, Universal, Lions Gate, Warner Brothers, CNN, FOX, etc & try to make a movie, about it. I want it known, worldwide. My story reminds me of Johnny Depp's Movie..."The Ninth Gate". It's sort of a mystery. You'd have to understand Art. I met Erika, in Panama City Beach, Florida, in the summer of 2001. We spent a few days together, then we lost tou ...
Jay Leno (on the scandals) "I was going to start off tonight with an Obama joke, but I don't want to get audited by the IRS." On NSA surveillance: "We wanted a president who listens to all Americans - now we have one." On a new IRS commissioner: "He's called 'acting commissioner' because he has to act like the scandal doesn't involve the White House." On closing the Guantanamo prison for terrorists: "If he really wants to close it, turn it into a government-funded solar power company. The doors will be shut in a month." Concerning the Benghazi, Associated Press, and IRS scandals: "Remember in the old days when President Obama's biggest embarrassment was Joe Biden?" On Obama saying he didn't know about the IRS scandal: "He was too busy not knowing anything about Benghazi to not know anything about the IRS." "The White House has a new slogan about Benghazi: Hope and change the subject." "It's casual Friday, which means that at the White House, they're casually going through everybody's phone calls and rec . ...
Go Joe Stroh!! On Fox 13 now :D Barney's Brandon Employees and Joe Owner of Ride at Joe's were on the news speaking in regards to motorcyclist, training requirements, and this months police cracking down!
Pagans and uppity feminists are responsible for the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services’ 2012 contraceptive rule, according to Fox News contributor Liz Trotta.
  A Wyatt Family promo is shown for their debut tonight. So excited!   Vickie Guerrero opens Raw with Brad Maddox and a ladder in the ring. She climbs up the ladder and announces the booked matches for tonight after Jerry Lawler announces the WWE app vote for the WWE Universe’s opinion of Vickie’s job performance. Vickie announces Christian vs Kane, Randy Orton vs CM Punk and Sheamus vs Daniel Bryan. She also tells us that John Cena and Mark Henry will meet face to face tonight in the ring.   ^I like the matches booked, but this opening segment was a gigantic waste of time. Anyone want to guess how the WWE app results with fair?   Daniel Bryan goes one on one with Sheamus. Bryan pins Sheamus clean with a messy small package roll up out of a cloverleaf. They shake hands after the match.   ^Dbry and Sheamus have always good chemistry, and they showed it here. What a match! I’d give it three and three quarters stars out of five for quality. Dbry brings out the best in Sheamus, and Sheamus’ skill ...
Classic Monday hanging out with Joe Fox and Kathleen Kelly.
Going through my friends list. I would say if you want me to keep you say something but if you have to say something, chances are we don't talk, or I just don't care and I'm gonna delete you anyways
There he is again. Ted Burgmeier had the game of his life against USC in 1977. Here's a 2nd Quarter interception & return I failed to include in my original ...
Think it's time to pack my bag and dissapear from society head to Brooklyn in time for further stay on tour and not come back.
These are some of the pieces that I just sent off to Wonderland Gift. They will be there for the 710 open house. Live glass demos by Elbo Glass, Joe Peters, Coyle Condenser. Stop in and check out their selection of American made glass, tell them Silver Fox sent you. Thanks again Wonderland gift!
President Obama will not attend, but instead will send Vice President Joe Biden to Arizona on Tuesday to mourn 19 firefighters killed in the Yarnell Hill fire. Prez B.O. also announced he is cutting federal programs meant to control the spread of exactly that kind of catastrophic wildland fire. I think the real reason he is not going to Arizona is because he is worried about their strict immigration laws.
Just thought everyone should know this!! Please again . . .pay attention to the FACTUAL info, not the Made up stuff on FOX News!
Special Offers - FREE Gifts with Purchase
I must thank you some very good friends they know who they are, and family you know who you are, I'm so greatful for your support love and phone calls and texts!
Word Up Tuesday Word Up Tuesday, WIOX 91.3 FM,, 7am - 8am eastern time, 7/09/13 We’ll have news, sports, weather, time checks… and some great music. You will hear: Kenny Chesney, Playing for Change, Gary Allan and Florida Georgia Line. This morning on Word Up Tuesday: … The government can use metadata to track your every move…. … Former Fox News pundit, *** Morris talks about the FISA Court and the 4th Amendment… … Plus, hip hop artist Mos Def demonstrates how inhumane forced feeding is at Gitmo … … And, in our ONE in a Million series, we’ll hear from Joe Moskowitz... in his own words Kent
got home early. Didn't feel like cooking, forgot to take some thing out. Stopped at Publix. Now I have lunch foe tomorrow and warmed up the greens. Finally singed up for the community garden project. It has expanded into grow you`1re own food year round. Had to have student ID. Will have to take an English make up this fall. 5.99 melon, cheapest yet. Had to get it. Joe started talking in class today to the class but mostly me, as if he knew since I am a vet I would agree. I called it American nonsense. Don't think we no more. Gave my young Vietnemse class mate more incuragement dealing with racism against him from the whites. He is the one I talked with months ago. The whites had made him feel so bad with all the Vietnam lies against his people. With so many vets there its worst for him. I asked him why he felt bad about what they were saying? And that they were lying. I told him his people fought and millions of men, women and children died to get this nation out of you`re country. Be proud of them. Th . ...
Cassius Methyl | Past studies from Imperial College London strongly suggest that psilocybin in "shrooms"...
Yep, still schooling the dude on the other group about religious freedom. He brought up teaching evolution in school. I think I just castrated him.
Video on Director Josh Fox talks about the premiere of Gasland Part II on HBO, which highlights a dangerous byproduct of “fracking.” Fox also talks about the new boom in gas drilling.
Do you want to know where your food is coming from? Does your family buy from local producers? Tonight Wes Berry visits with WKU students wanting to support locally produced food and Joe O'Daniel, a hometown farmer. Watch Amy Hess and Wes on "The Local Traveler" on WBKO FOX tonight at 9pm.
There are now more Americans receiving assistance from the federal government to eat than there are full time workers in the country.
Earlene Williams Hancock So.the judge is going to allow toxicology reports on Trayvon to show if or how much marijuana he had in his system. Doesn't pot generally mellow you out...rather than turn you into a raging beast? Character assassination on a dead 17 year old, but nothing about who the "Real George Zimmerman" is allowed in?
THAT ISN’T BUNNY! … or funny … or maybe it is … or just sick. So, a few days ago, heading into work, I saw a rabbit in my front yard sitting by the mail box. We seem to have lots of animals in our yard. Garden spaces, pond, plenty of food sources. Anyway, since the monsoons have temporarily waned, I decided to mow the front yard. Driving by the mailbox and rabbits run out EVERYWHERE! Little bunnies not 6 inches. OK. Not EVERYWHERE… just into the road and traffic. Don’t know if any made it across the street. One definitely did NOT. One got nicked and a Good Samaritan (the Bible, not the Hospital) pulls right in front of it, gets out and uses a tissue and gets it across the road. One ran right to my front porch – but I’d already mowed there. Well, that little bugger kept running out to where I didn’t mow and then would run back to the garden space. A bunny playing chicken with a lawn mower. So I’ve very cautious everywhere I mow, finish up and taking the mower into the backy ...
I almost missed my romantic Mondays. What is that song that gets you there and makes you want to try some new thangs?? (I have several) today I've been thinking about Clara moves to All I by Jill Scott. Try it!! ;)
There may have been a changing of the guard at UFC 162 this past Saturday, but Chris Weidman still has a ways to go before he can match Anderson Silva’s bank account.
Make sure to tune in tonight at 7pm to watch CFFC Williams vs Faunce... enter the battlefield of the CFFC cage. tune to The Comcast Network at 7pm for all of our Philly and Mid Atlantic fans... check you program guide for more info.
The Stone Fox was filled with the gargantuan grooves of The Kenny Vaughan Trio last evening and it was a pleasure to behold. Kenny and bassist Dave Roe took turns on lead vocal duties, that is when they weren’t laying down intriguing instrumental tracks like the KV-penned “Mysterium.” Special guest drummer “Kid” Jim Oblon sat in for a few numbers, including the hard-charging “Carolee.” When Jim isn’t drumming for Paul Simon, he plays sets around town as an ace guitarist (jettison your drummer jokes now). It was great to see musicologist Greg Germani in from Atlanta, making a return visit to The Stone Fox- welcome back, Greg! For the pre-, mid- and post-show vinyl offerings, I pulled from a cache of guitar instrumentals and rocking blues sides, with a few songs spun in remembrance of the late Bobby Bland. It was a fun night of great music on the bandstand and on the turntables in one of the town’s most inviting music venues. Be there next Sunday for the return of Chris Scruggs! Here are t ...
Using bankruptcy as a tool to get your finances back in order: Joe Wrobel for the Fox Valley Law Center. -
Come down to bradys fox hunt inn for trivia at 8 and cool down with a ice cold summer shandy now on tap Joe Trivia
Fox reporting that the GM of the St. Louis Cardinals has removed a cross, honoring Stan Musial, from the pitching mound at Busch Stadium...and other Christian symbols also...because one fan complained. Sir, what about the thousands and thousands that approve and buy tickets and caps and T-shirts!! One *** or one atheist or one liberal progressive complains...and the world stops...what has happened to our America. Bet this costs the Cardinals big time...and I hope that it does...political correctness is total insanity!!
Big thanks to for bringing some friends out to play with the TRC crew. This beautiful Shelby GT500 was one of the cleanest we've seen. On boost on...
P.S.A. for Monday, July 8th 2013 Tonight on HBO, see the nationwide premiere of Gasland 2, the new documentary film by Josh Fox, which cites Common Cause's ground-breaking research showing how the natural gas industry has gained extraordinary access and influence with lawmakers in Congress and many state capitols. Through hundreds of millions spent on lobbying and campaign contributions, and through model legislation advanced by the American Legislative Exchange Council, or ALEC, the natural gas industry has fought to keep secret the chemicals used in fracking. Find out what fracking means for your community and state -- tune into HBO at 9 p.m. Eastern tonight!
When I opened yesterday's paper and saw the faces of four babies in the obituary section, ages 8-19, I cried. I will not ever be able to wrap my head around this kind of loss. So today I am thanking God for the little things I take for granted...the sunshine, a cool breeze, flowers, rain, friendship, family and love. So many reasons to count your blessings. What are you thanking him for today?
Josh Fox was interviewed on MSNBC's "Morning Joe" today (see the video: His film, "Gasland Part II," premieres on HBO tonight. After the premiere, join him for a Q&A (details below).
1 in 4 young people treated in ER after violent attack admitted having a gun
We are receiving reports of helicopters in the Saginaw area with squad cars on Babbling Brook (Alanna's street), and several more further down on Silverbrook. We will update as we get info.
I am simply amazed that a TV fiction about a news show manages to be more accurate and relevant than the "real" news put out by the corporate conservative media. Waiting for season 2 of The Newsroom, Sunday night!
8mm movies filmed at the Fox Hollow Folk Festival in Petersburg, NY about 1969-1970. This is as close as the folk invasion came to taking over the country. A...
RPT Chairman Steve Munisteri gave the following statement regarding Governor Perry's announcement that he will not seek re-election at the end of his current term:
Fill in the blank, "The Next Step For After Announcing He Will Not Seek Reelection is _" Pags
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