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Joe Flacco

Joseph Vincent Joe Flacco (born January 16, 1985) is an American football starting quarterback for the Baltimore Ravens of the National Football League (NFL).

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Joe Flacco says Colin Kaepernick is welcome in Baltimore. . Just not as a starter.
Colin Kaepernick should start over both Blake Bortles and Joe Flacco. If he starts on either team they should be instant contenders
John Urschel retires, Kenneth Dixon out for the season & Joe Flacco is out 3-6wks... At least Baltimore can cheer on the 48-53 Orioles...
Joe Flacco injured his back lifting. Took an MRI. Team believes a week of rest will calm injury and not expected to miss…
[Carroll County Times] Ravens quarterback Joe Flacco dealing with back soreness on eve of training camp
Joe Flacco made some absurd throws in the first half of Super Bowl 47
Matt Ryan is NFL’s best deep passer in PFF era so maybe Joe Flacco got robbed?
There are people who still think Joe Flacco is better than Matt Ryan because Flacco has a ring lmfao.
How Rory have his own video game? That's like having Joe Flacco '17 instead of Madden
Joe Flacco has more Super Bowl rings than Dan Marino, Matt Ryan, Fran Tarkenton, Jim Kelly, and Warren Moon combined
A more athletic version of Joe Flacco?. scouts QB FIRST LOOK:
Joe Flacco had a hall of fame defense. Matt is the better quarterback.
It's extremely early, but based off of what I've seen so far:. Josh Rosen = Joe Flacco . Sam Darnold = Tony Romo. Josh Allen = Jay Cutler
Tom Brady, Drew Brees, Aaron Rodgers, Joe Flacco. Don't need pick to come up with top quarterback. H…
Joe Flacco is a used car from Fast and Furious. It makes for a great story but you're still…
Manning did it just two years ago. Joe Flacco, Brad Johnson and Trent Dilfer leap to mind...
I know about Delaware because of the Wing T. Much more important to football that Joe Flacco.
Joe Flacco has a surprising message for Ben Roethlisberger after losing to Steelers
How THE *** do you think Ashton Kutcher is on Brad Pitts level? That's…
I found Joe Flacco's favorite pair of sweatpants
Undisputed: Ranking the top first-round quarterbacks drafted in the last decade. .
what has Joe Flacco done since the Super Bowl? Matt Ryan is my pick.
you rank Andrew Luck ahead of Joe Flacco, Matt Ryan, and Cam Newton as the best QB drafted overall in the last 10 years. WHAT ?
If u drink decaf u probably think Joe Flacco is and u also likely dependent on a mouse when using excel.
Wallace already has that with Joe Flacco, he had it with Big Ben in Pittsburgh, the Dolphins and Vikings didn't have that guy
Baldwins Qb was Matt Cassel. Young got drafted to a team with Calvin Johnson. Smith had Joe Flacco.
Derrek Carr> Joe Flacco, Dak Prescott, etc. Carr is a top 5 QB behind Rodgers, Brady& Ryan. Can only see 3 easily better than Carr.
Poor example, Paxton Lynch was a rookie last year. Matt Schaub and Joe Flacco were veteran QBs when Kubes was coaching them.
Chick-fil-A is trash, Joe Flacco is an elite quarterback and The Dark Knight Rises is best of the Batman trilogy. Have a great day
Joe Flacco, Eli Manning, and Russell Wilson are some of the worst Super Bowl winning QBs. Matt Ryan and Dan Marino as the best w/o SB ring.
Everyone who thinks Matt Ryan is better than Joe Flacco
4 years ago today, Joe Flacco led the Ravens to a win over the 49ers in Super Bowl XLVII. Flacco: 287 yards, 3 TD passes…
Joe Flacco and Baltimore Ravens owner Steve Bisciotti are NOT on the same page here.
Plus Palmer, Tanhenhill, and the most overpaid QB not named Joe Flacco.
"Joe Flacco is an elite quarterback."
you get to see Blake Bortles and Joe Flacco, it's going to be lit🔥
that has been the narrative all week like I didn't watch Scott Tolzien,Matt Moore and Joe Flacco cook Pittsburgh's D
Bid on this painting of QB Joe Flacco at the Brooklandwood Bash: 46th Annual Bull Roast on 3/24…
and Joe Flacco had 11 TDs and 0ints in his SB run. Brady's most is 5 TDs.
Brad Johson, Trent Dilfer, Mark Rypien, Joe Flacco...not elite QBs. I think Siemian is good enough to emulate them,no?
Cindy Brady playing like Joe Flacco tonight. Chucking up balloon balls and hoping for PI.
"Sometimes, maybe it's the player. Stop making excuses about the offensive coordinator.". that's how I feel about Joe Flacco! 👏🏾
Since 2013, Drew Brees, Joe Flacco and Philip Rivers have only had one divisional playoff appearance each. Same, now, as Bro…
[SB Nation: Baltimore Beatdown] Opinion: Why 4,000 yards never mattered when it came to Joe Flacco
In case you were misinformed: at no point has Joe Flacco ever been better than Matt Ryan. Ever.
Elite Fact: since the Ravens signed Joe Flacco to the biggest contract in NFL history, Flacco has gone 29-28 as a starter.
Philip Rivers is the Joe Flacco of potentially Hall of Fame quarterbacks.
Terrance West was great and Joe Flacco is playing much better these past few weeks as well, since Dolphins game
Brandon Graham and Beau Allen split the sack, but Fletcher Cox forced Joe Flacco up in the pocket.
Joe Flacco or Cam Newton? Cameron Brate or Jordan Reed, no ppr?
Joe Flacco had ATS on 27 of 54 drop backs (50%), but the pressure generated was efficient. OL grades + ATS detail:.
Doug Pederson praised Joe Flacco for his patient play in the West Coast offense. He also sees similarities in…
Joe Flacco takes takes 20 minutes to make instant rice.
Chris Johnston from sits down w/ to discuss Joe Flacco. The conversation may surprise you:
Sam Bradford, Alex Smith, Blake Bortles, Trevor Siemian, Joe Flacco, Cam Newton is average right now, Carson Palmer
Joe Flacco is a turd.. Overrated and WAY overpaid!!
Joe Flacco slides for a 1st, messes up knee brace, and limps off field. Uh oh. Ryan Mallett in at QB for
yeah Mike Wallace ran 90 yards by himself but that TD was still all throw by Joe Flacco
Michael Thomas, Hunter Henry, Joe Flacco and Darren Sproles. The joys of half my team on a bye week
Joe Flacco's lil bro just took off for 55 yards lmao
NFL Network's Ian Rapoport confirms that Ravens QB Joe Flacco (shoulder) is expected to start against the Jets tod…
Not spotted at the start of their respective practices on Thursday: LeSean McCoy, Odell Beckham, Jr. and Joe Flacco.
After coming down to the wire…. Matthew Stafford defeats Joe Flacco for the arm strength. . h…
Kaepernick has better stats than Joe Flacco and Ryan Tannehill. Those other guys not even close to him.
Shout to my boys Julio jones / Joe Flacco / DeMarco Murray for carrying the TEAM. 3-1 !
is Steve Tasker and Joe Flacco lodge brothers? Wow; Flacco can do no wrong in his eyes. Raiders 14 Ravens 12;
Joe Flacco is a Raven. But is he also a vulture after that rushing TD?
well Steve Tasker just called Joe Flacco elite so I think that definitively answers that question forever
Joe Flacco had to throw off his back foot due to pressure from Shilique Calhoun, Sean Smith knocks deep pass down.
In which we debate whether or not Joe Flacco is elite because NO, YOU'RE YELLING!
Second debate question, is Joe Flacco elite?
Dave Wannstedt is basically Dennis Farina if Dennis Farina was dumb enough to choose Tyler Palko over Joe Flacco in a QB controversy.
Following practice we'll hear from John Harbaugh, Joe Flacco, Timmy Jernigan, Jimmy Smith, Terrell Suggs and Marshal Yanda.
Also great job by Dennis Pitta Mike Wallace and Joe Flacco. This win wasn't pretty but the comeback was awesome. We have to improve
With that last completion, Joe Flacco passed Len Dawson to become 50th all time in passing yards
Joe Flacco is not elite but Eli Manning has 2 Super Bowl MVPs
Carson Wentz named Eagles starter for the season opener. He will be the first FCS opening day starter since Joe Flacco.
last year my team was only people with the names John, thomas, or Joe Flacco.
All this nonsense about Joe Flacco being elite needs to stop. The real question, is Ryan Flaherty elite??
Or perhaps they're not that good & had one magical season with a really good defense...bit like Trent Dilfer & Joe Flacco
it's not like the Ravens were gonna start him over Super Bowl winning QB Joe Flacco. Finally got a chance last year.
Andrew Luck, Russell Wilson, Eli, Carson Palmer, Drew Brees, Joe Flacco all better than Romo lmao
Nestor: Joe Flacco showing off his bionic wheels at practice right now...and Taylor Swift's "Shake It Off" is pumping thru PA system
His career Pass INT % is WORSE than Alex Smith, Ryan Tannehill, Joe Flacco, Matt Ryan, and Sam Bradford.
Weddle on Joe Flacco being back on the field: "He made some great throws today. It's going to be great for us. He look…
Joe Flacco had 17 TDs in 10 games last year and no receivers to work with. Gets Smith, Wallace, Perriman and Watson on his side this year.
Ravens did not put QB Joe Flacco, WR Michael Campanaro, CB Will Davis and CB Jimmy Smith on PUP. Bodes well for Thursda…
Surprise visit from QB Joe Flacco at Flag Football Camp today! Check out the photos:
The people who think Von Miller is better than Luke Kuechly are the same people who thought Joe Flacco was a top 3 QB hi…
Steve Smith, Joe Flacco, and Elvis Dumervil are all approaching career milestones. . 👀:
before Joe Flacco ravens couldn't succeed They r the winningest team now. With Rodgers pack would blow
Joe Flacco is a top 3 quarterback. He has done more with less than Brady, Ben, Wilson, Rodgers, and Cam. Will win another SB in 2016.
I'm a little freaked out about what Joe Flacco is doing to Justin Tucker in this picture…
Good news from camp: Joe Flacco should be ready by training camp, via
Joe Flacco, Ravens kick back for a -- wait for it -- Bachelorette night
I always forget that Gov Christie was a Blue Hen but man does not let you forget that Joe Flacco was too.
Joe Flacco on the move... Going DEP. Got 'em.
Joe Flacco says is not just an athlete, but a "do it all" quarterback. READ:
Joe Flacco is a trashcan. If you judge an individual player based on TEAM wins, you're an ***
OK I still get to troll people with my maryland flag bow tie. And I can talk to Delaware people about how elite Joe Flacco is.
but is Joe Flacco an elite quarterback?
purple Greg Norman and Grey shorts in this hot Florida afternoon is Joe Flacco ELITE
Top 5 of all-time (via 5. Terrell Suggs. 4. Joe Flacco . 3-1:
Have a feeling the players might have left Joe Flacco off the NFL top 100 list. Shame, shame, shame
Give me Joe Flacco or give me death!
No love for the Joe Flacco of squash!
Eli Manning is one David Tyree catch away from winning the same amount of rings as Joe Flacco...
Yes, of course, Joe Flacco is not as good as Tyrod Taylor. Most definitely.
Only 5 elite QB's, he just outside of it tho RT“Joe Flacco an ELITE qb? LMAO STOP”
Douglas was a key contributor in the Ravens drafting of Joe Flacco, Ben Grubbs, Pernell McPhee, C.J. Mosley, Lardarius Webb…
By this measure Curtis Painter and Andy Dalton have stronger arms than Joe Flacco
Todd McShay likes the Ravens' second fourth-round pick, Chris Moore of Cincinnati. Says he's a good fit with Joe Flacco.
*** accuracy just like Drew Bree's n arm strength like Joe Flacco
The Ravens select OT Ronnie Stanley 6th overall, who will help give Joe Flacco an extra second to decide who to throw…
Sorry Chris Berman but Joe Flacco didn't win Super Bowl he that defense did he just didn't lose it by turning ball over
Joe Flacco was FCS and he turned out alright
My comparison, Paxton Lynch dosent only resemble Joe Flacco, but he is a better Joe Flaco
Ohio State CB Eli Apple of Eastern H.S. is looking to be the first S. Jersey 1st-rounder since Audubon's Joe Flacco (Delaware) in 2008. is the next Joe Flacco, and another is the next Colt Brennan
Wentz is more like a combination of Joe Flacco, Drew Stanton, Peyton Manning and Eli Manning.
So did Phil Simms, Doug Walters and Joe Flacco. All 3 have Super Bowl rings.
Interesting Wentz-related stat. 4 FCS QBs ever have been drafted in the first round: Doug Williams, Phil Simms, Steve McNair, and Joe Flacco
I have Joe Flacco blocked and I don't remember why
When you have as many rings as Aaron Rodgers, Drew Brees, Joe Flacco, and Russell Wilson.
I love Joe Flacco and all, but this guy got a $120 million dollar contract and is rocking Air Max Tavas 😕😕
well if we're gonna compare Joe Flacco has more Super Bowl (win) and a torn acl so I guess that's something
Bowman relic lot of Champ Bailey, Alshon Jeffery, Joe Flacco, and TY Hilton
Joe Flacco led his team to a Super Bowl championship. Couldn't ask for a better leader than that.
Here's Owner Steve Bisciotti's perspective on Joe Flacco's new contract:
In our polls, Kirk Cousins finished dead-even with Joe Flacco, but 88% of voters would take Cousins over Alex Smith.
Joe Flacco: "Tray was a young man who was full of energy and promise... I am devastated."
Original point: Joe Flacco has been mediocre since he got his contract. Idon't see what's hard to understand about that.
Joe Flacco will now have all the weapons he need to throw 4000 and +30 tds... Am I too fired up... Cant wait to play Madden lol
Joe Flacco is the highest paid player in the NFL. Josh Gordon is the highest player not in the NFL.
I liked a video Madden 16 Joe Flacco hail mary throw at the 4th quater end
Joe Flacco won a Super Bowl with essentially the same cast. Kaep is on a $114 mil contract. Be real, kid.
Benjamin Watson puts Joe Flacco in same class as Tom Brady, Drew Brees
Benjamin Watson excited to work with 'elite' Ravens quarterback Joe Flacco...
he'd actually fit well in Bal with the elite Joe Flacco.
Ozzie Newsome criticized the Redskins to try to justify overpaying Joe Flacco via
that's how I felt when Joe Flacco completed that 60 yard pass against Denver to Jacoby Jones back in '13
There's no way Felix Jones was drafted in 2008... 3 picks after Joe Flacco. That's crazy.
Yea but Joe Flacco can make even the least talented receivers look like greats. See: Anquan Boldin.
Joe Linta on Joe Flacco: "He told me the other night he feels better than he ever has in the league, the knee notwithstanding."
Joe Flacco & Sam Bradford have never even sniffed Tyrod Taylor's 2015 level of play, but they get handouts, no questions…
despite having Joe Flacco lol... Jesus H. Christ, man...
Ozzie Newsome begins Joe Flacco press conference by thanking agent Joe Linta and Pat Moriarty.
Luke: On the scene in Owings Mills waiting to hear from Joe Flacco, Ozzie Newsome, and John Harbaugh.
Joe Flacco's agent Joe Linta arrived at facility at 11:03 am today, meeting with VP Pat Moriarty now. Flacco will joi…
Since his Super Bowl win Joe Flacco is 21-21. The Ravens responded with a contract extension...Ray Lewis should stab th…
Joe Flacco's agent, Joe Linta, just arrived at the Under Armour Performance Center. He just walked up to Pat Moriarty's office.
Since wining SB 47. Joe Flacco has 60 TD passes vs 46 INTs..2nd worst ratio in NFL over that time frame.. behind only Geno Smith
Fantasy News: Joe Flacco and Ravens nearing new deal - Joe Flacco | BAL
Jason Campbell best year with Hue, Andy Dalton, Joe Flacco all had best years with Hue
Joe Flacco and Ravens 'close' to new deal - Joe Flacco | BAL
Confidence growing that Ravens will reach agreement with Joe Flacco
Don't know who Skip Bayless hates more, Joe Flacco or LeBron James. Fluke-O and LeBum according to skip 😂..
Lynch reminds me of a more athletic “Joe Flacco"...minus Flacco’s arm strength...
Tom Brady, Peyton Manning, Eli Manning, Drew Brees, Aaron Rodgers, Ben Roethlisberger, and Joe Flacco should all be hall of famers.
Joe Flacco tore his ACL three months ago and walked with less of a limp than just about every one of the retired players.
On the bright side, Michael Oher and Ed Dickson still have the same amount of rings as Joe Flacco and Terrell Suggs 😅
On this day in 2013. Joe Flacco: 18-34, 331 yards, 3 TDs, 0 INTs, 2 OT Win vs Broncos in Divisional Playoffs
[The Baltimore Sun] Former Ravens backup Tyrod Taylor makes it to Pro Bowl before Joe Flacco but ...
Joe Flacco is a top 15 quarterback at best
The AFC has been dominated by 3 legendary QB's & then there was Joe Flacco.
Hue Jackson has worked w/all manner of QBs: Carson Palmer, Joe Flacco, Andy Dalton, Jeff George, Jake Plummer, Byron Leftwich, plenty more..
I used to think Russell Wilson was another Joe Flacco but SEA had some problems this year but Wilson stepped up.
Donald Trump thinks that Joe Flacco is an elite QB. Is this really a man that we can trust as our president?
So you're saying we might find Joe Flacco in the blue oyster bar from Police Academy
you don't stop trying. In Baltimore GM Ozzie Newsome failed on Chris Redmond & Kyle Boller but hit on Joe Flacco.
He is closer to Joe Flacco, Trent Dilfer and Alex Smith, than Aaron Rodgers, Tom Brady and Dan Marino.
Brock Osweiler seems to me like a clone of Joe Flacco, which is one more reason why Denver should stick with him throughout the playoffs
lmao Eddy Curry finessed too. Same with Joe Flacco
Joe Flacco is the Sarah Jessica Parker of Quarterbacks.. sometimes he looks like a star..(1/2)
You can win championships with Joe Flacco, Eli Manning, and Russell Wilson. Rodgers, Brady, and Brees aren't necessary.
BREAKING: The Ravens announce QB Joe Flacco has a torn ACL and is out for the season.
We lost both Joe Flacco (ACL) and Justin Forsett (arm) today, and don't have Steve Smith or Terrell Suggs. Awful.
Joe Flacco passed John Brodie for 42nd all-time in pass completions.
Joe Flacco tore his ACL and is out for the year.
Steve Smith, Terrell Suggs, Joe Flacco and Justin Forsett, all season ending injuries, what a sad year for Baltimore
Even when we win we lose... Justin Forsett broken arm, Joe Flacco out for the season knee injury... 😩😒
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Joe Flacco tore his ACL. Think we can get him for Fletcher Cox and a first round draft pick?
Ravens best four players - Joe Flacco, Justin Forsett, Steve Smith, Terrell Suggs - now out for the year.
The only Super Bowl MVP QB to win today was Tom Brady. Peyton Manning, Eli Manning, Joe Flacco, Aaron Rodgers, Drew Bree…
WATCH LIVE as Jimmy Smith, Joe Flacco, and Chris Givens address the media:
Best Waiver Wire QB Options are Derek Carr and Joe Flacco. What do you think? Forgot to mention I also have Chris Johnson.
Who would you rather have as your Quarterback Tony Romo or Joe Flacco??
With Steve Smith out for the season, Joe Flacco is left with a bunch of unproven targets and relatively unknown ones ht…
Joe Flacco's reaction upon news that Jacoby Jones signed w Steelers. via
Tony Jefferson’s interception of a Joe Flacco pass deep in the end zone clinched the victory for N.F.C. West-leading Arizona (5-2).
Joe Flacco’s priority: Familiarize himself with receivers
Here's a very special of Joe Flacco's Rookie of the Year award ceremony.
he just having a Joe Flacco SB year
Also they will have to restructure Joe Flaccid contract or Flacco will have to take a pay cut will put more in the cap space
Asking if a hotdog is a sandwich is like asking if Joe Flacco is an elite quarterback
"Im more focused on what joe flacco goin do since ray Lewis gave him the crown"
Softball Rampage Has A Wide Selection of Products.
" I learned the game from Joe Flacco you could never check me // first team all-tweefense "
Tom Brady, Aaron Rodgers, and Joe Flacco. We're the reasons their team won in playoffs
After injuries to veterans, Joe Flacco needs to be more vocal, communicative
But is he elite? Joe Morgan calls Joe Flacco a 'Hall of Fame-type quarterback' - ESPN
It's on Flacco's shoulders to lead the offense:
does that mean he's retiring his Joe Flacco cosplay?
This is a good question almost as good as is Joe Flacco elite
Joe Flacco is technically a former Pitt QB in the NFL.
Joe Flacco / OWINGS MILLS, Md. -- New Baltimore Ravens receiver Joe Morgan certainly knows how to get off
Joe Flacco keeps it & scores! The Ravens run a QB sneak to take the lead over San Diego in the 4th quarter, 26-23. https:…
"Blue Hen to Blue Hen" as Joe Flacco hits Nick Boyle for a gain of 15. Ravens first down.
Chargers returner Jacoby Jones talking with Ravens QB Joe Flacco on the field. Jones faces Baltimore for the...
'Monday Night Football' schedule and results: Cardinals hold off Ravens 26-18: The Ravens made a late run, but Joe Flacco threw an in...
Baltimore's late rally was squashed by an elite Joe Flacco interception: Joe Flacco didn't have many choices here, but that probably ...
Joe Flacco has a ring, Matt Ryan and Tony Romo don't. Reason as to why the ring argument isn't sufficient enough.
funniest thing I've heard after this loss: "release Joe Flacco and bring back Kyle Boller" Immediate unfollow and block*
Its almost like Tom Brady put a curse on Joe Flacco and Andrew Luck this year for deflate gate.
Who's ready to listen to John Gruden talk about how Joe Flacco is the best quarterback in the NFL?
Aaron Rodgers is on the Bye week. If Big Ben is healthy should i start him over Joe Flacco who i just picked up?
I'd like to think I'm a pretty unbiased sports fan apart from my opinions on Joe Flacco and Adam Reynolds
I have Matt Ryan, Derek Carr, & Joe Flacco. Who should I start this week? (PPR)
Joe Flacco or Derek Carr this week in fantasy?
I just realized that Joe Flacco grasped the Kubiak system better than Peyton Manning did.
Stefano should write a book dedicated to Joe Flacco stats
I'm going to take a risk this week and start Kirk Cousins instead of Joe Flacco since the Packers have a bye week. Wish me luck.
Joe Flacco, overrated. And now his team is so bad that we're all seeing it:
Hey you should come on tonight so we can debate this Flacco article:
Joe Flacco throws the best arm punt that you will see all weekend (Video).. Related Articles:
Ravens' Joe Flacco accepts blame for loss to 49ers
Chewy is a steal at $6800. Good vision, mobile, smart passer. Jar Jar = Joe Flacco; lucked his way into playing time
PerfectMatch - Fall In Love Today
For Like it or not, Flacco isn't possibly going anywhere for a while. Fine by me.
Most QBs aren't, save for Rodgers and Brady...maybe Peyton Manning, but that's debatable right now.
your article on Joe Flacco is absolute & utter garbage. "Shortcomings" u mean stellar in the post season & lone SB appearance?
The truth comes out Justin. OH NO WAIT. Thats what ive been saying all along
Joe Flacco does a great job keeping the play alive long enough to find the open defender. (GIF via ht…
Joe Flacco arm-punt on first down leads to Kenneth Acker interception
This cannot account for Joe Flacco's Delaware late-career rise in potential.
you don't like the Joe Flacco Fu Manchu ?
This is where I bring up Joe Flacco; couldn't play at Pitt, transferred to Delaware, 1st round pick b/c of H/W Arm.
I never knew an elite Delaware QB until Joe Flacco.
No touchdown dancing in Joe Flacco's future - ESPN
When you look at Paxton Lynch, do you see Joe Flacco? Size, arm strength, etc.
2. Restructured Joe Flacco contract or ask for a paid cut
National perception of Joe Flacco would be so different if Rahim Moore didn't mess up.
Joe Flacco has thrown 41 interceptions in his last 19 games
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Joe Flacco isn't the one who has regressed on the
Joe Flacco passed Jeff George, Brian Sipe, and Danny White into a tie for 74th all-time in pass TD's.
Joe Flacco passed John Hadl and Roman Gabriel for 47th all-time in pass completions.
Not to many qbs can make this throw ! Joe Flacco
idk who's worse Joe Flacco or Alex Smith 😂
Joe Flacco connected with Steve Smith Sr. on a 34-yard score for the Ravens' first TD of the game. . That makes the score 19-13…
I'm deeming Joe Flacco not elite anymore
Joe Flacco is such garbage. It's delightful.
Mel Kiper apparently called Paxton Lynch a more mobile Joe Flacco this morning on ESPN Radio.
Derek Anderson has been named to more Pro Bowls than Joe Flacco
Joe Flacco: 1st career game with 2 rushing TD
The real issue at the heart of the 2016 presidential election still remains... is Joe Flacco elite?
Joe Flacco is not an elite quarterback
Joe Flacco pulled off one of Peyton Manning's favorite trick plays, faking out everybody for a touchdown
FYI Joe Flacco's younger brother was my high school teammate (football) at Camden Catholic.
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you know who is have great playoff numbers, Joe Flacco and he's not a HOF
Your leader in Rush TD so far this week? Joe Flacco. He scores on 2nd 1-yard rush of game to give Ravens a 21-9 lead ove…
Phillip rivers Matt Ryan joe Flacco Russell Wilson Cam Newton and Eli Manning are all better than Tony Romo don't @ me
if Joe Flacco is elite, Eli is Joe Montana
Happy birthday . Thanks for always reminding me how good the Ravens are and how elite Joe Flacco is
Joe Flacco looks like a pixie from fairly odd parents
Joe Flacco is an elite quarterback 👀💯
Eli Manning is in fact an elite quarterback, the jury is still out on Joe Flacco however.
U guys can kill Eli but let's be honest. There's no chance joe flacco or the other mediocre qbs you put in the category with him do that
I didn't call Joe flacco an elite quarterback? Who's the real loser her
you know it!! Eli Man-Thing and Sloppy Joe Flacco are my two favorite qbs
Yes, but is Joe Flacco elite? Also, what about Matt Ryan? Also also, Keanu Reeves in The Replacements?
Remember when the Ravens gave Joe Flacco that ridiculously huge contract? Lol
Eli Manning is the Joe Flacco of qbs
It's insulting that Joe Flacco is considered a "franchise QB"
Joe Flacco is so dubstep right now.
Joe Flacco is a TD machine today. . He has 2 carries for 2 yards and 2 TDs.
How did Collin Kaepernick lose to joe flacco. NFL is scripted
.No time to meet - big debate coming up. But Joe Flacco is definitely an
Ravens' Joe Flacco beating Browns with his legs as well as his arm  -via ESPN
Perhaps Joe Flacco should be playing RB. (via
Joe Flacco throwing the ball to high school wide receivers lol
Josh McCown, Joe Flacco and Thomas Rawls all have run for a TD today. DeMarco Murray, Eddie Lacy and Matt Forte have not.
Joe Flacco in the 2nd half and OT completed exactly 1 pass to a WR -- to Marlon Brown for 0 yards.
Joe Flacco pulled off one of Peyton Manning’s favorite trick plays,... >>>
Joe Flacco passed Chris Chandler for 49th all-time in pass completions.
Ravens always lose when Justin Tucker misses. Joe Flacco has never gone to the playoffs when he lost a game to the Browns.
Relevant: Joe Flacco has 22-game winning drives in 4Q. Justin Tucker has made 8 game-winners.
Joe Flacco has 2 rushing TDs today. Matt Forte has 1 rushing TD all season
Joe Flacco looks, looks, looks, finds Justin Forsett for a first-down pass. Joe is 8/13 for 109 yards and a TD so far.
Joe Flacco 1 Yard Rush, J.Tucker extra point is GOOD.. Ravens lead the Browns 7-0 8:30 remaining in the 1st  ESPN
*** whole defense went da other way like Joe Flacco don't have legs 😂😂 ***
more important question: is Joe Flacco elite?
"Somebody tell Joe Flacco and Michael Oher this aint a movie
" Joe Flacco thinks Ravens will be 'alright' despite receiver injuries "
"Justine Sacco" is this Joe Flacco's street name or something
" Joe Flacco says loss of Steve Smith Sr., Michael Campanaro will force adjustments "
These are all the same people in different uniforms: Sam Bradford, Andy Dalton, Matt Stafford, Matt Ryan, Joe Flacco
Joe Flacco is an exceptional postseason QB, but good Lord, he is Trent Dilfer in the regular season.
INTERCEPTION! Ross Cockrell steps right in front of the receiver and picks off Joe Flacco. Steelers in business at the R…
Joe Flacco is the best QB of all time. He's more like a spider monkey though. Goats are trash animals. Why would anyone want to be a goat?
Joe Flacco passed Norm Snead for 52nd all-time in pass completions.
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