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Joe Elliot

Joseph Thomas Joe Elliott Jr (born 1 August 1959) is an English singer-songwriter, and musician, best known as the lead vocalist and occasional rhythm guitarist of the British rock band Def Leppard.

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Great to the see the different genres of the Voices coaches rockin with Phil Collins, Vivian Campbell, and Rick Allen (one armed drummer)(Joe Elliot wasn't there) of Def Leppard.
the voice does Def Leppard.kinda.without Joe Elliot & Rick Savage.still sorta cool.
Publicado el 10/03/2013 Ripped from HD broadcast by ZDF Kultur on 09.07.2012 A Concert for Life : The Freddie Mercury Tribute Concert for AIDS Awareness was an open-air concert held on Easter Monday, 20 April 1992 at London's Wembley Stadium, for an audience of 72,000. The concert was produced for television by Ray Burdis and broadcast live on television and radio to 76 countries around the world, with an audience of up to one billion. The concert was a tribute to the life of the late Queen frontman, Freddie Mercury, with all proceeds going to AIDS research. The show marked bassist John Deacon's semifinal concert with Queen (save two live appearances with Brian May, Roger Taylor and Elton John in 1997). The profits from the concert were used to launch The Mercury Phoenix Trust AIDS charity organisation. 01. Queen feat. Joe Elliot & Slash - Tie Your Mother Down 02. Queen feat. Robert Plant - Crazy Little Thing Called Love 03. Queen - Too Much Love Will Kill You 04. Queen feat. Paul Young - Radio Ga Ga 05. ...
Mega excited !! Sent a message to Joe Elliot from Def Leppard, fingers crossed he responds on his radio show! x
"And I want, and I need, and I lost, ANIMAL!". -Joe Elliot.
We both love cabbage. So sweet and delish roasted or steamed. Shredded in tacos or burritos. Added browned ground turkey and stuffed into a pita topped with chess. (Joe Elliot fav) its inexpensive and full of good stuff. Gonna try this new one this week.
From 8pm, Joe Elliot and Rick Savage from Def Leppard talk about 30 years in the band. Listen online:
Me and Joe Elliot mrs are best of buds she has pictures of me on her camera ;)
Joe Elliot knows his music. That was awesome
A beer created by '80s Def Leopard legend Joe Elliot? Oh yes you can, says in this weekend's issue
I'm going as Joe Elliot for Halloween does my costume look okay
Greatest drummer of all time? What about a one armed drummer?. Greatest frontman, Joe Elliot. Greatest riff of all...
Joe Elliot, because I had posters of him. duh.
Joe Elliot - keeping himself pure! Classic. Great gig Well done, we loved it.
Only acid wash one they have is limited edition Joe Elliot version. With all the openings it makes a better spring jacket.
I think Joe Elliot even took a bathroom break during that one.
Another one of my memory records...AND..Greensboro Coliseum in 1979--opening act: Def Leppard (Joe Elliot was...
Viva in Reno,NV. Great show! Seat behind us sang along. Normally would be annoying, but he did a good Joe Elliot impression!
No really I do like some of them,KitKat for one we just finished shouting Def Leppards' "Too late for love"♥Joe Elliot!!
Def Leppard'S JOE ELLIOT talks Smak about the 80's & the New Def Movie: VIVA HYSTERIA in theatres 10/2 &  10/8 Great to have Joe Ell
I favourited a video Def Leppard - Joe Elliot talks about the Death Of Steve Clark 1992
Viva Hysteria!! A little coffee talk with Joe Elliot of Def Leppard coming up a little after 7. It's Breakfast with Def Leppard!
Well they did have Gary Hoffman & Joe Elliot on board for several years in Sisu phase 1. Dialogue with grass roots was poor tho.
Myself, Steven Clarke and Joe Elliot are now available to help you move home. Retards Removals are available at competitive rates (although may cause thousands of pounds worth of damage!)
and Joe Elliot had of pop in and said "I'm'a-gedding-it"
Def Leppard's Joe Elliot and Rick Savage talk about the rock band's new concert movie, 'VIVA! Hysteria,' which was shot during their residency in Las Vegas, and aims to give fans an up-close-and-personal experience of them in action. (Sept. 25)
Please Joe Elliot let us out early 🙏🙏🙏
I think joe Elliot is like a threat to life
Just listened to 'Fractured Love' by Joe Elliot is one *** of a singer.
Dublin 88 was awesome, lita ford opening, joe elliot on stage for boys back in town richies lead breaking
Tomorrow on the World Famous Frank Show: Comedian Killer Beaz returns with his latest comedy CD. Plus, the legendary Comedian/Impressionist Rich Little! Def Leppard’s Joe Elliot will be on to talk about ‘Viva Hysteria.’ And don't miss your chance at S.I.R. & Tournament of Destruction tickets!:
Now, there is my GROUP! The Adrenalize CD was Good, but Hysteria and Pyromania were better! That's ok, at least, back then, Joe Elliot had long hair!
Have a Phone Conference with Joe Elliot and Phil Collen of Def Leppard at 12 p.m. today and get to ask one question during the conference with others around the world. It is for a concert/film/documentary coming out in the Fall of 2013. It was filmed at the Hard Rock in Las Vegas in March of 2013. LIVE... Get the Hair Flair kickin' w/ Jams Plus Media
Joe Elliot from Def Leppard checks in with Bo and Jim! | Bo & Jim via
Joe Elliot was on the radio this radio this morning :-)
I woke up this morning thinking it was all a dream!!! But it WASN'T!!! I cannot believe I sat down and talked to Def Leppard's lead singer for awhile "Joe Elliot" aka: snake! Greatest Hits of all time *~ Pour some sugar on me *~Love Bites *~Rock of Ages
If sugar is no good I don't want to live anymore!! is talking about why on Me and Joe Elliot.
Watch Flick and The City’s interview with Def Leppard’s Joe Elliot and Rick Savage on VIVA! Hysteria and Vegas residencies, what’s held Def Leppard together th…
Watching Sky News, Jacqui Smith looks like Joe Elliot from Def Leppard lol! :)
So tech playing the conjuring on the jumbotron.joe elliot field will get real Oct 29
JOE ELLIOT AND I SHARE A BIRTHDAY. A bit late and random, but idgaf
Win an electric guitar signed by Def Leppard's Joe Elliot
At work trying to listen to the Joe Elliot interview on the radio, and the bloody phone keeps ringing. Buggar off.
"Living like a bomb, baby, come and get it on." --Wise words to start your morning, from Joe Elliot
Watching interviews with Joe Elliot & Rick Savage about this Viva Hysteria thing still amazing how Leppard played the whole album in full
I'm going as joe Elliot from Def Leppard for Halloween
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Transcribing this interview has revealed to me that Rick Savage and Joe Elliot sound the same
Plus plus interviews with director Beeban Kidron and joe elliot and Rick Savage
Good luck joe Elliot and Adam doing the great north run today :) !!
Tomorrow 4pm on hear my exclusive interview with joe elliot and Rick Savage from about
Rick Savage and Joe Elliott at Cineworld, Shaftesbury Avenue for the film screening of Viva! Hysteria. Thanks for...
why you turning into joe Elliot with your choice of words?
Finding Joe Elliot of Def Leppard attractive circa '83 are daily problems of my life.
wished I had gone a bit earlier to see Joe Elliot ...! One of the press guys told me he was there before his film premier..😊
Joe Elliot - "This is the antidote to One Direction.We play our own instruments & write our own songs" http:…
'I wouldn't throw up if I licked a *** - Joe Elliot 2013
Spending an hour with Joe Elliot talking about one of the greatest rock albums of all-time for Scuzz today. We've had worse days, Rodders...
When will Joe Elliot take his coat off?
Sat in a cinema with Joe Elliot watching Viva! Hysteria. Can't stop staring at Phils abs, they have my name tattooed on them 😳
Joe Elliot and Rick Savage live in the studio with me tomorrow from 10am talking the new DVD!
2009 Def Leppard show with my dad, Joe Elliot and Rick Savage. Worst pic ever, we werent ready and I was a mess
Joe Elliot was Irish for a while. For tax purposes, I suspect.
As I kid I relied on radio, which was ok for some things. If it wasn't for CFNY, I'd still be wearing my joe elliot jeans
I'd rather be the Rick Allen to your Joe Elliot...
Oh my he playing Joe Elliot??? ...:O lol
That is a shirt on Joe Elliot of Def Leppard, the greatest rock band of all time. Go
The way Joe Elliot says "Mutt" in this will have me giggling. As will him being referred to as a genius.
Who Are the best friend within the sourcefed crew, joe, Elliot, Steve, lee, trisha, and meg
you are welcome lovely! I would leave hubs for Joe Elliot. ;)
Joe Elliot, your voice.. I can't even deal ❤😍😘
Right so posh test:Tayto or King?Loop The Loop or Wibbly Wobbly Wonder? Joe Elliot or Twink? Me or Liam Neeson? Zig or Zag?
I hope that clears up any issue Joe Elliot may have had about his band's lack of coverage in the media
Please do a concert in South Africa its really nice here you can ask Joe Elliot... by not coming :D
Heaven is a girl I know so well, She makes me feel good when I feel like *** .. Joe Elliot thinks it's alright..
Alyssa looks like Joe Elliot from Def Leppard I decided
Joe Elliot bought us Preston Haskell another massive error of judgement!
If it is true that joe elliot was in my work last nite while i was there, how did i jot know this dafuq?
Q1. Can you disclose the nature of Joe Elliot's and Preston Haskell's motives for being in Coventry?
Joe Elliot from Def Leppard in last night for the Last in Line show, ye's kept that quiet lol
Apparently Joe Elliot is in the Belfast crowd for Last in Line gig tonight in Limelight
Karaoke singer is doing a good Joe Elliot on Pour Some Sugar on Me.
Has anyone poured some sugar on Joe Elliot yet?
Was gonna cut my hair, but then I remembered that I want to look like Joe Elliot in his prime
Joe Elliot dresses to the right! . Source : pour some sugar on me video. Just saying
Just received in the mail from my new bestie, Joe Elliot. Truly an amazing dude
Best picture ever with Joe Elliot, David Coverdale and Jimmy Page
From the eyes up oggy is joe elliot.
"with Joe Elliot, David Coverdale and Jimmy Page a dream team!
Maybe it was because I didn't hate on or because I said Seb Bach, Myles Kennedy and Glenn Hugher are superior to Joe Elliot?
oh god! my fave was the big hair and lots of hairspray!! hehe and rip jeans ala Joe Elliot
Joe Elliot could burn the Ricoh down, he wdnt get the blame, sisu would
Electronic Device Insurance
Wour's Rick Deyulio and Joe Elliot of tomorrow on 96.9 around 1:30 Even will be listening
no DL are mine, Joe Elliot stared me in the eye and said he loves me
So, Jack, Jake, Joe, Elliot and Tom W got high... I have a tale to tell.
Def Leppard last night was awesome! Joe Elliot has better pipes than a plumber! Bon Jovi up next!
You missed out bigtime. Apparently Joe Elliot was there also... oh well, next time
Joe Elliot and Hoffman, remind me who found Sisu and SAVED OUR CLUB
Elliot Spitzer marital problems are between him and his wife and God! It is not anyone else's business!
my mom is a huge fan of them and makes me go to their concerts. She just stares at Joe Elliot (did I spell that right?)
so I was going to just play this video of Def Leppard's 1993 Sheffield concert but I am just mesmerized..mostly by Joe Elliot. m-m-m :)
Wednesday, I'll speak with Def Leppard singer Joe Elliot in advance of their show at that night.
Is it just me or does Joe Elliot look like Harry from dumb and dumber?
Did Def Leppard break up? Joe Elliot just captained the Aer Lingus flight from Amsterdam to Dublin
We really hope our friend will meet Joe Elliot tonight ! you're the key !
's Joe Elliot: "This is one of the best, if not the best crowd we've ever played in front of!"
Seeing Joe Elliot and Gary Hoffman at the game today really shows they have a passion for the club.
Joe Elliot: Joe's in Quebec this week and he's got tracks from Aerosmith, Bad Company and The Baby's!
*** Ford with Joe Elliot and Gary Hoffman at Nuneaton today.
Am I the only one who thinks joe Elliot looks like Larry Grayson ???
EPIC cover of Classic Rock Magazine! Slash, and Joe Elliot! - Raj -
I had a crush on 's arch nemesis Joe Elliot when I was just a lass, so remember all his favorite music ;)
New issue of classic rock magazine arrived today, with Slash, Duff McKagan, Joe Elliot & Glen Hughs on the cover.Good magazine.
think about Joe Elliot and it will be alright then ! lol
Elliot Spitzer & Anthony Weiner are tough smart people & New Yorkers really like that & want it.
Elliot Spitzer is a smart tough fighter. New Yorkers like that!
Dr. James Patrick Murphy will be on the Joe Elliot on July 3 at 9 am on 970 WGTK Listen online at
Had nice day with Nettie Pike Paige Ralph knakard now tho an missed my elliot gonna have big hugs an chill with him
Promo video of the excellent remix from Joe Nebula and P Fine of Nookie's 'Mindgames'. This track is released on the TransPhuzion Volume 2 EP on Phuzion Digi...
So happy to have been told that Joseph Gamlin and Laura Griffin have asked me to be godfather to there beautiful baby daughter, honoured. x
How lucky are you, Joe Elliot? San Sebastian is THE most gorgeous place. Do have the pinxtos while you're there.
June 22nd Transfer News: {Wayne Rooney to discuss future with David Moyes} {If he does leave, he will choose Chelsea over Arsenal} {Chelsea set to beat Man. United in race for Marco Van Ginkel} {Yohan Cabaye falls out with Joe Kinnear as Monaco circle} {Tottenham have agreed a £15 million deal to sign Paulinho} {Sunderland midfielder, Lee Cattermole, has been transfer listed} {Man. United close to signing wonderkid, Thiago Alcantara} {Southampton agree £10 million deal for Wanyama} {Gareth Barry insists he wants to play out his contract at City} {Arsenal considering paying Fellaini's £23 million release clause} {Aston Villa will swoop for Elliot Bennett} {Vaz Te, Maiga, Taylor and Diarra are transfer listed by W. Ham}
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joe Elliot has put on a few pounds or ?
So 40 minutes on treadmill, headphones in and got 5 songs. Led Zep - Kashmir, Deep Purple - Space Truckin', BOC - Here Comes that Feeling again, Def Leppard - Have you ever needed someone and AC/DC - Let there be Rock. Absolutely epic.
What Hip-Hop artist is most overdue for a new LP?
Elliot, I do that anyway don't worry
So what is the latest status on Coventry City? How many are really boycotting the games? How many are going to support the alternative in Coventry United?
Rumour: Lots of rumours flying around that Villa are set to bid for Norwich winger Elliott Bennett! For me, I don't think we need him and I would rather strengthen in other areas...Thoughts? -Tom
It was so nice to see everyone having a great time Tonight! I am happy to say that we packed the house AGAIN! Thank you to everyone that came out tonight!! If you were not there pyou missed a FANTASTIC SHOW & AFTER PARTY W/ Joe Torry!! HUGE S/O and Thank You to all comedians: Kwame, Matt Iverson, Big Will, Elliot Vreeland, & Du-Nasty, Host: Comedian Karen J Larson, B-Don and DJ ONE, Rico Nevotion, Mike De'Cole & KMOJ for everything you did to bring out ur fans. Without Ur participation the show would not have had such a GREAT turn out! You all are truly appreciated!!
This is for all the dudes out there who want to jam on their guitar like me. If you want a backing track for a song, message me. enjoy
Pegher wins! Dews Elliot Montgumrey Joe top 5 finish at Hagerstown
Just saw man of steel and it was good. However am I crazy in thinking that detective Elliot stabler had as much to do with saving earth as superman?
At one time, when I was in High School, Def Leppard was the biggest rock n roll band in the world. I can still see the inside of girls' lockers with pictures of Joe Elliot. I remember them performing at the Rosemont Horizon when I was a sophomore back in '89 - good memories.
Joe has time trailed 5th tonight at Hagerstown. Satterlee fast time, Rhulman, Pegher, Elliot , and Joe top 5. 26 cars here tonight and Joe will be starting 2nd in heat
Joe: Elliot why have you been arguing with us so much lately? Elliot: No I not. Joe: when you say no to me, you're arguing. Elliot: No I not. Joe: Yes you are. Elliot: No I not. Who do you think won that one??
Which song should be used for Christina's fights ??-Hulk
Update your maps at Navteq
how are they? I know Joe Elliot's voice isn't perfect, but are they fun?
Elliot Loves is a great film. Highly recommend.
Watching the excellent Metal Evolution . how much do I wanna slap Joe Elliot???
I wish had paid attention in Francais class in grade school because searching for content would be so much easier lmao
Who's best to go with for driving lessons ??
There might be an uplift on at bringewood this Monday evening from 5.30 till dark, so can get 10 runs plus in easy.. Who's keen shall confirm Monday, need 10 people. Tom Deacon Richard HarmanDan Pardesi Will Chambers James Flinders Joe Smith Tom Housman Perry Gardener
I just realized that I am looking more and more like Joe Elliot in this pic?! Phil Collin looks like John Heisinger in the sleeveless UnderArmor, and Vivian without hair now looks like Karl Kirschner lol
Epiphany: So, I gather that, on the restrictionist rightwing, the thinking is that, if we seal the border (good luck with that), illegal immigrants will stop coming and employers won't be able to hire them. So, in essence, Americans are demanding that the federal government make more difficult what we know to be sinful because we ourselves can't stop committing the sin. blogger Joe Whiteley begins a new series of blogs on talented young players making their debut at a Rugby League World Cup.
Started yesterday with Chris Tomlin but today is Joe Elliot! Thank god it's Friday!
We have a lot going on this weekend! Tonight...Redar park for the Schererville, food that I don't have to cook! All good! Saturday, my little buddy is spending the night...we might go back to the fest...Sunday, I am watching the twins for the day! We will find something fun to do! By Monday, I'm gonna be wiped out! Lol!
They`re my favorite rappers when I was Middle School Student Life . ( Eminem , Red Cap , Mike Shinoda , 50 cent , Sean Paul , Will Smith , DMX, Missy Eilliot And Eve etc. ) What about you guys ?
KOC, SA sounded incredible! Joe Elliot mentioned Sat. nice time you all had and safari. Thanks for pics! What is your lasting memory?
People of motsinoni ur in trouble whoever told this so called pastors gore there is money in that village that person set u in trouble
Can I have some Ideas for a new Xbox nam plz
Save up to 45% 0ff MSRP On Streetbike Tires
Is Monsanto really investing in bee health? Or is this another example of man making money off the backs of our bees?
Andrew Fagan is taking me to WOODSTOCK this weekend to see a concert with Joan Biaz and the Indigo Girls.i will definitely have my cargo shorts loaded with mini liquor!
where you at? Want to discuss speaking to joe Elliot
(8) it's a new dawn it's a new day, we're taking strides as we leave into the Horizon, take the leap, and don't look back cause we're going under (8) Nothing sums up my feelings for this band rather than that Chorus from "Tropic Thunder" , it's been 3 years with these fools that I call friends, 3 years of straight up Pop Punk and Bantor. Through all the stresses, shouting and arguements, I would not give my time to any other people because it's been one of my favourite times in the band. Since our cover of Here it Goes Again, to Nyan Cat, Will Smith Holding a Bowl Of Nutella, through to Tropic Thunder it's been a blast and a genuine laugh writing and performing these songs. As most of us are leaving to go to College, Jobs and other stuff we will not be able to play many gigs with eachother or meet eachother for a very long time, so this is a sorta "goodbye" a sense but honestly it's more of a "we'll see you next time". And personally I hope there's a next time. Thank you to Cameron Fordyce for sticking by ...
Finding out my dad met the band and had a cigarette with Joe Elliot from Def Leppard backstage is absolutely ridiculous
Asm. Joe Lentol: "I may have a personal objection to abortion, but...women’s equality takes preference over everything.”
Planning on running home! Colin Perry you'll have to collect the car tomorrow!! Oops
Why would someone who hardly knows me be rude and unkind to me? I have no idea but I can't seem to shake this one off.
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Josh's question of the day! Here's your chance to win Sunny T Shirt! Here it is: If you could choose any musical artist – from any era – to play at your birthday party, which would you choose?
yeah mate he's the next joe Elliot..he's been killing it!
when SLASH ripped into "NIGHTRAIN".HEAVEN,HEAVEN,I grew up seein this dude shred his LES PAUL.I just cannot put it into crap phone with even worse battery life did manage to video 4 songs and take some crappy photos.I'm only coming back to reality now.SLASH is the undisputed KING OF GUITAR...and though I may not be a huge fan of Def Leppard,JOE ELLIOT was excellent.DAVE KUSHNER,GILBY CLARK,Matt Sorum and Glenn Hughes all were f2 BRILLIANT.But I GOTTA SEE SLASH,and though I missed meeting him,I did get his guitar pick,straight from his hands to mine..,.THANKS TO ROBBIE FROM AGRO AND CONRAD ROETS WHO CHANGED MY LIFE FOREVER
I find myself nearing the cusp of attaining my dream of starting a new chapter of life residing in Denver, Colorado. ...And how bittersweet it is.
All this Nba has made me wana play some bbal soo bad. any of you boys keen to go shoot some hoops and play a few social games sometime ? Owen Jacobsohn, Ben Culberson , Nicholas Dizzy Jaftha, Jacques Swart, Wesley Sparkles Baldwin
Ian and I have been discussing the subtle differences between dudes, bros, guys, boys and men. As well as chicks, babes, girls, gals, and women. I want to hear what everyone else thinks. What are the definitions of all these that I just listed?
Does anybody have a better voice than Joe Lynn Turner?
Joe Elliot , Mouloud and Nathan take up 75% of my newsfeed on fb
By Gabriella Serra: "so I met Slash from Guns 'n Roses and Joe Elliot from Def Leppard on Sunday. so how hardcore...
Hey am I the only person who thinks Tom Petty's voice in Refugee kinda sounds like Joe Elliot? lol
A woman at my work has hair like Joe Elliot.
Yes it is omg I just urgh Joe Elliot be mine already *-*
Wow! I cracked a secret code between Joe Elliot & Steve Jobs! "Livin like a lover with a red iPhone." Check it out! Pour some sugar song.
Thanks for rubbing it in my face that u got to see Slash & Joe Elliot from Def Leppard! Mean friend!
listen to between 7/8am tomorrow I'm on discussing the petition along with Joe Elliot and FL layers and admin.
I'm event wasn't born when Joe Elliot singing this song... ♫ Photograph by Def Leppard
Mr. Joe Elliot and his incredible voice! at @ Sun City Superbowl. ©
Why does Joe Elliot keep demanding I pour sugar on him? That's a waste!
Yeah you did but tuesdays I have footy training with my brother! Me & Elliot joined Run England (Thursday runs)
Let me think, James and Jake have girlfriends. Joe doesn't but I think he likes someone. Elliot is in love with my best friend. WELL THEN.
Still can't get over that I saw Joe Elliot and Matt Sorum last night... and Duff... and Slash. Sorry, Justin Bieber who?
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From the Basingstoke Gazette :) Memories by Division Pictures (Joe Goodall and Elliot Burns) This was a very sweet short, in marked contrast to their usual fare, which Elliot revealed was “usually people getting ripped apart! I wanted to do something different, more dramatic, more emotional, less stabby stabby, shooty shooty.” Directed by Whitchurch’s Elliot and Joe, it was filmed at St Catherine’s Hill in Winchester. Some great shots included the lead characters framed between trees and the gentle soundtrack was perfect too. The duo revealed that Memories will be one of a sequence of 3 related short films, and that they had also recently secured a location from Film Hampshire. Joe concluded: “He wants to do editing and camerawork.“ This pair are definitely heading in the right direction.
Putting out an APB for all WI Class of '88 alums!! We have not been able to reach the following people: Albert Aichele, Tina Aiello, Tracie Baney, Bill Barnes, John Bowie, Cleve Bowie, Shawn Brasseur, Thuy Dang, Mike Davis, James Dunn, Everett Elliot, Ty Freeman, Mike Groves, Michele Holyfield, Wesley Hood, Odie Hurt, Suzanne Jones, Albert Kehrer, Mike LeMasters, Kevin Lewis, James Liptak, Karin Miller, Lora Mitchell, Shelly Monteleone, Charlie Moodispaugh, Albert Naranjo, Janna Nuzum, Hossai Omar, James Satterfield, Tressa Scheuvront, Joe Starkey, David Utt, Carol Webb, Joe Weber, Doug White, Randy Wilkins, Chip Willis, David Wilson, and Lisa Wilson. If you can reach any of these people, please ask them to visit this site and/or friend Angelique Wheelock so they can get the inside scoop on this year's reunion! THANKS!!!
Billy Elliot star pays tribute to author Iain Banks, who died today following a battle with cancer
Joe if you were manager of CFC, who would you sell and who would you buy? (Generally players who are realistic)
Travis Parolin thank you for introducing me to sourcefed, I love these guys.
Well in a few hours is graduation, it'll be over, all of this schooling has gone by in a heartbeat. Thank you to my teachers and friends that made it memorable Alim Allen Joe Da BoulderJoestar Meyer Joseph Nguyen Ray Frankum Caryn Ilene Elliot Levy and to the others thank you and my mother Millie Klaff Dunn for supporting me the whole way
Any1 please - names of singers from K.O.Chaos concert - hit a hard blank-
LAST night in Cape Town the "kings of Chaos" rocked us hard. The show was brilliant. Lots of head banging and singing on the top of our voices to rock classics such as "Sweet Child O Mine," "Smoke on the Water,""Welcome to the Jungle," and many others. 2 hours of quality entertainment by the likes of Glenn Hughes(Deep Purple) who nearly brought the roof down with that classic voice of his. Joe elliot(Def Leppard) and Ed Roeland (Collective Soul) causing us to head bang harder, faster, including Myles Kennedy.Slash the Guitarist (Guns and Roses) tweaked his guitar and lashed us with sick tunes sending us out into the space and place of no return. True masters of heavy metal and rock. !
Big thanks to for making my dream of seeing Pour Some Sugar On Me performed live by Joe Elliot!
Morning What is the best government benefit to be on? Discuss...
IT WAS CHAOS! I was so excited I was frothing at the mouth. BUT! I danced to the first few numbers and had quite a good view, and then there was no air, I could not breathe, and not having ALMYPAL TO BACK ME UP I COULD NOT SMACK ANYONE.!! I had to be helped outside where they gave me water, the staff was wonderful. Outside where you could smoke, there were so many drunk teenages, WHY! they come to a show like this I will never know. Once back inside, I sat on the floor against the wall, and watched the show on the T.V. sreen. Slash is my man, just watching him gave me goosebumps, Joe Elliot and the rest were just as good, but!!.give me Guns and Roses any day, all day long. I honestly believe once the show starts, no one should be able to leave to go and buy more drinks, till after the show. Having watched the rugby before coming in, most were drunk, where I was and on their phone's.talking and not even watching the show. The T.V screens should be landscape, and the whole stage should be shown most of the ...
Scene- Joe is the commander of an army, and the other Sourcefed hosts are his troops preparing for war. Elliot-"Whats happening
It is a political infant who would want to have automatic ticket to contest presidency. Typical of a lazy and a coward fighter wanted to steal victory in an empty ring. How can a democrat earn the support of majority while making his house empty for easy and cheapest platform for contesting a political position?
What's wrong with you Australia clearly Hey Ya! is the greatest song ever made!!
I am in so much love with Steven Tyler, Joe Perry, Johnny Depp, Sam Elliot, Jeff Bridges, Howard Stern, Michael Keaton, Kevin featured in NBC s Science of Love
God always gives His best to those who leave the choice with him.. Jim Elliot happy Sunday!!
tonight at the KOC show with Joe Elliot &
Well, it has taken a while, but I've managed to lose 26 lbs., 12 inches, and 3 clothing sizes. The next 26 lbs. is going to take an eternity! GOOD GRIEF!
Kings of Chaos!! Myles Kennedy, Joe Elliot, Glenn Hughes & Gilby Clarke in the backstage! Thanks Myles Kennedy...
Whoever invented karaoke will never receive a Christmas card from me. Unless joe Elliot happens to come to your local bar
Backstage tonight at the Kings of Chaos show with glen_hughes Joe Elliot…
joe isn't smiling in the photo, Elliot I'm getting suspicious
3. Who scored the 1st goal for leicester when we played Shef weds? (A)
do the dishes, and cut mu grass I guess,,let cool it down first thou..
Unfortunately, due to a little too much liquid sunshine the race today has been Postponed!! New date is being discussed with land owners & timing guys, and will be announced on here ASAP! Sorry for the disappointment guys...but the fire road does not like the wet stuff!
Miles Kennedy doing Paradise City with Gken Hughes, Joe Elliot and Ed Rowland on backing vocals! Mind Blowing
Joe Joe Joe Elliot with us... in with
Alex, Gary Lawrence, Charmaine, Heidi, Kg, Paulie, and my GnR buddies SO thinking of you all tonight!! Wow Alex, Gary, Kg...Milton Keanes 1992...awesome!! Def Leppard, Guns and Roses, Velvet Revolver,Collective Soul, at Grand West!!! I am in rock heaven!!! Let's get Rocked and Pour Some Sugar on me!!
Finally after 20 years. The moment of truth has arrived.
Awesome win for Hindpool again. Keep it going and who knows ?
Buy Miche Bag Online!
I mean, nobody wants to admit they ate nine cans of ravioli, but I did, and I'm ashamed of myself. The first can doesn't count, then you get to the second and the third, fourth and fifth I think I burned with the blow torch, then I just kept eating.
It's race day! $1 beers, $1 dogs, Outlaw late models and amazing weather on tap. If that isn't enough there is a car show starting at noon! Make a day of it! Races start at 7pm. Raceday schedule and ticket info here:
Amped! Next week seeing slash,Myles Kennedy,joe elliot,glen hughes,Gilby Clarke,dave kushner and Matt Sorum all on one stage
Tommy Bowe ruled out of the rest of the Lions tour due to a broken bone in his hand. Who would you replace him with? Smokey
High Quality original video of NO SWEAT - "Heart and Soul"
I really do love my wonderful noodle. I hope that Lisa Meadows, Katie Meadows, Elliot Carter, Joe Hodges, Trevor Meadows and Tracey Meadows have a wonderful week with John Washington and Fritha Washington. Please look after them and return my noodle in one piece. Miss you. X
Dear Friends, Thank you all so much for the many Birthday wishes yesterday. It really means a lot to know that I have so many good friends. Cheers! Sean x
Heading off to see number 1 son Joe in Farnborough, with Elliot and Amber. Traffic, please be kind to me!
The Kings of Chaos first South African performance at the Grand Arena was a first class display of rock at its best, done by some of the best. The opening "act" is not only an earful but a visual experience enticing the crowd. Let's start off with the drummer Matt Sorum, he is clearly one of the most hardworking drummers in the world. Coming from G&R, also playing with Velvet Revolver, he's used to rock 'n roll and drove the 2 hour plus set not missing a beat. Having Duff McKagan next to him in old G&R fashion made him even more dedicated in driving the Kings at a fierce pace. On guitar Gilbey Clarke and Dave Kushner kept the rythm flowing. Kushner plays Deep Purple like he was backstage since been born. Hard to choose between him and Clarke but as a combination they just match perfectly. And then there was Slash, as expected his sound on stage is like on the albums. During the midshow acoustic set he showed his style playing the most harmonious fills during the solo performances by Joe Elliot and Glen H ...
Did I mention that I'm in the same city as Slash?! And Joe Elliot!
Lyrics: It was one of those nights, when you turn off the lights And everythin' comes into view She was taking her time, I was losing my mind There was nothi...
I dare Joe and lee to act like Elliot
Funny to play 'Sugar' onstage w/ Joe Elliot tonite, and then see Tom Cruise singin it on tv.
Joe Elliot writes that many males are being put off teaching due to low salaries. What are your thoughts?
Poor pay is seen as the leading deterrent for males choosing not to work as teachers throughout South Australia. JOE ELLIOT reports.
Save up to 45% 0ff MSRP On Motorcycle Tires
Just been murked by our Elliot's mate. Bad times 󾮠. Elliot Dainty
Burning Question: Which president would you like to see back at your footy club?
Jessie's cupcakes fail to impress the judges. Subscribe now for more Masterchef clips: Tune in to Masterchef Wednesday 8/7c on FOX...
I believe it's just Elliot, Steve, and Joe. :) If I'm wrong, I'm sorry... (
I would LOVE to see Elliot Spitzer in the job, think how many heart attacks Wall St. guys would have with him the...
You seem more keen to pick Elliot for this match than you were to pick any player for the 1s this season!
Dear god --- Please make me quit worrying bout my ex boyfriend sammy joe elliot- cause everytime i think bout him & when i look at him i feel this feeling - Like i still love him deep inside my soul- & hate to say i do- But i honestly wish he could see what a real girlfriend i was too him & how i was always friendly with him & all but now he wants to be with this stacy chick & it makes me icky inside to see them together , If only i could just ignore them, but i just cant i just have the erge to look at sammy & stacy cause it makes me sooo icky to see them together & i wish it beenmeinstead of that 2 fACED NO GOOD STACY MORRE- i wish i could just slap myself everytime i see them together- Feeling - Jelous :/-
I can have fun with Elliot, Joe, James and maybe Jake. Yeah... Sure...
I remember reading a quote from Joe Elliot of Def Leppard that he was scared for the next generation of rock bands because they
I'd just like to re-iterate that I hate The Voice and I double hate that stupid Cockernee gangsta bint that is Jessie J. Why have I just switched on my TV to find her on it talking "street"?! WHY?! It's not even Saturday for Christ's sake?!?!
Joe Elliot & Glenn Hughes at the backstage before the show!
since when did I become birthday party helper I'm helping Elliot gather people for Joe's and helping Lucy with hers next week
I just wanted to take sometime today to give nothing less than a huge THANK YOU, to everyone who has ordered their memberships. I'm overwhelmed by all the support, it's hard to keep up with so many of you and I am very sorry if it takes a little longer to get back to you. We are doing our best with what we have, because our offices in Plymouth are still getting approval from the borough so please once again bear with us. It is really great talking to a lot of you. I'm very flattered by all the great complements. Thank you so much. I hope I have helped everyone to their standards. A problem seems to be I want to sit next to someone, that is no problem I have great contacts with the box office at the arena. Once we have our lease agreement with the Mohegan Sun you will have your assigned seat for every game and will receive the same seat for every game next to that person. We are working very hard and nothing happens over night. I just really want to Thank each and every one of you for liking this page, for ...
Congrats to all our lads at the European championships in Minsk. Particularly John Joe Nevin. Eye of an assassin, Hands of a surgeon, reflexes of a cat and the feet of Billy Elliot. Absolute class of his own.
Kings of Chaos with Sheldon Kleyn and Nicky Toulouras and George Toulouras
o someone wants to be a sourcefed male model! Watch out Joe/Elliot you've got competition coming your way.
What is more exciting? The fact that I am seeing Joe Elliot perform live or the fact that 90% of Guns 'n Roses is performing with him.
[PHOTO] Kings of Chaos Via Rehearsals for tonight´s show. Slash, Duff, Gilby and Joe Elliot
Perseverance is not a long race; it is many short races one after the other.Walter Elliot
My life will be made if I hear Pour some sugar on me tonight, live by Joe Elliot! With my angel
come on Joe we both know Elliot wasnt playing last night
Soaked now thanks to Elliot, Joe and Matt
Girls fighting in school bathroom SMH
attended share launch of this morn. Very professionally done chatted with Joe Elliot, who was in audience afterwards
! I have just been blessed out my SOCKS I have just been given GOLDEN CIRCLE TICKETS for the GUNS n ROSES boys ! So I will see them tonight and tomorrow night ! Arg!
Add names to get in for a 1p b4 12:30
Kings of Chaos SA Tour: Behind-the-scenes peak at rehearsals at Grand West last night. Slash, Duff, Gilby and Joe Elliot. There are a FEW tickets left for tonight. Tomorrow is SOLD OUT.
"Today the KOC will rise and rock us hard!" But the singer is Joe Elliot? Not very. Chaotic. XD
With missy Elliot Ciara left eye lil Kim Fat joe nelly shooottt and my *** Mac dre doe
Where on our way to see MANCHESTER UNITED BOYS! Paul Jáuregui Elliot Jáuregui
I think the White House should win a Oscar! Hollywood could not write a scripted program as scandalizing as this Administration. (We know the President has always wanted a Oscar!)
I understood that you are just looking out for me but saying to other people you think my wedding won't happen because I am too young was really hurtful and I don't think you understand that. Mini rant over sorry peeps!
Wish I had a *** best friend to go hang out with today.
Is being cocky a good thing for a player or does it give the player a bad name? Being confident in your game and being cocky are two completely different things in my book. You can being confident without coming off as cocky. - Kyle
I can still much remember years back'when hip hop is movement'but looknow''my n*s nas said''HIP HOP IS DEAD''and is true'just take a lookmovement'
Just recorded an awesome show with comedian Bryan Callen Fan Page -- should be up next week!
Pre-order "An Eye For An Eye" on MerchNOW - You said this time would be the last Around in circles we go again Not holding back the ...
'Cause there's a fat man, in the bathtub, with the blues.
Trying to find out the name of the guy with Tony in this photo, anybody know?
Does anyone know of/can anyone fit my car with the audio system when I get it?
Bringing Trd in Today to get his Passport. Him and Elliot are going to Canada to do a Clinic there. Here's to a pretty penny paid out for my boy so he can do what he loves to do the best!!!
D DAY JUNE 6, 1944, If you had relatives that were in it simply list there names below in Honor of the Greatest Generation. NO Stories, Just Names...
I'm still a little dazed from being in a room with Slash, Duff McKagan, Glenn Hughes, Matt Sorum, Joe Elliot, Gilby Clarke, Myles Kennedy, Joe Koeshner and Ed Roland. But keep your eyes open for Aidan Harper's reportage at MyMusicMatrix with Photography by Tim Honey. Oh, and anyone with a spare media pass for any of the Cape Town shows will be rewarded excellent photographs!
My good friend Josh Rudnicky heads out on a new journey today...lets pray that he stays safe and sticks with it til the miracle happens, i love you man.
I need a 80's hair style again,like Joe Elliot ,Brian May,C.C. Deville,etc!! Is that too much to ask for!! ?? Any Stylist out there!!
I'll be seeing Slash, Gilby Clarke, Joe Elliot and lots more rock legends son!
Slash, Gilby Clarke, Joe Elliot, Glenn Hughes, Sebastian Bach, Ed Roland and there's more, Dave Kushner and Myles Kennedy.
Simmer, you, Joe, and Elliot need to cool it with all of the talk about what ever and I'll follow you back
Joe Elliot isn't hot, but the way he moved when he sings turns me on
Joe Elliot said he was scared crapless of it when he was little XD
When I get up I put on either the Joe Rogue Dawg EXP or Elliot Hulse (strengthcamp). Please get him on your show!
"Little Miss Innocent sugar me!" Joe Elliot wanting to create another Little Miss for Mr Hargreaves!
Thomas Gainsborough's painting Duchess of Devonshire is auctioned in London, England, nearly 100 years after it disappeared into obscurity. The portrait of Georgiana Spencer, an ancestor of Princess Diana, sold for 10,000 guineas, the highest price ever paid for a work of art up until this time. Public interest in Gainsborough's masterpiece peaked a few weeks later when it was stolen from the Thomas Agnew & Sons art gallery. Adam Worth, whom Scotland Yard later called the "Napoleon of Crime," and upon whom Sir Arthur Conan Doyle eventually based Sherlock Holmes' arch nemesis Dr. Moriarty, stole the artwork in order to come up with the bail to release his brother from jail. However, his brother was freed without his help, so Worth decided to keep the painting, even in the face of serious consequences. Adam Worth was perhaps the 19th century's most masterful criminal. Born in Germany but raised in the United States, Worth joined the Union Army in the Civil War. After erroneously being reported killed in the ...
Joe Stiglitz on what 150 years of financial crises can teach us about avoiding the next one:
After two years of the release of the Liberation Skateboards film, "Liberate Yourself", Kelsey Arcoleo releases new footage in 2013. Check out the latest ska...
Three-time GRAMMY nominee, saxophonist Boney James returns with the dynamic, genre-busting album, The Beat. One of the most successful instrumental artists of our time with sales totaling over 3 million records, James' new project fuses his R&B/Jazz roots with Latin rhythm and percussion. The ini...
Still think banning guns will work? You're a special kinda' stupid ain't you?
Lamb of God is composed by Ben Roundtree. It is a set of variations for large brass ensemble on a theme by Marty McCall, and was performed throughout Germany...
There is a girl getting naked in BANG BANG
Def Leppard 👍 When Joe Elliot dies, I will ball my eyes out for sure
PerfectMatch - Fall In Love Today
I heard Elliot whales coming down Wednesday for sparring?
It's a slippery slope that loosing streak malarkey! Going to call you Harry Redknapp from now on lad
you might not have a glass chin but you get dicked on FIFA!
If your a footy fan and heard of Leon Knight, you NEED to watch this video! PMFSL best vid EVER!
stop giving it big uns joe lad.. I'm in very poor form.. I will be back!!
you coming out with me and Craig joe?
Good day with britt meg joe oscar elliot and kierannn X
I just want to take a minute to First of All Thank God for never leaving or Forsaking me and allowing me to be Leader and Gate Keeper for his kingdom. I am so humble! Words can't express how I feel! I also want to thank my awesome husband ( my mighty man of God) for all of his support and inspiration. I also want to thank my mom and my family! I love You guys so much! I want to thank all of my friends, You were here in spirit with me! Kendra and Terri you are always here for me! A special thanks to Pastor Scott Elliot and Agape church! To my girls from Leading Ladies of RWOC! To my spiritual mother Pastor Rachel thank You for speaking in my life and seeing the best in me! To my Redemption Family, I love you! To Pastor Ben and Jessica Miller, thank you for trusting me, and grooming me for such a time as this to go out to city of Asheville, NC to set the Captive Free! I love you guys from the bottom of my heart! Thank you Apostle Ron and Bishop for all that you do! Lyndia and Sherese I love you! Just thankf ...
01. Welcome to the Jungle 02. Youth Gone Wild 03. Highway Star 04. Burn 05. Rebel Yell 06. Pour Some Sugar On Me 07. Paradise City there is some black pictur...
I'm looking at Louis XIV and the royal family by Jean Nocret on the Art Project, powered by Google
Heading back to Elliot Lake to play in District 9 ball tourney tomorrow. Hopefully do as well as I did in Zone.Gonna be a lot of players,round robin,making it a very long day...Best of luck to Ron Carriere from the St. Joe and Kris Smith from Thessalon playing along with myself for our Branch...
Again, Paula nails it. You libbies who place party over country have no need to read this - just one other thing for you to create your own reality over.
In preparation for National Red Bull Flugtag Day USA on September 21, 2013, we give you the top 10 crashes from the past. Enjoy! Apply at
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