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Joe Biden

Joseph Robinette Joe Biden, Jr. (born November 20, 1942) is the 47th and current Vice President of the United States, jointly elected with President Barack Obama.

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yep :) and Joe Biden I'll come back to that cause that's America's Uncle…
Hillary’s going to need some ice to put on this burn from Joe Biden
Joe Biden voices concerns about Trump team 'romance' with Russia
I think Pope Francis should excommunicate Nancy Pelosi, Joe Biden, and Andrew Cuomo out of the Church.
Joe Biden continues to campaign against sexual assault
'Support some fascists'? What like Joe Biden supporting oleh tyahnybok!
That time Johnny Rotten came on my show to rave about Joe Biden & Barack Obama as champs of the working class; bc real p…
if anything, he's a worse buffoon than the Obamanation or even Al Gore. I spell looser JOE BIDEN!!
Very cool actual picture taken just now of me talking to Joe Biden
Biden claims he could have won the Oval Office if he ran for president in 2016
Obama’s Vice-President Joe Biden claims he could have BEATEN TRUMP in US election | The Locus. ...
Joe Biden says he regrets not running for President and that he would've beaten Trump.
Joe Biden 'Planned on Running for President' in 2016 Election: 'I Think I ... - ,
Joe Biden, Should be the third guy in the car, in those Sonic Commercials- Dennis Miller
Stories from SXSW 2017: ad blocking, content distribution, and Joe Biden
Joe Biden says he could have beaten Donald Trump
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It's sick how attractive Joe Biden has been his whole life
Could Joe Biden be any more delusional?
Joe Biden regrets not running for president. A sentiment shared by 100% of democrats and 90% of republicans. .
Joe... Joe, no you couldn't even beat Hillary and she didn't even beat Bernie ;-)
"A different person may have tried to use their son’s death or placed their own ambition over their family, but that’s no…
Erm can Joe Biden run for president in 2020 with Barack Obama as his running mate
Joe Biden says he could have defeated Trump, regrets that he is not President. He's already ordering BIDEN OBAMA 2020 merch.
Only people who suck off joe Biden are named Katie — yes
Thank you, for hosting leaders like [also, spoiler: he regrets not running for
Biden: I regret not being president Run, Joe, Run!!!
Honk if you think Schmucky Chucky schumer got his toupee at same place as Joe biden.
But you know *** and cave age barbarians when they execute a puppy named after their president and spare no...
What if Joe Biden ran for presidency?
Joe Biden: I regret not running for president – because I could have won
Joe Biden says if he’d run for president he could have won
Joe Biden: 'I regret not being president': Death of son Beau weighed on decision to run…
Joe Biden will be very busy reversing everything when he takes office.
HEADLINES: Joe Biden says if he'd run for president he could have won
Joe Biden admits he regrets not running for president by via
Gotta love woulda, coulda shoulda groping
I bet Joe Biden not only asked the grinning bobcat why he grins, but took him out for a beer & calls him annually to see how he's doing
Can you handle this?. Today, Joe Biden met a Golden Retriever puppy named Biden💞
Joe Biden: 'I regret not being president'
"Fighting corruption is not just good governance. It's self-defense. It's patriotism.". -Joe Biden
Paul Ryan lost a debate with Joe Biden. Really, that's all that needs to be said...
This adorable pup named Biden got to meet former VP Joe Biden
In an alternate universe Joe Biden could be President right now...
"Joe Biden: ‘Do I regret not being president? Yes.'" Not half as much as we regret you not being p…
DNC Chair Tom Perez: "This was a rejection of the repeal of the Affordable Care Act. In the words of my friend Joe Biden:…
4 a brief time the cloud lifted in DC and a breath of fresh air blew through call Joe Biden! Reminder of who we were
"Yes, that’s right: Joe Biden the man saw a dog whose face he liked, and it was Joe Biden the dog."
"Joe Biden is a 4-month-old golden retriever who has a shock of white fur and seems… to be an extremely good boy"
Wow. News day over. Content has peaked: Joe Biden met a puppy named Biden and for a moment, the entire world stopped https…
Here's Joe Biden meeting Biden, the golden retriever that was named after him
Joe Biden calls out Trump's health care plan as a $1tr tax break, not health care for Americans
Here are the speakers for the opening ceremony of the Museum of the American Revolution.
In case your day is going badly, here's Joe Biden being licked by a golden retriever.
"I think any gentlemen would" apologize Biden told CNN... we all know 45 is not a gentleman
both are wrong. only recent time was when the so called 'Biden Rule' when Joe stopped a nominee from BUsh 41
It's simple: is a tax bill for rich people. No healthcare involved.
GOP bill is all about the tax breaks for the rich, not health care for all
but he never responded to my request to introduce him to my cat, Joe Biden Jr? smh.
Joe Biden's not biding his time in retirement. Stepped up on the Capitol steps to Go Joe!
Joe Biden: . Healthcare is a right. . GOP transferring that right to the wealthy. . That about sums it up.…
The Museum of the American Revolution has some prominent speakers slated to appear at its grand opening.…
Joe Biden met a puppy named Biden today and oh crap this is going to break the Internet via
Today, I stand with and former VP Joe Biden in celebrating the 7th anniversary of ACA https:/…
Former VP Joe Biden reacts as speakers make reference to his "BFD" comment during a rally on Capitol Hill in defens…
suggests Trump owes an apology for allegation
they held off the Garland vote for the same reason Joe Biden did it to Bush in 1992
Biden: Trump should apologize for Obama wiretap claim
Biden suggests Trump owes Obama an apology for wiretapping allegation
We’re watching former VP Joe Biden on Capitol Hill to mark 7 years since Pres. Obama signed Obamacare. Watch Live:
.says should apologize for his Obama wiretap claim: “Any gentleman would”
Ted Kennedy and Joe Biden unbelievably nasty. Sent me on road to GOP.
Joe Biden is coming out of retirement to fight the GOP health bill via
Joe Biden son is president of Ukraine largest natural gas company.
Joe Biden will join House Democrats on Capitol Hill for a rally to save Obamacare
That great Joe Biden meme that social media won't let Paul Ryan forget
wouldn't blame them; if Joe Biden's awkwardness embodied "pizzagate", then what is…
St Patrick's Day is a great time to salute great Irish Americans like John F. Kennedy, Joe Biden, and Mayor McCheese 🍀
Upon discovering the Internet's memes about him and President Obama's friendship, Joe Biden “sat there for an hour and laugh…
Former VP Joe Biden elected to succeed Jeb Bush as chair of the National Constitution Center's board of trustees.
I don't really have a witty caption but I love Joe Biden.
Joe Biden's son Beau, a former Delaware attorney general, was only 46 when he died from…
Former Vice President calls cancer 'the only bipartisan thing left in America' in speech…
So true! Cancer does not care about your political/beliefs!. Joe Biden: The fight against cancer is bipartisan
Also today, speaks at about his cancer initiative @ Connect to End Cancer
Find someone who loves you like Joe Biden loves ice cream
Looks like Joe Biden made his mark on a D.C. dive bar
He is right. Lord do I miss joe Biden.
Former VP Joe Biden calls on innovators to help stop cancer
Joe Biden at SXSW vows to work with the Trump administration on cancer
Joe Biden gives emotional speech about fighting cancer at SXSW
Joe Biden: The fight against cancer is bipartisan - CNNMoney
Joe Biden memes are my favorite brand of meme. Please send my way
Top story: Joe Biden: The fight against cancer is bipartisan - Mar. 12, 2017 see more
At former VP Joe Biden takes on cancer, the "only bipartisan thing" left
Joe Biden would have liked to be the president to end cancer
Former Vice President Joe Biden says the fight against cancer is bipartisan
Joe Biden calls for SXSW tech innovators to join cancer fight, 'the only bipartisan thing left in America'
In an emotional speech at SXSW, Joe Biden called on tech innovators to help end the scourge of cancer.
🚔MUST WATCH🚔. Watch as he swats Joe Biden's hand away from little girl. .
Wanted to vote for her in 08 because I felt she was more qualified than BHO. After Anita Hill, Joe Biden can kiss my ...
LAST NIGHT: Joe Biden weighs in on President Donald Trump's claim the media "is the enemy of the American people."
Joe Biden's son & bother's widow...9/11 widows & their NYFD helpers..What really is going on. Biblical answer...
Joe Biden has a Yugely disjunctional family!Massive debt, in-laws marrying in-laws..very juices gossip. via
Valerie Jarrett is moving in with the Obama's. Joe Biden's deceased son's wife is having an affair with his...
Hunter Biden allegedly takes his life cues from The Onion's Joe Biden
Hunter Biden, remaining son of the lecherous Joe Biden, didn't fall far from the tree! OR…
Exclusive: Widow of Joe Biden's deceased son having affair with brother-in-law Hunter Biden via
Joe Biden's daughter-in-law accused husband of blowout on drugs and prostitut
Joe Biden's son is dating his brother's widow... 😬 -- here's what you need to know about Hunter Biden
Joe Biden's dead son, Beau, had a wife. Hallie. . Hallie is now in a relationship with Beau's BROTHER Hunter. . And Joe approves. 😐
check Delaware online. Joe Biden quoted saying he supports the new relations with hunter and hallie
Joe Biden: Hunter and Hallie have my full blessing. Beau in heaven:
Joe Biden has confirmed and approved Hunter Biden's relationship with late Beau's widow, Hallie Biden.
Joe Biden releases a statement of support as it's revealed Beau Biden's widow Hallie is dating his brother Hunter
Joe Biden: Attacks on news media, courts are dangerous via
Joe Biden's son's widow is now dating his BROTHER... is this okay?
memes. Literally any Kermit meme. Joe Biden memes. Arthur memes . Kazoo kid. Would _ wear pants like this or this
So Hunter Biden leaves his "wife" n 3 daughters to be with his dead brothers wife. Dats messed up!!
Young Justin Trudeau is fire but he's no Joe Biden
Did CNN report? Hunter Biden was discharged from Navy in 2014 due to cocaine.
Biden Launch Equal Rights Nonprofit Org. Wishing VP Biden the best of luck. True American Hero! via
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Hey at least Ol'joe Biden didn't chase after daughter-in-law this time, lol
Remember Joe Biden said "God save the Queen" at electoral final vote?This is what he meant by that. Christopher Steel and…
As we mourn the death of democracy, now's the time to... Aaah it, I just need an excuse to post this AWESOME Joe Bide…
young justin trudeau and young joe biden have me considering things I never thought I would consider.
Probably the oddest story Ive heard in a while Report: Joe Biden's son, widowed daughter-n-law in love via
Report: Widow of Joe Biden's late son Beau now dating his brother
If Joe Biden is okay with it.then dammit so am I.
Beau Biden's widow is dating brother-in-law Hunter Biden with Joe's blessing: report
GOP refused work w/Democrats & especially Pres. Obama but now Demos are supposed to work with Trump. What would Joe Biden's response be
Beau Biden's brother, widow in romantic relationship Um...
Step aside young Biden. These photos prove young Justin Trudeau is who you should be hitting with a 1:37am "u up?" https:…
after a few days, I'd step down in favor of my VP, Onion Joe Biden
Joe Biden's son is dating his late brother's widow, and Joe is cool with it.
Joe Biden's son having an affair (meaning he is married to someone else) with his dead son's wife sounds about right
Hey everybody, welcome to the club! Hope you enjoy the experience of simply cybersex blast off into cybersex Joe Biden.
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👇🏻He’s the Republican candidate answer to Joe Biden in last election. I.e. would’ve won in a landslide.
Joe biden family tree has no branchs and hunter new name is uncle daddy. What a bunch of Democrats
Joe Biden slams President Trump's 'dangerous' attacks on judges and journalists
Hunter Biden is now in a relationship with brother Beau’s widow. Joe Biden offers “full and complete support.”
Anyone has seen me post knows that I am no fan of Biden or his where he stands politically. But I cannot see the...
He was murdered in a hate crime, by a man shouting "get out of my country". Srinivas Kuchibhotla was 32 years old. Why is…
Doing code reviews for my part time class & keep getting distracted reading the copy. Invite me to dinner, I'm now full of Joe Biden facts!
Joe Biden's son is marrying his dead brothers is this okay? But I shall mind my business. 🙃
Joe Biden telling it like it is for once. Who supported ISIS Joe?
Just imagine if the name was "Palin". "Beau Biden’s widow having affair with his married brother".
Very interesting !! Report: Joe Biden's son, widowed daughter-in-law in love via
I just wonder if Joe Biden is tapping her too.
'Widow of Former Vice President Joe Biden's son Beau is having an affair with his brother Hunter who has split from his wife'
Unemployed & not qualified enough to be Wal-Mart greeter, Joe Biden now aimlessly wanders parking lots taking selfies with t…
Sounds a lot like the upcoming special election for Dino Rossi's seat. Probably minus the Joe Biden appearan…
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Joe Biden started the no vote rule. He said Bush41 doesn't get a vote. Chuck Schumer said same about Bush43.
Joe Biden update:He's now charging the Secret Service rent for a cottage to protect him
Joe Biden would be a great candidate. Also, Wesley Clark
Joe Biden should totally be this generation's Mr. Rogers. Not trying to replace Mr. Roger, but Joe's that dope! All in favor, say aye!
Joe Biden is the worst Vice President we've ever had. Biden should be tried for Treason along with Obama the worst president ever
Joe Biden, Former Vice President and Syracuse alumnus, to start new job at University of Pennsylvania
The University of Pennsylvania announced on Tuesday that the Former Vice President, Joe Biden, has been named the...
"Joe Biden is one of the greatest statesmen of our times," University of Pennsylvania president Amy Gutmann
Former VP Joe Biden may not be in the White House, but he's found a new job in Washington
*Hears that Joe Biden is going to be teaching at University of Pennsylvania*. *starts writing college application essays*
Joe Biden to lead new University of Pennsylvania center
Joe Biden got a job in the University of Pennsylvania school system?. He's no Jerry Sandusky, but he has touched people, inappropriately.
Joe Biden is going to be a professor at University of Pennsylvania. I've never wanted to go back to school so badly. 😂😂
Variety ♦ Joe Biden has signed with CAA, forming a relationship designed to help the Former Vice President and his…
My dream picture is Joe Biden driving a boat while drinkin a corona and wearin a life is good tank top while Barry Obama is waterskiing
New York (NY) Post: Joe Biden has a new job . More -
Joe Biden: Former VP ended his tenure as Vice President in the perfect way
Bernie calls Joe Biden out for endorsing Perez, Mr FailedStatusQuo . CorporateDems gotta go .
I love Joe Biden but Perez 4 DNC chair is WRONG! Did progressives learn NOTHING from the 2016 shellacking?
Joe Biden endorsed Perez yesterday Bernie and his berners can KISS MY *** already kissi…
Biden is on board with for . Joe Biden backs Thomas Perez for DNC chair
Joe Biden endorses Tom Perez for DNC chair via
Pocono (PA) Record: Lawmaker wants bridge named for vet named for Joe Biden . More -
My english teacher yesterday called Joe Biden, "uncle Joe" and the "king of memes". Me:
Stupid uncle Joe Biden said Merrick Garland should not be confirmed by current senate. Are you saying he is wrong ?
The way Leslie Knope feels about Joe Biden, is the way I feel about Joe Jonas.
When Leslie Knope meets Joe Biden is how I feel when some one hands me my paycheck
Former VP Joe Biden and his wife, Jill, will launch the Biden Foundation today.
One of my favorite videos of the Obama administrator: Awarding VP Joe Biden with the Presidential Medal of Freedom
How ironic that Joe Biden created a rule that blocked Merrick Garland from being considered for SCOTUS. Thank you, Uncle Joe
.that's Joe Biden rule, if president has less than 2 yrs in 2d term. Thank your Crazy Uncle Joe.
Joe Biden surprises students at Md. school
Joe Biden still the Vice President until Mike Pence can recover from being Son'd this *** live TV.
Joe Biden was first elected to the Senate in 1972 at age 30. Somewhere a...
Can they make a reality show about Joe Biden and Barack Obama's bromance
Joe Biden returned to Delaware same way he came. Local government chairman in Nigeria will go with toilet seat, napkin, fo…
Fightin' Blue Hens band at Amtrak Station to welcome home our own Joe Biden, later at the Chase Center--200 strong!
Let's imagine that Joe Biden is pulling a John Mcclane in the White House ventilation system.
I, Michael Richard Pence, do solemnly swear that I will never be as cool as Joe Biden and may be the most boring Vice Pres…
Joe Biden warns that "the progressive democratic world order is at risk of collapse" That;s the idea, Joe.
Joe Biden is Republican platform year of America
President Obama awards Presidential Medal of Freedom with Distinction to his "brother," VP Joe Biden
Biden: "Guess what we now finally have time for". Obama: "What Joe?". Biden: "A Star Wars marathon"
Just when I thought I couldn't respect Joe Biden more
Fmr. VP Joe Biden boards the Amtrak with Dr. Jill Biden back to Delaware. 
Former Vice President Joe Biden gets emotional while speaking at his home state of Delaware
I think it's pretty safe to recognize Swedish Steve and Joe Biden are same person. NEVER SAME ROOM DID YOU EVER SEE!
WATCH: VP Biden turns to wipe away tears as Pres. Obama surprises him with the Presidential Medal of Freedom
Obama: Alright Joe, this is it... Biden: Donald better not get in my face... Obama: Joe... Biden: i'll drop that mf... Obama:…
Biden: I hid all the pens from Trump. Obama: Why, Joe?. Biden: Because he's bringing his own. Obama: ???. Biden: HE'S BRING…
BIDEN: I just texted Trump. OBAMA: Oh no, Joe. BIDEN: It was just 2 words [whispers] "urine trouble". OBAMA:
Joe Biden really left the White House on the Metro 😂 I knew he was real but got *** you can't keep it more real than that
Biden: Yo Barack, let's take one last snapchat. Obama: Ok Joe, but who are you sending it to?. Biden: America. Obama: Joe.…
Biden: What if we just don't leave, they can't make us. Obama: Joe we can't just-. Biden: Call me Rosa Parks cause I ain't…
Trump: Joe, I'd like you to say a short something at the Biden: Wow really?. Trump: Yes. Biden:
I hope Joe Biden is right now giggling as he thinks of the boobytraps he set up in the White House, like Macaulay Culki…
Joe Biden memes are great, but have you seen George W. Bush fighting a poncho? 😂😂
Barack Obama, Michelle Obama and Joe Biden are the real Holy Trinity!
Joe Biden: You made me proud. Ya did good. Barack Obama: No my friend, WE did good. Joe Biden: Friends forever?. Bara…
Mike Pence is like the evil mirror world version of Joe Biden
What if after the inauguration trump took off his mask and it was Joe Biden 😂
well that's it: Joe Biden is now a "Former Vice President" just like Walter Mondale, Dan Quayle, Abe Vigoda, Rip Taylor, Refrigerator Perry
I'd like to think Joe Biden spent all of last night changing all the toilet paper in the White House to single ply.
BREAKING NEWS: Barack Obama & Joe Biden have barricaded themselves inside the Oval Office & are refusing to leave
"There is one prominent Democrat who can match Trump blow for blow...It’s time to unleash Joe Biden."
God looks out for drunken Irishmen and the United States of America - thank you Joe Biden
Even more tragic. Joe Biden will no longer be Vice President. Ugh.
Joe Biden used his final speech as Vice President to get harsh on Russia – Yahoo News
In a beautiful piece by on the man everybody in America loves — vice-president Joe Biden.
Joe Biden takes aim at Vladimir Putin in his final 48 hours as Vice President
Have you considered resigning today so that Joe Biden can be president for a day?
Joe Biden was worried he couldn't afford his son's cancer treatment. Obama offered to pay for it.
"I am Vice President of the United States for 48 more hours. Then I can start saying what I really think!" Joe Biden jokes…
Joe Biden saw the lights go out on him as he mentioned US “leadership” during his last major speech as Vice President in Davos, Switzerland
Former Us Vice President Joe Biden in Kyiv: US will continue to support Ukraine
Joe Biden's last speech at in Davos as US Vice President
Joe Biden's last major speech as Vice President in full vía
Special Address by Joe Biden, Vice President of the United States - 2017 World Economic Forum - Davos Switzerland
Joe Biden launches stinging attack on the top one per cent
Too late for Joe Biden to launch stinging attack on richest 1% in last speech as US Vice President - The Independent
Joe Biden - a most unusual and effective Vice President.
Joe Biden warns of Russian plot to "collapse liberal international order" in last major address as Vice President
President Obama surprised Joe Biden with the Medal of Freedom today.
There is hope in the fight against cancer, says Joe Biden. Read more:
I said . "Joe Biden is the Ted Baxter of the Obama administration." . And was heartbroken after remembering no one would get my reference.
VP Joe Biden meets with Ukraine's president, calls on Trump to retain Ukraine-related sanctions against Russia
BOOM! Fugitive Ukrainian MP Onishchenko: US Department of Justice was questioning me in depth about Joe Biden business deal…
Hey there's always hope-maybe she can get her own show on CNN like serial plagiarizer Fareed Zakaria or become VP like Joe Biden!
Huh! Joe Biden did the same but went on to become the Vice President. Fareed Zakaria too, he now works at Clinton…
Joe Biden has never had an original thought!!!
No disrespect to Charles Schulz's work, but Joe Biden is the original Joe Cool and no one can convince me otherwise.
Hunter Biden,son of VP Joe Biden,in April 2014 joined the Board of Directors of Burisma Holdings one of the largest…
Trump: Move Joe. I have a country to run. Biden: What's the password?. Trump: I don't know. Biden: Losers says what.. Trump:…
OBAMA: I award you the Medal of Freedom, Joe. BIDEN: IMMA EAT IT RIGHT NOW. OBAMA: It's not a chocolate medal-. BIDEN:…
Biden: wow this is like a black belt huh. Obama: no it's the presidential medal of free- ya know what, yeah joe, it's…
Joe Biden would be proud of me right now
Vice President Joe Biden has a message for the next President: "Grow up, Donald."
Lessons in friendship from Joe Biden & Barack Obama
*inauguration day, Trump taking oath of office*. Joe Biden *runs and grabs mic* "Trump imma let you finish but Obama had the be…
Fitting Biden awarded Presidential Medal of Freedom. His work, & their friendship are lessons to us all
Biden: Aw man I let my balloon go. Obama: Joe, im busy... Biden: But I liked that one. Obama: I'll get you a new one. Biden:…
I'm guessing Joe Biden would be happy to go along with it. You just know he's a prankster at heart
Just when I thought I could not adore Joe Biden more.
Just when I though Joe Biden I couldn't respect Joe Biden more
Going from Joe Biden to Mike Pence is like going from an iPhone to two soup cans tied together with a string.
Select Miche Styles are 50% off - MONDAY ONLY!
Biden: *whispers* not Slytherin...not Slytherin. Obama: Joe, this isn't-. Biden: ...not Slytherin... Obama: you know what…
Obama: Joe, can you can us some Pizza?. Biden: I’ll get the biggest one. Obama: No, just get a med-
Joe Biden, surprised with Medal of Freedom, sparks one last meme - CNET
Biden was going to sell his home to afford his son's cancer care—until Obama stopped him "I'll give you the money" https:/…
Obama: Joe, I got you something. Biden: Is it an ice cream cone?. Obama: It's the Presidental Medal of Freedom... Bid…
VP Joe to visit this week on the cusp of DJT inauguration. Important reminder of what truly matters to…
"It's time to leave, Joe.". BIDEN: IMMA WIN A STUFFED DOG FROM THE CLAW GAME. "We don't have 50 cents to play it, so-". BI…
Maybe an odd question but what will VP Joe Biden be doing once he steps down being Vice-President? Have no idea.
I got mixed feelings on Obama, that's no secret. But God *** I will miss Joe Biden.
biden: im honored u entrusted me w this but i dont know how to get to Mordor. obama: joe ur not-- u know what i dont either bu…
Story of Joe Biden, something that Malaysian leaders should look at
All I ever want in life is to be Joe Biden's best friend
I bet on Mike Pence's *** daughter that Joe Biden's last words to Obama before they leave the White House will be "Sta…
.Joe Biden is daddy, but this Joseph R. Biden Jr. fellow sounds like an *** Gosh, I hope they…
Find someone who loves you as much as Barack Obama loves his country, his family and Joe Biden.
Barack Obama and Joe Biden get the 'Shawshank' ending they deserve – Mashable
IMAGE: Joe Biden in 1969. At the time, Barack Obama was eight years old.
We all want the same thing --. to be loved the way Barack Obama loves Joe Biden.
Medal of Freedom to Joe Biden who has been a dedicated public servant. Tragic that Unworthy Pence is stepping into his plac…
Thank you Joe Biden for showing us what a public servant should be.
Pres. Obama reflects on Michelle Obama, Joe Biden and more. This will probably make you cry ... 😔
Joe Biden receiving the 'Medal of Freedom' off Barack Obama is better with the Titanic music...
Joe Biden and Paul Ryan: The State of the Union&odd couple
.Joe Biden on relationship with "He and I have been through a’s been a great ride."
Joe Biden fights back tears as President Obama surprises him with the Medal of Freedom
Crying 😢 // Joe Biden and Barrack Obama 'bromance' ends in tears and laughter
The relationship between Barack Obama & Joe Biden almost looks like, but not really, that between myself & Mark Zuckerberg. I call him Zuck😐
Despite over 40yrs of service & great personal losses, Presidential Medal of Freedom recipient Joe Biden never grew jaded…
Just wanted to take a moment to congratulate !!! Joe Biden is a good man whether you are a or
Remember that time Joe Biden absolutely slayed Paul Ryan in the VP debate?.
And if you want to see what Joe Biden said in return, his speech is on this longer clip. America, you had the greats https:…
.Joe Biden: "Michelle is the finest first lady in my view that has ever served in the office "
During a surprise tribute, Joe Biden tearfully accepted the Presidential Medal of Freedom from President Obama this afternoo…
"To know Joe Biden is to know love without pretense, service without self-regard, and to live life fully." —honoring…
Trump is mad Obama gave the Presidential Medal of Freedom to Joe Biden, cause Trump had that medal earmarked for Julian ***
Barack Obama and Joe Biden seal 'bromance' with surprise Medal of Freedom for tearful Vice President
of the just went on can called Joe Biden "the first black Vice President."
So can Joe Biden run for President next term and Obama be his Vice President? This is a serious question.
“In many ways, Joe Biden was the first black Vice President. He rode shotgun with Obama.” – CNN commentator . 😂
"Joe Biden the first black Vice President" 😂
VP Joe Biden humbly accepts Medal of Freedom: "I don't deserve this, but I know it came from the president’s heart."
Barack Obama describes Joe Biden as 'the finest vice-president we have ever seen' and a 'lion of American history'.
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