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Joe Biden

Joseph Robinette Joe Biden, Jr. (born November 20, 1942) is the 47th and current Vice President of the United States, jointly elected with President Barack Obama.

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All victims' bodies still not recovered and Hillary Clinton, Joe Biden, Elizabeth Warren kick into typical anti-gun stan…
Someone was giving me eyes in wawa and I was like okay. But I am off the market I love Joe Biden and Cate Blanchett only
Idk why more people aren't talking about how Joe Biden looks like Hershel Greene.
Joe Biden is back & he's pumped up for Doug Jones of Alabama. Nothing better than a fired up supporting
Joe Biden idea works.Kurds deserve a statehood.Nice hardworking people.Se (a)Reddy pleads for the world to allow pe…
We miss you as our President and Joe Biden as Vice President.
Please god, let Joe Biden run for president with "Michelle as Vice", which is basically a dog whistle for "Obama as…
Prince Harry brought Barack Obama and Joe Biden to the Invictus Games.
Hillary Clinton, Joe Biden, Barack Obama and Prince Harry are all in a Toronto. Avengers-style meeting with Trudeau to t…
Joe Biden is such a wonderful and all around swell guy
Joe Biden says Hillary Clinton was not a 'great candidate' via
It's 1:48am and I'm close to tears... Why is Joe Biden the puppy dog of humans?! 😭❤️❤️
that's funny Biden trying to look tough but we know after 8yrs Obama is a coward n Joe is a pushy with Obama hand up his ***
Imagine how fantastic life would be if those joe biden memes were still crackin
The only reason Biden gets away with getting with handsy women is he has a (D) after his name.
You can thank and Joe Biden. You are welcome. SMH
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Ok but Joe Biden has to be the coolest VP ever
AIDE: Joe Biden contrived wardrobe malfunction to distract from shameful cannibalism kerfuffle
Inspired by this essay from about the continuing efforts of to make colleges safer for all.
Classy alright,so Joe Biden is one of your own? ...seeing as ye couldn't claim Sam Maguire or Brendan Martin,that's ok then 😉
Hey everybody, welcome to the club! Hope you enjoy the experience of simply cybersex blast off into cybersex Joe Biden
Don't tell me what you value, show me your budget, and I'll tell you what you value.” --Joe Biden
"And that's where Joe Biden and Barack Obama held hands and talked about their dreams." 😂😂😂
QUICK! help help help can someone buy this for me
Barack waves to Malia a final time from across Harvard's campus. He squints, seeing something in the distance. *Joe Biden d…
By the way, Joe Biden makes podcasts now:
And is the same Joe Biden were praising who creepily flirted with every woman and little girl he's e…
Watch Joe Biden give an endless hug to Hillary Clinton via
Biden: You know he needs an official gov't phone right? Imma give him a Note 7. Obama: But Joe, don't those. Biden: Exa…
Joe Biden to Julia Louis-Dreyfus: “We Veeps stick together. Jill and I, and all of the Bidens, are with you, Julia." https…
Former advisor to Hillary Clinton and Joe Biden, Jake Sullivan, speaking event today in Dublin.
And yet somehow, that's exactly what Joe Biden did, amirite
Joe Biden leads the way for Democrats with 31% to 24% for Bernie Sanders, and 16% for Elizabeth Warr…
Ben helping Leslie meet VP Joe Biden is the equivalent to my future husband helping me meet Rupert Grint 😂😍
any of Sherrod Brown, Eliz Warren, Joe Biden at a minimum
HHS Sec Tom Price took a chartered jet from DC to Philly. As VP, Joe Biden would take the train to Delaware
Joe Biden jumps in to help Democrats win Alabama Senate seat ➡️ by
Joe Biden endorsing Doug Jones for US Senate. in Birmingham - OCT…
So petty. Did you say the same about Bill Clinton, *** Cheney, Joe Biden, Ber…
Exactly my thinking. Bernie runs as an independent, Joe Biden runs in the primaries as…
I thought he meant boobs like Joe Biden or Gov Jerry Brown.
The fact that Joe Biden once plagiarised a speech from Neil Kinnock makes me like him even more.
.has held in talks in Dublin with former US vice-president Joe Biden -
Joe Biden pulls a George Bush Senior, calls for 'new world order' during speech -
I just want Joe Biden and Urban Meyer to be my *** dads, is that too much to ask?
Hillary Clinton: "If [Joe Biden] wants to run in the future, he can do that."
VP Joe Biden reacts to President Obama calling him the "best decision" he made as a nominee
He would have been the stupidist VP since crazy Joe Biden.
He did poorly behind Clinton's real dem. Joe Biden will destroy Bernie.
Joe Biden on what he would have wanted in his presidency. 👏
Biden's daughter says he's mulling 2020 run
Joe Biden's daughter says she thinks the former VP is considering a 2020 run
'We refuse to go backwards': Biden blasts DeVos' rollback of Obama-era sexual assault policy https…
Joe Biden’s Daughter Says She Hopes He Runs in 2020 via only conservatives
And Biden wrote the bill. Three white guys actually made it real (Bill, Joe & Bernie), but the woman l…
"We are living through a battle for the soul of this nation." writes on Charlottesville and its aftermath: https:…
Computer generated image of Joe Biden today vs. Joe Biden on Inauguration day 2020
Women better remember Biden's track record w/ Anita Hill & this link. He's trying to coast on Obama…
Joe biden says Betsy DeVos' Title IX announcement is 'a step in the wrong direction' vi…
Joe Biden's daughter says the ex-Vice President is considering a 2020 run
Biden's daughter on whether he'll run in 2020: "Yeah, I think he is considering it.".
Neither has Joe Biden...look up Anita Hill and this:.
Barack Obama and Joe Biden will take on Trump and try to save humanity in the animated 'Barry & Joe'
No different than Biden...don't buy into his BS either, women.
*** it would be awesome 2have this buffoon Booby Biden run against POTUS. We would C a thrashing wors…
Oh, let's not forget this either, women:.
I am so sure ANITA HILL will be pleased w/ what Joe didn't do for her. Biden is a fraud trying to coast on Obama's…
Joe Biden Just Said He Would Run for President in 2020 but He Wouldn't Commit to It He Would Be 77 at the timeTh...
Do it Joe. It's what you've always wanted. It's within grasp. For gods sake Joe, run. Your country is calling. Be all the…
Home of DuPont, Joe Biden, Dover Air Force Base, and some nice beaches . . . that's about it.
"Unions did in fact build the middle class... That built the United States of America as we know it." -Joe Biden
I have seen some of his "behind the scenes" he's just as slick and old Willy Clinton. Have you seen Joe Biden's? 😂
Im thinking Joe Biden and Michelle Obama or Kamala Harris and Joe Kennedy
I love Joe Biden. . Some people have "celebrity boyfriends." I apparently have a celebrity grandpa.
Joe Biden says what we're all thinking...
Joe Biden is such a mistake, I don't want to blow out someones speakers with my arnold voice so it'll have to do
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Fun fact: Joe Biden is originally from Scranton, Pennsylvania. Along with Michael Scott, Jim Halpert, Pam Beesly, and Dwight K. Schrute.
Leave her alone. She is the gift that keeps giving. She makes Joe Biden look like Albert Einstein.
Soros personally has made campaign contributions to such notable political candidates as Joe Biden, Barbara Boxer, Sherrod Brown,
in cash, how much ended up in Joe Biden's account
An admirable admission & frank assessment of the horror of this president but get Joe Biden's name out of your mouth
Hillary Clinton, J podesta, Loretta Lynch, James Comey, J. McCain L.Graham, Joe Biden, you don't have to be…
I'm so glad we have Mike Pence as and not Joe Biden, when he wasn't sleeping he was always putting his…
Barack Obama the Antichrist (Judas), Joe Biden & Hillary Clinton are all worried about Vladimir Put…
To quote Joe Biden, this is a BFD, Big F'ing Deal.
Dems seemed to have a lot of worthy candidates in the farm system: Deval Patrick, Kamala Harris, Joe Biden,...
Joe Biden still wants to be president. Can his family endure one last campaign?. PERHAPS THE ADULT OUR COUNTRY NEEDS.
You mean like Joe Biden? Respect the office for what it is, and gi…
I confused John McCain and Joe Biden, but in my defense they look exactly the same.
Joe Biden has been ignored by the academy awards for too long he deserves his oscar
"Two years of community college should become as free and as universal as high school is today." —Joe Biden
Leo Gerard quoting Joe Biden "Malarkey" regarding some of the ideas being discussed on this show.
Joe Biden is trending. What 7 year old is he he molesting now?
Joe Biden bringing book tour to Nashville...
Honestly, your mcm isn’t going to top Pres. Obama giving Joe Biden the Medal of Freedom, so whatever.
And that year's JJ keynote was Julian Castro. Is he as big of a fundraising draw as Joe Biden? Gue…
Monday morning and I'm sitting crying at the video of Obama giving Joe Biden the medal of freedom
Senator John McCain to be awarded Liberty Medal for a 'lifetime of sacrifice and service' by Joe Biden
Who better to bestow the honor but Joe Biden. Excellent. Welcome home Senator McCain... welcome home.
Senator John McCain to receive the Liberty Medal. Former VP Joe Biden to award at October Ceremony in Philadelphia…
My most fervent prayer is that he not succeed Susan Collins, Elizabeth Warren, Joe Biden, Howard Dean, Elliot…
“Joe Biden arrives in Tokyo: will he stay?
1. Joe Biden was a senator from here . 2. The capital is Dover
Yes. Joe Biden rode it home every day when he was a Senator.
It's because Joe Biden was their senator.
Senator now you have something in common with John Podesta & Joe Biden
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Joe Biden is 75 but he can still get it.
How did I miss this gem from Uncle Joe?
Joe Biden majored in history. That is all.
I think someone should do a side by side of Trump saying, "Nice smile" on one side, and Joe…
MSM helps Dem Establishment push polls for 2020 that don't include
compared me to Joe Biden today. Today was a good day
so Migos can fight Joe Biden and everyone supports it but I fight another dad at Chuck E. Cheese and I'm "banned forever" and…
Do you think fmr VP Joe Biden will possibly decide to run for the Dem Presidential Nomination in 2020…
Was on the phone with Maad talking about Migos and Joe Budden ;I been calling Joe Budden,Joe Biden all night & Naisha is geeked off that 😂😂😭
joe biden nearly had to do jury duty I see
I hope one day someone loves me as much as Joe Biden loves ice cream
Don't forget they are child rapists also.
Remember that you and your boss made sweet love with Iranian thugs...after failing to assist the Iranian p…
Note that when Joe Biden dropped names of Al Qaeda's state sponsors, he specified the UAE and not Qatar:
Meanwhile, Joe Biden gropes women and kisses little girls. disgusting.
I've been in this town 40 yrs. How u succeed in this town..never promise anything u can't deliver. Never. . Joe Biden to Al Franken in 2009
God I love Joe Biden. Always have. Always will. True love lasts a lifetime.
There has to be something terribly wrong with Joe Biden. He gropes young girls with the par…
How many outrage stories did NBC do over Uncle Joe Biden pawing over multiple women in public over the years?
Fundraising Mr Trump so sad. You will never win a second term,Joe Biden is going to beat you so bad in the…
Claire DeMatteis, former senior counsel to Sen. Joe Biden, will be the temporary special assistant for the Department o…
📷 spyroflame0487: If you see this image while scrolling it means you have seen the Joe Biden of...
Watch Joe Biden's heartbreaking - yet inspiring - reflections on losing his son to cancer
Joe Biden & Dr. Jill Biden announce new venture to make progress in cancer prevention, detection, treatment, & care!
Jill and Joe Biden: We're changing how we fight cancer
Wale is so well known and loved the President had him personally perform for him and Joe Biden loves him
Joe Biden still showing that he is Vice President Bada$$! (And that is with two dollar signs instead of S's)
The greatest gift we could receive, IMHO, would be if Joe Biden ran for President in 2020.
Joe Biden the worst Vice President of all time
Joe Biden is not giving up any of his salary and he wants a couple of months advance and a gas card,…
I have never been as proud of Joe Biden as I am right now. 🙆👏👍 Way to go, Vice President Biden!
Vice President Joe Biden almost sold his house for his kid's cancer treatment
Joe Biden is a relatable man who would actually be a president that's good for this country, IMO. 🇺🇸
Joe Biden is too *** old to be president, Clyde. It's wise to pick a candidate who won't die in office.
Given all the strife, it would be wonderful to have a nice, decent president like either Mitt Romney or Joe Biden.
Joe Biden is too old to run for President
Joe Biden turned around to wipe tears from his eyes after President Obama surprised him with the Presidential Medal of Freedo…
I miss President Obama.. but I really miss Joe Biden.. he's pure gold!
I definitely wouldn't mind having Joe Biden sit as president for a while. That would make everyday a *** of a lot…
Joe Biden gets into tense exchange with billionaire Bill Ackman: Former Vice President Biden got into……
I say Joe Biden for president we need a strong democratic candidate we can get behind and you sir, is that man! Please save us
I hope and pray Joe Biden runs for president in 2020... could you run as Vice President? Would you want to? Hope so!
Don't leave your children alone with Joe Biden . Period .
Joe Biden to LGBTI community: Hold Trump accountable on friendship pledge
Joe Biden gropes kids,yet you say Trump is heartless ?
being objected by on Joe Biden quickly cuts microphone of cryb…
Report: Joe Biden explodes at controversial hedge fund manager over comment on son Beau’s death…
Joe Biden had an emergency visit to his proctologist. Seems he didn't understand how phone sex works.
Love you, Joe Biden. Thank you for being a champion of ordinary people!
Such disrespect to such a great man by such a small minded person who lik…
🤔 but he did win Vice President job..back before that position was filled by…
Obama:*sits down and whoopee cushion makes fart noise* what th- JOE. Biden:*tears in his eyes, points at trump* HE WAS SU…
Ukraine is a victim of Barack Obama & Joe Biden. It was considered the safest country in east Europe until the coup…
Joe Biden smacks down Bill Ackman at private event hosted by
Oh puhlease. Creepy Joe needs to STFU and go away.
Good man & dad Joe Biden - “Look, I don't know who you are, wiseass, but never disrespect the memory of my dead son”
Joe Biden was very vocal about this. Look it up. It is a fact.
Hillary "hello little girl let me introduce you to John podesta & joe Biden. And remember you are very valuable little girl
Billionaire Trump fan heckles Joe Biden and mocks his pain from the death of his son - to Joe's face. . Disgusting sign of t…
OMG.Could it be true?The Dems may put up our Dream candidate for the presidency 2020? Joe Biden? Yes yes please dims please.Go With Joe. GWJ
Joe Biden’s beef with Bill Ackman sparks heated exchange and presidential chatter
Joe Biden reportedly got into a tiff with financier Bill Ackman, called him a 'wiseass'
I doubt that Ackman intended to offend Joe Biden. His comment was well said. B…
‘Who is this assh*le?’: Joe Biden blasts hedge funder who heckled him during public moment of grief for son
Good for you, Joe: Joe Biden shuts down ‘wiseass’ billionaire Bill Ackman
That's what I'm talking about?!? See, because what you won't do is disrespect Joe Biden?!
Joe Biden the VP did that get your facts straight
Bill Ackman heckled Joe Biden, and it didn't end well for Ackman via
Is it legal for Obama to become VP and Joe Biden to become president for 8 more years?
im against having another old white man as president but if Joe Biden just so happens to run in the 2020 election I may h…
Our not very bright Vice President, Joe Biden, just stated that I had to knock out 16 very good man.
Joe Biden, I love you. It's OK Jill, I am happily married, but your husband is a light in these challenging times.
VP Joe Biden blows a kiss to wife Dr. Jill Biden, in recognition of her work for veterans at - WATCH:
Joe Biden is really out here, fam. He probably was listening to 2 chainz on the way there
Joe Biden is out here hella smooth with it
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I love Joe Biden and I don't know what was said between him & Romney but reminded: Democrats have a woman named
Comments: Guess who former VP Joe Biden wants to run for Senate in Utah: Mitt Romney | The Salt Lake Tribune
Joe Biden encourages Mitt Romney to run for senate in Utah.
Joe Biden knows Team Trump's dirt is enough to make Orrin Hatch President & is encouraging​ Mitt Romney to run to repla…
Joe Biden wants Mitt Romney to run for the Senate: Report
Mitt Romney is getting encouragement to run for Senate in 2018 from an unlikely source: Joe Biden htt…
Sad to say Joe Biden diminishing Hillary as he hangs out with Mitt Romney. Who gains from that?
Joe Biden without Obama's appointment as Vice President, Joe would be just another haggard, washed up…
I'd like to hear Joe Biden plead guilty for his role in the $20 trillion national credit card fraud scheme
seeing Joe Biden destroy and mock Paul Ryan during the Vice Presidential debate was one of the greatest moments ever.
Former VP Joe Biden to start political action committee. "This is a time for big dreams and American possibilities."
Worst political move ever. . And blaming Hillary & Obama for not doing enough for the middle class is just Trumpian. .
Why isn't Joe Biden more visible right now when there's so much to say?
remember when Joe Biden said, "You got the first mainstream African-American who is articulate and bright and clean and a ni…
Go back to woods, seriously blue dog Dem would never ever vote for you.. Joe Biden would have campaign in PA,WI, MI
Joe Biden is creating a PAC to help Democrats win elections
Joe Biden slams Hillary Clinton They are turning on each other... too funny!!
Part of me thinks the party needs to rely on new faces/voices to advance the progressive message, part of me effing loves Joe…
Former VP Joe Biden to launch new political action committee, fueling speculation about a potential 2020 bid:
Dear . You are telling jokes that were Joe Biden memes 5 months ago! I still love you but step your…
Biden to Create a Political Action Committee, a Possible Signal for 2020 GO JOE
Is new PAC Joe Biden's last act in politics or first step toward 2020?
Joe Biden will start his own political action committee: a possible signal for 2020
NYT: Joe Biden is planning to unveil a PAC Thursday, the most concrete sign yet he's still considering a W.H. run. https:…
JUST OUT!! Joe Biden is creating a political action committee, but won't say if he's running for president:
The former Vice President is launching a new political action committee Thursday that will keep him involved in...
Former Vice President Joe Biden to announce PAC signalling he might be ready for 2020 run
And take Mitt. and crazy old uncle Joe Biden. With her
hey mustache maybe you want Joe Biden crazy Uncle Joe look at the DNC leaders terrible used to be a Democrat independent now
Respectfully, why is no one advising Joe Biden to get out of the way? Or Bernie Sanders? Why is it always women rec…
Laptop insurance - because accidents happen!
Joe Biden and Bill Clinton and Barack Obama and Bernie Sanders and Michael Moore have said the same thing. Ar…
There better be a similar column calling for Barack Obama, Joe Biden & Bernard Sanders to step back. Oh there isnt? K…
Sad to see Joe Biden go down the path that made Sanders the most popular politician in America
Sad to see Joe Biden go down the destructive Sanders path of attacking Dems for not prioritizing one kind of voter.
*looks for articles telling Bernie Sanders, Joe Biden, or Barack Obama to get out of the way*. *finds none*. *yawns*
Another liberal wasted his commencement speech bashing Trump this time "Pedo" uncle crazy" Joe Biden
Joe Biden is like your crazy uncle. Amusing, but not taken seriously.
Former VP Joe Biden made a surprise visit to the NEWLA Awards dinner last night w/ htt…
Joe Biden once told a group of mostly black audience During the 2012 campai…
Speaking of pedophilia...check out Joe Biden:
Joe Biden's Clinton 'diss' wasn't so bad -
Wanted: US District Attorneys!. 1 for Hillary . 1 for Clinton Foundation . 1 for Joe Biden. 1 for John Kerry. 1 for Tarmack B…
Joe Biden slams Hillary 👉 Says "I NEVER Thought she was the right candidate"
Joe Biden slams Hillary . Sweden drop the case against Julian Assange. Anthony Weiner turned himself in t…
Joe Biden is getting his own ice cream flavor at Cornell University. How popular do you think News Centre has to...
This is a non-story but typical of the swill they call news these days. Heck, if Joe Biden was not being all that...
Joe Biden 'outed' Seal Team Six as the group who killed bin Laden~Which 'group' wa…
Joe Biden revealed the identities of Seal Team Six. Most of congress are the enemy of the American people. Trump needs to make heads roll.
I wish I could be friends with Joe Biden
Diamond Joe will get Democratic Party's first award
Heard in apartment:. "Eye contact!Arm touching! They're in love!". "I'm reading about Joe Biden's ice cream flavor, calm down!"
I think of Joe Biden what LBJ did of Gerry Ford-- too dumb to fart and chew gum at the same time.
"Yes, Obama left the traditional note in the desk drawer that read: 'Don't Fire the FBI Director!', but I, uh, took it. He…
ok but i miss joe biden eating ice cream a whole lot can he pls come back and talk about his favorite flavors again I Will Pay
a Ukraine-American magnate, a la, Joe Biden's kid, CEO over there in Russkieville? how'd THAT happen?
Former Vice President Joe Biden seems to really love a good ice cream cone.
Opinion | Joe Biden: Americans must stand with LGBT people around the world
Joe Biden is finally getting his own ice cream flavor
Joe Biden is getting a signature ice cream flavor and I'm really emotional right now.
do realize anyone can write a memo of anything...who collaborates what was actually said. I…
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Joe Biden's ice cream flavor should be called 'Cup A Joe'
page 1 entry 2. I reported the sexual harassment to VP Joe Biden. Needless to say... who do I report VP to fo…
With obama , joe biden, John Kerry and mrs. Michelle / but tje rest of these democrats need to chill n rolla L
Connelly: Poll shows Biden would crush Trump in an election - Ex-Vice President Joe Biden would crush President...
Just a reminder: I seem to recall Joe Biden outing Seal Team Six at a public event before that information had been declass…
How can you not love Joe Biden?. Or, rather... How can you not love how much Joe Biden loves ice cream?
The 2nd grader I nanny asked why my phone background is a bunch of pictures of Joe Biden w the caption "weapons of mas…
Joe Biden & Obama? The pizzagaters who created the Russian hoax with the help of Warren Flood?
Will Joe Biden eating Cornell Dairy Ice Cream when he's on campus May 27th?
⚡️ “Joe Biden is getting his own flavor of ice cream”.
Joe Biden, John Kerry, McCain & Victoria Nuland all met with neo nazis in Kiev o…
What about Al Gore? Ted Kennedy? Jimmy Carter? Jesse Jackson? Joe Biden? All of them had failed presidential bids.
2020- Problem x Democrats, base is growing younger, their leading hopefuls: Joe Biden, Warren, Hillary, Sanders, will all be in the 70's
Joe Biden. If you think misogyny is too strong and obviously w…
You are. Hopefully we get Gavin Newsome / Joe Biden vs. Berine
domain names
I wouldn't discount Joe Biden. People dismiss him as too old, but I'm not so sure. Could easily see W…
That law you talking about was drafted by Jack Brooks and Joe Biden
'Day of shame': Hillary Clinton and Joe Biden slammed the GOP for passing health care bill.
Wait: Joe Budden and Joe Biden ain't the same people?. Is this gonna be like the time I found out Joe Slovo wasn't black?
Joe Biden and Dr. David Agus talk cancer initiative, impact of budget cuts. Read more:
Barack Obama is 'ready' to return to politics, Joe Biden says
I went with Elizabeth Warren because Joe Biden says he isn't running!! Would LOVE to have him!
Joe Biden quickly put any rumors about a possible presidential bid in 2020 to rest
Susan, who is Joe Biden's former Chief of Staff is the ONLY woman that is a Democrat on a statewide ballot in 2017 htt…
I look forward to pointing out every day how Joe Biden is an uninspiring choice who just isn't that likable & thinks he'…
Joe Biden disappoints a crowd in New Hampshire when he announces he is not running for President >>
*whispers* Love of Joe Biden and distrust of Hillary is a clear example of misogynist double standards right in front of our v…
I will work around the clock to get Joe Biden elected president
Joe Biden's beloved. Current pres can't go 2these things -knows he'd get no luv at public events it's Y he sticks2 cur…
Everyone needs to listen to Joe Biden's powerful speech about campus sexual assault
Update your maps at Navteq
At Verizon Center "Born in the USA" comes on the PA & then Joe Biden sitting courtside comes on the screen. 2…
Joe Biden booed after saying he won't run for president in 2020
Joe Biden said "Guys, a woman who's dead drunk cannot consent. You are raping her." Not sur…
"My name is Joe Biden and I am Jill's husband." Joe Biden takes the stage in NH >
Joe would kick your overfed orange ***
Sushi, tequila, coffee, peonies, self-esteem, Joe Biden, an AM34 jersey, proof that Jordie Benn has been reunited w his dog, & a boyfriend.
Former Vice President Joe Biden is back in New Hampshire as Democrats already eye 2020
Say what you mean & mean what you say. Living by the power of example would define you. - Joe Biden
Dust you know in your heart Joe Biden loves this country more than the guy voted for does
Have a song you want to hear at Senior Ball? Request it here!
Sanders and Trump have the energy of someone half their age. Joe Biden looks and sounds like he's about to die.
Joe Biden choked up, thanked supporters for helping him through tragedy: "So many of you were so good to our Beau."
“Guys, a woman who’s dead drunk cannot consent. You are raping her." Joe Biden doesn't mince words in a powerful speech to college…
Joe Biden and his staff have been planning a strategic timeline in the event he decides to run for president again
Joe Biden can help build up the Democratic Party that Barack Obama and he let die for eight years. I'm over the lec…
Just became a huge fan of Jared Bernstein. Seems when smart people work for Joe Biden they're effective @ pushback…
The following people should be guests. - Bill Maher. - Jeffery Dean Morgan. - George Takai. - Kit Harrington. - Joe Biden . - Alec Sulkin
Yes, Joe Biden has the answer. Accepts the Catholic Church view as his own, yet emb…
Joe Biden hit Donald Trump in the head, Michael Bloomberg drug the body off stage... And Barack just set it on fire. L…
ik the meme is dead but young Joe Biden could get it
Joe Biden reminds men just how important they are in the fight against sexual assault
Joe Biden, the 47th Vice President of the United States, will deliver the annual Class Day address on May 24th
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