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Joe Beninati

Joe Beninati (born November 14, 1965) is the television play-by-play announcer for the National Hockey League's Washington Capitals.

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I like Joe Beninati's national call, but his tendency to refer to Caps players by their first names during local games is grating.
Joe Beninati is a elite broadcaster
Really surprised they didn't take the CSN-MA feed with Joe Beninati as PXP
Congrats to Joe Beninati, who appears to be wearing a suit jacket made out of several of my grandma's old dish towe…
I'm not use to these announcers for the I need Joe Beninati & Craig Laughlin...No offense to these guys tho.
I don't really like these announcers for the game !! I need Joe Beninati and Craig Laughlin.
Caps play-by-play man Joe Beninati has a voice for hock... via
"John Carlson drives a spike right through the Flyers' chest!" is such an awesome call by Joe Beninati
It's a shame Joe Beninati is stuck with this clown because he's actually a good announcer.
Ah, the joys of the local TV broadcast. Very happy hearing Joe Beninati & Craig Laughlin instead.
*radio John Walton, TV Joe Beninati, and none of this matters bc u guys suck
I have Joe Beninati's OH NO from the other night saved for whenever it may be needed.
Joe Beninati has been calling Caps games since 1994. Not sure how one roots for the Caps w/o having heard of him.
Joe Beninati's "OH NO!" call of the long distance goal on Steve Mason works for so many things:.
Ah, Joe Beninati. He's all over channels. Does stuff on ESPNU/BTN. He calls some Terps' hoops games on BTN. Stick to college?
I need that Joe Beninati OH NO as a sound file ASAP.
The only thing worse than that Mason goal was hearing Joe Beninati call it
What are your thoughts on Joe Beninati?
Hearing Joe Beninati call an Alex Ovechkin goal is a good thing in hockey broadcasting IMO
Joe Beninati just stole your patented "OH NO" in the Caps / Flyers game!
Great hearing Joe Beninati on the call for Wash/Phi. Great play by play man.
Thanks for nothing I can stand games being pushed to But I draw the line at Joe Beninati.
Great. We get the Caps call. So Joe Beninati. Fantastic. This day is just lovely.
Sweet! Yeah if that's the case, it'll be Joe Beninati on the call, same guy who did Pitt/Iowa on BTN this year. Great PxP guy.
Joe Beninati is awful.."Nash cross checks but not called...great 8 has puck..held but no call" please
Joe Beninati and Craig Laughlin should die they are so annoying
How tf can you not like Joe Beninati
At 8:33 a.m, play-by-play man Joe Beninati on playoff series. Listen at 103.5 FM or online:
Ugh seriously? Joe Beninati makes me want to hurl things at my TV.
Trapped in an elevator with Joe Beninati. He is providing play by play.
joe beninati is the caps guy. Yeah Edwards is awful too
Breast Cancer Awareness
I think Joe Beninati and Craig Laughlin should still do play-by-play tonite of something...snow plows on DC streets, folks at 7-11...
Joe Beninati said this to start the third period: "Evgeny Kuznetsov's blossoming into a world class playmaker." High praise from Joe B.
Joe Beninati and Craig Laughlin Ham it up with Fan Club
The textbook give and go. Dazzling it was, Joe Beninati.
Props to Joe Beninati for actually explaining why fans are booing Kane.
Caps broadcaster Joe Beninati is universally known as Joe B
BIG THANKS to Joe Beninati, Paul Henderson, Sam Rosen & for their time on THS tonight!
Today's Line up Inside the Lockerroom. On ESPN 980:. Joe Beninati voice of the Caps. Mark Zuckerman. Nats Insider...
Joe Beninati of dishes to on the luxury residences at 515 Highline (via
HELP! Joe Beninati out and they have Nick Nixon or somebody filling in. Get a private jet and get SMOKIN' AL to the Honda Center.
The only thing I like about the Caps is Joe Beninati
Just tuning into the Caps game now, and wow is Joe Beninati struggling right now
Whoa, Joe Beninati just went full perv.
Joe Beninati: Capitals Play-by-Play Announcer even with the pipes dinged, still on point.
Kenny Albert, Chris King, John Forslund, Joe Beninati, Jim Jackson, Gord Miller, Dave Strader, Pierre are all excellent too.
Lol have you seen ? I don't know why I like it. I feel like Joe Beninati should win every night.
Congratulations to Joe Beninati and Bob Carpenter and Johnny Holiday named DC & MD Sportscasters of the Year
Thanks for the congrats - to more hockey winners: Mike Emrick (USA); Joe Beninati (DC); Dave Goucher & (MA),…
Joe Beninati, while mimicking Craig Laughlin's voice, on where he'll sit during the Winter Classic: "Let's put Joe B in the Wienermobile."
Local announcers, we're biased, but we love Joe Beninati and Craig Laughlin. Joe B's the man.
NSSA DC Sportscaster of year finalists - Joe Beninati vs. Bob Carpenter. I'm going Carpenter, but Joe is great, too.
Seth Meyers just did a skit on his new late night show where he had figure skating announcers announcing other sports like basketball and MMA, and it got me thinking. Figure skating would be WAY more entertaining if Mike Emrick and Joe Beninati were announcing it.
Enjoyed hearing Joe Beninati interview Jory Carrick during intermission. I can see how Connor is so well-spoken at 19.
I mentioned the other day that I loathe Brent Musberger and with the news that Chris Wheeler will no longer be doing Phillies games, it got me thinking about what sportscasters (play-by-play) I like and which ones I hate. Along with Musberger, I hate Hawk Harrelson of the White Sox and Eagles radio man Merrill Reese. There are quite a few that I love hearing. Vin Scully (who doesn't?), Jon Miller, Jim Hunter, Chris Wheeler, Joe Angel, the late Chuck Thompson, and the late Harry Kalas for baseball. Gary Thorne for baseball and hockey. "Doc" Emrick, Joe Beninati and Jim Jackson for hockey. Ian Eagle and the late Pat Summerall for football. And probably my favorite sports play-by-play man of all time is Verne Lundquist. I could listen to Lundquist call a game of chess and enjoy it. If I ever had any technology that talked to me constantly (like Siri or even my gps) I would want it to have Lundquist's voice. Or the voice of James Earl Jones. Having Darth Vader tell me when and where to turn.
Joe Beninati and Craig Laughlin are both wearing a cacophony of stripes
Movie reviews with Joe Beninati should be a thing.
If your first name is Joe and your last name starts with a B then please don't become a sports commentator. Joe Buck and Joe Beninati are terrible.
Photo credit: Luc Leclerc Way back in March when I was interviewing several people for my feature on Joe Beninati's rookie card, Alex
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Nothing like hearing a Joe Beninati "Shoots, SCORES!" And the goal horn
the success behind the CAPS is Joe Beninati & Craig Laughlin Lol
And Joe Beninati pulls out audio cord in excitement. Locker all alone in the booth.
Does Joe Beninati ever buy a suit not off the Clerance rack?
Joe Beninati on CSN DC always makes a point to acknowledge other nets picking up the feed. And then repeats it 20x a game.
Did you publish yesterday's interview w/Joe Beninati? Interesting commentary on Adam Oates that I'd like to hear again.
I think Joe Beninati is one of the best in the play by play business...
Joe Beninati and Craig Laughlin are two names I will never forget
In referring to the matching penalties, Joe Beninati just said "four on foreplay"
TV PlayByPlay Joe Beninati talked about the red hot on TRL today! Listen here
Discussing the Caps' turn-around and what lies aheadwith Joe B. & on
It's Open Line Thursday on tomorrow morning. Plus Joe Beninati from joins us at 8:25 to talk
T&S w/1pm: on the PxP voice Joe Beninati &
The Caps and Ovie are on fire - Joe Beninati joins the Fix in 10 minutes to talk about the and the playoff picture
Joe beninati just gave a shout out to the ashburn xtreme!
There is no better sports call than when Joe Beninati calls a Capitals goal. I always jump out of my seat.
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"Even when Bishop is on his knees, he's taller than you Joe" Laughlin to Beninati
Who is the best? Joe Beninati is the only correct answer.
The fact that Joe Beninati said Blaze Riorden was hit in "the produce section"
Craig Laughlin an joe Beninati are the best effing sports commentators of all time. "You are WONDERFULLY professional tonight."
Well at least we don't have to listen to the Caps Joe Beninati on NBCSN.
I also really like Joe Beninati from the Caps. And is Tyson Nash ***
We need new announcers for Joe Beninati and Doc Emerick would be amazing, Clement/Thorne is beyond played out and stale.
pxp man Joe Beninati joins us next to talk about tonights game against
on today we have Caps PxP Man Joe Beninati at 230, Skins FB Darrel Young at 3 and at 330 ~
I feel like this guy is everywhere- versus, csn, espn, in my bedroom watching me sleep whispering "ovie shoots he scooores "
IC Hockey Show begins at 800 AM on Guests: Pat Hickey on the Habs, Jeremy Weiss on the Jets PP, & Joe Beninati on the Caps.
Thank god the Flyers/Caps game is on NBC Sports. Nothing worse than listening to Joe Beninati and Craig Laughlin call a game!
Joe Beninati is going to long for Craig Laughlin after having to endure John Feinstein during the ODU/Hofstra tilt today.
Capitals STH Media Roundup Chalk Talk with Ken Sabourin, Joe Beninati and Mike Vogel with Wes Johnson as the host
Joe Beninati and Craig Laughlin are my heros
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best part is when you take the mic from joe beninati. You donk
love the Sports Junkies joining Craig Laughlin and Joe Beninati in the booth
Big thanks to my pal Joe Beninati for these sweet seats for the Capitals & Flyers! My first NHL game not in PHX
Best part of Caps games is the large "Regular Season Conference Champs" banner behind Joe Beninati's head.
Voice of the Joe Beninati joins & to talk about the horrible start to the year.
Pretty sure Joe Beninati just called Ovechkins move the circle jerk.
Joe Beninati has to be my favorite commentator of all time
It takes a real man to wear bright purple. Love me some Joe Beninati.
JB 10am: PxP voice for the Joe Beninati; Matthew Mendelsohn on the Markham arena project;
Joe Beninati, PxP voice for the joins next on the
"I have NEVER seen anything that! Chocolate, graham *** AND MARSHMALLOWS with FRENCH TOAST?! SMMMORRREEES!" - Joe Beninati
"I'll have a waffle and waffle fries. No relation." -Joe Beninati
Pumped that Joe Beninati will be on the this morning on One of my favorite PxP commentators out there.
Jack Edwards, Paul Steigerwald, Joe Beninati are the first to come to mind.
Joe Beninati and Craig Laughlin make watching Caps games so much better. Even when they're losing
I love listening to Joe Beninati call a game.
Joe Beninati is a champ. Just as I turn the game on he says, "If you're just tuning in..."
Man, why can't every broadcast team be as knowledgeable & even-handed as the Caps' Joe Beninati and Craig Laughlin?
Craig Laughlin and Joe Beninati are the best commentators
Joe Beninati: "Boy is it ever white in The Great White North." hm
Fun fact about Joe Beninati. He does a spot-on and hilarious impression of Eddie Murphy in "Coming to America."
Joe Beninati dresses like a *** head. Where does he get those suits, the toilet store?
wow. I never really realized how truly and honestly ugly Joe Beninati is
I wish Joe Beninati was still doing games for NBCSN. I would've loved to hear him on the call for tonight's game.
Poppy's talking caps with joe beninati. No biggie.
Joe Beninati is the man, he's called a ton of great flyers games in the playoffs too
Leave it to joe beninati to give the team's scratches halfway through the third period
Anyone who gives crap has never heard Joe Beninati.
"Alex Ovechkin... wheelhouse." - Joe Beninati. Just a great freakin' call. One of the best.
Joe Beninati is a terrible announcer.
What on earth is joe beninati wearing tonight???
Joe Beninati has the freshest suit on for today's game.
I thought I'd heard the last of Joe Beninati when Vs canned him. Sadly, no.
If you want to punish me, organize a dinner between me, Joe Beninati, Steve Cangialosi, Jack Edwards and Pierre McGuire.
Joe Beninati giving praise to My man.
Oh Joe Beninati? Guess I'm watching this game on mute.
Tuning into the NHL Network to watch a game, only to find Joe Beninati announcing it is pretty much the worst thing ever.
Joe Beninati makes me laugh with his corny rhymes but no one says GOAL like him...I think he's worth keeping lol
Capitals play by play announcer Joe Beninati joins right now to discuss the Capitals struggles
There is nothing better than Joe Beninati's 'HE SCORES!'
Someone is not giving Joe Beninati updates of v
How does Joe Beninati always come up with these beautifully-worded introductions?
''The UNDEFEATED New Jersey Devils.'' Deb,If we lose tonight,I'm blaming it on you,I'm just getting it out of the way,Let's hope she didn't jinx us!
Turning on the TV and seeing John Feinstein on camera, providing color commentary opposite Joe Beninati.he has a face for newspaper. HD is especially unkind
Why is Craig Laughlin talking about Justin Beiber during a hockey game? Joe Beninati should punch him in the teeth.
Oh how I have missed listening to Joe Beninati and Craig Laughlin announce games.
I've never been so happy to hear Joe Beninati and Craig Laughlin's voices. 😍❤
Joe Beninati and Craig Laughlin are like my two favorite people ever
I feel like I have been waiting too long to hear Joe Beninati and Craig Laughlin voices ! GO CAPS GO !
One thing I'm not looking forward to with the return of hockey to tv: Joe Beninati telling us at least 64 times a game which color uniforms the teams are wearing
You think you're anxious for the NHL to return? Check out Joe Beninati's thoughts
Capitals broadcaster Joe Beninati waiting out his third lockout - Washington Post
Help me wish my play-by-play host, Joe Beninati, a happy belated Birthday with a RT
Back at 4am last night, preparing to broadcast home opener on tonight 7:30pm with Joe Beninati
David Attenborough's voice is just behind Joe Beninati's and Morgan Freeman's in terms of making things interesting
meetings tonight...our Gala is less than a month away! Check out for more.
i love listening to games called by Joe Beninati, such a good announcer
can't say a Pitt member, definitely Joe Beninati, can't stand that guy
Caps announcer Joe Beninati calling W&M-Delaware for CSN 24 hours after calling Georgetown-Princeton for ESPNU. That's good hustle!
Joe Beninati gets my vote for MLL Announcer of the Year. Gotta love the "Dapper Dulcimer".
Whenever I see Lacrosse on tv, I check to see if Joe Beninati is doing the play-by-play.
the biggest problem I have with this list is that Joe Beninati is on it. He ***
New podcast will be up as soon as can make up a new nickname for Joe Beninati. Look for it on later today.
Clutch timeout from Rochester. Ned Crotty was "under siege" as Joe Beninati put it
Joe beninati and any dragonforce song, that's my contributon
People may hate Quint Kessenich, but he is better than Joe Beninati
Listen to the live with Joe Beninati and on the TuneIn app or here
We're joined on air now by Joe Beninati, play by play voice of the Washington Capitals - listen in at
Show time! Join us for our NHL Free Agency Special on Guests are & Joe Beninati
Audio: Caps TV voice Beninati points to Ovechkin benefiting most from Adam Oates hiring
CSN's Joe Beninati will be on with The Junkies on tomorrow (Wed.) at 7:45am to talk
Well I'd guess Joe Beninati is calling the Cannons/Bayhakws game.
Sports Play by Play, This Emmy goes to Joe Beninati, delivering "pass to Ovechkin...GOALLL !!! all season, we thank you!
Joe Beninati uses it a bit. Got any other good synonyms for centers? 'Cause I could use 'em...
A Bryce Harper interview is more painful than listening to Joe Beninati.
Pretty sure Joe Beninati just walked in.
Why is Joe Beninati calling this Charlotte vs. Chesapeake game? Pointless.
This is in desperate need of a healthy does of Joe Beninati and Craig Laughlin
I will always read Simon Gagne's name in Joe Beninati's voice.
Also, Joe Beninati holds the NCAA lacrosse record for saves
For the Caps fans, Joe Beninati is emceeing the Tewaaraton ceremony with finalist Steele Stanwick's sister
with color and Joe Beninati with play by play for NCAA Women's Final Four on 3.
Joe Beninati on the call...most excellent.
Waited on Joe Beninati tonight at Alegria. What a cool dude.
Watching first round games: Joe Beninati and Coach Emmer called that game thru their cell phones after the power outage.
Coach Dale Hunter is out Joe Beninati joins at 215pm 330pm Playoffs
Joe Beninati will be a guest on LaVar & Dukes on today at 3 p.m. to talk
Excited to have on with & at 5 today. Joe Beninati also on at 3 to talk and Dale Hunter.
So Joe Beninati of told us earlier he wasn't sure what the coach would decide.
At 7:20 on play-by-play man Joe Beninati of on the team's playoff run, and what's ahead for 2012-2013!
watching UMD lax..and the fact the Joe Beninati is doing play by play makes me happy..and very sad
The thing that made the goal so good was Joe Beninati's "FIRES AND SCORES" yell
btw, Joe Beninati on the call for game tonight is just spectacular.
I honestly don't care if Maryland lax wins or not. BUT I do like that we all get to hear Joe Beninati's angelic voice again.
Every time Joe Beninati announces a goal for Lehigh I wait anxiously for him to follow a "Score!" with "OVECHKIN!"
Joe Beninati is a hockey broadcaster. He needs to stop talking about Maryland lacrosse! just
Isn't Joe Beninati the guy who poorly commentates the capitals games too? What time do the caps tee off?
Joe Beninati commentating on the Maryland lacrosse game?
Shockingly, Joe Beninati is only slightly awful to listen to when he calls a lacrosse game. Who knew?
Joe Beninati makes lacrosse more exciting. Put him on the NCAA D1 semi's and finals.
Raiders Edge Minutemen: Joe Beninati and Jack Emmer break down Colgate's win over UMass to advance to the...
It sounds like Joe Beninati is calling this Colgate Umas game via cellphone.
I would love to have Joe Beninati narrate my life
I love how Joe Beninati announces lacrosse games, makes me feel at home
Joe Beninati is giving Craig Sager a run for his money with that outfit...
Update your maps at Navteq
Big show on & today! talk w/ at 3:30 & Joe Beninati at 4. Plus talks Skins at 5.
Wow this is a dream-come-true. Just learned that my MAIN MAN joe beninati will be on the call for our game sun night
Washington Capitals TV voice Joe Beninati is teeing up between the and with and
Coming up at 840 - the voice of the Joe Beninati joins to talk about last night's win over the Rangers.
This is great but as a fan I would gladly take Joe Beninati who brings an unbiased broadcast
the same could be said of Joe Beninati. (Caps). Who used to do games on VS as well
Capitals Play-By-Play Man Joe Beninati coming up live at 1:30pm to preview Game 6 of Caps-Rangers, listen here-
I wish Gus Johnson would call a baseball game with Jim Joyce behind the plate and Joe Beninati as a sideline reporter.
Joe Beninati will again join Al Koken and on CSN's Postgame Live tonite after NBC Sports Net's coverage of Gm 6
Comcast Sportsnet voice Joe Beninati talks Caps-Rangers at 12:15 on "The Sports Fix" and
My gonads aren't even in a kickable spot, but I feel the same way. MT Joe Beninati calls loss a "kick in the gonads". Indeed.
Joe Beninati asked about playoff MVP aside from Holtby, says Matt Hendricks' play has been "heroic."
Joe Beninati, play-by-play announcer for the Washington joins Hockey Tonight to review the 3-2 OT win
If Joe Beninati was calling the game on NBCSN this never would have happened
CSN's Joe Beninati will be talking about this one with The Sports Junkies on tomorrow at 7:25am.
I miss Craig Laughlin and Joe Beninati. They're the best
Joe Beninati comes Inside the Locker Room w/ Doc Walker and Brian Mitchell at 3:30 to talk about the HUGE Caps matchup tonight. ESPN 980 and
The show begins at noon SI legend Frank Deford at 12:30, Post's at 1 p.m., Joe Beninati on Caps at 1:30 p.m.
Joe Beninati is calling this college lacrosse game which means we're stuck with the crappy announcers for the 3:00 hockey game.
I really miss Capitals broadcasters, Joe Beninati and Craig Laughlin! NBC Sports broadcasters are getting on my nerves!!!
Where's Joe Beninati and Craig Laughlin when you need them?!?! Prob commentating the game in they're living rooms lol, *** you NBC.
who else is missing Joe Beninati and Craig Laughlin?
What do you think Joe Beninati is doing right now?
Tonight's Postgame Live, which will air after NBC Sports Network's live-game coverage, will feature Joe Beninati.
Alright fans, next up w/ & is Troy Brouwer NEXT and Joe Beninati at 5:30. Tune in
Listen to CSN's Joe Beninati on today at 9:20am talking about the Game 7 win last night in Boston.
How about a round of applause for and Joe Beninati for a terrific season behind the microphones, eh?
VIDEO: Joel Ward KOs The Bruins: And this is how it ended. We promise we'll give you Joe Beninati's call as soon...
OMG Joe Beninati your tie is awful.
Joe Beninati is probably my favorite announcer across all sports
Joe Beninati and I mentioned him, with two Bowdoin hockey announcers on the set at the same time.
Joe Beninati and Craig Laughlin, Joe B is my favorite
gem on Joe Beninati . Beninati attended Bowdoin College still holds the school record for saves in a season by a lax goalie
Joe beninati and Craig Laughlin are the most annoying announcers ever
Listen for CSN's play-by-play announcer Joe Beninati on The Sports Fix at 1:45.
Comcast Sportsnet voice Joe Beninati talks Game 7 Caps-Bruins at 1:45 on "The Sports Fix" and
Coming up we'll play *** or Bore." Then we'll be joined by Joe Beninati to talk and play RGIII interview.
CSN's Joe Beninati will be talking Game 7 with The Sports Junkies tomorrow (Wed) at 8am on
CSN's Joe Beninati will join & on at 11:50am today to talk Game 7, which will air on CSN
Joe Beninati joins us to talk at 11:45 on 106.7 The Fan
Woah, Joe Beninati is right behind us.
I don't feel comfortable watching a game unless I know what Joe Beninati is wearing. Unless he's at home in his boxers.
Should be like the World Cup...Put Doc Emrick, Gary Thorne or Joe Beninati in a studio with a TV and let them call every game
I wish Joe Beninati narrated my life.
Not as good as Joe Beninati. Joe B is the best in the business.
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Comcast Sportsnet play-by-play voice Joe Beninati at 12:30 on "The Sports Fix" and
Caps Joe Beninati on wtop in about 5 mins.
The only way games could be better is if you could hear Joe Beninati in the stadium.
Friend of the unit Joe Beninati with some awesome, awesome PXP at the end of that game.
I love the sound of Joe Beninati and Craig Laughlin in the evening. Better then that *** Pierre at NBC sports network.
Season 2, Episode 20 of in which Joe Beninati, and I talk
LISTEN: play-by-play announcer Joe Beninati talks and previews Game 3 =
On with & today will be at 3:30, aka Bill Ladson at 4:30 & CSN's Joe Beninati at 5.
Today's Live 4-6 PM Chris and the Commish how is loaded. They have Capitals play by play announcer Joe Beninati...
Chris and the Commish Live today from 4 to 6 PM. Joe Beninati and the Beautiful Miss Sinergy will join us for an amazing show
Joe Beninati just told Holden and Danny the NY Rangers would be the best playoff match up for the do you agree?
Joe Beninati joins us right now on the show talking Caps
Great read about Caps color man Craig Laughlin. Laughlin and PBP man Joe Beninati are my favorite hockey duo.
If you're a collector of all things this is one thing you definitely NEED
If we can livestream on mobile app, can we get Mike Richards & Jeff Carter in the club with Joe Beninati doing play-by-play?
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Now you know how we felt about Joe Beninati. Sincerely, America.
Joe Beninati and Craig Laughlin my n*ggas tho!
Don't like the Capitals but I love their TV announcer Joe Beninati. What a gem at the 0:27 mark How about it
I'd rather listen to Joe Beninati at this point.
Have to hand it to Joe Beninati. Doing double duty play-by-play with now and again for the tonight.
Mike Lange is my favorite, but Emrick is good too, so is Jeanneret, Joe Beninati
I'm pretty sure Joe Beninati and Craig Laughlin were laughing at Tim Tomas after Matt Hendricks SO goal
Is that a Caps feed? It's a catch 22 for me either way, Jack Edwards on one hand and Joe Beninati on the other. Vomit x2
At 8:40 on Joe Beninati, TV voice joins us after a tough loss last night as the pass them in the standings
Two favorite quotes from the disaster last nigh. 1. Joe Beninati (caps announcer with 1 min left in the game)
Sure, you might laugh at Joe Beninati's suits. But the joke is on you. At end of night, he can just toss his in the washing machine.
Joe Beninati: "Since we're obligated, here's the player of the game, Carl Alzner." Laughlin: "Slim pickins, right?" Lol
Joe Beninati "since we are obligated to do this I guess the Palm Player of the Game award goes to Karl Alzner..."
I'm a big fan of Doc Emrick, but I'd rather see or Joe Beninati calling national games for
Joe Beninati has such a way with words. He's so good at his job. I still want RJ though...
I want a game where Bob Errey is teamed up in the broadcast booth with Joe Beninati.
Joe Beninati: "it's the biggest game of the year, and we pledge allegiance!"
Joe Beninati looks like a scrotum with glasses.
I may make a Joe Beninati soundboard to use tonight during Penguins reaction tonight on
Joe Beninati is the ESPN pxp guy 4 Sat game & last May he emceed Steele Stanwick's Tewaaraton event in DC with Steele's sister Sheehan
Saturday's ESPN pxp announcer for game @ UMD is Joe Beninati, who emceed the Tewaaraton event 4 winner Steele Stanwick last May in DC
Enjoyed working with Joe Beninati & Billy Jaffe last weekend in Worcester. Both are true pros!
Bulldogs just completed morning skate. Kenny Reiter chats with Billy Gaffe & Joe Beninati from ESPNU.
Whoa. Joe Beninati on 11/26: "I wouldn't be surprised if the Caps go back to a suffocating system again."
Sitting with Joe Beninati at BC and the lights went out. Last time he was here was the BC-BU fog game.
Dave Strader scores a 0 on the Beninati Scale for Capitals PxP Radness (Comparison: Joe Beninati scores a 95).
Robert from in the TV booth with Joe Beninati and Craig Laughlin of
My daughter just decided that Joe Beninati sounds like Rolf from the Muppets
If you don't think Joe Beninati is the best, I don't know what to tell you.
Joe Beninati just reported on NHL Live that 12 teams have scouts in D.C. tonight.
Joe beninati is the best caster of all time.
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