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Joe Barton

Joe Linus Barton (born September 15, 1949) is a Republican politician, representing in the U.S. House of Representatives since 1985, and a member of the Tea Party Caucus.

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Six Texans voted against relief for Puerto Rico. Here are three of them...Joe Barton, Jeff Hensarling, Louie *** Go…
John McCain was one of the first politicians from either party to call out Joe Barton (R-TX)'s attack on me:
Hats off to Joe Barton for allowing all 5 Democratic Candidates for TX District 6 to tell Town Hall attendees why...
We hope to see you this evening following Joe Barton's Arlington Town Hall!
I added a video to a playlist Mike Doyle and Joe Barton say the charity baseball game will go on
Mike Doyle and Joe Barton are what we have always loved about the USA
ALL politicians should treat each other the way Mike Doyle and Joe Barton treat each other... with RESPECT
Dem manager Mike Doyle giving trophy to R manager Joe Barton - to place in Scalise's office
The 10-year-old son of Rep. Joe Barton, coach of the GOP congressional baseball team, dove for cover under an SUV.
Joe Barton (R-TX) will be the manager for the republicans st tomorrow's congressional baseball game.
Main source for this seems to be Rep. Joe Barton of Texas. See story here:
There are 4 Texas lawmakers on the team – Joe Barton, Kevin Brady, Mike Conway & Roger Williams. Conaway, Williams…
I think going all-in with Trump in hopes of a better gig is the plan of Ted Cruz and my rep, Joe Barton.
asked members of the Texas delegation about Russia & Trump. Rep. Joe Barton had no comment. Shared vi…
The incumbent, Rep. Joe Barton, will have to thwart another challenger when he terms ends Jan. 3, 2019, as John... http…
Rep. Joe Barton (R-TX) admitted to CNN on Thursday that he doesn’t “know everything” about the Republican health c…
could you Rep Joe Barton's district since he's an absent rep?
Big energy bill 'not only possible, it's probable' - Rep. Joe Barton. Read Blog:
Rep. Joe Barton admits he doesn't know what he's talking about on health care via
Big energy bill ‘not only possible, it’s probable’ — Rep. Joe Barton: Geof Koss and Hannah…
Rep. Joe Barton, R-TX, voted to allow health insurers to discriminate against women by charging them more.
In a recent press release, the club announced Rep Joe Barton as the guest speaker for the April meeting,...
Help us defeat Tea Party incumbent Joe Barton. Your contribution to our grassroots campaign will help
4th player since 1913 to be HBP twice in consecutive games. Jon Jay 2014. Craig Biggio 2000. Vince Barton 1931. via…
Joe Barton...we remember him as the perv who apologized to BP at the hearing to them accountable for massive oil sp…
Proud of all the of team the competed at Aeron MMA tonight :. Jordan Barton. Dan Carroll. Joe Cook. Callum Bell. Dave...
At Joe Barton Town Hall Thur - overwhelmingly against him. Don't think he cares. Hope hi…
That statement is as stupid as Joe Barton saying wind power would slow down the wind & cause the earth t…
Or my fav: . "Wind is a finite resource and harnessing it would slow the winds down, which would ca…
Nearly freaked out when I seen Barton 😂 luckily it wasn't agent Joe (Celtic legend)
👏👏👏 to all the constituents letting know we don't want Congress playing politics with health care!.
Free Shipping at Baseball Rampage
77 for 7 at Barton Joe Mansford n Andy batting.
Congressman Joe Barton hosts Town Hall in Mansfield via
Especially w/Joe Barton or Mo Brooks leading the charge. Both are complete morons with NO C…
My member of Congress, TX06, Smokey Joe Barton has held a few but he still doesn't care about his constituents.…
Rep. Joe Barton fields questions at Town Hall meeting via and
Rep Joe Barton not letting more people into Town Hall - overflow capacity
At Town Hall meeting in Mansfield yesterday, Rep. Joe Barton said the Affordable Care Act has not been effective.…
Did they have to have their number drawn to get the chance to speak? That's what happened to…
Rep Joe Barton Town Hall 4/13.politico was there. Large crowd. Barton drew tickets to call on recepients for ?
Congressman Joe Barton responds to constituent questions about the Affordable Care Act
Because he believes people should have choice of what air they breathe. The choice is cl…
Reporting from Joe Barton's Town Hall in Mansfield, TX. Lots of rowdy constituents worried about losing health care
We did today at Joe Barton's Town Hall in Mansfield, Tx
Rep. Joe Barton thinks Trump should release his tax returns
Between the likes of Joe Barton, Louis Gohmert, Lamar Smith, Conaway & others, it seems the entire TX…
let's see ... top 3 of Joe Barton's fantasy team:. ex-BP Tony Hayward . ghost of William Rhodes Dav…
6th District of Texas, I think it's time to tell Joe Barton to "shut up" and vote his *** out.
Joey Barton reveals how he was tricked into thinking he was signing for Manchester United via
It's kind of a mix between Kevin Martin, Joe Johnson and Will Barton. All bring the ball up from the left.
Sen Ted Cruz, Rep Joe Barton, and John Cornyn. Sent you an email.
"I would give Manchester United's midfield a bit of bite, an injection of urgency"
What we learned from Tony Hayward and Joe Barton at the BP hearings. વતી
he isn't in joey Barton's league lad. Come on
cars hate driving on bloor now I suspect...Increases studied on flow to other streets...Dupont? Barton? Harbord?
Wonder what Barton makes of all this
here we go 🎣 I did @ you and got nothing back.. all talk you mate!
I need to go cop a bucket of 120 balls from that guy on Liberty for ten dollars and go hit them into Barton dam
A lot of people might not agree with him on this
I remember when Greg Moorse had something about him..
When you think your end stage ACL jump rehab is difficult then you see this.
Free Deep Chocolate VitaMuffins on $79
Handful? Let us not forget that the Texas delegation also incl Blake Farenthold, Jeb Hensarling, Joe Barton, and Lamar Smith
Even use Barton as trade bait if need be just do something
anyone know of an indivisible group in Joe Barton's district? Anyone want to start one?
Let vote out Congressman Joe Barton he does not represent the people in his district.
Great to have Joe McHugh and Frank Feighan at Westminster yesterday..TLICN & BIPA
Yep the guy was stupid but Joey Barton now pleads guilty to betting!He'll pick up fine/ban..
Joey Barton makes over 1k football bets and is still playing Premier League, Non-League goalkeeper eats a pie at 8/1 and los…
Attended the Affordable Care Act Replacement Forum with Congressman Joe Barton. It was sponsored by the...
"Finally a big club, and a great manager, had come to their senses"
Joe Barton has to be one of the scummiest football players around. What a POS
what about when joey Barton gambled on so many games
That's non league football,there are many larger players, Lincoln had 17st CF battering Barton on Sat
Here's Joe Barton using GSCE psychology as smoke and mirrors to fog over that he stamped on a Lincoln City player's…
Rep. Joe Barton, your constituents want a Town Hall.
don't buy this, joey Barton would of hit him back not fall about like a clown
*** zay is stupid arrogant old man, he Shud get joe barton
I Bet Joe Barton is real proud of himself thought he was meant to be a tough guy ***
Absolutely disgusting this. I hope this is picked up by the FA. f not we should be asking why?
just the other 20 incidents on Barton to show now...
Nobody is buying Joey Barton's defence of his behaviour against Lincoln via
Never forget that Joey Barton cheated to try and get a man sent off in a match that Premier League Burnley lost to non-…
joey Barton getting an elbow but this won't get any coverage
Joey Barton... utter ar5ehole. Glad you are still a loser Barton. . #
Ivan Bender (119 points) up four spots to 212th, passing John Walsh, Joe Barton and others.
.. Barton just one of many Important liberal Friends & Teachers noted in Freeland's book 'Plutocrats' .
not a good nite 201-238-216 Joseph Barton after thur nite bowling joe 216 roy 188 he ask the world did i die what up with that ?
"Hello Mark. So what you been up to...for 20 years?". "Just dealing with the Joey Barton thing mainly"
We wonder if Barton would agree with these comments
Strong words from his former Man City teammate
The American flag is an enduring symbol of liberty, democracy, and justic...
Update your maps at Navteq
Just read that Phillmagoosygog on Joe Barton Clinton and Brexit should look at corrupt Ireland .10 men starved to death and they didn't care
Barton doesn't quite have the achievements to justify it
Press need 2 stop persecutin Joe Barton; he's had enuf sh1t in life. Dnt like fact he aint stupid
hi my name's elika and I'm sheriff joe's first brown friend
I believe the earth's climate is changing, but I think it's changing for ...
Rich Hobbs, Kat Delaney, and Joe Barton from the Showtime hit, BILLIONS!
No one in the United States has become seriously ill or has died because ...
.'s job is modeled after $200K Consultant Barton's job. . 2 people needed to do 1 job!. .
Texans are by nature independent people.
Joe Madden is a genius again. For like, at least the next 10 minutes.
Yeah. Who says we all can't agree on anything? Joe Buck is already making America great again. 😂😂😂
I think Cubs and Indians fans have a mutual dislike of Joe Buck
The Nuclear Regulatory Commission is continually reviewing its safety pla...
So let me understand you You think that Louis Gohmert,Joe Barton,Chuck Grassley,James Inhofe are political elites. Really?
Joey Barton back in training. . France's greatest footballing export. 🇫🇷🇫🇷
Our flag honors those who have fought to protect it, and is a reminder of...
BREAKING: Joey Barton set to return to Rangers training
Coming up next: a POWERFUL interview with former US Attorney for D.C. Joe diGenova on this new development.
Bill+Hillary Clinton traded public service for $100,000,000's of dollars personally & their staff was in on it.h…
At least he stopped short of calling him "cat *** this time...
.on Comey’s letter: The timing is a ‘direct and natural consequence’ of decisions Clinton made years ago https:/…
Many congrats to newly appointed Honarary Life Members of Jim Barton and Joe Burns at the dinner…
Joe Buck's a little confused by how the bases work . (via
People don't want Congress dictating what light fixtures they can use.
looking at a comparison on Daily Kos between Joe Barton & Ruby WoolridgeTexas District 6! Wow everyone needs to see this!
Yet Obama locks up SHERIFF JOE for doing His Job protecting us, enough to Not vote HRC
actually I'm not, waiting on Will Barton to turn up
why does it say that I have Joe Johnson on my roster when I dropped him for Will Barton?
voted for Hillary this morning!!!Voted AGAINST GOP DO NOTHING JOE BARTON...
Voted this am...early voting in TEXAS...DEMOCRAT all the WAY...tired of Joe Barton DO NOTHING GOP...lines were building at 8:15 am🤓🎉🎃
I think we should drill up in Alaska.
Indians fans create wedding registry for Joe Buck and Cubs' Kyle Schwarber
Wind is God's way of balancing heat. Wind is the way you shift heat from ...
well it's not like knowing joe clark or rosie barton or niki ashton but it's the best I got man
The Rangers accounts kind of shines a light on their behaviour toward Joe Barton.
Now, if you're Al Gore, you can afford $10 a pop for squiggly-pig-tailed ...
Lots more bylines for students this week including this interview with screenwriter Joe Ba…
I’d definitely have a synth at home, says Humans writer Joe Barton
Joey Barton...first player ever to sign a 2 year rolling suspension.
Joe Biden has many many perverted scandals the media has been covering up --->>
It was a huge honor to ride in the parade today with Joe Barton (my uncle) and Gary Bell, local Vietnam Veterans.
Rep. Joe Barton on 'America's News HQ' via the Android app
Texas congressman: We cannot make police the enemy: Rep. Joe Barton on 'America's News HQ'
Well, my wife, Cathy Gillespie, worked for Joe Barton, who was running for ...
Joe Barton ?? Ffs id rather have that pelter joey Essex
Myself, Dr. Daniel Amen, and Joe Barton...what a day!
Representing North Texas: This hour, we’ll talk with Reps. Joe Barton and Eddie Bernice Johnson about issues…
Department of Energy, which invoked section 1222 of the Energy Policy Act of 2005. "Long as it ain't in Texas !",declares Joe Barton.
money is a big factor, foreign clubs maybe put off by the money offered in the Prem. Joe Cole, Barton, Richards etc were loan deals
David Barton breaks down why Obama is So Pro Islam and more - ' SOURCE: Youtube/ CBN NEWS   David Bar...
WASHINGTON: Rep. Joe Barton (R-Ennis/ Arlington) released the following statement after hearing of President...
Said Harris Barton was a big celebrity guy. He would come back at night telling who he saw. During TO Joe sees him .
Memory says the puppeteer’s name was Joe Barton, and he used to be a jazz drummer for some big names.
Sources: Zach Lavine, Andre Drummond, Will Barton and Aaron Gordon to participate in the NBA Slam Dunk Contest
Nuggets guard Will Barton has been invited to participate in the Dunk Contest next weekend.
My congressman is Joe Barton, and I wish I could forget it.
Rosemary Barton wonders if Canada's military is too macho.
better Q: footballers as repubs. Joey Barton as Trump. Crazy Joe Hart as Palin. John Terry as Ted Cruz. Giroud as Rubio.
North Texas congressional races heating up: Here's a look at battle for Joe Barton's 6th District by
"There comes a time when you realize you ain't gotta like it, you just gotta do it." . -Joe Barton
Rival fans won't like Joey Barton's views on what Guardiola could mean for English football
Noah’s Flood is proof that climate change isn’t man-made, says GOP via
popped in today for Sunday Lunch, but you had no tables ☹️, so went to The *** o Barton instead
Not a good sequence for Joe Young. Nearly lost possession, then missed 3 & gambled for steal in transition instead of getting back w/ Barton
Joe Barton fighter. with him on the pitch. This game is very very open.
Joey Barton is only here because we had Billy Joe Saunders at half time and he fancies a crack at the belt
"The Great Flood is an example of climate change." – Texas Rep. Joe Barton
TEAMSHEET | Here's how both sides look this afternoon. COYA!
Eat an apple to cure acid reflux , Joe Barton
We were honored to have Congressman Joe Barton tour our lab in Houston!
ICYMI: check out my op-ed with Joe Barton about lifting the We can develop resources and create jobs https…
Closing arguments focus on gruesome details in Joe Barton murder trial in Belmont County.
Texas Congressman, Joe Barton gets us up to speed with Washington
From left, State Rep. Byron Cook, U.S. Rep. Joe Barton and Chris Baldwin of the Navarro County GOP at a...
Barton is First Texas Congressman to Endorse Perry: WASHINGTON – U.S. Rep. Joe Barton, the dean of… |
6/17 Joe Barton (R-TX) apologizes to BP for being forced to give $20 billion for damages-He later apologizes for his apology!
You always get conspiracy theorists. I said to Joey Barton, “we’ve got Spurs on the opening day.”. “The moon landing was…
Not gonna affect his career in any way. As long as ASBO warrior Joe Barton has a job, you know you're OK. Plus rapists and killers out there
tell me Joe Barton did not actually say that. No no afraid.
Joe_Bartonbill needs to change medicare to pay for dental and dentures
why waste wages on bang average joe Mackie.. would rather of kept barton on for another year or 2 than bring Mackie in .
This video will summarize the main pros and cons of the Gout Remedy Report by Joe Barton
by kingsolomonuk Joe Barton playing the at for
happy birthday goon, good luck at Barton
Quiet Sunday afternoon watching on of the only Coen Bros movies that's eluded me, Barton Fink
An ultimate icon of America's storied history, Stars & Stripes represents the very best of this nation. Joe Barton
Two small lightning fires were discovered this morning, one is near Barton Flats, one near Onyx Summit, both are singl…
Shall we start a fundraiser to start a club and have a midfield consisting of Lee Cattermole, Scott Brown & Joe Barton?
also u probably believe the BS like Sen Joe Barton
My little joke- re: Rep Joe Barton's 'wind power is finite resource'
Hi. Just wanted to inform you that your founder Joe Barton was featured on our latest work work here:
Don't forget Rugby (League) action tomorrow at Casuals featuring Casuals players Joe Barton and for 2.30pm
Kevin, did Joe Barton apologize to any big oil CEO's watching the game last night?
Texas Republican Joe Barton: thinks that wind is a "finite resource", and wind energy SLOWS THE WIND DOWN
As my US republican colleague Joe Barton rightly point out, wind is a finite resource not to be wasted with
Joe Barton: "Supercookies are legal, but I don't think they should be."
At after party, GOP Manager Joe Barton says Democrats "got to vote for TPA" after winning beer from President…
Joe Barton (R-Texas) made this "point" (I generously call it a point) back in 2013. Bill Moyers brought it up on...
TTW Today's News: 'Presence of the next prime minister': Malcolm Turnbull praised in front of Joe Hockey
.Pappas says Rep Joe Barton, R-TX, expected to re-introduce this Congress a bill legalizing online boker
it's gotten so nuts, my favorite nut, Joe Barton (no relation) is rarely heard from anymore
Watching a obscure 80s slasher called SLAUGHTERHOUSE. The villain of the piece is played by a dude called Joe Barton.
Don't be foolish, Joe Barton would never say something that stupid. Well that's a whole 'nother story.
“If the FCC tries to move forward with this net nonsense, it isn’t going to stand,” pledged Rep. Joe Barton (R-Tex..
Kate Bishop / Clint Barton 2016. He could be the new Joe Biden. (Y'all know he could.)
Remember this Congressional Investigation started by Joe Barton? In that case there was no prior ev…
Joe Barton: the Republican who apologised to BP | Richard Adams
This is so beautiful! This is Amanda Barton my friend and publishers wife (Joe Barton). The first picture is...
We lead off with Dragnet. Jack Webb and Barton Yarborough star as Sergeants Joe Friday and Ben Romero,...
2 great men “With AAPs Joe Barton on glorious St Helens evening waiting lead Bunnies out
March for Babies Walk Kick-Off at Spotsylvania Regional Medical Center. Roberta Barton-Joe, COO, is this year's...
Sorry to see a Democrat harassing, Joe Barton style, a serious worker in climate-related science issues:
Rep. Joe Barton calls FCC planned net neutrality ruling 'net nonsense' that won't work and will be challenged in court.
Rep. Joe Barton: "What the FCC is going to vote about tomorrow is probably 'net nonsense'"
"Joey Barton saw his streak of seven straight games with a yellow card end when he received a straight red"
1/2 Joe Barton to “I could really have some fun with you today, but you’re too nice a person."
.That's Chair of the Committee on Energy and Commerce Joe Barton, BTW.
Congressman Joe Barton says he understands Obama climate deal with China was nothing more than a press release. No signed agreement.
Joe Barton: Momentum building for oil exports
Just that rare one moment when Joe Barton was right and and Gerrard was wrong; The Balotelli penalty
Is this the same Joe Barton who regularly submits CC papers to reputable science journals for peer review? :-)
H.R. 4969 died yesterday with the 113th session ending. Due to the weekend the 114th congress will convene their new term starting Tuesday January 6, 2015. The Republicans have released their members at: Upton Releases Republican Subcommittee Rosters for 114th Congress | Energy & Commerce Committee The communications subcommittee consists of: Greg Walden (OR), Chairman Bob Latta (OH), Vice Chairman John Shimkus (IL) Marsha Blackburn (TN) Steve Scalise (LA) Leonard Lance (NJ) Brett Guthrie (KY) Pete Olson (TX) Mike Pompeo (KS) Adam Kinzinger (IL) Gus Bilirakis (FL) Bill Johnson (OH) Billy Long (MO) Renee Ellmers (NC) Chris Collins (NY) Kevin Cramer (ND) Joe Barton (TX) Fred Upton (MI) While H.R. 4969 (113th congress) died in committee now is the time to campaign the 114 congress and get it passed through committee and sent to the floor for a vote. The first step is to get it reintroduced then out of committee and to the floor for a full vote. An excellent and novel way to do this is to send appropriate QSL ...
Rep. Joe Barton (R-TX) notes Texans often say former Spkr Sam Rayburn was "man of the House." But, "in all honesty," he thinks Dingell is.
Rob Maness joins Reps. Joe Barton and Matt Salmon in raising the prospect of impeachment in recent days
Matt Taibbi wrote a Rolling Stone piece several years ago about Joe Barton & the "Clean Air Act"- can't find it, but it was instructive...
Challenging Joe to debate on lifting ban on exporting Crude.
Wow. Talk about a guy being too stupid to know how stupid he is. Rep. Joe Barton qualifies.
Joe Barton? The most disrespectful player in world football. . Can never achieve what Mario has accomplished at 24yrs
Mario doesn't want to be like Suarez. .He's who he's. He's just 24yrs..Not Joe Barton' s or Louise Suarez age.
The tool would be Joe Barton at the top of this thread. Guy in pwr who thinks harvesting wind will make Earth hotter.
Fartin' Joe Barton in the pocket of Big Oil. What do we say to fossil fool industry? Coal, Gas & Oil, Keep It In The Soil! It's
Joe Barton does have a Democratic Challenger... via
Fartin' Joe Barton, Rohrbacher and the rest of these Gee Oh Pee nutbars suck on the Koch Bros. FreeDUMB teat.
While I can see the point joey barton is making about Balotelli, this is coming from a man who thinks he should've been England captain
I'm afraid not, but if joe is in the shop at Barton Arcade he'll sort you out.
Kidney stone removal report review – is joe barton’s guide good? via
Joe Frazier Lite beer commercial from the late 70's. A classic.
They call him "Smokey Joe" Barton, because the oil industry has him on a leash
Rep. Joe Barton (R-TX): "Wind is finite, harnessing it would slow down the winds which would cause temperature to go up." …
Replace Joe Barton with a Vet. Cozad was Marine Corps officer for Art. Readiness in case of Nuclear Attack by USSR during Cold War.
Cozad will Vote to Save Social Security. Help him beat Joe Barton so he can vote for you!
OIL of course.I'd hate 2 stop time Joe Barton congressman here in Tx said "wind power would stop earth from rotating"
"I want to be General Patton. Put anything in my scope and I'll shoot it. ~Joe Barton
TX Rep Joe Barton to WashPost on impeachment: "At this point in time, I don't think it would be a good use of the Congress' remaining time."
Gwen S. Moore, Patrick Tiberi, and Congressman Joe Barton Please don't be a part of this failure. Please pass...
Joe Barton is from Texas also I'm sorry.
Hey, you sound like RWer Joe Barton. I'm GLAD UR not!
LPTV activist applauds favorable Barton comments: Rep. Joe Barton (R-TX) spoke up for low power television at th...
Joe Barton: "Why should someone operating unlicensed devices in a white space have more rights than an LPTV operator?"
Joe Barton: "Every now and then, Congress breaks out in common sense. This [LPTV] bill is common sense."
And now, Joe Barton invokes the story of Goldilocks to describe his two-age LPTV bill...reads his bill.
Inhofe's & Joe Barton's home states would have most to gain from EPA carbon rules acc. to RW think tank
+ apartment, Joe clicked her tongue. "Well... What to do..." . While Barton suffered his 'losses' in the bathroom, Joe +
- speak." With a mild chuckle to herself. Joe glanced at the clock. Another 45 minutes to go before Barton's internal +
How many coaches from Joe's staff were hired? Besides LJ, I can't think of one. Not defending the "HD Spread" lol.
Urbandale up 4 to 1 after the 1st inning here at Barton Field
new exposed problem is conservatives of your sort arguing politics but not having a clue who Senator Inhofe was. Joe Barton?
Lord! Joe Barton/we MUST have polymaths not stupid men/listen to Streisand, Krugman, and applaud our President Obama
I periodically mispronounce "Clint Barton" as "Flint", then imagine Hawkeye in G.I.Joe, and realize Scarlett would have a problem with this.
inform deniers to stop listening to Joe "Wind is God’s way of balancing heat" Barton.
-- going to lie to himself, Joe was an admirable adversary; maybe even coming neck to neck with Nat. Grunting, Barton --
American Red Cross founder Clara Barton's birthday is on Christmas. A doodle for her on her birthday would be great.
Train watching is over. Headed to the Red Cross to volunteer. Clara Barton didn't build this particular bldg but..Her good work lives on!
What happens when Pro Footballers tried investing (Joe Montana, Ronnie Lott & Barton). Spoiler: It did not end well.
Rated users 'waive any reasonable right to privacy,' Rep. Barton says via
PerfectMatch - #1 Trusted Source in Online Dating
I just saw Joe Barton , omg he's so old now 😭
Not even being biased think Joe Hart should be England Captain he'll be there a mainstay for years to come and shows g…
andy carroll or joey barton? Nah, we'd go with Joe Hart or Gary Cahill. Rooney unimpressive as captain when he's had the chance.
Q: What do you call Marco Rubio, Joe Barton, Steve King, Ted Pole & Ted Cruz chained together at the bottom of a lake?. A: A good start.
Seeing Mario Baloteli, Carlos Teves, John Terry and Joe Barton in a moving pick-up. where do you think they are taking them to?
Ted Cruz, Rick Perry, Joe Barton, Texas GOP Serve as Shills for the Koch Brothers via
On plane to DC meeting Dr Paige Patterson and 200 other godly men pressing for Biblical immigration reform. thank you Joe Barton
Benghazi, IRS, NSA? The Republicans have nothing. No Plan; No Platform; No Position. Oh yeah, cuts on spending for average Americans, but don't touch the 2.1 Trillion in off shore corporate accounts, or millionaire Caymen Island accounts. Some of them say they are conservative. Name one piece of Progressive Legislation by a Republican passed in the last 100 years (Eisenhower's Interstate Defense Bill was introduced by a Democrat). 2014 and 2016 are the Republican last hurrahs. Even the Koch Brothers millions can't save the ugliness and evil emitting from the Republican Party. The Party of Lincoln, Teddy Roosevelt, and Ike has evolved into Ted Cruz, Mike Lee, Louis Gohmert, Joe Barton, Steve King, Marsha Blackburn, Michelle Bachmann, Sarah Palin, Newt Gingrich, Karl Rove, and Rush Limbaugh, and the warmongers. Hasta la vista, scumbags.
GM CEO grilled on auto part specs: Rep. Joe Barton asks GM CEO Mary Barra about how the automaker determines w...
"With all respect, what you just answered is gobbledygook." - Joe Barton to Mary Barra
Now that Joe Barton has the GOP nominee slot safely tucked in his Establishment pocket, his true colors will once again emerge by throwing his support behind the Establishment choice for the runoff election. All you evil Tea Party types better just watch your step. Remember what Mitch McConnell said about crushing the Tea Party. Well, that seems to be the Establishment battle cry.
Rep. Joe Barton says the costs of carbon pollution are "in the eye of the beholder"
Joe Barton Quotes - BrainyQuote via This is so extremely moronic
Benson & Hedges hoping for a recall ahead of the England squad announcement.
Hi Joe, no we're not in Barton or Tredworth anymore
Laptop insurance - because accidents happen!
JOE BARTON, ENVIRONMENTAL VISIONARY. Rep. Joe Barton (R-Texas), who apparently considers himself a Senate-caliber lawmaker, is generally recognized as the House's most pro-pollution member. Barton not only rejects practically all scientific evidence related to the environment, he also leads the w...
For all my softball girls who are trying out, you better not suck -Joe Barton 😁😉
I am concerned that we make decisions about local Republicans from some not-too-intelligent statements made by some of the extremists within the party at the state and national level. The internet is replete with those comments made by Republican extremists that should not reflect negatively on the Party. Just today I scrolled several videos and articles and found some horridly illogical comments from: Greg Abbott, Justin Amash, Sharron Angle, Michele Bachmann, Joe Barton, David Barton, Andre Bauer, Glenn Beck, Diane Black, Marsha Blackburn, Brett Bozell, Jan Brewer, Mo Brooks, Paul Broun, Herman Cain, Stacey Campfield, Ben Carson, John Carter, *** Cheney, Bob Corker, Jerome Corsi, Ann Coulter, Rafael Cruz, Ted Cruz, Ken Cuccinelli, John Culberson, Ron DeSantis, Scott DiJarlais, Tom DeLay, Jim DeMint, Gordon Denlinger, Jeff Duncan, Jeremy Durham, Stephen Fincher, Bryan Fischer, John Fleming, Virginia Foxx, Trent Franks, Scott Garrett, Phil Gingrey, Louie Gohmert, Trey Gowdy, Tom Graves, Sean Hannity, Vic ...
Hey guys we have a great line up tonight for Stand-Up Monarchs Presents featuring: Joel Palilla, Powerhouse Pete Rosa, Sean Malec, Dustin Noack, Everette Price, John Gilbreath, Kevin Smith, President Dominique, Kristen Marie Sivills, Joe Barton, Andy Pierce, and Remus Borisov! Tonight at 8 PM after the candlelight vigil for our fallen monarch in BAL 1012! We could all use a laugh after this rough week.
Quotes de Joe Barton, congresista de USA, Chairman Emeritus of the House Energy and Commerce Committee Esto es serio.
.but Joe Barton says wind is a finite resource!
HART TO HART: Joe gives his namesake the perfect memento to mark his trip to
Safe Communications is proud to support Representative Joe Barton & Senator Ed Markey for bringing the Do Not...
Joe Barton has to be a finalist for the “One of The Stupidist Things Ever Said” award…
shocked you didn't get lambert for Barton joe!
Plantronics' Joe Barton talks about spatial hearing and voice quality. Fraunhofer demo is really good on this
Ranch on Little Creek is the second residence of Don Jaquess. He turned it over to Democratic Pct Chair (2148) Faith Chatham to manage this year. She extends hospitality in his name to Democratic campaigns and groups for phone banks, parties (rallies and fundraisers and committee meetings). Check out the events at Ranch on Little Creek this spring. We are located one block from the Cowboy Stadium in the Arlington Entertainment District. We are in U.S. Congressional District 33 (Marc Veasey) but across the road is U.S. Congressional District 6 (Joe Barton).
And let us not forget Rep Joe Barton of Tx. His shakedown comment/apology to BP after 20mil settlement- sad
Proud to get the endorsement of the Waxahachie Daily Light! WDL ENDORSEMENT: Joe Barton Posted: Saturday, February 15, 2014 12:48 pm In the Republican Primary race for the Sixth Congressional District of Texas, the Daily Light endorses incumbent Congressman Joe Barton. For more than two decades Congressman Barton has represented the interests of our district in Washington, D.C. He has consistently provided a conservative voice in the House of Representatives and has consistently fought for economic growth and job creation while opposing measures that harm the economy. Holding key leadership positions, especially on the House Energy Committee, Barton’s experience and leadership are vital to serving the needs of our of district in Washington during the next two years. We strongly endorse incumbent Congressman Joe Barton in the Republican Primary race for U.S. Representative.
"No way you're playing in the game, you were tossin cookies this morning!" -Joe Barton
ACTION ALERT MEDICARE PART D Tomorrow, the Health Subcommittee of the House Energy and Commerce Committee is holding a hearing on CMS' Proposed New Rules to Medicare Part D. As you know, many of the proposed rules are critically important and will bring fairness and equity for pharmacy providers in the Part D program. PBMs already have launched a strong effort to defeat these rules PHARMACY NEEDS YOUR HELP NOW! Three Texas Congressmen serve on this subcommittee. See below if your pharmacy or residence is in or near their districts. If so, please call their office TODAY. Ask for the staff person assigned to the Energy and Commerce Health Subcommittee. Tell them: ·about your pharmacy; where it is; how many people you employ; how long your store has served your community; your long standing commitment to serving Seniors within your community ·that the State of Texas and the federal government rely on you, as a valuable healthcare provider, to provide important healthcare services for your senior patients, ...
Joey 'never won anything in his life' Barton
This March 11th, we're going to fast and pray in solidarity with 11 million undocumented people. May God touch the hearts of Joe Barton and Sam Johnson!
ONLY ONE PARTY feels this way. It's why I'm ashamed to be a republican because we celebrate this type of ignorance by electing the likes of Joe Barton, Louie Gohmert, Michelle Bachmann that champion this kind of lunacy
The Gout Remedy Report by Joe Barton, does it really work ?: via
People would have shared it so much if any muslim molvi said what Sen. Joe Barton said about wind being used up in making electricity.
Joe Barton thinks that the wind can be slowed down by wind farms ?! LMAO, what a stupid *** !
Been watching the GOP candidates trying hard to "out conservative" themselves in the TV ads. They sound like ventriloquist dummies and must be using the same stock footage. It seems that every ad includes: A man with a shotgun over his shoulder, claims he will "secure the border", touting their "faith", lying about the Affordable Care Act, claiming they protect life, and standing by an old looking ranch fence. Ahhh, the nostalgia. What hypocrites. They don't even say the are Republicans. Not one mentions the gutting of the public schools by the GOP, the overbuilt prison culture, the highest percentage of uninsured, the dismal dropout rates, the dependence on Pentagon spending in Texas, the pending water crises, and our endlessly increasing property taxes. How come? Please tell Greg Abbott, Jerry Patterson, Dan Patrick, Ted Cruz, Mike McCaul, Joe Barton and so many others like them to "just go away".
My favorite is Joe Barton Rep Texas Said wind is a finite resource. Harnessing it slows down wind and contributes to warming
As my friend Jean said, this Joe Barton guy would fit right into Philippine politics. So logic. Much science. Wow.
Barton G is second best restaurant in Miami. Obviously Joe's number one
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