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Jodie Foster

Alicia Christian Jodie Foster (born November 19, 1962) is an American actress, film director, and producer.

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I liked a video Jodie Foster Blows the Whistle on Elite Hollywood Pedophile!!
I'm looking at that thinking, Kelly McGinnis? That totally looks like Jodie Foster. . Oh. Yeah. Right.
I'm sure Jodie Foster is not hoarding her wealth in tax havens like the rest of Hollywood actors and th…
Jodie Foster is worth about 100 MILLION dollars. Think she ever built a house, chang…
Somebody stop this *** before it's too late. Photoshop a picture of him with Jodie Foster…
"It’s a bit like Jodie Foster in the prison scenes of The Silence of the Lambs, but much less whimsical." Movie=bad…
not to be dramatic but I think I'm in love with Jodie Foster
can't help but think she sounds like Jodie foster in contact...
"Normal is not something to aspire to, it’s something to get away from.". - Jodie Foster
Jodie Foster, Robert De Niro & Martin Scorsese on the set of Taxi Driver, 1975
Jodie Foster is spot on !. Trump's proposed trickle down tax cut will push millions into poverty.
Jodie Foster as Clarice Starling in Silence of the Lambs
Uh oh. She's 2 u what John Hinkley is 2 Jodie Foster except she's more obvious. Stand guard! 😨
YAS. 6 episodes, all written by Charlie Brooker, from directors including Jodie Foster, David Slade and John…
The 43-Day Fashion Shoot. “I’d say I’m akin to Jodie Foster as Dr. Ellie Arroway in Contact, with a mixture of Way…
The Bounce channel forces you to discover crazy old movies in which Jodie Foster is both the hero radio jockey and the killer criminal.
Unlimited Calling US/Canada phone service
What would John Hinckley have done to Jodie Foster? Or Squeaky Fromme to Gerald Ford?
It's going to be a scene liken to a Burning Man festival and the part in Contact when Jake Busey stared at Jodie Foster
All of this blaming BLM for the Dallas shooter makes me wonder: When will Jodie Foster fans finally disavow William Hinckley, Jr?
Great fun with Justine & Rev Run! Jack O'Connell is wonderful and Jodie Foster is a laugh?
Just hoping I'm not cybil Shepard or Jodie Foster
Jodie Foster & Harvey Keitel on the set of 'Taxi Driver' by Martin Scorsese. by Steve Schapiro.
TIL John Hinckley Jr., who attempted to assassinate President Reagan to impress Jodie Foster, previously trailed P…
Taylor Schilling and Jodie Foster behind the scenes of Orange Is The New Black
All teenagers should watch the original Freaky Friday starring Jodie Foster, but we love the new musical adaptation!
10 minutes into watching Elysium with Matt Damon and Jodie Foster, who knew it might actually be so prophetic?.
Flightplan is a brilliant film and Jodie Foster is a top actress. I hadnt yet discovered Matt way back then. Lol.
Jodie Foster in a promotional shoot for The Silence of the Lambs (1991)
Killer line up of directors for season four of - Jodie Foster, John Hillcoat & Toby Haynes…
Jodie Foster and Winona Ryder at the Little Man Tate premiere, 1991.
Nick only gets off to 90's Jodie Foster
Update your maps at Navteq
Zachary Quinto checks in to HOTEL ARTEMIS with Jodie Foster, Jeff Goldblum, Dave Bautista, et al.
Did you know David Hedison is Jodie Foster's father in law?
At this point John McCain is about as much of a "maverick" as that film with Jodie Foster and Mel Gibson.
"I want me, Jodie Foster and Kristen Stewart to create a new squad." -Millie Bobby Brown. YAAASSS PLEASE
Silence of The Lambs what a movie I do wish Jodie Foster & Sir Antony Hopkins would finally do a follow up & put me out of 26yrs of waiting!
Jodie Foster as Clarice Starling is an all-time performance. Overshadows both Hopkins and Levine, which says a lot.
Jodie Foster, Stephen King and more mourn loss of Jonathan Demme
Where's our crazed Jodie Foster obsessor when we need him?
Jodie Foster shares a touching tribute to Jonathan Demme: "He was pure energy."
Why is it that my Mother is a beautiful love child of Helen Hunt and Jodie Foster?? Why wasn't that passed down to ME?
Jodie Foster, Anthony Hopkins Pay Tribute to Jonathan Demme, a 'Champion of the Soul' via
Jonathan Demme and Jodie Foster on the set of THE SILENCE OF THE LAMBS (1991).
Jonathan Demme & Jodie Foster photographed on the set of 'The Silence of the Lambs' | 1991
"He was pure energy, the unstoppable cheerleader for anyone creative." - Jodie Foster remembering Jonathan Demme
Jodie Foster, Stephen King, Meryl Streep and extra mourn lack of ... - -…
Softball Rampage - Free Return Shipping
Jodie Foster pays tribute to Jonathan Demme, "a champion of the soul"
Jodie Foster pays tribute to 'Silence of the Lambs' director Jonathan Demme: "He was pure energy"
"I am heart-broken to lose.a guy so singular and dynamic you'd have to design a hurricane to contain him" -- Jodie Foste…
stars Jodie Foster and Anthony Hopkins pay tribute to Jonathan Demme:
I think some people are just looking for an excuse to e-mail etc Jodie Foster about all the garbage they've made up to use me themselves (32
Julianne Moore, Lisa Rinna, Jodie Foster, Sela Ward and Elisabeth Shue were for the mother in this film
The Theory of Everything, starring Tom Cruise and Jodie Foster. Directed by Jonathan Frakes, music by The Chills. Budget: $2000
Jodie Foster leads anti-Donald Trump rally: 'This is our time to resist'
Jodie Foster led Hollywood anti-Trump rally in Beverly Hills. Said it's time to engage. Yeah Hollywood's been quiet way too…
Jodie Foster is like Matt Damon - both have high academic IQ but low emotional/common sense IQ
Jodie Foster and Michael J Fox speak at rally for immigration rights via
Jodie Foster, Wilmer Valderrama and Michael J. Fox Key Speak at Unity Rally Held in Place of Oscars Party via
Jodie Foster, Michael J. Fox call for unity at rally for immigration rights.
Jodie Foster and Michael J Fox lead anti-Trump protest by via
Michael J Fox and Jodie Foster condemn Trump policies at protest
Doesn't Hollywood get it? Anti-Trump is Anti 63 million people who voted for him!Jodie Foster Leads Anti-Trump Rally
Nope, the same majority that elected him agrees with what he is doing.
Hollywood out of touch with the rest of the country. as usuaul.
Tom Hanks, Jodie Foster and Helen Mirren voted greatest award winners of last 50 years https:/…
"This is a great way to celebrate our industry!" Jodie Foster exclaims
Jodie Foster on “We will not tolerate chaos and ineptitude and war-mongering”…
Jodie Foster admits she's never been comfortable using her celebrity for activism, but "it's time to show up."
Jodie Foster is speaking at a UTA rally, being held today in lieu of Oscar party.
Jodie Foster calls for war against America. Go for it, Jodie.
No offense, but calling Jodie Foster overrated reminds me of Trump calling Meryl Streep overrated.
United Voices rally: Jodie Foster calls for resistance to oppression at alternative Oscars ‘party’…
How do you tell them to just shut the fuk up? They are annoying
Jodie Foster: "This industry is in the business of humanity."
Beyond proud to be repped by UTA. Today more than usual. 🙌🏽.
Time to engage what, Jodie Foster? You're powerless, controls nothing. Next election 2020. See you there - maybe.
Dear NO ONE CARES. Try to make a decent movie 4 a change and VOTE like normal people do. 🙄😏.
Jodie Foster at anti-Trump UTA rally: "It's time to show up. It's time to engage"
Jodie Foster, where are you? Read my new Book."In Search OF Ancient Atlantis." You come on the scene on page 28. It will make a good movie.
Black Mirror season 4: when is it on Netflix? Plus, Charlie Brooker hints about Jodie Foster's episode
In the lobby where I have stood next to Christoph Waltz, Jodie Foster and Tom Hooper, What a magical world ~ :) oh yeah!
I wish Jodie Foster would read me a bed time story
- comedy special on Richard Holbrooke is wonderful and Jodie Foster is a great meal….
In this thread: why Jodie Foster is the hero in Elysium.
Anthony Hopkins and Jodie Foster were brilliant in this movie.
I Jodie foster this kind of behavior.
Where is Jodie Foster when you need her
George Clooney: 'There’s not going to be a President Donald Trump' More Hollywood brain trust!
I will nod JODIE foster this kind of behavior
Jodie Foster sounds like Reba in the silence of the lambs
is trending,'as a Gen X'er' I assume the Jodie Foster flick is on the box but it's not, get with the programme oldie.
I will not Jodie Foster this behavior
i will not jodie foster for this kind of behaviour Brian
I def Jodie Foster this kind of behavior
hate to break it to you but you're not Jodie foster 💔
he will not Jodie foster this kind of behavior
Jodie Foster when I was like... 7 or 8 :P
So I may be just a glue based criminal but I wanna hump (you). Who do I have to kill in a Jodie foster way to impress?
the old Jodie Foster cover is so iconic!
i hope, wherever she may be or whatever she may be doing, that Jodie Foster is absolutely content and happy
how about - and jodie foster as VP - chief of staff shud be from mexico.
I think 'destiny' is just a fancy word for a psychological pattern -Jodie Foster
please, for the love of mercy, please watch "Bugsy Malone". Dubbed musical children's gangster movie w/ Jodie Foster & Scott Baio
A crazy guy shot Reagan in order to impress Jodie Foster, it's not far fetched to imagine it for agenda-driven celebrities today.
I don't get celebrities that are rude to their fans like they support u ! They're not going all john Lennon or Jodie Foster on u, wth ?
Have I told you my fan theory that the battleground at the end of Rogue One is the same spacebeach Jodie Foster visits in Contact.
would've been 106 today if liberals didn't assassinate with Alzheimer's disease after Jodie Foster's 1st failed attempt.
Jodie Foster' first car was a 1979 Beetle Convertible. (Left car) is her actual car.
Dear Miss Heather. I just watched "WM3: Life after Prison" on Youtube. You have a stunning resemblance to Jodie Foster.URButiful
The Graduate, starring Marion Cotillard and Jodie Foster. Directed by Brett Ratner, music by Otis Redding. Budget: $500m
U want to give Guns to crazy people. Does John Hinkley know u dated Jodie Foster?
John Hinkley Jr is out, Jodie Foster is still hot, an actor is in the White House - sounds like a good time to let mental patients have guns
Tell John Hinkley Jr. that Jodie Foster would be really impressed if he visited the Oval Office.
Madonna was wrong! Remember Mark David Chapman trying to impress Jodie Foster.
I'll be interested if he puts the same to Maureen Lipman, Adrian Brody, Ben Kingsley, Jodie Foster, Kate Winslet, et al?
Who's next Jodie Foster? Kate Winslet? Perhaps Maureen Lipman? They've all made films with Polanski, so must be fair game...
. I imagine it's similar to how Jodie Foster feels about John Hinckley Jr.
John Hinckley, Jr. shot Reagan to impress Jodie Foster. When celebrities use social to threaten our country, people lik…
Jodie Foster and Robert De Niro on the set of Taxi Driver, 1976.
Holy crap, the robe Jodie Foster wears in Candleshoe, is the exact same robe Johnny Galecki wears on the Big Bang Theory.
Money Monster is incredible. Watch it. Seriously. Jodie Foster is such a sick director and Jack does the family proud 👊
In fairness, everything is downhill from Bugsy Malone. Even Jodie Foster would probably count is as a career high
Check out these pictures of Rory Emerald and Jodie Foster.
lmao it was Bugsy Malone starring that dooshbucket Charles in Charge and Jodie Foster. 😂😂 *** im old af.
Jodie Foster and Priyanka Chopra perform dramatic reading of Britney Spears' "Toxic"
She is kinda over-rated though... I prefer Jodie Foster
I am the luckiest filmmaker I know.
At the 1989 Golden Globes, there was a three-way tie for Best Actress (Shirley MacLaine, Sigourney Weaver and Jodie Foster)
gets more than the Jodie Foster film.
Tune in to tonight @ 11pm to see Jodie Foster, Felicity Jones, Samuel L Jackson & more honoured the Britan…
Jodie Foster, Angelina Jolie and her highness all rocked a suit/tux
It was great to see some of my favourite actors/actresses receiving awards: Felicity Jones, Samuel L Jackson, Ewan…
This deserves to be shared. For science. .
I STILL have no idea what Obama thought about Jodie Foster's CB De Mille award and that was 4 years ago!
I like these people but how did Jodie Foster, George Clooney, & Denzel Washington get the Cecil B. DeMille before Meryl Streep?
Jodie Foster played a young Grifter who had to think outside the cigar box, in the 1974 ABC TV series Paper Moon, b…
completely agree! Award speeches are about gratitude not grandstanding. E.g. Jodie Foster
Yes, Meryl's speech was beautiful but Jodie Foster's speech remains unbothered as the best speech ever (forever)
Remember when Jodie Foster got a Cecil B De Mille award, brought Mel Gibson & gave a speech mocking the coming out process?
That cutback reminded me of how horrifying and awkward it was when he was at the Globes for Jodie Foster's Demille award.
Remember when Jodie Foster won the Cecil B. Demille award to come out sort of? Meryl beat that by 25 million miles.
Most memorable speech since Jodie Foster's a few years ago. That one's still with me.
Does he need Jodie Foster to translate for him? Not watching, so can't tell...
Jodie Foster got it at age 50. Maybe try not to give the HFPA too much credit either way.
Also, the fact that Clooney and Jodie Foster were honored the Cecil B. DeMille award before Queen Meryl is beyond me
Not even Jodie Foster knows what Viola Davis is talking about.
Scott u DID help elect but u FAILED to BANG Jodie Foste…
Trump wanted Jodie Foster & Brooke Shields at inauguration until he found out they've changed a bit since Taxi Driver
Love yourself like you were both John Hinckley Jr. and Jodie Foster at the same time. Do your best to impress yourself!!
Good to know that John Hinkley Jr is merely "eccentric".. Jodie Foster can sleep at night now
*** no. Jodie Foster would kick Jimmy's nuts into next year.
Golden Globes: Jodie Foster said the phrase Honey Boo Boo Child multiple times & for some reason people wanted to talk…
I'm watching Money Monster right now and I can't believe Jodie Foster went and made an Alan Partridge: Alpha Papa remake for the US
Mel's best friends are *** Jodie Foster, jew Richard Donner & black Danny Glover. Now shove your labels up your posterior!
All I'm saying is we have this new president, John Hinckley is a free man, and Jodie Foster is still a Democrat.
I admire Jodie Foster. Her head is screwed on really well. It's not loo...
It’s time we re-examined the that led John Hinckley, Jr. to believe Jodie Foster would date him if he shot President Reagan.
Jodie Foster, seen here with Nastassja Kinski on the set of "The Hotel New Hampshire" (1984).
Reminder that Jodie Foster's "Home for the Holidays" (with a *** & a sassy Holly Hunter) is the best Thanksgiving film ever.
Worth staying in for: Melvyn Bragg meets Elizabeth Taylor and Jodie Foster tonight on The South Bank Show (Sky Arts, 10.15pm)
Harvey Keitel and Jodie Foster behind the scenes of Martin Taxi Driver (1976). Photo by Steve Shapiro.
"Oh! No-o-o-o... Who's gettin' shot to impress you?" on saying he's 'Michael from Austin's 'Jodie Foster'.
So like I said, I figured out that "Billie Jean" from Michael Jackson's Thriller album (1982) was about Jodie Foster and
New portrait of Jennifer Lawrence and Jodie Foster at the 2016 AMD British Academy Britannia Awards on October 28 https…
.are honouring Samuel L Jackson, Felicity Jones, Ang Lee, Ewan McGregor, Ricky Gervais & Jodie Foster at the
What Hail Mary could pull before Election Day?. Tell John Hinckley Jr that is finger-banging Jodie Foster?.
i think John Hinckley Jr is the only man who's obsessed with Jodie Foster... & he was found innocent of attempted murder by insanity plea.
Ang Lee, Samuel L. Jackson, Ricky Gervais and Jodie Foster are among the list of honorees
Hillary should give her debate guest ticket to John Hinckley Jr. and tell him Trump rated Jodie Foster a 6½
I'd like to follow in the footsteps along like Jodie Foster and Natalie Portman, who got the
The man who once put a bullet into Pres. Reagan in an attempt to impress Jodie Foster was released.
Jodie Foster should go out on a date with John Hinkley for a favor 😉😉
John Hinkley Jr. is finally free. I'll bet Jodie Foster is pleased Gawker is out of business.
Hillary's getting desperate..she told John Hinkley Jr..Reagan dyed his hair blonde and Jodie Foster's still single.. h…
tipped over a little today when John Hinkley learned that has a crush on Jodie Foster too!
Deviled eggs are to San Diego as Jodie Foster is to John Hinkley
One condition of John Hinckley Jr.'s freedom: Not allowed to contact Jodie Foster — who he was obsessed with.
Millie Bobby Brown wants to work with Jodie Foster and Kristen Stewart via
John Hinckley to be released. Just wait'll they tell him Jodie Foster is ***
Jodie Foster movies are always slightly menacing and creepy. Pretty sure its because John Hinckley Jr. Was obsessed with her. But then not.
John Hinckley Jr. is being released from prison today. Too bad he doesn't have the one thing that impresses Jodie Foster.…
Susan Calman mentioned Gillian Anderson and Jodie Foster within two minutes of each other during her show last night. SO good.
"This is not how I thought my interview with Jodie Foster would end" -
Didn't this movie already come out in the 90's w/ Charlie Sheen and then again w/ McConaughey & Jodie Foster?
But John Hinckley Jr. stalked Jodie Foster in 81.There was also the Night Stalker late 70's-80's he was pretty famous too
John Hinkley Jr. was cleared for release by a judge. Anyone know if Jodie Foster doesn't like Hillary?. .
•Trump Vs Hillary. •John Hinkley Jr is being released from Prison. • Jodie Foster is still single. • Sometimes problems work themselves out
From Ellen Burstyn to Jodie Foster, here are Martin Scorsese's ten best female performances.
that Stephen Sondheim wrote a love song about Jodie Foster.
John Hinkley is finally free. Walker better quit dating Jodie Foster.
*** is wrong with this country and our legal system!!! Jodie Foster beware
"I will fall in love with the first man to murder Donald Trump." -Jodie Foster
Now that John Hinckley is out of prison, some company needs to get him + Jodie Foster to make the greatest SuperBowl comm…
John Hinckley Jr to be released and to live in Williamsburg, Va! This wasn't about politics it was about his obsession with Jodie Foster!
Jodie Foster on hearing John Hinckley Jr is getting released
When John Hinckley Jr. gets out, I hope someone breaks the news about Jodie Foster to him very gently.
Now would be a really good time for Jodie Foster to say how much she dislikes Donald Trump.
John Hinckley ordered to have no contact w Jodie Foster, Reagan and Jim Brady's family.
It's okay, guys. I ran a concentration camp in Poland, but I was only trying to impress Jodie Foster. See?
Watch Melissa McCarthy, Jeff Goldblum and Jodie Foster 'audition' to be young Han Solo
Bridget Fonda, Jodie Foster, and Helen Hunt are all played by the same actress in your memory.
Flashback to Kristen & Simon Baker announcing Jodie Foster as the Cecil B Demille recipient ☺
George Clooney, Julia Roberts, and Jack O'Connell star in Jodie Foster's Money Monster at 4:50 today:
Somehow, Hinckley thought shooting Reagan would help him win Jodie Foster. . I mean, even in the movie, Travis Bickle didn't win her love.
"I wouldn't be your VP even if there was a grassy knoll full of Jodie Foster fans in the front row of your inaugural parade."❤️
Mind you this film also stars Matthew McConaughey, William Fitchner and Jodie Foster. It's basically a film for people who don't age.
2/2 after all, 36 years ago John Hinckley Jr shot a US president to impress Jodie Foster after seeing Taxi Driver.
-I'm pretty sure that John Warnock Hinckley would have been a problem, even w/o a Jodie Foster.
Saying the John Hinckley Jr. shooting had "nothing to do with Jodie Foster" is also incorrect.
100%. Totally agree. Like I said - sounds more like a John Hinckley, Jr - Jodie Foster connection if any connection at all.
Omar Mateen was as connected to ISIS as John Hinckley, Jr was to Jodie Foster. A psychopathic fanboy gone awry.
At this point it sounds to me like Omar Mateen's connection to ISIS is like John Hinckley, Jr.'s connection to Jodie Foster.
Just remember, when John Hinckley shot Ronald Reagan he said he did it for Jodie Foster, but we didn't blame her
By that standard, we should take seriously John Hinckley's allegiance to Jodie Foster. Doesn't mean Radical Fosterism exists
And John Hinckley thought he was putting Jodie Foster over country. Romney, like Hinckley, is delusional.
if u ever feel stupid just remember that John Hinckley tried to kill Ronald Reagan to impress Jodie Foster even tho she turned out to be ***
Helen Hunt says confused Starbucks barista mistook her for fellow actress Jodie Foster
Supposedly, Jodie Foster was offered the lead role in this -
Jodie Foster says current glut of superhero films are holding women back in Hollywood. via
Tonight, we chat to Jodie Foster about and the wonderful joins us live! https…
It was actually funnier without the usual comedian, stuck on the end although Greg Davies has a new fan in Jodie Foster last wk
On train lol'ing to show..Jodie Foster, Ryan Gosling, Russell Crowe...and the brilliant Greg Davies ...proper loud laughing 👏🏼
Here's the Guide's John Patterson why on Money Monster, Jodie Foster's new financial thriller, misses the mark.
Jodie Foster and Robert De Niro on press day for Taxi Driver at Cannes 1976
the one with Jodie Foster, Greg Davies, Russell Crowe...but MOST importantly...Ryan Gosling *swoon* — watching...
Agreed on both, Russell Crowe, Jodie Foster & Greg Davies really made the show, along with Graham of course!
What a wonderful tonight. Excuse me but is so handsome. Jodie Foster, Russel Crowe and Greg Davies. Wonderful :)
I hope to have a career like Jodie Foster, going from child to adult a...
Jodie Foster is a Green Bay Packers fan! Who knew? Check out her interview with Conan:
Jodie Foster wants to take care of Kristen Stewart - Hamilton Spectator
I had decided to catch the 9:45 Money Monster, the new Jodie Foster film, expertly showering and shaving and bolting out at 9:30.
Jodie Foster in Contact in the scene where she meets the ghost of her dad on the beach is bae
I think Jodie Foster has more room to grow. Money Monster - I Just Saw
Jodie Foster’s starring George Clooney and Julia Roberts is
You look like a young Jodie Foster only you're much prettier :)
"If they're doing really badly I abandon them" - Jodie Foster is a fair-weather cheesehead
Power *** Rule at Cannes: From Kristen Stewart and Jodie Foster to several films, LGBTQ women are the ta...
If you can't tell, I just saw Money Monster. So glad to have Jodie Foster back, and this is definitely a step up from The Beaver, Elysium.
Is Jodie Foster trying to do a pseudo-Bullworth thing in Money Monster with white people liking rap? Feels like it.
was a phenomenal movie. Very gripping and a lot of eye opening truth! Beautiful done, Jodie Foster.
In news that is surprising to me and to literally no one else who knows me, turns out I love Jodie Foster movies.
Website Builder 728x90
Female characters lack substance because it's impossible for male directors to imagine our experience - Jodi Foster
Great cast, great directing by Jodie Foster. Satire about infotainment that leads to shallowness for all involved.
I want to be inspiring to myself, to my kids, my family, and my friends.
Jodie Foster Calls Out Male Filmmakers for Relying on Rape Stories for Women via
My review of Jodie Foster's Money Monster will be probably up tomorrow, due to the fact that it's finals week and I need my beauty sleep...💰
Great opportunity 4 X promotion if you get ❤️to join Jodie Foster in SYD 4 Money Monster premiere 30/5👍👍
Stay tuned for LIVE coverage of Variety's 1-on-1 conversation with "Money Monster" director Jodie Foster
Great interview with one of my heroes growing up
My review of Jodie Foster's new film Money Monster -
Jodie Foster: Studios Are Scared of Women, & the Blockbuster Culture is Harming Movie Industry
under fire from in new Jodie Foster-directed film
I agree with everything on this list except number 48. Contact (with Jodie Foster) should have been in there...
Building Inclusion: “just need to be able to make small steps so we can change the culture little by little.””
.I got it! Josh Donaldson looks a touch Jodie Foster-y.
Money Monster was an excellent film. Kudos to Jodie Foster and the entire cast.
that's how I feel! Plus Jodie Foster directed so I need to go! I open all week so I'll probably go sometime soon hopefully
Cannes: Leonardo DiCaprio, Jodie Foster and Russell Crowe mingle at Vanity Fair party
I feel a little rusty, but: 52+ Weeks of Directors: Jodie Foster htt…
Jodie Foster is sick of male filmmakers constantly using rape as character motivation
I wish Jodie Foster were the therapist in "The Sessions."
A cinematic icon looms large over the Croisette as continues this week.
Jodie Foster and Penny Marshall are top directors of all time as far as I am concerned, bar none.
Jodie Foster on the lessons, challenges of 'Money Monster' - Pocono Record
Money Monster (2016): Jodie Foster does an Oliver Stone setup way better than Oliver Stone
Jodie Foster, Woody Allen, George Clooney- all the latest from on The Green Room 10pm
Jodie Foster receives star on Walk of Fame -
Uh, Jodie Foster has worked with Roman Polanski, who raped.
So we got Jodie Foster, JT, Lil Wayne, James Van Der Beek...who else?
Oh how I love this movie! Richard Donner(director),James Garner, Jodie Foster and Mel Gibson were amazing. :)
Jodie Foster on her acting legacy and her new directorial effort ‘Money Monster
Softball Rampage Has A Wide Selection of Products.
Love this interview with Jodie Foster as the new film she directs, Money Moster, opens at Festival de Cannes -...
“She's just the real thing. I'm telling you she will become a Jodie Foster one day." -Tim Blake Nelson ☺
Jodie Foster on why she'll keep standing by Mel Gibson
Jodie Foster on Wall Street: 'It is a rigged system'
Jodie Foster: "The system is engineered specifically by the very few people who could ever understand it"
Jodie Foster on Wall Street's 'Rigged System,' Mel Gibson, and Stars' Right to Privacy (-
Jodie Foster talks about Jennifer Lawrence in her interview (skip to 34-36:20 min mark)
Jodie Foster gets Hollywood star as director for 'Money Monster': It’s taken half a century, but last week Jo...
A fave science fiction film: Jodie Foster, as Ellie Arroway, in the search for extraterrestrial intelligence (SETI).
Jodie Foster on the Hollywood Walk of Fame with Kristen Stewart, Jack O'Connell & Caitriona Balfe via
Kristen Stewart is on hand for Jodie Foster's ceremony
*New* Short Clip of Cait talking Jodie Foster & Money Monster (thks to
Jodie Foster and Tom Hanks offer acting advice to aspiring actors
Kristen Stewart steps out in edgy all-black for Jodie Foster's Hollywood Walk of Fame ceremony:
Jack O'Connell at the Hollywood Walk of Fame ceremony dedicated to Jodie Foster   10% Off
THE SUNDAY DAILY Jodie Foster gets star on Hollywood Walk of Fame: TWO-time Oscar winner Jodie Foster was awa...
I'm actually interested for a different reason, Jack O'Connell is in it and Jodie Foster is directing it
New pic of Caitriona with Jack O'Connell and Jodie Foster
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