Jodi Arias & Travis Alexander

The Jodi Arias trial is a criminal trial documenting aspiring Arizona photographer Jodi Arias charged in the shooting and stabbing death of her boyfriend, Travis Alexander. The murder of Travis Alexander occurred on June 4, 2008, in Mesa, Arizona. The murder resulted in the opening of a 2013 criminal trial in which Jodi Arias was charged in relation to the shooting and stabbing death of her ex-boyfriend. 5.0/5

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Yeah, and Jodi Arias left a final message on Travis Alexander's voice mail, knowing he…
Screencaps of Jodi Arias being interrogated by law enforcement after Travis Alexander's grisly murder:
Say his name. It's Travis Alexander n his DV abuser/murderer is Does he matter? jodi arias
June 4th, 2008 - Jodi Arias killed her ex-boyfriend, Travis Alexander. She stabbed him 27-29 times, slit his throat, & shot him…
Photos of Jodi Arias in court on trial for the murder of her ex-boyfriend, Travis Alexander. She was sentenced to life without…
Jodi Arias killed her boyfriend Travis Alexander by stabbing him 27 times slitting his throat and shooting him in the head.
Travis Alexander didn't deserve it. Jodi Arias can keep rotting in prison til she dies.
[Atualizado] Travis Alexander to Jodi Arias attempted to murder me in the insideout
Photos of Travis Alexander after his girlfriend Jodi Arias stabbed him 27 times, slit his throat and shot him in the face. ht…
Jodi Arias killed her Ex-Boyfriend Travis Alexander by stabbing him, shooting him in the face and slitting his throat nearly…
Travis Alexander, your name freaks me out. You can thank Jodi Arias
Jodi Arias fixing her make-up before talking to the media about the murder of her ex-boyfriend Travis Alexander.
The one that always gets me is Jodi Arias who killed her ex-boyfriend Travis Alexander in about the most gruesome way possible
In May 2013, Jodi Arias was found guilty for the 2008 murder of her on-off boyfriend Travis Alexander.
Travis Alexander was murdered in 2008 by Jodi Arias.She stabbed him several times and shot him in the head.
Jodi Arias murder scene where she shot and stabbed her boyfriend, Travis Alexander:
Travis Alexander will be in a coffin forever. I don't care if Jodi Arias is confined to her cell for 23 hours a day.
2013 Jodi Arias convicted of the murder of Travis Alexander
at 9pm looks into the case of Jodi Arias who brutally murdered her former boyfriend Travis Alexander in 2008.
Exposed: The Secret Life of Jodi Arias on June 9, 2008, the Butchered Body of Travis Alexander Was Found in His
Jodi Arias and Travis Alexander met in September 2006 at a Legal Services conference in Las Vegas. .
Travis Alexander (boyfriend of Jodi Arias) in a picture taken by Jodi just moments before he was brutally killed. http…
Psycho serial hoaxer and are likely on their way to becoming the next Jodi Arias & Travis Alexander.
📷 In 2008 after being indicted for the murder of ex boyfriend of Travis Alexander, Jodi Arias appeared...
Juan Martinez divulges why he believes Jodi Arias murdered Travis Alexander:
Jodi Arias had a deadly obsession with Travis Alexander.
📷 Autopsy pictures of Travis Alexander, who was brutally slayed by his ex girlfriend Jodi Arias in 2008
This is the last photo of Travis Alexander alive, taken moments before his ex-girlfriend, Jodi Arias, murdered him. htt…
I added a video to a playlist Jodi Arias and Travis alexander Shower Photo Sequence
Jodi Arias moved poor Travis Alexander all by herself. I'm sure Don could do the same. That's adrenaline.
A while ago I was chatting with an older male family member, and on the news they were discussing Jodi Arias butchering Travis Alexander.
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The last photo of Travis Alexander alive.. Seconds before being brutally murdered by Jodi Arias
In other news, Jodi Arias. Still want to meet her, and question her mentality, when it came to killing Travis Alexander.
that's why Jodi Arias killed Travis Alexander.women like this are crazy
it's interesting to look at Travis Alexander's and Jodi Arias' myspace pages...
Travis Alexander family 'saddened' over no verdict in Jodi Arias sentencing re-trial via
I was watching the Jodi Arias special thing and google-image searched Travis Alexander and whoops don't do that because just don't.
The only thing proven in the case was that Travis Alexander really loved Jodi Arias.
Jodi Arias pretends to shoot Travis Alexander in the head in never-before-seen photo
Murder Made Me Famous premieres at 9 ET/PT tonight with the story of Jodi Arias and Travis Alexander.
A photo snapped by Jodi Arias of Travis Alexander, moments before she killed him.
Jodi Arias has been ordered to pay restitution to the family of her victim, Travis Alexander
Jodi Arias Ordered to Pay Restitution to the Family of Her Victim, Travis Alexander
Today in 2008, Travis Alexander was stabbed almost 30 times and shot in the head. Jodi Arias Crimeline:
There was never another suspect, besides Jodi Arias, in the murder of Travis Alexander. Travis had 1,000's of Friends. Jodi had none.
7 years ago, the police were called and Travis Alexander's Fri ends immediately suspected Jodi Arias because of her creepy and evil aura.
The sovereignty of God in the murder of Travis Alexander by Jodi Arias
June 4 2008 Travis Alexander was murdered by his ex girlfriend Jodi Arias The photo was taken right before the murder
See inside the prison where Jodi Arias will be serving her life sentence for murdering her lover Travis Alexander
The Jodi Arias and Travis Alexander story makes me never want to be in another relationship period. 😳
Please remember the victim in your stories. Travis Alexander was SLAUGHTERED by the Murderer Jodi Arias.
BREAKING: Jodi Arias confesses that she planned Travis Alexander's murder
Jodi Arias,your attempts@ dishonoring & defaming Travis Alexander have FAILED!4 Travis is an honorable man and his GOOD memory will carry on
Travis Alexander was a monster and it caused a sweet girl to do what she needed to do to prevent further abuse.
Watching "Jodi Arias: Dirty Little Secret" on Thanking God I never got too deep w/ the wrong person & ended up like Travis Alexander!!
Jodi Arias did not have a scratch on her! This is evidence she did not murder Travis Alexander in itself. Don't believe JA did it
Jodi Arias was convicted of killing Travis Alexander in 2013
Photos bring Travis Alexander back to life |
Family and friends of Travis Alexander, the man Jodi Arias murdered, speak out after her case ended in a mistrial
If Jodi Arias were a man she definitely would have gotten the death penalty. She butchered poor Travis Alexander
Tonight, my prayers are with the family of Travis Alexander.
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Jodi Arias life spared.Travis Alexander is buried 8 miles away from work at Olivewood Memorial Park Cemetery RIP
Sentencing verdict in Jodi Arias trial has been reached by jury. Prayers for Travis Alexander's family and friends...
Why is Travis Alexander on trial again? Jodi Arias has already been found guilty. She is a liar and murdered that man.
Jodi Arias trial: Emails written 2 Travis Alexander from his friend show they warned Jodi against him
An "accident" waiting to happen: the killing of Travis Alexander by Jodi Arias. Read:
Do you think Jodi Arias Deserves to get "The Death Penalty" & not Life in Prison without parole for killing Travis Alexander?
VIDEO | M.E demonstrates stabs to Travis Alexander with pumpkin. WARNING: GRAPHIC
Jodi Arias' penalty phase retrial hits day three, as the new jury is presented with gruesome crime scene photos of Travis Alexander's murder. Tara Kelley has seen those photos before, when she was juror in Arias' criminal trial. Kelley was an alternate juror and did not get the chance to vote on…
Plz remember Travis Alexander approached Jodi Arias first..ofcourse he was a young healthy male..but, when men play with sick females = PAIN
A detective has stated that Jodi Arias shot Travis Alexander first and slashed his throat last.
Don't know how much yaw know about the Travis Alexander killing by Jodi Arias but this is the house it…
On day one, the jurors at the sentencing retrial of Jodi Arias were warned that they would see graphic crime scene pictures along with sexually explicit photos that Arias and her former boyfriend, Travis Alexander, took of each other before she attacked him in the shower.
For those of you who are interested in the Travis Alexander Murder Trial, here's an update…. Several years ago (5 in June), my good friend and business partner, Travis Alexander was brutally murdered by his x-girlfriend, Jodi Arias. She has been sitting in an Arizona jail awaiting trial. Finally, after all these years of waiting for justice to be served, the trial starts on January 2. Because of the dynamics of the story, this trial is being hailed as, "The Murder Trial of 2013." The story has already been on 48 Hours (Google 48 Hours Picture Perfect), and a whole slew of other TV and news programs. CBS News, The Nancy Grace Show, The Dr. Drew Show and several others have, and will be, covering this story. HLN/truTV will be covering the entire trial, live on their network. Jodi has changed her story 4 times, and will have a heck of a time disproving the fact that she savagely murdered the one and only "T-Dogg." First, she denied having been at his home the day of the murder, and that she hadn’t seen h ...
WARNING: Video contains graphic images Jurors at Jodi Arias' penalty phase retrial heard graphic testimony and saw bloody crime scene photos Wednesday as a medical examiner detailed all of the injuries Travis Alexander suffered before his death. Medical examiner Dr.
The case of the State of Arizona versus Jodi Arias, trial for the murder of Travis Alexander that occurred in 2008 is one that has captivated international atte
Day two of Jodi Arias' penalty phase retrial was underway Tuesday in Phoenix, Arizona. Last year, Arias was found guilty of first-degree murder in the gruesome killing of ex-boyfriend, Travis Alexander. The jurors were unable to come to a unanimous decision on her sentencing -- should she get life i…
While Day 1 saw Jodi Arias and her second co-chair Jennifer Wilmott smiling and in good spirits when jurors walked in, Day 2 saw them slightly more serious, on hearing that Dr. Kevin Horn would indeed be testifying to Jurors about the horrific stabs and gun shot wounds Arias inflicted on Travis Alexander's body as a result of the murder - a move that the defense was desperate to prevent, with a motion to preclude the medical examiner from describing the autopsy details to Jurors based on lack of experience and qualification - a motion denied by Judge Sherry Stephens. Yesterday, the Alexander family were subject to a very rough first day of evidence pictures. A Family member of the murder victim (Travis Alexander's sister Samantha) remarked to Fox Journalist Troy Hayden during a break yesterday, that they are just waiting for this phase to be done with. However they were in for yet another traumatic day in court today. The Arias side of the family was  fully present, complete with both Arias' parents and ...
HLN’s Nancy Grace speaks with Travis Alexander’s friend Dave Hall about what sentence he thinks Jodi Arias deserves. The penalty phase retrial of Arias for the murder of Travis Alexander commenced in a Phoenix courtroom Tuesday.
Travis Alexander's friend joined Dr. Drew to discuss the sentencing retrial. Watch:
I'm praying for Travis Alexander's family to find peace and for Jodi Arias to go straight to ***
It's been more than a year since Jodi Arias was convicted of murdering her ex-boyfriend, Travis Alexander. A second jury will try and decide her...
Jodi Arias lawyer Kirk Nurmi directly accuses Travis Alexander of being a pedophile in this clip. He refers to the recorded phone sex conversation between Jo...
Jodi Arias took to the stand Tuesday, discussing her sexual escapades with numerous different men, including Travis Alexander. For more informaton please vis.
Its on in Arizona...lets hope justice prevails this time..for Jodi Arias in the malicious killing of Travis Alexander sheis a nightmare.She has this magnatism and is already trying to use it focusing on the males determing her fate. I believe she is the essenceof evil.she deserves the ultimate punishment for the way she killed this man who rejected her.
A new jury will start hearing whether convicted murderer Jodi Arias should get a life or death sentence in the killing of ex-boyfriend Travis Alexander.
Nurmi: The tale of this relationship is of infinite sadness... She's now in position of facing at least the rest of her life in prison. It's up to you to write the final chapter--to determine the sentence of the woman Travis Alexander loved, Jodi Arias.
PHOENIX (Reuters) - An Arizona jury will be sworn in on Tuesday to decide whether 34-year-old convicted murderer Jodi Arias will be executed for the 2008 slaying of Travis Alexander, court officials said.After
Convicted killer Jodi Arias returns to court for a retrial Monday to settle the matter of her sentencing. Arias was convicted on May 8, 2013, of killing her ex-boyfriend, Travis Alexander. If you weren't able to keep up with the entire case, we get it -- it went on for a long time. But if you have a…
The following is a collection of Jodi Arias photos. They show her being her "true self" as her real personality comes out right before the camera. A couple of the photos include very "appropriate" captions. They reveal Jodi Arias's self-centered & very manipulative behavior in so many ways. She "claimed" that Travis Alexander was "obsessed" with her and yet look at the photo of her "staring" at the picture of the two of them on her computer screen monitor. Let's see now. This clearly shows that SHE was the one who was "obsessed" with Travis Alexander. NOT the other way around as she tells it. By the way, how many "pairs of glasses" does one need to wear in Court for their murder trial? Most of us who have closely observed her already realize that she doesn't need those glasses. This is merely a pathetic attempt on her part to make herself look more demure & "innocent". Notice the expression on her face in each of these photos. Don't you just love the one where she's giving someone the finger? How about th ...
Jury selection got underway Monday in Jodi Arias' sentencing re-trial, where a panel of jurors will be asked to decide whether Arias should be put to death for the murder of Arias' boyfriend Travis Alexander.
Jodi Arias is approaching the final phase of her murder trial, but like many trials, this ultimate step will begin with jury selection. Arias had a 12-person jury for her last trial -- a jury which was unable to reach a verdict with respect to her punishment. The woman convicted of murdering Travis Alexander will now participate in picking a second jury, one that will only deliberate on how Arias may be punished. [ 15 more words. ]
PHOENIX — On June 4, 2008, the troubled and obsessive love affair between an aspiring photographer named Jodi Arias and a salesman and motivational speaker named Travis Alexander ended in murder.
Jodi Arias, 34, has acknowledged killing ex-boyfriend Travis Alexander in 2008 at his suburban Phoenix home and claimed it was self-defense. He suffered nearly 30 knife wounds, had his throat slit and was shot in the head.
Jodi Arias has been found guilty and is now pleading for a life sentence for murdering Travis Alexander. She has gone to the strange lengths of citing her ch...
Jodi Arias has successfully petitioned to allow an investigator she’s hired to the home where she murdered former ex Travis Alexander.
What could gain by sending her investigator back to the crime scene where she murdered Travis Alexander:
5 weeks until the Jodi Arias penalty phase retrial begins I hope. I can't wait until it's over and justice is served for Travis Alexander.
Did Borderline Personality Disorder play a role in the murder of Travis Alexander and trial of Jodi Arias?
Can't wait to hear the sentence for Jodi Arias for murdering Travis Alexander in 4 weeks.
. I have to deal with Total Nut Job Supporters of Jodi Arias! YIKES!!. I am a part of The Jodi Arias Case!. JUSTICE FOR TRAVIS ALEXANDER!
two names Give you an Alibi Travis Alexander, Jodi Arias
This is Debatable one case Comes to Mind Travis Alexander/Jodi Arias
Jodi Arias just doesn't realize it's over for her. The deadly ambition got to her when she murdered Travis Alexander. He will get justice.
Coming to cable news this fall: Jodi Arias, who was convicted last year of murdering her ex-boyfriend Travis Alexander, will represent herself in a sentencing retrial that will determine if she gets the death penalty. The original jury deadlocked on whether Arias should be sentenced to death, and...
Today Show shared the following link and had this to say about it: Jodi Arias told the judge Monday of her intentions to act as her own lawyer, and Judge Sherry Stephens granted the request. 34, was convicted of murdering Travis Alexander, but jurors couldn't reach a decision on sentencing.
For the record. Jodi Arias did not kill "Travis Alexander". The Forensic evidence speaks for itself.
Back on. Whew. Yep slit her throat just like Jodi Arias did to poor Travis Alexander. EYE FOR AN EYE I TELL YA!
Okay so Wikipedia, my go to for everything, has a page for Jefferey Dahmer, Charles Manson & even Scott Peterson. But when you try to type in "Jodi Arias" it goes straight to "The Murder of Travis Alexander" & I'm going to say this the best I can without sounding disrespectful, but her defense was that he was abusive. Maybe she's lying but either way, why do all those guys get their own page but she does not? I need to know how to go about making this happen.
Jodi Arias murder trial: Key players,Check out the key players in the murder trial of Jodi Arias, convicted of killing Travis Alexander in Mesa in June 2008:
do you know it has been a year since a jury found Jodi Arias guilty of murdering Travis Alexander, and they still haven't sentenced her..instead of her going to prison , she is in jail writing books and talking to Howard Stern according to what i have read . why on earth would it take that long to sentence someone that has already been found guilty? why is she getting to hang out in jail, getting to use computers, talking to celebrities and making t shirts... something is so not right there
Fellas choose your poison...Sterling's life has just been destroyed in the public eye by his side piece (she got his *** good, banned for life!) and Travis Alexander's life was ended by his dip-off Jodi Arias...Sterling is still alive and rich but today probably wishes he was dead...SMHBLOL
In terms of eye reflections, Jodi Arias and Travis Alexander provided good info.
how about a lack of smiles from Travis Alexander and Jodi Arias in the photos for that day?
A portion of the proceeds from Jane Velez Mitchell were donated to Travis Alexander’s charities and an animal charity. Meanwhile, we present to you, a portion from the book itself and beneath it, the post Jodi Arias made which stands out as a single entry which she wrote from prison and handed over to be typed out and posted on her blog. As she sat on the witness stand, only one thing about Jodi Arias was clear: the woman was a chameleon. Once upon a time, before the trial had begun, before she’d been taken into custody, before she’d killed her ex‑boyfriend Travis Alexander, Jodi Arias had been a bombshell. During her relationship with Travis, her hair had been dyed blond; her makeup had been tasteful, with just the right amounts of lipstick, blush, and mascara; and her alluring face had been radiant. The woman on the witness stand bore little resemblance to that Jodi. She wore no makeup, though her skin had grown pale from lack of sunlight. Her mousy brown hair had returned to its natural state, ...
Jodi Arias retrial on sentencing rescheduled for September 8. Justice for Travis Alexander!
Despite handwritten pleas and multiple legal filings, Jodi Arias is getting closer to facing the death penalty and will be tried again in the sentencing phase slated to begin this September following her 2013 conviction of first degree murder for the brutal slaying of Travis Alexander. As the date draws nearer, Arias appears to be naturally getting cold feet, with very little for her lawyers to work on. Laurel O'Keefe writes a hard-hitting article on this. Supreme Court once denied Jodi Arias' request to set aside the option of a Death Sentence. Let's hope this attitude continues throughout the penalty phase of this trial. This murder demands the death penalty; I pray that this Jury looks right past Jodi Arias's demure affectations, her Peter Pan collars strategically worn Barrettes. They hopefully have seen the empty vapid soulless eyes of Jodi Arias, the same ones that she usually keeps encased behind her cleverly procured librarian "glasses". I have watched this women s face as witnesses tes ...
I don't stalk my nieces & nephews, or grandnieces/nephews I check up on their wellbeing. That is normal behaviors also known as insane aunty behaviors. One day it may land me in the Dsm itself for loving them, move aside karla hitler I am not different than you. I love them, but I don't see anything they do wrong. Even if it is Jodi Arias or Travis Alexander lolz.
A young woman at the age of 26, Jodi Arias, met a successful man in Las Vegas, Nevada, Travis Alexander, in September of 2006. Travis was three years older and although they both were single, Jodi was in a relationship of four years duration. He enjoyed dating and was flirtatious but had become more serious about finding a compatible woman to share his life with and start a family. Jodi had recently signed up with a company to sell legal services insurance and attended her first meeting held in Nevada where she met Travis. They talked quite a bit and had a good rapport, so they exchanged phone numbers before going their separate ways at the close of the event. Travis was a director executive in the company and also a motivational speaker who was very adept at helping new associates get started in the business. Although he and his siblings had a rough upbringing during their early years, their lives took a turn for the better after their paternal grandparents moved them into their home. They attended Mormo ...
will you be the Travis Alexander to my Jodi Arias ? 💘
Proof of Fake Glasses @ End of Trial Day 43, Jodi Arias who Butchered Travis Alexander Seen All Happy and Smiling with her lawyer like they're in High School...
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[cbsc] Jodi Arias sentencing retrial pushed back: Arias, convicted of killing boyfriend Travis Alexander, had ...
Why give Jodi Arias a retrial? Make the stupid psycho B!t&$ suffer the same exact way what's his name, Travis Alexander did?
Jodi Arias murder case: Timeline of events: When Travis Alexander was found slain in the bathroom of his Mesa ...
Travis Alexander - Jodi Arias Real Life Case Saga - While the fate of Jodi Arias remains uncertain. This case has helped shine the spotlight on so many areas: Legal Arena, Politics-(If dug deeper, Political Initiation Rites like with regular street gangs for their new members), Businesses and Business Scheme Practices, Incredible Economic Power, Cultic Practices, A huge conspiracy to Frame Network, etc., ___ this case has produced many areas of Truth for the People.
This is the same guy that brought in the butcher knife to show how Jodi Arias killed Travis Alexander.
But before I do.Do you support Jodi Arias or Travis Alexander?LOL!
For Travis Alexander cult. Fembots, Flesh Dresses and the (Anti-)Fetishization of Jodi Arias
Watched Snapped tonight. It was about Travis Alexander & Jodi Arias.
Today is the day. Well, tonight, anyway. We'll be discussing Jodi Arias and the murder of Travis Alexander. I don't know how I managed to read through so many, but I did read many articles and posts from her supporters to prepare for tonight's episode. Let me tell you,...
Judge rules Jodi Arias can face death in murder of ex Travis Alexander
I'm sure Travis Alexander is burning in *** as we speak. God doesn't like pedophiles who abuse beautiful women like Jodi Arias.
I'm glad Travis Alexander is dead! After everything he did to Jodi Arias! All the abuse he put her through! Got exactly what he deserved!
I don't care how many times Travis Alexander was stabbed! I know for a fact that Jodi Arias acted only in self defense! End of story!
This is part 4 of 4 of Juan Martinez's closing argument where he describes how the prosecution believes Jodi Arias killed Travis Alexander. This part describ...
It appears as though America is experiencing another " Lorena Bobbit " moment. Bobbit and Jodi Arias' violence against men could prove to be pivotal moments in the way that women address their difficulties with the male population. Lorena Bobbit's jury rendered an insanity judgement. If Arias' panel of peers reach a verdict of ANYTHING but guilty and, importantly, the death penalty, then many men in the States will be leary of laying their hands upon women, or doing anything of a sexual or nonsexual nature that may incur the wrath of a woman scorned. If Arias, possibly a pathelogical liar and narcissist, can be humanized by her defense team, and a solitary juror empathizes with her, then there is going to *** up in Harlem, to quote a phrase. If Travis Alexander, palmed off as being a stand up guy, member of the Mormon church, and apparently, formerly a reliable bread winner, can cause a woman, any woman, to go off, like Arias admittedly did, then there are probably a ton of women who may take anythin ...
A Mormon Murder - Jodi Arias and the Killing of Travis Alexander The trial of the beautiful Jodi Arias captured the imagination and riveted attention of viewers around the world when her trial for ...
"YOU, Jodi Arias, are the worst thing that ever happened to me"-Travis Alexander (remember him)? Your poison.
Jim Clemente talks The State vs Jodi Arias ~ Travis Alexander murder trial and discusses why he believes that Wade... http…
March 17 is when Jodi Arias finds out if she get life or death. If it was up to me she'd die the same way Travis Alexander did!!
Justice for Travis Alexander is priceless. No amount too much to see justice is done to Jodi Arias.
28 January 2014 - The Frame Up of Jodi Arias and What Jodi Arias saw. What she saw was supposed to stay hidden in the shadows (it could be real, or it could be just make believe; but the pictures that the Killers themselves took, confirmed the reality of the deadly sinister group). The network was very shocked that images of themselves were obtained from the pictures that they took. Jodi Arias was in shock of what she saw, her shock of these prime predators was greater than the execution of Travis Alexander. Yes, the Predators need Jodi Arias to be dead. First, she needed to take the brunt of false responsibility of Travis Alexander's death, and then, she needed to be convicted of 1st degree, next, she needs to be eligible for the death penalty, after that, she will die before the death date is to take place. Many valiant individuals have been fighting for her life.
How did I not notice that played Travis Alexander in the Jodi Arias movie.? Amazing how you resembled him.
In 2013 the American people were captivated by the case of the U.S born Latina Jodi Arias. Her trial for the (1) 2008 murder of her on and off again boyfriend Travis Alexander lasted months and Arias herself was on … Continue reading →
just got done watching the Jodi Arias movie and I hope s/o got permission from Travis Alexander family b4 airing it.
You could discuss the case in support of defendant Jodi Arias, you may share diverse opinion on behalf of justice for the late Travis Alexander. Please do feel free to share whatever that you would like to, pertaining to the case. It's only the words you use that need to be given care to - that's all!
The once-budding love interest of Jodi Arias testified Wednesday that he had a heated make-out session with her just a day after her ex-boyfriend Travis Alexander was stabbed and shot to death. "We were talking and we kissed ...
"Travis Alexander murder prophecy" He told his friends to suspect Jodi Arias if he was killed.
He did a great job playing Travis Alexander in the Jodi Arias movie Dirty Little Secrets
Why are White people so obsessed with hating Jodi Arias? Don't they have anything better to do? Why don't they hate Travis Alexander instead
Jodi Ann Arias literally has NO REMORSE - NONE - for what SHE did to Mr. Travis Alexander!!! Jodi Arias is a True SocioPath!!!
Judge sets March date for new Jodi Arias sentencing phase
a good book is any based on Jodi Arias and the brutal murder of Travis Alexander. There's 2 at chapters
Blake Smith's insight: Jodi Arias had been convicted of killing her boyfriend, Travis Alexander in a lurid manner. Jodi Arias maintained her innocence though and said that it was all undertaken in self defense. The homicide retrial is to occur in March since no final verdict has been reached yet.
�Jodi Arias was reportedly so obsessed with Travis Alexander, that after he had broken up with her to date another woman, crazy lady turned to stalking.
These are bits from the phone sex tape Jodi Arias recorded as she was speaking with Travis Alexander on her cell phone. It's debateable whether Travis knew h.
Learn more about the infamous Jodi Arias, convicted of brutally murdering ex-boyfriend Travis Alexander on June 4, 2008, at
Jodi Arias is INNOCENT and u *** need to leave her alone. Travis Alexander was killed by a group of bandits. Support...
Everytime I see the Jodi Arias/ Travis Alexander story, it absolutely breaks my heart what she did to that man. Never let anyone take you to the point where you end up spending the rest of your life in jail. It's just not that serious. RIP Travis Alexander
Good! I get sick thinking about what she did to Travis. God Bless the Alexander family. Penalty to Jodi Arias.
Jodi Arias jurors expected at party for Travis Alexander
Tune into the Investigation Discovery (Discovery ID) cable channel at 9 pm to see me as Zack Billings, one of the best friends of Travis Alexander who was murdered by Jodi Arias, on "Deadly Sins"!
Even though Jodi Arias is convicted of first-degree murder, her trial is far from over: The jury will now have to decide if she murdered Travis Alexander in a cruel manner. Arias' life is hanging in the balance as the trial moves on to the aggravation phase, which is expected to begin Wednesday at 1...
Fans of Investigation Discovery's true crime series Deadly Sins need wait only days for the highly-anticipated season 3 premiere of this popular series. Hosted by Criminal Behavior Expert Darren Kavinoky, this third season begins on Saturday, January 11th at 9PM Eastern // 6PM Pacific time with the first of ten all-new one-hour episodes. The first episode of the Deadly Sins season 2 is titled "Jodi Arias: Killer Sex Kitten" which reveals several yet-to-be-told salacious details about this internationally-infamous killer Jodi Arias and her years-long affair with her former lover and murder victim Travis Alexander. The next show features brilliant author and international sex symbol Burl Barer offering insightful commentary on the Eric Christensen murder case (January 18th).
A Lifetime original movie inspired by the infamous photographer Jodi Arias, who stabbed her ex-boyfriend, salesman Travis Alexander, 29 times, slit his throa...
We go together like Jodi Arias and Travis Alexander!
The graphic recording, according to the defense, was of a phone conversation Jodi Arias recorded some months before prosecutors say she shot Travis Alexander...
Deadly Sins Episodes I am in : Air date 1/11 @ 9p - DS304 - Jodi Arias: Killer Sex Kitten (Jodi Arias and Travis Alexander) --- This is their first episode of the season and of course a very well known case. There is a lot of hype for it! Air date 2/15 @ 9p - DS307 - Good Boys Gone Very Bad (Craig Rabinowitz & The Zarate Brothers) -- I play an Investor
Get all the details of Travis Alexander murder and continuing updates on Jodi Arias with this timeline.
Pablo Rodriguez from Riverside Ca, signed the petition on asking President Obama to abolish the death penalty. I commend you Mr. Rodriguez for the courage it took to write the truth about Travis Alexander and Jodi Arias. Thank you so very much.
Jodi Arias trial is soon to begin again. Will she receive the for the murder of Travis Alexander?
"America's Trials If anyone renewed those idyllic claims that a president proved that America's race problems were behind us, one only had to look at raging commentary over interracial crime statistics or racial profiling that the George Zimmerman trial provoked. Supporters cast Zimmerman as a citizen who put down a thug, but antagonists saw a trigger-happy racist. After his acquittal, Zimmerman stayed in the headlines when his wife filed for divorce from her selfish husband and when he was arrested on domestic violence charges involving his new girlfriend. As for the president himself, Barack Obama gave a rare and candid insight into his experience as an African-American male. He also said the justice system had done its job: Divided the nation might be about the acquittal, the initial injustice of Sanford police failing to file charges over the death of Trayvon Martin had been remedied. It was more classic courtroom drama that made the Jodi Arias trial the most-searched news story(and the defendant hers ...
I'm watching the special about Jodi Arias killing Travis Alexander and I'm just in disbelief...
Jodi Arias not only murdered Travis Alexander but she accused him of being abusive. She claimed she got &
Jodi Arias - murdered Travis Alexander, her ex-boyfriend, by stabbing him 29 times, shooting him in
Travis Alexander was mean, old, ugly & FAT! Jodi Arias was innocent & beautiful! Just a sweet girl! *** is wrong with that jury? Seriously?
Jodi Arias lied to POLICE about how her involvement with Travis Alexander. At first, Arias said she had NOTHING to do with his brutal death!
“You are the ultimate *** in bed… When it’s done, the intensity will make your body feel like you have been raped… You’ll rejoice in being a *** that’s sole purpose in life is to be mine, to have animalistic sex with me and to please me in any way I desire.” Murder victim Travis Alexander text message to his "3-Hole Mormon Wonder *** Jodi Arias.
Did anybody else watch the Travis Alexander story on oxygen?! Jodi Arias is pure evil, it's so sad knowing people like her walk this earth!
Offically I'm a dork. I am so excited to watch Snapped from my DVR because its a 2 part of the Jodi Arias murder trial from her murdering Travis Alexander. I watched the whole trial and some movies made about it and this Snapped episode is such a clear and true picture of how stuff went down.
This 2 show episode of Snapped is so good so far 🙌 The death of Travis Alexander.. Jodi Arias' life story up until his death 👌
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I liked a video Jodi Arias and Travis alexander Shower Photo Sequence
People hate Jodi Arias because they're WHITE. That's it has nothing to do with her killing Travis Alexander. Black people like her.
Lol at Travis Alexander saying Jodi Arias' craziness is "cute"
Relationships like Travis Alexander and Jodi Arias are the reason I have trust issues.
So basically you and your "boyfriend" are another version of Travis Alexander and Jodi Arias. No wonder he is scared to dump you
I feel bad that Travis Alexander is dead but I'll feel even worse if Jodi Arias is sentenced to death.
OK Snapped is on Oxygen tonight and its about how Jodi Arias murdered Travis Alexander a two parter
FYI, tonight on Snapped, they will be showing the Jodi Arias segment. and I do believe this is a 2 part segment... I don't shout out anything thats so Negative and that was so Horrific in Regards to Travis Alexander.. I just thought I would state this...
Travis Alexander, who is he. so sad people know who Jodi Arias is and not Travis. we need to change this. My brother didn't get slaughtered for nothing. He was on a mission. A mission to change the world. A mission I cant even begin to explain.Ill walk up to somebody and ask them who Travis Alexander is, they will say who is that? Then ask them who Jodi Arias is and they can tell you all about her. We need to change this!
Travis Alexander brother has leaked info that Judge Sherry Stephens wants to start Jodi Arias retrial in February.
(May 16, 2013) - As the court decides whether to sentence convicted murderer Jodi Arias to death for the 2008 killing of her ex-boyfriend Travis Alexander, t...
Jodi Arias was unable to accept the fact thats she was becomin a side chick and killed Travis Alexander lol
"The Power of Forgiveness" by C.S. Hughes (June 30, 2008 - A Week Before His Own Friend Travis Alexander Was Killed) and its relevance to extending it towards Jodi Arias. Many times in the course of our lives, we will be wronged, harmed or offended by someone. It then becomes our duty to forgive them. One Christian author, quoting the Lord, wrote these words: “I, the Lord, will forgive whom I will forgive, but of you it is required to forgive all men.” As hard as it can be sometimes, for own sanity and spiritual growth, we must forgive. Perhaps one of the best true stories I’ve heard about forgiveness was retold recently by James E. Faust. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did. In the beautiful hills of Pennsylvania, a devout group of Christian people live a simple life without automobiles, electricity, or modern machinery. They work hard and live quiet, peaceful lives separate from the world. Most of their food comes from their own farms. The women sew and knit and weave their clothing, which is m ...
I call dibs on the Travis Alexander role in the Lifetime (Television for women) movie based on Jodi Arias! DIBS!
The "Multi-level marketing of the Murder of Travis Alexander ", you know, the one Jodi Arias did not commit.
I know for a fact Jodi Arias did it out of self defense & I am certain Travis Alexander was a pedophile! I promise! I promise!
I just want to send out a Huge Thank You to all that support this page, and keeping the Memory of Travis Alexander alive. A man who did nothing but give, in the end was taken. What a tragedy. Jodi Arias was a nightmare for Travis since the 1st day he met her, only God knows why he let their paths cross. Jodi will get her day, it may be delayed but it is inevitable. ~God Bless all who are supporting this page~
Travis Alexander was an amazing and wonderful guy. He was ripped from those who loved him most on June 4, 2008 by an evil ex-girlfriend named Jodi Arias. I c...
Travis Alexander is no saint! But in my opinion, I truly Jodi Arias is cold blooded murderer. Because she is no good lying pure evil human being. I watched the trial since day one and followed this completely and she keeps scribble stories too much. She is master manipulator and good one too. I truly believed she stalked Travis because she was so obsessed with him. Remember, she wanted to marry him and being with him forever, but when Travis finally told her no she became in rage! IF SHE COULDN'T HAVE HIM, THEN NO ONE COULD! Jodi murdered Travis because she got dumped and its a shame. You cant force a man to be with you, that's how you scare them. To be honest, I don't hate Jodi Arias, but I'm very terrified of her. I've had many nightmares about her and it wasn't pretty. Her attitude is rude and she acts like a evil zombie in court! Her eyes really scared me too I saw the look she gave at the jury and it really scared me
Editor's note: This is the second of a two-part interview with the family of slaying victim Travis Alexander. During the first part of the interview, Alexander’s siblings told In Session's Beth Karas about how they found out about their brother's death. Jodi Arias deserves the death penalty, accordi...
Travis Alexander, Jodi Arias, Travis Alexander appeared to be in Good Standing with the Church up to His Death, Still an Elder. Sky Hughes, Chris Hughes, Mor...
Tonight's Drama Special at 9pm features one of the most highly publicised murders and trials in American history. In 2008, Travis Alexander was murdered by ex-girlfriend Jodi Arias. A fatal obsession...
 C.S. aka Chris Hughes, was Travis Alexander's alleged "best friend".  Hughes knew Travis for 8 years or 10 years or for his whole life, depending on who's telling the story.   Hughes, using the power of the internet and Headline News, and the repition of a limited number of "Jodi and Travis" stories, punctuated by the words "freaky" and "creepy" has orchestrated one of the largest, if not the largest, hate campaigns, against a single person, criminal defendant Jodi Arias, through social media, that I dare anyone to try and disprove. To believe that the jury in the State of Arizona vs. Jodi Arias was not affected by this massive campaign, whether by watching HLN or going onto the internet themselves, or through the influence of family and friends who no doubt would feel obliged to inform their loved one as a warning as to what happens to those who disagree with the lynch mob, is to put one's head firmly and deeply into the sands of the Arizona desert. The hate campaign by Hughes started well before the ...
Europe's Nuclear Secret If you think Travis Alexander's fatal affair w/ Jodi Arias was a sordid secret; consider this
Charles Manson girlfriend looks like Jodi Arias the sociopath that killed Travis Alexander. Mm
Jodi Arias was in court today. Why don't you cover the Travis Alexander murder case anymore?
Why do I like to watch murder mystery cases? Obsessing over the Travis Alexander/Jodi Arias case
VIDEO: Travis Alexander's friends say he was a soft and sweet person, and that Jodi Arias w [CNN 3-08-2013] | Watch: ...
Do you think Jodi Arias should get Life in Prison or be Put to Death for Killing Travis Alexander?
1 oh ok. The testimony i watched and the stuff i read said Jodi Arias travelled from her home in Cali to Travis Alexander's
So here joins another scam artist looking 2 make $ of the murder of Travis Alexander, exploit Jodi Arias name 4 personal gain! FRAUD
Travis Alexander sent texts to Jodi Arias calling her an evil sociopath not long before she murdered him brutally. He knew and so do I.
"If I ever show up dead, you know why." - Travis Alexander, before being murdered by his ex Jodi Arias. Also...
Was MacNeill in the same ward as Jodi Arias and Travis Alexander?
I think a great Halloween costume would be the corpse of Jodi Arias bf Travis Alexander... Yup
Jodi Arias tortures Travis Alexander's family by using his SISTER as the inspiration for her... via
'Europe's Dirty Secret': via - What did Jodi Arias and Travis Alexander have in common with Germany & NATO?
and to top it all off Dave Hall was friends with Jodi Arias and her murder victim, Travis Alexander.
New owners of the house where Jodi Arias murdered Travis Alexander weren’t aware of the murder until after moving in. http…
Yes Travis Alexander was a Tax Payer and he deserves the same amount of time and money spent as Jodi Arias. Money not an option
Travis Alexander did not deserve to be brutally slaughtered by Jodi Arias!
It is a scientific fact that Jodi Arias committed perjury. Vinnie slandered Travis Alexander and Mormon church on his show.
Had the defense been allowed to introduce Travis Alexander's repeated use of the word "kudos," Jodi Arias would be a free woman today.
Jodi Arias stabbed Travis Alexander almost 30 times, shot him AND sliced his neck from ear to ear.
why can't U blatantly C that Jodi Arias viciously murdered Travis Alexander out of jealousy Premeditated cold-blooded murderer
I don't think staying away from funeral proves anything. Jodi Arias went to Travis Alexander's service and look what she did!
Travis Alexander received justice today! Jodi Arias found GUILTY of 1st Degree Murder!!
Will it be life in prison or death for Jodi Arias? She’ll get one step closer to finding out on Monday. HLN will bring you complete coverage of her hearing. The siblings of Travis Alexander, the victim in the Jodi Arias case, published an e-book Tuesday that was written by their beloved brother.
Jodi Arias and Travis Alexander timed shower sequence. You be the judge. . via
Jane Velez-Mitchell's book on Jodi Arias trial is open for pre-order, proceeds donated to Travis Alexander charities
I'm obsessing over the Travis Alexander/Jodi Arias murder case.
Jodi Arias rejected Travis Alexander's plea to spare his life 29 times. Sorry Travis's family. :(
Do people think making fun of Jodi Arias is gonna get justice for Travis Alexander & his family?
couldn't pinpoint why I recognized the actor who played Travis Alexander in "Jodi Arias: Dirty Little Secret". Bobby Brady from the movies!
Please do NOT include ANY pictures of Jodi Arias when reporting on Travis Alexander's birthday!
Sister of Travis Alexander planning day of service on his 36th birthday -- some Jodi Arias jurors to attend:
Jodi Arias jurors expected at party for Travis
Jodi Arias jurors expected at party for Travis | via
Jodi Arias jurors expected to attend party for Travis Alexander:
Forensic Analysis of the murder of Travis Alexander. Proof & Vindication of . Ms. Jodi Arias 100% innocence &...
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Travis Alexander did not abuse Jodi Arias, Jodi Arias was a stalker what do you think she did to him ???
actually I want a relationship like Jodi Arias and Travis Alexander
I liked a video Photo Expert Says He Sees a Reflection of Jodi Arias in Travis Alexander's Eye in His
"The family of Travis Alexander will be allowed to help decide whether Jodi Arias lives or dies."
What George Zimmerman did is TRUE self -defense NOT what Jodi Arias did against Travis Alexander.
I guess Jodi Arias will die of old age before she gets sentenced for the murder of Travis Alexander.What is the problem Arizona
I wish that Travis Alexander was still alive & that Jodi Arias never went to visit him in June 2008.
Jodi Arias brutally stabbed TRAVIS ALEXANDER 29 X , shot him, left him to rot and your saying a possible outcome 25 *** NO
The Travis Alexander / Jodi Arias texts were allowed in court, even tho Travis Alexander was dead.
“That idea is so stupid!!”/ They just trashing Trayvon like Jodi Arias & Lawyers trashed Travis Alexander.
Travis Alexander died a painful death according to the Jodi Arias movie.
If you'll be my Jodi Arias, I'll be your Travis Alexander. Wait, I don't wanna die a horrible painful death. This was a
can't tell if that's a Travis Alexander joke or a Jodi Arias joke.
r u familiar with the Travis alexander/Jodi Arias trial? You sort of look like him so you covered in blood is disturbing! Lol
I love as much as Jodi Arias loved Travis Alexander
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Does this principle apply in the case of Jodi Arias, who was entirely uninjured by Travis Alexander?
We are currently in the town that Jodi Arias killed Travis Alexander
Its crazy to think that on my sister's 17th birthday the summer before my freshman year in High School, Jodi Arias murdered Travis Alexander
I know it was hard for Travis Alexander's family to watch that crazyv Jodi Arias movie. Only on lifetime.
Jodi Arias was really crazy for killing Travis Alexander but I mean I see where she was coming from . . .
Jodi Arias was the sex-crazed maniac, not Travis Alexander
The guy who plays Travis Alexander in the Jodi Arias movie is sexy AF 😍😛
Travis Alexander referred to his FWB . Jodi Arias as a "three hole wonder"
Travis Alexander RIP should have known it was doomed when he met Jodi Arias in Vegas. There's something about that city.
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