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Jodi Arias

The Jodi Arias trial is a criminal trial documenting aspiring Arizona photographer Jodi Arias charged in the shooting and stabbing death of her boyfriend, Travis Alexander.

Amanda Knox Travis Alexander Juan Martinez Chris Hughes Casey Anthony

Ill never have to hear the name Jodi Arias again
Am I the only one disturbed that Trial only lasted little over month Jodi Arias took years?? Wth?
Hey Kinsey who is going to be at the Jodi Arias sentencing? You or the MIA, Slacker hWild.
I bet if u take it to any store they'll exchange it, just act fierce and have your Jodi arias face on.
hey thanks for filing the Jodi Arias documentary under Romance
In a mere 178 hours Jodi Arias will FINALLY be standing before the court to be held accountable & sentenced to PRISON until dead.
yea and Jodi Arias. True stories are disgusting unless it's about something good which never happens
Oh one more thing,get away from that Wicca stuff. That's what drove Jodi Arias to murder Travis Alexander.She was into. That cult
Jodi Arias: dirty little secret.. SO dramatic lol
last night i watched the lifetime Amanda Knox trial and tonight Im watching the lifetime Jodi Arias trial
Why do we care about Jodi Arias? What's the attraction? Maybe its not her crime so much as it is about US. Hm.
when is the jodi arias case coming out on forensic files? even though I know the story, it be cool to watch it on the show
What time will the jodi arias verdict be on tv?
At the end of the day... is still alive :) so that's what matters 💕
😳Is it just me or does the Jodi Arias:Dirty Little Secret under the Romantic Movies on seem a little off? 😳
U should do Jodi Arias for the Serial killer files :)
Jodi Arias was psychotic & a terrible human was she ever worthy of a retrial?
I know. Collect call from PV from jodi arias. Will you accept ?? Uh. No. I'm on to my next bff. Can you tell her???
Video from retrial has been added up to day 40 and the verdict. Also the hearing for htt…
Repost—Is A Psychopath? I dig into her MMPI profile and dissect it! Please RT! Thanks
Murder, Especially the Jodi Arias Case, Can Be Mesmerizing via Is it that she is so odd or is it us?
Ariz. judge OKs live video of Jodi Arias sentencing April 13
Fascinated by defendants like Jodi Arias? Is it her off-the-wall behavior or is it us?
Judge allows live video of sentencing
Authors Nick and Lisa discuss behind-the-scenes-writing stuff
On April 13th travis will be deceased. On April 14th too.
ICYMI: Judge allows live video coverage of sentencing
Because they're broke after the Jodi Arias trials?
ICYMI: Judge allows live video coverage of Jodi Arias sentencing
Judge allows live video coverage of sentencing in one week
Gimme Shelter, secret of Eden, Jodi Arias ; Dirty little secret, taken from me, Repentance, sleeper cell & unconditional
Lizzie Borden took an ax. Jodi Arias took a knife & a gun. She didn't think 1was enough to get it done. 1 wk life 4ever
heard same thing also there helicopter will follow Jodi arias prison bus to perryville. Ha ha
I HOPE ANY money grubbed here goes straight to ALEXANDERS/ from Bill and Sandy Arias - Jodi Arias is Innocent .com: http…
rather you then me.can't watch any more of Jodi arias. It's been a eye opener how the victim is a after thought in this case
arias secret test. she met TA grandmother 3X!Her tone is diff. in secret.TA family not in courtroom, I didn't no that
"We also discussed things like family structure"
imagine that. If JSS even gives Jodi arias a remote chance of freedom she better leave town
Taxpayers shell out nearly 3 million on Jodi Arias trials - The Sentinel
What do I feel about Castro's suicide? I'm hoping Jodi Arias was taking notes.
picked the wrong state to murder in. especially cruel is the important bit of the sentence. Jodi arias will die in prison
Defense attorney urges jury to give Jodi Arias life term
just say a lot of things , but jodi Ann arias hasn't a clue about abuse
“they are such goals it's disgusting first picture reminds me of the Jodi arias story lololo
Great perspective from photographer Tom Tingle about the balance of work and emotions via
A sneak peek at Jodi Arias' eventual prison home
You can cut them off, but they'll still stock you and stuff. Watch the Jodi Arias case and you'll see lol.
Um how is the Jodi Arias movie a romantic movie?
where is the Jodi Arias trial up at? (For free viewing)
where is the. Jodi Arias trial up at? ( for free viewing)
I find it extremely odd that nothing else was stolen from Dr Demarte. Just her computer.
BEHIND THE LENS Trying to separate emotion from doing my job
nurmi got paid quite well for his job defending Arias
If you ever think "hey my girlfriend is psycho" go watch the Jodi Arias lifetime movie on Netflix, you'll count your blessings
Jodi Arias needs the death penalty, smh physco b
so now the auditor is mysteriously dead ? I would rather have Ted Kennedy drive me to Jodi Arias house for a date than belive that
The Jodi Arias movie on Netflix is a trip
Jodi Arias: Never Before Seen Testimony: via this is so well done, awesome.
Two more days have been added to Retrial it from the palace
New blog with chilling animation by on say I didn't warn you pleas…
You wouldn't know real abuse if it slapped you in the face. Clearly your as psycho as she is.
NHL Stanley Cup Memorabilia from The Bradford Exchange Online
from what I have read Angela Simpson is just one of many nice people jodi arias will get to meet
Please remember the victim in your stories. Travis Alexander was SLAUGHTERED by the Murderer Jodi Arias.
Angry Jodi Arias jurors say holdout had agenda
Questions arise about Juror 17s treatment and conduct in Jodi Arias sentencing retrial
Jodi Arias victims family: There is no justice.
As always great blog Brad. Jodi Arias is so disgusting to try and use Travis as a child molester for her own gain.
MUST READ! This is for and his family. May you all find a little peace in this.
Um, why is the Jodi Arias made-for-TV movie in the Romance section on Netflix?
JSS needs to give LWOP and explain to Jodi arias how evil she is to give the Alexander family some satisfaction.
Why is the Jodi Arias lifetime movie in my Romantic movie section on Netflix?
Amanda Knox and Jodi Arias have the same birthday
My one-woman show about Jodi Arias debuts in the LensCrafters waiting area at Fashion Square mall next Sunday 12n/3pm/5pm/7pm
The *** Jodi Arias told fantastical lies-- thats her only claim to fame! And, being a 3hole wondr, of course!
She slaps her name on things making it an "original" Jodi Arias
I find it slightly unnerving that Netflix lists the Jodi Arias Lifetime movie under "Romance."
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How is the Jodi Arias movie a romantic movie? Smh Netflix.
I just watched Jodi Arias documentary on Netflix and I can't even with twitcon rn 😂😘 lol
so vivid. Jodi Arias is truly a coward.
faked just like the pedo letter and the Jodi Arias Assets Seized Story.
of course it's fake. Just like the story you wrote claiming Jodi Arias Assets were seized.
YEP Look at pics took compared to movie . -->
After watching the Jodi Arias documentary. Holy psychopath
ps "why?" you ask, i'll tell u why, 2 words, jodi arias LOL
Jodi Arias future home is just over 86 square feet big, with a bare bed, sink and toilet
why does the Jodi Arias Lifetime movie fall under the romance section of Netflix?
It's about as fake as Christine Berwick's story about Jodi Arias assets being seized.
Off topic, By this news article there is an investigation of being on social media
It is an amazing article based on fact and truth. Unlike the one about Jodi Arias Assets Seized.
BREAKING: Jodi Arias confesses that she planned Travis Alexander's murder
PHOENIX AP -- Jodi Arias was spared the death penalty on Thursday after a jury for a second time couldnt decide on her punishment
New blog post exploring why the forged letter is indeed a forgery—
Women like Jodi Arias survive in prison because their environment is different from male prisons.
Thank you 4 an amazing article &4 "getting us" &4 shining the light of truth on this evil
don't forget these are the same people who are glad DT Flores son was dead. No wonder Jodi arias is grooming 15 yr olds
Maybe she combined suing Obama and Jodi Arias :) I'm kidding Lol
Jodi Arias,your attempts@ dishonoring & defaming Travis Alexander have FAILED!4 Travis is an honorable man and his GOOD memory will carry on
@ my auntie house watching the Jodi Arias story 😑
funny that the most celebrated case of recent years and yet not 1 person can Jodi arias DT find to prove travis was a pedo
when will you be adding the rest of the Jodi arias retrial. There's probably about 50,000 ppl waiting you. Help us.
Or be like Jodi Arias who has a rotting soul, is a cancer to everyone she meets, murder b/c of jealousy
Death threats for juror who saved Jodi Arias life
ps troll you do know that Jodi arias said the pedo event occurred on a different date then what was on the letter. Facts ***
I'll pay someone $5 to write a 3 page paper and do a PowerPoint on Jodi Arias
Convicted killer Jodi Arias declines to address jury in sentencing trial:
So I'm finally watching that Jodi Arias Lifetime movie, and Jesus. She's a psycho! 😳😳
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I'm obsessed with this jodi arias movie on lifetime
whats the name of the movie? I love life time movies! Lol you gotta watch The Jodi Arias movie
Of all the buitiful women in the world..JA is ur inspiration. Well seems your one lonely sick individual.get help ASAP
What do Amanda Knox,Oj Simpson & Jodi Arias have in common besides knife murders? They were all born on July 9th
Short clip Stacey on Juan Martinez should definitely have retried Jodi Arias
Just had a nice Italian dinner..home made sauce with meatballs, fresh grated parm..what arias your having elbow mac& ketchup .bummer
How about a live feed to Jodi Arias boarding the Perryville bus? Many would love to see :)
Watching the Lifetime movie about Jodi Arias and cuddling in bed all night with tissues, cough drops, & Nyquil ☺️
The vast majority of Travis Supporters know the whole "Jodi Arias Assets" story is a LIE.
Jodi Arias is crazy! I think Knox was weird and immature and her behavior didn't help her situation at all!
I think Jodi Arias is extremely different than Amanda. 😐
Mini Jodi Arias. I can't handle her smirks.
Yep, and it cannot come soon enough
Court Chatter | What Jodi Arias didn't want you to know about the forged letter
The *** Jodi Arias, as we know, is such a ridiculous liar! She could've done a little research concerning Travis' "attic! Cont>
Jodi Arias juror: I didnt want this pressure
"Women don't lie about sexual abuse/rape" And Jodi Arias was attacked by Ninja's
first glance kinda scary, reminded me of Arias and her braids
The funny things is..Jodi Arias thinks she will receive the same Lol
Reviewing a Lifetime movie this week... should I just assume you guys are all voting for the Jodi Arias one?
That article, its states if you are a Jodi arias hater read on. No hate here, We want justice for Travis and his family
jodi arias wins again. After her M1+especially cruel win . Keep winning hodi
There are places you can see it for free I believe. Try the FB page St Vs Jodi Arias. I know that is frustrating.
MENDACITY Amazon Bestseller . True Crime writer Lisa Wilson travels to Phoenix to find Jodi and Justice for...
Amanda Knox acquitted of murder by an Italian court. OJ and Jodi Arias both heard to say, "Oh C'mon!!"
matt Jodi arias needs you to confirm it is telling the truth. Come out come out wherever you are. There's a Hershey bar 4 u
Heres what we know about lone Jodi Arias juror
Just one observation before I call it a nite. If Jodi Arias 'suffered in silence' I never wanna meet up with a woman who doesn't.
Oh. Hmmm. He tries, but my take is he is sick of Jodi Arias. She is just another murderer in
Jodi arias will prob get everyone thrown out of the court before she allows JSS to sentence her
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Hear from the lone juror who cast the vote that saved convicted murderer Jodi Arias from the death penalty
A sneak peek at Jodi Arias eventual prison home
remember people count that clock down. 17 days to the big house. Perryville awaits Jodi arias
Jodi Arias trial: State takes over, FBI profiler exposes killer on ground
15 days now. Watch this clock for Arias Sentencing Countdown :-).
Chris Hughes. Are you part of Juans Tie and Christina Berwick false story about "Jodi Arias Assets Bei…
how do you know he fantasized about kids? He had several relationships with adult woman. no evidence of pedophilia.
Fantasizing of a child is pedophilia.
No proof he was ever a pedophile, you just need some justification for murder.
Good bc I don't like TA fan girls who worship a dead pedophile.
No replies?, most people on here must have blocked you
Travis Alexander was a monster and it caused a sweet girl to do what she needed to do to prevent further abuse.
This is my body inspiration for Hawaii
watch the Jodi arias lifetime movie!
You haters are so immature. Women enjoy sex. Stop calling them *** for that
PerfectMatch - Fall In Love Today
Who talks about "corking the pot of a little girl"? That is the definition of pedophilia
TA fans like to accuse us of being drug addicts while Tanisha got arrested for dope possession.
The Jodi Arias TV movie is in there as well. Netflix, do you need to talk?
Could 'Janet' the 2nd to comment on the Mendacity page be ? Take a look, read carefully - coincidence?
look back through history. Jodi arias trolls r nothing new. Sick people attract sick people
watch the Jodi Arias movie on netflix!! its abt this physco girl who falls in love with this guy & eventually ends up killing him
That Jodi arias movie on Netflix was was better then the Amanda Knox movie
heres something Jodi arias will never do again
Judge in Jodi Arias case declares mistrial
Jodi arias trolls r not going to like what u said. They will b getting the 10 year old photos out
You have a good point. Who gets to deliver 29 stab wounds, slit throat and a shot to the head to Jodi Arias
Hey what's up wit "Jodi Arias: Dirty Little Secret movie under your Romantic movies? That's messed up.
u can see why Jodi arias is grooming 15 yrs olds if is the best they can do. Bye bye hodi
ha ha I luv you guys you smashed the jodi arias troll with facts. I'm guessing everyone lied about the 15yr olds except hodi😆😆
she just thought she was so much smarter than everyone else Arias
please don't blame jodi arias . All this would never have happened if Juan Martinez would have given it 2nd degree. His fault
Watching the Jodi arias movie with my bf so he can see what's gonna happen if he acts up kidding
your blond picture looks like Jodi Arias !! Not a good look unless you were trying to kill it lol
All I know LB, is when it comes to HOT, white and BEAUTIFUL; society bends over backwards. I'm still amazed that Jodi Arias was
There's this lady at my church that looks a bit like Jodi Arias
well she has no class and all I can say is 18 days for jodi arias and beyond!
Just watched the jodi arias movie on Netflix, she's a phyco 😱
Cathy.YOU posted the story about "Jodi Arias Assets Being Seized" It implies you endorse the story. IS the s…
Must watch this video by Carl Jodi Arias - Diabolical Flux video (satire) Love it!!
If those same incompetent investigators were at Jodi Arias crime scene they would have fabricated 10 killers. There was 1.
The Amanda Knox coverage reminds me of sitting in the duty hut awaiting the Jodi Arias verdict with
Breaking: Jodi Arias also cleared of all charges by Italian court.
I love rhyming & I always found that pic of super creepy. Don't fear the Boogeyman, fear the Jodi Arias.
Sorry to repeat myself, but Amanda Knox and joran vandersloot would make a great couple. Or Amanda&Jodi arias. Or Amanda&Casey Anthony
lmao i used to be really into the jodi arias case o_O but not sm the Amanda Knox one.
Also with he Jodi Arias trial... I'm glad it's over. she deserves to die but that'll happen in prison.
I still don't know which one is Amanda Knox and which one is Jodi Arias or what this has to do with One Direction.
If I'm taking that kind of risk, it's Jodi Arias or bust
No, Jodi Arias is the English word for ***
I've followed it since day 1. But I obsess over trials. Jodi arias, Casey Anthony, Amanda Knox, etc. Amanda's the only innocent 1
I'm watching a Lifetime movie about Jodi Arias on Netflix.
For once in her life Jodi Arias wishes she was someone else…Amanda Knox.
Amanda Knox is the sexiest of the female murderers. It's not even a question. Jodi Arias is outdated. Casey Anthony is overrated.
Enjoying a nice glass of wine! Something arias will never do again!
Here's a motion wrote to have Nurmi booted
I'm about to order a pizza. Something Jodi Arias will never again do! 😀
Watching the Jodi Arias lifetime docudrama 😳 she was/is actually psychotic. Out her mind stalker psycho killer.
the Jodi Arias movie is on tv right now. It's not looking good for her tbh
VERY TRUE. jodi Arias is not a threat to national security. Just to men
Watching "Jodi Arias: Dirty Little Secret" on Thanking God I never got too deep w/ the wrong person & ended up like Travis Alexander!!
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there goes my chance for an Amanda Knox/Jodi Arias prison buddy comedy
Why am I watching this Jodi Arias movie on Lifetime.
I can't be the only one who doesn't find Jodi Arias totally insane
Jodi has Rights, 2 - I am on Jodi's side. . Arias has Rights! Jo a
Watchn Jodi Arias: Dirty Little SecretArias just wants to be loved. Don't play with ppls hearts or u can b slashed fr
how on earth could the LMN Jodi arias movie make you feel bad for this girl and not give her the death penalty?
possibly!! She did tell Julie before moving she wanted to go back to brunette.
Just a joke. That's what happened in the Jodi Arias case. A juror watched the Lifetime movie about her.
Watching this jodi arias movie that bish crazy forreal 😳😳😳😳
Perryville prison everyone😊 who knows one of you could end up here😉 (if you do say hi to Jodi arias for me)
Everyone knows there is incest in Arias family Dumb sister married and had baby with Julie son Jodi taught them everything
How have I never noticed that it was in the Jodi Arias movie?
"still don't understand how jodi arias claimed she loved travis so much but killed him." dude. I know!
I'll just say loser cause I won't be able to remember jodi arias
most of these broads so Jodi Arias... uughhh... 😷🚮
I swear there's a couple of my ex's that remind me of Jodi Arias smh 😒😂
Watching this Jodi Arias documentary... Pretty insane. Girls, don't be obsessive. It literally kills guys.
Jodi arias: Dirty little secret is a great movie to watch on Netflix
Good, then we've seen the last of Jodi Arias, please god!
How dare I? I have absolutely no problem whatsoever daring to make fun of you and Jodi Arias. What are you going to do about it?
Classic David Letterman list - Top Ten reasons to run from Jodi Arias :
I really want to have a threesome with Amanda Knox and Jodi Arias.
While photographing the verdict had to separate emotion to do his job. ht…
Jodi Arias, as everyone knows is a narcissistic psychopath, self-centered, liar and a pretty good actress she deserves life w/o P
Jodi Arias did not have a scratch on her! This is evidence she did not murder Travis Alexander in itself. Don't believe JA did it
I added a video to a playlist Jodi Arias opening statements from penalty phase
let her root not gonna find anything WE HATE JODI ARIAS!
Hi, I have an honest question 4 U or 2. Do u know of Jodi Arias and do you think she was guilty of M1 or self defense?ThankYou
And it looks *** good on her too! Pretty soon, out of sight out of mind - no more limelight for psychotic wingnut Jodi Arias.
Jury reaches decision in sentencing phase of Jodi Arias case - Fox News
he found a way to video chat with Jodi Arias
Trying to separate emotion from doing my job
A court document released Tuesday by the judge in the case reveals the behind-the-scenes wrangling in the jury room as Jo…
Evil monsters who support Jodi Arias will twist anything to their perverted, sick desire just like the murderer they support.
Snail pace compared to what? Jodi Arias murdered 8 months after -- she was just convicted last week.
I do think yes. this article states it.
If she had, she could have saved Jodi Arias from a First Degree Murder Conviction.
*talking about Jodi Arias*. Me: Cali if I broke up with you, you gonna kill me?. Cali: I already wanna kill you . 😐💀
He appears to be one of them. Best part of 4/13, Jodi Arias will begin to disappear, no media, no attention from public
Why are you remaining silent on the validity of the "Jodi Arias Assets Seized" story that you posted. Is it TRUE OR NOT?
How do I know Jodi Arias is lying? She used a PowerPoint to make her case to the jury.
haven't been on a while ago anything new Jodi arias
Jodi Arias, 0 sexual words said to young people, underage people, yet called a "pedo."
I do alright.. but I'm no Jodi Arias
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Has any proof been shown to you to back up the "Jodi Arias Assets Seized" story? Is it true or not? Do you know?
Had to leave,now imagine, if Jodi Arias had said those words abt 12 yr old boy and a little boy, would never hear the end of it.
no problem don't think it will happen but Jodi arias could still do interviews up to 14/04 before leaving for perryville. Peace
Trying to separate emotion from doing my job via
Angela Simpson then is where Jodi arias will b on 13/04 sentenced but not at Perryville yet. Maybe there will b a final interview
saw it think she had been sentenced by not yet in perryville. Inmates wear orange. Jodi arias if allowed could still do interviews
i'm watching the lifetime Jodi Arias movie n my only complaint is tht they're trying to paint these mormons as funny
Generic Calendar/Clock - Countdown to Apr 13, 2015 in Phoenix via
I couldn't even get halfway through. Sick & tired of Jodi Arias. Just want her gone already. 18 more days!
Key facts and questions about the Jodi Arias murder case
Still amazing when you look back. lies upon lies and cool as a cucumber!
Read travis' hand written letter to here
This emoji is reserved for Jodi Arias type situations 🙍
He even had tried to have me killed. Piece of work just like Jodi Arias.
I'm not a victim of Jodi Arias either but, care deeply for Travis' s family and loved ones. I've been there.
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Can you assume that jodi arias is five feet five and black with red curly hair. come on : .
Have you been able to verify that the story "Jodi Arias Assets Seized" that you posted is true yet?
Juror who saved Jodi Arias life speaks out for first time
Jurors in the Jodi Arias trial spoke out following a mistrial in her sentencing retrial
I'm in a Jodi Arias situation smfh. Well, I'm Travis and the dude is Jodi. If that makes any sense 😂 smh.
Catch ya girl at the library lookin like Jodi arias.
tiff. the ONLY time you talk about jodi arias is with me? do i look like i just walked off the boat?
according to perryville do not allow any media interviews with inmates. The clock is ticking 4 Jodi arias
it's very important what JSS does now. Jodi arias must never have a hope of getting out
I'm expecting another application for delay to turn up anytime soon. Jodi arias has nothing to lose
who can sit there and read more lies. The only thing I want to read is JSS minutes after sentencing Jodi arias
and we're not "haters" and we don't need to GIVE YOU anything
Watching Jodi Arias on netflix. I still can't believe how crazy and stupid she was.
ha ha go and read perryville term and conditions. No photographic or electrical equipment allowed. No more media 4 Jodi arias
your not being fair to Jodi arias, u do know the jury didn't see the facts the way there were, I will pray for the jury
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We get to see Jodi Arias on our televisions, newspapers and internet news stations in the courtroom, practically...
Jodi Arias: dirty little secret will forever be my favorite movie.
PHOENIX AP -- The lead defense lawyer for Jodi Arias pleaded with jurors to give the convicted murderer a life sentence.
She didn't know about that Mimi was going to Cancun with him and Mimi expressed that she wasn't interested in TA.
Jodi Arias jurys deadlock spares her the death penalty - SFGate
I added a video to a playlist Mistrial in Jodi Arias case after jury deadlocks on sentence
Juror treatment, conduct in case raise questions via Juror - Total Hypocrite!
Like murder trials lol... Did Jodi Arias tell people she followed her soon to be boyfriend into the men's bathroom at his conference? 😂
next time a man calls me crazy i'm gonna play Gone Girl and the Jodi Arias movies for him. still think I'M crazy?
“Watching this Jodi Arias movie..” I just watched that the other day . Good movie
Question for Troy. Can you get the forged letters from the Jodi Arias trial?
It disturbs me to no end that the Jodi Arias movie is listed on Netflix under the “Romantic Movies”...
Jodi Arias was convicted of killing Travis Alexander in 2013
Amber alert, abducted, Amanda Knox, Jodi arias. all the lifetime movies are really good!
Here is what we know about the lone juror who voted to spare the life of convicted murderer Jodi Arias
Montgomery decries harassment of holdout Arias juror via
Have you heard if the Jodi Arias sentencing will be televised live? Thanks!
Another HIGH PROFILE REPORTER hasn't been able to confirm the Jodi Arias Assets Seized Story. TIE?
This is heartbreaking: "Trying to separate emotion from doing my job"
yep and Jodi Arias is gonna walk outta jail real soon, lol!
This Jodi Arias movie on lifetime is so disturbing. To think people could be THAT obsessed with another individual is horrid.
She didn't know anything about MiMi?
Juror 17 was NOT the problem in Jodi Arias trial via
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