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Jodi Arias

The Jodi Arias trial is a criminal trial documenting aspiring Arizona photographer Jodi Arias charged in the shooting and stabbing death of her boyfriend, Travis Alexander.

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Judge denies motion to take death penalty off table in Jodi Arias case
KABOOM! Juan Martinez messed up this case! Jodi Arias should walk in the name of justice!
I must admit a certain pleasure at seeing Juan Martinez squirm. Who knew Jodi Arias would become his demise instead of his trophy?
Jodi Arias will get a video call for Christmas, Juan Martinez fights back via
Ah yes, it wouldn't be Christmas without caroling from jail now, would it. Jodi Arias trial has wrapped for the...
AZ Prosecutor Teflon Juan Martinez & his lies in pursuit of DP for Jodi Arias. .
The Jodi Arias Defense Fund is a registered nonprofit corporation dedicated to the betterment of the welfare of Jodi, and raising funds for her appeals.
Day 17 of Jodi Arias trial: No trial this week, judge rules
THANKS ANYWAY, BUT ENOUGH IS ENOUGH. I'm gone. I don't care anymore what happens to Arias
I agree.It appears that Jodi Arias is still manipulating & infecting the court with her sickness.
any idea when transcript of the testimony from sealed court of Jodi Arias will be available
State v Jodi Arias Trial Update: There will be no trial this week. The next court date is an evidentiary hearing on Thursday at 9:30am.
COA was specific 2 Jodi Arias as the defendant being unable 2 testify in secret, doesn't address others.
Day 17 of trial: Jury back Tuesday after break -
Phase.There hasn't been a run so poorly since.well...since...the "FIRST" Jodi Arias Trial...
hands up everyone who gives a fcuk if a Jodi arias troll blocks them. To trolls
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I am surprised that some irate Arizona taxpayer hasn't shot the court up over all the delays and expense with Jodi Arias hearings/etc.Waste$
Juan tells DT to Subpoena her witnesses! Problem solved! lol 5pgs > http:…
arias witness not ready? Wth? TA wasn't ready to be slaughtered either!!!
I really need this Jodi Arias trial to be televised. Idk *** is going on .
At the rate this trial is going Jodi Arias will has served an entire life sentence by the time it's done
State v Jodi Arias: There is no trial today. There will be a status conference at 9:30am.
On Jodi Arias. Mormons are a powerful political base of themselves, they support tultra conservative right, which reigns supreme in Arizona.
On Jodi Arias. A big case in Arizona. There are many biblical law types who demand severest punishment possible when a woman kills a man.
Day 17 of Jodi Arias trial: Jury back after 5-day break - CBS 5 - KPHO
Continuing on Jodi Arias... JuanM cheats MORE if he fears he may lose the case. State vs Falater. State vs Grant. State vs Carr.
i haven't caught up on Jodi Arias' trial in months now
Witness: Jodi and Travis broke Mormon sex law | via
Cost to Arizona taxpayers for Jodi Arias' defense tops $2.7 million, expected to keep rising
After killed TA: "If I ever have a son, I'll name him Alexander". Thank God that's NEVER going to happen.
Prosecutor questions ethics of Jodi Arias witness
lol george Zimmerman, jodi arias, Casey Anthony don't deserve to have hate pages?
Jodi Arias Didn't Receive Lunch poor thing really upset me to hear this…:
This past week's trial update and learn more about the anonymous witness that the tabloid media...
Still dying at how we went on vacation to Florida to watch the Jodi Arias case 24/7 😂
- I can confirm this! My question is why is Ryan talking to religious JODI Arias supporters? Crazy!
Jodi Arias trial to resume after a nearly 2-week break
randomly want to watch lifetime’s Jodi Arias movie though, when is that on again
do not take the red one or I will jodi arias you 🔪
Lawyers for Jodi Arias have asked a judge to take the death penalty off the table at her sentencing retrial because three witnesses on her behalf have refused to testify in open court.
3 Jodi Arias witnesses refuse to testify in open court -
"secret witness" is Jodi Arias... Judge Stephens overturned the CONVICTED MURDERER will now testify in open c…
Enough Black celeb brashing JayZ/Ray Rice. What's next Cosby? When are they going to do Jodi Arias, Gigi Jordan or Stephen Collins
For the record… Casey Anthony didn't do it, Jodi Arias did do it. George Zimmerman didn't do it, Michael Dunn did do it (sorta). OJ didn't do it, but later on he did do it. Robert Blake didn't do it, Marissa Alexander did do it. Officer Mehsele did do it and Officer Wilson didn't do it.
Hey Mark, you think Juan Martinez is going down for his misconduct, evidence tampering in Jodi Arias trial, etc.? Thanks!
An "accident" waiting to happen: the killing of Travis Alexander by Jodi Arias. Read:
Remember Beth Karas is at the Jodi Arias trial and is reporting the details on her site Beth is the BEST reporter!
And now I see they're going to release The Whitney Houston Bio Movie...with Yaya playing as Whitney. One question: Why is Lifetime doing these Bio's and not BET? Lifetime stick to what ur good at; Anna Nicole Smith, Jodi Arias, & Julia Robert's Bio's.BET, Step Up, Network Up, People Up!!!
- Day 10: "A Juror's Perspective". To clarify - this 'juror' is from the Marissa DeVault case "I had a kaleidoscope of emotions and observations throughout the day. Dr. Fonseca, a Psychologist specializing in sexual proclivity, was on the stand for the second day in a row. I mentioned that in day 9, listening to testimony of this kind is difficult for a Jury because of its subjective nature. It is also tedious and slow. I spend time watching the Jury. The empty seats where the dismissed Jurors sat are still vacant. I still believe that most do not take a lot of notes. One rarely sees emotion on their faces, which is to be expected. I search their faces for emotions to determine what may or may not have impact on them. It is similar to the way a Juror will scrutinize a Defendant sitting at the defense table. I spent four months looking for answers on the face of Marissa DeVault and why she, with premeditation and in a cruel and heinous nature, killed her husband, Dale Harrell (Note: Scorned airs tonight on ...
I saw George zimmermans case I remember it so harshly but I remember Jodi arias so much more... The fact that someone so perfect could be capable of such an evil sick act astonishes my mind till this day.
azcentral: Jodi Arias fades from view as case veiled in secrecy
Inconvenient Truths: ~~~Fighting the Good.and the Bad Fight.for Jodi Arias~~~!:
try watching the Jodi arias one. Was so horrid
Do you think Jodi Arias will take The Witness Stand in the Penalty Phase of her Murder Trial in a Arizona Courtroom?
The Jodi Arias movie was a complete joke tbh. I didn't even complete watching it because it just wasn't good.
Okay but lifetime was on point with the Jodi Arias story cause she looked exactly like Jodi! Lol
Yes some lifetime movies are good!! Hello Jodi Arias/Drew/Stacy Peterson stories. How you gonna do Aaliyah without her music?
"Let's remember even friend who thought of her as'a sister; doesn't believe her"
You see how lifetime do black ppl?..let this be a jodi arias or a Casey Anthony movie...
Finger pointing in Jody Arias comp forensics.Why was anyone looking at the original evidence and not a forensic image?
I'll say really on sentence no she is going to have to go to bed one day really 25 years is a winner on going person that has the girls smell she needs more or month days weeks yeah ill say no Thank bye bye
Jodi Arias will get the death penalty.
alycle liealot how many times has Jodi arias taken it up the ***
I am not a supporter 9 of 10 days I hate jodi arias
the Casey Anthony one was bad too. I forgot about it. The Jodi Arias one was okay and that girl who was jailed in Italy.
What Dan Freeman said after testifying for defense
maybe Jodi arias has done a tracing of her injuries 4 the jury
People around the world believe that justice has not been served, and that Jodi Ann Arias was not gi via
Jodi Arias' former art teacher speaks out: via
Body language of Jodi Arias: What can we learn?: via
don't u know according to Jodi arias r burns is a *** of the state. Everyone lied except poor hodi
travis viscously attacked Jodi arias so hard that she had to go on sit on another man next day
Knox thought she was smarter than experienced police officers, just like Jodi Arias.
Great, how are you? I wanna come visit and we could go to the Jodi Arias trial! LOL 🙈😜
U really should do something about Christian stocking Tom. Jodi arias ring a bell
they are more interested in insulting juan. Then anything what happens to Jodi arias
under investigation but allowed to put a cop killer and Jodi arias away this year. Everyone luvs juan
here is a decent article that includes some insight I found intruguing
Did you read scathing article on MDR?
My aunt just told me that I look like Jodi Arias😂😂
and the kicker? Jodi Arias follows her and Jodi only follows 8 people and she's one.
and she follows a bunch of supporters of Jodi arias. That was totally intentional. She probably made that account.
After Jodi arias comes out of fog and remembers where the gun is in the desert. Her trolls start looking for it
We are doing great! Keep passing this along. Lets support and show the haters we aint backing down!
Always cry'n supports do/have done such; known'n darn well, it's fans who do that
Yes, just ask Abe obviously this expert does not know she too dated others same time as TA?
Petition to get a new trial! Please RT. She has been wrongfully convicted & w/out a fair trial
She 'lied about being Mormon, made fun of it, and a lot of things' | via
sky, zim will get his one day. He is amongst the worlds hated people, right up there with Jodi arias.
Should United Nations investigate the shooting death of and discuss.
Petition to get our friend a new trial! Please sign!
I swear if my husband ever cheated on me like he did in my dream, I'd be the next Jodi Arias.
Appeals court lifts cone of silence on Jodi Arias trial via
Jodi Arias supporters gonna look even more stupid once Juan proves the defense destroyed evidence and not him.
I added a video to a playlist The Best moments. of Juan Martinez vs Alyce Laviolette - Jodi Arias
Listen to my show on the Jodi Arias, Bob Bashara and Edward Covington cases @
Find out what Jodi Arias is thinking, Is she lying? is she remorseful? find out what Body Language Expert Susan Constantine has to say. Susan Constantine is ...
Hate to admit it, but after watching her Lifetime movie , Jodi Arias is a much more sympathetic person.
Jodi Arias defense files motion to drop all charges
Free range Jodi Arias would be on the menu for Hannibal Lecter
Just for the record, im not related to JODI ARIAS
This entire subject is scaring me. Who wants Jodi Arias running free?
Editor’s note: As the penalty phase of the Jodi Arias retrial resumes with a new jury, a blogger who has followed the Arias trial from the beginning, Kinsey Schofield, comments on the convicted killer's demeanor in court, as well as the jury’s reaction to the testimony. Kinsey Schofield is a social…
if you look at the Jodi Arias (Open Discussion) page Sharon, RRM shows it was a virus & was deleted
Jodi Arias's lawyer makes allegations of destroyed evidence that murdered boyfriend was pedophile .
Was it Arias' NEW PI who supposedly found or her ther Investigator Paul
Little Giant Ladders
Jodi Arias' defense files a motion to drop all charges --
type jodi arias into google Fox 10 will confirm what Michael has said !
Charges Jodi Arias, right, looks at her…
Do you think Jodi Arias Deserves to get "The Death Penalty" & not Life in Prison without parole for killing Travis Alexander?
Jodi Arias trial update: Defense lawyers file motion to dismiss all charges via
NEW POST: BOMBSHELL in Trial Could conviction be overturned? Read the latest and leave me a comment.
Jurors given conflicting views of Jodi Arias - Billings Gazette
Jodi Arias is O.J. Simpson with *** not *** Compare the injuries of Nicole with the in…
Jodi Arias gives Juan Martinez a run for his money in her Death Penalty murder trial Part 1shes a evil liar .
Want the best coverage in the Jodi Arias sentencing trial? Here you go Nobody reports like Beth Karas
I'm sure that's exactly what Nurmi was thinking when Jodi Arias gave the after conviction interviews.
I have not any words for Jodi arias iam just num oh how any human could have so much malice. Towards a nother h…
PHOENIX — The Jodi Arias penalty retrial was halted for unexplained reasons Thursday afternoon. “Ladies and gentleman, we do not need you for the rest of the afternoon,” Judge Sherry Stephens told jurors after the afternoon recess. After a sidebar conversation with lawyers, Stephens explained, “The…
PHOENIX (AP) — The Jodi Arias sentencing retrial has started in Arizona with a new jury and opening statements by lawyers to decide whether the convicted mur...
my topic was about Jodi being sexually savvy as seen in "Jodi Arias, caught on tape part two" that aired tonight on Nancy Grace
A juror in the Jodi Arias sentencing phase retrial was dismissed during the start of the afternoon session Wednesday after approaching journalist Beth Karas and asking if she was Nancy Grace.
Why would anyone buy Jodi Arias' art?! Nuts!!!
The women R 'jealous' comment of jodi arias is absurd Paul. I'm sure ur a very nice man but..jealous? Of what exactly?
The sentencing phase of the trial of Jodi Arias has begun this week. I've been getting updates from the Nancy Grace show. So far two jurors have been booted and the lawyers were having it out today. . Arias has raised about $30,000 in selling her artwork and her glasses. Some of the money was supposed to go to charity. She wants to raise about $250,000 to help in her defense. . Murderabilia is certainly a hot item is all I can say. I was under the impression that a felon that is sentenced cannot gain as a result of their crime. . Unbelievable. . I was told that I am never going to understand thinking such as this, or why a person could so brutally murder someone that they "claimed" to love, and so far I have not seen different. . I'm ok with not ever getting it too. .
So is Amy Dunne form Gone Girl Jodi Arias or what? Lol
Jodi Arias is so gorgeous why does she have to be psycho?
Jodi Arias will never receive Capital Punishment because she was never given it in the original trial.
Missing my partner in crime - Day 3 Jodi Arias sentencing and 100 new Forensic File episodes
fans wanna know, what do you think of Jodi Arias!?
Gawd Jodi Arias is looking really ugly! *** jail has aged her within just a little over a year and she's younger than me! Gwad dayum!
New jury to decide fate of Jodi Arias death sentance!! the black widow.
Jodi Arias needs to go ahead and serve her life imprisonment.
Jodi Arias is my favorite murderer. . Her story is so intriguing to me.
VIDEO | M.E demonstrates stabs to Travis Alexander with pumpkin. WARNING: GRAPHIC
If you're gonna spend time on waste of space Jodi Arias, can you at least not play that godawful singing of hers?
Day 3 of the penalty phase retrial. Watch:
Sentencing retrial: Will it be life in prison or death for Jodi Arias? | via
I liked a video from I FARTED ON JODI ARIAS!
Retrial begins: or death for Jodi Arias
Arias jury hears bloody details of Travis' death | via
Come on Art Critics! What's IT really look like?? Truth! lol Jodi Arias the NOT artist but Deviant yes? http:/…
Detective grilled on change of story in Jodi Arias trial. For the second day in a row defense attorneys for Jodi...
Exclusive: Juror from Arias' criminal trial talks via
Live updates of the penalty phase retrial from inside the courtroom: via
Great work yet again Jeff! Love watching your coverage, your 'jury flurry' was mentioned today!
trial day three, meet the new jury, and Jodi's not so new boyfriend via
Girls are sooo emo man they go 0 to Jodi Arias real quick
Wow Jodi Arias trail is back on TV. I can't laugh at her too hard because I just know if I murdered someone I would accidentally take a picture of myself during the murder too and leave it at the crime scene.
After-Show: See traces of Jodi Arias in 'Gone Girl'? | via
VIDEO | Juror 17 from criminal trial talks
Jodi Arias' penalty phase retrial hits day three, as the new jury is presented with gruesome crime scene photos of Travis Alexander's murder. Tara Kelley has seen those photos before, when she was juror in Arias' criminal trial. Kelley was an alternate juror and did not get the chance to vote on…
The penalty retrial was halted for unexplained reasons today. . "Ladies and gentlemen, we do not need...
M.E. demonstrates w/a pumpkin the amount of force it would take to stab someone:
There would not be any Jodi Arias wannabes walking the streets, if I was a juror. You heard it here first!
New article posted on Jodi Arias Trial Unexpectedly Halted --
Jodi Arias and OJ Simpson should have a baby
hi Mr. Gold...your doing a great job reporting on Jodi is such a dreadful tragedy for your spreecast
Jodi Arias is the definition of a fatal attraction. Pure evil!
hey Sammantha! Love watching dr. Drew! Love your opinions and your passion. P.S. I'm scared of Jodi Arias save me jk lol
Jodi Arias needs the death penalty. I am so tired of hearing about that lying murderer and the ignorant people who believe her lies.
So, the Jodi Arias trial for life or death has begun. I'm surprised that they're debating whether Travis Montgomery was shot first or last?? The bullet casing was laying on top of a puddle of clotted blood in evidence and, on the cop shows I've seen, that means it came last, right? Isn't that right?
The Jodi Arias trial ended early today because of a "juror issue," the latest incident in the four-day old trial involving jurors. Two jurors have already been dismissed.
I know. There are a few pics of them partying and laughing about a court sign that states Jodi Arias seating
Jodi Arias penalty retrial day 3 recap:
With Jodi Arias back in the news in America, awaiting her fate at sentencing, it only seemed…
I'm jealous of Jennifer Aniston and Jennifer Garner - not Jodi Arias.
is quoted and The Gold Patrol is cited in this Huffington Post article!! Check it out!
Plz remember Travis Alexander approached Jodi Arias first..ofcourse he was a young healthy male..but, when men play with sick females = PAIN
same. And you know what? I LOVE HOUSEWIVES. They watch all the OJ and Jodi Arias trials while at home. They're smart.
(GRAPHIC) crime scene photos shown in death penalty retrial
Jodi Arias is a murderer with a bargain basement boob job. Not seeing anything I want...
A detective has stated that Jodi Arias shot Travis Alexander first and slashed his throat last.
she is VERY jodi arias. and its at times VERY creepy
Free Jodi Arias, ok I just went LOONEY TOON for a minute. This lady is now saying NINJA'S killed her boyfriend. Ninjas really Ninjas, Thats the best she came up with
Ok honestly I don't get why jodi arias is on death row when guys who did the same thing only get a few years in prison...
Jodi Arias should get life without parole. This would be more effective for a punishment.
trial: Detective grilled on change of story
Kinsey good to see you on Nancy Grace and I agreed with you it is scary! To be honest I'm so terrified of Jodi Arias :(
Why are we spending millions of dollars on Jodi Arias' case
Jodi Arias deserves to die for the heinous, vicious, unforgivable crime she did! I want Justice for the Alexander Family!
you are really on the spot Dr.Wendy!!! Jodi Arias is a total ball of manipulation!!! Don't be filed by her demeanor!!!
|| shaking my head at this Jodi Arias case
Jodi Arias WANTS the death penalty. She says several times she wants it & she almost committed suicide. Jail would be the best punishment
I know Jodi Arias wishes her trial was in South Africa .
Why is Jodi Arias attending this sentencing hearing in better clothes than I have? She's a convicted murderer...she should be in orange.
The Arizona trial to determine whether or not Jodi Arias will face the death penalty or spend the rest of...
Jodi Arias was crazy, but she's bad af tho 😕 She wasn't Tryna let that *** go for nothing.
Jodi Arias needs to stop what she is doing and face the consequence
Jodi Arias wants the public's help in paying for her attorney's fees! If she's hit with the death penalty,...
No! The State wants to give this New Jury a Very Clear & True Picture of the "Real" Jodi Arias!
I hope Jodi Arias gets the death penalty because her boyfriends name who she killed was named Travis
VOTE DEATH: penalty retrial starts Tuesday; jury to decide life or death
Is anyone else excited that Jodi Arias' death penalty trial has commenced?!
Jodi Arias said she had a nervous breakdown while arguing with a former boyfriend. Has anybody spoken with him?
Jodi Arias is a killer.She look innocent but not.Girl you will never see day light.What is a beautiful face to waste in prison for the rest of your life.You killed your ex boyfriend,Stab him 29 time,Cut is thoat ,and then shot him in the head after.All because he told you it was over.Girl faced it your lifed is over.Your case is interesting tho.Cant feel sorry for you.Your Crime Was Horrible And Harsh.Gentlemen stop playing with females minds causes some females dnt play they will really kill you.
watch the Jodi arias movie. SOO GOOD
Can someone tell me who Jodi arias is and what she did ??
but Jodi Arias is smarter than Einstein. Which explains how she left the camera with her committing the crime at the crime scene.
Stop showing tons of pictures of that killer Jodi Arias. That is exactly what she wants. Show some respect for TA's family.
I can't believe Jodi Arias is having a retrial!!
Just freakin give Jodi Arias the death penalty already!
Day 3 of the Jodi Arias trial: the lawyers nearly come to blows! I’m giving you the inside scoop tonight
The true definition of sanity is dedication to reality, at all costs. ~ Jodi Arias :/ creepy - huh?
Ok i dont know if any of you have been watching this Jodi Arias case, and all the police interviews they're showing, but this chick is quilty, or something, she definitely isn't acting normal
I should clarify that I'm also very busy tonight and also I'm very tired of the Jodi Arias trial. The local media has just become awful.
Premeditation or not Jodi Arias is totally crazy...right from the day she planned to kill him
I seriously dont know how I actually have a stomach to watch this Jodi Arias trial... it sickening me to the core!!
I miss Nancy Grace and the whole Jodi Arias re-trial :(
This could be anyone's sad. I'm CERTAIN I've warned my boy regarding the power of the "V" and how literally deadly it can be! May Jodi Arias burn from more than just her hot crotch!
I have a disgusting obsession with Jodi Arias. Jesus take the wheel
Normally I wouldn't care so much. I can go without my Nancy Grace for a sort time, but dammit DishNetwork/Turner Communications, get it toGETHER! I watched every. Single. Minute. Of the Jodi Arias trial and I am missing the sentencing trial?!?!?! I can't take it!
If your ever feeling just a little bit crazy just remember theirs always Jodi Arias.
She's back - Jodi Arias interrogation tapes being shown. She is one sick babe. Absolutely no soul...
Would love to hear your thoughts on Jodi Arias - oops, can't no HLN on Dish. Can't they learn to negotiate?
Miss you Joey from the HLN After Dark pilot. Can you believe round 2 for the Jodi Arias case?Marlene
Photos: Day 3 of Jodi Arias' death penalty retrial
Don't know how much yaw know about the Travis Alexander killing by Jodi Arias but this is the house it…
Jodi Arias Murdered That dam man and tryna play crazy. that b-tch normal.
*THIS JUST IN* Jodi Arias is STILL a convicted felon, returned to her isolation cell for a personal record 512th consecutiv…
Jodi Arias is DEFINITELY a killer,but she does have a beautiful voice!
Watching this footage of Jodi Arias and she is truly out of her *** mind. 😳
I do not understand why Jodi Arias, is able to wear her own clothes ,and not prison clothing? she has been found guilty.
Watching Nancy Grace.yeah so Jodi Arias.pretty much just crazy
Jodi Arias juror is a Nancy Grace groupie?
Oh my Jodi Arias again. Sentencing time. This chick is out of her mind Gone Girl style. She swares she killed Travis by self defense stabbing him 30 times, cutting his throat almost decapitating him then shooting him. Wow. I mean Jason and Freddy didn't get lit up like that and they were killing machines.
Can we just send Jodi arias to the death penalty already? Her stories are ridiculous.
Jodi Arias Trial Live live stream completely free! No registration required. You can even chat while watching. Come and be a part of our community.
On day one, the jurors at the sentencing retrial of Jodi Arias were warned that they would see graphic crime scene pictures along with sexually explicit photos that Arias and her former boyfriend, Travis Alexander, took of each other before she attacked him in the shower.
They took HLN off Dish so now I can't watch the Jodi Arias trial 😠
Jodi Arias' ex: she 'lied about a lot of things': via
Former juror: I would've voted for death. .
Awesome work as usual! Love your humor, thanks for keeping us laughing!!
You were mentioned in my column again Jeff! Great work yesterday, love your quips & musings.
For those of you who are interested in the Travis Alexander Murder Trial, here's an update…. Several years ago (5 in June), my good friend and business partner, Travis Alexander was brutally murdered by his x-girlfriend, Jodi Arias. She has been sitting in an Arizona jail awaiting trial. Finally, after all these years of waiting for justice to be served, the trial starts on January 2. Because of the dynamics of the story, this trial is being hailed as, "The Murder Trial of 2013." The story has already been on 48 Hours (Google 48 Hours Picture Perfect), and a whole slew of other TV and news programs. CBS News, The Nancy Grace Show, The Dr. Drew Show and several others have, and will be, covering this story. HLN/truTV will be covering the entire trial, live on their network. Jodi has changed her story 4 times, and will have a heck of a time disproving the fact that she savagely murdered the one and only "T-Dogg." First, she denied having been at his home the day of the murder, and that she hadn’t seen h ...
WARNING: Video contains graphic images Jurors at Jodi Arias' penalty phase retrial heard graphic testimony and saw bloody crime scene photos Wednesday as a medical examiner detailed all of the injuries Travis Alexander suffered before his death. Medical examiner Dr.
The case of the State of Arizona versus Jodi Arias, trial for the murder of Travis Alexander that occurred in 2008 is one that has captivated international atte
And the original version of the "facts" was closer to what Jodi Arias said happened. She confessed to shooting Alexander first.
Beth Karas is one of America's top legal analysts. She is in Phoenix and covering the Jodi Arias trial for her new venture. Jane gets the inside scoop from Beth about the re-trial!
Hopefully jury have been reading over the weekend! :)
COOL PAGE: Murderpedia Page, for when you don't deserve a page :)
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Jodi arias back in the news? Whoopie. The comments are filled with religious people wishing her dead and women trying to victim blame the guy who was stabbed 29 times, had his throat slit and was shot in the head. All be cause ending a relationship has consequences. Not murder r ***
Nancy Grace Gets Jodi Arias Juror Dismissed: Nancy Grace seems to be obsessed with Jodi Arias, but isn't this ...
Det. Flores relieved from homicide unit, now a "Public Information Officer". Could this be why?:
from Fox News: New jury to decide fate of Jodi Arias
I wonder why jodi arias isn,t wearing her stripes she is a convicted killer and the jury knows it
State v Jodi Arias: Trial starts with cross examination of Detective Flores.
State v Jodi Arias: The jury is now entering the courtroom.
State v Jodi Arias: Judge has just entered the courtroom.
Second juror dismissed in Jodi Arias retrial: A second juror has been excused from the Jodi Arias penalty ...
hv u seen this talked to Beth Karas in Phoenix re . The juror problem and Beth's new venture!
New jury to decide fate of Jodi Arias: Claudia Cowan reports on retrial
New jury to decide fate of Jodi Arias
Could the Jodi Arias be headed for another mistrial? Another juror dismissed from the death panel — because she’s a fan of Nancy Grace!
Who are the jurors deciding the fate of Jodi Arias?Tuesday saw the swearing in of the jury and opening statements in the retrial of convicted murderer Jodi Arias.
What are the chances of Jodi arias getting the death penalty ? Give me your thoughts on it
Day two of Jodi Arias' penalty phase retrial was underway Tuesday in Phoenix, Arizona. Last year, Arias was found guilty of first-degree murder in the gruesome killing of ex-boyfriend, Travis Alexander. The jurors were unable to come to a unanimous decision on her sentencing -- should she get life i…
Jeff Gold hosts The Gold Patrol! on legal topics of national attention. This week Jodi Arias jury is empaneled and openings today.
PHOENIX — Two jurors were dismissed on Day 2 of the Jodi Arias murder retrial. One, for a family issue. Another, because she's a fan of a cable TV host. Juror No. 9 approached a reporter this morning to ask
After-Show: Why are we fascinated with Jodi Arias? |
I don't understand this new Feminist Movement ,but if that means Jodi Arias getting sentenced to Death,like she deserves,then I'm all for it
I have been watching these Jodi Arias documentary's. Now they are doing another trial to see if she gets the death penalty.
Jodi Arias deserves DEATH by everything she did to Travis x 10
Convicted murderer, Jodi Arias, is back inside a Phoenix courtroom this week for her sentencing retrial. A new jury will hear opening arguments and evidence to decide if she will spend the rest of her life in prison or face death. On Monday, Arias' former flame, Abe Abdelhadi, and one of Dr.
Jodi Arias got more than a murder conviction in Arizona ... she got Hepatitis C ... and she blames it on Sheriff Joe Arpaio, who she also claims is in a…
Jodi Arias should get life, no parole why should she have the luxury of getting off so easy.
Why won't they just fry Jodi Arias and get it over with! geeez
Jodi arias seems so normal... But she a killa
Yes, Jodi Arias, you're attractive. But you're pure evil, a sociopath, and an overall sorry excuse for a woman.
Jodi arias & family represents the GOP & crooked cops a lover the world. White ppl how do feel about white on white murder?
Get the fckin *** Jodi arias off my tv again please! The world will be a better place if this phycotic *** gets the chair...
Catching up: The evidence that convicted Arias | via
With all the attention on Jodi Arias again, I guess we could have expected screaming needy child to show up.
Would Travis want life or death for Jodi Arias? | via
How many Jodi Arias costumes will we see this year ?
Jodi Arias need to get the death penalty!
While Day 1 saw Jodi Arias and her second co-chair Jennifer Wilmott smiling and in good spirits when jurors walked in, Day 2 saw them slightly more serious, on hearing that Dr. Kevin Horn would indeed be testifying to Jurors about the horrific stabs and gun shot wounds Arias inflicted on Travis Alexander's body as a result of the murder - a move that the defense was desperate to prevent, with a motion to preclude the medical examiner from describing the autopsy details to Jurors based on lack of experience and qualification - a motion denied by Judge Sherry Stephens. Yesterday, the Alexander family were subject to a very rough first day of evidence pictures. A Family member of the murder victim (Travis Alexander's sister Samantha) remarked to Fox Journalist Troy Hayden during a break yesterday, that they are just waiting for this phase to be done with. However they were in for yet another traumatic day in court today. The Arias side of the family was  fully present, complete with both Arias' parents and ...
Jury retrial to begin on whether Jodi Arias should get life or death sentence – KETK
Arias juror dismissed for approaching journalist: A jury member in Jodi Arias' sentencing phase re-trial was d...
VIDEO | Would Travis want life or death for HLN’s Nancy Grace speaks with Travis Alexander’s friend...
Decided to watch Nancy Grace and its about the Jodi Arias case and *** She did damage. Those pics are brutal
USA Today: Juror booted from Jodi Arias retrial on day two
Excellent article on Jodi Arias. My Gram's prayer was for Travis's family to take him back from Jodi. I hope we can see justice.
who cares Jodi Arias had just made love with travis.
Why I just said that I dont think jodi arias should have been retried.
Jodi Arias Death Penalty Trial Begins "This is how much she loved him."
If this is true, it will make all the difference. it's up to you. Just say what happened.
*** maybe Scott Peterson & Jodi Arias can double with them, oh wait, they're not getting out. Crazies!!
Can we get Jodi Arias and Oscar Pistorius to share a cell? Conjugular visits, anyone?
Prosecutors already proved that Jodi Arias is cunning, dangerous and evil.
I saw enough of Jodi Arias the first time
Love crime Trials follow the jodi Arias Trial well get your twice daily updates here and dont forget to fav...
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