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Jodi Arias

The Jodi Arias trial is a criminal trial documenting aspiring Arizona photographer Jodi Arias charged in the shooting and stabbing death of her boyfriend, Travis Alexander.

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In response to Chris Christie clearing "himself" in the Bridgegate scandal.Bernie Madoff, Jodi Arias, Oscar Pistorius, Charles Manson & Sirhan Sirhan have ALL launched their own internal investigations to clear themselves as well.
Is interesting, Dave Hall wanted the criminal justice system socked to Jodi Arias to the Ultimate based upon Alexander's crime scene photos.
Member of Jodi Arias' legal team banned from visiting her after she was caught walking out of jail... via
MCSO: Jodi Arias defense aid banned from jail over colored-pencil drawing
Playing games again. defense team member banned from jails via
. this scum makes Jodi Arias look like good person..hope someone gets him in jail
WILL be tried again for death penalty sentence in brutal murder of ---
Jodi Arias' sentencing retrial will begin September 8:
This is wrong! Any legal challenges available to her ?
Who was going around suggesting that Jodi Arias made a false confession? Wasn't that suggested recently?
I watched the Jodi arias movie lastnight and I just don't see how someone could do something so cruel to someone they "love"... crazy af.
Member of Jodi Arias' legal team accused of trying to smuggle artwork out of jail
Arias defense team member banned from jails via
Just when I thought I was crazy...I watched the Jodi Arias lifetime movie and realized I'm sooo not compared to her! 🔪🔫💣🛁
Casey Anthony? Jodi Arias? Zimmerman? Many were glued to their TVs. Conspiracy theorists think it's all fake to distract us.
Jodi Arias will be back in court in September, and she could still be under the penalty of death. Juan Pablo and Nikki did not show up at Good Morning America.
I meant to say - That's rich 4 Jodi Arias, the master manipulator of her defense team:
That's rich but no surprise 4 Jodi Arias' master manipulator: !
New trial date on Sept 8, 2014 for Jodi Arias.
I saw the next Jodi Arias case is in September
This should be easy...let's hope! Jodi Arias news too. Catch up on our site after school
sentencing retrial is now set for Sept. 8
They even have the same birthday. OH! And Jodi Arias. All three killers.
At long last, judge Sherry Stephens has rescheduled the retrial of Jodi Arias to begin September 8. A new jury will be selected and the entire process will beg
Sheriff's office bans Arias defense aide from jail. PHOENIX A member of Jodi Arias' defense team is banned from...
ARIZONA: Jodi Arias: 2nd Penalty Phase Gets A Date Jodi Arias has been dominating headlines for several months now after her explosive trial ended up coming to a standstill when jurors couldn't decide on whether to hand down the death penalty. Arias was convicted of 1st-degree murder in May for the killing of her boyfriend, Travis Alexander, in 2008. Arias denied involvement in his shooting/stabbing death at first, but then admitted she had killed him in self defense. Alexander was found in the shower with 30 stab wounds, a shot to the head, and a cut to his throat. Because the jury couldn't come to a decision, a new penalty phase trial has been set for September 8. In order to receive the death penalty, Arias will have to be found guilty of murdering Alexander in an "exceptionally cruel" way. A new jury will be chosen and cameras are forbidden from the courtroom when the trial begins. Arias was on the minds of Arizona taxpayers in January when news broke that her legal fees - which they are footing - had ...
Jodi Arias sentencing retrial set for Sept. 8 via More to come in tomorrow's paper.
Jodi Arias should be put to death. The end.
Breaking News! CNN shut the *** up until they find that plane. Makes me miss Jodi Arias, Casey Anthony and OJ Simpson.
Jodi Arias...that would be some crazy sex. That's an understatement.
I want Jodi Arias to get death sentence, but I predict she will not.Too bad women get preferential treatment. I am a woman.
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If ANYONE deserves to die it's Jodi Arias.
No say it isn't so! At this rate the trial will surpass Jodi Arias'. Ant anybody got time for dat
Don't care what happens to Jodi Arias...just so we don't have to hear about her anymore. No celeb status for her.
Jodi arias needs to die for the murder of Travis
defense team member banned from jails Case of the pinwheel to be discussed at length on
Jodi Delirious I mean Phony Arias is the perfect example of a psychopath & deserves death
Phony Arias, I mean Jodi Delirious is the pperfect example of a psychopath deserving death
Jodi Arias retrial on sentencing rescheduled for September 8. Justice for Travis Alexander!
Every guy should watch LMN... Jodi Arias: Drity little Secret. .. true story
Arias defense team member banned from jails via Totally awesome and I knew was shady.
Jodi Arias penalty phase retrial set for September. (Sent from Phoenix_News)
Breaking news: New Jodi Arias trial date September 8th.
Arias defense team member banned from jails
Arizona jury to consider again death penalty for Jodi Arias in September She should get the death penalty!!!
Fake blue eyes really look weird.They look all crazy and demonic. Take a look at Jodi Arias when she was blonde and blue. LOL
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JODI ARIAS needs your help! Click to send them supplies to build a unique weapon.
PHOENIX (Reuters) - An Arizona judge on Monday set a September court date to try again to determine whether convicted murderer Jodi Arias will be put to death for killing her ex-boyfriend nearly six years ago, court officials said.
"The Grandfather of incarcerated killer Jodi Arias, was a helpful, kind and friendly soul" say those who knew him
I'm confused.didn't Jodi Arias ask to die? Why is she trying to avoid it now? I guess realization finally kicked in.shudda thought about that before she murdered that man and told a 1000 lies😒
Prosecutors will again try to convince a jury to sentence Jodi Arias to death in a second penalty phase that will begin in September.
*BREAKING NEWS* Jodi Arias trial date is set for September 8, 2014 at 8:30 will begin with jury selection!!
Jodi Arias, a 33-year-old former waitress, was convicted of first-degree murder for the 2008 killing of her boyfriend. In September, Jodi Arias faces a second jury trial to decide her sentence.
Will we ever get rid of Jodi Arias? Every other week in court trying to decide when to hold the sentencing trail. Well finally announced it will be in Sept.duh why not Xmas???
Jodi Arias was convicted of murder, but still awaits a sentence. So far, Arizona taxpayers have covered $2.1 million in legal fees for the Jodi Arias legal team and other costs associated with her case.
I support the death penalty for Jodi Arias
Fort Collins to Boulder we smoke the air We just feel wicked we on that Jodi Arias Rollin' and jokin' these folks just stare at us Trippin' for no reason when it's so hilarious You high or something, you stared but you scared to puff You wanna fly with me yeah have fans with lust Just be careful when you hit it, I got admit it I been known for sprinkle these orange hairs with dust Forgot where we was, tried to order a quarter pounder From a Taco Bell drive through high so we drove off On the road lost blinded from the smoke fog Made it to the crib I hit the door and then I dozed off Broke off my homies a couple buds And ever since the day I did it I got a bunch of phone calls Ask me how much do an O' cost In Atlanta got 'em smokin' on that dope dog yup-ya-uh-yeah
Despite handwritten pleas and multiple legal filings, Jodi Arias is getting closer to facing the death penalty and will be tried again in the sentencing phase slated to begin this September following her 2013 conviction of first degree murder for the brutal slaying of Travis Alexander. As the date draws nearer, Arias appears to be naturally getting cold feet, with very little for her lawyers to work on. Laurel O'Keefe writes a hard-hitting article on this. Supreme Court once denied Jodi Arias' request to set aside the option of a Death Sentence. Let's hope this attitude continues throughout the penalty phase of this trial. This murder demands the death penalty; I pray that this Jury looks right past Jodi Arias's demure affectations, her Peter Pan collars strategically worn Barrettes. They hopefully have seen the empty vapid soulless eyes of Jodi Arias, the same ones that she usually keeps encased behind her cleverly procured librarian "glasses". I have watched this women s face as witnesses tes ...
With all that's going on in the world especially in Russia here are the current top 5 Google and Yahoo searches: Google: Chris Brown, L'wren Scott, St Patrick's Day, Dancing with the Stars, LeBron James. Yahoo: Brittany Kerr, Rachel (Bunny) Mellon, Danai Gurira, Jodi Arias, Credit card debt. The Speech by President Putin (great by the way) is not even listed as one of the top 30 news stories on Yahoo news. What is going on?
As the Jodi Arias retrial is aging like a good bottle of wine, we can finally pop the cork and breathe in what smells like a victory…a trial date. The retrial will finally begin on September 8, 201...
Pat Stump here's hoping you are well on the road to recovery this morning. After all, we have the retrial of Jodi Arias penalty phase to look forward too 😄.
Well I banned 2 more people a Raven Wallace who posted a picture of Jodi Arias and said "she should be set free and who are we to Judge her? Then she said "Travis got what he deserved." WHICH REALLY AGGRAVATES ME WHEN I HERE THAT. So I messaged her and said to her "who are you to Judge Travis?" and "If you support Jodi Arias, you must be just like her and I hope your boyfriend or your husband sleeps with one eye open every night." I also banned a Jordan Palmer, he had posted some fake statuses from the Juan Martinez Prosecutor support page where Juan was saying nasty things about Tanisha and the Alexander Family which we all know is not true. I am not putting up with any of that crap..
CNN has challenged the media ban slapped against all media coverage of sentencing phase of already convicted near-34 year old Jodi Arias, leaving Judge Sherry Stephens to reconsider her ban on live trial coverage
Jodi arias is back in the news she needs to get the death sentence idk y these people get away with murder we need to bring back the death sentence bet crime would not be so bad
Omg watching jodi arias : dirty little secret on lmn. Excuse my language, she is a sick Ughhh.. turned my stomache.
This jodi arias movie on amc or lifetime or whatever channel it is, is just terrible acting but a pretty good story. -JaySr-
watching the Jodi Arias movie... Are all of these incidents true events? I didn't see any of this in the court drama.
Watching jodi arias dirty little secret ... i wish i had a girl like her.
Watching the Jodi Arias movie with my wife Lucia Sanchez chick was Cray Cray...obsessive much
I watched the Jodi Arias movie on LMN tonight.if that movie is true to fact, she was one messed up chick. Definitely freaked me out.
Just watched the Jodi Arias movie on Lifetime. Wow. Sick.
This Jodi Arias thing has been going on for 6 years now. How is it that a murderer that has been convicted is not dead ? She shot and stabbed her boyfriend to death and we are paying for her food and housing. I'm beginning to think I'm not proud to be an American anymore !
Ok, so watching Jodi Arias movie, and am trying to wrap my mind around how sick this young lady had to be to shoot him after the brutal way she butchered him. It is on LMN, and I could hardly watch it was so ugly.
Watching jodi arias thats one crazy *** chick.
Only on LMN, could you see a woman stab a man 27 times, and then shoot him and claim self defense.Jodi Arias .Krazy
😳 The Jodi Arias story FINALLY on Lifetime again!!! Y'all should watch it...true story, chick was crazy for real!! Stabbed her ex boyfriend 29xs, slit his throat from ear to ear, & shot him in the head.only in self defense tho 😒
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Ok I am on a Lifetime movie kick and this Jodi Arias story is crazy! But the dude they have playing her love interest is on POINT!
Im watching the Jodi Arias. Yall men are so indecisive. How you dont want to be in a relationship with a woman but you want sex. AND you dont want her to have sex with no one else or go out with/pursue another man. And yall say women dont know what they want. And YES I have seen this in real life several times
I think I might be a Jodi Arias 😱😳😒😖 And if you don't know who she is lol GOOGLE HER! 🔫
Confession10) im like Jodi Arias. ( ; just kidding. But like im kinda just a little tiny bit like almost pyscho. like *** be making me wanna cut they hot dog off & shove it down they throat, or up their *** Yanno, just so they know how it feels to be hurt... ( :
Watching jodi arias/dirty little secret on lifetime, how can someone stab there boyfriend that many times. Its so sick and disturbing. He seemed like such a wonderful person.
Jodi Arias has been found guilty of first-degree murder in the killing of Travis Alexander, her former boyfriend. Alexander was stabbed repeatedly, shot and ...
Getting so sick and tired of the jodi arias movie but hubby wants to watch it
Jodi Arias is set to appear in court as attorneys prepare for her second penalty phase.
All you dudes who have a crush on Jodi Arias, she'll be back on national television again soon. The penalty phase of her trial will be either later this month or early April. She's eligible to become the only female on Arizona's death row..
Hmm.clearly I'm addicted. It started off many years ago with the OJ Simpson trial, then Jodi Arias now Oscar Pistorius. Should I have taken criminology or become a lawyer??
for a moment last year there was a story floating around of "blood atonement" and the "Mormon Mafia"
Alyce LaViolette, Domestic Violence, and State of AZ vs. Jodi Arias via
There is enough at the following site to raise eyebrows on your verdict :
Tamara Walters is a Jodi Arias hater. Do not add her to any groups. I actually did my job and checked her out a lil. All her post about Jodi and negative. She even calls her a parasite. Do not add this person to any of you groups.
Jodi Arias Murder Trial Photos of Slain Boyfriend Shown leaves Courtroom in TEARS Jodi Arias is accused of stabbing her boyfriend 27 times before shooting hi...
your right I care nothing about Jodi Arias so why do u broadcast???
female domestic violence is real. We just see it and ignore it. For instance Jodi Arias..never about DV why?
Had to do snow removal. Man it was colder then Jodi Arias last night.
I found this photo of Tania compared to Jodi Arias with a more accurate pose.
what's going on with the Jodi Arias trial?
The graphic recording, according to the defense, was of a phone conversation Jodi Arias recorded some months before prosecutors say she shot Travis ...
Jury reaches verdict in Jodi Arias trial: Will be announced at 4:30 p.m. ET - watch live on TV.
To all the people who think jealousy is cute, google Jodi Arias.
I can understand why Nurmi and Wilma want a private sentence trial.. nose picking and Bald spot privacy, Jodi arias wants to smuggle stuff
Have seen . "He who tries to establish his point. by much yelling shows that his. reasoning is weak". -Jodi Ann Arias
so happy to see you on ABC. I watched you everyday on HLN during the Jodi Arias trial. I've missed you! Lots of luck!!!
Jodi Arias trial - Jodi's "offense" team is trying to de-value Travis's life by classifying Travis as a sexual deviant. Dr Drew's panel discusses sex and how...
WE SUPPORT JODI ARIAS Introduction and Eight Step Guide: post: please read before posting or commenting. Dr Horn, making the evidence fit the new changed theory, which proves Jodi is a liar. Except that it is Dr Horn that is the liar and the new theory is a lie: on Horn here: post ( this is a good place to ask questions ) is: to support Jodi by buying a wristband at raise money for domestic violence shelters by buying a T-shirt at like to show support for Jodi and sign this petition you can send a postcard using here is another idea:
I don't stalk my nieces & nephews, or grandnieces/nephews I check up on their wellbeing. That is normal behaviors also known as insane aunty behaviors. One day it may land me in the Dsm itself for loving them, move aside karla hitler I am not different than you. I love them, but I don't see anything they do wrong. Even if it is Jodi Arias or Travis Alexander lolz.
Jenny Hollis: "That looks like Jodi arias and borat" Looks like Jodi Arias to me too.
Love the show, and I love watching you! Hope to see you on HLN when Jodi Arias trial comes back around!😘
All I want for my birthday is a Jodi arias painting
Anyone have a clue what's going on with the Jodi Arias trial?
what happened with you i love to jodí arias and nothing that you going to tell me change my mind
If you don't like your girl, let her go. Don't lead her on or she might do a Jodi Arias on your ***
G. Zimmerman, Jodi Arias, Casey Anthony, Jerry Sandusky, & Conrad Murray juries all deliberated less time than this jury.
Girls Night with Kaci tonight is much needed after the last 2 days! Satisfying her pregnancy cravings at Hooters and then back to my house to watch some Jodi Arias stuff. we've both been having withdrawals! I am actually really glad this turned into our own girls night!
Just so you know i'm not just a crazy animal lover, i'm also a die hard Jodi Arias hater. :-D
I'll have to check it out. I watched the Jodi Arias one the other week. It wasn't that good.
"The Travis Alexander "Murder" Case... Jodi Arias... Travistock... Mind Control, and some interesting (cont)
said under oath that jodi slit Travis Alexander throat. jodi arias admitted to murdering TA under oath in court
What really makes my blood boil is the Jodi Arias trial day 44 part 2..this Laviolette woman is unbelievable!!!
Just wonderful. Have been summoned for Jury Duty on 4/2, thank god its not for Jodi Arias. Hopefully they will excused me because I don't handle my emotional very well or can't be neutral. :-D Oh or better, hope they will see that they got a request for Interpreting service and decided okay her group won't be call. That would be awesome
For like a hot second I was excited that it was march bc hello jodi arias retrial but then I realized that the court date was rescheduled. again. by the time they get this show on the road, I'll have 6 kids and a hamster farm. happy yolo day.
The only thing this movie has going for it is Tania Raymonde. She is gorgeous and was great as Jodi Arias. She needs to s…
ON FB one of her moronic *** pyscho followers threatened to kill a friend of mine on the jodi arias road to freedom page
Jodi Arias' attorneys have filed a motion to limit or ban live TV coverage of her upcoming penalty-phase retrial. In the motion filed Thursday, defense attorneys argued that live coverage of the convicted killer's first trial led to death threats against them and their witnesses.
This is funny. would be proud Why I Believe Jodi Arias is Innocent via
Jurors in the Jodi Arias trial have seen interrogation videos in which Arias made several bizarre statements to police following the June 2008 slaying of her ex-boyfriend.
I like people who get jealous for no reason, gives me a reason to get out of the relationship, you have Jodi Arias syndrome.
Lol bout to snap Jodi arias on my snap story 😍😂
On the low low high i been watching the Jodi arias documentary this whole time 😂
loved you as Nikki in Texas Chainsaw and as Jodi Arias. You did great. 💙 I am a big fan!
I think I might have a problem. I am so interested in the Jodi Arias case!! What?!??
he hooks up with Jodi Arias THEN we have us a story!
I'm still not ready to turn off my Jodi Arias google alert.
Jodi Arias. No penalty yet. Will she get death? The Generation Why Podcast
I hate anyone who doesn't like Jodi Arias!
Judge Sherry Stephens said Jodi Arias will address the court Tuesday. Court was abruptly canceled in the Arias trial Monday. Stephens adjourned the proceedings without giving a reason and simply told the jurors court was unable to proceed. A possible reason for the delay could be that Arias's defens...
I don't know what it is about Jodi Arias. I am just so desperately in love with her, even though she is much older than me.
I am in love. I am desperately, completely & helplessly in love with Jodi Arias, and I just hate it!
OH lordy another Jodi Arias You are right though b/c both sides are usually pretty passionate on beliefs about death penalty
You know, I just love how events that on first glance seem distressing, turn out to be the very thing that...
Omg, are you referring to the SirPaul that is the Jodi Arias troll?
For someone whose life was at stake, this was an unusual reaction to see. One would never guess this woman was on trial for her life. Jodi Arias lets out a v...
So excited to start preparing my prosecution of Jodi Arias!!
The story so far:. The sentencing phase for Jodi Arias still hasn’t been decided on after an abrupt postponement...
that's almost as torturous as watching Jodi Arias speak..
Lots of docket action going on on the Jodi Arias docket.
Jodi Arias, appears to be a woman filled with suspicion, jealousy, repressed anger, intensity and a wild imagination. She likes to be heard, fears rejection and is easily frustrated and bored. She appears to be led by an egocentric mentality. There is a need to work out conflicts between who she is in life and obtaining her goals. Her home, family and parents are important to her and it needs to function in a smooth manner without much chaos. She needs a stable home life that is more secure compared to what most people need. A stable home base is important to her. Although a stable home life increases her self-confidence and independent nature, it appears to conflict with her independence. Jodi has tendencies to overdo things and needs someone who is willing and able to clearly bring that to her attention. She is also inclined to be abrupt about speaking or sharing her feelings which can cause emotional harm to partners. However, when she is wanting to make a good impression, she may tend to be hesita ...
A young woman at the age of 26, Jodi Arias, met a successful man in Las Vegas, Nevada, Travis Alexander, in September of 2006. Travis was three years older and although they both were single, Jodi was in a relationship of four years duration. He enjoyed dating and was flirtatious but had become more serious about finding a compatible woman to share his life with and start a family. Jodi had recently signed up with a company to sell legal services insurance and attended her first meeting held in Nevada where she met Travis. They talked quite a bit and had a good rapport, so they exchanged phone numbers before going their separate ways at the close of the event. Travis was a director executive in the company and also a motivational speaker who was very adept at helping new associates get started in the business. Although he and his siblings had a rough upbringing during their early years, their lives took a turn for the better after their paternal grandparents moved them into their home. They attended Mormo ...
To all who fallow Juan Martinez fans who follow the Jodi arias trial this is a must watch and share this
Jodi Arias - Surrebuttal Day, 2nd May 2013, Dura Mater Typo See for more information on the "typo". See full transcript of Dr Horn's testimony, and transcript of Dr Robert Geffner on the gunshot track.
Jodi Arias believed that her IQ was as high as Einstein's. Note this is in the past tense. It's questionable whether Jodi still believes she is as smart as E...
I’ll preface this post by saying that I am a Jodi Arias supporter. Did you know Jodi Arias prior to Travis’s death? I never knew her before this case and the first I ever heard of her was while watching CNN and then HLN (which I will never watch again). I have sent about 10 cards to her over the past few months and received 2 replies. It seems to me HLN was biased from the start. Maybe this was due to being on the losing side of the Casey Anthony trial and wanting to rehabilitate their credibility. I watched the trial starting with Jodi’s testimony only (silly me I like to hear from eyewitnesses and not “background ear-witnesses providing commentary based on unproven clairvoyance). The daytime commentators were okay and didn’t seem too biased, but the nightly triple punch from Nancy Grace, Jane Velez Mitchell, and Dr. Drew served to distort the public’s view of the case. You often hear the phrase “innocent until proven guilty”, but the mere fact that that phrase needs to be repeated so oft ...
The Powerpuff Girls want to punish Jodi Arias and her Duh-fense team.
Bubbles wants to beat up Jodi Arias.
Jodi Arias offered to donate her hair, run prison book clubs, and support abuse prevention programs if the jury who convicted her of murdering her ex-boyfriend would give her life in prison instead of a death sentence.
Jodi Arias sentencing retrial pushed back; no new date set
Just like Casey Anthony, a sweet young woman, Jodi Arias is totally innocent. Trying to get Casey to come to my pad on Macomber for some '' girl talk'' and perhaps a little more. ,,m
Juan Martinez is the guy prosecuting Jodi Arias unless you're the last BeeGee in which case he's the guy persecuting Jodi Arias.
Am I the only UK person who is fascinated by the Jodi Arias trial/sentencing in the US? LOVE the prosecutor Juan Martinez he's damyn good.
She's acting like Jodi Arias and her prosecutor sounds exactly like Juan Martinez.
Are you following the Marissa Devault hammer killing trial in Arizona? We want to hear your thoughts on the case. Does this case remind you of Jodi Arias?
Judge vacates Jodi Arias' March 17 trial date because of conflict Juan Martinez has with an older case of a man who kil…
will you be the Travis Alexander to my Jodi Arias ? 💘
Happy birthday to the state that brought you Miranda rights, Jodi Arias, The Grand Canyon, and the AH-64 Apache. AZ turns 102 today.
Jodi Arias doesn't want her new jury to know what she thinks of her lawyer, or about a former cellmate...
Proof of Fake Glasses @ End of Trial Day 43, Jodi Arias who Butchered Travis Alexander Seen All Happy and Smiling with her lawyer like they're in High School...
The penalty phase in Jodi Arias' trial has been delayed, again:
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Judge delays Jodi Arias' second penalty phase: Juan Martinez, who is the prosecutor in the Jodi Arias...
[cbsc] Jodi Arias sentencing retrial pushed back: Arias, convicted of killing boyfriend Travis Alexander, had ...
An update on the Jodi Arias case: The judge has postponed the penalty phase retrial because of a schedule conflict with prosecutors. A new date has not been set.
Why give Jodi Arias a retrial? Make the stupid psycho B!t&$ suffer the same exact way what's his name, Travis Alexander did?
Jodi Arias murder case: Timeline of events: When Travis Alexander was found slain in the bathroom of his Mesa ...
Travis Alexander - Jodi Arias Real Life Case Saga - While the fate of Jodi Arias remains uncertain. This case has helped shine the spotlight on so many areas: Legal Arena, Politics-(If dug deeper, Political Initiation Rites like with regular street gangs for their new members), Businesses and Business Scheme Practices, Incredible Economic Power, Cultic Practices, A huge conspiracy to Frame Network, etc., ___ this case has produced many areas of Truth for the People.
This is the same guy that brought in the butcher knife to show how Jodi Arias killed Travis Alexander.
But before I do.Do you support Jodi Arias or Travis Alexander?LOL!
For Travis Alexander cult. Fembots, Flesh Dresses and the (Anti-)Fetishization of Jodi Arias
Watched Snapped tonight. It was about Travis Alexander & Jodi Arias.
Today is the day. Well, tonight, anyway. We'll be discussing Jodi Arias and the murder of Travis Alexander. I don't know how I managed to read through so many, but I did read many articles and posts from her supporters to prepare for tonight's episode. Let me tell you,...
Judging Big Trials O.J.the most significant...(for many reasons) Warren Jeffs.the most bizarre Timothy McVeigh.the biggest body count Jodi Arias.the worst
Judge rules Jodi Arias can face death in murder of ex Travis Alexander
I'm sure Travis Alexander is burning in *** as we speak. God doesn't like pedophiles who abuse beautiful women like Jodi Arias.
I'm glad Travis Alexander is dead! After everything he did to Jodi Arias! All the abuse he put her through! Got exactly what he deserved!
I don't care how many times Travis Alexander was stabbed! I know for a fact that Jodi Arias acted only in self defense! End of story!
This is part 4 of 4 of Juan Martinez's closing argument where he describes how the prosecution believes Jodi Arias killed Travis Alexander. This part describ...
It appears as though America is experiencing another " Lorena Bobbit " moment. Bobbit and Jodi Arias' violence against men could prove to be pivotal moments in the way that women address their difficulties with the male population. Lorena Bobbit's jury rendered an insanity judgement. If Arias' panel of peers reach a verdict of ANYTHING but guilty and, importantly, the death penalty, then many men in the States will be leary of laying their hands upon women, or doing anything of a sexual or nonsexual nature that may incur the wrath of a woman scorned. If Arias, possibly a pathelogical liar and narcissist, can be humanized by her defense team, and a solitary juror empathizes with her, then there is going to *** up in Harlem, to quote a phrase. If Travis Alexander, palmed off as being a stand up guy, member of the Mormon church, and apparently, formerly a reliable bread winner, can cause a woman, any woman, to go off, like Arias admittedly did, then there are probably a ton of women who may take anythin ...
A Mormon Murder - Jodi Arias and the Killing of Travis Alexander The trial of the beautiful Jodi Arias captured the imagination and riveted attention of viewers around the world when her trial for ...
Watched 2 minutes of the news and came to the conclusion that it is amazing how Nancy Grace and CNN only give a *** about a murder if an attractive woman like Amanda Knox, Casey Anthony, or Jodi Arias are on trial. Who has to screen the suspects mugshots and gets to say hot enough for the news or no thanks you're a Sasquatch and not even a bored blogger is gonna watch you sizzle like bacon.
Janie Duckworth This is my letter to the editor that I have sent in not only to my local paper but the to county in which our court proceedings have been in... Dear Editor The Best Interest of the Child? In the 1980's laws were put into place nationwide to protect women and children from abusive relationships. However, now the laws that once were instituted for the purpose of protecting women and children from abuse have morphed into a giant loophole to allow fraud and gross abuse of power. These laws made no provisions for men or fathers who have been victimized by domestic violence. Domestic violence against men has been largely ignored and has radically increased. Case in point, the murder of Travis Alexander by his ex-girlfriend, Jodi Arias. This "loophole" has allowed vindictive women to use protective orders as a means to falsely report their child/ren's fathers accusing them of some form of domestic violence and/or falsely report allegations of sexual abuse. Everyday there are good fathers who work ...
On June 4, 2008, salesman Travis Alexander was murdered in his house located in Mesa, Arizona. He sustained multiple stab wounds, a slit throat, and a gunshot to the head. Jodi Arias, Alexander's ex-girlfriend, was charged with first-degree murder for his death. At trial, she testified that she kill...
"YOU, Jodi Arias, are the worst thing that ever happened to me"-Travis Alexander (remember him)? Your poison.
Jim Clemente talks The State vs Jodi Arias ~ Travis Alexander murder trial and discusses why he believes that Wade... http…
Stoopsville.This, That, Whatever.A little warm up today but still won't take us past freezing temperatures...Kids are back in school and an eight o'clock start which surprised me...Jerry Boyd can't please everyone, but he does a great job making the best decision for the kds...President Obama got his rousing ovation, made his speech, but didn't have any new ideas...He said this is a year of actions...We will wait and see...Steve Payne will have his Golden Boys right here in the hoop tomorrow night as Tennessee State comes this way...The first fifteen hundred wearing gold will get a gold tee shirt...Jodi Arias has already cost the tax payers over two million dollars and now in 47 more days will go to court again to decide life or death...Chris Johnson is set for knee surgey...Blackman girls from Murfreesboro beat the number 1 team in the USA...Dodger rookie Yaniel Puig who got caught speeding the other day in Florida has got out of reckless driving charges...He was going 110 miles an hour and early last y ...
March 17 is when Jodi Arias finds out if she get life or death. If it was up to me she'd die the same way Travis Alexander did!!
Justice for Travis Alexander is priceless. No amount too much to see justice is done to Jodi Arias.
Just saw on CNN that the sentencing trial date for Jodi Arias has been set for March 17th. Finally, we can be done with this wicked soul once and for all whether it be life or of reckoning it at hand.
28 January 2014 - The Frame Up of Jodi Arias and What Jodi Arias saw. What she saw was supposed to stay hidden in the shadows (it could be real, or it could be just make believe; but the pictures that the Killers themselves took, confirmed the reality of the deadly sinister group). The network was very shocked that images of themselves were obtained from the pictures that they took. Jodi Arias was in shock of what she saw, her shock of these prime predators was greater than the execution of Travis Alexander. Yes, the Predators need Jodi Arias to be dead. First, she needed to take the brunt of false responsibility of Travis Alexander's death, and then, she needed to be convicted of 1st degree, next, she needs to be eligible for the death penalty, after that, she will die before the death date is to take place. Many valiant individuals have been fighting for her life.
Jodi Arias has racked up legal bills of more than 2 million dollars, but she hasn't had to pay for any of it. MORE: Jurors: It was murder Instead, taxpayers in Arizona have footed the bill and it’s only going to go higher with the penalty phase of her trial which gets underway in March. That $2,000,...
Jodi Arias: Jodi Arias: Life or Death?: Jodi Arias has been found guilty of the murder of her lover, Travis Alexander
Jodi Arias: Imperfect Justice: Prosecuting Casey Anthony: Jeff Ashton was part of the prosecution team in the Florida
How did I not notice that played Travis Alexander in the Jodi Arias movie.? Amazing how you resembled him.
When you Google Marissa Devault Jodi Arias exactly like that its the 1st search result. I begins " I was incarcerated with"
Google Marissa Devault Jodi Arias. Just like that. Read the first search result. It's a FB thread of Tiffany Wann. She was
US New Arizona Trial Draws Comparisons to Jodi Arias Case: An upcoming trial in Arizona is drawing comparisons to...
By Amanda Sloane HLN (CNN) — If you followed the Jodi Arias trial this year, you may have noticed a familiar face pop up on the video that captured a boulder in Utah being toppled over. Jodi Arias Trial Update Today HLN: Judge Sherry Stephens set March 17 as the trial date to decide whether »
Trial Day 10 - January 29th, 2013 [REPLAY] - Justice for Jodi Arias. Today's replay features Gus Searcy & Darryl Brewer followed by Chris Hughes & Abe Abdelhadi in a continuation of the Evidentiary testimony from the Trial Date Set in Jodi ...
“Watching the Jodi arias story again.”what channel
Watching the Jodi arias story again.
When would she ever get the chance to write, direct, produce and STAR in such a production?! THE JODI ARIAS SHOW...TA DAAA!!
@ Heather Soper come join the Jodi arias Prayer group :)
Judge to set jury selection for convicted murderer Jodi Arias
Just finished Jodi Arias:Dirty Little Secret with Major chills, so good!!
I watch the Jodi Arias movie more often than I probably should.
Gona watch the Jodi Arias story on lifetime 👌
I watched the Jodi Arias movie last night and I cried for 10 minutes straight after I seen Travis get killed -.-
Will it be life in prison or death for Jodi Arias? Retrial of the penalty phase set for March 17
Just finished watching the Jodi Arias movie . What a physco she was. She deserves the death penalty!
“I just don't like Chantel, she seems fake” plus she looks like Jodi Arias
My "Why?" is I freaking like murder mysteries and want to compare Jodi Arias and Casey Anthony.
This Jodi Arias movie is making me sick to my stomach
Just starting to watch The Jodi Arias story on Lifetime. I see a familiar face.
Jodi Arias: KILLER GIRLFRIEND: The Jodi Arias Story: Life or Death for Jodi The verdict is in, and so is a brand new
Jodi Arias unedited police interview from July 15, 2008.
Jodi arias wouldn't want us to have school tomorrow
did u ever find a book to read? I'm bout to read one about jodi arias. I love stories!
Jodi Arias retrial is March 17th. What an amazing half birthday week it will be!
The girl playing Jodi Arias was that really gorgeous girl I was obsessed with from Lost! She's slammin.
Oh you had me going there. I've seen 2 ID shows about Jodi Arias. Why do folks support her? Murder isn't nice.
PerfectMatch - Fall In Love Today
I watched the jodi arias story on lifetime yesterday 👌
jodi arias Has anyone noticed how many 'innocent' people are incarcerate? LMAO
Me too!! LolRT I love the Jodi Arias story 😈 lol
Former DA and Legal Analyst Loni Coombs comes to discuss the Jodi Arias case and the saucy developments that have kept case-watchers enrapt. We discuss ...
I've had the Jodi Arias Lifetime movie on for seven minutes and I'm already so annoyed by all the inaccuracies.
Hey men, I don't ever want to hear y'all call black women crazy unless she on some Jodi Arias type ish. Nobody has time for that.
According to the movie I watched with Kristina last night, Lizzy Borden was the Jodi Arias of the 1890s.
You don't know the definition of a crazy girl until you watch Jodi Arias: Dirty Little Secret 🙈🙊
“Chantel be like: "Come to bed Justin I've got a surprise for you" Jodi Arias?
Trial Day 13 - February 4th, 2013 [REPLAY] - Justice for Jodi Arias. Lonnie Dworkin, Bryan Neumeister, Jodi Arias first day of testimony.
Is that Jodi Arias?!?! I watched that movie yesterday too
This is how sad our "news" has become. If you want to read tabloids about Jennifer Anuston's changing hairstyles (which doesn't actually ever change) and Justin Bieber, whose legal shenanigans outshine any of his music, go right ahead and watch Entertainment Tonight. But if you'd rather see Bieber updates (as MSNBC assumes you would) than learn about the very troubling government intrusions into every one of our emails and phone calls, you're a moron. And MSNBC is supposed to be the more intelligent, liberal news that's the opposite of Fox. Until a bratty star that no one over the age of 16 cares about gets a DUI. If a democracy can only function with an informed electorate, then we're sunk. I'lll bet almost anyone in the country could tell you the details about Bieber, Terry Schiavo, Kate Middleton, Jodi Arias, Amanda Bynes and Charlie Sheen, who dominated the news for weeks. And I'll bet one out of 100 knows any of the details about the TPP, the secret trade agreement which Obama is trying to fast-track ...
what about this The state of arizona vs jodi ann arias we the jury find the defendant 1 not guily 2 guilty 3 u having a laugh
The Jodi Arias sentencing trial is set to begin in mid-March 2014 but in the (cont)
I highly recommend Exposed: The Secret Life of Jodi Arias by Jane Velez-Mitchell
We can only hope that justice is served. And Jodi Arias gets what she deserves.
Worse then Jodi Arias! But I would have a reason to stab somebody 27times lol
Jodi arias is such a messed up, but interesting movie.
This Jodi Arias movie on Lifetime. 👎 She's crazy. I hated knowing what was going to happen to Poor Travis!
Jodi Arias, Flowers n the Attic, Lizzie Borden all in a row...I don't think I'm going 2 sleep too good tonight. Ps I'm sick 2
Im still up since i dont have to go to work.. Youtuning, watching documentaries and i ended up on the one of Jodi Arias Is it strange that i dont dislike her at all? Hmmm..
can't use the bathroom cause Jodi Arias
Flowers in the attic was good too! Between that and Jodi Arias, its been a great night of
I agrre with the incest lol but not that bad lol did you see the Jodi arias movie now that was bad
Jodi Arias: Exposed: The Secret Life of Jodi Arias: On June 9, 2008, the butchered body of Travis Alexander was found
I watched the Jodi Arias movie on Lifetime today not even knowing that it was real and she's from salinas. OK
I just want a girl like Jodi Arias mixed w/a little Casey that too much to as for?
That Jodi Arias movie on lifetime is the perfect example on why you shouldn't lead a girl on.. cause girls are psycho killers
Lizzie Borden the worlds first jodi Arias.. you're welcome america.
In 2013 the American people were captivated by the case of the U.S born Latina Jodi Arias. Her trial for the (1) 2008 murder of her on and off again boyfriend Travis Alexander lasted months and Arias herself was on … Continue reading →
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What if Jodi Arias neighborhood watch captain in place of Zimmerman?
Saturday night must be psycho woman nite lol just got done watching Jodi Arias dirty little secret now
Watchg this crazy movie " Lizzie Borden " on lifetime... B4 that wuz Jodi arias, I fell asleep on that 1. But this 1 is just as crazy...
Dammit You got me again! The Jodi Arias movie then Lizzie Borden.. Oh you good.. You good. 😎
This movie about Jodi Arias is pretty good. She's crazy. (at Justin's Apartment ) —
LOL reminded me of something Jodi Arias would say lol
Seriously gonna have nightmares tonight...thanks to Lifetime. I have now watched back to back- Jodi Arias, Lizzie Borden, and Flowers in the Attic?! Eek!
we should of learned from Jodi Arias taking the stand always disaster in 98% of cases
I watched the Jodi arias story, the Lizzie Borden story, and now flowers in the attic
Just got done watching the jodi arias movie now watching the Lizzie Borden took a axe movie love watching movies that are based off true movies lots of blood
I'm watching this Jodi Arias movie on Lifetime and this woman was crazy.
Turn on the news *** Ugh I should not have to pause the movie to explain the WHOLE story Jodi Arias has been on national news for months
“Jodi Arias is that crazy white girl that all our moms warned us about”you watching that movie too?
I watched two movies today that I wished I never had watched the Jodi arias story(psycho b) & Lizzie Borden (crazy b) once again lifetime movies suck! But...I do wanna see Gabby Douglas story
Jodi Arias is crazy af...I could see a few girls ending up like that lol
Shows Jodi Arias blow away Travis and cuts to "Every problem has a solution" and it's a dental commercial. Sensitive planning Lifetime.
I just want to stay home in bed and watch Jodi Arias courtroom clips.
Lizzie Borden killed her parents and forgot about it bc she had a seizure due to the fact that SHE WAS ON HER PERIOD WHEN SHE WAS HACKING THEM UP!! The defense actually used this info in her trial-and it helped. Jodi Arias' attorneys should have used that one! What the crap was WRONG with Victorian people?!
To me, your girlfriends name is now Jodi Arias.
This Jodi Arias movie was terrible ... Lifetime seriously did a very bad job with this one ... It almost didn't seem like it was based on a true story ... NEXT! SMH
Just watched the Jodi Arias & Lizzie Boarden movies on Lifetime. crazy
There was a lifetime movie on tonight about Jodi Arias. I, of course, was sucked in. I kept telling my dad what was about to happen. I am now re-obsessed.
Waiting for Christina Ricci's Lizzie Borden movie on Lifetime to come on watching that jodi Arias story Ahhh Film School where they teach you the delicate art of the Cut-away Like when Jodi and Travis are in the Hot Tub and she says she's going to convert to Mormonism...right before she goes south to..ugh hmm..shiver his timbers? It cuts to her coming up out of the water after being Baptised..I'm telling you..ART...Brava. Did you know that the guy playing Travis was Bobby Brady in the Brady movies? Yeah...Bobby and Jodi..doing the ol' B and J. I'm bored.
Watching the Jodi Arias movie and how they briefly talk about Prepaid Legal's "10 Steps".
Jodi Arias really is a psycho! Watching that lifetime movie about her. Did they sentence her to the electric chair yet?
Watching a Lifetime movie on Jodi Arias and that SOB was cra-zy. Sheit.
Watching this lifetime movie, Jodi Arias: Dirty Little Secret with babe.
Just watched Jodi Arias: Dirty Little Secret I had no idea girls like that even existed!!
Watching the Lizzie Borden Lifetime Movie and my b/f asks "who is Lizzie Borden?" Last week he asked who Jodi Arias was. SMH
Totally watching the Jodi Arias movie on lifetime right now lolololol
Lifetime's Jodi Arias: Dirty Little Secret movie get me fked up for real. 😳
After watching the Jodi Arias movie again, my obsession has returned! Sentencing trial in March... Anxiously waiting..
About to watch Jodi Arias and then Lizzie Borden movie
In a closed hearing, a date was finally set for Jodi Arias' re-trial of the penalty phase. That date is set for March 17, 2014. Jodi was already convicted of...
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