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Jodi Arias

The Jodi Arias trial is a criminal trial documenting aspiring Arizona photographer Jodi Arias charged in the shooting and stabbing death of her boyfriend, Travis Alexander.

Travis Alexander Juan Martinez Casey Anthony

Retrial delayed: Judge gives Jodi Arias more time | -
Jodi Arias wants to return to Travis' house?
“Lawyer: 'Why not' give Arias crime scene access?
Lawyer: 'Why not' give Arias crime scene access? | via
What could gain by sending her investigator back to the crime scene where she murdered Travis Alexander:
DP case > Jodi Arias wants to return to Travis' house?
Jodi Arias wants to return to Travis' house? *** Seriously??
sure these will help Jodi arias in her quest.Maybe ask Snow White
Are you ready for Jodi Arias Round 2? | via Are they Televisioning it?
An opinion : Judge should lift the blackout on trial. TELL US: In the end, was it rule of law over...
Remember, in a death penalty case the standards are, and should be, higher.
It is really hard to believe their craven and overt desire for her execution
Judge should lift the blackout on Jodi Arias trial via
Let's try this. .. What's ur oPinion of Casey Anthony? Jodi Arias? Just ppl who made mistakes?
Jodi Arias objects to limited TV coverage of her retrial via
Jodi arias is fantastico. Managed 2 run into a closet jump up and grab a gun without disturbing anything.
4 PM ET live on the re: Exposed: The secret life of Jodi Arias (now in paperback)
Will there be any reporting on Jodi Arias today?
Jodi Arias trial is coming soon, been waiting forevaaa
1 more new witness next week ABS News with Jodi Arias Verdict Hinges on Premeditation
Jodi Arias objected to limited coverage of her upcoming sentencing retrail, saying 'there is more damage that can be done,' via
Lawyer: 'Why not' give Arias crime scene access?
I wouldn't worry about HLN's ratings, they don't run trials at all anymore LOL!
Juan Martinez filed sanctions against Jodi Arias for her refusal to turn over her witnesses contact into to him.
Jodi Arias wants to take things back to the scene of the crime. The convicted murderer, in her penalty phase ret...
5 weeks until the Jodi Arias penalty phase retrial begins I hope. I can't wait until it's over and justice is served for Travis Alexander.
I compare by individual action with closes example in memory. Example Jodi arias Christy mack both had knifes & outcomes
In just weeks, Jodi Arias is set to face a jury that could ultimately decide whether she lives or dies. Arias, now acting as her own attorney, is preparing for the retrial of her sentencing, scheduled to begin with jury selection on September 29. In the first penalty phase, Arias’ defense team calle…
Jodi Arias trial, death penalty under scrutiny before retrial of sentencing A debate of the death penalty is coming under scrutiny once again, but not the debate that many might be expecting. This time the new event that is getting people talking about the death penalty again are recent botched executions in the states of Oklahoma, Ohio, and Arizona. Advocates for abolishing the death penalty are finding these arguments to be strenuous enough to revisit the humanity of the death penalty in North America. For a family, and a tax paying public that have been wanting the Jodi Arias trial to come to a close for once and for all after six very long years, this raises serious concerns and questions. Will the fact that the death penalty is coming under fire right now affect the outcome that they have been hoping, praying, waiting, crying, and mourning for through the past six years? USA News is reporting today that thus far, it does not look like the recent botched executions are having any bearing on death pena ...
Judge delays start of Jodi Arias penalty-phase retrial
Don't you love a good sociopath, though? Like Jodi Arias. Fascinating.
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I think he should tutor Jodi Arias.
I really anticipate the coming of Jodi Arias. She is so guilty and her time is so limited. All pray and Justice for Travis
so you support what Jodi arias did to her ex boyfriend?
My friends bashing the murderer Jodi Arias.. brutal
we r jealous of Jodi arias don't you know. Must b the food she gets LOL
Someone needs to explain 2 Jodi arias trolls that the only decision left now is DP or LWOP and anything else c below
Jodi Arias may be playing games but don't worry her table will be waiting!💉
yes, but Jodi Arias wants Angelina o play her. Lol.
Retrial delayed: Judge gives Jodi Arias more time | via
Execute the psychopath. “Judge grants Jodi Arias delay in death penalty retrial.
Judge grants request to have her penalty phase retrial pushed back three weeks. Here's the latest:
Jodi Arias granted delay in death penalty retrial
Oh my, here we go again with the Jodi Arias show. I'll truly be surprised if she gets the death penalty.
What Jodi Arias story will new jury hear? | via
Judge gives Jodi Arias her wish in court | via
there gonna b trouble this lovely women is waiting 4 Jodi arias
As we await a new jury to decide fate, let's look at what she told the jury the last time. remember this?
Jodi Arias donates her brown locks to charity?
U heard Jodi Arias wants penalty stage of trial televised since she's representing self? Egotistical *** but I'll watch.
Hey how come Jodi Arias is allowed to profit from her paintings? Thought that was against the law. "Ill hang up and listen"
Jodi Arias Gets Penalty Phase Of Trial Delayed: Jodi Arias’s plan to represent herself seems to be going swimm...
website vows to donate proceeds from artwork in Travis' name: via
My problem is when Jodi arias sticks a knife into another human being 29 times that's my problem. Fcuk the victim we might upset a murderer
Court Chatter: Court Docs - *Latest ruling added re trial rest and experts via
With Jodi arias fighting so hard to stay out of this place. When the van pulls up in front lets hope there r cameras
Did Borderline Personality Disorder play a role in the murder of Travis Alexander and trial of Jodi Arias?
Can't wait to hear the sentence for Jodi Arias for murdering Travis Alexander in 4 weeks.
. I have to deal with Total Nut Job Supporters of Jodi Arias! YIKES!!. I am a part of The Jodi Arias Case!. JUSTICE FOR Travis Alexander!
two names Give you an Alibi Travis Alexander, Jodi Arias
This is Debatable one case Comes to Mind Travis Alexander/Jodi Arias
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Jodi Arias just doesn't realize it's over for her. The deadly ambition got to her when she murdered Travis Alexander. He will get justice.
Are you jealous that Juan Martinez gets to see your sweetheart, Jodi Arias, in court and you don't? smh..
"A lawyer (or murderess, ie, Jodi Arias) who has himself as a client is a fool"--except Howard Roark.
I agree. Women are not the 'fairer sex.'We should get same punishment as men, especially if we are Jodi Arias.
Is it me or does she look like Jodi Arias after a day of beauty and some coloring? He looks like Mayor Ford...
Arizona Daily Sun - Jodi Arias to represent self at penalty trial
A lot of lying going on in Arizona, including the fake Jodi Arias Trial which is being put on by Darin Hufford and his cronies. I believe you sir, should be shot and killed and it televised for the whole world to see. I believe you should be made an example of, this is what happens to people who perpetrate false news and spy on the American Citizen, I love my country enough, that I would personally be honored to put the bullet into your skull on behalf of the American People.
Jodi arias is going to be her own lawyer for her retrial...
Jodi Arias is representing herself for the rest of the penalty phase for her trial. What a self centered pig. Death to Jodi Arias
Jodi Arias against Juan Martinez will be priceless!
why aren't they allowing cameras in the Jodi Arias trial? I want to see her try and defend herself but I'm way in Texas.
Jodi Arias representing herself at Sept. retrial: Jodi Arias given court permission to represent herself in Se...
Jodi Arias + self representation = death penalty.It shows more than a hint of narcissistic personality disorder,imho!
Jodi Arias representing herself at her sentencing trial, lol ok good luck
Jodi arias to represent herself at life is now complete ❤
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Generally it is not a good decision for a capital defendant like Jodi Arias to represent herself:
Jodi Arias to represent self at penalty trial - WAND
lmao not a Jodi Arias type murder, but a nice quiet sneaky one. I see you 👀👀👀
Tune to HLN Channel today at 3:00PM to 5:00 PM and watch Robert Schalk from Schalk, Ciaccio & Kahn, P.C. discuss the Jodi Arias case and other legal issues.
If my time in the Army at Fort Huachuca hadn't shown me what a terrible and dry crap hole Arizona is, I would totally go for the sentencing phase of the Jodi Arias trial. Jodi Arias is now representing herself, that is something I have to see! Lol
What do you think of Jodi Arias representing herself in the upcoming penalty phase of her murder trial?
Jodi Arias to represent self at penalty trial
going to act as her own attorney for sentencing trial in Sept:
Jodi Arias is wanting to Represent herself in her Trial. So she want get the dealth penalty Wow CooCoo for CoCo Puffs
HAH! Jodi Arias' lawyer has a FOOL for a client...& a lawyer! LMAO What a Narcissist. Let's hope this is the final insult...but it won't be.
Jodi Arias to represent self at penalty trial (pthis has been dragging on for too long. This will make drag on longer
WHY do ppl do this?! Ignorance? Arrogance? /Jodi Arias To Represent Herself In Upcoming Penalty Phase Of Trial
Death Penalty News: Arizona: Jodi Arias to represent self in Arizona d...
Jodi Arias to defend herself at retrial -
Let Jodi Arias represent herself! The quicker the murderer will go to jail. Be done with her!
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Jodi arias.I was with her on da bus going to court. Talked to her. Very sexy. Big booty...seemed every other
Court grants Jodi Arias' request to be her own attorney via
Jodi Arias representing herself reminds me of Ted Bundy when he represented himself.
Jodi Arias is going to represent herself in her sentencing retrial!! Good Lord!
Update on She will be representing herself at Sept. retrial
|| MT MORE: Jodi Arias to represent herself in death penalty phase of trial for killing ex:
Jodi Arias to represent self at penalty trial: PHOENIX (AP) — Jodi Arias bathed in the spotlight soon after he...
Killer Jodie Arias will represent herself during the sentencing phase of her case.
mike please tell me we get to watch the Jodi arias goat rodeo on tv please this will be so entertaining!! Lmao
Murderer to get the spotlight all to herself (except, Juan will be there, Wh…
Oh next Jodi Arias is gonna represent herself at her retrial 😵
Jodi Arias set to represent herself at death penalty trial, and experts say it may not be such a bad idea
Jodi Arias representing herself at trial? Join us at 11:20 am PDT to discuss on HLN Now...
is a complete She is looking to play in her second
Love how broke down Jodi
to represent herself at penalty phase of murder trial | Tune in to to hear my…
Yuma CBS: Jodi Arias to represent self at penalty trial
Jodi Arias to represent herself at execution trial .
Jodi Arias has hired a new lawyer — Jodi Arias. She’ll represent herself in the second penalty phase of her murder trial. [ 77 more words. ]
Jodi Arias to Represent Herself at Death Penalty Trial: A judge has ruled that Jodi Arias can represent herself in the upcoming penal...
Jodi Arias is allowed to represent herself in new sentencing hearing
Jodi Arias will represent herself during her death penalty trial.
Arias to defend herself at retrial -
Jodi Arias to represent self at penalty trial
Jodi Arias to defend herself at retrial | via
Mr. Nurmi, you railroaded Jodi Arias. That female assistant should have took over from the beginning. ANYWAYS!
My Jodi Arias Peeps Are Starting to Return! And Edgr is even back in the basement!
Jodi Arias to defend herself at retrial |
PHOENIX (Reuters) - An Arizona judge agreed on Monday to allow convicted murder Jodi Arias to represent herself during a sentencing retrial to determine if she will face the death penalty for killing her ex-boyfriend in 2008, a court spokesman said.
Imagine today's headlines as a Progress Report for our great nation.(lower cases, both). "I read the news today, oh boy." Boy fatally stabbed by 12-year-old at playground KENTWOOD, Mich. (AP) — A 9-year-old boy who was repeatedly stabbed by a 12-year-old boy at a playground in western Michigan has died, police said Tuesday. Associated Press SaveMore like thisRemove Police: TV show reminded man that girl was in car WICHITA, Kan. (AP) — A child crying on the television show "Game of Thrones" jogged a foster parent's memory that he had left a 10-month-old girl inside a sweltering car while he and his partner smoked marijuana at their house, a police affidavit released Monday says. Associated Press SaveMore like thisRemove White supremacist gets life in prison after U.S. West Coast killing spree By Teresa Carson PORTLAND Ore. (Reuters) - A white supremacist convicted of killing two people during a bloody three-state road trip on the U.S. West Coast was sentenced on Monday to two life sentences by a federa ...
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Self-defense: Jodi Arias will represent herself in death penalty phase
Jodi Arias is going to defend herself now. I'm sure this will go well.
So now Jodi Arias is going to represent herself at the penalty trial. Her lawyers will be there as advisers but the judge is allowing her to represent herself. She got her GED while in prison so yeah she is qualified. I hope she crash and burns. She deserves the death penalty!
Updates from today's hearing courtesy of The Trial Diaries, with thanks: Jodi Arias has requested to represent herself; The State says no ex parte, objects; JA has signed paperwork giving up her rights to counsel; JA can't argue ineffective counsel; Judge stresses that she doesn't want JA to give up her right to representation; Neither side objects - JA is now in charge of her DP retrial; JA has an investigator and wants evidence checked out at Mesa PD; Juan Martinez says the investigator needs to contact him first, Judge grants his request; [JA has once again manipulated the system and is in charge, just like she always wanted...]
Jodi Arias to represent self at murder sentencing via what is the saying about representing oneself, ***
Arizona judge decides convicted killer, Jodi Arias can represent herself at sentencing.
Jodi Arias allowed to represent herself at death penalty trial
Finally representation Jodi Arias understands and understands her...
Well won't be surprised aft writing a book on her.Jodi Arias to rep herself at execution trial. via
Jodi Arias wants to represent herself now.
Court Chatter: to represent herself at death penalty t...
to represent self at death penalty trial Can't wait to here her slip " I hated Travi…
Date 1 person and be committed or break up peacefully.Jodi Arias is a winner yes! S/he didn't take that shift from an abuser.
BREAKING: Judge allows Jodi Arias to represent herself at September death penalty trial.
This is why I have a account Can't wait for the next
heard judge had no choice once stabby was deemed to be mentally competent. Juan will eat jodi arias up for breakfast
has been given Green Light to Represent Herself for the Re-Trial of the Penaly Phase v…
Oh Jodi Arias, you just make life more comical by the minute! Can't wait for her to say "I object" to her own question! 🙊🙈
AP U.S. Headlines: Arias to represent herself at death penalty trial
Arias to represent self at murder trial sentencing
Jodi Arias to represent herself at execution trial
Jodi Arias will represent herself at murder sentencing. Unfortunately, we won't see the show. No cameras allowed. .
BREAKING: Jodi Arias just told her client to stop lying and acting like such a ***
Jodi Arias is going to defend herself for life or death penalty. She's nuts, and exactly what they want to show to get her the mental hospital for the next 20 years! Smart girl.
Murderer Jodi Arias to get the spotlight all to herself
Jodi Arias appeared in court Monday to provide an oral motion to represent herself at the penalty phase of her sentencing retrial.
MT Jodi Arias allowed to represent herself
We've got an exclusive first-look clip at the TV movie based on the Jodi Arias case, Lifetime's 'Jodi Arias: Dirty Little Secret.'
I hope you've had your morning coffee!!
Jodi Arias, convicted in the killing of her boyfriend last year, is allowed to represent herself
is Jodi Arias not put away yet?? Same with Perhaps they should share a cell. Both f'd up.
Arias to represent self at murder trial sentencing via
My early coverage on this. "Killer Jodi Arias will be her own attorney during her retrial reports htt…
Jodi Arias acting as her own attorney in the re-trial of her sentencing phase. Can you say, "Circus"?.
Jodi Arias to represent herself at execution trial
Coming to cable news this fall: Jodi Arias, who was convicted last year of murdering her ex-boyfriend Travis Alexander, will represent herself in a sentencing retrial that will determine if she gets the death penalty. The original jury deadlocked on whether Arias should be sentenced to death, and...
Today Show shared the following link and had this to say about it: Jodi Arias told the judge Monday of her intentions to act as her own lawyer, and Judge Sherry Stephens granted the request. 34, was convicted of murdering Travis Alexander, but jurors couldn't reach a decision on sentencing.
Convicted murderer Jodi Arias gets OK to serve as own lawyer for death penalty ... - The Times-Picayune:
Shorter Judge Stephens "on the odd chance the Jodi Arias thing hasn't been weird enough, she should be her own attorney!"
DETAILS: to represent herself in sentencing retrial
I've changed my stance on those 2 ebola patients. I'm okay with bringing them to the US… So long as they're kept in a cell with Jodi Arias.
Patty Duke Patrick King save the date Sept 8th,Jodi Arias trial starts. She's representing herself,this should be good.
I think Jodi representing herself is part of her wanting to have a say during jury selection, and no more. There's really no other reason I can think of that would make logical sense (not that I've seen much evidence that Jodi tends to stick to a logical path). I'm willing to bet we'll see her revert back to her attorneys as soon as jury selection is complete. But this speaks to a larger issue with Jodi, and that's her narcissism. If supporters are writing to her and saying things like "Jodi you are so much smarter than Juan Martinez" "With your high IQ, you should be a lawyer" "It's too bad you didn't represent yourself during the first half of your trial, you would have easily swayed the jury and showed the jury what a lying bully Juan was" "I bet the jury thought you were one of the attorneys when they first saw you. You're so professional looking and so well-spoken" "You should totally defend yourself, you have thousands of supporters who are on your side. Nancy Grace and HLN are only showcasing hater ...
Maybe he was telling tot mom about the dream he had of bending Jodi Arias over the arm of a couch?
hate 2 tell u this but he already beat jodi arias now for the knockout blow. Suger ray juan is the money man
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So Sheriff Joe, to stop me from speculating, what's happening with Jodi Arias' magazines? Thank you so much!
New post: Jodi Arias and the culture of slandering the victim
. She does. On her Jodi Arias Blow up doll
You honestly have never heard of Jodi Arias? You'd make a perfect juror.
Gets old&irritating 2 hear *** support a brutal murderer.if u don't know Jodi Arias waited
Thanks for following me. Your comment on jodi arias's page cracked me up. Unbelievable that convicted murderer has groupies.
Yes Hulsey found guilty of 1st degree murder. Juan Martinez nailed another murderer now he will put Jodi arias on DR
Jodi arias: I wasn't there. 2 ninjas did it. It was self defence. Wasn't me I was watching TV.
Do you know is trying to use you to boost his hits on his site for Jodi Arias? They charge $ to be members
for you to say that women are incapable of violence is ridicules. Beyonce's Sister? Hope Solo? Jodi Arias. Need i go on?
The sentencing retrial for Jodi Arias is scheduled to start September 8th.
Travis Alexander felt the same way when Jodi Arias was abusing him. How'd that work out?
Jodi arias stabbed her husband 27 times, slit his throat, shot him claiming selfdefense. convicted of murder. How come it works for Israel
Sept. Jodi Arias will be tried again. Read APPEALING ISSUES FOR APPEAL, What's Next For Jodi Arias amazon
a) favorite position b) Cougarlicious' pet name for Nurmi c) neglected Arias dog that was kicked to death by Jodi
*** is a jodi arias troll following me. Maybe JAS has seen the autopsy photos. DP or LWOP
slit someone's throat and we are supposed to luv them. This is why the jodi arias must be in Perryville
the wheels of justice turn slow but the end is in sight. Jodi arias perryville awaits
Happy birthday travis. Murderers like Jodi arias will get justice and the family will find some peace. DP or LWOP
it will be over soon(4hrs) just shut the fcuk up Jodi arias and let me find a good vein. Thank you
Anyone defending Jodi Arias and her blatant LIES is insane. There's photo evidence from her own camera that puts her at the murder scene! 😹
For the record. Jodi Arias did not kill "Travis Alexander". The Forensic evidence speaks for itself.
The trails for Jodi Arias, she was accused for killing her boyfriend and I was just wondering what was going on with the trials
Does anybody actually follow the Jodi Arias trials I need to know
Does anybody know who Jodi Arias is please respond this is for algebra
New blog up Please keep comments on topic and respectful! Convo on FB:
Omg ppl, please stop giving $$ to Jodi Arias and Casey Anthony! There are way better ways to give than to two murderers!
I can see another one of these coming if Jodi arias takes on Juan Martinez. Go on Jodi please htt…
I am glad Jodi Arias' new website has worked out all the kinks
Strangers are friends you haven't met yet. Friends are lovers you haven't kissed yet. Lovers are corpses you haven't killed yet. Jodi Arias
I was gonna get married but Jodi Arias found him first.
which one is most likely to be otto' s type if they were on the simpsons is it Jodi Arias or Casey A...? -
I'm saying lmfao y'all would see me on trial the Spanish Jodi Arias, I'm cutting body parts off & all 😌🙌
Of course giving money to a convicted murderer isn't a scam. You have Jodi arias word on it. She wouldn't lie to you
Here's a quick review of many of the witnesses in the trial.
Jodi Arias Case Witnesses - get a synopsis of many of the witnesses here: via
Jodi Arias took pictures of Travis sleeping.
Are you involved in this behavior? Someone should check the mags u send.
ooopsie. She should draw a gas can collection & sell on ebay. She's not the brightest bulb in the lamp
I start my Sundays off with a mini-marathon of Snapped, as one does. Today's reward: narration by Jodi Arias prosecutor Juan Martinez.
oh please don't call me a hater. Call me a nancy supporter. Nancy smashed Jodi arias
poor Jodi arias saw napoleon getting pounded by travis so slaughtered him to save the dog
I think I could have prosecuted Jodi Arias. There was sooo much evidence.
Remember the money is not 4 me Jodi arias why should my mum suffer just because i stabbed travis 27 times. Please help her…
do gooder like this *** always have a excuse 4 murderers like Jodi arias oh they had a bad childhood
Juan Martinez smashed Jodi arias at the trial. Stabby going to take on juan. Make my day killer
Jodi Arias attorneys ask judge to sequester jury for second trial to avoid media coverage
me too! Lies lies lies just like Casey Anthony just like Jodi Arias
Jodi arias trolls think stabby is getting out on sept 8. Already booked some entertainment
Back on. Whew. Yep slit her throat just like Jodi Arias did to poor Travis Alexander. EYE FOR AN EYE I TELL YA!
She could rot in prison with Jodi Arias! They could share notes! Two of a kind!
kind of like the Jodi arias trail was absolutely nothing like this
I am not a Jodi Arias supporter. I know not all TA supporters are like you. I just don't know why you're such a *** to people?
So I'm scatting my morning away with ms. Fitzgerald and I realize that "OH! I have so many things I need to attend to today." Which leads me into today's segment of FOOD FOR THOUGHT, starring ME! Nathan. This morning's topic is morning routines. So I awake as as the person who sleeps next to me does and we rise with a groggy hello. Are there any of you out there who just happen to look like kate moss when you wake up because I happen to look like a baked potato upon arousal. The boyfriend seems to have this knack of being one of those "I'm doing laundry in basketball shorts and still look like a model" faces but unfortunately for him, and me, mine is more of a Jodi Arias at the trial face. Just wispy bangs, a bad dye job and puffy, fatty under eyes. NOW ITS TIME FOR COFFEE, assuming I can get my eyes to focus, I can usually accomplish this feat with minimal pain. Some of us wear glasses. Some of us have glasses that broke in 2011 and have been just "winging it" ever since. So I make my coffee and now ...
Does anybody know how to rent, watch or download the Jodi arias movie Dirty little secret?
How jealous are you on a scale from 1-Jodi Arias? Lol
Jodi Arias liked her men like marshmallows. Soft on the outside and stuck on the end of a fork.
Is "Christian Mingle" really an appropriate spot to play during the Jodi Arias TV movie?
Watching Jodi Arias: Dirty Little Secret on LMN. Girl was crazy and obsessed, bad combination.
Omg that Jodi Arias movie was tragic.
Finally saw the Jodi Arias Lifetime movie and I'm still just O_O
Jodi Arias should've just left that man alone
Watching the Jodi Arias movie on LMN...ya know, for dating advice and stuff.
Jodi Arias killed him cause he didn't love her
Today must be the Jodi Arias case's anniversary , it was on snapped and then Lifetime .
Just watched this movie about Jodi Arias on LMN. All I can say is wow. She was crazy!
Looking back at the Jodi Arias story, I see the true meaning of fatal attraction..
Watching the jodi arias movie on lmn and she is stupid crazy
Why can't I stop myself from watching Jodi Arias on LMN every time I channel surf and its on?
I'm tired of seeing Jodi Arias crazy *** on my tv!
This Jodi Arias movie is just wow. Like she is CRAZY 😂
what amazes me is how fast they made a movie about Jodi Arias before they even convicted her.
I did not expect to the murder scene in the Jodi Arias movie to be that graphic 😷
This Jodi Arias movie on Lifetime is crazy man.
Y'all better stop playing females. You might end up with a Jodi Arias.😳
this Jodi Arias movie have me feeling lightheaded.
Jodi Arias was one crazy psycho chick...
y'all remember Jodi Arias.. y'all better stop playing games w girls 😳
Watching this Jodi Arias movie and people are really crazy. LADIES…if a man doesn't want you…please don't kill him
Michaela just called me Jodi Arias 😩 I am not that psycho.
I'm "Jodi Arias: Dirty Little Secret". TV loves you back with Watch TV. Earn Points. Get Rewards.
🏃🏃🏃 Mannn Jodi Arias make yu look at badd women different 👀
got suspended for following too many users Im following 6 ppl I'm not a Jodi Arias follower btw
Watching the Jodi Arias movie and homegirl was seriously nuts
Watching the Jodi arias story on LMN. That *** is crazy 😩🌀🌀🌀
Jodi Arias always makes me mad when I watch it lmao
attn Jodi arias documentary is on LMN rn
Jodi arias: Dirty little secret. Lmn-21 or 256 if you have flow yet
Be real , you watching Jodi Arias: Dirty Little Secret right now??
I'm watching the Jodi Arias movie again.
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The guy in the jodi arias movie is kind of cute. Hmm.
Wow! Jodi Arias is taking all of "Her Legal Advice" from Sandra Webber! . This will be a SLAM DUNK CASE for Mr. Juan Martinez!
Shut up, Jodi Arias. Go to bed. Stop dragging me into your drama sewer.
Looks like another lawsuit on BEHALF of Jodi Arias from "Zeven". Zeven does have a way with words.
many trials are even video taped live add they happen. Ok Simpson, Jodi arias, George Zimmerman etc
"No jury will convict me; because I'm innocent. Mark my words." -Jodi Arias .
...better yet, how bout we trade Ann Coulter, *** Cheney, Sara Palin, Bush Jr & Jodi Arias for the jailed Marine in Mexico!👍😜
This is almost as ridiculous as Jodi Arias claiming self defense.
I know love her to pieces!!! OMG my grandson turned channel says no Jodi arias nanny
Ffs Jenelle, you're twinsies to Jodi Arias. I'm glad Im not the only one that finds that funny. 😂🙈
You better run b4 JE pulls a Jodi Arias on u. She's a pathological liar and a sociopath!!! I'm starting to feel sorry 4 you
shaking more than Jodi Arias today! Wonder if he is worried?! Wonder what the tarot cards said this morning?!
Thanks for supporting jodi_arias she done took these over honey
get a life George, because you are obsessed with Jodi arias.😁
does the reason Jodi Arias is innocent have anything to do with her race? Should R&B lovers be incarcerated?
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DrMatt, . It Is The Tremendous Amount of Stress Forced Upon My Life~due to~I was thrown into The Middle of The Jodi Arias Case!
It's near unbelievable that a jodi arias supporter could write this It's a total description of every one of them
I'm like you with the LR stuff. I used to follow Jodi arias stuff.
OJ probably got away w/murder but Jodi Arias was probably wrongly convicted. Go figure
Kevin has some very upsetting viewpoints on our angel, Jodi Arias.
If that's love LOL cld you imagine hate?!
what's going on with the Jodi arias trail?
what happened to the ninjas. They got away
She lied at the start to protect him.
U have a lot of maybe's what ifs lies alot
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