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Jodi Arias

The Jodi Arias trial is a criminal trial documenting aspiring Arizona photographer Jodi Arias charged in the shooting and stabbing death of her boyfriend, Travis Alexander.

Travis Alexander Casey Anthony Oscar Pistorius Charles Manson

Yes Hulsey found guilty of 1st degree murder. Juan Martinez nailed another murderer now he will put Jodi arias on DR
Jodi arias: I wasn't there. 2 ninjas did it. It was self defence. Wasn't me I was watching TV.
Do you know is trying to use you to boost his hits on his site for Jodi Arias? They charge $ to be members
for you to say that women are incapable of violence is ridicules. Beyonce's Sister? Hope Solo? Jodi Arias. Need i go on?
The sentencing retrial for Jodi Arias is scheduled to start September 8th.
Travis Alexander felt the same way when Jodi Arias was abusing him. How'd that work out?
Jodi arias stabbed her husband 27 times, slit his throat, shot him claiming selfdefense. convicted of murder. How come it works for Israel
Sept. Jodi Arias will be tried again. Read APPEALING ISSUES FOR APPEAL, What's Next For Jodi Arias amazon
a) favorite position b) Cougarlicious' pet name for Nurmi c) neglected Arias dog that was kicked to death by Jodi
*** is a jodi arias troll following me. Maybe JAS has seen the autopsy photos. DP or LWOP
slit someone's throat and we are supposed to luv them. This is why the jodi arias must be in Perryville
the wheels of justice turn slow but the end is in sight. Jodi arias perryville awaits
Happy birthday travis. Murderers like Jodi arias will get justice and the family will find some peace. DP or LWOP
it will be over soon(4hrs) just shut the fcuk up Jodi arias and let me find a good vein. Thank you
Anyone defending Jodi Arias and her blatant LIES is insane. There's photo evidence from her own camera that puts her at the murder scene! 😹
For the record. Jodi Arias did not kill "Travis Alexander". The Forensic evidence speaks for itself.
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The trails for Jodi Arias, she was accused for killing her boyfriend and I was just wondering what was going on with the trials
Does anybody actually follow the Jodi Arias trials I need to know
Does anybody know who Jodi Arias is please respond this is for algebra
New blog up Please keep comments on topic and respectful! Convo on FB:
Omg ppl, please stop giving $$ to Jodi Arias and Casey Anthony! There are way better ways to give than to two murderers!
I can see another one of these coming if Jodi arias takes on juan Martinez. Go on Jodi please htt…
I am glad Jodi Arias' new website has worked out all the kinks
Strangers are friends you haven't met yet. Friends are lovers you haven't kissed yet. Lovers are corpses you haven't killed yet. Jodi Arias
I was gonna get married but Jodi Arias found him first.
which one is most likely to be otto' s type if they were on the simpsons is it Jodi Arias or Casey A...? -
I'm saying lmfao y'all would see me on trial the Spanish Jodi Arias, I'm cutting body parts off & all 😌🙌
Of course giving money to a convicted murderer isn't a scam. You have Jodi arias word on it. She wouldn't lie to you
Here's a quick review of many of the witnesses in the trial.
Jodi Arias Case Witnesses - get a synopsis of many of the witnesses here: via
Jodi Arias took pictures of Travis sleeping.
Are you involved in this behavior? Someone should check the mags u send.
ooopsie. She should draw a gas can collection & sell on ebay. She's not the brightest bulb in the lamp
I start my Sundays off with a mini-marathon of Snapped, as one does. Today's reward: narration by Jodi Arias prosecutor Juan Martinez.
oh please don't call me a hater. Call me a nancy supporter. Nancy smashed Jodi arias
poor Jodi arias saw napoleon getting pounded by travis so slaughtered him to save the dog
I think I could have prosecuted Jodi Arias. There was sooo much evidence.
Remember the money is not 4 me Jodi arias why should my mum suffer just because i stabbed travis 27 times. Please help her…
do gooder like this *** always have a excuse 4 murderers like Jodi arias oh they had a bad childhood
juan Martinez smashed Jodi arias at the trial. Stabby going to take on juan. Make my day killer
Jodi Arias attorneys ask judge to sequester jury for second trial to avoid media coverage
me too! Lies lies lies just like Casey Anthony just like Jodi Arias
Jodi arias trolls think stabby is getting out on sept 8. Already booked some entertainment
Back on. Whew. Yep slit her throat just like Jodi Arias did to poor Travis Alexander. EYE FOR AN EYE I TELL YA!
She could rot in prison with Jodi Arias! They could share notes! Two of a kind!
kind of like the Jodi arias trail was absolutely nothing like this
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I am not a Jodi Arias supporter. I know not all TA supporters are like you. I just don't know why you're such a *** to people?
So I'm scatting my morning away with ms. Fitzgerald and I realize that "OH! I have so many things I need to attend to today." Which leads me into today's segment of FOOD FOR THOUGHT, starring ME! Nathan. This morning's topic is morning routines. So I awake as as the person who sleeps next to me does and we rise with a groggy hello. Are there any of you out there who just happen to look like kate moss when you wake up because I happen to look like a baked potato upon arousal. The boyfriend seems to have this knack of being one of those "I'm doing laundry in basketball shorts and still look like a model" faces but unfortunately for him, and me, mine is more of a Jodi Arias at the trial face. Just wispy bangs, a bad dye job and puffy, fatty under eyes. NOW ITS TIME FOR COFFEE, assuming I can get my eyes to focus, I can usually accomplish this feat with minimal pain. Some of us wear glasses. Some of us have glasses that broke in 2011 and have been just "winging it" ever since. So I make my coffee and now ...
Does anybody know how to rent, watch or download the Jodi arias movie Dirty little secret?
How jealous are you on a scale from 1-Jodi Arias? Lol
Jodi Arias liked her men like marshmallows. Soft on the outside and stuck on the end of a fork.
Is "Christian Mingle" really an appropriate spot to play during the Jodi Arias TV movie?
Watching Jodi Arias: Dirty Little Secret on LMN. Girl was crazy and obsessed, bad combination.
Omg that Jodi Arias movie was tragic.
Finally saw the Jodi Arias Lifetime movie and I'm still just O_O
Jodi Arias should've just left that man alone
Watching the Jodi Arias movie on LMN...ya know, for dating advice and stuff.
Jodi Arias killed him cause he didn't love her
Today must be the Jodi Arias case's anniversary , it was on snapped and then Lifetime .
Just watched this movie about Jodi Arias on LMN. All I can say is wow. She was crazy!
Looking back at the Jodi Arias story, I see the true meaning of fatal attraction..
Watching the jodi arias movie on lmn and she is stupid crazy
Why can't I stop myself from watching Jodi Arias on LMN every time I channel surf and its on?
I'm tired of seeing Jodi Arias crazy *** on my tv!
This Jodi Arias movie is just wow. Like she is CRAZY 😂
what amazes me is how fast they made a movie about Jodi Arias before they even convicted her.
I did not expect to the murder scene in the Jodi Arias movie to be that graphic 😷
This Jodi Arias movie on Lifetime is crazy man.
Y'all better stop playing females. You might end up with a Jodi Arias.😳
this Jodi Arias movie have me feeling lightheaded.
Jodi Arias was one crazy psycho chick...
y'all remember Jodi Arias.. y'all better stop playing games w girls 😳
Watching this Jodi Arias movie and people are really crazy. LADIES…if a man doesn't want you…please don't kill him
Michaela just called me Jodi Arias 😩 I am not that psycho.
I'm "Jodi Arias: Dirty Little Secret". TV loves you back with Watch TV. Earn Points. Get Rewards.
🏃🏃🏃 Mannn Jodi Arias make yu look at badd women different 👀
got suspended for following too many users Im following 6 ppl I'm not a Jodi Arias follower btw
Watching the Jodi Arias movie and homegirl was seriously nuts
Watching the Jodi arias story on LMN. That *** is crazy 😩🌀🌀🌀
Jodi Arias always makes me mad when I watch it lmao
attn Jodi arias documentary is on LMN rn
Jodi arias: Dirty little secret. Lmn-21 or 256 if you have flow yet
Be real , you watching Jodi Arias: Dirty Little Secret right now??
I'm watching the Jodi Arias movie again.
The guy in the jodi arias movie is kind of cute. Hmm.
Wow! Jodi Arias is taking all of "Her Legal Advice" from Sandra Webber! . This will be a SLAM DUNK CASE for Mr. Juan Martinez!
Shut up, Jodi Arias. Go to bed. Stop dragging me into your drama sewer.
Looks like another lawsuit on BEHALF of Jodi Arias from "Zeven". Zeven does have a way with words.
many trials are even video taped live add they happen. Ok Simpson, Jodi arias, George Zimmerman etc
"No jury will convict me; because I'm innocent. Mark my words." -Jodi Arias .
...better yet, how bout we trade Ann Coulter, *** Cheney, Sara Palin, Bush Jr & Jodi Arias for the jailed Marine in Mexico!👍😜
This is almost as ridiculous as Jodi Arias claiming self defense.
I know love her to pieces!!! OMG my grandson turned channel says no Jodi arias nanny
Ffs Jenelle, you're twinsies to Jodi Arias. I'm glad Im not the only one that finds that funny. 😂🙈
You better run b4 JE pulls a Jodi Arias on u. She's a pathological liar and a sociopath!!! I'm starting to feel sorry 4 you
shaking more than Jodi Arias today! Wonder if he is worried?! Wonder what the tarot cards said this morning?!
Thanks for supporting jodi_arias she done took these over honey
get a life George, because you are obsessed with Jodi arias.😁
does the reason Jodi Arias is innocent have anything to do with her race? Should R&B lovers be incarcerated?
DrMatt, . It Is The Tremendous Amount of Stress Forced Upon My Life~due to~I was thrown into The Middle of The Jodi Arias Case!
It's near unbelievable that a jodi arias supporter could write this It's a total description of every one of them
I'm like you with the LR stuff. I used to follow Jodi arias stuff.
OJ probably got away w/murder but Jodi Arias was probably wrongly convicted. Go figure
Kevin has some very upsetting viewpoints on our angel, Jodi Arias.
If that's love LOL cld you imagine hate?!
what's going on with the Jodi arias trail?   10% Off
what happened to the ninjas. They got away
She lied at the start to protect him.
U have a lot of maybe's what ifs lies alot
Maybe Because she wanted to protect his name?
She didn't intend to go to the police with the calls.
John is so funny lmao talking bout how he's gonna marry jodi arias' crazy *** some day
Thats a mild reaction compared to Arias.
What...more stories than Jodi Arias? Imagine that!
we need an update on Jodi arias please
any and all accusations of Travis came only from Arias. noone to back it up
**suggesting you listen to the interrogation tapes of Mom and Pop Arias.
state of arizona vs jodi ann arias we the jury find the defendant guilty of premeditated murder. DP or LWOP
did you watch the jodi arias movie on Lifetime?
give it up, Jodi Arias is guilty and will never be free!
Jodi Arias chameleon syndrome. If he'd have like Oreos during sex, she would have too. LOL
It still shocks me that Olivia Harrison is most likely related to Jodi Arias
VNN Breaking! Arias supporters desperate as Flyer fails Liftoff!.
"Grapes" now available at Check it out. It's gorgeous.
Except Jodi Arias or Oscar Pittorias! Didn't go well for both
Jodi Arias will never ever be innocent and she will never ever walk as a free woman. And I'm very happy about that...and grateful
I'm waiting to see when Jodi Arias will make it on
Like I would rather go to a knife convention with Jodi Arias or listen to Drake rap the bible than ever hear that song again
My Education was INTERRUPTED~ . I had to go live in a JAIL CELL with Jodi Arias for 37 Days in a Row!YIKES!
Remember when Lohan and Jodi Arias did that in court? They were crucified by the MSM
The top 3 lies told during the Jodi Arias trial and the Oscar Pistorius trial
Or, Jodi Arias will "request" Sandra Webber to testify at The Trial in Sept. 2014! MR. MARTINEZ WILL POSITIVELY WIN HIS CASE!
Jodi Arias & Sandra Webber can each "Request" to live in Cell next to each other at Estrella Jail! LOL
Jen, I Believe ~ 1 Day or Very Soon ~ Sandra Webber will end-up in Estrella Jail in Phoenix, Arizona with Jodi Ann Arias!
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Watching the Snapped episode of Jodi Arias story.
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Didnt c this much hype when men called JODI ARIAS and Casey Anthony hot huh?
The Mormon Church kicked out Kate Kelly and kept Jodi Arias. Go figure.
No they didn't. I cant seem to find the witness list on the states website either. I doubt it will be ALA Jodi Arias!
Travis is dead because of Jodi Arias. She premeditated is murder, what is wrong with you? I see you have some serious issues.
Would it be totally bad of me to buy Jodi Arias' art?
Two new original drawings for sale now at Both pieces are 8 1/2x11".
Two new original drawings for sale. For further information go to Jodi's official Art Website:
So I was looking at the crime scene photos from Jodi Arias case and it's astounding to think a human being could disfigure someone like that
maybe Jodi Arias def team can hire her, they purchase the best 'professionals
Who cares if girls are attracted to convicted felons? Lots of guys want jodi arias and she's a killer. lol
Finished Exposed: The Secret Life of Jodi Arias. It's a true crime book. I thought it was pretty well written. What the book is about for those who don't know who Jodi Arias is On June 9, 2008, the butchered body of Travis Alexander was found in his Mesa, Arizona home. The grisly nature of his death made instant headlines: with twenty-nine knife wounds, his throat slit, and a gunshot to the head, Travis was left to die. The prime suspect in the case was Alexander’s ex-girlfriend, the attractive and soft-spoken Jodi Arias. Though Arias initially said that she was nowhere near the scene of crime, little about this case was as it seemed, and before long she had been caught lying to police. As the investigation progressed, her lies evolved multiple times before finally resting on an appalling claim: she had killed Travis in self-defense. Along the way, startling details emerged about the Mormon couple’s relationship, and soon graphic stories of their lurid sexual encounters and jealousy-driven blowouts re ...
DNA convicted Jodi Arias. Innocence project not interested
Judge: Jodi Arias can still face death penalty - Washington Post
Okay so Wikipedia, my go to for everything, has a page for Jefferey Dahmer, Charles Manson & even Scott Peterson. But when you try to type in "Jodi Arias" it goes straight to "The Murder of Travis Alexander" & I'm going to say this the best I can without sounding disrespectful, but her defense was that he was abusive. Maybe she's lying but either way, why do all those guys get their own page but she does not? I need to know how to go about making this happen.
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Judge Sherry Stevens showed "FAVORITISM" to the prosecutor, Juan Martinez in the Jodi Arias trial!
ok time for me to Vent. So I was in my Doctors office/cancer center for only 15 minutes waiting while they had CNN news on TV. In that 15 minutes I was subject to the news - A man decapitated/wife found in lake, video of a precious newborn baby being beaten by a monster of a man, an update on Oscar Pistorius trial and Jodi Arias.. Why on earth would you have these type of NEWS stations on in any doctor office, hospital waiting area, medical facility, etc... Instead how about playing a classy/beautiful/easy listening music station and showing beautiful/positive images of people smiling, kids playing, adults riding bikes, dancing, beaches, sun, or anything that invokes positive/healthy/loving images. I'll even go one step farther and I will DONATE all 3 of my own CDs, as well as, the other dozen of CD's that I've produced for artists all over the world to any doctor office/hospital/medical facility that accepts this "positive" change.
"This could be critical information going into the retrial of the sentencing phase. HLN TV via YouTube"
Jodi Arias back in court today as attorneys prepare for a second penalty phase but media gets booted by judge.
As the excitement was building over the fact that the media actually was going to be let into today's hearing for Jodi Arias, it was quickly deflated like Nurmi's new physic when we were shooed out...
The retrial of the Jodi Arias murder case is set for March.Jury selection will begin on March 17 in State v Jodi Arias.— MC Superior Court (January 13, 2014This news comes after a closed-door meeting Monday between prosecutors and Arias' defense attorneys.
what is UR take on Jodi arias, or dont know or have a clue who she is. Just curious??
Did everyone just forget about the Jodi Arias trial or what ?
Jodi Arias could use her help ( USA case) they have numpties like Pam saying shes innocent,
are u really gonna believe casandra Collins trying 2 get u and any agency 2 believe her cause she was locked up w Jodi arias!'
say what's UR opinion on Jodi arias
They are like Jodi Arias' supporters, who believe she will be freed on appeal and attack the victim.
Dr fog was proven do have a bias in favor of Jodi arias.. So he is a discredited liar
This is the new hit single you'll be playing everywhere!!! "Guilty" We have taken some classic soundbites from the Jodi Arias Trial and composed a new song f...
Arizona jury finds Jodi Arias guilty of first-degree murder
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If, Law Enforcement Needs Additional Information about Jodi Arias~They can Sit Down and Simply Talk to me~I am a Human Being!!!
Phx. Officers still want to gain additional information about Jodi Arias! Officers will only Abuse Me to get The Information.
Jodi Arias back in court ahead of September retrial
With no jury present to try and influence, Jodi Arias appeared in an Arizona courtroom on Friday in her black and white striped prison uniform and has the photo of the convicted kil...
(3) to mimic Jodi Arias, Manson Family, etc…and they were guilty. So, AK must be too!
Convicted killer Jodi Arias did not file a lawsuit claiming she contracted Hepatitis C while under the custody of Arizona Sheriff Joe Arpaio, her attorney says.
Judge sets new trial date for Jodi Arias
At the very top of this thread. Geri posted "Jodi arias needs donations" see screenshot
Prosecutor Juan Martinez has been slowly chipping away at Jodi Arias' claim that she has a memory issue. This comes after Jodi testified the previous week th...
Jodi Arias murder trial: Key players,Check out the key players in the murder trial of Jodi Arias, convicted of killing Travis Alexander in Mesa in June 2008:
Convicted killer Jodi Arias is due in court this week as she and her attorneys prepare for the sentencing phase of her trial, during which jurors will decided if Arias will live or die for the murder of her ex-boyfriend, Travis Alexander.
Agreed. And it appears that their ratings haven't been very good since the Jodi Arias trial ended.
Juan Martinez delivered his closing argument against Jodi Arias, and his performance is analyzed here by Loni Coombs on Crime Time. Martinez has polarized co...
Now she's filed a restraining order against both Arpaio and Grace. According to TMZ, Jodi Arias claims she got hepatitis C from a needle used in Sheriff Joe Arpaio's jail, a needle that was used to give her a tuberculosis shot.The sheriff says she's just trying to get attention.
Juan Martinez, who is the prosecutor in the Jodi Arias case is prosecuting in another trial that conflicts with her retrial.
All purpose parts banner
Jodi Arias prosecutor Juan Martinez has made it into an art to get under someone's skin. Not only has he done it to almost every witness he's cross-examined ...
Jodi Arias is expected to appear in court Friday when a judge hears arguments from the prosecution and defense about permitting video cameras inside the courtroom during the second penalty phase of her trial. The hearing is scheduled to take place at 1 p.m. ET. The hearing is closed to cameras; howe…
PHOENIX - It’s been nearly a year since jurors in the Jodi Arias case were handed the case to deliberate whether Arias was a cold blooded killer, or an abuse victim. And while the trial is over, ma...
Estella just got real for Jodi Arias.. from the looks of her frown.. her face will age with that frown line.. yikes
She look like she might Jodi Arias a MFer, but she not ugly by any means.
Judge Stephens sets next court hearing for in July (yes, 2014)
The Toronto Relationships Examiner previously reported that Jodi Arias was to appear in court May 16 in a hearing pertaining to matters around the retrial of he
Jodi Arias Trial: Court hearing set in case of woman convicted of killing one-time ... - CBS News - ABC...
Dear defendant: Turn that frown-up-side-down.. Yay! You bought yourself a farm this year.. congratulations :D jodi arias day!
Arias appears in court ahead of September retrial: Now, Churchill says Welker should hand some of those bills ...
good night jodí arias a source told that you was in court today but don't worry you get life and never you get death
I've said this B4, I met Nancy at The Jodi Arias trial in Phoenix. She's TOTALLY dif in person. Kind, caring, loves her fans.
I'm going to pull an appeal to authority & suggest we ignore this TV host when she strays from Jodi Arias stories
sentence might hang on Former juror talks via
Why isn't this man on the news every night instead of people like Jodi Arias
Jane Velez-Mitchell has just written a new book!  “Exposed:  The Secret Life of Jodi Arias” is available for pre-order at and Barnes&
Not really. Here's a great read written by an ex prosecutor on Judge Shakey who's presiding on
You are Insanely Jealous; due to, You are NOT A REAL MEMBER of The Jodi Ann Arias Case! Your Opinions MEAN NOTHING!!!
hello welcome to my account i'm happy that you follow me i'm a jodí arias sopporter
hello welcome to my account my name is jonathan and i'm a jodí arias sopporter
The following is in response to an Article called Jodi Arias Support Goes Awry – Part I that was posted at: (cont)
agreed. But people like jodi arias n joran van der sloot deserve to die. They r smug
Thanks YOU. My pleasure, anytime. Might they like this one too? Fun sequels coming up this wknd!
Jodi Arias returns to court ahead of September retrial - Jodi Arias has returned to an Arizona courtroom as attorn...
Judge sets next court hearing for in July.
Jodi Arias back in court but judge boots the media
Jodi Arias appears in closed court hearing ahead of murder cases September sentencing retrial: Jodi Arias has ...
Jodi Arias documentary ... My thoughts . She's to dye for. Looks that could kill. She's breath taking.
We are on the record in Jodi Arias. Stephens says that she is going to seal the courtroom for certain matters. Surprise!
read your Jodi Arias book. The breakdown was so informative! A must read!
If FOX News is going to pay Oliver North to accuse other people of cover-ups they should pay Jodi Arias for dating tips.
30 minutes until Spreecast.bring your favorite drink and join me for discussion of trials, Jodi Arias, Julie Schenecker and more, plus were playing "Name the Defendant" it will be a great time!
Jodi Arias' defense attorneys' do not want cameras in the courtroom for her death penalty trial. Vinnie's take on why cameras should ALWAYS be allowed in every courtroom.
Jodi Arias hearing was open for a very small amount of time and is now closed as they boot everybody out to address the media issue in a closed hearing. The next hearing date is July 1st at 8:30 am.
So many questions that must be answered but today's important question, according to HLN, is "Will cameras be allowed back in the Jodi Arias trial?" If this is honestly the most important question we humans have to ask, then we're truly doing Darwinism's survival of the fittest wrong 😒
SCRECH, hold the noise, MY COWORKER JUST TOLD ME SHE WAS OBSESSED WITH JODI ARIAS! I'm thinking I should now call it a day, end of convo, leaving the building...ain't nobody got time fo' dat!
So they are considering giving jodi arias the death penalty but the most the woman murdered her two children is looking at is getting life without parole ok I'm really confused
I'm heading off to the Jodi Arias hearing soon! Starts at 10am MT/ that's 1pm EDT. I will update as soon as I arrive!
We'll be covering the case of the teen who delivered a ricin-laced birthday card to his ex-girlfriend's new boyfriend AND she's back! Jodi Arias is gearing up for her penalty phase do-over. Tune into Happening Now, Fox News at 11:30 today. See you on the air!
Not saying I want some1 2 be killed or hurt but I need another meaty and juicy trail to watch. Like the Jodi Arias trial. Twists, turns, sex, lies and craziness. Maybe I need 2 let some1 at HLN know. Joey Jackson
ATTENTION ALL JODI ARIAS TRIAL WATCHERS... The motion for cameras to be allowed in the courtroom will be discussed in a Closed Hearing today, Friday, 5/16/14. Arias' re-trial is slated to begin this September 8th. Note: I've read that her Defense Team will be prepping the new jury starting today too. Will someone please explain to me and all of those reading this how they could have chosen the jury already?
OMG!! Jodi Arias in court tomorrow, can't stand it, cameras, no cameras? I'm dying!! Please camera Lord! Camera God! Camera Jesus!! Let it happen !! Just for me! I know your listening!
... SHARING THE BATHROOM WITH JODI ARIAS... Well it seemed like a good idea at the time...
do you know it has been a year since a jury found Jodi Arias guilty of murdering Travis Alexander, and they still haven't sentenced her..instead of her going to prison , she is in jail writing books and talking to Howard Stern according to what i have read . why on earth would it take that long to sentence someone that has already been found guilty? why is she getting to hang out in jail, getting to use computers, talking to celebrities and making t shirts... something is so not right there
Jodi Arias jurors speak out about botched execution/Arias.
Fellas choose your poison...Sterling's life has just been destroyed in the public eye by his side piece (she got his *** good, banned for life!) and Travis Alexander's life was ended by his dip-off Jodi Arias...Sterling is still alive and rich but today probably wishes he was dead...SMHBLOL
In terms of eye reflections, Jodi Arias and Travis Alexander provided good info.
how about a lack of smiles from Travis Alexander and Jodi Arias in the photos for that day?
Care to be the first media outlet to set story straight on Jodi Arias lawsuit on NG and Arpaio? Talk with defense team.
Jodi Arias files restraining order on Sheriff Arpaio and Nancy Grace
A portion of the proceeds from Jane Velez Mitchell were donated to Travis Alexander’s charities and an animal charity. Meanwhile, we present to you, a portion from the book itself and beneath it, the post Jodi Arias made which stands out as a single entry which she wrote from prison and handed over to be typed out and posted on her blog. As she sat on the witness stand, only one thing about Jodi Arias was clear: the woman was a chameleon. Once upon a time, before the trial had begun, before she’d been taken into custody, before she’d killed her ex‑boyfriend Travis Alexander, Jodi Arias had been a bombshell. During her relationship with Travis, her hair had been dyed blond; her makeup had been tasteful, with just the right amounts of lipstick, blush, and mascara; and her alluring face had been radiant. The woman on the witness stand bore little resemblance to that Jodi. She wore no makeup, though her skin had grown pale from lack of sunlight. Her mousy brown hair had returned to its natural state, ...
In response to Chris Christie clearing "himself" in the Bridgegate scandal.Bernie Madoff, Jodi Arias, Oscar Pistorius, Charles Manson & Sirhan Sirhan have ALL launched their own internal investigations to clear themselves as well.
Is interesting, Dave Hall wanted the criminal justice system socked to Jodi Arias to the Ultimate based upon Alexander's crime scene photos.
Member of Jodi Arias' legal team banned from visiting her after she was caught walking out of jail... via
MCSO: Jodi Arias defense aid banned from jail over colored-pencil drawing
Playing games again. defense team member banned from jails via
. this scum makes Jodi Arias look like good person..hope someone gets him in jail
WILL be tried again for death penalty sentence in brutal murder of ---
Jodi Arias' sentencing retrial will begin September 8:
This is wrong! Any legal challenges available to her ?
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Who was going around suggesting that Jodi Arias made a false confession? Wasn't that suggested recently?
I watched the Jodi arias movie lastnight and I just don't see how someone could do something so cruel to someone they "love"... crazy af.
Member of Jodi Arias' legal team accused of trying to smuggle artwork out of jail
Arias defense team member banned from jails via
Just when I thought I was crazy...I watched the Jodi Arias lifetime movie and realized I'm sooo not compared to her! 🔪🔫💣🛁
Casey Anthony? Jodi Arias? Zimmerman? Many were glued to their TVs. Conspiracy theorists think it's all fake to distract us.
Jodi Arias will be back in court in September, and she could still be under the penalty of death. Juan Pablo and Nikki did not show up at Good Morning America.
I meant to say - That's rich 4 Jodi Arias, the master manipulator of her defense team:
That's rich but no surprise 4 Jodi Arias' master manipulator: !
New trial date on Sept 8, 2014 for Jodi Arias.
I saw the next Jodi Arias case is in September
This should be easy...let's hope! Jodi Arias news too. Catch up on our site after school
sentencing retrial is now set for Sept. 8
They even have the same birthday. OH! And Jodi Arias. All three killers.
At long last, judge Sherry Stephens has rescheduled the retrial of Jodi Arias to begin September 8. A new jury will be selected and the entire process will beg
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Sheriff's office bans Arias defense aide from jail. PHOENIX A member of Jodi Arias' defense team is banned from...
ARIZONA: Jodi Arias: 2nd Penalty Phase Gets A Date Jodi Arias has been dominating headlines for several months now after her explosive trial ended up coming to a standstill when jurors couldn't decide on whether to hand down the death penalty. Arias was convicted of 1st-degree murder in May for the killing of her boyfriend, Travis Alexander, in 2008. Arias denied involvement in his shooting/stabbing death at first, but then admitted she had killed him in self defense. Alexander was found in the shower with 30 stab wounds, a shot to the head, and a cut to his throat. Because the jury couldn't come to a decision, a new penalty phase trial has been set for September 8. In order to receive the death penalty, Arias will have to be found guilty of murdering Alexander in an "exceptionally cruel" way. A new jury will be chosen and cameras are forbidden from the courtroom when the trial begins. Arias was on the minds of Arizona taxpayers in January when news broke that her legal fees - which they are footing - had ...
Jodi Arias sentencing retrial set for Sept. 8 via More to come in tomorrow's paper.
Jodi Arias should be put to death. The end.
Breaking News! CNN shut the *** up until they find that plane. Makes me miss Jodi Arias, Casey Anthony and OJ Simpson.
Jodi Arias...that would be some crazy sex. That's an understatement.
I want Jodi Arias to get death sentence, but I predict she will not.Too bad women get preferential treatment. I am a woman.
If ANYONE deserves to die it's Jodi Arias.
No say it isn't so! At this rate the trial will surpass Jodi Arias'. Ant anybody got time for dat
Don't care what happens to Jodi Arias...just so we don't have to hear about her anymore. No celeb status for her.
Jodi arias needs to die for the murder of Travis
defense team member banned from jails Case of the pinwheel to be discussed at length on
Jodi Delirious I mean Phony Arias is the perfect example of a psychopath & deserves death
Phony Arias, I mean Jodi Delirious is the pperfect example of a psychopath deserving death
Jodi Arias retrial on sentencing rescheduled for September 8. Justice for Travis Alexander!
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Every guy should watch LMN... Jodi Arias: Drity little Secret. .. true story
Arias defense team member banned from jails via Totally awesome and I knew was shady.
Jodi Arias penalty phase retrial set for September. (Sent from Phoenix_News)
Breaking news: New Jodi Arias trial date September 8th.
Arias defense team member banned from jails
Arizona jury to consider again death penalty for Jodi Arias in September She should get the death penalty!!!
Fake blue eyes really look weird.They look all crazy and demonic. Take a look at Jodi Arias when she was blonde and blue. LOL
JODI ARIAS needs your help! Click to send them supplies to build a unique weapon.
PHOENIX (Reuters) - An Arizona judge on Monday set a September court date to try again to determine whether convicted murderer Jodi Arias will be put to death for killing her ex-boyfriend nearly six years ago, court officials said.
"The Grandfather of incarcerated killer Jodi Arias, was a helpful, kind and friendly soul" say those who knew him
I'm confused.didn't Jodi Arias ask to die? Why is she trying to avoid it now? I guess realization finally kicked in.shudda thought about that before she murdered that man and told a 1000 lies😒
Prosecutors will again try to convince a jury to sentence Jodi Arias to death in a second penalty phase that will begin in September.
*BREAKING NEWS* Jodi Arias trial date is set for September 8, 2014 at 8:30 will begin with jury selection!!
Jodi Arias, a 33-year-old former waitress, was convicted of first-degree murder for the 2008 killing of her boyfriend. In September, Jodi Arias faces a second jury trial to decide her sentence.
Will we ever get rid of Jodi Arias? Every other week in court trying to decide when to hold the sentencing trail. Well finally announced it will be in Sept.duh why not Xmas???
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Jodi Arias was convicted of murder, but still awaits a sentence. So far, Arizona taxpayers have covered $2.1 million in legal fees for the Jodi Arias legal team and other costs associated with her case.
I support the death penalty for Jodi Arias
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As the Jodi Arias retrial is aging like a good bottle of wine, we can finally pop the cork and breathe in what smells like a victory…a trial date. The retrial will finally begin on September 8, 201...
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