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Jodi Arias

The Jodi Arias trial is a criminal trial documenting aspiring Arizona photographer Jodi Arias charged in the shooting and stabbing death of her boyfriend, Travis Alexander.

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Jodi Arias death penalty trial begins with shocking photo.
Convicted murderer, Jodi Arias, is back inside a Phoenix courtroom this week for her sentencing retrial. A new jury will hear opening arguments and evidence to decide if she will spend the rest of her life in prison or face death. On Tuesday, Dr. Drew was joined by Julie Christopher, a friend of Tr…
A sentencing retrial has begun for Jodi Arias with an entirely new jury, and prosecutors are pushing for the death penalty.
Two original pieces by Jodi Arias, "Purple Dahlia and Flora," are now available as prints at
Jury was brought it, then taken out. Jodi arias wasn't there. Now she's brought back and the jury's back again.
An attack on Canadian capital and you are still choosing to cover Jodi Arias instead?
Read motion on about prosecution misconduct here :
PHOENIX, Arizona -- The sexual undertone of the Jodi Arias penalty retrial surfaced early on day one, when Arias' defense attorney, Kirk Nurmi, warned jurors during opening arguments that they would see "sexually graphic" evidence during the trial. "You will see photographs that Mr. Alexander took of Ms. Arias," Nurmi said. "Not just any photographs. Some of them are nude photographs that were taken the very afternoon of his death ... [ 536 more words. ]
Travis Alexander's friend joined Dr. Drew to discuss the sentencing retrial. Watch:
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Just by looking into Jodi Arias' blank eyes and sick grin, one can tell she is a sociopath! Blank eyes + grin concern me.
This may come across as harsh, but I am surprised Arias is still alive;thought someone would've killed her in prison.
Is Jodi Arias looking at photos this time or sobbing😭
Jurors at the sentencing retrial of convicted murderer Jodi Arias saw a series of gruesome photos that showed her boyfriend's dead body crammed into a shower at his house with his throat slit.
I personally do not believe in the death penalty but every time I see jodi arias I cringe
No but for realz -- isn't the Jodi Arias stuff squashed?!
I added a video to a playlist Jodi arias sentencing what to expect in retrial
I added a video to a playlist Life or death jodi arias back in court
Convicted murderer Jodi Arias, prisoner No. 438434, spends 23 hours a day in a 7-by-11-foot cell in Estrella Jail in Phoenix. How does a prisoner in solitary confinement operate a business?
What does Ray Rice have to do with Jodi Arias? That makes no sense.
Watching and the Jodi Arias penalty trial. If anyone needed the LORD, it is this woman. He came for her & …
Anyone know whether Jodi Arias was sentenced to death or not?
I'm praying for Travis Alexander's family to find peace and for Jodi Arias to go straight to ***
Arizona has by far the stupidest judicial system in the world. Re try Jodi Arias a year later and spends double the money on the penalty phase. Retarded. If she is sentenced to life the prosecutor should lose his job for waisting the tax payers money.
This case will never end. We are stuck in an eternal Jodi Arias infested ***
Wait, I've lost CNN on my ? How will I ever know what happened to that Malaysian plane, or what Nancy Grace thinks of Jodi Arias?
I wish there was a way to listen to the Jodi Arias trial since I can't be on my phone while driving.
And I suppose you think Jodi Arias is innocent too!
Is this Jodi Arias trial on tv or...?
Live updates from the courtroom during the penalty phase of the murder trial
It's been more than a year since Jodi Arias was convicted of murdering her ex-boyfriend, Travis Alexander. A second jury will try and decide her...
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Jurors shown gruesome crime-scene photos at opening of Jodi Arias' sentencing retrial:
Jodi Arias sentencing retrial opens in Arizona as the jury seated and opening statements begin
Looks like all of Jodi Arias' kind friends are back. May I remind u that life is about respect, d…
Alexander is a victim, but so is Arias; all who don't receive due process are victims. Jodi's family did nothing wrong.
Follow the Arias penalty phase retrial live! | via
Jodi Arias lawyer Kirk Nurmi directly accuses Travis Alexander of being a pedophile in this clip. He refers to the recorded phone sex conversation between Jo...
The sooner the better, it is my dirty little.secret keeping in theme with Jodi Arias trial
I wonder if Jodi Arias ever had any black *** inside her
Jodi Arias appears in court for death penalty retrial via
following Jodi Arias trial via you again, watched your utube d/ls of trial from last year ;)
Court is in session. Follow Wednesday's live updates from inside the courtroom here:
New jury revisits horrors of the first Jodi Arias trial. In retrial, defense portrays Arias as mentally ill young...
So is he saying Jodi Arias is still lying about the chronicle of Travis's deathBecause she is still lying, go a head execute
Jodi Arias unhappy w/ Nurmi, could she have used eBay sales/donations 2 pay own defense tab if Jud…
Jurors see gruesome crime scene photos at Jodi Arias retrial
Upset that the sentencing retrial of Jodi arias isn't being televised until the verdict 😑
Jody said she shot Travis, the shot was proven fatal. Then she claims to him running after her? Come on ppl. FRY JODI ARIAS
Jodi Arias is getting a new trial because?
OMG! I'll NEVER find it! . Don't worry I blieve u!. Checking out the Jodi Arias trial.
Day 2 of the penalty retrial is underway in Phoenix. Join us for live chat and updates. Click on the... h…
Am I the only one kinda obsessed with the Jodi Arias re-trial?
Follow for latest news. She is live inside the Phoenix courtroom.
Its a Jodi Arias trial. No way over by December!
Here we go again- penalty phase -Jurors see gruesome photos at Jodi Arias' trial: via
I have Good Morning America on when the kids are getting ready. So today they had the Jodi Arias sentencing on there. Timothy (8yr) said "They have been talking about this since I was in Kindergarten, I am so over this story" lol! He is in 3rd grade. Me too lol!
Watch:Jodi Back in Court for Date on Retrial - Oct 22 @ 4:08 AM ET
Oscar Pistorius gets 5 years but life w/o parole isn't good enough for Jodi Arias. Mind boggling.
My goodness how every1 looks stressed and aged from the Jodi Arias trial
So which is more outrageous today. Jodi Arias claiming mental illness as a mitigating factor OR Oscar Pistorius getting 5 years but arguing the prison is unsavory?
Jurors see gruesome photos at Jodi Arias' trial -
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Jurors see gruesome photos at Jodi Arias' trial - Omaha World-Herald
Jurors see gruesome photos at Jodi Arias’ trial –
Jurors see gruesome photos at Jodi Arias' trial
see gruesome photos at Jodi Arias' trial #
Jeff on local CBS ... Opening statements begin for Jodi Arias sentencing retrial
Jodi Arias took to the stand Tuesday, discussing her sexual escapades with numerous different men, including Travis Alexander. For more informaton please vis.
I think Jodi Arias is just misunderstood. I have been known to dye my hair and accidentally mount my license plate on my car upside down. It was probably just a Monday morning.
the Arias trial shows that there is still a double standard. If Travis did this to Jodi he would already be on death row
Not even gonna follow that jodi arias case anymore,coz I dont wanna look at her face ! Let me know when she's imprisoned for life.
Things to know about the sentencing retrial of Jodi Arias, a year after murder verdict
New jury revisits horrors of the first trial
"It's up to you to write the final chapter to this story," defense attorney Kirk Nurmi told the new jurors...
I would sway Jodi Arias's parents to break up.
friend: "Jodi Arias doesn't deserve another happy day on this earth."
Nefarious Jodi Arias of Seuss should beware-ious. http:
I wonder if I could hook up with Jodi Arias.
I still love my girl, crazy or not Jodi Arias is the s..t! You go girl!
This is ridiculous and I cannot believe this! The defense for convicted killer Jodi Arias has hit the $2 million mark. That's insane!
"You love me but want to kill me, like Jodi Arias"- Colin
For sale Jodi Arias used panties for sale on eBay . We are trying to raise her enough money to get out of jail & finish her quest. Go Jodi go Jodi.. lol I can feel the girls clenching their fists in anger right now. Gr. Lol remember anger is not good for u let it out . Jodi did!! lmao
I'm so disappointed they aren't airing the Jodi Arias retrial. That consumed my life... Now I get nothin 😫
Get ready for another circus-like atmosphere involving convicted killer Jodi Arias.
It would take a special type of person to look forward to a trial that will determine whether you will live or die. Yet, I have a sneaking suspicion that convicted murderer Jodi Arias may be that rare breed.
Videos including Michael Jackson Jodi Arias and the Boston Bombing and others
QRT. "Use this, great for the rabid jodi arias fans"
Meanwhile in Arizona...opening arguments in the Jodi Arias trial...
Jury to be sworn in today for Jodi Arias sentencing retrial.
hey Cristina. Please have Alex on this week for the Jodi Arias trial.
Jodi Arias is looking meeker and milder every trial
Advocate: Arias abuses Battered Woman Syndrome | -RTagain bc this is spot on.I slept w/knive 2
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The penalty phase retrial of Jodi Arias for the murder of Travis Alexander commenced with opening statements in a Phoenix courtroom Tuesday.
Prosecutor insists Jodi Arias should be executed for killing ex-boyfriend and show grisly new pics || via
New: Retrial begins on life or death sentence for Arias world_latest world_latest world_latest world_lat...
I just saw photos when Jodi Arias's murdered Alexander and I might just cry
'The only just punishment in this case is death': Prosecutors urge harshest sentence possible as lurid Jody Ar...
wishing on Jodi arias is fine, I thought you were wishing it on dr drew .., I have had and I have one fighting right now
Jodi Arias = NOT sexy. The crazy girls are good in bed is a real phenomenon. Guys need to wise up:
Opening statements begin for Jodi Arias sentencing retrial
The fact that i won't be at the rest of the jodi arias trial makes me so upset
News: Jodi Arias debuts a new look as she appears in court for death penalty retrial - Daily Mail
PHOENIX -- Two hours into the Jodi Arias retrial, and her lead defense attorney has already asked for a mistrial.
Jodi Arias maybe pretty, but is a beguiling, evil, ugly monster
Jurors selected to weigh the fate of Jodi Arias
Jodi Arias is seriously a new level of crazy.
Its on in Arizona...lets hope justice prevails this time..for Jodi Arias in the malicious killing of Travis Alexander sheis a nightmare.She has this magnatism and is already trying to use it focusing on the males determing her fate. I believe she is the essenceof evil.she deserves the ultimate punishment for the way she killed this man who rejected her.
Why is Jodi arias getting a new trial? Is it for the sentencing or the charge?
I'm halfway done with my paper but I can't stop watching the Jodi Arias sentencing trial
im super agg'd right now! CNN headline news isn't showing up here and im MISSING THE JODI ARIAS TRIAL UPDATES!11 \
Jodi Arias opening statements for the retrial of her sentencing has kicked off!
Watching your Arias trial recap. Note to self: nix the Tootsie Pops for Hallowe'en, thanks Jodi.
watching the Jodi Arias trial like whattt this chick is a psycho ! get it over with and give her the death penalty.
State v Jodi Arias: Trial has ended for the day and will resume tomorrow morning at 9:30am.
Should Jodi Arias get life or death sentence? via
The show is over in my world. I refuse to watch anymore shows about her. (
Jodi Arias should get death. Tax dollars have spent enough in her. Why pay for her the rest of her life!
Jodi Arias been locked up this whole time? Or out on bail?
Not at all. allows me to speak the Truth. & if ur a Jodi Arias fan-- the Truth Really Hurts.In fact, it could KILL.
Does Jodi Arias deserve to die? That’s the question a jury will have to answer, as the killer gets a new trial to determine her punishment for murder. See what went down in court today, as we get our first look at the convicted killer for the first time in months:
Legally Speaking: Do you have what it takes to be a Jodi Arias juror -
Was reading stuff of Jodi Arias case. Arias was responsible for starting campaign to get Nancy Grace off television. She just went from good looking crazy chick to baby momma material.
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Jodi Arias Death Penalty Trial kicked off today... you know what I'll be doing the next 2+ months.
From the pics of Jodi Arias today, looks like she has a nice prison pallor;)
Jodi Arias needs the death penalty. 😒
I hope Jodi Arias gets killed like she killed Travis.
Oh the Jodi Arias death penalty trial. My obsession is back.
Oh Boy! the Jodi Arias sentencing trial is on HLN!!
The death penalty phase of Jodi Arias' murder trial started today with both sides promising it would be just as graphic as the original murder trial, and the prosecution fulfilled on that immediately.
Hey Jodi Arias looks aged 10+ yrs sitting in court today. Really looks like a creepy murderer (photo …
so happy to see u today talking about "the slasher" Jodi arias, I got beat,spanked when I was young, that is …
I can't believe Jodi Arias is getting a retrial
Here are some of the in the AZ courtroom to add to your list :o)
I personally think Jodi Arias should get death! I have a been a abused woman but murder is not the answer you Can Leave.
What channel is the Jodi Arias trial on???
Reminder: Time for JODI ARIAS sentencing trial channel 101
This crap about Jodi Arias is a waste of television air time, I mean for REAL? Put her away and talk about something else PLEASE!!!
Following every word of the retrial for sentencing of Jodi Arias on Nancy Grace Live HLN News. — feeling determined
Jurors given conflicting views of Jodi Arias: A prosecutor at the sentencing retrial of convicted murderer Jod...
Jodi Arias’ retrial will decide between life penalty or death sentence – 
The Jodi Arias case resumes today. A new jury will be seated as the sentencing retrial begins.
Really hope Jodi Arias gets the death penalty
I must be a sucker because I don't want Jodi Arias to get the death penalty
Jodi Arias death-penalty trial resumes with fireworks via
Is that Murderess Jodi Arias back in the news. She should have lost her head months ago.
Im Watchin The Jodi Arias death penalty sentencing trail...I wanna c if she gets away wit this...
The Jodi Arias sentencing retrial has started in Arizona with a new jury and opening statements by lawyers to decide whether the convicted murderer should live or die after killing her boyfriend.
An early Anyone who thinks that Jodi Arias haters deserve the death penalty for their willful ignorance.
Prosecutor in Jodi Arias' sentencing retrial displays grisly picture of victim, urges death penalty.
I love Nancy Grace❤️and I can't get enough of Jodi Arias.
Jodi Arias death penalty trial. They better give it to her!! She is nuts
Chinese take out x beer x Nancy Grace. Yeah I'm interested in the Jodi Arias retrial.
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Death penalty trial for Jodi Arias begins in Arizona:
I love that finally Jodi Arias is finishing up her punishment phase trial. I love that Nancy Grace is there. Its like my favorite movie is
Nancy Grace is taking phone calls right now about Jodi Arias . It's on CNN now.
Jodi Arias is back on HLN. *** I wish she would just get the death penalty.
Jurors given conflicting views of Jodi Arias
I just don't get it. Jodi Arias back on TV for penalty trial again & she has a new pair of glasses. If I need new glasses, it costs me about $300. Guess you need to be in jail to get them at a discount or free.
Deleted some more folks today, and it sure feels good. Peace-peace!! Okay, imma bout to be up outta here. Sick of hearing about Jodi Arias, she won't get the death penalty or they would have given to her in the first trial
Jodi Arias Retrial started today. Coverage on Nancy Grace tonite. Let's hope the jurors get it right this time!!!
Nancy Grace didn't get in. And that pretty much sums up the entire Jodi Arias retrial. Nancy Grace is sitting in the viewing room watching the Jodi
Ahhh .. we're famous again. Nancy Grace is in Phoenix covering the sentencing phase of Jodi Arias .
Jodi Arias was back in court for what most thought would be the moment we got to see "who" this jury is! Well not so fast, Jodi Arias came into the courtroom wearing stripes and shackles while the ...
Jurors given conflicting views of Jodi Arias. So far their favorite was the full frontal view.
The Jodi Arias sentencing retrial began Tuesday with lawyers alternately portraying her as a vicious killer and a hard-luck case deserving a second chance. As he delivered his opening statement, prosecutor Juan Martinez displayed a photo of the slit throat of Arias' boyfriend and victim...
PHOENIX (AP) — Jurors in Phoenix will once again be asked to decide whether Jodi Arias should be executed for the gruesome murder of her former boyfriend. Lawye...
Amy just said to me: you may Ray Rice me but I will Jodi Arias you! This is why I love her.
A new jury will start hearing whether convicted murderer Jodi Arias should get a life or death sentence in the killing of ex-boyfriend Travis Alexander.
Well,we lost HLN on Dish today! Not good! How am I gonna keep up with the Jodi Arias sentencing phase? Arrgh
News media today across the street from the Court house for Jodi Arias hearing. CNN crew was on the roof of the parking garage.
Opening Statements Arias Atty: jodi-travis relationship one of lust spirituality passion forbidden sex, abuse and violence
Opening statements starting in Jodi Arias sentencing re-trial. Defense starting first.
Jodi Arias' sentencing retrial begins today in Phoenix. This new jury will decide if she'll get the death penalty, or life in prison. Today there's a hearing about evidence and then tomorrow, opening statements are expected. Last year, another jury convicted her of killing her ex-boyfriend Travis Al…
What do y'all think about Dish Network losing HLN, CNN, TruTV, Turner Classic Movies and Cartoon Network? I was just gearing up to find out what they were finally going to do with Jodi Arias, as her penalty phase starts today. :( I sure do miss Turner Classic Movies, those old classics are good to watch late at night. :)
PHOENIX, Arizona -- A year ago, Jodi Arias left this courthouse a convicted murderer. Now, she returns to find out if her next stop will be death row. The 2013 trial of the 34-year-old photographer became a national sensation, with much of the tes...
Why faces death, and others have not
Tune into HLN News Now: On The Case at 3:00 ET and stay up to date with the Jodi Arias Re-Trial with Joey Jackson! I know you have ALL been waiting for this day, so time to set those DVR'S! WHOOOT! Great day EVERYONE!!! -Katia
PHOENIX (Reuters) - An Arizona jury will be sworn in on Tuesday to decide whether 34-year-old convicted murderer Jodi Arias will be executed for the 2008 slaying of Travis Alexander, court officials said.After
They the state of Nevada should spare the life of Jodi Arias
I'd say Jodi Arias has gotten enough air time, get the trial over and be done with her!
Jodi Arias is not, "pretty", she is EVIL, and evil is ugly, VERY ugly.
Um. Am I the only one who thinks Jodi Arias is kinda hot? Aside from the whole stabbing her bf thing.
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Convicted killer Jodi Arias returns to court for a retrial Monday to settle the matter of her sentencing. Arias was convicted on May 8, 2013, of killing her ex-boyfriend, Travis Alexander. If you weren't able to keep up with the entire case, we get it -- it went on for a long time. But if you have a…
Trials are one of the few venues in life where secrets are revealed to the world. The Jodi Arias trial -- and now re-trial -- is exhibit A of this phenomenon...
Here watching the news on HLN about Jodi Arias trial. Can't watch it because they don't want it televised. Well, all I can say I just hope she DIES
Court is in recess. When it resumes you can follow minute-to-minute updates here:
Martinez looking confident heading back to court for Jodi arias trial.
It will be verry bad for jodi arias. She knows it- she's just rolling the dice.
All morning I was watching Goodman on court chatter and all of a sudden got close to Jodi Arias and now impossible to get on
Jodi Arias court schedule will be Monday -Thursday beginning at 9:30 each day.
Going to Mute everyone I follow (Like Google Facts, etc) for now so it's easier to follow the Jodi Arias trial. Because it can be undone
The sex life of Jodi Arias took center stage at her murder trial, and most of the lurid details -- the sex games, the role playing, the dirty pillow talk -- came directly from the defendant's lips in 18 days of testimony on national TV. Arias, now...
If Dr. Seuss covered the Jodi Arias trial via
Follow for minute-by-minute updates on the retrial from inside the courtroom:
Thank u Jodi Arias Supporter.makes me feel better. Glad I met you.
Jodi Arias' father and sister and friend Donovan are sitting in the front row behind the defense tables.
You know the big story. It begins on Tuesday and is best four out of seven. Of course I'm talking about the Jodi Arias retrial.
With playing in Basel, and the Jodi Arias trial beginning today, I'll be busy.
Would it be really sick for me to say that im very attracted to Jodi Arias? O.o
All of downtown Phoenix is a~buzz about Jodi Arias again. She did it... so I guess they are deciding on death or life in prison. What 2 do.
Jury given instruction in Jodi Arias Penalty Phase, and Dish Network dropped CNN and HLN this morning.just great! Follow The Trial Diaries if you are interested in following the trial :)
Headed back to work... but follow the jodi arias trial... i beleive if she is.a woman should have nothing to do with if she gets death pinalty or not she committed a murder.n knew what she was doing
Jodi Arias re-trial (sentencing phase) begins today in AZ. May not be the same media frenzy this time. Judge barred live TV stream.
They are re-starting the penalty phase today in the Jodi Arias murder case. they just stated on Fox news that there's 18 jurors, 11 are women and they got to try to convince at least one of them to like Jodi Arias. LMBO
If Ray Rice had married a woman like Jodi Arias, knockin her out would've cost him his last breath.
Jodi Arias jury had been sworn in. Jury instructions are next. Jury will be instructed this is only the penalty phase and they have to accept the conviction of first degree murder.
Jodi Arias better get the death penalty.
(CNN) -- Jodi Arias and her legal team will begin fighting for her life this week when a new jury hears opening arguments on whether she should receive a life or death sentence for her murder conviction.
Jodi Arias has her hair down and is wearing a beige blouse.
Some of the best journalists are covering the Jodi Arias trial now, and I wish I didn't have class so I could join them to see it for myself
Court is in session for Jodi Arias penalty phase. Jury just entered (including 6 alternates).
Hopefully the jurors for the retrial of Jodi Arias can read and or write. It's not rocket science
Jodi Arias just walked into courtroom and quickly rushed to her seat
the Jodi Arias trial continues... god bless huffington post for the updates 😳🙈
Jodi Arias mom and dad in courtroom
Ouch! Jodi Arias Trial for sentencing starts today Do u keep up with that? If so I'll send u updates from when I know
She's back... The Jodi Arias trial resumes again today. This will determine if she gets the death penalty. My colleagues at the Law School will probably remember my obsession with her trial. I'll be listening and watching for sure!!!
If that judge doesn't finish the Jodi Arias case, yank her off the bench! She's working hard to get that woman out of jail
Time for Jodi arias. Meet her maker n stop the show. Give her some blonde nice n easy n the needle. More important issues than her.
I wonder if Jodi Arias will be sentenced to the death penalty. I can't wait to hear the verdict.
Free Jodi Arias she did nothing wrong but killed her boyfriend
Dammit I should've bought stock in Kleenex. Jodi Arias is back on trial crying all those crocodile tears using copious amounts of tissues to wipe them!
Follow and for all Jodi Arias trial coverage. No live footage for now, so they are both your access inside.
Yes juan Martinez is here justice is coming to Jodi arias. Perryville awaits 4 the murderer. Cameras on
Alexander's family has updates on
And the Jodi Arias trial begins again.
This is how this will go down. . JSS "State of AZ vs Jodi A Arias. Juan "Jection!". Nurmi "Motion for mistrial". Side bar. . Repeat.
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Juan Martinez has updates on
I see Jodi Arias is back in the news - I hope she doesn't distract you from all of your Ebola research!
I'd like to have a tripleheader with Jodi Arias and Casey Anthony. How's that for morally bankrupt?
The judge is going through other cases on the docket right updates on
Jodi Arias retrial started yesterday! I bet she gets life and not the death penalty.
Ugh. Have you seen the commenters saying the death penalty is mean because ***
Get caught up on all the evidence that convicted
NEXT on - Jodi Arias facing death penalty vs. life behind bars - Jury back to work today - We debate:
Jodi Arias is finally back in court today. It must be decided if she should die for the murder of Travis...
A timeline of the Jodi Arias murder case - Also, follow for updates.
I doubt Jodi Arias will get the death penalty in this new sentencing trial, not after the too-recent Joseph Wood fiasco.
Why Jodi Arias faces death, and others have not via
I'm at the courthouse for the Jodi Arias trial.
Arizona jury to be sworn in today will consider death penalty for murderer Jodi Arias.
BACK IN COURT: Opening statements in the retrial of Jodi Arias expected Tuesday. The story at JL-13TU
Arizona jury to consider death penalty for murderer Jodi Arias
my sentiments exactly, oh ya, make sure she has the right! Down with Jodi Arias!
on with a preview of today's opening statements in the Jodi Arias retrial
The following is a collection of Jodi Arias photos. They show her being her "true self" as her real personality comes out right before the camera. A couple of the photos include very "appropriate" captions. They reveal Jodi Arias's self-centered & very manipulative behavior in so many ways. She "claimed" that Travis Alexander was "obsessed" with her and yet look at the photo of her "staring" at the picture of the two of them on her computer screen monitor. Let's see now. This clearly shows that SHE was the one who was "obsessed" with Travis Alexander. NOT the other way around as she tells it. By the way, how many "pairs of glasses" does one need to wear in Court for their murder trial? Most of us who have closely observed her already realize that she doesn't need those glasses. This is merely a pathetic attempt on her part to make herself look more demure & "innocent". Notice the expression on her face in each of these photos. Don't you just love the one where she's giving someone the finger? How about th ...
The story of Jodi Arias, the bespectacled murderess awaiting sentencing in the brutal slaying of her ex-boyfriend, has routinely captured headlines around the wo...
Jodi Arias' lawyers tried to depict her as a sexually exploited woman, intimidated by her abusive boyfriend. On Feb. 27, 2013, the prosecution fought back, c...
To the Jodi Arias Updates? Is her mailroom down again??? I believe it might cause as soon I she hears from me
Step in 4 Jodi Arias case! Such a strong possibility that a new judge will take over her hearing might be coming! Did u know that? *** No!
5 hrs in a poker chair, Pillow top time for me. Oh how I wish I had 1 of those roll up mattresses from the Jodi Arias Collection.
we all know that's the reason why Jodi arias has fought not to go to prison.Unfortunately
"I wish Jodi Arias had an instagram," was a real thought I just had...
Im gonna go watch Jodi Arias: Dirty Little Secret just because lol
why yes I am sexually attracted to the defendant, Jodi Arias
I think its crazy how the Jodi Arias thing is still going on...
To family, home where Arias killed not a crime scene. AZ law says sellers cannot be held liable for not disclosing.
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Guys... The Jodi Arias trial starts back up on Tuesday. Idk if y'all remember but the obsession is still real.
Girl is trying to pull a jodi arias
Good to see George(pervert from uk)barwood get owned by jeff gold over his infatuation with Jodi arias. Keeps him away from schools I guess
.penalty retrial starts Tuesday; jury to decide life or death http:/…
Been there. Example: Jodi Arias trial. I was really invested in the trial and her guilt. Trolls were everywhere.
New Arias jury to be impaneled Tuesday | Phoenix
Jodi Arias penalty retrial opening shifted to Tuesday
Opening statements in Jodi Arias retrial set for Tuesday: Get ready for another circus-like atmosphere involving…
Jodi Arias Trial: I will be covering the Jodi Arias penalty phase retrial next week, that is if ...
can't get your Jodi arias hater band until u realise what talent it takes to trace someone else's work.
TA kept calling Jodi Arias after she moved to CA - evidenced. Who keeps calling their ''stalker'' hmm ?
The original painting 'GRAPES' is now also available as a print at http:/…
**UPDATE** As of this morning Jodi Arias is still in jail. She was in jail yesterday, she'll still be in jail tomorrow. Carry on.
he who laughs last laughs longest. Jodi arias wasn't laughing much last week facing the Arizona tax payers. Bye bye hodi
always remember with these 2 Jodi arias trolls u get
Hey look. Here is all the info on new website. .
In this week's speaks with about possible lawsuit & on Jodi Arias. htt…
"Jodi arias round two" how classy. Stop using someone's life to amp up you and your cult.If she is given death her blood is on you!!
They keep showing Jodi Arias on the news like she's a celebrity, smh
omg Jodi Arias retrial is next week me and and are praying they free our baby Jodi
Morbid curiosity is leading me to look at Jodi Arias Testimony videos posted by disneymom69, thanks disneymom69
nvmd, I found it online. Snap, my 12yr-old could draw that LOL …
Now let's compare. Here's Jens Update. You be the judge : )
Jury to be seated in Jodi Arias penalty-phase retrial
The Kardashian Kollection slammed in Terri Agins new book:
"Not to be pejorative, but why are you carrying the Book of Mormon around?" and other strange comments overheard during the Jodi Arias ju...
Hello Jen! I saw the Hollywood sign and thought of you, I'm in Phoenix today going to the Jodi Arias retrial.Hope you are well ;)
Criminal Defense attorney on HLN After Dark discussing Jodi Arias wondering what she would say at her allocution.
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