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Joc Pederson

Joc R. Pederson (born April 21, 1992) is an American professional baseball outfielder for the Los Angeles Dodgers of Major League Baseball (MLB).

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Good article and discussion on top hand mechanics in the swing. .
Clayton Kershaw and several of his Dodgers teammates in Santa Barbara for Joc Pederson wedding (photo courtesy of N…
Watching World Series highlights on MLB Network and re-fueling my hate for Joc Pederson. Also, we’re also closer to…
I am here for the Joc Pederson Love
Joc Pederson deserves the best in life and I will fight anyone who disagrees
Y'all mind if i.have unconditional love and support for Joc Pederson
Joc Pederson's face would beg to differ.
So Aaron Judge is in Ventura right now and Joc Pederson is getting married in Montecito tomorrow. I need to crash that wedding
'YOU LIKE THAT! YOU LIKE THAT!'. -Joc Pederson channeling his inner-Kirk Cousins after blowing this game open
The only Peterson I care about is actually a Pederson and it's Joc.
If you do trade away Jackie Bradley, please go for the right Dodgers outfielder > Joc Pederson. Gr…
Joc Pederson’s wedding in Santa Barbara tomorrow, so who wants to crash? 🤔
With my 14th rounder in I took playoff hero and former top prospect Joc Pederson. He's coming off a rough yea…
Could we bundle enough to get Joc Pederson in KC to play CF? He could replace LoCain.
Joc Pederson to Toronto essentially confirmed, if I'm reading this right (entirely through the lens of my unrealist…
Part of me feels like it’s gonna be a salary dump deal where they give the Sox Joc Pederson or somebody to take Kemp.
Not a Sox fan, but if I was the Sox, I take a shot on a guy like Joc Pederson. He's sort of seemed…
I remember you talking about Joc Pederson on your podcast about being a good fit since he no longe…
Off the wall prediction: Julio Urias, Joc Pederson, Matt Kemp for Jose Abreu and Nate Jones
I know the Dodgers like Cody Bellinger in CF so maybe they move on from Joc Pederson? Avi could be the guy?
Is it Joc Pederson? It’s probably Pederson. I feel like it’s Pederson.
Who would be coming with Kemp? Sounds like a stretch but joc pederson seems like a prototype Kenny Williams guy
My salary arbitration projection for Joc Pederson is higher than MLBTR because he’s better than Domonic Brown…
Gm6: Pederson hammers a solo jack to left has been published on Sports Headlines -
You couldn’t live without my love for Joc Pederson
When u have kids what you want their names 2 be — Joc Pederson. Haven’t really thought about it
Wrote this on Joc Pederson's World Series ceremonial first pitch.
I think I’m the only person besides dodgers fan that like Joc Pederson
I have never seen Joc Pederson play
I like his potential too. went to my high school 10 years after I did. I like his count…
ICYMI: Check out how Joc Pederson spent his Saturday night!
"Loser has to sit in Los Angeles traffic." What were Jose Altuve and Joc Pederson talking about? ▶️
Any one notice in all the home run, no one came close to obnoxiously celebrating like Rob Deer, I mean Joc Pederson?.
We are in the Joc Pederson World Series MVP timeline
The ball popped off of Joc Pederson’s bat, a meandering missile headed for the first row of Dodger Stadium’s...
Goose Gossage is going to be so so so so angry with Joc Pederson's celebration. . . Heaven forbid someone show legit emotio…
Joc Pederson is the Mayor of Dong City. 3-1, Dodgers.
How crazy is this.. If win tomorrow isn't Joc Pederson the MVP?
I DEMAND that take back every negative thing he has said about Joc Pederson. lead 3-1.
Joc Pederson went from the minor leagues to World Series dinger machine. I just want everybody to understand why baseball…
(Las Vegas RJ) force World Series to 7 with 3-1 win over Astros : Joc Pederson sliced a drive..
Fan can't catch Joc Pederson's home run, ball hits wif.. via
I'm literally so happy for Joc Pederson. Guy shook off a rough season to become a serious World Series MVP contender
Joc Pederson was an afterthought coming into the postseason. He was left off the NLDS roster. He turned it into
Joc Pederson’s success in is one of the most underrated story lines of this series.
JOC. PEDERSON. goes oppo, and it's 3-1
Congrats to on his 2 runs and Joc Pederson on his 3 run homer to seal the win tonight!
I hope Joc Pederson let Laz Diaz know he swung at that pitch this time.
Joc Pederson animated in disagreement w/ HP Umpire Diaz’s strike 3 call. Per the Laz was correct. Pitch was in zone by 2.5 inches. QOCY.
It's taking every fiber in Brian McCann's body not to go over and choke Joc Pederson for celebrating his home run
Corey Seager is expected to play shortstop in Houston. Dave Roberts listed Joc Pederson, Andre Ethier and Yasmani Gran…
Matt Harvey, Aledmys Diaz, Joc Pederson, Blake Snell, and Tom Murphy(who I thought was the second coming of Jesus Christ) 2/3
Tell Jon Miller that Joc Pederson went to Palo Alto HS - he did not go to Bellarmine Prep
Yasiel Puig, who didn't get treatment for his ankle Saturday, sat Sunday. Dave Roberts used the word trust
Joc Pederson bats 210 you send him to the minors Granderson bats 125 and you let him bat 3rd and 4th wow Roberts if he hits 150 THE HOF!
Joc pederson shouldn't even be in the lineup
Joc "automatic out" pederson has reached base all three times today 😳😳
Joc Pederson has two walks, a double and an uncontested stolen base today.
Roberts hints to trust issues in why Yasiel Puig is not in the lineup
Hey look its Joc Pederson. Why isn't he tending to his Visalia almond stand? Lol
I don’t like Dodgers Stadium playing “Walk Like a Egyptian” for my landsman Joc Pederson, you know, after what happened 3000 years ago
Let’s play joc pederson and Granderson instead that will help the team
Starting lineups - Roberts said that it’s important he trusts players he puts in the lineup - no Puig today…
September call-ups: Dodgers bring up top OF prospect but leaving Joc Pederson down
Does joc Pederson have a future with the Dodgers or do you think he is trade bait
On Joc Pederson hits a homerun & points at Vin's booth after crossing home. Vin's call on the event is absolu…
Joc Pederson poses with empty bottles from the Dodgers' celebration
I think you're probably right..but to be fair people were saying that about joc Pederson 2 years ago.
From the father: "Jews who played baseball on Rosh Hashana went 0 for 15, with many LOBS." Joc Pederson and Scott Feldman didn't play.
It's the Joc Pederson curse. Things went bad when he was shipped out to AAA. 😬🤐
... I love how they'll do literally anything to avoid using Joc Pederson, like he's the plague. But they haven't gi…
Kenta Maeda walked the bases loaded and struck out the side. We like to call that the "Joc Pederson Inning"
My guess is that Joc Pederson said something very foul about Dave Roberts' wife... Because I really don't know why…
Young Joc Pederson in the offseason. I wonder what the plan is?
I can’t stand him. Joc Pederson is an overrated bum. He won’t be on the Dodgers’ postseason roster. Best believe.
Joc Pederson is horrible at the MLB
I've seen just about enough of Joc Pederson. If that's the level of effort you're going to exhibit, feel free to take the season off
Joc Pederson's dribbler in front of the plate move Utley into scoring position for Taylor.
Are people really still pulling the Granderson card? Do y’all not remember Joc Pederson?
I assume you've seen the interview Joc Pederson gave last year about asking Barry Bonds to take a pictur…
The future of either Joc Pederson, Foresythe, or Adrian Gonzalez
I don't get why Joc Pederson doesn't starts over Granderson.
Prediction that's sure to make me look silly: Joc Pederson is going to hit 33 home runs in the 2017 season.
Kiké Hernandez and Joc Pederson are next closest, with 11 HR each. This list ends at six players
I don't understand why some ppl get so caught up on Joc Pederson's stats. He needs to be on the post season roster simply for his looks.
Dave Roberts when Joc Pederson and Alex Verdugo check the lineup before every game.
Dave Roberts touched on the clarity, or lack thereof, in left field.
Good article but I don't see the need to carry Joc Pederson. A-gon>Joc
Alex Verdugo, *** Hernandez, Joc Pederson for Giancarlo (paying half of the contract) and Yelich
Joe Buck "Jon Lester can't throw to first. Joc Pederson could just camp out there, which is a reminder the NLCS is…
Joc Pederson is my pastor and his daddy long legs defending.
unlimited calling, voip, phone service
Dodgers may have lost 11 in a row, but they're back to the basics now. Gritty Joc Peder…
What are their thoughts on Joc Pederson's fielding?
I routinely forget that Joc Pederson and Jace Peterson are not the same person.
now let's go to Joc Pederson for breaking sports news. Joc?
Ian Kinsler and a pitching prospect for Joc Pederson..would help both teams..
Joc Pederson at .211 is still twice as good as Granderson at .105
Maybe Joc Pederson would hit better if he didn't have blue face paint on
Could you stop rolling Joc Pederson out there? Thanks. 👍🏼
When is hitting HR's, but you also have to endure a line up with Joc Pederson and Curtis Granderson. h…
announcer Bob Brenly rips Joc Pederson over how he wears his cap. Really Bob? Have you noticed Fernando Rodney?
Joc Pederson has only played LF at AAA. Roberts says Taylor has played better in CF this year and Joc can play either position.
Dave Roberts on Joc Pederson getting demoted: "It gives him a chance to reset."
Joc Pederson's locker at Comerica Park is empty.
Joc Pederson in 2015 hit 39 home runs and made the final round. Corey Seager last year hit 15 (best Dodgers round) but ran into Mark Trumbo
Joc Pederson + Hunter Renfroe for Dee Gordon in a dynasty league which side wins?
Corey Seager, Yasmani Grandal, Joc Pederson and Chase Utley are out of the Dodgers' lineup against Padres LHP Clayton Richard.
I would hate to see Cody Bellinger come back after the Allstar break and burn out like Joc Pederson did
Chris Taylor's 6 HR are more than Justin Turner, Joc Pederson, Logan Forsythe and Adrian Gonzalez combined (4).
I'm ready for Joc Pederson & Adrian Gonzalez to both be gone. Joc doesn't do anything good- causes issues in OF & Gonzo is BEYOND washed up
Dodgers beat the Marlins, 6-3, to win the series. Adrian Gonzalez drove in 3 runs. Joc Pederson homered. Brandon McCarthy w…
Is it me or does Joc Pederson look like a young Don Zimmer?
Pedro Baez walks Hedges, and the bases are now loaded. Joc Pederson and Kenley Jansen enter in a double switch. Baez and Hernandez out.
Joc Pederson out of the game, Hernandez in CF.
One on with one out for Joc Pederson. He's facing Jorge De La Rosa and is looking to avoid a Golden Sombrero.
Bottom 4th. Adrian Gonzalez grounds out to second base. 1 out. . Joc Pederson walks on a 3-0 count. 1 on 1 out.
Love watching Team Israel lighting it up at the WBC. PIllar, Bregman, Danny Valencia and Joc Pederson should've played though!
Backstage, just requested 3 stances. Jay Buhner, Ken Griffey Jr and . Joc Pederson.
Joc Pederson / Dodgers manager Dave Roberts said Sunday that he doesn't envision
If you got Joc Pederson, Andrew Toles, Jose DeLeon, another decent prospect in a trade that sent JV and Upton, Kinsler Would you do that?
Here's video of interviewing & at Dodger Stadium. The question he asked Joc Pederson 😂. htt…
Adrian Gonzalez of the Los Angeles Dodgers celebrates with Joc Pederson after hitting a solo home...
I thought it might be Joc Pederson or Justin Turner, but I think Andrew Toles will be the Dodgers player I inexplicably hate this series.
Joc Pederson with the first postseason HBP RBI for the Dodgers since Russell Martin in 2009.
Why didn't anybody tell me that Joc Pederson is Brady Anderson?
Joc Pederson grounds out, first baseman Travis Shaw to pitcher Robbie Ross Jr.
There's alternate universe where NYY ended up getting Joc Pederson & Corey Seager in the Robinson Cano trade.
Bob Brenly absolutely hates Joc Pederson. Rivals his hatred for Puig.
Joc Pederson OF, 2 card lot of 2016 and…
I think Urias would almost have to be in that deal, along with possibly Joc Pederson
My job is cool. I got to call games of Dee Gordon, Joc Pederson, Trevor Story & David Dahl the last 4 years -- 4 unique, different talents
Check out 2016 Topps Heritage Clubhouse Collection Relic card of Joc Pederson via
Joc Pederson. Stealing hearts and catching them all 💕👏🏼💙
(7/13/15) Todd Frazier beats Joc Pederson to win the at home.
I'm in love...with Joc Pederson💙. Lol sadly he don't know me and will never pay attention to me😂. It's all gucci tho, he…
.Aledmys Diaz helps Joc Pederson after tagging him out @ second Sunday.
Farhan Zaidi commented on the progress he's seen in Joc Pederson and Yasiel Puig.
Been the worlds worst Dodger fan this season but Joc Pederson still has my heart
The way Timmy Turner's dad talks about the Dinklebergs is the way I feel about Joc Pederson.
Joc Pederson. man, he's good. Easy to forget how hot his bat was last yr.
At one or more points in the season, isn't Joc Pederson EVERYONE'S favorite Dodger?!?!
Matt Kemp has had 188 more PA than Joc Pederson since the start of 2015. Joc Pederson has been worth 3.2 fWAR more.
Really admiring the work Joc Pederson's hair is doing tonight. Just really really 🙌🏻
Joc Pederson made two spectacular catches on this play.
Joc Pederson catches a long fly ball off the wall, but even more impressively, regains possession of his cap before it drops to the ground.
Terrific catch, Joc Pederson, and you even saved your hat.
Joc Pederson's catch against the wall was nice but keeping his cap from falling was even better.
My mom on Joc Pederson wiping sweat from his head on TV: "He looks like a wet little bird."
Joc Pederson with a good night - has reached in all 4 plate appearances today.
Top 5th. Andrew Toles strikes out looking on a 0-2 count. 1 out. Joc Pederson singles on a line drive to center...
Joc Pederson thrown out trying for a double. 2 outs.
Joc Pederson singles but is easily thrown out trying to stretch it to a double.
“The awesomeness is outrageous in this house.” - Tour it with
Top 3rd. Joc Pederson singles on a ground ball to right field. 1 on 0 out. Scott Kazmir strikes out on a missed...
Joc Pederson leads off the third with a base hit to right.
Joc Pederson singles to right to begin the 3rd.
Adrian Gonzalez's grand slam and a 2 run single by Joc Pederson gives the an early 6-0 in the top of the 1st.
Joc Pederson with a sac bunt in the 13th inning. Dave Roberts keeps going out of his way to make Don Mattingly look smart.
Dave Roberts admits Joc Pederson may go on 15 Day DL if shoulder doesn't improve in next couple days.
[SB Nation: True Blue LA] Joc Pederson shows off the roomie's bachelor pad
If Trayce Thompson and Joc Pederson go into miserable slumps now, I'm blaming the Warriors for sending them into depressi…
Bottom of 4th Inning:. - Howie Kendrick lines out to center fielder Keon Broxton. - Joc Pederson strikes out...
Joc Pederson is batting for Austin Barnes. Yasmani Grandal on deck to bat for Liberatore.
Joc Pederson of the Los Angeles Dodgers looks on before the game against the New York Mets at Ci
Turner, who walked, is the DH tonight as Culberson takes his post at 3B. Dave Roberts left Joc Pederson out due to the matchup vs. Smyly.
Remember, it was already predetermined Joc Pederson would not start tonight.
If the White Sox could trade Chris Sale + Tim Anderson for Corey Seager, Julio Urias, Joc Pederson...I would do it in a nanosecond
YEAH, TAKE THAT GIANTS!!! Joc Pederson crushes one out of Dodgers Stadium. 2-1 LA. GO DODGERS!!!
Joc Pederson, batting for Van Slyke who left the game with an injury, strikes out on a 3-2 pitch to end the top of the f…
Here are the longest HRs of the night so far:. -Joc Pederson. -Hunter Pence. -Ryan Howard
Since start of last season, Joc Pederson has eight 440-foot home runs, tied for 2nd most in MLB behind Nelson Cruz https…
is it possible that Trevor Story is the 2016 version of 2015 Joc Pederson?
That was negative. Sorry. are winning by six. Joc Pederson just ordered a double. Neat. That feels more glass half full.
Mike Trout, Joc Pederson, Mookie Betts & Bryce Harper all to hit 25+ home runs this season
I'm certain I wouldn't recognize Joc Pederson or Noah Syndergaard in person.
Khris Davis or Joc Pederson in H2H points? Also thoughts on Maeda?
Wire: Clayton Kershaw, Charlie Culberson and Joc Pederson show off with crazy first-inning defense
Jordan Lyles makes Joc Pederson look like a *** fool, and they're underway in Scottsdale!
Joc Pederson is the Pedro Cerrano in real life!
in NL only keeper league, would you keep Joc Pederson or David Peralta? My other keepers are Fernandez, Cole, Jansen, Stanton
Joc Pederson isn't guaranteed opening day starter for the Ned Colletti explains: `
Fwiw if I had to pick 3 baseball players to join me at the Cespedes family BBQ, it would be Hunter Pence, Joc Pederson, and Jason Grilli.
My mom ordered me a Brandon Crawford jersey and they sent a Joc Pederson jersey. Really?? grow up
Dear . You want Andrew Miller? Then you take Brett Gardner and give the Joc Pederson and a Triple-A/MLB Ready SP.
word, y'all send us Joc Pederson and we'll throw in jay bruce
Joc Pederson and Corey Seager are among the reasons Vin Scully is looking forward to 2016.
I scream, you scream, we all scream for batting helmet snack:
Joc Pederson in 20 years after a Coke addiction came to my work
So 39 year old Joc Pederson is at my job today
This is how Joc Pederson can have a resurgence in 2016:
Strikeouts may force Joc Pederson out of Dodgers' leadoff spot
I liked a video from Joc Pederson is Better than Matt Kemp | 5/22/15 | S08E24
he was except he thought he was Joc Pederson
Joc Pederson was pressing at the plate. If he shows patience in h...
If u have him on, ask him how he cld lead off a game with Joc Pederson, & why it took 8 games to realize Turner was a starter?
The Dodgers’ Joc Pederson on avoiding the temptation of Tinder and why he’s “too dumb” for
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The will send Joc Pederson, A.J. Ellis, and Howie Kendrick to the plate in the 9th. Who will channel their inner-Kirk G…
Joc Pederson hasn't gotten a hit since Michael Cuddyer was born - also known as the same day as the Emancipation Proclamation
Dodgers end their season on a good note sweeping the Padres!Home runs by 3 Dodgers today: Chris Heisey, Joc Pederson and Corey Seager!
6-4-3 single play. Joc Pederson can't catch a break. Adrian Gonzalez is pinch hitting for Jim Johnson. Only Carlos Frias up in the bullpen.
Zack Grienke is batting .231, or 20 points higher than all-star OF Joc Pederson.
Forget about what's eating Gilbert Grape. What's eating Joc Pederson
. Joc Pederson is nothing more than billy ashley, joe charbeno and jeff HAMILTON all rolled into one
Enrique Hernandez replaces Joc Pederson in center for Dodgers
Someone in my dynasty fantasy baseball team just offers me Jose Reyes and Hunter Pence for Matt Harvey and Joc Pederson.
1st we have Joc Pederson on the now we have Jace Peterson on the what's next Jay Peterman on the Blue Jays
Jace Peterson has more RBI than Dodger superstar Joc Pederson
Joc Pederson was one of two voted as a top-25 player under 25 years old.
Everyone talks about Kris Bryant, Joc Pederson, Carlos Correa, etc. how about the most underrated rookie in MLB, LHP Chasen Shreve
Jeurys Familia coaxes a groundout from Joc Pederson to strand Jimmy Rollins at 2B. 2, 0, mid-8
Maybe Steve Gelbs needs to find out what Joc Pederson is eating
lol you tell him, Doug!! What a loser!! 22 year old MVP front runner - but hey - you'd rather have Joc Pederson anyways!!
I can't wait for the next Floyd Mayweather fight so I can say, "Man, I've seen more strikes in a Joc Pederson at bat!"
leadoff man Joc Pederson walks to start the game, but he's caught stealing two outs later. 10P 1st for starter Doug Fister.
Joc Pederson came out of the dugout, leaning on a rail and chatting with a coach. Of course Aaron held up his ball and pen and asked...
One of our favorite moments from the HR Derby. Joc Pederson's brother shares hug w/ favorite player, Albert Pujols. http:…
Todd Frazier wins the 2015 Home Run Derby, hitting 15 HRs in the finals to beat Joc Pederson!
Joc Pederson with a tough loss in the final round! Tough way to lose but a lot of fun to watch. We're going to win big on the ASG tomorrow!
Andrew: "I hate Todd Frazier because of his brother". Logan: "Well I hate Joc Pederson because of his brother"
The hometown kid wins it! Todd Frazier uses bonus time to beat Joc Pederson, 15-14, and win the 2015 Home Run Derby. http…
Home-town star Todd Frazier beats Joc Pederson to win the in walk-off fashion!
Joc Pederson outhomers Albert Pujols. Joc Pederson vs Todd Frazier in the finals.
Pete Kozma has a higher career batting average than Joc Pederson
"He's the one player that's been able to hit the pole and the bush." -Karl Ravech, ESPN, on Joc Pederson.
Joc Pederson is going to win the Home run derby
Don Mattingly did predict Joc Pederson would hit more home runs than the who participated in the Home Run Derby b…
My prediction: Pain. Also, Joc Pederson. I was just trying to be all Clubber Lang there. -
Joc Pederson is first Dodgers rookie position player to start an All-Star Game: LOS ANGELES -- Joc Pederson 's...
Joc Pederson officially named NL All-Star starter: As I sensed a couple of weeks ago, the winds of change (and...
Joc Pederson will be in the home run derby. Will he finally represent in a positive way in the derby. Kemp and Puig stunk
Joc Pederson joins Eric Karros and Mike Piazza as the only Dodgers rookies with 20 home runs in club history
Joc Pederson has 55 walks. This is game no. 78. Last Dodger with 100 walks was Gary Sheffield in 2000. Last w/110 was Jimmy Wynn in 1975
Looks like Joc Pederson is on coffee duty yet again at Wrigley Field.
LAD [SB Nation: True Blue LA] - Joc Pederson moves up to 6th among NL outfielders in All-Star voting
Edwards walks Puig, and Sam Freeman will come in to face Joc Pederson
Joc Pederson catch. Wow. Willie Davis would be proud.
Joc Pederson is a lot of good things; A base stealer is not one of them. Luckily he can learn from the best 1B coach, Davey Lopes.
My top 5 position players to watch would probably be: A.J. *** Kevin Kiermaier, Joey Votto, Joc Pederson, and Nolan Arenado.
The first Fringe Five that ever wrote hyped Joc Pederson, Marcus Semien, Chase Anderson… and Chris Heston.
News Alarm: Joc Pederson (CF - LAD) Manager Don Mattingly said he's just giving Joc Pederson a day off because h...
Tim McCarver just said that he noticed Joc Pederson is "slew-footed". Huh?
Zack Greinke offered his candid assessment of Joc Pederson.
Joc Pederson. . Julius Randle. Jordan Clarkson. Jahlil Okafor, maybe. is bright in Los Angeles.
So the current favorite for NL ROY, Joc Pederson, has 500K ASG votes, and the current runner-up for NL ROY, Kris Bryant, has 1M ASG votes.
George Frazier, Joc Pederson is not Carlos Gonzalez. Swing is way different! More like Chris Davis.
Joc Pederson looks like he's playing slow pitch softball out there.
.OF Joc Pederson just hit the longest HR in MLB this season
Here's Joc Pederson's 480-foot homer. Four homers in four games.
Joc Pederson just mashing balls all over the yard today.
Nori Aoki and Angel Pagan with more votes than Joc Pederson...
Joc Pederson not only robbed Angel Pagan of a hit, he started a double play. VIDEO:
Joc Pederson will be National League Rookie Of the Year! Dude hits a ton
Also in 10D: Carlos Correa might be baseball's best prospect, Joc Pederson, Devon Travis and more.
Joc Pederson stole an extra base hit from Mike Zunino and also threw out Zunino at homeplate on a hit by Justin Ruggiano
Vin Scully just referred to Joc Pederson as "Young Joc". Wonder if Vin will say "it's going down" when Young Joc is batting?
"Joc Pederson reminds me of a young Grady Sizemore" that's the back handiest of backhanded compliments
Breast Cancer Awareness
Joc Pederson is who everyone wants Bryce Harper to be.
Should I drop Joc Pederson, Oswaldo Arcia, or Mike Napoli for . Steven Souza, Carl Crawford, or Drew Stubbs?
Joc Pederson has been hitting great this spring!
I literally cannot stop watching this home run by Joc Pederson.
Corey Seager and Joc Pederson showing why the future is bright for Dodger fans.and Urias a little later.
I just wanna kiss joc pederson all over his cute little face
*** Hernandez groundout scores Joc Pederson. 3-2 Reds over Dodgers in the bottom of the 6th inning.
Joc Pederson is truly showing this he deserves a spot.
Joc Pederson stole off an Aroldis Chapman pitch like he has done it before 100 times.
Joc Pederson with his second IF hit of the game, this one a soft chopper off Aroldis Chapman.
Joc Pederson, batting 8th, gets first hit off Jason Marquis — on a nubber in front of the plate. Quickly erased on DP grounder.
3rd inn: Marquis had retired last 17 batters in a row until Joc Pederson hit infield single toward mound, promptly erased in GIDP.
Okay I'm adding Joc Pederson to my list of boyfriends
Joc Pederson is love. Joc Pederson is life.
How can you have Joc Pederson w a 233/340 proj for 20/20 in 399 ABs? Dozier last year took 598 ABs for 20/20 w a 242/345.
Hyun-Jin Ryu sharp, Joc Pederson homers in Dodgers' 1-0 win over ...
What about Joc Pederson? Noticed last night getting attacked hi in the zone. K and popup vs. Shilelds. I don't like his hand pos
Joc Pederson will be a good outfielder and Ball player. I've been saying for the last 2 years. He is still on that pace.
Joc Pederson home run lifts Dodgers over Padres, 1-0
Joc Pederson shows why the Dodgers chose him over Kemp: The Los Angeles Dodgers slid past the San Diego Padres 1-0,…
Good times chasing Will Ferrell around Phoenix yesterday. Loved the Joc Pederson homer over his head in Peoria.
How would Will Ferrell handicap the NL rookie of the year chase? He was in the OF for long HRs by Kris Bryant and Joc Pederson.
Going over some morning swings and found this beauty!! Joc Pederson
Will Ferrell steals the show as Joc Pederson hits game-winning home run in Dodgers’ 1-0 win. http:/…
Jose Valverde taken deep by Joc Pederson via
Joc Pederson hit his first home run of Spring Training last night and it came at a clutch time
matchup yesterday. vs. Yung goes big fly over head to end it.
Pederson HR in 9th gives Dodgers win over Padres
got their first look at new look and Matt Kemp and shut them out in a 1-0 win. Kemp was hitless and Joc Pederson hit a HR
Joc Pederson ripped a long solo home run in Thursday's win over the Padres.
Joc Pederson's home run tonight was an absolute bomb to right field off Jose Valverde. No question he should be Dodgers' Opening Day CF.
Joc Pederson is going to be a superstar.
Joc Pederson becomes the second prospect of the day to hit a dinger WAY over Will Ferrell's head
I really don't care about that...Joc Pederson, solo hr?! Lol
The have taken a 1-0 lead after Joc Pederson hits a solo home run to right center off of Jose Valverde.
Joc Pederson murdered Jose Valverde as Will Ferrell just watched
Joc Pederson homered, Matt Kemp played his former team, Hyun-Jin Ryu debuted, things not named
coverage: Before Joc Pederson HRed tonight, he and Mattingly defended the rookie's swing against criticism.
Will Ferrell, a and a victory. Can it get any better? RECAP:
.Joc Pederson hits one WAY over traitor Will Ferrell's head in right field. 1-0
Andre Ethier and Joc Pederson came together before splitting off for today's split-squad games (via
How Justin Turner helped Joc Pederson prepare for the most important spring of his life:
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