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Joaquin Castro

Joaquín Castro (born September 16, 1974) is an American politician from San Antonio, Texas. Castro is a representative in the Texas Legislature representing District 125. He currently serves as Vice-Chair of the Higher Education Committee and is a member of the Judiciary & Civil Jurisprudence Committee.

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Democratic Rep. Castro says Tillerson should have scheduled NATO, China meetings better: Rep. Joaquin Castro…
Comey just smiled when Joaquin Castro asked him about the pee pee tape, lol. I'm positive that it's real now!
Castro hoping for a month long investigation.
Question: "Do you think the president was lying about the wiretapping?". Rep. Joaquin Castro: "Yes."
U.S. Rep. spoke with about questioning FBI Director James Comey:
House Rep. told me he wishes Rex Tillerson would attend the "really critical" upcoming NATO meeting https…
Glad you understand. My prize is my district is a great Dem (Joaquin Castro)
Rep. Joaquin Castro on Trump's attacks on the press: "It's dangerous ... He's doing it to strengthen his own hand"
what are you saying? who do you think Joaquin Castro, Linda Sanchez,Michelle Lujan Grisham are?
Someone like Marcia Fudge, or Joaquin Castro would have been wonderful.
Not to mention Henry Cisneros and Joaquin Castro no wonder he pitched a Hollywood hissy fit
Rep. Joaquin Castro: "We can back our brave men and women in blue and still believe that black lives matter"
Rep. Joaquin Castro and Cookie Monster unite in common purpose: Pre-K education
Rep. and unite in common purpose: Pre-K education
Joaquin Castro at MALDEF's Latino State of the Union today at
As a state legislator, I had worked with Republicans and Democrats to pass ... featured in NBC s Science of Love
.vision for America is about inclusion.
Honored to be mentioned by former San Antonio Mayor (and possibly the future U.S. Vice President), Joaquin Castro!
Joaquin Castro now in on the feelings! He's definitely one of many cc:
but also Joaquin Castro is a politician so...yeah
Joaquin Castro opening the Hillary event here in Miami. Excitement is palpable
Behind the Bar with Congressman Joaquin Castro: Such a great event!
I 1st went Joaquin Castro State Representative District125Oct.2011 now that he Congress November,2014 he did nothing
Getting ready for Behind the Bar with Congressman Joaquin Castro
La Raza's Joaquin and Julian Castro are perfectly formed sleeper agents who have been groomed to destroy America from within...
Castro-Rubio thought to be w/ Joaquin Pineda-Castro, 20. Possibly heading to Brownsville.
.fellow Texan in Washington, says that Cruz doomed his chances at the White House:
Hillary in Miami 4/12 wi Joaquin Castro,Kristin Davis & special performance by Carole King at Miami Hilton. Yowza! Still not too late to go
Joaquin Castro will chair the Texas State Democratic Convention in San Antonio.
Just got informed that I have received a congressional nomination from Joaquin Castro to attend the United States Naval Academy🙏
When a mariachi band rolls up to the bar you're at to serenade a friend of Joaquin Castro
Congressman Joaquin Castro called me today and offered me a congressional nomination to the United States Naval Academy! Truly blessed! 🙏🏼
so our congressman, Joaquin Castro just called saying I got the nomination for the Naval Academy, SO BLESSED a step closer
When you're drinking margaritas at a bar and Joaquin Castro walks in casual AF.
exactly. And he's bilingual. Unless Joaquin Castro is the Dem VP nominee, Rubio can steal a lot of Latino support
Even if you can't donate to Scott Persinger 4Congress (to defeat TX20 Joaquin Castro), please RT!. .
With the names Castro, Joaquin, Guzman in family mix talk about instant branding... El Chapo vibes. 👀
Business leaders host Congressman Joaquin Castro - by tony_n_pate…
's hosts for the night: Anton Castro, Joaquin Burgos, and Kristopher Bartolome.
mood after I rocked that interview with Joaquin Castro, so had to take a quick selfie ;-)
military nomination interview with Joaquin Castro = done 💯✔️
Well the interview with Joaquin Castro's nomination board went much better than expected👍
interview in a couple hours with Our congressmen, Joaquin Castro 😳
NO - but if choses Joaquin Castro as VP she will win majority of Vote in 2016
The Latino community get's it - it is a reminder for to chose Joaquin Castro as VP
Yep Julian Castro and his twin brother Representative Joaquin Castro
You know nothing for tomorrow joaquin
that putting Joaquin Castro on her ticket will actually water it down.
Rep. Joaquin Castro (D-TX) introduces "The Pre-K for USA Act" to close gap widened by budget cuts
The reason Joaquin Castro introduced a bill to change the name is because the illegal part defies their narrative
U.S. Rep. Joaquín Castro wants the federal government to drop the word "alien" from its laws and other official documents, NBC News
Joaquin Castro is probably looking for a way to turn this into an attack against 😂.
It was amazing to see Congressman Joaquin Castro talk to students about the importance of changing terminology
Joaquin Castro should buy a book titled 1984. They probable have it in Spanish.
I guess truly bold would have been something like:. Bill Clinton/Joaquín Castro versus Romney/Ayotte
NOT 1ST TIME! She has sent Claire and Castro to do the dirty work. http…
Joaquín Castro, who has served in the United States House of Representatives since 2013. (New Progressives) coming down the pike.
We are so glad to see Congressman Joaquin Castro as a co-chair of HSDA!
Loved hearing from congressmen Joaquin Castro and Ruben Gallego and councilwoman Brianne K Nadeau at the...
Joaquin Castro: "Theres no doubt about it: Hillary is the best person to be our 45th..."
Thank you for making education a priority Congressman Joaquin Castro! Thank you for your work to...
Meeting congressmen Joaquin Castro at CEA house at 15 Conference
On the way to have breakfast with Congressman Joaquin Castro. Looking forward to hearing his policy…
Video: - it was a good wk for him; he won the spelling be, got to sit behind for 4 hrs
Video: Rep. quips that Congress willl have done more in 48 hrs than in 2 yrs - "and we're exhausted"
Bernie Sanders raises $15m so far in campaign for Democratic ...
Video: Rep. says like Draco Malfoy of the "House of Slytherin"
Let's bring dignity into immigration debate & remove "alien" from federal law. Thanks
Legislation Introduced to Change Immigration Terms . This change, led by Congressman Joaquin Castro, will remove...
The best team for Democratic Party to win would have been Gov Steve Bullock of Montana and Congressman Joaquin Castro of Texas
Rep. Joaquín Castro's Change Act would drop the word 'alien' in federal law: "words matter"
Rep.Joaquin Castro introduces bill to drop “alien" from being used in any executive branch agency
Joaquin Castro in the community health fair house!!! Counselor love.
This is a good debate on immigration between Raul Labrador (R-ID) and Joaquin Castro (D-TX).
Julian and Joaquin Castro can do no wrong in my eyes.
It's clear that American Oligarchs want to buy this country & the GOP is their realestate agent.- Rep(D) Joaquin Castro
would be awesome! Let Hillary be president, then Julian Castro, then Joaquin Castro!
No one told me that Joaquin Castro was on the Nightly Show last night.
With Great Friend Congressman Joaquin Castro at his State of the Union Address.
Congressman Joaquin Castro sharing about the people of San Antonio being his inspiration as he works to grow the...
I was in the same building as Joaquin Castro today!!!
Joaquin Castro brings it back and Mike Yard tells the truth at about 3:00-
Joaquin Castro's on The Nightly Show panel yeah yeah yeah. Can we get this guy as Bernie Sander's running mate already?
"This was domestic terrorism, it was about an ideology of hate." - Joaquin Castro .
Larry Wilmore's panel is one of his better ones in recent memory. Joaquin Castro may make a good Presidential contender in a few years.
I have a thing for Joaquin AND Julian Castro.
Shout out to Joaquin Castro on the Nightly Show
I am not at all confused. I am a big fan of Fidel Castro.This BOZO Joaquin Castro is no relation and is pals with Rubiopolicy
Do not trust Joaquin Castro he is an evil man that continues to oppress the peaceful people of CubaTHIS MAN CANNOT BE TRUSTED
Joaquin Castro did call it domestic terrorism, though. Can you guys ask him to run in 2016?
Joaquin Castro. "As Americans we must stand together against domestic terrorism fueled by an ideology of hate."
it was funny fan-girling with Gamez about Joaquin Castro today 😂
8 members of Congress, including Joaquin Castro, to tour immigrant detention centers south of San Antonio. The members want DHS to close it.
Rep. Joaquin Castro knows a little about real estate, in part because his twin, Julian, is secretary…: Rep. Jo...
Congressman Joaquin Castro and I at the USAA Congressional reception to recognize service members and…
Proud to announce endorsements from 3 more US Reps today! &
Ten SSAHS students were invited to DC to study government structure and got to meet Congressman Joaquin Castro!
.makes an aggressionito with Joaquin Castro.
Julian and Joaquin Castro are identical Only one has photo on Easy fix.
As House Republicans huddle Friday morning to strategize on how to override President Barack Obama’s executive actions on immigration, one House Democrat is trying to rally lawmakers against the GOP’s plan. Rep. Joaquin Castro (D-Texas) is circulating a “Dear Colleague” lette…
member Dr. Greg Villareal helps Julian (left) & Joaquin Castro (right) celebrate their 40th in September
Julian and Joaquin Castro are essentially real life Matt Santos from Aaron Sorkin's The West Wing.
Reminder about who Julian and Joaquin Castro are... Read:
Rep. Joaquin Castro ( D-TX) delivering a speech at the Democratic Caucus Heritage Gala in Orlando h…
An Iowa DREAMer confronted Hillary Clinton a day after a similar moment with Joaquin Castro. Disgust at her answer — and a sign that "no Democrat is safe."
Our caught up with representatives Joaquin Castro and Lamar Smith to talk immigration Friday.
By Tony Lee, Breitbart NewsRep. Joaquin Castro (D-TX), who is seen as one of the rising stars in his party, believes some of the illegal immigrant children flooding across the
Send the illegals to Julian and Joaquin Castro's homes. They're all for illegal immigration.
With U.S. congressmen engaged in spirited – but good-natured – battle over the NBA Finals, we're asking readers to tell us how they're getting ready for tonight's game. Are you watching at home with friends, or are you taking in the game at a restaurant? Read on to see how two U.S. representatives – including District 23's Pete Gallego – are challenging their co-workers from Florida. As released by Gallego's office: U.S. Representatives Pete P. Gallego (D-Texas), Joaquin Castro (D-Texas), Joe Garcia (D-Florida) and Frederica Wilson (D-Florida) have agreed to a friendly wager as their respective teams go head to head in the 2014 NBA Finals. “It’s on. The Spurs will win this year’s NBA Championship and I look forward to Joe and Frederica wearing the Spurs jersey in front of our colleagues,” U.S. Rep. Gallego said. “Go Spurs, Go!” If the Spurs win the championship, Garcia and Wilson will take a picture wearing a Spurs jersey in front of U.S. Capitol and provide lunch to the staffs of Gall ...
Rep. Joaquin Castro, D-Texas, talks to Alex Wagner about his brother Julian Castro’s nomination to be Secretary of Housing and Urban Development and about the latest push for immigration reform.
Viva Chicano Indio in tennis shoes ! Native son of San Quilmas. An Attorney, a Mayor, now on his way to a White House Cabinet position! Pride of San Antonio, pride of Aztlan ! Mayor Julian Castro. His twin brother, Joaquin Castro, A Texas State Representative. Are they the resurrected Mythical Maya twins (in the Chilam Balam legend) who outsmarted the underworld Gods by outplaying them ? Hope they don't accuse their awesome mom, Rosie Castro, of being an Alien !
I am immensely proud of the Castro Family. It is a big day for San Antonio. One of their favorite sons, our 39 year old Mayor, Julian Castro will be nominated by the President of the United States to serve as one of his cabinet members. From all of us in San Antonio, we love you, respect you, and offer our blessings to you, Erica Lira Castro, Carina, Joaquin Castro, Anna Flores, Andrea, and your incredible mother Rosie Castro.
A group of undocumented immigrants joined lawmakers on Capitol Hill on Tuesday pushing for the right to serve in the military. Miriam Zamudio-Coria and Rep. Joaquin Castro discuss.
Looking forward to Joaquin Castro switching jobs with Julian Castro once in a while to see if anybody notices.
Rep. Joaquin Castro rips Issa on He ‘crusaded for over a year on a fairy tale’
Joaquin Castro Saavedra has reached Rank 2 - Join him in his quest for glory!
Joaquin Castro Saavedra has just won a battle in Dragons and Titans.
Joaquin Castro Saavedra is now known as El Rey De Los Dragones in Dragons and Titans!
Joaquin Castro Saavedra is now known as Joaquin in Dragons and Titans!
I'm looking forward to welcoming Congressman Joaquin Castro back to Austin next week! Join us Wednesday, April 16th 5-7pm at Tamale House East!
Chicana Memorandum: I am Joaquin, Joaquin, Joaquin "...Fiery tequila explosions The smell of chile verde and Soft brown eyes of expectation for a Better life.” – Rodolfo “Corky” Gonzales Joaquin No. 1 - The Past Yo Soy Joaquin, known in English as I Am Joaquin, is an unforgettable Chicano poem written by Rodolfo “Corky” Gonzales. The poem is a timeless piece, and many of its elements still apply today even though it was written in 1965, during an assertive Chicano movement era of the 1960's and 70s. It is a timeless piece because Mexican-American Chicanos and Latinos face anti-Mexican or anti-Latino laws, primarily written by Anglo gray-haired white men in Washington, D.C., who are afraid of too much browning of America. Most Mexican-Americans who are involved in the political arena are familiar with this poem, because the poem says things that some people are afraid to say publicly. It is no wonder Corky was able to state these bold truths while staring his activism demons in the face – he ...
Our Team got to visit with six Representatives: Rep. Henry Cuellar, Rep. Pete Gallego, Rep. Joaquin Castro, Rep.
The GOP will try to push Jeb Bush/Condi Rice in 2016. My dream team is Hilary Clinton/Joaquin Castro Dem.Rep. from TX.
Letter from Joaquin Castro on the troops and ACA
We will be visiting the offices of Joaquin Castro and Pete Gallego today at 9:30am. Please make calls and ask...
I always mix up Julian Castro and Joaquin Castro with Marco Rubio
Boys Basketball: El Paso High beat Burges 41-33. Andre Castro with 17 points for the Tigers.
because nothing says 'i represent East Waco' like voting with BigOil across the board- Joaquin Castro 96 Bill Flores 4 this score on environmental voting by two Texas Representatives to the 113th Congress of the United States of America brought to you by the League of Conservation Voters
What a fantastic for our Texas District 20 Representative - 96%! via -
Tx monthly blasts Cruz but loves Joaquin Castro! LaRaza is waiting in the wings
"The only *** I know who chipped tony the goalie in a pk on a final 👌👏"
Warren Martin (Uncle Warren) Blanchard for President, Luna Nilo for Vice President, and Congressman Joaquin Castro for Secretary of State.
So, if Texas needed help with water or federal lands, I wonder if this guy would vote the same way he did here Votes Recreational Shooting on Federal Lands – Passage - Vote Passed (268-154, 9 Not Voting) House members passed a slate of measures designed to make hunting, target shooting, and fishing easier on federally-managed lands. The Sportsmen’s Heritage and Recreation Enhancement Act would exempt ammunition and fishing equipment from the Toxic Substances Control Act, increase public funds for the construction of shooting ranges on federal lands, make permanent the electronic duck stamp licensing system, and allow firearms on water projects administered by the Army Corps of Engineers. Rep. Joaquin Castro voted NO - California Water Resources – Passage - Vote Passed (229-191, 11 Not Voting) On Wednesday, the House passed a bill that would change the Interior Department’s water management practices around the San Joaquin Valley of California. The bill would require the department to increase the ...
this is from April. in case you thought that *** Perry was blocking Medicaid to save us from the Big Bad Obama, no, that isn't the reason. kids, this isn't how democracy is supposed to work. you don't split into two teams, and try and kill each other. Congressman Joaquin Castro was just telling the simple truth. He knows that we have all been bombarded with lies, Castro knows that little kids need to know the truth. THE GOP KILLS. THE GOP HURTS TEXAS FAMILIES.
How about this for a bumper sticker: Kamala Harris/Joaquin Castro 2020
A Celebration of the life of Corey Lee Tulop will be held on February 15, 2 p.m. at 3236 SE 15th in Del City, OK, at the Del Baptist Temple. Weary of reading obituaries noting someone’s courageous battle with death, Corey wanted it known that he died as a result of refusing to follow doctors’ orders, being stubborn, and raising *** for more than four decades. He was a bright star that burned for 41 years, and went out way before his time on Wed. 29, 2014. Corey was born May 5, 1972 in Agat, Guam. Corey lived in Oklahoma all of his life, and made a reputation for himself from Texas all the way through Rhode Island, and was loved by many people far and wide. He served in the National Guard, survived Capitol Hill High School, and battled life on the South Side of Oklahoma City, and died in his home in Norman, OK, where he lived with his love Reba Gaddis. He fathered two boys, Christian and Jacob Furra, and hopes his memory will live on in their hearts and the hearts of his friends and family. He p ...
Castro Could you please make a statement in favor of The Little Sisters of the Poor?
BOEHNER CALLS GOP REP 'A--HOLE' IN FRONT OF DEMS (CNSNEWS) — House Speaker John Boehner (R-Ohio), the most powerful Republican in Congress, called his GOP colleague Rep. Steve King of Iowa an “a–hole” while speaking with two Democratic members on the House floor, according to Rep. Joaquin Castro (D-Texas). Castro described what happened in a story he wrote for the February issue of Texas Monthly magazine. Back in July 2013, Rep. King, a conservative popular with the Tea Party, commented on illegal immigrants in an interview with Newsmax, saying that not all young illegals are valedictorians but that many smuggle drugs into America.
Affordable Care Act (ACA) Q&A Informational is scheduled for tomorrow at 9:00 AM with Congressman Joaquin Castro...
Hoping Congressman Joaquin Castro will meet with us regarding new legislation to assist Veterans suffering from Toxic Exposure. Reaching out to his legislative liaison tomorrow, wish us luck.
3rd and Final Day: to Congressmen Smith, Doggett and Joaquin Castro for speaking to us this morning. Very positive meetings with the Dept of Education's Federal Student Aid, Strategic Partnerships and Office of Elementary and Secondary Education
Congressman Joaquin Castro said hi to me. -faints- 🇺🇸
If you live here, and want to hear Joaquin Castro for Congress speak at a LULAC event on Feb 10th, please let me know! Senfronia Thompson is going to have a table at this event, and has asked for my help in getting 8 people from her district to come join her. If you know someone in her district that should attend please let me know. Thank you.
Just added to our February calendar, the 25th: Joaquin Phoenix in Spike Jonze's HER. Nominated for 5 Academy Awards including Best Picture.
Remember the Government Shutdown??? Ask your Congress member including Senators if they will follow the example of Congress Joaquin Castro from Texas. I doubt others will follow example. What do you think? Share this post! Washington, D.C. –U.S. Congressman Joaquin Castro today announced the organizations that will be receiving his pay for the duration of the government shutdown. Castro announced he would be donating his paycheck Monday, September 30 as it grew increasingly evident the government would be shut down as a result of Republican insistence on defunding the Affordable Care Act.
Just sent this letter to Julian and Joaquin Castro on minimum wage: I see that many leaders across the country are increasing the minimum wage for their areas. I was wondering if you have the power to do that or what it would take to get a “Minimum Wage “ initiative on the ballot in 2014 (tied to inflation)? Polls show that an increase to the minimum wage is popular even among Republicans and Tea Party members. If it is put on the ballot, it will bring out more Democrats and Independents to the polls. Democratic officials will be showing that they are for the people while Republicans are for the rich. Populist initiatives have proven to be very popular (look at he New York mayor’s race with Bill de Blasio). Two thirds of the people on minimum wage are women and women are already only getting paid 77 cents on the dollar as compared to men. This would help win over women voters. Republicans keep saying it will cut jobs. This is a lie. Every time the minimum wage has been increased it has helped the ec ...
Good morning everyone! Happy Tuesday to you! Joining us for today's show, we have: Michael Steele, Cokie Roberts, Robert Gibbs, Julianna Goldman, Mike Allen, Eugene Robinson, Chuck Todd, Rep. Joaquin Castro, Valerie Jarrett, Mark Binelli, Sen. Tom Coburn and Brian Sullivan
Joaquin Castro was born in San Antonio, Texas on September 16, 1974. A second generation Mexican American, he was raised on the city’s Westside and is a proud product of the public school system. The Castro family’s history in the United States began nearly 100 years ago when his grandmother, Victor...
Rep. Joaquin Castro (D-Texas) claims in a recent article for Texas Monthly that House Speaker John Boehner (R-Ohio) called Rep. Steve King (R-Iowa) an *** in July after King compared undocumented immigrants to drug mules with "calves the size of cantaloupes." In the article, Castro reflects on...
According to Democratic Rep.Joaquin Castro's diary of his first year in Congress, Speaker of the House John Boehner not only disagreed with racist Rep. Steve King's comments about Hispanics, he called him a *** '
During an interview Thursday, Rep. Joaquin Castro (D-Texas) insisted that Democrats will continue pushing for an immigration reform that includes a path to citizenship for undocumented immigrants i...
SUNDAY SHOW RODEO ROUNDUP (via Politico Playbook, c/o Matt Mackowiak): The "Happy New Year" Edition. I was going to call it the "Let's admit all the things we got wrong in the last year" edition, but that was just a bit too much to ask, even in a joke. NBC’s “Meet the Press”: Rep. Darrell Issa (R-CA) and Rep. Joaquin Castro (D-TX); Edward Snowden legal advisor and ACLU’s Ben Wizner; global roundtable with former U.S. Ambassador to China and former Gov. Jon Huntsman (R-UT), Washington Post columnist Eugene Robinson, NBC News’ Andrea Mitchell and author and foreign policy analyst Robin Wright ABC’s “This Week”: “2013 Game Changers” CBS’s “Face the Nation”: National security and surveillance roundtable with The Washington Post’s Barton Gellman, NSA whistleblower Thomas Drake and Edward Snowden legal advisor and Government Accountability Project’s Jesselyn Radack; former Bush administration CIA and NSA director Gen. Michael Hayden (Ret.); technology roundtable with TIME Magazine ...
Congressman Joaquin Castro introduced the Military Retirement Restoration Act today, which repeals cuts to military pension benefits. Thank you Congressman for your leadership.
Rep. Joaquin Castro, D-San Antonio, has been looking for ways to fix the cuts to military pensions in the Budget Deal. In a statement he submitted when the budget deal passed the House last Thursday, he praised the overall bipartisan effort to end sequestration, but is “deeply concerned on how these...
"When the going gets tough...the tough turn to Joaquin Castro." via
WASHINGTON -- The Affordable Care Act is picking up steam, and repealing it now would cause a huge backlash from voters, Rep. Joaquin Castro, D-San Antonio, said today.
WASHINGTON, DC – Today, Thursday, December 19, at 2:00 PM ET, White House Deputy Senior Advisor David Simas will be joined by Senator Stabenow and Representatives Joaquin Castro and Matthew Cartwright for an on-the-record press conference call to discuss the release of State by State reports that detail the effect that the Affordable Care Act’s repeal would have throughout the country.
LULAC Council 402 is highlighting its 50th Anniversary (founded in 1964) at its Annual LULAC Week Scholarship Banquet on Monday, February 10, 2014 at Brady's Landing. Our honoree and keynote speaker will be Congressman Joaquin Castro.
Heritage Action gives Sen. Ted Cruz a score of 100%. Joaquin Castro is tied for the lowest score of 12%. All Texas Republicans scored above 50%. So who do you say is doing the work of the people?
Joaquin Castro te educa y aprendes... Monday Took her for a drink on tuesday We were making love...
Wow did anyone else notice our Congressman Joaquin Castro just had a baby, how noble of him to have married the mother of the child just 30 days ago! Fine example you are Congressman. Ughhh don't you know where babies come from?
A Congressman from San Antonio voted YES for this and SOLD OUT the military for his own gain.. It was NOT Joaquin Castro.. Remember that on Election Day!
I guess I will never work for TMZ! I forgot to post yesterday that I saw Congressman Joaquin Castro at Methodist hospital Labor and Delivery yesterday at 1045am when we took our peekaboo tour! He and his family were there for obvious reasons with balloons and gift bags in hand! I coulda had the scoop on the newest SA Citizen! I'll just go with "I was respecting his privacy!" So I didn't post! Congrats on the new baby girl! Good to know you and Mrs Castro chose the same hospital! And now that our baby girls will be 3 days apart in birth dates I will always be able to remember how old your daughter is too!
Joaquin Castro & wife had their baby here in San Antonio & they named her Andrea what a beautiful Name!(:
Congrats to Joaquin Castro but 8.3 lbs sure does add to my anxiety for next week.
Congressman Joaquin Castro and his wife, Anna, welcomed their first child Sunday morning. Castro released a statement Saturday afternoon with the announcement: “My wife Anna and I are delighted to announce the birth of our daughter, Andrea Elena Castro. Andrea Elena was born in San Antonio this...
Rep. Joaquin Castro and his wife welcomed the birth of their daughter today:
Congrats to Rep. Joaquin Castro on the birth of his child. And good for him, marrying the girl he knocked up.
Congressman Joaquin Castro and his wife Anna have a new baby girl. Andrea Elena. congratz!!
Congratulations to Anna and Joaquin on the birth of their baby girl, Andrea Elena Castro!
Joaquin Castro's new born daughter has the same name as me 😍
Congrats to Rep. Joaquin Castro and his wife on the of there baby girl.
Congressman Joaquín Castro welcomes first child: The congressman's daughter, his first child, was born shortly...
Joaquin Castro Welcomes First Daughter, via who's always on baby desk, rain or shine:
Congratulations to our client Joaquin Castro on the birth of his daughter!
FAVORITE to welcome Rep. Joaquin Castro and his wife's first child, a baby girl named Andrea Elena!
Rep. Joaquin and Anna Castro welcomed baby Andrea Elena this morning and say everything is good.
Oh, baby! San Antonio Congressman on baby watch - San Antonio Express-News
San Antonio Congressman Joaquin Castro on baby watch: The District 20 representative was set to attend...
San Antonio is on baby watch! Congressman Joaquin Castro at hospital waiting birth of his first baby.
Want to have lunch with Congressman Joaquin Castro in the Member's Dining Room of the U.S. House of Representatives or play 18 holes with golf legend Fred Funk while supporting The Archer Center? Visit The Archer Center's auction page on CharityBuzz: to view the exciting items on our first auction. Please share the link with family and friends! Have additional donation ideas? Please contact The Archer Center to share your suggestions.
San Antonio Mayor Julian Castro and Rep. Joaquin Castro, D-San Antonio, to be in Dallas on Friday for JFK ceremony.
When talking to Julian or Joaquin Castro, know that Bexar County is pronounced "Bear".
But we also have WithWendy, and Julian & Joaquin Castro; had Barbara Jordan, Molly Ivins, Ann Richards
Only Wendy Davis could make me feel sympathy for Julian Castro... I still feel nothing for Joaquín Castro though.
A TM reader sent us an email stating that Julian & Joaquin Castro were "born on the wrong side of the blanket." Anyone know what that means?
Just saw Joaquin Castro at North Star and I was the only one who said anything like what happened to him being a celebrity
I love this photo-- Congressman Joaquin Castro, Julian Castro and Senator Wendy R. Davis.
Texas Congressman and rising star in the Democratic Party, Joaquin Castro, spoke at
Thanks to a generous contribution from Congressman Joaquin Castro, the first 500 Young Democrats from Texas to...
Line up for this morning: Congressman Joaquin Castro, Congressman Tolsi Gabbard, and DNC Chairperson Debbie Wasserman Schultz
"I've never heard an immigrant say they came here looking for the lowest corporate tax rate" - Congressman Joaquin Castro at
Texas Congressman Joaquin Castro kicking off the second day of the National Convention!
kicks off bright and early with Texas Congressman Joaquin Castro!
Polis and Kaine spoke last night, Tulsi, Joaquin Castro, Donna Edwards, a few others that I can't remember
Congressman Joaquin Castro has secured the availability of Community Credentials for the 2013 Young Democrats of...
U.S. Rep. Joaquin Castro of Texas to give keynote address at NM Democratic Party dinner on Sept. 6 in Albuquerque.
Rising Star Dinner featuring Congressman Joaquin Castro After 27 years in San Antonio - looking forward to this.
Rep. Joaquin Castro made it possible for 1st 500 Texans to register for YDA Convention for FREE!
cong. Joaquin Castro says august is the month to speakup and speakout on
On CORRECTION: An earlier version of this story featured an image of Joaquin Castro, Julian Castro's brother. We regret the error.
OMGosh. Two Texas Democrats on MSNBC in a row ---> Joaquin Castro on Chris Hayes. Bravo
The front page of today's San Antonio Express News is proof that constant rumors of the deaths of local papers are greatly exaggerated. What a front page: Melissa Fletcher Stoeltje's impassioned story about a child abuse case which should trigger a state-wide investigation; Gary Martin's smart piece about the two faces of San Antonio embodied in Joaquin Castro and Lamar Smith, and Patrick Danner's juicy divorce story with billions to fight over. Who needs to re-read The Great Gatsby with so many examples in San Antonio of the clash between the rich and the poor, the powerful and the powerless, the shaken and the stirred?
Texas on the Potomac Blog Eva Longoria wins praise of Castros and clout in DC for work on Latino issues Houston Chronicle (May 26, 2013) Eva Longoria, one the highest-profile campaigners for President Barack Obama in 2012, has moved on to advocacy for Latino issues on Capitol Hill, earning effusive praise from lawmakers. Rep. Joaquin Castro said he first met Longoria in San Antonio around 2003, before she achieved fame from her role on Desperate Housewives. Castro said they have become regular friends, getting together when she is back in San Antonio. Since 2008, the first-term Democratic congressman from San Antonio said he has seen the political side of Longoria, speaking with her on issues such as education, environment, voter turnout, and her foundations. "As she developed a higher profile, she wanted to help out," Castro said in a phone interview. Castro said it is important that folks in places like San Antonio could see an educated Latina who remains active in the community and politics. When asked ...
Turns out I tower over Julian and Joaquin Castro.
me & my bffls Julian and Joaquin Castro ❤
Congressman Luis Gutierrez is in stage with U.S. Reps. Charlie Rangel, Yvette Clark, Joaquin Castro and others at
Julian and Joaquin Castro are hoping to turn Texas blue in the next six to eight years. The NOW panel discusses.
Kate has been studying the U.S. presidents in kindergarten so we're taking her to D.C. for part of spring break! Ideas for a six year old??? Mom and Dad have the T-shirt. Thanks! John Cornyn, Ted Cruz, Joaquin Castro, Don Graham
Julian Castro & twin brother Joaquin Castro want to turn Texas into blue state
Video: How Julian and Joaquin Castro are working to make Texas blue
Vogue features a Jacob Weisberg piece on SA's first brothers â Mayor Julián and U.S. Rep. Joaquin Castro â but the real mind-bender comes from the fact that the stylish pictures accompanying the article were shot by legendary photographer Annie Leibovitz. Rolling Stone m...
Later today I will be visiting representatives in Capitol Hill, Filemon Vega, Lloyd Dogget, Joaquin Castro, John Carter, Michael McCaul and Pete Gallego and senator Ted Cruz to tak abou Immigration Reform and the need to protect the poor and vulnerable here at home and around the world. Please pray for us as we meet our goverment officials to talk about these and other issues.
At a meeting of state business leaders Thursday, U.S. Rep. Joaquin Castro said that current immigration laws create "ugly realities" and that Gov. Rick Perry "will never say the border is secure."
Is the demographic disaster facing the GOP enough to convince them to get behind the Senate’s bipartisan immigration plan? Rep. Joaquin Castro (D-TX) joined us to discuss the impending fight over immigration reform and why Texas may turn from a red state to a blue.
Inauguration Day 2013 - with my fellow Texas colleagues Marc Veasey, Beto O'Rourke, Joaquin Castro, and Pete Gallego.
Pictured from left to right are Texas Congressmen Marc Veasey, Beto O'Rourke, Joaquin Castro, Filemon Vela, and Pete Gallego.
With the new Texas dems Mark Veasey, Joaquin Castro, Filemom Vela and Pete Gallego at
Rep. Joaquin Castro, D-Texas, and Mayor Julian Castro of San Antonio on the changing face of Texas politics.
On inauguration day it is not too early for us to begin thinking about (and I'm sure the other side is doing this) who we will run in 2016. While I love Joe Biden and Hillary Clinton, I think the other side will try to push young and Hispanic, even if ignorant. I believe a ticket like super smart Elizabeth Warren & Antonio Villaraigosa could be a winning one for us. I would say Julian or Joaquin Castro for VP ... but not sure how voters would feel about that last name??? Thoughts? We could achieve the first woman President and first Hispanic VP in one election.
How long into his politically ambitious career will Rep. Joaquin Castro hold on to supporting the Texas gun-crazed Castle Doctrine?
Joaquin Castro wasted no time in making his mark in Congress.
Popular San Antonio Mayor Julian Castro, is shown here in the new Congressional office of his twin brother Joaquin Castro (Representative - TX). These Democratic Party dynamos are changing the face of Texas politics and there is much talk of Julian running for Governor in 2014. - Michael (photo share suggested by Kat Edmiston)
Here is some Mexican San Antonio Pride. Viva la Raza!! Mayor Julian Castro of San Antonio and his brother the new Congressman of Texas, Joaquin Castro and their Mother who was a Civil Rights Activist. A proud Mother of her twin sons and their accomplishments. I would love to see a future Senator and Governor of Texas from these two. Its long overdue. Gracias a la Famila Castro. Viva San Antonio!!
Joaquin Castro elected president of frosh Democratic classHouston Chronicle (blog)Rep. Lamar Smith, the only...
Joaquin Castro for Congress shared Mayor Julián Castro's photo. With Julian in my office at Cannon after the...
Joaquin Castro and Pete Gallego are now Democratic members of the Texas delegation. Lloyd Doggett still there. Very happy with all of that.
LOL Julian & Joaquin Castro modern day Romulus and Remus :/ but not really (: they are the sons of a she wolf
Marc Veasey, Pete Gallego, Joaquin Castro get named to House Armed Services Committee via
So excited to meet Joaquin Castro at the
TEAM UPDATE! TNT Racing Team would like to welcome 3 new additions to our family: Perfecto De Castro, Joaquin De Castro and Kim Finch. We're looking forwar to having them ride for us for the 2013 season!
let's say my Dad masterminded a plot to breakdown Fidel Castro (Joaquin Phoenix)'s Cuban Missile scheme and is seeking REEVENGE
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Hillary Rodham Clinton needs to run for President in 2016 with Joaquin Castro as VP !
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With Congressman Joaquin Castro (U.S. House of Representatives, District 20, Texas) at the Region 5...
Just finished talking about the Latino vote w/John Quinones & Joaquin Castro on the panel. Navigating Social media next.
John Quiñones from ABC news speaking to Joaquin Castro at the The Latino Vote: How did it count? panel.
Castro predicts Texas will become a blue state in 8-12 years.
Joaquin Castro at Latino vote panel: Texas will be blue state in 8-12 yrs
Democratic Congressman elect Castro: yes, Latinos voted in record but still many did not
As Hillary Clinton attempts to retire ’08 campaign debt, she could look to Castro brothers for help
San Antonio Julian Castro will attend twin brother Joaquin's official swearing-in ceremony in Washington when the 113th Congress begins.
Please pray today for: US Rep. Louie Gohmert, Sen. Mario Gallegos, Rep. Joaquin Castro Click link for info
Rising Dem star Joaquin Castro's fundraising hasn't caught up to his rep yet: his PAC raised only $169k thru 11/26:
The San Antonio mayor has been a leader on the most crucial economic issue of our time: education.
I showed up for jury duty today but didn't get picked to serve on a jury.
My office will be in Cannon when Congress starts on January 3, 2013. Please come visit when you're in Washington.
Republicans have unleashed their secret weapon against Julian and Joaquin Castro in Texas. (R) George Prescott Bush.
In the last month on Smiley & West: Sherrod Brown, Joaquin Castro, Marcia Fudge, Amy Goodman, bell hooks . . . definitely worth tuning in. Subscribe to the podcast easily through itunes, or listen straight from the website.
No one has seen Joaquin Castro and Julian Castro in the same room either.
Congressman-elect Joaquin Castro doing fantastic on Meet the Press!
At a live screening of Meet the Press with Bob Woodward, Joaquin Castro, and David Gregory
Watchin' Joaquin Castro on Meet the Press! Those Castro brothers are everywhere these days. Yay San Antonio!
Be sure to catch my brother, Congressman-elect Joaquin Castro, on Meet the Press tomorrow morning. In San Antonio...
Great to see that Congressman-elect Joaquin Castro will be on Meet the Press. I want to see more Latinos talking...
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Replacing retiring Congressman Charlie Gonzalez is newly elected Joaquin Castro, brother of the San Antonio Mayor...
Anf God's sake, everyone STOP !! mentioning marco rubio as some kind of leader for the tremendously diverse Spanish speaking population. He may be a good representative for the cuban population in Miami but he sure as *** does not represent me or the central and south american people. Besides he's yet another mouthpiece of the republican party. IF you want to talk about true representatives of the Spanish speaking population look no further than Joaquin Castro the Mayor of San Antonio. If I hear more crap about how good maro rubio is or will be, I'll puke.
Congratulations to Brownie Park supporter and newly elected US Congressman Joaquin Castro.
Oh yea just FYI for those of you confused , it was Joaquin Castro not his twin Julian Castro who was elected in to congress .
Congratulations to my former desk mate Congressman Elect Joaquin Castro! You are one your way to Congress!! :-)
Last night, at Joaquin Castro's election party, I got to see and speak to a friend of mine from elementary school, Sylvester Perez. We attended St. Philip's of Jesus Catholic school and played CYO baseball. I hadn't seen him since then. It was nice to see him.
VIVA Joaquin y Julian! MT Article from FoxNewsLatino on election of our new Congressman Joaquin Castro!
Article form Fox News Latino on the election of our new Congressman Joaquin Castro!
Congratulations to newly elected Congressman Joaquin Castro! Latinos are proud to have great rising leadership.
Congratulations to newly elected Texas Congressman Joaquin Castro, '96 (
I believe that Joaquin Castro who won a senate seat will run for president in 2016 , he is from San Antonio Texas,
I say 2016 it will probably be Hilary Clinton/Joaquin Castro for the Democrats vs Marco Rubio/Mia Love for the...
I would like to point out that the mayor of my city has an identical twin brother... It's awesome! Julian and Joaquin Castro 😁
Joaquín Castro will be the new U.S representative for the 20th district in Texas. He is the twin brother of Mayor Julián Castro in San Antonio. Castro defeated David Rosa for the seat. He will replace Rep. Charlie Gonzalez.
Obama is president again, Joaquin Castro and Pete Gallego are in the Senate, Pre-K for SA was passed, and so many other democratic leaders are elected. I couldn't fight the tears of joy last night, and woke up with the brightest smile on my face today. To know that I spent blood, sweat, and tears to help campaign for the Democratic Party brings such pride to me. Keep moving Forward America! :)
Made the paper today congratulating my new congressman, Joaquin Castro. Photo from
I think you mean Julian Castro. :) (or twin Joaquin) :P But I think Hillary is retiring and Biden will try to be prez.
Julian and Joaquin Castro remember these names
Historical election last night once again. Locally, we passed the Pre K for SA initiative and Joaquin Castro is San Antonio’s newest congressman. Just like his brother Julian, I am sure he will make us all proud. Nationally, the election marked a success for *** and *** voters as the state of Wisconsin became the first state to elect an openly *** or *** representative to the United States Senate. Also, ballot initiatives to allow same-sex marriage were adopted in Maine and Maryland, while others in Minnesota and Washington State are too close to call as further ballots are counted. Glad to see our nation continue to progress and that civil rights is alive in the USA. I sincerely hope the Republican Party finally learns from their mistakes and uses this as an opportunity to understand demographics. They MUST make strides to identify with women, African Americans, Latino’s, the *** and *** community, etc. They also need to understand that they MUST reject listening to and promoting ...
So optimistic about our future. Congrats to & newly elected Congressman Joaquin Castro. 🇺🇸
Congrats San Antonio and Mayor Julián Castro on passing Pre-K fro SA. And congrats to Congressman elect Joaquin Castro for Congress and Congressman elect Pete Gallego.
Joaquin Castro has won his congressional election and will represent District 20 in Texas.
Joaquin Castro Representative-elect from Texas is the younger twin brother of San Antonio Mayor Julian Castro...YOUNGER TWINS FTW!!
I know it would never ever happen, but if Julián and Joaquín Castro run for President and VP on the same ticket one day, I would die...
Congrats to the second hottest Castro, Joaquin, for winning his Congressional race!
The Castro Brothers show thier Strength in the future of the Democratic Party Congrats Joaquin Castro Texas Congressman
And lets not forget the Mayor Castro for his win in PreK, and Now Congressman Joaquin Castro for his win.
Giddy this morning. I'm so proud of Elizabeth Warren and Clare McCaskill, Tammy Baldwin, many others around the country--and of course Julian and Joaquin Castro and Lloyd Doggett here in SA. Now to liberalize the rest of Texas . . . a daunting task.
Victory for Pete Gallego and Joaquin Castro, and "Pre-K for SA" is a go!
Let's get ready for 2016. Democratic ticket looks like this Kristen Gillibrand for President, potential V.P. picks Chris Van Hollen, Julian or Joaquin Castro. Don't forget to vote.
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Amazing election! Obama won, the Senate gained three Democratic senators (including Tammy Baldwin, the first openly *** senator), & Maine, Maryland, and Minnesota voted for marriage equality. In local news, Pre-K for SA passed! And Joaquin Castro is on his way to the House of Representitves! For those of you wondering how to celebrate, Colorado has legalized the sale and use of recreational weed!
Joaquin Castro won in Texas! So proud of that young man! A son of an immigrant worker that put him through college cleaning bathrooms!
Congratulations to JOAQUIN CASTRO! Do read intrvw w him in our Adventure issue.
Democratic state Rep. Pete Gallego has defeated U.S. Rep. Quico Canseco in one of the most closely watched U.S. House races in Texas.
. Julian Castro is the new homecoming queen and his twin brother Joaquin (newly elected congressman) is his lady in waiting.
It sure was a great night! Obama, Pete Gallego, Henry Cuellar, and Joaquin Castro, all victorious!
Congrats to Joaquin Castro for Congress, our new Congressman for CD20!
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