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Joanna Newsom

Joanna Newsom (born January 18, 1982) is an American harpist, pianist and singer-songwriter from Nevada City, California.

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its pretty bonkers that people other than Joanna Newsom make music, why do we need anything else
mood: Joanna Newsom singing 'should we go outside? should we bake some bread? are y'interested?' in Sprout and the Bean
Sometimes I have to stop everything I'm doing and listen to On a Good Day by Joanna Newsom.
thinking about how Joanna Newsom invented sadness with “Make Hay” and “Baby Birch”
I've been listening to Joanna Newsom for 10 years and sufjan for 8
I just finished re-listening to joanna newsom's entire discog and only cried 24 times..
I cried so hard during a Lot of his music. Same w/ Joanna newsom
anyone else that listens to joanna newsom feel inexplicably sad when you listen to her music because im Really Feeling It
Her: what's your favorite Joanna Newsom record?. Me:
Joanna Newsom: Am I so dear?. Do I run rare?. And you've changed some:. peach, plum, pear. Me:
Joanna Newsom: And I am blue. I am blue and unwell,. made me bolt like a horse. Me:
Joanna Newsom: And I have read the right books. to interpret your looks. you were knocking me down. with the palm of your eye.…
I recorded harp first or singing first. I recorded it all togethe...
Chance The Rapper's love for Joanna Newsom is what keeps me alive
have you ever listened to Joanna Newsom? I think you would like her take a listen to the album 'Divers' if you get the time to
Tim Burton's Big Fish is my favorite movie. Joanna Newsom's Cosmia is my favorite song.
Joanna Newsom - Peach Plum Pear. My favorite song today.
Joanna Newsom finally clicked for me? Job well done.
I have a deep rooted folk sensibility that I can't get away from ...
Actually can't stop listening to Ys by Joanna Newsom. My love for her has stretched far beyond time.This is it.Leave me here forever please.
People in San Francisco and the East Bay have shown interest, done...
[Joanna Newsom & Andy Samberg's house] 'Joanna! I need a good rhyme for wiener!' Joanna is outside, curled up asleep in…
Knowing that Joanna Newsom is married to Andy Samberg is the new knowing that You Oughta Know is about Dave Coulier
Joanna Newsom + Van *** Parks + Jim O'Rourke + Steve Albini (+ Bill Callahan!) on one record seemed like a dream as I idolised all of them.
Ugh can Joanna Newsom, Justin Vernon, Robin Pecknold and Sufjan Stevens just form a supergroup alreadt? Josh Tillman can come too.
A Time to Kill, starring Jaden Smith and Orlando Bloom. Directed by Stephen Frears, music by Joanna Newsom. Budget: $90m
Everyone's so mystified by Brangelina, but the bigger enigma is - obviously -the marriage of Joanna Newsom & Andy Samberg.
Same Old Man..The song endures and Karen Dalton lives on in . Joanna Newsom . Guess New York Is going insane!!
Listen to an extended recording of Joanna Newsom's beautiful Sydney Opera House set
Joanna Newsom, Jeff Daniels and the new Serial – podcasts for the weekend, our great new column by
Some favorites are Smog/Bill Callahan, Bonnie 'Prince' Billy/Palace Music, MOSKITOO, FilFla, Joanna Newsom, and Symphony of Science
Iggy Pop's show on just great radio: follows with Thelonious Monk, Pharoah Sanders, Lonnie Mack, Joanna Newsom...
Joanna Newsom permits the noise pop band Joanna Gruesome to use her name because the phrase is "trash can" not "trash…
Fiona Apple paper bag and love ridden and Joanna Newsom just all of have one on me lol
Iron & Wine now ("Upward Over the Mountain"); Elliott Smith, Okkervil River, Joanna Newsom, and Father John Misty coming up this hour!
If Lana Del Rey and Joanna Newsom were to ever collaborate, it would be like a mermaid pairing with a wood nymph.
Take away Joanna Newsom's harp, replace it with a piano and you have Heart wrenching stuff
Joanna Newsom takes otherworldly influences on the road
My effusive praise for the one and only Joanna Newsom. It was hard to keep it brief.
I am probably lying but guaranteed Joanna Newsom cover
Seeing Coheed And Cambria and Joanna Newsom this week! I have great taste. 🙃
We talked to Joanna Newsom ahead of her shows this weekend.
"when. our men are all asleep. It ain’t about how rare you are. but. how hard you are to see. ... in our blind of Winter".
I'm pretty sure this listening to Joanna Newsom's "Divers" = PMS. It has to be.
Joanna Newsom and Savages are a good draw but rest of lineup is too poor to justify the expense this year.
A few tickets have been released for Joanna Newsom's sold out 3/26 show // tix also available for 3/25
to Joanna Newsom at Orpheum Theatre in Los Angeles, CA - Mar 26
Really enjoying Fans of Karen Dalton and Joanna Newsom, listen up!
Seeing Joanna Newsom for the first time since 2010 on Friday. Probably the most excited I've been for a show in a long, long while.
Joanna Newsom, realizing how long the Emmys take, decided to wear her own chair.
Interviewed GOAT Joanna Newsom for Check it out online or in print this week.
Somewhere out there in an alternate universe joanna Newsom is a singing bartender handing out free drinks to each each customer.
How did I not know that Andy Samberg is married to Joanna Newsom?!
Omg I just bought myself a ticket to see Joanna Newsom live. I'm gonna cry the whole time.
Joanna Newsom Talks Andy Samberg and Lord of the Rings on 'Late Night,' Performs "A...
Joanna Newsom gives transfixing performance on Seth Meyers - watch...
KZ did it. She figured out how to do "Joanna Newsom sings 'Jane Says'." She is my most powerful friend.
Would like to just loop time into eternally seeing Joanna Newsom concerts please
Seeing Joanna Newsom on Easter is the reason for the season ™
Sometimes I remember Joanna Newsom exists and I want to cry for being lucky enough to find out about her & her music.
Indie darling (and Nevada City native) will perform at The Crest in April: https…
Joanna Newsom should narrate the whole Inherent Vice audiobook
The Best Shows in LA This Week. Go see good bands. Forever and Ever. Amen.
tonight Joanna Newsom tells the beautiful story of how she and Andy Samberg met, and it involves the c-word. (…
Crop of an illu I did today of Joanna Newsom for upcoming interview. B…
I hate the beach and I love Joanna Newsom
I'm missing Joanna Newsom to go to Mexico instead and I will literally never forgive myself
30-minute set from Robin Pecknold, opening for Joanna Newsom in Dublin, Ireland a few weeks ago:
Im musically obsessed with Joanna Newsom tonight - don't know why .
Win tickets to see Joanna Newsom this Friday at the Orpheum (Details:
LAST CHANCE! WIN Joanna Newsom tickets, hotel and more. Enter for The Best Night Ever -
Contest: Joanna Newsom At Orpheum Theatre: As previously reported, Joanna Newsom has two shows at the Orpheum…
turns out my Joanna Newsom impression has absolutely nothing on my Billy Bragg impression.
I want Joanna Newsom and Andy Samberg to make a collab album called Weird Mouth Sounds
You know it’s the week after SXSW when every band coming through SF has a new album out:
I am consciously trying not to make it sound Celtic or African.
Little Giant Ladders
And the Oscar for Best Supporting Actress in a Feature Film goes to... Joanna Newsom!
.trailer is here, ft. Joanna Newsom,
seriously guuys. Joanna Newsom's Have One on Me is like an entire Angela Carter novel in eleven minutes.
Update: Limited tickets remain for Joanna Newsom with Robin Pecknold on March 30th. Tickets here --->
Robin Pecknold opened beautifully for Joanna Newsom last night. What a great voice! Got everyone silent .
Tickets for Joanna Newsom and Robin Pecknold at the Henry Miller Library, April 6, now on sale!. These shuttle...
Just got tickets to "Joanna Newsom / Robin Pecknold :: HMML :: Big Sur 4/6". See you there?
Tix on sale at noon today for Joanna Newsom and Robin Pecknold at on 4/6.
Magnificent, intimate, epic Joanna Newsom (and same for Robin Pecknold), just now at
There ain't too many tickets left for Joanna Newsom and Robin Pecknold on Tue 1 March. Grab em soon
Still time to grab your tickets for Joanna Newsom and Robin Pecknold (Fleet Foxes)'s great performances
Great show Theatre of the Absurd from loving Jandek, Colin Stetson and Joanna Newsom
Joanna Newsom, Animal Collective and Bat for Lashes to headline End of the Road 2016
Here's the first names for 2016's Animal Collective and Joanna Newsom lead the list: https:…
I had no idea that Andy Samberg and Joanna Newsom were married. Where has the harp been on the Lonely Island tracks?
Imagine getting invited to dinner with Paul Thomas Anderson and Maya Rudolph and Joanna Newsom and Andy Samberg
Joanna Newsom also tells Larry King that her dream collaborators are and
6 o' 6 of my favorite songs of '15 Radicalfashion, The Lavender Flue, Deantoni Parks, Joanna Newsom, lee, Yowler and
What if a movie used Terry Gross voiceovers the way Inherent Vice used Joanna Newsom voiceovers?
Spectacular albums that unfortunately didn't make this list are from Joanna Newsom, Neon Indian, Bjork, Selena Gomez, and Empress Of.
Live! Tonight! Joanna Newsom is at the Royal Oak Music Theatre in Michigan!
Emmy Awards 2015:Kiernan Shipka in Dior, Lady Gaga in Brandon Maxwell, Joanna Newsom in Delpozo.miyu
Joanna Newsom at Kings Theatre was incredible, and I've never seen such a majestic theater:
New show! Joanna Newsom at The Glasgow Royal Concert Hall on Wed 2 Mar! Tix on sale now via ht…
Dec 7-13 What to do this week: Joanna Newsom, Al Hirschfeld and X-Mas Philes galore
This week: Al Hirschfeld at Joanna Newsom at & more
Joanna Newsom is at the height of her powers on 'Divers.'
Erykah Badu, Joanna Newsom, Dinosaur Jr. and more in this week's Pop Scene
The 'how was work honey?' conversations between Andy Samberg and Joanna Newsom must be amazing.
The new Joanna Newsom,Divers and Van Morrison, Astral Weeks reissue. Vinyl to be added later.   10% Off
Joanna Newsom notches her first No. 1 on Billboard's Alternative Albums chart
Spotify avoids talking about the issue entirely, needs to retake economics. I'll side with Swift and Japan on this.
Any girls out there in EP look like Joanna newsom? Asking for a friend
There were a ton of new NYC shows listed on the blob this week. These are the very best of them.
Listened to Joanna Newsom's "Cosmia"...yeah. I liked that vocal style back in '95 when it was called Bjork.
debating on buying a ticket for Joanna newsom and sitting alone to think about existing while she sings
leaked footage of Joanna Newsom's NYC show(s)
Joanna Newsom's new record is amazing. Nice way to wrap up an all night-er in the office!
literally DUH there are bodies under Washington Square Park, that's what the entire Joanna Newsom song "Sapokanikan" i…
Just gonna listen to "Anecdotes" from the new Joanna Newsom album, and weep and weep forever
London is hosting Oneohtrix Point Never and Joanna Newsom this weekend, and I have tickets to both.
New Joanna Newsom + Grimes + Car Seat Headrest records might all be amongst this year's 10 best
Joanna Newsom - "The North Star Grassman and the Ravens" (Sandy Denny cover)-Better?
the fellas from Kinshasa via Salford AND Joanna Newsom (but only once)
It's not just a new Dave Gahan there's also a new Joanna Newsom album out!
I am in absolute awe of Joanna Newsom after that perf on Jools Holland singing "Leaving the City". Stunning. Beautiful. Breathtaking. TY.
Did Joanna Newsom only want to do one song?
Joanna Newsom, love her dearly. Once tormented my indy mate with her double album of harp music
How come Robbie Williams loving Ceelo Green gets four songs and Joanna newsom one? Not sure I'll bother with next series
Got stoked that DS9 was playing some obscure Karen Dalton track, but I had just left the new Joanna Newsom on in the background.
Wow Joanna Newsom was unreal on Unbelievable harp-playing skills 🙏🏻🙌🏻
After watching Joanna Newsom (cross between Bjork and Kate Bush) on makes me want to take up the's just so beautiful...
Joanna Newsom would be amazing if she didn't sing.
Watch make her telly debut with 'Touch' on Jools Holland:
By this time next week I will have seen both Joanna Newsom and Julia Holter in concert. What a wonderful world we live in.
Bugger, missed Joanna Newsom on Waiting to hear if she gets a second song before looking up her first. God I love her.
Ys by Joanna Newsom is nearly ten years old and that's kind of scary
Low, Joanna newsom and the arcs definitely the stand outs on Jools Holland this week
Joanna Newsom was quite impressive on just then. You never see any blokes play the harp though eh?
Joanna Newsom on Jools - how comes anyone is taking this wittering Barbie seriously? Never mind the fawning reviews. Giving music a bad name
Joanna Newsom is mint anarl, hats off to Jools bookers this week
Loving Joanna Newsom on I always feel like she should have a group of kittens around her, purring in time to her ethereal harp
Joanna Newsom on . Absolutely slaying it. A genius of several stripes.
This is especially true w/ Joanna Newsom's latest LP, it really needs to be listened to as a whole album.
Just heard Joanna Newsom for the first time. Pretty good like
Good God, this Joanna Newsom has one of the most annoying voices I’ve ever heard!!
If Kate Bush was just the squeaky voice without the talent she'd definitely be Joanna Newsom
Is it just me, or does Joanna Newsom on sound extremely like Kate Bush
I always feel like this when they have someone amazing on, but I do wish they'd just let Joanna Newsom finish the rest of the show
Watch Joanna Newsom perform Divers' track "Leaving the City" on with Jools Holland https:/…
It's going to be awkward when Joanna Newsom hears Kate Bush for the first time.
Joanna Newsom,Think of Kate Bush playing a harp.Sounds good.
Joanna newsom is just a pound shop Kate Bush really
Later with Jules: Joanna Newsom I like her interesting music
has Joanna Newsom done her new single "My mum say's I can't play with you anymore" b/w "my spider's run out of legs" ?
new fave thing: PTA vid for Joanna Newsom's 'Divers'. check it out now 🔥🔥🔥
Have got fabulous new albums of Low & the magical Joanna Newsom
Fortunately I have the BBC+Talent channel which means I only have to watch Low and Joanna Newsom. :-p
I'm down in Winchester today. Any gigs lined up soon? Have Zola Jesus, Joanna Newsom and Lucy Rose lined up x
Unreserved seating at the Joanna Newsom gig tomorrow means I'll probably be queuing outside the Albert Hall from about 5pm tomorrow...
Do you like Joanna Newsom?! If not this is from her new album. She's an actual god.
Congrats to Joanna Newsom for making me hop in my car and go buy a physical CD for the first time in 2015
I'm going to spend all day listening to Joanna Newsom and then go see Violent Soho tonight.
I can't read any Joanna Newsom profiles that mention Andy Samburg, but that's my problem. No one else's.
Sometimes i think about the fact that Joanna Newsom and Andy Samburg are together and am so perplexed but so happy
Tune in to Rocks at 8pm for new music by Baroness, Joanna Newsom & Billy F. Gibbons
There were ill-fitting gowns and eyesores galore on the red carpet this year and the likes of Alan Cumming, Joanna Newsom, Naomi Grossman,
So has been sublime all evening: Scott Walker, Joanna Newsom, Timber Timbre, John Dowland, Chilly Gonzalez, Widowspeak. Gino Paoli
Have tickets for PJ Harvey, Abigail Washburn (with Bela Fleck) and Joanna Newsom. Up the women!
I liked a video Devendra Banhart and Joanna Newsom interview
The new Vanessa Carlton song is like a Tori Amos/Joanna Newsom hybrid living in a dreamscape (that's a v good thing)
In high school I was a gross choir nerd who only listened to Joni Mitchell Fleet Foxes and Joanna Newsom and wore grandpa sweaters
Mandatory music from this week: Joanna Newsom + more
Mandatory music from this week: Joanna Newsom + more. —
New album by Joanna Newsom, available on October 23, 2015.
PTA could direct him, Maya Rudolph, Joanna Newsom, and Andy Samberg eating brunch and I'd watch the *** out of it.
We are excited to announce that a new Joanna Newsom song was released this morning! Directed by Paul Thomas Anderson h…
Joanna Newsom's new song Sapokanikan - the Lenape-given name for Greenwich Village meaning tobacco field. Greatness.
It was you who suggested that PTA make his 3 Women with Joanna Newsom and Maya Rudolph, y/n?
Joanna Newsom's new album, Divers, features arrangements from and
Joanna Newsom announces 'Divers.' Watch a video directed by Paul Thomas Anderson.
Joanna Newsom announces new album Divers, shares "Sapokanikan" video
Joanna Newsom announces new album Divers, out 10/23 on and drops video for new track "Sapokanikan".
Joanna Newsom-esque but post-Industrial Revolution. Her new record is on spotify!
The last time Joanna Newsom released music Blue Whales looked like this:
Get 6 Free VitaTops
It's wild to think that all these Joanna Newsom songs that deal with love most likely have to do with Andy Samberg, lovely dorks I'm sure.
I love Andy Samberg but I literally do not understand how he is married to Joanna Newsom?? So weird!! What is she even like in person?
Come tour Moorcrest, the mindblowing estate Andy Samberg and Joanna Newsom bought last summer:
I love Joanna Newsom and Andy Samberg as a couple bc they seem like such an unlikely pair on the surface
I don't think I'll ever forgive Andy Samberg for taking Joanna Newsom from me.
Andy Samberg turned Joanna Newsom into normie scum
Joanna Newsom and Andy Samberg must be the weirdest famous couple in the world.
I'm still in love with Joanna Newsom.
I used to talk about joanna newsom so much when I type "ya" it corrects it to "ys" (no one will understand this except )
I'm listening to Joanna Newsom in reverence before sleep.
Lakes and Joanna Newsom tunes work exceptionally well.
Just having a little Joanna Newsom party here in my living room, no cause for alarm.
Do you think Joanna Newsom and Joanna Angel text one another?
6:13am Sprout and The Bean by Joanna Newsom from The Milk-eyed Mender
I did & really liked it, as much as the novel. Think Joaquin Phoenix, Joanna Newsom & Reese Witherspoon were brilliant. (1/2)
NHL Stanley Cup Memorabilia from The Bradford Exchange Online
Tune. My favourite Joanna Newsom tune is 'Does Not Suffice'. Could listen to it on repeat forever.
Just learned, a year after the fact, that I've been to Joanna Newsom's hometown.
Watching Inherent Vice last night has set me off on a Joanna Newsom binge
Finally saw Inherent Vice. Joanna Newsom was definitely Thomas Pynchon, right?
Mom still says she'd rather listen to Björk than Joanna Newsom, though, so there's that.
Paul Thomas Anderson directing what is presumably a Joanna Newsom music video on Macdougal with a crew of 4 and no one …
work was partly inspired by Joanna Newsom's Live version
Does anybody listen to Joanna Newsom? probably not.
azalea banks' happened in the span of one Joanna Newsom song
Lana Del Rey's entire career happened in the space between Joanna Newsom albums, that's tremendous
Joanna Newsom be safe out there. Will trade water for new album if it comes to that.
Saw 's show tonight. Amazing comedy with a emotional heart. I *cannot* resist material what demands knowledge of Joanna Newsom!
Re Moon tunes - long before Joanna Newsom there was Stina Nordenstam :-).
every couple years I try to get Joanna Newsom and every time I fail
Joanna gruesome would be a cool metal Joanna newsom cover band.
This is goodbye from Connor and for this term! This is Joanna Newsom with Go Long
AHEM. A collaborator. I gotta lotta love for muses, but Joanna Newsom is a *** artist, not a muse.
Here's a cover of the Sprout and the Bean by Joanna Newsom recorded live at the
WHHHAT? *hyperventilates into paper bag reserved for news of new Joanna Newsom*
its like Joanna Newsom all over again
Really I'd just prefer to be sitting in a plush armchair and listening to Joanna Newsom right now
Also, Joanna Newsom’s character as the unexplained anchor/narrator to the story is kind of wonderful.
Listening to that fab 'Emily' track by Joanna Newsom.
Bit of cocorosie and joanna newsom to help soothe me
Tuesday night poll: what is Joanna Newsom's favorite sandwich you think?
Beautiful live music at from - if you like or Joanna Newsom give her a listen!
Went to Cades Cove today and listened to Joanna Newsom
that like 9 minute song from the second Joanna Newsom album.
the Roots using Joanna Newsom's tune a few years back (Right On) was one a favorite
Aaron Schock's career has come and gone, but we still don't have Joanna Newsom's fourth album
I've now reached a place where I read "Joanna Newsom" and think it SHOULD be "Joanna Gruesome."
that's actually why I got to his wiki page. I was looking up stuff about Joanna Newsom because talked about her
new album is magical. Like if Vashti Bunyan and Joanna Newsom had a baby.
Joanna Newsom is the new face of Versace but you have to ferry to a twilight forest glade on a lonely island to see the photos
Premiere: *** performed by w/ Joanna Newsom on the Inherent Vice OST
Listen: *** , written by Radiohead, recorded by Jonny Greenwood & Supergrass (w/ Joanna Newsom) for Inherent Vice http:/…
if you saw Joanna Newsom perform Ys with the Chicago Symphony Orchestra and it was so great it changed your molecular structure.
The Jaden&Willow Smith interview reads like a Joanna Newsom song "I've been reading ancient tomes, quantum physics osho,time does not exist"
Every so often I remember Joanna Newsom married Andy Samberg and smile because anything can happen.
I lament for Taylor Swift fans. If they'd been born a decade or so sooner they could have been Joanna Newsom or Kate Bush adherents instead.
Plenty of releases in stock! Ty Segall, Dope Body, Elisa Ambrogio, Death, White Fence, and Joanna Newsom's debut!
Joanna Newsom will portray the "earth-goddess-like" narrator of Paul Thomas Anderson's new film 'Inherent Vice'.
Watch the trailer for Paul Thomas Anderson's new film Inherent Vice, narrated by Joanna Newsom
Jeeze louise - a PT Anderson picture narrated by Joanna Newsom sounds like fan fiction, written by me.
Hi I'm Bri I'm an aspiring comedian my best impressions are Joanna Newsom, Edward James Olmos, and Rosie Perez so gimme a call hey okay then
Free Deep Chocolate VitaMuffins on $79
think I may have just written a Joanna Newsom song by mistake.
Early morning stroll down my new road, hopping along to Joanna Newsom omg I am in my element
AJJ? When will we get more Joanna Newsom?. I can't stop listening to Metronomy, myself.
The lady playing at the Bistro sounds like an amalgam of Dolores O'Riordan and Joanna Newsom. Not sure how I feel about that.
I want an Andy Samberg feature on the next Joanna Newsom album
Couldn't find fave belt for months & was cleaning apt & pulled out Joanna Newsom harp from Halloween & the belt was the strap. Well. Ahem.
with your liking of Joanna Newsom, have you checked out Ursula Burns? Lovely and loopy in equal measures!
"I've got two peaches & a plum at home... now I just need a pear!" - my super edgy Joanna Newsom humor
Well, thank you! Can I email you some writing I did about Joanna Newsom?
Old ticket for a concert with Joanna Newsom & Philip Glass
Sometimes I'm actually in the mood to sit down and dig Joanna Newsom:
loved the show last night. From a big fan of the WM3 and Joanna Newsom!
2. Sia is no Joanna Newsom, her vocal style isn't new or unique
yeah but he's married to Joanna Newsom she's so perf
Bumping Joanna Newsom on a garden nymph tip
Unlimited Calling US/Canada phone service
I can now confirm that has found her Joanna Newsom fans in myself and
Never had a canyon in my heart where ponies are run at night, escaping, until Joanna Newsom dropped it there from her hot air balloon.
first Joanna Newsom album sounding lovely on the drive back from Cullen.
I don't think anyone predicted when Joanna Newsom hit the scene that in 10yrs she would end up being such a popular hip hop sample source
10:04pm Bridges and Balloons by Joanna Newsom from The Milk-eyed Mender
'Have you heard Joanna Gruesome?' 'Oh yeah, she's great. I've got her debut CD, I really like it.' And no, not a Newsom mishear.
Wiki indicates Samberg is married to Joanna Newsom?!
fka Twigs LP so *** good... just need new Joanna Newsom + Flying Lotus and I'll be content for the year
getting asked if i was Joanna Newsom at mellow mushroom! umm do i look like her?.
Great, I'm leaving right as Joanna Newsom plays. Worst day ever.
what is Joanna Newsom doing right now? where is she? come back to us Joanna. come back to us when you are ready.
"Farewell to the loves that ive known even muddy as waters run tell me, what is meant by sittin' alone in a garden."-Joanna Newsom
I'll probably stop listening to Joanna Newsom when I die.
Oh, and I'm listening to Joanna Newsom and I have *no* idea what I'm doing. That's definitely important to feeling like I'm back in college.
Oh god I'm going to watch Joanna Newsom live videos until I cry myself to sleep again
hey how likely is it that Joanna Newsom will play yr fest? Can't think of a better setting for her music 😏
gonna just...lie down and bask in some Joanna Newsom for awhile.
Can't you just listen to Joanna Newsom and weep with me?
Hey innernet, does Ysus (Yees-us) exist? Not sure I want a Joanna Newsom x Kanye West mashup, but the wordplay is too good to pass up.
Joanna Newsom. Why didn't I hear about you years ago?
favourite show of fringe so far although personal favourite joanna newsom album is Ys
Joanna Newsom's "Good Intentions Paving Company" is one quotable lyric after another. American treasure, that one.
Joanna Newsom isn't human. Her music is too magical.
Joanna Newsom is one talented lady. What a voice.
I just found out a death grip and a deerhoof and joanna newsom had a drum circle band? it's terrible
Andy Samberg & Joanna Newsom buy a Hollywood Hills estate once owned by Mary Astor and lived in by Charlie Chaplin:
you'd think that but I'm picking the dark horse of putting Joanna Newsom on the same page as Dances With Wolves
Heard squeaky singing on radio yesterday, ran to kitchen to hear Joanna Newsom. It was Keith Harris & Orville. To be fair my ear is blocked.
least favorite people on earth: Julia Stiles and Joanna Newsom
Just found out Joanna Newsom was married to Andy Sandberg several months ago. My romantic life is over. Where is the nearest seminary?
"...its influence apparent on everyone from Kate Bush and Tori Amos to St. Vincent and Joanna Newsom."
Joanna Newsom's songs are so amazing! Thank you, Hannah Prebble
joanna newsom is, for me, the singer I first heard two years ago and immediately it felt like I'd been listening to her my whole life
I dont think its possible to explain how much I love joanna newsom?
Joanna Newsom makes my ears cry for mercy
From the album BUILD ME UP FROM BONES. Written by Joanna Newsom. Order the new album here! iTunes: Amazon:
I think my cat likes Joanna Newsom just as much as I do ~things future cat ladies say
I just want to get a harp and sit around all day transcribing all my favorite songs. Joanna Newsom & The Ys Street Band - Cosmia:
Reminds me of Joanna Newsom. Same type of voice
Songs that describe my life right now: "Seasons (Waiting on You)" by Future Islands "Problem" by Ariana Grande (feat. Iggy Azalea) "In California" by Joanna Newsom I like to think I'm a diverse kid
“On a Good Day” by Joanna Newsom is my new jam. Listen:
and get you out the house to stop you feeling all lonely cause Kats at work, your just gonna spend today listening to Joanna newsom on loop
Future & Young Thug are the rap game Joanna Newsom
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