Joan Rivers & Fashion Police

Joan Alexandra Molinsky, publicly known as Joan Rivers, (born June 8, 1933) is an American television personality, comedian, and actress. Fashion police comically refers to individuals belonging to an imaginary police force that ensures people dress according to good taste or fashion. 5.0/5

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"Rihanna is so hot, she can make popcorn with her *** " Joan Rivers - "Fashion Police"
my husband and I love you and Fashion Police. We just wanted to tell that you were SO right to walk off that the interview
I love Joan Rivers. She is a diva, a legend, a great comedienne and when I have met her at Fashion Police...
Joan Rivers was being interviewed on CNN’s Newsroom with host Fredericka Whitfield to promote the comedienne’s new book, “Diary of a Mad Diva,” when the 81-year-old Fashion Police host took offense to Whitfield’s negative line of questioning.
No comment, what do you think, guys? Fashion Police host, Joan Rivers was in NYC Monday at a bookstore appearance, where she also officiated an impromptu *** wedding between two of her fans, when a reporter asked her if she thought the US would ever see a…
How much do you think the people on Fashion Police get paid to laugh at Joan Rivers' jokes?
Joan rivers really annoys me on Fashion Police
Watch us on Fashion Police tomorrow 👸🌹 http:/…
One of the shows I enjoy watching, entirely for the fashion is Fashion Police. True, Joan Rivers has a filthy mouth, but half the time she says things so fast I don't get it all, and the other half of the time I don't know who the people are that she's referring to. Last night she crossed the line. I will never watch the show again, And I wish I knew how to make this message go all over the world, so that everyone would stop watching. She talked about someone getting less action than the POPE'S private part, which she called by name. Who's next, Jesus?
If you don't watch Fashion Police, you should. Joan Rivers may miss on a few jokes but when she nails it, she nails it.
I love to hear the fake laughs some of the guests do while on Fashion Police. Joan Rivers just isn't funny.
I can't believe some of the things that come outta Joan Rivers' mouth on Fashion Police! Hilarious!
I love Joan Rivers. I love Fashion Police. I do not care about your judgment. So there.
Kim K. holds grudges over Joan Rivers’ Fashion Police insults Kim Kardashian or Joan Rivers who has more star power? Apparently it is, Kim Kardashian who did not want to be seated beside the Fashion Police Beast Joan Rivers at Thursday’s NBC… [ 270 more words. ]
((There are some things it's completely inappropriate to joke about and Joan Rivers, this was one of them: "Queen of tasteless jokes Joan Rivers has outdone herself, comparing accommodations in her daughter's guest room to those the Cleveland women kidnapped by Ariel Castro experienced when they were held captive and raped for 10 years. Rivers' remarks on the "Today" show on April 22, that "those women in the basement in Cleveland had more space" than when she was staying with her daughter, have unsurprisingly offended the kidnapped victims Amanda Berry and Gina DeJesus, whose lawyers want an apology from the 80-year-old "Fashion Police" co-host. But Rivers, being who she is, refuses to apologize under the guise that it's comedy: "I'm a comedienne. I know what those girls went through. It was a little, stupid joke," she said in an interview with local Cleveland paper The Plain Dealer. "There is nothing to apologize for. I made a joke. That's what I do. Calm down. Calm f--king down. I'm a comedienne. They' ...
It doesn't bother me when Joan Rivers jokes about celebrities on Fashion Police...these comments, however, are a different story. Do you agree?
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Veteran comedienne Joan Rivers has slammed Gwyneth Paltrow for confronting her over a negative critique of her style on “Fashion Police.” Rivers and her co-stars, including Kelly Osbourne and Giuliana Rancic, dish out their opinions of celebrities' Red Carpet style on the raucous c
The 65-year-old Australian singer and actress cuddled up to Joan Rivers on E!'s Fashion Police ahead of starting her Vegas residency next week.
Joan Rivers in hot water for Heidi Klum Holocaust joke
Sadly Oscar Pistorious has become a world wide target 4 jokes, today on fashion police,Joan Rivers says Victoria Beckhams idea on using a treadmill while wearing heels is as dangerous as using the bathroom @ night in Oscar Pistorious's house.NOw thats a sore 1.kwa
Joan Rivers on Fashion Police is too rude, how hasn't she been stabbed yet?😭
Andre Kelley is checking out Victor Cruz on Spot-A-Guy. I woke up today UP-SET! I just found out, I missed Victor Cruz last night on E!'s Fashion Police! Victor (in my head Veek-Tor) and Joan Rivers together would've been a dream come true for me. I love me some him! Someday, we're gonna' meet and sweartagawd I'm gonna' squeeze the stuffing outta' him! He be muy delicioso!
Fashion police now start. Meh belly lock with this Joan Rivers. Well yes.
Ran into Joan Rivers in NYC - she actually laughed out loud when I yelled out I was calling the Fashion Police on her! Lol. True.
Wow! Joan Rivers still Says the Wildest one liners on Fashion Police! Great edgy writers, but her delivery!!
Love this idea!! And yes I am a BIG FAN! I tried & donated to be a guest on Fashion Police & the incredible Joan Rivers. I lost but it was for a worthy cause. And I loved the signed photo and thank you letter. Great work Omaze team!! love your name &'s omazing alright
Still laughing - Joan Rivers on Fashion Police -- "Shawn White as the Little Mermaid looks like Lindsay Lohan in 10 years playing Ariel in The Tempest in Dinner Theater outside of Boca."
I am laughing so hard right now I'm crying...Joan Rivers cracks me up on Fashion Police...she's a total potty mouth but she's hilarious!
If anyone knows Victor Cruz who plays with the NY Giants, we all know he's a mix of Latino and African American. Well he's on Fashion Police with Joan Rivers and she called him BLATINO, I almost fell off my chair. Joan is the funniest ever and crosses all racial and social barriers lol. I love me some Joan
A bit bored. I'm watching Fashion Police (Joan Rivers is .merciless) but I love the clothes. John is sleeping, he'd say resting his eyes, but he's asleep. What a way to spend a Friday night?
Sick at home and watching the Oscars special of Fashion Police. I love Joan Rivers, but *** her jokes are stale. Like, 4 years old stale.
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Guiliana Rancic is just waiting for Joan Rivers to croak so she can take over Fashion Police
How great will that be?!! You will be stunning I'm sure! Then you can be on Fashion Police with Joan!
Fire the person who said that Joan Rivers should be on Fashion Police. First of all, have you seen her?
Think you need to ask & her Fashion Police for comment on this one --> fashion-shaming
But Joan Rivers has the personality of a foot, so why is Fashion Police still a thing?
"She/He looks so (adjective) it reminds me of (something snarky)". -Joan Rivers on the entire episode of Fashion Police.
What does one do when insomnia creeps in??? Why, watch Fashion Police w/Joan Rivers and her insatiable taste in bad jokes of course!!
watching Fashion Police &* Joan Rivers is a problemmm straight violating ohdee with her smart remarks lmao . 😂😂😂😂
Fashion Police..Don't bother me Joan Rivers is so deliciously mean.
Did anyone see "Fashion Police"... Joan Rivers.OMG...As most of you know I am not a fan of Liza Minnelli or her mother...I know all of my *** friends are gasping at this moment...BUT Liza was absolutely hideous tonight on Joan's show.pitiful..what in the *** has she done to her face and her mouth... WOW (it was weird anyway), but oh Lord..she and Mama Kardashian favor each other a tad.and poor Donatella Versace, what happened to her face...the plastic surgeons for both should be fined.whew.after that ranting, Charlize Theron was beautiful !
Love me some Joan Rivers and Fashion Police after an awards show. My favorite Joan slam..."Is that Jarod Leto or the head waiter at the Last Supper?"
"Is it just me or did Liza Minnelli look like the oldest stewardess at Jet Blue?" - Joan Rivers on E!'s "Fashion Police" talking 2014 Oscars.
Has anyone ever seen the show, Fashion Police on E TV? That Joan Rivers is off the chain. She will say anything. I'm in tears listening to her Oscars show. Wow!
Oh the things Joan Rivers says on Fashion Police. SMH LOL!
Uh-oh! Joan Rivers and Missy Piggy are so not getting along. Just last night, the Fashion Police ...
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Joan Rivers is a hot mess . I love her.. Fashion Police
Wow! The lengths that Joan Rivers will go on Fashion Police!
Ok I don't usually watch crap like Fashion Police... And I love Ozzy Osborne and family but people why has Joan Rivers not smoked Kelly Osborne for that horrible Orchid colored hair !
Joan Rivers, you're killing me! Fashion Police is quite the hoot tonight!
Grandparents are watching Fashion Police -_- lol... Joan Rivers looks like a clown having a heart attack
Fashion Police... Joan Rivers have meh belly lock . lmao
I wish I could work on E! Fashion Police with Joan Rivers, literally dying at what she is saying right now!
"My mother once told me.. if you have nothing nice to say, then don't say anything at all .." (°_°) -Joan Rivers of Fashion Police
Some people watch the Oscars for Fashion, I watch Fashion Police with Joan Rivers the day after the Oscars. Lol
watching Fashion Police with Joan Rivers special about The Academy Awards dresses. I am dying laughing. this woman is too funny. I know some don't like her but I love her and her crew...gotta go to laugh some more. Joan made one statement about one of the actress falling on the Red Carpet. she said "this girl falls more then Courtney love on Mushroom Monday" nite nite
Okay, I'm watching Fashion Police and Joan Rivers is becoming annoying.. She's trying too hard to be funny and just coming off as crass and tacky.
Came home only to find my dog broke one of his nails again. Poor baby. :( So watching Joan Rivers on Fashion Police so funny and I need the laughs.
Joan Rivers and the Fashion Police critiquing the Oscars! Fun times!! LOL :-)
Oh Joan Rivers, give me life with Fashion Police! Makes my entire day
Night-after-the Oscars "Guilty Pleasure" countdown: Fashion Police with Joan Rivers.
Just waiting for Fashion Police to come on E channel at 9:30 for 90 mins tonight. Im not the biggest Joan Rivers fan but she is always at her best after a big awards show. I think it will be a very funny show tonight. Enjoy.
Joan Rivers went a bit overboard on the dessert at the QVC pre-Oscar party in Beverly Hills on Friday night. The "Fashion Police" host appeared to have
Awards season is a busy time for Fashion Police host Joan Rivers, and she'll have a lot of style judging to do after the Oscars this Sunday! Of course, the week leading up to the Academy Awards sti...
Joan Rivers on Fashion Police took a look at a Beckham's family photo and went, "Amazing, one cannot imagine that each one of them were at one time or the other inside her!", she was referring to Victoria!
In case you're also searching, I finally found Oscars schedule: Sunday, "Live From the Red Carpet" on E! 5:30-8:30p with Ryan Seacrest and Giuliana Rancic, or "Oscars Red Carpet Live" on ABC 7-8:30p with Robin Roberts and Lara Spencer, and the actual Oscars on ABC 8:30-11:30p with Ellen Degeneres. Then, on Monday, "Fashion Police" with my girl Joan Rivers and the rest of the crew from 9:30-11p. Fun list of nominees as a printable ballot here:
E! News anchor, cohost of "E!'s Fashion Police with Joan Rivers", and star of "Giuliana & Bill", Giuliana Rancic, joined Brynn McKenry on The Brynn Project to chat Oscars' predictions from what to expect on the Red Carpet to the must-see movie nominations.
In case you weren’t already convinced, the fabulous Joan Rivers has 10 amazing reasons why you should enter to fly to LA and gossip with her on Fashion Police. Every entry supports the Geffen's Education and Outreach programs! -Karen
Want to gossip with Joan Rivers on the set of Fashion Police? Enter here to support a great cause:
Well am just thinking that during the past weekend there were so many "Fashion Police aka Joan Rivers" and Simon Cowel's around!! Seems that all of a sudden too many are into dictating what others should wear on stage.. bloody *** live and let live! Is it that that there are so many that don't accept the fact that Ira Losco is an amazing artist and she has it all from good looks to an amazing voice.
I loved The Beatles tribute last night, the music was great, but as soon as I saw Katy Perry I could hear Joan Rivers in my head ripping her outfit on the Fashion Police. It looked like a floor-length version of one of those beauty-shop smocks you'd wear while getting your hair washed. Ed Sheeran's version of "In My Life" was great, so was Annie Lenox doing "The Fool on the Hill."
I just love Joan Rivers on Fashion Police on E, she makes me giggle,that woman is so funny x
I am so obsessed with Joan Rivers on Fashion Police. I want to be her when I grow up.
Having a really great snugday catching up on the awards season a la Fashion Police with Emily Louise & Kevin Spencer and of course Joan Rivers and the FP team, the online platform that offers anyone the opportunity to enter to win once-in-a-lifetime experiences with celebrities, athletes, and the world’s greatest thinkers, all to benefit social causes, has partnered with Hollywood icon and star of E!’s Fashion Police, Joan Rivers, to offer a dre...
"She looks amazing! Her make-up is softer than John Travolta at the Playboy mansion."- Joan Rivers on "Fashion Police referring to Rita Ora.
'Drunk' Kelly Osbourne heckles Joan Rivers during THAT stand-up routine as comic insults friend Kim Kardashian's baby She has sought treatment in rehab for drug and alcohol addiction on four separate occasions. But Kelly Osbourne was allegedly 'drunk and obnoxious' during a stand-up show by her colleague Joan Rivers last week. The E! Fashion Police star, who does not claim to be teetotal, was seen heckling her co-host during the evening. +5 Friends, really: Kelly Osbourne kisses her E! Fashion Police co-host Joan Rivers in an Instagram, from last week 'Kelly had one drink before the show started and then during the show, she got up and went to the bar to get even more drinks,' an audience member told Radar Online. 'Kelly was yelling things out to Joan during the show when no one else was and she was throwing her hands up in the air. 'She was doing it obnoxiously. Everyone around her thought she was drunk.' +5 Colleagues: Joan and Kelly with Adam Lambert at a party to launch the book Glamorous By George la ...
Kelly Osbourne Broke Her Engagement… | If you wanted to see Joan Rivers criticizing wedding dress Kelly Osbourne on Fashion Police, Kelly Osbourne Broke Her Engagement... had a solid relationship until July last year when they announced they were engaged.
Joan Rivers, host of 'Fashion Police,' took aim and fired on Oscar-winner, the lovably neurotic and impeccably dressed –usually in Dior—Jennifer Lawrence.
Jennifer Lawrence is one of Hollywood's biggest sweethearts. The "Hunger Games: Catching Fire" beauty was recently named AP's "Entertainer of the Year." But that doesn't mean "Fashion Police" funny-woman Joan Rivers is a fan...
Jennifer Lawrence is almost universally beloved, but she managed to make at least one enemy this past year. It seems that "Fashion Police" co-host Joan Rivers ...
Fashion Police is so funny.Joan Rivers is ace :)
Laying watching Joan Rivers on Fashion Police, while I wait for test, she is freaking hilarious!!!
Fashion Police with Joan Rivers is frigging hilarious. One of my new faves
Joan Rivers said on Fashion Police that "Jennifer Lawrence is more randomly stunning than a monkey with a taser." For some inexplicable reason, this tickles me.
my dad is laughing his *** off at Joan Rivers on fashion police 😂
-Joan Rivers, Giuliana Rancic & the Rest of the Fashion Police Gang Reveal Their Halloween Costumes—Watch Now!
Joan Rivers fires back at Jennifer Lawrence after 'Fashion Police' criticism - Newsday
Whatever Jennifer Lawrence says about Fashion Police, Still Love me She is funny & fierce & Awesome!!!
Rivers slams Lawrence for 'Fashion Police' insult read here ,
By Jethro Nededog TheWrap Joan Rivers is striking back at Jennifer Lawrence for comments she made about E!'s 'Fashion Police.' While promoting 'The Hunger Games: Catching Fire' via a Yahoo chat, Lawrence ...
Lawrence + Gaga have it wrong about Fashion Police The show judges clothes not people Jokes are Joan Rivers stand up comedy not judgement
Said while watching fashion police with Joan Rivers dancing. "Oh, the old b**ch is twerking"
Perez Hilton (no, I don't read her frequently, was looking for into on another story, and his site popped up first) had a slideshow of celebrity-inspired Halloween costumes... Obviously Miley or Robin Thicke, and a pretty funny/inspired idea (for him) of being Beyonce during her "fan disaster" where the weave got caught in a fan and she kept singing as people tried to free her hair. (That would be a bit involved tho.) There's one about Pariah Carey and glam'd up / rhinestone, etc "slings" for a dislocated shoulder she suffered (picture below) -- that injury and related "fashion statement casts" must have slipped under my pop culture radar... About the only time I hear about Pariah is when Joan Rivers makes fun of her on "Fashion Police". But if you ask me, for anyone who wants to go all out on a celeb-inspired costume (and experience!), going to WeHo's "Largest in the country" Halloween Street Festival "dressed" as Britney Spears making her now infamous ABC GMA "major announcement" appearance from a f ...
This might sound *** but I actually kind of like Fashion Police. Joan Rivers is crazy.
Goes back to watching Fashion Police. Joan Rivers completes my Wednesday nights.
We’re on Fashion Police with Joan Rivers Who’s watching??
I know I've accomplished a lot in my career, but my real dream is to be on Fashion Police with Joan Rivers!
Somebody call Joan Rivers and the fashion police, I'm wearing white shoes after labor day!
Tell President Obama that If I wanted to see a "limited narrow act," I'd watch Joan Rivers on "Fashion Police."
Chrissy Teigen told Joan Rivers on Fashion Police that she never wears underwear, I hope she's joking
Hey Joan I am your fan and my grandma loves your show Fashion Police and your BIGGEST
I'm ticked off right now. I've watched and followed all the coverage on Paula Deen these past few weeks and something really bugs me. This poor woman is being persecuted because of one comment she made 30 years ago yet Alec Baldwin goes after a reporter and uses an offensive word in his rant to him and he gets off scott free. Plus I was just watching Fashion Police and Joan Rivers was making fat jokes about Kirstie Alley and that's funny??? Why is it acceptable to make fun of overweight people and put them down? Paula says something offensive decades ago and it's ruining her company. Alec says something offensive and although it isn't ruining his career, it was considered news worthy. But anyone can make a fat joke and it's just funny. How sad is that? There is something seriously wrong with this country.
I looove the Fashion Police with Joan Rivers and cast on E. It's great. She is one of the funniest ladies on the planet to me. The stuff that comes out of her mouth. Fricken hysterical. I am a Joan Ranger!!! Hehehe
Can this be true? 'Fashion Police' fetes host Joan Rivers at age 80 (Providence Journal): Share With Friends: ...
Congrats to all the Tony Award recipients and BRAVO to Neil Patrick Harris. However, while I love dogs e-u! Special love to Harvey Fierstein and Cindy Lauper on "Kinky Boots"! Joan Rivers is going to have a field day on "Fashion Police" on the dresses though...again...e-u! AND, once again Audra Mcdonald gets special alternative casting consideration as a rap singer! (Hee Hee)
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Ok notes for the summer, I was watching Fashion Police, love Joan Rivers! But being the fashion police that I am, note to everyone, Speedos do not look good on anyone, no matter how fit you are, they don't look good! Seen too many at the Jersey Shore, remember Kathy Weick and Kim Haun, speedo posse at Wildwood, too funny! just saying not a good look
And on the fifth day, god gave us wedge heels, to determine who Joan Rivers should roast on fashion police
Who has the baddest mouth Piers Morgan, Chelsea Handler or Joan Rivers of the Fashion Police
New career goal is to work alongside Joan Rivers on Fashion Police
Christina loves on Joan Rivers tonight on E's Fashion Police !
Watching Fashion Police, I freakin love Joan Rivers... She makes me LAUGH OUT LOUD.. too funny!!
Can't wait to creep on everyone's pictures from prom and act like Joan Rivers on fashion police
Fashion Police with Joan Rivers is epic. My silly programme preference after a difficult week.
vanessa outfit is busier than Adele kitchen at snack time. You made my night! Fashion Police lol
Tonight I learned that Scout is extremely entertained by Joan Rivers and the rest of the Fashion Police.
Even Giuliana Rancic Gets Critiqued By Joan Rivers - We all know and love E! Fashion Police, our...
I think maybe Jerry meant 'Fashion Police' on E! because I'm fairly certain that Joan Rivers is a co-host on that show.
you are talking about Joan Rivers. The show is Fashion Police, the dress show is yes to the dress.
"Those boobs are faker than a Chris Brown apology" - Joan Rivers on Fashion Police 😂😂😂
Y are these 53 extra presenters trying to form Fashion Police??? Sorry u can't be Joan Rivers
unlimited calling, voip, phone service
please watch our 3rd Fashion Police episode, the campus version:
Fashion Police: Nicki Minaj&the pope. | Joan Rivers: I'm shocked. I didn't know the pope is dating. Worst dress nominee! | LOL
Joan Rivers: Adele needs to lose weight: Fashion Police host Joan Rivers has lambasted Adele on TV by calling ...
Usile lo mama we Fashion Police kodwa, Joan Rivers: Adele needs to lose weight she is a pig
Joan Rivers is in control of Fashion Police but she wears zebra & tomato print blazers...
Watchin' Fashion Police.. Oh my lanta Joan Rivers you are hilarious 😂👌
Loved Alyssa on Fashion Police. Should have her on more.
Catching up on fashion police.Joan Rivers is so funny
Fashion queens? This is a sad excuse for show. You can't copy fashion police and expect to be successful without Joan Rivers.
My Fashion Rule: Don't wear anything you think Joan Rivers would critic on Fashion Police.
Here is our little star again...can't wait to see our boy on Fashion Police with Joan Rivers!!
My Guilty Pleasure is watching Fashion Police!!! I love Joan Rivers, Kelly Osbourne, George Kotsiopoulos and Giuliana Rancic ❤❤❤❤
How about a racing Fashion Police show with We do it during International Week. Special Guest.
Not feeling well, so I'm UP watching "Fashion Police"... Joan Rivers on Ice Skating Supa Star Johnny Weir,...
Joan Rivers is making fun of Justin on Fashion Police but has she looked in the mirror
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I love watching you on the Fashion Police and Joan knows best! You are a RIOT!! Thanks for the laughs. You always make me laug
Fashion Police to see my grandma, Joan Rivers.
Joan Rivers just made my night on fashion police
Breaking: Kelly Osborne collapses on the set of Fashion Police.
I was worried that I would be bored while Andrew has his guys night out, but I just saw that Fashion Police is on soon. Joan Rivers is the best.
Joan Rivers on her hit TV show Fashion Police remarked about Heidi Klum "the last time a German looked this hot is when they were pushing Jews into the ovens." Rivers, who is Jewish, refuses to apologize for the remark. Thoughts?
I secretly watch "Fashion Police" - Joan Rivers cracks me up. She'll say anything.
Never posted before but so sickened by Joan Rivers comment about Heidi Klum and Holocaust that I had to say let's all never watch Fashion Police or any other show or product that she is associated with.
Joan Rivers slammed over jokes about Adele: Los Angeles: 'Fashion Police' judge Heidi Klum is facing backlash ...
I just Die for the show "Fashion Police" with Joan Rivers. is named the worst dressed Nominee of the Oscars
Am I the only person who watches Fashion Police on E FAITHFULLY every week to get ideas???
Joan Rivers says she won't apologize for a joke that's stirring controversy. It was a comment Rivers made about Heidi Klum's Oscar dress while appearing Monday on "Fashion Police" on E!. "The last ...
Did you see Fashion Police? I laughed until my stomach hurt when Joan Rivers said Heidi Klum's boobs were falling faster than the cast of Downton Abbey. :p
I admit to watching "Fashion Police" today, the 90-minute Oscars special -- until Joan Rivers, looking like a Buddha, made a joke (this is true) about Jews in the ovens -- unbelievable. And of course they didn't critique the look of the purple-haired Kelly Osbourne, sitting there in her Aunt Jemima phase.
Joan Rivers is not funny. She's obnoxious and mean and I don't get why E! continues to let her ruin Fashion Police.
Joan Rivers tore up Kristen Stewart on fashion police and it was wonderful
Joan Rivers *** idk why anyone listens to her on fashion police
Watching the Academy Awards Live from the Red Carpet - I don't know if I'm more excited about seeing what everyone's wearing or what Joan Rivers is going to say about what they're wearing on Fashion Police later this week!
Check out this article with data provided by IntoNow! "IntoNow from Yahoo analyzed audio from the past year of Fashion Police, Entertainment Tonight and Access Hollywood, and found that Joan Rivers and her entourage compliment celebrities 18 times more often than they criticize them..."
Send your picture to Joan Rivers to make her day on Fashion Police and give her some tips!
This new format for NBA skills comps is boring! It would work better if Joan Rivers & fashion police commented on players attire
Joan Rivers and the Fashion Police should cover the fashions in this NBA all star event.Starting with Daryl Dawkins easter suit.
Fashion Police is my favorite. Actually, Joan Rivers is my favorite.
Joan Rivers be crack me up on Fashion Police...
Joan rivers is hella mean on Fashion Police
Joan Rivers on Fashion Police is so irreverent...LOL
I just voiced my opinion on what program will be on. Fashion Police. I freaking love joan rivers.
If u don't watch Fashion Police with Joan Rivers, Guiliana Rancic, and Kelly Osbourne ur really missing out on life 😂😂😂😂
Joan Rivers does Fashion Police on uniforms. 6 hours of Red Carpet coverage beforehand.
I'm planning a Fashion Police after prom. And I will be Joan Rivers.
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Can't wait to see how Joan Rivers and the E! Fashion Police rip into these train wrecks tomorrow -
Anxious to see Bey. Her outfit better be perfect bc I'm not prepared for a Joan Rivers roast on fashion police tomorrow
Sarah Silverman - who do you admire? Steve Martin. I worshiped Steve Martin as a kid. And Woody Allen, Albert Brooks, Joan Rivers. I loved Joan Rivers' book, Enter Talking, as a kid. And now she's more vital than ever. I can't believe the stuff she gets away with on Fashion Police!
I love Fashion Police! Please tell me where the white studded vases that are behind you on set are from? Sorry for the boring Q
Every time I see ombre hair now, I think of what Joan Rivers said on Fashion Police recently: "2011 called, they...
WATCH: Joan Rivers Drops Uncensored F-Bomb on Fashion Police: VIDEO - Joan Rivers drops an uncensored F-bomb on ...
Fashion Police with Joan Rivers on E is the best...Joan is so f**king funny.
filming for Fashion Police with Joan Rivers and George Kotsiopoulos this morning (28th January):
Agreed. That woman is annoying. RTI love Fashion Police. I hate Joan Rivers.
Joan Rivers on the latest episode of Fashion Police was more hilarious than usual!
Taylor was awarded 'Best Dressed' at the 2013 Golden Globes by Joan Rivers on Fashion Police.
Fashion Police is like the Mean Girls of Hollywood, and Joan Rivers is Regina George.
Okay, dunno why this is on TV and i'm watching it with Fashion Police...but Joan Rivers just was making fun of Kim Kardashian...okay yes this is non of the country world. They were talking about how Charleise (sp?) doesn't want her yellow dress back because Kim stretched it out, and so and so. THIS IS WHY GIRLS THIS AGE ARE NOT HAPPY WITH THEMSELVES! This is the stuff that pisses me off more than anything. Yes Kim K. has some "issues" I give her props for being a curvy celebrity. -CurvyChevyGal
Joan Rivers' mouth is ridiculous. She is nothing to be played wit! Watching fashion police Golden Globes special.
Taylor dress at the Golden Globe Awards named as the best dress by Joan Rivers from Police Fashion!
Little Giant Ladders
My dad is seriously cracking up to listening to Joan Rivers on fashion police
My dad hates Joan Rivers and I'm making him watch fashion police.
I love Fashion Police but can't stand Joan Rivers... the problems I face on winter break. I'm ready for Manhappiness.
Joan Rivers is wayyy too funny on Fashion Police 😂😂
I like watching Fashion Police because I love how reckless Joan Rivers talks and I love Kelly Osbourne and her hair 😍
Not necessarily a fan of Joan Rivers but she is hilarious on Fashion Police discussing the Golden Globes awards fashion.
I love watching Fashion Police. Joan Rivers is so blunt.
Joan Rivers, on Fashion Police, is vicious. She's being so mean about the Golden Globes.
Confession. I agree with Joan Rivers opinion on Jennifer Lawrence's dress on Fashion Police.
I've never been a big fan of Joan Rivers, but occasionally she can be funny. I have been trying to watch Fashion Police, for Golden Globes (never watch the ceremonies), she has said the most hateful, vulgar, disgusting things about everyone! I can't believe she could think that stuff is funny!!!
Naughty But Nice Rob: Joan Rivers: Kelly Osbourne's 'Feelings Get Hurt Very Easily' Lady Gaga isn’t backing down after her back-and-forth with Kelly and Sharon Osbourne last week, responding to the open letter Sharon posted. And neither is "Fashion Police" star Joan Rivers or the E! network. “Kelly talked about Gaga fans in January and now she is responding. She is the slowest reader in the world,” Joan tells The Huffington Post. “I think she is doing all this to get attention as her tour isn’t selling. Everything this woman does is about getting attention. I think she is a genius.” All the drama started when Kelly said she thought Gaga might be pregnant because of her noticeable weight gain at the 2012 Grammys. After that, Kelly started getting nasty messages from Gaga’s fans. Finally, Kelly told the U.K.’s Fabulous magazine, “Lady Gaga’s fans are the worst.” Since then, mom Sharon has written an open letter to Gaga . “The only thing that really upsets me is that Kelly is an open ...
Omg I love Joan Rivers! Watching Fashion Police she just said Jessica Chastine's boobs look like Jack Nicholson's balls in last nights Golden Globes
The Golden Globes don't officially end until Joan Rivers and co. have their say on the night's best and worst dressed! Tune-in to Fashion Police, tonight at 9/8c on E!
Now on to the serious business of the Golden Globes. I am a wannabe fashionista - I admit it. I am also a Joan Ranger on the Fashion Police. My picks for best and worst dressed are. BEST is Kate Hudson. I am obsessed with that dress, hair, makeup and total package. WORST or as Joan Rivers would say "fashole of the week" is JLo. That dress was "from the block." Totally could see something like that hanging on a store front on Canal St. That look, for me, was too cliche for her.
THE WORLD TODAY...gardners, maids, and cooks in the mountain rain forest all stopped to watch Fashion Police promos and comment on the Spanish version of the Golden Globes Red Carpet show...when I mentioned the name Joan Rivers everyone broke out in a broad go Girl...and wash out your mouth.
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When Lady Gaga told Kelly Osbourne to stop being negative on "Fashion Police," she must have known the show's star, Joan Rivers, wasn't going to sit by and let her show or her friend Kelly be attacked. Now the comedy legend tells The Huffington Post that Gaga should watch out.
Joan Rivers heads the 'Fashion Police': Along with Giuliana Rancic, Kelly Osbourne, and George Kotsiopoulos, Joa...
I caught Joan Rivers ripping the Spice Girls on Fashion Police (aside from Victoria, ofc). I was loling ngl.
George Kotsiopoulos, stylist to the stars and co-host of Fashion Police with Joan Rivers, has a book forthcoming with Abrams Image. GLAMOROUS, BY GEORGE will be a guide to bringing that special kind of Red Carpet elegance and glamour into our everyday lives on a reasonable budget. Kotsiopoulos, whose name I can now spell from memory, is aiming to bring out readers' "inner movie star" in an accessible and affordable way.
Hope all you Joan Rangers out there tuned into Fashion Police's 100th show on Friday night. The clip of Joan swimming in a fountain with Olympic swimmer Ryan Lochte was hilarious. Poor Lindsay Lohan was named worst-dressed for the 100-show span. As if she doesn't have enough problems! If you're a Joan Rivers' fan, she's bringing her one-woman show to the Sovereign Center in Reading on Friday, April 26. Start dropping hints now that a ticket would be a fabulous Christmas gift. Sounds like the perfect girl's night out!
Could not sleep very well last night but by the time I did fall asleep it was time to get up and let the dogs out then I watched Fashion Police because Joan Rivers is a trip..came back up stairs worked on FarmVille...Bejeweled..the dogs are laying down so I guess now I will try to get some sleep to.gonna try
Joan Rivers on Fashion Police just said someones ouifit was tackier than ABQ's International Airport gift shop...lmao
Watching Fashion Police and Joan Rivers comments are hilarious!
RIP Larry Hagman. Will they replace him on Dallas or just wipe him off? And tell me why is Joan Rivers hosting Fashion Police , of all people. Lol.
If anyone watches and shops on QVC, please listen up. Joan Rivers, who sells a whole lot on that channel, recently was on her program "Fashion Police" and was having a lot of fun talking about Jackie Kennedy's hair do the day her husband Jack Kennedy was murdered. This woman, Rivers, sells her stuff, saying its so "Jackie O." Ms. Rivers is beyond belief, I'm e mailing QVC, we stopped Jane Fonda, stop Joan Rivers. If she appears on that program I'm calling and bombarding them with messages. It shows a total a lack of respect. Raises the question, how much money does one person need? More importantly, have you no decency at all? I'm done with her.
Next year I am writing a letter to Joan Rivers so that she can do fashion Police on the artists.
Fashion Police w/Joan Rivers is hilarious! You are missing out if you don't watch it! Lmbo
Three thangs iLurned ova da weekend...1...burger kings new curly fries taste like elephant ears...2...Ducc Dynasty is not a bad show...(sidenote) Joan Rivers on Fashion Police be actin racist as *** ..SWEAR...and 3...too much yogart in one settin will fucc your digestive system a good way as day say...
Joan Rivers said if Rita Ora looks anymore like Rihanna, she's gonna have to take out a restraining order against Chris Brown. Ctfu. I love Fashion Police.
I just put the TV on Fashion Police and saw Joan Rivers face that's going to be the next Lion Women with all that plastic surgeries.
Next week is the 100th episode of Fashion Police...and Joan Rivers is doing her 99 Best Fash *** !! I am so excited!!! There is a GOD!!!
OMG! Joan Rivers just said "Its not Madonna cause there are no WALKERS, and its not Adele cause they're no "WAFFLES". hit the floor.FASHION POLICE
Joan Rivers on Joan Rivers on Fashion Police she's just awesome! So *** funny!
I love Fashion Police! Seriously, Joan Rivers is the funniest woman on the planet!!
Comedian, actress, and Fashion Police host Joan Rivers, cooked the Thanksgiving meal for her family... 30 years ago. "It was so terrible we had to send out for deli food," she recalls. "My husband said, 'You can write a joke but get out of the kitchen.'"Virtually ever since, Joan has hosted a catered dinner for family and friends in her New York City apartment. Handing over her oven mitts has allowed Joan to spend Thanksgiving morning with her grandson Cooper, taking meals to New Yorkers suffering from AIDS and cancer through God's Love We Deliver. People know in advance that she's coming, but Joan still manages to surprise them: "I sit and gossip. I'll give them a tidbit about Lindsay Lohan so they have a story to tell people!". ... Remember Joan Rivers will be the keynote speaker at the YWCA Tribute to Women dinner on May 14, 2013. Tickets will be going on sale in December..Just in time to purchase them as a Christmass gift for those Joan Rivers fans in your family.
Why Joan Rivers and her "Fashion Police" co-host were critiqueing a picture of Halle Berry looking kinda tired and dry I'm the face & Joan said: Halle needs to moisturize, I know black don't crack, but bi-racial need a facial. When that living wax museum figure said that I fell the f&out and died.
Day 19: today I am grateful for Joan Rivers and the Fashion Police. I just can't get enough of it. This show inspires me to "have fun with fashion" and Joan is freaking hilarious!!! She is so brutally honest! I also love seeing what Kelly Osborne wears every week.
Alleyah Lawrence Dork is right, if she is too much of a baby to say anything to that son of a bleep blob, Mackenzie, then she is just screaming out “HEY EVERYONE I AM A DORK, MAKE FUN OF ME ALL DAY LONG!” Now what about that son of a bleep blob Mackenzie, WHAT IS YOUR PROBLEM? Are you some kind of random person that likes being jack butt? Really someone tell me how this works. Is it one of the rules in that school to be a jerk to those who aren’t able to afford things you can? THIS IS MESSED UP. Someone shower me with their knowledge. By the way, where are all the teachers in this book are they not in school? Their school needs more teachers watching the kids. People are getting BULLIED. While looking at the pictures in the book, I feel like Joan Rivers from Fashion Police. Honestly, they have the worst outfits known to mankind... Well not Mackenzie. She should have her own fashion line. But Nikki? My GLOB! I just wonder why her mom allows her to leave the house with what she has on. Someone have th ...
Pittsburg Steelers, I expect to see those uniforms on Fashion Police next Friday with Joan Rivers naming you collectively the Fash-holes of the week.
Joan Rivers is on fire tonight on Fashion Police. I love her but please don't have Carmen Electra as a special guest again.
I love Fashion Police it's great Joan Rivers is hysterical
Love that show. Joan Rivers is hilarious “Fashion Police”
You need to be more Joan Rivers on Fashion Police. She is ON FIRE tonight!
Ctfup! Joan Rivers going in today man , Watching "Fashion Police" w/ my stepsister .. Weak!
I hate fashion police just cause Joan Rivers is in it.. 😒
OMG...watching the fashion police with Joan Rivers...havent laughed that hard in a long time.
Joan Rivers and this Fashion Police show is a riot!
Joan Rivers is thigh slapping funny like! Love her! Joan & Melissa: Joan knows best then fashion police, hilarious! :')
Lost without Downton... fortunately, Joan Rivers is there to save me on Fashion Police.
Let's play a game of who said what. Me and Shauna. Do these shoes look good with these pants? Yeah they look good I feel like they're dated...kinda 90'ish. No they look really good OK.but if I'm on Joan Rivers fashion police for worst of the week I'm gonna be mad.
Downing coffee and watching Fashion Police in my stolen fleece sweat pants, holey tee-shirt ,hair on end and yesterdays make up while agreeing with Joan Rivers . Yep pretty sure best way to spend Sunday morning
Joan Rivers is off the hook on Fashion Police!
Indulging in a Guilty Pleasure on Sunday morning! Fashion Police on E... Joan Rivers you are too much. Go on girl.
Here's a problem.. My body clock thinks 8:45 is sleeping in. Here's a solution.. Fashion Police is on and Joan Rivers is hilarious
I don't know if Joan Rivers has gotten funnier or better writers, but I love Fashion Police.
So I am not a Huge fashion person, but has anyone watched Fashion Police...and not for the fashion but just to hear what Joan Rivers has to say..its hilarious!!! Got my laugh of the night.
Finally home. Watching Fashion Police for the 1st time /my mom. I freaking LOVE Joan Rivers!!!
Naija Fashion Week: we ought to get Joan Rivers down here :) Kelly would have a blast..first class fashion police material at every turn!
The ISH that comes out if Joan Rivers mouth!! Luv FASHION POLICE! I wanna b a Joan Ranger!
My Guilty Pleasure, Joan Rivers and Fashion Police. Love love love.
likes watching Fashion Police with Joan hilarious.
I would enjoy watching Fashion Police alot more if Joan Rivers was not on it. I cant stand her..
Guilty Pleasure- watching Fashion Police on E- I know Joan Rivers can say mean things...but, I haven't laughed so hard in a long time!!!
Joan Rivers, I love you and your raunchy humor! I think I could watch fashion police all day!!
LMFAO watching Fashion Police! Joan Rivers, aka, The Joker, is still a hoot and surprise surprise Kelli Osborne knows her fashion! (Like I'm an expert). Has me laffin...
I think that Joan Rivers should kick Kelly Osbourne off of the fashion police, because by the way she looks she has absolutely no business talkin trash about anybody's fashion sence.
says, "Joan Rivers is tearing these people to shreds on Fashion Police!"
I love Fashion Police, Joan Rivers cracks me up!
Joan Rivers fashion police makes me want to sign up for cable tv!!
I wish the fashion police didnt come so late on fridays. Joan Rivers gives me life. I love her :)
Ugh.. I guess she doesn't have mirrors in her home and lives alone. Because, surely, someone would've told her how she looked before showing up like this in PUBLIC! Where's Joan Rivers and The Fashion Police??! Because, this is not a crime, it's a FELONY!
About to attend a taping of Fashion Police with Joan Rivers. I confess I dressed with a little extra care this morning.
Night at home. Wife's choice - Fashion Police. Joan Rivers has just described a dress with a long gaping side as being like Arnold Shwarzenegger's marriage - all the action is on the side. And that's after saying that she (Joan) should be the new face of Tupperware as her face was all plastic. It's interesting entering this strange world for a whole.
So love that Joan Rivers said the word "cooch" on Fashion Police!
Ok my fellow Project Runway watchers, the dress that the host has on was just worn by another actress (can't remember her name) on the Red Carpet. and critiqued by Joan's rivers and the Fashion Police.
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Laughing to myself at Kris Jenner as PSY doing gangnam style on Fashion Police. Love that programme even though Joan Rivers is so so harsh
Joan Rivers is halarious and Ive always been a fan of kelly clarkson and Kris Jenner they have a show Fashion Police and it's super funny! joan is terrible!
Oh how I love Joan Rivers on Fashion Police! On another note, do any of my FB friends use Google+?
I know I shouldn't laugh or even watch Fashion Police. But I find Joan Rivers funny. Can't help it.
I am watching my true Guilty Pleasure.Fashion Police. Joan Rivers says some of the most outlandish things!
At the park. Just saw some shiny black spandex. Do they still make those bike shorts? Straight out of a Fashion Police episode. Joan Rivers would have a field day!
I don't understand how Joan Rivers of all people is allowed to be on fashion police... Talk about plastics surgery, only 750+ !
Fashion Police on E! Is def my Guilty Pleasure. Joan Rivers is hilarious
Several teams debuted new uniforms and helmets on Saturday, and some were good, some were bad and some were downright ugly. So, we here at Doc Saturday decided to play Joan Rivers and the fashion police and give our critiques … Continue reading →
Ok, so why am I becoming addicted to Fashion Police with Joan Rivers?
Watching Joan Rivers and the Fashion Police.hilarious.but she is spot on with some of the ridiculous ensembles that some celebrities wear. They're doing a 1992 retro thing...omg...did we actually think some of that stuff was glamorous?
Did I just hear Joan Rivers on Fashion Police say that Demi Lovato's career has been up and down more than John Travolta's head in a male steam room? She kills me.
Watching Joan Rivers on Fashion Police: She says, "Her career has gone up & down more times than John Travolta in a steam room." Ha!
Fashion Police!! Joan Rivers OMG I wish I was ballsy as her!!
if you're spotted wearing over-sized Crocs, flared dress pants carrying a Coach bag and have had so much plastic surgery Joan Rivers would be jealous the Fashion Police should be allowed to steal you away in the night
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Classic line from Joan Rivers on Fashion Police commenting on Brian Lochte the Olympic gold medal swimmer. 'Brians a lot like my *** once it's dry, the magic has gone!' lmfao
would be something I look forward to if they had Joan Rivers on stage instead of the singer, doing Fashion Police
hi Joan Rivers how u doing how come i never saw Roger from American Dad and Stevie Greffins from family guy is legend on Fashion Police i think they look better than most of these people on it lol...
Joan Rivers just cracks me up from fashion police. I can watch this show the whole day.
Joan Rivers is killin me on fashion police. No filter. Love. It.
Joan Rivers fan for life lol she killing me!!! Fashion Police
Fashion police is all jokes lol love Joan Rivers! ;)
I love Fashion Police! I love seeing all the beautiful Celebs and dresses .. But I cannot handle Joan Rivers ! I have tolerated her over the years but she ruins this show! Her jokes are not funny , she's giving advice about fashion and look how she dresses , and last but not least she is scarier looking than the chucky doll ! .. Ok I needed to get that off my chest.. Thank you :)
Don't miss Joan Rivers on Fashion Police: E! at 10pm
I've said it before but Joan Rivers' Fashion Police is essential viewing. Hilarious.
I could watch Fashion Police all day. Joan Rivers is too funny!
Channel surfing and here's Joan Rivers. Does anyone else find her as obnoxious as I? She's crudely making fun of Paul the Beetle's ex-wife. Now by all accounts this was not a nice woman, but Joan was mocking her having only one leg. She's not witty, that takes intelligence.she's just a bully.which only takes a mean spirit. . Oh dear, this is Fashion Police and Kelly Osborne is one of the judges.but she's being nice. What I'm wondering.there have been many Best Dressed lists, the latest one just came out in Vanity Fair (yes, Kate Middleton is there).but has anyone ever seen Rivers on one? So how does she become a fashion judge?
Danny pointed out a girl on fashion police (Sharon Osborne) when we were at the valet. How can somebody that dresses so oddly be policing others? Joan Rivers would have been fabulous.
Love, love, love the Fashion Police. It's full of fashion, fun and filthy mouth Great way to start the weekend :)
Fashion Police to get a good laugh for the night from my grandma
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Watching fashion police...Joan Rivers is a mess
World, I am watching fashion police with Joan Rivers... she is so nasty, witchy woman! could you imagine how bad I feel?
Just enjoyed Fashion Police with Joan Rivers It should be on Comedy Central - hysterical! Kelly Osbourne doesn't earn the right to criticize when she sits there in purple hair! Not a flattering look.
3 mile run with SPURS tonight...totally erased by my very heavy-handed pour of sauvignon blanc (don't want to "risk" carpal tunnel) and 1 oz of Saint Andre Triple Creme Brie (as a "Christmas and Easter Catholic" I feel like this cheese has to qualify as an original SIN). I blame it all on Joan Rivers and the Fashion Police. *** fashion shows...I am a slave to you!
I was watching the Fashion Police the other nite with my mom, and the only question I ALWAYS have is.How can Joan Rivers criticise anybody when her face looks like a Catcher's mit?
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