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Joan Cusack

Joan Mary Cusack (born October 11, 1962) is an American film, stage and television actress.

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is it odd that I'm listening to Stevie Nicks & picturing you playing Joan Cusack singing "Edge of Seventeen" in School of Rock?
Among her competition for the prize was co-stars Laverne Cox and Natasha Lyonne. Uzo Aduba's portrayal of *** prisoner Suzanne 'Crazy Eyes' Warren on Orange is the New Black not only made an impression with viewers, it also vowed Emmy voters. On Saturday (16 August), Aduza was announced as the winner of Outstanding Guest Actress In A Comedy Series Emmy. Among her competitors were OITNB co-stars Natasha Lyonne and Laverne Cox. Other nominees in the category were Tina Fey and Melissa McCarthy for their work hosting Saturday Night Live and Joan Cusack for her work on Shameless. Aduza was presented her award by Morgan Freeman during the Creative Arts Emmys ceremony at the Nokia Theater in Los Angeles. 'I don’t know how to say how incredibly impressed I am to be a part of this show day in, day out,' Aduba said from the podium. Backstage, she tearfully told reporters: 'I feel so full, that’s why the tears come out. I’m stuffed. My cup runneth over right now. Mission accomplished, thank you.' Source: g ...
I'd like to order a Face/Off or Heat style double top billing movie with Laura Dern vs Joan Cusack, please
him walking down the bus trying to be all cool ..that was 1of John &Joan Cusack's first movies together
Former students:. George Clooney, P. Diddy John and Joan Cusack, Dakota Fanning, Melissa and Sarah Gilbert, and Helen Hunt.
Dude! It's like that movie where Joan Cusack asks Kevin Kline "IS EVERYBODY *** " Kids are screwed up enough w absent parents. 😠
I see all great nods for and and William H MacY & Joan Cusack for There are def some good 1's (in comedy)
Sad day, and Jeremy Allen White snubbed for Emmy nominations. But congrats to William H. Macy & Joan Cusack!
I used to fancy Joan Cusack and Anjelica Huston so much in Addams Family Values. Still do.
Joan Cusack dragging Uncle Fester around by the *** this whole movie smh
Watched Addams Family Values when I was a kid and never knew it was so filthy. Joan Cusack is torturing Uncle Fester w/the promise of sex.
Only 6 Days till the UK release of LOVE LIKE THE MOVIES! # 6 on the LOVE LIKE THE MOVIES list: 16 Candles Fun Facts: 1. QUEEN of Rom-Com: Joan Cusack & John both had parts. 2.license plate number on Jake’s car “21850” is Director John Hughes Birthday. 3.Ringwald and Hall dated briefly in real life. IKR? 4. Real ages during filming? Molly: 15, Hall:15, Jake:23 5.The cake in the iconic final scene was made out of cardboard.
Remember when SNL had a cast with: Joan Cusack, Robert Downey Jr, Anthony Michael Hall, & Randy Quaid, and it wasn't a fever dream?
I can see John Cusack and not instantly think of his sister. I can't see Joan Cusack and not think of John Cusack though. Or "important phone features, like the number 8."
Didn't think it was possible. i started off with Almost Famous - great Cameron Crowe flick and then settled in for Inside LLewyn Davis from the Coen Brothers thinking it would be cool/hip/uplifting.cue High Fidelity with John Cusack, Joan Cusack, Jack Black, Lisa Bonet, Catherine Zeta Jones and it does not approach the quality of the book by Nick Formby. Aargh...when will I learn? PS shout out to Shawn, who felt Godzilla pain.
On a commuter ferry. All I need is Melanie Griffith, Joan Cusack, and the Working Girl soundtrack.
I didn't need to see Joan Cusack do that—. My childhood is ruined—.
I feel like Joan Cusack torches every set after one of her movies wraps.
I am the Joan Cusack character in the romantic comedy that is your life. - Mindy Lahiri
This film marked the screen debut of Joan Cusack -
I hope Michelle Nunn goes on to become president so Joan Cusack can play her in a biopic.
I like that there's a movie where John and Joan Cusack actually play brother and sister. It's very satisfying.
Hey, remember the guy that fell on Joan Cusack?
Here's what's happening as the years go by: Kevin Spacey is morphing into Gene Hackman. John Cusack and Joan Cusack are morphing into the same person.
All I kept thinking was holy crap that woman sounds EXACTLY like Joan Cusack. WELL, bc it's Ann Cusack.
Ooh, I had Ghostbusters on my list but not Pointe Blank, I had Joan Cusack down for Working Girl (personal fav) though.
nor did I! Last two the secretary in Ghostbusters and my personal fav Marcella (Joan Cusack) in Grosse Pointe Blank
President of Joan cusack's fan club
Powerful scenes, brilliant montage. Joan Cusack's on screen now though so things are gonna be okay. Okay.
A6: did you know i once served scones to joan cusack?!
Peep & the Big Wide World is the most adult watchable kids show I've found so far. Thank you to Joan Cusack and the good people at Peep!
If John Cusack does a movie without Joan Cusack does he really do a movie at all?
An added bonus to any movie is, inevitably, Joan Cusack.
Voir dire would be a lot more fun if John Cusack were here. ... No, wait... if Joan Cusack were here. I think she's the superior Cusack.
Hmm... just read an article titled 'Celebs You Didn’t Know Were Related' and one pairing was Joan Cusack and John Cusack. I MEAN, COME ON!?
Oh, and Joan Cusack looking like a dried up piece of biltong cept I don't want to bite that.
When mindy says "I am the Joan Cusack character In the romantic comedy of your life" in season 1, I have never related to anything more
I hate Joan Cusack because she stole my water drinking scene.
i have never hated any character as much as I hate joan cusack in this show
Just amazing Keep up the great work - UK is next! RE: Joan Cusack Approves These
OH MY GOD. The first track on album is a song version of Joan Cusack's "What about Debbie?" speech from
Joan Cusack's voice is awesome just because.
on the launch of in Approves These Candles
This is how Joan Cusack throws an in-store bash:
Why does John Cusack play the dead brother in this movie smh WHY COULDNT THEY HAVE TAKEN JOAN INSTEAD
it's in my top ten of all films ever. Especially the Edge of Seventeen scene with Joan Cusack.
Softball Rampage Has A Wide Selection of Products.
LOVE that film. Joan Cusack is heartbreakingly good in that.
Joan Cusack is such an amazing actress
woke up at 3am,been watching rerun of 's show on fr 2006,love seeing Joan Cusack cooking, never a bad episode for years!
Joan Cusack is the light of my life
I can't tell you a Joan Cusack movie that she's done without her brother.
I like this woman. There's something of the Joan Cusack in Toys about her
Sheila is the greatest character ever, Joan Cusack you absolute genius
Wow! I just won this for free, War, INC John and Joan Cusack, Dan Aykroyd, Marisa Tomei, Ben K
H. Macy and Joan Cusack and the daughter boyfriend from Reba show I forget his name! Plus other ppl too
COMEDY NIGHT AT AZUL "The Most Fun You Can Have." Introducing Gwenda Perez, has worked with Julia Roberts "Valentine's Day, Julie Andrews "The Princess Diaries 2: Royal Engagement, Joan Cusack "Raising Helen, and once again with Julie Andrews "The Princess Diaries. I am a Stand Up Comedian as well as a voice over actress and front of the camera actress! I love what I do and only wish I could do more and more of it! It brings me such pleasure and joy to express my ideas and find others can relate!
Was that Oscar nominee Jesse Eisenberg you spotted munching on Johnny Rockets fries in the Mall of America food court last weekend? Fellow Oscar nominee Joan Cusack trying on boots at Nordstrom?
DID YOU KNOW? Our airport served as a location for the movie being filmed in West Michigan called, "The End of the Tour." Stars Jason Segel, Jesse Eisenberg & Joan Cusack were here. Look for us on the big screen! ;) More info:
The movie, "The End of the Tour," about author David Foster Wallace is filming in Grand Rapids, MI, starring Jesse Eisenberg, Jason Segal and Joan Cusack. They are renting out our office building tomorrow for wardrobe, makeup, extras, etc. They are filming in the building next door. Should be an interesting day! Apparently, they are looking for extras from 5 pm to 5 am.
Jesse Eisenberg, Joan Cusack + Jason Segel filmed "The End of the Tour" at Mall of America and last week ht…
School of Rock (also called The School of Rock) is a 2003 American musical comedy film directed by Richard Linklater, written by Mike White, and starring Jack Black. The main plot follows starving rock singer and guitarist, Dewey Finn (portrayed by Black), who is kicked out of his band No Vacancy and subsequently disguises himself as a substitute teacher at a prestigious prep school. After witnessing the musical talent in his students, Dewey forms a band of fifth-graders to attempt to win the upcoming Battle of the Bands and pay off his rent. The picture's supporting cast features Joan Cusack, Miranda Cosgrove and Sarah Silverman.
Alan Davies, Joan Cusack and Ellie Goulding are the main mouths I have problems with
On the real, Joan Cusack gets on all my nerves in everything she's done besides Grosse Pointe Blank. It's bad.
The Women of John Goodman: Joan Cusack in "Confessions of a Shopaholic" Based on the series of popular books by Sophie Kinsella, Mr. Goodman is paired with an actress no stranger to the roles of "the best friend" or "the older sibling", the most famous Hollywood sibling, Joan Cusack. The two play the parental voice of reason to the shopping-obsessed lead character. Joan (between reprising her "Toy Story" character Jessie for Pixar's many upon many shorts) can also be seen in the adaptation of "The Perks of Being a Wallflower" and Showtime's "Shameless."
Being completely enamored with the U.S. version of Shameless, watching an episode of the original version feels like being in a parallel universe. The U.S. version is funnier, raunchier, and has much better casting. Emmy Rossum and William H. Macy, Joan Cusack... And the U.S. version of Lip is just so *** cute. Mmm Mmm MMM!
If you are snowbound and have cable, I suggest a "Shameless" marathon. This well-written dark comedy features an excellent ensemble of actors portraying a dysfunctional family on the South Side of Chicago, with William H. Macy as the hopelessly addicted patriarch with five exceptional off-spring, fending for themselves. The show is a real eye-opening study of the wide range of social issues created by poverty and inequality, with the talented (and always underrated) Joan Cusack as the funniest agoraphobe ever! Lighten things afterward with "The Spoils of Babylon". Will Ferrell's pompous and bloated Actor's Studio character is a hoot and a half. Stay warm, my pasty friends.
William H. Macy, Joan Cusack, Jon Voight, Sir Ian McKellan, give life to each role they play, never disappoint!!
“Show me one person who was funnier after SNL.” Chris Rock, Larry David, Julia Louis-Dreyfus, Joan Cusack, etc.
I am hopelessly in love with Joan Cusack. I think it started with Working Girl and hasn't stopped since.
Take a look at Joan Cusack spying on my page. What's that like 30 of the Top Hollywood scum caught on my FB page. Hmm, do you think that would happen if I was wrong about what I'm saying? Think about it.
"I love everything about Perks of Being. A Wallflower." I almost agree. Because I think Joan Cusack can f off
spent the evening snug in my gorilla nest watching "In & Out" w/ Kevin Kline, Tom Selleck, Joan Cusack, and Debbie Reynolds. I had forgotten how much I adore that movie! It makes me ***
sending them now. Sorry the right one looks like Joan Cusack :(
Lorde sorta sings like Joan Cusack talks.
She looks like if Drew Barrymore and Joan Cusack had a baby together in the bathroom at the prom.
I really want to make a bar of soap called "DEB-RAH!" as a tribute to Joan Cusack in Addams Family Values but people won't get it.
Spotted Joan Cusack in "Sixteen Candles" the other day. After years of watching her brother, John, as one of the nerd brothers.
Think I found a movie in which Joan Cusack does not appear with her brother, John.
In the School of Rock world, I'm more of Joan Cusack drunkly singing Stevie Nicks than putting together a rock band of kids.
Joan Cusack has made some rly interesting career choices
Joan Cusack is hilarious in School of Rock!!!
I love Peep. My oldest watched that every morning!! And I love Joan Cusack so I encouraged it.
If only there was a way to tell what Joan Cusack would look like with short hair...
what's Joan Cusack's phone I'm asking for a friend
Is that Joan cusack in school of rock? What is going on here?
Is there a movie that Joan Cusack and John Cusack aren't in together? Asking for a friend.
I don't always dance, but when I do it's like Joan Cusack in 16 Candles
Feeling like Joan Cusack at the end of Toys: "I'm fine, I'm fine, Imfine Imfineimfine..."
so i just lost a very expensive bet to my wife. i was sure up and down that john and joan cusack were married. yep there brother and sister. awkward. I'm such a stooge, what actess actually takes the name of there husband anymore. i should have known better. well I'm a man of my word ill pay up.with Jessica Lynn Botts
"why is Joan Cusack in every movie ever made?"
Hey remember that guy that landed on Joan Cusack
Breast Cancer Awareness
If I wrote a movie I would have to write in Joan Cusack
okay so billy and i were talking about why does morgan freeman always play God in movies.this is our Genesis cast God-Morgan Freeman; Adam and Eve-Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie; Lilith-Jennifer Aniston; King Rameses-Arnold Vosloo; Cain and Abel-John and Joan Cusack; Noah-Josh Gates; Lucifer-John Travolta from Faceoff; Gabriel-Sting; Michael-Denzel Washington; Moses-Sam L. Jackson; Abraham and Isaac-Jay and Silent Bob; Samson and Delilah-Dwayne Johnson and Paula Patton; King David-Channing Tatum; King Solomon and the Queen of Sheeba-Laurence Fishburn and Angela Bassett; Will Ferrell-Job Stay tuned for more cast listings
my favorite part was Joan Cusack because i love her.
The last SNL cast member in a Oscar best picture nominee was Joan Cusack in Toy Story 3. There are 4 in this year's nominees.
I hate wind more than I hate Joan Cusack. And that is saying something
no doubt. ALA CoC is just a start ("just the BASE of a soup!", as Joan Cusack says in Grosse Pointe Blank).
When someone wakes you up 5 minutes before you're alarm is set to go off
Joan Cusack from Showtime's Shameless is also AMAZING in .
right. Lol. I was more shocked at going back and seeing that Joan Cusack was Fester’s wife after watching “Shameless“
Joan Cusack gives me the creeps.also John Cusack is probably a pedophile.
Joan Cusack absolute icon to me pls
I had a dream that Joan Cusack got naked and had doggy style sex with a clown in front of me what could this mean?
Balinda reminds me a little of Joan Cusack
Joan Cusack always plays the woman who used to be fun
When the writer was penning the screenplay for this film, he envisioned Robert Carradine & Joan Cusack as the leads-
Today I look like a female version of John Cusack. And no, I don't mean Joan Cusack. . (I don't look THAT good.)
I love Joan Cusack. She is so funny I'd pay just to watch her cross the street. Shameless is awesome!
looks like Joan Cusack now that he's lost weight 😕
Joan Cusack's illuminated, grinning face in a pitch black warehouse room might very well be the most terrifying mental image I can conjure.
Before Gabourey Sidibe landed the role of Precious an entertainment agent Joan Cusack 'advised' her that she...
Well Joan Cusack is the best but Lip is a close second
and what's not to like about Joan Cusack
I just spent the last 45 minutes looking for a gif of Joan Cusack running in to a drinking fountain in Broadcast News. Nothing yet.
it breaks a key movie/TV rule: any amount of Greg Kinnear is too much Greg Kinnear. It's a relative of the Joan Cusack rule.
Rewatching the movie Toys. Where the kids pilot weaponized toys. That's who we need to stop drone strikes. Robin Williams and Joan Cusack.
I just had a "Broadcast News" moment in the newsroom. Luckily I didn't run into a file cabinet like Joan Cusack.
Joan Cusack's doppelganger works at Walgreens. I just saw her check out Glen Close's doppelganger. I feel like I am in BIZARRO world!
"I am not attracted to Joan Cusack." Controversial and Sexist remark in my household, apparently.
watching the run away bride and laughing because Joan Cusack stood on the same place I did
Bra on. Contacts in. Still felt very much like Joan Cusack in when I made it out the back door and down the steps this a.m.
Just realized my professor reminds me of Joan Cusack and that makes me hate him even more.
A movie where Joan Cusack keeps texting her brother about when he has time to "catch up" but John keeps changing his A movie called life.
I'm not entirely sure what's going on with Joan Cusack's character.
the only thing that would be better is if somebody made one with Joan cusack
Joan Cusack is still so cute. She must be an ageless vampire.
Sometimes you just have to dedicate a decent chunk of your evening to thinking about Joan Cusack.
John Cusack is from Evanston Illinois and is from a family of actors. Most famously, his sister, Joan Cusack.
Joan Cusack is an amazing actress . I'm in here wanting to give her a hug through the tv watching shameless .
High Fidelity-what a great movie. Possibly my favorite Joan Cusack role too.
I wish Joan Cusack were still making movies.
"And your *** smells of BRIMSTONE AND SULFUR!" -Sheila, 'Shameless' god bless you, Joan Cusack, and your brilliance.
80s Joan Cusack is sexy. Idk what it is about her. But she is. Just...yes.
I was just amusing myself by reading excerpts on Rotten Tomatoes of scathing reviews for Arlington Road. While its Tomatometer score is 62%, it sure seems to me that the bad reviews are more intelligently written while the rest mostly have this flavor of "Huh! It's a good movie!" I hated it, can't ya tell? Among its unpardonable irritations is some ridiculously awful casting--Joan Cusack as an evil terrorist?! REALLY?
Earlier Katie Holmes repinned my pin. Just now Joan Cusack repinned my pin... I'm feeling pinterfamous...
Does Joan Cusack appear in any movies that her brother does not star in?
"If you so much as to blink in my daughter's direction, I will bury u so deep in the ground that the earth's core will incinerate your sorry *** " Joan Cusack said this in Raising Helen. Not the best line but would so use it one day.
Watching Adams Family Values and forgot the comedic genius that is Joan Cusack ("What about Debbie?")!
Joan Cusack has become my favorite actress
Two of my favorite actor and actress are John and Joan Cusack. You hardly ever see them in movies, but I love to see them act.
Joan Cusack is the worst part of every 90s movie
Joan Cusack was such a babe back in the day.
Joan cusack is so great shameless and her character is so well times
Oh, Joan Cusack. You're one of my favorite nerds.
Watching "Sixteen Candles" and just noticed that a very young John and Joan Cusack are in it. Can't believe the movie is 30 years old. Feeling kinda old 😁😨😏
Who would win in a fight Joan Cusack or Maggie Gyllenhaal?
Had the chance to work with Joan Cusack today...I think she might be the nicest person I have ever met.
Susanna Lee Hoffs was born on January 17, 1959 in Los Angeles, Ca. While a student at Berkeley she attended the final Sex Pistols show at Winterland and a Patti Smith concert. Exposure to punk rock changed her career goal from dancer to musician in a band. She eventually joined Vicki Peterson and Debbi Peterson in what would later become the Bangles. The Rickenbacker guitar company issued a Susanna Hoffs model of the 350 (which she customized herself). In 1987, Hoffs starred in the film The Allnighter, which was directed by her mother Tamar Simon Hoffs, and also featured Joan Cusack and Pam Grier. Hoffs appeared in the first Austin Powers movie as a member of the fictitious 1960s rock group Ming Tea, fronted by the title character. In real life, Ming Tea consisted of actor Mike Myers, Hoffs, Canadian musician/producer Christopher Ward, and singer Matthew Sweet. This group made a number of television performances (with Myers in character as Powers).
Ended up watching 'My Sister's Keeper' instead. I love Joan Cusack!
Yeah. I forgot about Eddie Murphy. And if you're being that way: Randy Quaid, Joan Cusack, and Robert Downey Jr.
We have a movie super star working with our students at Beebe!!! The lovely and soft-spoken Mrs. Rattary has been at Beebe for 3 fantastic years. Who would've guessed that she's rubbed shoulders with John & Joan Cusack, Lisa Bonet and Jack Black in the movie "High Fidelity"? Here's how it happened: They filmed some scenes for "High Fidelity" at the school where she was teaching in Chicago. Mrs. Rattary, being so friendly, started chatting with some guy. That "guy" turned out to be the director who asked her to go to casting and tell them that he wanted her to be an extra! She spent 2 full days dancing like a dancing queen at Double Door filming. She was so groovy, that they asked her to be a stand-in for Lisa Bonet!! She aced THAT, so they asked her to film ANOTHER scene at the Rainbow Room, but, regrettably she turned it down (but not before she enjoyed some Craft Services with all the stars! Breaking bread with movie stars - cool!). Now, that's some fun stuff, eh? So next time you see Mrs. Ratt ...
Joan Cusack in Shameless... I don't know how to describe it but she's an amazing actress...makes an unbelievable character believable, I guess...
Back from the "Shameless" thing. Joan Cusack was a sweetheart, and people seemed to enjoy what I was doing, but that said, I'm coming away from it thinking "I really need to step up my game...". I'm coming in "prepared", then losing some of that preparation to nerves - I need to be "crazy OVER-prepared" to LAND at "prepared".
Movie of the night: Out of the Furnace. What a dark movie! It's brutal. Great performances, and weird but effective editing and pacing make this really good but definitely an acquired taste. Bale is great as usual if not totally reserved. Casey Affleck may be the anti Joan Cusack. He used his brother to get roles and now may have surpassed him in the acting department. Very impressive performance here. But again, this is a bleak movie. No happiness in sight
Directed by Frank Oz. With Kevin Kline, Joan Cusack, Tom Selleck, Matt Dillon. A midwestern teacher questions his sexuality after a former student makes a comment about him at the Academy Awards.
The worst thing about John Cusack is Joan Cusack.
(From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia) In & Out is a 1997 American romantic comedy film directed by Frank Oz and starring Kevin Kline, Joan Cusack, Matt Dil.
How Did This Get Made Movie Quote/Trivia of the Day Leslie Zevo - You tried to kill us all... General Leland Zevo - Heh... c'mon, Leslie... can't you take a joke? Leslie Zevo - Oh yeah! I love jokes! I love all kinds of jokes. But you know what I don't like? I don't like people trying to kill me, hurting my family and my friends, and destroying the whole world as I know it. That just doesn't sit well with me. -Leslie Zevo and General Leland Zevo (Robin Williams and Michael Gambon in Toys) Robin Williams in this movie is a less charming, more preachy Willy Wonka. It takes a special kind of movie with a strange choice of casting, tone, and plot to truly ask "how did this get made?" And this movie delivers. Everything from LL Cool J's interrogation scene to the big reveal of Joan Cusack's character boggles the mind. Oh yeah, there's also a giant sea monster. Did you know? The words used by the General in an attempt to stop the rampaging sea creature are "Klaatu, Barada, Nikto", the same words used to command ...
733 MOVIE FOR 2013: "Toy Story 3" *ONE OF MY ALL-TIME FAVORITES! Now playing "Toy Story 3" starring Tom Hanks, Tim Allen, Joan Cusack, Ned Beatty, Don Rickles, Michael Keaton, Wallace Shawn, John Ratzenberger, Estelle Harris, John Morris, Jodi Benson, Emily Hahn, Laurie Metcalf, Blake Clark and Teddy Newton. 2 Academy Awards® winner - Best Animated Feature Film & Best Song: "We Belong Together" and Nominated for 3 including Best Adapted Screenplay and Best Picture. The great escape. "They, mean, alot to me." - Andy AFI - Movie of the Year: "Toy Story 3" is a landmark film in America's cultural legacy. An exclamation point to a story that has spanned fifteen years, this instant classic marshals all the forces of American film - character, story and computer wizardry - as Woody, Buzz and all of our friends grapple with mortality when Andy comes of age. Creator John Lasseter, director Lee Unkrich and the wizards of Pixar give the world the gift of a film both hilarious and heartbreaking, and one that ensure ...
The former; but Joan Collins, Joan Cusack, and Joan Allen would be the judges
Today in 80's History: 1980- Casey and Jean Kasem got married. They are still married, though she is embroiled in a legal fight with his children, over seeing him as he is extremely sick 1985- "My Hometown", by Bruce Springsteen, entered the Top 40 chart. It went on to peak at "Say You, Say Me", by Lionel Richie, from the movie White Nights, peaked at on the pop singles chart and stayed there for 4 weeks 1988- Working Girl (Melanie Griffith, Harrison Ford, Sigourney Weaver, Alec Baldwin, Joan Cusack, Ricki Lake; won an Oscar for the Carly Simon song, “Let the River Run”) opened in movie theaters 1988- Pan Am Flight 103 exploded in the air over Lockerbie, Scotland. All 259 people aboard, mostly American, were killed along with 11 people on the ground. In 1999, 2 Libyan men were put on trial for the bombing of this airplane 1988- Beaches (Bette Midler, Barbara Hershey, John Heard) opened in movie theaters 1989- Vice President Dan Quayle sent out 30,000 Christmas cards with word "beacon" spelled "beakon ...
Gamerlive.TV talks exclusively to Toy Story 3 Joan Cusack (Jessie) and ex-James Bond Timothy Dalton (Mr. Pricklepants) about their new To...
Joan Cusack is such a great actress!
Love raised celebrities! They're so humble & normal. Joan Cusack siting around the corner from home at a wine tasting.
Joan Cusack's hair and makeup in Working Girl are something else!
Feeling like Joan Cusack in Sixteen Candles today.. *** crick in the neck!!! .
Leewhon Donghae e2 na po plot Seventeen-year-old Casey Carlyle (Michelle Trachtenberg), a very smart and talented bookworm and physics geek plans to use her newly advanced academic skills to pursue a scholarship to Harvard University. For the scholarship, Casey must present a personal summer project about physics. While watching a figure skating competition with her math geek friend Ann, Casey realizes that her favorite childhood hobby, which is ice skating on the pond outside her house, would make a perfect project for getting her scholarship. At first, she watches other skaters at the local ice rink, but decides to try to improve her own skating by applying the physics and what she has discovered from watching other skaters. She becomes a proficient skater, even skipping two levels to become a junior skater. She also helps junior skaters Jennifer Harwood (Hayden Panettiere), Tiffany Lai, and Nikki Fletcher (Kirsten Olson) improve in their skating. Unsure of what she really wants, Casey has a difficult . ...
Have yourself a very merry MuppetÂ? Christmas with this all-new holiday movie starring KermitÂ? the Frog, Miss PiggyÂ? and the whole MuppetÂ? gang Â? plus a celebrity cast featuring David Arquette, Joan Cusack and Whoopi Goldberg, with cameos by Matthew Lillard, William H...
Joan Cusack is on point in this SVU.
“Sometimes I sing and dance around the house in my underwear. Doesn’t make me Madonna. Never will.” - Joan Cusack
I figured it out. With 1 week left of class. But. My English professor speaks like Joan Cusack in School of Rock.
Sometimes I just feel like there isn't enough Joan Cusack to go round.
Guys, there's a third Cusack sibling and she was in Charmed. She basically looks and sounds like an Upper East Side version of Joan.
Ya know how lemon pledge tastes the same as it smells? Well Joan cusack sounds like she looks...and they're both ***
This morning after I made Cappy a bottle I went to his crib to get him to change his diaper. I said "Hi" like I do most mornings and clear as a bell he said "Hi" right back to me. Haven't gotten him to do it again. But tomorrow morning I'm hoping he will. Also watching the Muppets Christmas movie tonight he zoned into it while eating, then started crying when Joan Cusack hit Ms. Piggy.
We don't usually watch the CW. But it's the Muppets and it's Christmas, so hey, right? Let's see... Multiple scenes filled with sexual innuendo towards Joan Cusack (gross!,) a party scene where Animal is getting drunk through a funnel and tube, and oh yeah, an S&M club with Scooter dancing shirtless in a cage. Lovely. Sure glad I watched THAT with my kids. Is nothing sacred?
I hope my wife doesn't mind me saying it, but... .oooh, Joan Cusack.
Joan Cusack should've gotten an award for her role in the muppets Christmas movie.
Just watching the Muppet Christmas Movie. It the whole It's a Wonderful Life thing - Kermit was never born so evil Joan Cusack turns the Muppet theater into a dance club. Actually the club seems pretty cool. I'd go there.
no I wish, the other one with joan cusack... it's still enough to make me forget apcalc
12-year-old me had such a crush on Joan Cusack in that movie
Meet Black Singles 300x250
How much would I have to pay you to have sex with Joan Cusack? And how much to let me watch?
Not sure how I like John Cusack so much and dislike Joan Cusack equally as much
Joan Cusack is actually a great actress, so versatile.
100 Greatest Movies of All Time Quote/Trivia of the Day 1) Jules - Now Yolanda, we're not gonna do anything stupid, are we? Yolanda - Don't you hurt him. Jules - Nobody's gonna hurt anybody. We're gonna be like three little Fonzies here. And what's Fonzie like? Come on Yolanda what's Fonzie like? Yolanda - Cool? Jules - What? Yolanda - He's cool. Jules - Correctamundo. And that's what we're gonna be. We're gonna be cool. 2) Marsellus - You hear me talkin', hillbilly boy? I ain't through with you by a *** sight. I'ma get medieval on your *** -Jules, Yolanda and Marsellus (Samuel L. Jackson, Amanda Plummer and Ving Rhames in Pulp Fiction) Quentin Tarantino seemed to be reinventing the pleasures of movies with this ingeniously time-bent yarn of bad behavior, surf rock, and outlaws who talk like pop-culture junkies. Did you know? The shot of Vincent plunging the syringe into Mia's chest was filmed by having John Travolta pull the needle out, then running the film backwards. Quentin Tarantino wrote the role .. ...
I don't think so... had Joan Cusack and L.L. Cool J
Joan Cusack bare feet ( soles and toes ) ( with sound ): getting a pedicure and getting pampered by a .
Can't get Jack Black and Joan Cusack out of my head when I listen to...
was a lot like Toys...just needed more Joan Cusack
Joan Cusack's character in Shameless is literally too good
the casting was phenomenal tbh like even Joan Cusack
Screw skynet, this amazon thing makes me think they've got kids learning war toys like in "Toys", and that means Robot Joan Cusack is coming
that's John and Joan Cusack. And ur last name reminds me of them loll.
Gonna watch as many Joan Cusack movies as I can today.
Also, Robin Williams and Joan Cusack acting all childish and silly comes off as really quite off-putting.
Joan cusack has one of the most annoying voices ever
PerfectMatch - Fall In Love Today
I just really connect with Joan Cusack, especially whenever she plays a mom in a movie. Which is usually.
Do you ever just sit and think to yourself, “Wow, Joan Cusack is wonderful” because I sure do.
what''s happened to Joan Cusack she has not been in anything in years
Canada New movies for December 01, 2013 Addams Family Values (1993) In director Barry Sonnefeld's Oscar-nominated black comedy, siblings Wednesday (Christina Ricci) and Pugsley (Jimmy Workman) Addams will stop at nothing to get rid of Pubert, the new baby boy adored by parents Gomez (Raul Julia) and Morticia (Anjelica Huston). Things go from bad to worse when the new "black widow" nanny, Debbie Jellinsky (Joan Cusack), launches her plan to add Fester (Christopher Lloyd) to her collection of dead husbands... Breakfast at Tiffany's (1961) Fortune hunter Holly Golightly finds herself captivated by aspiring writer Paul Varjak, who moves into her building on a wealthy woman's dime. As romance blooms between Paul and Holly, Doc Golightly shows up on the scene, revealing Holly's past. Days of Thunder (1990) Talented but unproven stock car driver Cole Trickle turns heads on the track. The young hotshot develops a rivalry with a fellow racer that leads to an accident. But with the help of his doctor, Cole just mig ...
Am I the only one who wants to give Joan Cusack a giant hug? I hope not because she deserves all of the hugs in the world...
I hope the assistant that wipes the spit from Joan Cusack's mouth when she talks pulls down at least six figures.
In no particular order I just felt like putting this out there for the season! Some have become traditional for many - they are for me now! I think each was new for it's time. Enjoy! Better Days – The Goo Goo Dolls This is one of those reflective songs that I always find so excellent to ask yourself what the true spirit of Christmas is. When someone asks me what gift I’d like this is what I think of – not for just me but for everyone. Bless The Child – Shania Twain Reality of the world in words and music is in this song.Thinking of what so many go through in life it makes me think of how blessed I am and makes me understand everyone has a story.  A Distance (Christmas version) – Bette Midler Of course I love this. The original was powerful – the Christmas spin on this just makes me so happy and able to hold on to hope. Child – Annie Lennox This was included on Annie’s album of well orchestrated traditional carols “A Christmas Cornucopia” and performed at the White House Christmas conc ...
The character Erin Brockovich was created with Joan Cusack in mind but she turned it down so the role was given to a bankrupt Julia Roberts
I'm going to stick with Wednesday, but Joan Cusack is utterly delightful. The whole movie is.
Y'all, Joan Cusack is the best part of this movie. And it's all good!
Oh good. Joan cusack just walked in
Why do MY favorite celebrities have to die. I mean I'm sorry but it's always the ones I love when is it gonna be ScarJo or Joan cusack?
I wish Joan Cusack was my Mom.she's just awesome.
The award for best hair in any film ever goes to Joan Cusack in Working Girl.
good call - Catherine O'Hara not Laura Green or Joan Cusack
All purpose parts banner
Kind of obsessed w/ the king street w/ all the Joan Cusack stickers around the
Why is Joan Cusack calling the game?
Carter's watching a cartoon narrated by Joan Cusack. It made me smile.
You can't kill John Cusack in a movie... That just ruins the whole god *** thing 👿😩
Like in this movie Joan cusack PLAYS John Cusack's sister and she is his sister WOW
Watched Sixteen Candles for the first time ever today. Joan and John Cusack were youngins!
I just rang out a woman in a local roller derby team hoodie and her friend, young Joan Cusack
Joan cusack absolutely deserves the Oscar she won for Addams Family Values. The oscar I assume she won.
Do you think the Gyllenhaal parents saw John & Joan Cusack in the 80's and were like, "Let's make better those"
Joan Cusack is awesome and hilarious in Addams Family Values. "My latest husband. My late husband Fester. The fool. The corpse. And his adorable family. You took me in. You accepted me. But did any of you love me? Really love me? Hands. So I--I killed. So I maimed. So I destroyed one innocent life after another. Aren't I a human being? Don't I yearn and... ache and shop? Don't I deserve love... and jewelry?"
It's such a shame this film flopped compared to the original - the timing was wrong (released 20 years ago today) as it should have been released during the summer. But between Christina Ricci and Joan Cusack; those two STOLE the film away from the other stars - and deserves all the cult status it has earned.
I cannot HANDLE how perfect Joan Cusack is in Addams Family Values.
Amanda Plummer as Wiress was spot on. I can't believe this is Honey Bunny from Pulp fiction. The only other person that I thought could have pulled this off is Joan Cusack.
Anthony Michael Hall and Joan Cusack as well as Molly Ringwold :)
Joan Cusack and John Cusack are brother and sister? What crazy parent came up with those names and encouraged them to enter the same profession? -- McTavish McArdle
Joan Cusack just crushes it every single episode on Shameless.
Watching Gross Pointe Blank.Movie is good, like the story concept, some good lines.But my favorite thing about this movie is that it has both John AND Joan Cusack.
If you've got close to a million bucks and want to buy the house where John and Joan Cusack grew up...
Why is joan cusack so good at playing the overprotective mother
That dude looks like an ugly Joan Cusack with John Parento
Had Henry Thomas and Joan Cusack chilling in our store today!
would you rather hang out with Flo from progressive or Joan Cusack for a day? (P.s. John won't be there)
Joan Cusack. Can I get you anything? Coffee? Tea? Me?» is one of cinema’s best-known quotes. It’s the famously cheeky line uttered by Joan Cusack to Harrison Ford in the classic film Working Girl. Source: Tea Facts A to Z
So I decided to watch Say anything, one of my favorite movies. there is a slew of actors including jeremy piven, patrick O' Neil, john and Joan cusack and a few others. so maybe it's just the whole doctor who special coming up soon, but what if say anything's Lloyd dobler was Martin Blank in an alternate universe? oh well looks like i may have to write a cross over fic somehow .. :S *shakes fist * CUSACK!
How nuts is Toys: Robin Williams sports weird, blonde Kato Kaelin hair, and Joan Cusack first appears onscreen in a paper doll dress. Yup.
Should have watched it weeks ago, but Toy Story of Terror still pretty great. Joan Cusack, Carl Weathers and Timothy Dalton especially good.
BREAKING: Senate confirms Joan Cusack as voice of Janet Yellin.
Is the new Fed Chief doing a Joan Cusack impersonation?
Whenever I drink from a water fountain I turn into Joan Cusack.
Ok I'm suppose to put 20 facts that ppl don't know about me then if you comment on what you did/didn't know, I pass this exercise to you. 1-I HATE jazz 2-I think Joan Cusack is a great actress but has a wierd face 3-I would love to murder Kristen Stewart with my bare hands 4-I hate reality shows but I enjoy Bridezillas... go figure 5-My favorite American myth is The Jersey Devil 6-I like to read but I can never find the time 7-My bucket list includes meeting Patton Oswalt and Christopher Titus 8-I feel that pop culture is a cancer on society 9-I think that as part of their punishment rapists should be castrated 10-I think politicians need to pass a IQ and morality test 11-If politicians can't pass those tests they need to wear the logos of the ppl sponsoring them *** yea Robin Williams) 12-Strongly support the death penalty when all other options are exhausted 13-Jason X...SUCKED 14-The prison system should revert back to old school methods 15-Frankenstein is my favorite classic monster 16-I feel that p . ...
I love Joan Cusack! I think we all have a little of her in us. She excels at playing the brave neurotic.
Finally got around to watching THESPIANS--the documentary about the Florida State Thespian Festival and four high school troupes and their directors' efforts to get them there. It brought back so many memories of a simpler time when getting a Superior and going to State were all that mattered to me and my friends. Here are a few things I found especially awesome about the film: * fleeting glimpses of theatre teachers I have long admired and some I consider to be friends: Jeff Grove, Beverly Blanchette, Karen Rugerio, Dennis Sims, Dr. Lee Beger, and of course Michael J. Higgins. * the young man featured from Dr. Phillips, Adam Reilly, helped crew THE LAST 5 YEARS that I directed. I jokingly told him he resembled a male Joan Cusack. At the time I had NO CLUE about the scope of his seemingly endless talent. The year this was filmed, I judged at the District level festival and he was an actor in a student-directed scene from EVERYMAN. This kid--in high school--had that "it" factor we frequently look for ...
Well pitching to Joan Cusack today was an experience...
Kitchen Sink (2014) Poster Kitchen Sink (2014) Comedy | Horror Vampires, humans and zombies used to get along in Dillford, but then something unexpected arrived and now it's humans vs. vampires vs. zombies in all-out mortal combat. It's up to three teenagers to try to get things back to "normal." Director: Robbie Pickering Stars: Vanessa Hudgens, Bob Odenkirk, Ed Westwick, Joan Cusack
John n Joan cusack are the new Jack n Meg white
common bonds: John and Joan Cusack, Jake and Maggie Gyllenhaal, Shirley Maclaine and Warren Beatty
I just want to watch a movie where John and Joan cusack makeout
This is what happened to Joan Cusack's character on Shameless, I'm sure of it.
Spot on! It was Joan Cusack. Extra points for being the only person to correctly guess it today.
At Shanolas surprise baby shower that Joan Cusack threw!!
Hollywood needs to make a movie about the life of Anne Sexton...starring Joan Cusack Kind.
dude I don't know how to say this without being weird but your mom looks like Joan Cusack
My only major problem with that film's 3rd act is the casting of Joan Cusack, who was a bit distracting
Edge of 17, Joan Cusack: school of rock. (Awesome)
I just met Joan Cusack. .. ill take it!
John and Joan Cusack in movies together 👌
Ok guys im conducting a survey, how many of you have ever pleased yourself to an image of an animal and which one? I admit I've done it to a photo of an anteater because in the right light they can resemble Joan Cusack. And Go.
Joan Cusack in Runaway Bride. I just love her.
Why does John and Joan Cusack allways feature in the same movies?
Currently wearing a back brace and moving exactly like Joan Cusack in Sixteen Candles.
I'm just glad that us Stevie Nicks fans no longer look just like Joan Cusack in SCHOOL OF ROCK.
Check out a better variation from Joan Cusack and Jack Black singing Edge Of Seventeen from School Of Rock
It's gonna b a great day today on the set of Shameless iA. Hope to be n a scene with William H MacY or Joan Cusack. Both myfavs actors
JK Rowling and Joan Cusack look a lot alike
I would give a ridiculous amount of money to watch Joan Cusack genuinely struggle to open a jar of peanut butter.
Joan Cusack smothering Louise Fletcher with a pillow
Great to hear Sharna Wahlgren at as she considers running for Looks like Joan Cusack.
Celery is the Joan Cusack of vegetables.
He was only on the show for a few eps, so not likely. William H. Macy might be there, and Joan Cusack & of course Emmy Rossum.
Some guy called me John Cusack's alcoholic brother. I just said, "you mean Joan?" by
we already found out he's Joan Cusack when he's hammered.
Caramel macchiato hot chocolate and Say Anything. John and Joan Cusack are the best
Just had a random thought about the film School of Rock. Specifically the scene where Joan Cusack rocks out to "Edge of Seventeen"
I think I shall watch "School of Rock" today & connect with my spirit animal, Joan Cusack, while I lesson plan & do laundry...
Joan Cusack and I had the same reaction.
Which is your favourite Cusack sibling, a) John or b: Joan?
If you haven't yet noticed that I'm the Joan Cusack of Wellington Theatre then gtfo
Hey has Joan Cusack ever been in a drama?
LUV! Holly Hunter in Broadcast News!. Joan Cusack said it best: "Except for socially, you're my role model."
Joan Cusack is bloody amazing... One of the biggest reasons to watch
"I hate Boston terriers almost as much as I hate Joan Cusack" -Mindy
(Cameo) Joan Cusack: Lloyd's sister. Joan and John Cusack are real-life siblings. 👍
Joan Cusack, John Cusack, Molly Ringwald and Anthony Michael Hall all in one movie 💜💜💜💜
I've seen School of Rock twice in the last few days, I'm starting to get a crush on Joan Cusack
There is no one on this Earth more adorable than Joan Cusack.
Joan Cusack is dead set such a legeeend, right up there with the best I say
“I think that everything's hard now anyways, so you might as well do stuff that you love and believe in” Joan Cusack htt…
Revenge of the Nerds trivia: Jami Gertz, Joan Cusack, and Sarah Jessica Parker all auditioned for the role of Judy.
I'd be freaked out if Joan Cusack was my dental hygienist
Tonight Mel and I ran into Joan Cusack. She offered us gløg.
John and Joan Cusack are probably my favorite celebrity siblings
Just go to the nearest bar and recreate the scene of Joan Cusack in "In and Out"!
Although, I would have to veto the obligatory Joan Cusack cameo.
the one announcer who does college football sounds like Joan Cusack
Joan Cusack is hands down the geek icon of the 80's.
Insult me? That's fine. Insult my family, fandom ,friends or football team? It gets personal. .
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