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Joan Collins

Joan Henrietta Collins, OBE (born 23 May 1933), is an English actress, author and columnist. Born in Paddington and brought up in Maida Vale, Collins grew up during the Second World War.

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I now have a vision of Cam dressed as Joan Collins. Thanks for that.
If life gives you lemons, make lemonade. Joan Collins
Christopher Biggins loves name dropping 'my good friend Joan Collins'
UGH.! I got it mixed up with the Cinzano Bianco funny with Joan Collins and Leonard Rossiter.
On a lighter note remember Joan Collins and Leonard Rossiters martini ad on the plane ? just the best lol
Cookie is to Empire what Joan Collins was to Dynasty! Love Cookie!
What dead man had to break the news to Joan Collins that she's not in The Royals poster?
Insider said they want Joan Collins for showdown w/NAW I say bring on Diahann Carroll-Sophisticate, Charm & Sassy
GHD’s have died. Awesome. Have to go into work with Dynasty era Joan Collins hair. . 😕
Actress Joan Collins joins the of Palm Beach County for its annual Old Bags Luncheon.
Public meeting on one parent family cuts organised by Joan Collins TD with SPARK speaker is on Saturday March 7th... htt…
.how me a person who has never made a mistake and I|ll show you someone who has never achieved much. - Joan Collins
Las Vegas Convention newest confirmed guest is
Las Vegas Convention's newest confirmed guest is...
Joan Collins Confirmed for Vegas Convention: Creation Entertainment just confirmed their 50th...
✋agree m8 😂😂 I bet we will get onto Joanna lumley & Joan Collins by the end of the night 😂😂😂
model actress singer Jill of many trades mistress of none. Her godmother is Joan Collins.
“Age is just a number. It’s totally irrelevant unless, of course, you happen to be a bottle of wine.” - Joan Collins
she's Joan Collins' god daughter, of course she's proper.
watched u in old start trek episode with a very young Joan Collins earlier today, she looked stunning
a fan of Joan collins , didn't see that coming
What we have here is couple of spicy clips from early Joan Collins over Bog Shed's Panties Please (& Linda Carter)? 🔞
Ode to the Linda Evans, Diahann Carroll, & Joan Collins as Krystle Carrington, Dominique…
Old episode of Star Trek on cbs with Joan Collins!
"And we have not found any generational gap at all. If he wants to go a football game, he goes. Joan Collins"
Another classic episode of @ noon and McCoy becomes deranged and changes the past. Can guest star Joan Collins help?
michael kors outlet sale bash: Joan collins archive Hollywood icon joan collins has explained why she once bru...
Delight... then despair... what really happened when our favourite diva's New Year Honours secret...
I thght Joan Collins was bad but Veronica is no joke on tht villain list Wrk it!
I loves me some Joan Collins. I surely sure do, honey!
I adore Joan Collins. I'd go as far as to suggest she's a national treasure. Would love to meet her one day.
Dear Joan Collins, Thank you for that dress and showing us that women in their 80's can still be…
Really really ready for - looks so fun & soapy and OMG JOAN COLLINS AS Liz Hurley'S MOM!
Foto: Lady Gaga and Joan Collins attend the 2015 Vanity Fair Oscar Party Hosted By Graydon Carter at Wallis...
Watch introduce "Lifeguard" from the Joan Collins Video Selection series.
Joan Collins looks fabulous, great English beauty looks like she's in her 40's.
To be fair back when Joan Collins was alive she would make some horrid comments as well. So this shouldn't come as a shock much
Naya Rivera looks like a Hispanic Joan Collins lol
Joan and Jackie Collins at the Vanity Fair party.
"My other favorite part of the night. Tell me Joan Collins isn't a dame to kill for." - Lady Gaga
I love how he is comfortable talking to everyone. Joan Collins is a dear!
Benedict Cumberbatch deep in conversation with Joan and Jackie Collins over french fries may be our favorite sighting of th…
Sorry, Oscar presenters. You may be cool, but you'll never be "Joan Collins and Arnold Schwarzenegger tag team" cool.
Fun facts: Howard Ashman's first choice to play Ursula was Joan Collins. The directors' first choice was Bea Arthur.
So Charlotte pays Clemma a visit and it's not quite Joan Collins & Linda Evans, but Clemma ends up on the midnight train going anywhere.
Joan Collins at Catherine Zeta-Jones and Michael Douglas Honored at A Magical Evening Benefiting the Christopher
Celebrity Tories, declare yourselves!: At the last general election, we had Joan Collins, Bill Wyman and Bruce...
King of Jordan, King of Morocco,Joan Collins, David Bowie, Tina Turner, Phil Collins, Prince Michael of Kent. HSBC helped them all avoid tax
Michael O'Brien,Joan Collins & then Richard Boyd-Barrett on separately to talk about ,seriously?Joe Higgins next?
TDs Joan Collins and Richard Boyd Barrett join us on the line now to discuss the arrest of Paul Murphy
Joan Collins and Barry Morse are doing paperwork. Martin Landau has just pulled a shooter out and told Joan to get Barbara Bain
I am aching to see this new show!. The Royals with Joan Collins as the Queen Mother and Liz Hurley as The Queen.
Would Dynasty starring John Forsythe & Joan Collins be considered a Dynasty? Thx, you've been great enjoy The Little River Band
Joan Collins in The Stud, Gareth Hunt in Deathtrap, and Rolf Harris at the Talk of the Town! Nostalgia! via
Louis Armstrong was the first man on the moon, followed by John Buzz Aldridge and Joan Collins flew the rocket. (via
Did you know that Joan Collins and Harry Belfonte stayed at Coral Reef Club in 1956 to film Island in the Sun?
What's this about the new all-female Ghostbusters movie starring Shelley Long, Sean Young, Joan Collins and Brett Butler?
Indeed they should. That man has more baggage than Joan Collins' private jet.
John Salley & Joan Collins would be an odd duo outside of the but here it works
Sharon Tate chatting with Joan Collins at her wedding reception held at the London Playboy Club, 1968.
Joan Collins and Elizabeth Hurley Look So Fabulous in This Brand New Trailer for E!'s The Royals
Walt Disney Collectibles and Gifts, Disney Figurin
Enough about Wolf Hall – is what we're all secretly waiting for. is with me on this
See the fabulous Joan Collins in DECAMERON NIGHTS starting in 2hours at 9:10AM E
As if our monarchy wasn't sordid enough...
Getting my hair done before meeting with my lawyer. At some point between last night and this morning, I morphed into Joan Collins. Cool.
Who's seen the trailer for new TV series The Royals? Liz Hurley as Queen, Joan Collins as Queen Mum..
A top distinction for Charlton House: location for the worst TV show of all time
Is Elizabeth Hurley & Joan Collins drama about fictional 'the worst show in the history of
Really hope this is aired on Elizabeth Hurley & Joan Collins programme 'possibly worst show in history of TV'
Elizabeth Hurley show about Royal Family dubbed 'possibly the worst in the history of TV'.
The Royals: guaranteed to be the trashiest thing on TV So looking forward to this
looks much more fun than Joan Collins as the Queen Mum? Sold.
dressed like a total slob and just remembered I've a class in television presenting today. the next Joan Collins I am not
Need to see The Royals stat. Joan Collins as the Grand Duchess? Yes please.
Fictional Royal Family show starring Joan Collins slated by critics. Consider this payback for 1776 lol
Met Joan Collins while waiting for valet at the Hotel I was staying at in Palm Springs. She's well preserved, & nice http:…
Check out this EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW: Legendary TOS Guest Star, Joan Collins from City On The Edge Of Forever at...
In case you missed this: Joan Collins Timeless Beauty
Johnathan Frid, was to Dark Shadows, what Joan Collins, was to Dynasty! Both of their characters saved their shows from can…
Joan Collins is one of only seven actors to have played "Special Guest Villains" in the TV show 'Batman' who are...
Liz Hurley & Joan Collins program about a fictional Royal Family 'possibly the worst show in the history of TV'
Exclusive interview with the one and only, legendary actress.
The creators of the World War One ceramic poppy display join acting grandees Joan Collins and John Hurt on the New Year Honours list.
Jayne Mansfield and Joan Collins on the set of THE WAYWARD BUS 1957.
poor quality but I had never seen it so not sorry...Sea Wife (Richard Burton, Joan Collins) 1957: via
I think it's possible that Byron IS Joan Collins. Or vice versa...
I think Byron would have loved Joan Collins
STILL won't stop people from having a meltdown, Greg. It's like having thousands of Joan Collins' in 1 place on here 😂
BBC News - NY Honours for poppy duo, Joan Collins, and John Hurt
Veteran actor John Hurt receives a knighthood and Joan Collins and Esther Rantzen are made dames in the New Year Honours.
"Honors From the Queen for Joan Collins and John Hurt". Others on Queen Elizabeth II’s annual new year honors list include the actress Kri...
check this out Joan Collins Made Dame, John Hurt Receives Knighthood: The veteran British...
It's official. Congrats to my pal Joan Collins being named a Dame by the Queen in New Years honors list
New Year Honours 2015: damehoods for Joan Collins and Esther Rantzen
Actress Joan Collins talks about how she feels about being made a dame in the New Year Honours List.
'Dynasty' dame: Joan Collins honored by queen
LONDON (AP) — The diva of 'Dynasty' is now a dame. Joan Collins, who played scheming, shoulder pad-wearing Alexis Carrington in the hit 1980s TV show, was made the female equivalent of a knight in Queen Elizabeth II's annual New Year's honors list. The star of potboilers including 'The
A look at the life and career of actress and writer Joan Collins, who has been awarded a damehood in the New Year Honours List.
Creators of tribute join Joan Collins & John Hurt in New Year's Honours
Queen names Joan Collins a dame right, Alexis! Give 'Em *** ! Congrats to you and your shoulder pads!!!
LEGENDARY actress Joan Collins has been made a Dame on the New Year’s honours list.
The queen's New Year's honors list is out and Joan Collins, devious diva of 'Dynasty,' is named a dame.
As happy as I am for John Hurt to be a Knight does Joan Collins really deserve to be a Dame? She's hardly in the...
Joan Collins, who played scheming, shoulder pad…
James Corden, Joan Collins, John Hurt and Esther Rantzen are on the list
Royal honour for our great dames: Joan Collins, Esther Rantzen and Kristin Scott Thomas
Hamilton Collection
Joan Collins, Kristin Scott Thomas and others made the Queen’s honours list.
We've known Joan Collins is a dame for decades - now it's official. The great Kristin Scott Thomas also becomes a Dame.…
Joan Collins, Kristin Scott Thomas on Queen’s honours list.: And it will be “...
Just saw a picture of Joan Collins without my glasses on and thought it was Gary Glitter.
Congratulations to Joan Collins, Esther Rantzen and Sheridan Smith but who leaked this info? The New Year Honours list should be a surprise!
First Joan Collins and now this. What's next, J? WHAT'S NEXT.
have fun! Sorry I'm not there to see you. Tell your mum Joan Collins was in last show!
James Corden set for OBE and Joan Collins to be made a Dame in
Our lovely Manager Beau with the soon to be Dame Joan Collins!
200 QUID FOR A ONESIE?!?! Who do u think u are, Joan Collins?!?!
"Joan Collins will be made a dame after 60 years in the industry".
Robbi Hess Joan DeMartinTom Collins do share... interesting idea.
Dame Joan Collins about time to congratulations and merry Christmas to you and your family x💝💝
"Driving home for Christmas"... bearing a striking resemblance to Joan Collins 😕... 💁💁 .
Collins a dame in the new years honours
James Corden and Joan Collins to get gongs in NY honours. What a farce.
Dame Joan Collins. About *** time. I hope she gives the Queen an Alexis smackdown.
at least Joan Collins can do panto now
Meet James Corden OBE And Dame Joan Collins: James Corden is to be awarded an OBE in the New Year Honours list...
EXCL: Comedian + Sport Relief champ to get OBE on New Years Honours list, actress Joan Collins made a dame
Joan Collins being made a Dame is the better story.
Nice to see Joan Collins is likely to get the official gong in the NYH list for a title she's really held since the 80s
Has the Joan Collins Snickers advert really only been on since 2012? I could have sworn it was much earlier than that.
Merry Christmas everyone!Heres a pic of Joan Collins getting hassled by an evil Santa to get you in the festive mood!
Actress serves up a treat at for patients
James Corden and Joan Collins are going to be recognised in the Queen's New Year Honours. James will receive an OBE & Joan made a Dame
Congratulations Dame Joan Collins, about time too xx Whoop
"You what loon?" . - Me when my mum says she loved Dynasty. Kids. Google it. No, that's not a scarecrow with make up.…
Thinking I should make it an Amicus/TALES FROM THE CRYPT/Joan Collins night, to get into the holiday spirit.
Somehow I never knew that Joan Collins was on BATMAN. This is pretty great.
Joan Collins reveals she was raped by husband Maxwell Reed - New York Daily News
Star Trek Joan Collins as edith keeler famous speech "someday man": via
Joan Collins serves breakfast at Selfridges for Shooting Star Chase
Warwick Davis and Jamie Bell as thirty-four of Santa's Christmas Elfs, Danny Huston and Joan Collins as the main two villains
I once saw the Joan Collins fan club and Harry Enfield at the Bearcat club, turks head, st margarets, it makes...
The Royals: Watch Elizabeth Hurley, Joan Collins in the first-look trailer
Through the side of my eye a Joan Collins mannequin appears in my curtains.
UK press buzzing about this story and now on
Anyone work in the Leeds store. I was on the Joan Collins and Saral jewellery dept on the ground floor. Dept Manager was Lynn Bolton and store manager was Mr Davidson
why i married the actor who drugged and rap*ed me many times at 17 - Joan collins
Joan Collins speaks on camera for first time about being raped at 17 via
Famed actress Joan Collins is speaking out about being drugged and raped by her future husband when she was just a teenager. The 81-year-old...
Joan Collins admits she was raped by her future husband as a teen: via
Joan Collins discusses traumatising rape aged just 17: Actress was drugged and attacked by Maxwell Reed
Welcome to Onwuegbu Kelly's blog: Joan Collins has spoken on camera for the first time about...
Joan Collinz: Maxwell Ree' drugge' an' rape' me at 17: Joan Collinz haz opine' up about ben…
Joan Collins: 'I was drugged and raped by my future husband at 17'
Joan Collins opens up about terrifying rape ordeal with the man who later became her first husband: Dynasty actress reveals she was ...
Joan Collins: Maxwell Reed drugged and raped me at 17
Did you know Liberace played a Batman villain on the 1960’s TV show? So did Tallulah Bankhead, Joan Collins, …
Miss Petite Nigeria: Why I married actor who drugged and raped me at 17- Joan Collins Reveals
Latest on The JC : Joan Collins: I was drugged and raped
Joan Collins: I was drugged and raped: Joan Collins has revealed that she suffered a horrific sex... JewChronicle
Joan Collins: Maxwell Reed drugged an' raped me at 17: Joan Collins has opened up about bein…
Joan Collins speaks out about being raped by her future husband, aged just 17
"I’m really good at sleeping. It's one of the things I’m most proud of." -
Actress Joan Collins speaks out about horrifying night she was drugged and raped
So sad Joan Collins is late. May her dear soul RIP. Amen
And...Here are the reveals from this morning's guess who this celebrity grew up to be! You may have picked up our hints? "Wannabe" was a Spice Girls hit for Victoria Beckham prior to her building a fashion empire; Cara Delevignge's godmother is Joan Collins of 1980s tv's series Dynasty fame; Christina Ricci played Wednesday Adams and followed that up with Sleepy Hollow with Johnny Depp; Chloe Graze Moretz had a stint on Desperate Housewives before becoming Hit Girl in the Kick *** films, James Franco starred in 127 Hours before his disastrous hosting of the Oscars and who can forget Ewan McGregor as Mark 'Rent Boy' Renton in Trainspotting prior to his Star Wars roles?!
Leonard Rossiter and Joan Collins in the 70's Cinzano Bianco advert.
2012 Miche Year-End Clearance - Up to 75% off Select Styles!
Okay, now I get why Finnegan was back out there. Joan Collins > Tim Collins
Am I the only person in whose mind Elizabeth Taylor and Joan Collins are somehow the same person? I can't be.
Linda Evans, whose birth name is Linda Evenstad (Hartford, USA. UU., November 18, 1942) is an American television actress, of Norwegian descent. Known primarily for his work on soap operas, his two most famous roles are Audra Barkley on The Big Valley (1965-1969) series, which starred Barbara Stanwyck and Lee Majors; and especially that of Krystle Carrington in Dynasty (1981-1989). The film Tom Horn (1980), which co-starred with Steve McQueen stands. With the name of his character in Dynasty, where he was the main female opponent Joan Collins, Linda Evans began a successful campaign in 1984 to promote the name drinks Crystal Light. Linda Evans has a star on the Boulevard of Fame Hollywood. Filmography Twilight of Honor (1963) Those Calloway (1965) Beach Blanket Bingo (1965) Childish Things (1969) The Klansman (1974) Mitchell (1975) Avalanche Express (1979) Tom Horn (1980) Trekkies (1997, documentary) television Bachelor Father in episode "A Crush on Bentley" with future Dynasty co-star John Forsythe (1960 ...
Wish *I* was hanging around Camden Market with Joan Collins. Or anybody really. It doesn't HAVE to be the International Mascot Of Camp.
"Battle of the Network Stars" is on ESPN Classic! Joan Collins is competing. So are Joyce DeWitt, John James, Tom Wopat,
Sheridan Smith has definitely captured the arrogrance and unlikeability of - she's no Joan Collins!
Thespians Sir Michael Caine, Barbara Windsor, Dame Judi Dench and Joan Collins are all substantive Freemen of the City of London.
Would you take a small fortune to dance with this wrinkly billionaire? Well, Joan Collins, Sophia Loren, Grace Jones and Geri Halliwell all did Austrian billionaire Richard Lugner, 81, bribes celebrities to be his date Together they attend the glittering annual Vienna Opera Ball Lugner pays a five or six figure sum to his guest, and flies her on private jet Faye Dunaway, Farrah Fawcett and Raquel Welch among those who said yes By Tom Leonard for the Daily Mail Published: 18:16 EST, 17 September 2014 | Updated: 19:40 EST, 17 September 2014 This was a wedding Vienna will remember for years — however much it might want to forget it. The theme was pure Disney, with four white-plumed Lipizzan horses pulling a carriage containing the loving couple, who were separated by a mere 57 years. As guests gathered last weekend in the 1,441-room Schonbrunn Palace for the lavish reception, the bride and groom released two symbolic white doves into the air. The 24-year-old bride, former Playboy Bunny Cathy Schmitz, wore ...
Am I the only one who noticed Ross King refer to Joan Rivers as Joan Collins this morning in Good Morning Britain?
Me, Roger Moore, Joan Collins and the rudest word in the English language
"The secret of having a personal life is not answering too many questions about it." - Joan Collins
The Queen meeting Joan Collins & the late at the Royal Variety Performance, 1985 (via
Life Is not life unless you make mistakes-Joan Collins I love U I love your music & I was so happy to see you back @ the
next time you are playing. Are you Linda Evans or Joan Collins?
Lurpak butter: if you run out of a good moisturiser - Joan Collins beauty tips
Bit worried might not get her Joan Collins jacket back...
I have just finished work but I blogged about the Joan Collins collection this morning
'Ive been to st tropez it's not that marvelous. Just loads of yachts and people being showy. you might see Joan Collins' -nan 😳😂🙉
Okay. Joan Collins on and Mel Gibson ahead of visit Round Two:
The problem with beauty is that it's like being born rich and getting poorer.  ~Joan Collins
Woman Crush Wednesday Joan Collins as, none other than, ALEXIS CARRINGTON.
Foto: theniftyfifties: Joan Collins relaxes with her pink poodle, 1955. Photo by Slim Aarons.
Regram - The fab Joan Collins with her Victory Pirate scarf. Love Joan.
“I, for one, welcome our new insect overlords” is from a Joan Collins line in Empire of the Ants (1977)
Did you know that Joan Collins had a make-up collection?
You sure about the Joan Collins thing?
When I'm old I'm going to wear those big earrings and jackets with shoulder pads and look like Joan Collins
The source of Lauren Bacall's famous voice was Howard Hawks, who had her shout til she was hoarse. He later asked the same of Joan Collins.
my next painting will be of my style icon Joan Collins can't wait to get started
wow...are we getting Janet Jackson and Joan Collins??
unlimited calling, voip, $14.95 per month
Would love to see you play Liz Taylor or Joan Collins in a bio pic. You would be great. Also are you accepting movie scripts?
This is a potentially bigger disaster than Joan Collins' poodle 'do & taffeta formalwear
Most underrated Hollywood bombshell: Joan Collins in her prime. Yowza.
Cara Delevingne's godmother is Joan Collins. Please be advised.
HAPPY BIRTHDAY to award winning actress JOAN COLLINS!
You make yourself sound like the Joan/Jackie Collins of football.
Don't get our newsletter? You missed this great article by Joan Collins Lambert on the Fight for 15!
do like Joan Collins saying everyday without wine is like a day without sunshine
You pursue men with beautiful, Joan Collins-y aggression.
. I hate WEDGES: From Kate to Joan Collins, everyone′s wearing them on
"Life is not life unless you make mistakes." -Joan Collins
Jackie and Joan Collins are great crazy women
that's what he used to wear.Wearing Glittering joan-collins-esq robes musta been the thing to do in the southern territories
"What about Joan Collins?" "Oh, I don't think I have the strength." *giggle*
Joan Collins in Benidorm??!! I ainÂ’t gonna let ANYONE else write that, Looks like IÂ’m coming back - Derren Litten
I'm getting visions of Cheryl wrestling with Joan Collins in a fountain.
"as premium and elegant as she is" - in this weeks on Joan Collins Timeless Beauty collection.
Rocking my new me made. Joan Collins on Safari trews for a day of meetings. Hear me roar grrr :)
This Hollywood journalist reporting on the death on the BBC is like the love child of Liza Minnelli and Joan Collins!
are you really up at 2:30am? Joan Collins looks amazing. And that Simon is a better guy than those other RHW creeps that cheat.
Tune into til 9pm EST tonight. I'm broadcasting from London! SXM 72! (Joan Collins is at my theatre) http:…
i share my birthday with Drew Carey...Jewel...Maxwell and Joan Collins...may 23
I share my birthday with Maxwell, Jewel, Drew Carey, Joan Collins and Marvin Hagler. Amongst a few others.
I LOVED central park west. I need to get it on DVD. Did u ever see pacific palisades with Joan Collins ??
Stephanie Beacham talks kings, Marlon Brando and why Joan Collins never visits her
Stephanie Beacham: The actress on Marlon Brando's animal magnetism, changing sexual mores and why Joan Collins...
"She looks like she combs her hair with an eggbeater.". Louella Parsons. wb 133 today. on Joan Collins.
Abi was signed today by Joan Collins, Jo Brand, Giles Coren, Austin Healey and more's agency--wow!!! Living the...
The Wolf of Wall Street’s Leonardo DiCaprio did it yet again! Go Leo! He hosted a huge star-studded fundraising gala in France to promote the Leonardo DiCaprio Foundation’s endangered species programs. The event guests included like Selena Gomez, Joan Collins, Petra Nemcova, Cara Delevingne, Jared Leto, Marion Cotillard, Robin Thicke and Bono (who auctioned off his personal guitar for $1 million). Dicaprio said at the event, “There has never been, since the time of dinosaurs, as many plant and animal species disappearing so quickly,” We must make efforts to protect rich biodiversity.” Bono The event drew an impressive $25 million from guests. Big auction items included artwork from artists like Damien Hirst and Pablo Picasso, DiCaprio’s own Harley Davidson motorcycle signed by Martin Scorsese, Robert De Niro and Bono, and rock n’ roll memorabilia. Recently DiCaprio met with Secretary of State John Kerry in D.C. for the State Department conference to help save the world’s oceans. DiCaprio s ...
THROWBACK THURSDAY: Joan Collins, Diahann Carroll, and Linda Evans in the 1980s aka when shoulder pads ruled the...
Joan Collins Horton the bong at 78 😂😂 get into it!!
81 years young!! There are some nasty comments about her arms for goodness' sake. She's simply amazing! Old...
.but still looking good. The Joan Collins of civic buildings. :)
Watching an old episode of C.A.T.S Eyes - classic stuff. Maggie’s wardrobe borrowed from Joan Collins...
LOCKER ROOM. "Which one of you losers nicked my deodorant?". "Who'd want to smell like you?". "Zip it shrimpy". *Joan Collins throws own faeces*
.led celebrations this weekend in St. Tropez, steal her style with Fontaine>
Would you try skincare range? One Vogue staffer put the products to the test htt…
The arms give the game away.Those are definitely 81 year old arms,you can't fill them with Botox...
"Dizzy Lola Ooh I dizzy at this, might do a Joan Collins xx
When I'm 81 I wanna be like Joan Collins, dancing with my 30 years younger hubby in St Tropez
Hiding from the sun although I love it , so wearing sun block & Joan Collins timeless Beauty first Base !😎
Glamour puss Joan Collins still has the moves at 81
Unfortunately Joan Collins Foundation or Skincare isn't targeted for our age group and is quite a small line.
The image of Joan Collins polishing a rubber plant with hair cream cannot be avoided.
That is clearly for children though. Joan Collins makeup doesn't say "only people of a certain age should
can you imagine Lauren Conrad or Kate Moss whipping out a Joan Collins spesh? I think not 😷
it's TRUE! Can you imagine whipping out a Joan Collins lipstick in a club toilets?! Ehrm... NO! xx
the Joan Collins makeup range makes me cringe so bad - I couldn't feature it on my blog :/ :/
Joan Collins, 81, busts a move in Saint-Tropez
Joan Collins, is set to return to the Leicester Square theatre for a limited engagement.
Joan Collins back in the West End at Leicester Square Theatre
Delia Smith and Joan Collins getting to know each other
Joan Collins and Bill Gates have excessive farts. Billy Crystal and Johnny Depp are snowboarding. Cody Simpson is sniffing turtles.
Royal Academy of Dramatic Art invasion. Mum's an grad. Move over, Sir John Gielgud & Joan Collins
In honor of the impending holiday, I present to you Joan Collins. Cc: &
what a great fair even bumped into Collins she still does look amazing will def go again
Stern rerun...from Joan Collins & Michael Jackson to the Eric the Midget viewing... what a jet setting life!👍
I know I'm in the right place when Joan Collins arrives. Great dinner for
"The smell of cut grass is the scent plants release when in distress". I wonder what smell Joan Collins released on that plane?
Biggins needs to up his game, he has only name dropped Joan Collins once
How long has that snickers advert with joan collins been running for must be at least a decade. Really gets me down
I agree totally, would love to be in Biggins company...OH the stories...Joan Collins etc...he is a Legend! X
"as my friend Joan Collins said to me." legend
Biggins is up there for me he's bezzies with Joan Collins
'Oh my friend Joan Collins' yeah Biggins whatever
"As my friend Joan Collins says..." Tonight Biggins will be serving Roast Name Drop Surprise
Never heard Biggins mention his friendship with Joan Collins before...
Also, please ask Joan Collins to unblock me
Retro Question No' 2 - Which drink did Leonard Rossiter and Joan Collins advertise in the 1980's?
Must be time for snickers to drop that Joan Collins advert. How long has it been running? Must be a couple of years now.
In the greatest discovery ever, there’s a Joan Collins version of the snickers ads.
The Joan Collins Snickers ad, was actually filmed when she was 20 and wearing proshetics - It really is that bloody old.
Sharon chatting with Joan Collins at the London wedding reception at the Playboy Club!
Joan Collins didn't leave due to story issues, the pace was too much for her.
Joan Collins shaken after plane struck by lightning:
Joan Collins shaken after plane struck by lightning
Joan Collins 'shaken' after her plane is struck by lightning
Not that sunny today!! So in hotel writing a Joan Collins and a Maggie Thatcher script!
"Joan Collins shaken after plane hit by lightning."
Did you catch exclusive interview with online? >
now she's like mini Joan Collins Sob
If it's Tuesday, it must be Belgium! (Anyone? Old folks, help me out.) Ian McShane and Joan Collins as "Girl on Sidewalk." Point is, go USA!
Feel I'm channeling 70s Joan Collins come Bianca Jagger in my new *** for tat :)
Today in 1977 the ersatz sci-fi film Empire of the Ants was released starring Joan Collins poster by Drew Struzan
The Siren is attacking the Commissioner. Joan Collins and Linda Evans were on TV back in the 1960s who knew
Lunch next to Joan Collins and David Niven Jr. and Arnold Kopelson. Old school
You should have Joan Collins and Linda Evans on WWHL to compare their Dynasty cat fights to the ones on the Housewives shows.
I have just read your paper and haven't one positive article apart from Joan Collins and Julian clary. Perhaps you cd reply?
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