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Jo Wood

Josephine Wood (born 15 March 1955, née Karslake) is an English model, television personality and entrepreneur.

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Jo Wood was on GMB this morning, who is she? Never heard of her, nor obviously had the people of easyJet
Jo Wood reveals fury at being kicked off an overbooked easyJet plane Her lips probably frightened them
'They pulled us aside and said one of you can get on and one of you has to stay,'. told GMB.
'I was furious': Jo Wood on being kicked off an EasyJet flight
'I might be the only person left in Britain who thinks overbooking is a good thing'
The Independent of U.K. Why overbooking is a good thing - Hear me out
No apology is good enough she should of been given a minimum of £2,000 compensation plus all other costs & expenses.
⭐️ • Jo Wood wins £747 payout after being kicked off of overbooked EasyJet flight: The model and ex-wife of…
Unlike Jo Wood, are not kicking me off my booked flight! .
Airlines MUST put stop their overbooking madness and put passengers first after Jo Wood’s flig...
Easyjet compensates for Jo Wood for being booted off overbooked flight
Compensation for Jo Wood after being booted off overbooked flight -
Jo Wood clashes with travel expert on over Easyjet flight removal
Did you catch this AWKWARD exchange on this morning's ?!
oh god. deleted kai/jo scene, when kara told them it was over, jake/katie death scene, the scene with Quentin after katie
Simon Calder INFURIATES Jo Wood with flight advice as pair go to war: 'You were late!'
Furious Jo Wood reveals all about being kicked off an EasyJet flight on Good Morning Britain …
it didn't make it, but Jo Wood selected this one tho. 18 works chosen out of 300 for My Chelsea Hotel. http…
I love Jo Malone fragrances. I've been wearing Wood Sage and Sea Salt regularly.
The most popular leader in Wales is on fire tonight. Leanne Wood has to be the next First Minister. We need change.
I just want to go home, cuddle with some kittens, and watch Tom & Jerry.
the version of Norwegian wood I heard was full of sitar and quite trippy
have you learned to play Hide Your Love Away? Or Norwegian Wood?
I really need to get a job again bc I'm sick of this no money thing
Coq-au-vin, or love in a lorry: the genius of Victoria Wood
What notes do you smell in Jo Malone Wood Sage and Sea Salt?: I mean, the name is pretty clear there, but wha...
Jo from S Club will be "Ready For The House" as Cor! Wood - A Jandekular hits the West End in time for Christmas.
CTMU v Southwark in CtofAppeal today re rates of support for families, Children's Legal Service for CTMU, interveners
*he lets go of the wheel turning to her as a walker stumbles out of the wood onto the road*hmm lets see I meant I have a nice ++
Make Sturdier Wood Joints by Using Hot Glue as a Clamp for Wood Glue
'So,' he asked, revealing the erect wood between his legs, 'Are you ready to play?'. 'Play what?' she asked, nervously. '…
Tablet insurance available.  Get yours today!
A question for all you experts on . Has anyone used Oxalic acid to remove stains from wood. Any tips for me?. Jo Edge?
London is a 'mare for renters. London needs a Mayor for renters. at https:/…
It feels like I'm chasing your ghost. I think about drowning. I'd lay down and let go. I'll see you in heaven, everyone that l…
The guys other girls end up with VS. the guys I end up with
snooty tory Jo corbyn you do like the sound of your own voice, let somebody answer the question.
People are so careless when it comes to other people's feelings.
The one I got wrong was the Victoria Wood/Jo Brand one
Jo Wood evicts her brother from home she won in divorce
Gotta put yourself first sometimes.
I'm gonna crash and burn hard and the only person to blame is myself.
I laughed for a good 10 minutes straight
Ben just asked me to come work at the turnpike because they need workers. 😂😂 No thanks
that's why I don't understand people that leave after little thing
I've drank so much coffee in the past hour I can feel my heart vibrating. 😳☕
Awk moment when tries to kill you and all does is Snapchat it... Oh 😒😅😂
Me: I'm gonna go to sleep early this week. Me @ 3am:
Emma. I have Nepal booklaunch today Victory Services Club 7pm. Jo Lumley, Lev Wood coming too. Want to come?
Wood Sage & Sea Salt Jo Malone perfume - a new fragrance for women and men 2014
Beautiful at Kings Wood in caused me to pull over and admire for a few peaceful minutes.
"LIA what should i edit?". "edit jo". "i think im gonna make a chris wood edit"
I don't wanna give you the wrong impression, I need love & affection.
loving me isn't easy. I've got sharp edges, I've got missing parts.
“These people have learned not from books, but in the fields, in the wood, on the river… https:/…
Drinking 2 cups of pickle juice probably wasn't the greatest idea. 😔😅
Jo Wood evicts her brother from home Ronnie bought for him
Reports of the internet on some rigs being shut down and the wood group wanting this article taken down
Ground clearing with Jo and help from the the grand children ready for wood duck pen
There is no crying at Wood house 😝 You must be meaner than Jocy to survive.
This at Swell wood was hard at work - look at the holes already drilled!
GOAL! Wood plays a great ball into Koga who finishes it off! 1-0. Halftime is called 14s with the lead
Miche s Cyber Weekend Event - Savings up to 75%
My favourite Victoria Wood line, from Dinnerladies:. - So, you're not pregnant, then?. - Not unless sperm can get through a…
Laura Bailey, Arizona Muse, Mary Charteris, Georgina Campbell and Jo Wood help toast the launch of new book in W1 later.
I wanna put my face in the crook of your neck and go back to sleep
“One day it just gets better. There's no explanation or reason why. You just wake up and you're not angry anymore.”
Cuddling sounds so amazing right now
Ima smoke this wood nd forget about u
I hate leaving my cozy bed just to deal with *** all day.
I don't know if I'm more tired of school or people
Of course someone decides that it's the right time to be cutting wood after I just fell asleep at 4am from work
Fair point. On our 60th anniversary I'll remove the brackets.
why am I only legendary in brackets?!
Apologies for any inconvenience caused Jo
Another delayed train. Surprise surprise. Another late start at work. My compensation is building up.
I hope everyone finds someone that will fight for them. Someone that will tell you you're going to get through it and be gre…
cute messages while I’m asleep is literally the key to my heart
"It's my day. These *** white people get 364 days and black people only get one!" 😂😂😂😂
I'll be a lady in the streets, in a dress with her hair tied up. Or I can be a freak in the sheets in the room with her…
if u in KC for the summer you should sub on our wood bat league in st jo. I drive from Liberty and can pay you in
Must make you feel like a big man to take advantage of someone who can't say no.
My clothes still smell like Brad & I want to cry bc I miss him so much.
"When I asked if you were happy, I didn't hear your smile" 🎶
"Sometimes you have to live in precarious and temporary places. Unsuitable places. Wrong places. Sometimes the safe place wo…
Red Oak Jo Staff. A 4ft jo staff made from a hard durable wood so that you get the best out
My sister & Scott are honestly the real MVPs for taking me up to see Brad yesterday. ☺☺☺☺
Enjoying an evening of music with (legendary) and the legendary for the 60th anniversary of his London debut.
was my second time there. Went to Durban, peace wood, Jo berg. Was pimpin
If you're heartbroken rn, read this.
I lose myself 5 to 10 times a year but it's chill because I'm lowering that number every year and getting stronger each time
Jo Wood : RealJoWood :) We invite u to J0IN our FREE iPh0ne 6s giveaway! Check bi0 for rules. Thx
JO before going work . morning wood
Special Offers - FREE Gifts with Purchase
(Forgot to post) I love you Jo, had an amazing night with you and rich 💕💕
well I hit my head on wood so yea. Like right now my head hurts 😔. Taking a shower today and washing my hair it hurt
my step broke while I was going down from my bed and I hit my head on the side of my stairs which are wood. So now I have +
Did you see my blog review of Jo Malone's Wood Sage and Sea Salt fragrance?
Congrats to: and ... dm me your address & I'll ship tomorrow.
Give McLearn 10 bits of wood and Jon jo Shelvey and he'll win the league.
My Jo Malone friend was asking me if I rly like the Wood Sage & Sea Salt Perfume from Jo Malone & I said yes.
Jo Wood- I still get nervous when I hear the theme tune on TV!
Signs of Spring 4 by Jo Wood, this is ... -
- My haven: Ex-wife of Rolling Stone Ronnie, Jo Wood, 60, at her beachside apart...
(2) pass blame. You ignore the fact your service is absolutely rubbish! I'm dismayed!
I dealt with a complaint today. I empathised and welcomed the feedback in order to put it right. All you've done is (1)
If you continue to swear at us, your account will be blocked. Thanks.
Jo, you asked us a question and we answered accordingly. You then queried why we offered incorrect information and we (1)
How dare you speak to me in this manner!
I corrected myself I love how you're quick to correct me but not your shockingly poor service!
can only advise based on the information given to us, in this case you asked about the 1652 service. Thanks (3/3)
He calls me beautiful like it's my name.
I wish my bank balance was as high as my daily calorie intake
I love when my alarm randomly goes off at 1:55 & my half asleep self reads it as 6:55. So I'm showered and ready to go at 2:15am. 😊😊😊👍
You can't even get your updates on time! Rest my case!
it left at 18.01. Get your facts right and then get back to me. I was sat on the bloody thing! Absolutely useless.
Hi Jo, we can confirm it left on time and arrived at East Garforth 2 minutes late. Very sorry for the delay arriving
So refreshing to see videos of my daughter Sami-Jo Wood-Greer and Randy Roberts tonight instead of the others circulating! xx
Ronnie Wood, Sally Humphreys and ... Jo Wood! they attended Project-0 Wave Makers Marine Conservation concert at...
What is this..Kermit 'n' you say. One very happy lady 😋
Yup...Huggin the wood stove and listening to Foreverly by Norah Jones & Billie Jo Armstrong, one of my fave albums.
"I wasn't insane until someone touched my heart."
I’m the kind of girlfriend that would take random pictures of you just because I admire you so much
Jo Malone makes the best body washes. Half an hour later, and I can still smell the wood sage and sea salt. 😍
Laptop insurance - because accidents happen!
They nailed the wood in with lots of flimsy nails then screwed the hooks into the wood then painted over it.
my neutral expression makes me look like I'm always in a bad mood which is convenient because it’s usually true
hi my name is Adam steppings wood you like to have a nice man
Coach's player of the year 2015. Garforth Tigers U12's. 💙
I'm going to come to KC and kidnap you
awe you're da sweetest 😘 I'll have to show you guys what I'm really wanting to do in life group ☺️
Shout out to anyone who has seen me get stupidly emotional and insanely insecure but has stuck around anyways
so i found out today that the Jo Malone 'wood, sage and sea salt' perfume is heavenly. .just £85 for 100ml *heart breaks*
This letter pretty much sums up my feelings on tech bros and is exactly why I'm hiring
Bring on the snow. I'm ready to take the sleds out. 👐❄
Well tbh yongguk wears jo malone but i think his one is citrus or wood or something
Keeping it age-appropriate: Jo Wood looked more tasteful in her choice of ensemble...
I was nominated by Jen and I nominate BonMay, Jawahira Jo Ann Sarabia, Ranny Calderon-Spindlerh, Toni Wood and...
Don't keep coming to me for advice & repeatedly do the exact opposite. 😒✋
Well it's clearly not enough is it! Practically everyday. What are you doing about it?
or he prefixes everything of his. Jobox. Jobed. Jops4. Jo. Wood.
It's crazy how much you'll tolerate for someone you care about.
Adulthood is like looking both ways before you cross the street and then getting hit by an airplane
& Prof Jo Wood putting London cycling hazard into perspective with some great vis. Great evening, looking fwrd to next in Feb.
Hello, we always look into ways to minimise this. Apologies for the delay.
07.34 expected 8.08 8.03 expected 08.12. What are you going to do about these delays?
Liv said I ain't have to do all dis. All I had to do was get some wood. Dis ain't fo me.
i'm so excited. especially since my neighbor has a wood-fired stone pizza oven of his own design in his backyard... :D
When y'all first start talking & he's apologizes for the argument you started vs after being together for awhile https:…
But when I asked you if you're happy I didn't hear a smile. And that don't sound like you🎶
8.03 expected 8.16. Currently getting on 7.46 that turned up at 8.07.
I've changed clothes in too many random parking lots - Every Athlete
I can cross flying off my bucket list now.. 😅
This weeks Guest on the 'Author's Blog is Ryan Jo Summers via
Heidi Range, Brooke Vincent, Kara Tointon and Jo Wood are transformed into... on
KATCHING MY I Jo Wood are fairytale princesses for breast cancer campaign
Back in Katmandu Volunteers Krisisna and Jo Wood bond over dumplings
can dream of World Cup glory despite not having the best squad in the tournament, says Keith Wood
Natalie Wood photographed in New York by William Claxton, 1961. see more -->
Yo bum fulla wood, yo kiss Robin Hood and yo say it taste good and yo wahn more wood
Hey, new uni students - do you know your housing rights in halls?
Here are a couple of lovely creations by Joanne Wood from Jo Wood Nails in Hollywood.Birmingham! We have iLac...
I love you to boob!❤ I'm really glad we've gotten so close!
These wood grilled shrimp with lemon and garlic butter from some of the best shrimp…
Nothing like passing a test with a 97% that you didn't study for. 😊😄
Choc courgette cake(who knew?!) Legal. Energy food for tackling a mice infestation (not ours) on a Fri aft..
Winner Of our £100 worth of creator talk tickets is one Jo Collier AKA - WHO ACTUALLY LIVE…
Kinda bummed that Brad isn't coming to the game tonight, but extremely happy that he's coming after the game. 😄😍
Finding someone that can accept your every flaw is harder than you think.
new Immigration Bill-more bad news for renters & landlords and could leave families at greater risk of homelessness:
My dad's going through a midlife crisis which means we're getting another vehicle. 😒
I should be doing my homework, instead I'm looking up arrest records on people. 😅😂😂
Shopping for clothes is only fun when you’re rich and skinny
I really want a bouquet of flowers. That'd probably make my life. 😊💐
I'm sculpting a Strictly presenter, but not sure whether to use chocolate snacks or timber. What do you think: Craig, Revels …
this number was worse than this from Q2 2000 to Q4 2009 inclusive
Wood burner materials just around the corner in the park!
I apologize even though I know you're lyin.
These 2 pictures were printed directly on metal. We can print on wood or metal up to 2 m long! Photography by STEPHAN
A homeless student had to ride a night bus all night to get some sleep the night before her A levels. Shameful.
New govt figures on show no. of homeless families in temporary accommodation is the highest since 2008:
Definitely did not miss waking up at 5:30. 😒
you gave me panic attacks and I called it love.
Like a perfect scene from a movie screen. We’re a dream come true, suited perfectly for eternity. Me and You
Did you know you can get some unique vintage furniture @ thrift shops? Makeover on the blog
me in October: Halloweentown and chill?
I've got about 6 pages of nursing to do, 30ish questions for Alg. 2, and an essay thing for Segment 2. All do tomorrow. I'll take a nap. 😅
Got bored at Johnathans house and put on all of his clothes. I pull off his skinny jeans wayy better. 😂😂
I miss being all cute and little,aunties and uncles would hug me and give me little gifts I would end up putting in my safe (made of wood)
When Mrs. Towers roasts Hunter about girls for "economic purposes" 😂😂🔥
Ronnie knows how to party!! Jo Wood, Marianne Faithful, Kate Moss, and Anita Pallenberg! 🍷🍷🍷
Jo Wood preps husband Ronnie’s make up before a Rolling Stones show, c. 1982. .
I've never seen the Titanic so I'm doing my Movie review on it. 😂
did you know Jo Wood was a hacker ? Chaser has a "mostly positive" overall user review on Steam right now
Bob Rubin? Hey, congrats on all the cool stuff! Sometimes the good guys win. The Jo Wood thing led to everything.
Every year since I can remember closer issues.Wickman, Jo Bo, Wood, Perez, Axford, Allen this year...Cody will kink out of his armor..
I guess we all have a breaking point
“Despite your best efforts, people are going to be hurt when it’s time for them to be hurt.”. — Haruki Murakami, Norweg…
In the upgraded the used natural inside to contrast with the
I should probably go to bed before I get myself in trouble 😅
That awkward part of the season where your performance is peaking, but your body is falling apart..
Great link to tech tools to help engage students (and staff) from RRU w Jo Axe & Samantha Wood
.i found the wood panelled cash machines, as you said. I'm definitely not in the North any more.
I prefer to distance myself whenever i’m mad because I become the most heartless person you’ll ever meet. 💁
“I made myself from all the love you no longer wanted.”
If you're a freshman and you've already had a pregnancy scare, you need to reevaluate your life.
The humble Speckled Wood looking stunning on Blackthorn flower
said to hubby Id love to do 1 of those wood sculptures. Look of horror on his face I cut myself with craft knife often lol
I love getting grounded for things I didn't do. 😒😅
I swear if it's me shaving my legs again. 😤😑
On a scale of 1 to Nature Valley granola bar how much is your life falling apart
I've washed my headphones about 3 times now. 😅
Cuddle time with Lex is the only thing that got me through this crap day.
touch wood I've had no issues since at all,he was brilliant,so much knowledge,wish I'd seen him initially
Just finished reading Jo Wood's autobiography. What an amazing life she's had. Great book!
Save up to 45% 0ff MSRP On Streetbike Tires
I hate people that open my Snapchats & don't respond for like an hour. 😒
“I am a collection of dismantled almosts.”
"Just because a person is single doesn't mean they're available." 🙌
A curtain made from wood wraps around the lift in this Maison Margiela store:
We all have that one thing or few things not one soul knows about.
I went to bed because it hurts to move... Sorry babe! 😳
Besides being terribly burnt from today's meet, it was the best day ever. 🙈😏👌
well I don't find it funny & obv. no one else does. so drop it. leave it alone & quit starting stuff. thanks
it's perfectly fine to joke around.. But this is hurting her and I thought you two were friends.
Just observing a very studious Wood Pigeon building a nest 1 twig at a time in the tree just outside my window
I'm a Queen and I deserve to be treated like one. Eeeeh 🐭
Babe my babysitter just left come see me
I don't know of a place off the top of my head?? You know a place close to here that would be any good??😂😅
Heck yeah dude! Any specific place you want me to do it at? 😂😂
Bobbie my back is really hurting can you crack it for me??
Collectible Lifelike Baby Dolls, Porcelain Dolls a
right I bet, you kids are just so darn cute with your jokes and stuff ☺️
lol Bobbie I suggest you knock the bullying off and start minding your own business.
Preview: Garforth Arts Festival 2015: The programme has been announced for this year's Garforth Arts Festival,... http:/…
The Rhinos have produced an impressive showing to go six points clear at the top of the
Poppy Delevingne, Arizona Muse, Bob Geldof, Jo Wood and Jade Jagger are among VIPs at the glam rock Chr…
Jaime Winstone, Jo Wood, Craig Revel Horwood, Sarah Harding & Chris Evans are among VIPs at press night tomorrow
Maggie, daughter of Leah Wood, granddaughter of Ronnie and Jo Wood: Happy "Stones" Birthday!...
Shami Chakrabarti & Peter Hitchens are at Simon Heffer's book launch tonight, as Jon Denoris launches his book with Jo Wood & Zara Martin.
Back in the day: Jo Wood with Keith Richards and Ronnie Wood in 1985.
Photos from Jo Wood's post in things For Sale / Wanted / Give away in Waltham Abbey area
Jo Wood attends the Text Santa Celebrity Bag Pack at Morrisons on December 12, 2013 in London, England.
Jimmy Page with Jerry Hall, Tracy Emin and Jo Wood at GQ Men of the Year Awards Diner. 2 September, 2008
JoWood published GALLERY: David and Samantha Cameron at Polzeath in Cornwall: Gallery created by Jo_Wood
Jo Wood seen wearing in The Weekend, the dress is available now at
Jo_Wood published One Direction 'Directioners' camp out for This Is Us film premier: The new One Dir...
Jo Wood is on Celeb Masterchef why? She's a plastic faced talentless ex wife. That's not celebrity material.
I was going alittle Jo Wood on it about this (the only) review of Northend ESB on ratebeer untill ...
V FESTIVAL ADVICE. Essex Girl - Jo Wood - Green Guru says she has filled her body with toxins - alcohol,...
The best thing about Celebrity Masterchef is watching Janet Street Porter snarl at the inane things Jo Wood says.
Really ? Jo Wood did Strictly and was awful and Heidi did I'm A Celeb, I think and I knew Katy Brand
you watching Jo Wood is Sara and Katy Brand is Emma Gladwell. What'dya think? Hopefully I'm not Janet..
Janet Street-Porter! . Heidi Range!. Katy Brand!. Jo Wood! . I see that tonights is a special 'Talentless *** edition.
Celebrity returns to BBC1 tonight at 8pm. Janet Street-Porter, Heidi Range, Katy Brand & Jo Wood are in the…
still Katy Brand as my tip for a finalist. Jo Wood first to get no satisfaction and be chopped
Greg Wallace to Jo Wood "No need to cook, Jo, you're through. Meet me in my dressing room"
Just started to read HEY JO, Jo Wood life story(Jo was married to Ronnie Woods from the Rolling Stones) I am quite surprise she like me attended the London Academy of Modelling(I still have my certificate on the bedroom wall A bit faded now) my Agent was GORDON EDEN WEEN . Jo agent was GAVIN ROBINSON. Although I was there seven years earlier than her we both came to the same conclusion modeling is about hard work not as wonderful as we thought it was going to be, quote from her book. Go-sees were actually just a long, hard slog. I would spend all day travelling across London on a succession of buses and tubes, only for some magazine editor to take one look at me and say, "Your hair's wrong. Next'. I'd often come out of those meetings close to tears. Oh, God, my legs aren't long enough, my face is all weird,' never going to make it as a model... the early part of the book could be about me. (but I think I have had A better life than she has had .) But when people ask me about my modeling career, I find ...
Well after a hard days graft Chocolate Bananas new office is all ready for my girlies Jo Wood and Sarah Fox Oh and Michael... I know the wall papering and paint still has to be done but Dave Brownson-smith Alfie Brownson-Smith and I have done you proud! Fresh start and good riddens to bad people!!! Onwards and upwards gang x
Jo Wood with Joy Behar, presenting his book "It's Only Rock 'n' Roll - Thirty Years Married to a Rolling Stone" in the new program "say anything" (*)
Jo Wood says her break-up from Ronnie was the "best thing" for her.: The ex-wife of the Rolling Stones rocker ...
Check out Jo Wood`s green tips! She has her own brand and is an author, her autobiography is out now
Join us for lunch with Jo Wood, Steve Brooker & Johnny Vaughan, & C4 12.35
Jo Wood explains why she offered her 16-year-old son drugs The former wife of Rolling Stones rocker Ronnie Wood ...
Stones: How Ronnie destroyed our marriage: After 35 years, Jo Wood tells her definitive - and explosive - story
There are still surprises. Today's Sunday Mail features a picture I took c.1970 on a gangplank on Canvey Island. In her ghostwritten life story Jo Wood (ex Rolling Stones wife) admits that her 'big break' came 'courtesy of an amateur photographer called Robert Hallmann…'. Ah… those were the days.
Jo Wood 'offered drugs to her children': Jo Wood, the former wife of Rolling Stone Ronnie, has told how she of...
Rolling Stones wife Jo Wood offered drugs to her children when they were growing up: THE former wife of Ronnie...
Jo Wood has been 'open' with kids about drugs: Ronnie Wood's ex-wife Jo Wood has always been 'open and honest'...
“like off the wood? You should've made em get in the back lol” on god you should've jo lol
I thought it was Jo Wood when i first glanced at the screen.
We have a cover for IT'S ONLY ROCK AND ROLL by and it's gorgeous! o/s 5/21:
Is the Spice Girls musical, Viva Forever!, being rewritten before it hits Broadway?
Have an cool hobby you would like to share? We are looking for people to take part in a photo shoot jo
Fearne Cotton's son has her nostrils! Three guesses what Keith Lemon will be joking about on Celebrity Juice...
The Gossip Mill: Fearne Cotton's son Rex has her nostrils says Jo Wood
Fearne Cotton's newborn baby Rex Rayne "has her nostrils" says grandma Jo Wood
Miche s Extended Cyber Weekend Event - Savings up to 75%
Fearne Cotton son Rex has her nostrils, claims grandmother Jo Wood
Fearne Cotton's baby Rex Rayne has inherited her nostrils, according to Jo Wood
Fearne Cotton has passed nostrils on to baby Rex, according to grandma Jo Wood
Grandmother Jo Wood reveals baby Rex has inherited mother Fearne Cotton's NOSE: It had been the talk of last w...
Coming up on This Morning today: Russell Brand talks about being 10 years clean, Jo Wood tells us about life after Ronnie, Faye Sawyer brings us a shoe special, Gino demonstrates a classic pizza and Olly Murs belts out a performance of new single Army of Two.
Sex 'n' drugs 'n' Strictly: Jo Wood on debauchery with Ronnie, locked up for opium trafficking and the terror of...
Ron Wood’s Ex-Wife Dishes Dirt in Autobiography It’s no secret that Ronnie Wood of the Rolling Stones has lived a true life of sex, drugs and rock n’ roll. But the true extent of his decadence is being revealed in a new tell-all memoir by his ex-wife, Jo Wood. In the cleverly titled ‘Hey Jo,’ which is being published Thursday (Feb. 28) and excerpted in the Daily Mail, Wood goes into great detail about her former husband’s cocaine use, alcoholism and infidelity. She claims the couple had a lab set up in their Hollywood home, “complete with flasks, test tubes, glass plates and rubber tubing,” and their house became, as she puts it, “Freebase Central for much of celebrity L.A.” Freebasing wasn’t Wood’s only method of taking cocaine. Last year, his longtime buddy and former Faces bandmate Rod Stewart revealed in his autobiography that the two used to take cocaine anally. Jo stopped freebasing in early-1981, with Ronnie quitting a few years later. His drinking continued, however, and sh ...
Jo Wood recalls bizarre encounter with Ronnie's mistress: Ronnie Wood's ex-wife endured the most "surreal encounter" of her life when...
Do you believe what Jo Wood wrote in her autobiography about Ronnie? That he threatened her ... and so on? I can´t imagine´*
You know the phone signal is crap in the village when you walk past Jo Wood house and her daughter is hanging her arm out of the window to get reception
You know when the phone signal in the village is crap when you walk past Jo Wood's house and her daughter has her arms out of the window trying to get signal lol
I had a message from a Jo Wood works for the guardian newspaper in Newquay, have never come across her before, any road up the outcome is I have had to shut down This is St Austell over copyright, so it is no more. Great it was actually helping them as much as the people of St Austell. There you go no profit involved, in fact no money involved. Just one more reason not to help people out. From now on I will be cutting ties with the previously mentioned, they can't have it all one way.
Didn’t End It Need to Mend Yourself - Day 23 This weekend Ronnie Wood married his third wife, some 31 years younger than him. How did his second wife of 30 years, Jo Wood, deal with this and his initial deviation when he went off with a 21 year old? Devastated, she decided to mend her own life. She started to do the things she wanted to do – this included exploring her passion for vintage clothes and launching a new brand, Jo Wood Organics. “You bring up your family and you think you’re going to be in the relationship for a long time but you’re not. Rather than feel sorry for myself I sat down and thought – you know what, this is a really good thing. And how lucky am I? I have a family that loves me.” “Right, it’s my turn now.”
Anyone else think Zoe Ball looks like a younger Jo Wood?
Jo Wood to auction stuff and HE'S NOT HAPPY ABOUT IT.
Uh-oh. Jo Wood is auctioning off a bunch of ex-husband Ron Wood's stuff. Ron's not happy
Julien's Auctions has announced the October 27 sale of property from the collection of Ronnie and Jo Wood, including an array of fine and decorative art,
Jo Wood: Ronnie was rotten when we were married: Jo Wood says ex-husband Ronnie Wood was a ''rotten b*d'' wh...
Sir Patrick Stewart, Heston Blumenthal and Jo Wood take part in this year's Silverstone Classic. Subs click for details
Nice little beer garden sesh with gandalf and Jo Wood. Will the winchmore hill 5 become a 6...???
Find out the fitness and beauty rules of Sharon Stone, Amanda Redman, Caro Vorderman, Christie Brinkley and Jo Wood
Twiggy, Brendan Cole and Jo Wood at festival - Local - Northamptonshire Evening Telegraph:
Lorraine Kelly talks to Strictly Come Dancing star Jo Wood about life as a single woman
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