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Jo Whiley

Johanne Jo Whiley (born 4 July 1965, Northampton) is a British radio disc jockey and television presenter.

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Can’t believe what a shambles the shuffle is... why does Jo Whiley not have her own show & why are Ken B…
Jo Whiley is first woman to present Radio 2's Drivetime for 20 years
Image caption Jo Whiley currently presents Radio 2's evening show, championing new music Jo Whiley is to...
So agree. I read today that Jo Whiley was last year paid between £100k and £150k and when she takes ov…
Jo Whiley is the queen of the bland. She replaced the peerless Radcliffe and Maconie for no good reason, and now sh…
Great news. I rarely listen to Radio 2 and on the basis of this I won’t be listening anytime soon.
BBC Radio 2 presenter Jo Whiley up for mega pay rise after landing top BBC radio job with a…
The Simon Mayo show is the best bit of radio 2. Why ruin it by adding a Jo Whiley double act? To be gender neutra…
Should have given Jo Whiley the afternoon show. Steve Wright past his sell by date years ago.
So, Simon Mayo and Jo Whiley to present new drivetime programme - despite current format being pretty…
Jo Whiley is to co-present the Radio 2 drivetime show with Simon Mayo evenings 5 til 8 from May, with Sara Cox gaining…
BBC News - Jo Whiley moves to BBC Radio 2 drivetime slot Never really got my head around Wh…
Jo Whiley, Sara Cox and Cerys Mathews get new Radio 2 shows as the BBC promotes host of women in the wake of ... -…
Oh no, why oh why mess with this show, it’s my favourite, obviously not alone here. Jo whiley is a talent in her own right.
Jo Whiley joins Simon Mayo to front a new BBC Radio 2 show.
I rarely listen to the radio if I’m honest, mainly because I now find a lot of the chat annoying. I just…
Radio 2 has a huge roster of female DJs, many of whom have worked daytime Radio 1 - from Fearne Cotton to Sara Cox to Jo Whiley.
Terrific to have & other women presenting on but sad to see the demise of Radio 2’s…
TONIGHT ON RADIO 2 I’m in for Jo Whiley from 8-10 and I’m celebrating the almighty sample. I’ve…
Oh No! DT brilliant as it is, can't see where Jo Whiley would fit in. I think she has the personality of…
Simon Mayo’s a brilliant broadcaster who doesn’t need an on-air partner. If R2 wanted to find a slot for Jo Whiley, they…
Not all good. The Simon Mayo show is great, it doesn't need Jo Whiley to join it. And please give b…
Jo Whiley to join Simon Mayo in drivetime slot in BBC Radio 2 revamp
Radio 2 puts Jo Whiley in the driving seat - but axes its golden oldies
What a great start to the New Year for Jo Whiley. A new joint slot with Simon Mayo and if reports are right she get…
Oh great. Jo Whiley simpering & gushing over infantilised 'young artists' at drivetime. That Lewis Carnage is defin…
Lots of room left for Jo Whiley show live from Hull College now. Paul Heaton and Jacqui Abbott and John Cooper Clarke are amongst her guests
In the past 2 days Steve Wright, Jo Whiley and Chris Evans have played Two Ghosts on their R2 shows. We need it on Simon Mayo's drive time.
Jo Whiley - New music from Beth Ditto, Naaz and Reverend And The Makers. - listen at 1 hour 24
Disappointing given how many great women presenters they have on the books - Jo Whiley, Zoe…
Sara Cox and Jo Whiley are on Radio 2, Edith Bowman Radio 6, Chappers does 5 Live and Chris Moyles stole Conedy Dave's wife. I'm old! 😩
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Jo Whiley Celebrity Sing Along from Frozen at the Royal Albert Hall in London
First non training 30 minute run!. Seemed strange not having the dulcet voice of the lovely Jo Whiley in my ears.
Radio 2 presenter Jo Whiley talks about the cars that she’s driven and loved over the years in this piece.
Looking forward to seeing the Scent Garden at Plants by
New on Channel 4 today, 1998, Jo Whiley. Late night music and chat. Later became The Cut with Jo Whiley.
Claim to fame this week seeing Jo Whiley on the slopes 🎵⛷❄️
How old do you feel when today's DJ's are Sara Cox, Jo Whiley and Fearne Cotton? 😩
BBC Radio 2 - Jo Whiley, Highlights from the BRIT Awards 2017, Lana Del Rey on her new single 'Love'
20:00 Jo Whiley: Janice Long sits in for Jo Whiley and is joined by Julian Cope to talk through his new LP.
[TV] Jo Whiley (BBC Radio 2) Thu, Apr 20, 8:00 PM Jo has early access to brand new vinyl from Record Store Day and she'll be playing out s..
I want to see this photo of you and Jo Whiley
with sitting in for Jo Whiley ..loving the show here at 😊
Badminton Olympian Gail Emms, and TV and radio personality Jo Whiley will take part in the MK50 Marathon…
Pleased you were with someone who appreciates quality music.…
Loving Janice Long sitting in for Jo Whiley on Can't you give her that show permanently?
Please get rid of Jo Whiley off of evenings. is wonderful in this slot. Another great show this week.
Great to hear JANICE LONG sitting in for Jo Whiley all this week on Weekdays 8pm - 10pm .
Never sell outs.. Jo Whiley should be chuffed
Jo Whiley - Upskirt video and screencaps Jo Whiley - Upskirt/Legs (RS/MF)
The incredibly sexy and underrated, Jo Whiley 3. -.
The incredibly sexy and underrated, Jo Whiley 2. -.
The incredibly sexy and underrated, Jo Whiley. -.
Reason 9 (cont) Jo Whiley spinnng classic tunes we will be "Dancing with Tears in your Eyes" telling people that you "Dont Like Mondays"
. I blame Jo Whiley for all of this
Spotted!! Jo Whiley and crew on same flight as the Batchelor family.. we are getting ourselves out there !
Verbatim "I've been told I'm leaving at Christmas "jo whiley radio interview
Strong Lady Show. "Strong & Elegant & Funny". "Spectacular&very special. People are going to be talking about this nonsto…
Great to hear that will be covering Jo Whiley's show all next week on . Look forward to it!
Bastille will be on BBC Radio 2 with Jo Whiley tonight at 20:00!
Jo Whiley, Simon Mayo, Penny Smith and Vanessa Feltz are at the gala performance & drinks reception tonight.
Jo Whiley, Sarah Millican and a couple of guys. I wish I could put Laura onto his phone!
winner Chris Froome and VIPs Sam Bailey, Jodie Kidd, Jo Whiley, Dame Kelly Holmes and Lemar take part in today.
20:00 Jo Whiley: Matt Everitt reviews new releases from Bat for Lashes, Grace and case/lang/veirs.
We voted for Was our jury Jo Whiley and a baseball bat?
Aah, I just tried to vote for Latvia, but it is busy! (Maybe Jo Whiley's monopolising the lines again)
I wonder if Jo Whiley was hammering the redial, too... I will have to put in a vote, tonight!
Georgia look like the sort of band Jo Whiley raves about for months who win Best Breakthrough at BRITs whose 2nd album flops
😘 super proud of you - you're proper celeb now that you've shared green room with Jo Whiley. x
Fascinating to listen to successful women like Jo Whiley and Labour MP Jess Phiilips discuss how they juggle work and kids
kickoff: Jo Whiley, Karen Blackett & others on "how do you do it all" I think Jo's trick is a pair nikes
Jo Whiley - supportive employers clearly an important feature of her success
Working whilst holding the baby - reflections on the work journey by Jo Whiley BBC Radio
Jess Phillips, Jo Whiley, Karen Blackett, Kirstie Mackey and Gaby Hindliff - what a line-up!
Jo Whiley is wearing a dress with shaggy dogs. Regretting not wearing my owls. ;)
Keynote about to begin, luckily I didn't ask the lady I saw outside about her hi-tops, it was Jo Whiley!
16 year old me is having an OMG moment that Jo Whiley is here. 16 year old me is also saying meeting Steve Lamacq would be better.
Inspired and motivated by couch to 5k coach Whiley
Just stick with me on chons sir and you won't go far wrong, I'm like a marginally less killable Jo Whiley.
When I grow up I want to be Jo Whiley
as will the always impressed Jo Whiley.
Listened to the song on Jo Whiley's show on it is brilliant what they have done stone roses.
Has jo whiley come out on the radio yet to clam she heard new stone roses tune 2years ago in a garden shed .
Think that was how Jo Whiley introduced it.
Wish Alex would shut up about how he's been in Jo Whiley's hot tub
it's on BBC2 right now! The review just got mentioned by jo whiley.
The gorgeous Jo Whiley this February. by me.
We’ve photographed notable people such as Denise van Outen, Jo Whiley and Kimberly Wyatt. Contact us to plan your celebrity shoot.
'Constellations' the standout track for Jo Whiley - 😀😀
Jo Whiley on is the auditory equivalent of tasty comfort food. Warming, soothing and definitely good for the soul.
20:00 Jo Whiley: Tom Odell performs music from his new album on the Elton John piano.
Anthony Kiedis interviewed by Jo Whiley (full transcript too):.
Have you heard Tom Odell's new song? Magnetised!!!. new album "Wrong Crowd". Listen tonight Radio 2 Jo Whiley'.
A. Kiedis just superbly interviewed by Jo Whiley at Radio 2. As he gets older, his voice sounds similar to that of Matt Lauer from Today
20:00 Jo Whiley: Jon Hillcock reviews new releases from Gregory Porter, Cyndi Lauper and Jean Michel Jarre.
Jo Whiley replaces Sara Cox for Ladies' Day at Uttoxeter Racecourse | Uttoxeter Advertiser via
You wont be able to miss birdhouse this May!
Acknowledged by Jo Whiley my life is complete why don't I just lie down and die peacefully now like John Merrick
their presenters as well as their style. Jo Whiley, Zoe Ball, Simon Mayo, Chris Evans and Sara Cox are all favourites of mine
Live From C2C: Country To Country with Bob Harris and Jo Whiley - next on BBC Radio 2
[TV] Live From C2C: Country to Country (BBC Radio 2) Fri, Mar 11, 8:00 PM Bob Harris and Jo Whiley introduce a weekend of music from the 2..
New song Jo Whiley on music, radio and presenting by The BBC Academy podcast just went up, listen at
.BBC to operate radio workshops in Birmingham: Sara Cox, Jo Whiley, Annie Mac, Charlie Sloth and m...
Allegra Stratton and Jo Whiley. Ever seen them together?
Three celeb spots in three minutes... Matt Damon off of the movies, Jeremy Bowen off of the BBC News and Jo Whiley off of t'radio!
It's like a mid 2000's Radio 1 today on this new Radio X - Moyles and now Vernon Kay, is Jo Whiley next?
An over-enthusiastic Alan Dedicoat hands over to Paul Gambaccini and Jo Whiley who introduce Georio Moroder
Tom Hardy, Dermot O'Leary, Rachel Stevens, Lisa Snowdon, Will Young and Jo Whiley are taking part in -
and Jo Whiley's playing Eye of The Tiger right now
Tune into Jo Whiley right now on BBC Radio 2 for some great music.
Once around the block! Tremendous, remember I first heard it played by Jo Whiley, way before it was released
What's Jo Whiley got on her head smh
was it just and Jo Whiley that got the wear a hat memo?
We're loving this picture right now! The legend that is Jo Whiley tucking into our Strawberry Jam with Champagne... http:/…
Feel ba... Nope. Here's Jamie Oliver and Alex James "DJing" and being rescued by Jo Whiley
Radio 2 are trailing a Jo Whiley interview with Sam Smith. Sounds like it’ll be a good listen for Sam’s fans.
Recently, in the last 7 years, I would have to say Jo Whiley.
20:00 Jo Whiley: Ana Matronic presents a lively selection of songs which are about music and songs.
Served Jo Whiley and her daughter, Coco, at clinks today👟. Such a lovely woman😋 xx
[TV] Radio 2 in Concert: Sam Smith (BBC RB 1) Fri, Sep 4, 10:00 AM Jo Whiley presents Sam Smith at the BBC Radio Theatre in London for the..
Just heard your shout out on Jo Whiley . Cool!
unlimited calling, voip, phone service
20:00 Jo Whiley: Every Thursday, Jo plays some forgotten and nostalgic music from the movies.
I have some exciting news to announce this evening! Tune into Jo Whiley's show on from 8:30pm to find out! 🌳🎶
For some reason I dislike Jo Whiley and Edith Bowman. I think it's just the way they speak. Sorry.
That BBC ad in which Jo Whiley sits across from that woman and tells her what to go and see. Terrifying
BBC - Radio 2 Jo Whiley - Madisen Ward and the Mama Bear in S... wild is the wind ... magic.. what a song
There's a mother and son band on Jo Whiley. Which reminds me...
JO WHILEY BABES, PLEASE CAN YOU PLAY BLACK MAGIC BY LITTLE MIX? people need to understand that these girls are truly amazing !!
Last day of our caravan holiday in Wales by the sea. Little one bathed and in bed. Chillin to Jo Whiley on . Lovely.
Sir Peter Blake never sounds excited but probably is. The opposite of Jo Whiley.
Tickets (free) available 4 girls 2 hit Donny Races on 1st Aug! Wi DJ set from Vernon Kay & Jo Whiley!!🏇🏇 Message me.. ht…
Cerys Matthews. The Welsh Jo Whiley. Make of that what you will.
20:00 Jo Whiley: Jo gives you a chance to get your song played if you're out doing the 'taxi run'.
Join Jo Whiley at 8pm on BBC Radio 2. More great music ahead.
Gwen Stefani and Tony Kanal Interview with Jo Whiley of BBC Radio 2,Part 2: via
Will I never learn? If you don't retune after Jo Whiley at night, you wake up to Chris Evans
am v much looking forward to Thursday :) not jealous of Jo Whiley in the slightest. :|
I'm saying this with the best of intentions. Jo Whiley needs to stop finding everything "amazing" and "incredible". Please! Surely!
You Know I'm No Good (Jo Whiley Live Lounge 2007) by Amy Winehouse, found with Listen now:
Starting soon on BBC Radio 2, Listen to Jo Whiley for details of a big announcement
20:00 Jo Whiley: Jo makes a huge Radio 2 in Concert announcement about one of the world's biggest stars.
Jo Whiley and Steve Lamacq coexisting with Ken Bruce and Johnnie Walker.
I liked a video from Amy Winehouse wins British Female Award presented by Jo Whiley |
The prospect of Jo Whiley handing over to Gemma Cairney is what eventually killed John Logie Baird
Who remembers how good the old school Radio 1 line up was? Chris Moyles, Fearne Cotton, Jo Whiley, Scott Mills, Zayne Lowe...
Imagine the foursome. Phil jupitus, Tim lovejoy, Jo Whiley and Edith Bowman. (sorry)
Eek! I'll be live in Jo Whiley's show tonight from 8 singing a couple of from my new album 'In the Seam…
what a breath of fresh air is today. Keep him on for good in place of that dinosaur Steve Wright. And get jo whiley on too
OH. Had Jo Whiley in work yesterday. I screamed over our radios and she heard me and smiled at me. I nearly cried.
Spotted: Jo Whiley wearing our Collared T Shirt Dress by Sea New York available online now. Get her look!...
On the blog: in our Collared T Shirt Dress!
Jo Whiley & Vernon Kay to play live DJ sets for crowds at Town Moor live after racing on 1st August
20:00 Jo Whiley: Jo Whiley hosts an intimate session from Tor Miller on Elton John's piano.
The thing I miss most is the Evening Session with Steve Lamacq and Jo Whiley. Expanded my musical taste hugely
Jo Whiley has a daughter in her 20s yet looks 10 years younger than me. RUDE.
You can hear when Jo Whiley dedicated Out Of The Blue to me at 01:29:55 . 😍💙
OMG Greta, I got a shoutout from Jo Whiley!!! :') x
Jo Whiley gave me a shoutout when Prides played my fave song 'Out Of The Blue' live, and she said it was for me, cos I'd emailed her :')
When Prides played Out Of The Blue, Jo Whiley said we'll play that for Greer and I could hear Prides laughing :') 😊
Jo Whiley just said the same thing as me. Verbatim. Hive mind.
So I guess I'll have to be an insecure poor man's Jo Whiley with Katy Perry *** and a curtain do J-Depp would be proud of.
Jo Whiley on always one of the highlights of my drive home. Tonight's music & interview with Mary Portas was FAB!
20:00 Jo Whiley: Mary Portas joins Jo for an in-depth personal chat about her life.
You know it's Spring when you see your first baby rabbit. Half eaten on your doorstep'Jo Whiley' Happy Easter from the Cat,''Me''
20:00 Jo Whiley: Madonna, Marc Almond and Matthew E White have brand new albums up for review.
No they don't. Anyway it was Jo Whiley that was first to promote Coldplay. I'm foreign and fictional & even I knew that.
I remember the Radio 1 days of Chris Moyles, Jo Whiley, Edith Bowman with Colin Murray, Scott Mills, Zane Lowe. Those were the days.
Jo Whiley, Steve Lamacq to reunite for Radio 2 Britpop special
Do Radio 1 just ship off old presenters to Radio 2 when they get boring? Dave Pierce, Jo Whiley, Mark and Lard, Simon Mayo, Trevor Nelson?
Jo Whiley admits she's a bag of nerves ahead of covering first ever BBC Music Awards
Vanessa Feltz and Jo Whiley amongst new Hall of Fame list
. U2 live on Italian tv last night. Jo Whiley on Wednesday & Jools Holland next week
Listening to jo whiley and getting on with my sewing project. Rock and roll on a Wednesday night. Good music though.
Listening to Jo Whiley for live session!!!
I love discovering new bands. Until I hear Zane Lowe/Jo Whiley on tv declaring them the "the greatest...blah blah" . Totally ruins it.
Recent blog about the cave on Jo Whiley BBC Radio 2's show!.
Check out our bike mechanic, Richard, being thanked for helping a cyclist in distress on Jo Whiley BBC Radio 2's...
1family/4songs. Fancy playing FamilyFourTunes? Email name/number to jo.whileyand we'll call you!
we're currently listening to Jo Whiley talk about her love of electrics. Joy.
Why did Jo Whiley just play Rapper's Delight to introduce Grandmaster Flash?
20:00 Jo Whiley: Jo Whiley chats with DJ and hip-hop pioneer Grandmaster Flash about his life and career.
U2 - Jo Whiley talks to Edge on Feb 04 BBC 2 -
Paco Poops, have you seen the Tom Kasabian interview on the Jo Whiley show from a couple of years back? It's on telly here...
Goodness gracious I can't seem to stop, calling you up! .
just turned to radio 2 out of sheet desperation and Jo whiley was playing daft punk. Lovely.
Jo Whiley and GMF chop it up the room got really warm woe
word it up, been a follower since the 1980's, looking forward to your interview on Jo whiley show bbc radio 2
20:00 Jo Whiley: Jo Whiley hosts a mix of new music and classic album tracks.
I was a Chris Moyles and Jo Whiley listener...then they were bumped for being too old &found nick grimshaw annoying
What a good start to the day, Bizarre Inc on Jo Whiley. Come on Stafford!
Can't believe u just did that Jo Whiley!
20:00 Jo Whiley: Jo chats with Sharon Van Etten, whose song Our Love is her New Favourite Thing.
You won't want to miss SVE's interview with on Airs tonight at 8pm London time. Listen here: http…
Well, seems festival season is over. Time to put Jo Whiley, Fearne Cotton and Lauren Laverne into cardboard boxes to hibernate until spring.
Pandas refuse to get together, no matter your childish dreams. It's like Jo Whiley and Steve Lamacq all over again.
Not as much a cheese fest as Jo Whiley..'India' & 'Cassius' VOMIT!
can't agree more. Jo Whiley loves everyone. No one loves everyone. Paolo is amazing, but I guess Russell Howard was on.
1000 years from now, treasure hunters will search the Glastonbury site and will find Jo Whiley's toe rings.
First meeting Jo Whiley, then having a chat with Prince Philip about my work and then free Laurent Perrier...
I was unclear if you favourited it because of Jo Whiley or Islington. Obvs it was Islington.
You might want to listen to Jo Whiley on Radio 2 this week (8-10pm) as the Thompson's (Harvey Thompson Dan...
OMG Totes schaaamazing night Stood a foot away from Guy Garvy (now i know what Ricky Gervais is doing) ...oh and i have a total girl crush on Jo Whiley!!!
Listen to Ellie Goulding / Goodness Gracious (Jo Whiley Session) | Explore the largest community of artists, bands, podcasters and creators of musi...
Goodness Gracious (Jo Whiley Session) by Ellie Goulding Amazing job again on
a few days ago, for Sport Relief, Chris called Jo Whiley on BBC1 to support her in her challenge. They all teased him about...
just once before i die, I want Jo Whiley to get excited about me and call me the next big thing
What a way to start the day super 3-0 up and a bit of on with Jo Whiley. Playaz.
Just love Jo Whiley's evening show so much :)
Liking Jo Whiley's evening session on Radio 2 en route to bonnie Scotland!
Might have to listen to Jo Whiley more often, some serious tunes being played
20:00 Jo Whiley: Jo has a session from the brilliant English singer-songwriter Saint Raymond.
Goodness Gracious by Ellie Goulding now on SoundCloud -
- I am looking forward to this match like I would look forward to being locked in a room with 5 Pythons, Jo Whiley, Fearne Cotton & Harry Hill!!
Check dis out bruh: Goodness Gracious (Jo Whiley Session) by on
Incase you forgot here's a reminder of the amazingly talented ! …
Here's a pic of Ellie Goulding and her mum Jo Whiley + a song Ellie did on mum's radio show.
Is there anyone in the world more annoying than Jo Whiley.
We have a football signed by David Cameron Jo Whiley & Richard Curtis up for auction
Playing live on BBC Radio 2 tomorrow night with Jo Whiley!
Back then Jo the pro Whiley was on 10-1, Mark and Lard 1-3, and Moyles had his first prime time slot 3-5
Nice pic of us playing at Jo Whiley's incredible Sports Relief 2014 live show on BBC Radio 2 the other day.
20:00 Jo Whiley: Jo is joined by a music critic for her weekly Album Review of recent releases.
I saw Jo Whiley there once! Her Mum and Dad live up the road from here.! Near the Cattery!
thanks for the Jo Whiley Sport Relief RT, she was amazing! I thought our 15 miles was a big deal!
A new Coldplay album is nigh! Better avoid Jo Whiley for the next 6mths as she'd gush over a Chris Martin fart claiming it was tuneful
Love these piccies from when you did your busking for Jo Whiley. Great cause.x😃
Whiley falls but completes task: It was a sprint finish for DJ Jo Whiley following a "life-affirming"...
Ricky joined Jo in the box again earlier today - some pictures here:
“Listen back to Jimi's session for Jo Whiley BBC Radio 2 last night here:
Davina McCall Jo Whiley and Alex Jones. Three incredible challenges overcome by three amazing people
VIDEO: Jo Whiley's 'Living in a box' -
Alex Jones, Davina McCall and Jo Whiley - loving these amazing women doing amazing things for Sport Relief. Makes my contribution (playing for one hour in Telford's 24 hour tennis match dressed as a crayon) seem a bit tame …..
6music and their love affair with Elbow. OK, fair enough if you like Elbow, I've never met anyone who does, but every time they are releasing anything it's all over this station like a scabby rash. Does Guy Garvey have a picture of Lord Reith in suspenders? Every DJ proclaiming it with Jo Whiley style lazy descriptions mesmerising stunning beautiful awe inspiring if you only buy one album. I'll give you some vapid wet limp dull
It has been revealed today that a super team of BBC Radio presenters, headed up by Radio 1’s Nick Grimshaw and Radio 2’s Jo Whiley, will be pushing themselves to the limit as they attempt to run, swim and cycle 25,000 miles - the circumference of the world.
So the Brit Awards only rescued by David Bowie in adding true class to the proceedings by not being there. Lot of average people there this year. Rudimental are great glad they won something and that 17 year old girl that calls herself Lorde. Ellie Goulding was great. Katy Perry can't do live I am afraid sorry but I would sooner listen to her on the radio. Arctic Monkeys? They just another one of those bands that still think that they are in the Oasis/Pulp/Blur Britpop era? Sorry guys you don't have anyone to spar with. One Direction? Most overhyped band ever and best video presenting a song that is a COVER version! Rubbish! Once the young girls and adolescents grow up a bit a new boy band will take over because people are fickle at that age. Disclosure? Who are you? And last but not least James Corden has got to be one of the worst choices of presenter. Need someone like Jo Whiley or Sara Cox to do the job. Positive and negatives in this but mainly forgettable.
Sara Cox has left Radio 1 after 15 years as a presenter following other DJs, such as Jo Whiley, to move to BBC Radio 2.
good times. Although I think by introduction you mean Jo Whiley played it, you said this is Jeff Buckley and I said I know
Jo Whiley chats Billie Joe Armstrong and Norah Jones about their new album, Foreverly.
it's not confirmed it was leaked by Jo whiley
hate to have to tell you but on R2 last night Jo Whiley played How Long Will I Love You immediately followed by a Wham Xmas song!
Jo Whiley presented Amy Winehouse with the BRIT Award for British Female in 2007
Jo Whiley (yes, I know) just played Michael Sheen reading the original story of Rudolf the Red-Nosed Reindeer. Properly captivating
It comes to something when we have that many channels and I still can't find anything to watch! I am wrapping presents whilst listening to Jo Whiley on the radio. And to be fair, there's just some great music!
20:00 Jo Whiley: Jo ends the year with a special Christmas show with guests Maximo Park and Marika Hackman.
it's the lovely look on Jo Whiley's face that makes it art :)
say it in a Jo Whiley voice and it sounds much better.
I listened to your Jo Whiley review tonight. But I don't like Top Gear *steps into heated mono slipper*
Maximo Park are doing a festive set tomo on Jo Whiley's Radio 2 show. One for you to tune into or iPlayer! X
Best song of the night. White Wine in the Sun by Tim Minchin. Thanks Jo Whiley
Jo Whiley's just read out my text on Radio2 about me making lemon drizzle and Victoria sponges for the farm shop tomorrow. Thanks Jo :)
Kelly will be on the phone with Jo Whiley on tonight for a little announcement... tune in from 8.
Tonight is brought to me by white wine, Jo Whiley, open fire and salmon with rice cooked by
Love listening to Jo Whiley's show on BBC Radio 1 on the way back from training every wednesday
Hm my son is suggesting Jo Whiley isn't hot and doesn't have an extremely sexy voice. where did i go wrong with him?
20:00 Jo Whiley: Jo gets wrapped up in the holiday spirit by playing your Ultimate Christmas Mixtape.
I must admit despite the fact I love AC/DC I can't get into the whole 'get them to no.1' stuff. Surely our dislike of people like Simon Cowell and the 'you must listen to this, this & this' Jo Whiley type is also what drives our passion for rock in the first place. X-Factor? John Lewis? Let 'em get on with it. The only thing saving their wannabe hits from an Oxfam shop next year will be the fact they are just deleted computer downloads instead!
20:00 Jo Whiley: Actor and music lover Paul Rudd joins Jo to talk about Anchorman 2 and his favourite music
Jo Whiley, i've missed you..lifesaving!!
Love the jo whiley show on BBC Radio 2 so relaxing.
Listening to Jo Whiley on R2, album reviews of the year, ticking lots of my favs. Time to purchase some new tunes too
20:00 Jo Whiley: Jo is joined by music critic Fraser McAlpine for a look at the Best Albums of 2013.
I Spin Music, Jo! "Are all your fans just after a step up in the music industry, Mrs Whiley?"
Our very own Fraser McAlpine will be joining Jo Whiley tonight at 8pm on Radio 2 to review the best albums of 2013. Pick out some good ones Fraser and we'll throw them into The Strutts set list. Looking forward to it!
I hope you're doing your Jo Whiley voice!
Comedian talks to about his favourite Film, Music and much more
Just been to frosts in Milton Keynes to see the Xmas stuff and jo whiley was there ice skating !
he's always like that! Very shy! Only ones that get chat out of him are jo whiley and jimmy Fallon cos he seems to like them!
did you hear andy Burrows & tom odell's version of 'step into Christmas' on jo whiley's R2 show? amazing!
Casually having an e-mail convo with Jo Whiley. Yeah, she loves pens too.
Chris Fouracre this one's for you! In fact Siân Richards you worked on this didn't you? Weybridge circa 2000 Mike Valentine underwater DOP? Rolling Rock Idents for Jo Whiley 4Music show. Excuse the quality had to grab it off something.
Sorry forgot to say Gary Barlow is on the red button at 8pm tonight. Jo Whiley starts at 8pm on radio 2 but Gary Barlow may not be on til 9pm on her show.
Gary Barlow is in concert on uk radio 2 tonight on Jo whiley's show & on the red button on TV. Enjoy.
Live at Radio 2 with Dan Croll on Jo Whiley's show sounding fantastic
Driving whilst listening to Dan Croll currently doing a sterling live session with Jo Whiley on Radio 2
Croll live on radio 2 with the legend Jo whiley right now!
Pick your brains time. A few years ago, there was a singer that was shattered and jet lagged on the live lounge with jo whiley . What was the name of the song sung out of tune and who was it? Cheers.
Was having a nice night listening to Jo whiley,, then along comes billy brag to depress me..
The broadcaster Jo Whiley, when she arrived on the scene, was hailed as the new Anne Nightingale. Correct me if I am wrong here but Annie never regaled her listeners with prolonged anecdotes about junior's sickness/diarrhoea bug... Just what you want innit? Driving home from work in the evening and someone repeatedly going on about their children barfing constantly.
Jo Whiley Bupa Running Buddy Jo Whiley launches the campaign to find a running buddy for the Great North Run. Find out more by visiting For more info on ...
Beanna has told me Jo Whiley has moved to Towcester and was spotted in costa coffee he he
Today has been great had free food at Waddesdon Christmas food fair, bought some knives, had the best hot chocolate ever and met and chatted to one of my favourite people on this earth Jo Whiley!
Just seen Jo Whiley getting petrol in Winslow.
Actually had a tear in my eye on my way back from work 2nite when I heard the news that Nelson Mandela had passed away. Might also have something to do with Jo Whiley playing Labi Siffre's (Something Inside) So Strong. :0( xxx
Thanks to Al for the mix CD that haa saved us from Jo Whiley's incessant drivel
Stripped back version of "Suddenly" on Jo Whiley's session on BBC Radio 2. Buy One Breath album at - Domino - iTunes -
I'm intrigued... are there any BBC Radio 2 listeners out there who enjoy Jo Whiley's show in the evenings?
Sitting in me jamas doing the accounts listening to Jo Whiley on R2. Life's not too bad!
Just got a mention from Jo Whiley on radio two promoting my Covent garden market on Saturday!
Jo Whiley has just mentioned Buggledot Books' pencil cases and storybooks on her Radio 2 show. We are feeling loved!!
Ee I've just been mentioned on Jo Whiley's radio two programme! Oo.
D'I just hear Jo Whiley on bbc2.. Don't know why that makes me so v v sad.. Like they've carted the old bird off to the glue factory..
Keep an ear out for hot babe Jo Whiley on Radio 2 tonight as she is giving I'll Wait an exclusive play. ❤️
Uncut studio recording of the Jo Whiley Show from early 1998. Interviewees are Pulp's Jarvis Cocker, New Order's Bernard Sumner and Prodigy's Keith Flint.
Matt Everitt I SO disagree with you [Jo Whiley show]
Maybe I am just getting old but Jo Whiley on Radio 2 is excellent.
After years of listening to choons on various radio Channels and the number of DJ'S that have been on air... I have finally found my Favourite Channel and the bestest DJ ever. Drive time 4pm-7pm, monday-Friday... IMAGINE FM 104.9. Great choons from the 80's 90's and more recent. Tune in to CHELLCEE AJ. A STAR in the making. Ken Bruce, Scott Mills, Chris Evans, Jo Whiley , Zoe Ball ! Start looking over your shoulders, there is a new kid in town... Watch this space.
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