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Jingle Bell Rock

Jingle Bell Rock is the name of a popular Christmas song first released by Bobby Helms in 1957. It has received frequent airplay in the United States during every Christmas time since then.

Mean Girls Bobby Helms Chubby Checker Bobby Rydell Lindsay Lohan Regina George Blue Christmas Lindsey Lohan Christmas Eve Silent Night

It's near Christmas too, so we'll prob get to hear their badass version of Jingle Bell Rock.
one time I walked into justice on Halloween day & they were playing "jingle bell rock" 🎁🎅👻🎃
Someone on this bus is singing jingle bell rock. Please shut up.
Jingle bell rock tickets now available!!!
😩 thank you babe I'm gonna get you some jingle bells and you can jingle bell rock your way around the neighborhood 😂
Me and my boys doing the jingle bell rock.
nah doode. I was jammin to jingle bell rock today after school.
October is just about to begin so can Cooper please resit the urge to already begin playing "Jingle Bell Rock" on his ukulele?
Was singing jingle bell rock the other day and Andrew yelled at me 😒
If you wanna be impressed I can do the entire jingle bell rock dance from Mean Girls 🎅👯
Just realized that retailers must all have kids in band. Am listening to Dylan practicing "Jingle Bell Rock" and feeling very festive!
When your phone starts blasting jingle bell rock in the middle of class >>>>>
“HAHHA stop I love you😊” you do THE BEST jingle bell rock dance 😉❤️
I feel so stupid singing jingle bell rock but having moods of syllogism as my lyrics. 😞 😭
I am determined to learn the jingle bell rock dance to Mean Girls 💁
I've clearly watched Mean Girls so much that i know the Jingle Bell Rock and Kevin G's rap.
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I think it's safe to say I've seen Mean Girls way to many times because I just did the Jingle Bell Rock dance... alone... in my living room.
No Lindsey Lohan please never sing jingle bell rock ever again.
Favorite part of Mean Girls is the Jingle Bell Rock.
Jingle Bell Rock, lol was a good dancer.
Just realized I've been casually humming Jingle Bell Rock to myself for the past 2 minutes
The mall played jingle bell rock this morning
Jingle Bell Rock does the same thing to Christmas. Some of the faces are beautiful. I don't plan on Halloween, but I will do one.
5SOS jingle bell rock Mean Girls style
Why do i have jingle bell rock stuck in my head why whY WHU
you can only listen to Jingle Bell Rock so many times a day before you go crazy
September 30th... Jingle Bell Rock is playing in the mall -___-
I feel like Regina George's mom when they're doing jingle bell rock !! THATS HOW PROUND I AM!
I woke up with Jingle Bell Rock stuck in my head :| . kill me.
I had jingle bell rock stuck in my head all night at work..
Does anyone have pictures from the jingle bell rock dance from last years assembly?
Lol in the 5th grade I did the Mean Girls "jingle bell rock" dance at a neighborhood talent show. Minus the leg slap part
Video: hertzwhale: pamela-jane: I know its a little early but Jingle Bell Rock w/ my mom i hate being that...
I woke up this morning with Jingle Bell Rock stuck in my head and it may or may not be the consequence of getting 4 hours of sleep
Tickets are now on sale for our Jingle Bell Rock party night! Its never too early to start organising!
I'm singing jingle bell rock rn why 😂
Watching Ariana perform Problem is like watching the Mean Girls perform jingle bell rock
It's impossible to listen to Jingle Bell Rock without thinking of Mean Girls
Who wants to do the Jingle Bell Rock routine with me this Festive? You can't be Regina George doe.
Jingle Bell Rock will never be the same.
I'm so not bout that jingle bell rock life
People only have clips of the jingle bell rock scene 😂
petition for FVK to end gigs with Jingle Bell Rock
Jingle Bell Rock?! Didn't expect that when we opened the door to our next class! We LOVE our job! .constant surprises!
I liked a video TeenyB Model Avi Dancing to Jingle Bell Rock
So I hear that some contestants today at the Miss Coyote pageant danced Jingle Bell Rock.
I remember when Rita, me and others were gonna go to senior banquet as jingle bell rock,
Why does Jingle Bell Rock suddenly appear in your head for no reason? Normally it would be Sleigh Bells!
I can hear my aunt singing jingle bell rock upstairs lol
Someone dared to ask me what I was humming today, my response Jingle bell rock
S/O to for this social idea AND for the jingle bell rock idea👌👍
Why is my brother listening to jingle bell rock?
2005 CHS one acts. Yep, we did the Mean Girls dance to Jingle Bell Rock.
It's May, why do I have Jingle Bell Rock in my head?
"We should perform that jingle bell rock dance, the girls did. It would be so fetch" she said with a laugh
I just woke up to jingle bell rock blasting out of my TV and I'm super confused. I thought I was in a dream still..
Jingle Bell Rock just came on, on Pandora...
lexi was being attacked by a bee as Jingle bell rock was playing in the background
Ok, the CVS that played Jingle Bell Rock on 5/9 is now playing This Christmas on 5/14. WHAT IS GOING ON???
and I are dancing to Jingle Bell rock in class. This is what boredom does to people
I woke up singing jingle bell rock and now I can't stop
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4/29 TREATMENT UPDATE Well today's treatment time was a little different. Not so much the treatment as the music I listened to! My iPod holds hundreds if not thousands of songs and is divided into playlists. Somehow it got switched from the usual praise and worship to CHRISTMAS music! I listened to Jingle Bell Rock, Silent Night and everything in between! I called it "Christmas in April"! It reminded me of a Christmas in September in 2002... When my dad told 13 year old Jaclyn in 2002 that I had been diagnosed with ovarian cancer her first question was, "what about Christmas?" While some might have thought she was being selfish, I didn't. She had heard so many times before about when I was her age my 34 year old mother had died and been buried on Christmas Eve. I told her after surgery there would be chemo and radiation that would most likely carry over into the holiday season so... We decided to have, the very next weekend, Christmas in September! We had 35 people, including Amelia Andrews and Mares ...
Only if it's Jingle Bell Rock. Janice Ian made up that choreography when her and Regina were still best friends
"Parents in the Cowichan Valley on Vancouver Island are demanding the school district resolve a conflict involving a complaint from a family about a music teacher who played Jingle Bell Rock in the classroom." As a CTV News video makes clear, this is one Muslim family harassing an entire school, sto...
So... we had to do another post cos we realized that the YouTube video link of the slideshow 'Harrison Craig - Jingle Bell Rock' that we posted previously appears not to be able to be viewed from mobile devices. No worries, we've uploaded the video onto FB, & you should be able to view it from your mobile devices now. Cheers! :) Bye! ;)
This is a slideshow of some photos of Harrison Craig taken from our archive of 2013 photos & set to Harrison singing the full version of 'Jingle Bell Rock'.
The B-side of the 1962 British release of Bobby Rydell & Chubby Checker's "Jingle Bell Rock" (UK, 1962) was their rendition of "What Are You Doing New Year's Eve?", on Cameo-Parkway.
Wishing you a happy holiday and a wonderful new year, the American Idol XIII contestants sing "Jingle Bell Rock." See you for the two-night premiere JAN 15 &...
Julianne Hough performs the Christmas classic "Jingle Bell Rock" at the Grand Ole Opry at the Ryman, and on GAC's Opry Live. Visit for more informat...
Jingle Bell Rock, a song by Bobby Rydell and Chubby Checker on Spotify.
**Events - December 25 1896 - Getting a little tired of Rockin’ Around the Christmas Tree, Merry Christmas Darling, Jingle Bell Rock, Grandma Got Run Over By a Reindeer and all the rest? You are not alone. John Philip Sousa wrote the melody to a song that had haunted him for days. On Christmas Day, that melody was finally titled, The Stars and Stripes Forever. Either that, or Mr. Sousa really thought it was the Fourth of July instead. Let’s give him the benefit of the doubt, please. 1917 - The play, Why Marry?, opened at the Astor Theatre in New York City. Jesse Lynch Williams won a Pulitzer the following year; Why Marry? was the first dramatic play to win a Pulitzer Prize. 1930 - The Mt. Van Hoevenberg bobsled run at Lake Placid, NY opened to the public. It was the first bobsled track of international specifications to open in the United States. 1931 - Lawrence Tibbett was the featured vocalist as radio came to the Metropolitan Opera House in New York City. The first opera was Hansel und Gretel, hear ...
Still waiting to hear the Lindsey Lohan version of Jingle Bell Rock...
Final group of 7th grade boys Lip Sync to Jingle Bell Rock.
All I want for is Anthony, Tim, David Campbell and Hugh Sheridan to do Jingle Bell Rock with thigh slaps like Mean Girls
There was a Christmas themed dance number at the casino last night, and they didn't even do a thigh-slapping Jingle Bell Rock. Amateurs.
You know recently I have noticed a rash of situations in which their are efforts to remove christ from christmas, such as ealier this week in Long Island New York the local middle school changed the song Silent Night and removed all references to (The Savior)- (Holy Infant) (Lord Jesus) from the song, REALLY??? This country was founded on Christianity, it is the fundamental foundation on which this country was founded. School districts are being told to use song's like Jingle Bell Rock as opposed to Come all ye faithful. In Texas one school had a Winter Festival instead of Christmas Party, the Children were forbidden to use the words church, Christ, Christmas. What is wrong here these are kids that we are robbing of their faith. Then we wonder why kids have NO respect for GOD or religion. Even here in Detroit a family that for years has put up a Christmas light display recently recieved an anonymous letter telling them that others are offended by this display of religion. People look around at our society ...
So thanks to the car radio on the way to work, today's ear worm was Jingle Bell Rock! Many thanks to Sarah Wright however for trying to extend yesterday's by singing Jingle Bells at me whenever she walked past! ;) x
I can't hear Jingle Bell Rock without thinking of Mean Girls xD
I love how when I hear Jingle Bell Rock all I can think of is Lindsey Lohan trashing it up in Mean Girls. Thanks for that u over privileged piece of trash
Trying to explain to the child sitting next to me that a country version of Jingle Bell Rock is by definition an oxymoro…
Good tidings of comfort and joy to everyone who stopped by our little business on a snowy Saturday. We really appreciate you guys coming out to the the Market. Thanks to Matt Palmer and Maureen Palmer for being the Christmas Angels that they are and saving the day! Seriously. You guys Jingle Bell Rock!!
OU alum Jonathan Edwards sings "Jingle Bell Rock!" Sidewalks dressed in holiday style, and mothers show their love... At this radio show, “Laying Down Tracks” on WRUW-FM/91.1, Cleveland, (worldwide at, are Christmas tunes and a salute to loving mothers. The host's Mom turns 89-years-old, and a request and dedication to a mother and child reunion honoring Song Bird and Lia LuNitic. Hudson Valley Geoffrey Haynes (OU grad), the Whaler and the other boys from Buffalo are recognized on behalf of tonight's Bill Kirchen holiday concert in the Nickel City. (Hope the chains are on the tour bus tires.) Lee Murdock's masterpiece "The Christmas Ship" gets spun, plus Andy Sydow, Kenny Owens and a bunch more. James Brentar is in the studio. If interested in listening, this link (the longer string command with the numbers in it) will stay valid until Thurs., when it will disappear and be overwritten by the next edition of the show. Save/name this to your computer files if you wish to play it later.
Imagine Lindsay Lohan and Miley Cyrus doing the Jingle Bell Rock choreography from Mean Girls.
My sister and I just finished learning the dance moves to Jingle Bell Rock in Mean Girls 😂
Jingle Bell Rock comes on and I automatically do the Mean Girls winter talent show number 💋
Bad hotel blues. Herb Alpert on the intercom playing Jingle Bell Rock, people that look like Tony Soprano's crew at the bar.
I love Christmas music, and I've had it on in the background all afternoon as I work--- the music calls up six decades of memories-- some sweet, some silly, some sentimental, (I still can't listen to "Silver Bells" without longing for my Dad or hear "Jingle Bell Rock" without imagining my sister in emerald green satin and sequins with a baton in her hand,) How much my mother HATED "Blue Christmas" and that Hawaiian Christmas Song. Seeing Babes in Toyland (1961, so I wouldn't have been quite 7), my first Radio City Christmas Spectacular (I was about 8), watching my first professional production of the Nutcracker, The Philadelphia Orchestra, the NYP, the ASO, and the Boston Pops live. Andy Williams and Perry Como Christmas Specials on TV, being read "The Night Before Christmas" by the great voice of NFL films, John Facenda (at the time he was the local anchor and my aunt worked for WCAU )
Happy Snow Day Nolitans! Today's Top Ten Tunes Tuesday will be dedicated to Christmas Music. Let's see what the top ten songs were this year so far 1. Grandma Got Run Over by a Reindeer -- Elmo and Patsy 2. It's Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas -- Johnny Mathis 3. Mistletoe and Holly -- Frank Sinatra 4. Silent Night -- Sarah McLaughlin 5. Frosty the Snowman -- The Beach Boys 6. Santa Baby -- Madonna 7. Jingle Bell Rock -- Bobby Helms 8. I Want a Hippopotamus for Christmas -- Gayle Peevey 9. O Holy Night -- Luciano Pavarotti 10. Christmas Canon -- Trans Siberian Orchestra What do you all think? See your favorite song? If not comment your favorite Christmas song below! Enjoy the snow and have a great day
Things Lauren Luckadoo Beard and I disagree on yet still maintain a close friendship: John Tesh, Ruby Tuesday, Mrs. Field's cookies, mint chocolate, Wham!'s "Last Christmas," the Jingle Bell Rock, and things that are appropriate to name "Petunia."
my list does include such acts as Frank Sidebottom, The Wedding Present and The Fall. Their cover of Jingle Bell Rock is ace.
Whoever's playing Jingle Bell Rock on repeat, seriously needs to have a day off.
Billy Gilman - Jingle Bell Rock mp3 Download: Play the song Billy Gilman - Jingle Bell Rock and download it for free
Just , , me and performing Jingle Bell Rock at the Annual Winter Talent Show🎄
Jingle Bell Rock, that classic jam about how cool bells are.
I only know the lyrics to Jingle Bell Rock because of Mean Girls.
I physically can't listen to Jingle Bell Rock without doing the dance from Mean Girls
A member asked how he was supposed to get his swole on to Jingle Bell Rock.
Don't forget to bring money for tonight's New Years Aid Silent Auction during Jingle Bell Rock. See you at 7pm!
Hilary Duff's Jingle Bell Rock is on in Winner's ahhh
The Craft and Home Based Business Expo begins at 3 PM at the Callaway Community Center. A Soup & Sandwich supper will benefit Loyal & Barb Reinhard at the Callaway United Methodist Church. Santa will be at the Nigel Sprouse Memorial Library. Pictures will be taken with Santa by Shirley Trout Photography for $2. Movies will be shown from 6:30 to 8:30 PM at the Library Fire Truck rides for the kids and Free blood pressure checks will at the Fire Hall sponsored by the Callaway Volunteer Fire and Rescue 7 Valley's Museum and Annex will be open for public tours. Greeting you will be a special display of nearly 100 Santa's from Jeanie’s Collection at the Museum. The log cabin Courthouse in the park will be open with carolers and refreshments. The mini park will have a fire pit for roasting marshmallows and you make your own smores. Melodrama - Rollin' in Dough in Mistletoe or Don't crack Jingle Bell Rock--7:00 p.m. at 115 E Kimball next to Right Drug Annex building.
I wish the radio would play real Christmas music. Jingle Bell Rock is nice, but Christian songs barely get played
Every time I hear Jingle Bell Rock it makes me think of that one scene in Mean Girls where the girls are wearing those skimpy dresses...back when Lindsay Lohan was hot. 󾔓⛄️
Time for holiday music. Don't laugh: Jingle Bell Rock by Randy Travis.
I get added a new favourite track on SoundCloud!!! Bacalao - Jingle Bell Rock by on
Don't forget to watch the Macy's Thanksgiving Parade -- I'll be singing Jingle Bell Rock on the 12 Years A Slave float! T…
I just experienced my first New York snow. Added bonus: In Rockefeller Plaza. Talk about a way to turn your mood around. As well as the Salvation Army man playing "Jingle Bell Rock" and handing the microphone to passers by. Seeing the joy on everyone's face as they passed and sang the happy tune: that's why I'm glad to be here. featured in NBC s Science of Love
Bringing in the holiday cheer at work today! "Jingle Bell Rock" by Bobby Helms (on Classic Christmas)
I'm listening to Jingle Bell Rock by Bobby Helms (Holiday) on Pandora
Bobby Helms Story - Jingle Bell Rock the perfect gift or read. - ibookstore - or Kindle -
Bobby Helms has the best version of Jingle Bell Rock
Billy Idol's on my TV singing Jingle Bell Rock. Sounds like Vic Reeves doing a *** take
Mike Thanks for folowing I Like your site. I was with Bobby Helms for 27 years "Jingle Bell Rock".
Regina George's mom dancing in the isle during Jingle Bell Rock > lmao
Way to Go, Santa's Speedsters! You had the first person register for the MTS Jingle Bell Rock and Stroll! WooHoo!
Can't listen to Jingle Bell Rock without thinking about Mean Girls
Jingle Bell Rock will always remind me of Mean Girls
Bruce's version of Jingle Bell Rock is perfection
It's August and my moms ringtone is still "Jingle Bell Rock." 🙈
We're laying on the beach and Maddie has her head phones in listening to Jingle Bell Rock.
Bella had a BALL at Ballet tonight! She did awesome! All the girls did! Came home to an evening by the fire-pit. Bella all of a sudden got a little whiney. She begins to tell me that Tracy's (the manager at Jingle Bell Rock where we ate earlier this evening) girls got big and had to move out. She then says, Dadda I don't wanna get big and have to move out. I just wanna stay here with you all day! I will stay little. I don't wanna be a big sister. I just like you guys and wanna stay with you guys. Ok, Dadda? Sure, Bella. Sure can. :-( Time. stand still.
I would even do the Jingle Bell Rock dance for him.
Loving the music tuning into Jingle Bell Rock - Chubby Checker & Bobby Rydell
Jingle bell rock is stuck in my head. Why.
I have had Jingle Bell Rock stuck in my head. All. Day. Long.
Fourth grade choir Christmas performance.. We danced to Jingle Bell Rock. Don't be jealous of our…
A Mean Girls style performance of Jingle Bell Rock is still on my bucket list
Me and are gonna do jingle bell rock from Mean Girls this Christmas concert! Mmm
I'm in a restaurant and they're playing "Jingle-Bell Rock". It's very early for ***
My music shuffled to Jingle Bell Rock, and instead of thinking about Christmas, I thought of Mean Girls.
I tried that yo lmfao went right back to jingle bell Rock LMAO
✋I have to learn how to play Jingle Bell Rock on the piano in a week...Really? 😑
Wait for the jingle bell rock performance.
Why is someone singing jingle bell rock outside my window?
Why my roomates alarm tone is jingle bell rock, ill never know.
I'm buying it too. I already have Jingle Bell Rock, Voice downloads, Shooting Star, Sound Of Music Medley on Noah etc.
Entered a school talent show w/ david bowie but ended up getting beaten by Mean Girls doing the jingle bell rock dance, such a weird dream!
lol funniest crap ever though! I still remember. It was for jingle bell rock right?
Jingle bell time it's a swell time to rock the night away
singing jingle bell Rock on YouTube 😊👏
Jingle bell rock just popped in my head...
Thousand Foot Krutch - Jingle Bell Rock (Slideshow With...: via To all those rockers out there
Why was Jingle Bell Rock just played on this Country station?
Bloomington, Indiana is also the home of Bobby Helms--the man who married Christmas and rock-n-roll to bring us "Jingle Bell Rock."
Why is Kiara singing Jingle Bell Rock? Girl don't you know your seasons lol
I'm spinning around in my chair humming Jingle Bell Rock. Slow days suck.
Belting 'Jingle Bell Rock' with because we were chasing Santa :)
If you don't think about Mean Girls everytime you hear Jingle Bell Rock, I'm judging you.
Cleaning the attic listneing to Jingle Bell Rock - Bobby Helms
Loving Christmas music In my mp3 player now Jingle Bell Rock - Bobby Helms
Does anyone else notice now fat Lindsay Lohan's legs are during Jingle Bell Rock on Mean Girls?
Added a new video: "Sin City Sinners Zach Throne performing Jingle Bell Rock on"
Breast Cancer Awareness
I've had a mash up of buy you a drink, jingle bell rock, poetic justic, rip, and love on top stuck in my head today 🙉
super excited. Can we wear slutty Santa outfits and reinact jingle bell rock?!
Jingle bell rock // I know want to watch Glee for some odd reason
Jingle bell,jingle bell,jingle bell rock Jingle bells swing and jingle bells ring Snowing and blowing up bushels of fun...
thinking of 'cause 'Mean Girls' is on tv and jingle bell rock.. :D
Trying to do uni work when is singing and dancing to Jingle Bell Rock.
I wrote this song called 50gs Rock. To the tune of jingle bell rock
no doubt, bro they had Christmas music playing. It's fuking march. Jingle bell rock my balls
I've been singing 'jingle bell rock' since about 18:42 🎅
jingle bell rock, even though Gretchen kicked the radio.
I just heard jingle bell rock on TV.wwwuuutt??
😂 they just about to jingle bell rock... Never gets old
Yes I wore a Santa Hat to the concert. And yes i sang jingle bell rock at kareoke.
just pretend I'm doing the jingle bell rock dance right now. That's my come back lol
Why the *** did I set Jingle Bell Rock as my alarm?
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Christmas songs like Jingle Bell Rock + I'm Dreaming of a White Christmas
I don't... I love A LOT of jingle bell rock
He tried lip singing to jingle bell rock and he wasnt even on sync
Who doesn't love a little jingle bell rock?
"guys I need a song to get thrift shop out of my head" Me- singing jingle bell jingle bell jingle bell rock jingle bell swing
Genial medley !de Jingle bell rock,--- let it snow let it snow, it´s the most wonderful time of the year!!!
Is it bad that I know the jingle bell rock dance by heart on Mean Girls lool.
Jingle Bell Rock and she doesn't seem to really care about his other songs when he sing
I'm positive that I can hear my sister singing 'jingle bell rock' in the shower
Why is my lil sister runnin around the house singing Jingle Bell Rock? -__-
I added a video to a playlist Glee - Jingle Bell Rock (HQ)
T has been humming or singing variations of stuff to the tune of Jingle Bell Rock for hours now. It's making us all crazy but he can't stop.
Moving on to Jingle Bell Rock. Reg, it's still friggin March--'
The uke is great! First tune I played was Jingle Bell Rock. The only problem now is it’s hard to hold it while changing chords.
It's almost Easter and it's snowing so I'm just listening Glee's Jingle Bell Rock
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“can't wait for jingle bell rock :D x”
can't wait for jingle bell rock :D x
Maybe I could write this paper if Grant wasn't singing Jingle Bell Rock at the top of his lungs
Jingle bell jingle bell jingle bell rock... K I'm done now
Catch me & at the talent show next year we'll be performing Jingle Bell Rock.👯👯🎅😏
What was the last song you heard? — Jingle Bell Rock by Hot Chelle Rae
Yes am I listening to Jingle Bell Rock. And yes I know it's not Christmas
Every time I hear Jingle Bell Rock, I automatically think of Mean Girls.
why is Amanda singing jingle bell rock in spring
"Can we please put some better music on?!?" . Jingle bells, jungle bells, jingle bell rock
Why are we listening to jingle bell rock right now?
is it weird that i still know the jingle bell rock dance from when we did it in like year 8 :L
Why is my dad blasting in the living room "Jingle Bell rock"..a Christmas song. It's March 2nd ***
My dad hasn't stopped singing led zeppelin and jingle bell rock since he took his girlfriend to the airport.
Yes I did the jingle bell rock last night and fell. 😂😳🎅
I also enjoy the hcr jingle bell rock Mean Girls style pic
just casually listening to Jingle Bell Rock by now :)
Mastered the Mean Girls Jingle Bell Rock dance you're in for a treat 😘
I just played jingle bell rock at a part and it was a hit
That girls face when she starts singing jingle bell rock gets me omg 😂
I will continue to listen to version of Jingle Bell Rock even in the summer. It's still HCR why wouldn't I? :P
I've got the jingle bell rock stuck in my head, oh no
At the talent show, and I'm just waiting for four girls dressed up as sexy Santa's to come out and dance to Jingle Bell Rock.
Performing the Mean Girls jingle bell rock dance with Karen, Regina and cady momentarily
Jingle bell, jingle bell, jingle be rock.
My brother is playing jingle bell rock on his guitar, bit out of season
I was the one who created the fabulous routine of the jingle bell rock
Casually dancing to jingle bell rock in leahs living room and slipping and face planting
Woke up with Jingle bell rock in my head. okay then lol
All BS hit songs of 2012: "Drink on It" a Fool" with Christina Aguilera Man" with Jermaine Paul) Bell Rock" with Miranda Lambert with Michael Bublé "Let It Snow! Let It Snow! Let It Snow!" Christmas" with Pistol Annies
What's great about it not being Christmas time is that you don't have to hear "Jingle Bell Rock".
If jingle bell rock doesn't make you think of Mean Girls, you obviously haven't seen it enough
so my friend and I were just wondering when the single'll be available on Aus iTunes Remember Jingle bell rock?
For me, Jingle Bell Rock came out at midnight. I think.
It's only 11 here. But last time jingle bell rock came out at 11. If only that would have happened this time. Ugh.
Well it's only 10:56 my time but for jingle bell rock it came out at 11 my time so I'm good :3
obviously who else would yell at everyone and do the jingle bell rock with me I need and duhhh
"bet Australia won't get the single for 2 weeks like jingle bell rock UGH! Someone better send it to me" and me -sigh-
iheart radio is confused. It went from Brad Paisley, to Jingle Bell Rock, to Justin Bieber.
We singing the jingle bell rock in Denver's dorm because we just dat kewl!
Ok miss Honesty at it again...We riding she say mama why that man dancing on the corner it's cold..I said to get some money...She say oh.We get to Walmart..she see a camera she say mama I want this but I don't have no money but that's okay I'm bout to make some...I turn around to see what she talking about she done through her hat and coat on the floor dancing talking bout Jingle Bell Jingle Bell Jingle Bell Rock...I'm like Honesty get your coat up right now...She like what I'm bout to dance like the man for some money...What in the world am I bout to do with her.OMG Calling her god mama Sheena or her cousin Mia yall better get her.LOL smh
Why is the guy next door to me singing jingle bell rock?
FedEx ran like he was supposed to. The pictures are beautiful! Will sort and package tonight and start getting them out to you guys in the morning.
my mom is singing the jingle bell rock and she's saying "ginger bell" instead of "jingle bell" LOL ***
Pretty sure those are also the same steps to "Jingle Bell Rock" that I learned in 2nd grade.
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Me, jenny and mario actually did jingle bell rock for the talent show 👏
Sitting in the union for 3 hours now. Jingle bell rock currently stuck in my head. Also it must suck for employers at career fairs
No shame at all! I used to jam to my record of "Jingle Bell Rock" during the middle of the summer. Christmas songs are great
Singing 'jingle bell rock' to lucy because she's in 'the plastics' at school lmfao
R currently insisting we listen to Jingle Bell Rock endlessly on Spotify. We just had a version made from sampled cat miaowing. Kill me now.
okay, and I started singing jingle bell rock from mean girl? *** !?
Little girl behind me singing Jingle Bell Rock
Got jingle bell rock stuck in my head-_-
Why is jingle bell rock stuck in my head.
Christmas been passed but my niece singin jingle bell rock lol
Lindsay Lohan doesn't want to dance with the stars! No "Jingle Bell Rock" dance P. 2!
aha my brother was wearing my fuzzy snow man pants and doing the Mean Girls jingle bell rock dance xD
literally too lazy and hungover to get up and put a new movie in so I'm watching it again lol. They're doing jingle bell rock.
My neighbours are playing 'Jingle Bell Rock' at full volume right now.
I just wanna say that I'm still upset that u guys didn't do the "jingle bell rock" performance 4 Christmas
The jingle bell rock dance in Mean Girls is so hot ngl
I walk into my mom's office and she's watching the Mean Girls Jingle Bell Rock scene
I liked a video Full Performance of "Jingle Bell Rock" from "Glee Actually" | GLEE
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Just finished week 2 day 3 of on Running for a cause with
Jingle Bell Rock - GoMAD.Westminster . University of Westminster PR Students singing Christmas Carol Jingle Bell Rock. Just a little snippet of fun to be had...
watchin fox 2 a movie about hank garland, Nashville guitar picker in the 1950's 60's, great pickin!! wonder if any other guitarist are up . watch this if you get a chance.
How old will you be in five years? twenty five   What do you look forward to most in the next six weeks? Manson, and good times   What’s the last movie you saw? I watched Rango last night. :P   Who was the last person you called? Beau   What was the last text message you received? I dno, phones broken :(   Who was the last person to leave you a voicemail? i dno    Do you prefer to call or text? txt   What were you doing at 12am last night? Getting ready for bed i believe   When is the last time you saw your mom? christmas   What color are your eyes? brown   What time did you wake up today? 8ish.    What are you wearing right now? Jeans, and  a tangtop   What is your favorite Christmas song? Jingle Bell Rock :P   Where is your least favorite place to be? my parents house. although I should visit more often.   Where would you go if you could go anywhere? i dont know   Where do you think you’ll be in 10 years? around   Do you tan or burn? burn but it turns into a tan   What did you fe ...
I just used to tag Jingle Bell Rock [Single Versi by Bobby Helms , The Anita Kerr.
The Marvelous Wonderettes are back harmonizing for the holidays to “Santa Claus is Comin’ to Town,” “Jingle Bell Rock,” “Run, Rudolph, Run,” “Winter Wonderland” and 20 other seasonal favorites.
I would buy my 2 year old some new music as she's been running round the house all month singing 'Jingle Bell Rock' :)
Currently listening to jingle bell rock. Namiss ko si and :D
Christmas just isn't complete without some "Jingle Bell Rock"
I reference the song "jingle bell rock" more with Mean Girls than I do with Christmas.
Nothing like jingle bell rock blaring in my ear at 8a. Merry Christmas, everybody!
jingle bells drake bell smells one direction is so *** selena flops beliebers rock Justin all the way HEY
Jingle bell , hater smell , loser go away , 1D rock , haters not , Directioner all the way , hey !!
Jingle bells , jingle bells , jingle bell rock ( * the dance off of Mean Girls * )
Any one else picture Jeff hearing ‘Jingle Bell Rock’ in the middle of a department store and panicking?
Lol why am I singing Jingle Bell Rock with her?
I like your Christmas song Jingle bell rock. Even if it's not Christmas I still listen to it. Even my mom and dad sings it!
So I fill my time my twirling on this spinning chair and singing Jingle Bell Rock.
Jingle bell rock on the 28 christmas is over people
Jingle Bell Rock just came that makes things a little bit better😊
my suicide note: Jingle Bell Rock has been stuck in my head for days.
Hey guys come on watching this video music of "Jingle Bell Rock"
I can't hear "Jingle Bell Rock" without imagining Gretchen Wieners kicking that boombox into the audience.
Jingle Bell Rock -via Not enough words to say how good this version is by MacKenzie Bourg, listen ya c.
Jingle Bell Rock - MacKenzie Bourg: via In the mood for Christmas song? Listen to this and enjoy!!!
Jingle Bell Rock - MacKenzie Bourg: via Isn't he so cute in his outfit? I love how he sings and looks.
Jingle Bell Rock - MacKenzie Bourg: via Just can't get enough of you my darlin!!! Please listen.
If Jingle Bell Rock doesn't make you think of Mean Girls, you haven't seen it enough.
Titanium is to Pitch Perfect as Jingle Bell Rock is to Mean Girls.
Jingle bell time is a swell time to rock the night away
Hey everyone! Here's all the details for the TEC Christmas Party! Make sure you read all the way down! Come Celebrate the Birth of Our Lord With the Rocky Mountain TEC Community! Saturday December 29th 6-10 pm in the Catacombs St. Thomas More Youth Center 8035 South Quebec St. Centennial, CO 80110. Come and join in all the Reindeer Games, caroling, Prayer and fellowship. If you would like to participate in a gift exchange, bring a gift in the $5-10 range. We are collecting canned/Dry food for a local food bank. Bring something to share, if you are able. Pot luck supper! Drinks and main course will be provided So we have a nice mix of foods, please use the following guideline as to what to bring. If your last name starts with A-I - Dessert J-R - Hors D’oeuvres S - Z - Salads/Sides/Bread Please RSVP so we know how much food to prepare. The Christmas Party is always one of the events that is open to all. It is a wonderful time to introduce your friends and family (including children!) to the Rocky Mo ...
It was great to play 2 venues, 2 private Christmas parties and a nursing home during the month of December. I'm gonna miss playing songs like "Blue Christmas", "Mary Did You Know", "Jingle Bell Rock", etc.
Music ~ I remember listenin to my teacher when i was little playin "Jingle bell rock".More then bothered me cuz she wasn't laying into it hard enuff. *** lady it's a good song put some uumph it for chris pete sake will ya ?" I think it's what made me consider playin guitar.
Sam and the cheerleaders get their "Jingle Bell Rock" on in the library. All-New Episodes of GLEE return THU Jan. 24 at 9/8c, on FOX! (...
John Lennon and Jingle Bell Rock -- Our CYTC youth and The Rocs band have an awesome Christmas worship in the works for Sunday!
for Elizabeth with Harry It's Christmas time and you're missing Harry because he's been gone for some time and won't return until Christmas Eve. To distract yourself, you blast Jingle Bell Rock and begin to string some garland across the stairs, doing the moonwalk in your fuzzy Reindeer socks and singing loudly. A voice behind you laughs and you whirl around. "Harry!" You cry leaping down the stairs and flinging into his arms. "Nice hat." He says teasingly, playing with the pom-pom at the end of your Santa hat you're wearing and you smile just realizing how much you missed him. You look up at him as he looks down at you and you lean in and you kiss. Then he hands you a present and you open it and you gasp. As you look down its a ring. Harry goes on one knee and says "Will you marry me?" And you say "Yes!" Then you both kiss and you tell him you loved him and he told you he loved you! Is it good? It is the first that I've ever done:) -Nialls Girl:)
For the ones who don't feel like clicking the genres on my 'Interactive Christmas Playlist' video, here's a video of all of the videos I made combined, I als...
The third advent is here, and you know what that means... Luckily I had a quick recover from my cold, so I was able to do this! I've always wanted to dub thi...
Holiday Trivia to American Society of Composers, Authors and Publishers, what holiday song is the most performed between 2000 and 2010? a. Winter Wonderland b. Frosty the Snowman c. Jingle Bell Rock d. Let It Snow! Let it Snow! Let it Snow! e. Baby, it's Cold Outside
I am singing "Jingle Bell Rock" The pictures are of me at my house with my Christmas tree! The hamster is mine and his name is cookie, and the giant ornament...
Kind of *** to learn Jingle Bell Rock the day after Christmas.
Circa Survive have released covers of ‘I’ll Be Home For Christmas’ and ‘Jingle Bell Rock’, which can be streamed and downloaded below. Circa Survive will be supporting Coheed And Cambria on their Australian tour, full details here.
The Victorian Era Christmases of my past life notwithstanding, I must lovingly acknowledge and credit my Mom, Peg Kleckner, with giving me the best gift at Christmas... the gift of Christmas itself. ~ To this day, she's never spoken the foolish notion out there that Santa Clause "doesn't exist." When a classmate in 2nd grade saw fit to try and ruin my child(and adult)hood, I came home and found Mom at her sewing machine, back to me, and said, "Sharon says there is not Santa Clause. Is that true?" As the words hung in the air I detected her shoulders slump slightly, and she asked, "Do you believe he is?" "Yes?" I replied, tentatively... afraid of what I might hear. But she said, "Then he's real." To this day we've never spoken otherwise, and I still receive gifts - even last week - signed, "From Santa, because he loves you." ~ Every year she brought out the most unique Advent Calendar... not the chocolate kind that disappears w/ each daily bite, but a beautiful cloth one w/ small stuffed ornaments to choos ...
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