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Jimmy Stewart

James Maitland Jimmy Stewart (May 20, 1908 – July 2, 1997) was an American film and stage actor, known for his distinctive voice and persona.

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"I wonder if sings Zeus to sleep" I think to myself as I sing Jimmy Stewart night night songs & tell him…
Hitchcock is a GOAT!! And I'm not usually one to pass on Jimmy Stewart
"The Man From Laramie" w/ Jimmy Stewart shot in 5 yrs B4 I got to Mom waterskied behind cars on Campu…
What would Lena do? has now replaced Jimmy Stewart & so yes I scolded some kids at Walmart cuz Lena would.
Jimmy Stewart's favorite joke was about golf. What's your favorite joke about?
Full house here supporting Jimmy Muckle at in 📷Ph…
Full house here supporting Jimmy Muckle at in
It's always been this way. And just look at Cary Grant zbd Jimmy Stewart movies.
Mitch McConnells attacks on are making Roy Moore seem like Jimmy Stewart in Mr Smith Goes To Washington.
Grace Kelly is so absurdly beautiful in the movie. The least believable part is that Jimmy Stewart hasn't married her already.
Check out Vivacious Lady, starring Ginger Rogers and Jimmy Stewart, currently on iPlayer. It's hilarious, ace cast and so many great bits.
I remember Jim Carrey as Jimmy Stewart in a SNL sketch where he insulted himself. . I always of him as Jimmy Stewar…
So "actor" who most rational people agree is no Jimmy Stewart,Humphrey Bogart or even Tom Hanks rags "Bannon".Clooney you're elite hypocrite
Greatest Show on Earth casts Jimmy Stewart as a clown on the run due to a possible murder... so that's something.…
Andrew V. McLaglen and Jimmy Stewart celebrate Phillip Alford«s birthday on the set of Shenandoah
How long it take before the name Harvey is once again predominately associated with pink human-size rab…
*Jimmy Stewart voice* this is a very interesting situation
Jimmy Stewart?. (If he's *not* completely beloved by EVERYONE, don't tell me. I don't want to know.)
The Confession Tapes has kids accused of Murder because they acted in Rope. Well lock up Jimmy Stewart and my friends who just put Rope on.
Steve Bannon had his weekly stroke and now talks like Jimmy Stewart
Jimmy Stewart helped black people finance houses in 'It's A Wonderful Life', though
You meant the one with Jimmy Stewart as Elwood P. Dowd and his invisible Pooka friend, Harvey? . Never heard of it.
Effects of on $CL_V as explained by Jimmy Stewart as Elwood P. Dowd, As good sense as any. $SPX $NDX
This is heresy but I think Jimmy Stewart is badly cast as Elwood P. Dowd in Harvey. I'm not convinced by a single thing abt that performance
Just putting this out there before my enemies do: I played Jimmy Stewart's Elwood P. Dowd in my high school's rendition of "Harvey."
*** Van *** Jimmy Stewart, and Danny Kaye got to be *** Van *** Jimmy Stewart, and Danny Kaye, and I didn't.
Speaking of weird kinks...I love Jimmy Stewart's string bean ***
C;mon, Harvey was Jimmy Stewart's imaginary giant rabbit, wasn't it?
Animals give me more pleasure through the viewfinder of a camera than they ever did in the... - Jimmy Stewart
Catch a classic episode of with Patty Loveless, Little Jimmy Dickens, Larry Stewart and more at 9…
Looking for a movie that involves a neighbor spying on Jimmy Stewart's apartment for a change. "The peeper's hot blonde gi…
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Was able to see the play in London back in 1975. Only mention it because it starred Jimmy Stewart. : )
Told them no more donations as long as they retain the Superdelegates democratic mafia
But the Philadelphia Story at only 38 is surely too low (it's in my all-time top 3 for drunk jimmy s…
The movie, The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance. It's about supporting myth over truth, but John Wayne & Jimmy Stewart are amazing.
"There ought to be a law against any man who doesn't want to marry Myrna Loy." - Jimmy Stewart
"The prettiest sight in this fine, pretty world is the privileged class enjoying its privileges" Jimmy Stewart in "…
After being aloud out of the house yesterday, today is a bit more of a Jimmy Stewart Rear Window day
There's a sketch that I think Stewart Lee did about JIMMY! He survived and lived with…
The first time Kristen Stewart DESTROYED a football challenge on Jimmy Fallon's show! 🏈 SHE WAS WEARING HEELS!
Can Jimmy Stewart save Linda from Husband Man? 10 cents will...
How come Hollywood Republicans used to be stars like Jimmy Stewart and John Wayne and now are just b-list clowns?
That's right Amy. Thank you for being you and for being a model of excellence. I know our T's are in…
listening to replay. Your Andrew Luck sounds like Jimmy Stewart. Still love the effort.
I was about to geek out over Jimmy Stewart and then saw Reagan in a WHITE SUIT. The has NOTHING on this.
Our thoughts are with family & friends of Jerry Lewis. Jimmy was on the Martin & Lewis show in 1952.
I really don't want to try and imagine the Don doing a Jimmy Stewart impersonation
And that would be the famous movie idol Jimmy Stewart applauding the First Lady. Great picture, great memory of lon…
"Never let anyone take your excellence away from you."
Jimmy Stewart was a Boy Scout in Troop 3 in Indiana, Pa. As an adult, he offered these words about the Scout Oath.
And there used to be men like John Wayne and Jimmy Stewart...
Could someone direct me to this magical place where my choice of men is between Jimmy Stewart and Cary Grant?
Ive seen Jimmy Stewart reading his poem about his dog Beau on Carson several times & I always get dust in my eyes
The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance is on. Can't go wrong w/ John Wayne & Jimmy Stewart in the same movie. Good escape from the world of today.
John Wayne, John Ford and Jimmy Stewart on the set of The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance (1962).
The big question is, after the speech straight from a Capra movie, will he be Jimmy Stewart or Claude Rains?
The lovable Jimmy Stewart starred on an episode of ‘The Dean Martin Show’ in 1968 and did his best to impersonate
Will Smith is really one of the most charismatic screen presences since Jimmy Stewart
"old 🎥 ⭐️s like Bogart, James Cagney, Jimmy Stewart, they weren't this gorgeous, striking 6ft man who's rippled w/…
"In the way that Spencer Tracy, Cary Grant and Jimmy Stewart never seemed to be acting, Winslow seems just to spin…
And everyone knows Jimmy Stewart was in reality Glen Miller!
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49 yrs ago tonight.Jimmy Stewart, Shecky Greene, George Gobel & Wisa d'Orso on the last show of the season for 'The Dean Martin Show.'
Love Kevin Spacey, but srsly what's next? Jimmy Stewart? Henry Fonda? Ed Sullivan?
You're absolutely right. Has something similar to that Jimmy Stewart, Henry Fonda gravitas. Super range. I LIKE it!
In 1941, Jimmy Stewart gave up a $12,000-a-week salary in Hollywood for an Army paycheck of $21 a month—minus the 10 percent to…
Walter Matthau briefly served with Jimmy Stewart, was awarded six campaign ribbons;
Watching an old Jimmy Stewart movie… . The FBI Story (1959) - IMDb. I suppose no one remembers this uh
Superb. Jimmy Stewart is brilliant. Are the Will Smith remake rumours still flying?
Today is the birthday of Marion Morrison, who bravely endured hours in make-up chairs while Jimmy Stewart was fighting in WW2.
Right now I'm pondering replacing Jimmy Stewart in RW with Cary Grant. Or perhaps Rod Taylor.
Jimmy Stewart socks a reporter in the CLASSIC "Mr Smith goes to Washington", history repeats itself, LOL.
In "Mr Smith goes to Washington" Jimmy Stewart righteously socks a reporter in the nose. I kind of like the new version.
Always a fan of but his latest on why we need a Jimmy Stewart in congress - and a Claude Rains - spot on.
Jimmy Stewart as Glenn Miller is especially cute tho.
Agree. But he did HONOR his commitment in Germany I believe. Celebs that era & previous. Jimmy Stewart. Hen…
Did you ever work with or meet Jimmy Stewart, Gregory Peck or Cary Grant?
Vera Miles and Jimmy Stewart are two Hitchcock alums..Major ones but oddly enough they never worked together in a Hitch film
Roger, How r U? I'm your fellow Hitch fan. Jimmy Stewart in The FBI Story is on right now on TOM. Vera Miles co stars. Trish
"If Bess and I had a son, we'd want him to be just like Jimmy Stewart." -Harry S Truman
Doolittle raid: "Thirty Seconds Over Tokyo" w/Jimmy Stewart, who was later an Air Force General.
Jimmy Stewart & director Anthony Mann both seated on the set of Winchester ’73
No "Once Upon aTime in the West?". I like "Firecreek" Jimmy Stewart reluctant hero, Henry Fonda baddy. Jac…
Mr Smith Goes to Washington, except Neil Gorsuch will be cast in noble hero Jimmy Stewart role and Chucky Shumer as…
toss up between Gregory Peck as Atticus Finch or Jimmy Stewart as Jefferson Smith
"I wanted to be like Alan Ladd, Gary Cooper, Jimmy Stewart.". ― Robert Osborne RIP (1932 - 2017)
Raymond Burr. Everyone is all like Jimmy Stewart blah and Grace Kelly blah blah
We just watched "Strategic Air Command" starring Jimmy Stewart on the big screen at the airport and Randy C. Holt...
Oh, it's the best! Jimmy Stewart's blue eyes! Raymond Burr before he was Perry Mason! Grace Kelly...for EVERYTHING!…
I cry when Jimmy Stewart breaks his models. cries when Terk is imprisoned in Ft. Knox in "Battlefield Earth."
Which works so much better if you've seen Marlene Dietrich (with Jimmy Stewart!) in "Destry Rides Again" (1939).
I'm watching "Destry Rides Again" right now, and I'm strangely inspired by Jimmy Stewart's Destry and his Wild West Zen
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Jimmy Stewart, Glenn Miller and so many more. REAL Americans.
In Paul's broke Brian every POTUS was a Jimmy Stewart character. "Now see here, this administration is about the law!!!"
Anyone ever notice Elizabeth Warren voice kind of sounds like Jimmy Stewart?
Lana Turner was adorable and funny. Jimmy Stewart was such a nice person. I quickly realized that if youre not a nice person
Donna Reed, Jimmy Stewart and Frank Capra on the set of It’s a Wonderful Life (!946).
One of Jimmy Stewart's girlfirends prior to WWII. "Livie," sister and competitor of Joan Fontaine.
OK, hear me out. Rear Window, except Farley Granger instead of Jimmy Stewart? . Subtext for years.
have never been a fan of westerns in general but this stars the great Jimmy Stewart and the talented Julie...
Some of Jimmy Stewart's performance in 'It's A Wonderful Life' is so...
"You can't go around telling people they're special, that's deadly." Jimmy Stewart as Rip Smith in "Magic Town" (a movie about polling)
There is another John Ford film with Jimmy Stewart & Richard Widmark; Two Rode Together (1961) haven't seen it in ages.
Surprise? Gee? One would think this is Jimmy Stewart or Lee Marvin' know? When America cared about its own well being?
1 Pop Mannion just turned on a movie in the next room. After I heard Jimmy Stewart speak half a line I called from the kitchen:
Jimmy Stewart one of my most favorite actors. The movie I adored with was "The Glenn Miller Story"!!
Remember, Kelsey, while Jimmy Stewart, Clark Gable and Audie Murphy risked death with each and every bombing run over Germany
Jimmy Stewart as Jay, Burt Lancaster as Alan Scott. Kirk Douglas as Carter Hall. Ava Gardner as Wonder Woman.
WITCHCRAFT. LOVE SPELL. Irresistible to almost all mortals. Kim Novak and Jimmy Stewart from the movie "Bell Book...
“David Lynch is the kindest, sweetest man. He's like Jimmy Stewart with Salvador Dali's intestines.” —Michael Horse
Suffering from vertigo. Looked around for Jimmy Stewart & Kim Novak, but it made me dizzy.
Jimmy Stewart flew many combat missions earning rank of Brigadier General in the Air Force - highest-ranked actor
Did you know that Jimmy Stewart was a an Air Force Brigadier General who flew combat missions in Germany!? What an amazing man.
Jimmy Stewart was still an emotional wreck from wartime bombing missions when he filmed "It's A Wonderful Life."
Movie about making Michael Shannon as Frank Capra. Andrew Garfield as Jimmy Stewart. Oliver Platt as Lionel Barrymore.
Little known fact that George Bailey actor Jimmy Stewart was a Brigadier General in the army/airforce. A combat pilot.
Jimmy Stewart twice was awarded the Distinguished Flying Cross, was a bombardment commander, and a Brigadier General.
Robert Matzen: In making “It’s a Wonderful Life,” Jimmy Stewart had to struggle with what today would be called PTSD
Jimmy Stewart and Donna Reed in a dance contest fall into the high school pool AND THEY KEEP DANCING 💃🏽
two words: Jimmy Stewart. And I'm as cynical as they come.
I was watching Carson interview Jimmy Stewart on YouTube yesterday. Hot *** what a show.
Sunday Night Turner Classic Movie Thoughts: As much as I love Jimmy Stewart, Cary Grant OWNS him in
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I remember so vividly playing a scene with Jimmy Stewart. I was in t...
"She Loves Me" channels a lil Jimmy Stewart into this scene. It's Christmas, after all.…
Beck Blitz: Amazing truths about Jimmy Stewart by The Glenn Beck Program via
Jean Harlow, Jimmy Stewart, Myrna Loy and Clark Gable in one movie! Gotta love that!
The first big loss of modern music. Go watch The Glenn Miller Story with Jimmy Stewart.
it has lots of snow & proper romance & Jimmy Stewart being Jimmy Stewart. Bliss
Jimmy Stewart lived for movies, fought for his country, and died...
Went looking for Jimmy Stewart tree, came home with a Danny DeVito.
Celebrating the 70th Anniversary of ‘It’s a Wonderful Life’ & the Legacy of Jimmy Stewart with his Daughter, Kelly…
Jimmy Stewart and June Allyson in a poster for the Cold War drama Strategic Air Command. (Now available from…
FYI this frankly sublime Jimmy Stewart triple bill is on Film4 tomorrow morning 👇
Those are great but farther back. Audie Murphy, John Ford, Jimmy Stewart, Henry Fonda.
Hitchcock should've cast John Wayne in ROPE instead of Jimmy Stewart.
And an older generation of John Wayne, Clark Gable, Jimmy Stewart...
Watching John Wayne and Jimmy Stewart together in "The Shootist" is film joy.
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Tom Hanks has the Jimmy Stewart thing going & country loves him. And Gallagher is still around, isn't he? He'd be a great VP!
.This is tricky. Jimmy Stewart is my fav. But it's kind of a tie w/Gene Kelly -- b/c Gene is more of a fav dancer!
my Italian grandfather, Al Giretti, was in Capt. James Stewart's bomber squad (aka Jimmy Stewart). He said he wa…
One of Frank Capra's enduring classics and one of the most iconic roles of Jimmy Stewart's career!. TICKETS:
Chris Jackson has this Jimmy Stewart quality + extra gravitas that is just untouched
Donald Pence is the villain from a Jimmy Stewart movie. Mike Trump is the name of a dentist who sends out too many mailers.
Johnny Cochran is Jimmy Stewart compared to trump.
I joke about Stewart Granger being the Jimmy Stewart of Eurospy, but he’s actually pretty effective in these roles.
Rear Window. I love Jimmy Stewart. He's my favorite. Grace Kelly is beautiful. But Thelma Ritter just plain wins the movie. She's the best.
Easy to cure: just follow Kim Novak up the bell tower in Mission San Juan Batista. Oh, and be Jimmy Stewart.
Y'know, if Kim Novak had been more willing to sock Jimmy Stewart in the face when he got weird, things would have gone way better for her.
Bell, Book and Candle on One of my favourite films as a kid. Kim Novak, Jimmy Stewart, and Jack Lemon playing bongos!
Cruz is "Mr Smith comes to Washington".. Jimmy Stewart..With a ton more guts
look at the 1939 Jimmy Stewart movie Mr Smith goes to Washington,it was known what was going on,BACK IN 1939!!!
We've dropped a long way from John Wayne, Jimmy Stewart and Henry Fonda.
The script for EYES WIDE SHUT is totally a script for Jimmy Stewart and Grace Kelly. It's for that acting style. Cruise and Kidman: wrong.
So much æsthetic in this pic. Jimmy Stewart and Grace Kelly can just run me over pls
1. The Shop Around the Corner with Jimmy Stewart & Margaret Sullivan. 2. In the Good Old Summertime with Van Johnson & Judy Garland
I've worked with Jack Warner and Jimmy Stewart - and Angelina Jolie, Brad Pitt, and Johnny Depp
super tall Jimmy Stewart standing next to Janet Gaynor is the greatest!
for Pres i pick a combo of Albert Einstein, Jimmy Stewart, w/ a little Tom Hanks & Angelina Jolie for good measure
gosh I realise what I missed out The Philadelphia Story. Katherine Hepburn and Jimmy Stewart 😍😍😍
Just had an amazing convo with about maps, music and Jimmy Stewart. Look for his episode Sept. 27 on
Agreed! It's one of my favourites. And any creepiness is elided by Jimmy Stewart, who has a default goodness about him.
WHEW!!! Does Jimmy Stewart look like he stepped out of a magazine from TODAY?!!
Jimmy Stewart's poem about a dog named Beau on the Johnny Carson show. via
am gettin on the acid wi Jimmy Morrison first likes✌
Jimmy Butler zings DeAndre Jordan for wanting to play like WNBA MVP Elena Delle Donne
Sad to see this news. I hope John is sitting with Stewart Scott, Tom Mees, and Jimmy Valvano.
I am looking for a buyer on 3667 Jimmy Stewart Dr 2
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that's a good one! And yes, I love Jimmy Stewart! My fav is probably Rear Window. Do you like Hitchcock?
Real life: Jimmy and Gloria Stewart, fictional: Sky Masterson and Sarah Brown
". gone are the days of Jimmy Stewart, Clark Gable and other Hollywood actors who actually served…" — Bouncing
Outstanding pic of John Wayne,John Ford & Jimmy Stewart !! Want this pic...
Jimmy Stewart was awesome. Did you know he was a war hero?
Geez...what a Helluva Photo with THREE Great Americans = John Wayne, Jimmy Stewart and John Ford!
2/2) & discussion followed. People got to see Jimmy Stewart, Grace Kelly, & Raymond Burr. Next Week: Godfath…
Thanks for the RTs, ! What's your fav Jimmy Stewart film?
Jimmy Stewart trading card 2009 Topps Medal of Freedom by Autograph Warehouse
Sturgeon on German TV trip Silly wee Jimmy Krankie dragging Scotland and down again wi…
Bill : )... I would even take Jon Stewart ripping them both to shreds...
Jimmy Stewart looks like in that photo.
also every time i write a/b the harveys i use jimmy stewart's voice to say "harveys" like it's the olympics of loneliness & I'm winning gold
Remembering screen legend and icon James Stewart, who died on this date in 1997. Jimmy.
In college, my friend Melanie and I used to have weekly Jimmy Stewart viewings, and 'Harvey' se
Prob w/ newsletter? Too short! Scott has a folksy Jimmy Stewart charm and plays it like a Stradivarius Grt writing + analysis
Q: What movie character was played by both Jimmy Stewart & Audie Murphy?. Bonus Q: in what movie did Jimmy & Audie play brothers? Don't cheat
If you ever wondered what Gandalf and Jimmy Stewart doing a duet of "I Got You Babe" would sound like, look no...
New update on Jimmy Stewart. . From David Francis. . Jimmy has been progressing well. Scans came back showing that...
Gene Kelly, Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers, Judy Garland or Jimmy Stewart. He was vaguely familiar with Charlie Chaplin.
If you ask me, both Zac & Scott have the same Best Possible Everyman quality that people love about Tom Hanks & Jimmy Stewart
Doyline native Jimmy Stewart will be among inductees into the NSU N-Club Hall of Fame on Oct. 22; he was star athlete at Doyline High.
There's a statue of Jimmy Stewart in the Hollywood Wax Museum, and the statue talks better t...
Thanks to Jimmy Stewart and Michael Combs of Hearing At Home Mobile Hearing Center for and awesome presentation...
Dr. sounds like a cross between Jimmy Stewart and Garrison Keillor.
Watched "Rear Window" (again). When Raymond Burr spies Jimmy Stewart in the apartment opposite my blood runs cold. And Thelma Ritter is aces
Absolutely not enough Oscars. They don't make 'em like Warren Oates, Lee Marvin, or Jimmy Stewart anymore.
Is enabling a return of the Jimmy Stewart (George Bailey) model of lending?
I shall be retreating from the world this weekend with Randolph Scott, Gene Tierney, Jimmy Stewart and Ernest Hemingway
AU, JFK went into film like he wanted to, Ron Reagan died in a car crash and Jimmy Stewart stayed in the military and went into politics.
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Own diamond death head ed too so sad Rex Harrison involved Jimmy Stewart it's not a Wonderful Life imagine no Disa beg ur pardon no HHHRH
Having just watched "Man Who Shot Liberty Valance," I'll reiterate my lack of understanding on the appeal of Jimmy Stewart.
in finale combined toughness of John Wayne w. heart & humanity of Jimmy Stewart: https:/…
Peter Bogdanovich on podcast, talking about Orson Welles, Jimmy Stewart and John Wayne. Wow, what happened to…
Jimmy Stewart. Frank Capra. during filming of Mr Smith Goes to Washington, 1939.
I was watching the O.C & the girl that's moving back to Pittsburgh was just talking about how much she missed the Jimmy Stewart museum..😂😂
Back to back singles and BU is using more stall tactics than Jimmy Stewart in Mr Smith Goes to Washington
U brought up "Mr. Smith Goes To Washington", don't u realize DJT IS the Jimmy Stewart character! He IS shaking up the DC Cartel!
Is it me or is it Jimmy Stewart? From the Vertigo tour of San Francisco. @ Legion of Honor Museum
What kind of student was Jimmy Stewart '32 Find out during
Kim Novac wanting to throw everything away for Jimmy Stewart is baffling.
In 1908, actor Jimmy Stewart was born in Indiana Pennsylvania. In 1919, comedian George Gobel was born in Chicago.
The great Jimmy Stewart, seen here with Humphrey Bogart and Alfred Hitchcock, was born on this day in 1908.
Birthday boy Jimmy Stewart with Cary Grant in THE PHILADELPHIA STORY ('40)
Happy birthday to one of America's greatest actors, Jimmy Stewart. My meeting with him led to my first radio job.
Born May 20, 1908, Jimmy Stewart is one of our most beloved actors. With Jean Arthur in Mr. Smith Goes to Washington
Jimmy Stewart is on the phone. Kim Novak is listening. She doesn't utter a single word, but her eyes steal the scene
TONIGHT: Katharine Hepburn, Cary Grant & Jimmy Stewart star in the 1940 classic "The Philadelphia Story" at 9pm.
..Mr Trump goes to Jimmy Stewart did in Mr. Smith goes to Washington.
Terrible easy Glenn Ford, James Arness, Jimmy Stewart and John Wayne. I grew up with them all.
The 1/9/49 Jack Benny program with Jimmy Stewart? I applauded along with the audience when JS is introduced
Things I miss already: yellow creek, tres amigos, the coney, Thai at Indiana, Jimmy Stewart's voice and of course my number one Caitie 😔
I liked a video Adam's Impersonations - Jack Sparrow, Jimmy Stewart, the Joker
Are you coming to our film screening of "Broken Arrow," starring Jimmy Stewart?
Jimmy Stewart looks a lot like Tom Bosley.
Walking through campus on my last day of class is like Jimmy Stewart coming back to Bedford Falls. "Merry Christmas you dingy frat house!!"
Remember when Robert Redford, Charlton Heston, and Jimmy Stewart came to Odyssey? No?
Imagine if Jimmy Stewart and Grace Kelly had to do a lip sync battle to get you to go see Rear Window
after seeing the one she did with Jimmy Stewart, I have to watch at least one more Hedy Lamarr film ... maybe another Hedley Lamarr too
Do you remember the movie with Jimmy Stewart and June Allyson, Strategic Air Command.Very few movies today praising our Vets.
No, NOT knowing who Jack Nicholson is is a bunch of foolishness. You/I know who Jimmy Stewart was!
Glenn Miller's wife is reported to have said [of the film]: 'Jimmy Stewart did a good job of playing Jimmy Stewart.'
A far cry from the moral clarity of "The Duke," Jimmy Stewart, Randolph Scott.
Slim Aarons' photo of Clark Gable, Van Heflin, Gary Cooper, and Jimmy Stewart taken on New Year's Ev
people still upset to this day that he won Best actor against Clarke Gable (GWTW) & Jimmy Stewart (Mr Smith)
The old movie stars like Bogart, James Cagney, Jimmy Stewart, they weren't ...
a lot, well lots of actors do that, in fact most of the greats did, Jimmy Stewart, Jimmy Cagney, Bogart etc not
Boston Blackie & Superman in this hour...Jimmy Stewart as "The Six Shooter" in the 8 o'clock hour!
.I liked Richard Widmark, Ray Milland, Jimmy Stewart & Henry Fonda. My favorite WWII movie is MIDWAY. Watch over & over
If John Ford, Jimmy Stewart, or Gary Cooper aren't involved I don't want to see this hashtag again
A 3 year-old Tiger Woods displaying his golf skills at the Mike Douglas Show, with Bob Hope and Jimmy Stewart, 1979. h…
My colleague once gave the perfect description of it: Liam Neeson playing Jimmy Stewart playing Michael Collins.
munchkin Jerry Maren, Jimmy Stewart and Billy Barty in the greatest showbiz anecdote of all time.
And playing the part of Jimmy Stewart this presidential campaign is John Kasich.
John Kasich as Jimmy Stewart: Now, I just wanna do a massive ground invasion of Libya and Syria, nothing fancy or special...
Patriot on screen but he never served, unlike Jimmy Stewart, Henry Fonda, James Arness, more:
Great story: Jim Caviezel talks meeting Jimmy Stewart, who inspired him. Starts @ 2:50 - (
A moment to call out to our Gary Cooper and Jimmy Stewart. Adore JOE VS. THE VOLCANO.
clear back in J Edgar's day FBI used domestic spying to destroy individuals illegally.Not ur Jimmy Stewart movie FBI but bad 1's
earlier generation actors the Duke Jimmy Stewart etc were also great Americans WWII vets etc Much diff than today's spoiled stars
UM site, just says August > Jimmy Stewart w/Lyrics. . Others not dated too. Finally had to ask, listening to it a bunch
What is the Jimmy Stewart in podcast at 19:13 during August? . Has that become a song? . Been played before.
lol because that's a jimmy Stewart thing not a Texas thing?
The blood transfusion is performed by the killer clown (Jimmy Stewart), who is also a doctor. After the train wreck.
Ugh. I really want to direct the play "Harvey." I forgot it existed & how hilarious and classic it is. I just love Jimmy Stewart, ok?
Es como decía Jimmy Stewart en "Mr. Smith Goes to Washington" algo asi "sometimes lost causes are the only ones worth fighting for."
I think I am getting close with this Painting of Jimmy Stewart. Thanks for your patience…
"You can be smart or you can be pleasant. For years I was smart. I recommend pleasant." - Jimmy Stewart, in .
Russ has jimmy Rawls doug cam has Olsen kelvin Stewart and a better o-line atm it's even so far
A great bio of Jimmy Stewart narrated ny Johnny Carson.
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Jimmy Stewart and Kim Novak were a winning combination. My favorite was 'Bell, Book and Candle'.
I was Jimmy Stewart. Hear me drawl, ladies.
Did you know the answer to last week's Quick Quiz?. Jimmy Stewart retired from the U.S. Air Force Reserve in 1968...
The time Jimmy Stewart made Johnny Carson cry. A poem about his dog Beau. Made me cry too:
Flight of the Phoenix the older version with Jimmy Stewart this is one heck of a movie. I've also seen updated version with Giovanni Ribisi😉
Are we all Jimmy Stewart in Vertigo? And will we find our Barbara Bel Geddes?
Just as Jimmy Stewart and Tyrone Power get 50 percent of the profits, so do...
1914: A goal each from Dr Jimmy Paterson and James Stewart secures a 2-1 victory for Rangers against Clyde at Ibrox.
We're going for Rear Window tomorrow night after the show. Great film. Jimmy Stewart...
really do enjoy your acting sir. You are a Princeton alum, so was Hollywood legend Jimmy Stewart
That's what I imagine Jimmy Stewart's bedroom looks like
Mark today down as one of my favorites. live & I got to chat with Nat Wolff and I told him I like his Jimmy Stewart impression.💕
say you love jimmy Stewart could you call on his spirit? To talk to him?
if you can't wait to see the Tony Stewart's name back on the No. 14
Couple shots from the in car camera of Kevin Harvick's number 4. Jimmy John's car good luck Stewart-Haas racing team
Jimmy Stewart, Rock Hudson, Sinatra, Lewis,Martin,Doris Day: all did fine $ thank you.
Jimmy Stewart, the elder brother of Sir Jackie Stewart would have been 85 today. © LAT
Book: Jimmy Stewart The Truth Behind the Legend by Michael Munn. It reveals darker sides of Stewart without suffocating the le…
Jimmy Stewart:"If Nancy..had been Ron's 1st wife...she would've seen to it that he got the best parts..won Oscars"
Carole Lombard applies lipstick on the set of MADE FOR EACH OTHER while Jimmy Stewart looks on. htt…
you personify iconic actors like Cary Cooper, Jimmy Stewart w/ the activism of Jacques Costeau..❤️
Because this is how Jimmy Stewart and Gary Cooper did it.
for John Wayne, Jimmy Stewart and Steve McQueen. trump for Audie Murphy, Irene Dunne and Grace Kelly
On right now you can "see"' Kim Novak and Jimmy Stewart. Bernard Hermann's score from "Vertigo"
The title's a great play on Hitchcock's movie w/ Jimmy Stewart & Doris Day. I've got old 1930s version too.
Grace Kelly and Jimmy Stewart on set of Rear Window (Alfred Hitchcock, 1954)
Anthony Mann and Jimmy Stewart. Can't go wrong there.
Yes, I have read about Jimmy Stewart and Clark Gable. I have a Pinterest Board with them on it.
Watching John on and I could see him being played in a biopic by Jimmy Stewart. . Alive, of coursel
Eye in the Sky - I love war movies. As a kid I grew up watching John Wayne, Jimmy Stewart and Humphrey Bogart f...
Re: Old films One of my favorites is Jimmy Stewart, especially Rear Window.  Fell in love during that movie. with Grace Kelly, what a h…
Our country has lost it's character. We have no John Wayne, Jimmy Stewart, Alan Ladd, Gene or Roy to bolster our courage. No heroes
*Jimmy Stewart voice* well, if only Raymond Burr lived there, and more to the point a young Grace Kelly was my girlfriend
Night Passage, a western with Jimmy Stewart and Audie Murphy, is a good Saturday afternoon movie.
Jimmy Stewart sings You Can't Get Far Without a Railroad from the film "Night Passage" with Audie Murphy.
Unless it's preceded by "Buffalo" and sung by Donna Reed and Jimmy Stewart
Jimmy Stewart and Jean Arthur on the set of MR. SMITH GOES TO WASHINGTON
In High Noon, Grace Kelly was 23 and Gary Cooper was 51. Two years later, in Rear Window, she was 25 and Jimmy Stewart was 46.
.The people don't want populism; they want James Dean, not Jimmy Stewart.
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