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Jimmy Smits

Jimmy Smits (born July 9, 1955) is an American actor. Smits is perhaps best known for his roles as attorney Victor Sifuentes on the 1980s legal drama L.A.

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Yeah,I think when Jimmy Smits took over as president it slightly lost it's way,really was all abou…
Jimmy Smits Joins How to Get Away with Murder In a Key Role via
Say what you want about late season West Wing, but I can listen to Jimmy Smits monologue all day
Just finished series finale. Biggest question is why Jimmy Smits ends up taking care of other peoples' twins.
Man, I forgot how much I love Jimmy Smits.
a Star Wars movie: exists. me: this needs more jimmy smits in it
Congratulations to Jimmy Smits, for his new prominent role in "How to Get Away with Murder" (ABC). He is also...
'How to Get Away with Murder': Jimmy Smits ficha por la cuarta temporada
The whole "Jimmy Smits' dad in the show is a bad guy" thing was so lame.
I really need to finish reading StarWars: Catalyst.Jimmy Smits, Oh my😌
I'd take him or Jimmy Smits right about now !
Jimmy Smits entra na 4ª temporada de How to Get Away with Murder -
Jimmy Smits gets cast in big recurring role in ‘How To Get Away With Murder’ season 4!
Check out this article on "Jimmy Smits Joins 'How to Get Away with Murder' Season 4".
Jimmy Smits recorrente em How to Get Away with Murder
Jimmy Smits kommt zu How to Get Away with Murder
Scaramucci appearing now is like when Jimmy Smits rocked up in the 'real' West Wing, and it looked like another series was in the offing.
Temblor Oliver Mayer with actors Jimmy Smits and David Zayas at the opening of Heisenberg at the Mark Taper Forum!…
Here's how Jimmy Smits (Bail Organa) celebrates birthday. How about you?
How I spent my Sunday. On set of a movie starring Jimmy Smits and Emma Roberts whom I shared a scene with. What happens when you say "yes".…
Quotes from the stars:. Emma Roberts said, "Your food is always on point.". Jimmy Smits said, "Absolutely...
is the guy playing Jimmy Smits father still married to Delta Burke?
In the 7th and final season of THE West Wing Candidate Santos (Jimmy Smits) proposed expanding Medicare.. DUH!!! Do that!
She's on Alderaan being raised by Jimmy Smits
he is the great Jimmy Smits, the guy who immortalized NYPD Blue a landmark for television
Of all the times not to listen to your pop-pa Amira.
You are disgracing your family. And you should've ran when you had the chance.
Jimmy Smits is a treasure. Three should be a Statue of him somewhere.
Slides photo of Kim Basinger and Jimmy Smits in a scene from a 2000 American horror-thriller film,..
Jimmy Smits is extremely awkward in 24
I see Jimmy Smits channeling his Surinamese side in this scene with his pops...
Order Miche Bag Online!
Jimmy Smits talking to Major Dad bringing back LA Law memories for viewers in the interrogation room.
Check out my interview with the talented
Watch Jimmy Smits tonight on 24legacyfox at 8pm. He tells our that he'll jump…
"No way Jimmy Smits!" - me and my ma whenever we see Jimmy Smits.
I would read Thucydides' history of the Peloponnesian War. Well, maybe not. Go with The West Wing up until Jimmy Smits arrives.
I love it how Jimmy Smits and Gerald McRaney are playing father and son, Gerald is only 8 years older than each other!
I love Poch but why the Jimmy Smits can’t he pluralise the word ‘player’? I teach English & speak Spanish. Fly me in to help Poch!
"I've had to make internal adjustments with regard to what I originally perceived." - Jimmy Smits on :
FATHER GAWD, ANDY GARCIA. He and Jimmy Smits were my puberty focal points. Jimmy remains a focal point of my 30s.
LOVED the language on NYPD Blue. Jimmy Smits' character's death was THE most poetic character death anywhere.
yesterday my niece says to me "i was watching peewee's play house and saw your favorite character: Jimmy Smits". Good kid .
Will the final ep start with the letter H? If so, marvelous nod to SWITCH and Jimmy Smits.
Been watching NYPD Blue on . Jimmy Smits so smooth. Great show. My parents watched it I remember . It's good
'Jimmy Smits one of the greatest actors of all time ' see more
- How is Gerald McRaney old enough to be Jimmy Smits father?
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.inexplicably watching Revenge of the Sith: "So many people roped into this movie. Oh my god. Jimmy Smits."
The one on the right looks like Jimmy Smits
(Also, I'm deep in season six and remembering how *** wonderful Jimmy Smits is as Matt Santos.
jimmy smits is so good in everything he does I really feel like he's MY uncle i really do
I just found out Jimmy Smits was in Star Wars and I'm trying to handle that now.
THE MILLION DOLLAR HOTEL: Mel Gibson. Jimmy Smits. Ensemble cast. Oddball flick. Make sure you have a good bottle of wine han…
Charissa Thompson with Corey Hawkins and Jimmy Smits on Red Carpet | SUPER BOWL LI -
Jimmy Smits dresses like Nero On and looks badass. I dress like Nero and look like Mr. Rogers ***
Gerald McRaney (69) and Veronica Cartwright (67) are playing the parents of Jimmy Smits (61) on FOX's
For Kathleen Kennedy, who had the idea of bringing Jimmy Smits back to play Bail Organa again?
For Gareth, How was it to bring Jimmy Smits back to play Bail Organa again?
BREAKING: first official pic of Jimmy Smits as Bail Organa in US Weekly special
At some point I hope we as a city forget about David Caruso and fully embrace Jimmy Smits.
Love that Jimmy Smits' Matt Santos was mentioned at the panel!
Wonderful night celebrating the National Hispanic Foundation for the Arts with & Jimmy Smits. htt…
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He is a charmer! And I like Jaden Smith's character ( Dizzy?) and Jimmy Smits 💓
Here's your daily reminder to watch and that Jimmy Smits is the MAN! 👑👑
Just watched an episode of with Jimmy Smits' character, Matt Santos. Quite the contrast for Smits in
I presume I'm supposed to watch Jimmy Smits in Get Down as Matt Santos' radical uncle/dad?
Jimmy Smits should be in everything: documentaries; the Hyacinth Bucket prequel.
OK, so we need Jimmy Smits back on TV. Everybody from Who else is currently outta work? Phil Anthony Rodriguez?
Honourable Mention goes to Bail Organa (and his knuckles) on the balcony at the end of AoTC. No line, but, man, Jimmy Smits.
Hey are we going to get any Bail Organa in *hopes*. ...It doesn't even have to be Jimmy Smits. I just want more Bail.
coincidentally Jay, Jimmy Smits turned down the lead in LA Bamba, West Side Story, and Maya & Miguel
Oh btw u choose 2 b placed more than Frank Oz or James Earl Jones for autograph box, Jimmy Smits from S-O-Anarchy's there too.
Want to hear Tony Nappo's thoughts on opening nights, swear jars, and Jimmy Smits? We bet you do.
Please contribute to my Go Fund Me campaign. We're raising money to buy Jimmy Smits an H for his last name.
Are we nearly at the stage of the US election when Jimmy Smits and Alan Alda declare their candidacies and we all cheer and feel better?
Really enjoying binge watching NYPD Blue, fantastic cast, especially Dennis Franz and Jimmy Smits
Mads is clearly Bail Organa. Kinda can resemble Jimmy Smits. Put a goatee on him, you'll see! ;)
Tonight on Jimmy Smits' uses the N-word and the firm doesn't want to take a stand on abortion.
Working on my new rap persona based on Jimmy Smits character from dexter
Remember when the choice was between Alan Alda and Jimmy Smits? xo
Game of Thrones has been on the air for a few years now. Isn't it time to bring in Jimmy Smits?
I wonder if Space Jimmy Smits died on the can, like Elvis.
"My father will know how to retrieve it." Now I'm picturing Space Jimmy Smits being super smug about his droid skills.
Someone needs to do a photoshop of Jimmy Smits as Krusty the Clown.
I like season 3 with Jimmy Smits. Season 2 is solid.
Adrian Dunbar. The man George Lucas replaced in Star Wars with Jimmy Smits.
Currently looking at what could be a now overweight Jimmy Smits getting in a fight with his 2 bros. For reference:
Not only does he plays in WW but he's running for president against Jimmy Smits...
some alternate universe where Edward James Olmos or Raul Julia or Jimmy Smits played Carlito
Fox has ordered starring Corey Hawkins, along with Miranda Otto and Jimmy Smits
Oh, that's right. Wonder if that was any good. Saw a Jimmy Smits lookalike and the Owl from Watchmen and was confused.
Jimmy Smits tackled this on SNL in Reagan years:
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I am Jimmy Smits will always be Victor Sifuentes years old
'24: Legacy' Casts 'Sons of Anarchy' Alum in Key Role. . Jimmy Smits joins the pilot of the FOX reboot as a powerful h…
I'm seeing what you mean about The West Wing picking up again with the election stuff. I really love Jimmy Smits's character
Great idea for a parody but no photoshop skills. Unbreakable JIMMY SMITS! Here's everything you need Please make it!
My thoughts on they should have Jimmy Smits and Ian McDiarmid come back as Senator Organa and Palpatine.
dexter season 3 picking up steam.Coming around on Jimmy Smits
A courtroom drama dealing with an abandoned themepark, with Manish Dayal, Donnie Yen & Jimmy Smits.
I like the gypsy aspect of this business.
. Like it where are your jimmy L Smits.
Yes. Jimmy Smits has already been tabbed for the lead.
TECHNICALLY you never see Jimmy Smits die in a Star Wars movie, but I guess it's implied.
I mean, you get a super blurry shot of him as the limo opens and even that is clearly Jimmy Smits and not Alan Alda. Plus, Josh.
Why is there a Jimmy Smits parody acct?
yup he was in L A Law with Jimmy Smits and Corben Bernson
And by on vacation I mean living in the parallel universe in which we just elected Jimmy Smits president to follow Martin Sheen
I pretended to be the actor Jimmy Smits for like 3 months on MySpace because he didn't have one.
**Jimmy Smits was my main husband. I really need not watch animes before bedtime. This dream was lit.
Jimmy smits . How are you feeling today lam fine jimmy smits. Love you lmiss you honey.
“It’s less about the physical training, in the end, than it is about the mental preparation" – Jimmy Smits
You think you're John Lithgow on Dexter, but you're really Colin Hanks on Dexter. You're not even Jimmy Smits on Dexter.
Jimmy Smits is a fine actor but when he drives while acting, he over steers like Toonces the Driving Cat.
Jimmy Smits flawlessly played the president AND a super pimp. How the *** does he not have a series?
Jimmy Smits explains the importance of screening in this video
Eva Longoria, America Ferrara, and Jimmy Smits were all told by casting directors that...
Today I learned of GROSS MISCONDUCT (1993) in which Naomi Watts is a student who seduces her philosophy professor, played by Jimmy Smits (!)
Open Letter to Chris Rock and Reggie Hudlin; Castings: Jimmy Smits in FOX Pilot; Raul Castillo in ABC Pilot  -
. I think Jimmy Smits is a fine actor and shame on you for encouraging Anti-Smititism.
There are no right and wrong ways to work in this business, but there are s...
Marshal Law (TV Movie 1996) - IMDb: Jimmy Smits lays down the law in this die-hard of a film. JIMMY SMIT...
How come Jimmy Smits didn't take baby Luke too, why did they send a baby to hide on a planet where human babies are kept as slaves
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Coming to NYC 3/16,17,18 or 3/23,24, 25. Met Jimmy Smits many times.Is it possible to watch him filming? Hi to JS from The Twins
Love to see Jimmy Smits filming The Get Down.Coming to NYC March 16,17,18 or 23,24,25.Which dates will we be able to see Jimmy taping.
cab you not persuade Jimmy Smits to run?
Blaming Glass in any way for the team's horrible execution is like blaming Jimmy Smits for Phantom Menace.
My eyes... Sweet holy god it burns... They had Jimmy Smits on that show, and that's the they went with?
What does it take for minority actors to work in Hollywood? These celebs, including Broadway vet Jimmy Smits, share!
Why isn't Jimmy Smits in more movies?
how the *** didnt I know Jimmy Smits was in the crappy Star Wars trilogy? I may have to watch now.
Jimmy Smits, Alan Alda, James Brolin & Martin Sheen are all better qualified.
Jimmy Smits has joined the pilot of 24: Legacy, he will play the role of Senator John Donavon. Corey Hawkins and Miranda Otto also star.
Jimmy Smits to Star in '24: Legacy' for Fox
Actor Jimmy Smits talks about being a minority in (via nytimes's photo).
Jimmy Smits to Help Save the Country in '24: Legacy'
We'll know for sure if Jimmy Smits turns up...
Are you a fan of Jimmy Smits? He will be part of the cast of the " 24: Legacy" pilot and possible series.
Collectible Lifelike Baby Dolls, Porcelain Dolls a
If you're a Jimmy Smits fan, he is now part of the cast for the "24: Legacy" pilot - and possible series.
tragic joke is that this is what our political campaigning has come to. Can we just get Alan Alda & Jimmy Smits to pretend again?
Who let Jimmy Smits get cast on when I specifically said he should be Papa Santori on Young & RESTLESS?! Hiccup.
Jimmy Smits joins the 24: Legacy cast on
Emmy winner Jimmy Smits from Sons of Anarchy has been casted in the 24 series 24: Legacy! .
24 Only 1 episode ordered so far. Kiefer as executive producer, leaves the door open on a return? htt…
'24: Legacy' spoilers: 'Sons of Anarchy' alum Jimmy Smits scores big role
Jimmy Smits on minorities not feeling heard or accepted in white man's Hollywood
"The new Jack Bauer" this is still asinine. 24 isn't 24 without Jack Bauer.
Sons of Anarchy alums book new gigs on 24: Legacy, Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 and more.
Jimmy Smits has been cast in Fox's pilot
The prequels would've kicked way more *** if Jimmy Smits and Dennis Franz played C3PO and R2.
I love it whenever Jimmy Smits makes an appearance on a show I'm watching. West Wing, Sons of Anarchy, Dexter...valuable part of them all.
..ended up going back as I fell in love with one of the angry cannibals. It was Jimmy Smits.
Jimmy Smits as Nero Padilla on Sons of Anarchy--he's never been hotter
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Would LOVE to seeing Jimmy Smits on BB...even if its just a guest appearance!
I never thought television would or could be a long-term commitment.
Been looking at pics of Rita Ora's Robbie Fowler. And her Jimmy Smits.
Jimmy Smits still fine as cat hair IDC.
Hillary is not Jed Bartlett. Bernie is not Jed Bartlett. *** they arent even Jimmy Smits. The West Wing ruined the Democratic party for me
goodness no. That was awful. I mean the end, with the election. Jimmy Smits.
Jimmy Smits on West Wing is everything! I love and are in a scene together.
Is it too late for Jimmy Smits to join in the run for the President?
I don't know what's gonna happen to jimmy smits though
well they got the character in rebels but no Jimmy Smits, unlike yoda and vader who got the real actor.
what could prevent them from showing Organa is having to pay Jimmy Smits to appear in the film.
I'm an actor. I love to act. That's my job. I'll leave the politicking to o...
Why is Jimmy Smits the only person who's doing any acting in this thing?
Bring on Jimmy Smits as Papa Santori and have him slip Ashley Abbott one red hot pepper!
Come on. Jimmy Smits would look good in a garbage bag.
Jimmy Smits looks good in an intergalactic Renaissance ruff collar.
An outrage!. John Leguizamo was brilliant in Mario Bros. And Jimmy Smits saved the prequels as Senator Organa
excuse me don’t follow up an episode on 99 with an episode on Fake Jimmy Smits
Although I do think the final season with Jimmy Smits is excellent.
Jimmy Smits really tatted to the matted?
Jimmy Smits aka Nero on Sons of Anarchy is the finest DILF I've ever seen.
Let's face it, Jimmy Smits was the only good dad in
For minority actors, developing our own projects has to be the eventual pat...
I was very glad Nero made it out. Jimmy Smits was great as always.
"Cafecito" interview with Jimmy Smits on his recent Ackerman Leadership Award, early influences, advocacy for...
watched Anything but freakin wrestling, Jimmy Smits killed it when he replaced Caruso on NYPD Blue
Hearing Jose Diaz Balart pronounce Miguel Almaguer's name reminded me of the classic Jimmy Smits/Nicaragua SNL skit.
The true moral of The Force Awakens is that only Jimmy Smits can raise emotionally/stable Force-sensitive children
.Watch on new show and Boricua pride!
Jimmy Smits is really a gangster in every show/movie he's in
Sarah Silverman and Jimmy Fallon playing Word Sneak was hilarious! Jimmy Smits! lol. She should’ve said he was hot!
Bail Organa/Jimmy Smits? I liked him during the prequels and he gave a name to the face that Leia spoke about in New Hope :)
I love hearing Jimmy Smits as Matt Santos say "y'all". I genuinely love it.
Jimmy Smits was balls deep inside Gemma Teller-Morrow.
Again, that this is all they gave a brilliant actor like Jimmy Smits to do as Bail Organa is a damned shame
Poor Alderaan. Anyone else want more Jimmy Smits and is hoping for a Bail Organa prequel spinoff movie? Anyone? Just me? Ok.
Jimmy Smits has this habit of joining amazing shows just as they're winding down. First the and then Two classics.
Wait, what? Jimmy Smits? *Love* him, ever since LA Law. How did I now know he was included?
I genuinely love Jimmy Smits in most things, and in this movie in particular.
is one of those shows that just when you think its getting long in the tooth - they bring in Jimmy Smits and Alan Alda.
... // // Note: The correct spelling is Teri Polo. If that male chauvinist menace, Jimmy Smits, ever straightened out, we could ...
Jerry Orbach & Chris Noth of Law & Order crossover w/ Dennis Franz & Jimmy Smits of NYPD Blue to solve a case!
holding out for Jimmy Smits in horrendous old age makeup
Today Jimmy Smits has a train to catch in Running Scared (1986)
Jimmy Smits was an LA Lawyer and a NY Police Officer before being elected President. Then he became a GALACTIC SENATOR!!
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ooo, that's very interesting. Not crazy about Jimmy Smits since his turn in Dexter but I'll give him a shot.
and swear Jimmy Smits character was Obama before we knew Obama. But it was based on him so...
autograph wish list, Episode II: Jimmy Smits, Rose Byrne, Jack Thompson. I've got just about everyone else from Attack of Clones.
btw-you did not ruin The West Wing. that pathetically uncool and unfortunate looking jimmy smits did. 😉😉😉
Celebrity and fame and personal growth
I would have enjoyed the reboot with Jimmy Smits if they had continued it
📺ABC Primetime, November 15, 1994:. -- Jimmy Smits joins the cast of 'NYPD Blue'
Politics, Jimmy Smits. Some parts of this movie really drag on.
What a thrill to meet actor jimmy smits with my pals
Thanks so much for getting back to us. Met Jimmy Smits many times. Any update will be much appreciated. The Twins
I had no idea was in this movie...young pretty and quiet. And Jimmy Smits! I know most of the cast and crew -
Coming to NYC Nov 18,19,20. Would love to see Jimmy Smits. Met him many times. Do you know where he will be filming. The Twins
Seriously, you start crying when moms hands you a Jimmy Smits action figure from Star Wars. Cast Brown bounty hunters or something
Cool, Jimmy Smits was in Star Wars movies. But he was in the wack ones. I hope they put a couple Brown faces in space. The Force Awakeñs.
start a 34:00 &watch what my boy Jimmy Smits does 2 the kid when he wants his badge# My favorite seen
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Gemma: "Thanks for not being a *** . Nero (Jimmy Smits): "My life's ambition". As always, Sons of Anarchy has dialogue to dream of.
Jeez! Just watching Jimmy Smits in SOA. To follow LA Law, NYPD Blue, West Wing and Dexter. Some canon of series that. Does anyone match it?
There is just nothing funnier than Jimmy Smits' yearboook photo
Full movie "Marshall Law" from 1996 with Jimmy Smits. is Monk, one of his first movie roles. .
Remember that time Jimmy Smits was in Star Wars?
Our Pics Thanks Jimmy Smits & everyone else for making it special!
"I like that Jimmy Smits" -- half of this audience watching Rubio speak.
Probably that kid from Sons of Anarchy. Looks like Jimmy Smits failed.
On this day in 2007, Carlos Santana tracks were showcased on the CBS TV drama ‘Cane’ starring Jimmy Smits.
No lo se if can take on Trump. He will shout her down. Demos need Jimmy Smits-Saddam Hussein type. Quiero
Jimmy Smits will star in Baz Luhrmann’s new Netflix series The Get Down
Hi Susie joined by accident! Thought I was following Jimmy Smits! but will be nice to keep in touch. Love to Oscar xxx
Half way through season 2 of Ray Donovan and have just realised you are not Jimmy Smits. Apologies.
What are the filming locations for the Get Down the week of November 16th, specifically Jimmy Smits.
This debate episode (of West Wing) is gimmicky, simplistic, boring (& 2008-y) but Jimmy Smits' performance is 1 of the greatest things ever+
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Jimmy Smits played a character named Matt Santos on The West Wing. the are exceptionally skilled.
Jane imagined that Jimmy Smits was her father. Rogelio, her father, plays a character named Santos on a telenovela.
Every time I watch the Star Wars prequels (and it's not often), I think "...Jimmy Smits?"
oh my god, you gotta find the SNL sketch on that with LA Law Jimmy Smits.
I know Attack of the Clones had Jimmy Smits. Me-ow!
how could yall forget the 2 Latino actors from Star Wars? Jimmy Smits and Chewbacca
Oct 26th we'll be having out Moving Families Forward Gala . honoring & Jimmy Smits.
'Based on Jimmy Smits' land speeder coupe, I imagi… see more
Literally the only Star Wars toy left in the store is the Jimmy Smits one :(
Based on Jimmy Smits' land speeder coupe, I imagine Alderaan as a planet of middle-aged ***
Jimmy Smits had a bit of a tan. That was probably enough to get him labelled as a potential terrorist.
oh my GOD Jane from Jane the Virgin thinking her dad is Jimmy Smits has got me ROLLING 😂 😂 😂
I'm gonna be disappointed if Jimmy Smits isn't in the new Star Wars movie.
I love the Shield. No Jimmy Smits was on NYPD Blue.
The Shield is a faction on Monday Night Raw lol…I do love The Shield with Jimmy Smits though
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'Yay Can you give us back with Jimm… see more
Yay Can you give us back with Jimmy Smits, Nestor Carbonell, Rita Moreno too? Thx.
Jimmy Smits is still the only Latino with a speaking part
a show in which Jimmy Smits as a judge quits being a judge in the first episode, but would have been just as awful had he not.
Question. We did a watch if NYPD Blue *** they don't make shows like that anymore). Did you watch? Jimmy Smits is EVERYTHING.
i could NOT remember his name. He's either always Jimmy Smits or Matt Santos to me.
Bail Organa, adopted father of Leia, was played by Jimmy Smits whose parents were born in Suriname & Puerto Rico. Not "major" tho
Because we already know Jimmy Smits looks great in the White House.
TIL during the filming of a killing in Dexter, Jimmy Smits grabbed a real knife instead of…
Thomas Davis on Jimmy Graham: "He's probably one of those guys who is excited about his production and not worried about …
The only set I really believed in Sith was a short scene of Jimmy Smits in his ship corridors.
tyou mean David Caruso right? Jimmy Smits' last season is when I started watching. Looking forward to finally watching it all
"You haven't drowned yourself in younger men since last year when you brought home those twins from the Jimmy Smits lookalike contest."
I wish my mom didn't have a crush on Jimmy Smits.
This film on 7...nah. Maybe I'm nostalgic but I like the trilogy ones better. Best thing about this one is Jimmy Smits.
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I died when Jane pulled out a picture of Jimmy Smits.
Had a really weird dream last night about Jimmy Smits. I blame
The guy Jason Trennert is like a cross bred Jimmy Smits and Tom Hanks lookalike.
(jimmy smits) Bobby Simone's apartment. morning. his beeper beeps! makes a landline call to the office # 1995 problems
"But alas, Jane's father was not Jimmy Smits."
> followed by Running Scared (Billy Crystal, Gregory Hines, and Jimmy Smits in the now-doomed State of Illinois Center)
i actually love jimmy smits in SOA. like please marry me?
get jimmy smits. Good lookalike, plus we have histories of actors running... :-)
Jimmy Smits and Tommy Flanagan were snubbed of Best Supporting Actors noms, and Walter Goggins was snubbed of a Best Guest Actor nomination.
Andrew Dice Clay, Donald Kagan, Jimmy Smits, and Norman Podhoretz are all from Brownsville? Also, Larry King and Howard Zinn.
Jimmy Smits & Chow Yun Fat could be body doubles for
did you watch West Wing at all? Jimmy Smits did an incredible monologue on "wearing the liberal label as a badge of honor"...
yes it has really crazy that Jimmy Smits plays a bad ***
ugh. Ive thought ill of jimmy smits ever since he ruined season three of dexter.
the last season is Jimmy Smits running for president vs an old republican senator. Basically nailed Obama/McCain
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and Jimmy Smits is in like two of em
Space Jimmy Smits raised Leia as his own. how annoying was Wormy as a baby that Owen and Beru went as Aunt & Uncle instead?
Let's all take a moment this morning to appreciate how great the name "Jimmy Smits" is
Jimmy Smits' voice got me feelin some kinda way
my mom has such a crush on Jimmy Smits. It's how I convinced her to see the prequels with me.
Katey Sagal, 'Sons of Anarchy' | Emmys: 20 Stars and Shows Overdue for a Nomination
My roommate is watching Sons of Anarchy and Jimmy Smits is in and *** that is a good look on him.
How to plan a holiday. Step 1: find out where Jimmy Smits is in a play. Step 2: book flights and accommodation.
In it was time for Gemma. But for the Emmys… is it time for Gemma?
.. Is anyone else reminded of that scene from Pee-Wee's Big Adventure when Pee-Wee hands Jimmy Smits a "foot long" hotdog?
Also, I like Jimmy Smits. I find his mouth very interesting.
Miami Vice begins with Tubbs pulling a shotgun on NYC thugs and Jimmy Smits getting exploded.
Good Grief S6 Ep13 is EPIC. Best in whole series so far, writing & direction, & Jimmy Smits is brilliant. Now for S7!
Jimmy Smits was great in it. There were so many likeable characters, not Jax though. Even Unser was better.
Need a good cry? Watch our highlight reel of Jimmy Smits's best moments:
Hopefully Jimmy wins this time around? Jimmy Smits Deserves an Emmy Nomination for 'Sons of Anarchy' via
Jimmy Smits is 60 years old,but he still looks like he did in LA Law! Only way to explain it,he's a daywalker vampire.
That Kimmy Schmidt/Jimmy Smits tank has got my chest burning!
.has never received an acting Emmy nom. Can we start with Jimmy Smits:
Oh they aren't talking Jimmy Smits as Nero Padilla in Sons of Anarchy ... Roman emperor Nero
Everybody keeps saying that Bobby is so sexy but Jimmy Smits, talent though he is, has this Easter Island head and I find it distracting
Jimmy Smits w/ tears of true love and believing in Sons of Anarchy S7E7. Gracious. Mercy Me. . Classic acting. Heart. Intensity. *Fine*
Jimmy Smits played it so perfectly. It was heartbreaking. Kim Delany and Dennis Franz were amazing too.
Jimmy Smits & Sam Elliot are dark horses for Supporting Actor.
When I think of how I never have to hear Jimmy Smits call Peg Bundy "Mama" ever again, then yeah, I'm kind of glad Sons of Anarchy is over.
Darnell Nurse update: you will Never be as cool as Jimmy Smits when he glides around in his low rider
World Jrs Update: Jimmy Smits is too good to be on Sons of Anarchy
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