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Jimmy Saville

Sir James Wilson Vincent Savile OBE KCSG (31 October 1926 – 29 October 2011) was an English disc jockey, television presenter and media personality, best known for his BBC television show Jim'll Fix It, and for being the first and last presenter of the long-running BBC music chart show Top of the Pops.

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Jimmy Saville was a regular private guest of Maggie's at Chequers at Xmas. You'd have to be weird to want to spend…
Can see Jimmy Saville in yellow away top
just done a family search on may. Her dad was not a vicar. Her dad was jimmy Saville and her mum thatcher. Aka pure evil 😂😂😂😂
If Jimmy Saville had been Asian, he'd still be an icon at the BBC.
Not have as uncomfortable as Jimmy Saville being there 😳
Is the 'Jimmy Saville one of your own' song aimed at the Queen? She did knight him after all...🤔
His Daddy is his role model. Mind you his Daddy was Jimmy Saville 🤔🤔🤔
Pedro and the paupers v jimmy saville
Isn't he from the same area as Jimmy Saville?
Tony Blair has links to paedophile Jimmy Saville – Neilscott1's Blog
Nothing worse than a bird adding ya on snapchat and just sending pics of their kid. Love, I'm not Jimmy Saville ffs 😂😂
Mortgage rates were in double figures and Jimmy Saville was a national treasure, but yeah go 80's
Prince Charles wasnt just lifelong pals wchild killing & raping pedo Jimmy Saville. He gave him access to his HOME.
don't even mention Jimmy saville and those keys.
"When I was a kid, ppl like Cosby, Sandusky, and Jimmy Saville could whip it out with impunity! What…
You're seriously comparing Tim Farron and Jimmy Saville? I think you owe Mr Farron an apology.
How can there be child abusers when jimmy Saville supports the NSPCC #
Nestle touches millions of lives in the same way Jimmy Saville touched hundreds of kids. You are scum.
Where do you he implying that Blair was a friend of Jimmy Saville
The lady who thought Jimmy Saville was a fitting person to over rule Psychiatrists at Broadmoor 😒 maybe no…
Not shocked at all by this after her part in the Jimmy Saville cover up.
Jimmy Saville ring any bells? You know the child molester you gave the keys to broadmore to.
Wow.. just wow. Ladies & gentleman, the woman who gave Jimmy Saville the keys to Broadmoor 🙈🔫
your cognitive thought process Isin't the greatest or you wouldn't have given Jimmy Saville unfettered ac…
Says someone who gave Jimmy Saville the keys to his kingdom. Go away.
In other news Jimmy Saville had a successful resurrection, he will be co hosting TOTP with Rolf Harris and DLT
Also, it was her gave Jimmy Saville the keys to Broadmoor. that called George Michael a sicko and a pervert for being *** while Jimmy Saville w…
Jimmy Saville was a lone paedophile ..meanwhile whole gangs of Jihadi Savilles operate in Northern Britain. Jihadi'll Fix In'it
Just seen a documentary showing the times Jimmy Saville met Prince Charles, numerous! And looks like they were bosom buddies, controversial!
Mark Thompson covered up Jimmy Saville while at BBC. Doesn't he have GCHQ contacts? Bezos is CIA (Brennan) 🤔.
Update your maps at Navteq
When the Jimmy Saville child abuse scandal emerged, the BBC lied and covered for him. They have no moral authority. ht…
lol no, I was referring to Jimmy Saville. Please google him. He's makes your Muslims look like Ned Flanders
Can we have a Zlatan related joke with Rolf Harris & Jimmy Saville?
You didn't include Jimmy Saville. I always found him to be weird. I didn't see Rolf Harris though.
That time Vanessa Feltz admitted to being in the same ad as Jimmy Saville mega and unexpected lolz at
Jimmy Saville,Rolf Harris just 2 people the BBC promoted as flagship talk about anime .Joke
Yes? Just like I heard about Sidney Cook, Max Clifford, Jimmy Saville, and Ian Watkins.
Bolt is to journalism what Jimmy Saville is to Child Care and Rolf Harris is to Art. He's a fake and a blowhard!
Not the first time the BBC covered up news. There was that whole bit with Jimmy Saville and the wake of destruction he left.
. Oh! . My first thoughts went to pederasty and Jimmy Saville.
First it was Jimmy Saville, then it was Rolf Harris. Who's next, Basil Brush?
Love child of Rolf Harris and Jimmy Saville. Where are those two little boys?
Jimmy Saville - now then now then, close friends with Ted Heath, Margaret Thatcher, Princes Whales slices in syrup. Brexit
I accuse you being an *** of first order, Edward Heath & Jimmy Saville were paedophiles, & these crimes are cross party, blocked 🖕
EU quisling Heath fixed it for Jimmy Saville to be knighted. . Both protected by FAKE NEWS   10% Off
many of these pedos knighted by queen. Jimmy Saville close to her as well. Could find on Google
Mix the faces of Ted Heath, Nigel Lawson and Jimmy Saville. And You'll Get a really Evil ***
Big celebrity scandals and cover ups that were uncovered recently. E.g Jimmy Saville
changing your captain from Harry Davis to George Ray is like changing your babysitter from Jimmy Saville to Gerry McCann
Its run by Jesuit Mark Thompson educated at the Jesuit Eton Stonyhurst covered up 4 Jimmy Saville at BBC
But Jeff, I'm glad you weren't persecuted for what Rolfe Harris, Ian Watkins and Jimmy Saville did!
But then again I liked Rolf Harris and Jimmy Saville once. How can I watch father Ted or IT crowd now without taint?
Jimmy Saville wasn't Muslim, Rolf Harris, Gary Glitter, evil is in every religion. Not all Christians Peodophiles cos of them
What has happened about all the peadophile *** in Dolphin Square, Elm Guest house, Kincora, Jimmy Saville, Ted Heath, Louis Mountbatten
There was that trouble at Dolphin Square. Also we had issues with Jimmy Saville. He was dark.
Once upon a time, in a land of make believe, tabloids told us that Rolf Harris & Jimmy Saville were heroes and George Mi…
Good for her, system is corrupt, and who'd want to be in the same company as Rolf Harris, Jimmy Saville et al#
yep honoured in the same way as Rolf Harris, Jimmy Saville, Kim Philby and tax cheats. Honoured by honours?
UK in 2030 is our Prime Minister. Age of consent has been knocked down to 4. Statues rise of Jimmy Saville and Ted Heath.
Tabloid newspapers told me Jimmy Saville was a force for good and George Michael was a pervert. They're still trying t…
The "man" who covered up Jimmy Saville at the BBC, Mark Thompson, now wants you to believe him on
Jimmy Saville's love child spotted at
And they say is fake. Ever heard of Jimmy Saville? Top Obama bundler accused of child rape via
8 December 1966 - The Small Faces have an interview at Radio Luxembourg with Jimmy Saville.
NYTimes has a powerful person who covered for Jimmy Saville in the past.
Shocking Tbh Eric and the power Taylor guilty of camper van touching. Stinks of Jimmy Saville ugh 😑
My form tutor has been convicted of being a paedophile to girls aged 12 in my school, Jimmy Saville would be loving this! D…
Jimmy Saville, Christian attacked white girls nothing said, Rolf Harris Christian.
Boy found hanged after bullies make sick 'Jimmy Saville' rape threats
Any american pedo for Gary Glitter and Jimmy Saville. Wait, nevermind. (Sorry.)
appointing these three was akin to asking Gary Glitter to judge Jimmy Saville & expecting impartiality
so people like Jimmy Saville & Rolf Harris will continue to fly under the radar
Why do loveable reds never except cliff , staurt Hall , Jimmy Saville , Tarbuck , Rolf Harris and stevie G where re…
the 80s was magic. was never a fan of Jimmy Saville but Rolf Harris I was. you can't trust anyone
Choosing Clinton or Trump for the US Presidency is abit like deciding whether to pick Gary Glitter or Jimmy Saville to babysit your kids !!
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"You can do anything to women when you're a star" - Trump, or possibly Jimmy Saville, Rolf Harris, Dave Lee Travis, Gary Glitter,
The new Louis Theroux on Jimmy Saville was pretty horrible
Jimmy Saville victim speaks out: Paedophile abused woman when pregant - Daily Star
ginger pedophile producer Peter Asher likes young boys and misses his friend Jimmy Saville
Just like Jimmy Saville, Peter Asher & Paul McCartney... *** lovers and pedophiles
Thats like asking if I want Gary Glitter or Jimmy Saville to babysit my 8yr old child!!
That's like asking Gary Glitter about his thoughts on Jimmy Saville.
Jimmy Saville, Rolf Harris, Stuart whatsis name.oh no my childhood has just gone!!!
Icke has a unique take on life and time often shows that he was right. (Jimmy Saville, Ted Heath, Rolf Harris) all…
Being dissed by Israel is kinda like Jimmy Saville or Rolf Harris calling you a perv 'cos you like ***
Q?- would Jimmy Saville have been bettr protected re his abuse if he workd4 Phso, GMC, nmc? I say yes
*** you are defending Jimmy Saville! Why do you like BBC, its economic with the actualite
So if one Muslim is a terrorist then they all must be. With that logic every white man is a paedophile like jimmy Saville and Prince Charles
..the same 'Gambo' that knew what Jimmy Saville was up to, but said nothing for fear of losing his job?
Jimmy Saville wouldn't even touch me if he saw my college picture
BBC put out a prog claiming Jimmy Saville was a national treasure and that's what upset his victims having to watch that
You can't go on X-factor if someone in the family isn't dead / dying or been molested by Jimmy Saville.
just like Rolf Harris, Jimmy Saville, Cyril Smith and Gary Glitter me
likewise over here with jimmy Saville and Rolf Harris.
Somewhere in the circle after that you find Jimmy Saville
'Sex fiends Jimmy Saville and Chris Denning have tainted us all': Emperor Rosko
not since that night with Jimmy Saville, no.
THIS ANIMAL is AMERICA'S equivalent of CHILD RAPIST celebrity JIMMY SAVILLE. JUSTICE must be served, never mind his age
like when Newsnight shelved The Jimmy Saville prog, or the HSBC that never saw the light of day, corp masters!
Sweating like Jimmy Saville on a school bus man
I don't think it works that way. Also, I'm pretty sure that's the chat up line Jimmy Saville used.
look Jimmy Saville is alive..he's got a cap on too... ***
No gonna sit and watch ex on the beach with my son and his pal like an Auld Jimmy saville - Gary Broon 😂😂😂😂
The really damaging predators from Jacob Appelbaum to Jimmy Saville are superficially charming and get past people's defences.
I'd rather have Jimmy Saville as a babysitter
The last time you ever had a train on time, Jimmy Saville was still a sir.
he'll snuff it before then just like Jimmy Saville
plenty would be a lot worse with that level of fame. Look at Jimmy Saville for one.
No it's the fact that Jimmy Saville is on it, he died and then everyone found out he was a pedophile
BBC thought Jimmy Saville was a paragon of virtue through 40 years of open illegal perversion, so they know about these things
'You look like a cross between Super Mario and Jimmy Saville' - everyone 😂
Looks like Jimmy Saville, fits in with the club well then. Nonce.
Chloe's just happy to be away from the Jimmy Saville impersonator
It's a musical about Gary Glitter & Jimmy Saville going on holiday to Butlins. Saved you a click.
If u don't know the relation between those 2:Jimmy Saville &cliff Richards and the royals u should make researches.
Let's not forget Jimmy Saville, Rolf Harris & Tony Blackburn. You are one vile corporation & should be ashamed of yourselves
William Hague got a *** from a spider monkey while Jimmy Saville watched
Janner, Jimmy Saville, Rolf Harris, Jeffrey Epstein, Peter Ball, the Royals love a paedophile.
Jimmy Saville was even busier than we thought.
Obviously for same reasons a nice white man anchored coverage of Jimmy Saville, Peter Sutcliffe & Miles Cooper...
Thomas Kinkade Collectibles from The Bradford Exchange Online
I've met Les Battersby, Jason Grimshaw, Jimmy Saville and Ross Noble that I can remember
Watching episode 1 of The Goodies with Mr8. 10mins in and we've already had Rolf Harris & Jimmy Saville.
Jimmy Saville, Max Clifford, Rolf Harris to name a few, Patent theft or Corp network theft of SME gets no media
Really clever & funny - I'm a fan of John Cooper Clark do appreciate your tunes! George Formby sounds like Jimmy Saville tho!
So my issue with not living in the UK the last 25+ yrs is that I'll accidentally refer to Rolf Harris, Jimmy Saville, Gary Glitter etc.
ah, the good old Jimmy Saville defence. Doesn't remove culpability or responsibility I'm afraid.
I feel sorry for the Elm guest house abuse scandal & Jimmy Saville case protected by MPS & powerful.
Larry Murphy molested less children than Jimmy Saville.
.what about Max Clifford, Jimmy Saville, Rolf Harris, Dave Lee Travis and white girls... Common factor...
"Put it just under the tatts of Jimmy Saville and Rolf Harris. No, not there, that's where I'm leaving room for future ex-GFs"
'Sir' Cliff Richard, great friends with Rolf Harris & Jimmy Saville gets his own TV show =/
NONCE ALERT: Next they'll be signing Adam Johnson and Jimmy Saville
Tarbuck argues on that Cliff can't be sexual abuser: charitable. Ever heard of charity campaigner/hideous human Jimmy Saville, Tarby?
And I danced to Gary Glitter when I was a child, but even then I didn't like Jimmy Saville.
The EU and bay city rollers and Jimmy Saville and loads of dirty djs...I say ban votes for over 45 year olds and let young guns sort it 😜
Hmm...I think it's called Cognitive Dissonance, see fans of Tony Blair, Gary Glitter, Jimmy Saville, Greville Janner
or Rolf Harris. Or Jimmy Saville. And pretty much the entire BBC.
I'd rather have died at 7 and be trapped in purgatory with Michael Jackson, Jimmy Saville, and Gary Glitter, than watch Michael Macintyre.
Cute picture - Jimmy Saville and Tony Blair head into the woods with a bunch of kids... &
In your day, your great country was allowing people like Stuart Hall, Jimmy Saville and co get away with disgusting acts. I...
about as funny as dave not bein a Jimmy Saville impersonator
Jimmy Saville had a son had a son Jimmy Saville had a son, John Cowan
Scott brown has a first touch like Jimmy Saville
I like that you can see wedged between Jimmy Saville and Warrior Priest ha!
Jimmy Saville, Adam Johnson, Joseph Fritzl, Phil Mitchell, and all come in the same category to me!Disgus…
A selection of chapter titles from Dan Davies' astounding bio of Jimmy Saville. Best book I've read in ages.
Hey Jo Coburn is that the same MI5 that new about Rolf Harris, Jimmy Saville and Cyrille Smith
Adam Johnson and Jimmy Saville are to feature on the next series of the X-Files. The ep will be called 'The Peado Files'
Williams Thomas, Jimmy Saville and Cyril Smith are not Paedophiles because they haven't been convicted at a court of law
Jimmy Saville, Rolf Harris & Stuart Hall walk into a pub in Ireland. . Barman says "not yew tree again"
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LOL. With all due respect to Jimmy Saville. ... that was a pic of the First Pervert.
Farage. Galloway. Peter Sutcliffe. You know Jimmy Saville would have been for brexit.
The first time I realised I was ugly was at my sixth birthday party, when Jimmy Saville said we could only be friends
that the sir Richard Attenborough pitch looked more like Jimmy Saville?
Vicar lady on the BBC said it's a shame Judas is only remembered for the bad he did. It's the same for Gary Glitter and Jimmy Saville
Adam Johnson is now in the same bracket as Jimmy Saville, Gary Glitter and my old Maths teacher.
This Sheni teacher guy reminds me of Jimmy Saville case.
is that fern cotton or Jimmy Saville in the Mac
Take case of Jimmy Saville in the UK right Now as an example. "Reasonable Doubt" there has become internal consistency of
Agreed, but our only other celebs are Chris Moyles and Jimmy Saville, we have to take what we can get.
Ray has quite the social life. Jimmy Saville style.
being corrected on grammar by Danny Dyer is like being criticised for parenting by Jimmy Saville.
How come Rolf Harris is featured in SkyTv's but Jimmy Saville is not?
Yea Bob Elliot laughing at a vulnerable kid what kind of adult are you. the kind like Adam Johnson and Jimmy Saville
Now he has been given the same label as people like Jimmy Saville and Stuart Hall. Those men are paedophiles, not Adam Johnson.
All this 'victim' talk makes the mentally underaged Johnson (a big kid) sound like Jimmy Saville, Hall, Harris etc. Jealousy of soccer stars
get top DJs like Jimmy Saville, Tony Blackburn and Stuart Hall to promote a song duet between David Brent and Gary Glitter...
who is Jason Cundy ? As a player a poor mans Sam Allardyce as presenter a poor mans Jimmy Saville
Your name makes me feel like you were good mates, with Jimmy Saville, Gary Glitter and Adam Johnson
Choosing between Arsenal or Spurs for the league is like choosing between Gary Glitter or Jimmy Saville for a Saturday night babysitter!
No. Adam Johnson does not represent every footballer, does Jimmy Saville represent every TV personality?
Donald J. Trump joining a list that includes Rebekah Brooks and Jimmy Saville with this public backing from Morgan.
George Pell is the Jimmy Saville of the Catholic Church. May there be a *** & may he burn in it for eternity.
Police investigate 57 suspects of child abuse, including Edward Heath and Jimmy Saville
At least us Straights don't rape children like bisexuals Robert Hughes and Jimmy Saville.
You begin to suspect that North Tipp would elect Jimmy Saville given the choice.
you pair do realise that 2 mid 20 blokes talking about pokemon makes you look like Jimmy Saville
...but I don't want anything to come out about Kenny Everett. I'm devastated enough about Jimmy Saville being a paedophile.
Unlucky for them that they weren't white and friends of the Tory Party like Leon Brittan and Jimmy Saville
Was listening to Russell Brands radio show from like 2008 in work today and he spoke to Jimmy Saville on it, proper scary how noncey he was.
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Eye, I'll go with that. Rolf Harris, Jimmy Saville r peodos. Adam Johnson is notall women go…
That's what they called Jonathan King, Jimmy Saville, Rolf Harris, Stuart Hall. See the pattern?
keeping the Jimmy Saville and Rolf Harris ones tho
Report into abuse by Jimmy Saville to be published 'this month' - Glasgow Evening Times: Glasgow…
Jimmy Saville, Gary Glitter, Ian Watkins.none of them are Pakistani. It's not a cultural thing, you ***
He probably thinks Jimmy Saville is innocent too 😂
'there was a case regarding a DJ called Jimmy Saville which you may or may not have heard of' m8 are you having a laugh
"Unlike soccer's other disasters, Hillsborough was self-inflicted." ~ Terry Wogan. Say hello to Jimmy Saville and Mag…
Loved the Cosby show. A few characters from my childhood have now been shamed for dodgy activities - Rolf Harris, Jimmy Saville
The US calling Putin corrupt is akin to Rolf Harris slagging off Jimmy Saville for being a paedophile.
Cecil Parkinson, Leon Brittan, Margaret Thatcher, Jimmy Saville, Kenneth Clarke and I can't see past this lot.
Just to be clear, George Osborne's association with charity is only marginally more honourable than Jimmy Saville's.
Fred Goodwin, Jimmy Saville, Robert Mugabe & now Lynton Crosby - Knighthood Increasingly Seen as 'Badge of Shame': https…
a Knighthood for riding a bike? Well I suppose Jimmy Saville got one for shellsuits, marathons and buggery.
You are the black man version of Jimmy Saville.
Jimmy Saville is low key inspirational
Ted Heath, Jimmy Saville, child abduction and satanic ritual abuse infesting the Govm. .
fs I was watching bt sport like jimmy saville on Cartoon Network . Just seen he was beat on points
Jimmy Saville raised a lot for charity should we support him too ? What you did may not be "against the law"
You'd well have a Jimmy Saville rig
thinking about Jimmy Saville, his victims and accusations weren't taken seriously til he died so he never faced punishment
Keemstar dealing with Minecraft noncing is turning into the Jimmy Saville scandal pretty quick. Bashur happened now girls are speaking out.
Jimmy Saville is my hero and I would love him to touch my chocolate starfish I also love *** up my bum while I get jaffed off
apparently Jimmy Saville was an exceptional charity fund raiser
there's a boss YouTube documentary that poses the question "was Jimmy Saville a wizard?" That I strongly recommend.
Saville not ours. Some Ben and Jimmy have to start . Cummings or a new right back needed
Just got a suspension warning from Xbox for telling a 9 year old Leeds fan Jimmy Saville was one of his own
SHOW??It's like watching kelly Maloney and Jimmy Saville. Sick
Jimmy Saville probably had a fair idea also!
If it was good enough for Jimmy Saville and Rolf Harris... oh, hang on...
they are all in it together. Remember Prince Charles holidaying with the arch paedo Jimmy Saville?
"If you pay your telly license you love Jimmy Saville"
Bit like saying Jimmy Saville was a bit mischievious!
Judging by this book, Jimmy Saville must be a 6/4 chance 👎
but nobody had pictures of Jimmy Saville touching up little children, doesn't mean he didn't do it? ffs
he would sell his children to Jimmy Saville
Rooney takes more touches than Jimmy Saville in a children's ward
Don't complain when some dirty *** like Jimmy Saville gets you pregnant then
Happy new year from bananaman and a youthful Jimmy Saville
I'd say it belongs to Jimmy saville!
Paula has had most of her jewellery and glasses bestowed to her by the death of Jimmy Saville. .
I saw one dude comparing him and Jimmy saville. COSBY HAS OPENLY ADMITTED TO TAKING PART IN SOME DEBAUCHERY.
Not many positive here. Our touches are worse than Rolf Harris and Jimmy Saville combined.
You dont see much of that bloke who revelled in being a Jimmy Saville lookalike anymore either.
Exactly. And Jimmy Saville and the Yorkshire Ripper etc etc.
Jimmy Saville The Met Police has spent £5m on three VIP paedophile investigations BBC have report £5m …
Am I the only person in England who wants to know how Jimmydid it - like who fed him the lines ? The mafia is never just one person
when you have the money and enough 12 year old admirers anything is possible. Just ask Jimmy Saville
this is disgusting so what about Tony Blair, i spose he gets away with everything & just gains a jimmy saville knight hood.
Oh and send a docket on some white guy named Jimmy Saville to Eddie Griffin while you're at it.
The second Santa on Teen Titans on looks Suspiciously like a certain Jimmy Saville 😡 is this a joke?
Well, it's fairly tame in comparison to Stephen Collins and Jimmy Saville, and then there's the Franklin Cover-up.
I believe the UK had a similar incident with Jimmy Saville, in terms of disbelief of historical sex crimes.
Inbred into them, sense of entitlement aka Jimmy Saville.
gonna be the most popular wrong'un after Jimmy Saville and that Steven Dawson.
she is.. Had jimmy Saville very confused though
Please don't say you were friends with Jimmy Saville back in the day mate..
Thatchers cider fires through me like Jimmy Saville would a 12 year owld lass.
aye a real honour, just ask Sir Jimmy Saville, royal family are pedo inbred scum of the earth, wouldnt take a cup of tea off them
Both can be good.but imagine a hug off Jimmy Saville ...
your mum offered you to Jimmy Saville for a litre of vodka.
You're probably related to Jimmy Saville or Gary Glitter. Are you a peado (come on fess up!)? 😉😉.
Someone bought me a Jimmy Saville model kit for xmas, it's a bit fiddly.
are you doing the follow up to Jimmy Saville in Scarborough ??
JERSEY:Childre loaned to rich paedophile yachtsmen | UK ... h…
Seriously, why couldn't you have just said Jimmy Saville like a normal person!
Mum's memory now seems to have conflated Rochdale Child Sex abuse, Stuart Hall and Jimmy Saville. She knew the latter 2 but was not abused.
bbc Jimmy Saville ,Rolf Harris ,Stuart Hall and they were protected by the bbc we can all 1/2
Dr: Well Mr. Jones, you are now awake from your 10 year coma. Any requests?. Jones: Jimmy Saville & Stuart Hall visit & a Rolf Harris sketch
White men who joke that I look like Osama bin Laden never find it as funny when I say they look like Jimmy Saville.
Likewise Leon Briton, Cyril Smith, Jimmy Saville, protected by friends in Gov in particular Saville friend of Thatcher
If so what about Cyril Smith, Leon Briton, Jimmy Saville etc.
If you want to put G.Janner posthumously on trail why not Cyril Smith, Leon Briton,Jimmy Saville etc
Newsnight were caught out protecting a notorious paedophile Jimmy Saville while accusing innocent Lord Mcalpine of the same.
Andrew Neill on BBC 'This Week' looking like he's got hold of one of Jimmy Saville's old cigars
Jimmy Saville, Gary Glitter and all the others found out. It's not acceptable NOT EVER!
The 'Jose Mourinho' chants died down quicker than the laughter at a children's party after Jimmy Saville showed up
The Yorkshire Ripper. Flanked with the now deceased, legendary TV star and a paedophile, Jimmy Saville.
Wayne Rooney Really?. Might as well nominate Oscar Pistorious as BF of the year & Jimmy Saville as Dad of the year
Edward Heath, Jimmy Saville, Leon Briton and Maggie Thatcher. A pattern is appearing. And they said Ed Miliband was weird.
Gary Glitter, Rolf Harris and Jimmy Saville walk into an Irish bar. Barman says "Not yew tree again". That is a fantastic jok…
Bloody *** did Bob Odenkirk & David Cross just put Jimmy Saville in a sketch for Netflix’s Bob & David?
Gerry Adams deploring the terror attacks in Paris is like Gary Glitter slating Jimmy Saville. *** take.
I feel like there's an opportunity for a really vulgar joke to do with the life size cake of Prince George and Jimmy Saville.
I wonder how ice cube now feels about calling his album the predator. Knowing that's what Rolf Harris & Jimmy Saville are now known as
from the organisation that brought us Jimmy Saville, Stuart Hall, Rolf Harris, and shilling for the VIPaedophiles
With exception of the Mayor of London what the *** do town mayors do other than walk around with Jimmy Saville's jewellery on?
under the tories, Currie got into trouble for warning the nation about salmonella, but not for giving Jimmy Saville the ke…
like Jimmy Saville and Gary Glitter having a ding dong.
"I've got a Jimmy Saville soap on a rope and went to see Gary Glitter numerous times as a child. I think I was too old for him.' . 😂😂😂
Sir Tom Jones says Jimmy Saville 'was a good man' who helped launch his career
"Dacre studied in Yorkshire, famous for Peter Sutcliffe (the Yorkshire Ripper) and, of course, Jimmy Saville."
. So basically anyone non-white is "foreign?". What ethnicity was Jimmy Saville, Rolf Harris, Max Clifford etc?
Ask yourself this. It was well known in the media that Jimmy Saville was a monster. How many Sun headlines did you see on it in 80s?
of course, Leon Brittan was entirely innocent and so was Jimmy Saville. I believe you now BBC - remember Lord Bra speaking freely
Next: fighting paedophilia with Jimmy Saville, Gary Glitter, Rolf Harris and, of course,
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