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Jimmy Savile

Sir James Wilson Vincent Savile, OBE, KCSG (31 October 1926 – 29 October 2011) was an English disc jockey, television presenter and media personality, best known for his BBC television show Jim'll Fix It, and for being the first and last presenter of the long-running BBC music chart show Top of the Pops.

Rolf Harris Johnny Rotten Gary Glitter Jeffrey Epstein Ted Heath Edward Heath Gary Lineker Tony Blair Myra Hindley George Michael Oscar Pistorius Frank Bruno Cyril Smith

-explosive revelations of link to who was famously friends with Prince Charles…
Another person involved in exposing elite ring - dies
I added a video to a playlist Jimmy Savile Pedophile talk in 1998
An ex chief constable of West Yorkshire was the best mate of Sir Jimmy Savile..wonder why no police report on Savile exist
Paedosadist child murderer Edward Heath fixed it for Savile to receive OBE and attended PIE meetings
Why aren't you getting onto the celebs who kept Jimmy Savile under wraps
I don't think Jimmy Savile had kids anyway! 😂
*Picture of Jimmy Savile on a pair of speedos* 'omg that took me about an hour to get that' . Just didn't though did it.
This is the same KTHs rabid hateful mouth she wants to room children with. A new Jimmy Savile
The BBC enabled & probably participated in the coverup of Jimmy Savile for…
Would you rather be trapped in a room with braddoesbanter or jimmy savile
He tried to be a cuddly figure, but he's not. He's film-fandom's answer to Jimmy Savile.
that wanker creeps about changing rooms and takes photos. He's like Jimmy Savile in many ways.
But.But he looks so normal, just like Jimmy Savile did.
I already asked a polish mate about Jimmy Savile a few years ago. Their answer was basically "Dur. How didn't you see it?"
Can u just imagine what Jimmy Savile would be saying about Trump & America, if he were not dead & still getting…
Jimmy Savile+Bono! both Sirs at Top of the Pops Music World known for great Charity Work?? Diplomacy & ability…
PART 5. Bowie had sex ‘with more young people than Jimmy Savile’ disgraced pop mogul claims. PAEDO OF A FEATHER.
bag peoples responce to BBC tribute to Jimmy Savile lol song -
'JIMMY SAVILE ON HIS ELEPHANT'™ (Found some of PUKKADUBBA..'s 1st ever sketches, from Spring 2015!!)
no mention of Jimmy Savile at least.
Best GIF ever!. Is this how Jeremy Corbyn felt when he transformed into 100% Rothsch…
Jimmy Savile couldn't get away with decades of molesting children without major assistance. Politicians, judges, po…
Corbyn/May Rothschild puppets. I am only wondering what they did to become 100% trusted by Rothsch…
Corbyn is a Rothschild puppet. I am only wondering what he did to become 100% trusted by Rothschil…
Did Famous Celebrities like John Wayne, Jimmy Savile and Bob Hope Use Sorcery( he was a MAJOR pedophile!)
Racist words are often edited from repeats. References to Jimmy Savile in some episodes of the series have also been removed
Edward Heath, Child Killer and Paedophile with Jimmy Savile in Jersey via
Michael Shrimpton on ex Tory PM Sir Edward Heath's alleged links to Jimmy Savile in Jersey
This is what they are trying to hide!. Edward Heath CHILD KILLER AND PAEDOPHILE + JIMMY SAVILE + JERSEY
Peter Jaconelli and Jimmy Savile, but not asking for information on Edward Heath,,
"I wish everyone would stop criticising Jimmy Savile, he was a nice man, when I was 8 he fixed it for me to milk a cow blindfolded.” OH FFS
was jimmy savile a muslim? he was a necrophiliac. Are true muslims denying these atrocities or not ? quaran should…
I thought summer was as gone as Jimmy Savile, But what a lovely day mate
Can you direct me to your articles about Jimmy Savile?.
In a trade full of poseurs, fight with the BBC to reveal the truth about Jimmy Savile made her a geuine journ…
Who calls a kid 'Jackson'?. Might as well call him Jimmy Savile
By paying you fund the next jimmy savile
Jimmy Savile was "the tip of the iceberg.". Telegraph 2012. Join up the dots.
Those were the days my friend. We thought they'd never end. .
The whistleblowers who broke the Jimmy Savile high level pedo story have seen their careers ruined, wonder why? . htt…
That's like saying 'children voice safety fears after Jimmy Savile dies.' FFS. Trust BBC to spin it on behalf of a dange…
The Express defending the old establishment. oh the irony.
None of this angst about "evidence" when it all started with Jimmy Savile w…
Strange photos you can find on internet. Here’s Jimmy Savile with the Yorkshire Ripper and Frank Bruno.
What do we have here?. Jimmy Savile with his closest friends Frank Bruno and Peter Sutcliffe AKA the Yorkshire ripp…
If you think Jimmy Savile was disgusting then consider those who protect peadophiles, people like whil…
Sacked Liz MacKean & Meirion Jones for 'attacking' Jimmy Savile. Obviously wanted to def…
Funny how the ethnicity of Jimmy Savile, Ian Huntley, Rolf Harris and the rest of the white majority of sex of…
Leon Britton, Jimmy Savile and Ted Heath all guests of
Jimmy Savile is simply a deliberate distraction from Greville Janner.
Just round the corner from Jimmy Savile's old house.
Nah w/ Jimmy Savile we know why that was! Mandem in jail for weed & Trump's out dere grabbin pum pum ppl love their…
. Mark Thompson (CEO ) covered up 4 pedo/satanist Jimmy Savile at BBC. Now cove…
The penny's dropped. . I think I know why Thatcher met Jimmy at Chequers 11 New Years in a row.
because it's the best compulsory payment gateway to financing people who would support Jimmy Savile.
Fans pay tribute as Jimmy Savile’s coffin lies in state at Leeds Queens Hotel A treasure. Let's not forget.
Yeah, I *love* their bias, their partiality to not tell both sides of the story, and the hiding of Jimmy Savile for 50 years.
I'm getting creeped out just by his picture! Very Jimmy Savile. Accent on the 'vile'. 😒
I didn't realize he was so depraved. Paedophile Jimmy Savile 'seen wheeling four-year-old child's body into mortuary'
Why wouldn't they, they're fond of covering up crimes, look at Jimmy Savile for example   10% Off
Not hardly but all the dirt will come out after he's dead, whenever that is. He's anothe…
Tell me this - why do you sing songs for and support the IRA paedophiles ?!! . It would…
For anyone wondering, the only BBC I ever watch now is old Top Of The Pops from 1984. They won't show Jimmy Savile, but will show Jon Peel.
Gary Lineker is alright.He's a good person, a humanitarian.Alternatively, Gary's wages could be going to a Jimmy Savile type
Jimmy Savile's protege gets paid an over £400k for baiting Muslims on it's an absolute jo…
I like the BBC but it's definitely gone downhill since Jimmy Savile died. Since Jim went nobody seems able to keep any secrets. Even on pay.
Sure they do. Just as Jimmy Savile & a bunch of old gropers…
Jimmy Savile, Rolf Harris and Stuart Hall all worked for the BBC. Worth every penny? Covering up sex…
Because they cover up nonces crimes like Jimmy Savile and Muslim nonces who rape white british children
Think what you want he is still the worst ever player I have ever watched and that even…
Look at you sucking up to the BBC like Jimmy Savile. Any more thoughts on the Manc bomb you tosspot
David Icke - Jimmy Savile & The BBC...The Tip of the Iceberg. via
As for where your TV license money goes, well it goes to pay off folk who Jimmy Savile sexually ab…
The BBC covered for Jimmy Savile for 30 years, but remember if you don't pay your TV license they want to imprison you.…
For years the BBC knew about & covered up for paedophile Jimmy Savile
Meet Black Singles 300x250
They banned Johnny Rotten from their network for telling the truth about Jimmy Savile in 1978. .
Cult leader like Jimmy Savile and Jeremy attracts young ill-educate to chant his name,bla…
BigEars, Jimmy Savile and Bishop *** I've been hearing that BigEars corresponded with Savile re. Cleveland, too!
Bee Gee's Barry Gibb reveals a man tried to molest him as a child - and speaks out against Jimmy Savile ht…
Melanie Phillips on empathy.. Like having Jimmy Savile pontificate on childcare.
Austin Jones is about as innocent as Jimmy Savile in an adventure playground, stop defending him
Logan Paul looks like a young Jimmy Savile before the child rape
Apparently I was being insensitive saying I'd vote for Jimmy Savile's corpse rather than Corbyn, so let's put it out! Wh…
Thatcher knew about Cyril Smith and Jimmy Savile, and I daresay, Leon Brittan
RabbitAway is a hard core support of Jimmy Savile and anti Operation Yewtree
31 on-going investigations and 4 UK investigations aided by SoJP it's also working along side Operation Yewtree due to Jimmy Savile claims
Labour MP texts: "Making Diane Abbott Home Secretary would be like making Jimmy Savile the children's commissioner"
This was trending in UK yesterday. Upload your pic to pose with Lineker. Predictable results. :-) .
repeat of Jimmy Savile or stop ascension of another warmongering Tony Blair to power.
Yes that is right. And for many many years they employed a known child rapist called Jimmy Savil…
the staff at several royal hospitals granted Jimmy Savile a private room as well as keys to secure wards
Faces of Fred West and Jimmy Savile inadvertently feature in Walkers Crisps social media campaign: The faces of……
I liked a video BBC banned Johnny Rotten in 1978 for telling the truth about Jimmy Savile
objecting to is like Jimmy Savile objecting to child protection measures.
Walkers have made a terrible, terrible mistake with their new marketing campaign - The indy100
There are pictures of a Pope hanging out with a vicious violent pedophile, Jimmy Savile. Id…
One a sick and ugly pervert,the other jimmy savile
'Unusual day' for Gary Lineker after campaign sees him 'pose' with Jimmy Savile
Gary Lineker 'poses' with Jimmy Savile after PR stunt goes wrong
UK marketing campaign launched this morning - pear-shaped by lunchtime
Not again! Jimmy Savile's spirit has a fatal throat fracture, after his helicopter thousand sheeps.
Not sure I agree with the conclusion seeing as they're getting free advertising in the Telegraph on the back of it.
Why Gary Lineker has been posing with Harold Shipman and Joseph Stalin today:
Oh please! Like that whole pedophile ring over there never happened? That Jimmy Savile cat?
From Harry Potter to Jimmy Savile: Jack Thorne on the darkness that defines his dramas
Little Giant Ladders
Gary Lineker ‘poses’ with Jimmy Savile after PR stunt goes wrong
SF stance on Manchester bombing "akin to Myra Hindley condemning the crimes of Jimmy Savile"
By this logic the TV presenter community should have done more to root out pedophiles like Jimmy Savile. Urgently.
Jimmy Savile given the keys to Broadmoor under Ken Clarke. Kenneth Clarke. Winner of 2016 Prize.
No cos Jimmy Savile & Rolf Harris raped so can we talk about that & how…
Jimmy Savile and Charles' very close friendship with sex abuse bishop via royal family is filled w evil
Was it ever made clear if any of Cliff's involved Jimmy Savile in the stories? If not, why not?
CIA / MI5 / Mossad, etc, can spy on you through your TV yet were clueless about Jimmy Savile for DECADES.
Granted, the Conservatives have had necrophiliac supporters like Jimmy Savile, but I don't think this sort of thing should be encouraged.
Harry William Gaga 3 sum is going 2 sort out your child's mental health?. Good Job Jimmy Savile is dead. They'd have him Rally…
Who did Boris Johnson get his hair style from, Jimmy Savile?
How tedious of him to announce such a thing. He sounds like a wanna be Jimmy Savile.
Sit on Jimmy Savile's knee and have him fix it for me.
But but jimmy savile is one of your own
Perhaps these people would be happy for Jimmy Savile to babysit their children.
Trump is a predator just like Jimmy Savile: he speaks the truth as though it were the opposite of the truth, daring us to…
Jimmy Savile abuse claims spark investigation at Barnardo’s children’s homes in Redbridge
You approved Jimmy Savile's managerial role at Broadmoor. Forgive me if I don't defer to your expertise in National Health…
Exclusive: Jimmy Savile's spirit has reopened a grave in search for the Internet.
Jimmy Savile abused 23 youngsters at school for teenage girls via
Very inappropriate but I do quite a good Jimmy Savile! 😂
is the Jimmy Savile, Ferdinand Marcos, Vidkun Quisling and Rob Ford of American politics. May he meet the same fate.
"Jimmy Savile Was a Limited Hang Out " or the class system.
Definitely, there are a few gems we are missing with Savile and David…
Prince Charles' ties to elite pedophile network including prolific pedophile Sir Jimmy Savile have been released.
"I have access to a secret talent pipeline of impressionable 13-15 year olds," said Jimmy Savile
Did Jimmy Savile present every good edition of
At first glance his avi looks like Jimmy Savile with manboobs
Finding out that Kate Mccann won an award for most influential mum? It's like Jimmy Savile winning a award for most trust worthy babysitter!
Harry Potter actor Elijah Wood has said some interesting things about Hollywood -
unlimited calling, voip, phone service
Jimmy Savile was the star of the Age of the Train advertising campaign in the 1970s.
"But then, Jimmy Savile was a phenomenal fund-raiser, too."
Question - What long running suspicions on Jimmy Savile did Esther Rantzen fail to report?.
The SalvationArmy via WarCry is sponsoring FB ads to big up old hagiographies. Jimmy Savile. God’ll Fix It?
Jimmy Savile: Driver Ray Teret guilty of 7 rapes and 11 indecent assaults with girls as young as 13 via
Denise Welch gets angry over Jimmy Savile cover-up! - Loose Women 23rd O... via
Damien Hirst with his diamond encrusted Jimmy Savile skull. Going on display at this year courtesy of Gag…
name one Jimmy Savile & Jeffrey Epstein victim. Did it not happen? Delusion pedophile protector.
yes, go search. Or is now exposing Jimmy Savile and Jeffrey Epstein now a crime?
welcome to the rabbit hole. Don't google Jeffrey Epstein, Jimmy Savile, the Dutroux Affair. You might see how common this stuff is.
we know from Jimmy Savile and Jeffrey Epstein that elitist rape kids. Do we sit silent & let it continue?. Clearly you want that.
"'A proper British eccentric': Tributes pour in" via
How come devout Catholic Jimmy Savile never had an open casket when he 'laid in state' and was buried under a tonne of concrete and steel?
"he's sweating more then Jimmy Savile at a school yard"
. with good reason. It was an era of pure evil: . .
Amanda Knox, Rolf Harris, Jimmy Savile and Max Clifford all pulled the wool over Simon Hatterston…
And Jimmy Savile was a friend of Margaret Thatcher. You're out of your mind.
Found this great *** take of Jimmy Savile from Spitting Image...
Oh God yes, even Jimmy Savile would baulk at that barnet
canceled after the Jimmy savile coverup. I have kids. Im not paying to promote paedophilia
in the same way that nobody has more respect for children than Jimmy Savile?
Austin Mitchell MP on his 'friend' Jimmy Savile This was my mp supposedly helping me expose grimsby elite paedophils
“Does the BBC really need a show about inter-racial marriage? Weren’t the Jimmy Savile revelations enough?” . What?
Is there anyone more deluded or out of touch with reality than Tony Blair. You're about as popular in this country as Jimmy Savile.
Watching - Hole In One. That awkward moment when Uncle Albert is described as the Jimmy Savile of Peckham. With
Blair has the political marketability of Jimmy Savile. Sad
Change it to something more western, like "Jimmy Savile"
We must suppose Andrew Marr knows to whom he is giving a platform and it's very interesting that he does...
Pizzagate is low-level arrests, the billionaires are left alone & rewarded, Sir Jimmy Savile style.
BBC showing chuck berry sick. The man went to prison for prostituting a 14 year old. you will celebrate the life of jimmy savile next
Published on Mar 17, 2017. From the Franklin and Hampstead cover ups to Jimmy Savile and Sir Edward Heath, their cri…
“BBC is blasted letting paedophile boast on radio”. . What else is new? BBC let Jimmy Savile boast for decades.
Album cover produced right after The Beatles met Satanist Pedophile Jimmy Savile. Yanked from shelves after 1st day…
When the Jimmy Saville child abuse scandal emerged, the BBC lied and covered for him. They have no moral authority. ht…
I had no idea Jimmy Savile approved of the SNP
Bro. Jimmy was a great who showed us all a truly way to use charity.
of Jimmy Lodge respect memory of and prophet Bro. Joe Smith who started anti-faith.
Not surprised. left Jimmy Savile on air for decades & execs blocked a posthumous documentary about his predations…
a man found Jimmy Savile's diary whilst walking his dog through Roundhay Park. Seems his last entry was 14 years old.
Jimmy Savile victim sues the BBC for £1million over claim the corporation betrayed her
And now over to Jimmy Savile at The BBCs under14 xmas party with Gary Glitter and Rolf Harris, Beeb you have a lot to answer for
Those who know me know I'm a man of my word. If Arsenal get a point or more @ Anfield, I'll change my name to Jimmy Savile by deed poll.
Ricky Tomlinson claims Richard Whiteley was a Mi5 spy so was Jimmy Savile, child procurement spe…
Former British PM Edward Heath was a pedophile & Jimmy Savile provided the young boys to him!
.Captain Kangaroo meets So many Americans never heard of Jimmy Savile, featured in NBC s Science of Love
in . What is his problem picking on the lovely about her weight. . When he was friends with Jimmy Savile
Who was Jimmy Savile, what was the sexual abuse scandal, why was he knighted and when did he die? All you need to …
Not sure if he is more or less deserving than Sir Jimmy Savile
I think it's dead & buried now & should be disbanded when A50 invoked. Without Farage it's like BBC without Jimmy Savile.Oh,wait
Look inside an abandoned psychiatric hospital with a truly dark past
useless: majorly owned by billionaire friend Slim) & ed by Jimmy…
Margaret Thatcher was friends with Jimmy As was Tony Blair. . Franklin Scandal tied to Bush Sr.
Look inside the eerie psychiatric hospital where Savile visited
Fair point, but a knighthood? Really? I guess Jimmy Savile got one, so NF will fit right in.
I get that but a pic of Jimmy Savile? Could have used Robbie or whoever.
Inside abandoned psychiatric hospital where Jimmy Savile groped nurses and asked for a room in case he 'pulled'
But I agree, it's a really tough call. Do I excoriate Jimmy Savile more than Eric Gill because of my taste?
Ted Heath 'fixed it for Jimmy Savile to get OBE and attended paedophile group meetings' seeme…
Johnny Rotten in 1978 "...I'd like to kill Jimmy Savile.All kinds of seediness we're not allowed to talk about".
Jimmy Savile: 'He was the tip of the iceberg’
Labourites would vote for Jimmy Savile if he was wearing a red rosette..
Sad: . Jimmy Savile victims 'were laughed at or ignored'
Whatever you feel about Jimmy Savile, and yes his dirty perversions forever stain his reputation, he was a marvellous ch…
Must be that mate. I mean it can't be that under Corbyn labour as as popular as a jimmy savile come back tour
Jimmy Savile, BBC employee knighted by the queen...and a pedophile in a high position of power.
NYT is run by former BBC DG Mark Thompson in charge when paedophilia was rife at the BBC Jimmy Savile + others.…
There is to be a movie about Jimmy Savile and he will be played by Rick Moranis. It's titled " Honey I Shagged The Kids "
U'll never make up 4 Ian Watkins,Ian Brady,Jimmy Savile, etc but then, we wouldn't expect u 2 cos Paedos have no race/religion
wait till it comes about when he flat shared with Jimmy Savile, Rolf Harris and Gary Glitter would pop round.
Carter-Ruck represents people who tell lines about being Kate & Bro. Gerry proba…
Speaking of pedophiles, the whole pedogate thing went mainstream with Jimmy Savile in the UK
BBC receives 216 complaints over Jimmy Savile character in Tweenies episode
Jimmy Savile is from Yorkshire, and stayed there. He didn't have much to do with Hollywood.
Majestic Ape = Jimmy Savile counter this if you can. I'll wait.
Where do people like Gary Glitter and Jimmy Savile fit into this theory of yours?
Holyhead's Jim'll Fix It badge to be destroyed – 25 years after paedo Jimmy Savile's gift | Daily Star:
RIP Jimmy Savile. May Jim fix it for you to have your special place in Heaven.national treasure, bless him. :(
. Are Jimmy Savile fans still welcome at the ?
I remember Rabbit Away for been pro Jimmy Savile supporter who blocked me when Ray Teret was convicted of child…
The BBC has a history of high profile pedophiles in their ranks. Jimmy Savile being most prominent.
Morgan claims to have never met Jimmy Savile even though he said in an article that they were mates
Town's Jim'll Fix It badge will FINALLY be destroyed – 25 years after paedo Savile's gift
All the good in the world cannot change his actions. You want to act like he's Jimmy Savile?
Town's present from sick paedo Jimmy Savile will FINALLY be destroyed
RIP jimmy savile one top top yorkshire blokes ,
Blue collars at rear of Bro. Jimmy funer…
I thought Jimmy savile passed away like 🤔
You will be telling us next how sweet Jimmy Savile's medallions were.
pity BBC didnt speak up for the victims of peodo Jimmy Savile.
Can you tell me who Jimmy Savile is?
Meet Black Singles 300x250
He keeps interesting company does the heir to the throne.Never forget he was Jimmy Savile's best friend.
Jimmy Savile chauffeur David Smith found dead after failing to turn up for sex abuse trial 2013
Same wretched BBC that covered for and promoted notorious pedophile Jimmy Savile
Giant Jim'll Fix It badge donated to town by paedo beast Jimmy Savile to be destroyed
Jimmy Savile, Gary Glitter and Roman Polanski - Comparing Artists and *** # via
Now we've just got Jimmy Savile. Although I concede, he did charity work.
I wonder how many of the people who made that episode of Sherlock were at the BBC when Jimmy Savile was there...
Toby Jones' portrayal of Sherlock villain Culverton Smith was superb... and uncomfortably familiar…
hope Jimmy savile wasn't there as well, or dots might be joined... ☺
Was the villain in last night's episode of based on Jimmy Savile?! Certainly came across that way!
Like all those heroic BBC journalists who tried to expose Jimmy Savile were "held to account"?
Jimmy Savile branded as a nutter by Top of the Pops. ☺ . - As It Happens - 1974 .
Agree about last week. Toby Jones had a touch of the Jimmy Savile's about him - creepy😱Una Stubbs was a revelation. 1/2
Sherlock villain was basically Jimmy savile. He was a celebrity, had weird acess to a hospital and said the morgue was…
It's a bit Jimmy Savile to me, 'Controversy' 👀
Huge Selection of Helmets at Low Prices
. It's really bloody funny that THE BBC talks about "predators" when it's the very channel that covered up for Jimmy Savile.
That sick narcissistic psychopath Culverton Smith was half Jimmy Savile and half DONALD TRUMP. Honest to god. [Loved that! Hate DJT!]
Culverton Smith was obviously based on dead UK pedo Sir Jimmy Savile - ironically a protected BBC employee for decades
Still thinking about last night's There was a definite Jimmy Savile feel to the bad man
Trying to figure out if it was just a poorly disguised metaphor for the justice that Jimmy Savile should've been brought to?
Bloody oath it's like Rolf Harris defending Jimmy Savile eh.
I thought the way the BBC confronted a Jimmy Savile story line head-on took balls and humility. . Respect.
okay lets draw, jimmy savile and lord what his name died and neva arrested, was that because they were white? C the point?
I enjoyed that, the skin crawling Jimmy Savile storyline was genuinely scarey.
Smith just can't help himself. He wants to confess. God, this is dark. Like when Jimmy Savile went on Have I Got News For You dark.
A hint on spelling the name Jimmy Savile. The last syllable is vile.
Tabloid Newspapers. Told us Jimmy Savile was a force for Good. and George Michael was a Pervert. DON’T BUY THEIR LIES https:…
I suppressed my inner language about how the "good old days" gave us Archie Bunker and Jimmy Savile, and distilled it into collegial convo.
To all UK viewers, Culverton Smith will be obviously based on Jimmy Savile. I wonder who American viewers will think of.
I'm sure that 90% of MPs have said worse things chatting w/ media dopes off the record etc. Esp. ones who palled ar…
The shadow of Jimmy Savile looms over as it introduces a “diabolical and disgusting” new villain
It can't be good when both and Jimmy Savile are trending at the same time
I'm scared to look why Jimmy Savile is trending, in case it's because Trump has had his body exhumed to add him to his cabi…
As a British Muslim I object to your suggestion that Jimmy Savile was a more successful pedo than the Prophet Mohammed…
Jimmy Savile & Rolf Harris both in the same Saturday kids slot. Different times. Both honored by the Queen yet I st…
Brits dressed as Jimmy Savile, Rolf Harris and Oscar Pistorius appals holidayers A group of men in Benidorm, be
Stag party shocks onlookers by dressing up as Jimmy Savile, Rolf Harris and Oscar Pistorius https:…
Congratulations to all those being knighted and joining the ranks of Jimmy Savile & Cyril Smith. Also Philip Green who's just a crook.
he is membership number 02 of the Venga Boys fan club. 01 was Jimmy Savile
When Murdoch was calling George Michael's legal consensual sex life "shameful" "perverted," Jimmy Savile was promoter…
How did Jimmy Savile get away with it? Friends in High places. Ex Prime Minister Gordon Brown.
Before and after. Couldn't decide is I looked more like Myra Hindley or Jimmy Savile in the…
Ex-doc Michael Salmon who worked at 'Jimmy Savile' hospital sees jail term upped
CEO Mark Thompson former BBC Exec that tried to cover up Jimmy Savile pedophile network
CEO Mark Thompson tried to cover up Jimmy Savile pedophilia scandal
looks after child abuser such as Bro. Jimmy Bro. Gerry Bro.
Ex-doctor Michael Salmon who worked at ‘Jimmy Savile’ hospital given four more years behind bars
Immediately someone in the is caught then they all deny he was every a even Bro. Jimmy…
Is it bad taste to dress up as Jimmy Savile & schoolgirls via.
after having to fight the police, jimmy savile and Donald trump I made it back to the big Brother house
Sure let's look over Jimmy Savile fingering kids cos of his charity work.
I liked a video Jimmy Savile and the 9th Circle (Mind blowing)
Taxpayers funded the BBC's child rapist Jimmy Savile and others ?
Jimmy Savile was a helluva guy for charities, too.
Soon as I hear Stoke Mandeville I immeadiately think Jimmy Savile..
Much mentally healthier to sweep such things under the rug, like w Rotherham, Jimmy Savile, the Catholic Church, P…
Jimmy Savile and the 9th Circle (Mind blowing) Hollands Glorie 20.08.2016 By these people wes… via
Ever wondered how Jimmy Savile & Friends got away with it for so long.
We may have lost tonight. But Jimmy Savile will always be a Kopite.
rather be managed by jimmy savile than a German!
How the Jimmy sexual abuse scandal has seen rape allegations in Derbyshire treble
Paediatrician paedophile who worked at same hospital where Jimmy Savile abused patients given more jail time…
pizzagate - FBI - child abuse - pedophilia - Jimmy Savile and the 9th Circle . via
At this point it looks more like a Trump/Jimmy Savile mashup
"Mark Williams-Thomas suggested if traffickers had broken into the - Nobody broke in. The end.
Jimmy Savile report: Paedophile's reign of terror in hospitals could've been stopped on 10 occasions
Me getting ready. Dad: you look like Jimmy Savile dressed like that. Cheers dad really appreciate it! 🙃
CEO who called was BBC director and helped cover-up for famous pedophile Jimmy Savile. https:…
Oct: Louis Theroux's doc on Jimmy Savile is uncomfortable viewing in…
Jimmy Savile's weird, creepy answer basically what you'd expect; Oliver Reed's answer EXACTLY what you'd expect.
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